Hillary Clinton On Martin Luther King Day

Today will be a busy day for Hillary Clinton. First of all, Hillary Clinton will celebrate Martin Luther King Day. Second, Hillary Clinton will win today’s Michigan Primary. Third, Hillary Clinton will be under attack by Tim Russert and Barack Obama and John Edwards at tonight’s Democratic Party presidential debate.

[N.B. January 15 is Dr. King’s date of birth.  The national holiday is the third Monday in January.]

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Debate Night

Big Media is once again turning our elections into a joke. The good news is that the American public is increasingly waking up to the jokesters we appropriately refer to as Big Media.

For the past few days Big Media, aiding and abetting the Barack Obama “divide and disunite” campaign, decided to join in a campaign of race-baiting. Here is the latest Big Media joke, this time the joke mocks the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King:

According to today’s announcement from MSNBC, the debate will focus on “issues important to minority voters” and will be sponsored a number of groups, including the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, 100 Black Men of America, and the Democratic African-American Leadership Council.

Brian Williams and Tim Russert will moderate.

We would have hoped that with the vast resources of NBC and MSNBC, with all the news personnel in NBC and MSNBC’s employ that the debate tonight would have some diversity in the makeup of the two main moderators. Poor Natalie Morales will be on stage to “ask the candidates your questions” but it will be Williams and Russert in charge. Williams of course has confessed the love of NBC for Obama and Russert acts out his Hillary Hate at least weekly.

Dennis Kucinich by court order will participate tonight along with Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and Barack Obama. NBC News, the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, 100 Black Men of America, IMPACTO, the African American Democratic Leadership Council and the College of Southern Nevada will co-sponsor the debate. The debate will take place at the Cashman Center in Las Vegas, Nev., from 6-8 p.m. PST.

Will we ever have a debate to discuss issues primarily of importance to women?

We’ll be here tonight to watch the debate together. Join us.

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As we wrote in Stinky B.O., Part II, John Edwards and Barack Obama “tried to help themselves in Iowa by playing “tactical games in Michigan” (check our story and its link to the IowaIndependent if you want to know what the “tactical” game was). The Flint Journal smackdown editorial:

Obama, John Edwards, Bill Richardson and Joe Biden “apparently are all but conceding” the Dem nomination to HRC. Otherwise, “they wouldn’t have made such a shortsighted and cowardly decision” to remove their names from MI’s primary ballot. Only a “desperate longshot would deliberately offend residents of a state crucial to electing the next” POTUS. HRC “notably wasn’t too intimidated” by the DNC or “afraid of upsetting the voters” in NH, IA, SC or NV. Conversely, the decisions of Obama, Edwards, Richardson and Biden “suggests that they know it’s nearly over for them”.

Let’s be clear about what Big Media and Obama and Edwards don’t want you to know: Michigan and today’s primary matters – a lot. The delegates chosen today will be seated at the Democratic Party convention (as will Florida’s delegates). Here’s why:

We’ve been watching with amusement the game of chicken the DNC is playing with Florida over its early primary. Florida’s early primary violates the DNC’s rules, so the DNC has responded by saying Florida will not get any delegates, going so far as to not assign a hotel for the Florida delegation. In fact, to find out how many delegates Florida is supposed to get, I had to go to the Florida Democratic Party web site, which shows that Florida will get 210 delegates. (The DNCC site shows 0 delegates for Florida).

But in reality, the DNC is trying to support an illusion that is about to be burst. Here’s Nancy Pelosi, who will be the Permanent Chair of the convention:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has let the cat out of the bag and said what everyone has known all along: The Democratic National Committee’s removal of all of Florida’s 2008 convention delegates for violating party rules about scheduling state primaries before Feb. 5 is meaningless.

Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan, and Florida all violated the Democratic National Committee primary/caucus calendar – only Michigan and Florida were punished (temporarily). Michigan Senator Carl Levin makes the case for Michigan (and Floriday) in a letter HERE.

But make no mistake, the Democratic Party will not commit suicide by disenfranchising the voters of big electoral votes states like Michigan and Florida.

Hillary, is expected to win Michigan today and we will celebrate. After tonight Hillary will increase her already very strong lead for delegates.


402 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton On Martin Luther King Day

  1. great..a debate addressing black and hispanic issues moderated by two pompous white guys. not to worry, our girl will stand out like a flame amongst her dreary counterparts.

  2. I am sure we would see the same strong Hillary we saw on MTP. The fraud of MSNBC the Misogynist, Stupid, Neanderthal network will be exposed.

  3. The big Media is never there when the minorities are in trouble like in Rezko-case, when there were no heating facilities in their apartments in the midst of severe winter. How comes now they are so enthusiastic over a debate on minorities? Actually their aim is again to try to find out where they can once again snatch any given opportunity to unfairly and disgraceful attack Hillary. Nevertheless, Hillary will prevail this curious teaming up of Russert, Edwards, Obama and their other surrogates against her!

  4. actually, tonight’s debate should be quite interesting. it will finally allow BO to showcase his lifetime contribution to civil rights and minorities. 🙂

  5. yeah alcina, a single thin piece of paper of achievement compared to LBJ,MLK,JFK,WJC(BILL), AND HRC(HILLARY).

  6. hillfans, i swear LBJ could have become one of out greatest presidents if it were not for vietnam. LBJ knew this and did it anyway. tragic.

  7. Alcina, theoretically I agree with you that Obama will get today the opportunity he deserves to express himself as to what he has done so far as an engaged politician to the minorities of his country. Nevertheless, in consideration of the make up of the list of the participants to this debate, it is clear that Russert, Obama and Edwards will try as best as they can to swiftboat Hillary on this issue. This is as obvious like an amen in the Church for me. With the help of this fact Hillary should remain all the time thoroughly and on guard. I know that among other things the minority issue is one of her absolute strength, but her opposition under the guidance of Russert will try anyway to direct this strength against her, so as to swiftboat her. But we know that Hillary will prevail today, so also tomorrow and in the days after tomorrow! There is no way back: Hillary for president!!!

  8. Looks like DK will be included in the debate.

    “A udge in Nevada has just ordered MSNBC to include Rep. Dennis Kucinich in Tuesday’s Democratic Party presidential debate in Las Vegas or he will cancel the forum. Senior Clark County District Court Judge Charles Thompson vowed to issue an injunction halting the nationally televised debate if MSNBC failed to comply. Kucinich had filed a lawsuit seeking to be included just this morning.”

    May be he should just cancel it.

  9. As I drove home from Hillary NV HQ yesterday, from the Asian-Pacific Islander, Hispanic, African-American, union, senior, women, and every other sections, I realized that I should have organized the Poles for Hillary section.

    We’re not a huge group, but we are everywhere. We are often Republican, but maybe not so much any more. I’m working on the slogan now.

  10. We all know that MSM does Obama’s bidding and does all the dirty work for him. I think they will try to push Hillary on these special precincts for culinary workers in the casinos. They would try to frame it as a racial issue.

  11. They would try to frame it as a racial issue.

    i watched hardball (ugh, bad idea) last night and they had on a culinary workers union rep who basically yes argued toward end of that segment that hrc allies were trying to disenfranchise people of color. by that point imho all his arguments had been so over the top it was hard to take it seriously

  12. Rangel’s comments from CNN: (Way to go Charlie!!!)

    As both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama tried to lower the tension after days of charged rhetoric over race, a congressional supporter of Clinton’s presidential bid called the Illinois senator’s remarks attacking her over recent comments about President Lyndon Johnson and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. “absolutely stupid.”

    “How race got into this thing is because Obama said ‘race,’” New York Rep. Charlie Rangel, one of the highest-ranking African-Americans in Congress, said in an interview on NY1.

    “But there is nothing that Hillary Clinton has said that baffles me. I would challenge anybody to belittle the contribution that Dr. King has made to the world, to our country, to civil rights, and the Voting Rights Act,” said Rangel. “But for him to suggest that Dr. King could have signed that act is absolutely stupid. It’s absolutely dumb to infer that Doctor King, alone, passed the legislation and signed it into law.”

    Rangel’s remarks came in response to Sunday comments from Obama, who told an audience at a Nevada campaign event: “I am baffled by that statement by the Senator. She made an ill-advised statement about Dr. King, suggesting that Lyndon Johnson had more to do with the Civil Rights Act. For them to somehow suggest that we’re interjecting race as a consequence of a statement she made, that we haven’t commented on, is pretty hard to figure out.”

  13. some pious spokesman (white guy) from edwards campaign on morning joe now STILL going on about the legacy of mlk and how horrible it is that a “washington politician” said something about a “fairy tale” (something entirely not connected to race)

    lol john kerry trying to attack hill & basically reiterating what bill said!
    “I think that he essentially — in many ways as you go along the road, the votes we’ve had, they have paralleled each other on the votes,” said Kerry. “But I think Barack has been very clear — I mean they’ve both been clear that they are going to try and end the war in a way that is responsible. There is a great similarity in their articulation since then.”

  14. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present the world’s biggest EGO!

    “I have a pretty good sense of my strengths and my weaknesses,” he said today during a meeting with the Reno Gazette-Journal editorial board.

    “I am very good at teasing out from people who are smarter than me what the issues are and how we resolve them,” he said. “I don’t think there is anybody in this race who can inspire the American people better than I can. And I don’t think there is anybody in this race who can bridge differences … better than I can.”


    You can’t even make this stuff up…

  15. I wish Travis Smiley was the moderated…I thought he did an excellent job with the Republican debate. Very fair, balance and gave everybody a chance to express themselve…one of the best debates of this campaign.

    Why hasn’t PBS been given another opportunity to how the debates?

  16. Mika dearest got her ass handed to her by (of all people ) Pat Buchanan. He told her it is absurd to think that Barry Gold water would have signed the civil rights act if he were the president. He also said that Civil right bills became a law mainly due to the work of LBJ.

  17. You know it’s real important for us to win Calif and Florida…huge amount of delegates there….. I think HRC should keep on switching between S.C. and Florida before the S.C. Primary.

    Any news on NV, how’s it looking for the win?

  18. William Jelani Cobb follows OB’s lead and throws the entire MLK generation under the bus…

    “Taken as a conglomerate, Jackson, Young, Sharpton and Georgia Rep. John Lewis represent a sort of civil rights old boy network — a black boy network — that has parlayed its dated activist credentials into cash and jobs. Jackson, a two-time presidential candidate, has become a CNN host; Young was mayor of Atlanta and sits on numerous corporate boards; and Lewis is essentially representative-for-life of the 5th Congressional District in Georgia. Sharpton is younger than the others but a peer in spirit.

    To the extent that the term “leader” is applicable, these four men likely represent the interests of Democratic Party insiders more than those of the black community. Both Young and Lewis have endorsed Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton; Sharpton and Jackson have acted ambivalent, alternately mouthing niceties about Obama and criticizing his stances on black issues.”


  19. when will NYT endorse Obama? its a balooney and I cant wait for them to endorse and move on. their shoddy drive through journalism should be exposed.. I hope online blogs and news organizations other than fox take up more responsibility and slams them. this election campaign, they have gone WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY overboard!

  20. i think the debate is actually going to be good for Hillary. It will give her a chance to put her record of workhorse up to the record of the showhorses.

    workhorse will win.

    of course I believe msnbc will try to trap and bait her but her honesty will override their pious attempts.

    I think she can win it because she is the only one there with a real record of helping minority. She just needs to get that out anyway she can

  21. does anyone feel that carville seeing and hearing all that is going on should come onboard. it just bug me that such a staunch person fails to really step up and tackle the ongoing onslaught of incoming. while I know he says he is not doing consulting and he has that gig with cnn, in the interest of fair play he should come out more. i really wish he would.

  22. Lets see what happens, someone will give running commentary here I hope.

    Secondly, if they bully her, she wins.. we saw that in NH. But I think some of his endorsements are telling him to stop sounding like such a jerk…He wouldn’t do it twice..

  23. I hope she does this.

    when brian williams or timmy play the video with the line fairy tale, she should come back and say the following answer,

    I will not answer that question unless you show the viewers the context of the lines that you just showed. and then she should go on, you know, you and media including NYtimes etc. and obama campaign have successfully pushed this concept that President Clinton had called obama’s campaign fairy tale, while he was referring to obama’s iraq story. and then she should tear apart obama’s story. this would wash away credibility of brian williams and timmy russert. this is what she should do and i hope she does it. what dyall think?

  24. gladiatorstail, good recommendation. she needs to let viewers know that the media is truncating story lines and not putting into context.

    just saw another new headine where obama is blasting hillary over drug use….see he just wants to keep whining.

  25. can’t anybody see this as obama and his campaign using all the distractions it can to not discuss issues that are relevant to the voters? because he knows that when hillary goes there (substance) he has no there there.
    by him doing this, we just follow his narrative, something has to be done about this by the hillary campaign.

    p.s. can’t believe i’m writing this but fox news is very fair to illary.

  26. while i was pretty into ’04/kerry, i don’t remember being online to read news, blogs, etc.

    was it this distorted and ugly? I know about swiftboating and all, but the overall effet.

    I just wonder if most Americans have busier lives than me and don’t read every snippet online…I sure hope so lol.

  27. according to ras, she is gaining in south carolina over the last four days. it’s not over yet kids and if she gained during this obvious ploy by Obama then things are indeed looking better for her.

    NV gives me a choke up…that culinary worker precint is a set up.

    It’s obvious to me Obama is a crook and he’ll do anything to win.

  28. that is why hill’s campaign has to do something to change the direction of the media spin, block him from taking over the whole discussion. i don’t have any suggestions but i see what he is doing: distract with an issue + media takes it on as gospel truth = she reacts.

    why not this: hill’s issues = let him react + media spin – corrections to media spin(with facts) = she wins.
    then on to another naarrative…

  29. dot48, here’s my take on this whole thing and why jimmy or anybody else isn’t jumping in and taking sides:

    it’s clear that big media wants a horse race. notice how they won’t let a front-runner actually be a front-runner? they want a profit; it’s all about their bottom line.

    also, this is a career for a lot of people. but the only way to make a lot of money is to make sure people tune in and read their stuff. the only way people will tune in and read their stuff (in mass) is to keep up this horse race. so, as soon as someone gets ahead, they break them down. then, when another person gets ahead, they break that person down.

    so, this pretty much guarantees that the general election will also be just as much a horse race. which means, we will need jimmy, howard, axelrod (yes even him), b. richardson, al gore, and others BIG TIME.

    the thing that pleases me is that this has forced all of our (democratic) base to register to vote (women and AA) just for these primaries. which means, just wait till the general! dems will have tons of new voters, which is great.

    but, what bugs me about this situation is that big media is making MILLIONS on this, and the actual voters who care about important issues, like the economy, energy, civil rights, and the cost of war are not getting the full picture. thank god for blogs, but i wish the majority of blogs weren’t just from one demographic – middle aged white men.

  30. i just don’t think the media will go there with Hillary unless she gets some strong advocate like Carville who doesn’t care to put people in their place.

    this election is going to get dirtier and at some time she actually may have to get ugly and then obama won’t know what hit him. the clinton machine will come up with a plan i am sure.

    she needs some rough and tumble advocates for her positions who don’t care to step on the likes of russert, matthews and cnn crew

  31. No offense but I don’t believe ras’s poll. This is some republican spinner who calls himself a pollster. His commentaries drive me insane.

  32. carline, i don’t believe in polls anymore at all. and any website that has dick morris’s trash is pond scum to me. question: who would win in a tag team match: howard dean and james carville OR dick morris and ralph reed?

    and they say democrats aren’t strong….whatever!

  33. not totally on topic, but today in NYT, David Brooks: “The problem is that both the feminist movement Clinton rides and the civil rights rhetoric Obama uses were constructed at a time when the enemy was the reactionary white male establishment. Today, they are not facing the white male establishment. They are facing each other.” GIVE ME A BREAK – BOTH FRONT RUNNERS ARE LOCKED in their identities because of the distorted lens of the white male establishment.

  34. That Ras poll is good news. I went back and looked at the dailys and she has improved her lead in that poll.

  35. BO had 4% drop in a single day and down 7% . I am sure the American public is lot more intelligent than Morning joke, mika dearest and Timmy Russert. Their trash talk woud only elevate our girl.

  36. That Ras poll is good news. I went back and looked at the dailys and she has improved her lead in that poll.

    Clinton only dropped 1 point on a day when a huge 4-point gain for her dropped out of the four day average. That means she had a very strong daily sample. Meanwhile, Obama’s 4-point one-day drop is staggering.

    We’ll see.

  37. hearing about low turn out in michigan and how voters are confused, do you think it could impact turnout in florida. I’d be quite upset if my state did this and it might cause me to just not even go out.

  38. Oops. Sorry. Scratch what I just wrote about Rasmussen. Hillary’s big one-day gain is still in the 4-day average. I had a brain fade.

  39. Dear Admin.,
    Please excuse me if I’m treading a well worn path but we hear very little on this subject from big media:
    Could you provide your devoted readers with an overview of voter eligibility re.: Democrats only vs. both Independents & Democrats in upcoming primaries? Considering the rather large differences in support levels from one candidate to the other amongst Democrats one would think this would be of interest. Your analysis, views and projections would be most germane.

  40. Zogby is pedalling $199.99 package of daily tracking polls for NV,SC and Super Tuesday.

    Remember this:

    UTICA, New York—The big momentum behind Democrat Barack Obama, a senator from Illinois who is seeking his party’s presidential nomination, continued up to the last hours before voters head to the polls to cast ballots in the New Hampshire primary election, a new Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby daily tracking poll shows. Fed by a strong win in the Iowa caucuses Thursday, Obama leads with 42% support, compared to 29% for rival Sen. Hillary Clinton.

    ———- LOL

  41. I am sure Hillary is well prepared for this debate so I’m not worried. It’s a good thing to have Kucinich there, he’ll offer some comic relief, and might even be an ally for Hillary when Obama and Edwards start ganging up on her.

    Does anyone know when the ruling will come down about the teacher’s union lawsuit?

  42. msnbc appealing judges order to include kuchinic. reckon they may just want out and are looking for reason to cancel.

  43. lninla,
    Hear, hear! Brooks is all about deflecting the responsibility of the MSM. They’re all for throwing shit in the fan but when it starts blowing around they’re the first to take cover. Cowards!

  44. Polls mean nothing.

    For national polls the sample size is too small. The margin of error is huge.
    In the UK, we use 1000 sample size of national polls. We have a voting population of about 30-35mn I believe. America’s is something like 250mn, but they use smaller or the same sample size.

    That said, polls show a “trend” but not the result. The trend shows that Hillary is gaining post-NH, but we can’t judge how extensive that is. Best to keep campaigning hard!

  45. I’m a little up in arms as I wrote a diary over at the Big Orange Blog basically on the subject that it would be nice if people stopped their Hillary hating rhetoric. Don’t you think a number of the orange folks lengthy and articulately defended their right to hate Hillary!?

    If any one of us wrote one tenth of that $#it they produce about Hillary they’d gone mad with rage.

    Their hypocritical attitudes make me fume…

  46. We need to post more replies on sites like politico where the posted replies seem to be overwhelmingly anti-Hillary. Looking at some other sites makes you think she is universally hated, which really pisses me off. Ditto for replies to newspaper articles. Makes it look like there is a conspiracy.
    I think our replies should be thoughtful and decent, to contrast with the garbage.

  47. Title of leading article on today’s homepage of Media Matters:

    Upcoming debate moderator Russert added to his record of distortions

    Excerpt from the article:

    The upcoming January 15 Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas will be moderated by NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams, “[j]oined by” Russert and Today’s Natalie Morales. Media Matters for America has noted numerous instances of misinformation from Russert and Williams, including asking Democratic candidates questions based on misrepresentations and falsehoods. Moreover, following the October 30, 2007, debate in which 14 of the 30 distinct questions Russert asked the Democratic candidates were either directed to Clinton or to other candidates about Clinton, several media figures asserted that Russert and Williams had acted as Clinton’s “opponent[s].”

    Please read the entire article. I’ll provide the link in the next post.

  48. Link to Media Matters homepage:


    Link to the Media Matters article on Russert:


  49. Quote from an article linked on Hillary’s site:

    Barrak Obama:”I have a pretty good sense of my strengths and my weaknesses,” he said Monday during a meeting with the Reno Gazette-Journal editorial board.

    “I am very good at teasing out from people who are smarter than me what the issues are and how we resolve them,” he said. “I don’t think there is anybody in this race who can inspire the American people better than I can. And I don’t think there is anybody in this race who can bridge differences … better than I can.

    “But I’m not an operating officer. Some in this debate around experience seem to think the job of the president is to go in and run some bureaucracy. Well, that’s not my job. My job is to set a vision of ‘here’s where the bureaucracy needs to go.'”

    This explains alot. I wonder if this will sell, but good on him for being honest, and the bonus is he doesn’t have to worry about the details of those pesky policies.


  50. There is a conspiracy! A vast blog wing conspiracy so to speak. All those teenagers and young folks for Obama coordinate through the web (facebook and such) and then “spam” the commentary sections of their choice.

    The volume of pro Obama commentary seems overwhelming, but: on the whole it takes only a few dedicated people with computers and to much free time on their hands to make it look like there is a tsunami of Obama supporters where in reality it’s enough with twenty or thirty online at any given time.

    We could easily coordinate such an effort if we wanted to. But I’m not sure if it’s efficient at all. I don’t think too many people read those blogs and politics sections who hasn’t already made up their mind pretty much. Plus, a pretty large number of readers that read the main piece don’t read the commentary below.

  51. DemAC-

    Agreed. Too many here worry about blogs and bloggers with a readership of 100 true-believers. Organizing a campaign to counter the obama-bots who dominate this little universe is a waste of time and effort. We have bigger fish to fry…

  52. hey all – josh marshall on TPM, front page re: Farrakhan article, I will be honest worries me a little, but perhaps will turn out to be nothing and just a stupid media ploy.

  53. Says Josh Marsahall at TPM:

    Just a Thought
    Who do you figure pitched Richard Cohen on the Obama/Farrakhan column?

  54. you might want to send a memo to johh marashall.. he doesnt need any pitching. wapo has been calling out obama since time immamorial and now that he has noted it, he eneds to wake up that there are other news organizations besides NYTimes which seems to be in business of deception when it comes to clintons.

  55. Wait, I just read Cohen’s column. I’m not sure what the big deal is. Anything MoDo writes about Hillary is 100 times worse. Cohen’s column is no smear and doesn’t accuse Obama of anything. Questions about the minister of his church have been out there for a while.

  56. Whew! I’m so glad you all don’t agree we should be counter-replying to the hate posts! I also have a life, and actually, far too much of it is now dedicated to reading this site! Love you guys.

  57. Paula,
    Exactly. Cohen words everything very carefully I think. And the question is not too far fetched. It’s certainly an interesting question in the light of the development of these last days…

  58. emkay,
    I throw in a commentary now and then, if I have the time or become angry enough. 😉
    But to make a real impact we’d have to coordinate and take shifts and, no, I’m positive that that time and that energy is well spent elsewhere than in the blogosphere.

  59. hey, 20-year olds contribute to society too. even though some may not have careers yet, they still contribute to society, at least the ones who feel compelled to. i was a 20-yr old once, as were all of us.

  60. Cohen’s article is excellent. It does not smear Obama in any way. What it does is again make you think about O’s JUDGMENT, which he is forever trumpeting as so much better than Hillary’s because he made a speech (before he was in the Senate and could actually vote)against the Iraq war.

  61. All of us were 20 once (some still are or are not there yet) and all of us (hopefully) will be old! We all contribute in our own way.

  62. I will be honest – I think the race issues are not over, and I believe that Bob Johnson in this article below is right about what’s underlying some of the glowing press coverage of Obama, and inability to criticize him even when FACTS are out in the open, even if Obama writes about his past in his own books –

    Quote Bob Johnson: washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/01/14/AR2008011402980.html

    “And he elaborated on what he meant when he called Obama “Sidney,” a reference to Sidney Poitier’s well-mannered character in the film “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.”

    “What has happened, in my opinion, is that what we have created is the quote-unquote ‘perfect candidate’ that’s like in the movies, that has absolutely no blemishes,” a vision that is unrealistic, said Johnson, who started Black Entertainment Television and has been a friend of the Clintons for two decades.

  63. did you see the news about bush’s meeting with saudi arabia? things are really bad, folks. i don’t think people understand how serious it is.

    did you know that we all make a lot less per hour than we did last year? just b/c the dollar is falling–nothing we can do just let the dollar keep falling b/c our leaders (the deciders) are fracking too lazy and apathetic. that on top of inflation and rising cost of living, we’re getting gouged. i wish people would talk about that instead of all the horse race, “she said, he said” crap.

    and of course, if they did, hillary would be WAY ahead in the polls.

  64. Right wing radio had as it’s talking points Obambi’s minister, church and the fact that his minister is friends with Farakkhan. Also, today and yesterday, right wing radio was DEFENDING Hillary re the MLK,LBJ brush up.

    Like I said, on this one, Obambi won the battle but he won’t win the war. This probably has solidified his Black base and pulled some Black voters away from her. However, I do believe that the older Blacks are more likely to stay whereas the youth will flock to him as they are very often reactionary and too lazy to read their history.

    In the broader scheme of things, Whites, I believe most will be turned off from Obambi and the outrage from his camp. I’m thinking that the one’s sitting on the fence between he and Hillary will probably move more towards her as her statement in no way if fairly read can be seen as denigrating or racist. Hispanics, especially males and older ones, I can’t see going for him in any major way. He may get some Hispanic youth as they tend to be more open than their parents. Florida may be the bellweather once we see the internals.

  65. Remember that there is ANOTHER election after this nominating process and we will need ALL of the democratic party to win…

  66. Johnson hit the nail on the head: Obama as the Teflon candidate! No one knows how to run against him, lest he/she is considered racist. (Misogynist doesn’t count.) Thank God Johnson is AA.

  67. yes agree Emkay – I hope what Bob Johnson said circulates into the consciousness of some of the press; more people need to say what is the truth here whether AA or not; fear of being painted a racist but the stakes are WE’RE PICKING A PRESIDENT!…meanwhile, the press is taking to task the Clintons when they are innocent, and even guessing what their motives, secret motives, ultimate motives behind their secret motives – and Obama gets a FREE PASS.

  68. BMerry,

    RE date of anti-war speech: is this calculating or what? Let’s see if the Obama camp replies, or if the silence will be as deafening as the response to the ‘bitch’ song played at the victory party.

  69. tiburones, No offense but I think the sentence you have about young black voters (in the second graf) could be said to be an example of stereotyping.

    Since this site is read by so many, I’m trying to be careful. I hope you understand. 🙂

  70. DemAC, you can click on the first, current link in the diary and it will take you to an active version — or at least it did less than 1 hour ago. Who knows now?

  71. Ah, thanx B Merryfiled! I didn’t pick up that link first time I read your excellent diary!
    The link is till working. 😉

    If delivered at October 26 it certainly changes the context a lot, now doesn’t it…?

  72. Emily’s List is speaking out on the media coverage. They have a link up to write MSNBC and complain.


  73. just reading Ben Smith’s politico post on Obama’s condemnation of Farrakhan’s anti-semitism..this is just plain weird, but that noose graphic keeps coming up everywhere, and obviously, someone wants to make an issue of it to be written about…what the hell?

  74. DemAc, actually it really doesn’t matter which date you pick. If October 2nd, then that was the date the legislation was introduced, which was no secret. If October 26th, then, yes, he failed to not only mention it but failed to condemn it.

  75. B Merryfield,
    And that’s pretty much his whole rationale for running for President.

    Even GWB had a lot more under the belt in 2000.

    God help us all.

  76. B Merry, did you get my info on the Rezko property? I quoted the first person account yesterday as promised..

  77. I hope everyone is doing well. Did NBC appeal the judge’s decision, or will NBC welcome Kucinich to the debate?

  78. I hope Kucinich is in the debate. Kucinich seems to have a personal dislike of John Edwards. In previous debates, it was he who went after JE’s record.

    I know some of us are still fumed that K told his supporters to caucus for BO, but K has very, very little influence in SC and NV.

    What I really want is for someone to fend off JE while Hillary goes after Mr. No Substance.

  79. b Merry.. It would be interesting to see if the Iraq contracts connections to REZKO would be damaging to BO.

  80. Obama duped Edwards into mutually agreeing to boycott the Michigan primary, which would have provided Edwards with a probable win. Good going, John, you blew this one.

    “Unions prefer caucuses and the prospect of open primaries, insiders say, threatened a planned coronation of union-favorite John Edwards, who would have benefitted from the special-interest friendly caucus format.”


  81. CD99, well, we’ve got about 3 months of this to find out. In the meantime, another 2 plus weeks of headlines before Feb. 5th could produce all kinds of surprises .. we can hope!

  82. http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2008/jan/15/pilar/

    Article in Las Vegas sun regarding lawsuit against the Culinary Union. Interesting read. BTW, shouldn’t there be a decision by now. While I do think that the other parties if they were given an opportunity to oppose the sites and didn’t is a day late and a dollar short (and this may be the nail in this coffin) on another level this does seem unfair taht a particular set of workers get a benefit than another larger group of workers won’t get, also there is this thing about intimidation as the vote is public.

    However,t his shakes out, if the other unions could galvanize their turnout, Hillary may have a decent shot. When is she going back there? I suspect that tomorrow after the debate and she should have 3 days to campaign. I hope tos ee them blanketing LV.

    I haven’t heard or seen much coverage of Bill in LV yesterday. Does anyone hae any links?

  83. B Merry.. I think Edwards has been promised a VP slot or a cabinet post. His loyalty to BO does not make any sense.

  84. See this crap just goes on and on. I hope the judge rules in the teachers favor and does it soon…………I just sent an Emily’s list letter as well.

  85. I’m surprised that the Culinary union endorsed Obama after he called unions a “special interest group” and pretty much dissed them in IA. But whatever.

    I’m not a union member nor are any of my family members, but I do know those folks are quite intimidating. That’s what worries me about NV. If it was just a regular secret ballot, the members who support Hillary can freely cast their votes. If some of the caucuses take place in casinos, I don’t see how HRC supporters will cast a vote for her.

  86. I am very nervous that the NV caucus lawsuit will be brought out tonight to paint Hillary as supress voters.

  87. meiyingsu, Hillary already addressed that concern on MTP. She said that the Teachers Union in NV have yet to endorse her. She does not control their action. Had they endorsed her, perhaps that argument would have validity.

    John Edwards also appeals to that group, maybe they should accuse him of voter suppression.

  88. Good – let the local politics about unions and their long-term battles and its local coverage trump the national coverage.

  89. meiyingsu, if those flyers came out today, which the story seems to be saying, I would think there’s a good chance of that happening. Another bit of evidence of how the Obama campaign really functions..

  90. that is why this lawsuit is soooo important and I hope the judge sees it as what it will be … voter intimidation. Someone said that many of these culinary workers are not registered or even legal….how can they be members of union if they are illegal…also, the culinary workers are most likely being demanded to register

    Does Nevada allow last minute registration?

    If this was not a caucus I would not worry.

    I think that bambi team must be very afraid the judge will rule against this set up….they are frantic IMO

  91. You had to know it was inevitable. BHO-adolator Andrew Sullivan has an article “Ganging Up on Obama”. It’s about doggone time.


  92. The caucus suit is going before a judge on Thursday. Don’t know if that has been posted here before…

  93. DemAc – I can appreciate your thoughts about countering other sites, etc with positive statements about Hillary…for the earlier risers among us, I do think it would be helpful to try to call in on Washington Journal on c-span daily from 7-10 AM EST, 7 days a week…

    Washington Journal has a newsjunkie base and seems to be growing…the Obama people are DEFINITELY organized and calling in routinely every morning pumping O and making negative hits on Hillary…we have the sporadic Hillary supporter that calls in but I think it would be helpful if supporters are available in the morning to either try to call in or you can also try emailing them during the show if you cannot get in…the email address is: journal@c-span.org we need better representation in the morning on washington journal

    … many of the Obama supporters are immature and resort to name calling and insults and are just not very informed on issues…most of their comments on blogs, radio and WJ are about personality…we have facts and substance on our side

    …can’t wait for the debate tonight…the emphasis on the unstable economy is a strong suit for Hillary, not only is she prepared but has Bill’s past economic success to validate and instill confidence in her plans…

    …also, imo, ‘never say never’ when it comes to Hillary pulling out a win…we were all prepared for her loss in NH and she came across the finish line a winner…I honestly believe that a national dialogue is just beginning and Hillary has support that has yet to surface and surprise…

  94. Tickets for tonights debate were given out in a lottery system so candidates couldn’t load the audience with their supporters.

    Fun bit of info–the Hillary campaign is planning some kind of special activities before the start of the debate:

    “And tonight the Clinton campaign “is pulling out all the stops,” Grey said. With the campaign headquarters located directly across the street from UNLV, it was easy to arrange for a bagpiper to lead a procession from the office to Cox Pavilion. Though marching to the Cashman Center, on Las Vegas Boulevard north of downtown, isn’t in the cards, the campaign is still planning on a dramatic entrance of sorts with potential “special guests” leading the way.

    So, who will it be? Bill? Chelsea?

    Knowing the promise of a surprise is one way to pique the media’s interest, Grey kept mum on the details.

    “Wait and see.”

  95. AmericanGal, Thanks for posting that article. Looks like a lot of unions resent the heavy-handed Culinary union tactics. Frankly, why should one union get preferential treatment when it comes to caucus sites.

    BTW, if the judge rules against the union and Obama loses the caucus, he’ll certainly use that as an excuse.

  96. Paula wrote:
    tiburones, No offense but I think the sentence you have about young black voters (in the second graf) could be said to be an example of stereotyping.

    Since this site is read by so many, I’m trying to be careful. I hope you understand. 🙂

    **Paula, I’m not even going to try to be PC or utter the obligaratory phrase that ‘i’m not racist’. I stand by my statement and that is meant to encompass the majority of the youth of all races. Most of them are LAZY and won’t take the time to watch many of the debatees, reaseach the canidates etc. They will go on heresay and soundbites and I stand by my comments.

  97. Forgot to add…I used to be a nurse. I would be very frustrated if I could not leave work (even briefly during my break time) to caucus while others in the state were given a special caucus site to do just that. I think that in fairness there are many people at many workplaces who should also have that option to caucus while at work since the event takes place during working hours. I understand why people brought the lawsuit. Why should one group get special treatment over the others? If anything, IMO, there should be accomodations in many different settings to ensure as many people as possible can participate. Hopefully this opens up a debate in Nevada on how to do things a little better so more people can have their vote count

  98. alright – so Josh Marshall finds the source of Richard Cohen’s piece on Farrakhan/Obama to be…drum-roll, Newsmax. Whatever…like there weren’t a billion other places this information wasn’t already circulating.

  99. lninla,
    Poor poor Josh. Twisting and turning to try to find some something, anything, with which he can defend Obama. What a non-story…

  100. tiburones, I agree with you about many of the youth in general; I was just wary about narrowing it down. And if you meant a general statement about young people in this election, and I interpreted what you said wrongly, I’m very sorry and I apologize.

    I always enjoy reading your posts, and I appreciate your analysis. 🙂

  101. Newsmax is crap, but I’m pretty sure questions about the minister of Obama’s church have been out there a while.

  102. SurveyUSA polls:
    Florida. 1/11-13. Likely primary voters. (12/15-16 results)

    Democrats. MoE 4%

    Clinton 56 (53)
    Obama 23 (21)
    Edwards 14 (19)

    California. 1/11-13. Likely primary voters. (12/14-16 results)

    Democrats. MoE 3.5%

    Clinton 50 (49)
    Obama 35 (30)
    Edwards 10 (14)

  103. I’m here in Central Fl and every hour on the hour they have been stating that in Fl, Clinton has a commanding lead. I feel good about her doing well here.

    Ca- I would like to see her move up more than a point. However, I guess that the higher one’s numbers are in the polls, the slower the continued movement up. If she can mobilize the large urban centers, LA etc, then she should do well.

  104. seems like from the michigan poll workers, the turnout is pretty much as expected…20% turnout is what I heard .. surely more people than that care about this election…no?

  105. Newsmax is crap. they have that online ad, almost everywhere, in annoying bright colors ,asking questions about hillary.

  106. is newsmax part of fox? I think I read that somewhere. They also have the most unflattering photos in their ads.

  107. Hillary will be on Tyra Banks show Friday. I have yet to find this show on my satellite but I’m sure it is on sometime.

  108. Actually, I think that the timing of the VRWC trying to fan the race baiting flame is strategic.

    It kind of even explains why wingnuts are defending Hillary. Hear me out, with Pat Buchanan and Bill O’Reilly acting out of character and defending Hillary, MSNBC and Keith Olberman have to ratchet up the Obama nob. When the campaigns called a cease fire, they had to do something else to keep the racist crap alive.

    The cease fire does not seem to have legs. Obama, imo, didn’t go far enough (i.e., Jesse Jackson Jr is still around and they never apologized or even acknowledged that “over-zealous” supporters put out race-baiting oppo), so we still have bad feelings on both sides even if the candidates themselves are not engaging any longer.

    So now we have this new egregious accusation out there, and the first person that is blamed is Hillary. Even if it blows over, once the GE comes around, if Hillary is the nominee, then people (especially AAs who support Obambi) will associate the race baiting with her campaign and will at the very least skip the GE. If (God forbid) Obambi is the nominee, then whites who support Hillary will skip the GE.

    Bear in mind that these are generalizations and most Democrats will vote sanely and responsibly, but when the country is split in half ideologically, every percentage point counts…especially in swing states where people tend to lean in a particular direction to begin with.

    Race-baiting at this time is a win win for the GOP. They (the wingnuts) destroy our candidate AND demoralize our base. This is very bad, but if we are aware of it and direct all our attention to the republicans, we can over come it.

    I came across this yesterday and I was blown away. This is how a Democrat runs for President in a Democratic Primary. Jesse Jackson, in this speech, may have mentioned the names of people he was running against, but that’s not what you remember when you watch the speech. His rhetoric was all about getting the White House back from Republicans.


  109. Wow. I’m really impressed with this site. I posted 2 messages, that simply did not appear here, about a rather shocking link about BO that I found on Taylor Marsh. When I went back to TM it had been deleted with an apology.

    Good work, admin. I’m relieved, actually, that it’s not true.

  110. Maybe the public is finally catching on a little..new Rasmussen/Fox poll on who is getting the most preferential media treatment:

    National numbers:

    Obama 41%
    Hillary 30%

    Among Democratic voters:

    Obama 48%
    Hillary 18%

    They also asked people if they preferred an older candidate with more experience or a younger candidate with new ideas:

    Experienced 47%
    New ideas 32%

    Poll taken Jan. 8-9, 2008 3% MOE 1000 adults polled


  111. I LOVE Andy Martin:

    “Can anyone point me to a TV ad Obama ran in 2004, during his senate race, opposing the war? So far as I am aware, there is no such ad. And, as Bill Clinton made absolutely clear, Obama was in full weasel-mode in 2004 after he won the senate nomination. Obama compared himself to George Bush, and said he kept quiet on Iraq to help Senator John Kerry. Well. Since taking the oath of office in 2005, Obama has been pretty quiet on Iraq, limiting himself to proposing pie-in-the-sky solutions that have no chance of passage, He has done nothing to “unite us.” And so Bill Clinton was 100% correct when he called Obama’s “opposition” to the war a complete fairy tale. I would go one step further and call it a fabrication.”

  112. I read a report that Biden’s wife had minor injuries and is home recuperating. I haven’t seen confirmation though..

  113. Can we have a discussion on Nevada? It seems no one here likes to talk about Nevada. The Culinary Union has approx 60,000 members and they can’t all be democrats can they? Is there a chance Hillary can take Nevada?

  114. New pro-Hillary AFSCME ad up soon on the page

    Spot features voices and black-and-white photos of supportive women. “I love that she found her voice….”

    Source: Started running Monday in Las Vegas.


  115. A young candidate with new ideas??? Is there someone like that running? With any ideas at all?

    On the Nevada caucus at work thing, there’s an excellent ‘diary’ somewhere titled “Not on my shift” by a union member (not in NV) taking it apart. (Iirc it was linked from taylormarsh hot topics a couple of days ago.)

    The members weren’t even polled. The NV union bosses chose Obama, and now they want to walk the members down stairs from work and stand over them and make them caucus for Obama.

    The only point I didn’t see was that the national union asked them to remain neutral at this time, but the local officials endorsed Obama against national wishes.

    There’s a REASON for caucusing with your neighbors instead of your work supervisor.

  116. On ‘finding voice’, there’s an article somewhere at Salon about Obama’s first races sounding stiff, and how it took some time to make him seem ‘a natural’. This may have been about when he ran agaisnt Rush and got beat.

  117. 1950Dem, in other words, the pending lawsuit isn’t just to promote fairness in the Nevada caucus but a response to those things you outlined. I didn’t know that there was such a negative background to the whole thing. No wonder people are up in arms. That caucus situation is not set up to make things fair for caucus goers but to make sure that the union can bully people. Yikes!

  118. B Merryfield,
    The archpundit piece looks devastating at first, until you realize that their whole concept builds upon believing everything Obama says happened fair and square, no questions asked. Everything that’s not consistent with Obama’s version or is unclear (quite a lot actually) is deemed a lie. Very convenient but not very credible.

    I guess they are “passing on stuff pretty much word for word from the Obama rapid response shop”. 🙂

  119. Tuesday, January 15, 2008

    Obama: Answer Rezko questions now–yourself
    Hello Senator! One of your louder constituents, me, thinks it’s time for you to anwser–YOU, not members of your campaign staff, questions about your dealings with your friend, indicted political insider Antoin “Tony” Rezko.

    Although you did appear in front of the the Chicago Tribune editorial board, in private, about your Rezko dealings in late 2006, I think the people of Illinois, and the nation, deserve more.

    How I do not think you should handle it? Well, not in the audacious manner you chose last spring.

    From an April 23, 2007 Chicago Sun-Times article:

    The Sun-Times first sought to interview Sen. Barack Obama on March 14 about indicted businessman and longtime supporter Antoin “Tony” Rezko and a series of troubled low-income housing deals involving Rezko’s company, Rezmar Corp. Obama’s staff asked for written questions. It responded Sunday but left many questions unanswered and didn’t directly address some other questions.

    What follows are the Sun-Times’ questions, asked in the preliminary stages of the newspaper’s investigation, and the answers received in an e-mail from Robert Gibbs, communications director for the senator’s presidential campaign…

    C’mon senator…appear on TV, live, and discuss Rezko and Rezmar. You, not Gibbs. No questions supplied in advance.

    The Fox News Channel would be an ideal forum, but since you’re boycotting it, Tim Russert’s “Meet The Press” program would serve nicely as well.

    If you can’t handle a little media grilling, then how are you going to cope with Vladimir Putin or Hugo Chavez when if you’re president?

    Build-up to the Tony Rezko trial continues
    Expect more stories like the one below one as the build-up to the start of the Tony Rezko trial continues.

    From AP:

    The two men probably looked like any other executives chatting at the posh Standard Club in downtown Chicago. But these men, federal prosecutors say, were going over a scheme that involved what they hoped would be a $10 million payday just weeks away — ill-gotten cash from firms hoping to handle millions of dollars in investments from a downstate teachers’ pension fund and other Illinois state boards.

    One of the men, Stuart Levine, a trustee on the pension fund board, was nicknamed “the rabbi.” The other was Antoin “Tony” Rezko, friend and political adviser to Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Levine had brought a chart with the details, prosecutors say, and figured the alleged scams would bring them each $3.9 million. He was excited after talking it over with Rezko.

    “Full steam ahead and whatever I want,” Levine told an alleged accomplice the next day, according to a government wiretap of his phone calls from April 2004.

    Rezko faces a highly anticipated Feb. 25 trial on charges of money laundering, attempted extortion, fraud and aiding bribery. Rezko’s close ties to the governor have heightened interest in the case, although Blagojevich has not been accused of wrongdoing.

    Yes folks, I’m well aware that Stuart Levine is a Republican. At least he had the decency to plead guilty to his crimes, and is aiding to prosecution.

    And outside of Illinois, close attention will be paid to this trial, which is expected to last three months, because of Rezko’s friendship with a well-known presidential candidate.


  120. Debunking the debunker
    From the archpundit;

    “Obama, while at the law firm (and later) helped pump tens of millions of dollars – government dollars – to his friend and benefactor Rezko via Rezko’s company Rezmar.

    He worked six hours on the project according to the Sun-Times. That’s hardly a significant effort in a law firm. Also, see below, the non-profits were clients of Davis and that’s how the connection was made (she was a name partner then)

    Here’s what the SunTimes article REALLY says:

    Obama was also recruited in law school by developer Antoin “Tony” Rezko, who back then had a reputation as “a star” of the urban renewal movement in Chicago. More recently, Rezko was indicted for allegedly using his clout with elected officials to amass taxpayer funds for self-enrichment.

    Rezko was a client of the Miner firm, and Obama worked on some of his redevelopment projects. Miner says Obama put in six to seven hours of work on Rezko projects. He has NOT PRODUCED DETAILED RECORDS of Obama’s billings on the cases.

    The firm was headed by Allison Davis, who eventually left the firm to become a developer of low-income housing himself, sometimes in partnership with Rezko. Obama worked on some of those projects.

    Rezko and his friends have donated at least $168,000 to Obama’s campaigns over the years.”


    Anyone want to try another?

  121. Has anyone seen this quote from Newyorker attributed to BO:

    “It’s not clear to me what differences we’ve had since I’ve been in the Senate,” Obama told the New Yorker magazine. “I think what people might point to is our different assessments of the war in Iraq, although I’m always careful to say that I was not in the Senate, so perhaps the reason I thought it was such a bad idea was that I didn’t have the benefit of U.S. intelligence. And, for those who did, it might have led to a different set of choices. . . . We were in different circumstances at that time: I was running for the U.S. Senate, she had to take a vote, and casting votes is always a difficult test.”

    I have never seen it before.

  122. TheRealist,
    Good one! Keep that one for trying times to come. However, Obama has changed his story so many times that as long as they profess to believe the most convenient version at every turn, they can always claim that anything is a lie. 🙂

  123. What has never been ‘defended’ or answered is WHY Rezko’s wife happened to buy the property next door. Was it just coincidence? Why did she want that property, anyway?

  124. Tweety is very disappointed with James Clayburn. Clayburn was vey conciliatory. He did not take tweety’s bait. I wish I could get the transcript of this conversation.

  125. When I first found this website back in April or so, there was a piece on Obama’s ties to Rezko. Frankly, I was turned off and considered it dirt-digging and mudslinging. I was sure that it was all explainable. (I’m somewhat naive — I like to think the best of people). I ignored this website until recently, until New Hampshire. Since there was a Rezko trial coming up, I began paying attention more carefully here, and have been appalled. Of course, I’ve been on here ever since.

  126. emkay, I was the same way. But there is certainly enough “there” there to merit a thorough vetting. I am not saying the man is mob-dirty, but it appears obvious that in Chicago politics, you don’t rise like he did without some expedient back-scratching going on, ya know? And some of that can look pretty bad, even if it s politics as usual.

    But for God’s sake let’s get this out there and have it thoroughly hashed over and well-known nationally and old hat before we even think to nominate this man, because if we don’t the Repugs are going to have a FIELD DAY with it.

  127. On an entirely different subject, here’s how unpopular Bush is. ABC/WaPo asked people if they wanted the new president to take a new direction, or follow Bush’s direction.

    79 percent said new direction, 17 percent said Bush’s direction. OUCH!!!

  128. I don’t really care about the rezko thing. It has absolutely nothing to do with why I support Hill or oppose Obama.

  129. Even though we are wary of the polls, here is Rasmussen showing Hillary closing the gap in SC and nice internals:

    Election 2008: South Carolina Democratic Primary
    South Carolina: Obama 38% Clinton 33%
    Monday, January 14, 2008

    Over the past few days, Hillary Clinton has closed the gap in South Carolina’s Presidential Primary and pulled to within five points of Barack Obama. Last week, Obama was leading by twelve.

    The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in South Carolina shows Obama earning 38% of the vote, Clinton attracting 33%, and John Edwards at 17%.

    While Obama’s lead has slipped, his support is more solid than Clinton’s at this point in time. Eighty-two percent (82%) of Obama supporters say they are “certain” they will vote for him on January 26. Just 67% of Clinton voters are that “certain” along with 65% of those currently supporting Edwards.

    Among white voters, Clinton leads Obama 40% to 21% with John Edwards picking up 31% of the vote. Among African-American voters, Obama leads Clinton by 23 percentage points (see crosstabs). This racial divide is also found in national polling.

    Clinton leads Obama by three points among women in South Carolina but trails by sixteen among men.

    In December, Obama and Clinton were tied in South Carolina at 33%. In November, Clinton had a ten-point advantage.

    Eighty percent (80%) have a favorable opinion of Clinton, 77% say the same about Obama, Clinton, and 74% offer a positive assessment of Edwards.

    Among African-American voters, 86% have a favorable opinion of Obama while 82% say the same about Clinton. At the same time, 78% of white voters offer a favorable assessment of Clinton. Just 66% of white voters say the same about Obama. In South Carolina, roughly half of the Democratic voters are expected to be African-American.

    Among those who currently plan to vote for John Edwards, 68% have a favorable opinion of Clinton while 56% say the same about Obama.

    On the Republican side of the aisle, John McCain received a significant bounce from his victory in New Hampshire and now holds a narrow lead in South Carolina’s GOP Primary.

    Rasmussen Markets data suggests that Barack Obama is currently favored to win in South Carolina. Current prices imply that Obama has a 79.0% chance of winning while Clinton has a 22.0% chance. Numbers in this paragraph reflect results from a prediction market, not a poll. Using a trading format where traders “buy and sell” candidates, issues, and news features, RasmussenMarkets.com harnesses competitive passions to becomes a reliable leading indicator of upcoming events.

    We invite you to participate in the Rasmussen Markets. It costs nothing to join and add your voice to the collective wisdom of the market.

    Rasmussen Reports is an electronic publishing firm specializing in the collection, publication, and distribution of public opinion polling information.

    The Rasmussen Reports ElectionEdge™ Premium Service for Election 2008 offers the most comprehensive public opinion coverage ever provided for a Presidential election.

    Scott Rasmussen, president of Rasmussen Reports, has been an independent pollster for more than a decade.

    This telephone survey of 516 Likely Democratic

  130. emkay,
    I can relate to that. First I thought that the Rezko thing seemed… well, boring, not so important and full of complicated technicalities. Plus evidence is scarce as the media is dependent on someone actually wanting/needing to tell the truth.

    However, as I read up on Rezko I realized that nothing Obama says makes any sense. The whole thing only makes sense when one accepts that there is pattern of corruption there. It’s not pretty at all.

    But everything stands and falls with proof and sources. Unless some vigorous investigative reporting is done, the story won’t have any powerful legs.

  131. clintondem99 I have to give you props for having the stomach to still watch Tweety. I have tuned off from MSNBC and will continue to tune off until Tweety is gone or they begin fair and balanced coverage. I tune into faux news first before MSNBC.

    Paula, those Bush stats just have me lol. His Presidency has just been a complete failure.

  132. I agree, mj. It’s the Teflon thing that’s bothersome. Even if there is really nothing below board, no ‘smoking gun’, total exoneration, let’s get it out in the open and done with.

  133. emkay, it’s sort of sleezy but rather typical for a Chicago pol. I just don’t think it has legs, and it has nothing to do with my support for Hillary.

  134. BMerry

    I learned quite a bit abt the 2002 speech from ArtiIntell’s investigative report.

    Also learned you accept new information, graciously.

  135. mj, I feel the same way. I fault Obama for a lot of things, but not really that. Scratching some backs and trading some influence on his way up is not a big one for me. I am a realist, and know darn well that this is the way politics works a lot of the time, and you have to play the game. The only reason it is a concern has little to do with why I personally don’t support him but support Hillary. It has to do with not being blindsided by it in the general.

  136. Federal Court Rules Anti-Clinton Ads Must Comply With Campaign Finance Law
    by Associated Press
    Tuesday, January 15, 2008

    WASHINGTON — A conservative group must abide by campaign finance laws if it wants to run ads promoting its anti-Hillary Rodham Clinton movie, a federal court ruled Tuesday.

    Citizens United had hoped to run the television advertisements in key election states during peak primary season. The court ruling means the group must either keep its ads off the air or attach a disclaimer and disclose its donors.

    Lawyers for the group had argued its 90-minute “Hillary: The Movie” was no different from documentaries seen on television news shows “60 Minutes” and “Nova.” That prompted skepticism and, at one point, outright laughter from the judges during a hearing last week.

    Campaign regulations prohibit corporations and unions from paying for ads that run close to elections and identify candidates. Citizens United argued that the advertisements promoted the movie and should be treated as commercial speech as opposed to political advocacy

  137. Geeez

    Olberman got 1582 comments in less than 35 Hours! How did the site even handle that…and why can’t we read them?

  138. OAndrewD, she is well ahead in the polls in FL. And many believe that the Michigan and Florida delegates will be seated eventually, regardless of what the Party says now. They are simply not going to disenfranchise and piss off two entire states that way, in the end.

  139. andrea mitchell is an obama drone…tuned in for my gosh 1 minute of hardball and I have to hear that hag saying that Hillary was going to have a really hard time tonight trying to get at Obamas record without getting into racial issues.

    this is the nuttiest thing .. she should be able to set his record straight and not call it black vs right.

    whats obama done for minority? anybody know

  140. whats everyones gut on how the judge will run on the set up caucus precincts. I don’t really feel it is a hard logical question…if you give the culinary workers extra special treats then everyone should get them.

    also, I heard this report about adventists won’t caucus because their Sabbath is Saturday.

  141. clintondem99 Says:
    January 15th, 2008 at 4:59 pm

    Has anyone seen this quote from Newyorker attributed to BO:

    “It’s not clear to me what differences we’ve had since I’ve been in the Senate,” Obama told the New Yorker magazine. “I think what people might point to is our different assessments of the war in Iraq, although I’m always careful to say that I was not in the Senate, so perhaps the reason I thought it was such a bad idea was that I didn’t have the benefit of U.S. intelligence. And, for those who did, it might have led to a different set of choices. . . . We were in different circumstances at that time: I was running for the U.S. Senate, she had to take a vote, and casting votes is always a difficult test.”

    I’ve seen it and if you Google for some of the phrases I think you can find the New Yorker cite and perhaps other Legit Media such as WaPo quoting him with similar statements.

  142. Maybe Adventists should file a lawsuit about being disenfranchised. Their are actually no caucus or primary held on Sunday.

  143. dot48 Says:

    January 15th, 2008 at 6:00 pm
    mj,could have fooled me, she acts like a dyed in the wool Obamawoman

    That’s just because she wants Hillary to lose. She’s married to Greenspan, by the way.

  144. Sent my Emily’s List letter too…one can link to it via Taylor’s site as well. Also there is a separate opportunity at the Media Matters site.

    Re “the noose”…I tried to choke it at the source w/ Ben Smith’s help last night. He was very prompt in his response and took it down almost immediately.

    Unfortunately, someone screen copied it and reposted it at MyDD and it spread like wildfire overnight.

    Wish I could type faster, maybe Ben would’ve had it down before the not so wise person screen printed and spread the poison.

    So much for keeping good sites, good.

  145. hi hillfans, i jusr checked out the the detroit free press and they reported turnout in michigan is very light. it may due to the snow that is blanketing the state.

  146. clintondem, admin needs that info IMO. It’s quotes directly by him in an interview. Let him splain them now.


  147. Thanks…1950democrat. It suprises me that after all the statements he made he can still blame Hillary for her vote. I guess he could get away with it because MSM is so nice to him.

  148. BMerry

    There is a pretty clear satalite zoom-in too, at the beginning of Brian Ross’ Obama Mansion piece on ABC that Admin posted for us…at beginning of one of his posts. Can’t remember the exact day. Sorry.

  149. Because there has been talk here of using markets–as opposed to polls–to predict outcomes of election, I thought I would post this link to the Iowa Electronic Markets at the University of Iowa maintained by the economics department. These political markets have a good record of predicting outcomes of races (you can view their track record on the site) and they are non-profit and purely research driven. Currently, HRC is leading Obama by a significant margin–a good thing. In fact, people have steadily predicted a HRC win until the Iowa Caucuses, but she has rebounded significantly since her NH win.


  150. Earl Ofari Hutchinson is a staunch Hillary supporter.

    Obama Needs a History Lesson about Hillary and King

    “By Earl Ofari Hutchinson
    January 15, 2008
    The Obama camp did it again. They manufactured yet another issue out of a non issue when they pounded Hillary Clinton for supposedly defiling Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by minimizing his role in the civil rights struggle. Here´s Hillary´s terrible sin per the Obama campaign crowd. She said that Dr. King´s dream was realized when President Lyndon Johnson shoved the 1964 Civil Rights Bill through Congress. This was anything but a put down of King.
    Hillary paid tribute to King for laying the groundwork for the civil rights bill and gave justifiable credit to Johnson for ramming the bill through a bickering, divided and very recalcitrant Congress. Her point was that presidents that have their public policy priorities screwed on right can make changes, monumental changes, for good.
    If Hillary could be faulted for anything it´s that she didn´t go far enough. If Johnson hadn´t forcefully intervened and jawboned, prodded, arm twisted, and embarrassed the slew of wavering and hostile Congressmen to the bill into supporting the bill, or at least tempering their opposition to it, King´s dream would have remained just that, an empty dream.”

    You can read the rest by following the link.


  151. Emkay

    Re debate stream

    go to google /c-span and you can hear it live on c-span radio, top of first page…will be rebroadcast tomorrow on c-span2 video at 8 am ET.

    I’m trying to find a las Vegas tv station that might be broadcasting it. Will let you know if I find one.

  152. If we’re straw-polling … I’m not spending any time on the Rezko thing. I think it’s too complicated and boring and too easy for the other side to brush off.

    I’m still being fanatical about the Florida “Democrat for a Day” project that was on a BO campaign site since April!
    Google’s cache: http://tinyurl.com/24pvlg

    Also the union caucus issue, see “Not on my Shift” diary, seems more immediate:
    I just posted there:
    The national union asked this local one to remain neutral instead of endorsing anyone at this time.
    It’s not fair to give the strip workers special at work caucuses when other workers have to go home to vote.
    Also, “Okay, guys, wash up, it’s time to go down and caucus for Obama … What, Charlie, not coming with us? … Have to go to the bathroom? … Okay, I’ll wait right here and walk you down….”

  153. Hey all, you ready for a debate or not????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yehaaaaww!!

    😀 8) I have my fingers crossed for our girl tonight!!

    I am looking for a link on msnbc.com to watch a live streaming of the debate. Judging by history, they tend to be slow with putting a link up, until right before the debate starts. But I’ll be looking, hope others (and admin 😉 ) are as well.

  154. This really pisses me off! Obama accusing Hillary of violating DNC rules by campaigning in Florida:


    Florida and the Dems
    Posted: Tuesday, January 15, 2008 5:58 PM by Domenico Montanaro

    From NBC/NJ’s Aswini Anburajan
    The Obama campaign accused Clinton of campaigning in Florida in a memo it sent out today. The memo says the results in Michigan and Florida have no bearing on Democratic primary. Both states were stripped of all of their delegates by the Democratic National Party. And the Obama campaign also accused the
    Clinton camp of potentially violating DNC rules by schedulling a fundraiser in Florida on the Jan. 27 and organizing in the state. Of note, though, is that Obama has also raised money in Florida.

    Here’s an excerpt on Clinton from their memo:

    “Florida, whose primary was scheduled for January 29th, is just like Michigan — the DNC applied full sanctions for setting an early primary date and there are no delegates are at stake. As with Michigan, all of the Democratic presidential candidates signed a pledge to not campaign in Florida.

    “Although Senator Obama did not remove his name from the Florida Primary ballot because Florida law did not allow him to do so, Senator Obama is firm in his commitment to neither participate nor campaign in the Florida Primary and its outcome has no bearing on the nomination contest. We raise Florida today because Senator Clinton has scheduled a fundraiser in Florida on Jan. 27th, and there are signs — despite Senator Clinton’s public pledge to the contrary — that she may be planning to campaign in the state — inquiring about large venues and increased organizing activity — ahead of the Florida primary.”

  155. hillfans, ever notice the one of the female commentators on foxnews roundtable almost always disclose her husbund works for the mitt romney whenever the gop race is discussed? i respect that. mika brezinski mentions it rarely. i think if your family member works for a campaign each time you should make full disclosure.

  156. terrondt Says:

    January 15th, 2008 at 6:54 pm
    hillfans, ever notice the one of the female commentators on foxnews roundtable almost always disclose her husbund works for the mitt romney whenever the gop race is discussed? i respect that. mika brezinski mentions it rarely. i think if your family member works for a campaign each time you should make full disclosure.

    I know the woman you are talking about, and I agree. I also think when you tell people upfront, you are actually apt to be less biased in your reporting. I cannot believe that Mika woman gets away without disclosing.

  157. frankly i wish these nv caucuses where ruled unconstitutional. how can u give one group better acces than another? i hop a call tool is set up for nv-id like to help….

  158. terrondt, Mika dearest (like Mommy dearest!) makes it a point to throw dirt on our girl every morning. I really despise her!!!!!!!!

  159. hillfans, any thoughts on the gop race in michigan? i hope romney wins. i want a long drawn out primary battle to weaken them. mccain might be strong in the general.

  160. I think Romney will pull out the win in Michigan, however a strong showing by McCain makes it more and more likely he will be the nominee. I am not at all worried about a Hill/McCain match up, but I do think McCain could beat Obama or Edwards.

  161. By the by, when is this debate? what time does it start?

    And when the heck are we gonna see a debate with regards to women issues????? Is this not the 4th or 5th on black/minority issues??

    PS. I cannot wait for the debate in CA!!!! They will be where they used to broadcast the Academy Awards!!! I love that place, brings back old memories(I’m movie/oscar obsessed) That’s a beautiful AND HUGE place to have a debate, with a balcony as well, will be interesting!

  162. mj I have all along been the most worried about McCain. People/media were writing him off a long time ago, but I still had a feeling he would come back again, as he now has.
    I think he will be the toughest to beat. I really do. Rudy is crazy, Mitt is a walking disaster, Huck is….well huck.

    McCain at least have a lot of peoples respect, and regardless of his poor handling of that woman questioner with her How do we beat the bitch Q. I think he and Hillary like/respect each other and will conduct a fairly respectful campaign.

    Who will this benefit? I’m not sure…. I think they are the most even tho, because there are many democrats who wouldn’t mind voting for him, at least not if it means voting for him over Hillary….. just my view.

  163. Not sure MJ. I just saw that data re: GOP side from Drudge (I need to take a shower after visiting that site, lol). I’m sure Hillary will win big, though.

  164. Gorto, if Hill can get through the primary, gender plays a much bigger role, and she can’t lose. The race suddenly becomes like sally rides space mission. It will be overwhelming and in that circumstance I do not think it possible for her to lose.

  165. mj

    Here’s why the rezko thing is important. When Rezko goes on trial, there will be endless coverage.
    But more than the quid pro quo nature of their relationship and Obama’s different answers to the questions, some of them false, there is a simple fact that is very destructive to Obama’s image:

    Rezko had tenements in Obama’s district. The tenants, mostly AA, had no heat. Rezko, through Rezmar, says they do not have enough money to provide heat. Obama seems to have said nothing. Rezko then gives $1000 donation to Obama.

    Did Obama turn it over to his freezing constituents?

    This is not a good image for Obama.

  166. mj I hope you are right, but I don’t want this to just be about her being a woman. I think her beating McCain would also really show how amazing it is that she not only won, but she beat a really experienced and a really old ( 🙂 ) respected candidate.

    I think she will win, but I believe McCain is the toughest one to beat.

  167. mj, The trial is starting on Feb 26th and then you would start hearing specifics. It would be in the news everyday.

  168. hillfans, i really don’t like exit polls but it is being reported umcommited is beating hillary 68% to hillary’s 23% with african-american voters in michigan. ouch!!!

  169. Just watched a clip online of Brian Williams talking about tonights debate. He says it will last for 2 hours, they will have 3 commercial breaks. And in one segment, they have told the candidates to prepare two questions to ask of each other! Now this will be interesting!

    Who’s question could we fear? Dennis? lol

    Do we hope Hillary brings up rezko??

  170. terrondt Says:

    January 15th, 2008 at 7:28 pm
    hillfans, i really don’t like exit polls but it is being reported umcommited is beating hillary 68% to hillary’s 23% with african-american voters in michigan. ouch!!!

    Wow, that’s sad.

  171. is that final results terrondt? Or just the african american vote?

    Still stings a little tho….. Just shows how misrepresented her comments have been.

  172. Should Hillary continue her forceful/spirited debate display as she did in NH? Or should she be calmer/nicer?

    And do you think Obama will be back in his attack mode?
    I doubt he will ‘stay above the fray’ this time, didn’t really work for him it seems. His debate performance/tactic will certainly reveal whether he feels he is in good shake in NV or not.

  173. the thing is Obama is a horrible debater. that said debating 5 to 1 is a tough deal if Kucinich joins in with the other 4 debaters to slam Hillary. I doubt if he will, but if he does, it would be stupid. But the advantage is, dennis will slam Edwards every once in a while and offer some entertainment by debating the moderators :)..

    I hope Hillary does well this time. I hate this debate. I wish it was not happening!

  174. What do you all think Hillary should ask? What do you think (and for some here fear) she’ll be asked? I also guarantee that of the six questions from the other 3 candidates, Hillary is asked at least FIVE.

  175. What will she ask Realist?

    I have a feeling if Obama brings up their past feud about race, then he has officially stepped in it. But I think he will stay clear of that, anyway Edwards is the one who usually steppes in it, just something about the way he is. hehe, poor guy.

    Even though Tim Russert spoke to her about it during their Meet the Press talk, I wouldn’t put it past him to bring it up once again, or to bring with him an edited video clip, he is such a sleaze.. god, this thing haven’t even started and I’m already pissed at him, lol….

  176. Hillary supporters think they don’t need to vote because hers is the only viable name on the Dem ballot. Pls let people in Michigan know that unless they turn in ballots with her name checked, she doesn’t get the delegates.

    Obama and Edwards are pushing their supporters to vote ‘uncommitted’ becasue they didn’t put their names on the ballot.

  177. Here’s a depressing note.

    As generations go, I assume the most racist are the seniors. Nevertheless, the talk has been for months pro- and anti- Hillary. (Republicans don’t seem all that interested in their group — as in Michigan)

    Suddenly, I have heard Obama described as “the black man” and not flatteringly. It would have been better if he had nipped this in the bud. I believe it won’t do him good in the long run.

    Nevertheless, just as we were feeling good about the variety of candidates, we are back to race. Depressing.

  178. Gorto-

    She will ask him about Iraq. I believe that she’ll also ask a policy question, probably on the economy, that will DESTROY OB, as he hems and haws on a topic he knows almost nothing about. Hillary is a true policy wonk who can answer any question in detail. The contrast will be a body blow to OB’s credibility.

  179. I hope you are right, but then, AFTER the question is asked, will the moderators allow obama to ignore the Q. if he does not really answer it?
    I fear they might, and then, will Hillary jump in, or not? ….tricky…

  180. dot48, I doubt that msnbc will know what the q. are, at least I hope they don’t. They were just told to have two questions ready.

  181. Obama is claiming that Hillary is campaigning in Florida in violation of the DNC rules. Her campaign has issued a response. You can read about it here (the response would be on her website as well). It’s a very direct response….


  182. amen, punkin head will be sure of that. I know I shouldn’t wish/think bad thoughts cause I have to pray about it later, but really.

  183. MSNBC wants a race war. I’m serious They want one, they think it will be great for ratings and a good show, and they plan to do everything they can do to get one. Watch them.

    I swear, if they start harping on race, I hope Hillary makes a brief statement, tells them she will not participate in inflaming it, and if they persist – bid them a polite goodnight and WALK OFF THE DAMN STAGE.

    That might actually play quite well, if she did it right.

  184. hmmm, well which way is it???? on msnbc.com it now says

    “BREAKING NEWS: Nevada Supreme Court rules NBC can block Kucinich from debate”

    Anyone heard anything? Will he be there or not?

  185. I’m not expecting that many fireworks though Edwards will do his best to ignite a few. They all know that asking Clinton/Edwards/Kucinich a question is dangerous territory. None of them will be thrown off. Obama is the loose cannon. He hasn’t been through this process before and he still steps in it from time to time.

  186. well, I’m sure I’ll find a better link later, they are slow on msncb, but here is one where they at least mention that the debate will be streamed online.


  187. by having kuchinic gone it gives them more time to set Hillary up….the plan all along. Maybe she should have just “one upped” their little party and said, nope got other commitments like real campaigning rather than debating a bunch of pricks who have shown in other debates they plan to ambush me.

  188. I now wonder if msnbc wanted so badly to have dennis out of this, as they said they would appeal the courts ruling, since they asked the candidates to prepare two questions,. that they are setting this up so that they would ask each other one question each, but with Dennis on board this would put a stick in their wheel.

    Who wants to focus on him when they can have a racial war going on. oyy…… my head….

  189. 😀 My pleasure Emjay, I have many times been in your position of wanting to see it so badly, but not having the opportunity. I know what it’s like.

  190. There has been a change in his coverage of Hillary, from even-handed (or maybe even a little pro-Hillary) to using the snide shtick he usually reserves for republicans.

  191. Got truncated… Fox is saying it’s too close to call…between Clinton and Uncomitted?

    66% for Clinton with 1% counted.

  192. TheRealist, he got the memo and is now a daily-kook. MessNBC is deeply invested in Obama winning. Daily Kos is also invested (excluding the exiled Hillary supporters) in Obama winning or Hillary losing. Why else would Olbermann post a diary in Daily Kos?

  193. Ok, because I’m just repeating what someone blogged on on a political betting site..lol
    This is in the bag for sure… Looks like Obama/Edwards non-commited campaign was pointless.. 🙂

  194. I am so disappointed in Olbermann, I used to be a fan of his. I had hope that he would stay above the fray and continue to be fair to Hillary. Just a few months ago, he was incensed at the McCain supporter calling Hillary a “B”…. Really hate that damn Kool-Aid.

  195. forgot to tell ya

    Taylor Marsh said on her broadcast this aft that she’d be live blogging the debate on her site.

    Course this site is a lot more fun and exciting during a debate.

  196. hillfans, i want hillary to be uncommited by a large margin. you know big media will slam her if it is close.

  197. Michigan is facing an economic crisis. Shame on all those “uncommitted” voters who actually think Barry would be able to remotely resolve their woes.

  198. hmm, getting a bit nervous here, (as usual) i HATE THAT MSNBC IS SO SLOW AT GETTING A LINK UP, BUT i’M SURE IT WILL BE THERE, THEY ALWAYS HAVE ONE.
    opps, caps lock on, didn’t see that.
    Just copy and paste it emjay.

    or go to msnbc.com and help me look for a link, or do as I have done, open up any video link, you will get a pop up window, and on the left hand side there will be a menu to chose from. I keep refreshing it in order to see if a program pops up there, under the latest videos.

  199. just read a comment from a Vegas resident at Taylor Marsh. The Review Journal is a very conservative publication. Not surprised about the endorsement.

  200. oh for heavens sake, this has never happened in the past, I need WMA to play this, but my version is not a validated version, hihi(my bad)

    so now I guess I can’t watch, this bums me out, msnbc must have changed it, never been like this before.

  201. Michigan has 128 delegates. By comparison, Iowa and NH had 45 and 22. So roughly 60% of 128 means she just picked up about 75 more delegates, if that percentage holds.

    Of course everyone will say it doesn’t count, but they will be seated in the end.

  202. Can you believe the arrogance of Obama? Sometimes he just stuns me. Here’s a quote from today…he admits he isn’t experienced enough to run a bureaucracy (“I’m not an operating office…that’s not my job”) but apparently thinks his personality is all that’s needed to run a country….

    “I am very good at teasing out from people who are smarter than me what the issues are and how we resolve them,” he said. “I don’t think there is anybody in this race who can inspire the American people better than I can. And I don’t think there is anybody in this race who can bridge differences … better than I can….”


    Debate on the way….

  203. alright, I tried the lap top, and now I got image, but currently no audio, anyone else got audio on the web stream?

  204. The other paper is the Las Vegas Sun. The Review Journal sucks, I used to live in Vegas and I hated their newspaper.

  205. hi guys,

    i am not going to watch tonight, i just cant!

    so i will listen to you guys for how its going…
    unless i get the guts… 🙂

  206. Very sober discussion. They are really serious at closing this chapter. MSNBC and Russert want to prolong this.

  207. Russert tries to push the race issue THRICE with Obama – Obama is not biting. I think he must have gotten some very hot phone calls behind the scenes.

    Timmeh wants a race thing, none of the candidates are biting.

  208. I think the Dem bigwigs must have had a conference call with all 3 and told them stick to the issues or risk ripping the party apart and lose the WH in November

  209. They are all doing a good job of REFUSING to let Timmeh make this a race war. I bet they all agreed beforehand that the Democratic party would not let this go that way.

    I am proud of my party right now.

  210. gorto @8:49

    still love you

    took me this long to get it pulled down, the banner was purple

    but i got it..

    love ya

  211. United 12

    get your bod on the audio/video. it’s great!

    Did I just hear an audience member yell stop the race baiting???

    to whom??

  212. Heckler started yeling to stop asking questions about race – stop the race baiting. Good for him!

  213. Hillary gave a good answer on the qualifications of the other candidates – she didn’t commit to saying that the other two are ready to lead on day one.

  214. My video player isn’t working, only the audio. I think my DSL connection isn’t fast enough for streaming.

  215. emkay..you can catch cspan video at 8 am ET tomorrow…put the coffeepot on a timer. The smell will wake you.

  216. # Emjay Says:
    January 15th, 2008 at 9:31 pm

    emkay..you can catch cspan video at 8 am ET tomorrow…put the coffeepot on a timer. The smell will wake you.

    Thanks, Emjay!

  217. Timmeh wants a food fight so badly, and ALL of our Dems are refusing to give him one. Good for them!

  218. emkay!!!

    everybody but us has moved to next site…

    come over!

    hit home, then the debate title at top right hand corner

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