REZKO For Dummies

[Note: Yesterday we wrote a long article with suggestions as to what the wonderful Hillary campaign should do next. We made several suggestions regarding the Michigan and Florida primaries, the upcoming debate on MSNBC and the rest of the debate schedule. We will discuss these issues further – possibly tomorrow, possibly this weekend. ]

* * *

In olden days, corrupt Chicago politicians would simply take a bag full of money. Usually the bag of money was passed under the table while corrupt politician and corrupt fixer lunched or dined. Those were simpler times.

With all the do-gooders trying to stamp out political corruption things got more complicated for politicians on the take.

Republican Senator Alphonse D’Amato devised a clever system which got him in some trouble. D’Amato, played poker every Thursday night with lobbyists. D’Amato won the poker games, got several hundred dollars on every poker hand played that night, and all was on the apparent up and up. After the lobbyist games were revealed, and INVESTIGATED, D’Amato had to find a new job.

[Not to imply anything mind you, but a certain Chicago politician also likes poker with lobbyists – we’ll have more on this at a later time.]

Now imagine this: A Chicago politician, in modern day Chicago, who wants things he can’t afford. Wifey likes expensive things and wants a big mansion to live in. What new clever system would said modern day Chicago politician devise? Said Chicago politician first acquaints himself with ethics laws and how to skirt them.

Chicago politician and Chicago fixer come up with this scheme: Funnel tens of millions of dollars in government money to the Chicago Fixer and get him to somehow buy you a house, among other amenities. Yes, you have to turn your back on freezing Chicago constituents, African-Americans mostly, but hey, it’s the Chicago way.

* * *

What is a REZKO?

We like to think of ourselves as a public service. We bring light and merriment, and love, to all.

However, we do realize that some of the things we have written tend to be overly detailed, too precise, much too focused, and much too long. What to do? What to do?

Well, we thought we would borrow from our brothers and sisters at Cliff Notes – you know the ones who condense Thackeray into 20 pages of distilled themes, characters, morals. Or better yet, we’ll mimic the Dummies series of big yellow books. We all know those big yellow reference books – the ones that explain “technical complexities of computers and the myriad of personal and business issues” in a “down-to-earth style”.

Today, in a light-hearted, “down-to-earth” style, we will discuss REZKO. We will answer such questions as “What is a Rezko?”, “Why should I care about the REZKO?”, “What is the deeper meaning of the REZKO?”

As regular reader of Big Pink know, we have tried to explain the REZKO before. We’ve written repeatedly about the REZKO. Among other articles, we have written Will Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald Destroy the Obama Campaign?, The Case of the Missing State Senator, A Challenge To Big Media and Big Blogs, Obama’s $925,000 Question. But some people still don’t get it.

Yesterday, we received some assistance from ABC News and Good Morning America (We love that name – so sunshinny and cheery). Good Morning America ran a package on Obama and Rezko. The ABC package was Youtubed. Patrick Fitzgerald is on the video. ABC News also posted the story on its website The Rezko Connection: Obama’s Achilles Heel?

First, a few words of explanation as to how we will proceed in REZKO for Dummies:

Because so many journalists, much more than usual, are reading today (oy vey, don’t ask) we will go real slow. We will start with 2 video presentations – the Good Morning America package and an earlier CNN production.

Then, later today, in response to popular demand, we will scour the internets and come up with real life questions and defenses from the Obama supporters regarding the REZKO. We will then, in Part II, answer the questions (in Q and A style) you all have about the REZKO.

OK, here we go, REZKO – For Dummies:

ABC News:


Updated with this video from Chicago:


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  1. admin,
    A typo: “Said Chicago politician first acquaints himself acquainted with ethics laws and how to skirt them.”

  2. Thanks DemAC.

    We have been warning about this Rezko buisness for a long time. No one listened. We warned about Patrick Fitzgerald, the medical community and Michelle Obama’s connections to the landmarks commission and other links which need to be explained by Obama BEFORE the nomination fight is determined.

    No one listened until now. We wrote a long time ago that with the trial of Rezko this story would gather speed and examination. We were right.

    Taylor Marsh now has the GMA Rezko video up as well.

    The LeftCoaster is discussing it.

    Berkeley Vox and others wrote several stories on DailyKooks and Mydd and a lot of other blogs and news outlets are waking up to this Rezko menace.

    Republicans know this is a potent story that will destroy Obama and they want to keep it quiet while they help Obama get the nomination. After the nomination the Republicans will dismantle Obama and his house brick by brick. They know they can’t do that to Hillary.

    Brick by Brick.

  3. Good morning, Hillfans. Headed for my wakeup java (and have back-reading to do to last night’s posts after 7 pm), but wanted to pass on this suggestion.

    I have already emailed the Democratic Party with the message you posted. I also sent it to my local newspaper’s letters to the editor. Hopefully I will hear from them to verify and publish it.

    I recommend that everyone go online and do the same with all newspapers which could be considered local. It’s not just the blogosphere that needs to be blasted.

    Also, quickly (my spouse is waiting), when we watched Hodes on teevee last night, I pointed out to my son that he is one of the reps who Dems in NH worked so hard to get into Congress in 2006. He and Carol Shea-Porter both received BHO’s Hopefund money just prior to the election in 2006, as well as $9,000 in 2007 (June and Sept). My son says “it’s a coup”.

    Both Hodes and Shea-Porter are going to hear from me today, as well.

    Which adds to our list of people to notify. It’s not John Kerry who needs to hear from us. It’s every single member of Congress who needs to hear from us.


  4. admin,

    Isn’t is typical of Big Media’s incompetence that they can not figure out the details of this Rezko story and why it is so important?

    The Good morning America piece failed to mention that it was through Rezko that Obama got his job at the law firm he worked for, and that Obama always, until he began to run for President, referred to Rezko as his “political godfather.”

    We have to get this story out. Lots of people don’t know about it because of the failure of Big Media to report this highly relevant story on the true history of Obama.

    Is there anyway we can organize people through the website? I think that even though the Hillary coverage has gotten a little better since she won New Hampshire, Big Media is going to try anew to sabotage her.

    The only way to combat this is to inform people of the truth, and this website seems to be the only place to find the truth. We need to do something to let more people know that this website exists – there are a lot of HIllary supporters out there that don’t know about it and feel alone.

    I don’t know what can be done about this?? please advise admin.

  5. ANewNewDeal,

    Notice we are not posting about what Obama wants to discuss, ned lamont, bill bradley, john kerry and other assorted non-winners. We are posting about what Obama does not want to discuss: his history.

    ABC News did a good job but they miss the fact that Rezko got many favors and millions of Dollars due to Obama.

    As to your ORGANIZING question: we have thought about an off-line presence. We have thought about organizing people via region or state-by-state to help the campaign. We have also given much thought to creating a Media Rapid Response Task Force. DailyHowler has been working alone for too long and perhaps that is what led to Monday’s act of despondency. We don’t want to get despondent – ever.

    If there is any interest for creating something along the lines in the previous paragraph, from you or others ANewNewDeal, let us know. We can facilitate this.

    We do agree with you that many more need to be informed about Big Pink and that the Hillary campaign cannot do everything by themselves.

    What do you think, what do others think? Maybe this can be discussed today or during the weekend when we will be discussing our strategy memo regarding debates/Michigan. Some like gladiatorstail are already on the job regarding the debates. Others are aware of the Michigan situation and want to do something.

    Ideas/Comments anyone? ANewNewDeal?

  6. And no one should miss this Chicago Tribune column:,0,1629344.column?coll=chi_home_ugc

    That Obama is only a few short years removed from taking orders in Springfield, in the Illinois State Senate, and you know how clean Illinois politics is.

    So as we wait for Obama to transform our politics, let’s hold our breath and see who turns purple first. That’ll give me time to apologize to Sen. Clinton about that “white witch” crack over the weekend.
    But this fairy tale doesn’t begin in Kenya or Hawaii or Kansas or at Harvard. Obama’s political fairy tale really begins in Chicago.

    That’s where Obama’s own real estate fairy loved to play in Illinois Democratic — and Republican — politics.

    Chicago is not really an enchanted land, unless you’ve got clout at City Hall, and then you can be white guys with mob connections and drink with Mayor Richard Daley at Como Inn at Christmas parties, and receive $100 million in city affirmative action contracts. And no Democrat — not even our national change-agent Barack Obama — would dare demand answers.

    Other Chicago fairy tales include the gangbanger who runs the corrupt Hired Truck program out of City Hall, and the 11th Ward hacks who broke federal law to create massive patronage armies of city workers — improperly hired and promoted, for the express purpose of controlling local elections.

    Obama endorsed the mayor for re-election, and other machine hacks, including Cook County Board President Todd Stroger, a Daley puppet and political disaster. This upset some local reformers.

    His supporters say he had to play ball with the Daley machine to survive. And he’s promised Tribune readers that he’d keep U.S. Atty. Patrick Fitzgerald in Chicago fighting political corruption. This threatens Daley and the state’s Republican combine masters, but Obama may indeed do most for change by maintaining the status quo.

    One fairy tale that touches close to home for Obama (literally, Obama’s home) is the story of his real estate fairy, the indicted fixer Tony Rezko, who helped the Obamas buy their dream house.

    Rezko is scheduled to stand trial in late February in Chicago, on federal political corruption charges that worry Democrats and Republicans. His lawyers on Tuesday tried to stall the trial — saying there was too much evidence to process — but they failed.

    Hillary did better than expected in New Hampshire, but to win she’ll still have to rip Barack’s fairy tale to shreds. And the Clintons know how to do that.

  7. Now that was one noteworthy column. That John Kass seems like an interesting fella…

    Could you please expand a little on the prospective task(s) for a Media Rapid Response Task Force? My point being that the campaign obviously has such a task force, which communicates primarily with the msm via press releases and personal contacts with important reporters and editors.

    Would our task force primarily concentrate upon corrections/responses online, on this site or another site, or concentrate on “spamming” comment sections on other sites, i. e. the blogs and sites of various msm outlets…?

  8. DemAC, Kass is not a Hillary supporter, just so you know. But Kass knows Obama’s history. It’s not pretty.

    As to the Media Rapid Response Task Force: Chris Matthews, Huffington, Dowd, Healy at the Times, are really bad, hateful players. The Hillary campaign can’t possibly deal with these Big Media trolls. The campaign has too much to do already.

    The idea we had been discussing was for instance a much more aggressive posture towards people like Chris Matthews and MSNBC. How that could be done we have some ideas we won’t publish. Gladiatorstail is following some of our suggestions from yesterday and getting the message out that Hillary should not attend the chris Matthews/Russert msnbc debate.

    There is lots that can be done. If a group wanted to form, we could put people into contact with each other to discuss matters and decide what course of action to take.

    A ANewNewDeal asked the question which we opened up for discussion. As the day progresses maybe ANewNewDeal and others will move the discussion foward.

    We have been getting the Rezko story into the “bloodstream” when others thought it was over. There is much more that can be done.

    We are entering a new phase.

  9. A friend and supporter of the Hillary camapign here in Cape Town South Africa.

    It seems frighteningly clear that the media is going to give Obama a free run … which may allow him to steal the nomination. Whereafter they will tear him down and hand the presidency back to the Republicans. Keep up the good work – which I have been following on this site for a while – I hope it gets a wide enough audience.

  10. As for organizing beyond this site, I’d like to see some of this energy going to set up something that could then run without too much time invested, without the intensity of the campaign or of rapid response things.

    I’d like to see more of the women who rely on MSM weaned away from it, to some online sites where they could get the easy shallow coverage they like — but fair and realistic. And with the feel of comradary and ‘something always going on’ that hillaryis44 has all the time, and taylormarsh as her schedule permits. But less wonky, more simple, relaxing, calm.

  11. goodmorning hillfans, so much good nugguts on obama’s rezko problem to read. where do i start? going to grab some breakfast and then some readin here. later.

  12. *Rezko reelated press conference scheduled for today.

    “He works for
    the People of Illinois”
    Republican for U. S. Senator
    Suite 4406
    30 E. Huron Street
    Chicago, IL 60611-4723
    (312) 440-4124





    (CHICAGO)(January 11, 2008) Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference Friday, January 11th at 4:00 P.M. to explain the factual and legal basis for his claim that indicted Chicago influence peddler Tony Rezko paid and intended to pay a bribe to Senator Barack Obama.

    “There has been a great deal of confusion over what Obama did and what Rezko did, and how their combination and action in concert to purchase Obama’s home in Chicago constituted a federal criminal offense,” Martin will state. “I am here today to clarify and explain the legal theories behind the accusations and behind their structured and coordinated real estate transactions.

    “It is also critical to place the Rezko-Obama relationship in context. Obama sent letters on his Illinois State senate stationary on Rezko’s behalf. Obama cannot take refuge in what federal courts call the ‘Ostrich defense,’ where Obama merely says he was ‘boneheaded’ and gets away with criminal actions.

    “But while the machinations of Obama and Rezko may be confusing to a lay person, they are nothing out of the ordinary to experienced criminal and political investigators in Illinois,” Martin will state. “I stand by my view that Tony Rezko is going to try to implicate Barack Obama in criminal activity as a means of escaping punishment for his own behavior.”


    WHO: U. S. Senate candidate/Internet
    Columnist-editor/critic Andy Martin

    WHERE: Southeast corner of Huron and Wabash Streets, Chicago
    (St. James cathedral)

    WHEN: Friday, January 11, 4:00 P. M.

    CONTACT: (312) 440-4124



    Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and media critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2008. Martin covers regional, national and world events with more than forty years of experience. Martin is currently a candidate for United States senator. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law. Columns also posted at; Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (866) 706-2639. Web sites:


    What Did Obama Know? When Did He Know It?
    Campaign Says WashPo Misrepresented What Obama Said He Knew About Accused Political Fixer Rezko

    Jan. 10, 2008

    After ABC News cited a December 2006 Washington Post story about Senator Barak Obama’s knowledge of legal problems faced by his friend Antoin “Tony” Rezko, the Obama campaign complained that the Post story mischaracterized what Obama had told the Washington Post reporter.

    The Post reported that “Obama said that he was unaware of Rezko’s brewing troubles in 2005,” at the time Obama called Rezko about a real estate deal. Washington Post assistant managing editor Bill Hamilton told ABC News it stood by its reporter’s story.

    “Our story was accurate and the Obama campaign never raised any questions before,” he said.

    Obama’s knowledge of the extent of the investigation of Rezko, now under federal indictment, is important because it raises questions about his judgment in approaching a man who was under federal investigation.

    The Post reported that Obama said he “should have seen some red flags” Here is the full transcript of what Obama said to the Post, as provided by the Obama campaign:

    Peter Slevin, Washington Post reporter: You must have been aware he was under investigation, no?

    Barack Obama: Well, I’ll be honest with you. I’ve known him for 20 years — well, let me make sure I’m not exaggerating here, 1991, so, 15 years, I’ve known him for 15 years. He had never asked me to do anything, had never behaved in any untoward way with me. And, the, you know, I wasn’t particularly knowledgeable about these various issues that he was involved with, but as I’ve said before, there’s no doubt that I should have seen some red flags in terms of me purchasing a piece of property from him. Again, my focus was just making sure that the purchase itself met ethical guidelines, but there’s no doubt that the optics of it I think – partly – well, no, I’ll just stick to that, there’s no doubt I should have been more attuned to it.

    Slevin: Did you know that he was having trouble then, what was in the newspapers?

    Obama: Well, the way — I was aware of what was in the newspapers, but I certainly was not aware of the serious charges that have subsequently been brought. I had no idea that those kinds of issues would be raised.

    Obama also told the Washington Post and other reporters that while his contact with Rezko had been entirely legal, he made “a bone-head mistake” to approach Rezko about a personal business deal because it could appear to be improper.

  14. *She fears no man…..






    THIS SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. The NewStatesman article is brilliant. Bloody brilliant!!! The Brits of the Left obviously recognize Obama for what he is.

    It’s so sad that the Europeans are better informed about him than the American public.

  16. lol, im listening to bill press on sirrius left and he is loading on kerry for stabbing edwards ion the back. hillarious. i like bill press. he is a fare left dem.

  17. thanks admin, for the memo. i am mailing it to everyone i know. it is the condensed version of everything we’ve said about blowbama from the get-go.

  18. Thanks to Barbara Walters Tweety Mathews is squirming. He is back tracking what he said before. What an
    A** hole.

  19. Says J. Patrick Coolican at “The Politico”:

    A day after the 60,000-member Culinary Union endorsed Illinois Sen. Barack Obama for president, Clinton walked a northeast Las Vegas neighborhood heavy with Culinary workers and won the support of several.

    Her campaign’s message: the endorsement means nothing and Culinary members should follow their conscience and not the order of union Secretary-Treasurer D. Taylor.

    It was a political kick in the shins to Obama and the union, all delivered with the New York senator’s trademark wide grin.

    It was another sign the campaign is reaching new levels of intensity here. With the Culinary endorsement, Obama grabbed a significant advantage, but Clinton showed Thursday she’s intent on winning here Jan. 19 to maintain her momentum following victory in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary.
    Obama arrives today for a rally at 5 p.m. at Del Sol High School and will return Sunday and Monday. Obama, meanwhile, is outspending Clinton $390,965 to $206,320 on TV ads.

    But Thursday was a day of free media for Clinton, who was followed by a hoard of cameras and notebook bearing reporters as she walked with Assemblyman Ruben Kihuen through a Latino neighborhood in his district.

    Clinton was making an appeal to Latino voters, who make up about 40 percent of Culinary membership.

    Obama and Clinton are fighting hard for Latino voters. Both have invested heavily in the effort, airing Spanish language radio ads and hiring dozens of bilingual organizers between them.

  20. CD99, I watched the first 10 minutes of Morning Joke and heard the exchange about BW. Joe was outraged, I tell you, that a BW had the audacity to challenge Tweetie — a fellow journo, mind you. This is absolutely the BEST! Let the pissing contest go on! More women watch the View than watch Joe Kool and the gang or Tweety .. in fact, it just might drive women to see for themselves what the MSNBC talking heads are actually saying.

    As is becoming common wisdom, the more anti-Hillary, sexist blather that circulates, the better for our girl. It’ll propel female voters to the polls and they’ll only see one name on the ballot — Hillary Rodham Clinton!

    Go MSNBC!!!

  21. B Merry… Tweety was on mornig joke for damage control. They know that it is quite damaging. I watched the original exchange between Mika and Matthews. They did not want to show it again because it does not confirm Tweety’s new narrative.

    BTW have you seen Peggy Noonan’s column in WSJ where she is referring to our website.

  22. Peggy Noonan has been refering to this site for months now. We know we’re being watched. Hi guys! 🙂

  23. *Hillary’s in L.A. today.

    2:15 pm
    Hillary Clinton unveils economic plan at the IBEW Local 11 Electrical Training Institute in the city of Commerce, California

  24. BHO is riding a tidal wave of endorsements. I just commented at TM, where the link was posted, that this will eventually put into question the judgement and credibility of the endorsers, not to mention their re-electability, once the tsumani of vetting is done.

  25. i will be mailing our absentee voting applications to our local town hall monday . a few days later we will recieve our ballots to vote for hillary. Yay!!! i am so excited to mark my ballot for this great woman. anybody else here voted early yet? we have optical scan voting plus PAPER TRAIL in ct.

  26. B Merry.. These endorsements are troubling. Why are they doing it?? Are they scared of younger voters??

  27. b merryfield, i commented on your post on mydd. i will reccomend. i do not go on and post much there anymore.

  28. *WSJ

    Clinton Courts Hispanics

    For Crucial Super TuesdayGrowing Voter Bloc Could Help Swing Results in Key States

    January 11, 2008

    SAN FRANCISCO — With Super Tuesday looming as a potential make-or-break day for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, strategists for Mrs. Clinton are reinforcing efforts to woo Latinos, who could swing results in key states.

    On Feb. 5, voters will choose among Democratic candidates in 23 states, including California, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. In California, whose 441 delegates to the Democratic convention account for 10% of the total, Latinos make up roughly a quarter of likely Democratic voters.

    “Feb. 5 is the firewall, and the Latino vote in California is the most important part of the firewall,” says Sergio Bendixen, a political consultant from Miami who heads Mrs. Clinton’s Latino strategy. “If she can win California, no matter what happens the race is on.”

    In recent days, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign has deployed Latino leaders to speak on her behalf in California and the Southwest. It is sending out mailers and starting phone banks to get out the Latino vote.

    California is shaping up as a player in a presidential contest for the first time in decades. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger last year moved the California primary to February from April.

    The timing could help make the moderate Republican governor a presidential power broker. Although he hasn’t endorsed any Republican candidates, he is friendly with Arizona Sen. John McCain and their political views are generally compatible. Mr. Schwarzenegger could come out soon in support of Mr. McCain, says a person familiar with the governor’s thinking.

    Latinos will be a bigger factor on the Democratic side than on the Republican because more Latinos are Democrats. Mrs. Clinton began targeting the Latino vote early, locking up endorsements from many of the state’s leading Latino politicians and interest groups.

    One boost came in May 2007, when Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the United Farm Workers of America and one of the country’s leading Latino activists, endorsed Mrs. Clinton. As of December, polls had the New York senator holding as much as a 4-to-1 lead over Mr. Obama among likely Latino voters, but that was before Mr. Obama won the Iowa caucuses.

    Christina Ortega-Libatique, a 28-year-old neighborhood project coordinator from Alhambra, Calif., said she appreciates Mrs. Clinton’s stands on children’s education and health care. “I’m drawn to her for her passion, commitment and that she is a friend of the Latinos,” said Ms. Ortega-Libatique.

    California state Sen. Gilbert Cedillo, vice chairman of the California Latino Legislative Caucus, said he was leaning toward Mr. Obama, citing the Illinois senator’s outspokenness on protecting rights of undocumented Latinos in the U.S. Mr. Cedillo had supported New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, a Latino who announced yesterday he was pulling out of the presidential race.

    Mrs. Clinton’s camp, meanwhile, secured endorsements yesterday from two other prominent Latino supporters of Mr. Richardson: Edward Romero, a former U.S. ambassador to Spain, and Henry Cisneros, former secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Mr. Richardson said he doesn’t plan to endorse a candidate.

    Many Latino voters are under age 40, the same age group that flocked to Mr. Obama in Iowa and elsewhere. “It’s going to pose an interesting test for Clinton because Obama’s greatest strength is coming from younger voters, yet some of Clinton’s earliest support is from Latinos,” says Mark DiCamillo, director of the Field Poll in San Francisco.

    Mr. Obama has also aggressively courted the Latino vote. A year ago, he persuaded Gloria Romero, majority leader of the California Senate, to help coordinate his Latino strategy. Since then, he has appeared at Latino conferences, peppered speeches with Latino references, and even walked the streets of East Los Angeles in Ms. Romero’s district, often speaking of his background as an organizer in low-income communities.

    Ms. Romero says Mr. Obama’s stand against the Iraq war early on helped put her in his corner. “To me, the most important issue of this generation is the war in Iraq, and there are a disproportionate number of Latinos dying in Iraq,” Ms. Romero says, referring to Latino soldiers in the U.S. military.

    She adds that she believes Mr. Obama will have more empathy for Latino immigrants because his father came from Kenya to study and live in the U.S.

    Mrs. Clinton’s staff wasted no time after her comeback New Hampshire primary win to focus on Latinos. One of the events the campaign organized in California on Wednesday to celebrate her victory was a rally in San Francisco’s heavily Latino Mission District, led by the city’s mayor, Gavin Newsom.

    “Hillary Clinton, 100%,” said Armando Bravo Martinez, a 42-year-old policy analyst, as Mayor Newsom led an entourage of Mrs. Clinton’s supporters on a walking tour down a barrio street. “She’s for health care, and we desperately need that in a community here where a lot of people work and have no benefits.”

    Mrs. Clinton’s staffers are also set to deploy Latino political leaders such as state Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to campaign on her behalf. Mr. Villaraigosa, who has campaigned for Mrs. Clinton in New Hampshire and Iowa, says he plans to make stops in Nevada and California over the next few weeks.

    Mr. Nunez says he has put everything else on the ballot — including an initiative that would extend his own term — on the back burner. “The most important thing on the ballot for me is to make sure Democrats vote for Hillary Clinton,” he says.

    Write to Jim Carlton at

  29. *Hillary campaigns in Nevada

    Jan. 11, 2008
    Copyright © Las Vegas Review-Journal

    LAS VEGAS STOP: Clinton pitch hits home

    Democratic hopeful goes door to door


    People in the Las Vegas neighborhood saw all the cameras and trucks and buses and police on the streets Thursday, and they began to trickle out of their houses to find out what was going on.

    Soon, as a sherbet-orange desert sunset filled the sky, they got their answer, as New York Sen. Hillary Clinton began walking up the street of low-slung houses near Eastern and Washington avenues, accompanied by the area’s representative, state Assemblyman Ruben Kihuen.

    Clinton hugged Kihuen around the shoulders and asked about his family, and then the two began knocking on doors, the same doors Kihuen knocked on nearly two years ago in his first campaign. Clinton spent more than an hour in the predominantly Hispanic and black neighborhood.

    Gilberto Santana, 38, sat on the edge of a chair as Clinton sat on the brown leather sofa in his living room next to his wife and two young children.

    Santana told Clinton how his wife, Elizabeth, a housekeeper on the Strip, was barely supporting the family single-handedly while he was unable to work for two months because of an operation.

    “We’re sort of struggling,” he said. “We’re getting there, but you have to be strong to make it.”

    Clinton asked the couple questions about their mortgage and his disability payments, and answered his questions about immigration and the war and health care costs.

    Stroking the 4-year-old girl’s head, Clinton said, “I feel so strongly that if we don’t take care of our children, we don’t take care of our future.”

    Santana said, “We are going to do everything we can to make sure that everyone in Las Vegas votes for you.”

    That is the warm, earnest, human side of campaigning, politicians comforting people with detailed explanations of how they will solve their problems and flattering them with their presence.

    There was nobody who didn’t know who the Democratic presidential candidate and former first lady was, even if they didn’t speak English or weren’t old enough to vote. They flocked to her for camera-phone pictures, and she posed in tableaux of adorable multicultural children.

    But Clinton is in the final heat of an intense race for the Democratic nomination, and Nevada, which holds the Democrats’ next contest, on Jan. 19, is ground zero for that cold, hard fight.

    After leaving the Santanas’ house, Clinton walked across the street and took questions from a few of the dozens of reporters, standing in front of a faded American flag pinned to a dingy garage door.

    Today, Clinton is scheduled to travel to Los Angeles, where she will give a policy speech about the economy and what kind of stimulus she believes it needs.

    “I think we’re slipping toward a recession,” she said. “A couple of people that I met on the street, they work in construction. They tell me it’s slowed down.”

    She reiterated her doubts about the caucus process, which requires in-person, on-time participation.

    “That is troubling to me,” she said. “People who work during that amount of time, they’re disenfranchised. People who can’t be in the state or are in the military, they cannot be present. … If people feel like there’s no reason to participate or they can’t, then that’s the same thing. So I think it’s a problem.”

    Clinton and her busload of traveling press moved from there to the popular local Mexican restaurant Lindo Michoacan, where a “roundtable” that was actually square passed a microphone around to tell her people’s concerns about the mortgage crisis and foreclosures. She took notes and munched on tortilla chips.

    In broken English, one woman told Clinton how she wasn’t making money as a broker anymore.

    “I have no income at all,” she said. “So how will I survive?”

    Choking up with emotion, the woman said, “In my neighborhood, there are brand-new homes, but the value is nothing. I’m glad you are here so I can tell you, because you’re going to be the president, I know.”

    A man shouted through an opening in the wall that his wife was illegal.

    “No woman is illegal,” Clinton said, to cheers.

    Summing it up at the end, Clinton said, “We’ve only talked to a few people, but each of them talk about some part of the problem we are confronting. This is a problem that is only going to get worse if we don’t address it.”

    Clinton said unscrupulous lending leads to bad mortgages, which lead to foreclosures, which lead to people with nowhere to go and vacant neighborhoods that can go rapidly downhill.

    “We treat these problems as if one is guacamole and one is chips, when … they both go together,” she said.

    In an interview, Clinton enthused about Nevada but didn’t predict victory.

    “I never make predictions,” she said. “But I’m very confident. We’ve got a great campaign here, we’ve got a lot of support across the state, and it just feels good. But of course the big question mark is, how many people are going to come out? And I keep urging people, get out and do this, for yourselves, your families, your future.”

    Clinton said Nevada, which stands to break the current tie between her and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama in terms of how many victories they’ve chalked up, will be an important indicator of “what the people in the West think,” but is not the end of the race.

    “We have an election that’ll go through February fifth, maybe beyond. I’ve always run a national campaign.”

    Clinton said the race is “hard fought, as it should be. And I was very pleased that starting in New Hampshire we finally began to draw some contrasts and comparisons, because that’s what voters need to have. They need relevant information to make up their minds.”

    She recounted her work to help establish the Children’s Health Insurance Program, secure health care for members of the National Guard and Reserves, and oppose the nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain.

    “I come with all of my experience and my lifelong commitment to making positive change for people with a record on issues that matter to the people of Nevada.”

    With change the buzzword on everyone’s lips, and Obama’s soaring speeches credited with inspiring a movement of hope, she said, “I think there’s a difference between talking and acting and between rhetoric and reality.”

    Clinton criticized the ethics bill that is Obama’s signature achievement, saying it doesn’t prevent lobbyists from eating with members of Congress as long as they are standing rather than sitting.

    “I’m not asking people to take me on a leap of faith,” she said. “I’m asking them to look at what I bring to this race, and what I will do as president.”

    She blamed President Bush and the, until recently, Republican-controlled Congress for obstructing change.

    “But change never stops,” she said. “Change is going to happen whether anybody does anything or not. The question is, is it the right kind of change. Is it positive change?”

    Clinton implied that Obama’s career has mostly been spent running for office rather than governing.

    “He was a part-time state senator for a few years, and then he came to the Senate and immediately started running for president,” she said. “And that’s his prerogative. That’s his right. But I think it is important to compare and contrast our records.”

    Clinton, who voted to authorize the war in Iraq and now vows to end it, criticized Obama for saying he opposed the war but then voted to fund it.

    The specter hanging over Clinton’s visit Thursday was the Culinary union, which endorsed Obama on Wednesday. The powerful union of Strip workers, of which both Santana parents are members, cited Obama’s walking of picket lines and work as an organizer as an example of doing rather than talking.

    Clinton said that rationale sounded more like a case for John Edwards, who “certainly has walked picket lines and has been with them organizing.” She said her labor record is as strong as anyone’s.

    “I’ve been on picket lines, I’ve visited picket lines. I’ve taken coffee to people on picket lines,” she said. “But can I just say something? A president has to change the laws so that people have the right to organize and bargain collectively. And a president has to be judged, in my view, on the kind of positive results you can get on behalf of labor,” such as the recent increase in the minimum wage.

    Asked whether she had the power to inspire people, Clinton said, “I’ve inspired lots of people to get involved in these elections who’ve never been involved before. I feel very proud of the inspiration that I am. People tell me all the time that I’m a role model, I’m their hero; and I’m very proud of that. But you know, when the cameras go away, when the reporters finally get to go home, when the lights are down, what matters is who the leader really is. And we face a lot of problems in our country that are not going to be solved by a speech, no matter how eloquent or passionately delivered.”

    In the restaurant’s foyer, Ruben Beltran, 53, was carryng a “Culinary Workers for Hillary” sign. He didn’t know where it came from; someone had given it to him.

    Beltran said he was not worried about going against his union leadership.

    “People know that Hillary is the best choice for real,” he said. “They try to confuse the workers, but the workers are smarter.”

    Contact reporter Molly Ball at mball or (702) 387-2919.


    Clinton campaigns among Hispanics in Nevada

    January 11, 2008

    LAS VEGAS – With its piñatas and painted guitars on the walls, the Lindo Michoacan Restaurant might seem an unusual venue for a presidential candidate to promise to end the U.S. housing foreclosure crisis.

    But in stopping at the ornate Mexican restaurant last night, Democratic hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton deftly hit two key Nevada issues at once.

    Outsiders may associate the Silver State with gambling, but the two biggest trends here are the home foreclosure rate, the highest in the country, and a booming Hispanic population, which could play a pivotal role in both Nevada’s Jan. 19 caucuses and in the general election.

    And at the Lindo Michoacan, many Hispanics said they were victims of unscrupulous mortgage brokers.

    “This is the worst fraud ever,” an indignant Clinton said inside the packed eatery after hearing several Hispanics recount their mortgage tales of woe. “… There’s a big difference between talking about something and doing something about it and we’re going to do something about this.”

    Earlier, Clinton canvassed a Hispanic neighborhood with her daughter, Chelsea, hugging children, shaking hands and urging residents to vote for her.

    Clinton made a half-day stop here one day ahead of her chief rival Barack Obama, whom she leads in Nevada by double-digit margins. But Obama is fighting back.

    The rivals raced here from New Hampshire’s Tuesday primaries because, for the first time in history, this booming state has become a player in the Democratic nomination contest. Having moved its caucus months ahead of its traditional schedule, Nevada will serve as a tiebreaker between Clinton, who captured New Hampshire, and Obama, who won the Iowa caucuses five days earlier.

    And come November, Nevada is expected to continue its tradition as a key swing state. Former President Bill Clinton won both caucuses here by narrow margins and President George W. Bush did the same. With state Democrats outstripping Republicans for the first time since 1992, Democratic activists believe the Silver State is ripe for picking.

    That is particularly because of the state’s burgeoning Hispanic population, which accounts for at least one-fourth of the population and nearly 13 percent of its voters, according to a recent Pew Hispanic Center analysis. Add its powerful unions, and the state offers sharp contrasts to both Iowa and New Hampshire.

    The influential Culinary Workers Union local Wednesday endorsed Obama.

    Obama also was endorsed by former presidential candidate John Kerry yesterday. Clinton shrugged that off, saying only, “I have a lot of regard for him and that’s his decision to make.”

    She added that she has several key endorsements among Nevada Democrats – including Hispanic leaders – who will “really roll up their shirt sleeves and work for me.”

    Copyright © 2008, Newsday Inc.

  30. This Chicago Tribune article is fantastic!!!

    Trust yourself, Hillary; you’ve got the goods
    Mary Schmich
    January 11, 2008

    The Hillary Clinton Advisory Board is now in session.

    Senator. Our board respects you. We may or may not give you our endorsement, but because you are the first woman to come so close to a job that decades of schoolgirls could only dream about, we want you to keep riding strongly through the slings and arrows of sexism, media cynicism and other dangers.

    May we offer our thoughts?

    *Get some sleep. We believe that sleep deprivation — not political calculation or self-pity or weakness — caused your mini-melt in New Hampshire on Monday. We can relate. We’ve all had those days, when the mind or the body crumples from fatigue.

    As luck would have it, exhaustion served you well this week. That little crack in your voice apparently opened new vistas to voters. They saw a passionate, compassionate aspect of you often described by people who have met you but too seldom seen by those who know you only on a page or screen.

    Even better, the mini-melt stirred a sexist overreaction (“Look! The wimpy girl is crying!”) that ignited a counterreaction among women, especially middle-aged and older, who are tired of seeing you mocked for the way you dress, laugh or almost cry.

    In general, however, lack of sleep causes errors. You can’t afford one now.

    *No need to tell us again that in New Hampshire you found your voice. Avoid the temptation to turn a natural moment into a stilted new script. Just use your new, true voice.

    Be more conversational in your speeches.

    You’re never going to be a Baptist preacher, you’re never going to be black, and you’re never going to be a man, so don’t try to impersonate them. When you do, you sound strained. When you sound strained, it makes us tense, or worse.

    *Relax. If you could relax a little more, so could we. Have you tried meditation? Deep breathing? How about more exercise?

    *Keep pointing out that you have had a wider range of political and policy experience than Barack Obama. Point out inconsistencies in what he says and does. But don’t insult him. Never be snide.

    Even people who don’t support Obama tend to like him. Some of the same ones who rallied to you when they felt you were under sexist siege will rally to him if he’s attacked.

    *Find new ways to reach younger women.

    Women over 45 — who voted for you in Iowa and New Hampshire — know that a woman born in 1947 has had to bust through brick walls with her head to achieve public power. Women close to your age have bumped into similar barriers, so they know how extraordinary your success is.

    Younger women may understand, kind of. From history class. Or their mother’s lectures. But they’re unlikely to feel in their gut how amazing your journey has been and how much opportunity the trailblazing of women your age has opened to them. So the public toughness you’ve cultivated strikes many of them as rigid, bellicose, haughty, old, weird.

    Let them see more of you at their age — the personable college student who fought for civil rights; the law student who worked to protect abused children; the new mother with a job.

    Show them that you were once a young woman like them — one who wanted to change the world.

    *More Chelsea in your campaign, less Bill.

    *Really, less Bill. Everybody knows he’s your husband. Everybody knows he was the president. No further reminder needed. Now you need to prove that you can fly alone.

    *Be yourself. You’re a wonk. Go for it.

    By many reports, you’re also down-to-earth and funny. Go for that, too.

    *Resist fighting cynicism with cynicism, snark with snark. Among media pundits, snark and cynicism are the paving stones on the road to glory. Not so for politicians.

    Your tone was perfect in the recent debate after the moderator asked what you’d say to voters who don’t find you likable.

    We liked how you answered wryly, but not sarcastically, “Well, that hurts my feelings.”

    *One final tip: Don’t always obey your advisers.,1,6849139.column

  31. Just got that error message and lost my post. Here’s the link from Rightie NRO but it is an excellent article with some really good advice for Hillary.

    Here’s a money quote:

    “Clinton hasn’t exactly been Curtis LeMay herself. And surely she voted for the war only to inoculate herself against what happened to John Kerry in 2004. Still, she cannot change that now. Might as well make a virtue of necessity and exploit the opening to Obama’s right — the opening labeled patriotism.

  32. Peggy Noonan refers to this site, but she basically says it’s part of the Clinton campaign. Which it explicitly isn’t, AFAIK.

  33. clintondem00, intratrade is as fickle as the polls. on the day of the election in nh it had obama winning somthing like 90%to 6%. they can’t be trusted either.

  34. Here’s the link to the Peggy Noonan article blaming H44 for the end of the world as we know it.

  35. clintondem00, I don’t look at the polls or intrade. Look at the betting in Las Vegas. They were the only ones that got NH right.

  36. arizona governor whatshername is endorsing obama. what is up with all these obama endorsements? it is anybody’s right to endores obama but it seems it picked up to a fever pitch after nh.

  37. False Hope.

    This is off topic but BO is milking this expression for all its worth. Even Kerry got into it. Its a terrible sound bite.

    I hope the campaign makes an effort to bite back. I suggest:

    Its not the hopes that are false, its the plans to implement them that are lacking.

    We all want the best future for America. Some of us have the knowledge to acheive that and some of us know how to talk about it.

  38. Key excerpt from Las Vegas Review-Journal story posted above:


    In the restaurant’s foyer, Ruben Beltran, 53, was carryng a “Culinary Workers for Hillary” sign. He didn’t know where it came from; someone had given it to him.

    Beltran said he was not worried about going against his union leadership.

    “People know that Hillary is the best choice for real,” he said. “They try to confuse the workers, but the workers are smarter.”


  39. …which btw confirms that they are really really scared about it. So we must keep pushing it. There is definetely something there there.

  40. kingsgrove, that’s the kind of hardcore hillary supporter im talkin about. no union or endorsement can dislodge us from hillary.

  41. heard that big media will not be for the most part polling nevada. they were so burned by nh plus the caucus system is so kooky.

  42. admin, if you haven’t seen this one, please add it to your list of topics:

    If you heard Barack Obama’s Iowa victory speech, you might conclude Illinois has universal health care.

    “I’ll be a president who finally makes health care affordable and available to every single American, the same way I expanded health care in Illinois, by bringing Democrats and Republicans together to get the job done,” the Chicago Democrat said Thursday.

    But Illinois doesn’t have universal health care.

    In fact, Obama’s comment comes as Illinois is embroiled in a full-scale political fight over whether to expand coverage. Gov. Rod Blagojevich last year proposed such a plan only to see it go nowhere.

    So, what was Obama talking about? It depends on whom you ask.

    [read on]

  43. Eugene Robinson sticks a fork in the, “Bradley Effect”

    “There are many reasons why New Hampshire voters might choose Clinton over Obama, or Obama over Clinton, or John Edwards over either one of them. What happened in New Hampshire was weird, but it’s not possible to conclude that racism played any role in Clinton’s big upset. The dynamic of two potential “firsts” — first female president, first black president — means that history may be an unreliable guide. These are, indeed, uncharted waters.

    We’ll have plenty of chances in the coming weeks to measure pre-election polls against actual results — including in states with much more racial diversity than New Hampshire. The only prediction I’ll make is that following Tuesday’s big surprise, embarrassed pollsters and pundits will be especially vigilant for any sign that the “Bradley effect,” unseen in recent years, might have crept back.”

  44. I saw the tape of her in Las Vegas. If she can do more of that, I’m sure that she will win over Latinos. It’s just a matter of getting them to caucus. I read somewhere that only 28 to 100k people are expected.

    I don’t trust the union and won’t be surprised if they bussed people in. She’s a natural with women and children. Mor of Chelse, more talking about the economy and foreclosures. These issues hit straight home in that community as NV has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country (either 1st or second). Loved the come back regarding John Edwards. More and more, Obambi is co-opting Edwards. Can we have some more of those Culinary Workers for Hillary signs?

  45. Oh well. At least Peggy had the “decency” to name/link the site and mention the Rezko story.

    + we’ll gladly do Hillary’s “dirty work” for her. hehehehehehe…..LOL!

  46. terrondt, I agree that it did not tell us about NH. In the absence of polls it at least provide an insight into what is going on. I am a trader and though I do not trade political futures I like to look at the charts and all.

    I love the way the Obamites lost their shirts betting on the options. I guess they do not need IRONS any more LOL.

  47. From Taegan Goddard:

    Sen. Hillary Clinton outraised Sen. Barack Obama “in the fourth quarter of 2007, and her national campaign chairman guaranteed she will overtake Obama in funds raised this month despite an early deficit,” reports The Hill.

    “Clinton raised $24 million in primary funds in the fourth quarter and has added $3 million this month,” while Obama “raised $23.5 million during the quarter, all but $1 million of which was for the primary.”

  48. Interview with Hillary;

    “…But change never stops,” she said. “Change is going to happen whether anybody does anything or not. The question is, is it the right kind of change. Is it positive change?”

    Clinton implied that Obama’s career has mostly been spent running for office rather than governing.

    “He was a part-time state senator for a few years, and then he came to the Senate and immediately started running for president,” she said. “And that’s his prerogative. That’s his right. But I think it is important to compare and contrast our records.”

    Clinton, who voted to authorize the war in Iraq and now vows to end it, criticized Obama for saying he opposed the war but then voted to fund it.

    The specter hanging over Clinton’s visit Thursday was the Culinary union, which endorsed Obama on Wednesday. The powerful union of Strip workers, of which both Santana parents are members, cited Obama’s walking of picket lines and work as an organizer as an example of doing rather than talking.

    Clinton said that rationale sounded more like a case for John Edwards, who “certainly has walked picket lines and has been with them organizing.” She said her labor record is as strong as anyone’s.

    “I’ve been on picket lines, I’ve visited picket lines. I’ve taken coffee to people on picket lines,” she said. “But can I just say something? A president has to change the laws so that people have the right to organize and bargain collectively. And a president has to be judged, in my view, on the kind of positive results you can get on behalf of labor,” such as the recent increase in the minimum wage.

    Asked whether she had the power to inspire people, Clinton said, “I’ve inspired lots of people to get involved in these elections who’ve never been involved before. I feel very proud of the inspiration that I am. People tell me all the time that I’m a role model, I’m their hero; and I’m very proud of that. But you know, when the cameras go away, when the reporters finally get to go home, when the lights are down, what matters is who the leader really is. And we face a lot of problems in our country that are not going to be solved by a speech, no matter how eloquent or passionately delivered.”

  49. From the same interview…

    “In the restaurant’s foyer, Ruben Beltran, 53, was carryng a “Culinary Workers for Hillary” sign. He didn’t know where it came from; someone had given it to him.

    Beltran said he was not worried about going against his union leadership.

    “People know that Hillary is the best choice for real,” he said. “They try to confuse the workers, but the workers are smarter.”

  50. I like that Tribune article with suggestions for Hillary. The ideas are great.

    BTW, those endorsements were lined up after Iowa and before NH, when everyone assumed Obama was going to kick her ass there. It’s abundantly clear to me now that Obama is the establishment candidate, the one who keeps touting endorsements and polls the way Hillary used to. I’m disappointed that Janet Napolitano would not go for Hillary, but, hey, that’s her choice.

    As for James Clyburn, it wouldn’t hurt for one or both Clintons to talk to him to maybe smooth things over, just to be on the safe side.

  51. Did anyone see Bill O’ Reilly stick up for Hillary last night. He was going after Matthews statements about how the only reason she got where she is today was because of her husband’s mistakes. He really went after her and she Matthews went over the line. He said that NBC is in the tank for Obambi. He said they won’t do anything but maybe the other networks, CBS and aBC will start to go after Obambi. You can go to to see the transcript. Chris Matthews is sick, he defies logic. I wonder what his wife thinks of him.

  52. I’m more worried about MI in a way. The delegates will eb seated and if there is a split up of delegates, it could hurt. This is a delegate count race. Hillary is still ahead by goodly margins in many Super Tuesday states, but every delegate will count.

    I think Richardson is lacking some heart. I think he knows in his heart Hillary is the best choice, but he’s scared to be wrong in the event the Chicago machine dirty tricks it enough to con the election.

    As for Noonan, she is a hack. If she actually read this sight, she’d know much of what is said is tongue-in-cheek snark. This is a community and many of us have been communicating online for months and months. sorta like having a good neighbor you can complain about the weather to. I will give her kudos for this- at least she didn’t “phone in” her story like Maureen Dowd. I mean, the witch was overseas in Israel and claimed a NH byline. WTH? And Noonan does have the ability to turn a better phrase, but neither is Molly Ivens. I wonder what she’d be writing about now??

    My best friend’s family is in LV. I’ll call them over the weekend. His sister is a pretty powerful chickie in the music business there and a union member. Let’s see if she can talk her up.

  53. I’m new to this site, which I am truly enjoying. I am also an attorney from Illinois, and I know more than a few folks in Springfield. My friends are decent types and are familiar with our State government and our State senator from his days as a representative.

    None of them will vote for him. Not one.

    Back to Hillary, and the ‘damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t’ conumdrum.

    The Republicans hate her because they fear her. Period. The same people who have screwed with her family have screwed with the nation.

    Can you repeat after me? Special prosecutor.

    Wouldn’t it be sweet that once Mr. Fitzgerald is done dimantleing Obama, he can begin on the Bushies?

    Just a thought….

  54. “arizona governor whatshername is endorsing obama. what is up with all these obama endorsements? it is anybody’s right to endores obama but it seems it picked up to a fever pitch after nh.”

    Terrondt, I think a lot of these endorsements were worked out after Iowa and before New Hampshire. After the Iowa win, they had the leverage to ask for these endorsements.


    Close your eyes for one moment, be still, and reach deep into your souls and try to remember the honest journalist you once wanted to be. If Hillary Clinton had ties to an under-indictment Rezko, how would you and the rest of the media be reacting? How willing would you be to accept her shallow answers? (I knew about him, I didn’t know about him, he was my campaign chair but I had no idea what sort of person he was,etc, etc.) You’d just take her word for it? REALLY?

    What sort of feeding frenzy would be underway right now if these stories were coming out about Hillary? If New York residents had been freezing in molding rotting buildings that she had helped the shady Rezko procure millions to “rehab” ?

    How deep would you be digging? How many news crews would be hunting down all these Chicago contacts and interviewing the building residents?

    ATTENTION MEDIA: If you do not follow up on these things, you are putting the final stake in the heart of any hope of an honest press in this country. Yes, YOU. It is not someone else’s job, it is YOURS. Get some damn balls. You already gave us Bush with your cheerleading, or if you had doubts your cowardice in resisting the bandwagon. Will you do it again? Will you?

  56. All these endorsements, I agree were worked out before NH and only goes to show the lack of balls these politicians have. Instead of saying wait a minute I have to rethink this they are bowing to the pressure to stick with their intiial choice of jumping on the bandwagon to look like they were with the winner early. That is why most big names are still on the sidelines. I am sure Kerry and the unions were worked out before NH voted and they will have egg on their face in the end, not to mention a hell of a lot of groveling to do.

  57. I have another theory about the endorsements: I think some, if not most of them, are people who like HRC but doubt she can overcome the media bias against her. They may be seriously questioning whether the country is ready for a woman president.

  58. Hello everyone,
    I am new to this blog, but I discovered it before the Iowa caucus and have been following you ever since.
    Getting the Rezko story or questions out into the public could also be done by having people (2-3) follow every campaign event of BHO with signs stating “REZKO”. Perhaps (?) the MSM would pick up on it, and at the very least some attendees at his events may wonder what it means and start questioning.
    When Bush 41 tried to duck the debates in ’92 he was dubbed Chicken George and someone followed his events wearing a chicken suit. BHO ducked some important votes, or conveniently waited to see how Senator Clinton voted before casting his vote. I just heard an interview with Axlerod the other morning and he maintained that it was the other way around, that Hillary would wait to see how BHO voted and then cast her vote. I do not believe that is the case, but don’t have the facts. Anyway, someone could dress as a duck and be at all of his events with a sign “Ducked the Important Votes” or something.
    An old, seasoned community organizer once told me that when a candidate is reduced to ridicule, it is
    effective. Just some thoughts. Keep up the good work.

  59. hey all – this was from yesterday, not sure if anyone posted, but reader letter to Andrew Sullivan -hack journalist transparently for Obama –

    ” I see you quote with approval Maureen Dowd’s column on Clinton’s tears. Every day you tell us how much we need Obama’s reasonable, fresh, high-minded vision of unity, and every day you pour gas on the fire by elaborating, just like Dowd, all of your personal resentments about Clinton and her husband. You know all about how selfish and arrogant they are, you know they pressure people, pull levers, and operate a merciless machine, you know their motives, their hidden motives, their secret motives, and even the ultimate motives behind all their other motives. Is such intimate knowledge standard ethical equipment for a journalist? Do you see no contradiction between the qualities you praise in Obama and the very different qualities you display yourself?

    How do you help him when you charge, over and over, that any Democrat who prefers Clinton must be addicted to political poison or just plain dim?

    I’d like to see Obama president myself. I want to vote for him. But I know that if you take all the bad the Clintons have ever done and piled it up in a heap, it just doesn’t equal one month of the horror of the current administration. Are you a deeply self-deceiving man, or just a deeply cynical one? Do you people in the media take no responsibility for the poison of the last fifteen years? How do you expect to change the air in Washington when you sit down on Sunday morning with Chris Matthews and smile at his pathological hostility? And Dowd — who in politics appears more troubled and sick than this sad woman? Don’t you notice these things? Do you think we don’t notice? How is this journalism? And how in God’s name does it help?

    I’ve received many emails criticizing my Clinton obsession. Most I do not fi

  60. andrew sullivan is a bushie turned hillary hater. he has “personal issues” going on. i feel bad for his personal plight but he need to get off this hillary hatin.

  61. Andrew Sullivan has ED. The cause? Looking in the mirror.

    Okay, from the land of unicorns and elves comes the latest on NH: Kucinich is contesting the election results.

    I can’t fucking stop laughing. I thought it was a joke when I saw it mentioned elsewhere, but it’s actually TRUE. OMG. I needed a laugh today. I figured it’d be one of my dumbass clients doing something not even remotely bright, but this is better. I don’t have to clean it up. I can just laugh and laugh and laugh.


  62. I am in MI. The MI thing IS important. The Detroit press is carrying stories, and media soon to run ads to vote “uncommitted”. These are BHO backers. The current conventional wisdom is that the delegates WILL get seated. So, every vote for our girl WILL count.

  63. My, my, my. I love it! “Senator Obama, would you stop so we can talk to you!?” I’m going to a Montgomery County (MD) for Hillary volunteer meeting on Sunday and I’m fired up! Obama is a liar and a rat fink of the worse kind. I read that Alice Palmer article last night and I was appalled.

  64. Roseann Barr slams Oprah and BO on her blog:

    barak obama
    is an empty suit selling “hope” in lieu of Truth. Oprah Winfrey helped to elect Arnold Swartzenegger. I have no doubt that she voted her purse by doing this, as she is a large land owner in California, and that ilk fears Dems because they do not want to pay their “fair share” of Cali tax.
    Oprah has given us Swartzenegger and Dr. Phil. If that was not offensive enough to decent thinking people, now she brings us Obama. He has no ideas, no plan and nothing to add other than the cynical pacification of the masses with bedtime stories about hope, while calling Unions “special interest groups” that need to be done away with.
    Obama votes with Bush constantly funding this terrible endless war.
    Oprah, you play the race card and the gender card too.
    You are a closeted republican and chose Barak Obama because you do not like other women who actually stand for something to working American Women besides glamour, angels, hollywood and dieting!
    When Americans find out that Obama backs right wing corporate racist anti worker bullshit, they will not vote for him, and the victory will go to the most racist right wing republican ever…. Mccain, who is a fascist!
    That the culinary service workers in vegas have promised barak their vote,( he is anti union in his votes) over edwards, who is a pro-union man, just proves how stupid americans are and how they can be tricked so easily by the color of a person’s skin…exactly what MLK hated!
    Obama doesn’t even back reproductive rights for any woman! It is historical that Oprah Winfrey, beloved of women, chooses a flashy man with small credentials over a seasoned woman politician with 35 years of experience…and sells that to the female demographic who look to her for inspiration

  65. Obama’s Iowa victory speech brings double takes – from Chicago “Daily Herald”

    SPRINGFIELD — If you heard Barack Obama’s Iowa victory speech, you might conclude Illinois has universal health care.

    “I’ll be a president who finally makes health care affordable and available to every single American, the same way I expanded health care in Illinois, by bringing Democrats and Republicans together to get the job done,” the Chicago Democrat said Thursday.

    But Illinois doesn’t have universal health care.

    In fact, Obama’s comment comes as Illinois is embroiled in a full-scale political fight over whether to expand coverage. Gov. Rod Blagojevich last year proposed such a plan only to see it go nowhere.

    So, what was Obama talking about? It depends on whom you ask.

    His campaign was quick to point to a litany of health care legislation and laws Obama sponsored or supported while in the Illinois Senate.

    “He has united Democrats and Republicans to expand health care to over 150,000 Illinois residents,” said campaign spokesman Ben LeBolt.

    LeBolt said Obama helped expand Family Care that covers parents and their children by raising income levels so more would qualify. And he pointed to Obama being the chief sponsor of the Health Care Justice Act, which created a commission charged with making suggestions for how to improve and expand coverage.

    Still, Obama’s quote raised eyebrows given the lingering tension over the direction of health care policy in Illinois, although few lawmakers were willing to go on the record with any criticism.

    One former colleague willing to talk was state Sen. Dale Righter, a Mattoon Republican, who thought Obama stretched the truth.

    “He didn’t put together universal health care in Illinois,” Righter said. “The best evidence of that is that we don’t have universal health care in Illinois.”

    But Jim Duffett, executive director of the Campaign for Better Health Care, said he knew Obama was referring to his work with Family Care and the Health Care Justice Act.

    “Both of those things not only concluded with a legislative victory but did bring more people to the table to build collaboration and consensus and success,” Duffett said.

    Other officials also questioned Obama’s claim.

    Robert Rich, director of the University of Illinois’ Institute of Government and Public Affairs, considered it a stretch and questioned Obama’s credentials as a health care reformer.

    “He was not the prime mover and shaker for health care in Illinois,” Rich said. “But to me, that’s not the most important part of this. As the victor in Iowa, he’s highlighting health care as a really important issue.”

    Meanwhile, the Blagojevich administration welcomed Obama’s support.

    “We’re glad Senator Obama shares Governor Blagojevich’s vision of making sure every person has access to affordable health care, and are encouraged by his determination to advance the cause at the national level,” said spokeswoman Abby Ottenhoff. “The governor has been pushing over the last year to give everyone in Illinois access to health care … but the legislature hasn’t acted. … Every bit of pressure for action helps.”

  66. This racism crap is ridiculous! If anyone argues that racism is at play in the NH turnout, they also have to reasonably argue by extention that either:

    A) Iowans are sexist


    B) Iowan women were bullied and/or intimidated into voting for Barak (or voting AGAINST Hillary), since the vote was public. Women in this instance would be less likley to vote differently from their male counterparts (we know many M/F couples split the vote Barak/Hillary).

    If you are NOT prepared to argues those two points about Iowa, then STFU!

  67. Interesting think-piece on race in the race;

    Obama, the Great White Hope

    By David Greenberg
    Sunday, January 13, 2008; Page B04

    Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s upset victory in the New Hampshire primary last week was every bit as impressive as Sen. Barack Obama’s Iowa caucus breakout five days before — if anything, more impressive, since his win was predicted and hers unforeseen. But the reactions to the two events couldn’t have been more different.

    Obama’s Jan. 3 triumph let loose a giddiness bordering on exhilaration among voters and, especially, media commentators, who hailed his triumph as “historic,” even though he was not in fact the first African American to win a major presidential nominating contest. (Jesse Jackson won 13 primaries and caucuses in 1988.) By contrast, when Clinton overcame long odds to become the first woman in U.S. history to win a major-party primary, no leading news outlet trumpeted this landmark feat. Many failed to mention it at all.

    This startling difference underscores one of Obama’s advantages heading into the do-or-die Feb. 5th contests. “Obamamania” sputtered in the Granite State, but it is far from dead. Many of the voters and pundits who were thrilled by Obama’s compelling Iowa speech 10 days ago remain intoxicated, heady with the hope that he can deliver not just “change” — any candidate running would do that — but a categorically different kind of change from Clinton or the Republican candidates. So what explains the magic?…”

  68. Hi all, I’m new here but have been reading for awhile. Respect you all.

    A lot of things about the Rezko real estate deal are not clear to me but am trying to muddle through.

    It seems like Obama and Rezko went into a real estate deal where, to be brutal, Obama buys the house and Rezko buys the useless front yard.

    Either Rezko is the dumbest real estate investor on the planet, or he’s getting something else in return.

    Rezko (or rather his wife Rita who is the owner) never developed the plot – she just pumped in over half a million dollars and then let it sit there – did she have to pay taxes on the property? Did Rita make any money on the deal? Does she still own part of the land or did she sell it all back to Barack and Michelle?

    This is just a little creepy and slightly sinister. Has anyone ever had a friend that would drop half a million to help out with a house purchase? Oh, this was never meant to see the light of day.

    But it is a two way street of course. In his official capacity, Obama sends money Rezko’s way in the form of millions for housing projects. That didn’t go too well, did it?

    For being a “bonehead”, Obama sure came out the winner in this deal. While many people are now struggling with their mortgages with excessive terms, turns out Obama made sure he got the deal of the century! What did he pay, 30% below market value?

    I have a small question about what Obama said about this. In the ABC News article earlier today, Obama said:

    “I should have seen the red flags in terms of me purchasing a piece of property from him”

    Fact Check: Did Obama “purchase” a house from Rezko? Or did he and Rezko originally buy the house and the land plot together on the same day? Was he referring to the second transaction and not the first? I think they’re really afraid of discussing that first real estate transaction and using the second transaction (buying part of the yard back from Rezko) as a “firewall”.

    It will all come out in the wash…

  69. Let the Obama surrogates trumpet that racism was the cause – they will deeply offend all voters by accusing them of racism – including those who intended to vote for him NOT BECAUSE OF RACISM.

  70. Regarding Peggy Noonan’s WSJ opinion article and Kerry’s endorsement:

    Funny how Noonan neglected to name Rezko at all. She was a speech writer for Reagan! Gimme a break. I trust NOTHING she says or writes. Yes, NOTHING. Why is it that Obama impresses GOP thugs and enablers of the thugs? That’s a question I want asked by the BB and BM.

    And can I just say that the likes of Huffington and Kerry and Obama get on my nerves and always have? I dislike elitists for alienating most of my democratic neighbors. I’m not a self-professed tree-hugger, but I know global warming when I see it. I’m not boycotting McDonald’s. I actually like their prices and their food. I can’t NOT shop at Walmart. I’m one of those real down home progressive democrats who believe that all Americans should be represented, not just the well-educated and the trust fund babies. I attend American Legion parties where you have to buy your beer in cash and don’t have a problem with patriotism. I have to live in crime-infested areas b/c of my budget. I have friends who have to live without heat or AC for months before they can afford a technician. And if they can’t afford a technician, they figure out how to fix it themselves. Same goes for cars. I can’t afford an iPod, so I buy a Dell mp3 player. They’re better anyway. Just as good and not an elitist’s toy. I bet a lot of democrats are like this.

    So, Kerry endorses Obama? Then, we all know what type of “democrat” Obama is: an elitist.
    When they say that Obama understands the plights of poverty, I say bullshit! He understands nothing. When you lay down with dogs, expect to get fleas. Look at his supporters. Then, look at Clinton’s. The difference? Elitists men support Obama, in the majority. I want nothing to do with them.

    (Note: If you do own a real iPod or don’t have to live in a crime-infested neighborhood, congratulations. Just please vote for Clinton.)

  71. true2party, AMEN! I read a blog from a New Hampshire supporter on the ground, who did some repeat canvassing in one of the trailer parks.

    It seems that even a day before the primary, none of the other candidates had been there. Clinton’s people were the only ones, evidently, who thought trailer park residents mattered.

    That speaks volumes to me. There is a REASON that people making under $100,000 broke for Clinton.


    The union backed Obama, but she’s pitching members, one by one

    Just beneath the smiles and the hugs and the flash of cameras, Sen. Hillary Clinton played in-your-face politics in a visit to Las Vegas on Thursday.

    A day after the 60,000-member Culinary Union endorsed Illinois Sen. Barack Obama for president, Clinton walked a northeast Las Vegas neighborhood heavy with Culinary workers and won the support of several.

    Her campaign’s message: The endorsement means nothing and Culinary members should follow their conscience and not the order of union Secretary-Treasurer D. Taylor. It was a political kick in the shins to Obama and the union, all delivered with the New York senator’s trademark wide grin.

    Asked about this shrewd maneuver, a Clinton aide merely laughed and claimed ignorance.

    MORE at w*w*

  73. emjay,

    THanks for telling me about the petition. Me and a few friends signed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its about time someone did something about this!

  74. We need to organize boycotts. As soon I I got the endorsement email from John Kerry, I unsubcribed from his list. Being on that list gives John Kerry power.

    Same goes for Huffingtonpost. Clicking on any link to HuffPost provides a basis for Arianna Fluffington to generate ad revenue. Those things are click oriented. Now, I know that HRC supporters do post blogs to that site that may be of interest to us. Here is what I propose:

    Step 1. One of us from Big Pink should actually read and re-post all relevant articles from Huffington Post here. This gives Arianna just one click to her site instead of the many we have been providing. This reduces the amount of $$ she can charge for ads.

    Step 2. We announce on blogs, comment section, etc. what we are doing. HRC winning the New Hampshire primary was a HUGE milestone in the achievement of women’s rights. UNFAIR coverage. We especially explain in our comments and posts that we will re-post Huff Po information here and don’t forget the reasons.

    In summary, ALL HRC supporters need to:

    1.) Unsubscribe from the John Kerry e-mail list.

    2.) Boycott Huff Po!

  75. Excellent piece, B.Merry thanks!

    It is appalling and illustrative of what women are up against in our society that even a hint of racism is punished severely, while sexism and misogyny are tolerated, if not outright condoned.

  76. admin, this may be something you already know, but came across a Rightie blog post that mentioned Rezko’s name in conjunction with nuclear power plants. As it turns out, Frank Clark, Chairman and CEO of ComEd, a unit of the Chicago-based Exelon, is an BHO bundler. Exelon, as it turns out, is “the nation’s largest power plant operator”. The Rightie blog post says that BHO was supposed to helping to secure land in Iraq for Rezko to build/operate nuclear power plants.

    Coincidence? Rumor? Interesting nonetheless.

  77. Paula, if true, someone needs to make a statement about this!

    This should actually be a story. It is exactly the kind of information sharing that we see done by big corporations. Someone needs to make a statement that: Mr. Kerry, when I signed up for your email list, I thought that it would not be “sold off” the way that is practiced by greedy corporations. Sen. Kerry you do not have my permission to give out my email address.

  78. Hi everyone, I’m new. Respect all that you are doing.

    Paula and Kentucky_mkt – me too – got the e-mail from Kerry/Obama. I called up their campaign office, told them I was quite livid. The guy who answered said that he would manually remove my name from the list, and that they do not give out the list (but it was from Obama via

    You have to call and tell them to manually remove your name from the list, otherwise it takes “a few days” for the autmoatic removal to work. Call them up and tell them what you think of Kerry supporting obama: 617-227-1460.

  79. Hi All, I’m new here

    Respect all that you are doing.

    Paula and Kentucky_mkt – I had the same problem with Kerry. I called up his campaign office and told them I was livid! Here is the number: 617-227-1460.

    Apparently, they sent the Obama e-mail from and they do not “give out” the list. I said whatever, just take me off I don’t ever want to hear from the guy again after pulling this stunt. When you automatically unsubscribe, he tried to tell me that it takes ‘a few days’ to remove you from the list. I did appreciate that the person I spoke to said that they would remove my name manually right away. Call them up and tell them you want to be removed immediately and that they should do so manually.


    “The union backed Obama, but she’s pitching members, one by one

    Just beneath the smiles and the hugs and the flash of cameras, Sen. Hillary Clinton played in-your-face politics in a visit to Las Vegas on Thursday.

    A day after the 60,000-member Culinary Union endorsed Illinois Sen. Barack Obama for president, Clinton walked a northeast Las Vegas neighborhood heavy with Culinary workers and won the support of several.”

    Good for her!!! I had hoped that the union members would tell the Union to kiss their asses and they’d decide who to vote for themselves, and thank God they have!


    Another article asking Obambi questions. But where oh where is the MSM on tv about this?

    Does anyone have the transcript or video of Barbara Walters repuking Chris Matthews on the View for what he said about Hillary and also the video or transcript of his appearance on MessMSNBC Morning Joe where he, Joe and Mika tried to defend it?

    Aslo, Rosie Barr s railing against Obambi and Opra.

  82. In NV, I have been told, you can show up at either caucus, register by signing your name and address, and standing for your candidate. A very loose affair.

    As far as I can tell, many NV voters are not aware that the Republicans caucus 2 hours earlier at not necessarily the same place. I am not even 100% sure of the rules and I have held a caucus101 meeting.

    Hillary is correct that many NVans will not be able to attend. Thus the unions may have an advantage since they have set up special strip precincts for their workers to attend. I am still answering the “I won’t attend the caucus but I will vote for her” responses. If this were a primary, I have no doubt that Hillary would do great.

    I have no idea about the caucus.

  83. If the ECONOMY affects restauranteers and the staff (chefs, line cooks, and servers) in such a major way, why on earth would they NOT support Clinton? That just doesn’t make sense. But, a lot of things don’t make sense to me about this primary.

    I think union politics are at play. That and they don’t want to upset the elites, who can eat out, tip more and visit Vegas more. But, if you were to look at cooks and staff nation-wide, I bet that they are very concerned about the economy and how it will affect their incomes.

  84. Caucuses worry me, but I have faith in our gal.

    By the way, Hillary needs to hit hard on ObamaLlamaDuck’s vote against limiting credit card interest rates. Hillary voted for the amendment to cap them at 30% max, Bambi voted to let the bastards jack them up however high they want.

    Spread that little tidbit far and wide around the Latino and Black and Blue collar neighborhoods, folks. You know, the people with no health insurance, so they are charging their baby’s doctor visits on their Visa? They will just love that little item.

  85. Good news! Really good news! SusanUnPC at Larry Johnson’s No Quarter blog contacted me and she is going to run both of my BHO MyDD articles on that blog. And so it begins!

  86. I just called George Miller’s office. I’ve always liked him. I asked the lady if Miller had investigated the Rezko affair before endorsing BO. The lady said “Who?”, then “just a moment”. She came back and said, “What affair?” and “spell it”. I said he’s the fixer who’s on trial in Feb. She said “just a minute”. Moments later a nice man asked me who I was referring to. I explained that this was the slumlord who contributed to Obama when he couldn’t find money for heat for his tenants. I referenced the Abramoff scandal. I think I heard him swallow. He said he didn’t know and that this wasn’t the political office.

    He said he’d be happy to ask Miller. I said I was curious because I knew Miller wouldn’t support someone dishonest so did he know? did he ignore it? or did he investigate the charges and was satisfied that there was no impropriety?

    I finished with “We do not need another Abramoff scandal with our democrat nominee.”

    Anyone like to call Miller’s political office and ask the same questions?

  87. HI PEGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for bringing more people into the pink oasis, like you did for me back in May.

  88. I’m not going to link to it, but stenographer Ben Smith at Politico (hi, Ben) has published the Obama campaign’s talking points accusing Hillary and Bill Clinton of racism.

    Obama is going there. He has decided to drive a racial wedge through the Democratic Party.

  89. That politico article is more like the poison pen of Ben Smith than Obama’s. Has Smith ever written anything positive about Hillary?

  90. Just like he did with Donnie McClurkin

    Yep. Exactly.

    Obama is a one-man wrecking crew when it comes to the Democratic Party coalitions.

    This is going to get very, very ugly.

  91. filbertsf, I believe it is a very organized effort to discredit Clintons. I think Obama is playing the race card. every time he is criticized he is going to blame racism.

  92. That politico article is more like the poison pen of Ben Smith than Obama’s.

    Nope. It’s straight from the Obama campaign. They started yesterday, blanketing the media with surrogates claiming racism in New Hampshire as the reason the Second Coming got waylayed.

  93. Bill Clinton called into Al Sharpton’s show at 3:30 ET I believe to clarify his remarks which are already taken out of context. If Obama’s campaign (with Republican dirty tricks support) want to go into the racism issue – let the Clintons annihilate Obama on what the Clintons have done in DEED vs. Obama’s crap talk.

  94. hwc, He’s doing that because he knows the MSM will back him up on it. Otherwise, he’d never even try it. Normally, I’d say such patently ridiculous charges would backfire, but in this climate, I have no idea what’ll happen.

    Notice, her campaign has never accused any of her opponents of sexism.

  95. Well, looks like Obama is sewing in the minds of African-American voters in South Carolina that the Clintons are racist just in case he loses NV. Dirty bastard.

  96. They expect anyone to believe that racists in New Hampshire voted for a woman, and especially for Hillary Clinton?

    That’s just absurd.

  97. Bill’s “fairy tale” comments related to media coverage of Obama, not to Obama’s biography. I’m glad he called in to the Sharpton show, though. I also hope he talked to Jim Clyburn.

  98. Yes, Majic, Maya and Bill to South Carolina. I also think Madeline Albright should be used more, she is a straight talking, strong woman.

  99. meanwhile, interesting racial contrast in NV and SC – when Hispanic voters will support Clinton – how does that figure with that they’re supposed to be racist towards African Americans…? illogical Obama campaign arguments will totally backfire.

  100. I can;t get any of the video links above. After ABC News:, for instance, it is totally blank. Ditto for the other two!

  101. Obama knew the MSM would treat Hillary’s win in NH like an aberration, and not the hard-earned victory it was. The racism charge gives the MSM an excuse to explain away what happened, even if the allegation has zero quantitative evidence to back it up.

    After Hillary lost in Iowa, she made changes and acknowledged mistakes (failure to court young voters, for example). After Obama lost NH, all we’ve heard are excuses.

  102. Hillary and Bill need to bring out everything they’ve ever done to help African Americans and get some surrogates our there pronto to squash this kind of junk.

    The Arizona governor sounded out there in her endorsement of bambi, she’s drinking the kool-aid, no doubt.

    If these people really, really believe he’ll even do one tenth of what he says .. well, the country is in trouble

  103. Not sure if this has been said, but Hillary has a new ad that uses her NH victory speech and includes no substance, just her rhetoric. At the end, the spot says “It’s about the people.” in print. I think it’s pretty good, albeit I liked her other spots with more substance as well. I think “It’s about the people” is probably her re-branding and likely the work of Roy Spence. Worth a look. Ben Smith has the clip, although I’m sure it’s on her homepage as well.

  104. I wonder if BO thinks Maya Angelou is a “racist,” too. How about Jesse Jackson’s wife who has endorsed Hillary? What about Congressman John Lewis, one of the cochairs of Hillary’s National Campaign who was actually in the Selma to Montgomery march. Accusing well-meaning people of racism is the lowest form of slander. Now we can see what Obama means by “unity”. Everybody who disagrees with him, who does not support him, is going to be labelled a “racist.” In other words, unite or be labelled. This is some scary shit, yall.

  105. I think Obama’s tactic is underestimating African-Americans- c’mon, many will know a canard when they hear these rumors and statements taken out of context and will also be offended. I’m not so sure that MSM will support Obama in this one – the media being white male dominated, is everyone supposed to accept that anything said by the Clintons and white politicians could be racist? this one hits too close to home for the media – it will backfire.

  106. molly, It is the lowest form of slander. I guess that’s Obama meant by introducing Hillary to Chicago politics.

  107. LawSchoolDem, that video is now on her homepage, right under Latest Videos — “Thank You, NH”

    I love it. Then again, I love Hillary.

  108. Ininla, Some in the MSM already have been speculating his loss in NH was race-related, though others sharply disagreed.

  109. They seem to love Hillary’s tax rebate plan to boost the economy on CNBC. It is tough to please wall street but they seem to like her package.

  110. It’s a great, populist ad. She was rockin’ in Cali today too…

    It was only a question of when, not if, the race-card would come into play. Sad but true…

  111. Paula – yes I know about the speculations and I do believe it will deeply offend people who voted for Clinton or others and not Obama NOT BECAUSE OF RACISM. Let them speculate – in some ways it also will play to those who are worried about electability because of racism. I think it’s a canard b/c I believe people are more enlightened than to be racist for the most part…but people will believe this to the detriment of Obama’s campaign.

  112. Admin,
    Thanks a lot for your response. Would it be possible to get a dedicated posting on the website to discuss the organization issue more deeply? Can do something this weekend. I know how crazy people’s schedules are, (mine included), and this being the case, perhaps we could do one DEDICATED post to lay the groundwork for this on saturday, and then an other post on sunday?

    Or maybe just one post is fine as long as it is dedicated to this issue alone and we all know to check back on it as the weekend progresses. Because of your prodigious content it can become difficult to stay on one issue for very long. That’s why some kind of permanent/dedicated place to discuss organizing would be a great boon.

    I think that if we are in general agreement that discussion on this can take place over the weekend IN ONE PLACE, we can accommodate people’s varying schedules and still get a lot of work done.

    Lets make this work! Hillary and the country needs us!

  113. Well, I’m sure it’s all a big coinky-dink, but there’s an obama supporter in the huffpo who says:

    If John Edwards stays in the race, he might, in the end, become nothing other than the Southern white man who stood in the way of the black man. And for that, he would deserve a lifetime of liberal condemnation.

    So I think it’s a concerted strategy. Wasn’t it obama who said he doesn’t want to fight the battles of the 60s?

  114. clintondem99, You’re right; there will absolutely be questions about it. BTW, what did Bill say on Sharpton’s show?

  115. Trying to depict the Clintons as racists is bound to blow up in the faces of those involved. It’s a great opportunity to talk about ACCOMPLISHMENTS, of which Hillary and Bill have many.

  116. Months ago, others were grumbling that Hillary’s campaign was acting like she was entitled to the nomination. Now look who’s co-opted that attitude.

  117. Well, let’s start if we want to talk about their accomplishments, with the honoring of those students who integrated Little Rock Central High. It was an important anniversary this past year; I believe both Bill and Hillary were there.Let’s talk about Hillary’s record on speaking out for human rights – all over the world. She writes eloquently about this. These accusations of “racism” put him – Obama – in a very bad light. You think there was backfire because of the sexism in the media toward Hillary? You aint seen nothing yet. People who have worked so hard in this country to do their personal work and public work around issues of race are going to be outraged by this.

  118. um hillary is backed by rep lewis, andrew young etc-they were friends of dr king. they were beaten in his marches on tv. i hope they are in sc to debunk this crap asap. im furious at these obama nitwits.

  119. ADMIN:

    Just as Hillary found her voice in New Hampshire, you are finding our voice in regards to Rezko. I am a college graduate. I consider myself politically informed. Yet, I hate to admit it, for as many times as I have read and re-read your articles about Rezko, it all has been hard to understand and digest until now. Its been espescially hard for me to communicate what exactly Obama did wrong to my friends and fellow Hillary supporters.

    That is not to say your explanations have not been excellent and well-written. Its just that not having a large knowledge of racketering laws, nor about the inner workings of Illinois politics, the whole subject is outside of my area of expertise.

    REZKO for dummies is just what the doctor ordered.

  120. Hillary should really target help for the veterans…I mean Real Change for the Veterans .. it’s about the people.

  121. HillaryLandRocks: That statement you quote is blatantly racist that that dweeb put on the huffpo! Gees can’t people see that? It’s about who is the best suited to be PResident on day 1…not who is the right “color” to be president. This kind of attitude is exactly the opposite of what Dr. King was talkin’ about when he said “not the color of their skin but the content of their character.” We are suppose to favor somebody because they are black? I am now arriving at a very different prediction for what’s gonna happen in South Carolina.

  122. The last 48hrs have been vile. The Obama campaign has equated voting for Hillary as a hate crime (NH), and now voting for John Edwards as well.

    If obama is the nom, I’ll be voting for Cynthia McKinney on the Green ticket. It’s the only way to escape those racism charges.

  123. So if you don’t vote for Obama, you are a racist? I don’t see how that helps ‘Mr. Hope.’

    The Bradley effect doesn’t apply in a primary. Bradley and Wilder were both general elections — a black dem vs. a white repub. When a white democrat votes for a white repub over a black dem, race-based voting is a plausible reason, so the white voter may lie to a pollster. But in a primary, no one can say white Dems are obliged to vote for a black candidate.

    When Giuliani ran against David Dinkins, a black Dem in heavily dem New York, the vote was totally polarized on race, with white dems voting over 90% against the black democrat. But the polls showed that would happen. Giuliani, however, was definitely a star with a very attractive ‘law and order’ resume.

    Issue polls — especially on police and crime — split along race just as the election did. Before running against Dinkins, Giuliani was very respected among black New Yorkers for his mafia prosecutions. After becoming mayor, Giuliani treated blacks the way winners usually treat non-constituents. “You didn’t vote for me so f___ you.” Rudy wasn’t considered a racist, just a total facist bastard.

  124. This attempt to deem Clinton as racist needs to be stopped NOW. Hillary and her team have to do something on this issue immediately. I would bring out Maya Angelou the most respected woman in Black culture to combat these claims. Obama is playing dirty ball and Clinton needs to rise above it.

  125. # SUGAR Says:
    January 11th, 2008 at 12:55 pm

    My, my, my. I love it! “Senator Obama, would you stop so we can talk to you!?” I’m going to a Montgomery County (MD) for Hillary volunteer meeting on Sunday and I’m fired up! Obama is a liar and a rat fink of the worse kind. I read that Alice Palmer article last night and I was appalled.
    Hi Sugar, could you tell me where it is? I live in the county and I would like to go? Thanks.

  126. This attempt to deem Clinton as racist needs to be stopped NOW.

    I think this is one of those situations where the more you try to fight, the more you lose.

    Like I said, I’m fine w/ skipping SC. Black voters in SC can assess what they got out of this primary after it’s all said and done: Oprah and a McClurkin concert. It’s clear that non-Obama candidates are not permitted to make closing arguments. It’s funny — Clyburn wanted the primary to be of real economic and political benefit to SC.

  127. pm — just search your zip code at Hillary’s site for events. You’ll probably find more than one location.

  128. on obama vote on raising credit card interest rates above 30pct-can someone cite that. that will make a good diary on big blogs

  129. Wait, so voting for Hillary makes one a racist?!?! That is the DUMBEST BULLSHIT EVER.

    Isn’t that also a LITTLE insulting to Barak? I mean, WTF?

    False accusations like this that are impossible to prove or dispute (i.e. all you voters are SUBCONSCIOUSLY RACIST!) are seriously the lowest common denominator. If Barak’s campaign stoops to this, they have seriously just revealed that they have no substance to their platform.

    This WILL backfire.

  130. Paula: HLR, If it costs her the nomination, why would she skip it?

    I may be alone in this, but I don’t think a racial brawl in the south is worth it. From where I sit, we’re pretty much at the point where the Dem coalition is sufficiently fractured that a Dem ticket can’t win in ’08, anyway. We’re moving backwards, not forwards. Perhaps we have to sit through another four years of a GOP ticket to learn how to behave and get along w/ one another.

  131. HillaryLandRocks
    – I see your point, but Hillary cannot be tarnished by this bull they are throwing at her. I think she needs to highlight what exactly she has done for minorities and if she is going to go to SC then play ads with Maya.

  132. One of us from Big Pink should actually read and re-post all relevant articles from Huffington Post here.

    I think this would be a great idea for HuffPo and Kos and Mydd. There are some reasonable posts at all those but I don’t like digging through to find them.

    However posting the whole ‘diary’ here each time might have copyright problems, as well as overloading this site. Iit should just be links to the few articles that deserve it.

  133. On a much happier note, I’m glad to see Chelsea campaigning full time now with her mom. She’s a tremendous asset and support to her, I’m sure.

  134. I say, we need to rise above this racism deal and acknowledge that people in the black community deserve to be a little paranoid about this. The world through their eyes is a lot different and rightfully so.

    So, I acknowledge that we should be aware of that when posting here. It’s very different when you’re talking racism, to be talking about it from a non-black perspective than say from a black perspective. I know some people don’t think so, but I think we have to be more sensitive here. If you don’t know that, just think about it:

    Larry Craig still has his job. Michael Vick is in jail. Both were caught breaking the law at the same time. That and the Jena 6 events proves racism is rampant in this country.

    Yes, it’s wrong for Obama to bring this up, at the risk of making the GOP’s dreams come true, to divide the party. But we do need to be sensitive about this. It’s very hard for the black community to think about anything without always having that little voice (call it suspicion) reminding them that this country is inherently racism against them. It’s just a fact of life, one that Clinton knows has got to be fixed. Look at her record and her resume. I hope the Clinton team thinks about this before they react.

    Also, does anyone remember Bush’s tactics against McCain in S.C., obviously on the other side of the spectrum, but it appears that Obama is taking a play out of Bush’s playbook. I hate this.

  135. OandrewD: I see your point as well, but I think emotions are flaring so high at this point that a rational discussion isn’t possible.

    Ultimately, I blame the Democratic party for this. First of all, this business about getting the black vote lined up by accusations of racism is something I’ve seen time and time again — for the benefit of both white and black candidates. It’s a cheap game that leaves communities w/ little or nothing after the politicians get what they want. Second, I blame the Democratic party because for all the talk of “inclusiveness” we have precious few black politicians in high places (save minority districts) and a deficit of women of any race. So it isn’t really a surprised that this is getting promoted in the media as white vs black, women vs electorate, etc. It really is kind of foul.

  136. Smile 8)

    Hillary has finished a marathon Q & A at a solar workers training center in CA.

    The NPR reporter calling in live from the site said our girl “had them at ‘Hello’.”

  137. I’ve posted cites various places on Unions unhappy with Obama not supporting them (Matag and pensions in airline bankruptcy).

    Also check blackagendareport, they comment very well on many such issues.

    If you want a cite on Obama voting against a cap on credit card interest rates (for cronyism!) it’s at the Chi Tribune profile: search for “2010-2012-2016”. Look for the old version they ran this summer: recently they sanitized his Alice Palmer remark so they may have sanitized the whole series. If anyone needs it, I can find and post the links again.

  138. true2party: (suspicion) I hope the Clinton team thinks about this before they react.

    I agree, and it’s one of the principal reasons I wouldn’t have a problem w/ skipping SC, or skipping a confrontation. OTOH, I think the same goes for Obama. He doesn’t get a free pass for what he’s doing — exploiting suspicions.

  139. I think that Hillary SHOULD NOT SKIP SC..she should fight for that state – and if she loses, it will be mitigated by these charges of racism that are false. It will look worse if she skips SC. Also, not sure that Clintons should have Maya Angelou and others stand up for them – they need to stand up to the false accusations of racism because it’ll look like they brought “token” surrogates to do the work.

  140. I think the Clintons know the sensitivity of what’s involved. That’s why she elaborated on her Fox News statement later that same day to make it clear she fully appreciated the sacrifices made for the civil rights movement, and why Bill went on Al Sharpton’s show today.

  141. oh btw skipping SC.. NO WAY…

    she has to fight SC.. SC=GA=VA and maybe even NJ for Hillary. if she wins SC, she has great chance of winning those states, and when this is all over, she needs to win GE by motivating african american voters to go and vote for her.. not for the fellow republican.. whoever it may be.

  142. gladiatorstail, she was standing up for Hillary? Wow, that’s nice, I thought she was for Obama. Perhaps she’s non-partisan on this.

  143. Also, maybe people don’t remember S.C.’s problem with the confederacy flag being flown at their capital, in the face of obvious tension. S.C. is such a racist state, I hate it. Personally, I think Clinton should boycott the state or concede it to Obama. Something, someone should really acknowledge that the state is just wrong, on so many levels.

  144. hello all…my feeling is Hillary has to continue to make any weakness a strength…go to SC and confront any attack at racism and stand ground and prove it is false…she will gain more and more respect and image as the happy warrior unafraid and out in the open…take it on and disprove…it will start to go away…she can take control while people and press watch and show who she is for herself…

    …had a thought…Obama is being described as another JFK, RJK, MLK…take your pick…last night it hit me…no, Obama is more like the evangelist Creflo Dollar…

  145. from the of Las Vegas – and when do we ever see Obama doing this with families – he seems to feel safer in huge stadiums with Oprah where he can have MLK-like photo-ops – it’s all marketing vs. Clinton who really does care :

    “Santana told Clinton how his wife, Elizabeth, a housekeeper on the Strip, was barely supporting the family single-handedly while he was unable to work for two months because of an operation.

    “We’re sort of struggling,” he said. “We’re getting there, but you have to be strong to make it.”

    Clinton asked the couple questions about their mortgage and his disability payments, and answered his questions about immigration and the war and health care costs.”

    Stroking the 4-year-old girl’s head, Clinton said, “I feel so strongly that if we don’t take care of our children, we don’t take care of our future.”

  146. Paula, Donna Brazille was on cnn. She said that Bill Clinton was on many black radio stations today and explained his comments. She said she takes him at his word and it is time to move on. She was asked about Clayburn’s comments. she said that she believes he is going to stay neutral.

  147. hi hillfans, im in the middle of making a pasta dinner when i just sat in front of my computer for my hillary fix then i read above hillary is on cspan. she is taking q and a now. BREAK THAT GLASS CEILING GURL!!!

  148. Interesting development w/ Donna Brazile’s comments. Perhaps I’m not the only one sensing that we’re going down a bad road. I’m happy to hear it.

  149. Okay here’s a cite on capping credit card interest.,0,1010006.story?page=1
    [article spread over to next page],0,1010006.story?page=2

    PART 8
    Carefully crafting the Obama ‘brand’
    From his first days in the U.S. Senate, the Illinoisan has followed a strategy envisioning a White House bid
    June 12, 2007

    Much good stuff in this article and others of this profile, including Obama’s original 2010-2012-2016 schedule for running for president.

    Elsehwere in the series was “Showing his bare knuckles” which has among other stuff the Alice Palmer story. A more recent version has now been posted at Chi Trib which seems sanitized. Better use the old versions, from summer, instead. (And maybe someone will archive them before they disappear.)

  150. CNN National Poll Results

    From CNN/Opinion Research

    GOP: McCain 34, Huckabee 21, Giuliani 18, Romney 14

    Dems: Clinton 49, Obama 36, Edwards 12

    Error margins: GOP 5 points, Democrats 4.5 points

    Poll conducted Jan. 9-10

  151. WASHINGTON (CNN) — Voters ask a lot of the nation’s White House hopefuls, but Democrat Hillary Clinton looked particularly taken aback by a request from one attendee at a Friday campaign event in the Los Angeles area.

    “Hillary, marry me, baby,” a man yelled at the New York senator as she finished her economic address and prepared to take questions.

    The crowd erupted in laughter, and Clinton looked genuinely shocked as she turned to face the questioner.

    “That is certainly the kindest offer I’ve had in a while,” Clinton said to loud cheers.

    But she added immediately, “I’d probably be arrested.”

  152. I’d rather the Obama campaign go down that bad road; they will lose that battle -I think Brazile knows this racism strategy will not work. She was on Anderson Cooper last night saying that the black community in SC LOVES Bill Clinton.

  153. Donna Brazille gets no credit from me. No way. She was wrong to raise the issue in the first place. Trying to backtrack now (without even apologizing) doesn’t change anything in my book.

    As far as I’m concern they should do everything Admin suggested yesterday and smash him into a “million little pieces” before they even get to South Carolina.

  154. hi,

    I have to jump in. I fully anticipated SC fight would go down this route. This was Obama’s plan from the beginning. He’s going to fight on a racial ground using his surrogates, he himself will pretend to stay above the fray.

    I believe the correct strategy for Hillary team is to hint to the press by surrogates or Hillary herself that they are seriously considering conceding SC to Obama on the ground of avoiding any potential nasty racial politics.

    SC is completely irrelevant in generating momentum especially if Clinton team hint their desire to not seriously contend there. SC is a MUST win for Obama, even Jackson won that state. By conceding SC to Obama in advance, the pundits and press will have little interest in covering it, and it will NOT generate visible momentum for Obama since pundits keep on telling audience it’s a state 50% of primary voters are African Americans.

    I believe this should be a smart strategy.

  155. I’m sure that whatever Obama-spokesperson Donna Brazille said was backhanded. But, she does understand that Obama’s charging the Clintons with racism could blow the Democratic Party to smithereens.

  156. great to see ya kostner. im not sure that is a good idea. she should compete but not blow the budget like iowa. she can win nevada next week, michigan is a double sword. not sure how a win there would play.

  157. I believe the correct strategy for Hillary team is to hint to the press by surrogates or Hillary herself that they are seriously considering conceding SC to Obama on the ground of avoiding any potential nasty racial politics.

    I totally agree. Furthermore, I would drop those hints during a series of campaign appearances with Latino voters in Florida.

  158. BMerry

    Went to MyDD, read the ArtIntell post, voted (the top choice, natch) and the vote did not change from 16. Went back 3 min later to check, just now…still at 16.

    Thought you’d like to know.

  159. To amplify. Let the threat of pulling out of South Carolina and focusing her campaign time on the larger Latino/a population send a message that, by embracing the Obama accusations of racism, black voters in South Carolina are, in effect, going “all in” on Obama.

  160. terrondt,

    but the problem is if this battle becomes a nasty fight on racial politics. It will only give more ammunition for press to hammer on Clinton. Her team can still contend there, but by hinting to the press they’re not serious about winning, the pundits will likely lose interest. Look, all those despicable pundits care about is close horserace. If they expect a big win from Obama based on African American votes, there will be very little momentum. It’s like Clinton wins New York if NY happens to be the first in the nation primary.

    What can Hillary gain from it if she fights hard there with all the dirty racial politics to follow? I serioulsy doubt SC can generate much momentum for Obama. Edwards wins that state, it gives him zero momentum.

    Donna Brazile is a serious hypocrite. According to politico, she just said this today…

    Asked in an e-mail from Politico about the situation Friday, she(Brazile) responded by sending over links to five cases in which the Clintons and their surrogates talked about Obama, along with a question:
    “Is Clinton using a race-baiting strategy against Obama?”

  161. Donna Brazille has been on the warpath against HRC for at least three months. Of course she is supporting BO. But she’s sending out other jarring vibes too. She has a hidden agenda…I just can’t get a handle on what it is.

  162. Couple of things:

    Matt Bai has a good piece in the NYTimes.

    I just caught the tail end of Hillary’s LA townhall. She was very good as usual and the crowd responded well.

    Admin: here is an idea — is it possible to have a video repository of all these Townhall meetings — especially where the format is Q/A. I don’t know if Hillary’s website does that? Does it?
    The idea is to have one central place that people can go to to look at all the videos of Hillary’s events. Putting it on Youtube is a problem because they limit the size of the videos. I think the campaign should put up this repository on their website.

    We don’t need big media/blogs. She will do it one townhall, one state at a time and stronger for it.

  163. kostner: but the problem is if this battle becomes a nasty fight on racial politics.

    Right. In terms of tactics, SC presents limited, ugly options for very little gain, whereas taking it off the table mutes Obama’s divisive strategy for future states.

  164. This is funny. I just heard this on cspan — a promo clip of Obama and he was paraphrasing JFK’s famous lines (This is not about what I can do for you, but what you can…)

  165. emjay — she has associates in both camps. Hedging her bets. It’s like a lot of people on the scene right now … perhaps the good poll numbers for Hillary convinced her to back off.

  166. Ok. About conceding S.C., I now say NO WAY. I’m listening to her victory speech from N.H. She’s the ONE we need to be leading the country. And they say that Obama is a great orator? Well, Hillary is awesome!! And she’s smart and a policy wonk. Love it!

    So, I change my mind. She should at least blast S.C. about the confederate (state’s flag) flag deal and other S.C. wounds.

  167. “This is funny. I just heard this on cspan — a promo clip of Obama and he was paraphrasing JFK’s famous lines (This is not about what I can do for you, but what you can…)”


    This is so tacky.

  168. Opinion
    January 11, 2008

    Marie Cocco
    Sexist double standards and misogynist insults

    The national media have reveled in self-congratulation over Barack Obama’s historic ascent to become the first African-American to have the nomination of a major party within his grasp. Racism, we have been told, is now a supposed irrelevancy in American politics, a vestige of those past battles that Obama pledges earnestly not to fight.

    So as soon as Hillary Clinton defied the polls and won an upset victory in New Hampshire Tuesday night, the pundit chorus immediately cried . . . what? Racism!
    The pre-election polls were wrong, many declared, because white voters must have lied to pollsters about supporting Obama and then went into the booth to vote for a white candidate. Yet there is scant evidence of this: When pre-election polls were averaged, Obama was predicted to get 38 percent of the New Hampshire vote; he got 37, a statistically insignificant difference. Obama beat Clinton soundly among white men. Clinton beat Obama among white women and — significantly — among nonwhite women, whose vote she carried by 12 points.
    We have tried mightily as a country to banish race as the -ism none dare to publicly speak. But the national media during this campaign have ignored, if not heartily encouraged, an ugly -ism no one is squeamish about.
    To recount the sexist double (and triple and quadruple) standards and misogynist insults to which Clinton has been subjected would take double (or triple or quadruple) the usual column space. Consider this an abbreviated account: Television commentator Chris Matthews suggested last month that prominent male politicians who endorsed Clinton are “castratos in the eunuch chorus.” His MSNBC colleague Tucker Carlson declared that there’s something about Clinton that “feels castrating, overbearing and scary.” Why, Carlson said, “when she comes on television, I involuntarily cross my legs.”
    Think, for a moment, of what might happen if a well-known media personality were to say of Obama: “Every time he comes on television, I involuntarily reach for my white hood.” Would even Don Imus survive?
    A wholesale rewrite by both the media and Clinton’s opponents transformed her tenure as first lady into a useless credential, and made winning two Senate terms in New York — a state not known for softball politics — the moral equivalent of achieving nothing on her own. Yet back when she actually was first lady, the media depicted Clinton as the most powerful presidential spouse since Eleanor Roosevelt. Clinton’s groundbreaking foreign travels, her discussions with foreign leaders, her rebuke to Chinese dictators, and her failed attempt at overhauling the health insurance system were chronicled as evidence of her unprecedented reach. The right wing spewed vitriol; the left took approving notice.
    Yet once she ran for president, Clinton was portrayed as an observer to her husband’s administration — why, The New York Times pointed out, she hadn’t even attended National Security Council meetings. Can you imagine the ruckus if she had?
    Such a revelation would likely have caused a bigger stir than did the videotape of an impeccable woman attending a November campaign event for John McCain leaning forward determinedly to ask, “How do we beat the b—-?” An excellent question, McCain replied.
    Twenty-four years have passed since Geraldine Ferraro was the Democratic vice presidential nominee, the first — and only — woman to have a spot on a major party’s ticket. Ferraro was subjected to George H.W. Bush’s post-debate taunt that he’d kicked a “little ass,” while first lady Barbara Bush assessed Ferraro as someone who “rhymes with rich.” A supposedly enlightened generation later, Clinton has had it far worse.
    The senator’s emotional moment in a diner, when her voice caught as she answered a sympathetic question, was immediately dissected as a possible Clintonian calculation. No doubt New Hampshire women thought differently, and brought their — how to say it? — difference of opinion into the voting booth.
    Obama’s candidacy may yet deliver us to the promised land of post-racial politics. Right now the idea is either irrational exuberance or a fascinating theory, still to be tested. Neither racism nor sexism has disappeared from American life, and we’d best admit it.
    But standards of public discourse should not differ depending on the candidate. If you — or the media — wouldn’t hurl racist insults at Obama, it’s time to call out those who have made Clinton’s candidacy a celebration ouf their own sexism.

  169. No. I don’t think that she should concede SC. She actually has a fighting chance of winning SC. But…the racial thing should be handled correctly. I have no idea on how to handle this but I’m sure the Clinton team has a good grasp on how to counter this.

  170. It would be a wise strategy to take SC fight off the table. It is just not worth it. It is better to be focused on super tuesday.

  171. Obama’s team is using the race card and it’s going to backfire big time on his campaign. I just don’t understand why Obama people don’t shut Chris Matthew up…he is not helping Obama’s cause. Instead he’s helping Hillary Clinton and as a supporter, I’m so glad crybaby crissey is playing that game.

    Hillary and Bill should stand up to these race bullies and don’t concede any state on the say so of pundits and the media. I have no doubt the people that are pushing this think Black people are stupid, yes some are wrapping themselve in negativity but it’s not the motivating factor…what my kin is telling me, it’s a matter of pride and some sexism from the males that a woman can’t win the White House.

  172. this clintons did more for civil rights and the african-american community than barack ever did in several lifetimes. as an african-american i find it disgusting that obama backers are accusing the clintons of lousy garbage. feb 5th will end obama’s run for good.

  173. Asked in an e-mail from Politico about the situation Friday, she(Brazile) responded by sending over links to five cases in which the Clintons and their surrogates talked about Obama, along with a question:
    “Is Clinton using a race-baiting strategy against Obama?”

    If Brazille backed down from her participation in attacking the Clintons with the race card (I haven’t watched CNN yet), then it signals that the heavyweights in the black political community bolted upright this afternoon and realized that this situation (Obama attacking the Clintons as racists) is going to get very ugly, very quickly, and that the biggest losers will be the African American power base in Democratic Party politics.

  174. terrondt,

    I believe Obama team is using this tactics to distract Clinton from her renewed strategy of focusing on real issue, contrasting style vs. substance.

    I believe after NH win, primary voters in Feb. 5 primary are now more confident about their voices being heard. They have been obviously been encouraged by NH’s differing result from IA. NH tells them their individual votes really count, not what the national media are saying.

    This will only encouraging them from jumping on anybody’s bandwagon or ‘momentum’ play. If voters follow their hearts, Hillary wins. She’s been leading in double digits all year long.

  175. I think this racist crap is to distract from Obama’s “likeable enough” comment. So, Hill won in NH among non-whites by 12 points? Wow. Does anyone have the breakdown?

  176. If I could make a broader comment. Clinton being written off for dead before New Hampshire was very liberating — in my views of the media, in my views of the Democratic Party, in my views of many Democratic leaders [sic].

  177. No one ever won an election taking the path of least resistance, and national elections are not for the faint of heart. Nobody’s pulling out of SC and they shouldn’t. What would pulling out do for EDWARDS? What if Edwards WON SC?

    There are consequences (many unintended) for every action taken or not taken during the course of a campaign. I am surprised that reasonable, intelligent people here are actually presenting giving up SC as a good idea without thoroughly reviewing all possible ramifications of such a radical move.

  178. A few thoughts and facts about the Culinary Union endorsement:

    Three weeks before the IA caucuses the board in calif (I have always assumed it was the national board) was leaning towards HRC endorsement, based on interviews w/ several individual board members

    After NH, the national board asked the Nevada union leaders to take a neutral stance.

    The NV local decided to defy the national and announced for BO.

    Neither local nor national are addressing the temporary rift (they have them all the time) to avoid negative Union PR.

    My nephew says the members who talk politics are very divided…in early fall, many, many were for HRC, then half of those drank some watered-down Kool Aid after Iowa, leaned toward BO, half of those gave up hero worship and have leaned back. only one-fifth are even union active at all, etc. etc.

    Don’t worry about that union…it’s not like AFSME.

  179. I agree. S.C. is too important to win. Edwards really does have a shot at it. He COULD win it. So, I vote for Hillary to run there. Their voters deserve attention.

  180. The Realist:

    There are also unintended advantages of pulling of SC. After Nevada, SC is the only blackmail state preventing Clinton from campaigning her ass off in Florida — a state that actually could vote Democratic.

    If Clyburn and Obama want to accuse Bill Clinton of racism, screw South Carolina. Why be held hostage by a Republican state. Let Clyburn deal with Lindsey Graham.

  181. Emjay,

    I hope Clintons and Roy Reid made some emergent calls to union bosses in NV and ask them not to intimate their members from choosing candidates freely.

    The caucus system is a farce, the most undemocratic form. It’s like an election in North Korea. People are intimidated from voting for Hillary.

    I think I have a good theory about NH’s polling earthquake. I believe Hillary is perceived as a ‘divisive’ figure, she has been attracting lots of verbal onslaught. Many female voters, perhaps do not want to tell pollster they are for Hillary just avoid their Hillary hating husbands’ nagging… Iowa was a different story. People had to stand in public for their preferences of candidates. Many probably were intimidated by voicing supporting Hillary in public.

    Look at Hillary’s 2000 senator run. She won by 12 points. Some final polls, espcially Zogby only gave her a one point lead…

    I hope this theory pans out, because it only means even bigger margin in those big states…

  182. Anyone want to make a bar-bet that Bush shows up Dan Rather Style, in mufti, somewhere in Iraq, in the next 30 hours?

  183. true2party,

    It’s NOT trully pulling out. It’s a hint to the press to have a storyline to show Clinton cares about party unity. If this becomes a storyline, I seriously believe it will hurt Obama… Clinton does not need to actually pull out, but she can smartly further lower the expectations of SC…

  184. the win in NH comes down to this: (male dominated) society, culture, mass media, pollsters have always underestimated women.

  185. kostner-

    It would be spun as a sign of WEAKNESS. The biggest mistake we can make is to expect BM to be anything other than hostile and negative about any move the campaign makes. This ISSUE alone is proof positive of that contention IMO.

  186. does anybody know how the absteen ballot is going on? I hear MI has received lots of ballots back. Hopefully Team Clinton is busily bagging ballots in CA… Now she has the momentum, the more Hillary can bag in before the next contest, the more certain her nominee will be.

    Latest SurveyUSA New York poll is showing a 27 points lead.

  187. TM says Hillary is going on MTP Sunday. I understand MTP asked her to. I understand they asked her last week as well and she did nt know.

    MSNBC is in a bind now. They have pushed thei sexist line so hard that it has become an election issue harmful to their annointed candidate. Thus I would expect bully boy to lay off to rehabilitate his own image. She still has Matthews as a lightening rod to draw political current from.

    It is less clear to me what Hillary gets out of it unless one of you know. It is consistent with her new media strategy, it may keep TR on the reservation in the Tueday debate, she can push him to vet Bambi, and she can talk about some of her new positions like the new economic package in support of her 50 state strategy.

    The one thing I do believe is this is her decision and not some staff decision. That makes me comfortable and I think it will be okay. Emjay, Hillary, limabeans: I held off sending letter you reviewed last night to MSNBC to see what develops here.

  188. This is nuts. NH is considering recount of ballots. The more the stunning NH is in the news, the better for Hillary…

    Kucinich might have been witnessing a space alien and UFO on Tuesday.

  189. I don’t understand how Bill’s fairy tale comment on the press and Obama’s Iraq War stance got translated into him somehow calling MLK’s vision a fairy tale. It is absolutely preposterous. The Obama campaign has to be up to this?? #1 because Obama likes to respond to criticism and has done so repeatedly from Bill. He hasn’t; so I think he and his campaign somehow decided to twist this all around and somehow it worked. This is pathetic.

  190. wbboei,

    MTP won’t hurt her. She is now the new hot commodity of pundits. They have to be careful about her this time around since they underestimated her to an earthquake level…

    She can enjoy some good free media until the next contest to get her message out.

  191. The Clintons need to get info of Obama present votes on abortion to the African American community in SC (women in particular) Whether it helps drive up AA votes for us, it sure helps drive down his support. AA women will not stand for a man telling them what to do with their bodies.

    + I really hope Hillary mentions Rezko on Meet The Press.

    This guy needs to go down NOW.

  192. Kostner

    Hotel and gaming staff, union and non, poured out for her, even if her appearances were mostly word of mouth. Not in rally size, that comes later; just adoring, some just curious, mid sized neighborhood groups.

    ..many just wanted to touch her, take her picture..parents called in younger family members to ask questions in english and translate back…even though she had translators with her. Many just preferred their own family or neighbor translations.

    She was a hit. These smaller groups are just tantalizing appetizers for the rallies to come. Those who saw and heard her today are talking excitedly about her to everyone they see and work with, creating envy and enthusiasm…

    With her concurrent focus on the mid-level workers today, those coming rally events are going to be huge fiestas baby!

  193. Emjay,

    I have no doubt she will win convincingly if it’s a primary. But I’m scared to death of those intimidation/peer pressure in a caucus system.

  194. Huh. And when was it people were advising Hillary to write off NH?

    Why in the world would she write off SC where she and Bill have been known and liked for ages. Doesn’t the black community have a long history of disregarding MSM and doing their own reality checks among their own channels and their own older leaders. And NOT being very happy about fakes who may make the whole community look bad.

    In the 2000 election, didn’t blacks ignore the MSM press on Gore, and vote strongly for him?

    A BO victory in SC wouldn’t mean much. But if the SC blacks turn out for HIllary instead…!

    Hillary as she said neglected the youth vote (at least the Iowa/Illinois segment 🙂 but corrected that mistake (hurriedly) in NH and won among voters over 25.

    Otherwise I don’t think her campaign NEEDS advice from me, anyway. They seem to be doing fine. They seem to be following Dean’s “50 state” strategy that won the House in 2006.

    All I’d advise would be more geeky resources at her website and elsewhere. Videos and transcripts of videos etc.

  195. Emjay,

    From my shallow understanding of hispanic political culture. They adore female politician, they adore celebrity politician. I’m sure she’ll be a hit among hispanic community. I hope they will all come out for her on Saturday.

    If she nails NV, the game is over. I don’t care about SC, and I doubt pundits/audience will care about since they know the demographic advantage Obama is enjoying there… So a win by Obama is really not a surprise.

  196. Clinton upstages Republicans with stimulus plan : This is the headline from Reuters on Yahoo

    Hillary clinton made headlines today with her Economic stimulus package. Her package was reviewed today on CNBC. They really liked it. It is tough to please the wall street and she has done it. I wish we could headline this news item on our blog here. It is package that would help the middle class and stimulate the economy.

  197. The day Oprah Winfrey crashed the party, I knew it was only a matter of time before race snuck into the Primary.

  198. Our posture on New Hampshire and any possible recount:

    We look forward to reliving the New Hampshire election. We look forward to reliving Hillary’s wonderful victory.

    Election integrity is important and we have no problem with recounts as a matter of course, after most if not all, elections. Maybe we can have another big party in New Hampshire after the recount too.

  199. hillary better have the best campaign team for SC. we need to make sure of this. and yes-she must invest heavily and play there i think.

  200. As for a NH recount, yay! I think Hillary should reach out to Kuchinic and Ron Paul to make a joint request! There’s bi-partisanship for you.

    Seriously — why NOT do a system test of the NH vote-counting and recount procedures. It might matter in November.

    And it would be good to get some endorsement from respected sources as to whether the numbers add up. What I’ve seen at blogs is that they do, especially by the CNN poll that showed voters changing their minds during voting day. But of course they’re being spun the other way at other sites. Bring the facts out and make the conspiracy theorists take it a level higher.:-)

  201. “Clinton upstages Republicans with stimulus plan”

    What a great headline. That will give me sweet dreams tonight.

  202. I know next to nothing about Nevada, but I will say that Hispanics in California love Hillary. When I’m doing phone banking, the great majority of Hispanic Democrats gladly tell me they will vote for Hillary.

    As of late, older African-American women are undecided between Hill and Obama. Many do support Obama, though.

  203. For those who want a NH recount, do you anticipate they’ll demand a recount for every state that Hillary wins? Is the desire for recounts exclusive to Hillary? If Obama wins, the system is fair and everyone did the right thing. Is that how it’s going to be?

    I don’t like it. It’s all sour grapes to me.

  204. repost:

    “The Clintons need to get info of Obama present votes on abortion to the African American community in SC (women in particular) Whether it helps drive up AA votes for us, it sure helps drive down his support. AA women will not stand for a man telling them what to do with their bodies.

    + I really hope Hillary mentions Rezko on Meet The Press.

    This guy needs to go down NOW.”

  205. filbertsf Says:
    As of late, older African-American women are undecided between Hill and Obama. Many do support Obama, though.

    That’s a little frightening. African American women are a very important voting bloc in the Party. I hope many of them will stay with Hillary. She needs to make sure her message is resonating among these women.

  206. The real reason Obama lost NH is because he never really connected with the working people. The men and women who are the back bone of America. He only appealed to to the dreamers and the elite who are the fringe of the society. As this election moves towards Super tuesday we need to drive this point home.

  207. R.I.P.

    Sir Edmund Hillary

    First class New Zealander.

    First class mountaineer.

    First class North and South Pole Explorer.

    but most of all, First Class Humanitarian.

  208. filbertsf, we anticipate every time Hillary wins there will be incredulity in the “reality based” nutkooks world.

    Notice no questions about Obama shipping in voters from Illinois. These are all people who keep saying “I don’t know anyone who likes/votes Hillary”. They are demented.

    We look forward to reliving every Hillary victory. There is nothing to be afraid of or anxious here. Recounts bolster voter confidence in results. Most voters realize that Hillary won fair and square for the reasons we posted yesterday.

    We would like to see recount after recount after recount of the New Hampshire vote. Like the movie Groundhog Day we would love to relive that glorious January 8, 2008 night. Wonderful memories.

  209. Kingsgrove, What is the impact of Michelle Obama campaining in SC? I am told that she is already in SC campaigning for AA women.

  210. hey Kostner

    New Ham is not considering the recount. Dennis is. He wants it, but will have to deliniate where, why, how much, and a written reasonable thesis for doing so.

    Then he gets to pay a couple thousand to petition for the recount.

  211. repost: “The real reason Obama lost NH is because he never really connected with the working people. The men and women who are the back bone of America. He only appealed to to the dreamers and the elite who are the fringe of the society. As this election moves towards Super tuesday we need to drive this point home.”

    as I said, where is Obama walking door to door to meet and listening to real families instead of those photo-opps in large stadium for marketing purposes? He is full of it, and working class people know it better than the elitists whose sense of populist movements are what they see in movies and read in books, not what they live. Clinton is back on her listening tour – and that tour won her NY.

  212. Ininla, I so agree. If you ever get a chance, listen to the last part of his speech at the NH 100 Dinner, and the last one-third of his ungracious (concession) speech in NH.

    Swear to the lord, felt like I was back in an unnamed town in the summer, in a white tent, at one of the weekly revival meetings…the cadence, the varied vocal volume, the repetitive key phrases, the long and dramatic pauses….Yes, yes,..geeze us.

    I sincerely hope I offended no one reading this.

  213. Yes, the listening tour won her New York, and New Yorkers aren’t easy to win over, whatever insults Tweety may send their way.

    Thanks, Emjay 🙂

    That’s what really happened in New Hampshire — it’s the economy, stupid, all over again.

    That and a secret ballot that allowed people to vote their real preference.

  214. One of the many reasons we adore HRC and BC is their unwavering commitment to stand up for themselves and for us. The other campaigns, fearing embarrassing losses were quick to cede FL and MI and only now are their surrogates trying to game the vote against HRC, the only candidate left who refused to disenfranchise the voters. HRC must compete in SC and if she doesn’t win the vote, which I think she will, she will win the war by not backing down to this round of vile untruths by those who truly fear her and her overwhelmingly loyal support. I’ve never seen Obama fight for anything besides his best interests and I’ve only seen Edwards fight because he has unchecked HRC hatred. HRC fights for us, always has and always will. On to SC and we’ll see who is still around to fight another day.

  215. Some attention needs to be drawn to the fact that Dennis Kucinich is not CONTESTING THE NEW HAMPSHIRE ELECTION out of some grand sense of righteousness. He already showed in Iowa that he is nothing but a BAGMAN FOR OBAMA. The intent is clearly to SLIME HILLARY’S NEW HAMPSHIRE WIN and leave some PUBLIC DOUBT HANGING OVER IT for as long as they can string the process out. I think a nice REJOINDER by Hillary would be something along the lines of “I see my opponents are having trouble coping with the fact that they LOST TO A WOMAN. It looks like Mr. Kucinich drew the ‘SHORT’ straw this time and has to be the one to contest the results.”.

  216. Tex4Hill

    They do and will have some of the best in SC. I know someone going for a week or more, and he is soooo smart, as are his compadres…and these are people taking leave-without-pay to travel from the greater DC area to work 16-18 hour days. They are true believers and doers. I met him here during the caucuses. Her campaign is jam-packed with these thoughtful, hard-headeded folks, contrasted with dewy-eyed BO groupies.

  217. I want to see Hillary do some campaigning in SC. She said, it’s not about a game, it’s about people. If she cuts out SC it sends the wrong signal. It could also help set a tone for how she does elsewhere in the south. She needs to connect with voters down there. I think surrogates should also be used a lot there and asking certain individuals who’ve endorsed her to campaign already. We have a very unique situation in this election and gender plays in more heavily than ever before.

  218. It is Pathetic to see the MSM act as BO surrogates. Here is WP reporter Dan Balz carried away by Obama:

    That pledge notwithstanding, Edwards has two weeks to think about the future. He is certainly in the race through Nevada and South Carolina, the next two contests on the calendar, and at least one reason to keep going that long is that he is likely to be a help to Obama in the Palmetto State.

    Mr Dan balz thinks Edwards should continue to help St. Obama. May be Balz should get pulitzer for his

  219. This must be a joke, John Kerry’s triumphant return to Sunday talk show … Obama/Kerry, what a nightmarish pair…

    ABC’s “This Week” goes old school this Sunday, featuring former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) and the last Democratic presidential nominee, Massachusetts Sen. John F. Kerry.

    Kerry has been back in the campaign news lately with his endorsement of Obama, while Gingrich has kept his powder dry since deciding against his own bid for the White House.

  220. I’m new to this site, (got kicked off of by that shameless Obama fanatic Ben Smith for trying to defend Hillary to the sheep he herds over there) and I don’t know if this is news or not. Has anyone brought up the fact that Dick Morris (everyone’s least favorite Tub of Crisco) went to work for Obama’s African cousin Raila Odinga in Kenya a few months back. Alledgedly “pro bono”, although it seems that Morris could use the cash given his problems with the Taxman. Since that was right around the time that Obama was collecting all of his touted “former Clinton advisors”, it seems unlikely that Tricky Dick wasn’t considered. Obviously he is too toxic for work on home soil, but he could easily have been dispatched by Cousin Obama to help out Cousin Odinga. The upshoot of the whole thing is that Odinga lost the election and is now claiming “FIX”. There have been bloody incidents where the Luo Tribe (of Odinga and Obama) have burned Kikuyu in churchs, slaughtered them with machetes, and thrown them live into raging rivers. As a consequence Obama is LOATH TO ADMIT his former support for his African counterpart, much less the fact that they ARE PROBABLY RELATED. At least Odinga offers reasonable proof. Odinga is a very SKETCHY CHARACTER, as was Obama’s birth father Barack Sr. The media (unsurprisingly) doesn’t want to go there, and prefers to show WARM AND FUZZY footage of an 85 year old woman who Obama calls GRANDMOTHER, even though they are not actually related. His real African grandmother abandoned her family, as his “real” African father did. In fact Barack Obama Sr. ABANDONED SEVERAL FAMILIES in the course of his short, brutal life. Including one other AMERICAN FAMILY which he created while at Harvard University after he left Barack and his mother in Hawaii.

    Since the relationship with Odinga is on his father’s side, the conflict in Kenya might help to bring some of these truths to light. The reason for Obama’s frantic Monday night calls to Odinga were to ask him to delay the proposed “Million Man March” (wonder where Morris got that idea) that could turn the country into a bloodbath. Obama must be terrified of the prospect of T.V. images of slaughter in the streets of an African country OVER A DISPUTED ELECTION, at the very time his own supporters are getting increasingly unruly and claiming a “fixed result” in New Hampshire. Someone needs to connect the dots properly between Obama, Morris, and Odinga. When that is done it will be HUGE, since Morris’ sole claim to fame these days is as a Hillary hater, and Odinga has gotten rich off Muslim oil money in Kenya and has promised to facilitate the spread of Sharia Law there if he manages to seize power.

    Obama has met with Odinga, both in Africa and in America in the past, and they are in constant phone contact. I mean, hey, they’re COUSINS….;). But seriously Riala Odinga is fabulously wealthy as a result of the oil deals he made while Energy Minister in the former Kenyan government (a hereditary position from his father Odinga Odinga who was PM). Catholic missionaries in Kenya say the latest butchery there shows clear signs of being planned from the top. The Luo and their associates have targeted Kikuyu after the election at the end of December, and driven up to 1/2 a million from their homes. Almost certainly at the behest of COUSIN RAILA ODINGA.

  221. Some random thoughts:

    * According to the Las Vegas Sun newspaper, the Culinary endorsement is likely only to produce 10,000 supporters for Obama out of the 60,000 union membership.

    * You can also submit a question for Tuesday’s debate on the national NBC News website at, and they only ask for your name, city, state, and e-mail, and you can leave some blank.

    * I’ve noticed that the RightWing media portrays Willard Romney the Republican frontrunner, even though he placed second in both Iowa and New Hampshire, because he leads in the delegate count.

    Somebody mentioned this a couple of days ago, that we should be referring to Hillary as the frontrunner because she leads in the delegate count.

  222. The gender split on the new CNN national poll of registered Democrats. Iron this:

    Clinton 29%
    Obama 32%

    Clinton 57%
    Obama 30%

    As you read those splits, keep in mind that women make up 55% to 60% of the Democratic primary electorate, depending on the state.

  223. Here is WashPo’s Richard Cohen on BO’s condescension to women and hillary’s moment of empathy–which he says really connectd with women.

    Who’s Blogging» Links to this article
    By Richard Cohen
    Thursday, January 10, 2008; 12:00 AM

    Rick Lazio must have known what was coming. As Hillary Clinton’s Senate opponent in 2000, he alarmingly strode across the stage during a debate and demanded that she sign a pledge to ban the use of soft money in their campaign. With every step, he lost more women’s votes.

    Now something similar has happened. I am not referring to the most famous cry since Evita’s (“Don’t Cry for Me, New Hampshire”), but to Barack Obama’s patronizing dismissal of Clinton in the final debate of the New Hampshire campaign. After Clinton had good-naturedly responded to a question about what is sometimes called her “personality deficit” — “Well, that hurts my feelings” — she went on to concede that Obama is “very likable.” Obama responded with a curt “You’re likeable enough, Hillary.”

    Wince. Slap. A version of “nice personality” — the killer description of a girl from my high school days. It was an ugly moment that showed a side of Obama we had not seen and it might not have been characteristic. But it made for vivid TV, a High-Definition Truth, and probably more than a few women recoiled from it.

    Obama could have remedied the situation — Lazio later recovered his standing with suburban women — but the Illinois senator continued to look disdainful on television and seemed to be acting for all the world as if his inauguration was a mere formality.

    Was this the moment accounting for the gender gap that put Clinton over the top? Women, 57 percent of the New Hampshire electorate, went for her by 12 points. That was not the case in the Iowa caucuses, where she lost the female vote by five points. Something happened in New Hampshire, something that moved women. Obama would be a fool not to wonder where he had gone wrong.

    As for Clinton’s celebrated cry, it was not like its famous predecessors — Ed Muskie’s 1972 cry or Pat Schroder’s 1988 breakdown — a surge of self-pity. If I had to use a single word to describe it, it would be “maternal.” She did not cry for herself. She cried for the country.

    “It’s not easy,” she said of the campaign. “And I couldn’t do it if I didn’t passionately believe it was the right thing to do. … You know, this is very personal for me. It’s not just political. It’s not just public. I see what’s happening, and we have to reverse it. Some people think elections are a game, lots of who’s up or who’s down. It’s about our country. It’s about our kids’ futures. And it’s really about all of us together.”

    Instantly, the more cynical of my brethren wondered if the cry was staged. They punditated about whether it showed weakness and how, for God’s sake, Clinton could stand up to our nation’s enemies if she was going to break down in tears from time to time.

    They missed two points. The first is that women don’t consider crying a sign of weakness but of authenticity. And the second was that this so-called cry, actually a welling up, an emotional burp, was not a clear descent into self-pity, but a weep for the country: “It’s about our kids’ futures.”

    There’s a natural tendency to make us all one. Barack Obama’s race or Hillary Clinton’s gender are not supposed to matter. But the Obama camp got upset when Clinton adopted the image of Martin Luther King in her rhetoric. It was theirs, the Obama camp felt — by right, by inheritance, by dint of struggle. You can appreciate their point.

    For its part, the Obama camp forgot that Hillary is a woman, as well as a wife and mother. This, in a way, encapsulates her struggle — a life at once darkly unknowable and brilliantly public. But whatever it is, her life is a woman’s life, and no man dare dismiss it.

    By now, any prudent pundit ought to know better than to predict what will happen next. But the wave Barack Obama kept saying he was riding is apparently no match for a mother’s warm tears.

  224. joe friday is right. everybody check that delagate count on the realclear website after feb. 5th. hillary is going to clean house.


    she is all over the news in califronia but this one is about 11 mintues use http only 2 videos on the left…

  226. filbert

    I’d like to let you in on a little secret.

    shhhhh (many Asian, Polish, Navajo, Spanish, Czech, Mexican, South, Central, Irish, Laotian, Vietnamese, German, Dominican, French, Slovakian, Cambodian, Australian, Pacific Island, Canadian, Inuit, Russian and Romanian-American women are undecided too; but you know what? We’ll do just what the women in NH did.

    57% baby, 57%.

    Stop worring about our decision-making skills, OK?

    Proudly following our girl’s confident lead: Awwww, Filbert, baby.

  227. south carolia is going to be tough but i will never again doubt her winning abilities after the come from behind win nh.

  228. Hillary on C-Span now at Commerce City, CA. This is an enthusiastic crowd. Several times, they errupted in chants of ‘Hillary, Hillary, Hillary’


  229. oh yah, she addmitted i told her on her site your emotions can show hillary, your human to just like all the rest of us.. your a human being lol i wrote thee other day..oh she is reading lol..

  230. LMAO.. saw on local news tonight that some Obama supporters are urging Michigan voters to write in Obama’s name when voting. Let them write in Obama, their vote won’t count. Rules do not allow write in votes, that is why Undecided was added.

  231. Sorry.

    Just couldn’t help, or stop, myself. But I’ll go on…

    Gotta go iron my shirt.

    Cue up Barry White…….Volume,,,3, 2, 1 …go

  232. I love the image that politics is not about a game, it’s about people. She needs to keep coming back to that–from her speech when she won in New Hampshire. She really connected with people then. It was a great speech. I am listening to her economy speech right now on CSPAN.

    wb: great article by R. Cohen above. That’s a keeper!

  233. ob cant compete with her not when its comes to the economy,people get really serious with this just like with jobs to be found..

  234. Obama’s use of the race card only shows how ambitious and arrogant he is. It doesn’t matter if it destroys the party, it doesn’t matter if it destroys the gains on race relations by making this the ugliest Democratic campaign in recent memory – for so long as he gets nominated. This is one sick, narcissistic prick!!! I really hope SC will wake up and kick his ass!!!

  235. Mischief in Michigan… against us.

    Hillary people in Michigan DO need to vote FOR HILLARY in order for her to get the delegates.

    Even if she is more or less the only name on the ballot, if her name isn’t checked (or the ballot isn’t returned), then she doesn’t get those delegates.

    This is mischief against Hillary first and to make the Dems look bad by getting blamed for it.

  236. Kingsgrove: The Clintons need to get info of Obama present votes on abortion to the African American community in SC (women in particular)

    AA voters in SC are overwhelmingly religious.

  237. Hillary is the smartest person i know.. and i learn from her to..she is taking questions guy said marry me. gawd…lol//

  238. watching her on cspan … she is so smart on all the issues. Taking questions is great. Her answers are authentic and she is getting her message out.

    This is what she needs to do in her campaign stops. The more questions she takes the smarter and more rounded she is.

    This woman is dynomite and will be the best POTUS.

  239. I’m watching Clinton on C-Span. She’s rocking! She knows her stuff, she is engaged and the audience in right there with her. Taking lots of questions, giving specific answers. I think we are seeing her in her ‘new voice’ mode.


  240. dot48 ITA. I am watching her on cspan right now and I am just thinking to myself that this woman is scary smart. How can people listen to her and not vote for her?

  241. I am watching her on cspan right now and I am just thinking to myself that this woman is scary smart. How can people listen to her and not vote for her?

    Didn’t you hear? She and her husband are racists. Probably Chelsea, too. I heard it from Obama campaign operatives.

  242. Kucinich isn’t contesting the result for himself. He certainly isn’t contesting it on moral grounds as he claims. He is contesting it at the REQUEST OF OBAMA. Not that it would change a result, but simply to LEAVE A CLOUD HANGING OVER HILLARY’S WIN as long as possible. Kucinich went over to the dark side in Iowa. (No racial connotations intended 🙁 ). He isn’t allowed to officially announce, because it would underline the DE FACTO ganging up by the boys that has already occured. Richardson had the dignity to leave as a man, but little “Kooch” is hanging around as a surrepticious Fifth Column agent for Obama. Dennis needs the money, what with a new Mail Order Trophy Wife to support, and all.

  243. Marc Ambinder has this from The Atlantic:

    Race and gender have always been subtexts of the Democratic presidential race, and for the first time, really, since this whole thing began, they’ve become fully fledged texts. One reporter even claims that racial politics is “roiling” the Democratic race.

    Today, former President Clinton appeared on prominent black radio talk show programs to tamp down a wave of concerns that his calling Barack Obama’s candidacy a “fairy tale” was racially insensitive. One by one, to hosts Steve Harvey, Michael Basin and Al Sharpton, Clinton professed his admiration for Obama and insisted that he was only referring to Obama’s lack of executive experience.

    In turn, the Clinton campaign has accused the Obama campaign of artificially ginning up the controversy. Clinton aides seized on reports that an Obama press aide, in response to a research query from a prominent activist, included remarks by the Clintons in a compilation of racially insensitive remarks. Hillary Clinton said the accusations about her comments were “baseless and divisive,” ABC News reported tonight.

    The compilation produced by the press aide starts with New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s linking Obama’s style at press conferences to “Shuck and Jive.” The next heading in capital letters reads: “MARTIN LUTHER KING / LYNDON JOHNSON COMPARISON.” The story excerpt includes Hillary Clinton’s remark that Pres. Lyndon Johnson was instrumental to the passage of civil rights laws. Then the document features Bill Clinton’s assertion that Hillary Clinton is “stronger than Nelson Mandela,” former Clinton adviser Billy Shaheen’s plea to the press to focus on Obama’s youthful drug use, Mark Penn’s invocation of the word “cocaine” when trying to defend Shaheen.

    There is no evidence that the campaign circulated the compilation to reporters, or to anyone aside from the activist who requested the information.

    There is much more to this article . . . please read and let’s get this bad boy circulated as well as Taylor Marsh’s.

  244. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s doing Obama’s bidding.

    BTW, has that guy asked Hillary to marry him yet? I want to catch that on C-SPAN, lol.

  245. taking care of business..and working overtime. could be new fight song. of course, the business could be misinterpted by msm.

  246. Obama in his own words: ‘I was a Part time Lesgislator’ via huffpo

    So he has even less experience than the little we originally thought he hadl was something improbable about the new guy from Chicago via Honolulu and Jakarta, Indonesia, the one with the Harvard law degree and the job teaching constitutional law, turning up in Springfield, Ill., in January 1997 among the housewives, ex-mayors and occasional soybean farmer serving in the State Senate….

    …Asked why he ran for the Senate in a state where rank-and-file lawmakers have been called “mushrooms” (because they are kept in the dark and fed, uh, manure), Mr. Obama said: “Part of it was that the seat opened up. I was living in the district, and the state legislature was a part-time position. It allowed me to get my feet wet in politics and test out whether I could get something done.”

  247. From Chris Cillizza/The Fix:

    “Even if some endorsements matter, there is no compelling evidence that I know of that Kerry’s will,” he writes. “Indeed, the endorsement by Kerry, who is more associated with the past than with the future, fundamentally contradicts the Obama message and could turn out to be a liability.”

    He has a point. The most prominent endorsements of the last few presidential contests haven’t exactly turned out as the principals had hoped. The most commonly cited example is former Vice President Al Gore’s endorsement of former Gov. Howard Dean in 2004; Gore’s backing, which was expected to be the final piece of Dean’s winning puzzle, wound up signaling the beginning of the end.

    There are many other examples. Remember how Rep. Jim Clyburn was going to deliver South Carolina’s primary in 2004 to Kerry? Whoops. Kerry lost by 15 points to former senator John Edwards. Or how about Sen. Judd Gregg’s (N.H.) backing of then Texas Gov. George W. Bush in 2000 and former governor Mitt Romney this time around? Double whoops. Or when then Gov. John Engler put his political organization on the line for Bush only to watch Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) carry Michigan. Yet another whoops.

  248. I can’t imagine the Obama campaign wanting to turn this into a “race” issue. It will certainly be a dead end street for them if they do. It may buy them a quick fix in South Carolina, but nation wide Americans who define themselves as “African American” comprise only 14% of the population. Other minority races are far less likely to trust a candidate who identifies himself as a “spokesperson for African Americans”, than most Caucasian liberals. If Obama wants to squeeze himself into that narrow demographic, and cranks up the race issue for S.C., it is going to blowback on him hard further down the road. I hope he does, it’s a fool’s errand. Ben Smith, who wrote the “roiling” article is dolt at the best of times. He is a transparent Obama supporter, but from the Clinton p.ov. “with enemies like that, who needs friends?”;)

  249. HI ADMIN,





  250. yes Admin…Barry White.

    He gives me the strength, you know…as our girl said…..

    […but] “I’ll go on….” (insert Julia Roberts side-to-side headshake here)

    but still have to go “iron my shirt.”

  251. Shelby Steele, the guy on Bill Moyrers…author of “A Bound Man,” says BO is not ready and gives great insight into him and his campaign.

    The always astute Katherine Hall Jamison had he ear tuned, as usual to what went on in the campaign this week.

    An intelligent, cogent hour, with no adverts. Don’t know when it gets posted on bill moyers journal, but it is the full hour plus extras; I usually play it during my Sunday brunch.

  252. OK chickadees, time to get the blood flowing.

    Please go to my note @7:58 last evening on Admin’s previous topic.

    Remember, every individual’s action counts BIG time, and GIANT time if you spread the word to family, friends, and co-workers.

    BTW, anyone else unsubscribe to a blog, newspaper or mag today?

    Many did yesterday. Check out yesterday’s sterling examples since it’s a little slow here right now.

  253. paula,

    you may have no problem with it, but its another trap…
    how do they always draw the attention away from barack everytime something about him?

    they use MISDIRECTION…
    now instead of everybody talking about obamas defects, now lets talk about the clintons defects…

    we use that same tactics in all elections, we do on a regular basis in unions, of which i am a member…
    unions fight hard and ugly, and this is a standard practice.
    its all about who controls the message, and who gets their message out first, and flinches first…

  254. I am listening to the L.A. rally right now. Wow, the mayor is a GREAT cheerleader! 🙂

    I agree that Hillary is (to use a now-tired phrase) “finding her voice.” She is getting looser and sassier and more comfortable. Whenever this happens, the crowd really responds! I like it a lot.

    I have a feeling that she is truly listening to her own instincts now. She should do this. She is fiery AND wonky, a great combo! 🙂 She is an excellent listerner; I have seen her in Town Halls and she always manages REALLY HEAR every question and respond in a specific, nuanced way. I think this definitely works with voters; she really does the work to earn each vote.

    Her door-to-door strategy in NV is brilliant. Barak seems like this would simply be beneath him. Hillary acts as if this is the LEAST she could do; like it is the LEAST that voters deserve.

    I think this is an extremely smart move that will eventually pay off. Hillary has to work much harder than a regular candidate; she not only has to craft an image, but she has to challenge a pre-existing (mostly negative) one. Barak is new to the mass public, but Hillary must count on voters giving her a fair chance and disregarding the one that already exists. It is hard but she can do it because she is dedicated, tough as nails and extraordinarily talented.

    I believe Hillary is truly destined for greatness. She has survived so much in pursuit of this destiny. She will WIN!

  255. skmf12, I think they’re aware of that, which is why they’re throwing it back at him by saying his campaign is ginning it up. They’re not letting them get away with another smear.

  256. here si the senate roll call on the dem amendment to cap creidt card interest rates. obama voted to defeat this amendment-against the will of almost all

  257. Obama today talking in NV

    The Illinois senator said he identified with their economic hardships.

    “I wasn’t living large,” he said. “I had an old, beat-up car and had a little, tiny beat-up apartment. I was wearing beat-up clothes. I had holes in the shoes, had holes in my car. You know what I’m talking about.”

    Yeah, that is until he hooked up with REZKO

  258. Admin


    Don’t know whether to swoon, get up and glide-dance or clean up my little computer space here.

    Thanks for using up some of your precious CPU, for me.

  259. here si the senate roll call on the dem amendment to cap creidt card interest rates. obama voted to defeat this amendment-against the will of almost all

    [article spread over to next page],0,1010006.story?page=2

    PART 8
    Carefully crafting the Obama ‘brand’
    From his first days in the U.S. Senate, the Illinoisan has followed a strategy envisioning a White House bid
    June 12, 2007
    a ceiling of 30 percent on interest rates for credit cards and other consumer debt. …. Obama planned to support the measure ….
    But when the amendment came up for a vote, Obama was standing next to Sen. Paul Sarbanes (D-Md.), the senior Democrat on the banking committee ….
    “You know, this is probably not a smart amendment for us to vote for,” Obama recalled Sarbanes telling him…..
    Obama joined Sarbanes in voting against the amendment [….] There
    remains no federal ceiling on credit card interest rates.

  260. Had a good laugh looking at where Drudge put Politco’s “Obama Enraged Racism” bleat. Between a picture of a very surly looking Wesley Snipes who is facing tax evasion charges for $36 million, and an O.J. Simpson update, wherein the Man Who Got Away With Murder by playing the race card, will be IN A LAS VEGAS JAIL when Obama comes to town. Drudge still has his twisted sense of humor.

  261. CNN National Poll from today shows Hillary gaining 9 points from December, now at 49%. Obama gains 6 points, now at 36%. Edwards slipping into obscurity with 12%. HILLARY OPENS UP SOME DISTANCE on the pack of men chasing her.

  262. # SUGAR Says:
    January 11th, 2008 at 12:55 pm

    “My, my, my. I love it! “Senator Obama, would you stop so we can talk to you!?” I’m going to a Montgomery County (MD) for Hillary volunteer meeting on Sunday and I’m fired up! Obama is a liar and a rat fink of the worse kind. I read that Alice Palmer article last night and I was appalled.
    Hi Sugar, could you tell me where it is? I live in the county and I would like to go? Thanks.”

    pm, sorry for the late response, but if you go to Hillary’s main campaign website and then sign up to “Take Action” there is a list of Events/Parties that you can RSVP to. If you haven’t signed up, do it as quickly as possible so that you can attend. I’m very excited. It’s supposed to be about 2 hours at the Montgomery County Education Assocation on Gude Avenue, or Drive, whatever, but on Gude. I hope to see you there!!!

    Donna Brazille–She gave a keynote address at the Public Relations Society of America national conference back in November and she said that she was “flirting” with both the Clinton and Obama campaigns, but I’ll be honest, her body language and her responses on CNN have been quite slanted towards Obama. And, she’s always wrong! lol On the night of the NH primaries, she in effect said that Obama would crush Hill only to be sitting up there looking dumb when the results came out in the end. She was visibly agitated by the outcome.

  263. I think people should watch this. just remember steele is a republican, so be very weary of what he is saying. yet the interview might give us more light into how republicans will attack him. Hillary needs to get her african american supporters active pretty soon, else whe will lose her credibility with the community. I think she needs to ask her AA supporters to speak back to obama campaign forcefully.

  264. With the excitement of Iowa and New Hampshire behind us, the Democratic Presidential Primary Season is moving west to Nevada!

    This is the earliest the West has ever caucused for a Democratic Presidential race. Be there to see this historic moment by volunteering for the Nevada State Democratic Party on Caucus Day, Saturday, January 19, 2008.

    The Nevada State Democratic Party has secured over 520 caucus locations, but they need your help staffing the caucuses and monitoring phone banks in Nevada. While your work is NOT on behalf of any specific candidate your time will help guarantee a successful caucus. Can you help the Nevada State Democratic Party ensure that the West’s clout in national politics continues to grow by volunteering at the Nevada Caucuses?

    The caucus is a tremendous opportunity to showcase the West as a diverse and crucial electorate that will be important both in determining our Party’s nominee as well as the next President of the United States this fall. Together, by having a successful first Western Caucus, we can put the West’s stamp on the presidential nominating process. Contact Missy Luft at or call the Nevada State Democratic Party office at: 702-737-8683 to sign up and get more information.

  265. Kismet that O.J. Simpson will be cooling his heels in a Las Vegas jail, (and probably splashed on the covers of the local newspapers), at the same time as Dr. Obama’s Travelling Revival Salvation Medicine Show hits the City of Lights. Maybe The Juice will be inspired to write an uplifting tale of survival and redemption. He could entitle it “Letters From A Las Vegas Jail”. Or maybe not. :(. Lets a bit of the air out of that “racisim” balloon that the Obama campaign and their media shills have been floating the past couple of days, in any event. 🙂

  266. robert ethan, are you trying to be controversial on purpose? OJ has nothing to do with Obama. I despise race-baiting, whether done by Obama’s campaign or someone on this board. Stop it.

  267. 1950 dem,

    thank you for the union link…
    as you know i have told this story here on this site, it is the reason i would not vote for ob even if he is the candidate…
    it is the reason my benefits, pay, and pensions have been cut, or gone altogether…
    union members do not forget…

    if more union people know how he screwed us, they would be furious!
    anyway i commented.

  268. sen ben nelson of ne to back obama tommorrow.

  269. I have been thinking about how many people are actually going to give up a Saturday afternoon to caucus in NV. Any numbers out there on past turnouts?

  270. Thanks HillaryForTexas. We posted a new article which addresses the politics of division and distraction. Let’s not fall into the trap.

  271. I found my own answer, no one has any idea how many will caucus in Nevada this year. In past years there was only 1 caucus site per county(17 total) for the entire state. This year there will be over 500 sites. In 2004 they had a record high of 9000 caucus goers. With the increase in caucus site and the record turnouts in IA and NH they are sure to shatter the record.

    This should be real interesting

  272. We should be very consistent in our weeding out of anything that could be construed as racist comments/ race baiting on this board to contrast the failure of Obama supporters to stop misogynistic statements to run rampant on their boards (not obama’s website).

  273. Folks – Peggy Noonan is mentally ill. She’s not a hack. She’s a mentally ill fruitcake with the IQ of a cold dog. She has sexual fantasies about stroking Ronald Reagan’s feet and doesn’t have the common sense to not publish said fantasies. She saw a guy who looked mideastern days after the 9/11 attack and wanted to physically assault him for taking photos of a church.

    Even the Unabomber got some stuff right. Peggy Noonan is inevitably right on occasion as well. But she is nuts – there is no doubt about it. Stark raving, bat shit, running around naked with the fire extinguisher and screeching at the top of her lungs about Thomas Paine nuts.

    Seriously. She is completely unhinged. She is no more worth quoting than Lyndon LaRouche.

  274. Here’s an idea: We need construct daily Talking Points on current topics to counter BigMedia. We all should make phone calls/emails to our friends with these everyday. Real grassroots effort.

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