Big Media Loses. New Hampshire Shouts: Make Hillary 44

Update: We expect close to zero vetting of Obama by Big Media, but at least one of the most powerful Big Media figures let a truth slip out last night on the Charlie Rose show. Video of Mark Halperin (thanks to Taylor Marsh) on the media:


Big Media lost a big one last night. Big Media lost because Hillary Clinton did not give up. Big Media lost because we, and all Hillary Clinton supporters did not give up.

Hillary Clinton said that you can’t demand change, you can’t hope for change – you have to work for change. And Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton supporters worked, worked hard, for change – and we won.

The Big Media Obama wave dissipated in less than 5 days from Iowa to New Hampshire when that undulation hit the Granite state.

Chris Matthews was confronted with a Reality Break when a woman, Rachel Maddow, rebuked him on national television for his anti-Hillary diatribes and unhinged hate.

 The “Iron My Shirt” Big Media brigade, Russert, Matthews and all the funeral planners at Big Media newspapers and other Big Media outlets were beaten – by a woman. 


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  1. Congratulations to her and her staff, especially those in NH!

    Her speech I could follow, BO’s was so narcissistic, had to change the channel.

    I can see the focus on youth now, its people in the background and speech references (and maybe even the SS detail). This campaign can really adapt as needed.

    Yes, BM lost and those special interests Hillary mentioned will be getting their ‘defeat Hillary’ campaign in full swing. Still need to work hard, go Hillary!

    So does this prove you can show your human/emotional/real side, and that is actually a STRENGTH, not a weakness?

  2. Admin, can you post or link the Chris Matthews smackdown, would love to see that. Looks like he’ll need somebody else to iron his shirt!

  3. Next steps:

    MESSAGE: It’s the economy, stupid. It was her mantra in ’92, and voters list the economy as their most important issue. This is her bread-and-butter. It’s a wonky area, too, which suits her.

    TACTICS: Win Nevada and get the Culinary Workers Union endorsement if we can, or, if not, a “neutral” position is fine.

    STAFF ADDITIONS: Funny how Penn went from whipping boy (I was frustrated by him 2 days ago, too) to prescient analyst (indeed, where was the Obama bounce?). Still, it was great to see more of Ann Lewis last night, and Terry McAuliffe on the network broadcasts. Please, get Carville, too! Even if you keep him behind the scenes. The man is brilliant.

    Congrats, Hillary! What an amazing 72 hours.

  4. What a night Admin & staff!. I’m over the moon. 🙂


    Admin, pick a future headline:

    “Yes, ObamaCult, He’s Just A Man”

    – or –

    “New Hampshire: Barack Obama’s Waterloo”

    – or –

    “Big Media & Obama + Tuesday, January 8, 2009 = Coitus interruptus”

    The tide has turned in our favor….FOR GOOD!!!! This race is over. I don’t see how Obama can EVER regain the momentum now. Even if he wins a primary (less likely, now) he can never recapture, what made him unique: novelty. He’s a mere mortal, now. Ironically, Big Media’s premature victory lap may have helped kill Obama-mania. How poetic. Even Oprah can’t bring him back life at this point. (Clue: “charisma and pretty phrases are weak foundations for a campaign) .

    Let’s remain vigilant, however. Pumpkinhead & friends know what a Clinton Presidency means for them and will do just about anything in their power to stop it.

    As for the Champs: Fundraising will blow through the roof, Hillaryland is expanding, the party fence sitters will get back in line in HRC’s corner, for sure.

    The team is probably on the phone with the Culinary Union as we speak; Maybe making a deal with Richardson for the Nevada Caucus on the 19th as well (Richardson’s done. He’s on thin ice with the 44th President of the United States, and wouldn’t dare pull a punk move like he did in Iowa. Hillary picks up 128 more delegates next week in Michigan (oh, yes she will), California, Florida, New York, etc are ours!

    Mr. Whouley, you are a Genius!

    Dems love the Clintons. How could Big Media miss something so obvious?!

  5. If the Clintons have any sympathy left for BO, they just might throw him this lifeboat:
    (btw, isn’t it cool how Obama listened to NH voters, and found HIS voice – a fake southern accent – again? LOL!)

    Jeffrey Toobin, promoting his book ‘The Nine, told Charlie Rose that Hillary would pick Obama as a Supreme Court nominee. Toobin was so confident about it, like it was a done deal. He repeated the claim on Tavis smiley’s PBS show. I’m suprised it didn’t get more attention….


    starts at 12:44

  6. Psymac, we’re trying to get the video of Maddow on Matthews.

    Kingsgrove, we considered having a contest to name the next post (the current one) but there were so many posts in the previous thread we thought better of it – also the tears were flowing at this end as a delayed effect.

    Enjoy this:

  7. goodmorning hillfans, im still floating on air becuase of last night. i look forward to watching morning joe. now you will hear mika and joe drool about hillary’s victory like they wanted it all along. and tweety? slamming hillary all of last year, now looking at him you would think he was kind to her all the while. phoney!!! now we we see our own REAL bounce!! thanks admin and all of yous who went thru the rants, ups, and downs of the early states. but, it only just begun ,but big media, pollsters, and anti-hillary nutkooks are eating crow.

  8. Good morning, Hillfans. Hillary is going to be on CNN after 7 and will be on Fox News at 7:35. She will NOT be on the Morning Joke. Will be back to share after Fox.

  9. and john zogby tueday morning putting up that 13 point lead, now what is his excuse now? granted this is not the general election like truman of 1948 winning dispite the polls but all of the polls had hillary buried. mccain’s win was different. he camped out in nh for weeks and steadily went ahead in the polls while hillary was behind the DAY of the election. anybody reading the nutkooks/bloggers?

  10. It’s a sweet morning terrondt and B.Merryfield. Big Media is humiliated as is Edwards. Obama is saying “Yes, we can” and we are responding “Yes, we did.”

    Hillary sent this email message to supporters last night:

    You and I surprised a lot of people tonight!

    In the days after Iowa, I turned to you and asked you to stand with me. When I needed you most, you came through with flying colors.

    From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

    All the best,


  11. A very good morning to you all!!

    So true terrondt, important to point out, she was behind the day of the election, what a miracle. And I repeat myself, it all came down to Hillary herself, she did it those last few days, her amazing debate performence and her moment etc…

    Again, did you catch that Obama ‘winning’ song was “Signed, sealed delivered”?!!!!! Haha, poor guy actually thought he had it wrapped up, ouch!!!

  12. Shoot. I stayed with CNN all night. I didn’t even turn to smug, self-assured Tweety even one time. I would have loved to watch him crying over the Obama loss; do you think his tears would have made him any more unfit to be a commentator on MSNBC than he already is? And Timmy Russert, razor blades at his side, does anyone know if the police have found his body floating in a pool of bloody bath water?

  13. Hmm, anyone see otherwise?

    I keep waiting for people/media to bring up the fact that a woman actually won a primary!!! They do mention that the women vote came out for her, but, not so much that she actually did it as a woman!

    Now jessie jackson and others have won primary states long ago, so this thing with obama that the media is playing up, really isn’t that big of thing, at least not the way the big media makes it out to be. But they have no past history to lean on as an excuse for not pointing out this historic event that just took place, for women, AND for men.

    I think perhaps as Obama has in many way transcended race, he’s not really black, nor white, he’s green.

    Hillary has in the same sense (although I still believe only in theory) transcended gender, she’s not a man, nor a woman, but just Hillary.

    But I still want to to pay attention to history, and the making of it!

  14. In a GE vs McCain, Hillary would have no problems with pointing out the differences.

    She IS change, and he is the same person America has elected for 218 years! Make your choice!

  15. DCDemocrat, those aren’t razor blades by Russert’s side – they are shards of glass from all the broken liquor bottles. If you listen intently, you can hear Russert’s sobs. Matthews is still in a bar dropping coins in the jukebox.

  16. LOL, bawak is following hillary all over the morning talk shows. sorry bawak, this is hillary’s day. GO AWAY!!!

  17. hillary smashmouthed bawak on his shifty iraq war funding and that is what im talkin about. don’t let up on this guy hillary.

  18. Heres a video worth watching, if only for one of the last shots of Bill standing amongst the crowd, obviously so proud of Hillary as she was finishing her winning speech.

  19. It doesn’t require scientific research to discover that the word “change” alone, however loudly uttered, is not a blessing. But when “history” is made, that is the real thing.

  20. Infor to pass on–the SEIU union in Nevada voted to support Obama today…the article on Politico says this is a much smaller union than the culinary workers though so don’t know if this is a big deal.

  21. If you have been listening to Hillary since Saturday night’s debate you’ve heard her message — you have to deliver on change, not just be for it. Hillary delivers!

  22. B Merryfield: OMG OMG OMG you guys did it!!!! I don;t know if you saw Sam Donaldsons comentary on monday…but he compared bho and hrc to the movie called the hustler. Bho was the young kid who wanted to take on the older minnesota fats…you know what hapopened. Also, just heard Sam speaking with some local reporters on the radio… he said the last 5 days bho has been acting as if he had already won nh. He said it was unbelievable the way bho was acting. well its a race now. Gotta go to work…B Merrfield..OMG OMG OMG OMG WORK IT GIRL….

  23. Hillary did great on the morning shows! She said she didn’t arrive home until 4 am. That means only about 2-4 hours sleep. How does she do it? Amazing….

  24. guys.. its the economy.. its the economy.. admin.. please pass on the memo.. its the economy.. latte drinkers are buying iphone.. regular families are not able to fill a gas tank.. goldman sachs has officially thrown its towel now and called the most dreaded “Recession” word. so make hillary talk about it as much as she can. her votes, her plans, her experience, her profound economic expertise.. she will need it all the way.. its only going to get worse till 2009. so formally, “ITS THE ECONOMY STUPID”

  25. Thanks for all your support for Hillary’s victory in NH. It was a team effort, with Hillary providing the inspiration and perspiration and the incredible regional campaign leadership and hard-working dusk-to-dawn efforts by a gazillion door-knocking canvassers, tireless phone bankers, reliable drivers and scut-work volunteers. It is just amazing to see a group of UNPAID volunteers — many with no experience at ever having worked in politics — who pitched in and kept a-going just like our girl.

    alcina, I don’t know how she mustered up the energy to go to the rally last night. All I wanted was a warm meal and to curl up in my chair, watch the numbers come in, move to my bed, watch the numbers come in, watch Hillary give her victory speech, and then sleep like a purring, contented cat.

    This was over the top!

  26. On the flip side of things, our downtown office had a front row seat for the Obama Circus first thing yesterday morning. Maybe I should rephrase that. What we actually got was a dose of post-dawn “Animal House” street theater. A bus pulled up right after six o’clock in the morning, off-loading a bunch of maybe 20-something boys, if they were that old. I described the downtown “circle” the other day where the traffic splits off/rejoins into double-laned one-way streets. Opposite the v-shaped apex is a grassy island with a tall tree the city uses for the Christmas tree. In order for the traffic to reverse direction at the apex, you make a left-turn at the apex and traffic meets back out to resume the two-way on the opposite side of the tree.

    The Obamabots were on both sides of the streets, on both sides of the left-turn lane, and standing all around the island. They held signs and hooted and hollared and whistled and cat-called to all the morning traffic on all sides. It was inescapable.

    This performance kept up for over two hours and then there was this sudden sucking sound of silence.

    After a few hours passed, we decided that the hullabaloo was gone only to have it return and start all over again. Apparently the bus had returned to transport them elsewhere so that they could harrass the living crap out of some other peaceful community.

  27. hillfans, the nutkooks on mydd, huffington post, and daily kooks are a bunch of whiners, sore losers, and sour grapes.

  28. When the BHO Circus was in town Monday night, another bus arrived bringing in people from we don’t know where but they were NOT from NH. Our office had decided to keep our visibility up with totem signs at the apex. I think I told you that yesterday morning.

    However, one of our team leaders was standing there on the island before BHO showed up and two people walked up to her and asked if she had any Hillary buttons or stickers, which she gave to them and they stuck in their pockets. After chatting for awhile, she asked them if they wanted to hold some signs for awhile, after which they told her “no”, that they had to get over to the opera house where the BHO Circus was going to be. Although they did not say it, she had gotten the distinct impression that this was a job or some kind of commitment but they were definitely there as BHO supporters but, rather, were there to appear to be.

    This same team leader said that over the weekend she had another conversation with some other BHO sign holders who asked how much she was being paid to stand there and hold her sign. She simply said that she was a volunteer but got the distinct impression that they were not. Nothing was said indicating that they were being paid, but the question alone said volumes.

    And this sort of thing went on and on.

  29. BM.. interesting.. could that have changed the dynamic? I think bwak should have invested in using the crows for GOTV.

    btw in my previous post, i mean bwak’s core group of supporters, elite latte drinking liberals are not hurt by economic downturn, but regular voters are.

  30. Some of the great moments from yesterday included two phone calls I got early in the morning from women complaining that the Hillary signs were missing near where they had just driven — in two separate locations. I told you yesterday about the signs disappearing, etc. I asked one woman to call city hall and complain that the signs had been removed. She was told that the city was not behind it even though one of our team captains had been told he was told to remove them.

    He did, however, let us know where they had been taken. One of our volunteers and a helper went to the city public works facility, found the signs, kept the Hillary ones (don’t know how many), removed the plastic skins from all the other campaign’s signs (about 15), brought the wire frames back to the office, where they put Hillary skins on them, then took them back out and placed them near polling places and some conspicuous areas.

    This, friends, is the sort of thing to which you all have to look forward to in your future of this long campaign.

  31. glad, I think that BHO’s ground team did everything they could to control the campaign’s appearance for both the voters and the media. Packed to overflowing parking lots (the numbers game), long lines at the events, people turned away for lack of room, clogged local transportation arteries, all makes BHO look like the greatest thing since sliced bread is in town. The media whores came in swarms.

    One lady also called the office complaining that someone from Hillary’s campaign had climbed over the fence in front of her house and planted a virtual garden of Hillary signs. Why the complaint? She wasn’t a Hillary supporter. So, where did the signs come from? We don’t know. Who did it? Could be local kooks or could be someone trying to stir up crap for Hillary’s campaign. Who knows.

  32. sometimes young kids can be asses.. lol.. but hey werent we all one.. i remember we guys going to our rival’s football game and painted “you suck” all over their streets the day before the game.. LOL..

  33. She won the Dem vote and a majortity of Dems voted for Change – Her kind of Change .

    Victory cannot taste any more sweet that this.

  34. The media spin on the Hillary tears/sobs/cries/has emotional breakdown, etc. didn’t show up in reality. Nobody that I spoke to was concerned, aware or cared about that. It’s the economy stupid! People are looking for answers, REAL ANSWERS, not hope and empty promises.

    Once again .. Hillary delivers! And people were paying attention.

    Right after the polls opened, I had two phone calls from people who just called out of the blue to let us know that they had just voted for Hillary. We had several people walk in the office to tell us that they had just voted. They felt we would want to know. We had several calls from people wanting to know where they could go to see Hillary. We knew she was making her way around to as many polling places as possible, but we did not have an itinerary, so we could not be helpful there. People came in for literature on health care and other topics. They came in to ask questions. We had one homeless couple who were living in a shelter who came in with two small children. They wanted to vote but didn’t know what to do since they were in the shelter at night but had to leave and go to a nearby church to spend their daytime. We arranged for a driver to pick them up after their older daughter got out of school and take them to the polls. We arranged transportation for handicapped voters or voters without a way to the polls. We had people come in and ask for pins and stickers and t-shirts.

    And my best story of the day came at 6:40pm and our polls closed at 7. It was a teenage girl who came in and asked for a pin and stickers to give to her mother. I asked her if she had voted. She said “no”. I asked her if she was old enough to vote. She said “yes”. I asked her where she would go to vote and she had no idea. Like we had several times, we looked her address up in the database and, as it turns out, she only had to walk two streets over but didn’t know where the polling place was.

    So, one of our drivers who was absolutely exhausted agreed to walk her to the polls, help her to register and vote. It was a very emotional moment for all of us because this is what living in a democracy and voting is all about. It shows the strength of the support for Hillary. This young girl was thrilled that somebody cared enough to do this and we were thrilled that she understood the importance of her vote for Hillary. Her mom would have been so proud of her.

  35. clintondem.. tom bradley problem, if it was, in obama’s case, should have shown up more in Iowa than NH. for two fundamental reasons. I myself, a mixed race colored person fron south, have gone to these two towns earlier, and saw that people were fundamentally different. new englanders in general are EXTREMELY tolerant, far more than any other part of the country other than california, parts of newyork and washington. i am not blaming other states, but I am giving credit where it is due. so once Iowa went to obama, by a very respectable margin, i threw the theory away. another thing, just across the street, they have an AA governor. so the theory had fundamental flaws. at the end ground game and hardwork of people like BM and alcina helped us propel to victory. media wants to paint our victory witha brush of racism and its fundamentally WRONG.

  36. Ah, glad, so happy that you mentioned our “parking lot” to the south. LOL!

    On Sunday, we had a woman who was so pissed about the local ABC News coverage of the NH debate that she drove nearly 2 hours to volunteer on the phones for less than 90 minutes.

    She was outraged at the thought that we, the U.S. and NH in particular, was going to help elect another BHO — Deval Patrick — whom BHO had helped to elect. Mass. has been an endless train wreck ever since DP was elected. People went from Romney to something far worse. Birds of a feather, as they say.

  37. Am catching up on comments at Taylor Marsh and came across one that jogged by truly soggy brain .. Yesterday morning a local cable public access news “team” (a guy and a guy with a video camera) came into Hillary’s office and wanted to interview volunteers for a spot on their local (read city) “news” program. They had gone next door to BHO’s office and weren’t even allowed inside, nevertheless allowed to talk to anyone. “No comment”. Later in the day they did speak with some folks at our rallying point. Just shows you how things have changed in camp BHO — not so press friendly anymore, not even to the local yokels.

  38. I’m waiting breathlessly for a new poll in NV, another in CA, and a poll measuring how many Dems will not vote for BO. Any predictions, or information?

    CNN is disgraceful. Some young woman telling us the internet reaction to last night managed to confine herself to anti-Hillary posts. She explained that the right was back to anti-Hillary and then she moved to the left and they were too. Charming.
    According to CNN, everyone hates Hillary.

    Please, God, give us a NV bounce.

  39. The polls that come out in NV may have been done over the last week or so when the narrative was that she was “falling”. So dont be too surprised if they are not as strong for her as they were in the past but the Obamabots and the media will nevertheless run with them. She is bound to get some bounce from this, especially when you consider how she won this thing with her back to the wall and and pure grit.

  40. Congrats to Hillary and to the Big Pink Blog!

    Never, never, never give up!

    We get the leaders we deserve, and we if we work hard enough at this, we may be found worthy of having a President like Hillary.

  41. I still feel like I am on cloud nine . . . congrats and thank you to B Merry, alcina and all the NH campaign workers . . . the best moments of last night were hearing the Senator say she had found her voice, watching Big Media eat crow, and enjoying an absolute upset!

  42. I am in awe of how quickly Clinton brought the youth image to the campaign. This was a really sweet victory. She should include a couple youth rallies before Feb 5 in college/univ towns and have male and female students introduce her.

  43. The hard workers (blue collar men and women) know a fellow hard worker when they see one. Hillary is a true blue collar leader.

    Ignore the hate; keep on working hard to get the US dollar back where it should be!

    It’s the economy, stupid; not merely hope!

    That’s what her supporters are saying.

  44. “I Hillary Rodham Clinton do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” So help me God.

    couldn’t resist… 🙂

  45. I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again – Its not for nothing that they call Michael Whouley a wizard and genius… That ground operation that they had was just amazing.

  46. Also, did you see the analysis of who voted for Obama and who voted for Hillary? Besides the women’s vote, it was people who are not doing so great under this Bush admin. People who are doing just fine or better under Bush, vote for Obama. Very interesting.

    BTW, I’m one of those women and I’m also one of those who am not doing so great under Bush. I’m a true blue dem, so no surprise there.

    Who else gives all they have to Hillary’s campaign, even though they can’t really afford it? I know a lot of people who are. My mother and my sister….and obviously, me. But, really, it’s pennies compared to Obama’s republicans in dem. clothing. But, together, we can make it millions.


  47. I see Obama is WHINING about President Clinton speaking TRUTH to a LIAR.

    And if it is “It’s The Economy Stupid !“, well the Clintons know how to run THAT campaign, and FIX the economy after being elected.

  48. tru2party, for the last 5 months i have $10.00 dollars automatically taken out of my checking account every month that hillary is running, hopefully thru nov. i will help out locally if they come to hartford,ct or central ct and set up an office. i wish i can give more but i don’t make much. every little bit helps.

  49. bmerry

    i have been running on adrenalin over the past 36 hours. something happened in that time-frame that defies description. i am sure you felt it too. after my pre-sun-up lit-drop, i spent the day posting visibility at various poll locations. the reactions i received were astounding; mass amounts of cars honking their horns, thumbs-up signals, people walking by making a point of telling me they voted for hillary, many folks asking for hillary signs, buttons, stickers, etc. i completely unloaded everything i had. one woman with her young daughter in tow requested a hillary sign because her daughter and hillary share the same name. the stories go on and on..

    i keep waiting to wake-up..

  50. ADMIN:


    Both are brilliant, gifted, idealists who only want what is best for America and the world. But Carter’s presidency failed- having lofty goals and knowing how to acheive them are too different things.

    We can’t risk another failed presidency.

    It takes a President to run a country.

  51. alcina – were you at the Victory speech last night ? It must have been a deliriously happy atmosphere over there !!

  52. B Merryfield,
    I’m from Florida, let me know if I can help in any way. Sadly, us Florida dems are caught in a skirmish with the state and DNC, so Hillary has been here much yet.

  53. rbalass.. obama is no carter.. obama was running bill clinton campaign-bill clintons fundamental stand for democratic core values on middle class issues.

    you can be a centrist and take centrist positions all you want, but when it comes to CORE values like healthcare, social security and stuff like that, dont be a centrist. appeal to your base. you have to be realist when it comes to economics because reality based economics always wins than ideal union based economics in todays world. that was bill clintons fundamental argument. obama tried to replicate the message in todays context but felt HUGE opposition from traditional dems. Bill clinton was not propelled by indies.. but by traditional democrats, especially southern democrats of that time.

  54. You guys will love this. This morning, Tweety said Hillary is only a viable candidate because her husband “messed around.”

    From TPM:

    Normally Chris Matthews isn’t worth the bother, because he serves up so much non-stop clowning that there’s no humor value left in anything he does, in the same way that printing lots of currency deprives it of worth.

    But this Matthews moment really captures something fundamental about the way our pundits have generally approached this race — and, sadly, will continue to approach it.

    Right now you’re seeing a lot of hand-wringing and self-flagellation among pundits and commentators who are chastising themselves for getting it wrong and basically writing Hillary’s obituary before the voters had their say on the matter. This is all well and good. But the real question now is whether commentators will, you know, learn something from this debacle going forward and let voters speak for themselves. With that in mind, take a look at this…

    This is pretty rich. Last night, Matthews said: “I give her a lot of personal credit; I will never underestimate Hillary Clinton again.”

    But by this morning Matthews had already forgotten his newfound respect for her. He said: “The reason she’s a U.S. Senator, the reason she’s a candidate for President, the reason she may be a front-runner, is her husband messed around. That’s how she got to be Senator from New York. We keep forgetting it. She didn’t win it on the merits…”

    Put aside for a sec just how loathsome this statement is on its own terms. The larger point here is that a mere half-day after acknowledging that he’d gotten it wrong and that she deserved a lot of “personal credit” for winning over voters, Matthews was already imposing his own narrative on her entire political career, the current race included, saying that her past and current success have nothing to do with “the merits.”

    Surely the voters don’t see Hillary this way. But already Matthews is back to speaking for the voters again, oversimplifying complex voter sentiment in the most crude and reductive fashion he can muster.

    Lesson unlearned. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

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  55. I’m still ecstatic!! She pulled it off, it was so great to watch the media talking heads be silenced and shown to be the idiots they really are. Hopefully now, they get it, stop bashing Hillary every 2 seconds and make this race fair, that’s what the voters want! This is far from over, but it just got a whole lot better!

  56. Is the culinary union really endorsing Obama or is it a rumor again from unnamed sources? From what I heard, they might decide to remain neutral.

  57. terrondt, yep. i wish i could do that, but with health insurance, 401k, HSA, social security, state taxes, funding the iraq war, i can’t afford to do that. i soooooo can’t wait until clinton gets in office and corrects things. thank god votes are not tied to income. that’s ONE way women and lower income families equal all others. thank you god!

  58. Paula: BTW, why are those culinary union(s) endorsing Obama in Nevada?

    Sending a message.

    Unite Here has been in a dispute with Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign because its pollster and chief strategist, Mark Penn, heads a public relations firm that has represented the Cintas Corporation, a large industrial laundry company that has vigorously battled the union’s efforts to organize 17,000 Cintas workers.

  59. Admin, could we have a writeup rebutting the trivial notions of the media saying it was the tears (Dowd has a nasty title and I did not want to read it). They are deliberately missing the point — it was what she was saying when her voice cracked: the words, the intensity — why she wants to do this and why she has been in public service all her life. If they don’t understand that, their humanity must be questioned. Someone alluded to that moment as the “I Care” moment — the moment was filled with disbelief, dismay, a tad resentment at the young usurpers, and even unfairness and injustice (that she has had to do this for so long and then these people swagger in). Fortunately for us this is a democracy and each citizen gets to have his/her say no matter the media, the pundits, or whatever.

  60. Good morning HillFans!!!

    My advice; Never START a bottle of champagne at 11:30pm!!!

    To B.Merry and all those in NH, I can’t say enough about how terrific you guys are and what a great and momentous thing you have helped to achieve.

    While I am filled with joy today, I know that we can not rest on our laurels, but must get out there with a renewed vigor and purpose. BM and the punditocracy are already sharpening the long knives. They won’t stop their propaganda, and we can’t stop fighting their lies. This is still the same war. We have won an HISTORIC battle, (temporarily) slaying the dual dragons of BM and the OB, “movement”‘s inevitability, but like the Hydra, those snarling heads will just grow back as ugly and nasty as ever. We can not rest.

    Note that BM makes little of Hillary’s HISTORIC first, being the first woman in AMERICAN HISTORY to win a presidential primary. WHY?

    Note that BM has been scrambling for excuses as to why they were so WRONG, seeming to settle on blaming NH voters for being closet RACISTS. Amusing, as BM is openly and unashamedly SEXIST. The Bradley effect, as they are calling it, will be their rationalization, but we know it’s really the HILLARY EFFECT!

    Today is a day to celebrate, to give thanks to all of those who worked so hard for so long in NH (and Iowa too), (and, for some of us, to recover from a happy-hangover…:) but tomorrow, it’s back in the trenches and back to the same war we will be fighting until our ultimate
    victory in November.

    Again, congratulations to Hillary, and to us all…

  61. I would like to dedicate this song to Tweetie/Stewie, Maureen Dowd, Arianna Pukington, and all the rest of the Georgetown Social Club. Go cry in your fingerbowls.

  62. HillaryLandRocks, I’m not happy with that development, but I guess that’s a price she pays for having Penn as a key part of her team. Oh well. It’s just another hurdle to overcome. 🙂

  63. Alexi Giannoulias, state Treasurer of Illinois and VP of Broadway Bank, an institution that granted loans to mobsters running prostitution rings, is one of Obama’s bundlers? Is this a result of Obama’s support for the ethically challenged Giannoulias during the Democratic primary in Illinois in 2006? And was obama’s advocacy largely a result of the Giannoulias’s bundling for the Obama campaign in 2004?

    Obama’s relationship to Giannoulias is worth exploring. Indeed, it is a story of machine politics, cronyism and corruption.

  64. Whouley was the person who realized on election day in 2000 that Gore shouldn’t concede to Bush because the Florida vote could be contested. I’m glad to see he’s working for Hillary.

    I like to think it was the voters of New Hampshire who won by turning out and showing who’s in charge.

  65. Love this part from the leftcoaster blog entry:

    “I don’t support Hillary, but I’ve long believed she’d make a much better president than people realize. That’s because I believe there’s a much better leader inside her than we’ve seen. She’s played too much politics. She’s made too many calculations, and some have been inexcusable. But I believed the real Hillary is a genuinely good person who has spent her entire life working for a better America and a better world, and people needed to see that person, to feel what motivates her, and to understand the force of her own passion. I hope this is the beginning of that. I hope she will increasingly liberate herself from her handlers. I hope she will begin to get bolder in her policy pronouncements. Her much criticized caution has left her plenty of room to drop some substantive bombshells.”

    I don’t believe there’s any going back for her. She’s come out of her shell, and what a beautiful thing it is.

  66. From a commenter at TM:

    Well, this is an ironic turn: as per Mark Halperin’s The Page, the Obama campaign claims it’ll win “because of inevitability, electability, and polls — all the lines of argument for which they mocked Clinton’s campaign for months.

  67. Actually, I’m glad to see Chris Matthews back on his anti-Hillary campaign. Pretty soon (I hope) people will just look the other way and say/think “Chris that’s so old” and move on and/or it will serve to stir up the fire in the belly of women who might be thinking a woman wouldn’t be so bad after all. Either way, I think there’s a new feeling out there about HRC as a candidate and as a president.

    Something else that is encouraging. I was listening to NPR this morning (Diane Rheim) and the commentators noted that John McCain will not win the GE without the base of the Republican party. Ditto for the Democratic candidate. As proven last night the real base of the Democratic party are workers, laborers, women, child care workers and not pie in the sky dreamers (who have the luxury of dreaming at the expense of surviving). The economy is going south this year and there is an uneasiness out there amongst many peple who wonder if they can survive higher gas prices, food prices and the mortgage meltdown. Hillary Clinton speaks to these people. For her it’s about American. For Obama it’s all about him.

  68. Any info on GOTV efforts in Nevada? Do you think we can withstand the Unite Here endorsement? Last I heard, she had a double digit lead there.

  69. The arrogance of BO;

    “FROM: David Plouffe

    DATE: January 9, 2008

    RE: The Next Four Weeks

    Coming off an impressive win in Iowa and taking the once inevitable frontrunner down to the wire in her firewall state, it is clear that Obama is well-positioned to become the next President of the United States. As the people of Iowa and New Hampshire demonstrated, the American people desperately want change they can believe in. Barack Obama is the candidate to deliver that change by bringing people together, standing up to the special interests, and telling people what they need to know.

    Our campaign now turns its focus squarely to Nevada and South Carolina, and February 5th. Today, we kick off the next phase of our campaign in New Jersey, an important February 5th state.


    In the 4th Quarter of 2007, our campaign raised $23.5 million – over $22.5 million of which is for the primary election. In that quarter, we added 111,000 new donors for a total of 475,000 donors in 2007.

    In the first 8 days of 2008, we raised over $8 million and gained 35,000 new donors. Since midnight last night, we have raised another $500,000 online. We continue to build a grassroots movement that makes us best-positioned to compete financially in the primaries and caucuses coming up.


    We have built the same caucus operation in Nevada as we did in Iowa, with focused and effective precinct captains in over 95 percent of the precincts in the state, and multiple captains in many precincts. We have also been reaching deep into the electorate, securing commitments to caucus from habitual Democratic voters, general election voting Democrats and Independents.

    In a significant boost to our efforts, we received the endorsement of the SEIU local in Nevada late last night.

    This is the first time Nevada has had a precinct caucus so organization is paramount, both in terms of shaping the overall electorate as well as the added challenge of getting voters to locations that are unfamiliar to them.

    South Carolina

    We have seen dramatic movement in South Carolina since Iowa, resulting in healthy double-digit leads for Senator Obama in recent public polling. We have by far the strongest organization in the state according to neutral observers and believe that, as the gateway to February 5th, South Carolina will provide our campaign enormous momentum heading into those twenty-two states.

    Obama also has the support of several key political figures in South Carolina, including former Governor Jim Hodges, Charleston Mayor Joe Riley, and former party chairs Joe Erwin and Dick Harpootlian.

    February 5th

    We now have staff in nineteen of the twenty-two February 5th states and will be adding to the remaining three – Delaware, Arkansas and Connecticut – by the end of the week.

    In the six caucus states – Colorado, Minnesota, Kansas, Idaho, Alaska and North Dakota – we have been engaged in heavy organizing and voter contact. In many of these states, our opponents are not engaged in any organizing. We firmly believe you cannot build a caucus operation in a matter of four weeks, so we are at a decided advantage in these states where we have already identified tens of thousands of Obama supporters and where, in the last five days, the number of new volunteers and supporters has exploded. We are in the process of mailing past caucus-goers and our ID-ed supporters in those states. We are also preparing aggressively for vote-by-mail in states like California and Arizona, where we have mail pieces hitting this week and an exhaustive phone program in place to identify supporters and make sure those ballots are returned.

    In all of the February 5th states, we have active chapters at most colleges and universities and are pursuing support from independent voters aggressively where they are permitted to participate, which is in most of the states. California and New Jersey, two states the Clintons have pointed to as firewalls, both will have healthy independent turnout in the Democratic primary.

    We expect to see a great deal of movement to Obama from superdelegates in the coming days, seriously eroding the Clintons’ existing advantage in this universe.

    To fully execute a robust February 5th strategy, it will take tens of millions of dollars. Our financial picture is strong and growing stronger by the day, which will allow us to have a significant paid media presence to go alongside our grassroots operations in our target February 5th states.

    We expect, as we begin to see significant national poll movement, that there will also be positive poll movement in the February 5th states. Obama saw substantial gains in the individual February 5th state polls in December opening up a lead in Georgia and seeing a seriously tightening race in California.

    We will be releasing later today our final fourth quarter 2007 estimates, as well as some numbers for the first eight days of January for both dollars raised, as well as number of total donors and new donors acquired in these periods.

    The coming weeks will be challenging and no doubt filled with more haphazard and relentless attacks, but we believe we could not be better positioned for the next twenty four states. Our goal is simple – to win as many states as we can in the next twenty-eight days.”

    This is what we are up against.


    This entry on Obama’s relationship to Giannoulias is instructive. I also recommend the following:

    “The young banker who bucked the Democratic party establishment in his bid for state treasurer cruised to victory Tuesday night on the strength, ironically, of strong showings by incumbent Democratic officeholders.

    Alexi Giannoulias, a 30-year-old former semi-pro basketball player who is chief loan officer at the Chicago bank his family owns, did not receive the backing of state Democratic Party Chairman Michael Madigan, the House Speaker, in either the primary or general election. That lack of support did not hinder Giannoulias in the race against state Sen. Christine Radogno, a Republican from suburban LaGrange, to succeed three-term Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka.”

    “He lashed out at negative campaign ads alleging that he had not adequately explained loans his bank made to companies controlled by convicted bookmaker and prostitution ring promoter Michael Giorango.

    Giannoulias also returned money from donors who had received millions of dollars in loans from his family’s bank.”,0,484394.story

    “But Obama’s record of local endorsements — one measure of how he has used his nascent political clout — has drawn criticism from those who say it reflects his deference to Chicago’s established political order and runs counter to his public calls for clean government.

    In the 2006 Democratic primary, for example, Obama endorsed first-time candidate Alexi Giannoulias for state treasurer despite reports about loans Giannoulias’ family-owned Broadway Bank made to crime figures. Records show Giannoulias and his family had given more than $10,000 to Obama’s campaign, which banked at Broadway.”

    “WASHINGTON— White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) omits from his Wednesday public schedule a fund-raiser hosted by Illinois State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias at a restaurant in Chicago’s Greektown community. The event is closed to the press and a campaign spokesman, Ben LaBolt, said in response to my e-mail query this morning that a pool reporter will not be allowed in the reception. Obama stumps in Iowa for a series of meet-the- candidate events and then returns to Chicago for the Giannoulias funder.

    As an example of the hard ball nature of the campaign, NYPost Washington Bureau Chief Charles Hurt resurrects in the Wednesday edition an old story about Giannoulias—one he has long battled regarding reputed mob ties–with the headline “Obama’s Mob-tie $idekick.””

    “Questions about loans to a convicted mobster are dominating the race for state treasurer.

    Alexi Giannoulias is laying low while studying the millions in loans his family’s bank made to the operator of a national call girl ring.

    CBS 2 Political Editor Mike Flannery reports that backers and his opponent want answers.

    Christine Radogno is the Republican candidate for state treasurer. A veteran of the General Assembly, she faults her Democratic opponent for the confusing twists and turns he’s taken trying to explain how he came to do business with a mob-connected ex-convict.”

    “Both before and after the election, Giannoulias claimed to know little or nothing about $15.4 million in loans his family’s privately owned Broadway Bank granted to Michael Giorango, who’s been convicted of running gambling and prostitution rings.

    Of those mob-connected enterprises, Giannoulias said in a prepared statement::
    “What they did was wrong…inexcusable. If I had known…I do not believe…we would have approved those loans. (But) there was nothing illegal. I admit…I mishandled some questions.”

    His most prominent supporter, Sen. Barack Obama, wants answers, but is still on board.

    “I continue to believe Alexi is a person of good character and his experience will serve him in good stead as treasurer,” Obama said.

    Sen. Obama told CBS 2’s Mike Flannery that he’s advised Giannoulias that he needs to be sure the public statements he makes are accurate.

    An aide to the candidate said Giannoulias is going to avoid making any public statements for the next week and will study his bank’s loan portfolio, something Sen. Radogno finds very strange, since Giannoulias supposedly has been overseeing those very same loans for sometime now.”

    A man who has long been dogged by charges that the bank his family owns helped finance a Chicago crime figure will host a Windy City fund-raiser tonight for Sen. Barack Obama.
    Alexi Giannoulias, who became Illinois state treasurer last year after Obama vouched for him, has pledged to raise $100,000 for the senator’s Oval Office bid.
    Before he promised to raise funds for Obama, Giannoulias bankrolled Michael “Jaws” Giorango, a Chicagoan twice convicted of bookmaking and promoting prostitution.
    Giannoulias is so tainted by reputed mob links that several top Illinois Dems, including the state’s speaker of the House and party chairman, refused to endorse him even after he won the Democratic nomination with Obama’s help.
    Giannoulias was the bank’s vice president and chief loan officer for most of the more than $15 million in loans.
    He was not charged with breaking any laws. The Obama campaign disputed any suggestion that Obama is tarnished by the association.
    “Barack Obama has a long record of fighting for ethics reform from his days as a state senator,” a campaign rep said.

    “US Senator Barack Obama is using his political influence for several candidates running for office in Illinois this year. He has made an expensive TV commercial endorsing a young candidate in the state treasurer’s race.

    Barack Obama used to play basketball with a young man from a wealthy Chicago banking family, and when Obama ran for the Senate, the young man volunteered a lot of time and his family kicked in a lot of money. Now that the young man is running for state treasurer in the Democratic primary, it’s payback time, and Obama is using his star power in such a big way it could determine the outcome of the race.

    Alexi Giannoulias is 29 years old. He has never run for office before and the Illinois Democratic party is backing another candidate for state treasurer, prosecutor Paul Mangieri of downstate Galesburg.”

    “New questions were raised Thursday about a political candidate’s alleged connections to organized crime. Alexi Giannoulias is a Democrat running for Illinois state treasurer. His Republican opponent, Christine Radogno, is asking these questions. But she isn’t the only one.

    Political newcomer Alexi Giannoulias is not only facing Republican Christine Ragogno in the state treasurer’s race, he is also battling with the chairman of his own Democratic party, House Speaker Michael Madigan, who agrees with Radogno that Giannoulias hasn’t provided the right answers to questions abut loans from his family bank to unsavory characters.

    The Democratic candidate for state treasurer, Chicago banker Alexi Giannoulias, is still facing the same questions he has been answering for months about multi-million dollar loans from his family-owned Broadway Bank to convicted felons with mob ties. Some of the questions are coming from his Republican opponent, state senator Christine Radogno of southwest suburban LaGrange.

    “Clearly, he is the banker for people with mob associations, and, yeah, I don’t think there’s any question about that,” said Christine Radogno, (R)-nominee for state treasurer.”

    “Rodogno is getting unexpected help in fueling the controversy from the chairman of Giannoulias’s own Democratic party, Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, who refuses to endorse Giannoulias and won’t even put his picture on the party’s campaign web site.

    “I want some answers. The allegations are there,” Madigan said earlier this week. “My history in politics, if you were alleged to be connected to the mob, you were done. But life seems to go on.””

    “Meanwhile. Barack Obama is ready to help Giannoulias in any way he can, despite the feud with Madigan.”

  71. Now that the campaign has learnt from Iowa, let them not take anything for granted. Especially since the arrogant BO campaign is trying to pull an “Iowa” in NV. And I have no idea what they mean when they say the polls in CA have “seriously tightened” . Thats crap .

    Isnt it a joke that they consider themselves competetive in NJ and NY because they expect the anti-Hillary independents and republicans to vote for them? Thats what his whole campaign is based on – to attract more indies and repubs than dems. Because the phony knows that true democrats are not his strong constituency.

    Watch them go in to full PR mode now. They can feel the HRC campaign machine coming fast at them.

  72. I think we need to wage a war against media bias and misogyny against Hillary.

    I thank B Merryfield for the Rachel Maddow video link. I’m glad that your link is from Crooks and liars for I wouldn’t click on it if it were from MSNBC.

    I and my household have been boycotting MSNBC/NBC/Newsweek for a while already. Many of my friends and their households are also boycotting them. We find the misogyny against Hillary Clinton unacceptable and offensive. We are making a statement that we will not tolerate such media bias and misogyny against any woman. I hope this would in some way hurt their advertisers since we the housewives are the ones that make >90% of household purchase decisions — grocery, furniture, curtain, carpet, etc.

    If MSNBC/NBC/Newsweek continue with their offensive and unfair coverage of Hillary, there will be a price to pay for a long long time. For example, my household used to watch NBC for evening news. It was a habit — we watched Tom Brokow and when he left we continued to watch Brian Williams because of our habit of watching NBC news. We switched to watching ABC news with Charles Gibson fmany months ago. We like Charles Gibson very much — a classy guy, very fair to Hillary. There is no chance for us to switch back to watching the MSNBC/NBC smut news broadcasts showcasing a psychopathic crew that include Chris Matthew, Tim Russert, Andrea mitchell. The crew of Charles Gibson, George stephanopolous, Terry Moran et al is a breath of clean healthy fresh air. Once we have settled to watching Charles Gibson, it would be impossible to make us swtich back to watching NBC news again. It has become a habit with us.

    I used to wake up to Today Show every morning — from Jane Pauley, to Katie Couric and then to Meredith Vierra. No more — we have quit watching Today show. Nothing will make me return to watching the offensive and biased NBC/MSNBC shows.

  73. gladiatorstail…”obama is no carter.. obama was running bill clinton campaign-bill clintons fundamental stand for democratic core values on middle class issues.”

    I disagree- you are comparing their campaign positions and stragety. I am talking about the prospect of electing an inexperienced politician as president. Besides, I am not sure Obama has a real position on most anything- other than being “present” of course. Much of what he is saying is symbolism.

    Unfortunately, symbolism can appeal to the electorate- behold George Bush. Al Gore was certainly more qualified but the symbol of who you can have a beer with resonated with the electorate. The same is true for Obama who’s charisma is attractive to his supporters, regardless of the substance behind his issues. We need a phrase that encapsulates this and makes it clear what the risks are. When I say this to Obama supporters they get it- and they think twice about who they are supporting. We dont want another Carter-style presidency.

    Barack Obama is Jimmy Carter

  74. What a stunner… Congratulations to Clinton’s NH team despite the incredible odds against her… I am speechless… I will stick to my suspicion and vanish from this site from tomorrow… I hope my prayers have really helped in this stunning stunning comeback…

    Wow. Together, we will make history!!

    I am going to write a while today…

  75. clinton toured orleans parish before any of the other candidates. and she also visited the astrodome in houston. obama joined her in houston. did he shed a tear?

  76. It’s the economy, stupid 🙂

    …great work by Whouley — wow. I wonder if they send him to South Carolina or to Nevada next?

  77. Clinton’s latest remarks…

    Bill Clinton, the former US president, said that his wife Hillary won the New Hampshire primary because “people saw who she was” when she came close to tears after being asked how she kept going on the campaign trail.

    “She was genuinely moved that in the middle of a political campaign another person would actually express a genuine level of concern for her,” he told after had she eked out a surprise two-point victory.

    “It was quite touching. You know, people forget that the people that do this are human. She was just very moved by it.

    “She called me and said, ‘I can’t believe what happened’. She said, ‘That’s why I’ve got to be careful showing my emotions – I’d cry a lot’.”

    An ebullient Mr Clinton told that the other key juncture was Saturday’s debate, when she sharply criticised Barack Obama’s experience and consistency and was attacked by John Edwards, who finished third in New Hampshire.

    “Things started to change Saturday night at the debate,” he said. “And then she just went out and essentially gave her heart to the people of New Hampshire. She didn’t ask me anything, talk about anything, say, ‘Here’s why I’m doing it’, and they came back, they turned.

    “It was amazing – I love this state,” said the then Arkansas governor, who was hailed the “Comeback Kid” after coming second in an unexpectedly strong showing in New Hampshire in 1992.

    “There’s no place like it. They decided that they wanted, even in about a three-day window, to give her an independent judgement and a fair hearing and they did and she was fabulous.”

    He indicated that the Clinton apparatus in New Hampshire and beyond, in place for some 16 years, was also crucial.

    “Let’s be fair, we had unbelievable help both from the citizens of New Hampshire, people from New York, from Arkansas, from all over the country came here and just threw themselves into it.

    “She had great local support. The vast number of female legislators, for example, were personally calling their own constituents. It was a lot of things.”

    Just before the primary, Mr Clinton had lost patience with the glowing coverage of Mr Obama and his apparently skyrocketing campaign, saying: “Give me a break. This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen.”

    But after his wife’s shock victory in New Hampshire, he could afford to be magnanimous. When asked what message her win had sent to Mr Obama he smiled and responded: “All I know is we love these people and they stuck with her and gave her a chance.”

  78. Berkeley Vox,

    I hope it’s Nevada. If we win Nevada, we’ll win the whole thing. SC won’t matter in the end, Obama is supposed to win in a heavily African American state.

    No following state will be swayed by a win of Obama in SC especially on heels of the Iowa bandwagon debacle.

  79. I don’t think they can spin “the tear” to their advantage. In this day and age of youtube, everybody will want to see that video and they can and when they see it, it is a profound and genuine “I care” moment. As I said before, if they don’t get moved by it they lack humanity.

  80. gladiatorstail: yes. The Obama campaign have decided on their new strategy. Jesse Jackson, Jr appeared on CNN to tell us that Hillary’s ‘crying’ (for gods sake, tearing up is not crying) was for herself and her “appearance” as opposed to Katrina where she didn’t cry.

    Nora O’Donnell, seemingly stunned, asked him if he was saying that it was staged. Jr. said he wasn’t going that far (or something similar which sounded like he was exactly saying that) but then repeated that she didn’t cry at Katrina.

    How pathetic is this going to get? Don’t answer that — we’re already at the bottom of the pathetic barrel.

  81. Just for fun go and vote at CNN today which asks who of the winners from last night would you vote for: McCain or Clinton. The results right now are 50/50 with HRC leading in numbers.

  82. Big mistake by the Reverend. Because Obama did Jack shit for New Orleans, whereas Hillary got down there and worked on measures to help. She has a major 10-point plan to rebuild the area.

    Once again, he talks, she comes out with real solutions.

  83. I think that Clinton should fly directly to Miami and Detroit and appeal directly to mainstream Democratic voters who are being kicked in the teeth by the Democratic National Committee and the national media. This week.

    Screw South Carolina. Are they going to vote for a Democrat in November?

  84. Big mistake by the Reverend.

    It’s junior, the congressman.

    I’d hate to live in that household these days …

  85. Big mistake by the Reverend. Because Obama did Jack shit for New Orleans, whereas Hillary got down there and worked on measures to help.

    Not to mention that her husband — you know, the one Obama, his cult followers, and the Georgetown Social Club (hi, Ben!) all hate — raised $150 million in rebuilding aid for Katrina.

  86. Nevada’s only Democratic member of the US House, Shelly Berkley, endorsed Clinton today.

  87. hwc,
    Canidates can not campaign in MI or FL due to a directive from the party. At least Hillary is the only one of the 3 canidates on the ballot in MI . Sorry Richardson I do not consider you a canidate.

  88. I think it’s a great move by team OB, and I hope they continue to follow the script they are using today. They have been thrown so far off their game that they can’t even see it in the distance…

  89. I’m anxious to hear the post-NH polls — but I’m encouraged that the Obama folks are all saying “next is SC” and ignoring NV. I’m hoping that’s because NV isn’t that good for them.

    Bad news is that it’s a caucus — good news that it is filled with seniors.

  90. O stopped here in NJ today, have not heard what he did. May have to buy a dog whistle and go to a rally and see if the high frequency snaps some of his moonies out of their trance.

  91. Nice article by Lynn Sweet: Sun-Times:

    As Clinton evens things up, Democratic race just getting started
    January 9, 2008
    MANCHESTER, N.H. — White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama Tuesday lost the front-runner title he held for five days when chief rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton stunned him by winning the New Hampshire presidential primary.
    After Obama thumped Clinton in Iowa, he landed here so optimistic about his chances of becoming the 44th president of the United States that I thought the soaring, inspirational speeches I heard — covering everything from slavery to global warming — were dress rehearsals for his January 2009 inaugural address.
    “I can beat all of them,” boasted Obama.
    Obama decided not to worry about raising expectations because he had healthy leads in every New Hampshire poll and was drawing overflowing crowds, as Clinton seemed in a tailspin.
    His aides were so certain of victory (by at least five points) that they scheduled a rally in New Jersey for today, optimistically pushing into the media market serving three delegate-rich states — New Jersey, Connecticut and Clinton’s New York — with Feb. 5 primaries.
    Obama’s elite fund-raisers, meeting Friday in Des Moines, decided that his appeal was so strong that they would systematically start soliciting Republicans as soon as New Hampshire was out of the way.
    But something happened.
    New Hampshire did not finish Clinton off.
    She pulled big numbers from the Democratic strongholds of Manchester and Nashua. Former Sen. John Edwards, who came in third, pulled anti-Clinton votes away from Obama.
    Nevada up next, then S.C.
    Exit polls showed women, who deserted Clinton in Iowa, came back. Maybe her getting choked up, as she did on Monday in a Portsmouth cafe, helped. Women who have been there understand what happened. And plenty of them have been there.
    The race moves on to South Carolina and Nevada, and Obama, who will be in Charleston on Thursday, has a running start with a galvanized African-American Democratic base energized by his Iowa win and possibly smarting over New Hampshire.
    Obama nonetheless faces a tougher race ahead with a different dynamic.
    In New Hampshire, Clinton started raising questions about Obama’s record as an Illinois state senator and in the U.S. Senate — something she decided to do only very late in the Iowa contest, thinking the press would do the job for her.
    Far from ‘done’
    Realizing that if she had something to say she would have to say it herself, she did so more forcefully in New Hampshire, with an assist from Bill Clinton.
    The Clinton camp is determined now to start a more aggressive conversation about Obama’s record — health care, energy, taxes, his work in the Senate.
    “We know we can disagree without being disagreeable,” Obama said in his concession speech where he used the TV time to deliver a modified stump, minus the zest I saw so many times these past days.
    Perhaps not.
    Obama has been saying these past days that he thought he was done being vetted. I’m not sure where he got the notion that there was a place called “done” in a big presidential contest.
    Nothing’s over. The score is one to one. It’s just getting started.

  92. Why should we try to get Tweety fired? He’s bringing out our base!

    If they fire the obvious nutties, they’ll just bring in someone who sounds more credible and could do real damage.

    Let’s just make fun of the Tweeties, through our own channels. Like some kids made a video about Romney, “Run Mitt Run”. Discredit the whole MSM who hires those nuts.

    Fire MSM!

  93. Canidates can not campaign in MI or FL due to a directive from the party.

    So what? What are they going to do? Say mean things about her on TV?

    I didn’t see Howard Dean standing up and defending the Democratic Party’s most adored female leader and favorite former-President this week. Did you?

  94. guys we have to do something about this media bias.. why doesnt media ask back.. like when she is accused of crying in NH and not for katrina victims, then why doesnt press ask what had obama done for jena 6 and katrina victims? other than rubberstamping liebermann..

  95. Obama got the NV Culinary Workers’ endorsement, which means Hillary will be a bigger underdog in Nevada. There must be intense discussions behind the scenes at Hillary camp right now, as they plot out which states to target before February 5. Go Hill!

  96. Idiots, saying he is pro union. If they were not going to give it to Hillary they should have given it to edwards. Obama is the least of the 3 in supporting unions.

  97. “Barack Obama is the candidate to deliver that change by bringing people together, standing up to the special interests, and telling people what they need to know.”

    Let’s analyze this line from Plouffe’s memo: First, there’s no mention of HOW he’d bring people together, and that last part of “telling people what they need to know” reeks of condescension.

    BTW, I hope they continue to attack her “tears” moment with the Katrina comparison. How idiotic can you get. Like she’s supposed to cry every time she’s around a tragedy. If that were the case, she would’ve been in tears nonstop after 9/11.

  98. Did “Mr. Indonesia” visit the country after the tsunami to give hope;
    this is the country where he lived for 4 yrs !

  99. hillfans im off topic, but this so called iranian harassment thing that supposed to have flaired up sounds so similar to the august 1964 gulf of tonkin incident by lbj. just sounds to convinent on bush’s part.

  100. Obama is no Carter! Carter was a sound person who had done great things as governor. As US pres he initiated a lot of alternative energy projects (practically the FIRST major politician to do so, as the energy issue was very new then), stopped the Corps of ENgineers from destroying natural areas, etc etc.

    It wasn’t his fault he got run over by the Nixon/Gop/Cheney machine’s new puppet, Reagan (with dirty tricks, too). For one thing, Nixon had left too big an economic mess.

    If you want to imagine an Obama admin … imagine a flashy Bush Jr who can at least pronounce English, when he sees it on a teleprompter. And who threatens to invade other nations, gets burned in effigy in Pakistan…. Hm, maybe Bush Jr got a pass because they couldn’t understand what he was saying….

  101. I think Mark Penn’s PR firm was a complicating factor in the NV union endorsement. See earlier post by HillaryLandRocks.

    gladiatorstail, I think you will see a more aggressive media strategy from the revamped Hillary team; not just having her speak regularly with the press like she’s started doing, but also more effective surrogates for her on TV, etc.

    As for his campaign’s assertion that her tears were an act, that just makes them look whiny and stupid.

  102. Also we should temper our expectation. We have some difficult days ahead.

    But I was glad I was doing a BYOP party for Hillary last night as we saw the results coming in.

    In my area, people are getting happier!

  103. mp, You are so right. We needed this desperately, but we’re a long way from this being over.

    BTW, AP story on yahoo’s front page says Obama’s going to bring some “Chicago smackdown” to the race. Bring it on.

  104. You know, the Clinton campaign never once referred to her as inevitable. It was entirely a media creation, frustrated by her poll numbers. And now we hear that the BO people are sending out a press release that crowns him as “inevitable”.
    Arrogant bastards, aren’t they ?

  105. Okay yesterday is history, now we have to call everyone we know in MI to get them to vote for Hillary on Tuesday. She can not campaign there, but we can. Obama and Edwards supporters all over the internet telling people to vote none of the above or undecided in an effort to deny Hillary all the delegates.

  106. John Dean has become a little dictator, as iritating as he is we can not get on his bad side. At least not until we have the nomination locked up and then throw him out.

  107. dt, The Clinton campaign never said she was inevitable, and Hillary herself said that narrative made her nervous. However, Mark Penn’s constant quoting of polls when she was way ahead created that impression. In retrospect, that was not a smart strategy, but today’s a new day and a new start. 🙂

  108. The four-state pledge is not a party rule. It’s an Iowa/NH/SC/NV blackmail pledge. There was never any party rule preventing candidates from campaigning in any state. That kind of rule would be unconstutional.

    Let the Democratic Party strip her delegates. That would be the end of the Democratic Party.

  109. Berkeley Vox,

    Union’s influence has diminished dramatically. I doubt it can actually deliver votes for any candidate.

    Look at exit polls from IA and NH, it is now clear Obama’s constituency is elitists, and Clinton’s strength is among middle class, moderate, working class families. There IS ZERO chance in hell Obama can win a general election. His constituency is simply too far to the left.

    I remain optimistic about NV. I hope Hispanic voters will elect their first ‘Latino President’ Hillary. Remember, NV democrats were not hesitant in nominating a woman as their gubernatorial candidate last year. I remember that woman pulled an upset victory over a male contender.

    The contrast can not be more clear going forward:

    Substance vs. Style
    Doer vs. Talker

    The more people see Clinton’s superb debate performance, the more they see her answer tough questions with clear thought answers, they will move into her corner.

    This should have been a blow-out victory if elitist media did not interfere.

    Shame on you, IOWA, what a disgrace and what a nightmare.

  110. From our buddy Ben @politico

    New detail on the money race from my colleague Ken Vogel:

    Seeking to rebut reports it’s running out of cash, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign on Wednesday said it emerged from its victory in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary with more than $25 million in the bank and has been raking in contributions at a torrid pace since.

    Headed into primary day, there were reports that the campaign, which has raised more than $100 million this year, had as little as $15 million left in the bank and was facing a financial crunch.

    Not so, says campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe, who said Clinton’s raised $750,000 online since her surprise New Hampshire victory.

    “We’re raising money in the last 24 hours faster than we’ve ever done it in the campaign,” McAuliffe told Wednesday afternoon. “No one needs to worry about Hillary Clinton not having the resources to run a campaign.”

    He said the campaign has between $25 million and $27 million on hand and has already paid for much of its overhead in the crush of states that vote on and before Feb. 5.

    The campaign will host a conference call of its top bundlers — so-called Hillraisers — at 4:30 p.m. to talk about raising cash to pay for ads in those states, McAuliffe said. He wouldn’t estimate how much the campaign would need to compete with Barack Obama, whose campaign says it raised $100 million last year and has raised more than $8 million so far this year.

  111. Whoever it was that said they have turned off MSNBC, be sure to let them know. Even better, let’s find a frequent advertiser or two and let them know. Geico?DiTech? Ameriprise Financial? Fancy Feast? Nationwide Insurance? NetZero? Capital One? Citracal? Bank of America?
    Activon? Well maybe not the drugs — MSNBC is practically a drugstore. And there are local advertisers who will hate a few e-mails.

    Here’s the message: You thought “nappy-haired hos” was offensive? It was. And so is the sexist venomous untrue MSNBC coverage of Hillary. So I’m turning them off and boycotting your product.
    I believe in free speech but not in subsidizing hate speech.

  112. Any folks out there on the ground in Nevada that can start giving us a sense of where Hillary stands, and what can be done to neutralize the union endorsements?

  113. The Page proposed Clinton’s strategy going foward, I believe it’s quite sound except 5)

    1) Really focus an economic change message that relates to who she is as a person/character (must meld the two – the person who will bring real economic change because she is experienced, strong, tough, capable and genuine in her concerns) – and do sustained compare and contrast with Obama on this front through the prism of the economic change issues serving as a proxy for the favorable character compare and contrast.

    (2) Put in place process to drive the message (access to the press, interesting compelling organizing principle for her events going forward, name such as “Putting Families First,” etc.).

    (3) Moving beyond The Cry and focusing on her speaking in her own voice.

    (4) Gaming out Nevada and South Carolina; lower expectations; maybe consider playing in Florida; going on TV in five key 2/5 states so that she draws a line/plants a flag in terms of steering the narrative – states such as California, New York, New Jersey, Arkansas

    (5) Keep FPOTUS under control.

  114. hwc
    The party asked to candidates to sign the pledge as a way of blackmailing MI and FL and they did . It did not work and I am not going to argue with you about it,. She can not campaign there or they will wait until after the nomination to seat those deleagtes. as a way of getting back at her.

  115. Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner Endorses Clinton
    Governor Ruth Ann Minner of Delaware today announced she is endorsing Hillary Clinton for President.

    “Hillary Clinton has a proven track record of making change happen, and getting results. She had a goal of expanding health care to low income children, and as a result, over six million kids nationwide have health insurance today. Concerned that National Guard and Reservists were not receiving adequate health care, she teamed up with Republicans and Democrats and passed legislation guaranteeing them health care, regardless of their deployment status. We need Hillary’s results-oriented leadership and commitment to change in the White House to move our country forward.”

    “Governor Minner has spent over three decades working for the people of Delaware, and as governor, has created thousands of new jobs and continues to expand educational opportunities for Delaware students,” said Clinton. “I am truly honored to have her support.”

    Governor Minner was elected to the House of Representatives in 1974, where she served four terms, then served three terms in the state Senate. Minner served as Lieutenant Governor from 1993-2001, and was elected the first female Governor of Delaware in 2000.

    As Governor, Minner has successfully created and retained nearly 65,000 jobs in Delaware and has passed measures to strengthen education standards and modernize Delaware’s public schools. A fierce protector of the environment, Minner signed a multi-state agreement to reduce greenhouse gasses and is a frequent promoter of alternative energy sources.

    Minner announced her endorsement of Hillary Clinton after previously supporting Sen. Joe Biden. Delaware will hold its primary on February 5.

  116. Congresswoman Shelley Berkley Endorses Clinton
    Nevada’s Democratic Representative Declares Hillary “100% on the side of Nevada.”
    The Clinton campaign announced today the endorsement of Congressional Representative Shelley Berkley. Berkley will lend her experience, knowledge, and influence to Senator Clinton’s historic run for the White House.

    “When I first met Hillary years ago I was struck by the depth of her caring and knowledge of the concerns of my fellow Nevadans. And I have always been impressed that she is ready, able, and willing to take action. Her record against Yucca Mountain is 100% on the side of Nevada. I know first hand her tenacious advocacy for family health care, veteran’s services, education, and affordable housing – and have no doubt Hillary Clinton has the strength, knowledge, courage, and vision to be a President who will lead by action to solve our great challenges at home and abroad.”

    Representing Nevada’s first Congressional district, Rep. Shelley Berkley is currently serving her fifth term in Congress, where she serves on the House Committees on Ways and Means and Veterans’ Affairs. Uniquely qualified to represent Nevada’s First District, Berkley has resided in Las Vegas for over forty years, and is an alumna of the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She has previously served in the Nevada State Assembly and as the Vice Chair of the Nevada University and Community College System Board of Regents.

    “Shelley Berkley is all about results – and she has delivered for Nevada time and time again,” said Clinton Nevada Chair Rory Reid. “Shelley knows that Hillary Clinton is the only candidate that has a proven record of making real change happen, and shares Hillary’s bold vision for America’s future. We’re thrilled to have the boundless energy and tremendous knowledge of our state’s most passionate advocate on Hillary’s team, helping us turn out every last caucus-goer.”

  117. My favorite moment of last night: the look on Bwak and Michelle’sfaces when Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” came on. It was that “uh, oh” look followed by the tight, grimace-like smile as they tried to slide out of there. Someone fucked up bigtime by getting all ahead of the game choosing that song. My guess- it was Michelle and she forgot to change it.

    Some words of advice to Bwak: “You play that at the convention, asshole, if you receive the nomination. Not at the 2nd state of 50.
    Seriously. WTF was that? Talk about being full of one’s self. In my day, kids would call you conceited. Now, I think it’s just safe to call you an asshole.”


  118. The Page proposed Clinton’s strategy going foward, I believe it’s quite sound except 5)


    No offense, but does anyone really want Clinton strategy advice from the Georgetown Social Club (hi, Ben!). Haven’t we heard enough from these people over the last two months? They should all slither back under a rock (hi, Ben!).

  119. The Iowa results were influenced by some very pertinent advantages that BO had – 1) bussing in students, 2) neighboring state and 3) repubs openly participating in dem caucuses. Thank God for those loyal democrats of NH !

    Obama is not aiming for democrats as much as he is for repubs and independents and that itself tells you a lot. He cant do it on his own. He wants the republicans to bring her down for him. He’s even got the gall to admit that its his strategy for Super Tuesday in NJ and CA. This is Joe Lierberman II all makes sense now.

  120. rjk1957,

    I disagree that Obama can truly attract independents in GE. The so-called ‘independents’ he has drawn so far are actually elitist ‘democrats’ without actual party label. These folks do not need to worry about healthcare, rising living expenses etc. They occasionally vote in primaries, but I bet most of them vote for democratic party in general election. I am very very suspicious Obama is really bringing ‘new voters’ into democratic party’s corner.

    I can assure you there is NO way in hell Obama can win OH and FL against McCain and Huckabee based on his elitist message of false ‘hope’.

    It’s quite laughable for Obama’s media followers to cry ‘racist’ foul for his stunning NH defeat. I just don’t buy it. But if this is true, how can he win general election then when people need to vote in secret booths? I doubt this false claim can boost primary voters’ confidence of Obama’s chance in general election.

    Thanks God, NH voters rejected MSM although by a hair. I will again stay silent from tomorrow to pray, pray and pray….

  121. kostner, i agree what you said. if they are supposed cryin racism what to say it won’t happen in the general. they make no sense. they are just sour grapes and spinning their *ss of now.

  122. I don’t like Mark Penn. Under his strategy, Hillary was too wooden and too closed off from voters and the media.

    Hillary has a wonderful personality that more people should see. She has a wicked sense of humor and a biting wit. That is the Hillary voters will love.

    Under Penn, none of that was allowed to be revealed except in rare, spontaneous moments.

  123. hey morning people 🙂

    feeling pretty good this morning…


    i have some issues today…

    first of all, fox is playing this whole thing on michigan… i guess some in the democratic party are telling people to vote undecided if they like barack and edwards, and dont give those votes to hillary.
    they are saying if they vote that way they will at least be able to use those votes at the convention. also they are saying if hillary doesnt get at least 50% of the vote, people will know she didnt really win, and their candidates, were really the winners, and it will make a big statement to the country… okay thats one thing…

    now here is the other thing that is really PISSING ME OFF…

    WTF, culinary union?
    okay i mentioned before why i cant stand barack obama,( note i will vote for mccain before i will ever vote for obama no lie )
    and i am about to repeat it…

    I work for United Airlines, after 9/11 we ended up going into bankruptcy, (airlines were in trouble in those days)…
    our Union, my Union, is the’ International Association of Machinists’, or
    I A M…

    the first thing United did to us, was to start sell in off our jobs, cabin cleaners, ramp workers in smaller stations, mechanics in masses, i mean on and on and on…
    next they dumped our pensions, and alot of our other benefits, they upped our payout…
    our union the IAM came out with a bill to go to congress, and senate,
    essentiallly it was a bill to save our pensions, our jobs and our benefits…

    anyway, all the dems said they would support it, united had been hit hard by 9/11, but employess had been hit too…


    THE IAM’S top legeslative person, called OBAMA and said: WTF?
    OBAMA said he couldnt do it, he had to take in to consideration that, UNITED AIRLINES, is his constituent too…
    yes folks, UNITED AIRLINES is headquartered in CHICAGO…

    to this day, any convention in any state the iam always talks about what a lier bo is, and how he is persona non grata.

    so my pension was kicked to the curb, and it was the start of all these big companies dumping pensions and benefits, and outsourceing jobs, and taking away benefits, and losing 25% of my pay, obama is a pig…


  124. kostner.. welcome back buddy.

    having said that, I dont know but Hillary needs to get her stuff a little better. I mean she cannot use this emotional thing once more, else press will make it crappy on her.

    I think I have one suggestion if admin or some campaign officer wants to pass it on. How have other women spoken with passion without coming out as mean and abusive or per se “shrill”. she wont be able to do these townhall type Q&A in NH elsewhere. NH was special because people already knew her. whole of US is different. I think being a male, I understand why men fair better at these speeches is because when they raise voice, they dont go that deep into their lungs to suck air. my gf says, for women it is different. that could be one of the reason.

    I think one way of combining loud speeches when hitting the moments is by doing hand gestures more often, especially in huge political rallies. examples can be learnt from other great women leaders. I am posting benazir bhutto’s speech in context. there are others, and I am not saying she should emulate them. I am just saying she can deliver it better if she works on the style a little bit. We support her because we like her for what she stands. but to energise young voters, just issues are not enough. its the passion, without coming out as “shrillness” component.

    if she wants to connect with the youth or hold huge rallies, then she HAS to energize them like no other politician ever. its the JFK style, but with an added feminine touch :). se will make history and a darn good one indded. Hillary is 44!!!

  125. kostner.. welcome back buddy.

    having said that, I dont know but Hillary needs to get her stuff a little better. I mean she cannot use this emotional thing once more, else press will make it crappy on her.

    I think I have one suggestion if admin or some campaign officer wants to pass it on. How have other women spoken with passion without coming out as mean and abusive or per se “shrill”. she wont be able to do these townhall type Q&A in NH elsewhere. NH was special because people already knew her. whole of US is different. I think being a male, I understand why men fair better at these speeches is because when they raise voice, they dont go that deep into their lungs to suck air. my gf says, for women it is different. that could be one of the reason.

    I think one way of combining loud speeches when hitting the moments is by doing hand gestures more often, especially in huge political rallies. examples can be learnt from other great women leaders. I am posting benazir bhutto’s speech in context. there are others, and I am not saying she should emulate them. I am just saying she can deliver it better if she works on the style a little bit. We support her because we like her for what she stands. but to energise young voters, just issues are not enough. its the passion, without coming out as “shrillness” component.

    if she wants to connect with the youth or hold huge rallies, then she HAS to energize them like no other politician ever. its the JFK style, but with an added feminine touch :). se will make history and a darn good one indded. Hillary is 44!!!

  126. kostner, I was wondering that myself. If Obama is a victim of racism in NH, what chance would he have in more conservative swing states in the GE?

  127. I’m so sick to my stomach right now. Let me explain to you guys just how nasty things are going to get within the African-American community in this election. My best friend of nearly 15 years, just wrote a post on my blog (it’s supposed to be ours, but she is often absent–this post was completely out of spite) in effect calling me ignorant and harboring a Willie Lynch state of mind because I’m backing Hillary. The MSM isn’t talking about this, but not all African-Americans are backing BHO and it’s causing a huge rift in this community. A tear welled up in my own eye after I read that post from my friend. That she could feel so blindly passionate about this man that she’d basically call me an ignorant slave when she hasn’t watched a single.solitary.debate!

  128. sugar, don’t mind that. im african american and i WON’T let other african americans get away with this black guilt trip with me. THEY ARE THE ONES THAT ARE IGNORANT.

  129. sugar, i think msm has realized that not all african american women will sway to obama. cnn et. al. have said that african american women hold the key in states like SC. I personally know a lot of african american friends who wont rubberstamp obama, but my friends are all “latte drinking” fellows, so maybe they are not the riht representation.

    I can understand why AA men might have more bias towards Obama, because it is definitely historic. AA men get wrong end of the stick more often than not. but then, what has Obama done for them policy wise? how has obama helped them with his actions. if he has done more than hillary, he deserves more respect and hence more votes. Obama is not a typical AA male. he is a limousine liberal himself. so I think AA community will look at policies atleast some of them.

    We all appreciate your help in getting the word out to the community.

  130. gladiatorstail, There won’t be a repeat of the “tears” moment. Frankly, I think Hillary was pretty embarrassed about it, lol. She’s a very private person. That being said, she’s starting to trust her heart and her instincts. Her passion for this country and the causes she believes will continue to come through; I’m certain of it.

  131. Sugar:

    I’m very sorry to hear about your friend.

    My concern, going back a year ago, was that the Democratic party coalition would get torn apart along racial and gender lines.

    That appears to have happened.

    This is why Clinton went out of her way to take the high road for the first nine months of the campaign, praising Democrats, calling for a unified party, and focusing her guns on the Republicans. The other candidates didn’t get it. Edwards and Obama decided to do a tag-team attack on the Democratic party, setting a tone of hatred among their supporters.

    It’s really a shame, but it is what it is.

  132. gladiatorstail, i agree with the aa males being obama’s most rabid supporters. what i don’t like is when they question my motives on supporting hillary over obama. when i am asked or i give my prefrence without hesitation and no waivering i voice HILLARY!!! if they don’t like it, TOUGH!!!! i heard a while back some nutkook question if im african-american at all. im like why would i lie, i mean being black is not easy enough let alone pretending.LOL. i have nothing to prove to these leftist naderite punks.

  133. ADMIN…

    advice here for hillary,
    not that she needs it, but here it is, as you know unions, mobilize pretty damn good, so the culinary workers nod to obama, is a pretty substantial endorsement…


    i have many friends there, i go there often, here’s how she can negate that endorsement:





  134. terrondt, it’s been such a horrific experience to stand up for my own decision. At every turn I get pounded. People have accused Hillary of faking as the MSM has coined it during “the moment”. But, after being gut-punched by someone I would have never expected it from, I can only imagine how jacked up Hillary’s emotions are after dealing with all of the rough housing she’s been subjected to.

    gladiatorstail, the thing is, my friends are members of this “latte drinking” club too! I think that they feel safe with him based upon what he’s presented on the surface, but none of them have dared to use one of their manicured nails to scratch through a little deeper.

    I am honored to be a part of this historic campaign, so whatever you guys need from me. You got it.

  135. hillary needs different people to go on msnbc,etc and adamantly set the record straight. that is why i think carville would be a great asset

  136. SUGAR,

    Sorry to hear, but this is life. Everybody is entitled to his/her choice. Look, many female nutkooks are saying absoltely nasty, nasty things about Hillary, should Hillary’s female supporters call these folks traitors who’re against their own best hope of electing the first female president with qualification? It’s illogical…


    Interesting. You know, the IAM doesn’t have a local in western Iowa, so it was actually the Omaha local helping out with events, etc. Nebraska will hold its caucus in Feb — not a single rank-and-file IAM member I talked to was even considering Obama — I imagine this explains why. They were pondering Clinton vs Edwards, which goes to emjay’s observation that there’s no point in pissing off possible allies in midwestern caucus states.

  138. dot48, I agree that Carville would be a fantastic addition. I’m sure they’re wary of making this campaign too similar to ’92, but you know what? Who cares? ’92 was an awesome campaign and there was a lot of talent on that team. Use it.

    Same with Bill Clinton — GET. HIM. OUT. IN. PUBLIC. MORE. Every time he’s involved, it helps her. He is a brilliant communicator and he’s just starting to get warmed up, and the rustiness is coming off quickly.

  139. my brother is umwa and he said endorsements don’t mean didly. people vote what they want. i can’t understand why any union would endorse him, the clintons have a strong record of fighting for working americans.

    his message is wearing thin…change won’t happen in washington. it takes a doer not a talker.

    Hillary does need to be more herself and I think she’ll be fine. Her record speaks for itself … people want to actually just know about “her”. they need to see for themselves that she is strong but is also a caring, human… maternal sort of. they can craft her message around this and let the real personable Hillary come through.

    everyone that has met her says they come away impressed, she is nice and not a bit like she was painted to them to be,

    she has to really introduce hillary to the american people, they know she’ll make the best president but they want to like her some too. she can do it.

  140. SUGAR,

    my best friend is black, she and i are so tight, i’m a native american, mexican mix…

    we’ve had some talks i can tell you…

    I talked to her about obama and hillary, she knows i want hillary to win, i know she wants obama to win… her heart is with him and the cause that is most important to her.

    i can only do so much, but in the end i respect her hopes and dreams, and its not worth losing sleep over…
    we agree to disagree…
    its a democracy, thats what america is supposedly about…

    you are telling your story, and sharing your hopes and dreams for women, and she’s telling hers…
    dont take it personal, sounds as important as this is to you, its just as important to her… respond with care and move on. K?

  141. remember, there a lot more woman voters than african-american votes. just the a fact. last year i got into a pissing contest with another african-american male at work regarding my choice for hillary or obama, but i squelched it quick. now he at least respect my choice becuase i respect his. i don’t let them get away with the guit trip. you hold your ground firm they will stop.

  142. Wednesday, January 9, 2008
    John and Monica Conyers urge Mich. Democrats to vote ‘uncommitted’
    Gregg Krupa / The Detroit News
    Two supporters of U.S. Sen. Barack Obama announced today that they will produce and air campaign advertisements urging voters to cast “uncommitted” ballots in Michigan’s Democratic Presidential primary on Tuesday.

    U.S. Rep. John Conyers, D-Detroit, and Detroit City Councilwoman Monica Conyers said they are acting because of the failure of state and national leaders of the Democratic Party to salvage a consequential primary for voters in Michigan.

    “Democratic voters have been disenfranchised, indeed had their vote rendered meaningless, by not being able to vote for viable Democratic candidates because of Democratic party rules that evade reality,” said Monica Conyers. “We urge Democratic party voters to cast a ballot for uncommitted if the candidate of their choice, such as Senator Barack Obama, is not on the ballot.”

    U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., who achieved a surprise victory in the Democratic primary in New Hampshire Tuesday, is the leading Democrat on the ballot in Michigan. Obama, the Democrat from Illinois who prevailed in the Iowa caucuses Thursday, and former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina removed their names from the ballot after Michigan Democrats chose to violate party rules by moving the timing of the primary forward in a failed effort to garner more attention for the campaigns in Michigan.

    Other Democrats on the ballot are U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel and U.S. Sen. Christopher Dodd of Connecticut. Dodd dropped out of the race Friday.

    Many voters say the political maneuvering have disenfranchised them amid an election crucial to the future of the nation.

    The Conyerses, who are married, both support Obama, according to Sam Riddle, Monica Conyers’ chief of staff.

    “Here in Michigan, the primary is almost meaningless,” said Riddle, who blamed both state and national party leaders for effectively disenfranchising Democratic voters in Michigan. “Because of the screwed up process, no one is really having a chance to endorse any of the candidates. That’s why we are urging people to vote uncommitted.”

    Radio advertisements will begin running as soon as today, Riddle said, and the Conyerses also hope to run advertisements on television.

    The cost of the advertising will likely be between $15,000 and $25,000, Riddle said.

  143. DOT 48,

    your brother is exactly right, union people for the most part will choose, there is no rule about voting, believe me, BUT,

    here’s the important thing, we are talking ground game here…
    we are talking about making it happen on caucus day right?

    ask out girls and guys who worked iowa and new hampshire…

    actually, the story on fox today, is that penn, has something to do with some large laundry company that has resisted unionizing, and that has pissed culinary union off… and in all truth, if thats true, than thats bad blood to unions, all unions. but to vote for obama to spite penn, dont know if i’ld go that far if i were them…

  144. Sugar, I’m so sorry. I know that must hurt. I have been reading your blog, and you do a great job. I was talking with an older female AA friend (and Hillary supporter) here, and she says that it hurts her to see that kind of pressure being put on especially the young.

    Vote for who you want, but geez, don’t try to wound people at their core for their choices.

  145. okay RJK,



  146. H4T, I don’t care. As Audre Lorde would say, “I have come to believe over and over again that what is most important to me must be spoken, made verbal and shared, even at the risk of having it bruised or misunderstood. ” Or as my mother would say, “Fuck ’em, if they can’t take a joke.”

    I think Obamalamdingdongs are idiots. Plainly and simply. Latte drinking, Birkenstock wearing, Saab driving idiots. They can kiss my ass. I will never vote for that teleprompter reading, fish-lipped, conceited asshole. I would vote for Huckabee before him bc then we’d at least get gridlock in DC and folks like Biden, Dodd, and Hillary (god forbid she’ not POTUS) would beat him down with a stick while Obambi was looking for the nearest mirror and camera.

  147. skmf12
    Air a piece something like “when the DNC decided to punish Michigan and Democratic voters, all the other candidates also decide to punish Michigan voters by having their names removed from the ballot. Hillary said she would not campaign, but said she “no” to not giving Michigan voters the right for the canidate of their choice. Hillary is not abandoning you, has not abandoned you and will always be there to fight for Michigan.

    Rambling I know, didn’t get much sleep…..

  148. RJK,

    i agree it would be good, to state her case in michigan, cause they are now trying to be a player in michigan after dissing them, why didnt he have the guts to put his name on the ballot?

    loser, he is an opportunist…

    hey OKIE,

    i am with you, i will vote repug first, trust me, no guilt there, anyway voting obama is a republican anyway right?

  149. Hi Sugar!
    Right now is a weird time in my mixed household. My husband and I are both for Hillary- he is black, I am white. One of our best friends who is also a black male is supporting Hillary too. All of us think Barak is not seasoned enough to be president right now, though hopefully someday since we all like him. Meanwhile, we have another friend, also a black male, who is a RABID Barak supporter, and I mean RABID. He is trying to convert my husband and our friends EVERY DAY (he gave up on me awhile ago- ha!) and it is starting to piss us all off. He emails almost every day and has taken to slandering Hillary in a way that is driving a wedge between him and us. It is frustrating b/c he is normally a great friend to debate and talk politics with, but he is so intoxicated with Obamania right now he is not listening to reason.

  150. Meanwhile, I think I’ve got my mother AND mother-in-law on board. 🙂 Father-in-law said he like Ron Paul (!!!) but we are talking him out of that. ha

  151. Wow, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up +146 points today.

    It’s celebrating Hillary’s NH win. 🙂

    It has been plunging since the morning after the Iowa caucus, losing about 500 points in two trading days. Can you say the financial market was worried about an Obama Pesidency?

    The US financial market is breathing a sigh of relief today.

    Yes, it’s the economy, stupid! 🙂

  152. Two supporters of U.S. Sen. Barack Obama announced today that they will produce and air campaign advertisements urging voters to cast “uncommitted” ballots in Michigan’s Democratic Presidential primary on Tuesday.

    U.S. Rep. John Conyers, D-Detroit, and Detroit City Councilwoman Monica Conyers said they are acting because of the failure of state and national leaders of the Democratic Party to salvage a consequential primary for voters in Michigan.

    “Democratic voters have been disenfranchised, indeed had their vote rendered meaningless, by not being able to vote for viable Democratic candidates because of Democratic party rules that evade reality,” said Monica Conyers. “We urge Democratic party voters to cast a ballot for uncommitted if the candidate of their choice, such as Senator Barack Obama, is not on the ballot.”

    Wow, talk about having your cake and eating it too.

    Obama jumped off the ballot by his own choice — who disenfranchised these voters? MI Hillary voters aren’t disenfranchised.

    My dislike for Obama grows daily. He was actually my #2 back in the spring, I’m ashamed to admit.

  153. i hope she fights as hard in sc as nh. womwn want to vote for her .. i hopeshe’ll not concede one vote in sc. mostly women and aa. they like the clintons andshe just should not concede any vote. continue to fight and show what she has been doing for so long

  154. Paula — I read an article a while back where Obama was bragging about ducking out of MI and relieved about FL because he didn’t think he could compete nationwide with Hillary (“it’s all about Iowa”). Now the Obama camp is whining?

    I went to Biden as well. Now I don’t have a #2. It’s Hill or nothing. I’m not enthusiastic about Johnny Millson.

  155. U.S. Rep. John Conyers, D-Detroit, and Detroit City Councilwoman Monica Conyers said they are acting because of the failure of state and national leaders of the Democratic Party to salvage a consequential primary for voters in Michigan.

    Then why are they so worried about Hillary winning the inconsequential primary?

  156. well i never liked obama. there is something about him that just leaves me cold. his message will wear thin because there is no substance to it. his arrogance showed last nite and he won’t be able to control it. i find both he and micheele smug and hoity.

  157. By the way, I’ve been meangin to comment on my experience in NH ever since I got back on Sunday, but it’s almost impossible to catch up around here!!! Y’all post ALOT. ;0

    Anyway, I got amazingly positive feedback from the voters in NH! I canvassed on Saturday and Sunday and I didn’t come across a single committed Barak voter! I ran into 2 or 3 Edwards and 2 Richardson (!!?!?!!) supporters, and many republicans, but only one guy said he was still deciding between Hillary and Obama. Several men and women said they were still undecided, but I managed to sway all the women in favor of Hillary and all the men at least seemed to lean towards her after we spoke. So I was very skeptical of the alleged 10-point lead. Of course I still assumed Hillary would lose (and figured that maybe I was in a Hill-heavy area by cooincidence), but I definitely thought the lead was being inflated by the media. Now I know for sure not to trust them EVER AGAIN!! >:)

  158. can anybody believe this pr*ck(tweety), “some people have been coming after hillary’s scalp.” i yelled at the screen, YEAH *SSHOLE, AND YOUR ONE OF THEM.

  159. Race has all of a sudden become an issue in the RACE…

    From Ol’ Ben @politico;

    The primary, in recent days, has taken on a bit of a racial charge that neither leading candidate has sought but that may play itself out a little way down the line. There was Hillary’s strange discussion of King and Johnson, reacted to with fury on some black blogs, and Donna Brazile’s slam of Bill, “speaking as an African-American.”

    There’s also been an understandable discussion — thanks for all the e-mails — of whether the election showed a “Bradley effect,” named for Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley (above), who got fewer white votes in the 1982 governor’s race than polls predicted. The theory is that white people tell pollsters they will vote for the black guy, because they don’t want to seem racist; but in the privacy of the booth, they pull the other lever.

    John Nichols floats the theory today, explaining Iowa by the public nature of the caucuses. And it’s possible that there’s some truth to it.

    But, as Jack and Jill Politics kind of wittily noted today, we have a pretty compelling alternative theory. This giant shift of female voters has a lot of explanatory power. And there’s no reason to think that women are more subject to secret racism than men. (Statisticians: Anybody want to figure out how much of the result the shift among women explains?)

    Also of note: The networks’ final exit polls said the race was a 39-39 tie, which is very close to where it ended up. Which means that most voters were telling exit pollsters who they really voted for.

    And finally, the defection of independents to McCain seems like an unrelated but powerful factor.

    This doesn’t mean there’s no such thing as the Bradley effect. But those seem like two pretty solid indications that it doesn’t explain the dramatic gap between polling and results.

  160. Buchanan has been really fair this whole race. I disagree with a lot of his politics but I’ll give him that.

  161. WOW. Give me a friggin’ BREAK, MSM. Obama’s win in Iowa is due to his merits as a candidate, but Hillary’s in NH is due to her skin color? Two words: FUCK. YOU!

    In the meantime, they better stop playing the race card on because I guarantee you that will backfire.


    Big Media does not want women to get too used to the idea that they made a big difference. That they WERE a force to be reckoned with in NH. That they ARE a force to be reckoned with. Because if that happens, the ensuing tsunami in this country will rock the foundations of their whole world.

    So they are spinning and spinning and spinning and trying to sing the electorate back to sleep. “Go back to sleeeeeep……no real woman thing going on here… was all your imagination….”

  163. dot48, tweety cannot bully buchanan. i don’t like his politics either but he calls it like he sees it. i never cared to much for dyson. he thinks he is too smart for his big head.

  164. I saw Tweety hit on a female business reporter from their sister station and it made my stomach hurl. I had to actually question the sanity of his wife. Between the thought of his stubby little pecker and albino-esque hair, his sweaty gut and bad breath, I knew she has to either be a saint or Helen Keller. Poor woman. Poor, poor woman. Besides, you know it would have to suck to know that while having sex he’s thinking “Oh, Obama. Oh, Obama. You’re so manly! So lucious!…”

    (Sorry. I get ahead of myself sometimes and even make myself sick. Apologies to anyone eating while reading teh above.)

  165. h4t, that is why i say hillary should fight in sc for the aa women vote and every other vote. the more woman she becomes the better,, everyone knows her work ethic. target younger women with abortion right platform.

    the in thing now for students is obamafever ,, this won’t last it is just a fad that will fade. hillaeys message will not

  166. such sore losers like dyson. can’t they just say they got beat and move on. the spinning is terrible. SORE LOSERS. hillfans remember the 2000 bush/gore recount when they called gore sore/loserman. that was brutal. OBAMA=SORE/LOSERMAN.

  167. BTW- playing the race card is a double-edged sword. To date, Obama has straddled that fence with the half/half argument and “we’re a colorless nation” and “I’m a product of MLK’s dream.” Now, he calls into play racism to rally minority voters which makes middle of the road, middle class voters squirm. Let him keep saying racism, racism, racism. And let Jackson, Jr. do it, too. I know a lot of mid-western white voters who hate Jesse Jackson like mad and will not make a distinction between him and hs daddy.

    He’ll lose SC when Edwards voters defect to Hillary in massive numbers. Edwards’ numbers will make Bill Richardson look like George Washington.

  168. yeah, remember his selma speech last year. he played the race thing like a violin. doing the southern black accent and LYING about how his parents made him becuase of selma. 4 freakin years after they met. selma march happened in 1965, he was born in 1961.

  169. Honestly, I like Barak less and less as this race continues. But most of that is due to his campaign and his latte-drinking cult worshippers.
    He is a truly inspirational speaker, and that is something quite special, no doubt about it. That said, I can rip into his record and his hypocrisy on the campaign trail in the blink of an eye. I have absolutely no problem eviscerating him. The problem is that the kool-aid drinkers will shut you out unless you coddle them first by acknowledging Barak’s intelligence and eloquence. *eye roll* Yes, DUH, of course he’s smart. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’d be a superior president. (Ummmm, Hillary is pretty f’in smart too, people.) Personally I think he’d make a great professor. This occurred to me at the debates… He is such an academic type. I think that is partially why the highly (or OVER) educated flock to him so much. They are into that sort of thing. I’m not so much; I prefer Hillary’s work-horse attitude. This might be a legitimate matter of taste. ? I dunno. Inspirational speeches about lofty goals have their place. But c’mon…. we’re picking a commander in chief! Anyway, that’s neither here nor there.

    My personal hope is that Obama is defeated in the primary and makes a graceful and dignified exit. Then I hope he puts down the kool-aid and goes back to the Senate to put some real work in. I would love to see him humbled slightly before he runs in 2016 (after two Hillary terms!). His “likable enough” comment at the debate really painted him as an arrogant prick in my mind.

  170. We have not forgotten our strategy memo – we’re just digesting a lot of data right now to revise it. We might put up something later today with the section regarding the upcoming debates and Michigan/Florida strategy.

  171. Actually Hillary didn’t win more of the male vote in Iowa, because men who in a ballot booth that would have voted for Hillary were afraid to let all their buddies see them stand for her.

  172. I think the media using this Race Card will only hurt Obama. People do not like when that card is played and that is exactly what is happening.

  173. rfk1957, that’s another think why i love the primary. secret ballot wich means no spouse or peer pressure to voice your vote. no hubbies or opposing viewpoints distorted on making his or her vote. i bet millions of woman tell their husbands or family members they voted with them but voted their hearts.

  174. I’m sure that women will be pleased to know that they too can be racists (whatever your race?) if you vote for Clinton.

  175. i said earlier in the week that i thought with the scalp hunting media craze that people were afraid to say they supported Hillary. nh proof that a primary is better way to choose. the more the media pound at her and she continues to just keep working, standing firm and becoming more friendly…she will win more.

    the nation knows she is the most qualified .. they just need reason to stand for her and she’ll continue to work that angle.

    concede no vote, work for every vote and make every person feel important and comfortable with her.

  176. Exactly! Save the race card for the general election, Barak, when the GOP (and/or some 527) starts their “Osama, Obama, Osama, Obama” ads…. Or the one with the crack vial floating across the screen, superimposed over type from your book. You know it’s coming, buddy.

    Does anyone in this day and age seriously think stuff like this won’t happen!?!? Hello, Harold Ford Jr. anyone?

  177. yeah realist, he is one thru and thru. dyson is nothin but a fast talking know it all jerk. the only good thing about him he does not pressure or slam his wife for supporting hillary.he only came on scene nationally a few years ago. beforehand i had no idea who he was.

  178. I was in New Hampshire campaigning for Hillary all weekend, came home crippled and exhausted. I was “sick” from the negative polls on Hillary and was actually questioning whether it was possible my dream of Hillary being president might not come true. I had a doctor’s appt. and errands to run; was a nervous wreck all day being away from the TV. Came home to dismal news about how Hillary’s campaign would get new people, how she could try to get back in the race, etc. THEN the poll results started to come in. Hillary and Obama – neck in neck- Hillary a few points more. An hour passes. Hillary still few points ahead. COULD IT BE HILLARY MIGHT WIN????

    Then my friend called me and we talked about Hillary and COULD IT BE POSSIBLE SHE WOULD WIN????? Then after two and a half hours – HILLARY CLINTON – THE PROJECTED WINNER!!!!!! I have tears in my eyes just writing this!! I actually cried tears of happiness watching this happen and I cried even more when I saw how happy Hillary looked when she got on the stage to give her victory speech! It had just broken my heart to see her so sad the day before. I KNOW Hillary’s heart and I know how she felt! It broke my heart to see my gal so sad!

    Both Bill and Chelsea had tears in their eyes and were so PROUD of Hillary!!! I am SO PROUD of HILLARY!!!! It was the sweetest surprise of this campaign to see those terrible polls were so wrong!

    Yet the media has to analyze and analyze the reason WHY this happened! Like others have said, NOT ONE PERSON said this IS THE FIRST WOMAN EVER TO WIN A PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY!!!!! Not one person said it!

    Chris Matthews is heartbroken that his man crush lost and is attributing it to racism. I was so glad Pat Buchanan said to say that is to take away Hillary’s Victory and it’s not right!!

    All I know is I worked the event in New Hampshire Sunday at Nashua North High School. There were 3,700 people there! The screams, the cheers, the chants were all EXPLOSIVE!!!! I said to myself New Hampshire LOVES Hillary and they sure do!!


  179. folks we are in for a roller coaster ride. wish she could get carville on board. will this maggie williams be a spokeswoman for hillary to combat the media lies. i personally think bill clinton might be the best one .. he already has his legacy and I think he could be the most effective fact setter straighter without stooping to below the belt hits.

    people still think bill clinton and when he says hillary would be a better president than he was .. it does reach.

    i think bill might be the most effective in south carolina from now on out till their primary.

  180. “What went wrong?”, asks Matthews. His whole show is in service of promoting the idea that Hillary won because of racism.

  181. Roger Simon arguing with Chris Matthews and he’s not buying the racial reason for the NH win and telling Chris that the industry should not be driven by polls to Chris’ crying. What a jerk.

  182. allwaysforhillary, you are one of the biggest supporters if not the biggest of hillary. thanks for all you do. i love your posts on blog. BLESS YA!!!

  183. GO SIMON!!! these guys are dishing tweety big doses of reality. you can tell he is not comfortable getting SCHOOLED and called out on his bs.

  184. as i say,matthews and timmeh are becoming the laughing stock. they have to be on something. dan abrams needs to haul matthews to the shed, he is turning people off msnbc.

    matthews has diced, sliced and dissected hillary and i hope his time comes…don’t wish harm but his due will come in some kind of karma. he is one twisted person.

  185. well it is good to hear that someone is setting matthews straight. at least another side of the story is getting out.

  186. tweety is desperate. he knows his plan to derail hillary has come unglued. he is trying to downplay hillary’s big win but his guests and the american people is having none of it. it helps he has strongminded pundits pushing back in his face.

  187. Great article by Caryl Rivers about a CLICK moment with women in regards to Hillary. She claims the media onslaught and the anointing of Barack caused women in NH to say “This is not fair”. I hope this sentiment can carry through till November. I think Hillary’s organization should make sure of it.

    Yes this is from, but I still think its worth a read.

  188. Sugar — Obama declared before Hillary did and I was so thrilled! I’ve lived in Asia among mixed cultures and the Muslim people are great. Those people UNDERSTAND tolerance and a multi-cultural nation. It’s wonderful to see someone who UNDERSTANDS how important the non-USA, non-white culture is, and how much imprinting you get as a child. And to have grown up with mixed-race, mixed-culture siblings and parents.

    I’d love to see Obama as president — when he grows up to his potential and when he would have a decent chance of getting elected and re-elected. Which might be 2016, if HIllary gets in and cleans up Bush Jr’s messes. If by chance she is defeated in Nov 2008, Obama will have a better chance in 2012 than he has now (unless he’s BLAMED for her defeat, as Nader was for Gore’s).

    If Obama runs now and gets creamed/swiftboated in Nov 08, he’s damaged permanently. If he gets elected in Nov 08 and then CAN’T fix all Bush Jr’s messes, then he’s seen like CArter. And a ‘failed Obama presidency’ damages the credibility of whoever promoted him beyond his ability; people will think that AA’s will endorse any AA, regardless of ability.

    I don’t want him to lose his chance by running at an inoportune time. I don’t like seeing a fight between the first woman candidate and the first black candidate — with the GOP the winner. I want Obama to get a good post in Hillary’s admin and then run in 2016 WITH HER SUPPORT, as the first choice of the whole Dem party.

  189. Yeah! Barney Frank!

    Great article:

    Refight the Nineties?

  190. TERRONDT, Thank you so very much for your nice compliment!!! I think I am THE BIGGEST HILLARY SUPPORTER!!!! I always tell the campaign office I think I want Hillary to win MORE than she does! This campaign is my life; my passion!! There is nothing in my life I am more passionate about than to see Hillary elected president!!

    Thanks, again!! And I’m glad you like my blogs on Hillary’s site!!

  191. terrondt, I have started considering BO as #2. He has great oratory and political skills. He can attract lots of young people. We could avoid a lot of internal fighting in the party. If they make him an offer do you believe he would take it?

  192. will the media cover jackson’s remarks on hillary and katrina? just emailed all news networks on this. u shoudl too. this is an explosive accusation

  193. Admin,

    One of the obvious questions I haven’t seen asked is about the reasons that independents are supporting Obama. The Obama camp would have us believe that those independents will chose to vote for him in the election as well. I find that hard to believe. I believe that they are voting for him to prevent Hillary from getting the nom. Has their been any polling or research done to determine their motivations? Is there a possibility that evangelical women crossed over to vote for Obama in Iowa to prevent Hillary from winning?

    Any thoughts you have on that would be appreciated. I’ve noticed there really hasn’t been any kind of discussion as to whether it’s healthy for the Democratic party to have a nominee who wins by virtue of the support of independents and Republicans. But then, I’m an old fashioned kind of girl…

  194. BET News Sits Down With Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in a Series of Election Specials Premiering Tuesday, January 8 at 10:00 P.M. ET/PT
    BET’s Interview with Obama Airs Tuesday, January 8, with the Second Installment Featuring Clinton Airing Tuesday, January 15 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT

  195. Crooks and Liars: MADDOW: Pat, I will tell you that on the influential-influential, perhaps, on the left-website Talking Points Memo today, you want to know who they’re blaming for women voters breaking for Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama, who they’re blaming for this late showing and a big vote for Hillary Clinton? They’re blaming Chris Matthews. People are citing specifically Chris-not only for his own views but also for…as symbol of what the mainstream media has done to Hillary Clinton.

    MATTHEWS: What website is this?

    Digby: All the sickening media sexism we saw over the past couple of days didn’t work and all liberals of good conscience should be relieved by that.

    Christy Hardin Smith: What is wrong with Chris Matthews? With all of these media people? I mean that, in all honesty, what in the hell is wrong with them? Their personal loathing of Hillary Clinton shone through in every sniggering, overwrought report this week. Their building up of Barack Obama is only their prelude and set-up for the frenzied clawing and shredding of him that is to come. . . And Pam Spaulding nails it, calling it ‘The Tweety Effect’ . . . None of it has anything to do with substance. It’s as if a pack of hyenas were crossbred with the characters in Mean Girls and then sent out to play at journalism.

    Hillary is 44: The “Iron My Shirt” Big Media brigade, Russert, Matthews and all the funeral planners at Big Media newspapers and other Big Media outlets were beaten – by a woman.

    yay 44…

    anyway i like seeing the video of tweety being told its his fault on rachel maddows site..

  196. BMerry

    Am just getting started on the pink pages for today and see you up and perking at 6:58 this am. Please tell me you were just coming in. That way I can believe you will crash and sleep in, rather than you came home late last night and are starting a new day already.

  197. clintondem99, im afraid i am the last person on this blog that support obama as a vp pick. no. she can win wihout the jerk. if she by some miracle pick him offcourse i will support our girl 1 million percent. but no way. i lost all respect for the idiot starting early last year.

  198. Haven’t posted in a looong time, having been on pins and needles for the last week, but I am just so happy about Hillary’s win in NH. Yesterday morning, I thought Hillary would do better than expected, probably losing by 5 points or less, but I just never thought her comeback—which was already apparent in some polling—would be so complete. Letting Hillary be Hillary was key and should continue to be central to the campaign.

    I must confess, also, that as much as I dislike Obama because of some of his tactics, obfuscation, and hypocrisy, the man sure can give a good speech. And those indies and moderate republicans sure seem to love him. I am starting to wonder whether a Hillary/Obama ticket might not just be unbeatable.

    Moving forward with the campaign, I also wonder whether it might not be a good idea to reach out to potential Obama supporters by implying that he would be her VP choice. Obviously she need never come out and actually say that, but merely stating that when nominated she will ensure that the ticket is built to reach out to independents/repubs, to “change America together” in Barack-speak, might lead to this sort of speculation and could give people who like Barack and want to see him president some day but are unsure that he has the gravitas and experience to hit the ground running “permission” to vote for Hillary. Allusions to a unity ticket that could realistically give Democrats a good chance of controlling the White House for 16 years, once Obama sows his oats, and is ready to lead (which he isn’t know), might make tactical sense for the campaign, but could give a lot of the democratic establishment something to ponder. It might not be a bad idea at all to push for this. Any thoughts/comments?

  199. Today, I noticed that Hillary’s win isn’t even on the main page of But what is, is Obama’s Culinary endorsement and an article on if Obama supporters lied. There was just a major primary yesterday and the winner isn’t even on the main page??

    Whats the status of the primary right now. I just read about John Conyer and his wife’s action. You have got to be kidding me. Barack Obama and JE voluntarily removed their names from the ballot, without even being asked or pressured. Why did they see it necessary to remove their names from the ballot, when the didn’t do that in Florida. They abandoned Michigan voters and the truth needs to be told. Something should definitely be done about this. I can’t even believe John Conyers would continue to support him when he basically turned his back on Michigan and Barack hasn’t been nice to the state at all.

    I don’t know if I should trust polls anymore, but I thought Nevada was a shoe-in for Hillary. She got a warm reception at the debates and they even defended her. The last poll had her with like a 20 pt. lead over Obama. I think Hillary should have Nevada in the bag.

    What about the status of South Carolina??

    Fundraising??? A couple of weeks ago they had over $50 million in the bank and now they only have $25-27. I think I may make a couple of donations but im a college student.

  200. The media is already gonna spin the Michigan fiasco as a lose-lose situation for Hillary if she doesn’t win by a landslide, then she is doomed. Her NH win only gave her some breathing space. Tomorrow they will be breathing down her campaigns neck.

  201. OK.. I know this is preposterous.. but I want it to be out there.

    suddenly I am seeing big media pushing obama down our throats if Hillary is the nominee. I heard from 6 TV talk show hosts saying that if Hillary is the nominee, she should take Obama as co-nominee. now its an excellent prospect. but is there something Obama brings that other people on dem side do not bring? am i missing something here? I mean they have already blurred striking differences between policies among obama and hillary, and have made both their policies almost similar. now they have framed the election as change vs experience memo. now hillary camp blurred it with agent of change with experience argument, but if NH is any indication, only 25% have accepted her as candidate of chance while almost 50% has disagreed and said obama is change candidate. now media has successfully painted the election to be “election for change” :). all this is good, but it still doesnt answer my fundamental question. WHAT NEXT for Obama. BM has already working on narrative that he should be VP nominee, else party will split.. but my point is what does he bring to the table which someone like wes clark, ted strickland, or jim webb dont offer? or is BM too much in love with obama that they want him on the ticket nevertheless?

  202. I saw a comment by an Indie (NH or Iowa?) saying he stayed registered ‘Indie’ because registred DEms and GOPs get too many phone calls and knocks on their doors by party volunteers. And some people really are ‘swing voters’ taking each election case by case.

    There’s certainly a danger of people coming into Dem primaries deliberately to support the weaker candidate or just the flashier one, so overall I think we should be sceptical of any argument that rests on ‘bringing in Indies and GOP’.

    What makes no sense to me is the meme of Indies or GOP really favoring Obama — but attending the GOP primary because of McCain! Unless they mean attending to vote AGAINST McCain. Wouldn’t real Obama GOPs support Ron Paul instead?

  203. tail,

    they are all saying it, i guess they just want a backup plan incase ob doesnt win…

    they are afraid of losing the horse they backed… 🙂

  204. good news on richardson dropping out. he turned out to be a jerk in the end. more hispanic support for hillary because let’s face it, obama is not very popular with the hispanic vote.

  205. gladiatorstail

    I agree 100%. Obama would not be a good choice. There are a lot of other more competent and experienced candidates for vp.

  206. QUESTION:

    Any info on GOTV efforts in Nevada? Do you think we can withstand the Unite Here endorsement? Last I heard, she had a double digit lead there.

  207. rigso

    who’s the sponser? NBC & ?
    MSNBC & ?

    we should all find out and then do what I suggested here before….write high quality (use real name, tel “, e-mail, etc.) letters, memos, e-mails etc to the various pooh-bas at the involved organizations’ headquarters DEMANDING better quality moderating by “their employees.”

    Tell them you will talk to 10 or more friends to enlist aid in making sure more quality debate behavior is exhibited.

    If we want to make a difference, then do something to make a difference.

    We are not just bits of bothersome dust mites.

    (see 7th comment after E J Dionne’s article this morning in The New Republic.)

    see many of the blogs by BMerry, WBBOI, 1950Democrat, Cannan and others from these pink pages at other sites…

    Good place to start is Taylor Marsh; shout out on these pages and I bet my first bourbon since my cough syrup week, you’ll get a small rolodex of responses.


  208. no more talk about V.P pick. It’s going to be a long battle. The bigger margin Hillary wins in every state, the more flexibility she will have to pick up a V.P she wants. Let’s not focus on this, it’s a distraction.

    MSN website ALWAYS puts on every bit of good Obama good news on their front page. Expect MSM to start beating Clinton again tomorrow. They are relentless.

    I am wondering whether Clinton’s absteen ballot program has started? I hope she will be able to bag in as many votes as possible as a cushion before the next NV contention. CA is key…

    Just read WSJ article, the money is back. She raised 1.1 million over less than 24 hours, 5 million commitment over the next 72 hours.

  209. NewsHour just had their Honor Roll: Nine more dead.

    Ages: 52, 47, 42, 34, 34, 28,24, 21, can’t remember the other one, but 24 or over, because I’ve been noticing the higher ages for the last 8 months…since the beginning of the “surge.”

    I’m telling you again, something is going to blow.

  210. Bill Richardson dropping out is good for Hillary since Nevada is a caucus and the whole below 15% deal.

  211. Tex4Hill

    hope thepage was some help, but if not, I just remembered that sometime in the last few days, between IA and New Ham, someone, a regular, on this site was talking about his/her cache of media contacts on a Rolodex.

    Try a shout out for help every couple hours andif I have time, I’ll go looking back to see if I can find who posted that..

  212. The SEIU has about 15,000 members, the Unite union has about 60k.

    so he got the 15,000 member not the big one..

    i read this kinda of funny same tricks ..
    Don’t forget everyone don’t answer the polls and let the Hilbotts do it. When we vote in record numbers and they don’t have a percentage,it’s hard to steal the votes on the machines and the exit polls will count too, so tell NJ to wear their OBAMA GEAR WHEN THEY VOTE.

  213. Thank you CJ. I’m very optimistic about Nevada! There’s a lot of affection for the Clintons there. 🙂

    Will Whouley be going there soon?

  214. Where Was Oprah? And Four Other Lessons From NH

    By Van Jones From The Huffington Post

    Everyone is afraid to make ANY predictions now (including me), and that is probably a good thing. But there do seem to be some lessons from the past week’s roller coaster ride.

    1. Nobody likes inevitability; the “inevitable” nominee was punished in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

    2. Everybody likes authencity; Hillary’s passion and near-tears helped.

    3. Democrats don’t like ganging up or piling-on, especially against women; Edwards piling on Clinton brought out some sympathy, as did Obama’s “you’re like-able enough” attempt at humour. (Of course, the whole GOP field piled on against Romney, but he got no pity on that side of the aisle.)

    4. Undecided people may behave VERY differently in a rowdy caucus environment (where the youthful energy of Obama’s supporters was magnetic) than they behave in the quiet privacy of a voting booth.

    5. Giving Oprah the week off was a big mistake, it turns out. Hillary was able to steal both the compassion vote and the women’s vote in a short period – from Saturday through Tuesday – with no strong response from the Obama camp at all. Clinton brought out the big guns; Bill Clinton was blasting Obama with the memorable “fairy tale” line. Meanwhile, Obama’s nuclear weapon, Oprah Winfrey, was probably thinking about what she would say at the inauguration ball. Big mistake, in hindsight.

    The polls inevitably caused the Obama team to let down its guard; it seemed like big guns weren’t needed in NH.

    But nobody should ever underestimate the Clinton machine again.

    After losing the youth vote to Senator Obama by a 5-1 margin in Iowa, Clinton spent the last 5 days on a course correction that saw her messaging heavily to young voters. This was on top of a months long field operation that was already targeting young voters, and seems to have had particular success among young professionals, if not the college crowd. As a result of her efforts, Clinton was able to narrow Obama’s 57 – 10% lead among 18 – 25 year olds to 60 – 22%, and, most incredibly, turn a 57 – 15% deficit among 25 – 29 year olds into a 37 – 34% victory over her rival. Exit polling indicates that Clinton won by regaining her lead among women and by cutting into Obama’s base.

    See also:

  216. Ben Smith

    January 09, 2008

    McAuliffe: More than $25 million on hand

    New detail on the money race from my colleague Ken Vogel:

    Seeking to rebut reports it’s running out of cash, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign on Wednesday said it emerged from its victory in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary with more than $25 million in the bank and has been raking in contributions at a torrid pace since. [UPDATE: McAuliffe says more than $24 million of that is available for the primary.]

    Headed into primary day, there were reports that the campaign, which raised more than $100 million last year, had as little as $15 million left in the bank and was facing a financial crunch.

    Not so, says campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe, who said Clinton has raised $750,000 online since her surprise New Hampshire victory.

    “We’re raising money in the last 24 hours faster than we’ve ever done it in the campaign,” McAuliffe told Wednesday afternoon. “No one needs to worry about Hillary Clinton not having the resources to run a campaign.”

    He said the campaign has between $25 million and $27 million on hand and has already paid for much of its overhead in the crush of states that vote on and before Feb. 5.

    The campaign will host a conference call of its top bundlers — so-called Hillraisers — at 4:30 p.m. to talk about raising cash to pay for ads in those states, McAuliffe said. He wouldn’t estimate how much the campaign would need to compete with Barack Obama, whose campaign says it raised $100 million last year and has raised more than $8 million so far this year.

  217. keep hearing people just spout they don’t want another clinton cause one was already there. why not just take the person based on their experience and resume .. why should their last name matter, no sense to me

  218. Kostner:

    Yes absentee voting in CA started 2 days ago.

    In my neighbourhood, we made nearly 800 calls last night at BYOP party –
    while watching the results come in.

    And personally I made about 70 calls where about 40 people answered.
    90% was great news even before NH was over.
    A few said that they were for Biden and still deciding who their new choice should be.
    And with today Richardson dropping out will cause further indecision for some.

    So we will continue!


    F*_K !!!


  220. Greetings everyone!
    I still haven’t emotionally settled down to the new reality of the victory in NH. 🙂

    Anyhow, on to Nevada: does anyone here think that Bill Richardson will endorse now that he’s out of the race? And if he endorses, wouldn’t Hillary be his obvious choice given that he put emphasis on experience? One could assume that a Richardson endorsement could be helpful among the Latinos.

  221. richardson seemed to deal with bambi in iowa..who knows.

    you can bet that Hillary knows what is heading her way in the debate. she will be prepared.

  222. The NV union endorsement for Obama is not as effective as it might be. On a Saturday morning about 11:30, how many culinary workers are off?

    No absentee ballots, no time off from work, no 8 hours to show up…..11:30, that’s it.

    Also, many of them are Latin, I am told, and Delores Huerta has been here campaigning for Hillary.

    I ran into a Dem who says he has had so many calls from Clinton HQ that he’s begging them to stop. The bad news is that students are free on a Saturday morning to spend their time caucusing.
    We shall have to depend on the senior group minus some of the men who are apoplectic about a woman. They are still annoyed about giving women the vote.

    I shall soon plug into the Hill staff to find out how we’re doing. Will report.

  223. DemAC – You would think Richardson would endorse Clinton, but I highly doubt that. With the deals he made with the Obama camp I think he probably owes it to Obama. El Mundo endorsed Hillary and that is probably the greatest endorsement she could get with Hispanic voters in Nevada.

  224. The one thing I have not heard from anyone in the media is speculation on what effect the NH win will have on women who were waiting to see if a women could break through the glass ceiling and actually win. After O’s Iowa win everyone was saying that the African-American voters in S. Carolina had been waiting to see if O could actually win before rallying around him. Excuse me ladies, do any of you feel that some women nationwide were doing the same thing? Waiting to see if Hillary could actually win before rallying around her.

  225. official word of the win from my obamalite peersL

    “NH is ridiculous! All Hillary had to do was go ‘boo hoo’ and they came rallying to her”

    “Obama will still win. This win is nothing. She only won by 3%”

    “Obama has to be careful now then, but he’ll still win against that hag.”

    and when mentioning that the debate was a factor too…

    “Yeah, right. EVERYONE in the news says Obama was fantastic!”

    “I heard Obama did REALLy well?!”

    “Hillary sounded shrill…like my mom…”

    and there we have it folks 😀 the general spin of the Obamalamas 😀

  226. RJK,



  227. MJS, my Obama hypnotized co-worker this morning greeted me with:

    “It was the racist vote that caused Obama to lose”

    “If Hillary’ wins I can’t voter for her…I won’t vote for a woman for President”

    His favorite TV network…MSNBC..His favorite pundit: Chris Matthews.

    Says it all…..

  228. I think women want to rally around Hillary and they know she is best qualified. They also don’t want to be told by the media what to do. Hillary needs to show more of her own personality and I think it takes off from here. I think this is the real start of a new Hillary chapter. She learned something in NH which will only help her further down the road. I’m proud to be a Hillary Clinton supporter, I think she will make great strides as President of our country.

  229. OandrewD,
    I’m afraid you’re right about Richardson. But if he endorses Obama Richardson himself will come off looking pretty stupid, him having said over and over again that experience is important. So perhaps it’s a win/win for us then:
    If he endorses Hillary – good.
    If he endorses Obama – looking stupid.

    I read about the “El Mundo” endorsement and I got the impression that it’s quite a big deal, which of course is wonderful news.

    Quite possibly of course Richardson will not endorse at all. Especially if he just fades out rather than quit alright.



  231. “MJS, my Obama hypnotized co-worker this morning greeted me with:

    “It was the racist vote that caused Obama to lose”

    “If Hillary’ wins I can’t voter for her…I won’t vote for a woman for President”

    His favorite TV network…MSNBC..His favorite pundit: Chris Matthews.

    Says it all…..”

    This is proof that misogyny is still alive and is actually tolerated. Imagine if a Hillary supporter says “If Barack wins I can’t vote for him…I won’t vote for a black man for President.” Wouldnt that supporter be accused of racism.

  232. Kudos to Dan Abrams!! He is BLAMING the media for gleefully calling for Hillary’s demise in the campaign!! He is saying what right does the media have for doing this? So many people get their news from TV!! It is refreshing to see SOMEONE on MSNBC not be so anti-Hillary!!

  233. Axelrod looks like an arrogant prick while Carville is talking. So far, the Cajun is whipping his ass.

  234. MJS,
    In the light of such superior and enlightened analysis we, mere mortals, must just bow down to the ground and obey the great Obamalamas…

  235. DemAC, did you ever see “The Llama Song” on the internet? Google it and watch the video, if not.

    I call BHO ObamaLlamaDuck because he likes to duck votes.

  236. The bad news is that students are free on a Saturday morning to spend their time caucusing.

    I take it that you don’t have any college students in your family!

    Out of bed before noon on a Saturday? Ha. Ha. Ha. Now that’s funny….


    yeah axelrod is a looks like a SLUM LORD, or is USED CAR SALESMAN?

  238. HRC HQ reports that polls still show Hill ahead in NV. Women are breaking very much for her. There is some worry about the culinary union and the extra Strip precincts set up for them to vote.

    I, however, believe that not many can spend an hour or more off work. The caucus effect will make it hard for them to vote against their union in public. I am working on transportation for seniors to the caucus sites. If they turn out, we’re in.

  239. freckles, thank you. good luck on the transportation and hope the campaign uses a great GOTV effort in Nevada.

  240. HillaryforTexas,
    “The Llama Song” – they should have played that one for him in NH instead of “Signed, sealed and delivered”! 😀

  241. carville was on for only a short time but he made axelrod exceed his boss in his stammers. Carville said not to believe all the hope stuff but to know that these are people from illinois politics…

  242. Carville was extremely supportive of Hillary ans defended her squarely saying that she won because she talked about issues more real to the people. He said he was not coming on the campaign.

  243. I’d like to hear a bit more about the NV organizing. I don’t like caucuses. I’m glad that Hillary appeared on all the morning shows this morning and she seems to have her surrogates out today.

  244. axelrod he is a prick he wen t…uhhh uhhh him and and obami….

    we need to get ready for nev…how can we check to see who is calling down there and what not …Nevada has changed, though. Las Vegas has become California’s biggest suburb: no longer just the Strip and its hotels — now it’s soccer-moms, telecommuters, fastfood, malls, backyard swimming pools, younger demographic.

    The new folks are conservative & family-oriented, but young. It’s America’s fastest-growing city, hard-hit by the housing bubble. Look at Vegas on GoogleEarth. Hillary needs to get out to those Nevada suburbs, too.

    and hillary can be herself now open up talk media,just let herself flow out.with her voice lol..

  245. HWC — I stand corrected. But if I were Hillary, I’d have planned a Woodstock-West that started at 10:00 a.m. Saturday out of town.

    Free tickets to a ?? Saturday morning concert?

    Group rides to a ski resort?


    Just kidding. 🙂

  246. carville, said he made had some conversations with hills team, said he told them to get ready for the chicago politics lowering the hammer…
    axelrod denied it, so carville quoted obama obama yesterday or today, saying they will bring it to hillary, and show them how chicago does politics works.

    anyway carville says he has not now and not since 1996, been in the advisory business, and said he has not taken any money from the campaign…

    but he was really intense, and i had the feeling he has been talked to and is talking back !

  247. My email to Air America:

    I have been a strong Democrat and progressive for longer than you have been on the air, and have rejoiced to find a voice for Democratic and Liberal values over the past horrible years of the Bush administration.

    But the bandwagon Clinton bashing has become too much for me. Other than Rachel Maddow, who though an Obama partisan does try to be fair, your hosts have jumped the shark and are joining the rest of the rightwing media in the everything-bad-on-earth-is-the-fault-of-those-calculating-Clintons fest.

    Ugh. No more. I think that Hillary Clinton is much more progressive and competent than her husband ever was, and could be the best Liberal president this country has ever seen. I do not expect your hosts to share my view – not at all. But I do expect some modicum of fairness, and an honest examination of records and accomplishments, not just rumor, emotion, and innuendo.

    I could not tell this evening for sure if I inadvertently had my dial on Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh. It has become that bad.

    Air America is off my dial, and my iPod.

    Clean up your journalistic act.

  248. of course media wont call obama on going negative, he will get a free ride. flescher said obama would come out of the primaries a much weaker candidate. once it gets real ugly obama’s hammer won’t stand up to the clinton machine

  249. Clinton Bests Obama In Primary Cash

    Shane D’Aprile, Jan 9, 2008

    Riding a newfound wave of momentum, the campaign of Sen. Hillary Clinton is set to “compete vigorously” in Nevada and South Carolina, and is talking up its fundraising momentum. The campaign has raked in some $24 million in primary cash this quarter, and secured another $5 million in financial commitments in the last 48 hours, said campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe, who also noted the campaign has $25 million cash on hand.

    The Clinton figure just edges out the $22.5 million in primary dollars raised by the campaign of Sen. Barack Obama in the fourth quarter.

    “With the money we’ve got coming in, we’re in great shape,” McAuliffe said in a conference call with members of the campaign’s finance committee. “But this is still an opportunity for us right now … we need to reach out to as many [donors] as we possibly can.”

  250. i will tell u this-all this crap today on obama losing nh over hillary “crying” or bc nh is racist is absurd. completely. obama was deeply rebuked by the dems of nh-blue collar folks went for hillary. women went for hillary. a good chunk of indies and yougn folks went for hillary. so in iowa obama won bc america broke racism, in nh hillary won bc peopel are racist? this pig wont fly. it means deseperation. playing the race card this way is what obama needed to avoid. once u start doing this it polarizes white voters big time. and jackson jr. is not beloved by many whites and blacks. the jackson name is very polarizing in this country. im disgusted. we ebgin nv phone banking mon here. i feel she must win in nv to then get sc. i also looki forward to seeing the retooled camp strategy here and hope it incl more stuff w young folks, allows hillary to be more herself on the trail and hires some new guns for ads etc.. drawing contrast on records i think does make an impact.

  251. I think we need to be carefull of Chicago machine. I have a feeling that Chicago machine is very dirty. Clinton mahine may be powerful but chicago is very dirty.

  252. meiyingsu, ur right about the dirty Chicago machine.

    I’ve seen the attacks launched by TV here in the suburbs…and I know exactly how Obama could clinch it.

    Hillary really needs some better Commercial, media, advertising advisers and staff. AS much as I love her stuff, it could be a lot more eye-catching, moving, and exciting!

  253. btw, I’m disgusted by all the JUDY BIGGERT signs that are posted around my town. (shakes head) what a disgrace. he voted with Bush aobut 80% of the time.

  254. i think its most likely a bluff…he wants to provoke our campaign and get them to overreact. I hope they are prepared but stay positive and above the fray as much as possible.

  255. and i ahve seen some media criticisms. even that ntiwit dobbs said obama has explaining to do on his views and ow can he bring real change and wy play the race card now. obama is supposed to be a transracial candidate-but having jackson jr and other polarizing folks psuh this narrative only hurts him. and to insult the clintons on katrina? bull. lets hop will have the momentum to knock this jackass out of the race. great day for hillary, bad path for obama

  256. i think its most likely a bluff…he wants to provoke our campaign and get them to overreact. I hope they are prepared but stay positive and above the fray as much as possible.

    That, plus, they must have a narrative that can credibly *cough cough* explain their loss to young, politically inexperienced people who have never been in a campaign before and who, probably quite seriously, believe that Obama is the second coming of Christ. To admit that he was trumped on the issues and by another candidate embodying change would be detrimental.

    Being young and inexperienced all over, a very large number of camp Obama’s volunteers probably don’t have the stamina and the morale of Hillary’s Heroes. And so, his supporters are much more sensitive and much more in need of being constantly reinforced in their beliefs that they are fighting the good fight against evil powers. That Obama is victim to racism fits neatly and conveniently into that narrative.

  257. CNN just reported that Mayor Bloomberg is seriously considering a presidential run. He has been gathering information for months on voters on if he would be a viable candidate. The reporter said he would make his decision the first week in March.

    The reporter also said that if Obama were the nominee he would be less likely to get into the race but if it were Hillary, a more polarizing figure with less appeal to independents, according to the reporter, he would be more likely to get in.

    First of all, have there been numerous polls showing that people aren’t that interested in a billionaire buying his way into the Presidency? Also, why do they keep calling Hillary polarizing when the primary season is underway and there is no evidence whatsoever that people wouldn’t vote for her or that she is “polarizing”? This is all more media BS.

  258. I personally think a Bloomberg run would peel away more Republican-leaning Indies than Democrats.

    I’m not worried.

  259. I thought Bloomberg said he wouldn’t run if HRC were the nominee. He likes and respects here. Sounds like CNN is buying Obama spin.

  260. Paula, the reported sounded credible–it was on the start of the Anderson Cooper show. What I don’t understand is why this guy keeps saying he isn’t running and yet there are all these stories that his is going to run.

    Obama people would love this due to the Hillary angle. Frankly, if it does happen why would people suddenly vote for a billionaire mayor unknown except to New York City?

  261. Paula, there seem to be a lot of contridictory quotes about this guy. Frankly, he must be at least somewhat interested otherwise wouldn’t he just come out and give a strong statement that isn’t is not going to run?

  262. HillaryforTexas, your probably right on who he would get—independents that wouldn’t vote for Hillary anyway.

    I did a quick look on the internet. Polls this summer and fall had him losing to Hillary.

  263. paula.. its not obama spin.. its media spin to scare dems from voting to her.. they will lose their horse..

    bloomberg will run IRRESPECTIVE of who the nominee is. he will run if Obama is nominee by citing repub nominee, say for example mccain, he will say fiscal responsibility candidate, say if huckabee is nominee, he will say socially moderate fiscally responsible candidate.. so on and so forth.. if hillary is nominee.. he will run saying she is too partisan. the media has concluded blaming hillary for bloomberg. I hope clinton campaign takes it to the media and preempts media characterization that it is because of hillary that bloomberg is running.

    additionally, one more thing. bloomberg will hurt dems more if obama is nominee. reason, simple. obama’s limited strength in northeast. NH showed it the way it was for obama in northeast. he is wayyy weaker than hillary, or even bloomberg in northeast. if hillary is the nominee, she will beat bloomberg to a pulp in northeast. also, if she is the nominee, fiscally conservative indies and rethugs will move to bloomberg and we will have better position to win.

    Admin, before big media spreads its lies, can we have post on analysis and impact of bloomberg and why Hillary is the best nominee if bloomberg is into equation.

  264. Oh my goodness, guys. The MSM is trying to take away the glory of Hillary’s history upset of Obama in NH by blaming it on racism. MSNBC and CNN and others are spinning the win as evidence of racism.

    I can’t believe how much they want Obama.

  265. Hm, now what was it about how many NH voters said ‘change’ was important and how many of them voted for Hillary not Obama? I kind of remember it being that she was now leading on his issue…? Better check facts somewhere before posting an anti-Hillary factoid.

  266. msm want anyone but Hillary, simple as that. Obama just happens to be a good speaker so they crown him as second coming without vetting him or asking any other questions

  267. As to why the vote counts don’t match the polls, CNN had a running poll on election day that showed Hillary gaining steadily throughout the day. So it’s reasonable that polls taken previous to voting day wouldn’t reflect that last minute change of mind. How do vote totals match up to exit polls?

    I heard that total votes for E and O stayed the same, but Hillary gained as many as Richardson and the other very low candidates lost. So maybe on voting day the Richardson supporters decided to vote for HIllary instead.

    I also heard that the first-choice voting in Iowa was very close, and the votes that made Obama’s final margin matched the numbers that moved in the second-choice.

    Still if someone wants to call for a recount, fine! Let’s test that recount system before Nov.

  268. AG @10:07, on Newshour with jim lehrer, Amy Walter said that Hillary did well with the independents and that is the little known secret of the NH race. The reporter is blowing hot many of them these days.
    Bloomberg might get in if both nominees are weak (which Hillary is not).

  269. Hillary in Nevada has the El Mundo endorsement, she has Rep. Shelley Berkley – who is the head of the Vegas version of the Chicago “machine”. She has the teachers and postal unions.

    She also has Dolores Huerta, who is a HUGE hero in the Latino community.
    She can do this in Nevada.

  270. pm, good points. I wonder if the Bloomberg info actually came from his staff or from somewhere else (lilke another campaign perhaps?)

    I have read that both Bill Clinton and Hillary are friends of Mayor Bloomberg. If that’s true it wouldn’t make sense for him to run against Hillary (for friendship reasons as well as the political ones you mentioned).

  271. HillaryforTexas, is there a spanish language version of Hillary’s website? If not, that might be a good thing for them to do….

  272. settin here thinking…there gonna do the same thing butat lastw e know ahead of time..them worshippers..

    she should come up with a college ad,studying setting in a professors class,as she is teaching them lol…and play the song by three dog night “””joy to the world””as they leave the class..with a paper in there hand that gives incentives to make college more affordable…with the plan on the paper…lol..

    more universitys….more speeches there///especially las vegas girls basketball team..that college..

  273. Admin,
    Please… Is it possible to buy/rent/purchase/hire/procure/obtain/acquire/provide more bandwidth to allow for increased traffic to the site? I was just kicked out from the site again…

    The “This Account Has Exceeded Its CPU Quota” is getting on my nerves and I guess I’m not the only one.

    Plus, which is considerably worse than me being a little frustrated, it generally lessens the effectiveness of the site! And this is a very good and very important site.

    If you need donations to increase the bandwidth – please admin, let us know!

  274. AG, Bloomberg is a democrat and he wants to win and he will do that if both nominees are weak.
    Another detail, Darthmoth students did not show up in the numbers Obama guys expected!
    Jon Stewart is on now.. and you all have got to see it.

  275. More on Nevada..from DD website. Gosh I wish I lived in a state where the candidates visited….

    TOMORROW: Hillary Clinton Returns to the Silver State

    Clinton to Headline Events in Las Vegas

    Riding a wave of momentum after a triumphant come from behind victory in New Hampshire , Hillary Clinton returns to Nevada tomorrow, Thursday, January 10.

    Details and locations of the events to be announced later this evening.

  276. cool she is going his week she needs that head start..and universitys the girls basketball team,unlv..and i hope she makes a college add..with her teaching them in a class setting about her plan for affordable college,i got friends there and my son lived there for 2 years…and in that ad play some music as they leave the class for the

    hey glad…yes craig is rocking im watching i cant look at tweety at all

  277. Ooooooooo, Zogby just mocked Hillary’s “moment” going for a joke, and it did not go over well.

    When are these idiot men going to learn???

  278. Zogby is a smarmy guy. This is the first time I’ve ever seen or heard him. He mocks Hillary and Jon is mocking him.

    I was expecting someone a bit more professional. This guy is anything but. Looks and sounds like an infomercial salesman.

  279. colbert is hillarious.. wat a deuche he is.. i am part of his colbamarica.. just too funny.. this is turning out good.. if we have atleast tepid support from john stewart, we are in good shape with youth vote 🙂

  280. CJ, I believe she speaks at the big Latinos in government Conference (or something, forget the name) every year, so she likely knows a little. Hillary has longstanding ties, and has always treated Latino community with great respect. She did not just “discover” them when running for president, like some (cough cough). Her commitment goes all the way back to her Arkansas years, when she did a lot to help women and children in the migrant worker community.

    I know that here in San Antonio, the Hispanic community LOVES her.

    This is an article about her forming her Hispanic Leadership Council for her campaign back in July:

  281. I have a question about college student votes. pm mentioned that Darthmouth students didn’t come out for Obama as he had hoped.

    Did they vote in record number, but just not for Obama? or did they not vote in record number?

  282. watching repeat of Hardball with Pat Buchanan -I never ever thought I’d be cheering for him, but Buchanan says, (I paraphrase) “my sister who wrote an anti-Hillary book, she and I discussed how offensive the treatment of Hillary has been, and after what happened, and the men were piling on, even she a conservative woman had sympathy for her..” Buchanan is coming off as a Hillary fan – wild!- I forget who the guy who’s the defending Barack is, but he keeps claiming the Bill Bradley effect, and the more that Obama’s supporters keep talking about being “black in this country,” they’re going to offend people by calling voters racist. This is going to backfire on Obama. Good.

  283. Actually very funny, from Devilstower at DailyKos:

    This is big news.

    The New Hampshire Secretary of State will reveal today that Hillary Clinton won yesterday’s critical primary through the use of voters. Not only that, these voters turned out in sinister record numbers, many of them were suspiciously enthusiastic about Clinton’s campaign, and a large percentage were nefariously female.

    Clearly, these voters — equipped as they were with high tech paper ballots counted by hand — were too much for our democracy to handle.

    New Hampshire confirmed that their total lack of automated touch screen voting machines meant that the election all too accurately reflected the will of the state’s voters.

    I knew it! I just knew it!


  284. Regarding Jesse Jackson Jr’s idiot statement on the tears where he, trying to pander to the African-American vote, compared tears in NH with no tears in LA over Katrina.

    Take a look at this statement from Obama and especially, read the very first sentence.

  285. The guest on Tweety’s show who was spinning the Bradley effect is Prof. Michael Dyson. He has race issues. Buchanan really stood up for her. He said that the media has egg on thier face and now they and others are trying to tarnish her win.

    I just read that anyone can show up and register with id. It is on a Saturday.

  286. watching the larry king rerun. carville was great. arianna – “this is the katrina of the polling industry, there must be an investigation.” i’m sorry could you be more of a limousine liberal, comparing polls you didn’t like to KATRINA?? she has no clue

    the stuff about chicago politics is funny. last week obama was all about transcending politics and now, he’s going to show us all how they do in chicago.

  287. Want good press coverage? Serve hot meals on the campaign plane.

    January 9, 2008, 10:09 PM
    Hot Meal For Romney And Staffers, Cold Sandwiches For Reporters

    From CBS News’ Scott Conroy:

    MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — As the traveling press corps boarded the Mitt Romney campaign plane in Grand Rapids tonight, Romney and several of his staffers were already seated, munching on roast chicken and pasta with artichoke. After yet another exhausting day on the trail, the thought of a hot meal was enough to make my mouth water, and so I hurried back to my seat and got my tray table ready.

    But after we took off and the flight attendants approached the back of the plane with a pile of cold sandwiches in tow, I became confused. Were there really two classes of service here?

    Yep. The Romney team had ordered hot dinners for themselves and decided that cold sandwiches (the same thing we had for lunch) would be good enough for the press corps.

    Admittedly, there are greater injustices in the world than having to eat another roast beef sandwich for dinner. Everyone knows that having to deal with personal inconveniences is just a part of being on the campaign trail, but it was the brazen inequality of the situation that had the press corps steaming. Airfare aboard the Romney campaign plane today set our news organizations back $2,000 apiece, so we’re not exactly free riders.

    The embedded press corps relies on the campaign to provide us sustenance throughout the long days we all face together, and the staffers who travel with us generally go out of their way to accommodate everyone. But something seems to have broken down along the chain of command in recent days. Meals have become less frequent, and the vegetarian among us never seems to have an option other than a bag of chips or an apple.

    Facing a similar lack of viable food options, the Edwards press corps recently engaged in what they only half-jokingly referred to as a “hunger strike.” We thought about it tonight, but our appetites won out over our principles.
    Read More

  288. hey-that las vegas dem debate the 15ht is on msnbc and russert is questioner? wtf? why should hillary submit herself to this crap again. russert is a sexist punk. why dignify him and subject yourself to this? arg

  289. Please please look at tonight’s Charlie Rose…What I have been worrying about in Iraq is being discussed, intelligently.

  290. Also, Taylor Marsh is going to start focusing on international issues again, since the early primary tests are over for a bit.

    Check it out at her site’

    I guarantee, international issues ARE going to be right up there with the “It’s the economy, Stupid” talking points.

  291. hi…do we know the time of that msnbc debate next tues and is that confirmed that it will be with russett and williams?

  292. Have you guys thought about the contrast in conduct/reaction between Hillary supporters and Obama supporters? Obama supporters have no class whatsoever.

    After IA, most of us here were devastated. Some stayed away from MSM, internet and blogs. We were disheartened, we talked amongst each other about what Hillary should and should not do. Although it was a bitter pill to swallow, accepted the IA results. We never pulled the kind of stunts that Obama people are now doing.

    Since Hillary’s historical grabbing victory out of the mouth of defeat, this is what I’ve been reading on the blogs and hearing on TV:

    1) Diebold. Clinton machine managed to somehow “fix” the results.

    2) NH voters are all racists. They lied to pollsters.

    3) Hillary won because of sympathy votes.

    What angers me the most is Obama supporters playing the race card. This is to anger African-American South Carolinean.

    When Obama won IA, it was all about how great he is and how Hillary is done. For 5 straight days, that’s all I heard.

    Now that Hillary won NH, all I’m hearing is racism, sympathy votes, and how wrong the polls were. Nothing about how Hillary worked her butt off to turn it around; about her ground operation in NH; about the Saturday debate.

    Obama supporters and the media are despicable.

  293. mark halperin my new hero – I wish on that segment when he’s dueling with Arianna that they’d cut to the totally distorted, misleading, Republican-fed, made to psych out Clinton supporters, un-confirmed rumor headline Huffpost had on their site the day of the NH primary – Clinton Out of Cash. Makes his point pretty well – what a huge hypocrite Arianna. Can the press turn a mirror on themselves more often to see how ugly they are.

  294. admin, i don’t know who handles your web stuff but there are some things that could be done to optimize wordpress to hopefully not overload the cpu as often..

    one thing that’s probably an issue is that there are so many stories on the home page at once that include photos. the youtube embeds aren’t big files but some of the actual images on the site aren’t optimized – each user hitting the home page is downloading a lot of data from the server. for instance those two gorgeous pix of hillary and bhutto – those are 356KB combined.

    so if you could bump some of those old images off the home page that should help a lot.. an easy fix.. and if you have photoshop use “save for web” command to optimize images that you post, that way they aren’t huge files.

    you can put in your site address here to see what the big files are that are causing the server to be overloaded

    hope this is helpful 🙂

  295. there are other wordpress changes that can also help with server load but i am not a wordpress expert unfortunately, i can link an article i found if helpful

  296. The day after Hillary Clinton’s dramatic victory in New Hampshire, TIME’s Karen Tumulty spoke to the presidential candidate by phone about the lessons imparted by the campaign so far. Excerpts:

    TIME: Senator Clinton, having listened to you a lot over these last couple of weeks I really was struck by the different tone and different message of your speech last night, from the very first one. I was wondering what is the message that you think you got from voters in Iowa and New Hampshire? What was it that they weren’t hearing from you before and you think they are hearing from you now?
    CLINTON: Well, I was talking specifically about New Hampshire, of course, because in that very concentrated four-day period I had a chance to speak to I don’t know how many thousands of voters and answer hundreds of questions. And I felt as the hours were going by that I was able to let people know why I do what I do. That sounds, perhaps, overly simplistic. I have always been committed to public service, long before I was ever in public office. It is just who I am. It is what I care about. I care deeply about this country and I want to make sure it does what it can to help people and that is what I have been determined to do as well. But I think it is fair that a lot of people may not have known what motivated me or what I get up every day thinking about and as we had this intense period in New Hampshire, it just put everything in such sharp focus that I believed I was able better to break through and connect with people on a very personal level.

    Do you think that it was that you weren’t sort of drawing clearly enough the connection and the link between your resume and your record and what that means for them?
    I think it was a little of that, Karen, but I think it was also that it is important in today’s very concentrated media environment where most people will obviously never meet you personally, but get to know you through that lens — to do more to convey what I believe I have always conveyed personally, in my relationships with people and the work that I have done.
    I started out way behind, and pretty much was written off many times in my New York Senate race. But I had the time and the opportunity to get to meet enough people one on one, that I really felt that connection. It sounds, perhaps, obvious to say, but in a presidential campaign where you are trying to speak to the whole country as well as to an individual state, more of what I have to do has to be through all of you. I have always been somebody who was other-directed and pretty much just decided that people would judge me by what I did.
    I have never thought that what I said was anywhere near as important as what I did. I think there is a distinct difference between talk and action and maybe it is because I have been in these trenches for a long time and the people I value are the doers. When I got to the Senate I said I was a workhorse not a showhorse and set out to prove it. So what I have been realizing in the last days and weeks is that I have got to do some of this work myself. Lots of people with whom I have worked or been friends for a lifetime flooded into Iowa and New Hampshire to talk about me, and I am not really good about talking about me — so that was kind of a welcome addition. But I have to carry some of that responsibly myself and the people of New Hampshire really freed me up to do that.

    You said earlier today that you really felt the debate was a turning point. Your performance in the debate had gotten a lot of commentary in the media. It seems like the voters saw it a lot differently than the pundits did. I certainly know, talking to a lot of voters in New Hampshire as well. I talked to one woman who said she was planning to vote for Obama until she saw that debate and what she was most struck by was that you stood your ground.
    Yeah, you know, Karen, look, you have followed me a long time and I have known you over the years, and I am sure you understand I sometimes think that the media doesn’t really follow what people are thinking and doing to the extent what I would like… on two levels. Number one: politics for me is a means to an end. It is not an end in itself. And obviously, if you are on the campaign trail and you are covering the candidates 24-7, it kind of becomes an end in itself. And I am always reminding me and my staff that it isn’t and that we’ve got to keep focused and our eyes on what matters — and that is whether someone is going to be better off if we go through all of this at the end of it all.
    And the other is that it just has been my experience, going back many, many years, that voters hear things and see things differently. And that debate, I knew as soon as it was over and I was walking off the stage, one of the cameraman grabbed my hand and said, ‘That was great.’ And then from that moment on, everywhere I went people were telling me that they really got what I was doing and they were glad I wasn’t the only one that was on the hot spot for a change.
    I realized that if you see it with your own eyes, instead of having it interpreted for you — and obviously that debate in New Hampshire was a big deal among the voters there — it does have a reality of its own. Now, for me, I have got to really do the best I can to continue doing what I am most comfortable and committed to doing, which is that on-on-one message of advocacy and caring about the people that I want to represent. Because that is why I do it. If that wasn’t part of it for me, I would spend my time some other way, but I also do have to get better at explaining myself and answering questions instead of just assuming that what I do speaks louder than words and people will eventually figure it out.

    The rest is here;,8599,1701982,00.html

  297. TheRealist,
    Yes it’s a very good interview, I definitely recommend it! BTW: It’s the same interview I linked to at 11.15 pm.

  298. filbertsf – I think all of that will backfire on Obama – the more his surrogates and supporters keep talking about racism as the factor, the more they underestimate voters and the more they offend them by calling them racist. I hope they keep talking while digging a deeper hole at the same time.

  299. South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson endorses Obama. As Johnson is part of the Daschle political machine in SD this should come as no big surprise.

  300. reader,

    should we be trying to post smaller on the site?
    sometimes i get carried away and start typing, and maybe i should just make it a little. condensed

  301. skmf12,
    No no… Plain text takes virtually no space at all. (But pictures in the “wrong” format certainly can do.) Keep posting! 🙂

  302. Check out new, rather long article on Yahoo news, via the AP, headline is “NY Mayor Bloomberg weighs 2008 run,” posted 15 min ago. VERY detailed account.

  303. thx dem, i have been getting kickoff all day, i even saw something i posted about 8 hrs ago come on, it was on for a minute, and when i was surprized to see it i went back to look to see it again, and it disappeared.. weird !

  304. More proof the Republicans are worried about Obama. Carl Rowe’s article in the wall Street Journal praising Hillary, well sort of

  305. More proof the Republicans are worried about Obama. Carl Rowe’s article in the wall Street Journal praising Hillary, well sort

  306. rjk.. its good.. because how much ever we shouted, no one cared when we said obama used teleprompters for speeches. now that rove is shouting, his speeches and rhetoric will be revealed to the big media outlets.. that is if they decide to cover it 🙂 but rove and wingers are shouters.. they will shout out loud and force media to cover the talking points 🙂

  307. rjk.. i shall read it..

    meanwhile if y’all wanna see chelsea at phonebanking.. here is the abc link. I like clintons caz they are hardworking!

  308. Amy Holmes debate with Michael Dyson on 360 was spot on. The AA-Repug Holmes, offered a scientific rebutt of Dyson’s racial stirring. She seemed somewhat offended, noting that the parsimonious explanation was a late breaking trend and offered a scientific inquiry into the Dinkins/ Guilian NYC mayoral race to bolster her argument.

    This is race baiting and it is ugly!

    Chicago-style politics is here. And, it is trying to instill fear into Democrats to follow its chosen voice. But, as NH shows, we will find our own voice and progressives will prevail.

  309. Amy Holmes was great in that piece. But what I want to see pointed out, and loudly, is why is it ONLY NH WOMEN who are “closet racists?

    Here are the numbers from NH exit polls:

    Women, who accounted for 57 percent of those who voted in the Democratic primary, went for Clinton 47 percent to 34 percent for the second-place finisher, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama; men conversely tilted to Obama, 42 percent to 30 percent.


    But nobody talks about the mens vote…
    jonas8 | 01.09.2008 – 11:08 pm | #

  310. Its horribly late – or early – but before I go to bed, here is Taegan Goddard’s Bonus Quote of the Day:

    “Well, at the debate on Saturday night… I was laughing because, you know, in that debate, obviously Senator Edwards and Senator Obama were…kind of in the ‘buddy system’…on the stage, and I was thinking, ‘Well, whoever’s up there against the Republican nominee in the election, uh, debates, come the fall, is not going to have a buddy to fall back on.’ You know, you’re out there all by yourself.”

    – Sen. Hillary Clinton, in an interview on CBS News tonight.

  311. I found it very interesting that HRC did well among (esp. college educated) 25-29. Makes great sense. This means, HRC does not need to reach out to “college kids” per se. Why would HRC’s message echo with this group? At this life stage, the college-educated realize that their grandiose visions of where their degree will take them has been overblown.

    James Carville was awesome on Larry King! He knows how to choose words like knives. What was the problem that BHO had with the Clinton years, Carville says, was it the peace or the prosperity?

    Arianna Huffington is a scum bag. We can do something about this. Organized boycott of the Huffington Post.

    Today, with the Chicago style politics quote is historic. It will be known as the day that BHO offered the opening to the Clinton campaign to take away HRC’s negatives.

  312. obama is talking about major shift in superdelegates away from hillary. i cannot see many if any shifting after last night’s win. i hope at the msnbc debate next week she tells russert off when he tries to bully her. this could be another one of those events. i cant wait

  313. Carville was on fire. I loved how he warned the Clintons that Obama was getting ready for dirty Chicago style politics. Axelrod denied it. So Carville frickin’ reads Obama’s direct quote today saying he’s getting ready for dirty Chicago style politics!

    Later on he said, “get ready for Chicago style politics, forget all that hope stuff, that’s history..that was just for those kids in Iowa….”

  314. i hope at the msnbc debate next week she tells russert off when he tries to bully her.

    When Russert starts in reading one of his quotes, Hillary should stick her hand up in the air and shake it like a little schoolgirl trying to get called on by the teacher and blurt out:

    “I know…I know who said it….William Jefferson Clinton!”

    Russert might have to be on good behavior. Fox News is trashing NBC for their biased coverage. O’Reilly played clips of their reporter saying he couldn’t be impartial about Obama and said he would have fired for saying that when he was a reporter, but NBC doesn’t care.

  315. great video pulcritude.. could you use the same video to say he LIED, because if it is just the lobbyist.. then its not effective enough.. its the lie part. remember all those who got into trouble. not because of commiting crime, BUT BECAUSE THEY LIED LATER TO COVER IT UP.

    question is simple: did you lie. yes or no. if you lie now, how will you be truthful to american people. LIED OR NOT.

  316. admin, can we have a post indicating start of chicago style politics. starting with race baiting interviews from the CNN interviews asking questions about katrina from obama campaign.

    we dont like chicago politics and condemn them, although some of us here might say bring it on, peace loves and positive campaign lovers like me HATE chicago type race bait and switch politics, the ones obama is engaging in. combine that with lies of obama in debates and rezko, and that gives us an idea on chicago politics a little bit.

  317. I did not create the video. But I believe one can contact the person who uploaded the video onto YouTube.

  318. You don’t even have to comment on Jesse Jackson Jr.’s comments.

    The CLINTON campaign should just air it as an advertisement in South Carolina.

    Those are some VERY disturbing comments!

  319. rjk1957 at 4:03: Conyers is the one who is trying to subterfuge his own state through this foolish transparent ploy to negate Hillary’s advantage. As Vonovich (R-Oh) said yesterday in response to a question about Obama’s policy experience: Give me a break.

  320. um… There’s a few days break here for a reality check … a few MSMs are following up on serious issues like Obama’s lobbyist and Obama’s statements on Pakistan ….

    And suddenly an Obama person throws out a big stinking piece of non-substantive bait…. On the internet, that’s called ‘trolling’.

    It’s a red herring. It’s to distract us from the real questions. It’s to get us het up calling for an apology or resignation or something…. While the real questions go unanswered.

  321. Wbboei:

    Well, you know. Despite a J.D. (the first, first lady with a post-graduate degree) and many years of public service, Hillary Clinton was supposed to subdue herself, host tea parties, and forget about all of her education and experience, ignoring a call to serve her country. That is how a “real” lady behaves.

    The world has gotten so scary that Republicans have started to concede her experience, LOL.

  322. Kentucky: “Obama is Kennedyesque and he would never steal an election.” – Steven Colbert

    He is a comic, right?

    I mean it is one thing for St. Obama to lie about lobbyists, hide from critical votes, leak false stories to the press about political opponents, associate with Rezko, receive money from a mob bank etc., and all the other things about him that we don’t yet know, but he would never steal election That would be dishonest–unless Axelrod or Plouffe do it for him.

    As for the alleged comparison to John Kennedy, the only thing I can see that John and Barack have in common is neither one is named Bill.

  323. No, that was totally as a joke. A very well delivered joke! (Sorry, I should have setup more context.) It was interesting because I thought Colbert was an Obama fan and he alludes to Kennedyesque and cheating with elections. Oral history has it that JFK won because the Chicago politicians threw voting machines into the lake. It was a defense of our girl.

  324. Kentucky-there is no question whatsoever that Republicans respect Hillary. They admire her intellect, and they respect her judgment. They disagree with her politics, but they know she will stand firm on the issues that matter and will work with them to find constructive solutions.

    From what I can tell they are far less impressed with Barack. They resent his denegration of experience, remember his rookie mistakes and wonder on what meat doth Caesar feed that he is grown so great. Believe me they are not alone . . . .

  325. *Is there anyone (obviously not tied to the official campaign) trying to counter that rat Conyers in Michigan? Like Emily’s List? I just want this race wrapped up quick! LOL!

    Most recent Nevada polls (info on Hillary’s Nevada campaign: )

    Polling Data

    Poll Date Sample Clinton Spread

    RCP Average 11/16 – 12/06 – Clinton +20.0

    American Res. Group 12/01 – 12/06 Clinton +27.0

    Mason-Dixon 12/03 – 12/05 – Clinton +8.0

    Research 2000 11/16 – 11/19 – Clinton +25.0

  326. Kentucky-to be clear, the Republicans I am referring to are public officials. I have known some of them personally, and I have an old friend who is active in the McCain campaign who has confirmed the sentiments discussed above.

    Operatives and talking heads who are Republican are a different story. Pat Buchanan respects her a great deal and this was evident in his comments. Often he is the sole voice of reason on MSNBC, other than Craig Crawford. The rest are just blatto.

  327. Hillary won the youth vote in NH!

    As a matter of fact Hillary won the youth vote in some age brackets. Says Ben Adler at The Politico:

    — — —
    Forty-three percent of voters under 30 voted in Tuesday’s primary, more than twice the18 percent who voted in 2004, according to the Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning & Engagement.

    But, after Iowa, the surprise wasn’t that they came out — it was who they came out for.

    While Democratic Iowa caucus-goers under 30 went strongly for Obama, who got 57 percent of their votes, according to CNN entrance polls, New Hampshire’s young people were decidedly divided.

    Obama easily beat Clinton among 18- to 24-year-olds in New Hampshire, 60 percent to 27 percent. But Clinton surprised observers by actually edging out Obama among 25- to 29-year-olds, 37 percent to 35 percent.

    Her edge among voters between 25 and 29 was a crucial component of her 39 percent to 37 percent victory.
    — — —

    Suck on that one Big Media! This is super great! The women vote AND the youth vote. Hillary is on the roll towards victory.

  328. goodmorning hillfans. just checking my hillary news for a few minutes and then stepping out to pick up breakfast for me and the wife. i hope hillary gets a REAL bounce in a few days. national numbers might go back up by this weekend. later hillfans.

  329. kingsgrove, i would be careful with those poll numbers from nevada. they are very old but i think the nh win will give here a leg up there. im not sure how the media will play in michigan but i guess it will most likely be discounted.

  330. I hope this narrative on Donna Brazille continues. Morning Joe thinks that she is playing the race card. He thinks this could be a disaster for BO.

  331. I forgot to mention they were referring to Donna Brrazille’s comments about Bill Clinton implying that he is a racist.

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