The Return of Rezko

As New Hampshire votes, the shadow of Tony Rezko hovers.

From Politico this very day: Tony Rezko is scheduled to go to trial in late February … as the RNC helpfully alerts reporters.

Today’s Rezko news:

CHICAGO (AP) – A federal judge in Chicago today refused to delay the fraud trial of businessman Tony Rezko, who’s a key fundraiser for Governor Rod Blagojevich and other Illinois politicians.

U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve told defense attorneys that they have enough time to prepare for the trial scheduled to start February 25th even though they are still sorting through 1.5 million documents in the case.

Rezko has pleaded not-guilty to charges that accuse him of joining with another major political fundraiser to pressure money management companies who wanted to invest state pension funds.

St. Eve also set a February First deadline after which Rezko will no longer be eligible for a sentencing break for pleading guilty in a timely way.

But Rezko’s defense attorney indicated that his client is determined to go to trial.

The Republicans will employ Rezko to destroy Obama. Big Media does not want to talk about Rezko, now. Big Media will discuss Rezko later. The Republicans will talk, in advertisments, a great deal about Rezko.

We will put all this news in perspective tomorrow.

Early tomorrow we will publish a strategy memo for the next phase of the campaign.


766 thoughts on “The Return of Rezko

  1. ABC eve news just had tape of Bill saying “give me a break; and then he went on to say how obamas campign has gotten this rep for being clean and hilalrys dirty while he knew it was the opposite and that they had been going after him for a year….then he spke about the unfair role of the press.

    beautiful…is there any way to get clips from that? that is our fight. i spoke to my pal the daily howler today about how it really was chris matthews that won in iowa. All the Gore haters are all pushing obama – matthews, russert, ariann, dowd, rich, sullivan…its a disgrace!

    I juust posted mdd bout rezko – thhe wwent nuuts!

  2. Because I practice law in both Missouri and Illinois, I manage to get the buzz in central and downstate Illinois. The buzz of course in political circles is BHO and he is the hometown favorite; however, there is some concern amongst many that this Rezko trial could turn up some dirt on their boy and they, of course, would rather it not see the light of day.

    As with everythig, we will wait and see. I’m still not convinced that the media will shed its light on BHO until HRC is beaten into a pulp and they can’t get any more mileage of her. While the sexist remarks seem to have some traction, I’m not holding my breath. I am going to continue to contribute, phonebank, support and talk up HRC.

    And thanks for all the reporting from the MSM on this blog. I turned off my T.V. at the end of October, stopped reading all blogs except TM, Marc Ambinder, No Quarter, The Left Coaster and Talk Left. I broke the Huffington Post and TPM and have even stopped clicking on Raw Story. Thanks to everyone who is working on behalf of HRC. No matter what happens in this election she is one stand-up WOMAN

  3. Also, the Las Vegas Sun has details and suggests the Culinary Workers’ endorsement isn’t a totally done deal and ABC News: Independent turnout is actually down from 2004 in the afternoon exits, but change is big.

  4. Time’s Halperin describes Williams as “Long-time tough-as-nails, smart-as-a-whip, loyal-as-all-get-out adviser” and that “Fabled FOB and FOH Roy Spence of Austin, TX also potentially in the mix.”

  5. ugh.
    been gone for a while.

    anyways, just found that a teacher from my school, Mr. L*******, was at the Iowa Caucus for u-know-who.

  6. ABC: Says independents are voting in “substantial but customary numbers,” and so far there’s a spike in older voters, but not younger ones (though they tend to vote later).

    NBC: Says 38% of voters showing up to vote in the GOP primary so far are independents, 43% voting in the Democratic primary.

    Dem voters saying Obama can unite the country, is honest and trustworthy, Clinton is the most qualified to be commander in chief, ran the most unfair campaign. GOP voters saying McCain most qualified as commander in chief, Romney ran the most unfair campaign. Both parties agree the Iraq war, economy are the biggest issues.

  7. More from the ABC exit poll:

    There’s shared economic worry – nearly all Democratic voters, and almost eight in 10 Republicans, are very or somewhat worried about the economy. (The intensity is different: Six in 10 Democrats, and three in 10 Republicans, are “very” worried about it.)

    This ought to be good for Hillary.

  8. From NYTimes (1% reporting; these numbers will fluctuate wildly)

    Democrats Vote %
    Obama 344 40%
    Clinton 342 40%
    Edwards 131 15%
    Richardson 29 3
    Kucinich 6 1
    Gravel 0 0

  9. According to the WMUR exit poll 15% of Dem voters decided whom to vote for today and
    21 % decided over the last three days. 56 % viewed “bring about needed change” as the most important quality in the candidate and 18 % viewed “having the right experience” as the most important quality.

  10. guys I think as a grown man, its wierd to have tear roll in your eyes, but thats what I think I will have if Hillary wins this thing.. my gf and I are watching this thing sooo intensely.. shez taking care of the kitchen though 😀

  11. what’s the link to this concord site please?!!

    where are you guys getting these numbers, I want to watch tooooo 😀

  12. Even if she can just stay within 5% points of Obama, this will be a big, big boost for her. She closed a lot of ground in the last 24 hours. “Comeback Kid,” indeed. If he hangs on to win, then… wow………

  13. WMUR are saying to not pay any attention to the numbers coming now, until the polls close.

    Can they change that much?? If the numbers do change (may god forbid) I will pay attention to the numbers now, and enjoy them, and hopefully they will rise!! Crossing fingers!!

  14. JE is DONE!!

    But is this good or bad for Hillary in future states?? Won’t the anti hillary votes that he has now move to obama?

  15. Good … Portsmouth has 100% reported (Obama won) but Manchester has only reported 3/12 precincts (Hillary leads in Manchester)

  16. CBS News Bob Schieffer said exit polling indicating Hillary is winning the votes of regular Democrats.

    He said that even if she doesn’t win overall, the campaign will be able to say she was the choice of the Democrats.

  17. I wouldn’t pay much attention to the early numbers reflecting the final outcome. I would be happy with a 5 or 6 point second place finish.

  18. Grandmother — Are you looking into the Alice Palmer 1996 thing? Too long to go into here, but I have quite a few cites at my LJ and at my profile at Digg and something new just turned up.

    The local organization that did the challenging of Palmer’s and others’ signatures has REFUSED to endorse Obama 2008. Some backed Hillary, a few Kuchinic, some Obama — so they agreed not to endorse any Dem.

    Now the interesting thing is that during the recent reporting on this at, someone anonymously sent politico some newpaper stuff from that time talking about the Palmer thing. So there might be some people out there willing to talk to anti-Obama people now.

    I think Obama also got on the 1996 ballot with signature petitions, which were never run through the same tests that Palmer’s and others’ were. I wonder if they’re still on file somewhere….

    If you want to look into this and these aren’t enough cites, I’ll put them all into a neat package for you.

  19. Anyone know if you have to click on refresh on the concord site? It says it updates every 5 minutes, but will it automatically change itself or do I have to push refresh, anyone know?

  20. Okay guys, back from GOTV and having supper with my honey. Going to watch results on teevee and will have lots to share in morning. We had a terrific GOTV here and anything that doesn’t go our way won’t be because of anything under our control. Cheers!

  21. CNN saying Hillarys votes consists og 60% democratic and 37% independent.

    While obamas are around 40 / 40 %

  22. I think you might be right, DemAC. It looks like indies went to McCain because they probably thought BHO was going to blow Hillary out of the water.

  23. are there some areas in NH where obama is more popular that when counted can suddenly jolt the numbers or?? Anyone know?

    I am so nervous now, please let this be true!!!

  24. Still no change at 12%. Hillary is stil leading!!!

    Clinton 14,028 39%
    Obama 13,201 37%
    Edwards 6,176 17%

  25. Gorto, the western part of NH is more liberal; that should go to BHO. The southeastern part of NH is more moderate, so Hillary should win there.

  26. I’ve been feeling guilty for being so addicted to this site and not getting much of anything else done, but it will have been worth it, just sharing these results with you guys, since I don’t have access to TV.

  27. Our local channel said that senior citizen turn out is very heavy!

    YES!!! Thank you, dearest wonderful and wise senior citizens!!! 🙂

  28. Big congrats to McCain. When the GE comes around and he is the GOP nominee, maybe we can have a real and substantive conversation about issues and plans of action for real change. John vs. Hillary will be a good thing for this country. They are both battle scarred and should stick to issues instead of rhetoric.

  29. re: Donna Brazille: I don’t want to post the story and disrupt the momentum we have about this amazing showing for the Senator, but it’s on Ben (hi ben) Smith via Politico’s blog.

  30. Think the debate changed things?
    Oh yes. From the ABC exit poll:

    Helping those fence-sitters were the recent debates. Three-quarters of Democrats and Republicans alike rated the forums as important in their vote in today’s primary.

  31. Gorto, I think NH as New Englanders takes debating seriously. The Iran thing prolly scared some folks, too.

  32. The Realist I was thinking of writing about her EMOTION 😉 but I didn’t have time. hehe, I think that might have had an impact, will be interesting how this divides between women and men.

    I also have a feeling that the older voters is a little upset that the youngsters had so much of a say in Iowa, and did not want that to happen in NH, and remember Obama worked hard to get the youth out in Iowa, and has not had the same effort in NH

  33. If she gets above 43% they’ll call it for her.

    My F-i-L is recovering nicely in ICU BTW. Two good news things in one day. Awesome. (knock on wood)

  34. Not over yet, but I will jump in to say that every since Hillary announced she would run in January I have had the feeling it would come down to Hillary and McCain, two grand people that like and respect each other, it would be a nice break from the race of likability.

  35. i can’t hardly breathe. gosh, could we be headed for a lot different end to the evening than we thought

  36. dare to believe rjk1957!!

    Even if she ends up not winning, this is still a win considering the medias expectations! and the latest polls or obama leading with 13% so, I am joyful now!

    Dare to believe!

  37. WMUR: “This has gotta be something that the Hillary Clinton campaign loves to see.” […] “But the battlegrounds are not in yet.” […] “Nobody knows what to do with it yet.”

  38. Didn’t Hillary’s campaign have someone working on the ground in NH who is famous for GOTV? Also, maybe the great people of New Hampshire just aren’t the type to be overwhelmed by rock star politicians (god bless them!).

  39. LSD, I started praying last night. And I don’t mean that as “hoping and wishing”, I mean seriously praying.

  40. WMUR: “The Hillary Clinton and the Obama campaign have had the most sophisticated grass roots operations we’ve ever seen here in NH.” […] “Earlier on I saw young kids working for Clinton and for Obama with clip boards walking from door to door…”

  41. CNN’s King reporting that our girl is leading in Manchester (the largest city in NH) and if she wins it it’ll be good news for the Senator 🙂 I am hoping . . .

  42. Can you believe the party at Clinton headquarters tonite?
    It’s not over yet… Anything can still happen.

  43. DemAC, please keep any skepticism away. Stay positive, this is good new regardless of the final outcome!!

  44. We’re going to be able to call this a win, no matter where we wind up. Hillary IS the COMEBACK KID II

  45. DemAC,
    Thanks for the chuckle! ‘Hoping’ for a win tonite! I don’t what “words” to use to describe it!

  46. Clinton adviser Ann Lewis (per Ben Smith):

    “I think we had a good couple of days,” she said. “It’s going to become clear this is a two-person race. As the field narrows, it’s going to become easier to make those distinctions.”

  47. guys fox news coverage is a little good too although they keep crapping every now and then on hill, but then they take you to campaign headquarters every now and then!

  48. Brit Hume just said that the exit polls show a close Obama win which is why they are not accepting these early numbers.

    The news from this is that there appears to be no Obama blowout – as Big Media and their candidate have been pushing these past days in particular.

  49. Gorto, Caroline,
    Oh I’m rooting for her too, trust me I’m rooting. I just don’t dare trust my eyes and ears right now…

  50. I’ve done too many campaigns. Usually we have folks at each precinct calling in vote tallies. They ought to know something by now. I think the MSM is drawing this out….

  51. I’m just happy she won the Dem vote big. That shows that when we get to the closed primaries Hillary will start racking ’em up.

  52. told ya guys last night…it would be close..i was convinced it would be…go Hillary go!!!taost to John edwards..your out go home..richardson go home

    told ya people NH wouldnt go with Iowa…they arent stupid,they look at our canidate Hillary with complete sense…and the most knowlegable all the issues…Im tense like caroline.and all of ya ..i like battles…

  53. Please describe what you see on TV. I live in Puerto Rico and don’t have cable. You guys have been my eyes.

  54. If Hillary wins it it will be because McCain took independents from Mr Hype.. Here’s hoping! GO HILLARY GO!

  55. And with regards to Brit Hume, exit polls mean shit. Individual precincts do. Someone at HQ has a clipboard and calculator out right now…

  56. Not party pooping Gorto, just bringing a light into what Big Media is using to justify their coverage.

    20% of the vote is in and Hillary is still ahead.

    As reluctant Obama supporter Jesse Jackson says: Keep Hope Alive 🙂

  57. I can’t help but think back to Obamas presidential election acceptance speech a few days back in Iowa! lol he acted as if he had won the whole thing. His ego wont be able to handle this.

    Admin any new words on that polling you heard?

  58. What tonight says clearly is that we are not going quietly into that dark night. We’ll keep fighting. When Democrats vote, Democrats win.

  59. OkieAtty

    Some vote counting will be late

    they had to send 200 extra ballots from the sec’y of state to one site.

    also they really did not expect the turnout…we didn’t either.

    I think it is Nashua that might be tough for Hill- it’s BO country.

    we can check w/ BMerry later. I hope she’s having a Ball!

  60. This is me tempering!!! I can’t imagine how I’d act if I were to actually express how I feel right now.

    I wonder how Hillary must feel right now!
    God bless her!

  61. no matter what happens the words media reality check, hubris and karma come to mind…

    fingers crossed so tight!

  62. Here in Puerto Rico we can’t vote for president, but we CAN vote in a primary – but in June, for God’s sake.

  63. At 23%, Hillary leading by 6%.

    Clinton 24,762 40.6%
    Obama 21,089 34.6%
    Edwards 10,393 17.0%

    Go Hillary!!!

  64. i am excited. cnn reports hillary is ahead by 4, and her lead has remained steady. now let us win new hampshire.

  65. Hmmmm. Perhaps MSM waiting until 9PM ?

    BTW, she better start warmin’ up that “Comeback Kid” speech. Bill came in second by eight points when he gave his, and this is looking close.

  66. cnn are keeping it down, saying hillary got an early lead because she’s won manchester, and this can get closer, I just realised, I don’t like pundits.

  67. Brit Hume, Michael Barone breaching the question: Is it possible for Hillary to win this thing? Answer from Barone and Hume: YES.

  68. Psymac,
    ABC’s site is pretty good, not as detailed as The Politico’s or ConcordMonitor’s, but it’s faster to update.

  69. Our local channel just said Obama’s giant baloon doesn’t seem to have quite enough air… hee hee hee !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  70. I think the people at cnn can’t believe their eyes, they seem to be hesitant to these numbers. But, they’ll come around.

    Remember in Iowa, Hill and JE were .30 within each other for almost an hour of counting if I remember correctly. This can go people!!

  71. Obama was expected to win by 10+/- points.

    So, no matter what, our girl will be the come back kid II !!! 🙂

  72. NO HOT AIR from Baboozled ..tonight.
    29050..i think the culinary union will have a things to think about down in Nevada….

  73. Please, do not let the words “Comeback Kid” pass her lips tonight!

    We can use that phrase, she shouldn’t


    BTW is Stewie on a breathing machine yet, or still in denial?

  74. I cannot tell you how pumped I am . . . this is great news whatever the result 🙂 This is a win for all of us, especially those on the ground and the Senator herself. Here’s hoping for a great finish tonight . . .

  75. One bastard on cnn, don’t know his name, said a few minutes ago that he simply could not believe that people would make up their mind over someone crying!!! what a prick, anderson cooper at least corrected him by saying she wasn’t actually crying.

  76. Says Ben Smith:

    If it remains tight…
    …what changed in the last 24 hours?

    Early CW: tears.

    Alternate theory: Did undeclared voters return to McCain? The exit polling suggests that at first blush, though there will be much more detailed analyses around soon.

  77. Rudy is toast it looks like. He can’t even get into double digits. His money train is DOA. His only hope- 527’s.

  78. gorto – that was toobin – he said it in a good way . they were saying that people saw her tears and made up their minds. he countered that.

    If she wins, by God it will be a miracle !!!! GO HILLARy GO !!!

  79. Yeah I heard that Gorto. he gets the opposite of a big mollyj hooray

    LOL Okie: nothin’ like a sleep deprived attorney

  80. This is totally consistent. Hillary is going to WIN, i’m sure of it!!!! Not once has Obama passed her (except at that first polling station at midnight, right?)

  81. Yes…the Fairy Tale…42 nailed it. Don’t underestimate those2 ever. Even if you don’t like him, he is a brillian politician

  82. emkay Says:

    January 8th, 2008 at 9:05 pm
    This is SOOO exciting to be sharing this with you guys.

    I agree !!!!i said im not going to talk all day just watch you guys untill i see if she gets it ahead by gowd she is ahead..

    how many Precints are there

  83. The “tears” moment may have been important, but Hillary’s phenomenal performance in the debate was what really did it, IMO. Obama and Edwards were ganging up on her the entire debate, and she stood firm and did amazingly well.

    These NH numbers are stunning.

  84. Don’t they have electric machines to count this stuff? WTH is taking them so long? My heart can’t take this anymore.

  85. lol, contrast McCain’s speech now vs Huckabee earlier, McCain is sounding like he is reading a goodnight story for children, LOL

    Although I should laugh at him, I think he greatly contributed to keeping votes from obama

  86. A friend gave me a bottle of champagne recently. I sure as hell did not expect to open it tonight but—I JUST MIGHT.

    Okie–try a sleep deprived, drunk lawyer in Texas

  87. OkieAtty

    I LOVE my cackle…it’s mine and I’m sticking by it until MSM gives up that word to describe our girl’s laugh.

    I blogged somewhere a few weeks ago and told them it was hard not to cackle at their description of her as so focused on details, described by them as obsessive, one even said anal.

    And I told them that if any of them had to leave their show because of complaints or low ratings, I would burst out cackling with joy.

  88. Sittin Bull, I hear you. Early day tomorrow. Hubby’s at the bar getting the taste of the hospital out of his mouth. He will crash harder than me. He’s an atty, too.

  89. ABC News correspondent who covers Obama said that “an hour ago the campaign was expecting a coronation” !

  90. Admin I kept getting shut out from this site, getting the msg:

    This Account Has Exceeded Its CPU Quota

    What’s up?

  91. Women are coming out for Hillary cnn says!!

    They are waiting for some college areas votes, getting nervous….

  92. A friend told me I could get live coverage on the net through cnnlive, but it only works with Windows, and I have a Mac, so keep describing everything, please.

  93. i laughed my ass off when anderson cooper tried to give credit to bill clinton and the only woman of the panel took the batton and beat it on the panels head saying she did it, not bill..

  94. I love watching cnn now reporting from hillarys campaign, can barely hear candy crowley because they are cheering behind her whenever new numbers come in and she is leading.

    Now a different atmosphere at obama camp!!

    Do you think hillary is near the people there, and can hear them cheering and chanting hillary and stuff??

  95. There is an interactive map of NH counties here. Perhaps someone from NH can interpret what is happening with the votes there.

  96. Yes, she’s leading with ca 3000 votes in raw numbers right now. It certainly would be nice if that number increased.

  97. hillary’s lead amongst older voters will hopefully neutralize the votes cast in college towns. the exit poll is promising in this respect, and hillary does have enough of a buffer to maintain a lead when those precincts finally report.


    Please. It is the PERFECT frame!

  99. currently on cnn it shows 5 delegates for obama and 4 for hillary, so I’m guessing it’s not winner takes all.

  100. OMG, I woke up around 8pm, expecting Hillary to be down. I was praying that she didn’t lose by more than 8pts. Thank you Jesus. I believe in miracles.

    My stomach is in knots. I’m on the net and flipping channels between Fauxnews and CNN.


  101. OMG, yes, if she can pull off the upset, please include the Ginger Rogers quote: “Ginger Roger did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels.”

  102. My stomach is in knots. I’m on the net and flipping channels between Fauxnews and CNN.

    join the club wake up lol

  103. 30% woman voted for hillary in Iowa, currently it shows 47% woman voted for her in NH

    Obama got 35% in Iowa, and 34% in NH

  104. Regardless, the news cycle tomorrow will tell the tale that tonight was a tight race and not a blowout like they were expecting and this is great news for Team Clinton!

  105. If you want to have some fun now or alter go read TMP Election Central, especially the comments section. Suffice it to say that this outcome wasn’t what the Obamalamas expected. 😀

  106. hahaha, bill schneider on cnn wisely said he wasn’t “going to go there” as to how hillary got women back to her side

  107. i think ward= precinct

    No, there’s so many precincts in a ward, depending upon the state and who drew the map.

  108. WMUR too are saying college town precincts coming up soon. Of course Obama is expected to do very well there.

  109. That CPU message blocking the website occassionally is due to the massive readership. Just hold on when it happens and keep hope alive (for Hillary and Big Pink).

  110. Nashau county looks like hers. She’s ahead by 1400 votes w/ 44% in. Mathematically hers….that’s the county that needed extra Dem ballots.

  111. skm, it doesn’t matter. They will spin and spin, but we will put up youtube clips of them all predicting a 10% Obama blowout.

    Even if it’s close, she won.

  112. you got that right meiyingsu…no busses…yeah and all these bmedia writing her off..dont ever listen to them this stings big media badly…they are at ohhhh..

  113. Wes Clark just said to Tweety that “Hillary’s got game.” That is EXACTLY the kind of language she needs to be using!!!!!!

    Win or lose, I hope she somehow ties her speech to women. Women came out for her big time!

  114. 55% of precincts reporting:
    H 39
    O 37

    About 3400 votes ahead…

    WMUR confirming Hillary leads heavily among Democrats and women.

  115. now now, the youth could go for clinton as well, in NH we have now seen the elders come out for her more then in Iowa, women have been coming out for Hillary, lets hope the youth has had a moment of epiphany!

  116. from usatoday,

    Exit poll update: Clinton ahead
    New exit poll estimates: Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, 39%; Sen. Barack Obama, 37%.

    Those are not actual vote totals from New Hampshire. Those are estimates based on polling of voters done as they left voting places and analyses of actual vote results.

    As this moment, with about 40% of precincts reporting, Clinton leads Obama in actual votes 39%-36%.

  117. jebus, sympathy vote??? what as ass!!!

    how about actually finally seeing someone they can relate to and like.
    We have been fed the medias picture of her for so long, she finally broke through all that with this moment.

  118. Time’s Harplein theories to explain why the polls might have been wrong (there are some good ones!):

    Didn’t factor in the 24 hours of tears? The fact that New Hampshirites like to make news? That independents turned out for McCain and Clinton as well as for Obama? That without Huckabee as a factor, the McCain-Romney fight was taken more seriously in the end? That all those comments that she was bussing in people from New York and Massachusetts to pad the crowds were the nonsense some always suspected them to be? That Bill Clinton acting out and saying crazy things reminded people that they were once sympathetic to his wife? That her debate performance was mocked by the pundits but loved by the voters? The lingering impression of Billy Shaheen’s pre-Iowa words? The shadowy hand of Michael Whouley? The appeal of Clinton to 20 somethings? All those prominent women supporters in a state that has a lot of women elected leaders? The Chris Matthews hug? That Obama has limited appeal to blue-collar Democrats in places like Epping? More coming…

  119. Yes, I have great sympathy for someone strong enough to share their true emotions. We don’t need cowboys pretending to be grownups anymore.

  120. go hillary!!!! this is such great news. i made up my mind this afternoon that i would go back to work for her no matter what, even if she lost by double digits. it’s gonna be a long haul but i know we can win the nomination. 🙂

    (ok,drop the profanity if you want , but this is crazy, I dont know what else to say !!)

  122. at 60%

    Clinton 62,009 39.46% 0
    Obama 57,941 36.87% 4,068
    Edwards 26,416 16.81% 35,593

    leading by 4,068 votes.

  123. they’re saying on cnn that hillary upholding her lead in big cities such as manchester can make sure she holds off the college cities since the population aren’t of that many, (man I apologize for bad wording, I’m getting worn out)

  124. Psymac, Popov? No.No.No…. must do Skyy. Just as cheap but better distillation= no hangovers. Take this from an atty. We never pass the bar. 🙂

  125. WMUR remind the voters that young people are gendered too. Is Hillary’s vast lead among women cut into Obama’s youth vote?

  126. PLEASE continue to describe what the pundits are saying. This is so great, to have them eat their words. Who cares if matthews says it’s a sympathy vote – it really might be an anti-misogyny vote!

  127. The weather also helped today. It’s 60 degrees in NH today. This helped the elderly to come out to vote for our girl. 🙂

    It was very cold in Iowa on 1/3.

  128. I think the college towns won’t matter too much, Dartmouth has 4000 students, many are repugs. UNH has 11000, but isn’t in session!!

  129. hehehe rachel maddow on msnbc telling chris matthews that women voted overwhelmingly for hillary because.. basically he’s been such a jerk 🙂 lololol

  130. Hey you hear what she’s sayin’ .. she is reportin’ that TPM says that Chris Matthews influenced the race by his welll you know

  131. Good god that giant crackin’ sound was hell freezin over, I just agreed with Pat Buchanan for about the tenth time this week. Hooray Pat

  132. rjk1957 Says:

    January 8th, 2008 at 10:14 pm
    Pat Buchanan says “Press has been telling us Obama is the second coming and NH voters are saying he is not”
    thats right rjk,,preaching doesnt work big cities…anymore they hear it everyday..people on street corners….preach like BHO does..

  133. hanover and durham are the municipalities to watch. if hillary maintains her lead after they report, we have won. let us hope her buffer can absorb any lead obama may have in those precincts. let us also hope that the dartmouth students voted for ron paul.

  134. Edwards being introduced by his wife, Elizabeth. He congratulates Clinton and Obama and says there are 48 more states and races to go.

    Yeah, good luck with that John…

  135. Gorto Says:

    January 8th, 2008 at 10:18 pm
    hey, check it out, she leeds with 4400 she is 44!!
    guess that includes my employee number too 44 yeah !!!

  136. My husband and I just returned from dinner and I logged on to TM’s website hoping that the news was not too bad. When I saw the what was happening I came here where I feel like I have a community of others that would understand my tears of joy. Our 13 year old granddaughter who lives with us told me that there is some computer game where you can pick your candidate and she told me that she always picks Hillary. We cried together and I told her that we are both going to see a woman in the White House – our woman.

    My husband just told me that USA Today has BO falling further behind. We can only keep our fingers crossed. I am going to HRC’s website to make another donation.

    Thank you Hilfans for keeping me sane. You are the best friends.

  137. hehe, don’t remember his name, but are you people also watching that actor behind edwards instead of edwards?!!

    is he telling the same story now as the last speech of his in iowa?? boy you better get some new material

  138. Right now, everyone keep your ears and eyes on 3 counties: Hanover, Durham, Ridge. These are college towns. Any info, please post.

  139. Pat Buchanan knows better. The Repubs counted out the Clintons — Hil came back and decked the f—kng lot of them!

  140. this is so exciting………………………….i am here with you all reading this. Please God let HIllary maintain her lead.

  141. You can tell these candidates know they have free country wide TV exposure…free adverts!

    NPR has already cut away from JE

  142. Gorto Says:

    January 8th, 2008 at 10:23 pm
    CJ thats cool.
    i didnt know it, dawn on me last,pretty cool it wont ever change when hillary is president too..

  143. rindge, where franklin pierce college is located. here are the results:

    updated 4 minutes ago


  144. i read on kos early this afternoon that matthews was on tv saying the dems could be in for a VERY short night with the numbers he’s seeing.. suggesting obama blowout.. did somebody punk him or what?? 🙂

  145. All eyes on Hanover and Durham counties. KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED for info on these two counties; they’re all that matter.

  146. Russert on MSNBC just conceded. Russert calls it a big night for Hillary, no matter what happens. BTW, Edwards conceded too.

  147. WMUR: “We’re getting a sense of a moral victory for Hillary Clinton.” […] “We came in to this night with Hillary down nine.”

  148. BM and all our other New Hampshire workers. Thank you so much and God bless you. I remain stunned and elated.

    MSNBC just declared Hillary WINNER!


    LOVE U HIllary

  150. WMUR: “The Clinton campaign is just smiling at me from behind the camera.” […] “We’ve heard nothing from the Obama campaign.”

  151. YES! I love NH! 🙂 Hillary is a fighter! Maybe the press and the pundits will learn never to count out the Clinton’s! IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  152. 66% of precincts reporting:
    H 39
    O 36

    She’s ahead by 5700 votes now… The lead in raw numbers is increasing.

    Whatta night, whatta night!!!

  153. 67% of precincts reporting:
    Our Next President: 39
    The Not So Anointed Anymore: 36

    She’s ahead by 5900 votes.

  154. What a wonderful community of people that i’ve never met. I love you all. I am SOOO HAPPY FOR HILL, and for all of us!

  155. I can only imagine how she must feel now, I can’t wait to see her.
    I have pushed the record button!!!!

    I am honestly not sure if im more excited to see obama 😉 or Hillary right now!

  156. lol brokaw reading stupid pundits declaring the campaign panicked and dead

    terry mac on tv, daily kos head explodes

  157. Hanover
    updated 1 minute ago


  158. 71% of precincts reporting:
    Our Next President: 39
    The Not So Anointed Anymore: 36

    She’s ahead by 5800 votes.

  159. She did one herself, she did it.

    After Iowa loss, she took charge and rewrote her speeches, and she did this one herself!!!!

    Imagine obama calling hillary to congratulate her now!! 🙂

    he was ahead with 13!! 13!!! unlucky number, just simply unbelievable!!

  160. Hillary in one poll being behind by 13%, and now ahead with 3 (4) that is one helluva turnaround!!!! 16 (17) % turnaround is simply a BLOWOUT VICTORY!!!!

  161. 75% of precincts reporting:
    H 39
    O 36

    She’s ahead by 6600 votes now… and her lead increases as we go – and as Obama talks, and talks and talks…

  162. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OUR GIRL DID IT . . . . . . . . . .



  163. BTW, admin, you seriously should consider buying some more bandwith and/or cpu.

    If you need donations please let us know.

  164. LOL, they just mentioned Obama song for tonight was ‘signed sealed delivered’ , My ass,

    here comes our girl!!

  165. I kept getting bumped off with the message that my CPU was filled, or something like that. I’m sure the traffic has been really thick. I can’t get any video on my computer, either.

  166. im crying now.

    She said a very powerful sentence.

    In the last week I listened to you, and in the process I found my voice!

    how lovely she is!

  167. I still can’t believe it. Five days after a crushing loss in Iowa, after a media onslaught crowning Obama the new messiah, she pulls it out. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it in my 45 years.

  168. hillfans, i had to reboot my computer to get back onto the site. but the biggest comeback in american history was just done. i will never doubt our girl again. LOVE U HILLARY TO THE HILLFANS HERE!!!

  169. great speech from hillary. very pragmatic. roll up your sleeves and get up every day and go back to work. love it.

  170. 80% of precincts reporting:

    Clinton 86,770 39% Winner
    Obama 80,443 37%

    Thank God, thank New Hampshire and thank Hillary!
    (Not necessarily in that order.)

  171. WOW, she really seemed like a changed person in a way, I believed when she said that wonderful line.

    Notice her speech was about the people, obama is all about himself.

  172. lou dobbs is actually positive towards her, saying she was authentic !!!!!
    he repeats it, and mentions that line of her!!

  173. look, i will admit i was prepared for defeat tonite. wow, she shook the political world and turned it around in 5 days. i apoligize to hillary for being down on her chances tonite. never again.

  174. Gorto Says:

    January 8th, 2008 at 11:08 pm
    im crying now.

    She said a very powerful sentence.

    In the last week I listened to you, and in the process I found my voice!

    how lovely she is!..told ya she was here always to her…powerfull people who has helped her,,you guys are just so fabulous…I praise ya and proud of ya and our next President..

  175. Iowa was a huge wake-up call for her, and she got the message loud and clear. I still can’t believe she won. Hey media, stick it where the sun don’t shine!

  176. An interesting comment from a disappointed Obama campaign worker (per TPM-EC):

    Anonymous Obamanian wrote on January 8, 2008 10:57 PM:
    I volunteered all weekend for the Obama campaign. It was absolute shit in NH. They purposefully had no visibility at the polls and put up no signs anywhere in the state, preferring to go to each house 3-4 times and annoy people. All day at the polls I heard people asking why there was no one at the polls, why there were no signs, was he too cocky, did he not care about Town X, etc. At campaign headquarters, I heard rumblings that the same complaints were heard all over the state. I stayed at the polls in direct contradiction to campaign orders because it was my hometown. They very purposefully had no one there. It’s madness. Congrats to Hillary. But holy christ, whoever orchestrated the NH campaign needs a good boot to the head.

  177. The general theme on AmericaBlog is the media lost it, not Bwak. backlash, not a better candidate. Love the link and quote from talkleft/Jeralyn saying Tweety should be yanked off air. LMAO.

  178. terrondt, I apologize, too. 🙂

    Let’s remember that this was a primary in which 40 percent of the voters were indys. She creamed him among Dems.

  179. She seemed different in a way, a good way, she seemed so humble and amazed at what had happened, and I think she knew deep down that she had done it herself, by a powerful debate performance and a wonderful emotional moments which connected her to voters!!

    Taylor Marsh has the line of the day:

    “New Hampshire, I listened to you, and in the process, I found my own voice.” – Hillary Clinton

    Now she is a force to be reckoned with!! with her new found self!! 😀

  180. We are here celebrating our first on many victories. She is soooooo Presidential and inspiring!!!! Go Hillary…We Love You!!!!

  181. I’m very surprised Obama didn’t have a better ground game. I guess he concentrated so much on Iowa and figured the momentum would do it for him.

  182. YESS


    Tomorrow, at school, i am wearing my giant “I support Hillary Clinton; Ask me why” button to school and will see how many scathing remarks I get from the Obamabots 😀

  183. Gorto you are sooo right! Hillguy and I were watching her and saying she is so genuine and happy and humble that people saw the real Hillary! She is amazing!

  184. 84% of precincts reporting:

    Clinton 86,770 39% Winner
    Obama 80,443 37%

    It is a close one though. Hillary leads with ca 6300 votes now.

  185. hillfans, i have to run to work but im going with a bounce in my step and a smile on my face that will take a crane to knock off. lordy this has been a emotional roller coaster ride for us. GO HILLARY GO!!!

  186. Unbelievable!! Truly one of the greatest upsets in the history of American primaries! I totally agree that Hillary’s quote tonight: “New Hampshire, I listened to you, and in the process, I found my own voice” may reflect the single most important event in this campaign.

    Now, the Culinary Union in Nevada is going to take a long second look who to back in the caucuses there.

  187. Now realistically Hillary can win in Nevada, Michigan and Florida leading up to Feb. 5th, and can maintain the leads she has held there. Who knows, maybe she can even pull out another history making comeback in S Carolina!

  188. Real-time Race Results:
    Updated January 8, 2008 – 11:32 PM (all times Eastern Standard)
    Precincts Reporting 85%
    Candidate Votes Vote % Delegates
    Clinton 94,924 39% 9 Winner
    Obama 88,818 37% 9
    Edwards 40,955 17% 4
    Richardson 11,118 5% 0
    Kucinich 3,357 1% 0
    Biden 542 0% 0
    Gravel 342 0% 0
    Dodd 162 0% 0

  189. I agree with all that say that Hillary’s line was great. The wonderful line — I listened to you and I found my voice. That is so powerful. That is an incredible shift for anybody.
    But what a force she is to contend with now. She is saying…I get it. I know how to do this.

  190. Terry Moran opens Nightline with “STUNNING VICTORY” for Clinton.

    Democratic women over 65 came out MASSIVE for Hillary.

  191. signed sealed deliver and seal the deal huh!!!…he is still gonna play dirty…i dont trust him as an egg can fry…or those bm guys there shocked i will never believe a word they say…

  192. So true molly, you could see it in her face and hear it in her voice tonight, she gets it! She has found HER voice, she will run HER campaign now, not listen to all the others, she now has confidence in herself. And I for one, couldn’t be prouder of her.

  193. Says Greg Sargent:

    Hillary spokesman Howard Wolfson went on MSNBC moments ago and articulated the Hillary camp’s spin on her victory: New Hampshire voters saw the real Hillary, and “they liked what they saw.”

    This is going beyond just her Tears moment. Camp Hillary is saying that in a variety of ways — at the debate on Saturday, where Hillary hit back emotionally against John Edwards and Barack Obama; and in Hillary’s willingness to engage reporters in question and answer sessions over the last few days — Hillary has revealed herself in new ways to voters, and it’s paid off.

    The relief in the Hillary campaign is palpable tonight. This might be not only because she won, but because the campaign has solved a larger problem: They’ve been searching for a way to introduce the real Hillary to voters, and now that she has finally opened up to them — both by design and by accident — the voters decided that they liked her.

  194. a great post from AmericaBlog:

    “Backlash — Possibly more than merely against the media pile on — How about the TweedleDee-TweedleDum reach around moment of ” .. you are change ….”, “… oh, no. You are change ….” — I immediately realized my most probable choice.

    Arguably, the Iowa results were skewed by process and participation. I would say that, given the results here, HRC not only overtook BHO, but won over the majority of support JRE lost.
    anon 65 plus | 01.08.08 – 11:41 pm | # ”

    Love the “reach around” line. Bwahahahahaha…

  195. Gorto, you are sooo right~!!! She gets it and she will for the rest of the race!

    “New Hampshire, I listened to you, and in the process, I found my own voice”

    She found her voice and we all should listen!

  196. I am so happy, ‘I found my voice…’ Yes you did girl, so proud of you.

    I have to say it, Bill Clinton has been vindicated. He made the case ofr his wife directly to the voters that they were being snowed.


    – One of the best parts about this. Put that foot in your mouth Main Stream Media.

    – also I LOVE THIS SITE.

  198. Says Ben Smith:

    Carrie Budoff Brown reports that immediately after Obama’s speech, “every press secretary and close Obama aide vanished. They are letting the speech stand as the last word for tonight. There’s nobody here to even answer our questions.”

    😀 😀 😀

  199. Says Ben Smith (again):

    Hillary’s speech

    “I listened to you, and in the process I found my own voice,” she tells New Hampshire. “Let’s give America the kind of comeback New Hampshire has just given me.”

    A reader notices that she stood alone on stage before a backdrop of young people, a sharp contrast to the familiar, and older, faces who surrounded her at her Des Moines concession.

  200. Someone over at Taylor’s site noticed Bwak was using a teleprompter. What happened to his famous oratory skills? Did he lose those too?

  201. This could not have been better. The media and pollsters got it ALL WRONG. What a sense of vindication. Even the Clinton campaign was bracing for a loss (as were we, I’m afraid). So the high is even higher, having come from a lower place.

  202. The reporter who does the network cut-ins for NBC’s local affiliates said “next is Nevada where Hillary leads in the polls by a wide margin“.

    Not sure whose polls ?

  203. First of all, thanks for taking my password request Admin and thanks for posting that link to my blog yesterday!

    I’m so happy right now I could cry. I’m so happy I’ve found this site and on Sunday, after I found this site and the day after that horrible double teaming of Hillary by JRE and BHO, I made a donation to Hillary an included .44 cents!!!! We’ve got a lot of election season left, but now who’s going to be “Riding the Wave”? I’ll sleep like a babe tonight.

    Keep up the good work everybody! Screw the MSM!!! Chris Matthews was beside himself with anger that Hillary pulled this off!

  204. BTW, if anyone’ still counting, Hillary’s lead is ca 7000 votes with 89% of precincts reporting.

    What a beautiful night. What an important victory. What a brilliant future that lies ahead now.

  205. MSNBC reported that the Culinary Workers union main office is asking the Nevada branch to remain neutral.

  206. Yeah. I’m back.

    I called into the nationwide NPR and got on 2nd.

    Said I was a still very tired precinct captain from Iowa and I was so pleased about tonight. The moderator asked me what the difference was between IA and NH.

    I explained that anyone looking at a results graphic state map would see that BO’s support here was five miles wide and 1 inch deep, that he carried 2-3 county-wide strip on the Illinois border plus the college towns (thus the # of votes), and Hill carried the same on the Missouri River side plus the north (smaller population) with Edwards pocketed in the center, including the capitol city and losing the college areas.

    I think that was why Hillary put in work all over the state of NH this time, plus geographically, NH is smaller, therefore more densely populated.

  207. oKieAtty, I have always suspected the legend of his oratory skills. Someone else posted on this site an article about his speech writers and teleprompters on another thread. The guy cannot string a nice grammatical sentence in debates. What would you expect?

  208. I have just made a contribution to Hillary’s campaign – the first time I have ever contributed to a political campaign.

  209. Hey that’s cool, she reached 100,000 mark, very cool.

    CNN replayed her ‘I found my own voice’ line, it struck many people. She was so wonderful, and she earned it! I couldn’t be more proud!!

  210. Hillary’s chief campaign strategist is Mark Penn, national campaign manager is Terry McAuliff. Patti Solis Doyle is the one who came to IA in late November as campaign manager.

    Which reminds me, did I see here that Maggie Williams is going to join the effort? If so, watch for the first time Donna Brazille and she meet again…..

    Maggie coming on board is sweet, as in very, very smart. She was the key player in the White House Hillaryland.

  211. The Obama campaign felt the sting of the silent vote tonight. As Hillary says, actions and not words will reshape the world.

  212. Not to toot my own horn, but what the hell. I think I am going to start playing the lottery>

    rjk1957 Says:

    January 7th, 2008 at 5:06 pm
    New CNN poll has NH lead at 9, looks like the bounce has leveled off and they are starting to get the debate reaction. Not much of a move. Everyone all day on TV OBAMA HAS DOUBLE DIGIT LEAD expecting a blowout tomorrow. We will see the second coming of the “Come Back Kid” tomorrow tonight, she may not win, but a close second Hillary can raise the comeback banner!!! (Just don’t shout it like John Dean in 04 please)

    So I got it a little wrong, but i am not complaining.

  213. I am thinking that this NH primary…those independent New Englanders in New Hampshire…have brought this election back down to earth…the Obama campaign has been humbled and the MSM has be chastised…and our hard working girl, who never gives up and just soldiers on no matter what, has taught all of us how a female fights the fight…and she has done it with such grace…she is the embodiment of grace under pressure…she is the real deal…

    I love this sight the people here…what a great night for Hillary and all of us…

  214. this is amazing. 34% of democratic voting independents voted for hillary….so she’s not THAT bad with them, right?

  215. Okay, as much as I hate Edwards, we need him to stay in the race as long as possible or at least until february 5th If he drops out now all his support goes to Obama.

  216. I’ve heard too, that Hill’s little taped exchange with Stewie struck a cord with women who have, or have had, grown male babies in their lives.

    “I just don’t understand your obsession with me”, and

    (patting his chubby little cheek) “Awwww, Christopher.”

  217. Already on MSNBC we have them all cranky again. WHATEVER.

    Hillary won. We at the office in NYC were ecstatic. I’m exhausted but I just can’t believe it still. What a great day. We did it guys! WE’RE IN IT TO WIN IT!

  218. hehe, Emjay I keep think about that exchange as well!!!

    She had some moments in the last few days that stuck with voters.
    The moment, Awwww Christopher, sexism is alive and well, and her openess with people and the media.

  219. I am going to say something I never in a million years thought I would ever say. If it looks like his money is really drying up I may just make a donation to him to help keep him in the race until February

  220. CONGRATULATIONS HILLARY and congratulations to everyone on this site that has stood with her throughout these past weeks. This is a great night for all of us -men and women alike who have waited for so long to see a strong, intelligent, passionate woman compete for the presidency. Thanks to the people of New Hampshire and thanks to the hard workers who went out and worked to make this dream come true; but most of all thanks to Hillary Clinton for showing women everywhere that we can do it.

    Admin – thank you for this site. Remember all of us we need to stick together, stay upbeat, do what we can for HRC whether it is posting on blogs, donating money, talking her up to everyone we meet or volunteering. I’m having lunch on Friday with a friend who is BIG BIG Obama supporter. I was dreading it a few hours ago. Now, it’s going to be fun! Tonight I will sleep well for the first time in many weeks. (can’t imagine how well she will sleep!)

  221. Thank you to all the GOTV team in NH, we love you! We owe this night not only to our girl, but to all the GOTV people in NH!!

  222. rjk, not necessarily. Hill does well with minority voters, too. Edwards doesn’t. Her leads nationwide polls are pretty daunting as is her organization. Edwards has no organization to speak of nationally. SC should swing to the center. Look for a close race along racial and gender lines with whites breaking to Hillary and women being the difference.

    I found that teleprompter article on Google. Let’s push that. Obama’s only inspiring with someone else’s words and ideas. “Change” can’t emanate from a puppet. Only from a leader.

  223. rjk, Hillary does much better with Hispanic voters than Bwak. Edwards doesn’t do squat. The SW and states like TX, OK, UT, AZ, NM, CA, FL, NY have sizable Hispanic blocks.

    It will be ours in November. Keep the faith.

    Back to the mothership for some rest. I must recharge my pod.

  224. My favorite moment of the night:

    Watching Chris Matthews have to call the primary for Clinton.

    Most disgusting moment: Eugene Robinson blaming Obama’s loss on racism.

    Biggest “well duh” moment: One of those airhead Obama shill bimbo pundits breathlessly reporting that women voted for Clinton as if this were the most surprising thing EVER!

    To the Georgetown Social Club (Hi, Ben) from me: I hope you all choke on the scented geraniums in your effin’ finger bowls.

  225. Big hugs and thanks to all those that fought the Battle of New Hampshire (and Iowa) and those getting suited up for Nevada and South Carolina.

    Kostner, and Kegs, and DCDem and others, hope you enjoyed the show tonight and wake up with big smiles.

  226. The biggest losers who got slapped down tonight:

    1) The media and the Georgetown Social Club (Hi, Ben!)

    2) Barack Obama

    3) Iowa

  227. this is absolutely wonderful.

    but question guys:

    do you think Hillary should keep continuing to point out the Obambi flaws? or reassume her position as typical front runner and stay “above the fray”? 🙂

  228. Thank you Hillary for never giving up.

    Thank you admin for providing this wonderful place for all of us to come.

    Thanks everyone for the most wonderful evening/night.

    I am signing off, heading for the bed, it is 6.48 am here, so I’m going to bed now, (after I walk the dog for his morning *you know what*).


  229. btw, i think most minorities (save african american) lean heavily towards Clinton.

    Polls done of ASians in major urban areas have shown almost universal support of Clinton.

    Same with Hispanics.

    She will most likely coast to victory with a lot of these people in states like California and new York 😀

  230. mjs.. its at that level where she has to keep drawing contrasts. NO WAY should she take high ground. we will see obama and edwards blasting her in next debate.

    MSNBC is defining racism. keith raised racism. todd brushes it off and says its racism. idiots. IOWA is more white and technically more conservative than NH. NH is FAR more liberal, new englanders are some of the BEST people who were one of the first in the nation to reject racism. idiots. they dont even know history of america. just across the border, they have a white governor. assholes.

  231. Oh yes. ZI forgot to say my thanks.

    Thank you HILLARY, first and foremost for providing a clearly well-contrived solution to the failures of Bush and this country’s slow reversal.

    Thanks to Hillary aides, staff, etc and her family/friends for always being there with her!

    Thank you to HILLARY SUPPORTERS and voters who are helping to make history.

    Thank you admin for this wondrous break form the troll-driven websites that serve as “democratic left-wing blogs”

    and THANK EVERYONE here at Hillis44

  232. okay chuck todd on msnbc, just telling the world its because of race…

    he says aa will recognize this, and says if ob loses from here on we will know why…

    IDIOT !!!

  233. Obama received more votes than John McCain. How can anyone interpret the results as a product of racism if he received more votes than the winner of the Republican primary?

  234. let them call “racist” all they want. Non-racist white voters will realize this falsehood and turn away from the media even more and cost Obama even more. Many people, believe it or not, aren’t racist and i think many WOULD be offended to think that one votes for a president based on skin color alone.

  235. …do you think Hillary should keep continuing to point out the Obambi flaws? or reassume her position as typical front runner and stay “above the fray”?

    As Matthews and Russert would put it on MSNBC when talking about any female candidate, I think she should cut his nuts off.

  236. just got back from our little watch party. stunned-happily. below is what i sent out to the team hillary team in h-town. Im so tired from calling so many NH voters -and we texans here really pushed the phones. i feel like a fool-i even bought the media crap of late-heck i think the clinton camp was alarmed as well. then the greatest route in nh primary history. obama is much a threat still. if hillary pulls off nv she will grow further in strength. –

    Team Hillary Houston-

    The Win.

    Hillary has pulled off one of the most historic wins in political history. Every poll, even her own internal poll today showed her down 10-20pts in NH. But like I told you guys last email we Hillary supporters must not let the media totally skew things.

    This route tonight is more stunning than Obama’s win in Iowa. Every poll internal and external showed Hillary in some trouble there. And she lost the caucus by 8pts. In NH the story is far different and she will get a far bigger bounce from it I think. Everyone, including I the most faithful supporter, had some doubts she could win outright the primary tonight. Like Bill Clinton said yesterday-its very hard to stop a tsunami comming out of Iowa in 5days time.

    Yet she did it. How? Well as she said tonight-“I found my voice.” Hillary we know is passionate about this country, but for the first time publically she got choked up speaking about the furture of our country. This was a profound moment inthe race -the media has been cruelly attacking her, her opponents, fellow dems who knew her great record attacked her on the trail, forced many to finally say this woman really cares. she is human not a fox news toy. and the voters of NH said we trust you to be our president. women voters who had not made their minds until today broke for Hillary. They finally saw what we know-a woman driven by passion and a deep sense of country who profoundly cares about America.

    We have a long battle ahead-but we have momentum and more the greatest booster imaginable. The first woman has won the NH presidential Dem primary tonight. Every poll and pundit was discredited. All of you are part of this movement and I and I know Hillary thanks you tremendously. Those phone calls to NH which I and many of you have done helped turn the tide in a maddening 5 day campaign.

  237. ….mark harpen blasting media..

    Now, that’s rich.

    I guess I have to add a little message to effin’ Halpern:

    Hypocrite much?

  238. thank u emjay and the rest for keepign our sanity during these trying days. i hope we have the honor to meet u guys someday soon-maybe in denver

  239. Thank you Hillary for never giving up. Thank you admin for providing this wonderful place for all of us to come. Thanks everyone for the most wonderful evening/night.
    I second that. Good night (and this was a good night!) everybody.

  240. .

    you said it for me too oh im tired thanks… admin…
    and all you good politically minded people..

    Thanks Hillary I can sleep tonight with no worries or tension!!!!!….goodnight…msj wear that button show it proudly…night night!!!!

  241. Thanks so much all of you on the ground in New Hampshire. Thanks for working so hard, for not bein’ discouraged or disuaded by sexist media hype. Thanks for just keepin’ going. Many people called from all over the country and helped to GOTV and I thank all of my fellow Hillfans, too.

    Thanks to ADMIN for this wonderful site. I think we would all go insane without a place to come for a reality break. It’s been great to have a community to come to who can help us see what is really going on in the campaign and across the country.

    Thank you, HILLARY! For hangin’ in there and standing up for us!

  242. look at what I found on Obambi’s site (is this a CULT or what?):

    —-comment from another person below————
    I have just registered these two domains this minute.

    There’s nothing on them yet. Over the next week I’m going to develop a site.

    I will endeavor to setup a database driven site for people to sign up for ‘prayer’ shifts during which they offer to remain focused in ‘sending’ Prayer, love, support, healing energy, dolphin energy, etc. (whatever it is that you believe is fine. Its focused, emotion powered, human intent that matters).

    It will display how many people are ‘praying’ during a shift for Barack, for his health, for the campaing/movment’s victory.

    This will give a feedback to the campaing, and to Barack.

    I’ll post on progress in making this happen

  243. Racism and misogyny: both are terrible. However, the only blatant evidence that showed up in the media, etc., was misogyny. Consider those guys that yelled to Hillary “Iron my shirt!” Did anyone yell to Obama “Shine my shoes”? If they had, they would have been lynched. It would not have been treated as a joke, as was ‘Iron my shirt.”

    Sure, there are racists who want to pull Obama down. But that is not why he lost tonight.

  244. just returned from the victory party in manchester. i cannot possible put into words the way i feel tonight. i am typing this through tears this evening.

    thank you hillary rodham clinton. i have waited all my life for this.

  245. —-comment from another person below————
    I have just registered these two domains this minute.

    i seriously hope this is a joke.

  246. Media still has not learned their lesson. When O won Iowa they kept playing his speech over and over again. Now they are doing the same thing giving him more air time replaying his speech more than the winner of NH Hillary.

  247. btw, my advice to the Hillary campaign:

    DO NOT lighten up! Obama is as much a threat now as he was yesterday and the day before and right after Iowa. Continue pushing his weaknesses and his inconsistencies. Make the media listen. continue opening up. Hillary leads to stay passionate.

    I watched the OBama speech, and even if it was teleprompted, it was very good. Hillary needs a little improvement on her speeches and performances, as much as I hate to admit it. She needs to display a calm passion and some of that rhetorical skill Obambi flashes, as well as maintain her straight facts and logical plans for the nation.

    I have a feeling the Obama campaign will attack Clinton soon–bringing up the topic of unreleased presidential record papers, etc.

    Hillary should retaliate forcefully and make it clear to voters that she is both a fighter, and the most logical and best choice!

  248. hwc.. i think he should be given credit in raising the issue when arriana is pulling facts out of her ass..

    I’m not giving credit to any of those bloodsucking leeches. Sure, they talk a good story of contrition for the media, but they’ll be back yukkin’ it up in Georgetown and trashing women again within 24 hours.

    Scum of the earth.

  249. guys. by any means, continue to encourage support of Edwards to those who are, by all means, anti-hillary. If there is not the shred or an ounce of hope of convincing people to vote for hillary, then encourage Edwards.

    Anything but bambi-boy.

  250. We need to support Mark Halprin as much as we can…He is the lonely voice tonight about the BO bias in the MSM.

    Al Hunt (amazingly,) Arianna, Bill Bradley, and Matt Dowd all poo-pooing Mark’s assertions, and he’s showing his anger because he can back it up with statistics and didn’t have a chance to put them out there.

  251. gladiatorstail, South Carolina is 50% African-American. Expect the first black president – Bill Clinton – as Toni Morrison exclaimed to go to South Carolina. Also expect Jacqueline Jackson and John Lewis and every major African-American Hillary supporter in South Carolina too.

    But the biggest factor will be Hillary. Women, whether African-American or white or whatever know that the “Iron My Shirt” brigade in Big Media and everywhere have to be fought. One of the big factors in the big New Hampshire victory was the Saturday night debate.

    According to the exit polls, threequarters of New Hampshire voters saw the debate. In the Saturday night debate we saw a nasty Obama tell Hillary that she was “nice enough”. We saw a Hillary moment of passion twisted into a “shrill” moment.

    Hillary went after Chris Matthews on his male obsession with her. Women know all this. Women recognize what “shrill” and “cackle” mean.

    Also, the economy played a big part in the New Hampshire victory. In both Iowa and New Hampshire Hillary won poorer voters and those concerned with their economic lives because they live from paycheck to paycheck.

    In South Carolina the African-American population, especially women do not shop for arugula in Whole Foods like Obama does. Hillary will appeal to the African-American population of South Carolina for the same reason she appeals to all of us, whatever the ethnic or racial or gender group we belong to.

  252. i’m sure huffpo is absolutely despairing over having to publish anything positive about hillary. arianna, what the hell does she know – when was the last time she had no money and no health insurance? oh, that’s right – never.

    ben @ politico is OK though! i heard him on the radio here in dc talking about just after hillary’s moment at that diner in nh where she was choking up, and they asked the usual, was it scripted etc., and he was very clear that it was genuine. it was a good report. so.. hi ben! 🙂

  253. As someone who is presently volunteering in SC, I can state with confidence that African-American women will determine who wins the SC primary. And no, arugula is not a quotidian staple for these voters.

  254. I am very thankful for this win. I think a lot of us can sleep better knowing our girl is in it to win it for the American peopL!

  255. BTW, gladiatorstail, check out Sugar’s website – a strong African-American woman who supports Hillary strongly.

    Good stuff on sugarnspice.

    BTW, the owner of the website posted here tonight, so a big thanks to her. Sugar explains the Hillary appeal to African-American women well. Check it out. (Sugar also posted a video of “These Boots are Made for Walking” which is worth a visit to the site on that video alone. Sugar also predicted a Hillary New Hampshire win – talk about Keeping Hope Alive. )

  256. joe friday: the polls in Nevada are from Dec 6 which is a lot longer away than it seems. Obama had closed to about 10 before Iowa from the HRC campaign scuttlebutt.

    I believe I said ages ago that if she comes close in Iowa (well sort of) and wins a close one in NH, I would have your backs in NV. Guess I’m going to have to work my little tail off now.

    My unsullied primary record is on the line so I will give it my best shot. The name Rezko escapes my lips any time I hear the name Obama. It’s having an effect.

  257. I’m beginning to wonder to what degree Republicans voting for Obama in Iowa impacted his win. Now, I was so horrified that I haven’t looked at the demographics, although it’s been on my mind.

    I know that you can register for a different party the night of the caucus – has there been any work done on whether that ability shifted momentum to him?

  258. Thanks Alcina, B. Merryfield, MJ, LJ, all who fought the Battle of New Hampshire. Can’t be said enough.

    Freckles, MP you’re up next.

    Texan4Hillary keep us all up to date on the trip to South Carolina – Pulchritude you too.

    Great to see so many 44ers in the thick of the action.

  259. Did anyone see, (we just caught a few moments of it while trying to keep the website from meltdown from all the traffic) Rachel Maddow tell Chris Matthews that bloggers were blaming him for Hillary’s victory. Rachel told Matthews to his face. We missed the Matthews response and hope the video pops up somewhere.

  260. Going to take my pink-page versions of the Sunday New York Times (plus ads) to a more comfortable place to sit. For that I gotta pull away from my WLAN point. Good night, remember to smile, and post one of those pushback comments on a hillary bashing site.

  261. Just watched Charlie Rose and saw some of the discussion on MessMSNBC, I hope that the narrative tomorrow is not this stupid, ‘race’ effect used to diminish her win.

    Obama, took his eyes of the ball, spoke to her with dismain at the debates, assisted Edwards in ganging up on her and the media savishly trying to crush her spirt as well as the combination of two events:
    her strong debate performance coupled with her sensitivity that ‘it hurt her feelings’ and the effect of people seeing 2 men double team on her
    and her revealing herself in her ’emotional’ moment as well as her GOTV of the Dem party base. These are the factors what catapulted her to win.

  262. admin and all

    you did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we defied all odds and we won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i am so happy and excited. God bless all of you for believing in real “hope” for change and for believing in our girl.

    This is so exciting, and after the polls had all predicted her defeat tonight, what a superb, glorious victory for us all, and for America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    woooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooo

  263. admin,
    i think more bandwidth is needed for the site esp now that a lot of people have found it. we want to keep it on at all times, i had the “cpu meme…” happen to me while i was “refreshing” the site. now that it is getting more interesting, more people will visit our sanctuary here. let us help, just say when and how. and thank you for putting up this site and for always believing and standing firmly behind her.
    build it, and we will come.

  264. This is so great!! I doubted for a minute, I’m sure many did in the face of the idiot pundits and the polls, but we DID IT! Hillary’s got the momemtum now, FORGET skipping anything. I though all she’d have to do was win ONE state before Feb5th, and she won NH!!!!!!!!!!

  265. Oh thanks Chuck. When the polls get it wrong and the voters get it right its racism. That’s the sum total of your wisdom? Perfect MSNBC logic.

    Chuck, who was the deciding factor in the NH race? That’s right-women. Did you listen to your colleague Buchanan a minute ago? Then you probably heard him mention that women did not like the sexist attacks against Hillary by the Obambi/Blinkie tag team, OR the sexist attacks by that windbag seated directly to you left. Which one? The one who looks like a white rat.

    So tell me Chuck have you considered the possibility that this was not a vote against Obama but a vote FOR Hillary. Isnt it possible that these women see merit in Hillary’s candidacy, support her positions and empathize with what she is going through? In that case, might they not vote for her in the privacy of a voting booth, regardless of what they tell a pollster when Republican husband is around?

    In the future Chuck try the benign explanation first.

  266. freckles,

    the polls in Nevada are from Dec 6 which is a lot longer away than it seems.

    I can’t imagine the NBC network utilizing polling that is more than a month old. Perhaps they have access to polling that will be released tomorrow ?

  267. Admin, guess where I was born? South Carolina. My mother, who still lives there, is on the fence (although leaning heavily towards Hillary), but she says my father will definitely vote for Obama. I told her to make sure my 19 year old sister is registered and takes her butt to the polls to vote for Hillary.

    I live in Maryland now where thinking is much more liberal, but I’ll be anxiously watching to see what my home state does in a couple of weeks. I just wrote my post for tomorrow and I dared to invoke the name of Shirley Chisholm who had some strong thoughts about women and the obstacles that a sexist society puts before them. If I can only get more of my African-American friends and family members to see why we can’t just vote for Obama “just because”, we could firmly secure the female African-American vote for Hillary. Hillary needs to start quoting Shirley Chisholm in ads filled with her pictures. That would cause a lot of A.A. women to really think about all of this. I know that it might be risky standing on the fact that she’s a woman, but Obama has been standing on his blackness. Just something to think about…Maybe mailers with quotes from Shirley and her pictures [in order that these A.A. women realize that she was black and so their memories can be jarred as to who she was] might be less conspicuous.

    What do you all think? Bad to start talking about the fact that she too is making history as a woman?

  268. As soon as I heard Eugene Robinson play the race card earlier tonight, I knew that was the talking point at the Obama people was text messaging to their friends in the media.

    The thing to understand about the media coverage of this election: all the dirt is being shoveled directly from Axelrod to the sychophants in the Georgetown Social Club (Hi, Ben!).

  269. What do you all think? Bad to start talking about the fact that she too is making history as a woman?

    The gender card got slammed on the table for all to see in the exit polling from New Hampshire.

    It’s about damn time.

    If you’ve noticed, the media has hammered Clinton everytime she so much as points out that she’s a woman (remember the clusterf*ck over her innocuous Wellesley speech?) while at the same time shoveling sexist crap on her (shrill, cackle, cleavage).

  270. I think it’s great how BM is making such a big deal about Hillary being the first woman in American history to win a presidential primary. They are to be commended.

  271. Sugar, great to hear from you and your knowledge of South Carolina. We’ll check out your latest post.

    We have a quote somewhere from Carol Moseley Braun about the cross currents of sexism and racism. We’ll look for for it – but we googled this quote which says alot:

    Until Hillary Clinton, no woman had ever been a viable candidate for president. “There is no question in my mind that gender was – and remains – a huge factor,” says Carol Moseley Braun, whose attempt to become the Democratic candidate in 2004 collapsed before the first votes were cast. “My campaign was almost entirely inspired by my then 10-year-old niece, who was looking at her social studies books and saying: ‘But Auntie Carol, all the presidents are boys.'”,,2208288,00.html+carol+moseley-braun+endorses+hillary+clinton&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=10&gl=us

  272. Let me add my appreciation to you who were on the ground in New Hampshire in turning this thing around against all odds. You are the best.

    Hillary too was magnificent. To see the current stategy was not working, to step in herself to fix it and to keep the troops motivated all at the same time despite bad polls and bad press. And then the great victory speech. Unforgettable.

  273. yes the big blogs blame matthews now-but in reading the exit data this doesnt seem to be fully warranted. hillary’s strongest traditional support-blue collar americans-went heavy for her. women went for her bc they connected with her. union folks went for her. the backbone of the dem party backed hillary. and has been mentioned-the doubts raised about obama on choice resonated with many young women. she split the vote of folks my age-25 to 35. women did it for hillary-but for many reasons, inclduing economic etc.. hillary’s terry mcaulife tonight promised more college kids focus and addressing their issues, specifically. and tonight mark penn’s strategy was completely shown as bunk. no pollster driven junk-hillary was herself. and she now knows how to continue the campaign and not via the penn way. she found her voice. the truth is-she won dems and rallied women to her cause to be the 1st woman president. an that truth scares the big blogs.

  274. Sugar, I loved your website. I have bookmarked it and will be reading it every now and then.

    The BM is diminishing obama’s candidacy by saying voters who didnt vote for him were racist. THIS IS STUPID. people dont vote for race, they vote for aspirations. did these idiots forget that governor of neighboring state is an african american?

    having said that, I still think sexism is worse than racism in this country which is the reason it is so tough for hillary to break through the ceiling.

    I think after NV and SC, Edwards needs to drop off. he brings nothing new to the table. I am not sure yet whom he is hurting. weather Hillary or Obama. in a way he is hurting obama by splitting anti-hillary vote, OR he is hurting hillary by splitting working class american vote. which one is it? I dont know. I think I need more data on that, but if polls have to be believed, he is hurting Hillary more, but again, maybe a large part of the electorate he is holding is decisively anti-hillary out of principle. but again, he hurts Hill tremendously in debates.

    I was glad Hillary mentioned college student issues 4 times in consession speech today. it was long overdue.

    Bill richardson drops out. this helps hill in NV unless he endorses Obama.

    Another question and maybe I know the answer to it but how should hillary handle obama from now on forward? i think she should continue with taking a hardline on him, but maybe her strategists know it better.

    finally heres time confirming some shakeups.

    Long-time tough-as-nails, smart-as-a-whip, loyal-as-all-get-out adviser Maggie Williams to take the reins.

    Former Clinton White House aide Doug Sosnik joins too.

    Fabled FOB and FOH Roy Spence of Austin, TX also in the mix.

  275. Bill richardson drops out. this helps hill in NV unless he endorses Obama.

    Richardson doesn’t seem like the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    He’ll probably endorse Chris Dodd.

  276. i wonder if that culinary union will go on and back obama who has called unions names? in nv there will be a big fight im sure. obama will do anything to stop this train. i think this past week has showed us obama is talented and hard to attack. these issues wont go away-but as long as hillary can counter with her more personal message and reatin the loyalty of dems then obama is screwed. that is what is devastating for ob tonight-dems went for hillary. and in the comming states many closed primaries-dems only. cant flood em with others.

  277. great story from nyt-Caroline Florom, 38; her husband, Vaughn Tamzarian, 48; and their five children — the youngest in a double-wide stroller — arrived next, after voting.

    The most dramatic moment of their day was at 8 a.m., when they decided whom they were going to vote for.

    “We went to hear both of them speak this weekend, and we stayed up until 3 a.m. last night listening to their speeches again on C-Span,” Ms. Florom said of Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama. “We like them both.

    “But in the end, she was the one bringing up the real issues about the middle class like college loans. His speeches felt like pep rallies.”

  278. My mother in law in New Hampshire made up her mind yesterday after attending an Obama event in New Hampshire.

    She voted for Clinton.

  279. SUGAR,



  280. Thank you Bmerry, Alcina and all in NH working their butts off. This past weekend, I was depressed not just because of Hillary’s Iowa loss, but because the media, the misogyny on websites and the media, the horrible treatment of this good woman, made me lose hope in this country and its potential, but tonight the true Democrats and the women and those in the Greatest Generation and all who voted for Hillary restored my faith.

  281. Just woke up after putting the little one to bed, I went to sleep too. What did I miss?

    Hehe , just kidding. Watching the replay of Hillary’s speech, she looks great! Wow, she actually did say “comeback.” Uh, I guess she won’t have to iron anybody’s shirts, but JRE might soon!

  282. Her speech I could follow, BO’s was so narcissistic, had to change the channel.

    I can see the focus on youth now, it the background and speech references (and maybe even the SS detail).

    So does this prove you can show your human side, and that is actually a STRENGTH, not a weakness?

  283. one bubble to be burst on hussein: his speeches, who writes them? he used the teleprompter again tonight, with perfect cadence. but, if he has to be spontaneous, he stammers and his words are not as fluid and flowery.

  284. Sugar — welcome!

    As for ‘minority’ factor, I’m in Hillary’s demographic so I don’t have as much conflict as your people have — but I have spent time in Asia so I’m VERY attracted to Obama’s mixed race, multi-cultural, international exposure. Superficially he sounds wonderful, and I’d love for that to work. I hope some day he will grow up to match that possibility and I can gladly vote for him.

    Right now I don’t have a practical conflict, because as Gloria Steinem said, we need 2 terms of Hillary PLUS 2 terms of Obama. Imo the best thing we can do for Obama now is to elect Hillary to clean things up, especially the voting process, so it will be safe for him to run in 2016. By that time he’ll have got more experience and exposure too so he won’t be as easy to swiftboat (and hopefully he’ll have the Clintons supporting him).

    Obama is 46 and has plenty of time. Hillary is 60 and Bill may need heart surgery again after 2016, so this may be the only time she will feel like running.

    As for the ‘cards’, to my taste Hillary has done fine so far — she’s run on her qualifications, whereas imo Obama has run mostly on his symbol value. I’ve been thinking that when someone has real qualifications and experience, they no longer work as a symbol — for example Richardson. But now I feel like what has happened today — Tweety Effect — is different from what Obama is doing. As Black Agenda said, he’s running as an image of race no longer mattering, 90% equality having been attained. Suddenly the media treatment of Hillary has been seized as an issue of something that DOES matter and that we should attack right now — and that we CAN attack just by voting for the female target.

    Re Obama see


  285. We haven’t seen MJ in a while, but we do not need to denigrate our opponents on unfair grounds. We are correct on the issues everyone. We WANT a progressive in the White House. We WANT a woman candidate that is running a woman candidate!!! And,

    WE are right:

    (note check the senate roll)

    THEY are wrong:

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