Ready, Steady, Go – The Race Finally Begins

Hillary Clinton is Ready and Steady and going to win. Hillary Clinton will be the 44th President of the United States.

We’ll be discussing tonight’s Iowa caucuses and the ugly role of Big Media:

KURTZ (12/29/07): When the votes are counted and we decide who did well—for example, Hillary Clinton. Let’s say she doesn’t win Iowa. Let’s say she gets edged out by 1,000 votes. Is the press going to savage her as a loser?

MILBANK: The press will savage her no matter what, pretty much.

Let’s also not forget that other states matter too:

16 days ahead of the Nevada caucus Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle just announced on a conference call with Nevada supporters that the Southern Nevada Spanish language newspaper El Mundo will endorse Hillary Clinton for President in tomorrow’s edition. Apparently El Mundo has decided that the Hispanic candidate Bill Richardson won’t be able to win the nomination and chose Hillary over Obama and Edwards. Nevada is the first primary/caucus state with a sizable Hispanic population and the Clinton campaign is clearly aiming for the Hispanic vote in Nevada. Two months ago Nevada Assemblyman Ruben Kihuen, who was born in Mexico, also endorsed Hillary.

The campaign also announced that it will hold 45 “Caucus 101” meetings across the state. At three of them in Reno and Carson City Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Sestak will speak for Hillary Clinton. More on that below the fold. The campaign also announced that it will open two more offices in Las Vegas this weekend.

Let’s stay Ready and Steady and go with the Ready and Steady candidate – Hillary Clinton.


701 thoughts on “Ready, Steady, Go – The Race Finally Begins

  1. DemAC posted this link in the previous discussion. Note the fight over sandwiches:

    Last time around, the Nevada 2 caucusgoers threw their support behind John Edwards, and according to Kathy Johnson, the caucus chair, his popularity seems to have lingered.

    Barack Obama, who has pulled ahead in some Iowa polls, is not wildly popular here, Ms. Johnson says—though really, who knows. Last week, he spoke in the very room next to where the caucus is being held.
    Besides, “Six months ago, I didn’t talk to anyone who was a Hillary supporter around here, but that’s certainly changed,” Ms. Johnson said.

    On the phone this afternoon, Ms. Johnson sounded nervous about a few things.

    The first is what will happen is if turnout spikes as high as some of the pundits are saying. In 2004, Nevada 2 had about 80 caucusgoers, but now Ms. Johnson is expecting far more—elderly people who she has heard will be bussed in by the Clinton campaign, independents, and whatnot. Ms. Johnson isn’t sure she has enough volunteers to deal with all the newcomers, to register the unregistered voters and whatnot.

    The second is sandwiches. This year, the best-funded and organized campaigns are luring Iowans to the polls with all sorts of inducements—pizza, babysitting, snow shovels with which to dig out their walks. For weeks now, Mrs. Clinton’s local team has been asking if they can bring sandwiches to the caucus, and Story county officials have been refusing. (Only water and cookies are allowed, they say). But Ms. Johnson and other caucus organizers here keep hearing rumors of sandwich orders, and earlier today, Ms. Johnson stopped by her local Hy-Vee grocery store and saw fifteen shopping carts worth of chips and paper goods labeled “Hillary Clinton Campaign.”

  2. My closest friend in Vegas Baby just signed up to caucus for Clinton. He was a John Edwards supporter for a long time, but ultimately decided that Clinton was going to be the tougher candidate for the GOP to beat.

    The canvassers showed up at his door and he signed their card.

    I think we’re gonna win tonight.

    BTW, why would a Dem have a campaign manager that looks so much like G. Gordon Liddy? Why would a Dem allow himself to look that? Geez, I just saw Axelrod for the first time (I avoid broadcast and cable media like the plague) and couldn’t believe what the guy looked like. No wonder he’s all into those dirty tricks – it comes with the eyebrows.

  3. C-SPAN had some video going inside a caucus site which was not very interesting, but fun to watch anyway.

    And yes MollyJ, the Ron Paul people were the only ones heard.

  4. David Brooks’ actually said that while Hillary is the only one who can survive a loss in Iowa, she also has the most to lose.


  5. The caucus site in the Theodore Roosevelt High School is increasingly packed. The scenes from the Obama headquarters featured volunteers talking to what appeared to be answering machines.

  6. I thought the same admin re the answerin’ machines. I’ve made enuf of these calls to recognize the signs.

  7. admin, i cspan at the dems site i see a lot of middle age and older folks. may not mean much but a good unscientific gadge for hillary.

  8. terrondt, thanks for the info. I was just going to ask for the demographics of the people you guys are seeing at the caucus site.

    what does talking to answering machine mean?

  9. Chris Matthews is leading the MSNBC coverage. He is SO ANTI-HILLARY, it makes me feel like putting my fist through the TV screen!! When Joe Scarborough mentioned Obama winning, Matthews eyes actually lit up!! I think Obama is Matthews’ man crush!

  10. filbertsf: they had a shot of BO volunteers making get out the vote calls and you could hear what they were saying. It was pretty obvious that the folks were talking to answering machines on the other end. Presumably people were already out caucusing or at work or not answering or what ever.

  11. Watch out for entrance polls and the people who report them, Always. Nobody’s winnin’ yet, the damn things haven’t even started! You might want to change channels. LOL

  12. The scenes from the Obama headquarters featured volunteers talking to what appeared to be answering machines.

    Yeah, they’ll be getting a lot of that tonite as Obama’s toddlers are busy elsewhere.


  13. Filbertsf, usually by today you are just calling your 1s and some 2s (the people you are sure are voting for you).

    Consider that if you are calling a committed supporter they usually pick up the phone to acknowledge they are on the way. Getting an answering machine and not the voter is not good. Of course, it could mean the voter already left to go vote, but the calls are usually earlier in the day or to cell phones so it is still not a good sign.

  14. Wow – I’m watching Chris Mathews. This is, like, so fucked up. I’m gonna go back to not watching tv. They have no inkling that clinton might win. Weird.

  15. What a classy,elgeant Lady in her final video.We will all be so proud when our first Woman President takes the oath next Jan.
    I am so sick of the Hateful bloggers on Huff Post,Politico,etc.I keep telling their butts off. Ha!The Obama fans are as childish and immature as he is.
    We will win tonight and in NH,SC.
    Thank you for this peaceful place to come to when msnbc and the bunch upset me so.Keep up the good work and Thank you for your good work.D

  16. Please, please stop watching Hardball. If you still want to watch, please don’t rant about it here. We don’t want to hear it.

  17. A smart Hillary supporter on C-SPAN. Good to hear someone on TV supporting Hillary, unlike the toxic waste dump MSNBC.

  18. Alright people!!!!!! Let’s get it on!!!! :8

    I am quite nervous now, I’m watching CNN, they always have great graphics to explain things.

    Go Hillary!!

  19. Ok, CNN reporting entering polls: Close between Clinton and Obama, with Edwards a little behind. ok, that was the first indicators, no numbers yet.

  20. I am watching – glancing more likely -C-SPAN in mute mode; I cannot bear to hear!

    So keep me updated here but NOT ABOUT tweety please!

  21. The voting is starting on C-SPAN. This is great. As JoeFriday reports the entrance polls on all the outlets we have seen have Hillary ahead.

  22. hillfans, temper the entrance polls, i would get more excited if it were 1 vote, but the 2nd round is key.

  23. thanks for the reports all. i’m happier finding out here, i can’t take cnn/msnbc. surprise at the entrance poll data, that’s a positive at least! interesting.

  24. I’m reading Taylor’s site too. So far, she’s estimating over 160K. Lots of Indies and younger people.

  25. Hmm is this bad or good? Bill schneider on cnn says so far that half the voters are first time voters, although they are mostly women and older, this could go in all directions.

    I wonder where hillary is now.
    Watching tv? Out in Iowa somewhere?

  26. Senator John Edwards : 37.74%
    Senator Hillary Clinton : 30.71%
    Senator Barack Obama : 27.30%

    Precincts Reporting: 45 of 1781

  27. Senator John Edwards : 37.40%
    Senator Hillary Clinton : 30.30%
    Senator Barack Obama : 28.13%
    Senator Joe Biden : 1.96%
    Governor Bill Richardson : 1.47%
    Senator Chris Dodd : 0.42%
    Uncommitted : 0.32%
    Precincts Reporting: 81 of 1781

  28. From Rick Kline ABC Live Blog–info from entrance polls:

    “In the Democratic race, “change” is a huge factor – just over half say the most important attribute to them is the candidate who can bring change, and Obama wins them by 2-1. But Clinton comes back strongly on experience; Obama is notably weak both there and in empathy.

    “There’s a vast generation gap in the Democratic race, with younger voters very broadly for Obama while Clinton does best by far among seniors (who account for about a third of Democratic caucus-goers). Clinton also leads among women, Obama among men. Clinton leads among mainline Democrats, Obama among independents. And Clinton has an edge among voters from union households, nearly a quarter of all caucus goers.”

  29. JE needs these rural areas. If big areas coming in later and JE is still only up marginally, he’s in trouble.

  30. Numbers are moving all over the place, since it’s still so early. We won’t really have a clear picture until much later. God, this is like watching the Redskins play.

  31. Hmm, for all my inner bitching about the Iowa caucus, this stuff kinda looks like fun. hehe. moving around in a room like that!

  32. Edwards is still holding on to the lead. The urban precincts that are Obama’s and Clinton’s strongholds are yet to report. Cross your fingers.

  33. its interesting alright, and i can see the way they count could leave me feeling really ripped if i was a loser…

    some of these people i know raised there hands a couple of times, and i think its real squirley!

  34. I am just so nervous. I can’t watch TV anymore or even the computer screen. I think I just need to go sleep or something.

  35. CNN reporting 56% of Caucus goers are women and 20% of Caucus goers are independant.
    If that’s true all over that’s very good news, both for Hillary and for the party.

  36. Senator John Edwards : 34.13%
    Senator Hillary Clinton : 31.89%
    Senator Barack Obama : 31.01%
    Governor Bill Richardson : 1.94%
    Senator Joe Biden : 0.87%
    Senator Chris Dodd : 0.10%
    Uncommitted : 0.07%
    Precincts Reporting: 279 of 1781

  37. CNN reporting 56% of Caucus goers are women and 20% of Caucus goers are independant.

    So much for that 40% Independent voter turnout predicted by the DMR, eh ?

  38. Listening to these assholes on CSPAN is about to kill me. I mean how stupid are these people??? It’s like listening to the folks on the small bus. and the Bwak folks chanting??? I need an aspirin.

  39. Hillary people are very quiet at this precinct is my observation. Richardson people pulling together a delegate.

  40. Yeah on CSPAN Barbra for Richardson is trying to persuede people to join by claiming, “If Huckabee wins the primary, he is not a senator and so will win the general election.”

  41. For those whose hearts are as pounding as hard as mine is, here’s a little diversion: numbers from the GOP side:

    43 of 1781 Precincts Reporting – 2%
    Name Party Votes Vote %
    Huckabee, Mike GOP 487 33%
    Romney, Mitt GOP 351 24%
    Thompson, Fred GOP 260 18%
    McCain, John GOP 171 12%
    Paul, Ron GOP 154 11%
    Giuliani, Rudy GOP 33 2%
    Hunter, Duncan GOP 3 0%
    Tancredo, Tom GOP 0 0%

  42. From NYT:

    While there might be more caucus-goers than four years ago, the entrance polls suggest about the same ratio of first-time caucus-goers. That might be a disappointment to the Obama campaign, which has been banking on bringing out new-comers. But there’s also good news for Mr. Obama: those attending the caucuses are slightly younger than those four years ago. And about six of every 10 voters under 30 said they planned to support Mr. Obama.

  43. A 3-way tie is GREAT for Hillary. It means Iowa, which was never her home turf, and is Obama’s backyard, and where JRE has been camped out for the last 4 years, is just a big wash. Game on. Now we move on to the nitty-gritty, and we all know how strong Hillary’s support is in the rest of the early primary states. If these results hold, it’s fantastic.

  44. Then responsible ought not to report until AFTER this thing is over. We are getting faster news from that site than anything the broadcast media can tell us.

  45. CNN calls Iowa for Huckabee, too. A man who has said he believes the bible is literally true. Wow.

  46. Current numbers

    Senator Barack Obama : 33.08%
    Senator John Edwards : 32.16%
    Senator Hillary Clinton : 31.86%

  47. Caroline:

    Senator Barack Obama : 33.48%
    Senator John Edwards : 31.97%
    Senator Hillary Clinton : 31.76%
    Governor Bill Richardson : 1.73%
    Senator Joe Biden : 0.96%
    Senator Chris Dodd : 0.06%
    Uncommitted : 0.04%
    Precincts Reporting: 750 of 1781

  48. Depressing news from NYT:

    Not even a third of the precincts are reporting yet on the Democratic side. But here’s some bad news for Mrs. Clinton. Polk County, which encompasses Des Moines, should be one of her strongest counties. But so far, the race looks neck and neck: Mr. Obama is ahead there, with 195 delegates, compared with 191 for Mr. Edwards and 188 for Mrs. Clinton.

  49. More depressing news from NYT:

    Ashley Parker, who is in Des Moines at the Plymouth Congregational Church, Precinct 73, said the official count for tonight was 454 people, which the caucus chairwoman said was “a record for participation.” In the first round, it was 217 for Mr. Obama, while Mrs. Clinton was six short of the 68 she needed to crack the 15 percent viability. They were out in the hallway, trying to make deals

  50. okay i watched on this site where everyone kept saying, no it wasnt true that richardson promised his second place votes for obama, as long as obama kept him alive and viable…

    the richardson people straight up traded for obama, exactly as taylor marsh reported, and you could hear them dealing with obama people…

    so you would think they would go with edwards instead, they are certainly not close to ob, but hey,
    richardson is still in right?

    i believe taylor on this…

  51. Latest from Iowa site–Obama maintaining 2 pt lead

    Senator Barack Obama : 33.93%
    Senator John Edwards : 31.83%
    Senator Hillary Clinton : 31.56%

  52. why should polk co. be one of her strongest? confused.
    You’re right another_reader, how would they know. Probably something the NYT blowed out of their ass to make it sound worse for Hillary.

  53. I am glad Hillary is in such a close race considering where she was this January in Iowa and how she was taking pounding from all sides including the media.

  54. well, this will get spinned to hell and back again, tweet must be having the ‘BIG O’ as we speak…

    these people were on tv over and over again, saying they liked hillary but she couldnt win, so they would have to vote for someone that could…


    dont you read newspapers from outside of your little world?
    hillary is way ahead elsewhere, she is the electable one!
    jeez i’m pissed!

  55. Senator Barack Obama : 34.69%
    Senator John Edwards : 31.52%
    Senator Hillary Clinton : 31.00%
    Governor Bill Richardson : 1.69%
    Senator Joe Biden : 1.03%
    Senator Chris Dodd : 0.04%
    Uncommitted : 0.03%
    Precincts Reporting: 1057 of 1781

  56. I hope Hillary screws Richardson over for this crap. Fat bastard. (I am in a very terrible mood. Sorry.)

  57. hehe.. sorry guys but I want those so called “well wishers” of dem party in Iowa to know that they will lose plenty of support of party here iin south if Obama is the nominee.. maybe they just woke up.. lol!!!

  58. Do you think Biden will continue to NH with 1% support? Dodd is at 0.03% less than half that of undecided at 0.08%.

  59. Hillary is actually doing pretty well in Iowa considering how – according to pundits – she was supposed to lose badly to Edwards and Obama.

  60. Notice that on CSPAM the only people left conducting business are the old guard…all the youngins for Obama are gone

  61. Please, let us not invoke Dukakis of all people when are also discussing a great, great stateswoman like Hillary Clinton…

  62. doesnt matter if she does come in second or third, if ob comes in at 4 points above her, the spin will be hell…

    i must admit, i have been negative about iowa from day one, and i have offended people here because of my opinion, and i have had to apologize for what i have stated on this site… not that i have changed my mind, in the least…

    but i really am feeling bad for our friend from here, who have been working in iowa, whose hearts must be breaking…

  63. it’s ok. iowa was always the toughest state for her and they knew that from the start. looks like a close finish. on to new hampshire!

  64. On ABC, Steph said the exact same thing. That “a short time ago Obama was just a state senator but he has now beat the President;s wife”.


    I switched to CNN – could not stomach Chris Matthews right now.

  66. So, the Huckabee wins on the other side, and Obama wins on this side. Both have poor prospects in the rest of the campaign. After all, Hillary won’t be the first Democrat to lose Iowa and go on to win the nomination. She can do it even if NH causes her problems.

    It will be interesting to see what the breakdown of the vote turns out to be. For example, how many independents and how many Repugs were voting for Obama?

  67. Does this mean that BHO will finally get some vetting?? Big Media have been harpooning Huckabee for a while. Hopefully all the muck we’re aware of regarding BHO will become common knowledge soon.

    UNCOMMITTED : 0.11%

  69. The Media Whores must be high-fiving each other tonight.

    But Hillary came into Iowa in the single digits, so if this is just a few points spread, it doesn’t settle anything.

  70. .3% needed. One of the founders of the Weekly Standard said that “Hillary hasn’t been tested.” Is it just me or is he drinking Kool Aid?

  71. It does not matter who comes in second with the difference between second and third being so close. Obama seems to have built a 6% lead based on second choices of the caucus goers. That seems to have made the difference.

  72. Here go the pundits…Obama walks on water blah blah blah..they are really beating up on Hill…change wins…

  73. ADMIN,


    can you give prognosis?
    any word on clean and fair caucuses?
    any word on richardson people going to obama?
    do we think all was on the up and up?


    if it all seems on the up and up, good…
    if not, well thats another story.

  74. remember that those numbers for BHO are including people who are republicans, some of whom voted for George W. Bush.

  75. well, only political junkies are watching the pundits. for real. edwards is in big trouble since he spent all that time and banked on iowa.

  76. This is about what I figured. Iowa was never her state. Don’t worry guys – it’s one state.

    BTW – CNN just reported that if only Democats had voted, she and Obama would have tied.

  77. What they don’t mention is that Hillary wasn’t suppose to ‘competitive’ in Iowa, or the fact that Iowa is a bit more liberal than the rest of the country.

  78. Hillary will win and she will become President. I’m not worried about that.

    And 2nd place in IA is still very very possible.

    But the msm coverage tonite and tomorrow and the smug gloating of all the bloggers coronating the anointed One, now that’s what makes me sick to my stomach.

  79. yeah HillaryforTexas, but even there previous polls showed she should have been leading amongst democrats, but they are tied, I’m slightly mad at Iowa right now…… :/

  80. Brokaw is on NBC. Reminding everybody that BHO outspent by 9 million dollars in this state (or in the last few weeks??).

  81. Rachele Maddow directly challenged Matthews on his Hillary spin. He said two thirds voted against Hillary. She countered that two thirds voted against all three and this might be a better position for Hillary going into the later races. She said Hillary should play the gender card and and rally the party to put a woman in the White House. Matthews was virtually speachless.

  82. I have waited a while to openly criticize Iowa voters, but I just have to. Apparently, BHO polled higher tonight than our girl on HEALTHCARE among Iowa caucus-goers. Are you freaking kidding me?!? His pseudo-maybe-sorta-kinda “universal” healthcare plan? Idiots.

  83. Others closer to the ground in NH know better, but I hear that folks there take pride in showing that they think for themselves. I think that NH will not provide a noticable bump for BO. I ‘m confident Hill can win there.

    Again, as others and I have been saying, this is a marathon and not a sprint. It would be almost unprecedented for an eventual winner not to have a loss or two on the way. Hillary has one of the strongest infrastructures nationwide that presidential politics have ever seen. I think the Iowa market got it just right when it found BO winning the state, but Hill winning the nomination.

  84. I have only posted to this site once before althouogh I read it several times a day. Everyone who worked so hard to help Hillary deserves a thank you from all of us who couldn’t be there in Iowa. Given what she endures every day from the media, including MSNBC and most of the so called liberal blogs as well as the NYT and the likes of Maureen Dowd, it is amazing that she is still standing. Quite frankly as someone who will reach the age of 60 a few months after Hillary, I am amazed at her ability to wage this campaign.

    I will vote on Super Tuesday and I will be proud to vote for Hillary Clinton. I will stand by her until the day she wins or decided that she is going to throw it in. There are days when the press is so negative towards her that I wish she would drop out and she and bill could just go do good things for the world but I know she is a fighter and believes in what she is doing. GO HILLARY. WE LOVE YOU!!

  85. From NYT:

    Marjorie Connelly, from our polling desk, reports that Mr. Obama’s strength came from younger voters, voters who are looking for change, independents and very liberal Democrats. He was the first choice of a third of women voters. In fact, the poll of Democrats as they entered the caucuses suggests that women were closely divided between Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Obama did best among men.

  86. health care – those messages about “mandates” to the independents, maybe? interesting. right wing talking points hurt the cause but evidently help at the polls. hmmph.

  87. I actually think it is better to loose Iowa and win New Hampshire, then to win Iowa and then loose New Hampshire, so this can be a blessing in disguise!

  88. for gods sake! Hillary has been .30 behinds Edwards now for a really long time, was this election over after just the first few hundred counties or what? Come on girls, get past that guy!!

  89. yeah they cant change there status from rep to dem in nh can they..thats what happen in iowa..well she took my familys county wide margin..bho was there 3 times she once

  90. If there was a normal primary in Iowa, Hil would have won. You can only vote at a certain time. Your ballot isn’t secret. In most states, the polls are open all day. And this second choice stuff — if we had second choices nationally, Bush would never have been elected. Iowa is as good as it gets for Obama.

    I’ll take Super Tuesday over Iowa anyday.

  91. I hear you, Grandmother! Go Hillary! We’re with you and we’re not going away. We are legion.

    And once again, thank you to all the people in Iowa who worked so hard on behalf of all of us who love Hillary!

    This is just beginning, yall

  92. I heard on Fox tonight from their reporter that the Hillary campaign in the next day or two is going to have a major event in New Hampshire going after Obama on his health care plan.

    Sittin Bull: I agree with Rachele Maddow. If the election is about change Hillary needs to go full force on the biggest change of all–having a woman be president.

  93. Thank you Hillary and thank you Iowa workers for all your hard work! We love you. I am glad this one is over and I am optimistic about the future. Go Hillary!

  94. hillfans, for a half hour i could not get back on the site. anyway we will suck this up and go for it in nh. a more friendlier terrain for hillary. we will be all right. now big media is trying to stick it to hillary now. f*ck em.

  95. i’m not worried. the dmr poll makes it not unexpected. nobody washed out big time (but edwards is in big big trouble), and most voters don’t watch or listen to the pundits. heck i don’t, i have better things to do. i look on it this way, all the way back at the start of the race hillary’s team thought seriously about skipping iowa because it was her worst state, but they didn’t, it would have been worse if they didn’t, and unfortunately the race was always going to start with iowa. it is what it is. 🙂

  96. i know we all believe that hillary is 44,
    i think we can agree, the hardest part about this is, the media fallout, we hate to see them gloat in round one…

    we will all forget iowa, in couple of days, their day in the sun is officially over…
    DAMN, still, i wont be able to watch anything on t.v., but CARTOONS, for a couple of weeks…

    okay are you listening to these people on the caucus site, talking about discrimination, and how we have brought people of color into our country, and used them… okay is iowa just now catching up with the rest of the world? fine time to discover your guilt, just before voting for obama…

    anyway sorry guys, just babbling cause i am f*king pissed…
    i will now have my aspirin neat, and my scotch on ice… 🙁

  97. health care is not enough .. she needs to go back to the message of getting things done ,, forget change.. msm has anninted obama and i do not think he will be vetted until ge

  98. ill take super tuesday to and im with her all the way…i turn the channel..oof news they act like its did good for gettinga late start said he was gonna win bt a landslide know he never

  99. I think Hillary will shed her carapace and finally begin to campaign. And I will wait for her to come to SC, where I am volunteering.

  100. 4 months ago when there was debate whether HRC should even run in Iowa, a choice was made in her campaign to be in the arena all along the way, and not to rely on smoke and mirrors (skipping Iowa ala Guiliani, relying on Reps and Indies ala BO). All the cards were staked against her, and she had the guts to jump in anyway. I think real dems–(the real cross-section of people who aren’t necessarily cool-aid drinkers) across the country recognize that.

    Maybe it’s just the meds kicking in, but my faith in her winning the nomination has not changed after tonight.

  101. hillfans ,stay away from the tv for the next 5 days. the polls are for the most part are going to be accurate for nh. iowa proved that. a bunch of tracking polls for nh the next few days.

  102. Ok, I can’t actually believe Iowans are “rolling the dice” with a ‘kid’, sheesh. Ok time for the grownup primaries in the next several states. And yep, my prediction was just backward, so I won’t be asked to join Hillary as a consultant, LOL.

  103. rachel maddow is a sweetheart. when mathews was trying to declare hillary dead, meadow got in his face to say it is not over. YAY!!!!

  104. MIne either, cwille. In fact, she has some pressure off. Obama on the other hand who does not do well under pressure will fold.

    Hillary is 44!

  105. I live in Puerto Rico and I can’t vote for President, but I’m rooting for Hillary. I love this site. I can’t get cable where i live so I have been following the results on this site. Bless you all. I’m so sick of the vitriol I see that are meant be ‘replies’ elsewhere.

    I believe she will get the nomination and WIN in November!

  106. for heavens sake, on cnn they are saying obama beat hillary even amongst women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )/&#%&%!”¤#&%!”¤#/&!”%¤#!!!!!

    Women are their own worst enemy!!! at least in Iowa, I am almost calling on her to play the gender card here, although I know that many women have their pride and does not want to/need to stoop to that, but still….. show people your charm hillary! and we are all yours! come on!

  107. Yup–As folks have been saying, take a piece of paper, write “Iowa Caucuses” on it, roll it into a little ball, and set it on fire. Then forget about it, and move to the excitement of the rest of the country recognizing what’s in their best interest by voting for Hillary.

  108. she should punch him in the face, and show the kid how grown ups ‘play’ politics, and show who is ready to take on the repugs.

  109. all the analysis i’ve read about iowa was that, well, hillary’s team knew it was her worst state, she was late getting started there and didn’t have an organization going in (edwards did), it was a dogfight all the way. again, i’m not worried at all.

    the media has time to take a real hard look at obama now (hi ben!).

    i also understand it’s better that edwards didn’t bomb out. he’ll be competitive for a while.

  110. It’s not organization. It’s a simple fact. Iowa will not elect a woman. Not Iowa. Not Iowa Democrats.

    It is yet to be seen whether the rest of country is ready to accept a female candidate.

  111. Bill is right as usual, he told Hillary months ago that her primary would be difficult and the general election relatively easy. Got to love that guy!

  112. Good point about Edwards sticking around “another_reader”. I know it stings not being a second or 3rd, but all along keeping Edwards in the mix has been an important secondary goal.

  113. I hope cnn shows hillarys entire speech coming up, I hope she takes this opportunity to turn it around already now!

  114. Thank goodness NH are independent thinkers and will not allow fools like Chris Mathews tell them how to vote.

  115. I agree with one thing the media pundits are saying. Hillary needs a more clear message. Her campaign needs to step back and regroup and look at how Obama is getting ahead. It would seem to me that you’ve got to get some doubt in there about what he can do.

  116. lol, i am going in to work around midnite. everybody there knows why i am going in late. i gotta take some ribbing from the guys. i will take it like a good trooper but tell them this is a 30 round fight(30 more primary and caucuses) to the finish. i gotta keep the chin up.

  117. I don’t think I can stomach watching obama’s speech. and just to be extra childish, I don’t like his walk either, he looks silly.

    Edwards speaking now and looks disappointed. And elizabeth claimed seconds place quickly. bas&#%¤¤terd.

  118. the goodnews we won’t have to wait forever for the next contest. nh is way different from the leftish iowa.

  119. …the media has time to take a real hard look at obama now (hi ben!).

    You are dreaming. The Georgetown Social Club will be too busy dancing on Hillary’s grave to even bother with Obama.

  120. Guys, take my advice – do NOT tune in to TV news for a few days. And stay away from most of the blogs. NH is next – gird up!

  121. ADMIN,


    oh maybe next time, she could save her money and spend it on people who GIVE A DAMN…

    yes you are right, they dont want healthcare for all, iowans should sign a paper saying they will opt out of hillary’s plan…

  122. Because he had no clue about Iowa and is terrible handling the media. I only wish they let Hillary be Hillary.

  123. hwc, you were right for weeks and i suspected. iowa had this wall against hillary. make no mistake. i think also their VERY laxed voting rules of letting almost anybody that shows up outstate vote hurt hillary too.

  124. I agree that some hard looking at message etc. is important in the Clinton camp, but truly, I feel that in many ways the tension is broken and we are finally in the real fight—one that I know HRC can win. Hill and Bill are better than any in the last decades in gaining energy by going through the “refiner’s fire” and coming out stronger.

  125. hi…thanks so much to all for their hard in Iowa…I know we are all disappointed but this is the time to show our strength…we know we are in this for the long haul and we know the MSM is working against us…I say we double up and really start getting more vocal about how much support Hillary has and we move on to NH ready for the next fight…keep thinking positive, don’t let the doubts and disappointment get your spirit down…Hillary is strong…she will be ready for the next one…and we have the debate on Saturday…no time to waste…

  126. After 15 years of being horribly vilified by Big Media, hate radio and…”The National Enquirer” with lies and smut, I’m actually impressed that our Hillary is still in close contention.

    After all the lies and the nasty campaign led by the very unwell Matthews to ruin Hillary, she is still a viable candidate. It is really amazing. No other candidate, and certainly NOT Obama would still be in the race.

    Hillary is a winner even if not out in Iowa.

  127. Democratic Nomination Delegate count From CNN:
    Clinton 167
    Obama 64
    Edwards 45
    Richardson 19
    Dodd 17
    Biden 8
    Kucinch 1 (only if he votes for himself and not Obama)

  128. Remember this about our girl: she gets stronger with every set back. Let the race begin! She’s America’s champion! Let’s get going for New Hampshire!

  129. Look at it this way. Majority of those who have won Iowa have not ended up winning the presidency. So while I am not happy she was not first, I am not unhappy either. Hopefully this will wake up (a rude awakening) people to look at him as a potential nominee and how he might do in the GE against the republicans (he can’t use his republican talking points then and win) and how they will eat him up. Can you all think of another viable female candidate in the country anytime soon? I am sure they will work on their message and the country will also wake up to certain realities. Only we as concerned citizens should somehow prevent the media from hijacking this process. This website is a very good start in that regard.

  130. i think it is safe to say both hillary and edwards will be agressive on obama saturday in the debate. i hope.

  131. Hil had the guts to go into her weakest state and campaign. Unlike ‘tough guy’ Rudy who ducked Iowa. Politico said she should have ducked Iowa — but that’s not our gal!

  132. Hi guys. I turned on CNN and heard the news. It’s not the result I wanted, but what is, is.

    Ann Seltzer is a prophet. I will never again believe ARG, Zogby, or Insider Advantage. Never.

  133. Total with tonight’s results. They just took Iowa from the total, I think to adjust the final delegate total. This may look like a bad loss, but in reality he gets 2 or 3 more delegates tonight than Hillary. Calm down people……..

  134. rjk1957, you can only get delegates if you win a state, right? What does all that mean if you don’t win Primaries?

  135. I am glad Iowa is over because I was really getting sick of Iowa this and Iowa that. Bill Clinton didn’t win anything until Georgia. Remember that. I had a feeling that she wasn’t going to take Iowa but I still hoped for a miracle. NH here we come.

  136. The Iowa Democratic Party released the following turnout information tonight, to be updated later this evening:

    “With 96 percent of the precincts reporting we are seeing record turnout with 227,000 caucus attendees.”

    In 2004, the turnout was about 125,000 caucus goers.

  137. Oh well, looking ahead to the debate on Saturday, that one will be interesting.

    Obama is soon going to speak, god I don’t know if I can handle watching him.

  138. omg, that is a lot!! well, we were warned if it approached 200,000 that benifits obama. it came home to roost.

  139. rjk,

    no worries mate…

    just blowing off steam! you dont mind if we do that do you?

    we think it stinks, but no one says its over…

    wait till she gets to some of our states, we are going to be ‘KINGMAKERS’, hmmm…
    i meant ‘QUEENMAKERS’…

  140. It’s 100 000 plus since 2004. Under those circumstances Hillary’s GOTV effort was actually impressive, as was of course The Anointed One’s too.

  141. Strange CNN now has Obama getting Iowa 16 delegates and Hillary 15 with Edwards getting 14. Maybe they know something we don’t

    What were you expecting?

  142. I think our girl really needs to emphasize her accomplishments in the Senate across party lines. I feel like this is an anti-Washington vote. It’s a lot the rock star/cult leader thing but it is also a rejection of what people define as partisan politics. Anyhow, this is a big disappointment, but I am just resolved to work harder, and I am sure I am not the only one.

  143. i think it is safe to say both hillary and edwards will be agressive on obama saturday in the debate. i hope.


    Obama, Edwards, Richardson, and Biden will continue to gang up against Clinton in the debate Saturday night.

    Do I have to spell it out?

    All boys club of Presidential politics.

  144. I think hillary had 21 enndorsements, Obama 20 and Edwards 16 – that makes iowa causes + personal elected official delegates making up the numbers.

  145. Listen guys, the problem lies not with Hillary’s message. The problem lies with Iowa Caucus and others that allow people to just show up and register as a Dem and vote. Some of these people we know are not true Democrats. Some of these college kids are not from Iowa.

    The fluidity of this process allows for this kind of a result.

    The fact that Hillary is leading by double-digits in the rest of the country tells you that her message is sinking in with Democrats. Real Democrats.

  146. The Senator was so graceful in her remarks. I loved them and I loved how she handicapped the process by indicating that there were several people who were unable to caucus tonight. I will continue to stand by her and contribute to her and I hope you all will also. Call me hopeful, but I am hoping Dodd will endorse the Senator and with that Kennedy too … I remain hopeful because of the Senator’s remarks and I am glad to stand by her.

  147. I agree with hwc on the debate. It is going to be gang-up time. In terms of polling, she is the front runner, clearly. She’s still very much the one to beat. The boyz are going to continue to pile on because it has worked before. There were no rumors of anybody throwing their support as a 2nd choice to Hill. It’s also very much an anti-girl thing.

  148. Here! Here! LawSchoolDem! Onward to NH.

    Hillary will never lose my support. Let’s all go make a contribution to her campaign. She has a long way to go and she’s all of us.

  149. rjk1957,

    from the CNN website,
    today’s outcome resulted in just one delegate difference between Hillary (15) and Obama (16), right? So why are we worried? If it is momentum, it is too early to say.

  150. im glad were out of iowa..on to new hampshire…boy i admire her she sounds very strong…i wanna say thanks to emjay hlr,hawk all the rest who really did a amazing job…

  151. This is going to sound crazy, but IMO, Hillary should fly from Des Moines to Miami and start campaigning in Florida and Michigan tomorrow.

  152. I’m used to getting smacked around by Republicans and the mainstream media but I take exception to Democrats who should know better. The indies and the Repubs who crossed over cannot be helped in the Iowa situation however the Democrats who voted against this country’s best hope for a way out of the seven plus years of hell we have endured are a huge disappointment. I am unwilling to forget even though we will be interacting in HRC’s administration in 2009 and beyond. If they are unwilling to fight for the future relevance and viability of our party and for our country, they need to step aside because we won’t.

  153. This is how democracy works, sometimes it hurts like hell!
    But who laughs last, laughs best!
    It is next week and what is beyond!

  154. I am confused how does Hillary have 169 delegates already?
    I thought Obama won by 8% how does he only have 1 more from Iowa?
    Damn I thought I knew how this primary thing worked !!!!

  155. filbertsf, I agree on Penn…I also disagree with the others on her message. I think it’s been convoluted. They need to get a clear, straightforward message and make it her theme.

  156. pm:

    That’s what I’ve been saying tonight was no big deal so Obama will get a lot of media attention between now and Tuesday. Hillary wins Tuesday and then in Michigane and so on…

    Bill O’Riely said tonight that Obama has not faced or answered any serious questions, looks like the media just might be getting ready to pounce on him for a change.

  157. Am I disappointed? Absolutely. But Hillary getting 30 percent of the vote in a state that’s never elected a woman is still pretty damn impressive.

    And if it’s true the margin for Obama was the result of the Richardson and Biden people, then they’re absolutely nothing she could do about that.

  158. His Anointed Smugness couldn’t be fuller of himself. What a difference from the graciousness and humor of Hillary only 45 minutes ago.

  159. They just mentioned on Fox News that Obama will now get the scrutiny that he hasn’t had up to now. That complete idiot Allen Combs tried to say that there isn’t anything about Obama to scrutinize. The female Democratic pundit on the show wasn’t buying that at all….

  160. Hillary wins Tuesday

    I think it is pretty clear that we have to throw out whatever ARG is saying about the New Hamphsire race. I would say that going into tonight, it was probably a tossup. Gonna be tough to overcome the Iowa bounce.

    Just keepin’ it real.

  161. Latest from official caucus site

    Senator John Edwards : 29.82%
    Senator Hillary Clinton : 29.42%

    These numbers haven’t changed at all even though results keep trickling in…it’s basically a statistical tie.

  162. hwc,

    Hillary cannot campaign in MI or FL because of Howard Dean and the DNC, which instituted strict penalties against those who do campaign because we “messed up” the primary schedule.

  163. I’m okay. I think we’re all going to be level headed about this. We aren’t disappointed because we never expected to win. It was a long day today at the campaign. My 2nd day, but you must understand, the people who work there and who I work for are all wonderful, smart, nice, capable people. We are readying our bus trip up to NH tomorrow. I’m going and I’ll be there to Wednesday. This lit a fire under our butts for sure. This thing ain’t over. MSM can say whatever they want, but I will not allow them to elect my next president. As a 21 year old, I am confident we can get younger voters on the Hillary train. Good job to Obama, but this isn’t over. Not by a long shot.

    Anyone upload HRC’s speech? I need to see it!

  164. just in…Biden and Dodd are both out … if they endorse Hillary that would help…edwards will probably eventually endorse obama

  165. Oh cry me a river……… 😮 he is speaking as if this is the greatest thing to ever happen to the world, he has one one state and he is giving a speech as if he was just elected president, what an ass.

  166. hwc, There’s a tracking poll by Suffolk University in NH. We’ll see how that changes over the next several days.

    And there will be no vetting of Obama. Just so no one here is under any illusions.

  167. Listening to Obama on CNN. Got to go take a bath…pie in the sky just fell all over me. It’s a sticky mess. What’s with the, “Let’s give it up for Michelle.”

    Health care lies.

  168. Here’s media worship already starting…from The Caucus New York Times page:

    By Katharine Q. Seelye

    10:06 p.m. | Obama Takes the Stage “You have done what the cynics said we couldn’t do,” Barack Obama said to a cheering crowd.
    Mr. Obama is giving a general election speech, not a partisan crowing. He’s embodying the change he wants to become, as Ghandi advised. This is one of the best speeches he’s given this year; look for it to crop up in ads in New Hampshire.

  169. Imagine having to listen to The Anointed One talking and talking and talking and talking about himself… for four years. What a horrible image.

  170. Hillary cannot campaign in MI or FL because of Howard Dean and the DNC, which instituted strict penalties against those who do campaign because we “messed up” the primary schedule.

    What are they gonna do? Have her arrested? Gang up and bad mouth her?

    The only penalty for campaigning in Florida and Michigan is pissing off New Hampshire and SC, but I really think those states are toast for Clinton.

    She needs to focus on a message of winning the general election and nothing says that better than telling the voters of two major electoral college states that she cares about them. She should run against the DNC.

  171. I missed Hillary’s speech. What did she say about people not some people not being able to caucus?

    BTW, the last Zogby poll, out today, had Obama up by a similar margin to the DMR poll.

  172. He’s been pegged to win Iowa for a month, at least. So, where are those cynics that said it could not be done?

  173. HWC:

    I agree – she should start campaigning in FL – after jan 8th. even if she starts campaigning after jan 19 (NV causus) that is fine!

    forget about SC!

  174. Biden and Dodd… please, please don’t endorse Obama.

    Don’t kid yourself.

    The all boys club of Presidential politics.

  175. She has a big lead in both MI and FL no one else can campaign there either. Dean will eventually give in and seat the delegates from both states at the convention.

  176. Stewie is digging in to Clinton’s speech saying it’s calculating and poll tested and not working on people like him and talking about her authorization for the war, etc. I’m confused after she gave the speech he praised it and now he’s gone psycho … bi polar? What a nut job.

  177. Well my little chickadees, I’m back.

    So please don’t put the words “idiot” (or worse) in the same sentence with “Iowa” or Iowan while I am here.

    It offends me.

    I don’t tell those of you who are piss-ant bloviators exactly what I think of you, do I?

    So show a little maturity, a bit of grace, and a can-do attitude, and while you are at it, go wash your mouths out with soap. You are acting like Obamaites on steroids, selfish and demanding, and not worthy of a good political discussion seminar.

    If you want to talk like a few of the comments I have skimmed, get the hell off this site. You are not worthy enough to was Hillary’s bus, much less carry on an adult discussion with any of her real supporters or might-be supporters.

    Who in the hell do you think you are? You are unworthy, in so many ways. And I have a BIG amount of storage, and I am going to start a little tally of who says what. I’m that sick of the lot of you immature uneducated’ unworldly ingrates.

    Now if any of the others of you fabulously wonderful true HillFans want to know how it went in a real live caucus, ask your questions of a real live precinct captain/county co-chair, cause I’m not offering anything up that will be spit upon.

    A little teaser: how about our girl=38%, BO=0%

    or, our caucus sight of 3 precincts had 207 people, ten more than the entire 6-precinct county in 2004.

    I have fixed myself a stiff bourbon, so beware…


  178. meiyingsu, I’m actually quite sadden that Biden has dropped out. He provided some sanity into the race, you know? He gave us a bit of humor when we all really needed it.

    I’m going to miss him.

  179. 1957,

    sorry i was over at taylor marshs site, boy those guys are ready to commit suicide, poor darlings, i tried to cheer them up, but they are taking it really hard…

    anyway rjk,

    let me get this straight,
    hillary had a hundred and something super delegates right? and now she got regular delegates, is this correct?
    these arent super delegates right?
    arent super delegates, those people who are autonomous, and can choose to vote for who ever they want? and havent some already committed to some candidates, and others are still ‘UNDICIDED’?

    pls explain if i am wrong…
    so than, if this caucus gave hillary and obama and edwards a few delegates, why does she get more than edwards if she came in 3rd?

    teach me rjk…

  180. Well done Emjay.

    But likewise I’d say to you, don’t show up here with that kind of an attitude, sounding more pissed off at people here having the need to vent out some disappointment, and piss on us and expect us to let you do so just because you went caucusing.

    Again good job, and thank you, but you don’t get a gold medal for coming back here to trash a few upset Hillary hopeflls.

  181. From the Blue Hampshire website. Advice to the Clinton campaign by NH Rep Jim Splaine

    Advice To The Clinton Campaign: LET HILLARY BE HILLARY
    by: Rep. Jim Splaine
    Thu Jan 03, 2008 at 21:54:11 PM EST

    I have written about it in more detail before, but I’ll say it again in this shorter but begging message to her campaign management: LET HILLARY BE HILLARY. Please. She will not win this one by being overly-managed, by giving focus-group designed, poll-driven, politically-correct answers, or by talking about 1990s “experience.”
    What we have seen on the campaign trail lately is not the Hillary Clinton many of us think we know and have been before. And the Hillary Clinton we have watched these past few months is not what we have seen these past few years in the United States Senate. Something happened when she hired all these Washington-based consultants.

    To Hillary Clinton, if I may be so bold: Starting Friday at 12:01 AM until the polling begins in the New Hampshire First-In-The-Nation Presidential Primary, you have just exactly 96 hours. That’s 5,760 minutes. Don’t waste any of those minutes with your slogans or the meaningless ads your managers have put on television. Spend time talking “with” us, not “to” us. Talk with us about your vision in these next few hours.

    Give us your hopes and dreams. Display your courage. Please don’t pass up this opportunity to be the Hillary Clinton that can be a great President.

    Rep. Jim Splaine ::

  182. meiyingsu, I understand. But I don’t think anyone really paid attention to what third-tiered candidates said.

    More than, I am sadden that the field has shrunk. It’s like living with roommates you hate. You go through college life with them and they annoy you as hell. You can’t wait to graduate and move out and away from their annoying habits. However, when graduation nears, and everyone moves away, there’s a part of that life you know you’ll miss.

    I can’t explain it. I just know I’ll miss him very much.

  183. Hey guys, looks like Hillary and Edwards are in a statistical tie. They’re stuck at 29, with Edwards leading by a very insignificant margin.

  184. 1950democrat,

    No one said or did anything except for Senator Clinton. She showed me time and time again, she’s the one. She knows what she’s doing and she gets it. She wants to decrease my student loans, she wants to give me 100% civil union rights, she wants me to have health care, she wants me to love what I do in life and not have to be poor. She’s in my corner. What youth Obama fan can say that?

  185. Echo 1950democrat.

    All the young men and women participating on this website, what attracted you to Hillary’s candidacy? Give us your insight on how she can tap into that age group that goes after Obama now.

  186. McCain was already campaigning in NH as the Iowa results were coming in. Let’s hope he absorbs much of the indy vote, especially since Romney has been seemingly handicapped due to his Iowa loss (despite spending millions of dollars).

  187. You are of course right Emjay. Come to think of it, as a Kerry supporter in ’03 (well, there was no Clinton around there then so what was one going to do?) I’ve been through worse so to speak. Taylor Marsh had a few very nice comments on this about one hour ago:

    You have every right to be disappointed […] But this is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s not about one state. It’s a fight for the future of this country. Obama out spent every other candidate by huge amounts. He *had* to win this state and he did. Good for him. Give credit where it’s due. But this has just begun.

    What an amazing speech Clinton gave. She’s never sounded better. Knowing her work very well, I can tell she’s already altered the emphasis of her patter. Get ready to hear a lot more about “change.” What bigger change is there than a woman! Remarkable performance. Class personified.

    I’ve been doing this a long time. No one gets into the presidential race thinking it will be easy. I remember John Kerry, whom I know many of you don’t like. But I stayed with Kerry when he was in single digits. You want to talk a hole?!!??!! I was independent and this was long before I became a blogger, but was still writing on the web. They never gave up. I am going to ask everyone to check your negativity. Check each other’s negativity. We can’t afford it.

    The turnout was remarkable. All three top tier candidates got 30%. This is REMARKABLE. Democrats rule, baby. We are back.

  188. emjay,

    i dont like caucuses, but i have nothing but gratitude for you, i know all about how you hate me, and thats alright, i can hate the game but like the player…

    i know how hard you worked, and i know how heartbroken you must be, but i know you totally believe in hrc, so i know you havent given up…

    oh by the way i hit the bourbon hours ago…
    i think that they won because i believe they brought in illinois to caucus.

    and i watched fox news and heard a woman commentator, who outright said she is a republican, and her and her husband and two other couples were on their, way to caucus for obama…

    i like you anyway…

  189. Emjay, I understand your frustration with some of us. But don’t be too hard on us.

    I think a lot of us had our hearts broken tonight. Some turn off the TV, radio, internet and get some quiet time to cool off… maybe even cry.

    Others have to verbally communicate what’s we’re feeling inside.

    As you can tell, I’m posting and posting. I’m not talking to live people in my house right now. It’s how I deal with things. My family doesn’t understand why I’m so unhappy. They’re apolitical.

    All I know is that posting my anger, frustration and sadness makes me feel somewhat better.

    I’m sure that’s how others are feeling, too.

  190. once again. I’m not surprised.
    i was hoping for an iowa win. but life goes on.

    My friend said 800-1000 Illinoisans in iowa. who knows what the true number is or if she was just talking about the chicago area.

    All I must say is that this event should guide us and strengthen our support for Hillary and to take NOTHING for granted.

    I believe and predict that Obama will go down hard.
    I also rightfully believed a while back and have done so deep down in my heart that Hillary will not win Iowa.

    But a feeling in my gut tells me she WILL win the nomination.

    If i know the Clinton campaign well, this should serve as a strict energizer.
    Once in New Hampshire, the dainty gloves that they’ve used around Iowa where voters are turned off by negative campaigning, will come off. In NH, negative works pretty well.

  191. LJ, I am a staunch woman’s right advocate with strong women influences in my life. I also worry that many of my contemporaries are persuaded by BHO because they either have never worked on a campaign and are drawn by the rhetoric and persuasion and not focused enough on the substance. Being in law school, I find myself more a pragmatist than an optimist and I cut through the rhetoric and get straight to the substance and in that regard the Senator [Clinton] has always stood head and shoulders apart from BHO. I’ve also heard the Senator speak on several occasions and just recently exchanged a few kind words with her which reaffirmed my support of the Senator. I hope that makes some sense …

  192. MJS, I’m not making any predictions. I will believe whatever Ann Seltzer says. Too bad she doesn’t poll NH.

    I also believe in Hillary. I will stick with Hillary and go as far with her as she will take us.

  193. emjay, you worked so hard, i am in awe. it’s really inspiring. thank you. i’m confident in hillary. she had the spotlight completely on her and the media bashing for so long and fought right back and i’m 100% confident she’ll keep fighting and win. that’s what she does. i can’t believe the turnout and how hard they had to fight to get those voters to the caucus.

    the pundit talk is just noise. hey maybe they’ll like her better now if they feel like they succeeded in taking her down a notch 🙂

  194. Gorto,

    If you are disappointed because a silken tongued liar is riding high right now, go piss in his garden or the MSM’s swimming pool, not on Hill’s staff, the state where she has physically touched at least 800,000 people by my rough count, or those of us who….well never mind, you wouldn’t know because you haven’t been back for very long, have you?

    When one is a grownup, one picks his or her battles wisely, does not burn bridges, and does not stab friend, or foe, in the back.

  195. Great point about negativity, MJS. Our girl will be switching to boxing gloves come this Saturday at the debate. NH voters like strength. They have little tolerance for fluff or lack of substance (see: “Hope” as a campaign slogan).

  196. “They just mentioned on Fox News that Obama will now get the scrutiny that he hasn’t had up to now.”

    Not scrutiny from the media, but scrutiny from voters.

    I still say Clinton made the right choice not to skip Iowa. All those new young Iowan Democrats. Would the turnout have been so big if Hillary hadn’t made O fight in her weakest state?

    When Iowa goes blue for Hillary in the GE, we’ll know Hil made the right choice.

  197. It’s over folks. Hillary and Edwards in statistical tie at 29. But if you round it up, E 30; Hillary 29.

  198. AG, I’m sure in the days to come, they will pick the numbers apart. We will see charts after charts after charts.

  199. i always expect the worst and hope for the best, and the worst i was preparing myself for was a pretty bad third place if the turnout was huge, since penn said they expected 150K and it was 212K or so. and this is a tie for second and i know how hard the fight must have been to do that in a state that was always rough going for her, and to successfully get so many people out. so i feel pretty good.

    [i]All the young men and women participating on this website, what attracted you to Hillary’s candidacy?[/i]
    it depends how young. in college i would have been for the cool guy. you can’t beat him on cool. after college, #1 student loans and #2 what happens if i don’t have health insurance because i didn’t have it for a while and it was a big deal, i needed it. but i was privileged to go to college. the votes of young people who don’t go to college, they are dealing with economic and other issues that many (not all, i know!) college students are sheltered from so they can afford to vote on who’s cool.. 🙂

  200. i edited that wrong there, i mean young people who don’t go to college might have to deal with economic issues sooner

  201. If you think I’m pissing on anybody, you apparently need to go and get some sleep. (you deserve it)
    No need to patronize me. I am saddened right now, but I know that in a few hours this will be behind me, and I will once again be confident that Hillary will be our President, there is simply something ‘historic’esque ‘about her.

    But I don’t need your permission to feel, nor express my disappointment right now. I’m not saddened that not enough people ca,e out for Hillary, but I will say I am disappointed in those who chose Obama this time around over Hillary.

    I have stood by Hillary for 16 years as one of her strongest supporters. I am proud beyond limits of her. So I will grant myself a few hours to be down, before I rise once again. It’s a familior pattern for her supporters!

  202. From Chuck Todd on MSNBC: Chuck Todd saying BHO will not be treated like a front runner and the spot light will get hotter/brighter and the Senator can now run as a challenger. There is going to be an entire shift, different test for Obama, it’s easy being a challenger and a lot tougher being at the front of the pack. Now let’s make this a referendum on him … Saturday’s debate will be an intimate debate to act like a challenger and take incoming, different than he has before. Re: Edwards Todd said the problem was that the calendar was stacked against him and he didn’t take off in NH after he won in IA (2nd) in 04 and to convince people that his second place finish here is different than the last and that JE speech was somehow to try and put a stake through HRC and allow JE to go one on one with BHO. BHO has already sent a fundraising e-mail to get him through NH.

  203. rjk,

    really that was interesting, thanks for the link, so again how did hillary get equal amount of delegates from iowa?

  204. Hey y’all,

    Been a long night, but we’ll be okay. I really believe that, and here’s why.

    Hillary’s speech was brilliant and she’ll be fine. She is one of the strongest people I have ever known of, and she is so brilliant. She will sit back and gather her team and we will keep right on working.

    I’m having some thoughts here tonight, listening to Obama’s speech. And thinking about the young person vote. I am still not sure how “real” it all is–by that I mean not only how much cheatin’ was going on but how indicative “Iowa” is of how this campaign is going on. It is an extremely conservative state. It is next door to Obama’s home state.

    I think we need to consider that his message appeals, especially to the young, because he is doin’ this unity thing. The world is a very complicated place for all of us. And it seems even more so when you are young. He made these folks feel good and feel like they are part of something greater than themselves. And the thing is this “unity” of his is like saying–we aren’t going to fight anymore. Lots of people are simply tired of fighting. And he thinks apparently you can or should think disagreements away. That’s what I think the “appeal” is. It is empty and there is no substance but it is sort of a promise to the young and others. We aren’t gonna have any fights anymore. That’s what I see. I have more to say but mine is not to pontificate.

    Emjay and others, We do appreciate what you have done. Some of us are very much in the trenches in our states and we do feel the pain…greatly. We will not give up. Ever.

  205. One really positive thing of tonight is Huckabee’s victory over Romney. Unlike the Democratic race it wasn’t even close. This is obviously hurting Romney badly and that is great news because this opens up for a real McCain surge with Independents in New Hamsphire.

    And guess which Democratic candidate is completely and utterly dependent on independents? 😉

    So Huckabee’s smashing of Romney is great news for our next President as McCain will help her pull the rug under the feet of The Anointed One when everything starts anew in New Hampshire tomorrow.

    It’s also very good that Edwards is still in the race. He knows that his chance of staying relevant one more week is to attack The Anointed One, trying to “outchange” him.

  206. I wonder why Hillary hasn’t sent a fundraising email out yet for NH? I’m feeling in the mood to donate. Generously.

  207. guys, hillary cannot do this alone, so i say this to you all as I have said a few weeks ago.

    It is time for us, as Hillary supporters and those united under the name of Hillary to wake the American people up to the true threat that an Obama nomination or presidency would and could present. So many people are disillusioned by the charima of Obama. I found myself wrapped up in his flowingly melodic speaking tone earlier today.

    It’s not so much just to surf here, in a small site that does not attract as much traffic as it could under a different guise.

    It is time to do what the Hillary campaign has refused to do. We the Hillary supporters, normal everyday people, should do some of that attacking based on facts that the public should and would and could know if the big media were doing their job.

    How many people visit a site like this? versus sites like perezhilton and youtube which can attract millions a day. we CAN make change in our own little ways.

    I think its time to come up with some strategies with our own to get the truth about Obama out. whether it be by chain mail, creating a new popular site, or by posting videos/trying to seek attention from the media, we can do it, if we do it collectively–but it will have to be a group effort.

    Obama is the result of hype and infatuation. We should be the people who douse these infatuated fanboys with the cold, hard reality that they need to understand before they make that crucial vote/decision.

  208. another reader

    I’m not aiming my current rant at pundits…she laughs at them—pardon me, she cackles at them. I love her cackle, by the way.

    I’m pissed at some of the comments I saw when I got back online tonight about Iowa, Iowans, and our caucus process.

    You all should know something: Hillary thinks this has been grueling, educational, personally binding growth experience- very much like the work she went thru in New York to learn about what she calls “her people”.

    We are now part of that group…she says she has learned things here, and will in New Hamm about more of “her people”…how we think, and what we need and feel. She calls them lessons and windows and says she will not ever forget our faces, our whispers, our tears.

    I believe her.

  209. GORTO,

    we appreciate you too, alot of people are hillary staff in other states, phone banking for iowa, mailing pamphlets, ect… and campaigning and blogging for hillary and their own up coming campaigns…

    so Gordo, its okay for us to be sad, i sure am glad i can cry in my soup with people who understand how pissed off i am…

    oh and i’ve seen hillary a number of times at union rallys, and she’s just a very nice smart woman, and she would totally understand our pain…
    ofcourse she would tell us to stop sniveling..LOL


  210. Rush limbaugh singing the praising of Obama on Fox tells me the Rebubs already have the dirt on him and their swift boat ads ready in case he is the nominee. They are afraid to run against Hillary and desperately want Obama as the nominee.

  211. From NightLine:

    Edwards tells Moran that it’s now between him and Obama. Hillary is done.



    Donna Brazile says Hillary needs to separate herself from Bill.

    This is exactly what the Media Whores told Gore in 2000.

  212. Emjay,

    I actually watched parts of the caucus process on TV tonight and I found it interesting. While the end result was not what I was hoping for (but far better than any worst case scenario), I think the process is legitimate and effective way to choose a nominee. And, I have more respect for the process after witnessing it.

    The only thing negative I will say about caucusing is this:

    I saw two or three caucuses out of Des Monies, and they were absolute madhouses because of the high turnout. That chaotic aspect of a small room with too many people is a negative I saw.

    Anyways, great work tonight and throughout the Iowa campaign.

    P.S. – As for Iowans, they are great people, which I experienced firsthand during my year at the University of Minnesota, Morris.

  213. MJS, I like what you are saying. There have been many blogs that have exposed the hypocrisy and untruth in his message in the last couple of days — they may have some effect moving on. But much also has to come from Hillary’s campaign, the right message and the delivery. Like another-reader said, they will have to think about how to make her “cool” — I don’t mean this in a frivolous way. Because it will be harder for anybody to make him uncool (in spite of all his chicanery) — unless he has a “macaca” moment but he seems too savvy for that at least so far.
    That NH guy (Splaine?) who begs her to be herself, it is worth a shot to have a chat with him to see what he means by that. Talk about the big picture, why does she want to do this (obviously not just to implement working policies and programs — what is the bigger vision behind all that). I think people need some poetry mixed with prose.

  214. I am in western IA, we won just about all of our precincts. BO was not viable in some of them. I attended the caucus this evening — at my precinct we had more supporters than the others combined.

    I did hear that at some of the precincts, the Richardson & Biden ppl called out — come on, do you want Hillary to win? and realigned to BO to give him a few delegates.

    About 30 min later heading back to the office, heard about Obama’s lead opening up with statewide results streaming in. Very disappointing, of course.

  215. I was hoping for a victory in Iowa but I knew it was just that – “hope”. Considering the turnout was 225,000+ she had a very good showing (60k+). That would have won her the caucus in 2004.

  216. law school,

    now that repugs learned a lesson from Carl Rove, do you think will come out in force to vote obarfma in nh?

  217. you’re right PM.
    we need to start off by putting our minds to work. The Obama campaign has an amazing logo design that even I will admit is impressive. They put numerous videos on Youtube that exceed hillary’s viewership and a lot of his fans make funny and impressive videos…be it at the expense of our girl. If we want to appear “cooL” or make Hillary be the “cool” candidate, the hillary campaign needs to amp up their appeal. Don’t give in ANY voting block to Obama…especially after that horrifying sample which showed 57% of the youth are caucusing for Obama versus 11% for Hill. The Clinton campaign needs a new logo. Stat. Simple like the “O” concept, but eye-catching, pretty/edgy, and appealing to the youth and hip adults.

    Then, Hillary needs to get out Obama’s past records and his dark past. She can easily do that by subtle hints inthe next debate and by airing commercials and the likes in new hampshire which will surely garner national attention as anything she does, does.

    Afterwards, it is crucial that Hillary lock on some magazine interviews and maybe a photoshoot or two to get people, especially younger and middle aged people, more acquainted with Hillary. Hillary can let off more about herself and tell more about her life and her hobbies, etc in a magazine and make herself seem more normal, light, and pleasant (versus the “cold” picture many paint her as)

    a few damage-control media blitzes should come into play, but at better timings. having a media blitz at 7 Am on a sunday is not the smartest thing to do…but doing primetime or more talk shows will certainly get her message across.

    The clinton campaign has done a lot…but what they realize is that the way to win against someone like Obama, is to never give them an edge. he cannOT have an edge with young voters or females, or african americans. To win, You must have the edge on every demographic, and it seems like there is much room for improvement and a new direction from the clinton campaign.

  218. Thanks again, HLR and Emjay for all your efforts. You delivered victory for her in your precincts and that is all that counts. It is a marathon, and it takes time to get our first win. Once we get it, there is no stopping us.

  219. Reed

    as I said, the turnout was fantastic! We had more at our 3-precinct site than the entire 6-precinct county last time. With one precinct to go (I can’t find the precinct captain) we are currently at 300 caucusers versus 197 in 2004, so we are going to be way over a 50% increase, and this in a county that has lost population.

    So I understand caucus sites being crowded. We were at a school, so we were lucky. But one of my captains ran hers in a private home and 34 people was a heck of a lot more than the expected 20 at best.

  220. Well, it’s late, so I’m just going to go ahead and post my dumb question so everyone can laugh at me. 8)

    I think I’ve heard that ‘winning Iowa’ doesn’t mean one person gets the whole package of Iowa ‘delegates’ — instead the package is split, and Hillary, Edwards, and Obama each got about 1/3 of the package? So all Obama got was one or two more delegates than Hillary did? But why would that be worth a big ‘concession’ speech?

    (But then what is that list at CNN that shows her with something like 167 and Obama with like 50? Where did she get so many more than he has? Is that some sort of projection of how many they think each candidate WILL get?)


  221. HillaryLandRocks,

    I heard that Hillary did really well in western Iowa. Also, thanks for your great work there and that news about BHO not being viable (makes me smile a bit).

  222. 1950democrat:

    There are some superdelegates other than the state delegates. I think that number includes the super delegates who have pledged to her from across the country.

  223. okay hillary land, taylor matsh said that obamas captains were saying they had deals going with richardson, and it confirmed by the obama people, that they gave there captains the latitude to run there caucuses the way they saw fit…

    i believe their was colusion with some of these campaigns…

  224. Emjay:

    So you guys have basically turned this years caucus – which is usually for political junkies- into a state wide primary? 🙂

  225. I’m not aiming my current rant at pundits…she laughs at them—pardon me, she cackles at them. I love her cackle, by the way.
    I’m pissed at some of the comments I saw when I got back online tonight about Iowa, Iowans, and our caucus process.

    oh i understand emjay, my apologies i kind of put two separate comments in the same post, i knew who you were talking about. 🙂

    i’m just going to take my lead from hillary as far as what i post on blogs etc. i noticed one thing in her speech was talking about being commander in chief.. basically as i see it the country is going to have to take a hard look at obama now and see if they can see him doing that job, if he’s ready for it. because all told it is about who can do the job.

  226. hlr great job yeah she did win lotts in western part
    there all in the 30’s so it wasnt a anymeans.
    and if edwards wasnt in there she would have won..

  227. oh, and another thing, sorry i’m not so clear tonight.. 🙂 i don’t think hillary needs to be cool.. she should just be herself. i just think some college kids are for obama because he’s cool.

    i think the practical “getting things done” attitude she has is what i like most about her, that she just rolls up her sleeves and keeps on working, gets up every day and goes to work. that really struck me when she’s said that. sometimes the hardest thing and what goes unappreciated is people who get up every day and just go to work and do the best job they can. i thought that was so winning about her, being such a problem solver and a hard worker. she just has to tell the voters more about it. 🙂

  228. 1950,

    Yeah, BHO only gets 2 maybe three more delegates from the caucuses than Hillary. However, the win in Iowa is supposed to boost you in the other states. Although, Bill Clinton, Bush Sr., Reagan did not win the caucuses and still became the nominee/president.

    In Bush Sr.’s case, he had the backing of the NH Republican machine, which, btw, Hillary has – by-and-large – with the NH Democratic leaders.

  229. HillLand

    Hi! great job over there! Had asked Char to call out your site name and say hi. She said everyone was next door at the —. You probably saw our raw numbers already. The best part was turnout, and so far, missing one precinct, only 2 BO delagates out of the county, with so many non-viable groups for him in first alignment

    ra 1029

    in SW IA

  230. anothereader..i’m just going to take my lead from hillary as far as what i post on blogs etc. i noticed one thing in her speech was talking about being commander in chief.. basically as i see it the country is going to have to take a hard look at obama now and see if they can see him doing that job, if he’s ready for it. because all told it is about who can do the job.
    iagree with you,

    she need to work on that and say can you see my fellow democrats in that job…do you think they can handle the pressure,and roll up there sleeves on
    day 1,she needs a new pitch ..on those lines
    above..and be herself and not so scripted…because you can see that…

  231. I know that attendence more than doubled in my precinct, but understand it was Clinton supporters responsible for the turnout here.

    I was at a precinct that was not friendly for the disabled. A wheelchair had to be carried up/down stairs in an elementary school. We did have a small fraction of caucusers who couldn’t make it tonight because they were sick with colds, in their 80s/90s, and too afraid to come out — not enough to overcome a 7pt deficit, or course. I actually have the flu myself, so I understand.

    I have no idea about what happened in the rest of IA — the WashPo states that BO credits youth turnout. I also have a low opinion of Penn and his nonsense (older comments of mine will reflect that I though he was in error disrespecting youth turnout).

  232. and to she needs to go to universitys big ones and set the college affordable thing to them and push it…because she is the only one with the real issues he doesnt talk about them,just hope bs is what it is..

  233. 1950 dem,

    if you go back on the post, you will see where rjk, put in a site to explain super delegates to me…

    but in essence here is what it is:

    all the govenors, senators and congress get a vote in the primaries, and they are super delegates.
    that means they are free to choose to vote for anyone they choose…

    like obama could vote for himself and hillary herself, i guess there are some 200 and some superdelegates…
    150 some have already pledged to hillary, 50 for obama, the other super delegates have yet to pledge their vote…

  234. As for Hillary’s campaign choosing not to ‘duck’ Iowa…. Whatever its other aspects, the Iowa Dem caucuses (at least in their early stages) seem to be somewhat TRANSPARENT. You could see exactly what age and gender of people were standing together for which candidate, and hear which issues they chose to talk about. If something fishy went on with out of staters or GOP plants, they’re on film and can eventually be sorted out.

    It seems to me that this gives her valuable information about just who feels how about what, and what they’re likely to do. As well as getting 1/3 of the delegates (Rudy, sitting out, got hardly any).

  235. According to CNN:

    1.) BHO – 16 (18)
    2.) JRE – 14 (17)
    3.) HRC – 15 (16)

    The first set of numbers are the delegates assigned by the caucuses and the second set is adding their superdelegates from Iowa to their totals.

  236. reed

    Edwards won our county, fair and square. He’s been here a gazillion times and drew 350 people at a restored farmhouse/museum/gathering place just up the road about 5 miles about 5 weeks ago.

  237. Emjay,

    Edwards was projected to be strong in the south. So, I am not surprised he did well.

    Anyways, Just want to re-thank you as well as the rest of the Iowa volunteers for your great work.

    Off to bed now, night.

  238. anotherreader, your point is well taken. I like her no nonsense, pragmatic way but to MJS’s point, how would you attract the younger demographic that is going for Obama now en masse? So if we can’t make him uncool, we have to make her cool to that voting block.
    In general I am a staunch supporter of hers, so I am not criticizing her. One of the improvements can be if she mixed her all policy, problem solving approach with some grander vision of why she wants to become the president. I am right now torn about the gender aspect of it — if she can manage to convey the historical significance of it while making abundantly clear that she is better qualified than any other candidate, it may work. Their “experience” argument is too mundane while it is substantive and conveys the message — they need to dress it up a bit in grandiose terms, after all this is the job to lead a nation that is at the forefront of everything else in this world — she would be the leader of the most powerful democracy in this world. You need grand ideas and flourishes to match the magnitude of this job.

    In some ways, may be her surrogates could talk about the shame of not having a female leader so far in its history. But it is also difficult given the political system — Thatcher, Gandhi and others became prime ministers in a (much easier) parliamentary system (where they had to convince a few hundred party officials to elect them as their leader. But here, she has to convince every citizen for their vote.) Still for an advanced democracy, we have the opportunity of a lifetime — a viable female candidate comes along and the question is how do we make the most of it. In some ways I am resentful of Obama for spoiling this opportunity by complicating it. But it is ok, she will prevail with the right message and outlook.

  239. Some hard and ugly (but probably accurate) number crunching on the women caucusing from NYT:

    We just caught up with some numbers that you’ll want to see. Turns out Barack Obama did better among women than Hillary Rodham Clinton did. Overall, Mr. Obama won 35 percent of women, while Mrs. Clinton won 30 percent and Mr. Edwards 23 percent. She did well only with women over 65. While older women tend to vote in higher numbers than younger women, that’s still devastating news for her, since women were supposedly the backbone of her candidacy. This weakness was forecast in the Des Moines Register poll, which showed Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton drawing equal numbers of women, at 32 percent each.

    Here’s the breakdown from the entrance polls. Bear in mind that these percentages do not take into account the second ballots. Mrs. Clinton did the worst with youngest women, getting only 11 percent of those under 24 years old; Mr. Obama won 51 percent of them. Mr. Edwards did better than she did among that age group, with 19 percent. They all three split the votes of women between 45 and 59. But Mr. Edwards did best with women between 60 and 64, winning 36 percent of them compared with Mrs. Clinton’s 34 percent and Mr. Obama’s 19 percent. Mrs. Clinton did best with women over 65, winning 48 percent of them, compared with 21 percent for Mr. Edwards and 20 percent for Mr. Obama.

  240. pm – i don’t know how she can make that appeal or what they should do with message. but, i bet they’ll figure it out.

    the main thing i figured out tonight is there’s been so much worry and hype about iowa, and iowa is important and thank goodness enough people got out so that hillary did respectably well (thank you again emjay).. anyway, now that iowa has finally happened i think it feels liberating to have a setback and now it’s like, ok, that was it? we can handle that! it’s time to go back to work! 🙂

  241. DemAC, these numbers are disappointing. She should probably do a tour of the universities — include a couple of university venues in her agenda and especially gear her message to historical significance of her candidacy — she should probably repeat her Beijing speech or something along those lines about gender inequities and where this country ought to be.

  242. BTW, I offered up a resolution which passed 76 to 1:

    Be it resolved that the duly elected Democratic POTUS, will begin to end the war in Iraq within 90 days from the swearing in on January 20, 2009.

    Hill told me she would start the process in 60 days, but I wanted to give her wiggle room.

    Now that resolution has to be discussed at the platform commttee hearing, and I am now a member of that platform committee. HA!

  243. I went to our caucus watching party-and cong lee called in after the caucuses. she told us of how she saw sites flooded with indies and repubs voting for obama. they caused chaos insome places. were bullying in nature-esp towards women there. she basically said obama won by importing non dems into the caucuses. she was very angry. a sad day for democrats to me. i am 28 yrs old, im a frmr college dem pres here, and im mad. i and others here work to the bone for hillary-20 hrs a day for no pay, which is fine . from day one obama approached young folks-he did. he treated them like part fo the process. tonight i talked with a yd leader who is backing hillary. he has emailed the campaign many times to be involved in these early states and still has no response. iwill get that response for him and all the others who gave me the same story tonight. hillary hasnt wirten off young folks-but many feel she is running the ususal campaign and not engaging them. i have 50 yds ready to go tommorrow to sc or wherever. we have asked many times for a small expeniture for a bus or two to go there-after all these are poor college kids. we have yet to get any resources. i feel thought that tommorrow we will. we are important and Im tired of bo hogging the support with lots of young folks my age. sick of it. i hope yall dont see me as bashing-i will walk on glass for hillary. but we are in a real srious fight for the nomination. i just pray we can get these young folks from other states involved and go to nh, sc etc and be part fo history. im sad tonight. really. hillary needs to hit bo hard now-hit him on being a dem. being pro union etc.. i also think hillary’s camp needs a reshuffle soon-some new blood-young folks like me who have worked so many campaigns and are ready to help lead america. sorry for the long post!

  244. pm,
    Yes and I specifically think the campaign should try some form of broad outreach to female college students. When Hillary spoke at Wellesley it was very well received, but then it was like students as a group was ceded to The Anointed One. I believe a drive with, by and for female students, to elect the first female President, cannot wait for the general election but should be conceived and organized right now, for the primaries.

    We must wage a harder battle also for the youth vote, for the women vote and for the well educated vote!

  245. Texan4Hill: You sound like a strong leader. I am a retired prof and I, too, would walk across the fire for Hill. I do feel like Hill needs to make a bigger play for academics. If you can engage charismatic profs you can also engage students. I can envision some ways to make this happen. I applaud you on your energy and commitment to Hillary. She is every bit as great as you think and she has multiple opponents. Her male opponents are just the tip of the iceberg. She also has the media she is fighting against and this image of her as status quo. Are you in touch with leaders in your legislative/congressional district that have endorsed Hillary. Are there donors in your area who’d be able to give you guys some support? Like I say, I can imagine several ways that you might get some sponsorship. Is that SHeila Jackson Lee you are speaking of? I hope that she will go public and I hope there is some evidence. Not that anything illegal was done, but it will help to expose what is actually happening. Thank you for your long post and your report. Keep up the great work.

  246. Okay, so basically they split the delegates 16-15-14 with Hillary getting 15. Big @##$$%%in’ deal.
    That’s like a statistical tie, not a ‘victory’ or ‘concession’ situation.

    I took a nap, but when I asked a tv watcher, he said ‘What concession speech? I didn’t hear a concession speech.’ So I went and listened to the speech at her website. She congratulated Obama AND Edwards. She said it was a victory for Democrats, so many people showing up, getting ready to elect a Democrat in November. Then she settles into selling herself as the best nominee.

    That’s not a concession, the ‘concession’ label is just spin.

    (Why does Taylor Marsh headline ‘Obama wins Iowa’? It wasn’t a win, it was a tie.)

  247. btw

    anybody want about 100 quartered ham sandwiches…mayo/mustard/horseradish spread?

    also just a little gem…a couple celebrating their multi-decade wedding anniversary TODAY, decided to come and stand with our girl instead of going out to dinner…and most of the thanks for that goes to a guy named Chip who came from Arlington, VA to help out here in Iowa. I’m hoping to get Hillary to make a big deal about it with them too, because originally, they were not going to caucus on such an important day for them. Chip visited with them more than once and I tried to make a big deal of it when I learned they had changed their minds and come to caucus. I’m going to put a little thing in our weekly paper about it.

  248. The state Rep that implored her campaign to let Hillary be Hillary is absolutely right. It is just awful that she lost the women’s vote too, btw.

    My father called me after the loss and said that he doesn’t understand why they would try to run away from Bill. It’s just not natural and reinforces this contrived image. No one in their right mind thinks they are not running together.

    America loves a f’ing comeback too btw. They especially like it when it is someone from the past that they can connect with. For example, the entire TV show desparate housewives is premised on just that. Rich Brooks of all coaches just took the Kentucky Wildcats to their second bowl game win (in football!).

    America loves the Clintons. I just don’t understand why they would let BHO and JRE usurp that. And, they have.

  249. admin,
    I assume you are well connected and can forward to the campaign leadership the sentiment that texan4hillary express so eloquently. I think it’s very important because right now it feels like in this respect we’re fighting with one hand behind our backs.

    Hillary has nothing to lose and everything to gain by reaching out to students; Hillary is a role model for young people if I ever saw one! A concerted efforts to reach out to students in general and female students in particular cannot wait; it has to be done now, for the primaries.

  250. Hillary did, indeed, get a lot of valuable information from the caucus. And she did give a great speech. It was incredibly positive and gracious. That is important. A debate is coming up and that is her strength–or one of her many strengths. We’ve got folks here who are on their way to New Hampshire and already there on the ground. We’ll all have a chance to help both from our own homes or up there. There’s plenty of ways people can help everyday from wherever we are–write letters, send out emails, phone call, raise money, help a group get to a state in a van, etc. We all have a lot of work ahead but it will be so worth it!

  251. Tex4Hill

    Never never apologize for any of your blogs…I have learned and want to continue to learn from you.

    Next. Pull your ideas together, put out a plan here and ask for help, support, time, links, attention…whatever. You will be surprised by the support that will be offered.

    I for one think you’ve got some great ideas. Just remember to break down the ideas into tasks, and ask. Look at what the simple idea of everybody using their net contacts and current blog activities has done in 3 weeks to put some brakes and oversight ideas re BO onto other sites.

    Go for it. You might have more support here than you think.

  252. On TM someone posted:
    Obama spent 9 million (2 million more than Hillary) to get 2 extra delegates of the 2,184 needed.

    So — when the figures come out and we find how much each campaign spent per delegate — THEN we’ll have a better idea of the ‘winner’. (Maybe they should factor in the miles from the candidate’s home state, though. 🙂

    Really, too many odd factors here. Hillary managed a tie, which IS a victory.

  253. Hillary should hire admin and fire Penn. Her campaign is micro-managed and targeting a vast collective of constituencies. This is fine if you are Coke or Budweiser and can do brand extensions. It doesn’t work if you are a politician.

    “Ready, Steady” is quite good. She should use that. It is actionable for her amalgamation of voters. Change is like that too.

  254. If the MSM is determined to call a tie a ‘crushing defeat’ — then we need to be looking for ways to by-pass the MSM and get some non-spinny news to the casual voters.

    LJ, how do students GET their information?

  255. You are right, Kentucky_mkt, America does love a comeback.

    It will be so exciting for our girl to come back and claim NH. Think of Oprah’s face. Think of Tweety’s face.

    Can’t wait for Saturday’s debate!

  256. My father called me after the loss and said that he doesn’t understand why they would try to run away from Bill.

    Each and every BO supporter I met here (including a few at the precinct tonight) said the same thing — they thought Hillary would make a fine president but they had a problem w/ Bill & therefore could not stand for her. I will guess that this is a factor in more conservative areas.

    There was even one BO supporter at BC’s Atlantic event who said exactly the same thing to me. I was wondering why she showed up to listen to him.

  257. i do plan the issues i mentioned here to the campaign advisors i know.

    looks like the message out of iowa to america is -“its the youth vote stupid.” hillary must improve her standing with young folks. chelsea is perfect for it. we need some events at colleges in the comming weeks with chelsea and other young members of the clinton camp-and if there are only few then perhaps hire some new faces. i love albright, bill etc but i cannot understand why the young folks,particulalry young ladies were not behind hillary at that podium tonight. i swear just about everyone there was over 50-which is fine except tht obama’s crowd looked lots younger etc..

    to me the choice is clear-time to question obama’s dem credentials now. watching his speech tonight everyone in the room at the watch party was grumbling as he never said he was a dem-only talked about bringing the gopers and indies into our party process. he said we are 1 country. true-but part of this country will block healthcare, etc.. they will do like they did to bill and hillary in 93.
    we dems believe in the right of unions. does obama? nope-he just calls them special interests. i guess working folks are special interests? he talks of brining america together-actually america is more together than ever on dem issues. im proud to be a dem. im proud im in the party of fdr, hst and kennedy. i am. my parents are proud aft union members-all their lives now. my grandma was in many unions.
    we cannot allow for this joker to get away with cutting down our unions-many died for this right.
    we cannot let this guy get away with talking about making deals with right wing america on ss etc.
    as a dem i intend to hold the dem candidates to the standard of being democrats. that means u cant cut down unions, cant run around with a gay bashing cleric in sc, cant use sexist remarks about women-eg hillary sipped tea round the globe, cant avoid critical votes, cant bail out on members of the black caucus who contested the electors of Ohio 2004, cant cut down good trial lawyers like john edwards and demean them, cant blame the murder of a intl figure bhutto on your own dem opponent, cant cut down members of congress who stood to block justice alito and call it “a poor use of our time,” and finally, as a real dem, you CANT vote present on critical right to choose votes.
    yes we are DEMOCRATS. We dont cut deals with gop on critical social matters. We stand up for injustice. We support gay rights, union rights, minority rights, the working poor and middle class,and much more. obama is building a candidacy based on himself-not demcoratic party tenents. therefore i do not trust him.
    my family worked and suffered too damned hard to have everything sold down the river. heck we are working harder now because too much ahs been sold down river already by bush. i want a trustowrthy democratic with a life long record of working for dem issues and fighting real change-not hoping for it.i am a democrat-and will only support a trustworthy dem to take the whitehouse. and she is hillary.

  258. I don’t see anything alarming in what turned up in Iowa. There is still a long way to go before the end of the road; people will be tired of BM soon and the final outcome will surely be President Hillary Clinton in November.

  259. while im bubbling here is the nyt-looks like bill will be fully used in nh for 5 days. also looks like change is comming-in the clinton camp. will we ever be able to hit obama via tv media?

  260. IMO HLR, it is because BHO and the media told them that Bill was bad. They knew that was HRC’s biggest gun and sought to diminish it. Then, they created a narrative about BC being a liability. He presided over the longest economic expansion in US history and he’s not an asset? Unfortunately, this is chess. She cannot defend him or guess what gets referenced.

    On CSPAN, during the second round the BHO supporters were echoing the campaign talking points.

    This is going to be a hit job. I think she should just go all in and be herself.

  261. Here’s a logic problem for the smart.

    Bill Richardson stressed his experience and its importance throughout his campaign.

    Bill Richardson then suggested his supporters who valued that experience switch to Obama the least experienced.

    Therefore, Bill Richardson is not thinking about this country and its problems but something else.

    How sad, cynical, and to be blunt, corrupt.

  262. the question now is-how can hillary stop bo by tuesday in nh. there must be a great deal of heated discussions on that jet to nh about this. the msm is spinning this as can hillary be another clitnon comeback kid? she is deemed the underdog which is great to me. expect 5 days of brutal campaigning. and a debate to on saturday on abc.

  263. They won’t let her do that. The attacks will not stop on her. She needs an authentic comeback IMO. To do that, she should just be herself.

  264. Still angry – was reading Ambinder on The Atlantic and how the hell can this go unnoticed:

    “More than 221,000 Dems turn out… About 90,000 GOPers….”

  265. OMG someone finally had the proverbial balls to say it. You fucking rock Taylor Marsh! It’s women stupid.

  266. T4H go get em’ over there on politico (hi Ben! Thanks for letting me post.). Here is my effort:

    Are you insane? Hillary Clinton is alienating black voters? Jackie Jackson broke ranks with her husband (Rev. Jesse) to endorse and make a commercial for Hillary. I think women will stand up in this election. 60% negative advertising against the first viable female presidential candidate in history and she still gets that much of the vote. Rush is already salivating at the ads he can use to take down Obama. Vote to win ladies. Hillary is steady and ready. And, she has given birth! America needs a real progressive.

    Posted By: like its hawt! | January 04, 2008 at 04:33 AM


    Clinton Campaign Looks Toward N.H.
    Updated 12:25

    By Anne E. Kornblut

    DES MOINES — At 9:25 p.m. Central time, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton emerged onstage to acknowledge the first electoral loss of her career. “I am so ready for the rest of this campaign, and I am so ready to lead,” Clinton said. She spoke for about 10 minutes, with her husband, daughter and mother standing at her side.


    After the public rally, the Clintons held a private pep talk with their staff members on the floor of their hotel. Former president Bill Clinton told downcast aides that there was some good news in the night’s results: that the campaign had gotten far more than 70,000 voters — far more than the campaign thought it needed, he said — and that he is confident a post-caucus analysis will show that Clinton and Obama were tied among first-time voters. He also described second-choice votes as the meaningless result of deals made by other campaigns.

    According to someone who was present in the meeting, Clinton then said that his wife is 12 points ahead in New Hampshire — and that they would be going there on Thursday night, and would win next Tuesday.

    Clinton spent much of the night consoling her downcast supporters, summoning aides to her hotel floor for a pep talk. Later, campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle held a conference call with the entire staff to encourage them for the fight ahead. Although the campaign had spent millions to come in third in the first nominating contest, Solis Doyle praised the effort in Iowa and described it as an “unprecedented” result, according to someone who was on the call. She described the team as “pumped,” reporting that Clinton is ahead 10 points in New Hampshire.


    Clinton supporters mustered a cheer of “Hill-a-ry, Hill-a-ry” and “New Hampshire” in a second-floor ballroom of the Hotel Fort Des Moines, where campaign officials kept turning up the volume of her soundtrack to try to mask the quiet disappointment of the crowd. Her backers — overwhelmingly women — waved signs that read “ready for change” — an ironic twist on a night when voters sought change, and chose her chief rival.

    The surrogate lineup onstage embodied the challenges for Clinton in arguing she represents change. Former secretary of state Madeleine Albright, retired Gen. Wesley Clark and former DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe stood ready to back Clinton up during her concession speech. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was also present.

    Posted at 10:28 PM ET on Jan 3, 2008

  268. ok i have to go to bed somehow. taylor marsh just put this new one up. she wants a major change immediately. and asks-how did hillary lose the caucus t guy with no record, shouts hope all day etc and somehow becomes change while hillary, the 1st viable woman candidate for prez winds up stuck with the label of status quo. i love hillary. i know her potential. and it is unacceptable what is going on right now.

  269. For reasons which are more historical than rational, Iowa is the first primary state, and as of tonight their voters have spoken. But what does it really mean in the larger scheme of things?

    As my dad used to say, as goes Iowa so go the states that are just like Iowa. What he meant was Iowa has certain demographic, geographical, social and procedural characteristics which are unique to that state and not representative of other states, much less the country at large

    Thus, the operative question becomes how should these results be interpreted, and what predictive value do they have in terms for the remaining primaries? Here is the way I see it.

    Let me begin with Hillary. Of all the candidates she was most disadvantaged by these systemic factors. We knew that going in, so much so that the campaign considered by passing the state altogether. Instead she built a fine campaign organization from scratch, put a full court press, weathered withering attacks by Big Media and managed to achieve a virtual tie with John Edwards. Her speech was gracious, stressed party unity and the battle ahead.

    In the case of John Edwards the assessment is entirely different. He began with a significant advantage in terms of the systemic factors listed above, spent more time in the state than any other candidate, received no bad press to speak of, but failed to win Iowa or even come close. Therefore when he says that the race is now down to him and Obama he is whistling past the graveyard with no money.

    In the case of Barack Obama the assessment is different as well. He too began with a significant advantage in terms of the systemic factors above. Furthermore, Big Media deified him as a candidate and shielded him from serious vetting. But the one thing they could not hide is that he is not the choice of Democrats per se, but had to rely on support of Republicans and independents who are unlikely to support him in a general election. None of this will be lost on Democrats in closed primaries. And for all the whoopla the delegate count is pretty close. Finally his speech was self centered and immature.

    My overall reaction to all this is to let Obama and his Confederates (Ripublicans, Nadirites, Big Media, PINOS, DINOS et al.) have their Battle of Bull Run tonight. The war will be won by all the battles ahead, and loyalty to country and loyalty to party will be key factors. And, lest we forget, those are the factors that favor Hillary not Obama. As I have said before, to support Obama is to play Russian roulette with the future of our country, and that is something I will never do.

    I have one other prediction and it relates to Big Media. The results of the Iowa primary should lend new urgency to the need to vet Obama. But they are so arrogant and inbred that they would scoff at the suggestion, and I do not expect maggots to sing. But the time may come when the public takes a closer look at people like Russert Matthews Fineman and realizes that they have been conned. At that point, they will stop listening to them. And wouldn’t that be grand.

  270. Wbboei, I generally agree with your analysis but I think it is really essential for the Hillary campaign to come up with a good media strategy. When you trade stocks you do not want to fight the tape. I feel this campaign should draft some media insiders as a part of the team. There is no reason for us to concede the media battle to Obama. The campaign needs a facelift.

  271. Does anyone know if independents are allowed to show up, register Democrat, and caucus on the same day in Nevada like they are in Iowa?

  272. Good morning, Hillfans. I avoided getting stressed out last night, ignored everything until the brain woke me at 11:30 and I came lurking and reading what you all had to say for about an hour, got up again about 4:30, had java, thought some more, and am back in the fight — and ready to deliver an hours-long pent up rant.

    Since I honestly did not think our girl would walk away with Iowa, although it would have been terrific if she had, I’m still disappointed as much as you all are.

    That said, there is good news, as many of you have already written. I’ve never heard of a marathon runner who won the race the first time she put on running shoes and walked out onto the field. There are few record-setting women marathon runners who can even come close to beating the competition when she runs only against men. I think our girl exceeded expectations since Big Media and the boys club expected her to not only stumble but come crawling and breathless in dead last. Look at who is already gone from the race — Biden, Dodd, Gravel, Kucinich.

    Biden and Dodd were the elder statesmen but it was obvious that their time for a win is past. Although they have the credentials, they lack the fire our girl does. Gravel was never in it to win, he was just an angry old man ranting on stage at the end of the debate line. And then we have Dennis, who should team up with Ron Paul, who has the money and a similar anti-establishment message but a snow-ball’s chance in Hawaii of escaping the inevitable meltdown.

    BreckGirl had the best odds for a win, better than anyone else in the race Repug or Dem, since he’s the candidate who has been wooing and cooing at Iowans for two consecutive presidential caucuses, playing up his humble mill-daddy past, being the angry candidate, trotting out and exploiting his wife’s recurring cancer, and hypocritally railing against everybody he can–unions, 527s, etc.

    Then we have Bambi, the exciting doe-eyed innocent “change”-“unity” candidate who will bring everyone together, promising a new Utopia on Earth, and to bring every evil dictator and terrorist to the bargaining table single-handedly. It is a message the young and inexperienced can readily buy into. Remember not too many cults start out with older, all-ready wise and seasoned adults. There’s a reason for that. Cults need acolytes, eager followers willing to drink the Kool Ade on cue. It’s all about the cult of “The One” who must remain completely unchallenged to maintain leadership. We have all witnessed the drooling, fauning willing self-imposed enslavement of Big Media and Big Blogs who lie enthralled at the feet of the “Chosen One” who now promises “unity” of all (Indys, Repugs, Dems, etc.), peace on earth and good will towards all.

    But wait! There’s a problem since our girl Hillary is not going to simply demur and bow down before the new shining star.

    While telling his adoring supporters that it is their time, that their time has come, “The One” not so shyly means that it is his time — his time has come to rule. His willing handmaiden, MO, did she not, announced only a few days ago that it is their time to rule while they are still close to being “normal” since in another 4 or 8 years they will have so surpassed being “normal” that they could never run in a campaign with mere mortals. It would be beneath them, then, to deign to take up residence in the D.C. castle.

    Quick! Slay that dragon, Hillary. Smite him down with little cuts and big full-force blows. Your army awaits, your minions await your every command.

  273. Clintondem99: I am intrigued by your idea, and
    would love to see a dynamic media strategy emerge in the short time remaing.

    The campaign has some excellent spokesmen–Estrich, Grundwald, Lewis, Stasak. They could go on shows like Olberman where they would get a fair hearing.

    The idea of hiring media insiders is intriguing as well. But we are still left with the observations of Dana Milbank which suggest at a minimum that this would be an uphill battle.

  274. Larry Johnson at “No Quarter” writes:

    I’m glad the folks in Iowa caucus and have a very hands on approach to picking delegates. But last time I checked it is not a winner take all state. Obama, Edwards, and Clinton come out of Iowa with Clinton, by virtue of the super delegate votes, holding the lead. But Iowa, in terms of the delegate votes at the National Conventions, for both Republicans and Dems, means diddly.

    But you would not know that if you happened to listen to the ravings of Chris Matthews. Jesus Christ!! The guy is doing everything but foaming at the mouth and having a full blown gran mal seizure. Bet you didn’t know that what happened tonight in Iowa is the equivalent of the shots fired at Lexington and Concord to torch off America’s War of Independence? Yep. It is so because Matthews said so. Of course, people died back in April of 1775. As far as I know Obama, Edwards, and Hillary are all still alive–literally and politically.

    If the mood strikes you, send a little note to NBC noting that to call Chris Matthews a pig’s ass would be an insult to every pig in Iowa with an ugly, hairy, mud-stained ass.

  275. goodmorning hillfans. i cooled down at work wich is a good thing considering. i know last night i was hurt and very angry at the outcome. but after thinking it over all night i know the clinton machine is far stronger in nh and it is a primary state. i am not badmouthing the caucus, but in the primary it is not as restrictive, have absentee voting, can go before work and after work all shifts. also in my state you have to PROVE u reside in the state, not just show up with a utility bill and claim u live or go to school there. connecticut has none of that crap. so im sorry if it may seem critical of the caucus system in iowa, but i feel there was thousands of votes cast that should not have been “BUSSED” in so to speak. it is done with but i had to give my 2 cents worth. on to nh.

  276. Not meaning to be a downer this morning but here is the type of press we can expect. Drudge has a report with the words “Mr. President” as the headline.

  277. mathews is so full of hate. why do this guy really hate the clintons? he thinks they are scum of the earth.

  278. The debates this Saturday should be interesting. The Democrats should start at about 8:30 pm ET. We will have fewer candidates involved, so there can be more real discussion between Hillary and Obama.

    That’s on ABC in cooperation with Facebook. I understand Facebook has or will have a politics section. I may not use that, but it looks to me like a great opportunity for some of the brighter people on this forum to show their stuff.

    Some have talked about a media campaign. Maybe this is it. I hope some of you will take advantage of Facebook.

  279. Wbboei,
    For starters the campaign should start peddling exclusive stories. I am sure Hillary has a lot of them to narrate may be stuff that is related to her participation in decision making in the 90’s. You could have media personalities like Maria Bartiromo do some serious interviews. BTW Hillary is very impressive when she talks about economy. Instead of complaining about MSM there are lot of other things they can do with the media.

  280. “AG, shake Drudge, Matthews and Russert together and you’ll get a shit cocktail.”

    BMerry, you rock! But seriously, there are articles on mainstream websites already declaring Obama president. Just a heads up on what we face….

  281. hillfans, whatever it’s worth zogby nh tracking poll 32%,obama 26%, and edwards 20%. big grain of salt offcourse. we have to see the potential fallout of iowa and the debate. but remember zogby along with dmr cuaght the obama surge so i really will not doubt zogby this time.

  282. I posted this earlier, but it has a link in it, so it’s still waiting. I just think it’s so timely for what is being discussed on here now. This is about Facebook:

    “Before, after and during the debates, Facebook users will be able to participate in Debate Groups, providing a companion to the televised debates.”

    That sounds like the place some of you would want to be. I suppose I could be wrong again.

  283. I truly believe the DMR poll pushed undecided voters swaying to BHO in the past two days. I hope there will not be any such poll in NH.

  284. Hillary came in 3rd, but she still got almost twice as many votes as Huckabee
    by John Aravosis (DC) · 1/03/2008 11:20:00 PM ET · Link
    Discuss this post here: Comments (165) · reddit · FARK ·· Digg It!

    Huckabee won Iowa with nearly 36,000 votes.

    Hillary lost Iowa, and came in 3rd, with 29% of the vote. A projected 220,000 people turned out to vote in the Democratic caucuses, meaning Hillary got 29% of those voters, or an estimated 63,800 – nearly twice the number of votes that Huckabee got. (Actually, the Des Moines Register’s latest numbers show Hillary getting just over 67,000 votes, so I was right.)

    So our 3rd place candidate beat their first place candidate by almost a factor of two. Not sure what it means, but it’s funny as hell.

    John Aravosis of AMERICABLOG.

  285. I am not looking at Zogby’s poll at all. He only adjusted his model, after seeing DMR’s model. I will be watching the polls conducted by the pollsters who actually work and live in the state.

  286. Barrack Hussein Obama can take his UNITY message to Super Tuesday but he can not win on Super Tuesday. He lacks the passion, organization and the political will of Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton.

    People, polls and pundits have unfairly exaggerated the importance of the IOWA caucuses and early state poll results.

    Super Tuesday is all that matters. Why do all the pollsters behave as if 2008 cycle is like any other? It is NOT! Super Tuesday is different this time and organization and money will matter.

    Hillary has BOTH on her side and she is doing well nationally so

    Go Hillary44 08!

  287. Republicans have NOT lost the Family values issue at all. It is the candidates who do not want it front and center. Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Fred Thompson have all been divorced and remarried.

    That is the main reason the democrats should concentrate on Family Values this cycle! It might help in Huckabee’s nomination so be it. Huckabee is defeatable in the general election.

    Go Hillary44 08!

  288. I need someone to talk me off the ledge. I mistakenly turned to MSNBC and they were talking about how the markets was now in huge favor BO winning NH. I really do want to remain positive

  289. Texan4Hillary posted above:

    “looks like the message out of iowa to america is -”its the youth vote stupid.” hillary must improve her standing with young folks.”


    That’s true, but Obama didn’t reach them using campaign events. They did it with FACEBOOK. Look here:

    Then click on Campaign U at the top of the story. Then click on headlines for more.

    The students backing Obama were busy networking while our side was only campaigning. We were using Internet, but they were using an important modern refinement.

    I think we should be doing it. I believe we should encourage college students in the states ahead to use this medium for our side. If we had been doing it for the Iowa campaign, maybe we would have won!!!

    Maybe this is the last post to appear in this forum. Maybe no one will even read this. It doesn’t matter. If there is another blog, I will post it again. I’m going to be a pain in the butt about it until someone notices it. Then, if no one wants to explore this further, then I will let it go. All I can do is try.



  290. rasmussen is in the field in nh and will dole out a poll saturday but the polls are useless until monday and tuesday.

  291. # lninla Says:
    January 4th, 2008 at 3:34 am

    Still angry – was reading Ambinder on The Atlantic and how the hell can this go unnoticed:

    “More than 221,000 Dems turn out… About 90,000 GOPers….”

    I was thinking about this also. What was the republican turnout? Was there anything unusual about it?

  292. Merryfield, Why does Penn telegraph in advance what he is going to do? I do not believe it is good strategy. Do you know the reason for it?

  293. Here is from Paul Krugman:

    On the Republican side, foreign policy talk is all bluster and braggadocio. To listen to the G.O.P. candidates, you’d think it was still February 2003, when the national discourse was dominated by people who thought that American military might was sufficient to shock and awe the rest of the world into doing our bidding.

    Memo: China has 50 times the population of Iraq.

    The Democrats in general make far more sense. But among at least some of Barack Obama’s supporters there seems to be a belief that if their candidate is elected, the world’s problems will melt away in the face of his multicultural charisma.

    Memo: It won’t work on the Chinese.

    The truth is that China is too big to be bullied, and the Chinese are too cynical to be charmed. But while they are our competitors in important respects, they’re not our enemies, and they can be dealt with.

    A lot of Americans, when they think about the next president’s foreign-policy qualifications, seem to be looking for a hero — someone who will stand tall against terrorists, or transform the world with his optimism.

    But what they should be looking for is something more prosaic — a good negotiator, someone who can bargain effectively with some very tough customers and get the deals we need on energy, currency policy and carbon credits.

  294. I posted about this around a half hour ago, but it has not appeared. I think it’s extremely important.

    Texan4Hillary said: “looks like the message out of iowa to america is -”its the youth vote stupid.” hillary must improve her standing with young folks.


  295. To finish my post above:


    Google A Facebook Primary and learn what the Iowa students were using to promote the Obama campaign and to organize students for the caucus. I have no doubt they will continue to do that in every state. They may not win all the primaries doing that, but they can have an impact.

    Click on Campaign U at the top of that story. Then you can click on the headings and get further information.

    We need to get some our students in NH colleges to do this. Maybe there is not a lot of time left for that state, but it would be a beginning. Meanwhile we need to get this going in the other primary states.

    Give the students a means of playing an important role in the campaign and they will produce for us. Maybe we won’t do it, but Obama will continue that, and we may win after all.

    Remember what Tex4Hil said:


  296. clintondem99, all I can say is that I have faith in Clinton’s team and strategy and will trust that they know why they do what they do. Paul Krugman gets it absolutely right … it takes more than a wish and a prayer to get things done. Hillary has what it takes and second-guessing her and her excellent campaign staff by those of us far less experienced and qualified to judge doesn’t help our candidate. Push her message, don’t weaken her by doubting her wisdom. This is just a campaign, the real work starts January 20, 2009.

  297. My son is going to see BillC at 12:45 and will have a report on what he had to say this afternoon. I’m going to support Hillary at an event tomorrow and will let you know all about that, as well.

  298. clintondem99, i was at work all nite but when i got home and scrolled thru last nite’s thread there were a few snipings going on. i guess the stress can get the best of us.

  299. Edwards is already changing his approach:

    Edwards picked up on the metaphor, saying the New Hampshire primary “will not be about celebrity. It will not be about glitz. It will be about who can galvanize this movement because that’s what this is, a movement for change. We are Seabiscuit.”

    “I am not the candidate or glitz; I am not the candidate of glamour,” Edwards said. “I am the candidate who will fight with every fiber of my being every step of the way… I am the candidate for president of the United States that is the people’s candidate.”

  300. lol, edwards will think of anything. he will be gone by south carolina. he will crawl thru nh on life support gasping for oxygen. this idiot is almost done. jerk spent all of 5 years in iowa and all he can do is come a distant second for the 2nd pres election cycle. he is pathetic.

  301. Merryfield thanks for being the voice of reason. I keep on saying I am not going to watch any news channel but I can’t help myself and it’s making so antsy. I am just so annoyed that these pundits forget that Iowa is just one state and they are brainwashing viewers by thinking it’s all over. Merryfield, can’t wait to get your report about the even your son’s going to and yours.

    People need to keep stressing that Bill got 2% in Iowa and didn’t win anything until Georgia. That should make these pundits shut up. I am just glad NH primaries is close by because I don’t think I can take the glorifying of Obama for another second.

  302. same here caroline. i wish i can be in a deep sleep only to be woken up on tuesday night at around 9pm just to stay away from the national cable news. and i stay away from the nutkook blogs.

  303. pm, that was edwards’s job in iowa and he even fouled that up. hillary is going to have to win this on her own and she can.

  304. People need to go to CNN and vote on who was the biggest loser last night. You know they will run all weekend with “America thinks the biggest Loser in Iowa was ……”

  305. I think the rethugs and their indies voting in dems need to start going back to being who they are. they will eventually. the rethugs who moved to anti-hillary block are smart rethugs.. they wont let a jesus freak as nominee of their party. they will start voting in their again once NH goes out of John Mccain camp to huckabee camp. these4 wall street freaks cannot let a populist bible thumper to be their nominee. thats not who they are. go to rush limbaugh site. there is one anti-hillary story and FOUR anti-huckabee stories right now. they have to get behind their party if they have to stop huck. else republican party the way they know it for past 40 years is finished!

  306. The most important aspect of this entire experience is that we are not panicking. Sure, we’re disappointed and angry but we have been through the fire of CDS for, at least, the last 15 years and we remain focused. While other campaigns are actively seeking the support of the less viable candidates, it is only because said support is able to be passed around. HRC support is solid and is not responsive to trades that may or may not last. HRC supporters become the core as soon as they sign on and the core remains together and fights to the finish which is the white house. We agree on most things but disagreeing makes us stronger and more able to withstand the rampant CDS out there. I’m proud of us, the workers, the voters and future voters as well as the bloggers and I am most proud of our woman , Hillary Rodham Clinton. Iowa is over, we have learned from the experience3 and the future is solidly ours.

  307. Mornig Joke is on for 6 hours today. So far there is no one from Clinton campaign. They had 3 people from Edwards campaign. So far they had reps from all campaign except ours.

  308. Last night JRE announced that he is BHO’s true competition and that our girl is out of the running, as if a .4 lead between 2nd and 3rd is a runaway lead (just ask Big Media, they think it’s HUGE). However, for JRE to stay in the race even for a while longer, is a very good thing, particularly since JRE hsa to go on the attack, which puts BHO in the crosshairs of two candidates and not just one.

    Also, my son, as I have written here before, is a Ron Paul supporter and the realistic voice of reason in my house at times. He points out that on the Repug side, Ron Paul pulled 21% of the Indy vote. In NH Ron Paul has a very strong following and has actively been pursuing Repug, Indy and “undeclared” voters. He will not only pull a lot of those Indy voters but is counting on them. McCain is also expected to have a strong Indy pull. I don’t see BHO snagging the same Repug voters here that he did in Iowa. As for the “undeclared” vote, those can go either way. Until I did my absentee vote as a Dem, I was still listed as an “undeclared”. “Undeclared” voters are more likely to vote Dem than Repug.

    NH is not Iowa and is not so sensitive to negative or issue ads as might be other states. We live outside of Boston, for heaven’s sake. You know, Boston, the place where Mitt’s “Big Dig” is a total expensive fiasco? That state. The state of Whitey Bolger, Southie, etc. etc. We’re a whole lot less “soft” here than some places.

    NH is also a pro-union state and all that union-bashing won’t go over well.

    Does this help?

  309. I just want to punch John Edwards. Did you guys see him on TV this morning claiming victory over Hillary?! What an obnoxious phony he is!

  310. as i’ve said time and again, now is the time to go negative…but to go negative smartly. This win may be good. knowing how obnoxious Obama is, he will be blinded by the blinding lights of a measly slight win.

  311. EDS (Edwards Delirium Syndrome) is a good thing. Embrace it. He has one and only one candidate that he MUST take aim at and that’s BHO for a couple reasons.

    First, if he admits that Hillary is his competition he concedes the fight to BHO.

    Second, the voting here starts early on Tuesday morning, which makes a very small window of opportunity for him to go after BHO.

    Third, he doesn’t have the time or resources to fight a war on two fronts. BHO has to be his target and this is the battle he has to win.

    Fourth, he knows he doesn’t have the same ground team here in NH that Hillary does. I understand he has an office here in town but nobody seems to know where it is. This is blue collar, union territory and I have heard nobody mention that he is even on their “leaning” list.

    Need I go on? Let’s LOVE BreckGirl.

  312. Delegates from Ia (total in parens);

    Obama- 16(66)

    Like I said, the winner still needs a couple more delegates for the nomination.

    Years ago, I went to Monticello racetrack in New York to see the 1st Sugar Ray Leonard-Roberto Duran fight. I had never been to the, “trotters”, before. I placed my bet and watched the horses pull the drivers in their little whatchamacallits around the track, and when they came towards the finish line (where we were seated) I jumped up and cheered at my horse’s (and my paramutual)win, wondering why no one else was celebrating. One of my buddies said, disdainfully, “Uh, they go around AGAIN…”

    Can anyone name a presidential candidate in the last say, FIFTY years, who won EVERY primary?

  313. you know what hillary’s campaign could’ve done? They should’ve directed their caucusers to Edwards in places where it seems an Obama win is likely/inevitable.

  314. terrondt: Take a long nap, go for a walk etc…

    I am still optimistic;

    We had two “preachers” win. If that is the choice in ge, I will act the real preacher over the phony!

  315. I’m going to post this once.

    Iowa is over, and like a colonoscopy, it was unpleasant, but far from fatal. Losers dwell on past failures and lash themselves with, woulda’, coulda’, shoulda’, while winners focus on what they learned from the experience and the future.

    Thanks again to all of those who gave so much in Iowa for the cause. I promise you that your hard work will ultimately be vindicated. To those currently in NH, stay positive and (although I know it’s not possible) redouble your enthusiasm, commitment, and effort as we are all behind you 100%

  316. Methinks the Iowa “phenomenon” has the Right a tad bit worried — how to beat BHO.

    They wanted him, now they’ve got him and have got to figure a way out of THEIR dilemma.

    Isn’t there a saying to be careful what you wish for? hmmmm

  317. clintondem99, I think Hillary’s media strategy needs to be overhauled. I know Hillary doesn’t like the media, and for good reason, but she needs to cultivate them regardless. Failiure to do so has been very costly.

    And I agree with that rep. from NH. Let Hillary be Hillary. We all know what kind of amazing woman she is; it’s time everyone else did, too!

    As for the youth vote, that absolutely cannot be ignored any longer. The stories here about her campaign not helping young supporters are not reassuring, to put it mildly. You’d think Chelsea would be a big asset here.

    Also, don’t let anyone convince you Bill is not an asset. For every Iowa voter who didn’t caucus for Hillary because of Bill, there’s at least one who decided to caucus for her because of him.

  318. With Dodd/Biden out, does anyone think Ted Kennedy will now make an endorsement? He’s apparently “it” in NH and helped put Kerry over in NH didn’t he? With his endorsement we could be even better.

  319. 8) Yes, with more than 60% of the caucus voters in a single state voting for a candidate other than him, he makes a speech as if he’s not only won the Democratic nomination, but the presidency.

    …Years from now, you’ll look back and you’ll say that this was the moment, this was the place where America remembered what it means to hope…

    America? Hardly. Yes, this the change we need. We’ve never had a sanctimonious empty suit in the White House before.

  320. on the bright sight:

    some Hispanic fortune teller/warlock has predicted that Hillary Clinton will win the 2008 presidential elections 🙂

  321. Hey, I’ve seen some astrologers predict that, too, lol. And one said Obama would do well in the early states but Hillary would pull out the nomination by doing well after that. 🙂

  322. Hillary Clinton didn’t waste any time trying to bring Barack Obama back down to earth after his convincing victory in Iowa’s caucus yesterday.

    In her first New Hampshire campaign in a Nashua hangar, Clinton called on the voters to vet her opponents’ records and judge whether they are really ready to be president.

    “There has been a lot static in the air and a lot of unanswered questions about all of us as candidates,” she said. “I want to know from all of you, those who are supporting me, those who are undecided and those who at this moment and time think they are supporting another candidate, what do you want to know about us.”

    Her stump speech was shortened and recalibrated to address the issues and demographics where she was especially vulnerable to Obama. With more people worried about the tenuous state of the economy, she said “One of my … opponents, I don’t know where he stands on balancing the budget and the other one doesn’t think it’s a very big deal.” She also said, “We are just at the very beginning of a very tough economic year” and called the current health care system “uneconomic.”


    And for those who think she is too divisive, she echoed Obama’s refusal to see the country as a compilation of red states and blue states. “We are one country,” she said. “We need to be that again.”

    After a short speech, Clinton argued it was time for voters to demand more information about their candidates. (Her aides have continually complained about what they say is a relative lack of media scrutiny on Obama.) With that she opened the floor to a question-and-answer period, which has always been her strong suit.

    Clinton was introduced by her husband, who is extremely popular in New Hampshire and who wore pink shirt. “Are you ready?” said the former president. “We got in at 4:30 last night. I think my girls look good. Don’t you?”

    He sought to convince New Hampshire voters that they could prove their independence by refusing to be mowed over by the momentum of the Iowa caucus winner.

    “New Hampshire has given you the chance to prove that you are the first primary,” he said, appealing to “your well known and independent judgment.”

  323. Hillary’s Fundraising E-mail:

    “We’ve got more work to do.” That was my first reaction as I saw last night’s election results come in. And today in New Hampshire, I’m pounding the pavement, looking for every last vote in next Tuesday’s primary.

    With your help, we can make it clear that the Democratic Party needs a nominee who can go the distance in a long, challenging campaign to win the White House, and that the American people need a president who can be an effective champion for them on day one.

    Iowa sounded the opening bell of this campaign. New Hampshire is only four days away — and the pace only quickens from there.

    The stakes couldn’t be any higher. Events couldn’t be moving any faster. With everything on the line, let’s show them what we’re made of.

    Please contribute now.

    You and I know just what to do at times like this. Work harder than everyone else and rely on each other every step of the way. If we do that, I know we’ll win.

    You’ve already done so much. But today, I’m turning to you to help fund crucial activities in New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina and beyond.

    Make a contribution today to help me win.

    We’re not just working to prevail over other candidates in a hard-fought contest for the Democratic nomination. This is about more than that. It’s about our unyielding determination to reclaim our country from an administration that has failed us, betrayed our trust, and undermined our values.

    That’s why these next few days matter so much. I’m doing everything I can to drive our campaign to victory and I know you will do the same.

    With your help, we can win. Make a contribution now.

    Let’s keep working to change America.

    All the best,

    Hillary Rodham Clinton

  324. I just think she needs to shed the micro-managing image that many people think she has.
    You know Obama PLAYED UP this idea of a movement and how people should join the Obama Hope Movement. Hillary (although she is clearly a better choice) had no such movement. I would start talking about how being a woman, no a TON, but talk about what it means to be a woman in the political realm.

    To get back the college vote NOW will be extremely hard because schools will no be back in time for New Hampshire, but for Feb 5 Hillary should definitely go to all girl schools like the one she came from and relate to these intellectual women who are looking for a place in the United States.

    Let Hillary the person shine through and get a clear message through so that it becomes synonymous with Hillary.

    Also the youth get their news from other youth so it is important to get your message out to them even if they don’t buy it or already chose Barack tell them what you are about. You know there is an ANTI-Hillary group of facebook thats goal is 1million members and it has I think 750,000. The reason is because they do not know Hillary, they think she is what the media has tried to make her into. Show them the real Hillary who cares about the education costs and ending the war like I said they may not except it, but at least they know you tried.

  325. Sorry folks, but you really have to dig deep to find anything but sparklers and champagne corks:

    Obama’s message of hope and unity was also a fine fit for Iowa, a state where voters are notoriously resistant to negative campaigning. The Democratic contest there was a relatively civil affair, where not a single televised attack ad was aired and where the contenders exchanged only mild jabs.

    Such pleasantries will surely be jettisoned in New Hampshire by Clinton and John Edwards, who placed slightly ahead of Clinton in Iowa and who has shown his willingness to take a scalpel to his opponents when necessary. Edwards staked much of his candidacy on Iowa but aides say he has the resources in New Hampshire to fight on.

    All of that means Obama goes into this state’s compressed contest with a target on his back – a situation he has managed to avoid throughout his career in politics.

    “Obama, through an unprecedented convergence of luck and skill, has never before faced serious attack delivered by a competent opponent,” Democratic strategist Dan Newman said. “He’s now earned the right to be mercilessly scrubbed and scrutinized. No one knows how he’ll respond to the challenge, and how voters will evaluate the criticism.”


    Hillary Clinton’s aides say her campaign will renew its scrutiny of Obama’s comparatively thin record and lack of foreign policy experience, questioning whether he is ready to lead in a dangerous world.

    They will also try to paint him as something of a phony – someone whose lofty rhetoric isn’t born out in his own public record. They point to his votes in the Senate to fund the Iraq war even as he tried to position himself as the strongest anti-war candidate in the field.

    “He talks about change but has no real record of making change,” said Mark Penn, the Clinton campaign’s pollster and senior strategist.

    The Clinton campaign is also likely to begin airing commercials attacking Obama’s health care plan, which they say would leave 15 million people uninsured.

    Edwards, meanwhile, can be expected to renew questions about whether Obama’s brand of unity politics is too naive for the dog-eat-dog world of partisan Washington.

    Much will also be riding on a nationally televised debate among the Democratic contenders Saturday. Both Clinton and Edwards have typically excelled in such forums, while Obama’s performances have been inconsistent.

    “The debate will loom large,” said Dante Scala, a political scientist at the University of New Hampshire. “It’s a chance for Clinton to score some needed points, so she will probably try to make Obama look bad and capitalize on something with regard to his lack of experience.”

  326. Paula said
    “As for the youth vote, that absolutely cannot be ignored any longer. The stories here about her campaign not helping young supporters are not reassuring, to put it mildly. You’d think Chelsea would be a big asset here.”

    Paula, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I’ve been posting to what I feel sure needs to be done to organize the youth, but it seems to me that I’m in a read only mode.

    Well, at least I can read all the good stuff others post here.

  327. First Read: From Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, and Domenico Montanaro
    MANCHESTER, NH — The biggest single change from yesterday to today is this: Barack Obama is the new front-runner. And with that distinction comes a lot, including: increased scrutiny, higher expectations, and a big fat bullseye on his back. Obama thought he was under a microscope before? He ain’t seen nothing yet. But as recent history has shown, being the front-runner after Iowa isn’t a bad place to be. Four years ago, John Kerry took a single victory in Iowa, added a scoop of Dean scream, and turned it into a rout for the nomination. Team Obama hopes to ride this same wave, which may be bigger and stronger since he appears to be the first serious movement candidate with a shot at the nomination since McGovern. The calendar is certainly on his side. By the way, a few months back, we had an Obama partisan tell us that if Obama won Iowa substantially, the endorsements would start rolling in. How many reporters have already emailed Kalee Kreider asking her Al Gore’s whereabouts?

  328. BHO gets veted from left Michael Moore

    ‘Moore warned Obama that Republicans would not go quietly if he prevailed to the general election, and he questioned the Illinois senator’s commitment to universal healthcare.

    “So Barack, you can talk all you want about “let’s put the partisanship aside, let’s all get along,” but the other side has no intention of being anything but the bullies they are. Get your game face on now. And, if you can, tell me why you are now the second largest recipient of health industry payola after Hillary. You now take more money from the people committed to stopping universal health care than any of the Republican candidates,” More wrote. “Despite what your answer may be, I was proud to sit in my living room tonight and see you and your family up on that stage. We became a bit better tonight, and on that I will close by saying, sweet dreams — and on to that other totally white state of New Hampshire!” ‘

  329. Another version of the AP post/quotes:

    Obama has gone into this state’s compressed contest with a target on his back — a situation he has managed to avoid throughout his career in politics.

    “We don’t need more heat — we need more light,” he said Friday, as if anticipating the sharper tone to come.

    But he’s under the klieg lights now.

    “Obama, through an unprecedented convergence of luck and skill, has never before faced serious attack delivered by a competent opponent,” Democratic strategist Dan Newman said. “He’s now earned the right to be mercilessly scrubbed and scrutinized. No one knows how he’ll respond to the challenge, and how voters will evaluate the criticism.”

    Clinton said Friday that voters deserve a close examination of Obama’s positions and the contrasts among candidates.

    “I think everybody is supposed to be vetted and tested,” she said. “The last thing Democrats need is to move quickly through this process, so telescoped, without taking a hard look at all of this. … It’s hard to know exactly where he stands and people need to ask that.”

    She added: “I think there’s a lot to talk about, comparing and contrasting.”


    Clinton’s aides say her campaign will renew its scrutiny of Obama’s comparatively thin record and lack of foreign policy experience, questioning whether he is ready to lead in a dangerous world.

    They will also try to paint him as something of a phony — someone whose lofty rhetoric isn’t born out in his own public record. They point to his votes in the Senate to fund the Iraq war even as he tried to position himself as the strongest anti-war candidate in the field.

    “He talks about change but has no real record of making change,” said Mark Penn, the Clinton campaign’s pollster and senior strategist.

  330. I know that Taylor Marsh wants her to fire Penn, and Clinton seems revved up to show the contrasts of experience to make change and policy knowledge vs. the Mr. symbol-of-change-empty-suit, but I do believe that a significant clue last night was a showing of the anti-Hillary’s, the right-leaners and the Republicans, who undoubtedly, donned their Democratic sheep-skin and did a drive-by-primary to save Obama and do a hitjob on Hillary. She has to quell that hate somehow because hate twists everything around including hearing and seeing what will be best to guide this country forward – her experience. The biggest problem is the link between the Republican haters and how they’re so able to lead the Democratic youth astray, and the Republicans have the advantage with their community building online. None of the young voters have many memories of the great achievements of the Clinton administration – they only know the scandal spoon-fed to them by the right-wing Clinton-Haters. Something needs to be done about that – but acknowledging that link itself, and perhaps finding a fixer is needed at this point. Not just a contrast strategy.

  331. Still think there’s no quid pro quo for Trippi with Axelrod. Read this.

  332. I heard Barbara Mikoulski(spelling?) on the radio — she sounded very upbeat about Hillary and her prospects in Maryland.

    VA governor Tim Kaine is supporting Obama — don’t know why. Mark Warner the previous governor gracefully opted to sit this election out, but not Obama. I would vote for Warner in a heartbeat in ’16 (but be ready for a smart but insipid politician — nothing phony about him).

    There is a fairness question with regard to Hillary here — the voters should realize she should not have to pay a price for things she was not responsible for. They should look at her as an independent candidate

  333. I just heard on MSNBC the kind of argument Repubs would be making against BHO. One of MCCain’s advisers remarked that ‘Barack may be charming , Charismatic and may have beautiful family but totally lacks foreign policy experience when compared to Mccain’ . That would be a devastating argument which would be very difficult to counter.

    I bet repugs are choming at the bit to have a go at him.

  334. filbertsf,

    Doug Wilder is a former Governor of VA and the first African-American Governor of that state. I think he is now a mayor somewhere in VA.

  335. morning everyone,

    i am over it now…
    i feel good about the whole thing…
    i think what we feared would happen, did happen…
    iowa caucuses were infiltrated by all sorts of unscrupulous people:
    out of towners
    and back door deals with candidates…

    now hillary can move on and talk truth about the character of some of the candidates.

    anyway, glad we all ‘HAVE OUR GROVE BACK’…

  336. I’m still here, and am sending money today and plan on doing some phone calling over the weekend. We don’t get knocked down that easily.

    Let’s roll, folks! 🙂

  337. continuing my previous post — just one last thought about the fairness question and how the society should look at Hillary as a candidate in her own right — smart successful women sometimes marry smart successful men and they have to take turns at their career choices (case in point, eBay’s CEO Meg Whitman’s surgeon husband agreed to move to SF giving up whatever advantage he had with his well established career saying it was her turn). As women progress, these opportunities have been more and more possible. We can’t penalize Hillary if we want to progress as a fair society interested in equality — now how do we say this to anti-Hillary crowd?

  338. It seems BHO told a NBC campaign embed that if he wins NH primary he is sure to get the presidential nomination.

  339. “.. the next round of Clinton ads will go beyond the previous gentle references to Obama’s lack of experience and begin to look at, for instance, inconsistency in his voting record. They are looking at issues like gun control, where he previously took a harder stand that may not play well with gun-loving voters in New Hampshire, and health care, where he previously expressed support for a government-run health care system. Clinton plans to exploit every whiff of inconsistency.”


    “Of course the contest has only just begun — something the campaign was quick to emphasize. ‘It’s been a hard fought race here in Iowa for the last year and all eyes now turn to New Hampshire,’ campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle said in a statement issued shortly before Clinton took the stage. ‘This race begins tonight and ends when Democrats throughout America have their say. Our campaign was built for a marathon and we have the resources to run a national race in the weeks ahead.'”,8599,1700129,00.html

  340. pm – I’ve always thought that the gender barrier would be much higher than the race barrier for the presidency because even young women can’t see the sexism and misogyny they repeat from this patriarchal society. I don’t think the culture is ready – therefore it can’t see equality right now, and what we know from our experience as women. But regarding the Anti-Hillary – they have to get rid of the hate, and especially the hate in the netroots which speaks directly to youth. due to last night’s frustrating results – I’ll speak my mind. i’m in my mid-30s and my social circle is the X & Y generations, the Y generation and younger is showing their support in spades for Obama, and the question on Politico today is how can she get that youth vote because they are showing they are a powerful group. I will say that it’s great that Hillary’s getting these endorsements, but as far as what demographic cares, it will be those who understand and respect those people and understand their place in politics – as opposed to the youth. they could care less. back in July when I started volunteering for Clinton’s california campaign, I started looking at the comments boards on Politico, Huffpost, TPM, and everywhere (not so much MyDD), and they are riddled with Anti-Hillary-ites, and since Obama’s rise, they have been deluged with much younger people – you can tell the comments are about as mature as some of those on Facebook, and the intellectual analysis of policy took a sharp nose-dive. I asked the Clinton campaign to really put some energy into getting more people to blog, comment on websites and push-back on the negativity on the sites because it is it is substantially chatter for the youth. I really hope it is not too late. They really need to speak directly to youth, and as much as I love this site because it is a refuge from the daily twisting of the MSM, we’re preaching to the choir, and our talking points and the truth aren’t being heard by the MSM or the Youth.

  341. Ininla and others: agree with the sentiment. Obama very vulnerable on his own polarizing core beliefs: afrocentricism and age-ism. Unity is not always good when it is based on exclusivity, not inclusivity. THis theme of unity has to be exposed for what it is. We do have to reach the youth and others as well who are not understanding what we mean when we talk about misogyny and such. They do not have the background to evaluate such things as well as agism and racism.

  342. CD99, in my gut I believe that the O-bomb-O is just hanging over his head and waiting to drop when he least expects it and I don’t think MSM will be able to ignore it when it happens. I know nothing, but it’s just something that I feel in my gut.

    The Right doesn’t want Huckabee and they don’t want BHO either. Even worse, they fear that either one possibly could beat the other; therefore, both must be destroyed.

  343. well, to put the impact of 800-1000 ILlinoisans for Obama into light:

    if its just 800 illinoisans, some precints are as small as 30-80 people. Sending 10 additional Obama people (from Illinois) could easily tip the scale in such places (if these groups spread out as much as they have said they have). And in populous areas, by importing 50-60 Illinoisans for Obama, easily, he can tip the scale again.

    I’m quite sure now that this is the case for a lot of precints in teh center around Des Moines and the Eastern Border.

    Of course, I will not credit Obama’s victory to only these imports. I’m just trying to put some light on how despicably insidious and low-stooping the Obambi campaign really is.

    Illinoisans most likely DID make a difference in Iowa…just as anti-hillary independents and anti-hillary republicans did in the DEMOCRATIC caucus.

  344. Guys. We must speak of such dirty politics to our enemy now.

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    If popular Republicans and republican news can start to vet Obambi early, the MSM will catch on too, I believe.

    So…maybe turn to some help from the big dumb red elephant??? 🙂

  345. MollyJRichards, I’ve been trying all day to post something about how to reach and organize the youth, such as college students, but got no response. I’m assuming my posts did not appear for some reason.

    I believe I know how the students got organized for the Obama campaign, and it would work for us. In fact, it should be done in every state intending to have a caucus or primary in the near future. The others can wait.

    Just in case my other posts were actually appearing, and no one was interested, I don’t want to repeat it here unless I’m asked.

  346. Notice the line on FirstRead about Obama being the biggest “movement” candidate since George McGovern. We all know how that election turned out, don’t we.

  347. Looks like Hillaryhub and HillaryFacts have been eliminated. Both site now links back to the Official site.

  348. BMerry,

    Basically that Axelrod and Richardson lied all yesterday to the media about their deal. And that Richardson and BO swapped votes in order to keep Edwards down.

  349. From that article:

    Conservatives should be praying that Hillary wins the Democratic nomination, and it still looks like she will. Hillary is so polarizing that people like her or hate her; there is almost no middle ground for her. She would be much easier to defeat in a general election. Obama poses a much greater threat to Republicans than any Democratic contender. He should be the target. Republicans and Conservatives have made a huge tactical error by trying to bring her down and ignoring Obama. If anyone wants a Republican to be in the White House in 2009, they had better abandon their Clinton bashing strategy and re-aim their guns at Obama.

  350. Some hard lessons I’ve learned: I will always look at the least favorable poll for Hillary and accept it as gospel, and I won’t dismiss rumors like the Richardson-Obama one so easily.

  351. reed061, if that was the deal, then it was a huge miscalculation on Richardson’s part on several fronts. He has now branded himself a liar. Axelrod has shown himself to be the skunk we should have known he is. BHO can be counted on to work dishonestly, which we already expected. Hillary should count Richardson among her enemies. On and on.

  352. B Merryfield, I would not be spreading around articles from RedState saying that BO is a bigger threat to Republicans. Just saying. Bad move.

  353. This is garbage:

    “She would be much easier to defeat in a general election. Obama poses a much greater threat to Republicans than any Democratic contender.”

    I hope you don’t buy that, B Merryfield. It’s not that I don’t think Obama can win, because it depends on whom the GOP nominates, but any conservatives who underestimate Hillary are deceiving themselves.

  354. Paula, I repeat. The Right wants BHO for the same reasons now that they wanted him before. Watch the pundits and see if anyone backs off Hillary. Ain’t gonna happen.

  355. Any reports regarding HRC’s stump today in NH? I know NH can think for themselves and not allow these stupid pundits fill their minds with trash.

    I was a mess last night even though I knew she wasn’t going to win Iowa but when I watched her thank you speech from last night today, it just made me feel so calm and so much better. It’s like when a mother soothes their crying infant and makes them feel better. I love HRC. She will prevail.

  356. Hillary rules! That is all- just a drive-by. 🙂

    In an hour I will be boarding a bus for NH!! Yeeeeeehaw!

  357. daily kos,

    a pricinct ‘person’ from iowa, comments about obama people hearding richardson people over to obama, not asking permission or talking points, just telling them that they need to follow to obama side, orders of richardson…

    i think we need to have a number of how many repugs changed their party affiliate last night, and how many small and big towns, had larger turnout of women than then possible….
    also wouldnt hurt to have statements immediately before stories get fuzzy and people forget…

    when we are pointing out differences, ALL WE NEED TO DO IS POINT OUT POSSIBLE BAD BEHAVIOR…
    TIME TO PLANT DOUBT ON OB’S PRICIPILES, he’s done it to hillary… time to cast aspersions on him for a change…

    admin are you there?

  358. Talking and listening to people around town here in NJ today no one is pleased. Even on NJ talk radio people are up in arms President Huckebee, President Obama everyone is saying no way.. You would not believe how many people I heard today say that the repubs want Obama as the nominee so they can keep the White House. True Democrates know what is going on and will not tolerate it. Sure, he will get a bump in NH and that is where it will end as long as NH indies see voting for McCain as a way to be rid of Romney once and for all.

  359. With regards to Hillary supporters pushing back I believe that Obama is vulnerable in what he has NOT accomplished in the U.S Senate. Obama presents himself as we all know in messianic terms – that he is the only candidate that can “bring change” bring the parties together, get people from all different points of view to come to the table, etc.etc. Well if he can do that why ISN”T he doing it in the US Senate? He needs to be challenged (I think) on his rhetoric. Why isn’t he crossing the aisle and getting Republicans to see the Democratic way in legislation such as the SCHIP expansion. Why hasn’t he been able to get Republicans to cross the aisle and vote with the Democrats to limit war funding, to put a time limit on troop withdrawal. Why isn’t he working with Harry Reid (whatever we might think of him) to help pass legislation that is at the core of the Democratic party’s agenda. I do not see Obama doing anything to promote Democratic causes. The so called ethics legislation that he helped co-sponsor with Tom Coburn was widely criticized as too little reform. There needs to be a contrast between his rhetoric and his actions. The last time I looked he was sitll a member of the Senate and that is a pretty powerful club. Or does he have to wait until he is elected to use his pixie dust. This is the gist of many posts that I have submitted on various blogs.

  360. I am not sure if anyone else saw this – yesterday, Olberman had David Gregory reporting from one of the caucus rooms, must have been shortly after 8:00 pm or so – and he reported that he was in what was considered as a very republican precinct and actually said that all those folks caucusing behind him were most likely republicans who had come to participate in a democratic caucus. I heard that and knew what was in store. No guessing as to where those votes went.

  361. Caroline,

    Hillary will be speaking at the NH Democratic Party Dinner tonight along with those other guys. I believe C-SPAN will be airing it live.

  362. we all know what hillary has to do. im hearing she will run ads on barack and guns in nh etc.. hit him hard-deliver body blows. we cant wait anymore. hillary lost by 8 pts in iowa-someone’s head must roll for this. sorry-that is politics. we are in trouble here. penn told hillary be above the fray etc-it never works. didnt work for kerry in the general did it? didnt work for gore did it? how has hillary become the non change candidate and obama has? a big mistake to not go after these guys way early. now i jsut dont know what will happen-but im fighting hard here-

  363. taylor marsh on radio saying clinton has to win nh,
    she says 3wins for ob would start a landslide for super tuesday…
    she says its doable because new hampshire likes a good fight, but if hill doesnt fight now, shes screwed…

    well i hate hearing that democrats are like sheep, and obama and Rove are leading them. she thinks they are being led because they are playing on dems fear of losing to repugs. so thus electibility…

  364. and neg ads do work-very well in fact. he cannot be off scot free anymore starting now. she must win nh. be ready to do lots of calls via hillary’s website to nh starting now as well etc.. this is our moment

  365. guys. the best way to win this one for our girl is to start an all out battle between edwards, Obama, the republicans, and likewise.

    As of now, I would much rather an edwards win than an Obamanation win.
    If we work as a group and talk to these top honchos at the Edwards, Obama, Republican camps…we CAN start this battle and bring Obama down with it.

  366. I am in the blackest mood I have ever been in. Staying away from people if I can.

    I am still planning on the Monday Bloomberg meeting, but I have court at 1. 🙁 I hope not to cut it too short.

  367. right now, I think it is crucial that we let out the word of obama’s cheating ways and the many other things he’s done (his present votes…and any other dirt) and hand that directly over to the Edwards camp with multitudes of people repeating the same message.

    secondly, we must then act as republicans in disguise and find some way to make Obama out to be a threat to the Republican nominee, whoever he may be.

    thirdly, we must act also as Obamalamadingdongers in order to fuel a bitter battle between he and Edwards.

    we can do this…with some planning.

  368. **********************************************************************************

    i wish hillary would say:

    let the others run on ‘hope’ or ‘whatever’,
    as for me, ‘I’M RUNNING ON REALITY’….


  369. ^^ Actually, skmf12, that is pretty good, but i think it should be something like:

    candidates are coming to you from all sides, promising change and promising to restore hope in the presidency. And that is exactly the kind of change that American people deserve. But, Americans do not deserve to be putting their hope in a person who fears republicans and thus votes “present” in the state senate. The American people cannot have a president whose history of change has only been in changing his opinion whenever he feels his original opinion is not valid. Americans deserve a president who works from day 1 and has a record of creating change and bringing about the positive change that the hope of the American people should BE for. American people are entitled to knowing their candidates and I advise you to research each and every single one of us. While some may speak of hope, their past actions and voting records leave us little to be hopeful for.

  370. I think I have about gotten over this. We need to move on! Caroline is right!
    If Hillary can be so gracious about it and continue doing the hard work and fight on, so can we!

  371. rjk,

    i would love to come up with one but mine would look like this:

    obama 8$#@#76()*@$&, so, @#%^&(())_!!!

  372. i have some good ideas for a sorta-negative ad.

    something along the lines of Obama’s ad in Iowa with the flashing lights, the glitz and the glamour…and then a pause with obama’s dumb smiling face and flashing lightbulbs frozen with sad music in the background and a recount of the “present” votes on abortion and gun control and his consistent absences, etc.

    it would be a cool concept 😀

  373. from Robert Novak:

    Clinton: While second place might not mean much for Edwards, third place is harmful to Clinton.
    Clinton is a polarizing figure, which hurt her in Iowa in at least three ways. First, her hardball — and at times dirty — tactics didn’t play well in the Heartland. Her campaign’s backhanded ways of dragging Obama’s past drug use into the spotlight hurt her. Secondly, she was unable to garner almost any second-choice votes. Third, many Democrats feared she would motivate Republicans and turn off independents handing Republicans the White House in 2012.

    High turnout hurt her. She was able to get her supporters to the caucuses, but as long as there was a sizable number of caucus-goers looking for a second-choice, Hillary was in trouble.

    She can still win New Hampshire, in which case she would be on even footing with Obama. However, any veneer of inevitability is completely gone, which hurts her.

  374. also from Rob about Obambi:

    Obama: Obama needed a win, and he got a big one, but this still doesn’t make him the favorite.
    Obama pieced together a strong, enthusiastic base with very healthy support from the backers of non-viable second-tier candidates.

    The Democratic race had developed into a competition over who really represented “change.” Once this was the battlefield, Obama — new on the political scene and optimistic in tone — had the advantage. He also avoided missteps in the final months.

    Independents and young voters — two often over-hyped segments of the electorate — were responsible for Obama’s large margin of victory. Party-switching Republicans (partly reflected in the more than two-to-one turnout advantage Democrats had last night) helped, too. That such a liberal lawmaker could win over Republicans and independents reflects the Iowa voters’ lack of ideology and their attention to tone and personality, where Obama is by far the most adept.

    Going forward, he is not necessarily the favorite to win the nomination, but a win in New Hampshire would crown him as the undisputed front-runner.

  375. your smart mjs.

    but listen to this, its all about the sound bites, its about the two or three line zingers, that stay in your mind… kinda like the hook in a song…

    now let me point out to you what is not a sound bite, anything from one of obamas long winded boring speeches…
    but amazingly enough, ob has alot of sound bites, why?
    because people like mathews and dowd, are spending all their waking hours writing them for him…
    notice when mathews comes up with a real cutting frase or observation about one of hillarys statements, it plays for weeks, some even months…

    so really, hill needs to either hire mathews (not), or hire a cool, hip, speechwriter or publicisct, jingle writer or ad agency to do some conceptualizing for her.

  376. Hillary will stick it out guys, not to worry! Even without a N.H win, she can keep fighting… Think Bill Clinton 92… Another thing is, if she doesn’t win N.H, she still has Florida, and possibly Nevada.

  377. rigso,

    She also get Michigan, too. Namely, because BO took his name of the ballot, but also she has consistently polled better there.

  378. Sherm Kader Says:
    January 4th, 2008 at 9:13 am
    Texan4Hillary posted above:
    “looks like the message out of iowa to america is -”its the youth vote stupid.” hillary must improve her standing with young folks.”
    That’s true, but Obama didn’t reach them using campaign events. They did it with FACEBOOK. Look here:

    You’re right and this is important. We’ve been asking how to reach the youth and also how to bypass MSM and maybe this Facebook thing is already set up to do both!

    But maybe you’re going to have to do it yourself, or at least do something there yourself without waiting for any kind of action or approval or encouragement from the older people or the official campaign!

    If for whatever reason young people are having trouble getting through to the official campaign to ask for funding to bus to NH, you’re sure not going to get the old folks to sit down and figure out what this ‘Facebook’ thing is and think about whether it might be something more than dancing girls.

    Isn’t this Facebook something where, as in blogging, any individual can set something up free? So maybe all you as individuals should just start doing it, each with whatever message you think is important.

    Iirc it was LJ who said what convinced him was Hillary talking good sense about student loans and gay civil unions. There may be other issues out there important to youth that just haven’t been communicated well. Can’t you just find some video clips of her talking about such things?

    And other people can do video clips that show such issues: show gay couples dancing or whatever, and give H’s stand; show students trying to study at work because of the loan situation.

    Show footage of the war and quote Obama saying rather than bring the soldiers home, he wants to MOVE them to “the right battlefield in Pakistan and Afganistan,” and other hawkish statements ( see )

    It seems to me that any attempt to ‘make Hillary cool’ or imitate the flash rock movement sort of thing Obama is doing, would just draw ridicule. Imo instead of guessing what some shallow youths might like to see, talk to youths who are already strong for Hillary and find out what brought them in.

    (Personally I’m not sure the ‘elect the first woman pres’ thing is a very good focus for youth. They’re already accustomed to seeing women in power, and more likely to dismiss her for ‘running on her husband’s record.’ Still some stuff about her early work might be good, and how she was part of the team all along.)

    But really — don’t wait for us to catch up with the Facebook idea — JUST GO DO IT YOURSELVES!

  379. “… I had independents who say you make me believe that we can get something done together. This time is different. We have Republicans saying we have shifted parties; we reregistered as Democrats this time because we think this time is different. … … (“News Hour” broke away from speech) … If you believe in keeping the dream alive for those who still hunger for opportunity and still thirst for justice, then I am absolutely convinced that we will win the New Hampshire primary in four days and then we will win the primaries in Nevada and South Carolina and on February 5th we will win this nomination and we will go to Denver and unify our party and then we will go out and gather up independents and Republicans and form a new working majority and we will win in November and we will go out and remake America and then we will change the world. That is the opportunity that begins right here, right now, four days from now in New Hampshire. Stand with me. Thank you.” – Barack Obama


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