Democrat Hillary Clinton vs. Republican Barack Obama

A Tale of Two Videos

Hillary’s Closing Argument:


The partisan Democratic bloggers have always been suspicious of Obama for the same reasons as Paul Krugman: his resistance to partisan confrontation, and his willingness to go after his rivals from the right on domestic policy.

His pokes at labor-backed 527s, his suggestion that trial lawyer is a dirty word, and his apparent shots at Al Gore and John Kerry have pushed a bunch of bloggers off the fence in the last two days, and — though it’s not going to move a whole lot of caucus-goers — it’s worth noticing.

Among others, Kos backed away from him, and Atrios, Jane Hamsher, Crooks & Liars, TalkLeft, and Ezra Klein pile on.

Two themes to watch: Some of the bloggers are arguing that a win in Iowa that’s based on independent and/or GOP support would in some way be less valid; though I suspect that the storyline that he’s bringing new people in and appealing to the center will actually be a pretty powerful case outside the most partisan circles.

Also, that as Ezra Klein writes, Obama represents the "old politics of centrist caution and status quo bias."

That’s what used to be called, ironically, Clintonism.

Words of Power:

Sen. Obama, please stop referring, as you do in almost every speech, to the last two decades in Beltwayistan as a “partisan food fight.”

Ask the wrongly jailed Susan McDougal if it has been a “food fight.”

Ask wrongly imprisoned former Gov. Don Siegelman of Alabama if it was a “food fight.”

Ask Vince Foster’s wife if it has been a “food fight.”

Ask Valerie Plame and those who put their lives on the line to work with her if it has been a “food fight.”

Ask all of those in the US military, intelligence, diplomatic and law enforcement communities (most of them Republicans) who have resigned from the services they loved — rather than enable tyranny, treason or torture. Ask them, if it has been a “food fight.”

Ask the African American people of New Orleans abandoned before, during and after Katrina if it has been a “food fight.”

Ask the African American people of Fraudida who were wrongly purged from the voter roles if it has been a “food fight.”

Ask the African American people of Ohio who stood in the cold rain for hours to cast votes that were not even counted if it has been a “food fight.”

Ask Pat Tillman’s brother if it has been a “food fight.”

Ask the Jersey Girls and the other activist survivors of 9/11 victims if it has been a “food fight.”

Ask the families of the thousands of men and women of the US military who died in Iraq for nothing more than a neo-con wet dream if it has been a “food fight.”

Ask the fired US attorneys (all Republican) if this has been a “food fight.”

Ask Michael Schiavo if it has been a “food fight.”

Ask Michael J. Fox and all the others who have fought for stem cell research funding if it has been a “food fight.”

The arrogance of these remarks, sir, is insufferable, and it is eclipsed only by their naivety.

In truth, Gore won Florida and Kerry won Ohio, which means, in truth, they both won the electoral college vote and should have been sworn into office.

Both elections were stolen.

I am not surprised that you deny the theft of the 2000 and 2004 elections (most of the political establishment you pretend not to belong to denies it); but I am surprised and disappointed that you would seek to gain political advantage by embellishing the false narratives of 2000 and 2004 with the insinuation that somehow it was the way that Gore and Kerry waged their campaigns led to the two “defeats.”

Are you really ready for what 2008 is going to be like?

I have noticed you enjoy invoking Abraham Lincoln.

Sen. Obama, Lincoln fought to his own death to save the Republic against its enemies, and he did not talk of peace until he had crushed them on the battlefield.

Sen. Obama, Lincoln did not pretend the divide did not exist, nor did he use high-borne rhetoric to create an unstable bridge across it.

No, Lincoln collapsed that divide. Lincoln went to war.

Obama Attacks Ted Kennedy


155 thoughts on “Democrat Hillary Clinton vs. Republican Barack Obama

  1. DMR’s poller works for self now. Martyn is talking about her staking her credibility on this poll. Martyn says poll “screwy”. Poll gotten lucky as many times as right. Front page news makes people either show up or stay away if their candidate is ahead. Says BHO’s campaign would have to win with Dems not just because of Indys.

  2. TM: BHO positioned himself on votes/present – not taking a stand so he can be in middle of everything. Ann Setzer – doesn’t see why all of a sudden these Indys will come out. Not impossible but not likely. Caucuses are for activists. Sentimental votes going to JRE. Unsure whether poll is right or not. Liberal blogosphere been out to lunch on BHO all this time; can hate Hillary but not have a clue about BHO, not paying attention. [Poll an eye opener?] Dems more likely to go for Hillary. A vote for BHO is not a vote for Dems but a vote for the man himself.

    Martyn – BHO gets tired (hot and cold speaker); can be lackluster at end of day.

    TM – should have been called out on “scream” YouTubes long ago. BHO is going to position self as Indy; “just exactly like Lieberman”; doesn’t have any policies.

    Martyn – doesn’t support war like Lieberman.

    TM- how do you know that? BHO – no day certain. No idea what he will do, just what he talks about. “You don’t know what this guy’s going to do.” He voted with Bush, Lieb, right-wing on CAFA.

  3. Exactly. I’ve said for days that Obama has virtually stopped talking about the war. His ad’s are about “corporate interests” nt ending the war. Indeed, all he really says is that Hillary lacked judgement in voting for the authorization 5 years ago.

  4. Umm…about that Ted Kennedy hit piece…

    When did Obama become a Southern preacher? I thought that was Huckabee’s role.

  5. TM – just doesn’t want confrontation; not one vote different from Hillary, Biden, Dodd on Iraq; “he’s an Independent running as a D”; “Lou Dobbs has got to be smiling.”

    Martyn –

    TM – Hillary is not claiming to become the second coming of the Iraq war [unlike BHO]; took stances; voted on MoveOn, Kyl-Lieberman; BHO is running on his 2002 speech = problem; Hillary won’t apologize for Iraq war; “she’s not the one who’s saying she’s the second coming of the Iraq war vote”; “people have been suckered by this guy”; “this is politics”; TM has been right about him; TM has been right about him all along.

    Martyn –

    TM – it’s about standing up and taking heat”; she stands with unions; BHO calls unions special interests; don’t know what BHO would do when he gets in office because he doesn’t stand up on anything; has right to put D under his name and be an independent; he’s slick (not slick Mitt); left blogosphere just finding out on eve of Iowa caucus; Hillary willing to stand up and take heat and BHO just won’t show up.

  6. Martyn – BHO has avoided more votes than any [TM – in the record]; activities a Sen does while running for office is important (i.e. skipping votes); Dodd has set example for how a Sen should act while running for office; a lot a Sen can do while building political capital.

    TM – wrote that Dodd is Majority Leader, Reid has got to go, just doesn’t have it for the fight; if you don’t like Hillary there’s only one choice, JRE; just doesn’t want BHO to be nominee; not good for Dems, could be good for Repugs;

  7. Martyn – time for this stuff to come but probably doesn’t matter now; an 11th hour change like this won’t make it into media.

    TM – plenty of postmortems on Hillary’s campaign if BHO wins Iowa; JRE’s campaign has made mistake after mistake; should have stuck to 10 months out of Iraq and kept at it, not shifting to 2013.

    Martyn – DK will make small difference in passing votes to BHO; supporters are in pockets across states but will be viable but only where he has supporters; won’t make much difference; less impact than in 2004 when he passed supporters to JRE; DK supporters in 2004 are now JRE supporters; DK against war from beginning / BHO only one.

  8. TM – talking about DK/UFOs/Shirley McLaine; rapid supporters; fair game when acting silly; not sure what BHO will do with DK supporters.

    Martyn – DK has only 1 – 2 % support; won’t mean a whole lot.

    TM – “Obama advertises on Drudge” [look at last post].

  9. TM – sending Drudge article via email to Martyn.

    Martyn – the Hillary I Know blog ad only ad received by DMR.

    TM – ooooh, TM said DMR never gives her good/positive press coverage; Hillary has large banner across top of TM’s blog. Contrast that with BHO’s “silly little radio ad”; “you guys” [DMR] has been so kind to her; can you imagine if Hillary did a big ad buy at Drudge what would happen; BHO avoids the blogs; has to be admired by everyone “who is beige”, if he’s elected “beige” will be the new red, white and blue.

  10. Great Post Admin. Tell 47 million americans without health care that it’s been a food fight. A food fight is a fight for fun. A food fight is a fake fight. A food fight is a ridiculous way of discussing life and death issues. But we all know BHO lacks maturity.

  11. TM – everyone is now vamping; people flown into Iowa on a lark but not covering the caucus; what are they going to add? – what in the world is that about – they take your thunder

    Martyn – increased competition from bloggers.

    TM – will cross-post Martyn posts on her blog today and tomorrow; will give him as much traffic as he can because he is there in Iowa on the ground.

  12. TM – Repugs

    Martyn – most interesting part is 3rd place; Huckabee 1, Romney 2 or vice versa; 3rd – Ron Paul [will pull BHO’s Indys] – John McCain in 3rd place now but Ron Paul has most enthusiastic supporters or at least a very close 4th.

    TM – wants to shove Ron Paul up Fox News snout; blowback unbelievable.


  13. Barack Obama telling Ted Kennedy to get some spine.

    I don’t even have to write the sentence that follows that one.

  14. Admin, thanks for the essay and hope it will wake up some people! They are slow to catch on but it is happening.

    If what is happening in NH is true — Independents going for MaCain more than Obama, then it is a prelude to what will happen in the GE. Why would the republicans go for a fake republican? They will rip him apart as I have been saying and the independents will go with the Republican nominee.

  15. That woman who switched from Hil to Obama on Youtube doesn’t support Obama anymore.

    Could call her a dingbat, but maybe not. Dick Morris said people won’t take a real look at Obama until they think he might win – then they’ll dump him. This is what happened with her.

    Clinton vindicated on Pakistan investigation. After first objecting to an international investigation of Bhutto assassination, Musharraf now welcomes a probe by Scotland Yard — exactly what Clinton called for and Obama objected to. Apparently, some of that ‘tough diplomacy’ Clinton talks about has paid off.

    Obama can’t get it right on Pakistan. He supports unilateral U.S. military force in Pakistan without Pakistan’s cosenst — how far would American troops get in Pakistan without the cooperation of the Pakistanis? But on diplomacy, he wimps out on an international probe.

  16. Well BHO seems to be honing the audacity of hypocrisy doesn’t he. What a jerk. What’s he pissed at Teddy for?

  17. For once in this campaign I find myself in agreement with Senator Obama. We should not characterize his candidacy as a roll of the dice. It is more like Russian roulette for the party and the country.

  18. I do hope people realize that a vote for john edwards is a vote for somebody who can’t win the general election. And even if by some amazing fluke he got elected, you can’t run as an antiwashington candidate and then magically get washington to tear down its own house.

  19. DCD, the day I saw that video of his pompous little pretender snake-in-the-grass ass insulting the great Lion of the Senate Ted Kennedy is the day I decided I would vote for ANY Democrat over BHO.

  20. Grrrrrrr! I watched the video again, and want to spit. Ted Kennedy has more spine in his little toe than Obama has ever had or ever will have. Ted has fought hard for Liberal causes for more years than that little piss-ant has been alive.

  21. Keep in mind that although the leftie blogosphere is finally waking up and finding out who and what BHO is now, although a little late for Iowa perhaps, it’s not too late for NH, Michigan, Florida, SC, and the Super on Feb 5th. Now there’s somebody paying attention, the vetting should begin. Nothing more rapid than a blogger on the hunt. eRiposte has been at it for weeks. Now the others can chime in.

  22. wbboei, I think it’s more like a Carter redux. We know the result and it sucks.

    Carter, although a terrible executive was atleast an honest man. This guy is faking honesty and he is not very good at that too.

  23. The obama campaign responds to the revelation that he is advertising on Drudge. I quote:

    “Someone is circulating a screengrab of an Obama ad on drudge. Even if it’s true, it wasn’t intentional, the site isn’t on the approved list of sites we advertise on.”

    “Even if it’s true, it wasn’t intentional:” once again we are asked to accept a breathless apology. But I do thank the campaign for tacitly admitting to advertising on that vile website.

  24. B Merryfield,

    Thanks for the Taylor Marsh notes. I was one of those people who could not get the live feed (got it at the tail end of the broadcast).

  25. ra1029, true. Carter is a much stronger person. I only meant he tried to hard to please the middle and ended up pleasing no one. I don’t think Obama would be half the Pres Carter was, but I do think he would lose a reelection.

  26. Tell me I didn’t just hear him in that disgraceful video say “ted, you’re getting a little old now.” As someone who saw two Kennedy brothers die far far ahead of their time, I am insulted and outraged by his self righteous, sanctimonious, hypocritical self. Okay I am gonna shut up now while this is still printable.

  27. That explanation from the campaign sounds like a nondenial denial. In other words, they don’t seem too bothered it’s on Drudge; they aren’t even demanding it be removed.

  28. Paula: I am sure if they actually denied it or claimed it was a mistake it would’ve been the staff’s fault.

  29. Clinton vindicated on Pakistan investigation. After first objecting to an international investigation of Bhutto assassination, Musharraf now welcomes a probe by Scotland Yard — exactly what Clinton called for and Obama objected to. Apparently, some of that ‘tough diplomacy’ Clinton talks about has paid off.

    This is called surrendering even before a fight. He already did it with health care on mandates.

  30. That’s a nice promotional thing for her. Letterman, I think, likes our girl and has been nice to her in the past.

  31. I will repeat what BMerry (i think it was s/he) said weeks ago and once before that, and I repeated weeks ago:

    Don’t go there. 1st, it’s not worth your time, and 2nd, don’t go there.

  32. Yes, she shines on Letterman. She doesn’t appear nearly as often on Jay Leno; I think Letterman being in New York (Hillary’s home state) has something to do with that. Also, I think he’s less brutal to her than Leno when it comes to jokes.

  33. Sherm Krader, There’s nothing on Letterman’s Web site about her being a guest. Where did you hear it?

  34. It wonder how many Kuccinich supporters will follow his advice and vote for Obama. It depends on the kind of change they want:

    If they want the appearance of change, based on a cult personality and an abstract message, then they will vote for Obama.

    If they want radical change nothwithstanding its risks, then they will vote for Edwards.

    If they want constructive change based on a proven track record where all boats rise with the tide, then they will vote for Hillary.

  35. This caucus-eve-lying–pandering- piece-of-crap-whose-middle-name-may-not-be-spoken now says “Women Made Me the Man I Am”.

    blecccccccccchhh! ptooey!

  36. BMerry, Hodges was TROUNCED out of office in SC after his total failure as a Democratic governor. He was a spineless capitulator. He ran on lots of promises regarding education (SC schools are crap), then did absolutely nothing as governor but suck up to cronies.

    The worst of it was hurricane Floyd evacuation in 1999, when 800,000 South Carolinians were under mandatory evacuation from the coast. He was getting frantic calls from the Dept of Transportation and everyone in every level of government to PLEASE reverse the lanes on the interstates. He hemmed, he hawed, he refused. For almost a full day. Please note that previous governors had never had a problem doing this, as hurricane evacuations were nothing new to us. The worse it got, the more he dithered.

    It was insanely hot. People were on the highway for 12 and 18 hours unable to get off, nowhere to go. People died in their cars. The elderly, a child in a body cast, etc. The local papers later featured a cartoon of him flying over in a helicopter looking at the horror on the interstate and saying the evacuation was “going well”. He was the Michael Brown of SC, and did a heckuva job.

    I lived on Isle of Palms in SC at the time. I witnessed this first hand. I would not trust Jim Hodges judgement to choose my brand of toilet paper, much less my president.

  37. Also, I don’t think DK’s supporters went en mass last times to Edwards either. But as mj points out…he (DK) is not as strong as in 2004.

  38. MJ

    Sorry, that was 2nd send and I forgot the first line 2nd time:

    Re Susan Klopfer AKA the sign switcher, neighbor of Christie AND former Gov Vilsack, of Mt Pleasant Iowa, both Strong supporters of our girl.

  39. Dodd slammed kucinich for asking his folks to vote for BHO as second choice. He does not think that any candidate has a right to ask his supporters to do that. My own guess majority of kucinich supporters would go to Edwards.

  40. mj–less than 1% is reassuring to me–on more than one level.

    But the question of what kind of change do the voters want is one that should resonate.

    I like Hillary’s formulation best–some hope for change, some demand it but I will work hard to see that it happens.

    If change is the watchword of this campaign, then that is a powerful message; one that bears repeating.

  41. did you guys see Michael Moore’s post on Huffington.. comes down really hard on Hillary, slams Obama down also but goes soft on Edwards.

  42. from politico

    Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) made a last-minute decision to appear on “Late Night with David Letterman” on the eve of the Iowa caucuses, campaign sources said.

    Wednesday is Letterman’s first night back since the writer’s strike.

    “They reached out to us yesterday and we agreed to do it,” a Clinton aide said.

    At an event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa Wednesday morning, Clinton taped a few lines — “a cameo,” as the aide put it — for use at the beginning of the show.

    The campaign kept the taping a secret but word of it leaked this afternoon.

  43. Change takes work, and Hillary Clinton has pledged to work everyday…and I believe she has that work ethic, just as I believe she will do it, everyday.

    Thoughts from an old friend of mine in a nursing home who cannot sit up, much less caucus…I have recruited another lady to caucus for my bedridden friend…a lady who has always considered herself above “all that” (fighting, she called it.)

  44. I just watched BHO’s 2 minute closing argument the lighting was very bad. I could hardly make out his outline.

  45. I know Hillary is airing her 2 mins tonight. When are Edwards and Obama airing their last minute appeals?

  46. for those of you who can, for those of us who can’t, or don’t have or can’t find these wonderful bits like BOs 2-min closer….try to give us a link (in purple, if possible)

    Tnanks from the bottom of my non-geekiness.

  47. Paula,

    There is some confusion with that show since they are just getting started again. Hillary is to be there with something that is taped. I will send you a link in another post. As you know, those take longer to appear.

    Sorry for the delay; I had to go out.

  48. This is a wonderful post, but Obama’s vulgar, rude, disgusting attack on Ted Kennedy is the last straw.
    I take it BO doesn’t plan on campaigning in Mass.

    I could go on for pages about this know-nothing who feels that a man who lost 3 brothers — all his brothers — in the service of their country and who stayed in public life, fighting for us, knowing how many crazies, egged on by Repub vicious attacks, would like to finish the job, needs to ‘get a spine’!?!

    I’m stunned. I’m really shocked. If Ted had fled to Switzerland or locked himself in his bathroom, he would have been justified. Who the hell does BO, the man whose spine only permits himself a ‘present’ vote (unless he’s absent), think he is?
    Actually, he’s a man I now cannot vote for. Period.

  49. Paula,

    And now I’ve finished reading this thread and learned you’ve already been told more about it. From that post it looks like there will not be much to it.

  50. Paula, Sherm, look at my post at 5:09 from politico. She is doing a cameo on Letterman — probably not the top ten, it does not say what she is doing.

  51. I am with ya, Freckles, I was stunned at that BO video and it does stink. I couldn’t vote for him under any circumstances. I wouldn’t vote for him if my life depended on it.

    You are right all 3 of Teddy’s brothers died in service to their country…our country…the country Obama doesn’t seem to want to be a part of. Thanks for the reminder about Joe, Jr. who died in an experimental secret mission in WWII in England. My daddy was a part of that same mission as an aircraft tech which is where I heard about it for the first time.

    Obama is contemptable.

  52. Obama is an idiot, doesn’t he realize he has to work with all these Senators he is insulting when he loses and goes back to the Seante… oops forgot he is never in the Senate Chamber anyway

  53. This is the first time that a woman has been a leading contender for the President. That in itself is a milestone. Twenty years ago, a woman was nominated for the vice president. There have been no female nominees for either position since–until now.

    It is critical for the county in general and women in particular for Hillary’s candidacy to succeed. She is the only candidate in the race who can get our nation back on track, she has been attacked by Big Media time on account of her gender, and if her candidacy does not succeed then there is no guarantee that we will see another female candidate for president in our life time because the cards are stacked against it.

    Yesterday, B Merry posted an article by two professors at the University of Washington. They have developed a model that measures explicit support, i.e. what voters say vs. implicit support, i.e. what they actually do. On the one hand this promises to be the bane of pollsters. On the other hand it seeks to quantify the support below the radar scope. It may not be fully expressed in the open forum of an Iowa caucus, but it will surely manifest itself in the private forum of the larger states–to the decided advantage of Hillary.

  54. Now the nutroots are railing against Obama? 1 day before the Caucus? Where the hell were they when we needed them? Oh, that’s right. They were too busy bashing Hillary, the real Democrat.

  55. Wbboei, You are so right. It is about time this country elects a very capable hard working woman like Hillary. As a man I feel women have been a silent majority (I hate to use the term) for too long.

  56. Apparently on Nutball, Something interesting happened. Link:

  57. Wolfson and that really excitable guy got into a disagreement over whose phrase “kick the tires is”. A big argument, with the other saying “you out and out stole that line”. “Get some new script writers, guys.”

    That’s funny considering all the stealing Obama and crowd have done of Hillary’s material. Obama has all the originality of….well who said it here, “A noun, a verb and the 2002 speech.”

  58. Wolfson does a great job of speaking for Hillary and her campaign. Wolfson used the phrase when he was talking about hillary — the phrase “kick the tires.” And matthews told him that he’d stolen that phrase from Obama. Wolfson pointed out that Obama didn’t invent the phrase “kick the tires.” Just to reiterate: Wolfson does a great job … he’s a terrific spokesperson.

  59. Canaan Says:

    January 2nd, 2008 at 3:57 pm
    That woman who switched from Hil to Obama on Youtube doesn’t support Obama anymore.

    I’m proud to say that I hounded her in her blog at Barack’s website showing her that the reasons she gave in her video for changing camp are dishonest and contrived. Barack was the one who lied and Hillary merely responded with the truth and exposed Barack’s hypocrisy on the issue. I think I succeeded in showing her that Barack is a slimeball. I’m sure the Hillary camp will not take her back – that’s why she’s looking at Edwards.

  60. Pardon me for going slightly Off Topic for a moment but I think this is relevant. Says NYT’s “The Caucus”:

    When it comes to fund-raising, Democrats have outpaced Republicans almost across the board. The lone exception is the Republican National Committee, which reported yesterday that it had raised $83 million for the year, easily topping the Democratic National Committee, which had raised $50.5 million in the first 11 months of 2007. Republicans say that this cash pile — the Republican committee has $17.2 million on hand, compared to the $2.8 million the Democratic committee reported — should help the Republican presidential nominee in the fall.

    In a very Democratic year when Dems outraises Reps everywhere, Chairman Dean at the DNC isn’t exactly excelling, now is he?

    This piece of info actually is alarming news to anyone considering supporting John Edwards over Hillary Clinton. As John Edwards has accepted public funding he does not have the resources to fight on his own during spring and summer, should he win the nomination. John Edwards would be completely dependant on the DNC and Chairman Dean – who can’t deliver. The DNC doesn’t have the dough!

    Edwards = self inflicted Democratic disaster. Anyone voting for Edwards in ‘08 is voting for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!

  61. wow…are we ready for a woman to take the lead or what? first off, Matthews has labeled Obama the winner 3 times in less than 3 minutes,,,the earth will be shaking…and he challenges Wolfson regarding the ‘scriptwriter’ and stealing common phrases like ‘lifting up the hood’ from Obama…petty with envy…and there is Dobbs and Carl Bernstein just rambling on…out of touch comes to mind…they just like listening to themselves and pushing books…what is difficult in understanding that an experienced person can also produce positive change and that they go hand in hand…experience plus change, it is not one or the other….the MSM is not going to make anything easy for her so I say whenever we can push back on the negatives in a blog, radio show, whatever just let our positives be heard and counter when we can…disprove all the haters…it is great connecting with the spirit here and so tomorrow is just the beginning…Hillary is going to do it, we are in it for the long haul…and she looks beautiful in her video…

  62. On DNC fundraising, the situation is dire. The DNC ended last month with just $1.7 million in the bank after debt. Basically, the DNC is broke. And, the fundraising for the Denver convention is a disaster.

  63. BTW, CNN called Iowa State University to see how many students have returned to the dorm that ISU opened up for returning out of state college caucus goers.

    How many students had returned?


  64. Hi all,
    do any one believe this:

    ‘ Breaking News: Rumors flying that Biden AND Richardson backing Obama ‘


  65. How many students had returned?

    Most of Obama’s supporters are not students from Iowa. They are Illinois high school students. They are still in their buses on their way to Iowa. They will be there tomorrow.

  66. meiyingsu,
    Says Marc Ambinder:

    I asked Joe Biden’s spokesman, Mark Paustenbach, whether reports that Biden is encouraging his second-choice caucus goers to pick Obama were true.

    “We do not have a deal with any other candidate,” he said.

    “The staff meeting was to coordinate caucus strategy. We have no offers to do a deal and we have not reached out to others.”

  67. ‘ Breaking News: Rumors flying that Biden AND Richardson backing Obama

    These kinds of rumors are started by Obama supporters or campaign inorder to directly communicate the message to the Biden’s and Richardson’s voters. It will backfire if Biden trashes this and says he would prefer Hillary over Obama.

  68. ra1029, high school kids from Ill can’t caucus, so are they there as ground troop?

    If that is so, I’m not worried b/c Hillary and Edwards have their legion of union members.

  69. Another note, I used to love Huffingtonpost, but they have just tried to kill Clinton over the past few months. One day last week I did a count of + vs – headlines and Obama had 7 positive and 0 negative headlines and Clinton had 3 negative and 0 positive and that is without the counting the people’s blogs only the news headlines.

    Now this blogger posts that Obama has sured up Biden and Richardson voters and basically proclaimed an Obama run away victory. Hopefully the Obama highschoolers and republicans will scare off the non-viable voters tomorrow.

  70. I am just praying that when these Obama lovers go out to caucus tomorrow, they will realize this is REAL LIFE and just because Obama says he’s “going to change the world” it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans!! He’s all talk and has no substance! Hopefully, they will realize that Hillary is the ONLY candidate who can lead this country forward, win the general election and be president on DAY 1!!!

    I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again – NO WAY would I ever vote for OBAMA!!! I will write in Hillary’s name if he is the nominee!!

  71. “I’m proud to say that I hounded her in her blog at Barack’s website showing her that the reasons she gave in her video for changing camp are dishonest and contrived.”

    Good for you!

  72. ra1029, is that an actual headline?

    I am just giving the possible motive for why the rumors could be circulating. meiyingsu is saying that it is a title of a diary on mydd. Obama is going after second tier candidates and wants to be their second choice.

  73. Well folks, we already know that Obama is a cheat and a liar so I’m not a bit surprised at these dirty tricks designed to try and get them the 2nd tier vote. I am still reeling from his comments about Ted Kennedy and his flagrent agism, which is more of a concern that it may seem. In his efforts to undo social security her might suggest that young people shouldn’t have to pay it. He doesn’t believe in universal health care. He knows nothing about foreign policy. His present votes demonstrate how he plays it safe. I have no patience for that man or the people who support him.

  74. Well, that rumor just about stopped my beating heart, until I read the Marc Ambinder piece.

    If it’s true, I just don’t know what to say. She has known Biden and Richardson the longest and for them to do that is really stabbing in the back.

  75. molly:

    The main difference between Hillary and Obama is that she is a policy wonk. She is interested in making policies that impact people. That is what drives her to run for office. Obama is not passionate about policies at all. For him “universal health care”, “social security” are all slogans to help him win elections are get him to where he wants to go. He has no passion to fight for enacting the policies he proposed during the campaign. For him it is all about himself. He is obsessed with himself.

    Everyday morning when he gets up he will look in the mirror and say, ” I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and dog-gonnit, people like me!”

  76. My sister informs me I’m in a peck of trouble on this site.

    Sit down, make a few sandwiches to take to your caucus tomorrow night, and tell me what the problem is.

    BTW, can you arrange to get 11 more people to their caucus site? OK.

    Now, talk amongst yourselves.

  77. ra1029, that sounds like the current occupant of the white house

    The current occupant in the white house is/was interested in enacting right wing policies and appointing right wing judges. Obama is not interested in policy, period. He is self-obsessed with himself. He thinks he is the second coming of god. Remember this sentence from him few months ago that “to know him is to love him”?

    I am suspicious of people who communicate with me at that level.

  78. ra1029, you are right, the current occupant at least took care of his base.
    I don’t like what I am hearing about Biden and Richardson (headline on huffingtonpost) — it would be quite a betrayal.

  79. huffingtonpost is obamapost. They are communicating the message his campaign wants to communicate, the rumors they want to spread out, and everything else.

    Arianna, IMO, is a republican mole set out to destroy the democratic party. She was attacking all the progressive issues from the right in 1990s. She ranks in the upper echelons of those clinton haters and is one of those people affected by CDS. Now all of a sudden I am to believe she had an epiphany, and therefore make her determine whom we are supposed to vote?

  80. the biden and rchardson supporters i know would support hillary. tommorrow will be wild as hell. i cannot see biden and richardson dong this

  81. Well here we all are. Today was my first day working for the campaign and we were on the phone all day getting supporters to come with us up to New Hampshire this weekend. There was a lot of excitement, but everyone is really pushing forward. I really feel that with Hillary, slow and steady wins the race. She will not be derailed, she will keep pushing, keep working and we will stand by her. This is a really exciting time for us and I would like to take a cue from Hillary and not even acknowledge and feed fire to her opposition. I want to stay with Hillary and keep focused on our go. Hillary Clinton: Lookin Great in 2008!

  82. Took a potty break………………….

    are y’all talking about the real world yet? No…

    Well, guess I’ll make two more calls while my tea water is coming to a boil.

    Are we on the subject of the real world yet?


    See, I don’t drive. I can’t. So I try to find good souls to put wheels under my wings, when the roads are clear enough. And I get out w/ my walker and just do it.

    And right now, it’s just not enough. So the next time you have a chance to volunteer in an unglamorous part of an important state , which is every state, please stop your bellyaching and just go do it the way our girl does, every day.

    Let the pollster experts and the competition do what they do; YOU ALL GO BLOG, COMMENT, WRITE LETTERS, CALL CAMPAIGN HEADQTRS FOR A CALLING LIST, just please, stop complaining and trying to figure out what today’s conspiracy is.

    I am only one of 1,780 precinct captains in Iowa, and I get up every day and do what I can for Hillary Rodham Clinton. You’ve read about the unprecedented weather, the phone banks that are driving my neighbors crazy, the rising oil/gas prices that make us in the country want to go out only once a week for groceries and other necessities. It’s a tough row to hoe in the real world out here.

    So please, whatever you can do, listen to our girl talk about just gittin’ up and doin’ it. Then just go out and do it.

  83. i was already on a roll. been reading the site for too long

    I see that. Since you are making tea, I figured that you are in no mood to take a nap now. 🙂

    The curtain is closing on the 2008 Iowa caucus tomorrow and I just wanted to thank you, hawk, and HLR for all you are doing. It is one thing for us to come and complain and throw a hissy fit here, yet it is a completely different thing to work on the ground trying to change people’s minds and get them to the precinct. What you do invaluable and we will be thinking about all of you tomorrow when you are busy doing the work for Hillary.

  84. Emjay: just please, stop complaining and trying to figure out what today’s conspiracy is.

    Hear, hear. The blogs are irrelevant w/ their GASP! story du jour. Remember that “Maid-Rite” drama? Haven’t met a single person out here who knows of that or who cares.

    There is no drama in the campaign field office — just methodical hard work. Happily we have lots of volunteers — I imagine there will be one at each precinct to help ppl get in as well as out. Just made a prediction to a friend back home that we will win based on nothing more than the powerful symbolism of hands linked, out-of-staters with Iowans, to get this done.

  85. Pulchritude @ 4:08: So Obama is adverising on Drudge, but now calls it a vile website and says “even if it is true it wasn’t intentional”.

    Silent movie star Lon Chaney Sr. was reputed to be the Man of A Thousand Disguises. But compared to Obama he was a piker.

    And what about this business with Ted Kennedy. Since when is a sophmore Senator privileged to call out the Lion of his own party?

    Yes, I know Saint Obama promised a new kind of politics. But to me at least, it looks alot like good old fashioned meglomania.

    Now seriously, haven’t we had enough of that at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the last 7 years?

  86. Thank you Emjay, HillaryLandRocks, Hawk and any that I have inadvertently left out. Take care. We are all so grateful to ya.

  87. i say the same thing emjay, hilarylandrocks,hawk,to the rest of them who are with ya.
    your hard work makes me happy for our girl…proud of ya to get them people there …

  88. Admin: great quote from Politico:

    “The partisan Democratic bloggers have always been suspicious of Obama for the same reasons as Paul Krugman: his resistance to partisan confrontation, and his willingness to go after his rivals from the right on domestic policy”.

    That is why Americans who want constructive change will reject Obama and vote for Hillary.

  89. in behalf of the rest of us who can’t be in iowa right now, i thank all of you who are there doing whatever you can for our girl. my prayers are with you and our success. bundle up and git goin’, you all are LIVING HISTORY as we speak…

  90. A writer on Taylor Marsh says that on the Tucker Carlson show Obama advisor John Norris, when asked why Obama wouldn’t tank like Dean, he said because Obama’s campaign was “based on hope, not anger.”

    How many Democrats does that now make that Obama and his campaign have attacked?

    Also, it just stuns me that Obama’s new national co-chair, Gov. Jim Hodges, is a registered federal lobbyist (registered June 2007).

    MyDD also says Obama’s co-chair in New Hampshire, Jim Demers, is a state based lobbyist for the pharmaceutical and financial services industries amongst others. Michael Bauer, a member of Obama’s LGBT steering committee, is a state based lobbyist in Chicago. And in Nevada, Obama’s campaign also has three state based lobbyists who play senior advising roles in August last year.

  91. does anyone have links to posts compiling obama’s un-dem issues liek his union comments, kennedy statements etc?

  92. if obama wins iowa i think it may backfire. if he wins it will be due to gopers and indies flooding the caucuses. our democratic caucus may be determined by non dems overtaking our process! if this happens hillary should frame it as a time to take back our party. ive talked to many dems tonight and they are worried about obama and are not trusting him anymore

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