Hillary Clinton Actions Vs. Barack Obama Words

[CNN will rebroadcast Saturday’s ABC debates tonight at 7:00 p.m. (ET)]

A few days ago we wrote False, vain hopes, espoused by Obama must be countered by Hillary with the real life hard work that creates hope. With Hillary you get: Real Hope, not Vain Hope – Real Change, not Small Change.

At Saturday night’s debate Hllary directly took on Obama’s false hopes and small change – and lies. Today, Hillary expanded on her comments.

If you give a speech saying you’ll vote againt the Patriot Act and you don’t, that’s not change.

if you say you’re going to prevent members of congress to have lunch with lobbyists sitting down, but they can still have lunch standing up, that’s not change.

If you say you passed the Patients Bill of Rights, but you don’t mention it never got signed into law, that’s not change.

If you rail against the special intersts…but you voted for Dick Cheney’s energy bill, that’s not change

If you gave a speech — and a very good speech — against the war in Iraq in 2002 and then by 2004 you’re saying you’re not sure how you would have voted, and by 2005 six and seven you’ve voted for $300 billion for the war you said you’re against, that’s not change.

She contrasted that her accomplishments she said had affected people, taking credit for the children’s health funding known as SCHIP and for getting healthcare for guard members and reservists, among other things.

And she quoted Mario Cuomo: “You campaign in poetry but you govern in prose.”

That’s the debate in New Hampshire – Action vs. Words.

Hillary Clinton Action vs. Barack Obama words. A doer versus a talker.

As common wisdom has it: Actions speak louder than words. Talk is cheap.


236 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Actions Vs. Barack Obama Words

  1. Hey folks, I was just so proud of Hillary last night. Based on everything I know: that is who she is folks. She knows her facts. She knows what she has done. She knows what others have and haven’t done. She knows what she wants to do for this country. She is very knowledgeable. And very determined. Good to hear, B Merry, that people do hear and see that difference. I talked to a handful of people today…one from Chicago, some from the midwest, some from the Northwest. All were in agreement. That was a grand, a stellar debate last night on Hillary’s part. Pundits will be pundits. Voters have an obligation if they wish to be informed voters to see for themselves and make up our own minds. Talk to people, if you possibly can, yall, and listen to them. Hear them out and then let them know why you believe HIllary is the best person for the job. Your stories can move mountains.

  2. Sorry to post off topic, but Politico (hi ben (to copy B Merry)) has this exchange with the Senator and sir Stewie.

    Hillary’s new willingness to answer questions was extended to the press today, as she held a 17-plus minute avail in Nassau, sparring briefly with a leading media antagonist, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.

    The new openness is an element of her message, but it’s also a dramatic change for reporters from covering the repetitive Iowa campaign on which she rarely answered reporters’ questions, and seems to be part of a strategy aimed at giving her room to come back.

    She pressed her criticism of Obama as all talk, and responded to Obama’s promise to move away from the poll-tested politics of the past.

    “Senator Obama has four pollsters, if i’m not mistaken,” she said. (Harstadt, Benenson, Belcher, and Binder, if you’re counting.)

    And some faint praise: “I applaud his extraordinary ability to give a speech that leaves people inspired,” she said.

    But the subtext of the press conference was repairing Clinton’s relationship with the press, which some Clinton aides have been hinting they’d like to improve.

    “I would never ever accuse the media of anything. I wouldn’t even think it,” she said in response to a question about Bill’s complaints. “I don’t share that. I mean look, this is a decision for all of you to make. You decide who you’re going to cover, how you’re going to cover us, and what you’re going to say.”

    “Please come on my show,” Matthews said.

    “Yeah, right,” said Clinton. “I don’t know what to do with men who are obsessed with me. Honestly, I’ve never understood it.”

    Clinton also took a question of whether the cross on her bracelet had any “religious significance,” which prompted an eye roll.

    “Talk about the secular press.”

    Then she headed off to do some network interviews, including one with Access Hollywood.

  3. What befuddles me is that John (I don’t take money from special interests) Edwards and BHO can belittle our candidate, but when she questions one of their positions, she is “too negative”. Maybe she should play the “gender card”….that is real change. (BTW, aren’t trial lawyers special interests?)

  4. Is anyone, anywhere, vetting, “Dreams from My Father”, and tracking down the real people who OB turned into, “composites” (Who does that in their AUTOBIOGRAPHY anyway) or the many stories that been taken at face value? Who were his associates during his drug days and why have we never had any of them dredged up? Is BM waiting for the republicans to do it? It is going to happen sometime between now and November, let it be now.

    He’s (just like) as dangerous as Bush. He hasn’t been properly scrutinized or vetted by the press. His autobio has not been checked for veracity or accuracy. His records while in the State senate remain a mystery. His unusual family history will be fertile ground for the republicans;

    “Yet there are details in Obama’s life that have yet to be subjected to full scrutiny. It may not be the information itself that matters, according to Galston, but “how Obama talks about the facts as they emerge and handles questions and controversies.”

    The Chicago Sun-Times columnist Lynn Sweet was the first to spot in 2004, when Obama burst on the national stage at the Democratic party convention, that his memoir,Dreams from My Father, contained “composite” characters and changed names.

    “Except for public figures and his family, it is impossible to know who is real and who is not,” she pointed out.

    Obama admitted as much in his introduction, saying he had altered characters “for the sake of their privacy.” As with the revelation that he took cocaine in his youth, he appears to have been candid about potential areas of controversy.

    Obama’s African family is particularly complicated. By his own account, his father never really left Kezia, his first wife, in Kenya. She bore Obama Sr two children, Roy and Auma, who now works in social services in Berkshire.

    They were separated, Obama’s mother claimed, but “it was a village wedding and there was no document that could suggest a divorce”.

    His own father and mother’s wedding in Hawaii may not have been properly documented either. “How and when the marriage occurred remains a bit murky, a bill of particulars that I have never quite had the courage to explore,” Obama writes in his memoir.

    After his father left Ann and two-year-old Barack to study at Harvard, he went to Africa with another American woman, Ruth, who became his third wife. She bore him two sons in Kenya, one of whom died in a motorcycle accident, but Obama Sr continued to see Kezia.

    “Traditionally, she was still his wife,” a relative explained. Kezia went on to bear two more sons, Abo and Bernard. Although their paternity is disputed by some relatives, Obama Sr regarded them as his own. Later in life, he fathered another son, George, by a young Kenyan woman.

    After his parents split up, Obama saw his father only once before learning that he had died in a car crash in Kenya in 1982.

    Obama’s eldest brother Roy moved to America and went on to convert to Islam.
    Obama, in contrast, became a committed Christian while he was working as a community activist in Chicago. Last week he denounced the reports that he was educated in a madrasah as a “ludicrous” smear.”


    The republicans turned a war hero into a liar, a coward and a traitor. What would they do to a too-liberal, state senator of mixed heritage who, “lied”, about people in his own biography and seems to have only a passing acquaintance with the truth? What would they do with the line about the fact that OB only, “became a committed Christian while he was working as a community activist in Chicago.” What was he before then? An ATHEIST, like his Mom? The RNC, with FIFTY MILLION dollars to spend on trashing the democratic nominee, must be salivating at the thought.

  5. glad, the mood here in my part of NH is all business. We have the greatest bunch of campaign managers and I have no idea how many volunteers have roled in from out of state. My office has branched out into larger spaces to mobilize the canvassers and another influx of phone bankers is due tomorrow. There are Hillary signs everywhere you look (those other signs not so much). The energy is high and everyone is very focused on getting the job done.

  6. awesome bmerry.. thats what I wanted to hear.. the rest is all garbage nonsense.. its all about momentum and GOTV.. cnn/wmur poll of NH is troubling with BHO 10 points ahead.. but I hope it aint true and Hill can make a comeback!

  7. cnn wmur:

    obama 39
    hillary 29
    edwards 16

    he got 3 points from hill and 4 points from JRE. I hope the debate did something to quell his surge. these poll numbers are pre-debate though..

  8. STunning to me that Obama’s lie in the debate (that his campaign director is NOT a lobbyist, when in fact he is) is not getting the proper scrutiny from Big Media.

  9. BV, yet Hillary talked around the drivers license issue (didn’t even lie), and it was the nonstop topic for a week.

  10. I don’t even know what to say about the new CNN poll. Yesterday they were tied, today BHO is 10 points ahead. All this because of the results of Iowa? It’s just not fair at all. I am praying she is able to pull of NH.

  11. alright buckle up for the long haul even if the cnn poll is disheartening…i seriously hope that Obama’s sudden front-runner status will make the media take a second look at him because right now they WON’T FOCUS on Obama’s record, his hypocrisy and his outright lies, because the story right now, is he is beating Clinton.

  12. I will admit this – Mike Henry was prescient (Ann Seltzer, if the ARG analysis of DMR poll is right, not so much)

  13. morning…

    oh im sorry, i seem to be missing some time here. cant wait for the elections to be over so i can start getting some sleep…
    law school,
    , so happy you posted that, i really really think its a good move on her part…

    saw snippits of hillary on the trail today, she is ‘ROCKING IT’…
    i guess last night was liberating for HILL, she’s been let out of the box !
    WATCH OUT!!!

    shes moving in a ‘NEW DIRECTION, and she’s making PROGRESS, and now she’s getting some MOVEMENT…


  14. admin, I just sent you an email.

    Ok, Hillfans, here’s the deal.

    The very competent Hillary campaign managers I’m working with put it this way — there’ll be ups and there’ll be downs. Get used to it and get over it. If you can’t take the good days with the not so good days, you need to find something else to do and somewhere else to spend you time. This is the first primary after the first caucus and we have a long way to go between now and Feb 5th. Once we get to that point, well, then, it’ll probably be a much bumpier road from that point on. Politics is not for the faint of heart and nervous Nellies. If this makes you want to grab the tequila or valium, what are you going to do when we’re nose-to-nose with the Repug nominee? Better lay in a big supply because you’re gonna need it.

    rant for the day

  15. Just in:

    Rally with Hillary and Bill Clinton in Manchester
    Monday, January 7, 2008 at 8:30 PM – 10:30 PM

    Executive Health and Sports Center
    1 Highlander Way
    Manchester, NH 03103
    General Area: Court Complex

    Senator Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton will be in Manchester for the final rally before Tuesday’s first-in-the-nation primary. It’s time to pick a president, New Hampshire!

    New Hampshire for Hillary

  16. Mark Penn is a brilliant behind-the-scenes strategist, but he loses his cool in public and oftentimes mouths off without thinking. His noisy press release from yesterday, asking where Obama’s bounce was, has been answered today by the CNN poll. The Clinton team needs a better public face — a Carville type, who can get on television and make the case for Hillary effectively.

  17. B Merryfield, you seem to be the voice of reason for me but when you see poll numbers from a reliable pollster, it is very disheartening. I read so many good articles today about the atmosphere on Hillary’s campaign trail today but then I see a poll numbers and I get disheartened again. How do you stop this momentum of OB? I just feel like tearing my hair out because I don’t feel he is the right person for the job and many refuse to see that. I just hope that the people of NH wake up before now and Tuesday because this is just wrong.

  18. We can turn our collective ear to the rerun of last night’s debate and find that JE “quiet” comment directed at Hillary.

    When you spot it, please shout out.


    What did you think of Boran’s remarks re “the meeting” just ended on CNN?

  19. well, I will just say that i was in NH this weekend working with the people here and it was a great experience. We did an excellent job canvasing and at the rally today there were about 3,000 people. We were out in front cheering and screaming. The passion was high. There were so many signs on the lawns, and she rocked the house and was her usual amazing and thorough self. We feel really good and I think she will have a great showing in the primary on Tuesday. Her team is dedicated, organized, and uplifting. I am also in this for the long haul. Nothing will stop me from recognizing just how smart, together and powerful she is. I also want to say that there are just as many men as woman working on her campaign. Black, white, Asian, gay, latin, straight, transgendered, young, old.. All walks of life. I think she is the true uniter.

  20. psymac.. agree with you.. only thing is there isnt much time for it to come down :).. I hope GOTV is good in NH for team hillary. I am positive she will win in NH irrespective of polls. arg showed her 13 points ahead 4 days before Iowa polls. so its all nonsense UNLESS the day of voting really comes!

  21. What LJ says: my first meeting of the hillary organization…a training in a big city…looked like a rainbow. Our small group had men, women, young people, middle aged. One person was from Somalia originally, another from Japan, one Native American, a young women who confessed to being a republican.. That gal really got to me. She said, I have a young son. I want a PResident who will care more about seeing my son grow up than going off to get killed over seas. That experience was incredible.

  22. Thanks to all the volunteers working for Hillary out in NH. You guys are fighting a good cause and should be comended. We are all pulling for Hillary in NH and beyond.

  23. Politics just aint for the faint o’ heart y’all. But Hillary can handle anything. We just got to try and stay steady. I am sayin’ this as much to me as to anybody. But try not to let your moods go up and down with the polls, cause that can happen. We thought we were toast in New Hampshire in 1992 with Bill Clinton, or at least I thought we were toast. Coming in second was great. Super duper Tuesday is a ways off yet. In politics, polls can turn on a dime. The world can change in mere seconds. The only thing to do is stay on message and keep working.

  24. I am big Hillary supporter! I think, however, that she will lose NH because of independents! Her goal should be to focus on states that have closed primaries where indies and repubs can’t sway the vote. She will win Nevada, Michigan, Florida, and California!

  25. B Merry, I agree with you. This whole idea that in a country of 300 million 2 small states can dictates the outcome of an election is laughable. This is very irrational behavior brought upon by the idiotic media. Somebody has to put a stop to this behavior where people act like lemmings (I know it is a myth). This whole idea that Obama by virtue of winning primary in his neighboring state should be anointed president makes no sense. Let us say NJ had the first primary or caucus and Hillary won it should she be made the president because of “Big MO”? Make no sense does it. I fact NJ would be more representative of this country.

    Hillary you go to the convention girl !! We are with you all the way!!!

    We are going to dig in and never retreat!!!

  26. emjay,

    was that the same ‘meeting’ they were just talking about on cspan?
    the one with bloomberg and the bi partisan group?

  27. I just want to say on this thread, thanks LJ and Sherm and everyone else who has been telling us to get into the communication channels that young people are using. Thanks for the input and for your patience telling us over and over till we get it.

    I just clicked a ‘digg it’ button at taylormarsh.com and was taken to digg, a clean well-designed site. Registering there was as easy or easier than at most places I comment. They are doing a good job, and they’re a good site we should be using.

    For those of us from the 60s, imagine people who didn’t have TV and didn’t know the whole world was watching. More recently it’s been people who don’t have internet and email and blogs who have been left out. Now it’s us who don’t have Digg and whatever else the new things are.

    Those are just channels of information, anyone can post any information. It’s like TV or internet: hardware. No one faction controls it.

    (A little more detail from some of you young guys might be helpful….)

  28. Is Hillary advertising in any gay media? We have talked about why she should have the gay community’s support numerous times on here.

    Something interesting a gay freind pointed out to me was that it is very easy to pick out the gay male supporters in her crowd. He thinks that a lot of gay males connect with the idea of a female president because smart, heterosexual females “are always the ones to have our backs.”

    Gay.com was explicitly mentioned as an outlet. That Website has active chat features based on geographical areas. So, it would be easy to signup and discuss the facts with gay NHsherites. Perhaps, motivate people to go out and vote and to get their friends to join them. PFLAG was also mentioned as an organization to reach out to.

  29. I think Mark Penn or whomever should come out with a press release stating that Obama is winning because he’s being chosen by independents and republicans and not democrats!

  30. hey, i dig the hell out of all of you,
    but why cant we be like they are at taylor and tennessee gorilla woman?
    what do i mean?

    i mean, they are about facts, they are all business…
    they dont spend every other minute critiqueing each others comments…
    i love this site for hillary, and this is my preference…
    but frankly it is annoying, when someone says something, everybody
    jumps on them for being negative or whatever…
    this is a democracy people …!
    if you dont like something someone is saying, DISCUSS…

    we all love hillary, sometimes we’re up, sometimes we’re down…
    what the F*-K happened to supportive?

    remember the other day when we all called out ideas for hillary?
    sometimes good constructive disagreements, and problem solving, happens at the worst of times…


  31. Kentucky – the gay/lesbian or LGBT contingent is very strongly behind Hillary. I know, I work for LGBT rights every day. The national statistic is something extraordinarily high like nearly 70% of gay/lesbians support Hillary – I’m pretty confident that that Community will support but there’s a generational difference probably no matter what community. Some LGBT people I’ve spoken to are angry at the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the Defense of Marriage Act signed by Bill Clinton and therefore do not trust Hillary Clinton; however, Obama and Edwards are unknown quantities, and having that homophobe on tour with Obama certainly can’t give the LGBT community any comfort in Obama. But the LGBT community is helping – at her campaign headquarters where I live, many many LGBT people are there, helping, working, volunteering. Believe me. I don’t think that is a community that needs to turn out the vote…they are there in wait for her.

  32. 1950 Democrat said:

    “(A little more detail from some of you young guys might be helpful….)”

    Join Myspace and Facebook and become Hillary’s friend. I’m already her friend. If we could start a campaign to up her numbers on those Website and it got some media attention, that could lead to some big Mo among young people.

  33. I would love to go to an HRC ralley and hear the song “A little less talk, a lot more action” blaring over the speakers. . .

    Maybe it won’t happen, but wouldn’t it be cool?

  34. One post-NH problem to ponder is that if/when this race turns into a grueling marathon towards February 5 any vetting of The Anointed One that must take place will be the sole responsibility of either Hillary’s campaign or some independent group or organization working towards our common best. Everybody else will fail their responsibility.

    Mainstream media will never vet him as long as there is one competitive primary race left. They hate Hillary too much and love their own saga of The Anointed One. If he however should get the nomination (God forbid!) then of course the msm will throw themselves, like so many dogs, at the juicy bones that the Rethugs will supply.

    The left wing bloggers who pretend to love the Democratic Party and pretend to champion progressive causes will never vet him as long as there is one competitive primary race left. They are too caught up in their own political naïveté, their lack of historical knowledge and their pipe dreams of Rethugs and Indies flocking to worship at the church of The Anointed One.

    The Rethugs will never vet him as long as there is one competitive primary race left. They slobber at the mere thought of running against The Anointed One. Every juicy piece of info, every inconsistency, every stutter, every blank in his life story, every missed vote, every made up moment in his “Autobiography” – all this lies at their feet ready to use at a moment’s notice, not too soon but also not to late to completely cream him well before November.

    The Anointed One is a danger to the Democratic Party and to its prospects of victory in November. Sooner or later before February 5 it will probably prove necessary to turn up the heat rather considerably on him. While this will cause an outcry from msm outlets, from the bloggers and even from the Rethugs (yes, they hate the idea of running against Hillary – the only Democrat who is practically immune to their lies and general BS) it will be a necessary public service to the American people and the Democratic Party.


    okay, lets have some truth here…
    people here told us to go out and download software for viral videos, well i did it, cause i so wanted to make some videos… well guess what?
    i couldnt figure it out (ELDERLY DONT YOU KNOW…).

    than yesterday everyone said sign up for facebook, so i did…
    now what the hell do i do with it?

    we all know basic online stuff, but for us BC people (Before Christ),
    we need some tutorials from you guys on what we are looking for and how to get there?

    there is still time to get us up and running before feb 5, can you or admin do a tutorial?

    we all have the will, we just need to be shown the way….

  36. Is there really a CNN.comLIVE site? Whenever I go there, except once about a month ago, it says “Live Video is currently unavailable…”and directs me to check out an on-demand video.

  37. OH P.S.,



  38. Nice Hillary salute by a college professor who also give insight on his students in regards to the election. This is from the comments section of Mark Ambinder’s column. He is responding to a previous post..

    …..”I agree with you wholeheartedly about the pundit shows, they are a waste of air time. All of them were discussing how Edwards had a good night. I think Edwards demonstrated that he has a limited amount of material to discuss. Anyone who listened to his Iowa speech, could follow the script. When he could not re-direct the question to the issue of corporate greed, he would jump on the Obama “change train”. I wondered if the pundits were watching the same debate I was.

    I have to say, though, that Hillary Clinton does not strike me as a phony. I think she has demonstrated a long history of trying to promote positive change, and she has graciously endured a level of scrutiny and criticism that Obama cannot even imagine. The idea that she is continuing in public service demonstrates to me that she is a dedicated and inspired individual. Obama is a very inspiring person, but I think he may be a bit naive about how hard it will be to promote the kind of change he is promising. There is a lack of specificity in his speeches, in the debates and on his website about how exactly he would implement this change. Perhaps this is where experience plays a role? I don’t think this is an issue with Hillary. She has often been criticized (if you can believe this) of being too specific. I would also remind you that there were many who called Al Gore “slick” and a “phony”. I think he has proven himself pretty dedicated.

    I can also give some insight about the “young” vote. I am a 33 year old college professor, still young enough to identify somewhat with my students! 🙂 Obama has generated interest among my students, but when pressed to discuss the different candidates positions on specific issues, most of my students are not very informed. Very few of them are actually visiting websites or watching debates. Obama is cool and fresh, and the specifics don’t matter. I think this is why you find Hillary leading in the older demographic. Adults who have to pay mortgages and health insurance premiums want to hear specific plans. I want someone with experience whose resolve has been tested. Someone who is not afraid to give a sober assessment of the difficulties ahead, despite the fact that some use it as an opportunity to brand her as someone without vision or optimism. I think Obama has a lot of promise, but he is not there yet. “

  39. I’ve been lurking for a while and I have to say that I love this site. Having said that, I’m a political junkie and the way I see it, either Hillary will get the nomination or not. She has up to Feb 5 to demonstrate why she deserves it.

    It has been proven that the MSM will not vet Obama so she has to bypass them and take her case to the people. Having said that, this is what I see coming our way:

    1. Hillary will lose the NH primary, that is just a fact and her team knows it. With only 5 days there was nothing much that she can do. She has several things working against her, the biased media, time, and this wave of ‘rock star’ aura that he is riding. She also has this unavoidable fact, NH has up to 40% of all their registered voters as independents. They have been trending to Obama as the Repubs. field is not a strong one. The only variable of concern to me is by how much she will lose. I’m praying that it is not a blowout. It seems clear to me that Edwards voters (some) will peel away and go to Obama.

    Right now, Penn shouldn’t be fired but relegated to some invisible spot. She has already made some changes to her campaign and with so little time that is all that she could have done. For the faint of heart, don’t go to Drudge site or listen to talk radio tomorrow. I can tell you that they are leading with stories that she bussed in supporters today etc.

    I have ceded SC as she won’t win there. REgarding Nevada, unfortunately that is a caucaus state. I’m not sure how independents work in that state. I don’t think that the Culinary union will support her, they won’t announce until after NH primary. Being a realist, I hesitantly cede this state.

    If I were on Clinton’s team, I would start focusing on Florida. She is up by 24%s. I’m sure by the time Nevada comes around it may be a smaller lead. However, that is her firewall. I would be working to shore that up to make sure that her lead isn’t decimated to single digits by the time of Jan 29. Even though technically the delegates aren’t up for graps(I do think that eventually they will be seated), a win there would give her some positive press and room to lead into SuperTuesday on Feb5.

    Go for blocks of voters. The Hispanic vote is a viable vote. Obama said that he would talk directly to Castro. Cubans won’t like that stand and won’t forget it. Court them. Older Jewish women/ and men are notoriously reliable and can be counted on to turn out and vote. They are awash in Palm Beach County, Boca Raton, North Miami and Broward. Court them.

    Unfortuanately, I cede the Black youth to him and maybe also the overall vote there. The Historically Black Colleges are known to be organizers and can be depended on. They will vote for him. Tampa,Orlando, Jacksonville and Tallahassee(basically Central, NE and Nw Florida are very conservative). She can do well here. Focus on Florida.

    Michicgan delegates should help as she is the only one on the ballot. It will be interesting to see how the Hispanic vote in Nevada will go. However, he has shown that he can convincingly win in lilly white states so I am tentatively cedeing that state.

    The MSM won’t and don’t want to vet him. I don’t understand in whose interest is it to declare a Democratic Nominee after 2-4 states out of 50.

    Prepare for her to be skewered again in the press this week. They will pronouce him the Son of God himself.

    she has no other choice but to go negative and draw contrasts. Use those 527s.. Utilize the local media, the MSM won’t do it. She has to maintain and win Florida. That is the prize as they have much more delegates and is a more representative state. I don’t believe that Independents can vote at the Dem Primary, not sure but I don’t think so and I don’t believe that you can change party affiliation the same day.
    think that BMerryfield is correct, buckle up and prepare for a very, very, bumpy ride. I think that Obama is a bit smug and cocky and that is when people trip up.
    I do fear that Edwards people could abandon him and g

    Io wholesae to Obama giving him an enormous lead to gloat on. However, we have 1 month to start to get things done. I expect that they will save their resources for mostly Florida. However, they really need to start running those contrast ads in Nevada now!

  40. think that BMerryfield is correct, buckle up and prepare for a very, very, bumpy ride. I think that Obama is a bit smug and cocky and that is when people trip up.
    I do fear that Edwards people could abandon him and g

    Io wholesae to Obama giving him an enormous lead to gloat on. However, we have 1 month to start to get things done. I expect that they will save their resources for mostly Florida. However, they really need to start running those contrast ads in Nevada now!

  41. skmf12

    just saw your ?

    answer is yes

    okieatty had a fascinating article she wrote in here, with several additional notes, about Boren, currently the pres of the uniniversity in Norman OK. She knew a lot about him and is going to go to the public part of the conference and give us a first-hand report, I hope.

  42. Hey Folks, I am gonna talk to a friend of mine about making a video to upload to U tube. I got some youngins we can call on perhaps. Let me do some diggin’ but in the meantime yall check out some young folks. a young person told me recently to get a place on MYSPACE…she runs a business and advertises there and it has been great. So we’ll give it a whirl. I don’t understand the culture of myspace, etc., but I am willin’ to learn. Why the hell couldn’t I have waited a few years to retire from teaching!

  43. Obama, What Drugs Are You Using?
    By Larry Johnson on January 6, 2008 at 6:03 PM in Current Affairs

    It has to be drugs. How else do we explain Senator Obama decrying the influence of lobbyists–health care lobbyists in particular–and then putting one of those very lobbyists in as his New Hampshire campaign chair? Are all Obama supporters just a bunch of Jim Jones kool aid drinkers or does this blatant hypocrisy cause you to question the commitment of Senator Obama to produce real change in Washington?

  44. they have to get a carville who will go out on every talk show and set them turds straight. surely this is possible. people are going to be afraid to vote for her if they do not get somebody out there soon, i would even consider letting bill do it …

    after you here so much negative stuff you begin to somehow think everyone can not be wrong,

    her campaign has to vet her own truths and vet obama themselves

    obama is a serious threat to this country

  45. I’m sure this has been said before, but I’m guessing that the independents (and republicans who can) are caucusing/voting for BO/JRE because they know they can’t beat Hillary in the general election.

  46. tiburones,
    You are correct that Hillary must prove her case on February 5, at the latest, on why she should get the nomination. I think however she has been doing that successfully (well at least I for one am totally convinced) for quite a while and the only thing that remains of the case is some fine tuning. The big problem is the extremely unfair treatment of the candidates in the information controlling outlets. That is as it is and cannot be changed much here and now in this campaign.

    However, to let The Anointed One get a completely free pass because of the sorry state of the media is out of the question as well.

    Regarding blocks of voters I think the campaign can aim (and in fact is aiming) for a wider target by making the case to women to elect the first woman President. But sooner or later it will boil down to that fact that as a fair hearing is almost impossible the playing field must be somewhat leveled by actually presenting not just the case for Hillary but also some details of the case against The Anointed One.

  47. molly,

    does that mean you are going to give us lessons?

    i’ve had a myspace account for a year, but really can’t figure out what i have it for…

  48. What I can’t believe is the level of bias displayed by the media. It’s probably more palatable if you prop up candidate A but do not prop up candidate B. OR – you attack candidate A but don’t attack candidate B. You would still show bias by doing so but it would not be “FOX News – Iraq War era” level bias. But now, all the MSM outlets are not only PROPPING UP Obama’s candidacy with an almost CANINE SERVILITY but, they are attacking Hillary from all angles with CANINE FEROCITY. This goes way beyond “FOX News – Iraq War Era” level bias.

    If the MSM does not vet Obama, then it is incumbent upon those of us who can, to do so.

  49. no panic. draw contrast but no trick. she still has a lot of support. only two day left, she can not do much. just prevent from being defeated by landslide.

  50. Home Archives Larry C Johnson

    Current ArticleObama Violates New Hampshire Robocall Laws
    By SusanUnPC on January 6, 2008 at 7:34 PM in Clinton, Obama, Presidential Candidates

    The New Hampshire laws that the Obama campaign is violating include:

    sending “robocalls” to “do not call” numbers, and
    failing to identify its sponsor (Obama) until 38 seconds into the call (New Hampshire law requires identification within the first 30 seconds).
    [UPDATE: Taylor Marsh has nitty gritty on the laws, and more.]

    The fine? $5,000 per violation. Here’s the audio of the call (transcript below). The robocall is, of course, a smear on Sen. Hillary Clinton. I have to ask: Why an attack at this point? Isn’t his bounce sufficient?

    Time magazine reports that “[t]he Clinton campaign is holding a conference call this evening to discuss the legal issues associated with the Obama campaign’s illegal activity with Kathy Sullivan and Howard Wolfson.”

    There are two legal questions associated with the Obama campaign’s robocall.

    1. The Obama campaign delivered this robocall to people on the do-not-call list. The Concord Monitor reported that it was “illegal under state law to send prerecorded political messages to those on the do-not-call list,” after such calls were used against Rep. Paul Hodes in 2006. In response the New Hampshire Democratic Party said that it would be “prepared and ready to pursue any legal course of action necessary to protect the people of New Hampshire from illegal activities.” [Concord Monitor, 11/6/06]

    2. The call does not identify its sponsor — the Obama campaign — for 38 seconds. State law requires the sponsor to be named within 30 seconds. The robocall implies that it is sponsored by Planned Parenthood Northern New England. [RSA 664:14]

    Here is the call transcript:

  51. skmf

    no. it’s a suposidly bipartisan gathering including Nunn, the NJ woman who became Bush’s EPA Dir,, Bloomberg, I think Bill Bradley,…sixteen in total,
    meeting privately tomorrow and again over breakfast Monday and then holding this public forum.

    Aim is to come up with ideas and maybe plans to restore true bipartisan approaches to the country’s pressing problems. They want to pressure leadership on both sides of the aisle, and the people behind them to givve up the horrendous foodfight we have been in since the early eighties, maybe even longer.

  52. skmf12,
    Oh, he’ll get a free pass. Just breaking the law a little bit for the movement, no big deal. Don’t forget that with his holiness comes infallibility too.

  53. BTW

    We need to remember that part of the Hillary Hate from the repub side stems from her vigorous efforts as part of the team that investigated and brought impeachment proceeding against Richard Nixon.

    There are many who hate her with a vengence for that and still talk about it amongst themselves, saying they will not forgive her, ever. Until the day he died, my father would begin to shake with rage every time she was on the news, came up in conversation, etc.

  54. skmf12, I just read your post on Hillary rockin’, and I feel exactly the same way. It’s like a cloud has been lifted. I don’t think she’s going to win NH, because it’s too close to Iowa to slow his momentum a whole lot, but I’m confident she will come in a strong second and maybe give Obama a bit of a scare. She ain’t coming in third, that’s for sure.

  55. maybe hillary should have done matthews show, she can handle him, they will paint her as a wuss for the pass. she has to make her case and vet obama

  56. AG — the article is extremely old; I read it perhaps in Feb/March. Since then, the author has sponsored anti-Hillary ads in SC — right after the Howard debate, they ran an ad criticizing her for holding up Ryan White.

  57. And let’s not forget the handicap. She came from a third place finish in Iowa. Both the RNC and the other Democrats are running negative campaigns against her. The MSM is not only propping up Obama, it’s attacking her from all angles. For her to finish second is a tremendous accomplishment. If she finishes strong in NH – even if she doesn’t come out on top, I believe that the nomination is hers.

  58. Mr. Obama says, “I am the change!” Change to what, we ask? Mr. Obama says, “Turn the page!” Turn to what page from what book, we ask? Mr. Obama says, “Hope we can believe in!” Hope for what, we ask? The siren song remains the same – a lot of smoke and mirrors and no ideas. Here is how the dog and pony show works. Ginned up fear and anxiety conspire to create an opportunity and into that vacuum walks another friendly face – a face in the crowd. As one great seducer leaves the spotlight, another enters from stage right. Their personas are created on Madison Avenue, financed by Wall Street and sold on YouTube. It’s a crony corporate trifecta and the sullen youth of America, frightened soccer Moms and salivating militarists are giddily marching together down the prim rose path once again. Why do these pied pipers of faux political policy so continually beguile America? The answer is – they pimp the sizzle and ditch the steak

    Like in any rock and roll circus the lead singer needs to be believable; at least when you see them on stage or in a video. However, Barack Obama is not Elvis Presley or James Brown, he’s Millie Vanilly plus Vanilla Ice and appearances are decidedly deceptive. Poke any policy proposal put forward by Mr. Obama and the air will rush out of the bogus balloon. There is no there there, when it comes to substance or his favorite word, change.

  59. Hi guys Im new just wanted to jump in and say that I adore Senator Clinton and I believe that she will prevail when all is said and done. What she needs to do in my opinion is:
    1. Reach out to younger voters( who came out in record numbers to vote for the anointed one in the iowa primaries) Chelsea should be sent to several colleges in the primary states and she should do interviews, Q&A’s on MTV and websites like myspace that are highly popular with college students.
    2. Keep on stressing the fact that as she said in the debate “words are not action” That I believe will resonate with voters.. She needs to bring up the many times Obama has voted present and has not taken action for change as well as showing how she has taken action.
    3. Stress the experience card and the huge change that having a woman president will bring to this country.
    If she does all this I believe that she will be fine and win it all on feb 5th.




  60. maybe msm sees no horserace after nh if hillary ko’d….they will maybe start to see they need to turn on obama a bit

  61. hi hillfans, just woke up from my nap. anyway i think nh can still be won but neveda and feb 5th is key. hillary will be the nominee.

  62. dot48, there is no ‘maybe’ as long as Hillary stay in the race. even Edwards wants to force her drop out.

  63. HillaryLandRocks…thanks for the info on the Chamber of Commerce article. It’s from May 2007. Still, it’s getting quite a conversation going at the DU. The facts of it are still shocking even though the individual later went after Hillary. It’s still a valid recorded event in his life I would think irregardless of the authors later behavior.

  64. Forgot to say that I think that she needs to do a lot more media in order to counteract all the media hype that Obama is getting. The fact is that the media seems to be in love with Mr hype and will not stop their glowing coverage of him. Hillary needs to do an interview, a Q&A everyday that she can because this will keep her in the headlines. I also believe that she needs to start to speak from her heart instead of using scripts or preapproved soundbites. Her handlers need to let her personality shine because when she speaks from her heart she really connects with the voters. One of the best moments from the debate was her likability response. That response was funny, sweet and very natural. Unfortunately these presidential campaigns seem to hang a lot on likeability and the fact is that Hillary is losing that to Mr hype. Let Hillary be herself handlers!

  65. TeamClinton08, We’ve already seen encouraging signs she’s letting her hair down, so to speak, and plans to interact with the media.

  66. I don’t know if this has been posted but it’s a great overview of how Hillary can win with the Feb. 5 states and delegates:

    The Delegate Count: Clinton’s Firewall and a California Showdown
    by: Chris Bowers
    Sun Jan 06, 2008 at 14:36:28 PM EST

    ( – promoted by Matt Stoller)

    Obama now clearly seems headed toward victory in New Hampshire. Here is an average of the five New Hampshire polls conducted entirely after Iowa:

    Obama: 35.4%
    Clinton: 30.8%
    Edwards: 19.0%
    Richardson: 4.8%
    Kucinich: 1.8%
    Other / Unsure: 8.2%

    Mason-Dixon and Zogby also have polls that are partially post-Iowa, both of which show Obama head in the post-Iowa data. Obama is clearly ahead in New Hampshire right now. With only two days left and the momentum overwhelmingly on his side in the state, it is very, very hard to see how he doesn’t win New Hampshire.

    For a long time, I have argued that Obama is poised to sweep to the nomination in the event that he sweeps Iowa and New Hampshire. However, now I am not so sure. In a development that has flown under the radar, it now seems to me that, as long as Clinton wins Florida and California, she will be ahead in delegates after February 5th no matter what happens in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada There are three basic reasons for this:
    Chris Bowers :: The Delegate Count: Clinton’s Firewall and a California Showdown
    Clinton holds a sizable Super Delegate lead. Nearly 20% of the delegates to the DNC are not elected in either primaries or caucuses. In that group, Clinton looks pretty good:

    The party has 797 superdelegates.
    Most were undecided before the Iowa caucuses, but among those who have endorsed a candidate, 160 picked Clinton. Barack Obama has the support of 59 while 32 support John Edwards.

    Michigan and Florida will be seated at the convention. Anyone who thinks that the key swing states of Michigan and Florida won’t be seated at the Democratic convention is foolish. Jerome Armstrong has been pointing this out for a while:

    It seems to be lost on some here that the delegates from Michigan and Florida will be seated at the DNC convention. For those of you who believe the nonsense that MI & FL delegates will not be seated at all, I would appreciate a historical precedent (would it be too much to request that it’s from the last 100 years too?). The truth is, MI & FL will be seated.
    Jerome is right. Sources of mine in the DNC admit this. There is no way that Michigan and Florida won’t be seated. Since neither Obama nor Edwards is on the ballot in Michigan, this means that all 128 of Michigan’s pledged delegates will go to Clinton. This further pads her delegate advantage.

    Four Clinton “home states” on Super Tuesday. The Super Tuesday states are very favorable to Clinton, featuring four states where her lead might be unassailable to only one for Obama. Clinton has oversized leads of at least 25%, and sometimes 35%, in Arkansas, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York. Together, these states have 422 pledged delegates, to only 153 for Illinois. Thus, on top of her Michigan and Super Delegates advantages, Clinton thus has a large, built-in February 5th advantage.
    Collectively, Clinton’s advantage in Super Delegates, Michigan, and February 5th home states provides her with roughly a 500 delegate advantage on Obama. If she were to also win Florida and California, which combine for 555 pledged delegates, it would be impossible for Obama to be ahead on delegates after February 5th. He could win every other state between now and February 6th, and never make up that sort of delegate deficit.

    Now, there are several complicating factors to this scenario. First, while the DNC admits that it will seat Michigan and Florida, one of the main purposes of the threat to remove their delegates is to insure that Michigan and Florida’s delegates won’t be included in the running delegate count for any candidate. In other words, the basic DNC plan is to maintain the threat to not seat Michigan and Florida until the nomination is decided, thus denying Michigan and Florida an impact on the nomination process without denying them a seat at the convention. However, once the media starts maintaining running delegate counts of their own, it isn’t clear if they will comply with this plan.

    Second, there is no guarantee that Clinton will be able to maintain her hold on unpledged, “Super” delegates if Obama starts to rack up wins. If Clinton supports start to defect, Obama will close the ground in the Super Delegate count. Also, Obama could start to pickup undecided Super Delegates if he continue to win early states.

    Third, Democratic primaries do not have winner take all delegate systems. Most of the pledged delegates will be dished out on a proportional basis and a congressional district basis to candidates who receive more than 15% of vote in a congressional district. For example, only 376 of the 1,688 unpledged delegates to be had on Super Tuesday will be allotted to the winner of individual states. The rest will be determined not on a winner take all, state by state system, but on a proportional, congressional district by congressional district level. So, even if she sweeps Arkansas, Connecticut, New Jersey and New York, Obama will still score a decent number of delegates in Clinton’s four home states. Then again, Clinton will also score delegates in Illinois, just as she will also score delegates in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

    However, the overall point still stands. If Clinton is able to win Florida on January 29th and California on February 5th, it is very hard to see how she falls too far behind in the delegate count. In fact, if her Super Delegates are combined with victories in Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, and New York, it is hard to see how she falls behind in the delegate count at all. She might very well maintain the national strength to pull this off, too, since Rasmussen’s national post-Iowa tracking poll shows Obama only gaining a single point on Clinton, with most of the movement actually going to Edwards. The latter isn’t really surprising since, at long last, Edwards is finally getting some national coverage due to his second place finish in Iowa.

    Obama is headed to victory in New Hampshire and, after that, South Carolina. Clinton, however, will still win Michigan, and still has good chances to take both Nevada and Florida. All told, this should be enough to keep Clinton in the game nationally, and allow her to hold down her four home states. All of this should render California a key battleground that might very well decide the nomination. The nomination isn’t over, not by a longshot. While a quick and decisive nomination victory appears to have slipped from Clinton’s grasp, it would be wise to disabuse ourselves of any notions that Obama can finish her off by sweeping Iowa and New Hampshire. There is a seven-state path for Clinton that would keep her in the game after Super Tuesday, and the only real doubts for her in those seven states are Florida and California.


  67. I believe, with every cell in my body, that HRC will be our next president. Having declared that, this campaign needs to be a learning experience for all of us. We HRC supporters need to learn how to strike back at the tremendous media bias with facts, contrasts and regularity, never letting a slight go unchallenged. When the cowardly pundits, many who have struggled alongside us and should know better, insist that HRC is … whatever they fear at the moment, we need to throw it back at them and expose their double standards when they praise the same behavior in men. They will learn that this is unacceptable and that there will be ramifications and we will learn to accept and use the strength of our convictions. I realize this will be a full time job that will last past the GE and into her first administration but we must function as her grassroots war room.

  68. Great list of positive reviews of Hillary’s Saturday debate performance over at Hillary’s website, 1/5 press release page.

  69. I just posted this at in the comments related to the polls at TPM–

    I can see the banter now–“Well ______(choose your pundit), you have got to wonder what Democratic voters were thinking when they decided experience didn’t matter. You know, this was their election to lose and they seemed out of touch with ordinary americans who looked at the problems this country is having and this dangerous world we live in. It just shows how out of touch they are. You can’t expect to put this young guy up against an old “straight talkin’ war hero with all that experience and expect it to look like anything but the teacher schoolin’ the snot nosed kid”.

    Can’t you picture that? It’s another one of those classic moments when the pundits pretend they didn’t sell you that bill of goods.

    That said, I am still committed, optimistic and in for the long haul. Win or lose, Hillary is the right choice. Thank you New Hampshire workers for all you are doing. Let’s win it!

  70. i would like to see a video of george bush morphing into barack obama, and end with results would be barack with george w’s ears..
    he would be standing in the oval office with diplomats of other countrys, and he would be saying: UH UH UH I UH live in thailand, when i was 6, maybe we met there…

  71. I just want to say something about California. California is unique in that 50% of registered voters are Permanent Absentee Voters. I am one and so are the rest of my family. The friends whom I “encouraged” to registered are also PAV.

    Tomorrow, absentee voters will be receiving ballots in the mail. So this week, for those who are already firm and committed to their candidates will be mailing out their ballots.

  72. Oh and something else. There’s a lot of love for Obama here. If they are undecided, it’s usually between Hillary and Obama. I made over 200 calls this weekend at the Headquarter and there was not one person who declared Edwards. Edwards is not even on the radar. Zip. Zelch.

    So the real battle is between Hillary and Obama. If Obama keeps taking states after states, these undecided voters will be undecided no longer.

  73. skmf12, if someone can make that video and circulate in the internet, the the big media will show it too.

  74. skmf12 Says:

    January 6th, 2008 at 9:44 pm
    i would like to see a video of george bush morphing into barack obama, and end with results would be barack with george w’s ears..
    he would be standing in the oval office with diplomats of other countrys, and he would be saying: UH UH UH I UH live in thailand, when i was 6, maybe we met there…
    that is a great idea and concept..lol

  75. thats true filbert, i work in an airline, and our union is very pro active to go around and hound people to fill out their ballots and mail them…

    we also offer to help give info about the ballot, give info about candidates, and we hound people, and they love it! ‘oh no’ they say, ‘its election time again!’…

    also i like to carry around a basket of candy, and some printed bullet points… sometime when i’m in the lunch room, people start these big arguments, and its lots of fun…

    but of course the union does drives to register people to sign absentee forms every year… and we help fill them out, and we mail them in…
    we also find new citizens, who work all over the airport and we sign em up…

  76. cj
    i am watching it myself, and i’m hoping to see the part where edwards tells hillary, to quiet, let me know if you see it k?

  77. We need to do what we can by emphasizing our strengths and learning new skills. Those of us who have experience in letter writing and e-mailing campaigns can assign ourselves a show, periodical, blog or organization to communicate with every day emphasizing why we wouldn’t be caught dead supporting it because of its biased coverage against HRC. I once communicated with a certain daytime drama every day of sweeps with a detailed recap of its competition’s show and let them know how they could regain me as a viewer. I know I spoke for countless others and so did they. I am less comfortable with some of the newer technology but am willing to learn. Meanwhile, those of us who are good at it, please use your strengths and encourage us to do so as well. We must create our own frame and allow it to challenge and destroy the media bias. We know HRC best and are her best assets.

  78. okay i am watching the debate…




    find another word, that is you…
    you dont want change, cause change is just a process, it is not a place…


    seriously, watching this debate, this fight over change, is stupid,
    give the little F*-kers their word…

  79. polls showing obama in double digit lead. they need to come up with something quick. get away from change i agree …

    people are silly who want to ride this obama wave …. it’s like that macarena craze that went around and the achy breaky heart thing …. they look back and think how stupid — but this is the president we are looking at electing. i can’t believe media is so sick that they’d take this country down this path … all for a horserace and ratings.

  80. does any poll really predict nh’s outcome? polling on weekends is very hard and oftens crews up samples. and the debate impact is not seen as we have no full post debate polling right? i agree this is like mondale/hart. obama is hart. its going to tke hillary a while to put him away. i still think after nh she should campaign in fla. iowa and nh can scream all they want. florida could be a boon for her and nv. if she does in fact lose nh iexpect major staff changes. that sai we should not forget this isnt iowa. she has a stronger machine her, has performed hugely and is in a state where women win elections state wide. if msm keeps saying ob has nh in the bag it may cause some to flip to mcain to stave off hucka.

  81. dot48, I don’t think they can do any more things about it. it only has one day left. they had better don’t make any mistakes.

  82. see ‘people don’t like the attacking woman, the bitch’, that why it is so hard for hillary to contrast herself with other men.

  83. if hill comes second with marginal advantage to Obama, I think it should be fine. Edwards single digits is even better especially if he keeps pissing in the debates. i think hill will win..

  84. i’m afraid a landslide victory for obama in nh will affect her image elsewhere, and that just makes me sick.

  85. That JFK clip has even more relevance today than when he said those words, so passionately, so filled with optimism. That lesson is over 45 years old yet we have people falling all over themselves to give up the remaining improvements we have gained over the last half century. I would be embarrassed if I weren’t so angry and determined to fight for our futures.

  86. I’ve seen and heard a wide spread in the polls just today. SO who the heck knows what is gonna happen.

    I really love JFK video. I think some of those need to be on U Tube and other sites. He was a fighter. People remember a idealized image of JFK, of course.

    Re: making videos. This is something I said I’d investigate above. I will be doing that this week and don’t know how successful I will be, but I have a friend who might help. If others know people who can help, please don’t wait for me. I don’t want to promise and not deliver. I’ll do what I can.

  87. dot48:

    It will not be a landslide, the bounce from Iowa will subside some and people who watched the debate will give Hillary a bounce. CNN is doing Hillary a great service re-airing the debate tonight.

    Food for thought:
    Back in 92 Bill did not win a primary until March 3
    He lost Iowa, New Hampshire, Maine and South Dakota before winning Georgia.

  88. i think hillary can find a surrogate to contrast for her though and i hope they do so soon. the country needs hillary and to think of 8 more years of a nitwit president is just downright scary. maybe the second coming will really occur during this time and those who are christians and believe as i do, will be gone. i just don’t think the count ry can take much more. obama at the wheel would be dangerous. john edwards has prostituted himself.

  89. OH, I love the “can we just have a reality break for a minute.” I used to tell my students: meanwhile back on planet earth…same sort of meanin’

  90. Still wondering why Hillary’s camp keeps letting the media get away with saying she finished third without asking “What is the purpose of the primaries?” when they answer to get delegates for the nomination convention ask them the delegate breakdown from Iowa O 16 Hillary 15 and Edwards bringing up the rear with 14. She did not finish 3rd where it counts she finished 2nd.

  91. You know BHO and JE are actin’ like two high school 10th graders.

    In the debate: it is very helpful for her to enumerate what she has done. Many people still haven’t gotten it all that she has done because of the early spin on her accomplishments

  92. Did some reporter ask our girl about a cross she wears sometimes? If they did, where do they get off grillin’ her about her religion. Huckabee has gotten grilled, Romney has gotten grilled, but Barack Obama has not been asked about his religion. At least that I heard. Has anybody heard anything different?

  93. rjk1957, Why did Hillary get one more delegate than Edwards. I can’t figure that out …

    As for the media spin, I think her team is still trying to put together a new media strategy. Having Hillary meet with them is a big first step but I expect more will come.

    BTW, did her campaign have that conference call about Obama’s illegal robocalls?

  94. I think someone needs to ask Obama about his church :)..

    I have a feeling its going to be close in NH. very close. Bmerry says there are plenty of yardsigns and that Hillary sings are filled out there. she has GREAT chance and might have put a firewall. if anything, she will come second and claim comeback kid. we want John out by feb 5th, because if its a two way race, hillary will win by landslide. he was useful for us ONLY till NH. I hope he gets into single digits or fourth position and drops out. after that we can see some real fireworks 🙂

  95. rjk1957 is right, this ‘bounce’ is more emotion than reason, more “notions of the herd” than individual reflection. I’d look at the polls done Monday after many have taken a breath, and mostly likely see this bounce dampening pretty quickly. To parahrase B Merryfield, “Its going to be a bumpy night.”

    Also, I enjoy looking at the poll of polls over at Real Clear Politics for a “reality break”, Hillary is 20% over Obama!

  96. got an nh update froma key tx friend of mine who is there campaigning-the energy for hillary in the crowds is massive. very intense, unlike iowa which was more low key. throngs are going to her rallies. some 5000 at one event. these crowds even have an anti-obama chant now-we dotn want talk we want change! if she can pull a strong 2nd even she can spin it as better than third, people are listening and keep pushing her messages onobama in sc which i dont think it will be a route. hte msm is used to the ia and nh rd to the whitehouse. but its happened where the route took longer many times. msm is impatient. hillary is also doingsomething else good-she is showing who she is now-not liek gore who threw the yolk off late int he debates.

  97. Thanks for that texan…it sounds encouraging.

    Those bounces are fueled by energy and emotion. And campaiging can stir up that kind of energy. It’s good tohear about the crowd size and the enthusiasm! GO HILLARY!

  98. 5,000//holy cow…i never heard je say quiet but if he did it was at the point at the end of the second last commercial..it was his lips i kinda of read

  99. Those who are phoning, when you find ‘love for Obama’, what would they say if you said something like: “He’s great, but if he’s nominated now he’ll be destroyed. We need to get Hillary in to clean up the mess and the voting process first. Then Obama can get elected in 2016, with much more support.”

  100. 5,000 holy cow/….i never heard him say quiet,if he did it was i noticed his lips very well represented the word quiet…right before the second last commerical..when he look at ob.

  101. lotts of of these NH if they missed im sure they watched it again…

    the msm is used to the ia and nh rd to the whitehouse..yes and thye spin it,so i think
    NH caught on they dont want to be with iowa
    on there pick

  102. It is so simple, increase venue size and that will bring in more people and more positive media attention. It is stuff like this that you kick yourself later for.

  103. i seen signs in the summer on tv when she was up there,she was up there more than them guys,and huged signs not little ones..

  104. so this was a second event that she had with thousands in attendance? wowwww.. thats impressive… if she can just get 15% of youth vote she will hit the ball out of the park in NH.

  105. all the polls we saw today MJR.. they were taken before debate had any effect I think! at the end of the day a voter has to ask himself.. what am I voting for? and if s/he cant answer that question, rest is all nonsense..

  106. Regarding Fl, I live here and I see no signs of campaigning down here by any of the 3 Dem canidates. I think that they all pledged not to campaign. We are inundated with all things Ron Paul.

    I think that Hillary has a very good chance of winning Fl but it is unclear how and when they will be awarded.

    She will get allof the 128 or so Michigan delegates as she is the only one on the ballot.

    I think they need to be focused on NV, FL and the Super Tuesday states i.e California, NJ etc. I expect her to carry her state and NJ, Arkansas etc.

    Regarding NH, it helps her to have Edwards in the race here as I think his voters are more likely to spilt Obama’s way especially as he cuddled up to him in the debates. Having him in the race forces most of his supporters to vote for him which is one less for Clinton.

    Even if Clinton comes in a close second, she will be skewered and Obama gets one more chance to make a speech.

    Based on the polls this evening, she is looking at at least a 9-13 pt loss. Tomorrow, itwill be interesting to see how they poll, especially the Zoby poll. I agree that reairing the debate helps her.

    Is there anyone from NV who can give an update as to how that state looks? How about California? I know that she has Vilarosa(sp?) and Magic Johnson out there for her. I would think that that should be enought. However, I know that Obama has made an attempt to encourage absentee voting.
    All she can do is to be visible tomorrow and fan her surrogates out. I hate this new compressed schedule, dumb idea. It’s not right or fair for a nominee to be decided based on 3-5 state races when 90% of the other states have not had a chance to put their input in.

    I am hoping that she can pull out a NV win but that state caucauses and I distrust this system as the vote is not private. If she can hold NV, given Michigan and get FL by 1/29 then she is in good position. However, she has got to get to def con 9 between 1/9 and 1/28- that is only 20 days but she has no other options. The MSM has abdicated
    their duties which is one of the top reasons that we went to war and why we got Bush instead of Gore.

  107. she is reading with us…..your right molly..Those bounces are fueled by energy and emotion. And campaiging can stir up that kind of energy. It’s good tohear about the crowd size and the enthusiasm! GO HILLARY!..

    use them rallys from now on hit him back..

    he looked listless on that debate terribely.
    rehtoric to reality,a doer and not a talker.,that is incredible for sure….that will sink in to NH,when voting starts. GO Hillary!!! where was that event for 5,000 tonight in nh

  108. Actually 2 or 3 of the polls today were one day polls for either yesterday or today and they did capture a bounce for Obama. Mark Penn should not have sent that memo.

    Hopefully, his bounce will level out between tonight and Tuesday morning as more people get sober about the task of voting and really consider change versus experience. NH has a very large cadre of elected women officials to office, I would hope that this would translate to some female votes for her.

    I’m bracing for a blow out (that is my head) but my heart is hoping for a respectable 2nd not more than 4-5pts.

    Edwards is the one that is finished.

    Is there anyone in NH who can report how the local media is spinning it? How about NV?

  109. Someone asked why Hillary doesn’t say I got more Delegate votes so I came in 2nd in Iowa.

    ANSWER: It is a better story to go from 3rd to 2nd then 2nd to 2nd.

  110. yes-i think hillary if comes in 2nd should have a celebratory speech-in a room full of young people all races-and say iwas 3rd now second. off to sc for more change less talk. also-remember normally there would be at least 10 days in nh not a freakin 5. 10 or more. if she had 10 days we could be certain of a first place win as emotion died down. she may still be 1st, but a wind down better happen asap.

  111. http://www.lasvegassun.com/sunbin/stories/sun/2008/jan/06/566649106.

    For what it is worth, some analysis from a NV paper. Some information is that turnout is expected to be lower. It seems that the prevailing thought is that if Obama wins NH that the Culinary Union will endorse him.

    However, NV has less educated voters, not a college town and this venue doesn’t seem to have much money spent on it. It seems that causcausing in new(not sure) etc. There play to her voters so I would think that they should be spending more resources there and cultivati

    ng those voters. I’m thinking that Hillary has AFSCME and the other union and she still lost so hopfully this forseen endorsement for Obama will be a wash.

  112. rjk1957,

    Still wondering why Hillary’s camp keeps letting the media get away with saying she finished third without asking ‘What is the purpose of the primaries?’ when they answer to get delegates for the nomination convention ask them the delegate breakdown from Iowa O 16 Hillary 15 and Edwards bringing up the rear with 14. She did not finish 3rd where it counts she finished 2nd.

    Actually, if the Media Whores calculated our girl’s standing in Iowa in the same manner as they did McCain, she tied Edwards for second.

    You see, John McCain garnered 13.11 percent in the Republican caucuses, while Fred Thompson garnered 13.40 percent, a difference of 0.29 percentage points. They declared that McCain and Thompson had “tied for third“.

    Hillary garnered 29.47 percent in the Democratic caucuses, only 0.28 percentage points below what John Edwards had garnered. Yet the Media Whores reported that Clinton “came in third“.

    Double standard ? Damn betcha.

  113. of all people Dick Morris said the best thing for Hillary may be if she doesn’t win Iowa and New Hampshire – the FOCUS OF NEWSTORIES has to go to Obama vs. the Republicans because in that situation, he will have to be vetted, and Hillary needs to get the focus away from her. Howard Kurtz of WaPo wrote an article It’s All About Hillary, and it’s true, everything is directed to her or relative to her, and she needs to steadily chip away at his experience as the media starts to vet him. If she wins NH by a smaller margin, then, it is a fight, but it will still be HIS MOMENTUM vs. HER EXPERIENCE, and the news will NEVER VET HIM.

  114. Do you guys think that it would be a good idea for the Clinton campaign to feature undecided men who are now for Hillary?

  115. I think it is great to have guys for Hillary. Even if they were first for somebody else. I don’t see what the problem would be? Rudy is talkin’ about good change and bad change.

  116. Documentary on CNN called the CAmpaign Killers featuring the guy, or one of them, who’s goin’ after our girl

  117. I think it’ll be helpful for sure to bring undecided men – but Bill was supposed to be the male draw for men to have confidence in her. I think the inevitable campaign strategy worked to an extent, but she was so much of a celebrity, that the expectations became HUGE with the inevitability. So, it’s a longer way to fall if you’re coming in at the level – I think she needs the underdog status now, and they should bring in someone like Carville who has fought for that for Bill. Fire Penn or have his focus elsewhere. Somewhere I read Carville was coming in, but then, at the eve of Iowa, it was surprising that it wasn’t for Iowa. We’ll see. SHE IS THE BETTER PRESIDENT; HE IS NOT – THE PUBLIC MUST KNOW THIS.

  118. You should become familiar with these a-holes. I am sure they are part of the group, or one group, that’s attacked the Clinton’s for years.

  119. Hillary should feature more men (young men) who were once undecided but have finally decided to support her. I think this will help her with the younger demographic.

  120. BHO’s appeal is with the young who think it is cool to support him. IMHO, it is the young men not the young women who decide what is cool. I think that along with featuring women of all ages who support her, it would be nice to feature young undecided men who have decided to support her candidacy.

  121. Hmm, this youth vote thing, I don’t know, more media hype than real? I mean, if I was 20 something, would I want my youthful and likable dad to be president or my wise older aunt?

    I mean, look what we got with that boob in the WH now who everybody wanted to have a beer with, how many countries did he visit before being elected, less than five?

  122. molly – I’m watching the CNN campaign killer attack ads too in the background…I think what’s scary is how easily Obama will be cutdown by ads like this – it will be easy for the Republicans to just attack his record or present votes or lack of leadership in the Senate subcommittee – they’ll show an empty chair in the Oval Office and say, do you want someone who’s absent to be the President when this happens – mushroom cloud. That’s all.

    Again, I think Hillary needs the help of the Mainstream to turn their focus on Obama soon – and even something else happening in the world, will make people have a reality check – do they really want someone who’s talk and no record?

  123. Can you imagine the 527 ads about his church? Then his books, then his present votes, then his never being in the senate to vote etc…………..

  124. This is from a column at the Huffington Post. I don’t know if the writer got it from the campaign but it lists Hillary’s current plans for the primaries.

    “The former First Lady is planning to fight Obama in South Carolina on January 26, and in the gargantuan nationwide primary on Tuesday, February 5 — with contests in 19 states, including New York, California, New Jersey, Georgia, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Colorado. If she remains competitive, Clinton’s plan is to continue to compete in Louisiana on February 9, in Virginia and Maryland on February 12, in Wisconsin on February 19, in Ohio on March 4 — and beyond, if necessary.”

  125. i’m 22 years old, articulate and black. i want change. i want hope. i’m pretty good at public speaking, especially when i’m passionate.
    this means i can be president too!!!!!!!!!!LOL

  126. Very balanced article on the NYT site about Hillary and the BO ‘momentum’, though it might cheer some of you up.

    “Yet despite the fresh defensive posture from Mrs. Clinton and the sustained optimism by Mr. Obama, there were several signs that the contest remained fluid.

    At each of his stops, Mr. Obama asked how many voters were undecided, and hundreds of people raised their hands.

    “This is New Hampshire,” said Aurora Hinchey, 53, who attended an Obama rally even as she wore a “Nurses for Hillary” pin on her coat lapel. “It can be totally different here.””

  127. Interesting that they list primaries. I would like to know where that came from. Nevada is not listed.

  128. i’m new to this site…i am from Oklahoma, a state Hillary is sure to win on Feb. 5 b/c Obama hasn’t been here but once and OUR primary is closed, so no indies voting for BHO! plus, the vast majority of my peers (college) aren’t registered to vote, and if they are they don’t turn out.
    even if they wanted to, the deadline to be able to vote in our primary is this week, so there won’t be any young people or indies to worry about! OK is Clinton Country (as far as Democrats are concerned)

    She leads JE by double digits and Obama is a distant 3rd.

  129. welcome BRICH – we soooo need people like you out there because you’re young and hopefully connected to what the youth is all about – how do we get to younger people who are smart enough to understand REALITY CHECK? I just had a conversation with a guy on a food/restaurant site called Yelp.com and he was so naive – he was for Obama, and we were talking about gay rights, and he said, don’t people just bring these equal rights issues to the Supreme Court, and then, everything’s fine. I rolled my eyes – Unbelievable…this is idealistic, but the Republicans will rip Obama.

    # brich1985 Says:
    January 7th, 2008 at 12:48 am

    i’m 22 years old, articulate and black. i want change. i want hope. i’m pretty good at public speaking, especially when i’m passionate.
    this means i can be president too!!!!!!!!!!LOL

  130. imagine 44,

    we already gave her the reality line, a couple of days ago, she used it
    in the debate, and on the capaign trail…

    we also told her we wanted her to bigger venue’s, we told her we wanted her to talk about being proud to be a possible first woman
    president, and we told her we were tired of her not fighting back and telling the truth about obama…
    oh yeah and we told her to go after the young kids, and to send more money for our kids who wanted to go to campaign for her…

    we were hot that night, we stayed up scheming and planning, we asked ADMIN to pass our messages on to hillary’s staff, and we were heard
    and the very next day, we found out she heard us…


  131. Unity at what price? that’s what I want her to ask. I like her line about you have to know when to look for common ground and when you have to stand your ground. BUt unity is not all it’s talked up to be. This country gets stronger when we look to better answers through different perspectives. What does it mean to unite? That can be scary as shit. It sounds like things are going great on the trail the last few days and I thought the debate was terrific. The guys were trying to tag team…like I say they looked more like jr. high kids in study hall than grown men wanting to be POTUS.

  132. trying to reach my generation is hard, if you’re HRC. most of my peers don’t care about politics and only know “bad things” about her…things REPUBLICANS have said.
    it is so frustrating because i’m on facebook every single day defending hillary and really taking on the obamabots and republicans who attack her. his FB group outnumbers ours 400,000+ to our 11,000!!!

    look, i think hill should get on MTV. maybe’s it’s too late this time, but during the general election, she should attend more youth rallies and interact with them and their role models…and she should answer as many of their questions that she can.

    i think she should appear in a music video (not doing anything too crazy, obviously) and show her fun side. talk about what she’s done for us and the hopes she has for us….make some jokes about things we like, like the Real World or Pimp My Ride, things young people are familar with so they could see her true personality.
    and she would only have to do it a few times out of the year. even if the MTV crowd doesn’t vote, it would decrease the misperception young people have of her, and when informed young voters decide to actually go to the polls, they not only will know she is smart as hell, but that she has a fun personality….and the older people who support her, will support her no matter what she does…and after doing all this, THEY might even support her even more.
    …i don’t know…just a thought…

  133. and yep, I think someone in her campaign is listening to the ideas that we put out here…her debate soundbytes sounded familiar…like her saying “I heard your cries, my people”…
    : )
    btw, is there a post-debate poll coming out before tuesday?

  134. 44,


    especially now that edwards is claiming to be the other ‘change’ candidate.
    i think there are some good alternatives…
    but we’ll see…

    as for the posters, yeah, i would like to see something other than change on them, good idea…

  135. maybe she could do an original video about student loans….i can imagine it now…something that could play on MTV during commercial breaks…a “music video”…just 30 seconds long…about how she’s going to crack down on the student loan companies…or not even a music video, but get together with a popular artist like justin timberlake and have them do little “skits” that show her goals for young people….THE BOTTOM LINE: if hillary wants to attract young voters, she needs to “enter” their world and laugh with them about things they’re familar with or interact with people they’re familar with, like Justin Timberlake…so they can see her fun side, which we all know she has. young people already know she’s intelligent, but they don’t think she’s fun.

  136. brich1985, i like your ideas too…like she said, she’s the most famous person that we don’t know (or something like that)…a lot of young americans are smart but they need to like you to rally around you…it’s all about perception…the talkingheads on TV are biased against her, most netroots are gleefully abusive of her, dems and repugs alike barrage her in the debates…so she has to show that side of her that is “raucuous and fun” like her friends say about her…best defense is offense…
    and where the hell is james carville? he can git down and dirty for her…mark penn should not show his face in public and keep his opinions to the campaign insiders…

  137. the only people who would have a problem are republicans…but when young people turn out to vote, like never before, they’ll wish they didn’t have that problem!

  138. imagine44, i totally agree….why did he write that memo? when he wrote it, most of the polls didn’t give nh voters time to digest the ia results…i was surprised he wrote it. now i wouldn’t be surprised if the MSM notes that when they recite BHO’s new lead…which i hope sat’s debate cut significantly.

  139. Oh the hypocrisy: I got to go to bed. I can’t take it. Michelle is on CSPAN talkin’ about how she and BO can’t stand hedge funds and corporations. She is, in other words, poor mouthin’. She is playing the poor couple routine. If I recall she got something in the neighborhood of a 200k pay raise when BO when to the senate. She is a corp executive in healthcare. And she’s talkin; about the importance of grandparents. This after bo runs down older people all the time. I cannot stand this crap. “This stuff isn’t that complicated” she says….”We have the money in this country.” We have a “deficit of empathy” according to ms. bo. She doesn’t ever remember people bein asked to sacrifice in this country. lord save us. can we say “new deal” Hell no. that’s some backroom thing that got put together by two corrupt politicians. By yall. Onward!

  140. BIRCH AND 44,



  141. LJ, Sherm, Texan4 — I just managed to get ANOTHER story up on Digg:


    The article it refers to is this,,,

    and here is my summary:
    Obama’s 1996 Chicago helpers refuse to endorse him again
    politico.com — IVI-IPO, a local Chicago activist organization that helped Obama get ALL his opponents knocked off the 1996 ballot — REFUSES TO ENDORSE OBAMA 2008. Some members now support Hillary — so the board voted not to endorse anyone. BO disputes gun and abortion views his camp gave them in a questionnaire in 1996, disputes members’ memories.

  142. its the youth stupid.

  143. i noticed, she has not been going around NH with the “old” guards, only chelsea…and she now interacts with msm/cable-haters…she “vetted” hussein (ooh, that felt good)…showed edwards for his hypocrisy…
    hmmm, someone is paying attention to the 44ers…

  144. like her saying “I heard your cries, my people”…and fantasys and all those words,i knew it before when she was on the campaign in iowa on her stump speeches do you remember the internet tool she was speaking about it,then thats when i relaized it..that was this site lol…were smart hillary …but your the smartest leader lol.. maybe reads every chance she gets ,im glad if she does , with you smart politcally minded people,are better than mpen..it lets her relax , puts all those ideas ya give her into perspective ,and admin has the contacts..lol..keep saying James carville hes good …pay him lol…your backbase is right..

  145. hehe good.. meanwhile I hope she has the GOTV in place to better Obama.. at the end of the day its all about GOTV.. I think young people in Iowa were skewed because Obama imported lots of chicago youth. I mean a REAL lot.. like almost by an amount of 20K.. which is HUGE. after NH, she needs to have a reach out program, go to either john stewart or colbert, and try to get a spot in SNL. SNL was MAJOR boost for Obama. the campaign ignored it at that time, but 80% of young people whom I know watch SNL. so thats huge.

  146. yep, pay carville his price…he’ll be so worth it…he’s not a nerd (read this, mark penn), he has a “gutfeel” for how to fight the game of thugs…he’s as badass as they come, which is what she needs to counter those thugs…they have been allowed to malign her for so darn long…without an adequate response from her campaign…wolfson is too decent and well-spoken…ann lewis is too much of a lady, mark penn is very square-peggish…carville will cuss you out and eat you alive.

  147. all good ideas ofcourse G TAIL,


    dont think she can get on any show, she at least got her ass on letterman…

  148. Always regret not welcoming new commenters when they post. So “Welcome, new commenters.”

    There are many registered readers of this site but only a tiny few comment. Lately, a lot more are coming forward and posting. That’s a “rallying” effect when things don’t go perfectly.

    We get many emails from readers who don’t post comments who are amazed at Obama’s ugly history and all the good Hillary has done. We’ll keep getting the real Hillary story out and are sure more and more people will find out about the site and read what Big Media is not telling them.

  149. skmf12

    the video was shot inside a restaurant.

    two women, one edwards supporter, one hillary. hill supporter was asked if she was disappointed that hill lost in iw.. the supporter responded by saying iowa was anti-women and NH was different since it was in north east. the one for edwards said something about middleclass. then came another independent and she didnt care. then came another hillary supporter, this time a man and he said hillary will kick some seruious butt 🙂

  150. A new pitch I thought of, in the grocery store today:

    “You want change? Then look at the candidates’ records, not their rhetoric.”

  151. welcome yes to the new people here..oops ,i am a new learner to politics…how it works i learned so much,since last july and still learning.but was afraid to speak ,since middle in november..new posters always welcomed admin..thanks for pointing it out.on your site,for us.glad there here.more people more opinions and ideas.so post away.

    Hillary’s story is great all she has done thats why i am here..your right admin.

  152. i like that berekely !



  153. skmf12 Says:

    January 7th, 2008 at 2:35 am
    i like that berekely !



    good one lol

  154. rjk1957..great video i new nh wont follow iowa there different..but those bluberry pancakes made me hungry lol.

  155. Given that Matthews is a $-hungry Media whore and that having HRC on his show would shoot up ratings, why not quid pro quo? Can’t she just tell Matthews that she’ll do the show when he gives an equal vetting to all opponents? If she is going to put out the issues, let Matthews take them on in exchange for her going on his show?

  156. That video in the restarauant is great, two for Hillary, one for JRE, and the undecided is named Hillary!

  157. great video. again, if Clinton loses NH – the press and Obama-supporters will believe Clinton, the giant, is gone, and they will start comparing Obama to Giuliani or McCain, and REALITY CHECK will set in that this guy is JUST NOT ELECTABLE – Clinton needs to quietly make her case and once the media dovetails on her message, she has the opening to win.

  158. Admin,

    Don’t know if you are still here, but OandrewD made a great point earlier about venue size that I think really needs a LOT of attention, “Increase venue size and that will bring in more people and more positive media attention.” We are SO GLAD Hillary is working the large venues in NH because photos on CNN always help.

    ALSO, please, PLEASE encourage the campaign to start airing the “contrast” videos in SC and Nevada NOW (especially Nevada). The campaign has stated publicly that there was not enough time for these ads to be effective in NH. We have plenty of time for them to be effective in NV, SC, and Feb. 5th states.

  159. Mr. John Edward,

    Look who calling the kettle black? How many percentage points did you get to be second????????? a 0.28% difference!!!!

    Not even ONE or Half!!!!!!!! Why not care for your dying wife and leave the election to Hillary and Obama who have the money, votes, organization and Charisma that takes to be a President.

    Just be happy that you were once a Vice Presidential Candidate in 2004 in which you were roundly SWIFT BOATED And you could do nothing to avoid the Press SPIN!!!

    Now who is spinning the SECOND place position?????

    1. SENATOR BARACK OBAMA : 37.58%

    3. SENATOR HILLARY CLINTON : 29.47% (a 0.28% difference)


    5. SENATOR JOE BIDEN : 0.93%
    6. UNCOMMITTED : 0.14%
    7. SENATOR CHRIS DODD : 0.02%


    7:50 pm: Obama passes Hillary, for the first time.

    7:52 pm: More than 25% in, and Obama and Hillary are tied.

    7:54 pm: 0.37% separates the big three.

    7:56 pm: Obama leads, for the first time. 0.68% separates the big three.

    8:00 pm: Without knowing from where the returns are coming, the trend has clearly been a build for Obama, as the night progresses. Hillary is now almost a point and a half behind.

    8:03 pm: CNN has declared Huckabee the Republican winner.

    8:05 pm: Hillary’s closing on Edwards. Obama’s opening up his lead. Even so, it’s an extremely tight race.

    8:09 pm: Just passed the 50% mark, and Obama’s looking good in a very close race.

    8:15 pm: The margins have been fairly stable, with Obama a few points ahead, and Edwards about a half point better than Hillary.

    8:18 pm: The youth vote came out big, for Obama.

    8:21 pm: With such tight numbers, Obama has to be feeling good about his lead. The race appears to be for second.

    8:25 pm: Obama’s now four points up.

    8:28 pm: The race is now neck-and-neck. Between Edwards and Hillary, for second.

    8:29 pm: Obama is now five points up, with more then three-fourths in. Without knowing the dynamics of the remaining precincts, it’s hard to see how he fails to win. Big.

    8:33 pm: Obama up five and a half.

    8:37 pm: Just checked the CNN website. They’ve declared Obama the winner. Edwards maintains a tiny, but consistent, lead over Hillary for second. G. W Dubya Bush Jr. goes to bed late! WORRIED about 11/08.

    8:45pm: Hillary’s flirting with not breaking 30%. If she finishes below it, the pundits will EAT HER ALIVE (like Former Senator Edwards in his pre-mature declaration of her pre-mature demise). She’s still just a “breath” behind Edwards.
    Source: http://theleftcoaster.com/ Date 01/04/08.

    Ajay Jain,
    Garland, TX, USA.
    Citizen since 1985
    Declared Democrat since birth by nature!
    Voted twice for Ronald Reagan but never for Bush Jr. or Bush Sr.
    Voted twice for Bill Clinton

    Go Hillary44 08! http://hillaryis44.org/ http://facts.hillaryhub.com/ http://www.hillaryhub.com/ This election is a national campaign for the long haul till Super Duper Tuesday with 24 states voting on February 5th 2008, which will DECIDE the NOMINEE not the early states! A pre-Iowa snapshot of the national election scene: http://uselectionatlas.org/2008.php

  160. Obama is getting away with murder and nobody in the press is raising a finger. His State Senator record of hundreds of votes as “PRESENT not VOTING” has not been questioned. He touts his judgment but does not leave a record trail behind to debate his judgment on issues / bills?

    Obama may have the press honeymoon for a while but he can not get the nomination without greater scrutiny. And scrutiny we need. Operations Research on Obama is not a “racist” action but part of legitimate politics and campaigning.

    For example: “Kerry Apology for MUSLIM remark on Obama”:

    Kerry does not have to apologize for STATING FACTS:

    He said “It’s probably not something that appeals to him, but I like the fact that his name is Barack Hussein Obama and his father was a Muslim and this his paternal grandmother is a Muslim,” he said at the time.”

    Yes Obama’s father is/was a Muslim and his mother an American White female.

    So what! Hillary/Bill do not have to get defensive about their comments, language, remarks on any forum be it Charlie Rose Show or Kerry’s event endorsing Hillary. There is no parsing or apology required.

    Obama needs to be brought down from the pedestal if he has to compete fair and square in this election cycle of 2008.

    Go Hillary44 08! http://hillaryis44.org/ http://facts.hillaryhub.com/ http://www.hillaryhub.com/ This election is a national campaign for the long haul till Super Duper Tuesday with 24 states voting on February 5th 2008, which will DECIDE the NOMINEE not the early states! A pre-Iowa snapshot of the national election scene: http://uselectionatlas.org/2008.php

  161. Edwards on minimum wage:
    “Former” Senator Edward can honk/attack and suggest ALL the programs all he wants from the “outside” with his 527 third party ads support but Hillary will get things done from the inside as New York Senator and by becoming our US President in 2009! That’s called a polite political SLAP in the FACE Mr Edwards! With public money he is no match for Hillary and/or Obama in 2008.
    Go Hillary44 08! http://hillaryis44.org/ http://facts.hillaryhub.com/ http://www.hillaryhub.com/ This election is a national campaign for the long haul till Super Duper Tuesday with 24 states voting on February 5th 2008, which will DECIDE the NOMINEE not the early states! A pre-Iowa snapshot of the national election scene: http://uselectionatlas.org/2008.php

  162. Love that fighting spirt ajain31. Also appreciate all the HillaryIs44 links you post all over the internet.

  163. Remember CUBAN MISSILE CRISES & BAY OF PIGS? With Pakistan our next crises do you want an fresh novice OBAMA as President?

    Can we afford a “JFK style” Cuban Missile Crises or Bay of Pigs misadventure with respect to Pakistan in early 2009? Can we? Think before casting your vote!


    Hillary will not change but she will change the country’s disastrous Foreign Policy as 44th President ! ANYTHING after 8 years of cheaters Bush Jr. – Chenney will look good. Even fresh inexperienced Barrack Hussein Obama!!

    Bush Most Admired next to Clinton’:
    Just like the TIME Person of the Year, FORTUNE 500, INC 500 Could anyone publish the process by which Gallop’s Poll conducted its poll? Thanks a lot CNN.

    Bush Standings are: Dec 2007 is 10% Dec 2006 is 13% Dec 2005 19% Dec 2004 23% Dec 2003 29% Dec 2002 28% Dec 2001 39% Dec 2000 5% Dec 1999 1% per Gallup poll. Notice after 9/11 Bush had a meteoric RISE in popularity but he wasted it on his neo-con plan to pre-emptively attack Iraq. With end of Bush’s Presidency the percentage is bound to drop even further. After all he is not Clinton who can make a comeback from Crawford ranch cutting wood!!

    Ex-Repulican writes: “I really enjoyed reading these comments! Yes, this result is ABSURD because George W. Bush will be in the books as one of the WORST presidents in the history of this country. He’s in league with Dick Nixon at least. But, let’s recall that the results of this ‘poll’ are deeply flawed. First, Nelson Mandela is not ‘in our nation’, he’s in South Africa! Secondly, 10% is a very small fraction so the result tells me that nobody is really admired. Thirdly, there will always be statistical ‘tail’ of peoples’ opinions, so that I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that at least 10% of Germans ‘admired’ Hitler if you’d taken a poll in 1946!!! So, don’t fret, we will see when the historians of the future will make clear the crimes of GWB, he is lost, and so are the Republicans he dragged down with him.”

    R. Engels, Tucson, Arizona says “Bush lied to the people, his country and the world to create his energy “footprint in Iraq”; the great divider, mentally deficient president will go down as the bottom rung of Presidents. Never have so few destroyed so much and we have another year of his arrogance. If he is the most admired man in America, this country deserves what it gets.

    EKK says “BUSH represents greed, power, manipulation and complete disregard for your fellow neighbor. I’m not religious, but GOD help us!”

    Andy, Evansville, IN says “Imagine now, if Iraq becomes another democratic Islamic nation down the road, well, like Turkey… keep dreaming!! I am not. I want our troops home by 2009.

    Dubya Bush Jr. is a spoiled rich kid–who was born again and somehow became President, in spite of the fact he is inarticulate, uncharismatic, and a foreign/economic policy blunderer. His legacy as Presidential role model will be the example to avoid at all costs for ALL future Presidents.

    R. Engels, Tucson, Arizona says “Bush lied to the people, his country and the world to create his energy “footprint in Iraq”; the great divider, mentally deficient president will go down as the bottom rung of Presidents. Never have so few destroyed so much and we have another year of his arrogance. If he is the most admired man in America, this country deserves what it gets.

    Clinton did so much more good for America, both nationally and internationally except he had a problem with skirt chasing I admit. Who in their right minds can say the same thing about Dubya Bush Jr.? In retrospect Bush Jr. gave NO-BID contracts by the BILLIONS to HALLIBURTON and others in this Iraq war!! Dubya Bush Jr. & Chenney are thieves.

    R. Engels, Tucson, Arizona says “Bush lied to the people, his country and the world to create his energy “footprint in Iraq”; the great divider, mentally deficient president will go down as the bottom rung of Presidents. Never have so few destroyed so much
    and we have another year of his arrogance. If he is the most admired man in America, this country deserves what it gets.

    In this nation of 300 million there still are 30% of the population that admires Dubya Bush Jr. – Cheney Whitehouse years: Here’s a sample:

    Walt from Belton, TX writes “How can you compare a man with no morals, Clinton, with a man of extremely high morals, Dubya Bush Jr.?” (Can you believe some people still think these thoughts!)

    Who was / has been a better 42nd President Bill Clinton or 43rd Dubya Bush Jr. If you are ashamed to answer for a sitting President then historians will do the job. They have to.

    Impeach Bush – Cheney

    That’s the choice we have today between a seasoned politician in Hillary Roddam Clinton and Barrack Hussein Obama! NH make your choice on Tuesday January 8th 2008 otherwise the United States of America will make the decision for you on SUPER Tuesday February 5th 2008!

    P.S. BIG Media is already jumping on the OBAMA bandwagon!!

    People get off your butt before we another another Bush Jr. in Barrack Hussein Obama in 2008 who may not handle Pakistan correctly. Take us to wars in Waziristan or Iran!! Iranian boats in Persian gulf today. Washington post suppressed the Impeach Bush-Chenney McGovern editorial already! Big forces at work!

    Go Hillary44 08! http://hillaryis44.org/ http://facts.hillaryhub.com/ http://www.hillaryhub.com/
    For a little pre-iowa national election snapshot: http://uselectionatlas.org/2008.php

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