Hillary Clinton In New Hampshire

[Democratic Party Presidential Debate – tonight. We’ll cover it. The Democratic debate with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards and Bill Richardson, will be televised on ABC stations from approximately 8:45 p.m. to 10:15 p.m. (ET). The moderators will be Charlie Gibson of ABC and Scott Spradling of WMUR. For the interested, the Republicans will debate before the Democrats starting at 7:00 p.m. also on ABC]

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Literature students are taught that there are 7 basic plots in all literature. In political campaigns there are 2 basic messages.

Basic political message #1 is “Stay the Course“. Political message #1 is used by incumbents and wannabe successors to the incumbent. The message states that things are going along pretty well, or somewhat well, and there is no need for change.

Basic political message #2 is “It’s Time For A Change“. Political message #2 is used by the non-incumbent in an election. This message states that things are off kilter and that the status quo is not working and therefore new leadership is needed.

The “stay the course” message works very well when society is functioning well. When things are not going so smoothly “stay the course” is salted with the idea that change is “risky”.

When things are falling apart, in society or government, the “change” message is very powerful.

* * *

In 2008, due to the mess created by Bush and the Republicans, “change” is a very powerful message. The Democrats in 2008, especially the presidential candidates, are all employing the tried and true message #2: It’s Time For A Change.

With all the Democratic presidential candidates employing the message “It’s Time For A Change” the necessary follow-up questions are: “What Kind of Change?” and “Who Can Best Bring About That Change?”

That is the state of play today in New Hampshire. It is not a novel situation.

In 1984 Walter Mondale, running against the Obama of that day – Gary Hart, echoed a popular television commercial and in a debate asked Hart the question “Where’s The Beef?” Mondale won the nomination.

In 2000, after suffering a stunning defeat at the hands of John McCain in New Hampshire, George Bush questioned McCain’s committment to change by labeling himself a “Reformer With Results”. As laughable as Bush’s claim was – it worked. (Time Magazine wrote: But it is a measure of the trouble Bush is in that when he started doing that–unveiling a new slogan, A REFORMER WITH RESULTS–he was trying to climb inside the knight’s armor already worn by John McCain.)

* * *

Back in February 2007, the New York Times made a yet unfulfilled promise: Unlike Mrs. Clinton, or to a lesser extent Mr. Edwards, Mr. Obama has not gone through a full-scale audit that will now come from Republicans, Democrats, journalists and advocacy groups, eager to define him before he defines himself.

Unlike Hillary, Barack Obama has yet to be vetted. In New Hampshire maybe the vetting process will begin.

Paul Krugman is attempting to gently fulfill the promise of an Obama vetting. What does Obama mean by “Change”? How realistic is Obama’s strategy to acheive “Change”?

On one side, the Democrats are all promising to get out of Iraq and offering strongly progressive policies on taxes, health care and the environment. That’s understandable: the public hates the war, and public opinion seems to be running in a progressive direction.

What seems harder to understand is what’s happening on the other side — the degree to which almost all the Republicans have chosen to align themselves closely with the unpopular policies of an unpopular president. And I’m not just talking about their continuing enthusiasm for the Iraq war. The G.O.P. candidates are equally supportive of Bush economic policies. [snip]

In fact, however, except for Mike Huckabee — a peculiar case who’ll deserve more discussion if he stays in contention — the leading Republican contenders have gone out of their way to assure voters that they will not deviate an inch from the Bush path. Why? Because the G.O.P. is still controlled by a conservative movement that does not tolerate deviations from tax-cutting, free-market, greed-is-good orthodoxy. [snip]

There’s a fantasy, widely held inside the Beltway, that men and women of good will from both parties can be brought together to hammer out bipartisan solutions to the nation’s problems.

If such a thing were possible, Mr. McCain, Mr. Romney and Mr. Giuliani — a self-proclaimed maverick, the former governor of a liberal state and the former mayor of an equally liberal city — would seem like the kind of men Democrats could deal with. (O.K., maybe not Mr. Giuliani.) In fact, however, it’s not possible, not given the nature of today’s Republican Party, which has turned men like Mr. McCain and Mr. Romney into hard-line ideologues. On economics, and on much else, there is no common ground between the parties.

So how does Obama achieve this “Change” of his?

A popular blogger asks the same “kumbaya” question with a bit more bite:

Since I’m not a politician I can say it: self-described independent voters tend to have that wonderful combination of arrogance and stupidity, along with a belief that the right politician will just wave his magic wand and the correctly colored pony will appear. They have little understanding of how politics works, and thinks that if someone says they’ll just ride into Washington and get things done by bringing people together and making it happen, that this is in fact a stunningly new concept never before communicated by any other politicians. And a pony.

So how does Obama achieve this “Change” of his on vital questions like health care with the current Republican Party “controlled by a conservative movement that does not tolerate deviations from tax-cutting, free-market, greed-is-good orthodoxy?”

Yesterday, we made several suggestions on questions that need to be asked of Obama by Hillary. The questions we posed concern issues that explore the thinking and history of Obama. They are not strict policy questions. Policy questions and strict policy issues don’t bother Obama because like all flim flam artists, he just misstates facts or avoids answering altogether.

Obama must be questioned about the political opportunism of some of his “present” votes and his strange absence and complaints regarding Kyl-Lieberman.

At tonight’s debate Hillary will begin to contrast her vision and implementation of “Change” with Obama’s vision and history. Hillary understands that is what must happen in New Hampshire.

She said New Hampshire voters need to take a hard look at Obama, suggesting that they shouldn’t just buy into his message of “hope” without analyzing his policies.

Clinton said she wasn’t suggesting anything in particular about Obama, but simply “drawing contrasts.”

I’m running on my record. … I’m running on my plans,” Clinton told reporters. “I think everybody needs to be vetted and tested. That’s the way elections are supposed to operate. The last thing the Democrats need is to just move quickly through this process.”

While the senator was vague, her campaign pointed out to ABC News examples of Obama’s liberal positions, including his 2004 statement to abolish mandatory minimum sentences for federal crimes. They also pointed out a statement Obama made in 2003 that he was “a proponent of a single payer health care program,” which he no longer seems to support today.

Clinton said voters need to ask Obama more questions about his health-care plan to find out “where he stands.”

The issue to be explored is not Obama’s past positions but rather why he has abandoned them and whether he will abandon the positions he is taking today. Most Democrats are not going to be offended by liberal positions in a Democratic primary. The question is the discarding or adopting of positions for political benefit. Obama ran for election to the Illinois state senate based on his “community organizer” experience, but once he became a state senator he abandoned his constitutency in favor of his financial benefactor, slumlord Rezko. Who else will be abandoned by Obama? Obama has already abandoned 15 million Americans on health care.

We need a president who will actually deliver change,” she said. “It is critical that we build confidence in our country. We can’t have false hopes. We’ve got to have a person who can walk into the Oval Office on day one and start doing the hard work that it takes to deliver change. And I believe I’m that person.”

“I’m not doing this as an exercise,” Clinton said.

Asked what she meant when she said earlier to a crowd in Nashua, N.H., that all of the vetting and investigations of her record had found her “most innocent,” Clinton simply said: “I think I come into this race tested and proven and ready to take on the Republicans no matter what they send my way.”

False, vain hopes, espoused by Obama must be countered by Hillary with the real life hard work that creates hope.

With Hillary you get: Real Hope, not Vain Hope – Real Change, not Small Change.


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  1. At my LJ I’ve just posted some research on “Hillary as part of Bill’s team – quotes from early 1990s”.

    I’ve been looking for something to explain what I mean by saying “Obama is doing what McGovern did in 1972,” but not finding much. That is, he gamed the nomination process to receive a nomination that the rank and file voters would not vote for. Also the GOP managed to give him a bad image — because he was unknown, with no image of his own already?


  2. admin,

    A few questions that also need to be answered:

    If Obama sees himself as the “agent of change”, what has he been waiting for since coming to the Senate in January 2005?

    How many speeches against the war in Iraq has he given on the Senate floor?

    How many times did stand up against bills that provided funding for the war in Iraq?

    How many coalitions did he build in the Senate to bring Republicans and Democrats together to bring the war in Iraq to an end?

    How many times has he come forth to point out that Osama bin Laden is alleged to be in Pakistan and that the U.S. needs to finish the job it started in Afhanistan?

    How many times has he come forth to demand that the human rights–particularly those of women and children–of civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq have been violated?

    How many times has he railed against the loss of habeas corpus, the illegal imprisonment of enemy combatants, and the overuse of presidential signing statements?

    Where is his universal health care legislation? or any others pertaining to his campaign rhetoric?

    Where can we find evidence of his reaching across the aisle to build a concensus on any of these significant matters?

    Are we to believe that he’s been saving all his grand talents for the day that he moves into the White House?

    It goes beyond just asking “where’s the beef”.

  3. goodmorning hillfans. just got up a little while ago becuase i had a night off from work. searching the net for more nh info. i will be working the eve shift on my on-call job so i will miss the debates live tonite. i will watch the debate late tonite and listen to your guys reaction here later. im sure it will be a lively discussion.

  4. If he was passionately against Iraq war why did he not appear on Oprah’s so called antiwar shows in 2002?
    Why did he nor appear on Donahue anti war shows?

  5. Well, if you’re collecting questions for Obama, there’s also his anti-gay tour and his promise to take troops out of Iraq — into “the right battlefield in Pakistan and Afganistan.” And many other hawkish statements in this summer’s “The War We Must Win” and related comments.

  6. Early report on Zogby poll for today from Political Wire

    Zogby Tracking Poll: Early Iowa Bounce Seen in New Hampshire

    The latest Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby poll in New Hampshire finds Sen. Hillary Clinton’s lead down slightly to 32%, followed by Sen. Barack Obama at 28% and John Edwards at 20%.

    Among Republicans, Sen. John McCain’s lead is also down to 32%, followed by Mitt Romney at 30% and Mike Huckabee at 12%.

    Most of the polling in the four-day tracking survey was taken before the Iowa caucuses on Thursday, but pollster John Zogby sees the beginnings of a post-Iowa bounce for Obama and Huckabee.

    Said Zogby: “We will see more tomorrow but I think we will clearly see them make gains.”

  7. No offence to Zogby’s poll but I don’t think he is a reliable pollster at all. The reason why he got the Iowa poll right was because after the DMR posted their final poll numbers, he adjusted his poll under the DMR’s model and he also was able to poll till the last day. His comments on his polls are just so unfavorable to HRC. He always has headlines like “Hillary slips in poll” even though Hillary might still be leading. I just find him very misleading. JMO…

  8. This mornig on C-span Zogby said that expects 10-15% bounce with in 24hr and later it goes down. Do you have any thoughts on it.

  9. Was there quid pro quo?

    In late 2002, Obama was jockeying for position, too, when he gave a speech opposing the anticipated U.S. invasion of Iraq during an anti-war rally organized by lakefront liberal Bettylu Satlzman,_ Mendell writes.

    He said Obama wanted Saltzman’s support and hoped she would encourage political consultant David Axelrod to help with his potential U.S. Senate bid.


    I believe that there was a quid pro quo because there were no followups to his speech.

  10. clintondem99, if BHO has 10-15% bounce coming out of Iowa, then the tracking poll released this morning should have showed it but it is not. I think people do not have confident on his resume.

  11. Rammussen is doing daily tracking for NH and he just released the GOP results taken last night. He hasn’t released dems yet but if you want to look at the bounce, he should be the one to look out since it was all taken last night after the whole hoopla.

  12. wow, look at ron paul’s numbers in ras’s poll. 14%. he is a real player at least in nh. maybe mccain and paul can suck up more indies.

  13. ras just posted gop numbers in nh. im not sure it is a tracking poll. rasmussen did say the dem numbers are being released today.

  14. B. Merryfield: The questions you ask are on point. This is how we as Clinton supporters can push back against Obama (at least in my humble opinion). I have been asking that one simple question now since Obama started picking up steam following the Novak column (a turning point) as well as the immigration question (another turning point). Someone in the MSM should be asking “what has Obama achieved as a US Senator?” As I have pointed out the SCHIP legislation was supported by both Dems and Republicans. For someone who has the pixie dust, I haven’t seen Obama use it to get the necessary number of republicans to go against their lame duck president and pass this legislation. If he can’t do this how is he going to “bring everyone together?” How is he going to get his so called health plan passed? We are talking about legislation that has support from both parties. How difficult can it be? However, I suspect that Obama can only bring everyone together when he is willing to compromise Democratic principles for his own resume. He isn’t looking out for Democrats, he is looking out for himself.

    I also agree that he has not spoken out/voted against war funding. He has skipped the difficult votes (ala as a state senator and his present votes)

  15. lol, cj, i got a kick out of that video u linked. anti-war organizers taking over a obama office. look at the obama staffer trying to kick out the media to talk to these kooks. funny watching obama’s office getting harrassed. i thought he had the anti-war kooks all locked up. maybe paul or kuchinich supporters.

  16. I guess that is the 10% bump people were talking about. She just needs to bring that down by doing well in today’s debate and go from there.

  17. not only she is losing by dems, but also by indies. not good hillfans. the debates and hard chargin against this guy must start.

  18. ras estimates 40% indies may vote in the dem primary. as we know could spell trouble. those closed primaries can’t come fast enough.

  19. Just got my first poller of the weekend. This one asked “If you are going to vote in the Republican primary, who would you vote for?” #1 was Ron Paul, #2 was Duncan Hunter, etc. I pushed #1. Thought it would be nice to help pump up his numbers and give the Repugs a little grief. Besides, my son is a Ron Paul supporter.

  20. Independents in NH seem to like Ron Paul, Barack Obama and John McCain. All three will most likely share the independent votes. I am so not loosing hope at all.

  21. BHO sounds like he hates baby boomers. He is playing the generation politics. I bet he is going to raise social security age and cut benefits. He is a repug. He is not progressive.

  22. DemHawk, the only problem with that Suffolk poll is that it was conducted before the IA result.

    If young voters and Indies come out in droves like the did in IA, I just don’t know.

  23. topix.com

    199,865 comments in 2008 Presidential Election

    go to that left side scroll down looks like bloggers haved moved

  24. I was listening to cspan. Some of those independents are so insane they think Barack would pick Ron paul as running mate. I even heard some say that they would vote either for Ron Paul or BHO. Figure that out.

  25. Part of the poll was done before the results were released in Iowa. In any case, I’m thinking that the Independents will be going to the Republican Primary.

  26. But Ron Paul is only pulling in 8%. However, I don’t doubt his supporters will come out in droves for him and him only.

    DemHawk, I guess tomorrow’s poll will be significant then.

  27. I think the younger people are attracted to Obama because he blames baby boomers for all the problems. I hope Hillary warns BHO in the debate that he is playing generation politics.

  28. Marc Ambinder has a good blog on Hillary today about how she managed control overflowing audience attendance.

    I guess Hillary is addressing that one problem I had with her campaign: book venues too small and having to turn people away. The intimate setting needs to be tossed out. Let’s make every appearance a rally.

    At this event, 300 RSVP, but 1,500 showed up:

    Clinton Speaks Truth To Power, Bill O’Reilly, A Fire Marshal, And A Huge Crowd
    05 Jan 2008 11:32 am

    The surreal moments that preceded Hillary Clinton’s town hall here might have been avoided if her campaign anticipated a turnout befitting a candidate on the rise.

    500 people RSVPd for the event at the Merrimack High School here.

    1,500 showed up, 9:30 a.m, on a Saturday.

    There was no overflow room and at least 100 folks were barred from the auditorium because a fire marshal said the room wasn’t big enough.

    Clinton herself was forced to play site advance — urging, in strong words — the fire marshal to change his mind.

    “I want the fire marshal to see that there are more places for more people to come in,” she said. ” You come to a lot of trouble to get out this morning. We appreciate the enthusiasm. We’ve got a couple over here and one back there,” she said, pointing to empty chairs.

    Later, she asked audience members to raise their hand if they had empty seats next to them.

    She then asked her daughter Chelsea to remove a barrier set up by the Secret Service in order to accommodate more people.

    “Cheals, just want to take that off. People can just sit down, so people aren’t up against the bar there.”

    The audience erupted in cheers.

    “See? I am a problem solver, Clinton said. “I’ve been telling you that for this whole campaign,” she said.

    In the commotion, Clinton heard the cry of a toddler.

    “I know honey. Sometimes, I feel that way too.”

    Clinton took her first question from a woman who said that Bill O’Reilly, who stood about 40 feet away from Clinton’s left, asked her about Clinton’s troop withdrawal plan from Iraq.

    “Bill O’Reilly!” Clinton said, gesturing to the talk show host.

    The crowd started to jeer, but Clinton raised her hand: “Oh no, no no — he gets at least some credit for being here.”

    And she launched into a five minute disquisition on Iraq.

    And then health care, which animated Clinton and the audience. Clinton lit into Obama’s health care plan using harsher language than I’ve heard. “It’s wrong on its approach, it’s wrong on its merits,” she said, “and it would cede to Republicans the argument that you can’t cover everyone.”

    I thought Clinton’s turn as director played well, but we’ll see how several of the eminent
    grises in the press row — Bob Novak, E.J. Dionne, Gwen Ifill — interpret it.

  29. DemHawk, I read it and it says Zogby poll conducted 80% of that newly release poll before the Caucus. Ben also concluded he misread Zogby as not having a bounce when in fact it did show a significant bounce.

    Listen, as I said, I will not cite Zogby ever again. If not for DMR, Zogby would still have had Hillary up.

    I will wait for more Suffolk and other reputable polls.

  30. That was a great read. Bill O’Reilly had the gall to show up? I am glad Hillary told her audience not to boo him for having the balls to show up. I feel good things coming ahead.

  31. that’s a good piece by Ambinder – and if all accounts are true – here’s a contrast in character- Clinton can defend O’Reilly from the jeers while Obama allows his supporters to boo her at the NH Dinner. I really hope those in New Hampshire will see through Obama and know how much classier she is as a human being.

  32. this internal is crazy.. cocky omambo supporters.. they think they will get NH supporters if Obama wins nomination.. BS I wont drag my ass to vote for this sucker!

    Just 48% of Obama supporters have a favorable opinion of Clinton. Fifty-one percent (51%) have the opposite opinion including 22% with a Very Unfavorable opinion of the former First Lady. At the same time, 75% of Clinton supporters have a favorable opinion of Obama.

  33. Caroline, the IA result hit me hard. Really hard. I don’t want to go through that rock bottom feeling again.

    Don’t hate me for saying this, but I will remain optimistic for Hillary, but I will not rule out a loss. And if that loss comes, I will not feel as if I’ve been hit by a freight train again.

  34. I believe the Ras poll. It shows Obama up by 10. I’m not making the same mistakes I did with Iowa.

    Also, I read that WaPo story T4H linked to. Not good at all; the campaign isn’t making the kind of changes that are necessary. I’m sorry, but tweaking won’t do it. There’ve been danger signs for weeks, but nothing was done. Mark Penn should be thrown out on his ass.

  35. The Suffolk Poll was taken on the 3rd and 4th. It’s also a reliable poll too. Guys, we really don’t know so if I were you, I will stop stressing and predicting doom and gloom because of polls. Read the article posted above regarding a Hillary event and that should make some of you feel better. If we keep focusing on polls, we will never get Hillary’s message across. I believe she will win NH. I never believed she was going to take Iowa but I was hoping.

  36. all of them, Hillary, Edwards, and Richardson should swing against BHO. Edwards goes after his lobbist at his payroll and global warmming. Hillary go after healthcare, and Richardson go after his inexperence in foreign policy.

  37. Just think about it. Even if she sqeaks past BHO it would be considered a huge win. As long as it is a close race we woud be just fine.

  38. I have a thought..perhaps Hillary’s campaign didn’t go negative right away this morning as that was what the press has been waiting for..you know they would have just pounced on her. Now at the debate tonight she can come on strong and strongly point out the differences between her and Obama. After tonight she can continue the theme of these strong differences, seize on any mistakes Obama makes, and increase the critical tone of her ads without it looking that she is just attacking (which is won’t be..it will be a continuation of the debate).

  39. Richardson? Maybe. If it is his strategy to keep the contest going with no clear front-runner, then he will want to strike at Obama and hope for either a Clinton or Edwards NH win.

    However, with Richardson being the slime that he is, who knows.

    In a few minutes I’ll be at Hill’s office phone banking all day. What. Great. Joy.

  40. i agree clintondem, obama is topdog now. watchem all go after obama. i would be surprized as hell they don’t skin obama alive espeacially edwards. he has to cut obama down to size if he has a sliver of chance to survive.

  41. AG, what she needs to do is appeal to the Young and Indies. I think she’s already shored up the Dem base as much as she can.

    Two key voting group she needs to refocus on are the young and Indies. That should be her target from now until Tues.

  42. Edwards is the right people tonight to hit BHO from the left. In primary you need to hit him from the left.

  43. The problem with Obama winning Iowa is it legitimizes him as a candidate in a huge way. We knew Hillary would have a hard time winning there, but her campaign didn’t lower expectations enough. Penn convinced her she could win there, and he did her a major disservice.

    And now because they overinvested in Iowa, there’s no firewall in NH.

  44. i agree with paula, let’s not dismiss every poll that shows our girl behind. she has to perform great at the debate. mentally i will be more prepared for a potential loss in nh than iowa. THIS IS NOT DEFEATISM EITHER. just being prepared. let’s work hard, give money and hope for the best.

  45. imagine 44 made a good point about Hillary’s campaign underestimating Obama. I agree. And one of Bill Clinton’s cardinal rules is never underestimate your opponent. I have no idea why that was allowed to happen.

  46. MSNBC seems to be giving a better coverage for Hillary. terrondt, I am unable to shake my MSNBC addiction.

  47. How does one remain optimistic while hedging one’s bets? Forgive me, but anyone can be optimistic when every sign is in their favor, it’s when the going gets tough that your beliefs and you are tested.
    OB’s supporters NEVER folded, despite being behind in every poll in every state. They BELIEVE in their candidate. If Hillary supporters here are ready to throw in the towel after ONE contest and a disheartening poll from a republican pollster who got IOWA wrong, they should check their intestinal fortitude, or I should be looking for a different site.

    Hillary will do great tonight. Hillary will WIN New Hampshire. Hillary will WIN the nomination and be the 44th President of the United States.
    I’m NOT hedging my bets one bit, and you shouldn’t either. I’m LOUD and PROUD for Hillary!

    So, buck up filbertsf! Success is so much more satisfying when it is achieved through adversity. This was never going to be a cake-walk, and the inevitability BS was all Big Media’s creation, as is the OB phenomenon; They’re like weather-vanes, they can only tell you which way the wind is blowing NOW, not what the direction will be tomorrow.
    When you believe in something, you risk sacrificing and suffering for that belief, and if you are unwilling or unable to ride the roller-coaster of emotion that entails, you risk missing out on the exhilaration and joy of
    the journey.

  48. Hillary can win NH if: She does very well in the debate, and if Obama’s bounce starts to fade after the first 24 hours, as Zogby says it may.

  49. Hillary alone can not beat BHO in the debate tonight. Edwards and Richardson have to hit him too. It will benefit all of them if all of the three swing against BHO.

  50. rjk1957, he will not attack Hillary tonight because whenever he attactk Hillary BHO number will up and his number will go down. Besides, Hillary is not a fronrunner anymore.

  51. BTW, that Rasmussen poll was conducted ONLY on Friday, so it measures Obama’s bounce better than any others.

    Also, Bob Novak is reporting Hillary would accept a second-place finish in NH, for FWIW. Yes, I know it’s Novak, lol.

  52. Realist, I’m not folding in the towel. If I was, I wouldn’t be planning in all-day, all weekend at her office making phones calls and begging for support.

    Like I said, the IA result hit me really hard. It’s just my way of armoring myself just to not get that low again.

    I have hope. IA is not like NH in that in NH, there’s more viable GOP candidates who will be fighting for the Indie votes. Paul owes his support to Indies and so does McCain. Romney is still the frontrunner.

  53. Believe me I would like to see nothing more than Edwards and Richardson go after Obama, but nothing they do and have said lately surprises me.

  54. Here is the NY times account of it: thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/01/05/clinton-greets-foxs-oreilly/

  55. My opinion is that NH will partly hinge on the debate. And the debate will hinge on whether Hillary has to hit Obama alone, or whether the 2 guys will hit him too. Or whether its a Hillary gang pile on.

    Hillary is winning this nomination, regardless, but NH will be a big deal either way.

    Has anyone besides me thought that if Hillary got JE as her running mate, that would be a smart move? Or that if Obama works that deal, it would be really bad?

    Note: I am not crazy about JE, but I am thinking purely political move, here.

  56. Note to Mr. Carville-

    Let’s turn OB into BUSH! Let’s put them on a split-screen mouthing the same false platitudes. OB has been allowed to define HIMSELF, while BIG MEDIA has been allowed to define Hillary. It is time to take the, “Bush-lite”, label and tun it on the, “Bush-like”, OB. The similarities are there, the rhetoric is there, the videotape is there.

    Under the banner, “Sound Familiar?”, we would hear them saying the same things about change and hope, then images of Iraq, Katrina, Alberto Gonzales, Abu Garib, etc., while Ob prattles on.
    Voice Over: Almost eight years ago America chose words over deeds and hoped for the best. Can we afford to do the same thing again?
    The final cut; Obama saying that, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

    Hillary Clinton: Experience plus competence equals REAL CHANGE.

  57. clintondem99,

    BHO sounds like he hates baby boomers. He is playing the generation politics. I bet he is going to raise social security age and cut benefits. He is a repug. He is not progressive.

    They should be using an outside group to run ads showing side by side how Obama shares policy positions with the current administration and Republicans in general.

    Who’s the REAL change ?

  58. It would be not a great Idea. Breck girl turns off the moderates and the Indies. A better Idea would to have another moderate democrat from the south. Or a moderate Republican for that matter, with the symbolism of bringing America together.

  59. i agree with filbersf, no one here is throwing in the towel. we just can’t rose color glasses everything here either. that old saying is hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

  60. Obama can critcize baby boomers all he wants, the only problem I see with his arguement is that being born in 1961 still makes him a baby boomer


  62. We should consider ourselves lucky there is a debate before Tuesday. Otherwise, I’m not sure Hillary would have a chance to blunt his momentum.

  63. On Countdown last night, John Edwards went after Hillary not Obama. He says it is between the two of them…change agents…as opposed to Hillary. Didn’t sound like he’d be attacking Obama???

  64. My 2 Cents – What I would tell Penn or whoever.

    Hillary needs to position herself as the Anti-Bush. Keep on the message of stopping cowboy rule.
    Then show Barack as the next Bush. Show how his campaign is very much like Bush 00′, prove that point. Show how he never voted for timetables of Iraq. Show his video against Kennedy.

    The key to win is to focus this around how she can get us away from BUSH and how Obama cannot.

  65. This is the script of the ad:

    “Thank you New Hampshire, for welcoming me into your homes and

    “And when you vote, I hope you will ask one question: who is ready to
    be president on day one?”

    “To fix the economy, to end the war, to give health care to all.”

    “The goals are big and the stakes are huge.”

    “We’re not just changing presidents, we’re changing our country.”

    “I hope you’ll vote for me. And if you stand with me, I will stand up for you every day as president.”

    “And I’ll be ready to start on day one.”

  66. BHO labels himeself as a leader of a movement. The big media report that the movement has begun. a lot of people follow the movement by heart not by head. if edwards and richardson do not go after him in the debate, it is very hard to stop him because if more and more people believe there is a movement then more people will follow.

  67. This is my last post about polls…I promise lol. Even ras’s poll has Hillary holding steady. Even though it went down 4 points from the last polling they did, that is all due to the Obama surge/Iowa results. His numbers are going to come back down to earth. She just needs to do really well in the debate today.

  68. Apparently, if I try to post the link to anything my post has a delay in appearing on the message board . . . sorry in advance for the multiple posts that will contain the link to The Page with the Hillary ad if and when they do post.

  69. meiyingsu

    I totally agree Edwards should go after Obama and stop doing the dirty work for him, but I was just commenting that his statements last night didn’t sound like he has “smarten up” any since November.

  70. Southern Born,

    maybe he hopes that he will get a vp spot. but BHO/edwards ticket is not a winning ticket in IMHO.

  71. One reason Richardson will not go after BO:

    Richardson is angling for the Sec. of state or VP position from BO.

    Richardson and BO deals made in IA threw off Biden who could have come in 4th and then probably stayed on in the race and participated in tonight’s debate.

    Also by all going Hillary, they are ganging up to sway the Latino vote whch Hillary has had in her favor. So I bet Obama is saying, help me in IA and then he will help Richardson in the NV primary – strong latino prescense.

    So BO/Richardson are playing for the latino folks!

  72. meiyingsu,

    Phew! Don’t think I could even hold my nose and vote for BO/JE ticket.

    But that’s exactly where I thought Edwards might be going as well.

  73. if edwards and richardson love their country, if they love democrat party, then they should go after BHO.

  74. Despite several campaigns preparation for a 50 state strategy, Big Media has proven that Mitt Romney, despite the way things are working out for him, had the right idea in today’s presidential primary environment; It’s a TWO state strategy.

    No matter what the national polls are, whoever wins Iowa is declared the front-runner, and if someone wins the first two contests they are considered the presumptive nominee. Whatever the outcome in this season, something has to be done to reduce the influence of the initial contests and the momentous import afforded them by Big Media.

    After Iowa, candidates aren’t competing against each other and each other’s messages, they’re competing against Big Media’s narrative of momentum. It’s all about the horse race now and who has the big, “Mo”.
    OB is now Big, Mo”, and BM will rationalize that momentum is due to the message. But the truth is that they are putting the cart before the horse and that the message is secondary to who’s currently got Big Mo on their side.

    When OB produces yet another disappointing performance in tonight’s debate, and when we win NH on Tuesday, it won’t stop the fawning press and evangelical talk of, “movement”, but it will halt Big Mo in it’s tracks. BM won’t be as ready or willing to afford Hillary the same treatment it gave to OB’s Iowa win, but we’ll be back to running against a person, rather than Big MO.

  75. The thing is Hillary, Edwards and Richardson have to get him uncomfortable so he starts the uh…. uh… uh…… stuttering routine he does so often that the press does not report.

  76. That’s not a routine, it’s how he speaks. I have yet to listen to him string two consecutive sentences together without stuttering, stammering, or hesitating…

  77. meiyingsu, Obama will not be vetted as long as Hillary’s around. He gets the positive press because they can’t stand her; one doesn’t exist without the other. Once she’s removed from the equation, his press coverage will turn 180 degrees as the MSM will begin parroting Repub attacks on him. Remember, the press also likes McCain. If McCain’s the nominee, Obama will get Hillary-like press treatment while McCain is lauded.

  78. Good afternoon, Hillfans. I got a mailer today:

    “a woman’s right to choose…”

    “demands a leader who will stand up (underlined in red) and protect it.”

    It’s a split screen card:

    “Hillary Clinton. Standing up strong on choice. Has long fought efforts by far-right Republicans to limit or overturn Roe v. Wade. An original co-sponsor of the Freedom of Choice Act — federal legislation that would guarantee the right to choose for every American woman. Secured FDA decision on over-the-counter sale of Plan B emergency contraception.”

    “Barack Obama. Unwilling to take a stand on choice. Seven times he had the opportunity to stand up against Republican anti-choice legislation in the Illinois State Senate. Seven times he vote ‘present’ — not ‘yes’ or ‘no’, but ‘present’. Being there is not enough to protect choice.”

  79. Paula:

    “H4T, I don’t now if JRE would be a good VP choice. He didn’t do much for Kerry in ‘04.”

    Especially after he made that bonehead mistake in the VP Debate against Cheney by bringing up the fact that Cheney’s daughter is gay. That was a huge mistake..

  80. On a lighter note: I liked Hillary’s line in that Marc Ambinber blog post, where she told the bawling toddler, “Honey, I feel like that too sometimes.”

  81. mp, That’s a very good analysis. What I’m trying to figure out is, why didn’t Hillary’s campaign try to cut a deal with Richardson or Biden? it seems like they were badly outmaneuvered there.

  82. Reuters:

    “Presidential rivals in both parties took aim at Democrat Barack Obama’s experience and health care proposals on Saturday, hours ahead of back-to-back debates that could reshape tight nominating races in New Hampshire. ..

    “‘We cannot afford Barack Obama as the next president. He’s a nice fella and a very well-spoken fella, but he’s never done it,’ Romney said in Derry, challenging Obama’s experience while adopting a version of the change message that worked for Obama and Huckabee in Iowa. ..

  83. O’Reilly and an Obama staffer had a less than pleasant exchange later.


  84. Barack Obama’s bid to be America’s first black president is under fire from Democrats and Republicans alike before political debates on Sunday to help voters to pick whom to vote for in New Hampshire’s primary.

    A day after his unexpected victory as Iowa’s choice for the Democratic presidential nomination, Obama’s message of hope and change was derided by both Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney — the leaders of the Democratic and Republican fields here.

    “Did you listen to Barack Obama?” Romney, the former governor of neighbouring Massachusetts seeking to become America’s first Mormon president, said at a rally late on Saturday.

    “He is a new face, but gosh when you listen to what comes out of his mouth. It’s like, ‘We’re going to just get our troops out of Iraq,’” Romney said. “Have you thought about the consequences?”


  85. i just dont see indies running to mcain. isee them voting inthe dem primary and for bo. main has to raget someindies in nh to win. the debate is it really. with the same mark penn advising er not to cange message i fear we will once again have a bad night teusday. hillary has got to do something different tonight.

  86. AFSCME is out with a pro-Hillary mailer. It reads in part: “A Prime Minister is on the phone: They’ve lost a warhead,” says the fictional memo on the front of the mailing.

    The solution?

    “Send in the right woman for the job.”

    Ben Smith denounces it as the politics of fear on Politico.

  87. For a break in the day..here’s some more George W. Bush fun. Again, do you think these statements sound familiar?

    Dec. 14, 2000 speech

    “I know America wants reconciliation and unity. I know Americans want progress. And we must seize this moment and deliver. Together, guided by a spirit of common sense, common courtesy and common goals, we can unite and inspire the American citizens.

    200 years have only strengthened the steady character of America. And so as we begin the work of healing our nation, tonight I call upon that character: Respect for each other, respect for our differences, agenerosity of spirit, and a willingness to work hard and work together to solve any problem. I was not elected to serve one party, but to serve one nation. The President of the United States is the President of every single American, of every race and every background.”

    Campaign rally Nov. 3, 2000 Grand Rapids Michigan

    “(America’s) ready for bipartisan leadership.
    It is ready for a leader who will bring this great country together. No, that’s what this country wants. They want a leader who understands how to lead, how to bring folks together to achieve the people’s business. As you’re out campaigning for us, make sure you talk about the issues, because people when they hear it are going to find out, we stand squarely with the people.
    There’s a big difference of philosophy in this campaign. I’m running against a man of Washington, by Washington and for Washington. Ours is a campaign that stands squarely on the side of the people and the families and the workers of America.”

    Speech in Pittsburgh Nov 4, 2000

    “There’s Democrats all around America who understand there’s a better day tomorrow. It doesn’t have to be the way it is in Washington. We need a uniter, not a divider.”

    Republican Convention 2000

    it is a time for new beginnings.
    The rising generations of this country have our own appointment with greatness.
    It does not rise or fall with the stock market. It cannot be bought with our wealth.
    Greatness is found when American character and American courage overcome American challenges

    “Tonight, in this hall, we resolve to be, not the party of repose, but the party of reform.
    We will write not footnotes, but chapters in the American story….
    … I come from a different place, and it has made me a different leader.
    In Midland, Texas, where I grew up, the town motto was “the sky is the limit” … and we believed it.
    There was a restless energy, a basic conviction that, with hard work, anybody could succeed, and everybody deserved a chance.
    Our sense of community was just as strong as that sense of promise.
    Neighbors helped each other. There were dry wells and sandstorms to keep you humble, and lifelong friends to take your side, and churches to remind us that every soul is equal in value and equal in need.
    This background leaves more than an accent, it leaves an outlook.
    Optimistic. Impatient with pretense. Confident that people can chart their own course.
    That background may lack the polish of Washington. Then again, I don’t have a lot of things that come with Washington.
    I don’t have enemies to fight. And I have no stake in the bitter arguments of the last few years. I want to change the tone of Washington to one of civility and respect.
    We are now the party of ideas and innovation, the party of idealism and inclusion.
    The party of a simple and powerful hope”

  88. From NBC’s Kevin Corke
    CONCORD, N.H. — Edwards packed in an overflow crowd of 415 at a Shriner Hall here and said he’s the underdog in the race again. He also encouraged Granite-staters to ignore the national media, who have been proclaiming this a two-person race (ie: Obama-Clinton).

    Trends: (1) Edwards is hammering the idea that he’s the little guy (the underdog) in the race and is hoping New Hampshire voters, who have a penchant for rejecting Iowa’s judgment will vote for him and defy political convention (and the national media); (2) He’s spending a lot of energy comparing his ideas to Obama’s while being careful to not mention him by name too much; (3) He has also been talking more about domestic environmental and energy policy, international affairs and the struggling economy.


  89. LawSchoolDem: “Ben Smith denounces it as the politics of fear on Politico.”

    Ben Smith (hi Ben) has his head stuck so far up BHO’s derriere _______. Fill in the blank.

  90. and, surprisingly, one actual bit of wisdom from W:

    from 2000:

    “When America chooses a president, you choose not just a set of positions on issues of philosophy or record. You choose a human being who comes with strengths and weaknesses. One of the things I’ve learned about the presidency is, whatever your strengths are, you’re going to need them; and whatever your shortcomings are, people are going to notice them.”

  91. Here’s an anti-John Kerry ad by Bush from 2004. Substitute Obama and a different voting issue and you could reuse the same ad:

    “Leadership means choosing priorities. While campaigning, John Kerry has missed over two thirds of all votes. Missed a vote to lower health-care costs by reducing frivolous lawsuits against doctors. Missed a vote to fund our troops in combat Yet, Kerry found time to vote against the Laci Peterson law that protects pregnant women from violence. Kerry has priorities. Are they yours?”

  92. I’ll give Patrick Healy credit for factually reporting Hillary’s answer this morning about her Kyl-Lieberman vote. He adds:

    And then she hit her rivals and their camps, though not by name.

    “There has been an enormous amount of misinformation, and there are people getting phone calls – I see heads nodding,” Mrs. Clinton said. To rising applause, she added, “let’s have an election about the real issues – they’re difficult enough, let’s not politicize and fantasize and make-up.”


  93. And JRE’s not going to be real happy about this, either:

    Obama’s national finance team held a conference call yesterday morning to map its search for fresh donors. They decided to contact backers of Sens. Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Christopher J. Dodd, who dropped out of the race Wednesday night. And they also decided to reach out to trial lawyers that had backed Edwards and Biden, with an appeal that they hedge their bets through contributions to Obama.


  94. Great post, BMerry. I have long held that view that Obama is good at prepared speeches and now we learn he has teleprompters. I also knew he could not think on his feet (but unfortunately he comes up with winning comebacks like “I am looking forward to your advice”). In fact, the first time he was on an interview like MTP or something similar, my husband said, “why is he so bad with his English?”
    Now would not it be informative to the voters if this article or its content got published in NYT or WAPo? They won’t do it.

  95. Paula:

    I think clinton making a deal would have been wrong! also both richardson/biden wants that coveted Sec of state positions. she cannot say to both! And she quite wisely could not promise richardson VP state until she wins!

    You do not make deals this early – in the first causus/primary – it is wrong!

  96. Hillary was ripping it on CNN. During her stump today, CNN showed when she was talking to the crowd and was saying how Bush talked about how he was going to be a uniter and not a divider, he was going to look into the hearts and souls of everyone and save the world. Everyone started to laugh. She was basically trying to say even though she didn’t mention anyone by name, she was trying to compare the similarities between those statements and Barack’s. I guess she has been listening to us.

  97. go hillary. you can take w’s announcement speech for his run in 2000 and cut a few lines and you would think it was coming from obama. i think i tried that on a liberal blog once and nobody noticed, they figured it was obama saying that stuff.

  98. you cant stay above the fray ,unless new is brought in..and you guys actually have the ideas than say mpen..so he says to her the same thing,you have to change it up,more realistic and reality.more input to bring him bo down

  99. i clipped some sentences out, but which candidate do you think said the following? 🙂

    The next president must close this gap of hope. It is the great challenge to America’s good heart. I want to be a president who sets a tone, a direction, an agenda. I will be an activist president, who sets goals worthy of a great nation. I won’t use my office as a mirror to reflect public opinion.

    I’ve learned to lead. I don’t run polls to tell me what to think. I’ve learned you can not lead by dividing people. This country is hungry for a new style of campaign. Positive. Hopeful. Inclusive. A campaign that attracts new faces and new voices. A campaign that unites all Americans toward a better tomorrow.

    It feels to me like an old era of American politics is ending — like Americans are waiting for new hopes, new energy, new idealism. We will show that politics, after a time of tarnished ideals, can be higher and better. We will give our country a fresh start after a season of cynicism.

    We have a long way to go, but we start today. And I hope you’ll join me.

  100. it’s not cynical to be realistic about the challenges ahead and honest about just how hard the job will be for the next president. hope alone isn’t going to solve things

  101. I’ll be very astounded if that is GWB – it sounds so much like OBAMA!

    A day or two after the Iowa Caucus, I feel more confident now. While I’m confident of a win in NH, I don’t see it as essential. I still hold to the belief that in the end, substance will become the primary determinant (it’s too much about style right now).

  102. The Fix: On the Democratic side, the X-factor tonight is John Edwards. In all of the Democratic debates so far, Edwards has focused exclusively on drawing contrasts with Clinton. But after a second-place finish in Iowa, he seems to be turning his attacks to Barack Obama. Coming out of Iowa, the Edwards campaign was insisting that they had taken down one titan (Clinton) and now were turning their attention to the other (Obama).

    Edwards is the most naturally skilled debater in this field — not surprisingly given his successes in the courtroom. If he does decide to turn his considerable talents on Obama rather than Clinton, it could give the New York senator the sort of opening she needs.

    The stakes can’t get much higher than they are tonight. Stay tuned.

  103. AFSCME Executive Board Members Send Scathing Letter to Union Chief McEntee Demanding End to Anti-Obama Attacks

    Accusations that pro-Clinton union efforts going after Obama are “fundamentally dishonest” and support for Clinton is based on desire for “access to the next Democratic president.”

    “We were. . . shocked and appalled to learn that our union — through ‘independent expenditures’–is squandering precious resources to wage a costly and deceptive campaign to oppose Barack Obama.”


    Halpern promoting splinter group letter by pro-Obama faction of AFSCME on eve of debate in NH, signed by SEVEN of the FIFTY international vice-presidents, as, “House of Labor Divided”.

  104. MANCHESTER, N.H. – Looking to deny Barack Obama another win, a noticeably more freewheeling Hillary Rodham Clinton subtly likened her rival to Democratic Party nemesis President Bush on Saturday while John Edwards mocked the idea of a nice candidate bringing change.

    Edwards hinted he would welcome a second-place finish to Obama that advisers said they hoped would turn the contest into a two-man race and take Clinton out of the game. Edwards narrowly edged Clinton for second place in Iowa, which he couched as an upset that he would be happy to replicate here.

    What happened Thursday in the Iowa caucus “is going to happen here in New Hampshire,” Edwards told an overflow crowd at Lebanon High School auditorium. Even though he effectively acknowledged he wouldn’t win the state, he was relaxed and playful, shucking his suit jacket after the speech and shooting hoops with his shirt tail hanging out while the crowd applauded.

    All three candidates drew crowds so large they had to be moved to overflow rooms. Thousands lined up hours in advance to hear Obama speak at a Nashua high school where Clinton was scheduled to campaign Sunday. “We are on the cusp of creating a new majority,” Obama told a crowd of about 2,500 who filled the gymnasium.

    The heightened campaign activity preceded a final presidential debate late Saturday night, three days before New Hampshire votes. Clinton and Edwards hope to stop Obama, the victor in Iowa, from capturing the first-in-the-nation primary that would only add to his momentum as he pursues the nomination. New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who finished a distant fourth in Iowa, also was scheduled to participate.

    Campaigning in Concord, Clinton encouraged her daughter, Chelsea, to move around barriers so more voters could fit in. She jettisoned her stump speech in favor of a more informal question-and-answer session with voters where she showed off a sharper sense of humor.

    She drew laughs from the audience with a derisive portrayal of Bush that could also be used to describe Obama.

    “He said he’d be a uniter, not a divider. He said he’d bring America together,” she said of Bush. “He didn’t need a lot of experience, he had this great intuition, he understood people, he could go meet with rogue leaders, look in their eyes and their souls, solve our problems. Remember that?”

    Scrambling to make up a deficit of support among younger voters, Clinton later held a question and answer session with a table of young people at a bagel shop near the University of New Hampshire in Durham.

    She responded to questions on global warming, improving the U.S. image abroad, education policy and other matters, generally drawing on parts of her standard stump speech for the answers. But she earned at least a few converts among the attendees.

    Ryan and Anna Pekins, 18-year old twins from Durham who said they plan to vote in Tuesday’s primary, said they came away very impressed with Clinton.

    “I was leaning toward Hillary before and now I’m pretty sure I’ll vote for her,” Anna said. “I think she keeps in mind that not everyone wants to see change in the country and the plans she proposes appeal to those who support change and those who don’t.”

  105. Went to Chris Matthew Show Web site, where he has two questions of the week, which are answered by the 12 journalist regulars on his show.

    This week, one is: Will Obama be the Dem nominee? The answer? 12-0 YES.

    I’m also with T4H. No changes at the top of HRC’s campaign means more of the same overly cautious crap. Why didn’t they pay attention weeks ago when supporters told them their strategy needed to be modified?

    Notice, the story up above says Obama’s victory in Iowa was “unexpected.” We all knew there were hurdles facing her in Iowa, but her campaign failed to lower expectations enough.

  106. Try to imagine the headline if it was a pro-Obama union (You’ll have to imagine REAL HARD, as there are none.) and a splinter-group (Of SEVEN) CLINTON SUPPORTERS produced a grand-standing letter whining about their snit over the union’s expenditures for OB. Do you THINK it would be news? Do you think it would TOP THE PAGE hours before the debate?
    What would the headline read?

    “Anti-Obama splinter group claims foul”?, “Pro-Clinton faction letter Slams support for Obama.”?

  107. Glad to see the new “freewheeling” Hillary. Where the heck has she been? Bottled up by those damn conservative advisers. Grrrr.

  108. Paula,

    Obama will not be vetted as long as Hillary’s around. He gets the positive press because they can’t stand her; one doesn’t exist without the other.

    Not according to Tony Blankley.

    He said on Left, Right & Center that the press corps have been GOING EASY on Hillary up until now, but if she loses NH, then they will start to go after her.

    What planet is this clown livin’ on ?

    Further evidence the RightWingers are from Bizarro World.

  109. I guess the thing that irks me most about Obama is how there’s zero evidence he could actually DO any of the stuff he says. You can only work with Repubs if they want to work with you, and they haven’t changed one iota. They’ll laugh their butts off at this kumbaya stuff. Those people are fighters, not compromisers.

    And then there’s Obama’s quote about Repubs registering as Dems to vote in the caucus. They just wanted to stop Hillary; they’re not supporting him in the GE. My dad, who likes Hillary, didn’t even know non-Dems could vote in the caucus till I explained it to him. Imagine how many other people don’t know that either.

  110. May I make a request?

    Can we please stop whining about Hillary’s campaign managers? Stop saying this one or that one should be replaced? Stop demanding that Clinton run this ad or that ad?

    It’s just silly. We aren’t giving them any ideas they haven’t already thought about. They’ve had attack ads in the can for weeks. They didn’t just start thinking about being more aggressive Thursday night.

  111. Today on a Fox news round table one of the journalists there (can’t remember his name) expressed the opinion that Obama would not be vetted right now due to the historic nature of his candidacy but perhaps later down the road. This was echoed in an article that I posted yesterday that talked about members of the press not wanting to be the ones to “bring down the next Martin Luther King”.

    Here is an article from today (LA TIMES) on the overly gushing coverage of the Iowa caucuses by the mainstream media:

    “…it is important to remember that it really does matter who wins this race. If the last eight years have taught us nothing else, they have been a grim reminder that no matter what the pop culture mavens may argue, the president of the United States is still the most powerful person in the country, possibly the world. YouTube hits notwithstanding.

    So when Matthews and Wolf Blitzer join together to chorus about Iowa’s outcome signaling an “unprecedented” (oh, that word) rejection by the American people of the political establishment in favor of someone new and more “authentic,” I would like to respectfully remind them that this is precisely what was said about the candidacy of George W. Bush and that the new must be put under the same calculating scrutiny as the old.”


  112. Joe Friday, The conservatives still call CNN the Clinton News Network. That explains everything in a nutshell. To them, going easy on Clinton means the MSM has one positive story about her in 100. That’s one too many for them. More proof they’re scared shitless of her.

  113. I have been lurking around here for quite some time and feel that some of the things that you have been doing here is counter productive to hillary’s campaign.

    Majority of the posts here can be classified into three types:

    1. Complaints about Big Media coverage of the campaign.
    2. Suggestions for the Hillary campaign.
    3. Links to negative press/attacks on Hillary.

    The first two arguably helps. But the last one I feel IMHO is counter productive.

    I have also been lurking on other campaign/supporter sites but none of them would regularly have links to negative press on their candidates. If I am an Obama supporter and would would want to find negative press on Hillary Clinton, it would be an easy task because this site has provided links to it.

    I hope I don’t get banned because of this, my first post. But I feel that something needed to be said about the negativity in this site. I love HILLARY and I want her to win.

  114. I just posted this at

    As for negatives, the last I saw, Clinton had 50% negative — and Obama had 51% negative.

    As for ‘go ask the people in the halls to come in’ — they were IN the halls to see her. That was the whole point of the story: more people had shown up than had RSVP’d so she got the barriers down so they could come in anyway.

    As for favored candidate, last I saw Clinton already had 150 ‘super delegates’ in her camp to Obama’s 50, and the Iowa caucuses added 16 to his and 15 to hers.

    The early, caucus states are easy to pack with activists who are not necessarily representative of the rank and file voters, so may nominate a candidate who loses in November. (McGovern talked about this, it happened to him.)

  115. “He’s smart, hard-working, charismatic, good-looking and a whiz at fund-raising.

    He has an incandescent smile, but it’s not frozen in place. He seems authentic. When he laughs, you have the feeling it’s because something is funny.

    People are lining up to believe in him. He has the easy demeanor (in a long, lanky frame) of someone who’s comfortable with himself. Even when he fires up a crowd, he doesn’t get too hot. He has the cadences that remind you of King but the cool that reminds you of Kennedy — John, not Robert.”

    This sounds like a profile from Tiger-Beat about Justin Timberlake, or John Legend, but it’s actually Bob Herbert, barely able to contain himself, in The NYT. You can almost imagine him in a little skirt and holding pom-poms as he chants, “2-4-6-8- Who do we…”, It’s kinda sickening…

  116. He didn’t need a lot of experience, he had this great intuition, he understood people, he could go meet with rogue leaders, look in their eyes and their souls, solve our problems. Remember that?


    The Clinton campaign really needs to keep highlighting the similarities between Obama and Chimpy to get some of these people to get their heads out of the clouds.

  117. Apparently, the new polls will be “closer than Siamese Twins”. Based on that, We probably have a statistical tie for both the GOP and for the Democrats.

  118. I just posted at
    But if she were around right now, Hillary Rodham the commencement speaker would probably be an Obama girl.

    Well, around about that age she was a McGovern girl, organizing in Texas for him in 1972. This year McGovern endorsed her against Obama (saying in effect that Obama could wait his turn).

    Maybe McGovern and the Clintons (who both worked for him in 1972) learned something from McGovern’s defeat in Nov 1972: that packing caucuses with idealistic young people to nominate a candidate the rank and file Dems won’t support — damages the candidate and the Democratic party.

    If Obama gets the nomination this time he will get creamed by the GOP (and won’t get much support from Hillary fans). If Hillary gets it, Obama will be in a much better position to actually get elected in 2012 or 2016.

    As for accomplishing ‘change’, the Clintons had a very progressive program in the 90s; all they needed was a Dem congress. Obama’s idea of solutions that appeal to both sides was called ‘third way’ when Bill Clinton did it in the 90s — or ‘Clntonism.’

  119. I want her to hit out of the ball park this Debate – the people of New Hampshire needs to be the state that gives the rest of the country a reality-check.

  120. Thanks Rickya and HWC.

    The campaign needs support now. These are smart people dealing with a lot of issues and fighting off a lot of attacks. They are making the best decisions possible with the resources available. There are only a few days left to the NH Primary. The decisions have to be made with knowledge from internal polling data, finances available and organizational capacity in a very hostile media environment.

    Understand that in Iowa everyone wanted to beat Hillary – that is because everyone understood that if Hillary won Iowa the race would be over completely. So they all tried to stop her and succeeded. That is why no deals were possible and why the results were what they were.

    There are a lot of people working in NH as there were in Iowa. We know some of them. They need support. They ALL need support. The entire campaign team needs support.

    It is easy being upbeat and working hard when things are going well. But the test of a team is when things don’t go so well. Even World Series champions lose a lot of games. The best football teams lose a lot of games. Not all the recordings by bands go to the top ten or #1. The best athletes lose on occasion.

    Nothing has changed. Hillary is the best candidate with the best team and the best prospects to win in 2008. So what if it’s a little cold now, spring will return.

  121. B Merryfield, Sounds like they will.

    The new Poll:

    Hillary 33%
    BHO 33%
    Breck girl 20%

    So there is no bounce.

  122. rickya, Welcome! I think you make a good point.

    The frustrating thing for me is, Hillary’s candidacy is just as historic as Obama’s but he has that title all to himself for the moment at least. Also, it’s clear that he’s become a symbol of something bigger tan himself, and I’m not sure how you counteract that.

  123. DemHawk, That poll includes a bounce because Hillary was ahead in the last one done by that polling organization. However, a bounce that just brings the race even isn’t too bad because if Obama starts coming back down to earth a bit Hillary could pull ahead a bit.

  124. On Obama and King;

    The Pale Reflection: Barack Obama, Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Meaning of the Black Revolution
    by Paul Street

    “The black revolution is forcing America to face all its interrelated flaws – racism, poverty, militarism and materialism. It is exposing evils that are rooted deeply in the whole structure of society. It reveals systemic rather than superficial flaws and suggests that radical reconstruction of society itself is the real issue to be faced.”

    Martin Luther King, Jr., “A Testament of Hope” (1968)


    One of the most alarming things about Barack Obama’s March 4th 2007 speech at the legendary Brown Chapel AME in Selma, Alabama was the Senator’s recurrent self-reference. Sometimes it almost sounded as if Obama thought the essential purpose of the famous 1965 Selma Voting rights March (1) – formally commemorated each year at the Brown church – was to put the Great Barockstar on the national stage.

    In the fifth paragraph of his speech, Obama said “I’m not sure I’d be here today” if “it were not for” legendary civil rights activist and now congressman John Lewis.

    In the sixteenth paragraph, Obama credited the people who marched in the face of state repression for the fact that “I got the kind of education I got, a law degree, a seat in the Illinois Senate and ultimately in the U.S Senate. It is because they marched,” Obama added, “that we [meaning black Americans] elected councilmen, congressmen.”

    In the seventeenth paragraph, Obama said that “my very existence might not have been possible had it not been for some of the [civil rights veterans] here today.” Thanks to the civil rights movement, Obama claimed, his white mother and Kenyan father “got together and Barack Obama, Jr. was born…I’m here because somebody marched. I’m here because you all sacrificed for me.”

    “So don’t tell me I don’t have a claim on Selma, Alabama,” Obama added. “Don’t tell me I’m not coming home to Selma, Alabama”(2).

    Reading Obama’s speech the other day, I was reminded of one of the strangest passages I’ve ever read in the pages of political journalism. It came at the end of a laudatory essay on Obama in Atlantic Monthly in the summer of 2004. In the next to last paragraph of this article, titled “The Natural (Why is Barack Obama Generating More Excitement than John Kerry?),” Ryan Lizza offered a disturbing observation:

    “If there is a knock against Obama, it is that he is perhaps a little too enchanted with all the attention and acclaim. During the Democratic primary campaign he raised eyebrows by sweeping an opponent’s wife into an embrace—a moment captured by a Chicago Tribune reporter. The opponent’s staff was sufficiently piqued to complain. And I couldn’t help noticing, when we sat down to talk in the dilapidated storefront that houses his Springfield campaign headquarters, that the blue-pen drawing he’d doodled on his newspaper during fundraising calls was a portrait of himself”.

    The rest is here;

  125. That CNN poll result is great news for Hillary. She’s basically on the same level field as Barack and she needs to use this debate to propel her to the top.

    Paula yes, the poll does show a bounce but it is not as dramatic as some other polls suggest.

  126. From The Realist: the following great comment…

    Success is so much more satisfying when it is achieved through adversity. This was never going to be a cake-walk, and the inevitability BS was all Big Media’s creation, as is the OB phenomenon; They’re like weather-vanes, they can only tell you which way the wind is blowing NOW, not what the direction will be tomorrow.

    I so agree…we just keep working hard every day and reap the benefits from our hard work on Feb 6…push the doubts and disappointment away and keep working towards that goal…

    Caroline…when Hillary uses her charm and humor it works for her…if she keeps balancing her stridency and mental intensity with her humor and charm, this is a winning combination for her…I hope she keeps that up…she can be disarming as well as brilliant…

    Paula…forget Chris Matthews…what do you expect from him? that’s the result he and his ‘group think’ cohorts are trying to achieve…they want to demoralize us…I used to send letter after letter in protest…he is a lost cause…like the Daily Howler and now Glenn Greenwald and others are reporting that is their purpose…we need to find our own ways to counter them…

    I have so much confidence in Hillary…she has so much substance at her fingertips…she will prevail…if she can take all the ‘punches’ she has taken…then the least we can do is just keep fighting the fight for her…we have to get more vocal…for example, this morning I was listening to Washington Journal…it is obvious the Obama group is organized…one call after another…maybe a random call or two for Hillary…these are the little things that add up…it all takes a psychological toll…

    …on to tonight’s debate…

  127. Hillary wont win N.H, we should really start focusing on Nevada, Florida, and delegate rich Feb 5th states like Cali, NY, NJ… I know it’s not good, but I don’t see her winning, and I hope by monday they start playing it down and moving on to the other states… She can still win without N.H or S.C, but she needs a good strategy in other states quick!

  128. ADMIN,

    i couldnt sleep last night, and i was thinking about all these things obama and edwards are going to say, and i thought, WHY, WHY cant Hillary just talk about the other issues? she should just blow everyones mind, and talk about the other list everyone wants to know about…

    they say she is so issue based, fine, then how about if she could talk about the unspoken issues, and ticked them off one by one…for instance…

    why is hillary so unfriendly to the press?
    why is hillary so cold and calculating?
    why did hillary triangulate, or does she?
    why does hillary use bill to sell her self?
    why didnt hillary dump bill?
    why does hillary play dirty politics?
    why is hillary such a bitch?
    why does hillary have such a horrible cackle?
    why did hillary really vote for the war, but refuse to apologize, is it calculating?
    why does hillary always clap her hands?
    why does hillary always use the same old lines ie (cowboy diplomacy ect)

    hillary herself should bring it all out in the open, hit each ridiculous
    statement, and bring it out in the open…
    we all know her policys, we all know her stump speech, we dont know all about hillary…

    its the opposite of obama, we the persona he claims to have, we know nothing of his agenda…

    anyway, maybe she should give this a thought.

  129. By Mark Egan
    1 hour, 16 minutes ago

    NASHUA, New Hampshire (Reuters) – Presidential rivals in both parties took aim at Democrat Barack Obama’s experience and health-care proposals on Saturday, hours ahead of back-to-back debates that could shape tight nominating races in New Hampshire.

    Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Mitt Romney adjusted their campaign pitches three days before New Hampshire’s primary and criticized Obama, whose message of change propelled him to an easy win in Iowa’s opening presidential nominating contest.

    Obama, an Illinois senator who would be the first black U.S. president, told an overflow crowd in Nashua, “This is our time.”

    “We started something on Thursday, but it was just the start,” Obama said, referring to his win in Iowa. More than 2,800 enthusiastic supporters began to line up hours before the event to see Obama.

    “If we cast aside our fear and cast aside our cynicism and we stand up for what we genuinely believe, this is our moment, this is our time, you can feel it, you can see it,” he said.

    New Hampshire’s primary on Tuesday is the next battleground in the state-by-state process of choosing Republican and Democratic candidates for November’s election to replace President George W. Bush.

    The state is crucial to efforts by Clinton, the New York senator and former first lady, and Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, to revitalize their campaigns after disappointing showings in Iowa.

    A Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby poll on Saturday showed Clinton’s lead over Obama in New Hampshire shrunk to 4 points, 32 percent to 28 percent. John Edwards, a former North Carolina senator who finished second in Iowa, was in third place with 20 percent.

    Among Republicans, Arizona Sen. John McCain’s lead over Romney fell by 2 points to 32 percent against 30 percent. Mike Huckabee, an ordained Baptist minister and former Arkansas governor who won the Republican contest in Iowa, gained 2 points to 12 percent.

    Most of the polling in the four-day tracking survey was done before the Iowa caucuses on Thursday. A Rasmussen poll taken after Iowa’s results had Obama moving past Clinton, 37 percent to 27 percent.

    “We cannot afford Barack Obama as the next president. He’s a nice fella and a very well-spoken fella, but he’s never done it,” Romney said in Derry, challenging Obama’s experience while adopting a new version of the change message that worked for Obama and Huckabee in Iowa.

    Romney cast himself as a can-do outsider and successful venture capitalist who could successfully fix Washington’s problems.


    “Is there anyone here that agrees with me that Washington is badly broken?” he asked to cheers. “Washington is fundamentally broken and incapable of dealing with the challenges we have.”

    Clinton told 300 people in Penacook, New Hampshire, that she had the experience to tackle problems on day one, including health care, as she targeted the young voters who flocked to Obama in Iowa.

    She criticized Obama’s health-care plan, which some analysts say could leave up to 15 million Americans uninsured. “It’s wrong of us not to start out by trying to insure every single American,” she said, to applause from the crowd.

    Clinton, who a few months ago was the dominant Democratic front-runner and presumed nominee, finished third in Iowa behind Obama and Edwards.

    Romney led polls in Iowa for months before falling victim to Huckabee’s late surge. He also led New Hampshire polls before the recent charge of McCain, an Arizona senator who won the state during his failed 2000 presidential bid.

    McCain aimed his fire at Clinton, challenging her assertion last year that one must “suspend disbelief” to think the increase in troop levels that he strongly supported was working.

    “You would have to suspend disbelief to say that the surge is not working,” he said. He repeated his promise to get al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

    “I will follow him to the gates of hell and I will bring him to justice,” he said in Peterborough.

    All of the candidates will get a chance to make their case later on Saturday when they face off in back-to-back televised debates on ABC that have a reduced field.

  130. rigso: it’s too early to call it. While it’s quite possible that Hillary will not take NH, there is value in fighting even if you don’t come out on top. At the very least, you get to define your campaign more forcefully in the thick of the fight. That’s all Hillary really needs to do. In the end, people will realize that it’s still about substance, it’s still about competence, it’s still about hard work. It may not be as exciting as the magical belief that things will change by simply “daring to believe”, but it has a much more enduring appeal, IMO.

  131. rigso, I hear ya…I remember reading somewhere last month that Nevada was Hillary’s true firewall after the polls in NH tightened. She has consistently polled in the high 40’s (even touched 50 last month I think ) in NV though of course, anything can happen. Even if she doesn’t get the Culinary Unions’s endorsement she should be able to pull through just based on the widespread support she seems to have. This is going to be a marathon and regardless of what the media says she is going to fight it out to the end.

  132. An observation is that this afternoon I’ve turned between Faux and CNN and caught snatches of the different candidates’ speeches. Certainly many others have as well, on both sides Dem and Rep. The more that people hear Romney and Rudy (he spent 15 minutes at least explaining that just saying “change” doesn’t mean anything if you don’t define what that “change” is) railing against BHO the better. Not all the eye opening is going to come from Hillary and heaven knows it won’t be coming from MSM.

  133. B Merryfield,

    You can see MSM’s bias just in the delegate totals they show on Politics page unlike all the other news organizations they just show the Iowa results instead of the true count with Hillary in the lead.

  134. for what it’s worth:

    Jan 4-5

    Clinton 33
    Obama 33
    Edwards 20

    Concord Monitor
    Jan 4-5

    Obama 34
    Clinton 33
    Edwards 23

  135. S – thanks for the comments. Adversity is a teacher; it builds character.

    skmf12, the election is not about Hillary. The election is about voters. Voters are very selfish in how they vote – they vote for themselves. All the questions you raise are interesting but they are not about people’s lives. The Hillary campaign is aware of what you suggest but have decided against that course for many reasons. Hillary doing what you suggest would not shut down the conversation, it would increase the gossipy talk. That’s just the way it is.

    It is a trap to start talking about what others are talking about. Hillary needs to stay focused on why she will be the best president. People who don’t like her, don’t like her – that’s just the way it is. Ever try to convince someone to love you? It can’t be done. They either love you or they don’t.

    Hillary is attacked on the questions you outline not because any of that stuff matters but to distract us all from what does matter.

    We don’t like watching someone we care about getting attacked, fairly or unfairly. The unfair attacks get to us on an emotional level. But what is required is focus. Picture a battlefield. The army that functions as a cohesive unit even after a setback on the battlefield wins the war. The army that falls into disarray and panic loses the war even if they win the battle. Same in love, politics, everyday life. We need to stay focused and not try to control things that are out of our control.

  136. She needs to, and WILL, fight hard for NH. But the fight is not over there, win or lose. SO BUCK UP and no panic, Hillfans! This is a long hard marathon, and we are in it through Super Tuesday and beyond!

  137. I have just made another donation to Hillary’s campaign. Let’s all do what we can and stay positive. She deserves our support. As someone said previously Obama’s campaign never gave up. Granted they have had lots of help since the end of October but this is not the end; only the beginning. Give what you can, push back on blogs and always, always talk her up whenever you can. We are leaving for dinner and will be with friends who lean towards Obama. I will use my standard “what has Obama done since he became a US senator line” and let you know how it goes!

  138. Exactly, HillaryforTexas. We’ll fight to win in every state and prepare to fight and win in every state that comes next. It really is that simple.

    Think U.S. Grant – after every battle, whether the battle was lost or won, the standing order was: ADVANCE!

  139. The poll numbers actually aren’t that awful. Think about it: They include independents and were taken after Iowa, and Hillary is still tied or only slightly behind. Do not count out the effect tonight’s debate performance could have as well. Debates are where Hillary shines and O-Stammer struggles for coherence. Mr. Teleprompter will be attacked from all sides tonight. Believe it.

  140. Says NYT:

    Clinton advisers said Friday that they would not mount a negative advertising campaign against Mr. Obama in New Hampshire, saying the primary was too soon for such an onslaught to have any effect. And they said there were no plans to bring in new senior advisers to help right her campaign.

    OK, you’re the guys with the polling numbers and the vast experience… If you say so I must believe you. Personally however I’d like to cream him on TV and (figuratively of course) kick his butt from Nashua to Manchester.

    We’ll have to hope for the debate to make it happen… and brace ourselves for the polls.

  141. Grandmother, wise words and strategy. The only way to fight worry is through action.

    Donating is a good way to get rid of a helpless feeling.

    Have dinner and let your friends know that Obama is never there when you need him.

  142. DemAC, for all of us emotionally we wish Hillary would tear into Obama (Edwards and Richardson too). But after venting we trust the campaign to make the best decisions with the facts and strategy they have in NH and beyond.

  143. Admin,

    Hopefully the campaign took note at the huge turnout this morning in Penacook for Madame President. 500 RSVP’d and 1500 showed up; over 3 TIMES the expected turnout. Please, please use your powers to urge that rallies, NOT small events are what bring turnout to the voting booths. This is not Iowa; coffee and pie meetings need not apply. Young voters are attracted to rallies as well.

  144. You are wise as always admin. 🙂
    I can’t say I feel particularly optimistic about NH. But be that as it may. I’m with Hillary come hell or high water.

  145. CNN/WMUR
    Jan 4-5

    Clinton 33
    Obama 33

    Steph on ABC World News, claiming that the 33% tie shows “Obama moving up“.

    Except there is no statistically significant change in the poll numbers.

    When Obama is ahead a few points, the Media Whores say he’s widened his lead, is surging, or pulling ahead. When Hillary is ahead by a few points, they suddenly mention it’s within the MOE.

    Nah, the Media Whores aren’t trying to sandbag Hillary.

  146. Anyone know if this debate will be streamed online???

    I think ABC has been the worst in the past when it comes to availability to watch the debates online. But I’m hoping here.

    Maybe someone else will stream it for them, is that allowed? Or are they in a sense ‘copyright’ protected?

  147. I have to vent here. Is anyone else looking forward to the closed primaries to come where independents who don’t have the balls to choose a political affiliation will no longer be determining our DEMOCRATIC nominee??

  148. Joe Friday,
    What’s nice about the CNN poll is that the poll actually has movement – among the Rethugs! Which somehow shows that the poll is factoring in any Iowa bounce. Also nice is that the Rethug movement show McCain surging ahead of Romney in their field. Any independent McCain peels away from the support of The Anointed One is one vote gained for Democrats.

  149. My wife and I have been Clinton supporters and admirer for 25 years. I have a question to ask which some of you who are close Clintons could answer.

    I have heard on Morning Joe as well as CM’s show that Hillary in person is wonderful and very personable when you meet her but she is surrounded by cold political operative who do not let her talk to the media. This seems to be the main complaint.

    Is there any truth to this???

    I ask this question because this question is on many millions of people’s mind.

  150. Where is the Bounce?

    by Mark Penn, Chief Strategist in New Hampshire

    Two polls that had the race within a few points before the Iowa caucuses have the race tied after the Iowa caucuses.

    In today’s CNN/WMUR poll, Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama are tied at 33 percent — their last two polls had Hillary up 4 points and before that had Hillary down 2 points, so there is no statistically significant change in their numbers before and after the Iowa caucuses.

    And the Concord Monitor is out as well today with a poll showing the race at 33 percent for Hillary Clinton, 34 percent for Barack Obama, and 23 percent for John Edwards — exactly the same margin as before Iowa.

    Contrast that with the 17 points John Kerry gained in 2004 in the Boston Globe poll, which catapulted him from a 17-point deficit to a 20-point lead in New Hampshire after the Iowa caucuses. Or with the 7 points Al Gore gained in 2000 in the CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll, increasing his lead in New Hampshire from 5 points to 18 points.

    New Hampshire voters are fiercely independent. They will make their own decisions about who to support.

  151. clintondem99,
    I sure don’t know Hillary personally. But I still think this piece from Marc Ambinder speaks volumes about her personality. And perhaps, maybe, it says something about the operatives as well…

    Clinton Speaks Truth To Power, Bill O’Reilly, A Fire Marshal, And A Huge Crowd
    05 Jan 2008 11:32 am

    The surreal moments that preceded Hillary Clinton’s town hall here might have been avoided if her campaign anticipated a turnout befitting a candidate on the rise. 500 people RSVPd for the event at the Merrimack High School here. 1000 showed up, 9:30 a.m, on a Saturday. There was no overflow room and at least 100 folks were barred from the auditorium because a fire marshal said the room wasn’t big enough. Clinton herself was forced to play site advance — urging, in strong words — the fire marshal to change his mind.

    “I want the fire marshal to see that there are more places for more people to come in,” she said. ” You come to a lot of trouble to get out this morning. We appreciate the enthusiasm. We’ve got a couple over here and one back there,” she said, pointing to empty chairs. Later, she asked audience members to raise their hand if they had empty seats next to them. She then asked her daughter Chelsea to remove a barrier set up by the Secret Service in order to accommodate more people.

    “Cheals, just want to take that off. People can just sit down, so people aren’t up against the bar there.” The audience erupted in cheers. “See? I am a problem solver, Clinton said. “I’ve been telling you that for this whole campaign,” she said.

    In the commotion, Clinton heard the cry of a toddler. “I know honey. Sometimes, I feel that way too.”

    Clinton took her first question from a woman who said that Bill O’Reilly, who stood about 40 feet away from Clinton’s left, asked her about Clinton’s troop withdrawal plan from Iraq. “Bill O’Reilly!” Clinton said, gesturing to the talk show host. The crowd started to jeer, but Clinton raised her hand: “Oh no, no no — he gets at least some credit for being here.” And she launched into a five minute disquisition on Iraq.

    And then health care, which animated Clinton and the audience. Clinton lit into Obama’s health care plan using harsher language than I’ve heard. “It’s wrong on its approach, it’s wrong on its merits,” she said, “and it would cede to Republicans the argument that you can’t cover everyone.”

    I thought Clinton’s turn as director played well, but we’ll see how several of the eminent
    grises in the press row — Bob Novak, E.J. Dionne, Gwen Ifill — interpret it.

  152. They will be taking questions from Facebook. Somebody needs to have them ask Obama why he favors issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens.

  153. Admin do you know if the debate will be streamed online somewhere?

    I’m pondering whether I should stay up tonight and watch it, unless it’s not streamed and I can’t, so if you or anyone else knows I’d appreciate it!!

  154. Where is Michael Whouley?? Word on the ground two weeks ago was that he was satisfied with what he was seeing in NH. Anyone have any news on Whouley?

  155. big news-my phone calls and emails to campaign staff have worked on the youth vote. they are paying for the young hillary backers of houston to go to sc! natl is looking at widening their efforts. also we will have a ocnf call with a sr camp member next week with yds on the matter. keep fighting

  156. also-hrc sends out mailer on obama’s presnt votes on abortion

  157. Live blogging of the NH debate here–it tends to be a site biased against Hillary though:


  158. Huckabee Romney getting into it now–the Repub debate is getting lively–I’m just mentioning it as I was wondering how the “all around the table” format would work but I think that there will be some real back and forth between candidates. Hillary should be able to keep pounding at Obama as they can ask their own follow-ups and aren’t as limited by time. One downside, Obama will be able to get to talk longer but the others can come right back at him.

  159. LOL Huckabee just called Romney on his “positions” asking “Which one?” He’s a lost cause, but chuckles abound.

  160. AmericanGal, the format is interesting and potentially good. As you say longer amount of time with less candidates helps Obama but also helps Hillary. What will Edwards and Richardson do? If Edwards joins Hillary in an attack on Obama’s abandonment of 15 million Americans that will be good. If Richardson joins in the Hillary bashing, not good. Will the moderator ask questions other than Halloween masks? Gibson seems to be very good.

    Fingers crossed for the plucky lady.

  161. Thanks for the replies!

    and gladiatorstail = I love you 😀

    thanks, now I can watch the debate, hopefully the democratic one as well. thanks

    ps. anyone else think that Huckabee looks a lot!! like Kevin Spacey?!!

    I love his voice, but man is he a loon!

  162. this will be slightly odd, going from the repugs debate where they are so many, to the dem debate with just the 4 of them.

    I interested by the seating tho, I hope she is off to the sides on this one, and not in the middle.

    And I once again hope she wears color!!! She should show up vibrating, and not subdued wearing dark boring ‘draining’ clothes. Nice colors and and a lovely smile!

  163. Great work Texan4Hillary.

    The campaign adapts and adjusts as it goes along.

    The key theme against Obama should be “Obama Is Never There When You Need Him”. This removes his Knight in shining armor publicity and shows what a coward/political opportunist he is on issue after issue – Kyl-Lieberman/freezing tenants/move-on/abortion etc.

  164. i worte to msnbc about their crap-hope u do to-
    Re:Chris Matthews
    From:A*** in TX

    I wanted to write in brief about how appalled I am at Chris Matthews’ terrible treatment of Hillary Clinton. He a remark on Jan 3rd about Bill handing out money to caucus goers to vote for his wife etc.. this is shameful sexist garbage I have have quit watching your news channel because of it. Nearly everyone I know has turned off your network and I will encourage ,on the blogs, for more to turn off you network until you get real balanced coverage of this campaign. Hillary is savagely attacked for what? Just be balanced-Obama has done plenty in this campaign to warrant investigation and criticism. He is not a saint. I and other progressives are now aligned against MSNBC for being so foolish in keeping Matthews on the air. When I have to turn to Fox News for fairer coverage of the dem campaign that is very sad. I may be one person, but armies of us are now saying no to MSNBC. I do thank u for keeping Olbermann on, at least he is fair. MSNBC is better than this-

  165. I hope that with the added time Hillary asks Obama to be specific on what he is going to do–I think that there is a lot of danger for him in this format if he is pressed to go beyond his “hope and dreams” theme. The format allows time for a lot of contrasts and I’m sure that’s what she will do.

  166. The best response of all against Chris Matthews is victory for Hillary.

    BTW, the Republicans going first should build a huge audience for Hillary, er, the Dem Debate.

  167. gorto.. YW buddy! 🙂

    huck=kevin spacey 🙂

    finally listening to republicans talk about healthcare reminds me of obama talking about how UHC is something we can never achieve!!!!

  168. hey admin,

    thanks for answering me back…

    you must know i dont like that answer right?…LOL
    i am a bill clinton kind of person, i prefer saying it on my terms,and with my own spin… i mean who know me, better than me?
    there is a certain power, when you tell it like it is!
    well just ask bill, or obama for that matter…

    anyway, trust they know what they are doing with hill…

    what some people consider negative, others consider good constructive discourse. i dont get my feeling hurt, and i dont think anyone here is going to bring hillary down…

    if this is trully an open forum, than we should agree to disagree… 🙂

  169. sorry i meant to change subject on my last comment and talk about us on this site… i didnt make my post clear…

    just hoping we can not take each other to seriously and be offended by each other…

  170. Hmm, and here I thought I was cool and in the know, and yet you stumped me with you YW buddy comment! 😀 What’s that? YW?

  171. skmf12, no problem. We can discuss different issues with sanity here.

    Your viewpoint has been long debated and was given an airing during Hillary’s senate race (both). (We go back and forth on that question too) It is still being debated and will be debated in the future. Bill Clinton survived NH and impeachment by saying “this is about you”. Our point is that the battle is now joined and we fight from state to state to win. We are all agreed on that.

    Texan4Hillary demonstrates that the campaign is listening. Whatever the campaign decides we support because we trust them. We don’t all agree with 100% of the decisions but we accept them and continue to move forward.

  172. wish i could do more for our girl…..I must tell you how frustrating it is sittting here, helpless…..
    The US Media is acting like BO is already taking his oath as the next POTUS…The people of New Hampshire have a mind of their own, and will make their own mind up. HC must stress the point:
    All he offers is universal access (and not coverage!)
    He wants to offer license ID to illegal immigrants
    He wants to start talking directly by himself to Nortk Korea, Iran. If he had it his way, what would happen right now in Pakistan…
    His plan to raise taxes for social security

    This man will never win in November, and McCain/Hucabee willl cream him!

  173. DAMN! McCain smackdown on Romney regarding changing his positions on issues daily. It is getting quite heated. Can’t wait to see Hillary bring her A game.

  174. Says NYT:

    Hah! Mr. McCain, Mr. Huckabee and Mr. Paul have all bought air time on WMUR during the debate and their commercials are showing now, during the break. So has John Edwards, a Democrat.

    Anyone knows if our camp has bought TV time during the debate? I sure hope they have.

  175. This debate is much more a conversation, then 60 second answers.

    Who will this benefit? If someone decides to team up, it seems this will be hard to fight back against. I hope Edwards realizes he needs to go after Obama, and not Hillary. And Bill needs to follow this one too.
    He worked in the Clinton administration, he shouldn’t go after Hill.

    I hope Hillary shows some guts tonight, some chutzpa!!

  176. Ininla, my sentiments exactly. Never thought I would be rooting for McCain or Paul either, but as long as they steal those indie votes, WOOT!

  177. Now they are asking each candidate about why BHO will not win a general. At first, I was offended that they are positioning him as the inevitable. However, I think this public questioning of his abilities will work to Hillary’s benefit.

  178. Thanks Admin for the reminders that the best cure for worry is to do somethin. I spent lunch today with a couple of undecided friends. We were talkin’ politics. I was there with my partner and we told them about the obamorama gospel tour with the homophobe. I spent yesterday making New Hampshire calls and I plan to make calls tomorrow. I’m also makingup my email list both locally and nation wide and writing a heart felt/fact-based testimonial for Hillary. We have to stay on message. If people go into a group and politics come up…tell them what you know. Don’t let people get off makin’ disparaging comments–take them right back home and show your passion–but get to the message: why she is the best person for the job…bar none…AND ready to go on day1.

  179. Geez, no way I could watch the Repugs debate. I’d be screaming at the TV and throwing stuff.

    They lie like normal people breathe.


    BTW, another good Facebook question for Obama: Which 5% of the audience would he leave without healthcare coverage ? (His plan leaves 15 million uncovered, which is 5% of 300 million American population)

  180. We’ll have our debate post up soon. We are trying something new tonight. Instead of our usual transcript we’ll post debate highlights and intriguing comments from this discussion (which is the most interesting part of debate night anyway).

  181. It feels good to hear BHO get thrown a fraction of what Hillary is bombarded with daily. About time.

    DemAC, you’re right, McCain knows indies are listening. They value national security experience over fluff and dazzle.

  182. From the NYT:

    MANCHESTER, N.H. – Volunteers for the Edwards campaign were gathered on Elm Street for a pre-debate rally, awaiting the arrival of Mr. Edwards, who was scheduled to stop by and greet them on his way to the debate. “We want Elizabeth, we want John! We want to see them on the White House lawn!” they chanted, jumping up and down. “Who do we want? John Edwards! When do we want him? Now!” They didn’t get their wish.

    Mr. Edwards was busy preparing for the debate at the Sheraton nearby, and when time ran short, he decided to go straight to the debate. “He was running a little late, so he had to skip it,” said an aide, looking sheepish. His volunteers, upon being told that Mr. Edwards couldn’t make it, lowered their signs and scattered in different directions.


  183. Another thing about the Rasmussen poll today, remember Rasmussen’s last poll in Iowa before the caucuses had Hillary up by 4.

  184. Fair’s the last thing politics is, yall. I came out swingin’ for our girl today. And that reminded me of how long I’ve been swingin’ as I am sure many of yall have been to…for human rights, against inequality, against wars at various times and places. And I suddenly remembered that a Hillary Clinton didn’t exist when I grew up (well, she did but she was growin’ up, too). part of our job is to keep remindin’ people of what’s important in this country. I said words today that I thought I would never hear come out of my mouth. I said I am proud of this country everytime I hear Hillary speak…because I know how hard she was working when she was younger like me, to do some good in the world. Get psyched. Some days are really difficult. Lord have mercy did we ever think the 92 election was going come out the way it did? You just keep fighting.

    By the way, that is one hell of an essay up there about obama and civil rights. That’s something else I’ve been thinking about today. About the first time I saw Martin Luther King give a speech and then later when I saw him in person. Please folks, Obama is not even in Martin Luther King’s league. I’m not talkin’ oratory. I am talking authenticity and commitment. Hillary on the other hand has been working doggedly since she was a young person to make the world a better place for others. It ain’t about her. It’s about this country, the voters, the world. It’s so much bigger than the messenger and that’s what Dr. King saw. We’re the carriers of that torch those of us who know who Hillary is and what she stands for. She will not walk away from a fight and we will not walk away from her!

  185. When it comes to change, the operative question is not why, not what, but how . . . .

    A bullshitter like Obama can take the “why” and “what” questions and knock them out of the park. He can sit there like a Baptist minister, enunciate broad principles, and invoke the word we instead of God.

    But when you get to the word “how” the rubber meets the road. Now he has to get concrete, talk specifically about how he would balance competing interests, rob Peter to pay Paul, and find a middle ground where there is none. That is where any good cross examiner would go.

    The time is right to start asking Mr. Smoke and Mirrors a succession of tough how questions with intensive follow-up. Perhaps the Republican Party will do that. They need to start shelling that beachhead.

    Big Media cannot do it. They have lost their journalistic souls in a Faustian bargain. Its like deju Iraq all over again. They never learn.

  186. “The Hillary campaign is aware of what you suggest but have decided against that course for many reasons. Hillary doing what you suggest would not shut down the conversation, it would increase the gossipy talk. That’s just the way it is.

    It is a trap to start talking about what others are talking about. Hillary needs to stay focused on why she will be the best president. People who don’t like her, don’t like her – that’s just the way it is. Ever try to convince someone to love you? It can’t be done. They either love you or they don’t.”

    This may be one of those rare moments where Hillary’s campaign needs to pay attention to the polls. The Obama movement is growing and its strong and quite appealing. A female president just doesn’t register in the same way as a multiracial President with a personality like Obama.

    However I don’t think Clinton’s advisors have attempted to find her own rhetoric. Not something made up but something that goes to the roots of what she is about. The children, our future, her capacity and our capacity to make positive change. I think her Wellesley speech is basically what Obama is pulling right now. Maybe if Senator Clinton retools her speech…brings it down to earth and makes a passionate plea about that I think she might able to get some traction.
    What Senator Clinton needs more than anything else is a moment or a election of moments that builds her momentum in a way that goes back to her history. I’ve read this so many times throughout various articles and even pundits admit it…Hillary is not what you think in the media. Time and time again Republicans admit it in New York, Arkansas and Congress but it has yet to be experienced by the nation. Her wellesley speech and her bejing speech are two examples of her capacity to inspire….in similar way to Barack but in a way that calls us to action.
    As much people here like to keep emphasizing that she needs to draw contrast and make everyone doubt Obama and that her appearance of competence is so much better for all its worth…she needs to find some kind of genuine abstract rhetoric in her history, message and experiences that is about the voters and not so much about her. Something that encompasses Barack’s message but takes it to new heights. It doesn’t have to be inauthentic because at her basic narrative that has largely been loss is that….something along the lines of “every child, every American has something special…and we don’t need hope because we already have the capacity to do so much….9/11 united as an action but imagine if we could unite us on education and healthcare.” ….she may even need to risk having a Howard Dean moment but in the form of a tear, heavy sad/passionate eyes…something that conveys to people that she is really about them and that her experiences are not for her personal gain but she draws on the different people she meets as inspiration and as framework for the “movement” she and America will make. All these ideas I’ve picked up from her history but its never been put in a coherent way cause she unlike Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Obama hasn’t really emphasized a specific movement linked to her and only her.
    I think in context of this long thing….in very strong way…I think the media will pick up on it even though they love Obama it will be established as the moment “Bill Clinton’s wife.. Hillary” becomes “Hillary Clinton, wife to a former President.” This is all talk and a lot of imaging…but the elements and possibility of it is there considering Hillary’s strong past speeches, her personality among people who know her and the last Iowa video which I think if fleshed out (because people like always will doubt her authencity)…can really show she can be the change candidate of rhetoric and action and who feels your pain.

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