Fighting Democrats

This is a fighting Democrat fighting for Democratic values – who was smeared for years:

This is someone who fights Democrats and smears Democrats:

Here is another Democrat who fights for Democratic values who has been smeared for years:

The Democratic nomination will be determined by Democrats. Democrats want a Democratic President who fights for Democratic progressive values. The Democratic nomination will not be won with flowery words. Hillary understands that actions speak louder than words.

That’s right – actions speak louder than words. And talk is still cheap.

Democrats will nominate a Democrat who fights for them. Democrats will nominate a Democrat who has fought for them and will fight for them – not merely with words, but with actions. A Democrat who fights for UNIVERSAL healthcare. A Democrat who is present when there is a fight to be fought.

Hillary is a fighter – fighting for us. We will fight for Hillary.


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  1. Great post, admin. We need to remind Democrats just how ruthless George Bush and the Republicans have been, and will continue to be. We need a candidate who has taken them on before, and can win, and who can get things done. George Bush has been lying low, trying to stay out of the limelight, knowing full well that his approval rating is nonexistent. If Obama thinks the next President can just waltz into the White House and sweet-talk Republicans into rolling over, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell him.

  2. I am so looking forward that after the primaries are done, how so many will see the fighter Hillary is, and appreciate how ready she is to be a great president. And just like JFK, how also she will be able to work with almost everyone, as a real democrat should, and really get the job done.

  3. some of the blogs like TPM is picking up McCain saying “he can beat Obama” – the press and the Obama supporters need to hear more of this from the GOP – they will start to see what we’ve seen all along the GOP WILL EAT OBAMA FOR LUNCH! Reality will start to set in and once it does, they will turn to the person who knows how to be President, Hillary.

  4. ADMIN,



  5. Gerald McEntee, president of AFSME hit back on Obama’s anti-Democratic attacks:

    Health care is an issue where the candidates have a different approach. Obama’s plan does not cover every American. In fact, it leaves 15 million Americans without the medical care they need. Hillary Clinton and John Edwards plans do not leave anyone behind. They cover everyone. This is the difference that the AFSCME political action committee has highlighted. There are 15 million reasons to be opposed to Obama’s health care plan, and the AFSCME campaign is simply pointing them out.

    While spirited debate during the primary season is healthy, I don’t think that any candidate or her or his supporters should say or do anything that would hurt the chances of the eventual nominee to win in the general election.

    This is why I was troubled when the Obama campaign labeled AFSCME’s political action committee and some of the so-called 527 efforts (such as the one for Edwards in Iowa) as outside groups and special interests from Washington, DC, as if workers are somehow just like insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry.

    Workers are not a special interest. We fight for the general interest. And working families and their unions will be critical to making the Democratic nominee the next president of the United States.

  6. Watching the debate again. Everyone watch it again. They PLANNED to go after HRC together. BHO essentially grabs JRE’s shoulder in acknowledgement of that fact. The subtext could have been: “Knowing they were working together, BHO stops JRE from speaking after HRC defends JRE.”

  7. texan4hillary

    I read the blog and I am astounded by the misogyny of our youth. Racism is universally rejected but sexism is tolerated. This should be addressed by the groups that support hillary – Emily’s List, other women’s org…

    There should be a public outcry against this.

  8. Thanks for the JFK video. Admin! 🙂

    Did anyone read Dallek’s JFK book an Unfinished Life? There’s a lot in there that I think Hillary could relate to, like with the “anti-JFK faction” of the party (which included LBJ) and even talk of running stalking horses to prevent him from getting the nomination in 1960.

  9. i plan to push the stuff moyers found hard. my old media email lists are bouncing back. got a more recent batch of current email addresses for the media?

  10. 2 former Biden supporters, now throwing their support behind our girl. A sign of things to come?

    Former Biden Supporter State Representative Jim Webber Endorses Senator Clinton for President
    MANCHESTER, NH – State Representative Jim Webber (D-Kensington), a former Senator Joe Biden supporter, today announced his endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Rep. Webber is the third New Hampshire state representative to announce his support of Senator Clinton in recent days, following the endorsement of Biden’s former New Hampshire Campaign Chair Representative Jim Ryan and State Representative Bill Hatch.

    Former Biden Supporter State Representative Bill Hatch Endorses Senator Clinton for President
    MANCHESTER, NH – MANCHESTER, NH – State Representative Bill Hatch, a former Senator Joe Biden supporter, today announced his endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Rep. Hatch will introduce President Bill Clinton this afternoon when he speaks at Berlin City Hall, just a day after Biden’s former New Hampshire Campaign Chair, Representative Jim Ryan, threw his support behind Hillary.

  11. Yeah, sexism is one of the undercurrents here, the “having tea” comment from BO and “I don’t know about that jacket” by JRE. Haven’t heard any comments about the men’s dress code, but its OK if you’re a women. And from what I heard, BO’s wife doesn’t serve him tea. Given this bias then, its not surprising to me the report that some republican women are privately choosing Hillary.

  12. When you watch the debates, Bill Richardson looks at Hillary and LAUGHS when JRE says that he never took any $$$ from the special interests. That is candy folks. Enjoy it and watch it again.

  13. found my 04 media email lists-most still work so far. god am i outraged about this stuff. and obama never says its wrong to use abusive sexist language against hillary.

  14. One of the fun sites that links to Big Pink is a Site called “Sugar n’ Spice”. It’s a fun read. The site is run by some strong African-American women. It’s a fun site as we said but also very smart. “Sugar” wrote a post and a comment which we post below. There are some other good posts regarding Hillary. Here’s the last post we read:

    Let me first say, I’m even more convinced that Hillary Clinton is my candidate after tonight’s shameful double-teaming of her by Barack and John “Is My Hair Okay?” Edwards at the debate in New Hampshire. Just disgusting. I also found some very interesting information about him at the Black Agenda Report. Those of you who are so wholeheartedly in favor of him being the next president would do yourselves a favor by checking it out. Game always recognizes game.

    Now, to the goodness. I found video of some peace activists taking over Obama’s Iowa campaign office while visiting and it would be oh so selfish of me not to share something so syrupy sweet. Admittedly, the “activists” appear to be a little nuts and probably smell like cat pee, but they have given me a great laugh nonetheless. Enjoy. –SUGAR
    Here is “Sugar” replying to a comment (“Sugar” takes no prisoners.):

    LH, the fact that you are willing to admit that maybe he isn’t as clean as we’ve all been being lead to believe is exactly my point. We are all being fed this porridge of “Obama is a Change Agent” “Obama is going to change things” etc. but it’s all a lie.

    You may have stopped reading the Black Agenda, but the points they make in the articles I’ve read from them regarding Obama sound spot on, complete with information to back up their claims and all the like. Hiding from or ignoring the truth is not going to make it any less true.

    The fact is, Obama will throw us under the bus just like all the other politicians and that’s what makes it hard for me to swallow. Uncle Tom in Chief–that’s essentially what they’ll make him. White people don’t ignore their issues when they get elected, but it is still necessary in this country for any Black person who wants to be elected to ignore their own. I’ve been reading articles in the past few days by White writers that suggest that Obama’s Iowa win is evidence that America is becoming color blind. Bullshit. Absolute bullshit. Obama is a pawn and nothing more.

    I can’t stomach a Black candidate who doesn’t have the guts to truly address the issues of the country as a whole–including ours.

    When Hillary engages in a little “politics” then people start saying she’s a bitch, she’s cold, etc. A double standard. As soon as the media starts to rip Obama a new one…and they will…then he’ll start complaining as he should, but why is it so horrible for her to do so?
    I haven’t been this worked up about an election ever. I mean, I’ve only voted in 3 presidential elections, but this one is really getting under my skin. Dare I say, even more so than the 2000 election. Why? Because I see my brother being used and black folks being played like some fools in the worse way. The worse way.

  15. The left coaster link made me tear up a little and support HRC even more:

    What a statement?! The woman that has been most villified and attacked with misogyny becomes the first female POTUS –

    WOW, that is powerful and incredible. It will sting if it does not come true. Let’s craft the narrative y’all.

  16. Dick Morris said tonight on Faux News that HRC would go after BHO in South Carolina on his not being electable. He said it wasn’t racisit in a psueod-defense, just winning. But . . . We all don’t want BHO elected for substantive reasons. So what fire was Morris stoking and for whom?

    Essentially, Morris provided sound bites to use in a counter attack on Clinton and to take her down. What if this is all a plan?

    If you have opened the clips mentioned before me, you will find this telling.

  17. OMG admin, that kennedy video of him mocking nixon made me laugh my ass off!!! he was tearing him a new one. i just got home from work and linked on that video. im surprized i did not wake up my wife. i needed a big laugh to break the tension i feel going into the nh primary tuesday. thanks!!!paraphrasing kennedy “I DON’T CARE IF ALL THESE ADVISORS PROP UP NIXON”!!!!!. that video of obama chiding ted kennedy was snide and awful.

  18. Robert F. Kennedy Jr wrote a ‘diary’ at Huffington Post saying that the right-wing hatred of Hillary and Bill is similar to hatred of FDR and Eleanor. I remember a similar right-wing hatred against JFK (when he was assassinated in Dallas, everyone assumed it was Dallas right-wingers who had done it).

    I can look up the link if anyone has trouble finding it.

    I don’t remember whether he talked about left-wing hatred of the Democrat moderates such as the Clintons and Gore and whether that happened to JFK and Truman. (Hard to imagine anyone further left, for his times, than FDR.)

  19. Heads up…I read Hillary is on the Today show this morning. Can someone watch and post a synopsis for those of us heading out to work?

  20. Made the mistake of turning on Morning Joe MSNBC. Andrea Mitchell and Timmie Turd Russert.

    Joe, Mika, and Timmie Turd are gleeful with attacks. Timmie Turd is saying tht large crowds for Hillary over weekend were imported from neighboring states. Who ever heard of such stuff!!

    Right now BO could take off for a month long vacation in Hawaii and this crowd would carry the ball for him for free.

    I’ve never seen anything like this.

  21. southern born, learn like most of us here, stay away from msnbc during this election. except kieth olberman.

  22. Off to work right now. I’ve stayed away from the MSM and their lovefest this morning and I’ve only glanced at C-Span. It seems like I thought Obama is heading for a blowout.

    Stupid Repubs like Mitt and Giuliani was still trying to villify Hillary on the campaign trail and in their debates. If they haven’t figured out by now that Obama is their threat then they deserved to get whooped. All that hate continually spewed on her by Repub blogs and talk show hosts has inadvertently provided a shielf for Obama that will be tough to impregnate with positive campaigning.

    Folks brace for a Tsunami love fest of all things Obama. He will be crown ed tonight and I fear that we will be reduced to depending on the GOP to Vet him. I heard one REpug man caller on C-Span said that when he did research on Obama he was frightened. He cited his vote to not give medical assistance to aborted fetuses who were born alive.

    How said that we have to rely on voters to do their own vetting.

  23. Hillary on Today Show. She always does a good job. TImmie Turd Russert brought on afterward to ….

    You are right, Terrondt…just stay away from MSNBC and ALL news programs on which Timmie Turd appears.

    Good advice.

  24. Good morning, Hillfans. MSNBC is on my do not watch list. A Dem strategist was on Fox earlier today (can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but right now they are the anti-MSNBC) and she said that NH is a toss-up but Hillary will win the nomination.

    That needs to become our mantra — Hillary is 44 (how quaint).

  25. I can’t believe this,

    ‘He said the rush toward Obama was even more pronounced in the one day of polling after Saturday’s Democratic debate in Manchester, where Clinton went on the attack against Obama and drew a rebuke from Edwards.

    “It’s almost Iowa redux,” Zogby said. “In the closing days in Iowa we saw Clinton losing her strong support among women, liberals and Democrats, and it’s happening again.” ‘

  26. Listening to Bill Bennett, ‘moring in America’. Even Stevie Wonder could have seen this coming. The Repubs seem to be sending out the alarms on Bama. So far, all of the calls from repubs speaking about the Dems were from maie callers stating that they were getting worried about Obama. Two of them said and Bennett agreed with them that Hillary would have been better.

    Bennett said that Obama was way left of Hillary. Itr seems that the repubs have drafted talking points as Bennett pointed ot Obama’s scrary record and brought up the ‘No child Born alive’act which Obama voted present for and then no. This law says that if an aborted fetus is born alive, that medical care must be given to it. Obama voted present, then later voted no.

    Bennett said that even Hillary and Barbara Boxed opposed this Bill while Obama voted in support of it. Why at the same time this is what I heard the male caller on C-Span talk about this moring.

    Bennett then talked about him not wearing the flag and said that Obama was on the record as not supporting it as he says he didn’t like what it said about the military.

    If there is one thing that I take comfort in this morning is that if the stupid MSM won’t do it, the repubs will and they have no compunction about Swiftboating.

    Stupid Repubs, by making Hillary the villain that she supposely is, they inadvertently let a giant sleep and now he is awoke.

    The blinded religious right is worried about a Mormon, this is the least of their worries, at least Mitt is pro-life.

    Obama has radical votes on this issue and if this doesn’t awaken them to picket him then I don’t know what will.

    This is one day that I can’t wait to hear what Rush says. I expect him only to rip Hillary for a bit but to sound the alarm on Obama. This is my read after following them for years.

    unfortunately, I’m not sure if it is too late.

    Batten down the hatches.

  27. we will see tuesday night around 9pm for a trend. ignore the exit polls. remember when the 1st initial entrance polls in iowa had hillary leading? wait for RAW vote totals.

  28. The Obama Mania is like a virus and is spreading quickly now.

    I agree with you tiburones.

    No negatives on First Read MSNBC..all about Rep.

  29. admin, I’m off to GOTV. This link borders on the subject I attempted to email you about last night. Could you please send me an email today and I’ll answer back later tonight.

  30. back from the breakfast telecast of the 3 morning shows with HRC.

    6:00 in the morning and our girl looks and performs like a million bucks. it never ceases to amaze me how this woman faces her adversaries. cool-calm and collected, and always with the utmost class. she makes me so-damned proud.

    i am off to my final day of canvassing prior to election day. we have had many volunteers from out of state this week. my thanks to all of you who braved the NH cold to help us out.

    time to rock and roll!

  31. alcina, good luck and thanks for all you do in nh. no matter what happens you and the workers up there are already winners. GO HILLARY!!

  32. Polls always take a few days to catch up with events, polls taken today should start to show the Iowa bounce subsiding some and the debate reactions to start being reflected. CNN did Hillary a HUGE favor showing the ABC Debate twice last night giving those who had just read about it a chance to see it for themselves and decide. Still about 25% undecided.

  33. May get people thinking about how danergous these times are and start thinking, should we hope for peace and hope our leader knows what he is doing. You know McCain is going to jump on this and may get a lot of indies who are wavering..

  34. It is the Live Free or Die state. They may be more liberal, but take threats very seriously. Watching interviews last night of NH voters national security and immigration are high on their concerns. It will be interesting to watch Hillary, McCain and Guiliani all change their stump speech today imploring voters to think do we really want to take a chance on the inexperience of others in a time of crisis

  35. From NBC’s Mark Murray
    So where’s the bounce, part III?… A new Marist survey has Obama leading Clinton by eight points in New Hampshire, 36%-28% — followed by Edwards at 22%.

    Interestingly, however, Clinton beats Obama among Democrats, 36%-30%. But Obama outpaces her among independents, 43%-16%. Also, Clinton doesn’t have an advantage with women: Per the poll, Obama leads her here, 34%-33%.

  36. demhawk.. NH loves confrontation.. their motto is live free or die.. they are revolutionaries.. hawks per se.. they will kick ass once media stops pimping obama’s butthole

  37. Thanks, Admin. That’s a must see video. It’s especially interesting to see the part in between clips, which I shall refer to as “meanwhile back in the locker room, Matthews and others were giggling foolishly while popping each other with towels”. IT’s getting truly disgusting.

  38. CNN is now building up Bloomberg. The meeting in Norman, Oklahoma is the excuse. They are showing long lines of people waiting to go to the public meeting. With Obama shilling bipartisanship, Bloomberg will trump him on bipartisanship – with billions.

  39. Admin: I’m not sure I understand what’s happening with Bloomberg. Is it he feels that BO is much too divisive?

  40. the problem of BHO is that he talks bipartisanship but his record shows he is liberal. Bloomberg talks bipartisanship and he has record to prove it. Bloomberg willtrump BHO in GE.

  41. More Bloomberg:

    As speculation regarding a presidential run by Mayor Bloomberg reaches a fever pitch with the arrival of today’s nonpartisan conference in Oklahoma, efforts to get Mr. Bloomberg on the ballot are under way in some seemingly unlikely places.

    The national chairman of the Draft Michael Bloomberg Committee, Carey Campbell, says his group since January 1 has gathered some 500 signatures toward putting the mayor’s name on Virginia’s ballot, and has plans to petition in 14 states with especially difficult ballot requirements.

    “Our goal is to collect 20,000 signatures in Virginia and then move on to another state,” Mr. Campbell said yesterday. “We expect to move down to North Carolina next.”

  42. molly.. if obama runs, cons will unite.. dreamy naderite dems will split evenly between obama and bloomberg.. reagan and southern democrats will split to bloomberg, and core of the party will still wonder why we didnt win. if hill wins, cons will draw in disproportionate numbers to bloomberg and hwo ever is their nominee, dems will unite, southern dems and mid western dems will be energised and we will WIN it all.. so much for electing obama.. dont blame me later.. i am part of southern dems..

  43. MolllyJ, Bloomberg is running for president. It’s that simple. Bloomberg knows he cannot beat Hillary but any weak Democrat like Obama he can beat. Bloomberg would win NY and NY is a must win Dem state. The Republican field is so weak they almost do not matter.

    Bloomberg’s dream would be McCain for the Reps and Obama for the Dems – this way the candidates would all be “consensus” rhetoric candidates. In the area of bipartisanship Bloomberg would sell himself as the real thing, not being a Rep or a Dem.

    Bloomberg in NYC spent about 96 million to Mark Green’s 11 million. In a national race Bloomberg would spend a similar ratio of money. Add up the Republcan and Democratic and independents spending and Bloomberg would spend ten times that.

    Get the picture?

  44. Admin, lack of unity in the democratic party is a big problem. Who asked this impostor called Obama to run now — Mark Warner from VA would have been a better choice but he gracefully opted to sit this one out. Shame on the democrats who put Obama up to this and continue to support him. It is neither based on principle nor on winning.

  45. Admin-

    I respectfully disagree. Bloomie’s positions on the issues are liberal and his indie run will almost ensure a republican win in November, as he will siphon off votes from the same demographic as Nader in 2000. Sunday’s NYT has a profile of his positions;

    With Ron Paul’s very likely Libertarian or indie run (Otherwise what will he do with the tens of millions he’s raised?) and Bloomie’s projected entry into the race, we may be seeing the beginning of the end of the 2-party system. This is just another reason why the times demand someone with Hillary’s unique gifts, and why an Obama candidacy will spell another 4 years at least of republican rule.

    Bloomberg, McCain (Huck, Romney), Paul, and a non-Hillary dem nominee spells electoral disaster for the democratic party in a year when victory was considered a fait acompli.

  46. Thanks, admin, I appreciate the response, and will continue concerned observation. God, I can’t understand these Americans (sorry, I’m Canadian).

  47. Realist, here is Kristol’s take in his debut NYTimes column, who agrees with you. We still think Bloomberg would win, but whatever, the Dem would lose. Kristol argues for Huckabee and mentions Bloomberg:

    “Some Democrats are licking their chops at the prospect of a Huckabee nomination. They shouldn’t be. For one thing, Michael Bloomberg would be tempted to run in the event of an Obama-Huckabee race — and he would most likely take votes primarily from Obama. But whatever Bloomberg does, the fact is that the Republican establishment spent 2007 underestimating Mike Huckabee. If Huckabee does win the nomination, it would be amusing if Democrats made the same mistake in 2008.”

  48. This from Politco, whether true or not. Looks like HillaryLand, according to this agrees with what we have been writing for months. Exposing Obama will have to be done by the campaign itself, not Big Media nor a 527:

    But in those heads: Convinced he would crumble, they waited too long to take the brutal steps necessary to define him – expose him, in their view — as a conventional politician. The press, they think, was too lazy or timid to do its job.

    also this:

    They have a strategy: Focus on states where Democratic primaries are dominated by Democrats. And go negative on television after Tuesday. They decided not to do that here because the window after Iowa was too short to drive a message, and the blowback could have been considerable.

  49. While I’m hoping that Hillary won’t be blown away, I feel that the media will continue to hype BO and that this will peel away some of her voters.

    I really hope that she doesn’t lose by more than 5-6 pts or we will begin to see stories about time for her to give up.

    If jesse jackson and Sharpton jumps on board, I’m not sure how that may play out. It may turn off white, independent males from BO but otoh, it will motivate more Blacks his way.

    For all intents and purposes, Penn is gone. she will bring in more stalwart, highly regarded people but time is working against her.

    I see that the Edwards folks are seething that Obama is co-opting their canidates plans and talking points. BO really is a chemelion.(sp?)

    If the Repubs don’t start vetting him now(which I think will begin on Wed), they may get caught up in his web as well.

    It will be interesting to see what the story is in NV tomorrow.

    This schedule is dumb and the chaos that is going on in the two parties shows why the calendar should not have been bothered with.

  50. …If the Repubs don’t start vetting him now(which I think will begin on Wed), they may get caught up in his web as well….

    –Exactly. They are smarter because it is all about winning for them and they will make sure they won’t get caught in his web (well put, BTW). How Hillary may benefit from that depends on when they start it. It is not over yet for Hillary by any means.

  51. the chicago machine has long history to get rid of other candidates. they are now trying the same trick to hillary.

  52. Pm, Why would repubs want to vett BO now?? They want to make sure that he gets the nomination. They know that he is the easiest to beat

  53. The one thing I just dont get is that while Obama’s message of reconciliation and “hope” is so Liebermanesq, he gets a lot of support from all these progressives and die-hard liberals. And Hillary with all her strong liberal credentials who is willing to take on the Republican attack and hate machine head on is considered to be “republican lite” and hated in the liberal blogosphere. And his very offensive insinuations about union influence and past democratic candidates show that he can go to any extent to compromise and win over republicans ala Lieberman, one of the most hated people in the liberal base. I just dont get it. How can such an inherent contradiction in his message go over partisan democratic and liberal heads ?

    There is more than enough in BO’s senate record to suggest that he is a cautious and calculating politician who does what is best for his ambitions. No one is asking him about how just because he talks about hope, how does he expect the republican’s in Congress to go along with him ? But this is the “rock star” age. As long as he is fresh faced and is not a Clinton, he’ll do. Experience and competence be damned. The contradictions in his actions and words are so damn glaring !! His Senate record is unspectacular and he’s always played safe in all his votes, if he ever showed up, that is. There’s not a hint on “change” in anything that he’s done. And yet, people are going for looks and soundbites. All over again .. its unbelievable.

  54. Well folks, I read through all of the above. I don’t know what I agree with at this point, other than what we all agree with: Hillary is the best qualified candidate, in fact, she’s a uniquely qualified candidate.

    I do believe that Obama must be vetted. If that means that the campaign has to do that, then so be it. JFK did not walk away from a fight. Neither will we. And, we will out the sexist domination of the MSM and their efforts to run our candidate out of the race. That isn’t a free and open press! That isn’t democracy! One way or another, we will drive a new and meaningful conversation in this country about diversity and “unity” like we haven’t had since the 1960’s. I think our very survival depends upon it. we must have the leadership to do this. Perhaps I am delusional this morning. That is always a possibility, but we must continue to work for Hillary. Do not walk away. Don’t cede this thing. I won two people over for Hillary just yesterday. Keep on, keeping on!

  55. dt, I do not think BO believes in any thing he says on the stump. It is just a gimmick. It is just his strategy to win. He knows he can not get any rethugs to accept his agenda. The whole thing is a scam. He is a very cynical politician trying to take advantage of Idealistic young people. We are talking about people who have never been involved in the political system and do not understand the implications.

  56. clintondem, yes, the same idealistic young people who rushed to stage and shouted and screamed like they were at a rock concert and booed Hillary when she was speaking, causing a disruption that was unprecedented at the New Hampshire dinner last weekend. These are the kind of guys who will be putting him over the top…

  57. I think rethugs will not do anything to him. media has to just ask one question to obama.

    did obama lie in the debate when he said no to hillary’s allegation of lobbyist in NH. yes or no. did he lie or not. if he has lobbyists running his campaign, then how does he think he can curb their influence. did he renege his pledge to limit lobbyists influence. simple. YES OR NO. its not a “PRESENT”. its just a YES or NO q&a for me. did he lie or did he not lie?

  58. Silver lining Dept.

    If independents feel that OB is way ahead and McCain is in a dead heat with Mitt, there could be a breaking towards McCain that the polling wouldn’t be able to track.

    If Hillary wins the majority of the democratic vote in NH and beats the current spread in the process, we are still ok.

    Black Cloud dept.

    Prepare for the many pundits who will write Hillary’s political obituary on Wednesday, and those who will call for her to leave the race. Many have already written their columns and won’t be influenced by the outcome in NH.

    Silver Lining Dept. Redux;

    The moment BM starts to write you off, they go after the other guy hammer and tongs. There will be a backlash and a spate of more sympathetic treatment of Hillary and her candidacy. It is better to have them pronounce you DOA when you have only gone 1/25 of the distance
    and lead in the delegate count than later in the race because BM LOVES a comeback and a cake-walk for anyone is BORING press.

  59. # clintondem99 Says:
    January 7th, 2008 at 11:58 am

    Pm, Why would repubs want to vett BO now?? They want to make sure that he gets the nomination. They know that he is the easiest to beat
    See tiburones post. I think Hillary got caught off guard to some extent by his momentum. Republicans won’t make the same mistake. If he becomes the nominee assuming he has this pied piper routine mastered, he will suck away a lot of the independents and may be some republicans (esp. because the republican field is not strong). In that scenario, from their estimation Hillary is a better nominee (but of course, little do they know).

  60. Let’s stand with the Senator and show her our commitment to her candidacy. This from Politico:

    Exhausted and facing the prospect of losing the second test of her primary campaign, HIllary Clinton’s voice broke and she fought back tears at the close of a sedate event in a Portsmouth coffee shop.

    She expressed the sheer difficulty of heading out to the trail each day — “It’s not easy,” she said — and suggested she faced “pretty difficult odds.”

    And with audible frustration and disbelief, she drew the contrast between her experience and Senator Barack Obama’s that suggests that her campaign’s current message — the question of who is ready — matches her profound sense that she alone is ready for the job.

    “Some of us know what are going to do on day one, and some of us haven’t thought that through enough,” she said.

    The question was inoccuous:

    “As a woman I know it’s hard to get out of the house and get ready,” asked Marianne Pernold, a local freelance photographer. “Who does your hair?”

    Clinton began by talking about her hair — she has some help — but moved to talk more generally about the campaign.

    “It’s not easy, it’s not easy, and I couldn’t do it if i just didn’t passionately belive it was the right thing to do,” she said.

    “I have so many oppporuntities for this country. I don’t want to se us all fall back,” she said, her voice breaking in the last phrase.

    “This is very personal for me,” she said to supportive applause from the small gathering, at which she’d been discussing policy around a table for an hour. “It’s not just political, it’s not just public — I see what’s happening. We have to reverse it.”

    “Some people think elections are a game — it’s about who’s up and who’s down,” she said. “It’s about our country’s future, it’s about our kids’ future – it’s really about all of us together.”

    “And some of us put oursevles out there and do this against some pretty difficult odds, and we do it each one of us because we care about our country,” she said.

    “Some of us are right and some of us are wrong. Some of us are ready and some of us are not. Some of us know what are going to do on day one, and some of us haven’t thought that through enough,” she said.

    “When we look at the array of problems that we have, and the potential for it really spinning out of control — this is one of the most important elections America’s ever faced,” she concluded.

    The questioner, Pernold, said she’d come to the event “smitten” by Obama, but that she’s now torn. “Showing that emotion — I really find it refreshing,” she said.

  61. pm, what I meant was they would Vett him only after Super Tuesday. They want to make sure that Hillary is out of the way. I am sure they have a huge file on him. I think the REZCO indictment is expected in February.

  62. People are falling for false rhetoric ONCE AGAIN folks, that’s the way it works. Unless Hillary Clinton can get a great campaign message and win CALI, NY, NJ, MA, TX and other states by Feb 5th, she will lose big. She needs to be upbeat and fun again, her confidence is obviously shaken. A strong but likable Hillary, and great Ads in huge states like Cali, are the only hope we have of winning pending a N.H loss(likely) Make it about delegate count after N.H, not momentum…

  63. clintondem99,

    you may be right. They want Hillary gone and a weakened Obama. Tiburones point was that that is risky because by then with Obama’s pied piper routine, he may actually be untouchable — they may choose to weaken him before that happens. In either case it angers me to no end that Obama has put the democrats in this precarious position.

    Hillary knows it and as Lawschooldem’s post suggests, she is fighting for what she thinks is right with all she has got and I am with her all the way. We can’t/won’t/shouldn’t give up.

  64. She just needs to be Hillary. Hillary has been a part of Presidential campaigns for many years. She will be fine. She would be a zombie if she wasn’t weary right now. She’s human. And she’s also the one of the strongest human beings I’ve ever heard tell of. Cripes people. Remember New Hampshire when Bill ran the first time? remember that race? Political outcomes turn on a dime (well now it’s more like billions). But there are quick ups and downs. We may not close the gap now, but we will close it. Hang in there.

  65. We will never give up, by God. Our greatgrandmothers didn’t give up!!! Our grandmothers didn’t give up! You never give up on human rights! You never give up on the future! Hillary is 44!

  66. OK, more practical solutions — I agree with rigso — they should have an ad about delegate counts and say what momentum? I bet those people filling up his rallies don’t know that Iowa was just one delegate difference.

  67. guys.. I cannot see how hill will lose in NH. I SIMPLY cannot.. I mean its Mccain and ron paul in NH for indies. if hillary just keeps it up enough, she will be fine IMO. we are electing a president not some dudhead american idol. my 12 year old neice dialed like crazy for sanjaya, and i see the same kind of people running around searching for Obama. I mean at the end of the day, I still think polls will be wrong. it cant happen overnight that people change their minds and all of a sudden start voting for Obama, just because he is cool!

  68. PM, agree, people don’t even seem to know delegates decide the race, alot of people don’t get the whole primary process 100%, I didn’t until recently.

    Hillary can win if she makes this about delegate counts, get a clear likable message, win big states and win the delegate count.

    With the MSM crapping all over her, and falling in love with Obama, this is the only way she will make it. Be encouraged by the fact that we have a whole month until Feb5th, more than enough time to retool a message and do really well in big states, but don’t count on media turning against Obama. Also, does she have a shot in Nevada?? it seemed like she had alot more support there and she ever did in

  69. I am at work right now so I don’t have access to TV or have the time to surf the internet. But did I read that HC was fighting back tears? WTH?

  70. The time is NOW for a change. If the Republicans don’t wake up and see the Obama Mania virus spreading out of control and change it, it’s going to be too late even for them in the GE because the teflon coating on Obama is getting thicker by the day.

    They should remember that old saying, “Be careful what you wish for.”

    Hillary is our girl and will always be the ONE. We’ll fight for her but we and she need help now.

  71. can anybody set up a website and gather signitures I hope millioms from big state that support hillary to fight on untill feb. 5. if she lose tomorrow?

  72. just saw this on CBS News online playbook – I’d post the link, but it therefore takes more time for my comment to process…so, go to google news and just type in hillary clinton tears.

    I hate the MSM – you know what’s next which is they’ll trash her on getting teary and weak and how can she fight terrorists- and if Mr. Hope, got teary, it would be the most moving thing a man could do to win female constitutes – RIDICULOUS. Double Standards…hate the press right now.

  73. I never thought I’d say this because I’ve had personal encounter with Rosie O’Donnell that really was not to my liking – but if only Rosie O’Donnell had a platform – someone’s got to GIVE IT TO THE PRESS about how sexist they are.

  74. If Obama gets the nomination and Bloomberg jumps into the race, I would definitely vote for Bloomberg. There is no way in hell I’m voting for Obama.

    Bloomberg isn’t all that bad. He’s a social liberal and doesn’t seem like he will be easily rolled over by anyone.

  75. PM. I’m into one hour listening to Rush (usually all I can tolerate is 20mins or so as he grates on my nerves), here’s what he’s saying:

    Rumours of all the canidates who are losing i.e Clinton/Romney having to drop out after NH is silly. This is politics which is a blood sport and after tomorrow, they will just pick up and move on to the next state. I won’t write much about his comments on Romney as he is not my priority now(although Rush claims not to be endorsing anyone, he is clearly for Romney and is railing against McCain and Huckabee for their liberal stance on immigration, etc)

    He says Clinton won’t drop out as she still has money and the support of the party(which imo may be thin as I don’t trust most politicians, they are usually out to get what’s in it for them and too scared to take a stand).

    He touched on the fact that it is remarkable that she is losing to a jr, 1st term senator with no experience, lo legislation with his name etc.

    He was basically salivating which leads me to surmise that the Repubs strategy was to remove the democrat who threatened them the most i.e Clinton to clear the way for who they perceive to be the weakest democrat.

    he said that you can trace her fall to the question on drivers license for illegal immigrants at the MSNBC debates. He basically said that he had seen that she was on the record in some NH paper of supporting it and told a reporter to ask the question. I’m quessing that reporter was Timmie.

    He said that all is not lost with her but that she is in deep trouble now. He said that Iowa is a liberal state and that NH is even more liberal based on people moving down from MA to escape high taxes. However, he said that NH had a very large amount of independents and is not indicative of other states in the US. These independents cause havoc and tend to favor McCain over a canidate like Romney and ipso facto that is why McCain is doing well up there and making a last stand. He wasn’t willing to concede to McCain tommorrow even though most polls show him up as he said he thought that McCain did horribly o the debates. He said that Mitt did the right thing to hit him with his stance on immigration as well as Huckabee. I can’t believe that Rush isn’t advising Romney in some round about fashion.

    If Obama wins the nominee, he won’t know what hits him in the GE.

    Clinton, IMO, will and has to go negative as of Wednesday. I’m not sure if it will be too late as her national numbers are taking a hit. It’s interesting that now we are getting so many polls being released on the eve of the Primary.

    P.S watch Edwards numbers as they tend to be trending up. He has got not to place second (bad grammer, I know). I wouldn’t be surprised if Edwards and Obama aren’t sending these bogus stories to the media. Stay away from tv tonight and tomorrow if you are off the faint of heart.

  76. OK I read the article of her fighting back tears and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. This woman is so passionate about what she believes in and so passionate about her country and it must be frustrating for her that some idiots don’t see it. HRC, girl keep going and you will prevail in the end.

  77. The real work begins after New Hampshire. And the Clinton team has already laid the ground work for a refocusing of their message. Biased as the MSM is, a vetting of Obama’s qualifications is now inevitable. Even as most of it will come from the Clinton team, there is no way for the MSM to ignore the pressing and very salient arguments against Obama’s run for the nomination. As reality replaces the Obama acid trip, more and more people will come to realize that Hillary represents best the Democratic ideals. Hillary embodies through words, actions and accomplishments the people’s desire for change and people will begin to realize that to effect a mighty turnaround in the culture in Washington would require not just rhetorics but verifiable competence. I agree wholeheartedly: Talk is cheap.

  78. Hillary hasn’t gotten any positive press lately. The first place I go to is HillaryHub and it usually links us to positive stories. In the past few days, there just haven’t been any.

  79. All-

    McCain was the presumptive nominee in January 2007, then it was Rudy, then it was Mitt and Rudy and McCain was DEAD, then Huck came out of nowhere and zapped Mitt. Now we’re faced with McCain BACK from the DEAD as the new front-runner, with Huck Mitt and Rudy (and even Ole Fred) somewhere in the mix.

    This is a journey. It is a moving picture. Today’s snapshots might not be very encouraging, but they are just and only that, snapshots. I would advise that it will get worse before it gets better, but that history shows that it will get better. Keep that in mind as BM and the Blogosphere do their usual job of promoting those stills as the actual movie.

    Whether we win or lose NH, it will soon be in the past and everyone will be looking to the future and the next round of contests. It’s hard living in the present when the present isn’t quite what you thought it would be
    We should focus on the future, knowing we are in a fight, but we are in this fight to win. It should be pretty obvious by now that no one is going to hand anything to us, that we are going to have to work and fight for every inch, every vote, every day.
    This puppy is going to the convention. At least three democrats will have a significant number of delegates going in to the convention and Hillary will be either 1st or 2nd.

    A lot can happen between January and November, Just ask John McCain. You can go from the top to the bottom and back to the top again. Woody Allen’s, “90% of life is showing up”, while overused, has a lot of truth to it. Let’s make sure we all show up every day, looking past the daily snapshots, ignoring BM, both when they try to bury us and also when they turn around and call Hillary, “the comeback Kid”, after Feb 5th. There is a long way to go on this journey and the destination is still the same.

  80. Anduril919 – “vetting of Obama’s qualifications is now inevitable” – That is certainly not true (although I wish it were). I am not going to keep complaining about the media, but if anything has been learned in the past 2 months it is that the MSM is for Obama and against Hillary. That is a fact we have to deal with. A couple pundits claim that there is nothing to vet Obama about, that is how pro-Obama they are. Forget the media the only thing Hillary can do for them is attempt to buddy up a little but that will not even work.

    TALK IS CHEAP. I love that message. It is simple, catchy, and to the point. I think that is what we should spread around message boards. Also I think Hillary needs to get out a message of not Change Washington, but Change People’s Lives. That is really why Hill is a change agent because for all her years she has work to change people’s lives especially CHILDREN and WOMEN. Push that message if you are going to talk about change. Also something to reach out to MOTHER’S. A big Mother’s for Hillary – This Country Needs a Mother’s Touch. I dunno, but many undecideds are women and mothers.

  81. Hillary fighting back tears is an image that saddens me, but cuts into the cold, calculating, scripted, narrative that is one of the obstacles She and the campaign have been fighting to overcome.

  82. When Hillary wins NV, NJ, NY, CA, I want her to say,

    “Rumors of my demise were greatly exaggerated.”

  83. “Whatever happens tomorrow, we’re going on,” Clinton told CBS’s Harry Smith Monday morning. “And we’re going to keep going until the end of the process on February 5th. But I’ve always felt that this is going to be a very tough, hard-fought election, and I’m ready for that.”

    If Hillary is ready, we should be too…

  84. Anyone that is looking for positive press for Hillary should not waste their time because that isn’t going to happen. Anyone that is looking for BHO to be vetted before he gets the democratic nomination is wasting their time too. Hillary is on her own and this will just make her stronger. I believe in my heart of hearts that she will get the nomination at the end.

    Bill Clinton told her and us before this whole thing started that the primaries were going to be difficult for her and he is proven to be right in that aspect but she will he says, get the nomination.

  85. I think Hillary should include the delegate count of IOWA as a part of her speech. This would put the so called sunami in context.

  86. I will support Hillary as long as she stays in.

    In the event that she loses or back outs early, I will not support Obama or
    Edwards or Richarson as the DEM nominee.

    The party is stupid to let independent GOP pretenders infiltrate the dem primary!

    And I want to know how Iowa decided to allow this deal between Obama and Richardson. That is called fixing in my book – the last time I thought it is considered as vote fraud!

    If DNC wants to bring in Gore with none of the above as their VP, I will reconsider voting for a DEM in the GE.

    But this sheninagan has gone way beyond nonsense!

  87. I’m at work also and have limited access to the net. I heard Rush tease about Clinton tears, but I turned off the radio when he went to break.

    if this is true, expect this to be on the news every hour on the hour. This will play 1 of 2 ways or both.

    It may turn off some Dem men from voting. OToh, it may humanize her to women.

    I will be the first to say that America is not ready for the first female president wither it’s Hillary or Indira Ghandi herself.

    The silence of other leading women rallying behind her is defining. Where is NOW! where are other major, women celebrities? Planned Parenthood, etc silence.

    That story brought tears to my eyes. I don’t know how she puts one foot in front of the other today but I know that she has to and this takes great strength and courage.

    She has to have seen her internals and they show bad things. I hope that it doesnt’ show Edwards closing in on her to take 2nd because that would be the killer.

    In regards to the Reps vetting him, yes it will make more sense to wait until she is completely finish, but I’m sure that they recognize that Obama left unchecked has the ability to grow and siphon more independents and particularly women. They will not leave that door open as Clinton’s team did.

    It will be soft but they will do it, I’m already hearing bits of it on talk radio i.e the vote Present and then supporting the aborted alive fetus and not giving it medical help i.e He would lose the South resoundingly once this is aired on tv and the Pro-Lifers start to picket him and the preachers start to shout from the pulpits. I’ve seen this movie before.

  88. Can you just imagine the frustration that she must be feeling !! At the debate last weekend, she succinctly pointed out the gap between BO’s talk and actions, his votes and his promises. It is so plainly obvious that he is just not the person who he claims to be. He even lied about the lobbyist role of his NH campaing chairman. Edwards took edit for something that wasnt even passed into law and if she hadn’t called him out on it, no one would have. But nothing happens. Everything about BO, all the doubts, all the discrepancy between talk and deeds is like, well, so what ? Not a word on his duplicity by the BM.

    Remember Gore had to fight for every single vote, incredibly . The contrast between him and Bush could not have been more striking. And the fact that he narrowly “lost” itself tells you about how unfair life can be. This is Gore vs Bush all over again. Hype over substance. But lets not give up. I bet the campaign will start unleashing the ammo they have once NH is over. To hell with the media and how they see it. Someone has to do it.

  89. Positive Coverage from NYT: In perhaps her most public display of emotion of the presidential campaign, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s eyes welled with tears, and her voice cracked dramatically on Monday, as she talked about holding up under the rigors of the race and her belief that she is the best candidate for the Democratic nomination.

    If it was not an Ed Muskie moment — Mrs. Clinton did not cry (or look like she was crying) — she was certainly on the verge of it after a woman asked her, at a round table discussion at a coffee shop here, how she managed to get out of bed and soldier through each day.

  90. I just watched the video of Hillary getting emotional. What I saw was a woman who loves her country and wants what’s best for it. Who are the bast@@@@ that call he shrill? UGH UGH It’s just so frustrating.

  91. I will stick with HIllary! But if she doesn’t win, I will feel so little motivation to be involved during General… Let’s face it, the media is NOT going to help Hillary at all, infact, the nasty pundits are trying to destroy her. She needs to do this on Feb 5th, with organization and money, both of which she has. THe tearing up thing? Well, I just don’t know if thatwill get alot of attention or not, I’m hoping not…

  92. Has there been a recent poll from Nevada? How do we know that it is still a solid win for our girl? Just asking because the last poll I saw was from early December.

  93. This, oddly, could be a significant moment in the campaign, a watershed moment where the BM driven image of Hillary is shattered and a new, humanized version starts to take shape…

  94. The good performance during debate is barely getting any press attention, people have to realize the press will decide this election by driving the narrative, and the press is not on Hillary’s side. She should have been more open to them, they are bitter little people…

  95. No filbert – its the repub leaning independents who want to put her down and are tipping the scales against her.

  96. agree DT, I wish the first two states weren’t open primaries, but as it is, open primaries can only hurt Hillary.

  97. Hillary has several things working against her and the top two are time and the media. Money is needed to continue trekking on and while she has enough to get her to Feb 5, he will get much more money and her new money will start to dry up.

    The other thing is if his momentun continues to grow, he will start to attract more super delegates and more endorsements.

    This is what’s playing in the background. I’m sure that she is under enormous pressure. I read a story earlier today in which she acknowledged to reporters that she had a tough battle and that she has to reverse it. She said if it doesn’t reverse, it’s dead but that she intends to run a winning campaign. I wonder if this is where the Hillary plans to drop out the race story took roots.

    I’m home for lunch and I happened to turn to MSNBC, they had Tucker file a re port on McCain’s group whose theory they would like to see develop is if the independent’s see that Hillary will lose big according to the polls, that they will deflect and come to him which helps him and hurts Obama. Then he made some snide comment that if not then Mccain will burst into tears, then he laughed..what a jerk!

    i would advise Bill to stop talking to the media, anything he says right now, they will treat as nuclear and spin. i doubt that she can directly appeal to indies but boy do I wish the scenario above plays out. Senator Mccain, please appeal directly to the independent voters.

  98. I have no problem with people declaring themselves Independents. But in a partisan Primary, they should not be permitted to vote.

    That should be exclusive to party loyalists.

  99. Big Media is already calling Hillary’s tears “calculated”. Apparently, if she shows passion she’s the angry castrating shrew, if she gets emotional it’s disingenuous. She just can’t win. 🙁 Of course, we knew that already….

  100. DemHawk,

    Looks like that Iran tried to provoke us…

    Given their track record, I wouldn’t trust this administration’s word on who provoked who.

  101. Don’t look to NV. I’m not trying to be negative and I’m praying with all my heart that her loss tomorrow is not a blow out and that she does come a decent second.

    However, BO, is playing dirty, the MSM is not helping, it’s a love fest for Obama and we have open primaries where Independents make up over 40 or 60% of all registered voters. She only had 5 days to try to change the narrative and that was next to impossible.

    I’m just trying to present a realistic picture of all possibilites so we are prepared for anything. The Culinary Union, I’m sure will endorse either Wed or Thur and I doubt they endorse her…only 2 possibilities, BO or neutral.

    The bad thing about NV is that it’s a Caucaus state. The good thing is not as many educated voters who vote, not as many colleges/universities to organize the young vote, not an activist state and many more Latinos. Unfortunately, even though Hillary got 2 Spanish papers to endorse her, he got the largest one to endorse him. I’m not sure how that plays. I would hope with Patti Dolis Soyle, her campaign manager being a Hispanic that she has already reached out to the voters in NV and built relationships.

    We have one other silver lining in that she gets at least a 10 b reathing room and anything could happen. Bush is doing a tour of the Middle East and hopefully that takes some of the politics off the front of the news but it will be hot for her this week. I hope that she has a very good support network around her. This is going to be very, very, very hard for her this week.

  102. I will always support Hillary, and especially when she is down.

    The primary is about delegates — 2026 is needed. Including superdelegates, Hillary has a total of 169 and BO has 66 right now. It is a long way from over. There will be ups and downs along the way toward that 2026 mark. BO received 16 delegates from Iowa and Hillary gained 15 delegates. We can see this repeated for the first 3-4 states — our girl will split the delegates with BO for these 3-4 states. Nothing to panic about right now.

    We still have plenty of time to turn the tide before February 5.

    A friend sent me a link this morning:

    I’m not into astrology, but I’m glad that to read that the mood of the masses do not stay static — that the star alignments will soon change to cause people to be more pragmatic than idealistic. That should help our girl on February 5.

  103. filbertsf

    At least here in NJ the powers that be know Dems should pick their nominee and Reps the same thing. Over half the registered voters here are Ind. and can not vote in any primary unless they change their affiliation prior to the election.

  104. I just heard on my car radio on the news before I got home that Hillary is speaking at a rally and has a huge crowd, then the jerk of the reporter said, most of the people were around 40.

    I don’t know why he felt the need to report this. However, I’m sure the large crowd should buoy her spirts. It’s clear that this is setting up as a generational process. I’ll take that and I hope that as they go in the voter’s box tomorrow that wiser heads will prevail as they examine youth , no experience, and promises over tried, true, tested, experienced and a known quanity.

    I think that they also have a rally scheduled tonight at 10:30- wise as this will lead the 11pm news.

    I’ll say it again, Bill Richardson is a scab. If this happened to me, I would see him as a traitor and sellout but then again that’s just me. I’ve read all kinds of anecdotal and obvious examples of how it was clear that a deal was made. This deal cost Clinton, I’m sure at least 2-4points which would have cut the amount of points she lost by and slowed the momentum of the story.

    I believe the line, ‘keep your friends close but your enemies closer’. C’est la vie.

  105. Caroline, I am not throwing in any towel down here in FL. I am just wanting for January 29th to roll around so I finally can vote.

  106. HIllary doing big rally with Bill, good idea? I think including Bill so much at the end kind of hurt, only because of the media, but they should have seen them starting with that narrative and used him in different, behind the scenes ways…

  107. That video of Hillary near tears almost had me crying. I think she knows the NH polls aren’t looking good for her, internally and otherwise. The worst shows her behind by 13, and I’m going to assume that’s accurate because I’m not making the same mistake I did with Iowa.

    HOWEVER, I agree with TheRealist that if the MSM writes her political obituary too soon that could work in her favor. She’s a fighter to her very core, and there’s absolutely no quit in this amazing woman.

  108. Hillary doesn’t have problems with Democratic faithfuls. It’s the “independents.” Democrats love her. I hear that from the people I’ve been calling to ask for support.

    She knows that.

    Perhaps Lou Dobbs is right. Independents are a force to reckon with.

  109. Watching the clip of Hillary vowing to stay in until the end has only deepened my resolve to support her.

  110. filbertsf, She was doing fine with independents in NH for months until the Repubs, Dems and media began attacking her relentlessly and she wasn’t in a position to fight them all off.

    If she wins the nomination, I believe she’ll be able to rebuild much of that lost support, and perhaps more.

    HG, about your astrology post: I follow that a little myself, and there’s an astrologer who writes on a site called He’s nonpartisan and accurately predicted Bush’s narrow win in ’04. Anyway, he said months ago that HRC would win the nomination after a tough fight with Obama and then capture the GE. He also said McCain would win the Repub nomination. He said Obama would do well early but the tide would turn later this month.

  111. I just watched the video. I don’t think that is damaging at all. It’s a very heartfelt and personal expession of why she is running for President, her love and her hopes for our country.

    It’s a big plus in my book. Nothing to worry about.

  112. Good afternoon, Hillfans. I’m taking a GOTV “voice” break and thought I’d check in. We’re calling up to invite folks to Hillary’s final rally tonight in Manchester and have been getting a terrific, positive response. People are spontaneously telling us that they are voting for Hillary, including other members in their households, friends, and relatives. The hidden demographic here comes from people who are up to 14 calls a day and have stopped answering the robocalls. We hear that they are so happy to be speaking with a real person.

    A couple interesting tidbits. One woman with a newborn told me that she got a robocall last after 9 pm that just started saying negative things about Hillary. At the end it said that the call was paid for by JRE. She was totally pissed since the call woke up her baby. She’s voting for Hillary.

    BHO is in town this afternoon. Just awhile ago a woman came in and asked if we’d like to hear something about BHO. Yesterday, he made an unscheduled stop in Salem, NH, at the highschool where there was a wrestling competition going on. To make room for his entourage, they towed the cars of people/families who were at the competition. It cost the woman $100 to get her car back and she had to overdraft her bank account to pay for it. The BHO is one door away from Hillary’s office and she was headed to BHO’s office to demand that he reimburse her. Just down the street is Foster’s Daily Democrat’s local office. Foster’s has endorsed Hillary. Her next stop after BHO’s office was going to be Foster’s. She was rapid mad!

  113. BTW, Hillary’s NH HQ has gotten other reports about the JRE negative robocalls.

    Also we are having problems here with Hillary’s signs. A lot have disappeared from private property and all of a sudden the city has decided to take any down on public property, claiming that it is an ordinance. However, on my way to take my break I came past a major intersection that was full of signs — BHO’s and JRE’s. No Hillary signs. I called back to the office so the coordinator can go do battle with the city again.

    Also good news is that we have had a bunch of people walk in asking for yard signs, Hillary pins, bumper stickers. Some of these have come from over an hour away!

    I also heard that in another town about an hour away that there were a herd of people standing and holding BHO signs in front of the town hall nearly blocking the entrance.

    He is in this to win by any means possible and these are only some of the things we’ve heard about.

  114. B Merryfield that was a great inside story. I can just imagine her asking to be reinbursed lol. Great stuff…
    Good luck on the GOTV effort. I really appreciate it.

  115. B Merryfield! You folks in NH — with all that hard work — have been getting us CA folks in trouble.

    We, too, have been calling NH. Unfortunately, you gus are getting to them before us and they are none too happy that they’re receiving 3-5 calls daily from the campaign.

    I guess it’s all good.

  116. B Merryfield, Thanks for checking in. That car-towing story has to be told to the media ASAP. I’m glad she’s going to Foster’s.

  117. BTW, that eriposte link to that article about misogyny toward Hillary left me with steam coming out my ears. It’s even worse than I imagined.

  118. Also, reports Obama’s average lead right now is 8, but says it may get bigger by tomorrow. Just wanted to pass that along so we know what we’re dealing with.

  119. I swear how I hate those fucking press steno’s , sorry for the profanity. AP has a headline “Fading in Polls, teary eyed Clinton wows to fight on” … the report does not really highlight that moment in context with the event in which it happened and the question that was really asked. All that it does is to try to portray her as someone who is crying because she is losing.

    I swear I hate those fucking reporters ..

  120. BM, only that they’ve been getting calls from Hillary campaign multiple times a day.

    We’re using these automatic calls machine. We don’t even know the people we’re calling. The machine just calls one number after another automatically.

  121. Has anyone put out a list of which states allow primary voting by other than real democrats? That would give a more realistic picture of what to expect in the rest of the primaries.

    How long in advance of the primary do voters have to register as Dems in various states?

  122. Dear xxxx

    I want you to know how much I appreciate your recent online donation to my campaign. Your decision to act comes at just the right time.

    A presidential campaign is really an extraordinary undertaking. People come together from all across the country, pooling their time, energy, talents, and financial resources to help advance their deepest convictions about our country and its future. But as massive an enterprise as a national campaign can become, it all starts with individual decisions to act – decisions like the one you’ve made.

    We’ll go through a lot together in the days and weeks ahead. And, through it all, I will never forget your personal generosity and commitment to this campaign. Let’s keep working together until we lead America in a new, more promising direction.

    All the best,


    Let’s all keep working together. Amen.

  123. Thanks to all for the fighting spirit. No whining. Phase 2 begins Wednesday. Here’s Hillary video (no Hillary talking) via Taylor Marsh:

    “It was a beautiful moment.” – MSNBC reporter quoting one person in the room

    Wall Street Journal: Allison Hampton, a retired teacher who was leaning toward voting for Barack Obama, says she’ll now go with Clinton. “When she broke up at the end, that came from the heart,” Hampton said. “She’s genuine and extremely intelligent.”

  124. Hillfans, here’s another warning about what we say here can end up just about anywhere. Click on links and see what is happening. Anonymous commenters with incomplete or misleading info is ending up linked on Craig Crawford’s Trail Mix (he has a broken ankle and can’t get around so this is how he’s doing his “research” apparently).

  125. The donations are great Realist and big cheers for the fighting Democrats in New Hampshire like B.Merryfield.

  126. 1950democrate

    Here is a list I got off of wikipedia, nit sure how up to date it is:
    District of Columbia
    New Jersey
    New Mexico
    New York
    North Carolina
    Rhode Island
    South Dakota
    West Virginia

  127. I watched FOX News yesterday afternoon (forgive me) and Bill Kristol and Bob Novak were absolutely fawning over Obama and piling on Hillary. It was so, so obvious from their comments that they must think the eventual GOP nominee will be able to crush Obama in the general.

  128. I am making a donation too later today. I hope she doesnt feel she has dearth of money. I dont think she will, since all she needs is one victory, and NV will deliver it to her .. keep smiling Hill.. these slimy press corp are no better than charlatans and those obamaniacs are no better than american idol voters..

  129. I agree!!! That car-towing story must be on the local news TONIGHT!!!
    I spoke with several independant (undeclared) voters in NH who told me they were waiting to make up their minds on Election Day! Apparently, this is common or at least not unusual in NH.

    The car-towing story would be a great thing to stick in the minds of undecided voters tomorrow!

  130. Clinton Campaign Statement

    We are going all the way to the convention.

    The next stop along the way is Nevada. We have a great organization there and will be competing for every caucus goer.

    Next is South Carolina and the February 5th states, including major Democratic strongholds like California, New York and New Jersey. We have the resources and operation to compete across the nation. One state has spoken. Now the other 49 states will have their say.

    We are going to continue driving the key choices in this race between talk and action, rhetoric and results. Hillary has a lifetime record of making change happen in the lives of real Americans which serves in sharp contrast to her opponents.

    This is a contest for more than 4,000 delegates. We are ahead in that contest and expect to win.

  131. I really want to know the poll numbers in NV, NJ, FL and CA. It’s been a long time since they’ve take polls in those states.

  132. The above statement echoes my earlier post…

    Whether we win or lose NH, it will soon be in the past and everyone will be looking to the future and the next round of contests. It’s hard living in the present when the present isn’t quite what you thought it would be
    We should focus on the future, knowing we are in a fight, but we are in this fight to win. It should be pretty obvious by now that no one is going to hand anything to us, that we are going to have to work and fight for every inch, every vote, every day.
    This puppy is going to the convention. At least three democrats will have a significant number of delegates going in to the convention and Hillary will be either 1st or 2nd.

  133. Closed primaries and delegates

    Arizona 56
    California 370
    Connecticut 48
    Delaware 15
    District of Columbia 15
    Florida 0
    Kentucky 51
    Maryland 70
    Massachusetts 93
    Nebraska 24
    New Jersey 107
    New Mexico 26
    New York 232
    North Carolina 115
    Oklahoma 38
    Oregon 52
    Pennsylvania 158
    Rhode Island 21
    South Dakota 15
    Utah 23
    West Virginia 28

    Total 1672
    super delegates 800
    Michigan 156
    Florida 210

  134. skipping S.C? If the polls are awful, id say yes and start Feb5th strategy right after nevada! But if its’ competitive, she should compete, no new polls there as of yet…

  135. Read the first Clinton Obit, as I predicted above, they will be numerous as the week goes forward. Do not despair when you encounter them at the various periodicals and or websites. It is part of a process. They must declare her campaign dead before the revival can begin.

    For a little perspective;

    McCain is Finished, Head of Conservative Union Says

    Ronald Kessler
    Sunday, May 6, 2007

    Reprint Information
    Book on Katie Couric Makes Waves
    White House: We’re Not Subject to FOIA
    FBI Seeks 2 Mysterious Men on Ferry
    Publisher: Conservatives Do Read As Much As Liberals
    Romney Shrugs Off Mormon History Film

    Sen. John McCain’s presidential candidacy has “fatal problems,” says David A. Keene, chairman of the American Conservative Union, the country’s oldest and largest conservative grassroots lobbying group.

    While he keeps a low profile, Keene is a bulwark of the conservative movement. Since 1984, he has headed the one-million-member ACU. The ACU runs the Conservative Political Action Committee’s (CPAC) annual conference in Washington and publishes an annual Rating of Congress, the gold standard for ideological assessments of members of Congress.

    Political leaders like Karl Rove routinely consult Keene. He knows all the Republican candidates personally. In addition, as second vice president of the National Rifle Association, Keene will automatically move up to first vice president and then become president of the politically powerful NRA in four years.

    “I can be proven wrong, but McCain is dying a slow political death right now,” Keene tells me over lunch at BLT Steak in Washington. “There are a number of reasons for that. On the right, he’s simply not trusted, doesn’t have credibility. He is not a small government conservative, and that’s the basic underlying problem.”

    This insider/expert HAS been proven wrong. I could post a dozen others on McCain, but the template is the same. Media pundits and opinionspinners want to be Nostradamus more than Edward R Murrow in today’s overheated political environment and this causes them to say lots of stupid things in their attempts to not just REPORT the news, but to PREDICT it.

    I’m sure that McCain can laugh (or at least smile) when he thinks back, or reads the premature stories of his demise, just as we will get a kick out of the words of doom that we will inevitably be inundated with over the next days, when we look back at the campaign months from today.

  136. I would skip SC, I think that she would get mired down. It’s close to Fl but I think Fl’s primarie are before SC, Edwards should carry his home state of NC.

    I could see BO stirring up the preachers, using the reverse ‘race card’ etc. Also, it is not an accident that it is lore that ‘walk around money’ goes to many pastors in order to get out the vote. Ic an see him in the pulpit down preaching and campaigning.
    That is not a narrative she should want to get into imo, that serves him more.

    I will donate today for the first time and add my .44 at the end.

  137. Just to add a postscript to the premature death of John McCain;

    Looks Like the Mac Really Is Back
    Warm Welcome in New Hampshire, Rising Poll Number Have McCain on a Roll
    SALEM, N.H., Jan. 6, 2008

    Here it was, the proverbial picture worth a thousand words: Sen. John McCain standing before an overflow crowd of several hundred in the Peterborough, N.H., Town Hall.

    He had just finished his introductory remarks — standard lines he’s uttered hundreds of times, but this time with a verve and an energy that bespoke his rising political fortunes in this state and beyond.”
    (Now that they love him again, he’s got VERVE and ENERGY)
    He’s BAAAACK!


  138. I’m listening to Michael Medved. I’m surprised that he didn’t skewer Hillary. He talked about the debate and said that Hillary was right, he doesn’t have any experience and that of his 3yrs in the Senate, he has spent half of that time campaigning for President.

    O’Reilly was decent to for the short time that i listened. he said that the BO wave is real but that he has no experience ither. he said that he has missed so many votes, and has basically been AWOL from the Senate for the last year.

    Many of Medved’s callers- all men so far said that they are looking at Roney, Hukabee or McCain- Medved is obviously against McCain and for Huckabee.

    Two moderate Democrats called in (males)- said that in the past that they have voted for both Dems and REpubs- said if Obama is the nominee, they will vote for McCain.

    John Edwards- I just wrote him off. How callous and mean spiritied of him to make those remarks.

    I see his strategy now, hope to grind Clinton down by doubleteaming on her so that she comes in 3rd, he knows tht he will lose SC but he also knows that he should win NC. He’s hoping that she will be wounded and drops out.

  139. I hope that the Independents who see Mitt as slick and hukabee as an evangelical with no foreign policy experience flock to McCain more so than pitch their tent with BO.

    i also hope that some of them go with Mitt. I can’t believe that only 40% of the registered indies will go to the repubs. She needs more than that to go their way.

    Is anyone else noticing the media covering Edwards more, last week, he got scant press, now he is getting it or am I being paranoid.

  140. Listening to my local talk show, ‘The Schnitt show’. He leans Repub. Just said that Obama scares him, he said that man is NOT ready to be president and his fears has nothing to do with not supporting a Black man.

    he is reading the story from the San Diego Union paper- I posted it either on Taylor’s site or this site. it basicall said that his resume is 1 page long, no there there basically.

    Said that we should not stake our nationally security on his lack of experience. Talkes about his Pakistan gaffe, said he is all over the map on Iraq, against it, for it, against it, funds it etc Said that he has demonstrated that there are some leadership questions.

    I told you the GOP would start to vet him.

    it’s a shame that the GOP is doing the media and theDem’s work. I have to say that I respect the Republican’s party’s game. They have cojones.

  141. New S.C poll, O 42 C 30, SKIP S.C!!! Get started RIGHT NOW on an impressive Feb 5th and NV campaign, its her only chance.

  142. rigso, I agree. SC was always going to be problematic anyway.

    Also, tiburones, the GOP is just presaging how they’re going to go after him. They won’t even need to get dirty to do it. Especially if McCain’s the nominee, Obama will look like a friggin’ kindergartner in comparison.

  143. Take heart guys, the talk show guys are starting to vet him and I would think this helps Hillary. He just said am I to think that ”experience doesn’t matter’. he said that that concept scares the living crap out of him.

    Talked about his penchant for ducking tough issues i.e votes, said that he talks like a centrist but is a liberal.

    Talking about Shrum’s article regarding what’s going on with Hillary in the NYt.

    He said to be fair even some of the Repub’s canidates are concerned about BO and have started to air that out.

    I hope that they pound him hard. These are blips on the radar but they will get louder.

  144. rigso-

    Try to take your finger off the panic button and come to grips with the simple fact that after ONE caucus, we are not yet reduced to our only chance. We can’t skip SC and shouldn’t if we could, as it would send the very message that a campaign in difficult straits must avoid.
    If this is your first rodeo, I understand. It’s hard to ride the emotional roller-coaster of a political campaign. Don’t mistake the fall for a free-fall. Like every roller-coaster, there will be more ups and downs, so strap yourself in, and if you feel the need to scream every once in a while, almost everyone on a roller-coaster ride does…:)

  145. Paula,

    Go to

    He was told about Hillary being near tears and was asked what does he think about that.

    He said, ‘I don’t have anything to say about that’. Then he pulled a Huckabee, he then bashed her by proceeding to comment that this race is hard and that American needs a strong president as things in the world can happen etc.

    Basically, he *hitted on her with the chauvinistic, typical male response. If he didn’t have anything good to say, he should have shut up, he went for the cheap shot to get votes.

  146. What’s the up? IT will be a loss in S.C, the new poll has her 12 points behind. I just think Nevada and Feb5th are the places to get those delegates and win the nomination, it’s not a panic button, but is it likely that losing IO,NH,SC, the media KILLING her, that mounting a good campaign on Feb 5th really is the last hope? Oh, and FL.

  147. Clinton Talks Tears with Fox News
    by Aaron Bruns

    Hillary Clinton laughed off the suggestion that her teary-eyed response to a seemingly innocent question in Portsmouth today was a “Muskie Moment” — saying “I think this is so ridiculous. People who have followed me during the course of my life know that, you know, I am a passionate person and I care deeply what happens to me.”

    She cited the “intimate setting” and the concern the undecided voters there showed for the country for what was, for the usually stoic senator, an outpouring of emotion. “I am a real person. I have feelings. I care about what I do,” she said. “I am worried about our country and what is going to happen to the next generation. And if I get emotional about that, or if I am passionate about defending myself, I’ll let other people draw their conclusions.

    In an interview with Fox News Political Correspondent Major Garrett — the second in as many days — Clinton also took issue with Barack Obama’s dismissal of her claim that he represents “false hope;” Obama says that argument is like Martin Luther King standing at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington and saying “sorry guys, false hope. The dream will die.”

    Clinton said “Dr King’s dream began to be realized when Preisdnet Lyndon Johnson passed the civil rights act of 1964… That dream became a reality, the power of that dream became real in people’s lives because we had a president who said ‘we’re going to do it,’ and actually got it done.”

  148. I saw the video of Hillary choking up and it really moved me. It shows that she really cares and is very passionate about helping other people.

    I have no rational basis for writing this but I feel that Hillary is going to win NH or at least lose with a very very small margin.

  149. Sorry for being a downer, but I don’t see her winning in N.H or S.C, thus logically, Feb5th and NV/FL are the last stands for Hillary. She will pull it off! I just wish the media didn’t decide to crucify her after pumping her up, the inevitability thing was more of THEIR creation than anyone’s then they pretend it was hers, and losing in IO, which was a possibility all year, was the end of her…

  150. this moment this am in nh with hillary is being played 5 times in the past hour on msm. even some reporters are saying there is an empathy factor for her and could move votes. yep-hillary is a human unlike what barack and fox want people to believe

  151. I liked the interview with Fox News. Nice answer the MLK comparison. Glad to see her continuing to talk to the media.

  152. I hope the emotional moment helps, I don’t think it was intended to, but if it does, hey, ill take it… Let’s see what happens, it would be wonderful to see a close finish in N.H, or even better? A win… What do you guys think the chances are?

  153. # TheRealist Says:
    January 7th, 2008 at 2:06 pm

    This, oddly, could be a significant moment in the campaign, a watershed moment where the BM driven image of Hillary is shattered and a new, humanized version starts to take shape…

    It could be starting today…

  154. The MLK answer is already being played up on dailykos as attackin MLK, and the civil rights movements and racist, these people have no shame in their spin.

  155. I don’t know T4H, I guess she’s likeable enough. 🙂 (sarcasm alert in case this gets misinterpreted, lol.)

  156. Hey all!!!
    I gotta jump in and say that I absolutely LOVED that moment of pure honesty and emotion from Hillary. I cried myself when I first saw it. And I do not believe it will be bad at all, just the opposite, as now her critics will finally see that she is in fact human, and real, and they can now relate to her. I think this is great.

    Especially the clip from msnbc which TM has up on her site. The few people who might think this is a ploy, will soon realize it’s not, as soon as they see the video.

    And I feel a lot better about Hillarys chances, just needed a few days to recover!!! As long as Hillary soldiers on, then so will I!! She’s a fighter, not a quitter! I think she might loose NH, but will win on Feb 5th! I know it in my heart and soul!! I know it!!!

  157. Ps. I also feel this emotional moment of Hillarys will help her get more women on her side again. They can relate and understand, and sympathize how difficult running for president it, especially for a woman.

    And as I was discouraged by obama now leading among women in NH in a poll, we can only hope this has some effect. (realize I’m not calculatingly wishing to capitalize on this, just think it will have a subconscious effect. )

  158. New CNN poll has NH lead at 9, looks like the bounce has leveled off and they are starting to get the debate reaction. Not much of a move. Everyone all day on TV OBAMA HAS DOUBLE DIGIT LEAD expecting a blowout tomorrow. We will see the second coming of the “Come Back Kid” tomorrow tonight, she may not win, but a close second Hillary can raise the comeback banner!!! (Just don’t shout it like John Dean in 04 please)

  159. The Realist, I agree completely, this would be a turning point for the better again.

    And, Hillary should absolutely not pull out of SC, she is not a quitter, and the media would POUND her if she did. And everyone knows obama will win it anyway, it would not come as a surprise.

  160. And heres what that ass**** edwards said regarding Hillarys ‘moment’

    “Edwards, speaking at a press availability in Laconia, New Hampshire, offered little sympathy and pounced on the opportunity to bring into question Clinton’s ability to endure the stresses of the presidency. Edwards responded, “I think what we need in a commander-in-chief is strength and resolve, and presidential campaigns are tough business, but being president of the United States is also tough business.”

  161. rjk1957, That poll had Obama up 10 yesterday, so if his surge has stopped, that’s a first step, at least.

  162. You are right, Paula. And we will be there with her.

    I for one am just a little bit concerned about people who are high as a kite on dopamine thinking that BO is the new freakin’ messiah. This emotional frenzy for Obama is down right frightening.

  163. Paula,
    That is what I was saying, not much of a move, but a start. The final polls tomorrow morning should be more telling. Would love to see those within 5 or 6 points and then anything can happen.

  164. Well my idea of COmmander in Chief isn’t breck girl yall. After seeing him and BO holding hands under the table in the last debate and goin off to the mens room together at the break I am about to puke. In a national emergency he’d have to have his hair done first

  165. LOL, molly!

    rjk1957, I believe that’s the first NH poll that hasn’t shown Obama gaining from one day to the next since Iowa.

  166. will be interesting to see how CMatthews responds to this one.

    I think he might be fairly gracious about it, after all they did sort of have that houmerus moment (was it yesterday or today? ) love the clip of it from the page. com, where they joke back and forth then hug.

  167. DEAR ADMIN,


    NOTHING COULD BE BETTER. it may be obama light, but now its : “HILLARY FREE’…

    this is exactly what she needs…
    let it all hang out! i know being in the all boy school of politics, has forced women to be tough and protective… but it is un-natural in a women to hold it in, it crushes the LIFE, and the ANIMATION out of us…
    her enemies were able to take that reserved ‘thing’, and make it into a ‘SECRETIVE” thing…



  168. one mistake by obama will take him out ,, this kind of thing comes to an end. frightening but also not going to last, i would not vote for onr so unprepared but it does not seem us is thinking straight

    msm wantes to bring clintons to their knees and humiliate them

    she just needs to keep fighting

  169. yes lets remember this is not a caucus. this is a turnout operation that is different. its getting folks to the polls-1 person one vote. this clip of real hillary will be replayed thru tommorrow and reported on in the news every 15 mins. emotion wins in campaigns. empathy is in play for her and who can help it? hte pundits are idiots-usually we dems have a long primary. we do. bill did, mondale did, rfk did before shot, etc.. if ob wins nh repubs will attack him. hillary is on the right path-show emotion time to time, open yourslef to the media more, bring in youth and frame obama. i see too many peopel witing off nh-they shouldnt. my gut says surprises are in store in nh-they almost lwys are. fox’s poll shows them 4 pts diff, cnn shows them 9pt diff with 5pt margin of error and 10pct undecided! even wolfie said the dem racei sfluid bc of these numbers. you have to believe she has fought for us and we will fight to denver for her.

  170. It isn’t really about winning NH or SC right now, it’s about changing the narrative and the unbalanced coverage of the campaign. It’s about minimizing the negative journalistic momentum. It’s about blunting the idea that the whole campaign will play out in days or weeks, rather than months.
    There will be lots of time for OB to be scrutinized by the electorate and the almost reverential coverage he gets now won’t be a constant. The great thing about time is that anything can happen and no one can predict what it will be. The idea that everything rides on one state, or one day in the campaign is short-sighted and counterproductive. Events tomorrow could change the WORLD, let alone the campaign, and
    no one today could tell you how.

    Knute Rockne, the Great Notre Dame football coach said it best when he coined the phrase, “A quitter never wins and a WINNER NEVER QUITS!”
    Words to live by…

  171. Hillary should clarify her stance re: MLK so that she will not be misconstrued.

    Obama is not running for the position of MLK – he is running for the position of Lyndon Johnson.

    As a civil rights activist, Obama would be very effective – using the power of rhetoric to harness opposition to an injustice. But as we can very well see, the reforms that you would want to happen in the political arena is not as clear. What exactly is Obama fighting against? It’s not clear. All he knows is that the Washington scene has a huge perception problem and he has used that to his advantage and HIS ALONE.

    There is nothing in his policy statements that indicate that he is singular in championing ANY CAUSE. To the contrary, he has shown himself to be the appeaser and triangulator that he is.

    MLK fought, Hillary fights – Obama appeases. Lyndon Johnson created change, as have Hillary – Obama merely talks. As a reformer, he sucks big time. A champion of causes – he is not. He has only ever been a CHAMPION OF HIS OWN IMAGE, HIS OWN BENEFIT.

  172. dot48, I agree. His campaign is like a balloon. One pin prick and it’ll start hemorrhaging. It’s just platitudes, but effective ones so far because they appeal to people’s idealism.

  173. Anduril919, But Obama’s comparing himself to MLK (and so is the media). That’s a comparison I find patently ridiculous.

  174. SORRY…

    hmm something weird going on with my computer…

    i think this will be a hillary moment they will look back on and say, that is when the tide started to turn…

    men will see it totally different than women, women will identify, some men will scoff, than again, some men will feel protective…
    i think she is changing her image as we speak…

  175. Hillary’s emotional response most have had a little effect on Matthews. he is going to tell us in a minute how Hillary can fix her wagon. His words not mine.

  176. From Clinton Communications Director Howard Wolfson:

    We are going all the way to the convention.

    The next stop along the way is Nevada. We have a great organization there and will be competing for every caucus goer.

    Next is South Carolina and the February 5th states, including major Democratic strongholds like California, New York and New Jersey. We have the resources and operation to compete across the nation. One state has spoken. Now the other 49 states will have their say.

    We are going to continue driving the key choices in this race between talk and action, rhetoric and results. Hillary has a lifetime record of making change happen in the lives of real Americans which serves in sharp contrast to her opponents.

    This is a contest for more than 4,000 delegates. We are ahead in that contest and expect to win.

  177. Throw away strategy, get out of S Carolina, pick closed primary states on super Tuesday and get more delegates in a day than Obama will get in a month. This was Joe Scar.’s advice not Chris’

  178. Paula dot et al-

    Do not fall victim to wishful thinking or underestimating your adversary.
    This is a fight against an opponent who has proven to be far more dangerous (in more ways than one) and formidable than anyone imagined. It is best to think that he will not beat himself and that we must be active in defeating him.

    It would be great if his campaign imploded or committed a world-class mistake, but that isn’t something that you can count on. We can count on OUR commitment, our dilligence, our steadfastness and our HARD work. If we do that, it won’t matter what his campaign does. We have the better candidate, one who can win in November, and hit the ground running in January 2009. The only thing we have to do is to allow the country the chance to see the truth and they will respond.

  179. notice on the video when he was talking to hillary, at the end when she hugged him he turned afterwards and his face was red, and he had a look on his face, which i thought was embarassment, but there was something, it might have humiliation, its interesting to try to pychoanalyse…

  180. again, i think hillary is on a new path, taking a different road to the white house, i think she is now ‘ON THE GOOD FOOT’… (as they say)

    she can now show she’s got it all…
    the campaign is making adjustments, and there is STILL TIME…

    oh and by the way, i know people dont like joe scarborough, but i do…
    i have heard him say truth more bravely than most other moderators…
    he has given hillary her due, as much as he has not… i think he’s been fair…


    From NBC/NJ’s Mike Memoli
    KEENE, NH — Several Ron Paul supporters shadowed a much larger Clinton entourage as Bill Clinton greeted supporters downtown. The former president later called them “nuts.”

    During his third stop of the day, the former president posed for pictures and shook hands as he strolled down Main Street on this unseasonably warm Primary Eve day. Across the street, a few Paul supporters shouted his name.

    Eventually, Clinton stopped outside a bakery, offered some remarks, and took questions. As he was answering one on Iraq, one of the Paul backers interrupted and shouted that the Sept. 11 attacks were an inside job, and that the U.S. didn’t need to be in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    When he dropped an F-bomb, the crowd booed. Clinton, who had tried to talk over the man, gave up.

    “You wanna know what I think?” Clinton said. “You guys who think 9/11 was an inside job are crazy as hell. My wife was the senator from New York when that happened. I was down at Ground Zero. I saw the victims’ families. You’re nuts.”

  182. Back from GOTV wars for the day. Our phone system choked on us so we did office errands and I barely made it out of downtown .. the Obama Circus has arrived, complete with a huge CSPAN bus and other media vans, uplinks, etc. Our downtown has a small “circle” that directs traffic basically around several blocks of one-way streets. The OC has so clogged up the traffic that it took me 35 minutes to make my 2 minute drive back to Hillary’s office.

    We have our Hillary visibility program (poles of 3-4 signs) right at the apex where the two one-ways come back together. Yes, there were about 3 or 4 JRE folks holding single signs but NO BHO sign holders. Not around the circle, not at the apex, not in front of the venue. Nowhere to be seen. Our volunteers are usually there from 4 to 6 but are so dedicated that they are going to stand there in full view until the OC leaves the area. Interestingly, a woman, 6 or 7 year old daughter and what appeared to be the woman’s husband came into the office and asked for signs to hold. The woman wanted to pace back and forth on the sidewalk carrying the sign. There is so much of this spontaneous volunteering that has happened today it shows that there is huge support for Hillary from people who none of us knew about.

    Yesterday, a woman from the Boston area just popped up to join the phonebank. She had seen the debate on teevee and was incensed at the media coverage. She drove over 90 minutes to arrive just in time to make calls for about an hour. She is going to arrange her business affairs today in order to come back to phone bank tomorrow.

  183. This is what I posted at The Politico in the comments earlier today before I went back to Hillary’s office:

    Yes. Obama is such a big cheese that yesterday he made an unscheduled stop in Salem, NH, and people’s cars at an unrelated event at the school were towed to make room for his entourage. One woman showed up today at a local NH Obama office to find the ever-present Senator who was in the same town for an appearance to ask for the $100 she had to pay to get her car back. Ask the Salem, NH, police about that.

    Posted below that was this comment:

    How many of the Obama supporters this weekend in New Hampshire were on the Obama campaign buses that were chartered from DC and NY?

    Now, I don’t know whether these might have been volunteers, since we’ve had volunteers come from all over, as well, but the hint here is that they may not have been.

  184. Well, TheRealist, here’s another one .. Hillary was in Dover at mid-day and one of our volunteers tried to get in but they had to turn away at least 150 standing in line. I don’t know the size of the building but that is a lot of folks.

    None of us were going to try to go to Manchester tonight because it will be a mob scene.

    BHO leaves here and goes to Concord High School afterwards at 10pm, although I heard he was going to be in Dover from a Senator wannabee who wandered into the office late afternoon to drum up support. That is a fairly large venue, unlike the one here which is an old opera house and much smaller.

  185. Over at First Read, they are comparing RFK and BHO.

    One commenter. said..the only thing alike…they both have 3 initials.

    After hearing all the horrible attacks, I’m tighten my belt and giving all the money I possibly can this month to Hillary.
    Every time I hear all the horrible attacks on her, I just dig deeper and give more. Okay so I don’t eat..that may benefit the both of us.

    MollyJ, if you are from the state I think…do you visit the Manchester office?

  186. Kingsgrove, I saw an excert a few minuts back. I think the whole interview will be played tomorrow morning. –CD99

  187. A little less talk, a lot more action. Get er done. These stir people emotionally.

    If you read the stories about Bloomburg, it is clear that his platform will be getting things done. For example, he is pro-gay marriage. He might put it out that while he personally supports gay marriage, a lot of voters don’t. So let’s compromise and have civil unions and stop talking about the issue once and for all.

    Another issue is abortion. Can you imagine if Hillary started saying at campaign rallies that she hates abortion a lot? But, that we have to close this divide by banning partial-birth abortion and significantly increasing funding adoption education. She could use this to get out the message that Obama voted against the medical funding for aborted fetuses born alive.

    Again, I think this is how MB will run. Say what you personally feel and then say what you think can get done. Essentially, that is the heart of Clintonian politics. Co-opt it back.


    Go Hillary!

    Let’s all make donations today and add the 44 cents!

  188. I feel that our campaign should put the delgate count of Iowa and NH in focus to counter the media’s so called Sunami effect argument.

  189. I seriously doubt that poll from CBS. A swing of about 20 points nationally? They have got to be kidding!!!

  190. got a feeling obama will be old news afteer tomorrow ,, i got a feeling the media is maybe burning out on obama overdose, he will really not be the news after tomorrow.

  191. rickya, The Fox and Rasmussen polls shows the national race very close as well. National polls, however, are as meaningless now as they were when she was 20 points ahead. It’s getting the needed delegates.

  192. i’m telling you that people are scared to death to say they support Hillary now. I swear they are making her out to be the antichrist. i just don’t get this craze .. it’s like people are hypnotized. sickening

  193. Isn’t that what radicals do, mesmerize the people. look at the countries around the world with radical leaders. Scary….
    Of course, I do recall reading about a world leader that will rise from no where and have all the answers for the world and unite everybody,. People will worship him like a God. I think it was in the Bible…………….

  194. I am so nervous right now. There is now a new national poll that puts the competition in a dead heat. How can people be so stupid and naive to even consider Obama. Look at his NON record.

  195. Does anyone have a transcript of what Hillary actually said — not a soundbyte, but what she went on to say? About this country missing a chance, to complete the good work the Clintons began first term, to get rid of the Bush/GOP nightmare….

    I wanted to cry in 2000 when Nader backstabbed Gore. It’s frustrating; we showed the way in 92, we got good things done — and the GOP has been re-writing history ever since.

    Now they’re re-writing this little incident. Hillary doesn’t talk much about the overall history, just about detailed solutions in our reach now. But when you look back at the facts and how they’ve been spun since the 90s — and think what another GOP admin will go on to — it is something to cry about.

  196. JR, people fall for empty rhetoric, sad reality. The media falls for it, because they don’t like issues, just narratives, and people fall for it, because the media falls for it. There is Obama’s candidacy in 2 sentences…

  197. Guess I missed this:

    ROCHESTER — Barack Obama beat back a small but vocal group of anti-abortion hecklers tonight at a packed rally here, parlaying the incident into his call for people of opposing views to talk to each other.

    “Abortion is an abomination!” the group chanted from the balcony of the Rochester Opera House, barely three minutes into Obama’s remarks.

    He started off, “We appreciate your point, we’d be happy to talk to you afterwards.”

    But as his supporters started chanting his name, he stayed on message. “Now, now, this is an example of nobody hearing each other.”

    “I appreciate their point of view, but this isn’t gonna solve anything.”

    As police led the hecklers out of the hall, Obama restored order. “Ok, the excitement is over …. Or rather, it’s just beginning.”

    And the crowd went wild …


  198. are you kidding dot48, this obama dude is jesus to big media, they will never turn on this guy. anyway if hillary takes nh tuesday it will be the biggest comeback story in history. that said we should hold off talk on what if hillary is not on the ballot in nov. until after the convention. i will cross that bridge when i get there.

  199. Folks, news as we once knew it is gone. What we have now is info-tainment. It’s the age of instant gratification and the media junkies can never get enough hits to feed their collective habit. Everything goes viral, is taken out of context, and a lie is the truth and the truth is a lie.

    1984 !

  200. boycotting MSNBC. Watched a bit of CNN, John Roberts previewed an interview that he had with Clinton regarding her ’emotional’ moment. She hit it out the park talking about patriotism, being passionate, that she is usually reluctuant to talk about herself, that she is always looking to help others and this woman turned out to be a supporter and wanted to know, how she was doing. She said that this touched her and contrary to what people believe she is a person who has emotions.

    I see that the campaign has made her available to the media. This will be shown on all 6pm, 11pm, 6am, 7am, 7:30am news broadcast everywhere in the USA on cable and local tv everywhere.

    We will see how the voters react to it, especially women. I’m glad that the campaign is using this opportunity to take command of the spin. I had a relative call me from out the country as usual but this time asked me, ‘what’s going on with Hillary?’ It is good that they are putting this in context as the video must accompany the story to put it in context.

    Ok, the Candy Crowley package on Clinton, tears, Change is being shown again, I’ve only been watching CNN from 6pm and I’ve heard it/seen it at least 4 times already. I hope that decent people will be moved especially women.

  201. This also from Hotline:

    ROCHESTER — A line of traffic is snaking down Washington Street right now in Rochester – a full mile away from, and 75 minutes before, Barack Obama’s 6pm rally at the Rochester Opera House. Amy Nasick, a cashier at the Shell gas station QuickMart, said that in the 40 years she’s lived in Rochester, “there’s never, ever been a “traffic jam like this.”

    Well, this woman just got her 15 minutes of fame because it’s a flat-out lie. Traffic was tied up going around that traffic circle since there is so little parking in the area, people were trying to find parking spots at the same time the evening traffic was winding its way through town. We have only one crossing point that joins in the downtown area and the extra traffic, media vehicles, etc., snagged everything up. Besides that, we just had a major road repair following last spring’s floods, which took out a bunch of our small bridges, and we suffered with snarled up traffic for months. The woman’s a complete idiot!

  202. Forget the national polls, they don’t matter now. It’s the individual states. The nationals will be up and down. That doesn’t disturb me. I just would like her to come in 2nd with a respectable point difference. I would hope that she doesn’t lose by 7 or more points. I would hope that she can win 2-3 demographics i.e women, women in certain age groups and come very close with pure Democrats.

    I also hope that as this Iran story develops about taunting the US that the fence straddlers will think twice about voting for him as he has so little experienced.

  203. I am not saying Hillary is going to win NH but this being a closed Primary, anything can happen. I was just reading an article on TM and it stated that his holiness Obama Lama had 8% in 2nd choice candidates and Hillary only had 1%. Also, only 24% on independents caucsed. Now that we have McCain and Ron Paul fighting for independents, it is going to be difficult for BHO to get all the independent votes. Guys, anything can happen tomorrow. Don’t loose faith no matter how difficult it is to keep it. If she looses NH, then we move to Nevada.

  204. B Merry, I think it is time for our campaign to really define Obama in a very incremental way from now till Super Tuesday. They should go at it in very methodical way. They should drive a wedge betwen his talk and his actions.

  205. B Merryfield, when did this incident happen with the protesters? I definitely see the Repubs coming after him after he supported that controversial bill. He will get skewerd on that. That position just seems cruel and heartless.

  206. cd99 .. that is exactly what needs to be done. they have to define him in a aestetic way if possible .. if its posslible. who would have thunk that msm would have this effect on people. maybe they’ll turn off after tomorrow though i don’t know Hillary is one heck of a fighter, to soldier on like she is.

    its a shame that a good leader for this country has been railroaded like she has.

  207. The incident with the protesters just happened this evening.

    I agree, CD99. I think that one of the best things that we can do is to pick an issue, research and link to the best we can, and use websites like Taylor Marsh’s “Hot Topics” or elsewhere to get the message out. Sad to say, but the Rightie websites are a good place to get some ideas and links for what may come from that side, then build on it.

    I’ve been a citizen journalist at SourceWatch/Congresspedia since March 2003. I frequently use articles I’ve created there to mine for links as well as to link to. Anyone can use it or contribute to it. There is a lot of info both there, at TM, and here at H44 to piece together great articles. I don’t know about the traffic here, as I’ve not seen a counter although I’m sure admin has traffic stats. Even mini-articles posted here will get noticed. Well resourced comments on blogs will work as well.

    Any how. Just saying.

  208. This ridiculous re: lines – Obama is executing a good marketing campaign, bussing in people to make the lines look longer – he is certainly a good publicist.

    Today on Politico, Roger Simons points to Clinton’s rallies and headlines “Can You Win on Dull?” UNBELIEVABLE crap – when Clinton says, Boys Club – this is the worldwide boys’ club. Anyway, someone else that was wrongly attacked with “dull” – AL GORE – yeah, thanks very much Media Circus for helping to deliver us George Bush.

  209. Although we shouldn’t deceive ourselves. NH is a better state for Hillary than Iowa, certainly, but Obama’s momentum is very real right now.

  210. Clinton apparently also had a heckler, this from Politico: Clinton, in Salem, was interrupted by a pudgy young man chanting “Iron my shirt,” and holding a big sign with the same words.

    “Oh the remnants of sexism, alive and well tonight,” she said as he was dragged out. “As I think has been a’bundantly demonstrated, I am also running to break through the highest and hardest glass ceiling,” she continued.

  211. defining obama, is really too late !

    the only thing hillary can do now is define herself… BUT…



  212. I thought Hillary’s rallies were pretty enthusiastic. Then again, nothing compares to Him Who Can Do No Wrong.

  213. This kind of stuff – NEEDS to be on the Mainstream Media …Lawschooldem says: “Clinton apparently also had a heckler, this from Politico: Clinton, in Salem, was interrupted by a pudgy young man chanting “Iron my shirt,” and holding a big sign with the same words.”

    You have to make women ANGRY, this is the stuff that will do it. Get this on TV!

  214. I have never been a fan of Sam Donaldson, but had to post this:

    ANALYSIS: Clinton vs. Obama, ‘The Hustler’ of ’08?

    Jan. 7, 2008

    If you haven’t seen the 1961 movie “The Hustler” starring Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason, you should — it’s a classic.

    As I watched the Democratic New Hampshire debate Saturday night, that movie popped into my mind.

    Fast Eddie, a young, vigorous and skillful pool player, takes on the legendary Minnesota Fats, the old champion. They agree to play and the last man standing wins the pot.

    Fast Eddie runs the table in game after game but as the hours go by he begins to tire. The Fat Man just keeps coming, steady and relentlessness. During one break, as Fast Eddie slumps in the corner exhausted, the Fat Man washes up, applies some talcum, comes out of the washroom and says, “Fast Eddie, let’s play some pool!”

    And in the end, the Fat Man walks out the winner.

    Let’s face it — Barack Obama is gangbusters. He has patented the issue: change.

    He has the common touch: a winning way person to person. He has the charismatic public rallying persona — not since Martin Luther King Jr. spelled out his “dream” at the Lincoln Memorial (and I was there to hear it) has an orator so mesmerized his listeners.

    But what about the Fat Man?

    There she is — humbled by her fall from grace to be sure — looking old hat with her emphasis on “experience,” surrounded by aging familiar faces of people who were yesterday’s heroes and not nearly as fascinating in her appearance or uplifting in her oratory.

    There is something to be said for the new kid on the block who has not yet bored us with familiar detail. Now really, which one do you see playing Gene Kelly skipping down the street singing in the rain?

    Still, the game is not over until only one is left standing. And the Fat Man is not going to fold quickly.

    To be sure, thanks to the insane telescoping of primaries there is very little time in which to demonstrate staying power, very little time for people swept up in the moment of a campaign night to take a second look in the cold light of day and perhaps conclude that experience is not a leper (as Bill Richardson argued in the same debate).

    However, pray remember the famous saying, “It isn’t over until the fat lady sings” or in the case of “The Hustler” the Fat Man folds … and my bet is, a lot more pool will be played before that happens.




  216. No negativity, and no wailing and giving up, people! I did some phone banking today.

    I will work and support Hillary and cheer her on UNTIL SHE IS EITHER NOMINATED OR OUT. And as I saw someone say in a comment somewhere:


    I will keep working, yelling, and donating til it hurts, and drag the party with us kicking and screaming into sanity if I have to. It ain’t over. Not now, not in a week, not until it’s over. There are a lot of delegates, and they divide them. It is NOT winner-take- all in the Democratic primary! So long as she comes a close second on most states and wins a couple of big ones, SHE WINS. Got it??

  217. TheRealist, just wanted to thank you for all of your comments. You are the real deal, and we will continue to look to you for your strong optimism.

  218. Here’s what Big Media is REALLY all about .. THEM.

    Glenn Greenwald quoted by SusanUnPC at No Quarter:

    At The New Republic’s blog, Jason Zengerle confesses what is and has long been too obvious to require much proof — the media is uncontrollably in love with John McCain. And Zengerle’s reason why this is so is equally unsurprising: McCain gives them unfettered access, so they love him. Everything is about them, and whichever politician flatters and charms these adolescent, coddled narcissists is the recipient of their uncritical love (that explains much, though not all, of their profound failure in covering the Bush campaigns and administration). …

    Those preferences — all based in their own petty personal desires — couldn’t be more obvious in the media narrative spewing forth. Dancing around like munchkins in Oz, they proclaim that the wicked Clinton witch is dead and McCain is surging with a miraculous, glorious comeback.

    Leave aside whether any of that is true. Why are predictions and speculation even part of the job of a political reporter at all? One can see why opinionists and pundits might dabble in that sort of predictive analysis, but why do “reporters” covering these campaigns consider it their province to guess about which candidates are going to win and lose, as opposed to, say, reporting on what they argue, what their claims are, the truth of their positions, etc. etc.?

    Aside from the fact that these endless prediction games completely overwhelm any substantive discussions, their guesses — which are really wishes — are almost always dreadfully wrong and plainly designed to advance their concealed agenda for which candidates they like and dislike. Why is any of that something that reporters ought to be doing at all? Is there any distinction between what a “reporter” does and what a “pundit” does covering this campaign? There doesn’t seem to be any.

  219. UNbelievable.

    Andrea Mitchell on the NBC Nightly News just claimed that the “Clinton campaign money has dried up“.

    They may as well have somebody from Fox covering her campaign.

  220. hillary’s moment leads all network news tonight. hillary on cnn saying im a person too. this si getting huge play. this is emotion-and emotion drives people to the polls.

  221. I do definitely feel a Rick Lazio strategy – I hope they are working this – I haven’t been watching TV today, been working and really can’t bear it, but hopefully the media implodes with the weight of its own sexism, but never thought that a Clinton win would have to mean also igniting the second coming of the women’s movement.

  222. Joe, that story came straight from JOE FREAKING TRIPPI, and is being spread around with no verification. Jerks. It’s not true.

  223. Listen, she should be saying constantly that BHO’s legislative achievement is not real change.

    point out:

    1.) Senators work on legislation they feel good about and where they have skills. I have health care skills and I got health care for national guardsmen.

    2.) Barack Obama made lobbyists his signature issue. His big change, lobbyists can no longer buy dinner for congressmen while they are seated, but can buy dinner for them if they are standing up. (laugh small). Then, give the image or mental picture. Something about a senator being careful not to lean against a wall for fear of violating campaign finance laws. (use a better image than my example though) (now big laugh and laugh from crowd).

    3.) We need action not talk.

    It is cheap to get to Vegas too! Her campaign needs to tell her supporters from the country to come on down. Flood Nevada!!! Get the Mo!

  224. Everyone knows about Trippi, the truth is Edwards money has probably dried up and they are not getting the bump in donations they expected after Iowa.

  225. gladiatorstail Says: January 7th, 2008 at 7:33 pm

    The mood is absolutely upbeat. We are swarming with extremely enthusiastic volunteers. One 80ish man named Kippy came in to phone today. He was so darn cute doing his speech … “Hello, This is Kippy” and another older lady was just having so much fun being creative with her script but was delighted when she had friendly hang ups!

    So many people just appeared asking for materials and signs, it was simply amazing. Fortunately, team leaders all know what we’re doing and the office is like a beehive. I expect that tomorrow is going to be even more electric.

    Paula, that’s “he-whose-middle-name-may-not-be-mentioned” to you.

    H4T, I honestly have to wonder if the hand-wringers who come in here are actually Hillary supporters or just here to bring down the morale of those of us who are determined to stay the course until President Hillary Clinton takes the oath of office. If that’s the plan, they are failing miserably and need to take their mealy-mouthed pity party somewhere else.

  226. B Merry, I agree. If you can’t see for yourself that Hillary WILL BE the nominee in these remotely “difficult” times, please find somewhere else to go.

    I live in Los Angeles, and I fully intend to drive to Las Vegas next week to attend rallies. My loud ass will NOT be silenced by inexperience and rhetoric.

  227. Assuming Obama wins, and the change his supporters expected doesn’t materialize fast enough in our “I want it now” world, as it won’t, Martin asks whether the young voters and others who turned to him for his message of change will still be with us when it’s time for the 2010 and 2014 Congressional elections, or the 2012 presidential race, when Obama would have to run for re-election.

    Will the beauty of Obama’s inspirational poetry sustain millions of fickle first-time voters through the many, many harsh years that will come with the realities of governing? Especially years when there will be bitter and venal fights for change?

    Inspiring the young and disaffected to vote is a noble undertaking. And Barack Obama deserves our utmost respect and appreciation for what he is achieving. He (and we) also needs to be sure that he is not inciting expectations that he – and indeed any president – is powerless to fulfill among millions of people who (foolishly) expect instant results. And who are known to turn on a dime when they don’t get them…

  228. B Merryfield,

    Thank you for pointing that fact out because I have been wondering the same thing lately. The people who have been around are standing firm, but a lot of new names are really ‘worried.’ Just makes me wonder too. In fact, I usually skip over a lot of posts due to their ‘pity party’ quality.

  229. And another thing Hillary, BHO and his team read a book about generation and change and so did Bill Clinton. I think Bill Clinton thinks this is true. It is complete sociological bull crap (be wary of the link it is Dick Morris talking):

    Bill Clinton won in 1992 not because of a generation change, but because of Ross Perot. And, it was the economy stupid. Don’t fight back as if it is a generation problem; it is not.

    Change is working now because it fits with latent psychological variables expressed in the electorate. People want things to get done!!! Change hits that, not experience. However, action not talk also works and I would bet $$$ that it works better. You can do this in a fun way without having to go negative.

  230. Great line from Lou Dobbs — Enough of Audacity of Hope let us do some thing about it.


    WE WILL not have reform with change ,,BHO cant do it,no way..thats why hillary stays on the issues,with the change,he BHO says just change,hes a bih phony.

    watch lou dobbs hes tired of it,and im sure the rest of them are too.

  231. Oh, I forgot, we have a 40ish lady who came in today and wanted to make her own sign to take out on the circle to wave at drivers. She used a good 3 x 4 foot heavy poster board on which she stenciled 3 inch letters with the quote about poetry vs prose. I’m not sure what was on the other side, but she was ecstatic! She said that she’s not had this much fun since her protest days! That’s the kind of enthusiastic supporters who are coming out for Hillary. Nothing like the Obamabots.

  232. I am not worried at all about the Culinary Worker’s Union endorsement in NV. We saw what the union endorsements did for Hillary and JE in Iowa. My family is full of firefighters, which is a BIG UNION. They say people don’t vote/caucus for who their union endorses in the primary, only in the GENERAL.

    We will win Nevada.

  233. Not to point a finger at anyone, but if you have to say that you have doubts or that you’re afraid of what people are thinking or saying, all that tells me is that you’re not committed to supporting Hillary no matter what. I admit that I took a personal emotional blow last Thursday but that’s just me, a Hillary supporter. Can we even imagine what disappoint it must have been for Hillary to know that deals were being made by fellow Senators and Richardson behind her back?

    Did it slow her down? NO! Did it make her quit? NO! Like that little ole Energizer bunny and the Timex watch she just keeps on a-going and keeps on a-ticking with her eye clearly on what she knows with deep conviction in her heart she has to do. No pity party for her.

  234. And since we all know the DNC will seat the delegates from Michigan and FL, let’s not forget that we will win Michigan on the 15th, and these headlines will only help our cause in NV four days later.

  235. B Merryfield,

    Joe Friday, that comes from Drudge…

    Leave it to Andrea Mitchell to scrape the bottom of the barrel for some slime to spread.

  236. Hillary needs to make the economy the central point of her campaign. It resonates with voters, and it’s what voters say will matter most to them in the 2008 election — NOT foreign policy. The economic boom of the 1990’s is not far from people’s minds. “It’s the economy, stupid” was a phrase that Hillary herself coined — and it needs to be followed, again.

  237. Keith Olberman is NO friend of Hillary. On Countdown he TRASHED her over and over tonight while praising BO.

    Now MSNBC will be banned from our TV Shame on Olberbermann.

  238. Berkeley, great point. Everyone knows she is stronger on the economy, and that is a domestic issue people really care about.

  239. HEY HILL GUY…

    what a great idea !!!
    maybe i will to…


  240. This is almost hysterical. Jeralyn Merritt at Talk Left asked the question whether the Big Blogs were influencing the NH primary. She checked traffic and the answer was no.

    Well, I admire Jeralyn but she, like lots of other bloggers, needs, in the words of Hillary, to take a Reality Check.

    Unlike the oh-so-clueless Charlie Gibson, most people don’t make 6 figures in NH. Most of the people you talk to are working 2 or 3 jobs to pay for mortgages, food, oil, car payments, gasoline, etc. etc. I often talk with single mothers who are working two jobs and don’t have a moment to spare, never mind lots of time to surf the internet checking out what the oh-so-wise political bloggers have to say about this or that candidate and this or that poll. The Big Bloggers, just like the Stewies and Tuckers and Pumpkin Heads, are so full of their own self-importance. Glenn Greenwald has it right on the money (see post above).

  241. SB.. obermann is a showman.. he isnt a newscaster.. so dont expect news from him.. but he is democrat though.. so whomever he supports.. we know he will never support republican 🙂

  242. Southern Born, sad to hear about Olbermann. I use to really respect him. Oh well. CHANGE THE CHANNEL! 🙂

    Obama lost the support of many in the LGBT community when he featured anti-gay entertainers at campaign events in South Carolina and then went ahead with the events even after being personally informed of the entertainers’ very public and virulently anti-gay remarks – making him the only Democratic candidate to be protested by members of our community. While Obama certainly has a pro-LGBT platform, in this circumstance, his actions speak louder than his well-intentioned words and we can not support a candidate that harmed the LGBT community in South Carolina in his quest to become president.

  244. No prob, skmf12. In fact, we should get a bunch of us from LA to help out in Las Vegas. It is only a 4 hour drive.

  245. Kentucky_mkt,

    Bill Clinton won in 1992 not because of a generation change, but because of Ross Perot.

    Actually, according to the exit polling (which is extremely accurate), Perot split the vote, half said if he were not in the race they would have voted for Poppy Bush, and the other half said they would have voted for Clinton. So nothing would have changed. Not to mention it was a MASSIVE electoral landslide.

  246. Olbermann says Hillary has Karl Rove as campaign advisor…implying she is a down and dirty campaigner.

    Poor little BO he suggests. How does he hold up under all this?


    You all said to not watch MSNBC but some said Countdown was okay.

    NO IT IS NOT…ban it. Totally disgusted. Attacks llike this seem to be worse when they come from supposed “friends”.

  247. Joe Friday, Why are you surprised? She is a republican who attends cheny’s thanks giving parties. She is a republican mole.

  248. see there moving to Hillary i have great confidence in her and women and men,who want her to lead with expierence on day can’t elect a man BHO to be President with no expierence,

    oh she is on tv in manchester,lotts of people

  249. SB, I need my mouth washed out for saying this, but it is almost safer to watch Faux News than it is some other channels. CNN with Wolfie can be okay depending on who he has on. MSNBC has gone onto my IGNORE list.


  251. never thought that a Clinton win would have to mean also igniting the second coming of the women’s movement.

    I saw a comment that resonated with me a while back. It’s not just ‘the First Woman president’, because I’m used to seeing women in power now (and I expect many young women feel that way too). But when it’s a woman that has been vilified for 25 years in sexist terms — becoming the First in spite of it…! That gets me.

    Maybe there will be some backlash among the young women who have been taking things for granted….

  252. Rumors will abound over the next few days. Obits and pre-postmortems about why the campaign lost or failed will be the order of the day. There will be tales of firings and shake-ups and bickering between Hillary and Bill, Bill and the campaign and variations on that theme.
    There will be a story or more about this or that high-ranking democrat urging Clinton to drop out for the good of the party, and of course the rumors that the money has dried up. Even if there is a shred of truth to any or all rumors, and these rumors would spread about the campaign if this was Smith vs. Jones, any major move between now and Tsunami Tuesday is highly unlikely.

    Remember that they have to leave you for dead before they can begin to marvel at the fact that you still have a pulse, then they tout you as a fighter and start to describe the front-runner in less than flattering terms and begin to hint that the bloom may be off the rose. After Tsunami Tuesday, headlines will blare, “It’s a Race!”, or “Clinton Claws Back” (I didn’t say every headline would be complimentary), or “Comeback Kid II!”, and the talk will be more about delegate counts and deals and alignments, rather than the, “Do or Die”, tiny individual primaries with less than 100 total delegates at stake.

    If Hillary’s fundraising has dried up, (and that’s a tough one to believe) she already had raised at least 120 million (including the 10 mil from her senate campaign) up until Jan 3rd. That’s more than anyone else, so the campaign probably still has a couple of bucks in their coffers. They have a monster fundraiser in Terry McAuliffe, and a Guy named Bill something who could sell snow to the Inuit. We have funds and we’ll get lots more. The campaign will probably use the rumor to RAISE funds themselves; Something like, “Let’s show them that we are in there fighting with Hillary by raising 1 million in a day”, as campaigns use everything, good bad or fictional as a hook for a contribution.

    John McCain fired his BEST FRIEND and was said to have less than 2 million dollars in campaign funds, was seen flying on commercial flights to his campaign stops, back when he was, “dead”. Things are never as good and never as bad as BM implies.

  253. HillGuy,

    I am not worried at all about the Culinary Worker’s Union endorsement in NV. We saw what the union endorsements did for Hillary and JE in Iowa. My family is full of firefighters, which is a BIG UNION. They say people don’t vote/caucus for who their union endorses in the primary, only in the GENERAL.

    I hope you’re correct.

    Russert said on NBC Nightly News tonite that the Culinary Worker’s Union endorsement will “make the Nevada caucus a LOCK“.

    Of course, it’s Timmeh.

  254. hillfans, as for michigan i would tread for caution on that one. hillary will win there but becuase it is not seriously contested the media will discount it. nevada is the next best chance IF nh don’t cut it. hillary may yet suprize us. but in reality it is a longshot in nh.

  255. I doubt money is a real problem. Not snark, serious: Can’t Bill and Hillary get all the money they want just by accepting invitations to speak in foreign countries? They might need payment in advance so as not to take time away from the campaign.

  256. CNN reporter Jessica somebody is so enamoured with hussein that she cannot help but gush about him; a few days ago, she was reporting on hillary and she sounded bored with her, now that she is following barack’s campaign she is very “eager”…
    what is going on with this people? how much kool-aid did she drink?

  257. I am just LIVID about the media coverage I’m seeing today. The Drudge crap, the “dull” article plus the blatant sexism of those making light of Hillary and her emotions. It’s all such complete BS. I read that her campaign said that she is staying in through Feb. 5. I am so glad that they are doing that. If you are going to be a trailblazer you must complete the journey.

    On Obama…what goes up must come down. Today on Fox John Gibson directly attacked Obama’s views concerning the surge in Iraq. It’s finally starting. The Republicans will continue to attack to blunt the media frenzy. It will just get more and more direct. This can only help Hillary.

    TheRealist, if you’re out there…I now understand what you are saying about staying the course. Some battles may be lost (even significant ones) but not the war and we still have a war to wage…

  258. I just watched a whopping lie on the CSPAN program with the political reporter from the Nashua Telegraph. He was asked about BHO’s votes for funding the war in Iraq. He said that the newspaper, who endorsed BHO, had asked BHO the same question and BHO’s response was that Hillary only quit voting for funding the war AFTER he did. Actually, the last supplemental bill from May 2007 was the first time that they both voted against funding.
    Now, apparently we have to get down to the timing of who voted when, since a bill is open for voting for a short period of time. Is BHO trying to say that he pushed his button before Hillary pushed hers? A roll call only comes after the votes have been electronically posted so how does he get away with saying these kinds of things?

    Of course, the reporter said that they accepted his explanation. God forbid anybody actually check the truth of the matter.

  259. Jeff Greenfield made an excellent point at the end of the CBS Evening News tonite. He said Poppy Bush cried on TV and Willard Romney teared-up on TV, and nobody was questioning their ability to be Commander in Chief.

    Slam to Edwards, but not by name.

  260. Joe Friday, of course that’s just Timmeh.

    How insulting for him to suggest that all union employees are lemmings. They make up their own mind. NV is Clinton Country.

  261. I’m praying hard that Hillary surprises us with a win in NH. But if this does not materialize, please come in a very close second.

  262. All this nonsense being floated out there about “dropping out” and being short of money by Drudge and those wicked elements in the BM is just plain ol’ evil political operatives at work. They want to create an impression of a flagging campaign. So just drop something out there, hope others start picking up on it and then make the campaign spend time refuting their crap. And hope that the discussion starts to create doubts in the people’s minds. All the stories are unsourced just like Novak’s “friendly unnamed sources”. Jerks.

    Btw, does anyone know if indies are allowed in the NV caucuses and if same day registration is allowed ?

  263. Is BHO trying to say that he pushed his button before Hillary pushed hers?

    Yes. Both waited until the last minute. He voted, then she did. I mean, somebody had to go first … but both stopped voting for funding at the same juncture, for crying out loud.

  264. dt:

    Don’t know if indies are allowed to caucus, but per Hillary’s website (Nevada section), same day registration IS allowed.

  265. I read somewhere a few weeks ago that Latino support in Nevada is huge. I will try to locate the source, but this is good to know since Latinos are a huge voting bloc in NV. The numbers for BHO and JE were almost non-existent.

  266. okay i just saw the piece that people were talking about, where supposedly he says that rove wrote hillary’s campaign strategy, wheww

    from one ear to another…

    what he said is she said something about rove and jfk and he didnt really know what she was saying…

    he was asking todd, about the rhetorical, of wether the dems were just throwing in the towel, now that obamas numbers have gotten so high.

    and he did have a bit of a disparaging disgusted attitude, but the most interesting thing to me was, todd says ‘no offense to obama, this is just dean 4.0…
    he says it really isnt about obama at all, it was a phenomenom waiting to happen, and if people would have been wise, they would have seen it coming, including himself..
    he said obamas people just happened to exploit it, and his attraction, and the movement, just turned out to be the perfect fit…


  267. HLR, just think, this is the guy whose hands we’re supposed to want to entrust ourselves? He wins a newspaper’s endorsement with answers like these. No wonder the sheeple are so clueless.

  268. craig crawfod saying Hillary take a little break until tusami elections.. and in this break define BHO instead of letting him define himself..

    and he said peopleare getting really curious in NH,and are taking another look at this guy because all the other states are wondering if he is real.that is 49 more states.

  269. bill clinton and to everyone,
    let’s stop hoping the press will be a little fairer, nicer – not going to happen, there’s a long history of hate on both sides. let’s stop hoping that the media will vet obama, no they won’t, they are in love with him.
    i don’t know how but please let the campaign go back to how interesting hill is as a person, that will bring the horde to her rallies. stop with the policytalk – they already know she’s tops there. speak from the heart, be more natural…speaking slower does n ot do it…makes hill sound like she’s talking to stubborn children, a little bit condescending…

  270. BMerry, this is the kind of thing that make my blood boil. I know it is politics but does it have to be this dirty and dishonest?
    Will mediamatters guys be able to do something about it? May be email/phone cspan will help. I did not see it or hear it so I don’t have the full context.
    Thanks for everything you and others are doing there. I also appreciate your reports.

  271. this guy called he thinks the man BHO is the wizard of oz,but dont pay attention to the guy behind the curtain..lmao good line..

  272. imagine44, I was thinking the same thing. She has nothing more to prove policy-wise. We’ve seen her start loosening up, but that process is an evolution for her because she’s not used to revealing her emotions.

  273. make campaign stops exciting, sell her to the people who buy infotainment instead of gravitas, lure the simpleminds into her campaigns, make them feel fired up…hill lovers are solid, hill haters are also solid, so try and win the “i don’t know”s – the fencesitters and the uninformed who normally would just go with the flow…their kind will follow.
    we will be with you till the end. the blows will hurt, but we will soldier on. hillary, we cry when you cry. but we wipe off the tears, put a smile on and kick ass.

  274. I bet right now, Howard Wolfson and the campaign are polishing their weapons for the days to come. Hillary has THE smartest team on board, let’s not forget that. They’ve been through this before.

  275. skmf, if you are talking about Olbermann, did you see the first 5-10 minutes of the show? That’s when Keith really got ugly.





  277. Couldn’t stand it…turned TV to C-Span. Hillary is feeling the love in the crowd. She needs this!

  278. 1/6/2008
    Former Biden Supporter State Representative Jim Webber Endorses Senator Clinton for President
    MANCHESTER, NH – State Representative Jim Webber (D-Kensington), a former Senator Joe Biden supporter, today announced his endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Rep. Webber is the third New Hampshire state representative to announce his support of Senator Clinton in recent days, following the endorsement of Biden’s former New Hampshire Campaign Chair Representative Jim Ryan and State Representative Bill Hatch.

    “Today, I am proud to announce my support of Hillary Clinton for president. Senator Clinton has the breadth and depth of knowledge on a wide range of issues that will make her an effective president, starting on day one,” Representative Webber said. “At a time when our country faces serious challenges, we need a leader with Hillary’s strength and experience to deliver real change.”

    Representative Jim Webber won his seat in a special election held on July 31st. He has a background in management consulting, with experience in health care, affordable housing, crisis management and economic development. He has degrees in engineering, business and a PhD in organization development.

    “I am honored that Representative Webber is joining our effort,” Senator Clinton said. “His respected voice will be critical in making sure his neighbors on the Seacoast know that if they stand up for me on Tuesday, I will stand up for them every day in the White House and deliver the change this country needs.”

    Former Biden Supporter State Representative Bill Hatch Endorses Senator Clinton for President
    MANCHESTER, NH – MANCHESTER, NH – State Representative Bill Hatch, a former Senator Joe Biden supporter, today announced his endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Rep. Hatch will introduce President Bill Clinton this afternoon when he speaks at Berlin City Hall, just a day after Biden’s former New Hampshire Campaign Chair, Representative Jim Ryan, threw his support behind Hillary.

    “As a representative from Berlin, I am especially sensitive to the struggles of middle class families. Hillary Clinton has strong plans to lower taxes and create new, good jobs that will benefit us all,” said Representative Hatch. “I’m supporting Hillary because she is the most capable of effecting the real change that we so desperately need.”

    Representative Hatch, a retired small business owner and Vietnam veteran, was elected to his seat in 2006. He has been involved in Democratic politics for nearly 40 years and is an active volunteer in his local community.

    “I am honored to have Representative Hatch’s support,” said Senator Clinton. “I will look to him to let his friends and neighbors in the North County know that if they stand with me on January 8, I will stand with them every day in the White House.”

    Building on the momentum from two new endorsement announcements, statewide grassroots activities and a flood of national supporters travelling to local communities, Senator Clinton will continue criss-crossing the Granite State working hard to earn every vote.

  279. Southern Born Says:

    January 7th, 2008 at 9:33 pm
    Couldn’t stand it…turned TV to C-Span. Hillary is feeling the love in the crowd. She needs this!

    your right..
    yep she needed this BAD,they love her, after they have looked at the BHO resume

  280. I watched CNN on and off rom 6pm to a little after 8pm. They ran several alternative packages re Hillary’s ’emotiona’ moment. Seen in context, I think she does come off real and as a person and not a body part or robut. During the round table discussing, Jeffrey Toobin said that John Edwards response was mean and petty. He said that he was amazed at the amount of Clinton hate out there and said that she is a person and a human.

    He thought she looked endearing. Roland ? and Gloria Borger said it came across as real and Ms. Borger said that she (Gloria) was going to play the female card, she talked about double standards that women face when seeking positions of power. She said that they should have let her be herslef earlier.

    John Roberts has an interview with her in the am on CNN regarding this. She came across well. I think I also saw that Fox & Friends will also have her. O’Reilly did 2 sections with her with his body expert on the video of him at her event in which he told someone to ask her a question on Iraq and the ’emotional’ moment. They both agreed that the moment looked to be genuine and real. He said that he believed her. I can’t believe that so far on Faux news they have given her a fair shake. I had MessMSNBC on for 2 mins to see the beginning of Olberman’s diatribe about her MLK response, I switched. It was ridiculous.

    Dick Morris is coming up on Hannity & Colmes, I expect him to skewer her but you never know. This story, believe it or not is driving the media today. She is getting unprecedented coverage and I’m glad that the campaign is making her available to define this moment and put it in context in her own words.

    I’m thinking that this should help her.

  281. A little perspective here. Gore had the media against him dreadfully — but he won the popular vote in November anyway. One thing he did was to BYPASS the media. He went directly to labor unions (talked to the leaders, spoke at rallies), environmental organizations, etc. Gave long talks and detailed proposals for each group’s interests, took their input. And it worked.

    It should be easier now that more of the members of such groups can be reached by web: to support a candidate, the group officials only have to make the decision and send out an emailing, not spend money contacting their members by snail mail or special meetings.

    There hasn’t been time since Iowa for HIllary to do this same sort of thing, and may not be much time before Feb 5. But it’s a strategy available for her in the longer term. And I’m sure Gore’s people will help her set it up, if necessary.

  282. when are the 527’s and Emily’s list going to get loud and vocal…where is the outrage from Emily’s List on the blatant sexism against Hillary…it is time to pull out that female gender card so people really understand what is going on…the male gender card rules the day…this should not be ignored and shoved under the rug…these men (and some women) need to get called on this…point blank…we cannot keep just turning the cheek…wth?

    Tom Watson, Daily Howler, even John Cole, are calling this for what it is BS…and some of the Democratic Progressive men are the biggest offenders, including and especially Obama and that dreadful Edwards…if we are in a fight…then let’s get this stuff all out in the open…these sexist progressive men (and women) should be ashamed of themselves and it is so obvious

    and yes, Keith O and Jack Cafferty are no friends of Hillary…happen to be watching Situation Room when Jack asked question about Hill…I posted a comment and read other comments…the majority, including from men, were in support of Hillary and talked about the double standard, however when Jack went on the air, he choose the five most negative, meanest and insulting responses to air…I sent him a email stating that he is not an honest man and stated why…we have got to keep hitting back…these men ( and women) on tv are beyond the pale…we need something organized and vocal that shows this to people…we cannot let it stand…fairness is part of what we are fighting for…

    and Hillary must get people on these shows to speak on her behalf, she needs male and female representatives that are forceful and young and calling them on some of this…in addition to Ann Lewis
    I am with Hillary 100% and beyond this election…she is a winner and so brave…a 21st century pioneer…

  283. Hillary needs to get there herself go on Letterman, not just a cameo, hit the View and take Matthews up on his offer. She can play Hardball with him and also joke with him getting him to laugh so voters see her for who she is.

  284. Congratulations to the commenter (Birch? LJ?) who suggested Hillary address the college loan issue and issues specifically geared to young people. Someone’s listening.

  285. It is wonderful that I can follow what’s happening on TV on this site since I live in Puerto Rico and don’t have cable. Love this site. I love the running commentary!

  286. Congratulations to the commenter (Birch? LJ?) who suggested Hillary address the college loan issue and issues specifically geared to young people.

    Also gay rights (decisons coming), abortion rights (to be defended). These are serious right now life situations for young people.

    Also I saw a good comment somewhere about the bad economy being a sort of ‘draft’: when young people can’t get jobs or afford college, they have no option but to join the military.

    Someone (perhaps on the GOP debate) had a good idea: a year of public service to pay off one’s college loan.

    Federal scholarships for people studying ‘green’ science would be good too: solar tech etc.

  287. imagine44 Says:

    January 7th, 2008 at 10:06 pm
    “what happens on the road, stays on the road”…
    girl is funny!!!

    our girl is funny i laughed too….she brought new ideas new things with the goverment,everything online that will be cool..of what they are doing for us and our money..

  288. They’ll begin the voting in a couple of hours and by this time tomorrow night we’ll know the final results. We could win. All of the polls and experts and pundits and BM say we’ll lose and lose big. They are wrong more than they are right.

    We will either win or lose the battle, but we will still be in the same war. Whatever the outcome, we will move on to Michigan and Nevada, Tsunami Tuesday and beyond. We will win some and we will lose some, but we will still be in the same war. We will either go to the convention with enough delegates for the nomination, or we will wheel and deal and beg and cajole and arm-twist if we have to, because we will still be in the same war.

    This is a war with dozens of scheduled skirmishes and even more unscheduled, unscripted ones. When we ultimately prevail in the war with Obama, it will still be the same war when we begin the battle with God Knows Who will be the republican nominee. It will be the same war until the final vote is counted in November and God Knows Who concedes and Hillary is President-Elect Clinton.

    “THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.

    -Thomas Paine, The American Crisis

  289. Yes,

    At the rally yesterday a bunch of us wanted to as about student loans and Chelsea made sure her Momma gave us the floor to ask the question. Obama hasn’t said ANYTHING about it, has he?

  290. I wish I had everyone’s optimism, but I feel the tidal wave of BHO and it is going to hit hard tomorrow. It pains me to see the smearing that HRC is taking in the media. Remember more people voted for American Idol than for President in 2004. This is a popularity contest plain and simple and the knuckleheads in Iowa and NH can’t see it. I really believe after this election a campaign should begin to change the primary schedule and take the lead spots from Iowa and NH. I will pray real hard tonight that I am wrong as well as the depressing polls!

  291. Sorry that this is so long, but a worthwhile read:

    Monday, January 07, 2008 / The Hillary Comeback / Posted by: Patrick Ruffini at 10:16 PM

    I’m not saying I buy this entirely, but let me play Devil’s advocate. Even if he wins New Hampshire as he seems certain to, I’m not sure that Obama has much better than even odds for the nomination.

    The key to this analysis lies in the Democratic calendar. From Wednesday morning until February 5th, the Democrats have only two delegate-awarding events: Nevada on January 19th and South Carolina on January 26th. Assume that Obama’s momentum hits its high water mark on Wednesday. He has to keep it up for 27 days under withering assault from the most ruthless political machine in Democratic history. And with an expected win in S.C., Obama can’t squeeze much more juice from the orange for the next four weeks.

    Unlike New Hampshire, Obama simply can’t ride momentum from state-to-state-to-state for the next month. There are 11 days from the New Hampshire primary until the Nevada caucus. Of all the early states, Nevada has been the most Clinton-friendly (though there hasn’t been any polling since early December). Four days before, a full week of settling out from New Hampshire, will be the Las Vegas debate, which will be covered as yet another make-or-break moment. It will happen during a lull in their calendar, so it will leave a bigger mark than New Hampshire’s drive-by debates. And let’s remember that the debates (with one glaring exception) have been Clinton’s strong suit. …

    Nevada is also our first opportunity to see what a non-retail state looks like. It’s off the beaten path out West, so it hasn’t gotten as many visits as South Carolina. The population is highly transient, the core of the Democratic electorate is Vegas hotel workers, they haven’t had an early caucus/primary before, so the citizenry isn’t as inured in 24/7 presidential watching as IA/NH or even SC. Obama won’t be able to just turn on the charm here. Obama is at his height with highbrow voters and African Americans; Nevada has relatively few of each. Without any polling to go on, my instinct says these should be Clinton voters.

    Now, there is a chance Obama could tap into Hispanics, but he’d have to jump over Bill Richardson, who can be expected to run interference for Hillary.

    Why is Nevada important? Because I expect Hillary to make here stand there and practically skip South Carolina. She will have some time to right the ship during the longest pause in the calendar to date, the same way Bush had 18 days to avert disaster in South Carolina. These are naturally her voters. If she loses, we can start to talk about it being over. But not till then.

    Here’s how it could unfold. Hillary loses tomorrow night. Obama jumps out to a respectable 10 point national lead. The Clinton camp announces a big shakeup on Thursday, with an party old poo-bah brought in as “National Chairman” with day-to-day responsibilities. This is coupled with a new aggressiveness, with slashing negative ads that can work in drive-by states but couldn’t work in the living-room type atmosphere in New Hampshire. Hillary commits to a do-or-die strategy in Nevada, with the goal of racking up on one “W” before 2/5. She has a strong debate performance on the 15th. It’s a dead heat going in. Then Clinton narrowly prevails. The press starts writing the “Clinton comeback” and “Obama slips” stories. Obama wins South Carolina by single digits, but Clinton surprises and wins Florida’s beauty contest. Momentum is now back to an even keel and the national numbers are a dead heat. Obama remains strong in the red states and is guaranteed Illinois — but his states will be underrepresented in delegates. Clinton wins New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut — and it all comes down to California. Hillary narrowly wins there. With superdelegates, Clinton now has a not insignificant lead in the delegate count post February 5th.

    If the Democratic calendar were as compressed as the Republican one, or structured like the 2004 calendar with delegate events every week and Kerry emerging to make six Groundhog Day-like victory speeches in a row, Obama could bandwagon. But with the scarcity of events, and a potentially major stumbling block on the 19th, I’m still a little skeptical.

    I will leave with one final thought. It is rare in recent history that primaries are as linear as 2004 or how we expect 2008 to go. Momentum usually shifts (even Kerry had a little hiccup in Wisconsin). Early state shockers that seemed all-important at the time wear out as time goes on. And in Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama faces an opponent with an unusually deep reservoir of political skill and grassroots goodwill. His performances has been soaring at times, but it is also much more uneven. Historically, steady-as-she-goes is what wins primaries, not unevenness. He has had some cringe-inducing moments that displayed his unpreparedness (his terrorism answer in the first debate; his Bhutto reaction). One more and he could instantly validate the central Clinton critique of his candidacy. It seems doubtful that he will not be tested before February 5th, and he has very little margin for error.

    The above is a somewhat old school view of the primary process. It assumes 2008 unfolds somewhat the same as past primaries. But rules work, until all of a sudden they don’t. This could be a precedent-breaking year, like 1964 for the GOP and 1968 for the RFK Democrats. We could see something utterly remarkable happen: the hostile takeover of both parties by rejectionist forces from within, McCain-Huckabee on the Republican side, and Obama’s anti-Clintonism for the Democrats. If it did happen, it would signal that something dramatic has changed.

    But the cynic in me still says we have moments like this just about every four years. Until I’m proven otherwise, I’m not ready to write an obituary for “politics-as-usual” just yet. Hillary is down but not out.

  292. Headline: “Dartmouth Students Walk Out on Bill”

    Reality: about 600 students attended; about a dozen Obama students supporting Obama stopped by and walked out.

    Bottom line: stupid ass reporter

  293. rjk1957 Says:

    January 7th, 2008 at 10:44 pm
    Just heard on CNN James Carville ready to come on board as long as Penn leaves
    ..yep she has been reading again im so glad ,now convince her..she needs him bad ..pen isnt doing something right…carville been here to..44..

    I hope its so true…i hope so to paula…at least carville can get out there for her,

  294. i seen that bmerry..i was gonna post it..but i knew i said he might see it..and you did..thanks for all you do for hillary and all those on her team she needs you guys really really by her side.

  295. If Hillary doesn’t win NH, I would like to see her announce a new contest on Wednesday. She should invite fashion designers to participate in designing a new dress (yes DRESS!) for Hillary to wear at the next Democratic debate. women’s rights since it will be the first time a Dem contender could do so. Then, she will have a Website where citizens can go and vote for which dress they would like to see her wear. In addition, after the debate she will put the dress up on ebay and donate all of the profits to the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation.

    I think that would get a lot of attention and keep it off BHO’s win. Her favorables went up a lot with the song contest.

  296. B.Merryfield, Patrick Ruffini is a right wing Republican but a smart guy. We remember him from his Princeton days. He ran Guiliani’s internet operations but Rudy let him go. We don’t really know why. Giuliani made a big mistake letting Ruffini go.

  297. if u have that carville report post it! she needs him-a gut guy u know. carville is wht this camp needs-but see hillary as u noticed is out there on her own instinct now. she is in the fight of her career. hillary must continue her nh path-peopel respond to emotion. they do. not just a list of plans. she has to do both. I called lots of NH folks tonight-many very pro hillary, very angry at the msm, and emapthetic due to her emotional talk today. many indies wont make a decision until the booth. trying days ahead-but we mst not waiver. she may not win many states at first-but does get a good share of delegates if she runs well enough.

  298. B Merry, that Hollywood article disgusts me. It is amazing to me that American voters are nothing but a bunch of conformists. Followers. Lemmings. That article is further proof. I live in LA, there is a much different story on the ground here than in the movie studios, apparently. Everyone I talk to here LOVES Hillary.

  299. It wasn’t a print report just a passing comment made to Anderson Cooper after he asked what are you hearing from the campaign. Later when then rerun 360 if I am still up, I will get her name.

  300. Okay yall, I haven’t read anythng above about this, but I haven’t read everything, cause i am too tired. But I have been watching the Oklahoma bipartisan meeting and Ithink it is plenty interesting and worthy of some important thought in Hillary’s camp.Clearly this group has some good ideas and suggestions and they may very well influence the the way the campaigns go. I greatly look forward to hearing okie’s responses,.

  301. Interesting article:

    Memo to Hillary: How to Be the Comeback Kid

    Posted January 7, 2008 | 09:21 PM (EST)
    Read More: Hillary California Primary, Hillary Campaign, Hillary New Hampshire, Hillary Super Tuesday, Obama New Hampshire, Breaking Politics News

    stumbleupon :Memo to Hillary: How to Be the Comeback Kid digg: Memo to Hillary: How to Be the Comeback Kid reddit: Memo to Hillary: How to Be the Comeback Kid Memo to Hillary: How to Be the Comeback Kid

    To: Hillary Clinton
    Fr: An Uncommitted Democrat
    RE: What to say tonight when you lose New Hampshire

    * Email
    * Print
    * Comment

    Anyone who said you have to win New Hampshire tonight is an amateur. These have been tough losses, and South Carolina isn’t looking good, but your campaign can still recover. It’s just a matter of math.

    Your advisers made a big mistake after you finished third in Iowa to even frame you as competitive in New Hampshire (or any of these early small states). As likeable as you can be in person, there isn’t enough time now for you to beat Obama in a retail war of political personalities in small states.

    His campaign and the upcoming primary schedule are starting to resemble a basketball game with one hot team on a fast break. It looks like it is getting out of hand, but there is time to regroup. You have to change strategy, but you also have to call time out. You have to stop the momentum.

    Your Waterloo isn’t New Hampshire. Or South Carolina. Or Nevada. It’s California.

    California is where you can change the momentum of this campaign. On Super Tuesday, you’ll win New York, and he’ll win Illinois. California is up for grabs. It’s the richest state in terms of delegates, and it’s the cornerstone of any viable Democrat’s general election strategy.

    So, tonight, when you lose New Hampshire, call time out. Launch the California campaign. You can steal the spotlight from Obama and effectively negate the impact of further losses in South Carolina and Nevada if you publicly change strategy. (You’ll get the coverage, because the press will eat that up.)

    But the announcement has to be bold. So, here is my suggestion. Tell voters four specific things you will change in America during the first 100 days of your presidency. Then challenge Obama to do the same.

    You aren’t going to regain the momentum by waiting for him to make some patronizing gaffe like saying, “You’re likable enough Hillary.” You won’t regain the momentum because Drudge and the Huffington Post report your eyes got misty. You won’t regain the momentum because the former president takes a call from you in the middle of a speech and ends the conversation with “I love you.”

    The momentum is going to change when you take the offensive and change your message. The issues don’t have to change, just the frame.

    First and foremost STOP TALKING ABOUT THE PAST 35 YEARS, because nobody believes there has been a lot of change during that time. The past 35 years have been Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush. Tell yourself that your whole campaign depends on you never ever mentioning the number 35 again.

    Instead, make your magic numbers 4 and 100. It’s even fine to come out and say that.

    Pick four specific things you are going to do for Americans during your first 100 days if they elect you, and hammer those promises home on television and in every personal appearance you make. Don’t talk about anything else.

    I don’t know what they are. I don’t have the research. But you know that people are starting to prepare their income tax returns. So, you might consider piggybacking on that.

    Here are some ideas:

    * Make 100 percent of health care expenses deductible for the next three years or until Congress passed health care reform that you could sign.
    * Seal the interest rates on federally insured college loans at 3 percent for the next six years.
    * Direct Gen. Petraeus to present you with a specific plan that would begin the immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq, and that you would tell Americans as much as you can about that plan without jeopardizing the safety of any of our armed forces.
    * Then, challenge Obama to tell Americans his four things. Get him off the platitudes and vague notion of this “change” that he is going implement by inviting everyone to come together. Make him offer four concrete things he will do in his first 100 days.

    Then, you two square off in debates and with television ads on what is realistic and on who is promising something he/she can’t deliver. We want to hear that, and you have a chance at winning that dialogue. That is where your 35 years in government is your strength. He is going to make a mistake, because you do know the process better.

    But you need to stop talking about the past and start talking about the future. Remember the math. Go to California, ditch the number 35 and build your strategy around the numbers 4 and 100.

    And tell us that tonight when you lose in New Hampshire. That is how you will turn this campaign around. That is what the country wants to hear.

    * Email

  302. wowwww.. GREAT CROWD.. I think we will be atleast competitive in NH. having said that, here is the video of the iron my shirt freak.

  303. I like some of the concepts in the above article. I like the idea of doing something bold like challenging BHO on providing substance instead of empty rhetoric. And doing in such a public way would cause shockwaves.

  304. B Merryfield,

    Even Bill O’Reily seemd to be a little more favorable to Hillary tonight. At least he didn’t join in on the Hillary bashing that MSNBC was doing all day

  305. I did not check the comments to see if this has been mentioned yet but–READ GLORIA STEINEM’S PIECE IN THE NEW YORK TIMES. IT IS INCREDIBLE!

  306. have not read all the comments, but what about Hillary stating and asking

    “If Obama is more than words and a man of action, why has he not held one hearing as the Chairman of the Subcommittee on European Affairs?” not one hearing, sounds very passive and inactive to me…what results has he produced?

  307. tiburones Says:

    January 7th, 2008 at 11:15 pm
    Interesting article:

    Memo to Hillary: How to Be the Comeback Kid
    this person is probably right 35 ditch it..yep 100 days in office..challange him ..shed win..

    carl berstein said hes needs to be vetted all of them.examined…


    I think she will be close..tommorrow…

    GO Hillary Go Hillary!!!

  308. Admin, I strongly urge you to start off the next post quoting Gloria Steinem (it made me tear up a little):

    “I’m supporting her (Hillary Clinton) because she’ll be a great president and because she’s a woman.”

  309. The female reporter on Andersons’ 360 was Jennifer Donohue. I don’t think she is a reporter. I’ve seen her before. I think she is a strategist or some type of expert. She has been very fair, and supportive of Hillary in the pass and tonight. Cal Bernstein straddled the fence about Hillary’s moment but he always seem to be one pack short of Dick Morris. David Gergen said that he has been around Hillary a long time and seen her in touch situations before and that was real.

    It seems that they are getting alot of information and unsolicited advice on how to right her campaign. This is good as many seem to be rooting for her.
    It’s in no one’s interest for this process to end prematurely. Gergen and finally Berstein came along and said that Barack should be vetted. Gergen said that the voters deserve to hear more abut Obama and have more information about him.

    and finnal


  310. Yes, Gloria Steinam is a must read in the NYTimes (Jan 8). Hope the NH voters read some of this before they vote.

  311. WHATEVER to Dixville – very telling name for that town, when ALL THE MEN get the vote. More women need to speak up – more celeb women need to speak up – the treatment by the press is appalling. Where are the Women of the View to say, this is an insane level of sexism in the press. Thanks for sending us to the Gloria Steinem piece.

    Glad to hear about 4,000 people at Hillary’s rally – fantastic; Obama needs to make one gaffe about foreign policy when the next crises happens in the world – that Pakistan mistep he made over the summer, that will return in spades when the Republicans start thinking of him as frontrunner. Hillary should play it low-key because soon people will turn to her and her competence.

  312. In the article from the link tiburones provided above, it talks about the fact that BHO’s church has a website, and on this website, there is the following feature:

    “Bad Girls of the Bible: Exploring Women of Questionable Virtue”

    Do we even have to comment further?

  313. Just for info..I believe CNN and Fox both said Dixville Notch has never been correct in predicting an election.


    Morale is to all other factors as four is to one. Tonight we have troops in the field. Tomorrow we do battle. Keep the faith.

    Suppose you are someone who is committed to the people of this country, someone who has worked for positive change all your life, someone who wants to be President to help solve the potentially catastrophic problems facing our nation. Suppose further that Big Media has decided for its own selfish reasons to attack you on every front from your gender to your appearance, to distort the policy positions you have advocated on behalf of the country, and to shamelessly promote a competing candidate who is all smoke and mirrors as the candidate of change. And suppose that some of your supporters are now worrying about the zeitgeist and wondering what you can do to alter this negative paradigm in the limited time left.

    That is the position Hillary finds herself in today. Until now, she has chosen to focus on the campaign, the debates and reaching out to the American people. She has stepped back from the media, and let others point out their obvious flaws. But as Professor Jameson has pointed out, much of the attack against her is sexist, as Washington Post Reporter Dana Milbank stated “the press will savage her no matter what”, and as an Arbitrator friend of mine commented this morning “the press is crucifying this woman”. Do the names Russert and Matthews ring a bell? MSNBC misogynists.

    From what I can tell, the answer Hillary has come up with is a new policy of engagement vis a vis the press. It is the policy that certain advisors, i.e. Grunwald, Ickes have been advocating for some time. Here are some of its elements, as I perceive them:

    First, challenge the press to vet all the candidates: during the debate, Hillary told the public that she had no objection to being scrutinized by the press herself, but the same level of scrutiny should also be directed to the remaining candidates as well. (Q: isn’t this their job?).

    Second, show the press how this can be done: during the debate, Hillary showed them how to cross examine the other candidates, so the public knows who they are and whether what they say is true. (Q: why have they failed to do this on their own volition?)

    -When Edwards misrepresented himself and Obama as the candidates of change, and Hillary as the status quo, she took him to task. She pointed out that he and Obama merely talk about change, whereas she has delivered it over 35 years, and cited examples beneficial to N.H.

    -When Obama sat there silent with his head down listening intently as Edwards deliver the previously agreed to script that the two of them represent change, she pointed out the game they are playing so it could not be missed by the unwary or the calculating.

    -When Edwards cited his work on The Patient Bill of Rights as a significant accomplishment during his single term in the Senate she reminded him and informed the audience that that bill was never passed into law, and that is what candidates need to accomplish.

    -When Obama piously intoned against the culture of corruption in Washington and the need to drive the lobbyists out of town with a pitch fork, she informed the public that Obama’s chief strategist in New Hampshire is a Washington lobbyist, causing him to drop his head.

    Third, hold press conferences to expand this discussion: after the debate, she spoon fed the press other examples of the faux change paradigm of the Obama candidacy which their own due diligence had somehow failed managed to ignore. (Q: why should they so lazy that they need to be spoon-fed?).

    -After Obama piously intoned against a poll driven presidency as something he would eliminate—an obvious reference to the Clinton presidency, she pointed out that Obama has four media consultants in on his staff at the present time once again the utter hypocrisy of his claims which the media has covered up.

    Fourth, seek a truce with Big Media : during that same press conference she stated that Big Media had the right to cover her however they saw fit, and distanced herself from the comments made by her husband, that she is being treated most unfairly.

    Question: will this new media strategy work? it very well might for a number of reasons:

    -First, Hillary has taken control of the situation, and that is always a good sign. There is no better leader in a tough situation than her. Now she can provide the public with the information which the press itself is too lazy or too corrupt to ferret out.

    -Second, people with a fundamental sense of decency will see the human side of this as she talks about the strain she is under, fights on for the American People and bids her supporters to keep the faith.

    -Third, women may yet recognize the misogynistic attacks by people like “Bully Boy” Russert and “Night Stalker” Matthews for what they truly are, and say to themselves “there but for the Grace of God goeth I” in my own life. If she can’t break through then no woman will.

    Lets get past tomorrow, and let the real vetting begin.

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