Taking A Punch

Last night Big Media was finally able to publish the story they wrote a year ago. The victor last night was Big Media. The victors last night were Chris Matthews and Tim Russert.

But let’s not excuse what happened last night by blaming others. Let’s not make excuses by cheering about the delegate count or the delegate distribution in Iowa (Obama gets 16 delegates, Hillary 15, Edwards 14). Let’s not cheer about Hank Aaron nor the continuing endorsements coming in for Hillary. Let’s not cheer about Hillary strength in nationwide polls.

We need to take responsibility for what happened in Iowa. Let’s survey the damage and the opportunity.

* * *

Dodd, Biden and the rest are now out of the race. Richardson gets to participate in Saturday’s debate but goes nowhere. Edwards gets to participate in Saturday’s debate but goes nowhere (conventional wisdom before Iowa was that for Edwards Iowa was a “must” win – Edwards lost. Conventional wisdom was right and Edwards will have a tough time raising money, organization, and support.)

Iowa was a problem for Hillary for several reasons. Obama was from a neighboring state and spent a lot of money there and Edwards practically lived there for years. A bigger problem was the unified field of opposition against Hillary (Big Media, Republicans, and the Democratic candidates). This unified field of opposition meant that “going negative” against an individual in Iowa could easily backfire and there were too many opponents (include Big Media, Big Blogs, and Republicans) to take everybody on in a fight. Another complication was the ability of independents to vote in Iowa; a complication which exists in New Hampshire as well.

The race is between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and Big Media. Barack Obama is the Chris Matthews candidate and we need to treat him as such.

* * *

Our biggest failure in Iowa and beyond: we let down young people. Young people wanted change and excitement and truth and we gave them words and policy, and logic.

We effectively abandoned young people to a flim flam artist. We did not provide the truth to young voters. We were afraid they would get angry and disillusioned. We abandoned them. Young people thought the change and therefore the excitement was with the other side. We were excited by Hillary because we know she represents change worth having but we did not engage young voters by arming them with all the facts.

Flim flam artists target the young with excitement and hoopla, and hope. That is the way it always is. Hillary campaign strategists viewed Obama as a political adversary to be counteracted within normal political discourse involving policy. But Obama is a flim flam artist. You defeat flim flammery and flim flam artists by exposing them for what they are.

Again, you do not defeat a circus parade. You cannot persuade a bystander, using logic, not to be excited about the circus parade. You cannot cite statistics about how the parade is financed, how ugly the clowns are beneath the makeup, the amount of cheap glitter and paint employed to create the excitement.

Reading and viewing assignments for the Hillary media team this week: Elmer Gantry (book and movie), The Music Man (movie). Understand the opposition.

How do you defeat the Chicago circus of the ridiculous? Tell the truth fearlessly.

Young people and gay people did not know about Obama’s cynical gay bashing tour in South Carolina. Why not? Why did the gay newspaper The Washington Blade endorse Hillary but not mention the gay bashing tour of South Carolina? The campaign did not get the message out. Advertise in gay periodicals – tell the truth – fearlessly. We did, but as our commenting student in Iowa informed us, the campaign did not get the message out in Iowa. This is what we wrote:

Obama has based his entire campaign on the youth vote. Obama presumed he would get the African-American vote in places such as South Carolina. In Iowa and New Hampshire, which have few African-Americans, Obama counted on the most progressive and energetic demographic – young people.

But Obama is only now beginning to realize how pro Gay rights young people are. Obama’s gay bashing tour threatens the very foundations of his election strategy. Without young people Obama has no organization in Iowa and New Hampshire. Without enthusiastic young people Obama will have no campaign workers on the cold election days in Iowa and New Hampshire.

All the performers in the McClurkin gay bashing tour were anti-gay but young people were not informed of this. The campaign failed to defend gay voters and inform young people. In this vacuum, the flim flam artist prevailed.

The campaign needs to inform African-Americans about how Obama abandoned African-Americans when he was in Chicago. Here is what we wrote:

What use was Obama’s “community organizer” experience to those shivering tenants?

What use was Obama the state senator to those shivering tenants?

What relationships did Obama build during his “community organizer” days that proved useless when he became state senator, and failed to keep him in touch with the community?

What was Obama doing in his plush state senator office that kept him too busy to know that these “struggling families” were without heat “For more than five weeks during the brutal winter of 1997″?

If Obama with all his “community organizer” experience did not know what was happening in his small district office in Chicago, how in blazes does anyone think he will respond to the needs of an American electorate that numbers in the hundreds of millions?

What was Obama doing in his state senate office while his constituents suffered due to now indicted slumlord Antoin “Tony” Rezko, Obama’s friend of 17 years? Well, Obama was busy writing letters to get even more government money for his friends, including Rezko.

The campaign failed to defend African-Americans and inform young people about what Obama really did in Chicago. In this vacuum the flim flam artist prevailed.

On our very first day of publication, we discussed in our second post ever, Obama’s history of voting “present”. The title of our post was Obama’s Present To Pro-Choice Opponents. The campaign did not begin to address in any way this history until the story was published in Big Media outlets – in the last month. The time to talk about Obama’s vote history was way back in the spring.

We repeated ad nauseum this Joe Biden quote about Kyl-Lieberman: “I wonder why he wasn’t there to vote,” Biden said. “We all knew that this vote was coming up.” The campaign NEVER mentioned that quote. The most the campaign did was mention in passing the vote in a tepid manner: “If Senator Obama felt so strongly about this resolution, why didn’t he speak out against it or vote against it?”

The Kyl-Lieberman vote was a key example of Obama’s circus of the ridiculous. Young people needed to be informed about Obama’s hypocrisy and history of not voting. Young people, all people, were not informed about the Obama hypocrisy. Young people were not told the truth fearlessly.

The campaign never challenged Obama on Rezko. Our Challenge To Big Media And Big Blogs stands. Obama has challenged Hillary’s character. The Hillary campaign never challenged Obama’s character. No doubt young people think Obama is clean and Hillary is dirty. Young people never had the right wing history of attacks against Hillary explained to them. Young people never had the real Obama history in Chicago with Rezko explained to them. The fault is not with young people.

The key Hillary issue of Health Care was usurped in Iowa by Obama even though there is a whole history of Hillary fighting for health care and Obama fighting to represent the interests of the insurance industry. It’s the campaign’s job to inform young people, all people of this Obama history. Big Media is not going to do the job. It’s up to the Campaign.

The day before the Iowa caucuses some blogs began to awaken to Obama blaming Democrats for decades long Republican obstruction. Young people think of Obama as a friend because they do not know what Obama really represents:

Running to the right on health care and social security combined with the anti-gay gospel singer, taking Robert Novak smears at face value, repeating Jeff Gerth lies and now going after Paul Krugman, leads me to the niggling awareness that this is a conscious, if subtle, strategy. Any one of those things could be an accident, and perhaps some of them are. But taken as a whole, conscious or not, liberal fighters in the partisan wars are being sistah soljahed. Unlike the big issue of Iraq where being on the right side is being on the left side, these little digs and policy positioning are all sweet spots for the Village — and sore spots for the base.

Young people were led to believe that Obama is their friend. Young people think of Facebook and other interactive social sites as part of their lives. The Hillary campaign did not ever explain to young people how bogus that claim was. We did:

Pollitics has hustlers popping up all the time. Silver tongued devils, snake oil salesmen, those who wrap their arms around your shoulder and make you feel great populate the political world. Then they stab you in the back.

Today a certain Joe Anthony learned a life lesson in the “new politics”.

For the past few weeks, the campaign decided it would be better if they just took control of the profile and we decided to try to come to some agreement. By this time, I didn’t have quite as much respect for the campaign guys, and frankly felt like I was just being used. They knew about this profile the entire time, and really just waited until it got enough media coverage and friends request so they could step in and bully me out of it.

We wrote about this situation more than once:

One aspect of Obama’s sales job is the myth that his is a grassroots campaign, as opposed to all those other evil campaigns that seek control. To that end the Obama campaign has created a campaign web site that provides all sorts of bells and whistles to delude his young supporters that he is one of them.

Today, as Politico points out, “Barack Obama has apparently convinced MySpace (owned by News Corp.) to shut down his own unofficial Myspace page — without the consent of its creator — and re-direct its traffic to a new official page.”

TechPresident has more about Anthony, the creator of the MySpace page and his introduction to the “new politics”: Anthony had never been politically active before. “I was just blown away,” he told me. He put time into the site every day, answering emails from people wanting to “friend” the page, pointing them to voter registration information, and, once Obama threw his hat into the ring, telling them where to find out more detailed positions of the candidate.

We have written about this hypocrisy before, concerning several articles about Obama’s alliance with a slumlord: On April 25, 2007, Carol Marin, in a column for the Sun-Times summarized the articles and hit Obama hard “suddenly this gleaming presidential hopeful and paragon of new politics behaves just like any other dissembling, dismissive Chicago pol, ducking the discussion while pretending not to.”

The campaign never discussed this issue. It was an issue of importance to young people. On issue after issue voters were not informed. Young people were not informed. This has to change. The truth must be told.

The Hillary story is a compelling story. But it is not being heard. Obama crafts and creates his own story filled with composite characters and fake recollections. Big Media does not challenge Obama’s fake history but attacks Hillary real life story. Young people do not know this history. Young people will rally to Hillary if they know the real facts about who is the real fighter for social justice representing change and who is the flim flam artist representing Rezko. But young people need to be told. Fearlessly.

The mark of a champion is taking a punch and standing up and punching back. Hillary has been a champion all her life. Obama has a glass jaw and has never taken a punch.

The danger for Democrats is that the punch to Obama’s glass jaw will be delivered by Big Media after Big Media has used Obama to hurt Hillary. Obama will not survive examination. Big Media and the Republicans will only punch Obama if he would ever become the nominee.

Champions fight back. We know Hillary can take a punch. But now the time has come to punch back – Hard.


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  1. I hope here at Hillaryis44 we’ll talk about strengthening our on-line skills. Everyone should have free Youtube, Digg accounts, etc. so we can drive pro-Hillary stories. For example, we know the O-bots rank down pro-Hillary videos on Youtube. That reduces traffic to those videos. So we shouldn’t just watch the embedded videos, we should all go to Youtube and rank them up. I’m not inclined to automatically rank down pro-O videos — that’s a total lack of class. But we can all be more skillful as a net presence — there are many viral techniques we need to learn.

  2. look admin,
    no disrespect intended, but hillary cant all of a sudden start competing along the same lines as obama for kids vote…
    its getting damn embarrassing, sorry but someone has to tell the truth here… i try not to open my mouth cause i always seem to offend. but the truth is hrc’s campaign is always trying to steal someone elses ideas. and young people, and some adults, hate that…
    they call her a ‘POSER”.
    why? cause it looks like she’s posing like someone shes not…
    not after its obamas people who come up with the ideas…

    now i know it isnt hillary who’s doing this, but who the hell is feeding her these late date breaking ideas?
    they shouldn’t be plagerizing, they should be creating edgy, forward thinking campaign moves.

    hey maybe they should get some 20 somethings huh?
    wow thats a novel idea…

    its all over taylor marsh, kos, and other sites, that alot of young peole begged and wrote letters, volunteering to go to iowa, but alot didnt have the money, and many, no i mean none, got work one back from hrc’s campaign…
    okay what a waste! shame shame shame…

    but today is a new day, not that she is going to be able to pull together the young vote in a week, but still someone needs to get their head out of … well you know…

    and while i’m at it, where is CARVILLE?…
    seriously, lets get someone with guts out there?

  3. Great post admin. And I am glad that the word coming out of the Hillary Campaign is that the ‘velvet gloves’ are off. I hope Obama rides his flim-flam carpet into the debate on Saturday because it will make Hillary’s punches that more effective.

    Just remember HRC talking to ranking members of congress when she was First Lady (or even now as Senator), she was/is great at making her opponents look bad – really bad.

  4. I think we have responsibilty to expose lying journalists. Nedra Pickler of AP wrote a negative story on Hillary. I saw the story on Yahoo. Ms Pickler has track record of publishing lies and streching truth.

    Here is a link to her wikipedia page that has other links:


  5. I am wondering why the nagativity ad still not up. only three more days left. it need to be up quickly so that voters can have a chance to have a look.

  6. if any of you have any good advice/ troubling news for the clinton campaign, I can give you contact emails.

  7. The headline on Talking Points Memo is “Hillary Gets Mean, Promises More “Contrast” With Obama”. These guys are not our friends. They are as bad as Big Media.

  8. the campaign should have something like:

    (obama talking about hope and standing up in unity)

    and then: commentators voice: In 19blahblahblah, Senator Obama voted present for a “yes” or “no” bill on gun control around public schools. And now he’s talking about standing up?

    “Senator Barack Hussein Obama, What’s he thinking?”

  9. I think we should post this headline on every blog:

    An AP analysis of the Iowa caucus results showed Obama winning 16 delegates, followed by Clinton with 15 and Edwards with 14. In the overall race for delegates, Clinton leads with 175, followed by Obama with 75 and Edwards with 46.

    That really makes Hillary No 2 in Iowa. I have not seen it any where on MSM

  10. She needs
    to stick to one message .. she is bumbling and stumbling .. why now look for young voters. who is advising her, she needs a shake up, they need to realize obama is going to get a free ride and try to craft a winning stragety out of that.

    they come across as stunned

    she needs to be herself and if that is not what america wants then they have to accept that. she would go farther by just getting out and saying what she’ll do and present herself and forget about fancy slogans, etc. tell Americi a ..hey this is me, I will be tough .. I might not be miss personality but I will not let you down and I am ready to do the job



  11. I guess this is going to be news in big media again tomorrow.

    ‘ Bill on going negative: media bias made her do it

    Bill Clinton voiced his abiding anger at the media’s coverage of him and his wife in Durham, N.H., today, and suggested that media bias will force Clinton to go negative on Barack Obama.

    He also expressed his frustration that his wife is perceived by voters as divisive through, he said, no fault of her own.

    Clinton, like his wife, is traveling New Hampshire taking questions from voters, and he spoke at the University of New Hampshire in Durham in response to a plea from a woman who said she’d like it “if you and Clinton joined Barack Obama in putting the Republicans on notice” that it was time to “change the game” and end the “meanness” and “manipulation” in politics.

    Clinton replied that he liked the idea — in theory.

    “I think we can change it as long as you have access to information by people who are committed to judging everybody by the same set of rules and following the same set of rules,” he said. “According to the most recent media analysis, that’s not what’s happened so far, but yeah, I think it should be done.”

    Clinton also let his audience glimpse the scars of his White House years.

    “Nobody would like it better than us if you could get that personal vilification out of there, because nobody’s been vilified more than we have,” he said, after noting that he thought Hillary and McCain could run a respectful campaign. “One of the problems with laying down and turning the other cheek is McCain had one dose of it. They gave it to us for eight years.

    “And the fact of the matter is, independent voters think you’re polarizing if someone else attacks you, even if that someone is Rush Limbaugh, even if you’ve been totally exonerated of every single charge ever leveled against you, which Hillary was — and some people forgot to tell you about that,” he said, jabbing again at the press.

    “Nobody would be happier to see all this go away than us. But you can’t ask somebody who is at a breathtaking disadvantage in the information coming to the voters to ignore that disadvantage and basically agree to put bullets in their brains,” he said. ‘

    The the hillary keep talking to negative but no action.


  13. listening to skmf12 and I think teaxan4hillary, it seems like Hillary campaign has by strategy not appealed to the young voters — Admin, great post. Hopefully they will change that. She should have events for young men and women and honestly say they are not Obama’s to keep and going forward that she will fight for their votes.

  14. Obama Chided for Maytag Remarks

    IAM President Tom Buffenbarger this week called on Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) to stop his public hand wringing over the loss of 1,600 jobs when Maytag moved from Galesburg, IL, to Reynosa, Mexico.

    “He didn’t lift a finger to help those people when they needed help the most,” said Buffenbarger. “Even now, he doesn’t have a clue and thinks those jobs went overseas and not to Mexico.”

    In recent campaign speeches, Sen. Obama has repeatedly cited the plight of Maytag workers in his bid to win sympathy and support from union members battered by factory closings and lost jobs.

    “This is the same candidate who recently labeled unions as ‘special interest’ groups with too much influence in Washington, D.C.,” said Buffenbarger. “For the last eight years, we’ve defended our members’ jobs, pensions and health care benefits against a political agenda that’s been openly hostile to unions and working families. But a Johnny-come-lately candidate won’t solve the problem facing blue collar families.”

  15. She needs ads to start quoting GWB and Obama side by side, with their message of “unity” that is eerily similar.


  16. Regarding the youth, she needs to highlight things like this:

    Hillary hasn’t just made stirring speeches about caring about the contribution of young people, she’s put forth a detailed, concrete proposal, and has introduced the legislation to make it happen. She doesn’t spend nearly so much time telling people what she’s going to do, as she does just quietly DOING it. Competence, folks, competence.

    Obama wants to pump up youth to HELP HIM GET ELECTED. Hillary wants to pump them up and give them a role in HELPING THE COUNTRY. He talks, she walks.

    Washington, DC – At a press conference on Capitol Hill, Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) and Arlen Specter (R-PA) and Representatives James Moran (D-VA) and Chris Shays (R-CT) today joined with public service leaders, educators and students to call for the creation of a U.S. Public Service Academy.
    The U.S. Public Service Academy Act (The PSA Act) will establish an undergraduate academy designed to cultivate a new generation of young leaders dedicated to public service. Modeled after the military service academies, the Public Service Academy will provide a four-year, federally-subsidized college education for more than 5,000 students a year in exchange for a five year commitment to public service following graduation.
    “We face big challenges as a nation that will require an active leadership and citizenry. I have no doubt that Americans are ready, willing, and able to answer the call and that is exactly what this Academy would demonstrate every single day. The United States Public Service Academy will tap into the renewed sense of patriotism and civic obligation among our young people. I am proud to work with my colleagues from both sides of the aisle and both chambers of Congress to make this idea a reality,” said Senator Clinton.
    “I am pleased to cosponsor legislation to establish a U.S. Public Service Academy,” Senator Specter said. “The academy would develop leaders with a strong foundation in civics and provide the country with a generation dedicated to public service.”

    More here: http://www.senate.gov/~clinton/news/statements/record.cfm?id=271157

  17. skmf12 said: its getting damn embarrassing, sorry but someone has to tell the truth here…

    it also wouldn’t hurt to infuse new people (with fresh ideas) in her campaign circle, looking at that last speech she gave in iowa made me realize that the people around her validates the “old politics” meme that hussein tells his cult about her…make her campaign events fired up…not everyone is enamoured with her…new comers who are on the fence would be excited if they make her events less “policy wonk”, more inspiring…

  18. Hillary for Texas that is such a great idea. I can remember Bill Clinton’s read my lips ad in 1992. Good times….

  19. also i agree with marsh and alot of pro hillary blogs, hillary should use what shes got!

    she should use the unions to stick it to obmama…
    she should use those 527’s to stick it to obama…
    and this is one is important:
    she should use women to stick it to obama…
    we should flood nh with women wearing shirts that say, ‘WE ARE MINORITIES TOO, BREAK THE CYCLE, VOTE WOMEN 2008’…


  20. I’m sure they’re working on an ad as we speak. Don’t forget, this is the day after the IA result and I think many in her campaign are still reeling over it. Her supporters are, too.

    They’ll get it up as soon as they can.

    I don’t think Hillary did anything wrong in IA. I really don’t. Young voters that Obama has been cultvating weren’t listening/don’t care about any new revelation that was coming out about him – his attack on Unions, progressives, etc. They were adamant about voting for him.

    As for Independents, I strongly believe that many of these ppl don’t care for Obama, they wanted to be the anti-Hillary vote. Many of these independents will switch back and vote for a GOP nominee in the general.

    Don’t forget, if we take out the independents, Obama and Hillary were separated by 1-2 percent.

    As for the criticism that she’s changing her message to appeal to younger voters (whom I consider myself part of), well, what better time than now? She has to move beyond NH. There’s still Nevada and my home state of CA. Many young voters here.

    Some people say, In God We Trust. I say, In Hillary We Trust.

    Let’s see how well she does in tomorrow’s debate.

  21. A guy in New Hampshire made me laugh out loud with what he told ABC News of Obama:

    He has some charisma, and I like his talk about hope, but I’m not going to vote for him

  22. Admin, I posted about a great piece of youth legislation put forward by Hillary. It is caught in the spam filter.









  24. maybe her campaign thought that Iowa’s old women (and women in general) would support her just because she’s a woman. it’s called choice, and packaging…make the undecideds feel like they’re supporting a “rock star” (for lack of a better word)…this is the era of tmz, perez hilton and their kind…let her be what they say she is off-camera…fun, less stuffy…
    people here will hate me for saying this but i remember how Gore and Kerry were killed in the media because they were made out to be stuffedshirts by their campaigns…please don’tlet that happen to her…

  25. 44 that is what I am saying. The one time she seemed “off message” was the remark she made about knowing how to handle evil me and I saw it again today and she just looked different with her humor.

    I have no doubt she is the best equipped and I tell you I think people are knowing that but msm has got them afraid to stand up.





  26. Yep. Be honest – be direct. Go on TV and say “It is not the president’s job to make you feel good. It is the president’s job to do the job.”

    Also, she has a wicked sense of humor. She needs to turn it loose.

  27. 44 that is exactly right!

    she plays right into obamas stereotype of her…

    months ago several people here were saying she should get some young ones like high school musical kids to do some videos, or like some rappers and alternative bands to do music rallys for hillary…
    fill up some events around the country, the media alone for the mtv crowd would have been great!

    but guess what happened? obama got oprah first, and ofcourse edwards got mellancamp, oh and i’m not knocking streisand…
    but please you get what you pay for…
    she got the senior vote, and now we’re crying over dissing the youth?

    well guess what? we said she needed to get some venues going for young people, but now its too friggin late again, cause now they will say she is desperate and how pathetic she thinks she’s going to steal obama base…

    seriously, they need to be real careful here…
    when they tried to out obama on the whole drug thing, i said that was a big f*ing mistake, why?
    because teens and 20 somethings, and boomers, have a history of drug experimentation, work with me people, for kids, its a badge of honor!

    know your constituents people…

  28. to skmf12: i hope someone in here brings your last message to her campaign, make a poster of it.
    i laughed at the barbra meme…that was so evil and so wrong, but so true!!!

  29. we are the people! we know what people in he corporate office, or hotel suite dont know, and that is what our fellow voters are saying, and what we want and know to be true…

    iv’e always said, campaigns should get some real people on the team, not just paid ones…

    just trying to talkt to hillary by blog…

  30. nice to hear the cspan call-in shows. hillary supporters keeping a chin-up during the call-ins on washington journal. no-frills and no opinion hosts are refreshing.

  31. howard “i have a scream”dean talking now. wow, like it was yesturday i remember this guy getting blown out in iowa. i supported john kerry at the time.

  32. Imagine this Hillfans. Right now, we’re all down in the dumps. But if she wins NH, it’ll be cloud nine again.

    Let’s have faith in Hillary. This is the same woman who came to NY, was accused of being a carpetbagger, was maligned for 8 years and she managed to win over the conservative northern NY.

    I’m waiting for the debate tomorrow and the Primary in NH.

  33. To those doing the, “headless chicken dance”, and suggesting (some good, some not so good) many different things the campaign should do, or consider;

    The campaign never really thought they were going to win Iowa (IMHO) and that’s not sour-grapes, it’s demographic political reality. There’s a reason that Rudy almost completely ignored Iowa, and Hillary never played there well either. It’s a testament to the tireless hard work and dedication of our people in Iowa that it was considered to be so close going in. The whole, “what happened?”, motif is only pertinent if you believe that the Hillary campaign EXPECTED a win. They didn’t and so many postmortems have been predicated on that FALSE premise.

    There are 4 days to the NH primary with a debate sandwiched in between. There is more than a strong possibility that Hillary will win NH, and this IS a state that the campaign EXPECTS to win. Let’s see what happens in the debate tomorrow night when it’s Barry who’s got the target on his back. They’re going to be tearing at the tissue-thin resume and the fact that Obama has been, “vetted”, primarily from information that comes from a self-penned book.

    A win in New Hampshire silences all of the current narrative.
    A win in NH, quickly followed by momentum building wins in Nevada and Michigan sets up a good chance to win in SC and ensures that a SC loss doesn’t do much to affect what should be a landslide victory in Florida. Tsunami Tuesday is one week from Florida, and in the political momentum game, you are usually only as good as your finish in the previous primary. Hillary should have literally a Tsunami of momentum going into Super Tuesday.

    Iowa was like a colonoscopy, extremely unpleasant, but a necessary part of the process. With so many primaries in so short a time-span, you can’t spend a lot of time looking back. Looking forward to Tuesday and the victory that it should bring; It will change the dynamic, put Hillary back on top and shift the conversation 180 degrees.

    I don’t think that Iowa was a disaster, or that it demonstrated the need for any radical shake-up or departure from the themes of experience competence and change. I do agree that perhaps the presentation could use some tweaking. If you’re out there Jimmy (or here damnit!) get up off your skinny Cajun ass and tough-up the rhetoric as only you can. If there’s anything we do need now, it’s that piss-and-vinegar, pugnacious attitude that was the hallmark of past Clinton national campaigns.

  34. Well said, The Realist. Our girl is going to shine in tomorrow’s debate; she always does under that format. NH voters value strength and experience much more than Iowan voters. Also, NH voters are MUCH more amenable to women than Iowa, which has NEVER elected ANY woman to higher office.

  35. Pls distinguish medium and message.

    Using channels like Facebook and Youtube etc doesn’t mean Hillary needs to dress up like a rock star — or start presenting herself as a ‘symbol’ or a ‘movement.’

    Supporters who already know how to use those sites can just start using them right now — to push whatever facts and issues convinced THEM.

    Some color and music might fit too — like some gay rock people showing clips from Obama’s anti-gay campaign. Or some protests of it, or some gays trying to get Obama to speak for them.

    Also anti-war videos — with the FACTS that Obama is PRO-WAR. He wants to MOVE the war from Iraq to “the real battlefield in Pakistan and Afganistan.” He’s made many other hawkish statements, in his “The War We Must Win” and related comments. (I have lots of cites of those at http://1950democrat.livejournal.com )

    Just don’t wait for the older people running the campaign to get on this. DO IT YOURSELF!

  36. Something that does concern me are the sheer numbers with regard to turnout. Example: Today, Hillary and Bill are attending an “event” in Nashua; BHO is attending two “rallies”…. And we wonder why BHO got more first time voters to come out for him last night. Perhaps the settings of these stump speeches need to be evaluated as well.

  37. clintondem99, they had the order of appearence on the screen for a moment but i think she is 2nd or 3rd. but i do know this much. i DID remember obama is last to speak. kinda too convienent.

  38. lol, kathy sullivan speaking now with a hillary for pres button on.lol. i got the same button mine. i wear mine at home and when i venture out all the time.

  39. Exactly filbertsf. Hillary will pull this out. No one should be “down in the dumps”. After a defeat it is wise and normal to make assessments and adjustments. This should not be interpreted in any way as losing faith. No whining here, just hardheaded assessments.

    The people in Iowa did a great job and worked hard. Adjustments have to be made in a very short time however. We’ll probably have more on this tomorrow (issues that resonate vs. policy issues).

    There will be a debate tomorrow and it will be interesting to see what Edwards and Richardson do (will they defend Obama or start vetting Obama). Hillary will also make a case at the debate tomorrow and it will be interesting to see what direction she takes.

  40. terrondt, BHO’s free ride needs to stop. Who wants to listen to one of his soporific, baseless speeches anyway, let alone LAST??

  41. rep hodes on, obama supporter. look, im not going to down every newly elected official that endorse obama. but im dissapointed that few of them endorsed hillary. what is it, being what is “in” thing? a fad like thing? dunno.

  42. edwards has declared that the race is between and BHO. He will and should go after BHO in tomorrow dabate.

  43. terrondt, he is waging a generational war. I am a rather young voter (early 20s) and I am disgusted by the BHO support of my peers. And if I feel that way, imagine how all the people over, say, 40 feel about BHO’s blatant insistence on deeming them irrelevant to the democratic process.

  44. HERE!!HERE!! hillguy. admin, im over the extreme anger now. thank goodness i was not grouchy with the wife last night. she knew i was very moody while watching the returns and on the computer. she is so apolitical. i have to fill her in all the time what is going on.lol. i do believe will hillary pull it out. and prepare hillfans becuase the pollsters are about to unleash a bunch of nh polls over the weekend.

  45. Thanks for clintondem99 for posting Joe Conason’s column on the previous thread. I recommend everyone read it. The biggest point he makes is that Hillary’s campaign is too cautious because of the influence of Mark Penn. I couldn’t agree more. The media is a problem, as Bill makes perfectly clear, but her people (Penn specifically) never thought Obama could run a nontraditional campaign and be so competitive. That was a big mistake, and he needs to be held accountable for that.

  46. admin:

    I never had a good vibe from Iowa for Hillary. It was a tough place for her from the beginning starting with the history. Everytime she seemed like she was gaining a little bit there something or the other was pulling her back. Remember the waitress tip story, and the plant story, and to top it off this campaign worker making news for constantly switching her support. She and her Iowa campaign staff worked so hard that they gave us some hope towards the end that maybe she could pull it off. We came close but could never close the deal.

    For some reason, I have a positive vibe going into NH, and I think she will pull it off there.

  47. hillguy, if i was 21 now i’d still support hillary. im going on 38 feb 1st. 1988, i think the so called i”in” candidate maybe was jesse jackson. but i supported the short loser that year. i won’t mention his name but u get the idea.

  48. Paula, I doubt she will be as cautious going forward. Negativity tends to work in NH. She was already at a disadvantage in Iowa prior to doing what little “attacking” she did do of BHO. In NH she is ahead, and again, they value strength over fluff.

  49. ra1029, same here about the bad vibe in iowa starting 2 weeks leading up to the vote. nh good chances all around.

  50. ra1029, totally agree with you about the positive vibes going into NH. That state has always been advantage Clinton(s).

  51. From Political Wire:

    “This feels good. It’s just like I imagined it when I was talking to my kindergarten teacher.”

    — Sen. Barack Obama, quoted by the New York Observer, on his new status as Democratic frontrunner. Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign has claimed that Obama has been plotting a presidential run since he was in kindergarten.

  52. Something that does concern me are the sheer numbers with regard to turnout. Example: Today, Hillary and Bill are attending an “event” in Nashua; BHO is attending two “rallies”…. And we wonder why BHO got more first time voters to come out for him last night. Perhaps the settings of these stump speeches need to be evaluated as well.

    That reminds me of the NYT blog I read this past week… In IA, Hillary likes small venues. Often times, the venue couldn’t fit all the people who wanted to be in the room. Wonder why the campaign does that.

  53. terrondt at 7:53, what the heck are you talking about – Hillary has way more elected official endorsements than Obama!

  54. filbert, I think maybe the campaign was going for the “intimacy” thing in Iowa, hence the desire for small venues. We need to go BIG in NH and all states thereafter. BIG attracts young people (like myself) as well.

  55. lol, this nutcase kuchinich is not in the debate saturday. gravel quit the race not becuase no money, it was becuase they kept his crabby relic *ss out the debates. these guys have a right to run but do not have a right to get into these debates. sorry fringe candidates.

  56. Admin, you want assessment and adjustment? Following HillGuy’s post, I think she should hold big rallies. No more intimate settings. Intimacy are for weddings.

    And who doesn’t love a big party, with loud, obnoxious people calling chanting your name?

  57. hill guy that quote has been all over the blogs this morning, and everyones eating it up. except hill fans…

    it is nothing but a ‘SMART ASS’ remark, that is meant to be insulting, demeaning, and snarky, obama is ridiculing hillary in front of world…


  58. Its so funny because I totally know these young people out supporting BHO; They are my peers, I went to school with them, etc. They simply don’t do their research. They are too lazy to sit down and sift through the information and voting records of the candidates to realize Hillary is so obviously the best candidate,the one looking out for THEIR best interests. They are blinded by the empty dazzle. What is most interesting about this support is its inherent fickle nature. We loved Britney Spears once too.

  59. I also don’t think Chelsea was used nearly enough in reaching young voters. She should be an enormous asset in that area.

  60. I just feel that they are too cautious and that the real campaign ain’t getting through. Hope she rebounds in NH. there just seems to be a negative vibe that msm is responsible for…bill clinton is hitting on it now so maybe a few outlets will pick up on it.

  61. terrondt, rep hodes was on tweety’s show earlier this evening. he came across like a real A$$ Hole.

  62. Paula, you are so right about Chelsea being an asset. I was in high school when she decided to attend Stanford and I remember how inspired we all were by this intelligent, plucky fellow student.

  63. skmf12, It’s very snarky, but he won so he has the right to do that. Hillary just needs to find a way to rub his face in it by winning NH.

  64. clintondem99, shame on u for watchin tweety today.LOL. i know it is hard to stay away from the political talk shows becuase we are political junkies. but those shows now will just get out blood boiling now. no mood for that.

  65. refusing interviess, not taking questions, chelsea not taking that little girls interview hurt them

    hillary campaign is coming across as full of secrets, no plans, she needs to open up.

    need a champion seems to be the new slogan.

    watc hingher on cspan…is she getting booed

  66. It sounded like she was booed when she said the line about “some people demand change, some people hope for change”

  67. I agree terrondt, probably planned booing by the Obama crowd. There was no reason to do that at all….

  68. you know what the obamabots might end up helping her…. people watching this will understand that this is a setup. suppose they plan to do all of her rallies like this.

  69. dot48, I thought the booing was for Bush. Anyway, she has plenty of plans, but her campaign is too wonky. That’s great for a president but not for a candidate.

    As for the Chelsea thing, I know she didn’t talk to the little girl because she’s doing no interviews, period. That’s fine, and I know her mom is still fiercely protective of her, but she’s 27 now, and she’s an amazing young lady. How about letting the world see that? She’s not a kid anymore.

  70. Obama supporters have no class if they’re booing her during this speech. I’m ashamed of people of my own generation.

  71. gawd, why the new banner …. hope nada, nada

    get rid of HOPE . obama stole the clinton playbook … she needs to get off any words he uses.

    gosh this imo is not helpful

  72. AmericanGal, That’s who she is. There’s no switch that’ll turn her into her husband as a campaigner. I wish there were.

  73. Talking about “false hopes” and needing a President ready on day 1. Big questions: who will be best president on day 1 and who can we nominate who will go the distance against the Republicans.

    Says Republicans have gone after here but she’s still standing

  74. Her “And I’m still here” comment referring to the Repub attack machine was brilliant and pitch-perfect. It really resonated with the crowd.

  75. She’s talking about working with Republicans but also standing her ground. She will “stand for Democratic principles” and is proud to be a Democrat. I like this part of the speech!

  76. hillfans, she can’t change who she is or how she gives a speech. if she tries to change big media will lynch her as usual. it is her style.

  77. Says together we will make history (cheering).

    Crowd going wild over Bill and Chelsea coming out on stage. Many Hillary signs and cheering.

  78. Another thing: Hillary actually has a track record of working with Repubs in the Senate. Why hasn’t the campaign emphasized that more?

  79. ready….that and should be her campaign stregth .. get away from mention of hope. get stronger and tougher.

  80. It is sad that this country can not seperate a snake oil salesman from dedicated person like Hillary. No wonder they ended up with Bush.

  81. Many signs in crowd–they say “Ready” and “Hillary: Smart Choice”.

    Bill and Hill getting mobbed by people as they shake hands.

  82. It really was an effective speech. I too am so proud of her. Imagine delivering that speech the night after losing a state. She is so inspiring!!

  83. dot 48 the banner reads “HOPE LEADERSHIP RESULTS” It’s a synopsis of the campaigns of Obama, Hillary and Edwards.

  84. Contrary to popular thought, Barack Obama’s teeth are not comprised of carbon or calcium, but a brand new element yet to be added to the periodic table: Hopeium.

  85. Hillary is very passionate about what she believes in, and that’s the real Hillary we need to saw much more of.

  86. alright, i turned the channel. no other candidate need apply my time. btw i get my senator back from iowa, mr. dodd. hey he moved his family to iowa so maybe he should run against harkin for the senate there.lol. the connecticut media is all over dodd. for all his talking up his run plus the national firefighter’s union all he got was 0.2 pecent or somthing like that. these loopy unions better think long and hard about endorsing peole they have 0 chance.

  87. filbert, looked to be predominantly Hillfans, although I did see one Obama sign thrust into the air, which was immediately pounced on and removed. I chuckled.

  88. This is a firey speech, something she has avoided in recent months. She spoke passionately, little too fast, and she looked determined.

  89. I think it was a good speech. I personally think she needs to include more of the “I love America” emotion and passion plus the fighting spirit shown in the section about being a proud Democrat and fighting for Democratic beliefs. Perhaps these are the first hints of whats to come?

  90. If Hillary’s going to go down, I want her to do it by showing she has nothing to lose. This was a good start.

  91. This is the NH Democratic Party Dinner and all canidates are speaking. It is a mixure of all canidates supporters. At least they are all democrates and not indies and repubs.

  92. FYI, the new ARG poll has Hillary up 4 in NH. I’m laughing to myself because now suddenly ARG is in line with just about every other NH poll. Maybe they learned their lesson.

  93. richardson, makes me puke…

    make another deal bill richardson!!!
    maybe you could make one with the repugs, oh i’m
    sorry you already did!

  94. I think it was a good speech. I personally think she needs to include more of the “I love America” i agree to get rid of that hope crap!!!she should ,you cant live off it…I love America ,I live to see the change,Im Ready”set TOGO”For America”,something like that,that hope stuff is bringing her nothing from 0hhuhhh,uhhuhh.

  95. i guess they will let obama go last. he’ll get the media buzz, he’ll give that big inspirational thing going on. too bad i feel that he is just too full of hot air and no substance

  96. Going negative is a very delicate dance. You have to remember that it will just be a few days before the NH primaries and the question you have to ask yourself is this: Which meme will get more traction – Clinton going negative, desperation, polarizing because of the negativity, etc. OR the subject of the attack itself? I think negative ads will be more harmful because it can be used against Hillary more forcefully. So negative attack ads are OUT.

    Ads examining their positions are IN. It should be a simple examination of Obama’s qualifications and statements – preferrably coming from the debates. It should be framed as a comparison of Hillary and Obama and not simply an ad about Obama. It should be as factual as possible and judgment free – i.e. this is what Obama said…this is what Hillary said. Let the voters make the judgment. Bill Clinton is framing the discussion well by saying that the voters are not given all the information they need. That is a necessary prelude to all of this.

    Also, while Clinton should reach out to the youth, she shouldn’t go out of character. I believe an examination of Obama’s gay-bashing tour would resonate with the youth. I believe reaching out to their base among the youth would be more productive than going out of their way to go out of character.

    Hillary is at a big disadvantage with the youth because the youth like excitement. They like the message of change. Can you imagine? Just standing for change will make a difference? Just daring to believe will bring about the change? It’s an inspiring and almost magical concept. Who wouldn’t be enthused? Hillary’s argument about experience and actual policy discussions would be most likely be arcane to most of them. Nobody wants to hear about HARD WORK. Hillary can change all that by using more motherhood statements but at the same time continue to differentiate herself by showing that she really knows more about the issues. (Much as I loathe motherhood statements, it apparently works with the young.)

    Finally, relax. Hillary will do fine.

  97. The people in the crowd are committed democrats and democratic party activists. I doubt that they will change their mind on whom they will vote for based on a speech at this forum. They would have already made up their mind some time ago. I don’t think there will be many independents watching this speech on TV on Friday night either. So take these speeches for what they are worth.

  98. Anduril919, I wish it could be like that but Obama isn’t going to be having ads that are a simple examination of Hillary’s qualifications and statements. They will be going after her big time.

  99. hi all, I’ve been catching up and reading all the comments from last night to now and there are some really good ideas that do need to get thru to the campaign…few things to comment on and add…first, Canaan, you are right…we need to start using viral techniques, that is where the ‘youth’ are…some of us aren’t that tech advanced but we are ready to learn…so if anyone has suggestions on that please provide….skmf12 – that quote from Buffenberger, Obama and the unions sounds like an ad to me…we need more of that and if the campaign isn’t doing that then maybe some of us can put quotes and material like that on U tube as was suggested…we have to be more proactive and each of us do something…we have to challenge everything instead of allowing Big Media to keep us on the defense …regarding Big Media, I keep saying we need to push back hard or at the very least have representation…it is no secret Big Media is stacked against Hillary and adoring Obama right now but the campaign needs to try to cultivate some allies…why are there no Hill people on any of these shows and all these attacks are left unchallenged day after day, morning to night…we cannot just let it go on for the rest of the campaign…I love Ann Lewis but Hillary does need a few hipper, forceful representatives speaking for her on TV…MSNBC has to be countered…flood the honchos to book Hill reps for balance…we are fortunate to have Taylor, Daily Howler, Tom Watson, episote, Conason, etc to represent and push back but we must get a cable television presence that represents and counters…there is none…we need to be calling into c-span on Washington Journal and expressing our support for Hillary and using that format to describe her positives and show all the support she has, we need to be countering shows like Ed Shultz that are actively turning dems against Hillary…I heard someone mention astrology in an earlier post, I don’t want to sound kooky but Obama is a Leo, Bill Clinton is a Leo (Madonna is a Leo) …see where I am going…Leo’s are natural charmers, leaders, and they know how to use that charm and skill to beguile and to their advantage…they know how to use EMPATHY…they know they have charisma and they milk it…Hillary needs to frame more of her brilliance and all the info she provides with a little more humor and play up her charm…she has a lot of charm and she has that beautiful smile and those expressive eyes…instead of repeating a question and waiting for a response over and over again she should use more personal stories to illustrate…Bill is very good at this…he did it at that NYE speech in Iowa on her behalf…very conversational and everyone is at ease connecting…Hillary is good at this…I think she would benefit if she goes for the ‘common touch’ a little more…pull at some heartstrings…show alittle emotion…interject humor…and definitely take questions…there are a lot of stories on the net about how the media hates her, Glenn Greenwald has a good post about the mean kids on the bus and how they have banded against her…today on tv I heard one of the reporters who is covering her mention that she never travels with them and they never see her as if she is too aloof, etc, etc, etc…there may be good reasons for this but I think the campaign should try to cultivate a better connection…at least try to break this pattern…I know she tried with the coffee and bagels, well keep disarming and surprising them…besides their childish group think nonsense and the haters, I think they are also intimidated by her…I know this sounds very naïve with the likes of the daily barrage from Matthews, Joe S, Tucker, Dowd, Arianna, and all the haters, etc…my point is we need more allies in the media not less…we need a few that will at least speak up for fairness…they all just sit there speechless or attack…because I cannot stand MSNBC anymore I have occasionally turned to Fox for quick coverage and she is actually treated by some there in a more positive and friendly light…I love this space because we are united here in our support but we are preaching to the choir so we need to also go to other places and defend and educate…if we can’t all be on the trail then we should all use some of the techniques others have mentioned…Obama doesn’t own the concept of change…and I agree we don’t have to copy Obama tactics for the youth vote but he doesn’t own that either… and we should concede the youth…Hill should have college girls and young males around her and on the stage and definitely start getting the college kids to speak up for her and tell why they support her…they are out there, they need coverage…they need exposure…we cannot concede that to Obama…she just got thru giving her speech at the NH dinner…when she said “I love this country” more of her personal side came out…she needs to emphasize more of that side…I believe Hillary is great the way she is, I just cannot stand to see her sabatoged

  100. He is? That would be foolish of him. That would give the Clinton camp the moral ascendancy to post negative ads of their own. I’m glad if he does. It would make things so much easier.

  101. CJ, That wasn’t Hillary’s banner. As someone said, it’s a compendium of the three themes of Obama, Hillary and Edwards.

  102. dude, three quarters of the people in the democratic dinner was obama fans…
    they were chanting so loud that it was drowning the music out, and they had to be told to sit down, but they wouldnt…
    and they all looked about 20…
    how do they get in the democratic dinner?

  103. sounds like hannity knows that obama has skeletons .. luntz says hillary can contrast obama without negative and not do a slow burn

  104. Anduril919, last night I read on a major newspaper that the Obama campaign is going to hit Hillary hard on a recent mistake she made when talking about Musharif and Pakiston. This was a quote from a Obama staff member.

  105. She needs to hit on the I love America theme. She needs to say stuff like this:

    “I did not get a crush on America 3 years ago. I have loved this country and its people with all my heart for 35 years. And I always stick with those I love.”

  106. I meant…we should NOT concede the youth…sorry I got carried away in the length..O is on now at the dinner …B.Merryfield, I think it was you that said your son said…he sounds like a rapper…he does…

  107. Obama in his speech is still talking about appealing to independents and Republicans.

    Obama’s inexperience is a major weakness–I think the panel was hinting at that on Fox.

  108. Hillary didn’t make any mistake when she talked about Musharif and Pakistan so I have no idea what that newspaper is talking about.

  109. That would be just great!!! That’s good news!!! @ AmericanGal. But without even waiting for that, the Clinton camp should now use what I would call “comparison ads” and really just go negative when Barack becomes negative.

  110. Huh…independents and Repubs? lol They are fighting to get McCain a win so no independent or Repbub cares about his ass in NH. He is just so annoying.

  111. He’s talking to the people in the crowd saying that in 4 days they have the chance to make him the President of the United States of America. Gee, I guess they will just cancel the rest of the primaries ( and evidently the GE too) if he wins NH.

  112. Great post. I think another great response would be to show hill’s campaign some love ($$). I’m a college student independently supporting myself so I do not have much cash to spare. But I believe in Hillary and the real change she can deliver to the country. I just gave to her campaign.

  113. Anduril919, I think the quote was on Politico–I think this was going to happen at the debate saturday.

  114. Caroline, the Obama campaign is interpreting some comment she made as a mistake. It couldn’t have been a real mistake as it would have been all over the news.

  115. I hope he gets too cocky and starts compairing his repub support with Reagan Democrates and refer to them as Obama Republicans. Nothing would get the conservative media riled up, like that would.

  116. “I did not get a crush on America 3 years ago. I have loved this country and its people with all my heart for 35 years. And I always stick with those I love.”

    Definitely more of this. I also get the personal meaning of that last line, too.

  117. 99,

    well i think thats the sort of thing we were talking about on the earlier posts…

    believe me, pro hillary blogs all around the web, are calling for hillary to get some better advisors, you guys might solis, but she is not really like around the blogs, people are calling for carville, and trying to get some progressive thinkers, like ob’s got…

    because you are right, its these little details that make a gotcha moment, or making a sound bite…

  118. Obama says people aren’t as divided as they think–lots of platitudes.

    Have to talk with enemies

    People say he needs to be seasoned and stewed but that argument didn’t work in Iowa. Says gamble with same old players etc. Calls it a risk.

    “Change won’t come from turning up the heat on Republicans”–we don’t need more heat, need more light.

  119. She spoke as if Musharaff was running for election, when in reality it is his PARTY that Bhutto was planning to oppose in the Parliamentary elections.
    It was in the middle of a long convoluted sentence, so Obama is trying to make it look like she is stupid and did not know he wasn’t the one on the ballot. She knows – she just used him, meaning his party, just like we use “Bush did this or that” to mean anything his party did, not him personally.

  120. wow, his ego is out of control…this is all about him…all about obama….notice how many times he says ‘I’…this whole speech…me, me, me

  121. He’s talking about people calling him naive. “Hope is looking at how hard change is in this country”

  122. Sheesh, he goes though history to list every event that is a major change for our society just to tie his message of hope to it. But he isn’t really saying a alot of specifics on what “hope” is going to change. Just “brighter days ahead”.

  123. Says this is the moment in the life of a generation that is a breakthrough–mobilize, march, get on email, go to polls. Promises we will win “heal the nation and repair the world” Tall order for a Presidential candidate don’t you think?

  124. That would be a stupid attack from Obama (the Musharraf thing). Firstly, it was obviously more of a paraphrase (what Clinton said) than anything else and any imprecision would be understandable. His gaffes are much more laughable and indefensible. President of Canada? (he’s said this twice, in two separate occasions) If we dare to believe that Canada has a presidency then, d@mn it, Canada has a President!!!

  125. okay heres a poster,

    red can of beer… obamas picture…


    oh and chris mathews with his red nose and bloated face can drink it…

  126. Two quotes from the speeches that stand out to me:

    Obama: “Change won’t come from turning up the heat on Republicans”–

    Hillary: “I will stand for Democratic principles” and “I am proud to be a Democrat”.

  127. hillguy, I wondered about rallies vs. events too. Obama is generally seen speaking at the top of his voice and that adds to the effect in these big rallies (all that inspirational and godly stuff). I have not seen Hillary do that. If I may, I would like to point out the difference in perception of male and female voice effects (I know, because I am a female professor in a male dominated field and all my mostly male students always had a tough time with my (normal) voice because they are not used to it). We have a number of firsts here — a viable female candidate expected to be like her male counterparts starting with her voice and oratory skills. She should get a fabulous speechwriter and try the rallies. Obama does not have a copyright on rallies.

  128. admin thanks for the video. I got a little teary eyed when the woman said she was going to hang in there till Hillary gets nominated.

  129. Admin, thanks for your comment about hardheaded assessments earlier (personally when things don’t go my way, I like to see what can be done differently — it becomes an intellectual exercise).

  130. His planning on becoming president reminds me of movies I have seen where the communists groomed and planted spys as americans to rise and hold the highest offices in the US. Before anyone jumps down my throat, I am not saying that is the case here.

  131. Clinton team spreading video oppo on Obama

    Directs ABC News to footage showing Obama backing single-payer health care and opposing mandatory minimum prison sentences. Click above to watch.
    Meant to suggest “liberal” and “flip flopper” and “unelectable.”

    Site also has false story on “booing”

    Booing of Hillary being spun by the MSM now. Online reporter described it as “heavy” (not true–it wasn’t–it was just one moment when she said change wouldn’t come through hope). It was the Obama people being rude–that’s the real story.


  132. hannity is worried about something with obama. he said he,hannity, is still is fronting the sop hillary express. he knows something on obama though but i’m not dure clinton knows it, just a matter of days though, there is something out there imo

  133. Believe me, if there is anything out there on Obama the Clinton camp knows it and wants someone else to discover and break the news. That way she takes the high road. Personally, I say screw the high road and blast him out of the water!!

  134. well, obama seemed to have more supporters at that speech than hillary did. why are her campaign staff not thinking these things out.

    what happened to carville coming on board

  135. I wouldn’t worry about the “heavy booing” spin. It shows their class, if nothing else. BO’s supporter’s booing her should be expected and shows how immature, cocky and arrogant they are. Just like their messiah, perhaps ?

  136. the “heavy booing” may energy mature people to vote Hillary if the big play ithe clip again and again.

  137. One of the problems with her advisers is she values loyalty first, so new blood doesn’t make it into her inner circle.

  138. the thing is though hiilary did not seem to have much support there. my sister just said america does not want hillary and that is what she thinks and that it is because she has been unaccessible to media and to crowds, my brother and i already share difference,

  139. Made phone calls today to folks. It’s always interesting. Not too many people wanted to talk. Sometimes they really do. I think it’s really important that we keep doing something everyday for our girl. Whether it is phone calls, sending out emails or whatever.

    No telling what some tv commentation has on Obama. Admin here has been a reliable source of info and then there are other concerns that have been discussed elsewhere. His lack of preparedness and hypocrisy, as always, concern me the most, but there are other things as well.

    We must keep fightin’ for our champ.

  140. wats wrong with dot48? buddy if you feel so bad move on.. go and brood elsewhere.. stop this negativity.. we have been with her through thick.. and will be with her through thin! I am sure you would too.. but dont pull our morale down with your negativity! go hill fans we WILL make it.. Hillaryis44!!!

  141. Watching Obama’s Iowa victory speech, it reminded me of Tony and Cheri Blair and their kids 10 years ago. It was equally exciting to see such a young family, representing change leading the country, and it did give HOPE….(not an easy one for Hillary to compete against)
    However I ofcourse want Hillary to win, as she is the only one that can actually get into the White House. BO will be toast against the republican machine..So, how do we compete against this ‘hope for change’…

    What change????!!!!

    change to Universal access…..
    change to giving illegal immigrants license ID’S….
    change to direct talks by the POTUS to Iran, North Korea…
    change to raising taxes on middle class for social security….

    The Media is acting like Obama is already being sworn in to take his oath…The people of New Hampshire know better, and will ask them selves is this the change we want!

  142. its not negative, nothing i said is not out there. discussion is what we are doing. some, like me, are a bit worried about msm and how it is affecting her and the countries view of her. i think it is fair to express opinion on aspects of her campaign that we feel are not working.

  143. Reruns anyone? We have seen this movie before….

    George Bush Cedar Rapids, Iowa 1999

    These are burdens on the conscience of a successful nation. The next president must close this gap of hope. It is the great challenge to America’s good heart. But changing our culture requires more than laws. Cultures change one heart, one soul, one conscience at a time. Government can spend money, but it can’t put hope in our hearts or a sense of purpose in our lives.

    This country is hungry for a new style of campaign. Positive. Hopeful. Inclusive. A campaign that attracts new faces and new voices. A campaign that unites all Americans toward a better tomorrow. I say a better tomorrow because I’ve learned that people want to follow an optimist.
    It feels to me like an old era of American politics is ending — like Americans are waiting for new hopes, new energy, new idealism. We will show that politics, after a time of tarnished ideals, can be higher and better. We will give our country a fresh start after a season of cynicism.

    George W Bush, July 1999 Presidential campaign speech

    This is where my campaign is headed. We will carry a message of hope and renewal to every community in this country. We will tell every American, “The dream is for you.” Tell forgotten children in failed schools, “The dream is for you.” Tell men and women in our decaying cities, “The dream is for you.” Tell confused young people, starved of ideals, “The dream is for you.”
    As Americans, this is our creed and our calling. We stumble and splinter when we forget that goal. We unite and prosper when we remember it. No great calling is ever easy, and no work of man is ever perfect. But we can, in our imperfect way, rise now, where there is hatred, sowing love; where there is darkness, shedding light; where there is despair, bringing hope.

    George W. Bush, A Victory Speech, December 2000

    The spirit of cooperation is what is needed in Washington, D.C. It is the challenge of our moment….We must put politics behind us and work together to make the promise of America available for every one of our citizens.
    I am optimistic that we can change the tone in Washington, D.C. Our nation must rise above a house divided. Americans share hopes and goals and values far more important than any political disagreements. Our votes may differ, but not our hopes.

    Together, guided by a spirit of common sense, common courtesy and common goals, we can unite and inspire the American citizens. We have discussed our differences. Now it is time to find common ground and build consensus to make America a beacon of opportunity. […]

    I was not elected to serve one party, but to serve one nation. The president of the United States is the president of every single American, of every race and every background.
    I will be guided by President Jefferson’s sense of purpose, to stand for principle, to be reasonable in manner, and above all, to do great good for the cause of freedom and harmony

  144. okay I will see you all after New Hampshire then. I wish Hillary the very best, I want her to win but I can see areas she is struggling in and I hope she gets them lined out because NH is very close.

  145. Is that where mj is now? God bless her. It takes a special kind of supporter who is willing to uproot herself and go to a very cold state just to help elect someone. That’s dedication.

    I would love to hear more stories like that.

  146. Paula, It was a wide range. Some are for our girl, clearly, and not changing their minds. Some were undecided. Some say they are still looking at her. I also had hang ups…probably more than I encountered before. BUt it’s important not to read too much into that. It was around dinner time and I suspect that people are just tired of the primary hypeI’ll probably be making calls a lot for the next month or so. It’s great to talk to Hillary people because it really gives them a boost and they love to talk. When its said that she has strong core support–that’s my experience. It’s winning over the undecided that is more challenging.

  147. I would think that tomorrow will be the kick off day for the new themes of the campaign. Obama and McCain will be out campaigning–they will be shown on CSPAN (unless they are repeats from today) . They didn’t list any for Hillary. I wonder if that means she is taking the day to prepare for the debate?

  148. What polling company is the most reliable in NH? IA has DMR, what’s NH?

    I am not citing or do I care what Zogby or ARG has to say. They are all dead to me.

  149. Texas4Hillary, don’t forget this gem I posted a couple days ago. Who does this sound like?

    “The spirit of cooperation I have seen… is what is needed in Washington, D.C. It is the challenge of our moment….we must put politics behind us and work together to make the promise of America available for every one of our citizens.

    I am optimistic that we can change the tone in Washington, D.C.

    I believe things happen for a reason, and I hope the long wait…will heighten a desire to move beyond the bitterness and partisanship of the recent past.

    Our nation must rise above a house divided. Americans share hopes and goals and values far more important than any political disagreements.

    Republicans want the best for our nation, and so do Democrats. Our votes may differ, but not our hopes.

    I know America wants reconciliation and unity. I know Americans want progress. And we must seize this moment and deliver.”

    George W. Bush, 2000

  150. Thanks, molly.

    BTW, here’s my silver lining for the day: The Iowa loss was a needed wake-up call because the campaign’s overly cautious approach wouldn’t have worked in the GE anyway. Good campaigns know how to adjust.

  151. Hillaryfor texas
    The next Hillary ad should show clips of Obama’s hope and change routine immediately follow by Bush saying the same thing in 1999 and 2000. Then have Hillary ask one question at the end “Can we really afford another 4 Years of hoping for change or is it time for the experience needed to work for change”

  152. Yep, AmericanGal – that one you posted is included in my longer list (that I stole from someone else.)

  153. For me at least, I’m looking at this experience in Iowa as a ‘dry run’ for the campaign. A chance to work out the logistics, message, and tactics for the upcoming states that really matter. If you look at this way, then Iowa was a very good investment and opportunity. If you’re going to mess up or stumble as your organization gets in the groove, do it a state that’s not critical. Look then for an even more polished and on message campaign. Go Hillary!

  154. Sen. Clinton, during her first major presser today, had this to say about the results in Iowa:

    “I did very, very well with people over 45. I didn’t do as well with people under 30, and I take responsibility for that. So I’m going to, in the next five days, do as much as I can to talk about my record in creating opportunities for young people.”

    Clinton needs to contrast and confront on everything so she can get people invested enough to lead with their gut on issues. That’s the only way she can, in only four days, begin to make the “emotion” argument.

    Grey | 01.04.2008 – 5:17 pm | #

  155. Here’s some more fun–quotes from newspapers endorsing George W. Bush for President in 2000.

    Grand Rapids Press:

    “Mr. Bush has governed largely through the force of his personality and doggedness in pursuit of bipartisan agreements
    Our purpose here is not to idealize Mr. Bush. We wish he had a deeper reservoir of federal experience and a firmer grasp of foreign affairs. His Texas record, although strong, is only eight years long, a rather short basis on which to judge fitness for the presidency. But in this choice between Mr. Bush, Mr. Gore and the Green Party candidacy of Ralph Nader, the Texas governor convinces us that he is better suited to bridging the partisan and ideological gaps that proliferate in Washington. He would restore dignity, character and good example to an office that has suffered grievously for the lack of them in recent years. And he would be more inclined to advance the new ideas that are needed to cope with America’s longstanding dilemmas. Gov. George W. Bush has our vote.”

    Chicago Sun Times

    “Throughout the campaign, Bush has sounded a conciliatory tone, avoiding the ugly culture wars of recent years and promising to work across party lines for unity. His election would mean a clean slate in Washington.”

    Houston Chronicle

    “More important than any one of these issues is the need for effective, responsible leadership in the White House. Americans of both parties are frustrated with the selfish partisan bickering that holds needed reforms hostage to political ambition.”

    Chicago Tribune

    “For the last six years there has been a remarkable disconnect between what has been happening in Washington, D.C., and what has been happening in the rest of the nation.
    The rest of the nation has been steering a wondrous machine, creating jobs, raising incomes and providing new opportunities, all the while turning the U.S. economy into the envy of the rest of the world.
    Washington has been snarling, sniping and griping, turning Americans away from politics and politicians.
    There’s enough blame for that to pass around both major political parties. It’s time to move on.
    The nation has an opportunity for a new president to set a fresh direction, not just for the government, but for politics in America. An opportunity to govern in a spirit of bipartisanship where the goal is to get things done.”

  156. to the realist:

    in response to your item about people giving suggestions about the campaign, this is my 2 cents:
    we knew getting into iowa that she’s against a lot of odds – that was a given. but my outsider’s point of view was that she ceded the younger generation to barack’s campaign. in the last few days before the caucus, the talk around here centered on old women reliables for hil and those college kids will not spend 2 hours of their lives for him. they did.
    and i was just thinking aloud
    1. ideas on how to get back the younger crowd from barack because they (as we know now) are a collective force to be reckoned with. and smart. in their own world, he provides what they need in a candidate. somebody that they can be passionate about, and be so excited to work for. my point is: WHY CAN’T WE GRAB THAT VOTING POPULATION FROM HIM, AND HOW DO WE GO ABOUT IT?
    2. her campaign underestimated him for a long time, and that is exactly what George The Father did to Bill Clinton the first time. And we know what happened to him.
    3. make her voice heard in the MSM so that it’s not all negative about her all the time. she doesn’t give them her time of day for her own reasons (which is understandable) but the medium of TV is very strong in this country. not everybody owns a computer or troll through blogs to look for info about their candidates. a lot of us Americans take the newscasters and the talking hacks’ words as gospel truth. especially if that’s what you’re fed on all cable news and basic channel news programs. remember conditioning? send paul begala and the snake to all those shows, at least to the viewers’ consciousness, somebody is refuting the misinformation or at least feel that she is fighting back.
    4. speak plainly and campaign to all americans. they tailored her campaign in iowa to iowans, knowing fully well that she is being followed by the MSM everywhere. people (even here in the midwest) don’t give a *&^* about the concerns of the iowans, seriously. then this meme about how she’ll tailor the campaign for new hampshire – come on. speak to every american in smalltown, USA.
    p.s. this is a dyed-in-the-wool hillfan venting. i hope somebody is listening.

  157. skmf, thats a great line ! And isn’t is so true !! Its a killer line to use in a debate closing statement and needs to be hit repeatedly ! Punches a nice big hole in the Mr Hope’s hype .

  158. I wish she would pick Biden. And then I wish she would send him on the talk shows and sic him on the media, because Biden is one smart and sarcastic SOB when it’s needed. I’d love to see him smack Stewie down.

  159. Hate to burst your hopes of Biden as VP, but he was pretty critical of accepting such a position when he was asked a few months ago. Biden isn’t one to hide the ball so I take his comments at face value.

    “Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Joe Biden on Sunday ruled out the vice presidential slot altogether if Sen. Hillary Clinton is his party’s nominee, saying her husband would overshadow the position.

    “If I don’t win the nomination, the likely nominee is going to be Hillary,” Biden, D-Delaware, told CNN, “and I love Bill Clinton, but can you imagine being vice president?”

    The former president “is such a dominant and powerful and positive force that I think the question is if you’re going to stay in public life do you want to be a contributor … I’m not looking for a ceremonial post,” he said.

    Biden said he would like to remain chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee if he does not win the Democratic nomination, saying that position would allow him to make “a much greater contributor to the security of the country.”

    Biden expressed confidence that he would be one of the top three finishers in the Iowa caucus in January. Biden said he believes the strong finish in Iowa will propel him to his party’s nomination.”


  160. Hi all,

    I’m a huge Hillary supporter. I’ve been lurking here for some time now. The comments left by HillaryforTexas and AmericanGal re the parallels between Obama’s and Bush’s campaigns have encouraged me to join the discussion. 🙂

    I’ve commented several times to family and friends that I thought Obama’s personality, message, experience etc. come off a lot like Bush’s (which is a VERY scary proposition and one reason why, if Obama became the Dem Nominee, I would consider NOT voting for or supporting a Democrat for the first time in my life).

    This should be fully explored by HRC’s campaign. I don’t have all the technology available to prepare a viral ad, but can you imagine the impact that a video that displays images of the country’s most pressing foreign policy issues (terrorism, Iraq, Pakistan) and domestic issues (health care, economy) with alternating voice overs of Bush’s and Obama’s platitude-filled speeches about “hope”, “change”, “being a uniter, not a divider”. The ad could end asking, “Does American need another inexperienced politician promising hope and change or do we need someone who can fix the problems of the last politician who did?”

    It’s really a question that every American should be asking.

  161. is this true.. going to be a hillary movie or something this weekend…‘LET OTHERS RUN ON HOPE AND FANTASY, AS FOR ME, I’M RUNNING ON REALITY’..i like that

    Im runnin on reality”you worry on others for hope and fantasy”

  162. Hello! Chimin’ in a bit late tonite.
    Regarding the youth and student vote discussed earlier: besides being historically somewhat gullible, historically loath to really turn out when the chips are down and generally subject to emotional arguments, they won’t vote for their mom.

    They’ll never perceive mommy as an agent for “change”. And Hillary sort of presents herself as wife and mother and her entire character is very motherly, in a good sense. This certainly is no drag in other age demographics but it doesn’t fire up people in the twenties that are longing for fresh air after the foul stench of GWB.

    So there is not much sense in competing with The Anointed One for the youth vote, as such. Rather camp Hillary should, nay must, find their own comprehensive approach to the youth vote already in the primaries and definitely before February 5. This approach must be the gender approach, the feminist approach if you will.

    As it is lots of numbers are showing that lots of young women, while respecting Hillary, are swept away by the ever flowing rhetoric of The Anointed One. Vis-à-vis this demographic, Hillary can no longer afford to not draw on the one thing that sets her apart from every other candidate in both parties. And this effort cannot and shall not be kept under the radar. Hillary must make them feel proud to elect the first woman President. What could inspire more real “change” than that?

    If we can’t fire up women to vote for the must uniquely competent and experienced candidate, who also happens to be a woman, in a Democratic year, when everyone subscribe t the credo of change – the we’re having troubles.

    Gender and race etc are of course delicate matters. Hillary’s camping however are no babies; they know how to communicate with certain demographics. Look also at the example of The Anointed One, he has pandered effectively and directly to African-American voters and has paid no price. Hillary needs young women, they must be part of her base. Young women need Hillary to be their President and the campaign must communicate this – we shouldn’t let them down.

  163. they had a african american on cspan call in she said im in alabama,i will support senator clinton because in my mind,mr.obama has no expierence,and at this time he needs not to be president

  164. Hillary needs to talk about the people. That it is the people who are important. The reason for her run for President is all about the people. She sees the people, people, people.

    During the caucases, someone asked the question “How many of you have seen or talked to a candidate in person.” I don’t think half the crowd raised their hands. I don’t think the Iowans knew what they were doing half the time. Some lady walked around trying to talk everyone into going over to Richardson’s area. It was absurd the way the sheep roamed around the room to vote for something as important as president. I also think if this wasn’t so public and more private, Hillary would have had more people standing in her area.

  165. Change won’t come from turning up the heat on Republicans

    Yet he claimed the Republicans would “swiftboat” and “slimeboat” (?) him.

    How many sides of his mouth does he have ?

  166. “A spokesman said the candidate would make one impromptu stop at a café but otherwise use the rest of the day for “private events.””

    Hillary plans for tomorrow….

  167. Reality is a Winner,Hope is a dream”lol

    Im runnin on reality”you worry on others for hope and fantasy”you have to have results and not possibilitys’keep the reality,join me for a big oh rally…LOL…

    we have the reality’sinking posibillitys nor favor for hope or moments

    We are not in fantasy hopeland,Were in Realland lol

  168. If OB uses the line (and he probably will) Hill should have something ready to flip it;

    My opponent has attempted to mock me by saying, ““Change won’t come from turning up the heat on Republicans”–”, but he also says,”I intend to whoop ’em so good that it won’t even be close”. How do you achieve change and unite people by, “whooping”, them. Which is it senator are you a uniter or a divider?

  169. Is this why the media never criticizes Obama?

    Howard Kurtz in an article today suggesting that race and his historic candidacy may be an explanation why the press never criticizes Obama. Is the press just too afraid to write a negative article?

    “After a debate last spring about whether Obama is “black enough” for the African American community, there has been surprisingly little media focus on his race. Obama campaigns differently than Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, and journalists often portray him as transcending race — much like Oprah Winfrey, whose stumping for her Chicago pal brought him still more good press.

    Jim Geraghty, a columnist for National Review Online, says the historic nature of Obama’s candidacy has a chilling effect on press criticism: “Okay, you write the piece that takes him down. You take this lovely and inspiring story of racial reconciliation and torch it all to hell. You write the expos¿ of the second coming of Martin Luther King.”


  170. TheRealist,
    The man is cocktail of contradictions. He’ll listen to everyone, and weigh in everyone’s view and yet he is to produce progressive leadership and decisions. Every policy position he’s ever taken is completely fluid, when questioned or attacked – he claims he was only discussing this or that and wants to have every opinion on the table. At the same time he’s supposed to facilitate change. He’s such a hypocrite.

    * Obama – the man for all seasons and all voters. If you liked what you just heard him say – it was policy. If you disliked it – it was just an invitation to listen.

    * Obama – the perfect candidate for Dems, Indies and Reps. He has neither views nor issues of his own. But rest assured – he’ll listen to yours.

    * Vote Obama – the empty shell: fill it with what you want to hear and he’ll talk and listen, and talk and listen, and talk and listen, and talk and listen…

  171. good evening everyone!
    i was thinking, as far as obama’s appeal for many college age people.. i do sense for a younger generation (one younger than mine).. idealistic young people really do want to do something for their country and to make it a better place. but they don’t even know what they can do. someone has to call them to do something.

    i don’t think many young people are for obama because they are more uninformed than your average voter, i think a lot of it is that.. he very clearly gives this message that **electing him president** IS that thing idealistic young people can do. you know? they really want a cause, and he’s given it to them. he and the other candidates agree on a lot of what they want to do, but he’s talked up himself so much as the center of it. (now, americorps it seems to me is a great thing someone did to give young people a chance to give back..)

    i will say it again, what i liked best about hillary and what made me decide to support her is that she gets up every day and stays focused and goes back to work. and i think that kind of ethic does cross generations. she probably has a lot more in common with idealistic young people than they know.. going out there to try and change the world for the better. what is that story about her going door to door to get information about children and families in a district to start a program to help them? (sorry can’t remember.) i would love to hear more about her early stories being active in politics as a young person. if i am not wrong about this feeling among young voters, i think her campaign would do well to let them know that she hears them, and understands what they’re saying, and their voices matter, and ask for their votes.

    one more thing, i do not like that obama invokes great historical moments and compares getting himself elected right along with them. it seems awfully self-centered. it goes too far. great leaders became great after they did the hard work to be leaders.

  172. Obama part of a historic turnaround of politics-as-it-is by simply daring to believe him and voting for him? It takes a little naivete and idealism to really buy that load of cr@p but it’s apparently selling like hotcakes on the youth and when it takesgets the youth vote simply because he energizes them with rhetorics – never going to specifics. Couple that with the message – “dare to believe” and “stand for change” and that would be an inspiring mix.

    Heck, just daring to believe him and standing for him will CHANGE America for the better? How is that NOT exciting? Becoming a part of the historical turnaround of politics-as-it-is by simply daring to believe him and voting for him? It takes an ample amount of naivete and idealism to buy that load of cr@p but it’s apparently selling like hotcakes among the youth. And when it takes hold, it’s quite intoxicating.

    What’s more, anyone who wishes to dispel this pablum will be considered cynical.

  173. Obama gets the youth vote simply because he energizes them with rhetorics – never going to specifics. Couple that with the message – “dare to believe” and “stand for change” and that would be an inspiring mix.

    Heck, just daring to believe him and standing for him will CHANGE America for the better? How is that NOT exciting? Becoming a part of the historical turnaround of politics-as-it-is by simply daring to believe him and voting for him? It takes an ample amount of naivete and idealism to buy that load of cr@p but it’s apparently selling like hotcakes among the youth. And when it takes hold, it’s quite intoxicating.

    What’s more, anyone who wishes to dispel this pablum will be considered cynical.

  174. Becoming a part of the historical turnaround of politics-as-it-is by simply daring to believe him and voting for him?

    sure. that’s what he’s telling them. the thing is, if they are believing it they are believing it. it happened with dean, too, but dean ran into problems, of course.. but some of those problems happened as the media finally gave him a real critical look.. they haven’t done that to obama.. i was for dean for most of that race in fact and i remember how the media seemed to love him, and trashed kerry like crazy, until the media did an about face..

  175. Edwards was live on Countdown. Yesterday someone said that he would go after Senator Clinton instead of Obama. They were right. He said he and Obama were for change as opposed to Hillary. It’s going to be two-three good old boys ganging up on her.
    Olbermann threw punches at Hillary, too. Well there goes MSNBC.

  176. Early this morning I posted an entry on this website re. Iowa, which I rewrote this morning and posted it at the Taylor Marsh site.

    Taylor commented on one part of it, and said: ” you just offered up the wingnut campaign against him in a nutshell.” I take that comment seriously because she is someone whose opinion I greatly respect.

    That part reads as follows: Obama lacks the experience, judgment and moral courage to lead. He is unqualified to protect the American People from the mega-political forces sweeping the world. If we elect him then we will be playing Russian roulette with our future–mark my words.

    If this excerpt or anything else in that posting would be useful to Hillary fans in advancing our common cause with the wingnuts especially now, then feel free to use it. There is no pride of authorship believe me.

  177. i don’t think many young people are for obama because they are more uninformed than your average voter, i think a lot of it is that.. he very clearly gives this message that **electing him president** IS that thing idealistic young people can do. you know? they really want a cause, and he’s given it to them.
    I think you’re spot on another_reader. And Hillary can give young women such a cause too, but the campaign mustn’t convolute it. The message to the young female vote must be clear and out in the open. Just presupposing that young women will flock to Hillary clearly won’t work. They will need information and inducements and they need to feel that they are sought after, that they will contribute something meaningful to the country by electing Hillary.

  178. Lets go Hillary.

    The debates tomorrow are sponsored by FACEBOOK (the myspace for millions and millions of college kids). As a college student I have an account and it has been highly advertised on the site as soon as you sign on. If Hillary wants some Youth Vote she must speak to what she will do to help the youth. End the war and cheapen college. You want the youth vote talk about things they care about, housing foreclosures and China recalls are not what they care about.

  179. A person that high on themselves, in the middle of a total, “egogasm”, is prone to fall victim to hubris. Let’s see if his mouth gets ahead of his brain tomorrow night. Big Media says that his debate performances have been, “sub par”, but after more than half a dozen of them, it’s more likely he’s just not a very good debater.

    The combination of hubris and lack of debate chops could create an opening for a headline worthy gaffe. Either Edwards (who is a pretty good debater himself) or Hillary will try to draw him out on his many conflicting and changing positions. Being so full of himself and his now, historical”, inevitability, he could accidentally let the curtain rise and reveal that arrogant, imperious side that hasn’t been covered by Big Media.

    Let’s see how the, “lawyer”, who never tried a single case fares when the pressure is on him, how he does when the expectations are high and a single mistake can make the whole thing go up in a puff of smoke. Tomorrow night there is a good chance that there will be more people watching the debates than watched the previous ones combined. This is serious business now and people are paying attention.

    Both Huck and OB are veritable unknown quantities to most and in light of their victories in Iowa (and the potential implications) a lot of people are going to want to see them, “in action”. Huckabee is where he is now in part, because of his skilled and charming performances in the debates, but even he will be under pressure to live up to the Huck Hype, and he’s put his foot in his mouth a few times lately. Let’s see how well O-stammer does when he gets cross-examined under the hot lights in front of millions of people.

  180. Obama’s camp’s thinking is pretty much Edwards and Clinton can have the older generation and established Democratic voters. He wants to expand the party base and get people who have never participated before to vote. The biggest problem he is going to have with that is in most if not all remaining states you can not just show up at the polls on election like Iowa and think you can vote you have to register beforehand and many of the Super Tuesday states (when over half the delegates will be chosen) the registration deadlines are fast approaching.

  181. Yes. We must take heart in the fact that Hillary as candidate and as President is vastly superior to the competition in almost every single aspect. It would be so easy sometimes to let one self be lulled to sleep by the message of The Anointed One: no more strife, no more squabbles, just holding hands and moving forward in harmony. Oh golly how nice wouldn’t that be?

    But it’s a real world out there and the idea that we could have Hillary as President in that real world is a very comforting thought.

  182. ive spent the day talking to the campaign, along with other yds, on going full throttle for the youth. my suggestion is a tithe from the campaign money towards transporting college hilfans to states where needed. have more college clinton events-and talk about the inspring stories of hilary-from her speech in china to her figt for gay rights and gun control. we keep emailing and blogging about it and have got mroe attention now from the high ups. u guys feel free to let the cmapaign know as well.

  183. and msm atullay headlines “obama under attack” romney and others are going after him. is this the begining we have waited for?news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080105/pl_nm/usa_politics_dc_37;_ylt=AhxZtU9_hNwfaMkPNTL1ngUE1vAI

  184. REALIST,

    if obama uses the line about ‘change wont come from turning up the heat on republicans’.
    than HILLARY should say this with a completely straight face:


  185. and-“hillary pushes for youth vote.” pray i hope so!!!

  186. Wbboei,

    Obama lacks the experience, judgment and moral courage to lead. He is unqualified to protect the American People from the mega-political forces sweeping the world. If we elect him then we will be playing Russian roulette with our future–mark my words.

    I really like the words you put together.

  187. oh by the way tex for hill,

    so glad you are getting the results you deserve,
    this is good for hill, and good for us…
    whats money got to do with it anyway? lol


  188. The debate format for tomorrow sounds interesting. Apparently the first half will be the candidates sitting in a semi-circle discussing 3 major issues, “as though at a dinner party”… Sounds to me like our girl will really be able to show her leadership by taking control of that kind of setting and setting O-stammer straight.

  189. if they are going to sit and talk to each other
    i would like hillary to tell obama this:


  190. “… I had independents who say you make me believe that we can get something done together. This time is different. We have Republicans saying we have shifted parties; we reregistered as Democrats this time because we think this time is different. … … (”News Hour” broke away from speech) … If you believe in keeping the dream alive for those who still hunger for opportunity and still thirst for justice, then I am absolutely convinced that we will win the New Hampshire primary in four days and then we will win the primaries in Nevada and South Carolina and on February 5th we will win this nomination and we will go to Denver and unify our party and then we will go out and gather up independents and Republicans and form a new working majority and we will win in November and we will go out and remake America and then we will change the world. That is the opportunity that begins right here, right now, four days from now in New Hampshire. Stand with me. Thank you.” – Barack Obama



    thats why we have congress and the senate, to enact change, its the presidents job to conduct the nations business while this is going on right?

  192. Rasmussen releasing NH poll taken after IA caucuses this morning. Here’s hoping McCain and Ron Paul are still absorbing independents.

  193. today’s big debate is really it for turning the corner in nh at least. like taylor m says she has to let herself be not afraid to be herself. she has lived for yrs with media scrutiny,but now she must be less guarded and go with hr=er gut. she comes across great to me-but now i feel she has got to dosomething voters have not seen from her. will tonight be the moment?

  194. texan4hillary, I believe tonight will be the moment. NH voters are looking to see how she handles herself after Iowa. She has advantages in NH, but she must exhibit poise, aplomb, and confidence (which she always does).

    BTW, so glad Taylor Marsh pointed out that several pundits are starting to pick up on BHO’s blatant arrogance in her blog. Something we here have noticed for a while, but if this keeps spreading, it could really hurt him, especially amongst female voters. Can’t stand his cockiness.

  195. Here’s something that is definitely going to work against BHO in the AA community — his “race neutral” style. The AA community first thought they finally had a viable AA candidate and now they’re going to find themselves with the blended candidate who is so race and culture blind that he transcends his own heritage.

    You know, the candidate of “hope” who sees himself as The One to unite Indys, Repugs, Dems, and undecideds, as well as North Americans and citizens of the world, in a bright new world where terrorists simply lay down arms and join hands in one happy planetary family — led by “The One”, of course.


  196. Many Obama supporters are wholly ignorant of his problems. Someone needs to publish these problems, and analyze his campaign promises.

    We need a return to reality (fear) a list of what will happen if nothing is done or the wrong thing is done: the economic pit we are falling into, the threats we face abroad, and the healthcare crisis many families will face, followed by who can bring back jobs, lower the debt, restore habeas corpus, stop torture, get us out of Iraq and the rest.

    The young always think that we can afford to roll the dice — but someone should ask them what they are hoping for. Will Sen Coburn talking nice with Obama satisfy them? Is that enough?

    The Bush promise should be prominent everywhere — everywhere! – with “where have we heard this before?” as a title.

    Finally, don’t blame the victim of gang assault — just help her fight back. We’re still in the lead.

  197. I forgot — why does nobody comment that Obama
    SUPPORTS drivers’ licenses for illegal aliens? Hillary got criticized for weeks about her answer and 2 weeks later BO stumbled and spun before he gave his.

  198. nobody including the clintons dare to go after BHO because they are afraid of being labeled as racist. BHO will get free ride till he gets nominee.

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