Hillary Clinton Rising

[Sunday morning, Hillary Clinton on ABC’s This Week; BO on NBC’s Meet The Press; John Edwards on CBS’ Face The Nation; Chris Dodd and Joe Biden on CNN’s Late Edition.]

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The Concord Monitor endorses Hillary Clinton:

Immediately after taking office, President Hillary Clinton would begin preparations to withdraw American troops from Iraq.

She would send a message to world leaders that the United States intends to rejoin the community of nations.

She would make clear to federal employees that they must heed the Constitution.

She would reverse Bush-era policies that have harmed the environment.

She would quickly sign legislation supporting stem-cell research and expanding children’s health insurance.

She would lift the gag rule prohibiting international family planning programs from counseling poor women about abortion.

Many White House administrations start off slowly, as green presidents fumble through their early months, unsure how to bend Washington to their will. Come 2009, America will be unable to afford such squandered time.

Clinton’s ambitious to-do list for her first few weeks in office gives us confidence that her priorities are right and that she would act swiftly to make a positive difference. She is the Monitor’s choice in the Jan. 8 Democratic primary. [snip]

But Hillary Clinton’s unique combination of smarts, experience and toughness makes her the best choice to win the November election and truly get things done. Before embarking on an agenda of her or his own, the next American president will be forced to undo the damage of the Bush years: ending the war in Iraq, restoring habeas corpus rights, ending the use of torture, healing New Orleans, restoring America’s moral authority around the world.

A tall order – but not nearly enough. The next president must also take the lead on a serious effort to slow global warming, a rational policy on illegal immigration and a plan to provide health care to all Americans.

Clinton knows what she wants to accomplish. She knows how Washington works. She has forged alliances with unlikely political partners, and she has waged partisan fights on matters of principle. Her years as first lady and as a U.S. senator have put her at the center of key policy and political battles for a decade and a half. She is prepared for the job.

As first lady, Clinton acted as an American diplomat, meeting with foreign leaders across the globe on behalf of her husband and advocating for human rights. She was influential in shepherding the Family and Medical Leave Act into law. Her fumble on health care reform taught her much about the ways of Washington – and it is to her credit that universal health care remains her signature issue.

As a senator, Clinton has earned a reputation for pragmatic and sometimes creative hard work. She forged a bipartisan plan to expand health coverage to military veterans and their families. She helped secure critical federal assistance for Manhattan after the Sept. 11 attacks. By stalling the confirmation of President Bush’s FDA appointee, she gained over-the-counter access for the morning-after pill. Her work with Senate Republicans, including the leader of the impeachment prosecution against her husband, gives us confidence that the cartoon version of Hillary Clinton – as a leading actor in an exhaustingly partisan Washington soap opera – is a 1990s anachronism.

As a veteran of her own campaigns and her husband’s, and as a favorite target of Republicans, she has become a tough campaigner. Unlike John Kerry, she would not dither when the inevitable attacks came.

There are Democratic voters in New Hampshire and beyond who wish for a little more poetry from the guarded and highly disciplined Clinton. She can, after all, seem a relentless policy wonk, rather than an inspirational leader. But consider this: American men gave up their monopoly on the right to vote and hold public office in 1920. In the intervening 87 years, progress for women has been slow and uneven: A wage gap persists; reproductive freedom is constantly at risk; and in the 21 presidential contests since then, Americans have never even given serious consideration to voting for a woman.

The election of America’s first female president will show more than half the population – including millions of young girls – that their futures are not limited by their gender, that America has moved a little closer to its ideals of liberty and justice for all. There is plenty of inspiration in that.

In a talented field, Hillary Clinton has the right experience, the right agenda and the know-how to lead the country back to respect on the world stage and meaningful progress on long-neglected problems.

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Barack Obama misrepresents newspaper assessements:

Sen. Barack Obama is touting his health care plan in an Iowa ad unveiled today, six days before the state’s caucuses. But the commercial misrepresents some newspaper assessments of the Illinois Democrat’s proposal.

The ad says the Obama plan “guarantees coverage for all Americans.” But the on-screen citation — from the St. Paul Pioneer Press — is truncated in a questionable way in comparing the proposal to those offered by Sen. Hillary Clinton and former senator John Edwards. The full quote reads: “Edwards and Clinton would require all Americans to have health insurance. Obama’s plan guarantees coverage for all Americans but does not require all to have it.”

“Experts say Obama’s plan is ‘the best,'” the narrator says, with an on-screen citation of the Iowa City Press Citizen. But the newspaper’s endorsement cites no experts and is not even comparing the proposal to the Clinton and Edwards prescriptions; the Press Citizen says it is the best alternative compared to a single-payer health system.

The commercial cites The Washington Post in claiming the Obama approach would be “saving $2,500 for the typical family.” The Post article said that “the senator’s aides estimated” such a savings but did not attempt to verify it.

While correctly citing the Daily Iowan, a college paper, in asserting that the Obama plan would put “pressure on insurance and pharmaceutical companies,” the ad also says the plan “cuts costs more than any other.” Obama’s staff contends that its estimate of cost savings exceeds those put forth by Clinton and Edwards, but that has not been independently corroborated.

The ad begins by declaring that “outside groups are spending millions to stop change, including false attacks on Barack Obama’s health plan.” The commercial shows a mock-up of a Tuesday article in The Post that reports on the influx of interest-group funds but says nothing about stopping “change” or “false attacks” on Obama.

Clinton’s campaign hastily convened a conference call with former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack, who criticized the ad on grounds that Obama’s plan, unlike the New York senator’s, does not include a mandate requiring individuals to obtain insurance. Obama has questioned whether such mandates can be enforced.


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  1. Nice endorsement. Tells all doesn’t it?

    Anyone see Bhutto’s 19yo son is getting the nod to replace her. Scary as hell. We need Hillary more than ever.

  2. Spent yesterday talking with the secretary of one of our attys. She is in Hill’s corner. Filled in her in on Bwak’s lies. I have to work on her boss now. Great guy. Touchy feely sort. He won’t support a liar once he knows what Bwak has been up to.

  3. okieatty, i know how you feel. i have one other big hillary supporter at work. an elderly jamaican-american. the others are obama or not into politcs. my rightwing supervisor is all over the lot. one day he is a guliani supporter, then a few weeks ago he told me he can vote for obama. he is a hardcore hillary hater. we listen to sean hannity 10pm to 1am all the time.

  4. okieatty..yes that is scary he is only 19 and getting the nod…i seen it..i watching cnn inside pakistan..kinda of interesting..

  5. they know not to mess with me when it comes to hillary. i will defend her to the stars. and then, well maybe i should not be doing this, but make fun of obama all the time there.i but him with jokes. i just can’t stand the guy. the sooner hillary wins this thing the better.

  6. lord, maybe the bhutto kid is more mature than his years but im against it. he is to young plus i do not want to hear him being assinated too.

  7. Well as usual I’m a day late and a dollar short

    KyMkt I don’t know how to move comments, even if it were possible.but there’s a bunch of stuff re some of your issues at the bottom of last post, having to do w/ delegates and electoral votes and party/election reform and all that stuff.

  8. not good i dont think-bloomberg is meeting with dems on a indie ticket-incl bob graham, sam nunn etc.. this ticket could be very appealing to folks and i worry it will cost us the white house an dgive it to the gop. oh dems dont screw this up please-http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/12/29/AR2007122901476_pf.html

  9. this cannot be good for us-bloomberg is meeting dems about an indie run. ep-and meeting with bob graham, sam nunn etc. wht traitors to our party. oh dems dont blow the white house again-www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/12/29/AR2007122901476_pf.html

  10. texand4hillary,

    if Hillary is the nominee, a bloomberg run will help us to win the white house but if BHO is the nominee, the bloomberg run will guarantee a lost of democraft in GE.

  11. im not so sure-esp if a dem runs with bloomberg like hart. bloomberg is running ads on needing gun control, pushes new global warming initiatives etc.. if hillary wins the nomination she better cut some deals with these guys. bill clinton has said he si most worried about bloomberg in a general, not the repub.

  12. hillfans, don’t worry about a bloomberg 3rd party run. it will be easier for her to win a 3 party race and she will be able to win elecoral votes everywhere like bill in 1992 and 1996.

  13. explain how bllomberg could help hillary win the whitehouse? i think if he ran on social liberal issues he could hurt us-if he rns as a fisical conservative then he hruts the gop. then again he has baggage-including 3 sexual harrasment settlements. my relatives in ny say he wont go well across america. a jewish new yorker just wont go well i think.

  14. Texan4Hillary, I was reading alot of the Bloomberg stuff tonight as well. Some people think that he would hurt both the Democrats and Republicans. Some think that he could goof up the electoral vote enough so that there wouldn’t be a clear winner. He could take support from Hillary and if he didn’t win the election the GOP might get the white house by default.

    However, I also read that there are barriers to him just walking in and taking over the election. Although he is a successful mayor it might look opportunistic to voters if a billlionaire decides to come into the race with enough money to “buy” his way into the white house. He has very strong gun control beliefs which would hurt him in some states. His faith might be a barrier for some voters (Jewish). The biggest thing I read is that he doesn’t have a main set of politicial beliefs. He went from Democrat to Republican to Independent. He’s alot like Obama that way–he wants a new bipartisan style of government and that’s his theme.

    Just because he is attending that meeting doesn’t necessarily mean he is going to run. He has been making statements all year that he isn’t. But then again I have read that his people are saying that he is now thinking seriously about it.

    I don’t know how others feel. I think it’s fine to have 3rd party candidates but I don’t like the idea of someone being able to literally buy the presidency. Also, the bipartisan stuff is laudable but is it something that will ever really come into being? IMO, I don’t think the problem in our country has been too much partisanship it’s been that we have had extremists of one party in charge.

  15. I posted this earlier but didn’t know a new thread was started:

    Here’s an interesting tidbit:

    Starting on Jan. 1, John Edwards is going to campaign for 36 hour straight. “Marathon for the Middle Class”. He’s going to outline 36 ideas to strengthen the middle class. Edwards will stop in 15 counties and wind up his epic all nighter with a rally in Des Moines with singer and supporter John Mellencamp.

    So, people are going to come out at 2:00 am to see him give a speech? He’s really into stunts…

  16. hillfans, political wire is reporting arg coming out with a new poll sunday for nh. they are coy about the zogby iowa poll though.

  17. Does anyone have a link to the Obama “I Beat Them All” speech. I am sure it is as inspiring as King’s “I Had a Dream” speech.’

  18. This Concord Monitor piece is a powerful endorsement from a consequential newspaper in a key primary state at a critical time and for that I am elated. But the case they make to their readers in support of that endorsement is very compelling.

    When I read positive endorsements like this one, I look for some new argument that can help convince a sceptical voter, many of whom are men. I believe there is such an argument in the text of this article. It confronts the gender issue is a non-threatening way, and is reasonably calculated to strike a chivalrous chord. I might paraphrase it as follows:

    Your great grandfathers granted women the right to vote, and hold public office in 1920. That was 87 years ago. Today, the country has serious problems. We have one candidate who knows how Washington works and has the experience, smarts and toughness to get our country back on track. She happens to be a woman, and we have never had a woman president before. But here is what she will do for us . . . . .

    (Note: the contrarian view is that the first place women got the vote was on the American frontier, and it happened because they were well armed with pistols and knew how to use them, rather than through voluntary consent. For present purposes we can set that view aside).

  19. Obama wanted to run before he had a voting record for people to hold against him. Funny but true. From Obama’s pov, the big drawback to all the other candidates is that they have actual accomplishments to their name so they can’t say whatever they feel.

    How bizarre.

  20. Nice jabbing back from Hillary against Obama’s stupid tea comment:

    DUBUQUE, IOWA — Perhaps in reaction to a perceived slight from her rival Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton spent time laying out her foreign policy experience at a Dubuque campaign event tonight.

    While discussing a visit to Bosnia during the signing of the Dayton Peace Accords as First Lady, Clinton took a swipe at Obama saying, “We landed in one of those corkscrew landings and ran out because they said their might be snipers. I don’t remember anybody offering me tea on the tarmac when that was happening.” She was referring to remarks Obama made yesterday that some – including the Clinton camp – perceived to be a jab at her foreign policy experience. http://www.cbsnews.com/blogs/2007/12/29/politics/fromtheroad/entry3656683.shtml

  21. I find it amazing that Obama has come this far along in life without understanding power and how it is wielded. Watch:

    “It’s that experience, that understanding, not just of what world leaders I went and talked to in the ambassador’s house, who I had tea with, but understanding the lives of people like my grandmother, who lives in a tiny village in Africa.” (Barack Obama–Presidential Hopeful).

    Okay. . . . lets parse this one out a bit. He believes it is important to understand life in a village. I agree–if you are running for chief of that village. Maybe that is what he should be doing at the present time. But he is obviously on a different track.

    When you are running for President of the United States, the prior experience of having tea at an ambassador’s house is important. I realize Barack would dismiss this as soft power. And surely it is not the kind of hard core executive experience he has had –like community organizing and hanging out with Rezco.

    However, what he fails to understand is that when First Lady Hillary Clinton was having tea with an Ambassador something of substance was being probably being discussed–something that might be of value to the United States, and something that would not be achieved sitting in a village–however relaxing, rewarding and enjoyable that might be.

  22. Let’s Party for Peace — Obama supporters, instead of going to the caucus, stay warm and send a message to Pakistan that we ARE NOT about to elect someone who wants to invade your country.

    I’ve just posted several new entries at my LJ quoting responses to Obama from sites in Pakistan — where Obama was burned in effigy because of his speech in July threatening to move our troops from Iraq to “the right battlefield in Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

    Even Cheney and GWB were reassuring the Pakistanis that Obama is too hawkish and the US isn’t about to follow his policy.

    As Matthews said, a good showing in Iowa puts Obama’s face in the news as having ‘won a victory’ and sends a message to the world. Unfortunately, the message Obama’s face now sends to Pakistan is not a good one.

    The material is scattered among several entries at my blog,

  23. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but I beg to differ. A woman who started out as a union shop steward in the 70s and who is serving her first term in the state legislature accompanied me to Bill’s event yesterday. I asked her how she came to be in politics and got the Dem campaign-by-campaign history. Mine was not a union family growing up and I had no concept of why Dems of what she calls “our class” have such a strong dislikek of Repugs, which can be summed up in one word — Reagan.

    Today, we have the current slate of Dems, one of which has managed to be ignored by unions and lacking in union endorsements. This is something I now have a better understanding of because the unions — “our class” — can see other qualities lacking in our “empty suit”.

    Now comes Ari Berman at The Nation with an article on BHO and his attacks on too much LEGAL union money being spent against him.

    “Barack Obama’s presidential campaign is circulating an unusual memo complaining that ‘unprecedented’ spending by Democratic groups could ‘impact the outcome’ in next week’s Iowa Caucuses. Campaign Manager David Plouffe does not allege any illegal activity by other candidates, but he claims that some of the advertising by unions and liberal organizations is ‘underhanded,’ ‘negative,’ and ‘misleading.'”


    “If Obama’s aides were confident about Iowa, it’s hard to imagine their ideal closing argument would be railing against the legal spending of groups that other candidates do not control. .. Obama is basically complaining about the political activities of union-affiliated groups, which are strongly supported by many Democratic voters. All the candidates seek union endorsements in the primaries — and rely on their spending and mobilization efforts in the general election. (Unions spent over $60 million on the midterms.) So it’s hard to take Obama’s complaint seriously, .. And even putting aside the general election, outside groups are currently backing Obama, including a California organization registered as a ‘527’ and a PAC. So Obama’s concerns sound more like sour grapes — AFSCME and SEIU would probably face little criticism if they were spending money on him.”


    Wise folks, those unions. One more proof BHO is not a progressive and probably not a Dem.

  24. From what little I know at this point about that Bloomberg meeting, it appears that it isn’t about endorsing him for a presidential run. It looks more like a bi-partisan group getting together to try to build support for more bi-partisanship in government.

    It appears the most they will do is to issue a statement on the matter. That’s innocuous enough. Everybody should support bi-partisanship. Of course, some support it in theory only, such as the present administration. In fact, the most powerful step toward bi-partisanship will be the ending of the Bush term in office, although they won’t say that in their statement.

    My guess is any candidate from either party who is still active at the end of their session would probably gladly agree to the principles of the statement, at least until they are elected.

    I could have made this post much shorter if I simply said I’m not worried about that meeting – without any explanation.

  25. Looking forward to seeing Hillary on ABC this morning, loved her ‘presidential’ video the other day. So cool, mature, and measured in her responses. I will probably check out BO on Meet The Press, just to see if Russert gives him any hardball questions, and seeing the childish and simplistic responses.

    BTW, if it had been a male first ‘lady’, would BO have said he was drinking tea? Talking sports maybe? Either way, sounds chauvinistic to me (and thanks Ms. Albright for setting the record straight).

  26. The list of people attending that Bloomberg meeting doesn’t seem to include a bunch of extremists from either side of the spectrum. I believe they are mostly respectable moderates who are concerned about the gridlock in Washington.

    I would expect them to be disgusted with the way things are going, and enough to want to have a forum where they can make their displeasure known. My opinion is things would have to get a lot worse for this group to seriously consider disrupting the political process.

    I believe they want to influence the candidates to be more bi-partisan. A strong enough statement by that group of influential, and previously influentual, leaders should be able to find plenty of support among a lot of voters who are just as disgusted. I would think the intention would be to make enough of an impact on those running for president to get them to make favorable promises. More than that would be better, but at least that much may prove helpful.

    I like the idea a lot, if my guess is right. I wish them success in ending the gridlock. This is worth calling attention to.

  27. BTW, anybody know how the undecided vote will play out in Iowa and elsewhere? Doesn’t it normally go to the front runner? (Hillary!)

    My gut feeling is that when people are actually cacusing or in the voting booth, the practical will outweigh ‘hope’ or ‘demands.’

  28. Michael Whouley is advising the campaign, but he is not even in Iowa. That’s a surprise to me. Hillary is counting on Teresa Vilmain for the basic organizing of the get out the vote effort. Apparently she really knows what she is doing.

    BHO is also working hard at getting out his target voters, but JE is still concentrating on those who voted last time. He doesn’t have the funds that Hillary and BHO have.

    Hillary’s campaign has snow shovels waiting to be used if necessary. They have door hangers with voting places in large type to make them easier to read. They have arranged for snacks for supporters who come early, so they can know who didn’t show up yet. They mailed out refrigerator magnets with voting information on them. Both Hillary and BHO, as expected, have been using computers for months to assist in finding their voters. Hillary’s workers are showing up at doors of their typical voters who don’t usually caucus with DVD’s to show them how to do it.

    I’m sure most people on this forum know all about this stuff, but I’ve never been involved in an Iowa caucus, or anything similar. I’m just very impressed with what I’ve been reading in the NY Times about it. My guess is that article doesn’t cover half of it.

  29. hillfans, good news from zogby. iowa tracking poll hillary 31%, obama 27%, and edwards 24%. this is from reuters.com.

  30. Just lost my post. I hope this is not a repeat:

    Joe Klein on the show with CM this morning had a good line about BHO, whom I believe he supports. They were talking about the changes the candidates would make. I’ve noticed BHO doesn’t talk about that very much at all. Klein said something like, “Obama is the change. He’s it!”

    I wish this point got more attention in this campaign. Personally, I want a lot more change than that. Hillary speaks to me when she talks.

  31. Terrondt, I’m glad that poll still shows her ahead, but I’m not certain what the previous numbers were for Zogby.

    I know the RCP averages showed her leading by 3.3% last night, and now they are at 2.4%.

    But then, it’s commonly said the polls in Iowa don’t mean much. I just hope Hillary’s team is as well organized there as I think they are.

  32. Sherm: The guy removes polls, I’ve noticed, to make the average go down. You’re much better to go to pollster.com. He uses a sophisticated regression analysis to come up with poll of polls.

    The poll terrondt referenced:


    “The poll found Clinton’s supporters were the most dedicated, with 76
    percent saying their support was ‘very’ strong, compared to 65 percent
    for Edwards and 56 percent for Obama.”

    “The poll of 934 likely Democratic caucus-goers . . . was taken
    Wednesday through Saturday and has a margin of error of 3.3 percentage
    points . . . . The rolling three-day tracking poll will continue each
    day through the Iowa caucus on Thursday.”

  33. Sorry, just keep thinking about that undecided vote. My thoughts are that since Hillary has such high negatives (or people who haven’t met her think so), most won’t tell others they are probably going to vote for her. But they really know she is the absolute best choice, and this is partly the reason for Admin’s optimism, Hillary will take Iowa decisively.

  34. DCDem, thanks for that link, and for the other information. I was not aware of the difference between them and RCP. I knew the Zogby poll had some question marks, but I didn’t know they rank at the very bottom of polls.

    This website is an education, and you are all good teachers.

  35. This is my first attempt to post anything here. I have been a lurker here for quite sometime and just decided to jump in. First off, I am so happy to see Hillary being supported and I am glad to know there is a place where I can go where the truth is always being spoken.

    I just have to say that HRC is one strong woman. This woman has been the subject of peoples hatred for 15 years and counting but she is still up and still fighting. I have no clue who else will be able to endure all this….except Bill and still be standing. It must be driving the republicans crazy just knowing that they might be another Clinton adminstration coming soon and I love seeing them all in a tizzy over it. That’s why are are so desperate to have Obama win the nominee because they know they will have him for lunch. Democrats who are voting for Obama should ask themselves the reason why Repubs are behind. Doesn’t it smell fishy to them?

    I need to stop now or I will keep going and going.

    Hillary 08

  36. Psymac,

    Hillary has extremely high positives among Democrats and very, very low unfavorables. Her unfavorability rating in general is no higher than John Kerry or Al Gore’s was when they were running for president.

    Any Democratic nominee for president who has spent as much time getting bashed as Hillary is going to have negatives in the mid-to-upper forties. That is a fact. Al Gore and Kerry both had dramatically lower unfavorables until they ran – then zoom! up they went. Hillary’s have hit their ceiling. They aren’t going to go any higher. How do we know this? She’s a known quantity. People who know who she is, and the percentage of the population who likes her isn’t going to change.

    The Admin’s optimism lies in the polls, and the type of people who are supporting Hillary. While she has a huge number of first time caucus go-ers among her supporters, those first time caucusees also belong to the demographic that is the most likely to vote – namely, women, who vote in bigger numbers than men do. Obama’s pain lies in the fact that youth voters are terribly unreliable. They are enthusiastic and emotionally gratifying for the candidate, but they are notoriously unreliable voters under the best of circumstances. Here, in this caucus on this day, they must show up to caucus under the worst of circumstances. That’s why Obama is the one doing the attacking – he’s already down a few points, and so the extra point or two that going negative could shave off for him is worth the risk of pulling his opponents down a notch or two. Obama’s behavior indicates that he’s very concerned that he’s coming in third. He wouldn’t be running the risks that he is otherwise. Hillary’s behavior indicates her confidence in her position. She’s not attacking back – she’s in good shape. If she weren’t, she’d have to respond more aggressively than she is.

  37. hey hillfans, im at the local laundrymat o my wireless laptop. they have wireless service. good news today out of iowa but by no means a cakewalk. i love zogby’s take on hillary supporters being the most commited. the good weather that day will help.

  38. Hillary is fantastic…..you can tell that Steph is stewing. HRC is stepping up big time here…no hedging, she’s extremely smart.

  39. george is one of those turncoats who becuase of the clintons is famous now. for years he has been backstabbing them. he would be nothing today if it were not for the clintons.

  40. I’m watching Meet the Press but Russert has Huckabee on first. He’s been leaving Huckabee give long answers. He’s asked a couple “gotcha” type questions (illegal immigrants, religion) and asked challenging follow-ups to these but hasn’t been overly aggressive in tone. I’m sure he will have all softball questions for Obama and just let him give his stump speech.

    Obama on soon…

    I’m surprised Hillary went on Meet the Press as they have been pretty hostile to her all year.

  41. Russert so far has only pitched softballs to BO. He has not asked any follow ups. Very predictable.

    Why would he? Russert’s goal is to see Hillary loose. So he would pitch softballs to Obama.

  42. All softballs for Obama from Timmeh – and made sure to give him a chance to refute (lie about) Hillary’s statements with no followup or challenge. That’s about what I expected. Hillary did great on ABC, though!

    Caroline – welcome! 🙂

  43. Some things that stood out to me on Russert/Obama interview:

    He says he has “more formal foreign policy experience than Bill Clinton when he first ran” no follow up by Russert

    When asked about being vetted says Clinton campaign has researched him and come up with nothing. Some things they’ve said are completely false. Says he’s
    “completely consistent in values and ideals” no follow up by Russert

    There were two questions about Pakistan–whether elections should be delayed and about Axelrods comments. I thought Obama answered these so quickly and smoothly that he knew they would be asked. On the Axelrod he denied he was linking Clinton but again tied Iraq to the incident. Same response as before.

    When asked about why running now and his wifes statements on not running again–repeats that this at the time as they “aren’t that far away from normal”

  44. The photo montage on ABC while Hillary was answering the “experience” question was very effective. What Hillary said was unnecessary because the pictures said it all.

  45. Hillary on ABC George S. is as calm, collected, and in control as always.

    By the way, on MyDD, all five recommended diaries are pro-Hillary at the moment. I think MyDD is probably a lot friendlier for Clintonistas than is Daily Kos.

    Markos reversed track last night and declared himself uncommitted. He has decided that Obama is not as intriguing as he apparently had thought he was.

  46. Hillary mentioned over and over Stephanopolous’s participation in Bill Clinton’s campaign. “You could testify on my behalf,” she observed. LOL.

  47. Hillary was great on ABC–she gave detailed, thought out answers.

    Obama on Meet the Press just repeated things he’s said before in his stump speeches.

  48. Mornin’ y’all. I’m not yet watchin’ the morning shows out this way yet. LOL. Welcome Caroline. Always nice to see dedicated Hillfans join us. We are legion. I can only say I’ve learned lots of good information here and it’s a great place to rally with other Hillfans. Can’t wait to see Hillary on ABC a little later.

    You know when I think about the tea remark, I kinda think of somethin’ like turn o’ the century gentile British colonial bs…the King and I (Anna and the King of Siam). It is gauling, absolutely gauling, to have somebody with zippo for a record of international service (and has to talk about granny in her “hut”) belittle Hillary’s stellar record of service that she did not have to do (as First Lady). She chose to contribute in these ways. She chose to stand up on behalf of peoples who had no voice. She chose to stand up for the survivors of heinous war crimes. She chose to fly into dangerous places because she has been dedicated to human rights for her entire adult life. Has everybody here read Hillary’s speech from Bejing? It has been referred to by 42 as one of the most important policy speeches of his administration. And it is not the only writing that Hillary did when she was in office. There is much, much more on her portfolio with respect to international relations, as we know. Well Fmr. Secretary of State Madeline Albright handled that unfounded criticism in words that I think constitute one of the strongest statements about what our girl actually did do as an ambassador for our country as First Lady.

    I would never say that the impressions of a 9 year old weren’t important, we all know that these a formative years, for example, when kids are getting their view of the world–like, for example, what things matter, or what peoples matter, or what gender/ethnic group/age group matters. When I was a youngin I lived with dedicated public servants and this made me who I am today. But I would not try to apply for say a diversity officer in a corporation based on this experience. Basically, with Obama it always boils down to “vote for me because I say so.” With Hillary it is, “let me earn your vote.” “Let me tell you what I’ve done and what I would do.” One thing we know for sure. Many folks, when they have a chance to actually hear Hillary, see some things that they didn’t expect. They start to see depth and dedication. They see experience and vision. They see strength and resolve. They see somebody whose acting on behalf of others. It may not fit the view that they’ve gotten on the media. But she is always reaching out, trying to get the message out there, and when people do finally connect, they often resonate with her in ways they never would’ve expected. It is great going into the big caucus this week with such pride in and gratitude for our hardworking candidate and the team she has put together and all the people who are working on her behalf. Thanks one and all. A big hooray this mornin’ for all y’all.

  49. I stayed up all night in order to watch Russert so I could see whether he did his job interviewing Obama. He did not.

    What I saw in that interview was none of the ire, none of the verbal stalking, none of the raised voice, none of the hostile interruption and none of the bullying he used against Hillary. Just a benign series of softball questions, no follow-up to speak of, a warm smile on that ugly puss
    of his and giving Obama free reign to parrot his regurgitatied campaign speeches ad naseum to set the record straight. Split screen comparison would show this. Send it to the Annenberg School of Jounalism, or Howard Kurtz.

    So what was conjecture yesterday, is now a proven fact: in the moment of truth Big Tim Russert flunked the test of honest journalism, and fundamental fairness–again. By failing to vet Obama, Little Russ let down the American People. But the good news is this: Air war is shock and awe. Ground war wins battles.

  50. Donna Brazile says Hillary handled herself very well in the Bhutto situation, but she goes on to say that Obama did a great job, too. He does criticize Axelrod. She says Obama has a lot of reasons to worry about his operation in these final days (whatever that means.)

  51. Sherm Kader Says:

    Terrondt, I’m glad that poll still shows her ahead, but I’m not certain what the previous numbers were for Zogby.

    I know the RCP averages showed her leading by 3.3% last night, and now they are at 2.4%.

    Sherm, to answer your question, the last Zogby poll (11/29-12/01) showed Hillary leading by 3.
    C: 27
    O: 24
    E: 21

  52. I forgot to add, the reason her pecentage went down is not because of the Zogby, but the Reuters/McClatchy/MSNBC poll which is showing her 1 point behind Edwards.

  53. MollyJ, you make a good point when you write

    I would never say that the impressions of a 9 year old weren’t important, we all know that these a formative years, for example, when kids are getting their view of the world–like, for example, what things matter, or what peoples matter, or what gender/ethnic group/age group matters.

    Jeffrey Dahmer, to take an extreme example, developed many of his murderous, cannabalistic ways during his formative years. We know this about Dahmer because there have been many studies of him, court ordered examinations and in depth interviews with Dahmer and his father and familiy. There have also been close examinations of what Dahmer did day-to-day.

    Hillary developed her hardworking, caring personality during those formative years too. We know this because there are many witnesses who knew her back then. These people are still alive and they testify to her life story. There are thousands of books written about her and tens of thousands of articles going back decades.

    Obama developed his personality during those years too – but what were they?

    We don’t know anything about this guy. Suppose that what Obama learned, as a privileged American living abroad in a very poor country, was to charm and lie his way through life, to tell people what they want to hear, to believe the compliments that came his way and developed a narcissistic world view. A world view that informed him that all that mattered was himself and what he wants and that no one else matters as long as he gets what he wants. Suppose.

    Where are the character witnesses for this guy? How come there are no interviews of “the Barry I knew” when he was 6. No interviews from anyone in the community he “organized”. If Obama was a community organizer, how come there have not been televised profiles of people in the community? How come there are no surrogates at his rallies that say things like “I remember when Barry was a community organizer and such and such happened and he did such and such and that’s why I support him.”?

    Isn’t this total lack of “presence” of people from his past a red flag?

    The interviews we have read, not seen televised anywhere, dispute what Obama has written. Why haven’t TV stations interview the Altgeld (sp?) activists that have a completely different take on what Obama did as a community organizer than what Obama says he did as a community organizer?

    [We’ll stop here… this needs to be a complete post]

  54. admin, as Bill was enumerating all the old friends and numerous supporters Hillary has out in Iowa, I was wondering as well .. where are all BHO’s hords of supporters from college, from his time working in NY, from his “hood”, etc. We know that there has been a lot of Chicago-based fundraising but where are the hords of supporters and why is his campaign almost totally based on inexperienced, naive high school and college students? Is it because he knows how moldable students can be?

  55. Another thought while waiting for Bill yesterday afternoon was BHO’s comment about not running again if he loses because he will have moved beyond being “normal”. What in pffffffftttt is “normal” about his lifestyle now compared to the rest of America? It would seem that his estimation and judgement on what is “normal” is askew.

  56. You are so right Molly. Hillary has moral courage, and that courage has been visible throughout her life.

    Of all the stories about Hillary’s courage, the one that strikes me is the job she did mediating campus conflict at Yale in the early 1970’s. When there was a real threat of violence like there was at Berkley and elsewhere, she stepped forward, engaged in shuttle diplomacy and achieved a solution when no one else could

    This is the mark of a true leader. When there is gunfire most people run away from it, Marines are trained to run toward it, but Hillary does it as a matter of instinct because she wants to help people. And that is one of the great attributes she offers to this country, in sharp contrast to the right wing cartoon characture
    (as noted by the Concord Monitor).

    Compare the moral courage of Barack Obama–or lack thereof. Whether it is failing to cast a decisive vote on 3 critical pieces of legislation as a state senator because it got too hot in the kitchen, or failing to show up for the Iran Revolutionary Guard vote in the US Senate because of all the presidential candidates he was too busy campaigning in New Hampshire
    when it comes to Barack Obama and moral courage there is simply no there there.

    P.S. As you can see from my comments above Russert was a bust, which is hardly surprising.

  57. B. Merryfield: Yes, that was an interesting aside. There was a context there. Maybe it was Axelrod running his mouth? Or maybe it is concern about the youth vote? Maybe there is some organizational problem? Who knows.

  58. Wolf Blitzer on CNN has an inteview with Hillary in a minute or two. I don’t know if it’s one she did previously or a new interview.

  59. Yes, ADMIN, this is where my thinkin’ is, too. And it is a “red flag” for me. I’m sitting here laughin’ to myself …. if I ever ran for anything I’d have old friends, old colleagues, people I helped, people who’d helped me. I probably wouldn’t have Oprah but that’s okay. I know my share of good people.

    Where are Obama’s folks? I mean I know Michelle and the kids. I’ve heard of some muckity muck lawyer from Chicago who says he’s a “nice guy” but I know another lawyer from Chicago who’s wildly enthusiastic about Hillary. But where are his people? People that he goes way back with. It’s a big red flag for me. We don’t know who Obama is.

    And Hillary, I mean Hillary’s got people comin’ from all over this country because they want to. I really want people to hear that: they are there for Hillary BECAUSE THEY WANT TO BE THERE. Listen to those stories on “the Hillary I know.” that’s just the beginning. They ain’t necessarily youngins’ either. I know a couple of people in their 80’s who’d be there in Iowa if they possibly could and I wish I could go get ’em and take them. I am sure there are many more. What kind of person inspires this kind of respect and life-long love? This isn’t some kind of warped hero worship—these are people of all kinds, occupations, ages, gender, socioeconomic classes, religions, what have you. They are a cross section of this country. They are us. What kind of person inspires this kind of following? In some cases, these are people that have inspired and taught HIllary, too. They are people who helped her when she was First Lady of the US as well as First Lady of the great state of Arkansas. These are friends she went to school with, co-workers in the various administrations, people she helped as Senator of NY. I tell ya what kind of person inspires this type of following: a person who is dedicated to making the world a much better place for others because that’s what we’re put here to do. I firmly believe that that’s where Hillary comes from. And she also comes from a very realistic and wise place of knowin’ that you got to have the “power” to do good in this country. Unlike Obama who’s lack of understandin’ of power is frightening, to say the very least, Hillary really gets it. She really has a very thorough understanding of what it takes to make our system work for the greater good. Hell, she ain’t perfect. Nobody is. But she is as good as I’ve ever seen. And that is damn good. I can’t wait to be a part of this country under her leadership and I’ve spent the past eight years thinking a lot about moving somewheres else. But Hillary is one strong, smart, hardworking person and her dedication inspires me.

  60. Here’s what Big Tent Democrat said today that may point to some of those problems Brazille was hinting at:

    In my mind Barack Obama has been saddled with a terrible campaign team, starting with the awful David Axelrod. In November and December, Obama had a real chance to put Edwards away after Edwards made the mistake (and I still feel it was a mistake, Edwards could have been making this surge without riskig his campaign) of attacking Hillary Clinton personally. Edwards dropped, as did Clinton, Obama rose and in fact opened a healthy lead in Iowa. Instead of pressing this advantage and coopting Edwards’ themes and occupying his argument to be the Hillary alternative, Obama continued with his muddled KUMBAYA message, allowing Edwards the space he needed to mount the impressive drive he is now in.

    I think it is clear that Edwards has taken support from Obama in Iowa. For the most part, support for Clinton is mutually exclusive to support for Edwards and Obama. The support of other candidates is up for grabs. Indeed, it seems to me that Biden support would lean towards Hillary.

    Bottom line, Obama and Edwards cannibalize support from each other at this stage. This seemed obvious to me. It apparently was NOT obvious to Axelord and Co. until the last few weeks. The realization has come too late. If Obama does not pull it out in Iowa NOW, I think his climb to the nomination becomes nearly impossible. An Edwards surge in Iowa is likely to take from Obama the most. And to think that Obama could have left the Edwards campaign for dead in November and early December.


  61. morning all

    any chance of posting the abc news interview with HRC-Stephan? was unable to watch it.

    off to an afternoon of canvassing for our girl..9 days to go.. yikes!

  62. Here’s another possible example of what’s going/gone wrong at Camp BHO:

    “This is not the first time that Sen. Obama and his key surrogate and Washington Establishment foreign policy advisor Susan Rice have been totally at odds – giving the impression that he has no control over what he or his campaign is saying – another big no-no if he hopes to survive the general election.”


  63. imagine44, I have no interest in reading his books. My gut tells me that what he wrote is not more real than anything else he says. Whether he believes it or not, I couldn’t say but I’d at least like to think that he does. What’s the alternative?

  64. b. merry,
    big media obviously is buying his bs hook, line and sinker…or maybe to them, he is their annointed ABC (anybody but hillary)…because to me, his ascendancy and free-ride this far defies logic.

  65. B Merryfield: I am stunned by Axelrod’s failure to realize this from the beginning.

    I had always assumed that the Hillary segment of the electorate would be stable and that the remainder of the electorate would be divided between Barry and Breckboy, in which case competition between the two of them was an inevitable outcome. That it did not materialize until now however was a surprise to me.

    Perhaps Axelrod has been too is blinded by the audacity of hope or distracted by double agent Trippi to see what was obvious to most of us from the beginning. WTFK.

  66. I watched those news programs this morning with Hillary and with BHO. It was interesting to see that I saw them the same as most of you did. Hillary still looked and sounded great. Obama caught every single softball he was thrown. They seemed like leading questions just made for his stump speech. I was also complaining about no follow-ups.

    I’ve read Dana Milbank’s stories in WaPo, but I don’t know a lot about him. What I saw was he stated plainly that Hillary has been treated more roughly than BHO in the media. Then he gave his explanation why that was happening. He said Hillary had been so antagonistic to the press for many years.

    If that’s the perception they have, then I understand it much better now. When they were attacking her and Bill about Whitewater among many other things, and when they aided and abetted that neocon legal group who were leading the attack on the Clintons, she was supposed to perform the kowtow every time a member of the press entered the room. Those people are fragile, easily offended, and very vindictive. She didn’t behave the way they demanded, and now they are making her pay for it. That tells me why they are so vicious and unfair about it. I think she can beat them anyway.

  67. Wolf Blizter just had Sam Nunn and William Cohen on to talk about the third party meeting later this week. Nunn said their focus is to have an influence if there are no consensus candidates during the campaign. They didn’t rule out a 3rd party candidate later on. Chris Dodd was on after and said that no one party can solve the issues they were talking about.

    My question is: while this is a laudable goal and one that I think all politicians should work towards, is this possible to accomplish this just from the top down? I read a website essay that voiced the opinion that for bipartisanship to be successful it must come from the people first and for better or worse we are a partisan nation right now. Note: this is a Republican writer so I don’t agree with how he states everything here (it has a Republican spin) but the overall point he makes is perhaps something to debate. Here are some quotes from that article:

    “America might need a Twelve Step recovery program back to political sanity….

    The first step of any good recovery program is to first admit we have a problem… Few Americans seem ready for this step yet and that concerns Thompson, as it should concern anyone seeking the highest office in this land today.

    Compromise is a campaign buzz-word, like bi-partisanship, neither of which actually exist in Washington DC today and that’s because neither exists in America. Those who talk about compromise really mean that they want to drag the opposition over to their side of the debate, by force if necessary. In the real world, nobody in America is seeking compromise on the toughest issues of the day.

    We want what we want. We are willing to do whatever it takes to get it and to hell with everyone else.

    Think not? Ask the pro-choice voter what he/she is willing to give up in a search for common ground with the pro-life voter? Ask the Gay Rights lobby how they intend to reconcile their agenda with that of the Traditional Family Values lobby? Ask the atheists seeking to make all of America a God Free Zone, how they plan on compromising with the 90+ percent of Americans who still hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain specific unalienable rights?

    Ask the anti-war, anti-intelligence, anti-military crowd how they plan to meet in the middle with the pro-security crowd? Ask the pro-illegal immigration lobby seeking full civil and civic rights for illegal aliens how they will work with those who believe in American sovereignty and legally controlled immigration to secure our borders? And yes, the answer would be the same if all of these questions were asked in reverse…

    Not one of these groups, pro or con, has any interest at all in finding compromise. They have only an interest in pursuing their own agenda. Career politicians cash-in on these divisions by simply pandering to one side or the other.”

    I don’t agree with the writer that none of us don’t have an interest in finding compromise or that politicians simply pander. There are certainly politicians out there, such as Hillary, who clearly have made an attempt to work with others of opposing political views. I do think that there are core values that we will always strongly believe in and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In the past it’s been the debate over different values and views thats helped us work out compromises that both sides of an issue will accept. What do you all think on this issue? I’m just trying to learn and make sense of it all….

  68. …forgot to add… we have Obama saying “pick me and I can fix this issue”. Now we have these other 3rd party folks saying ” if the primaries don’t pick the right type of candidate we will give you a “consensus” candidate to fix this issue”. They all think they are the fix-it person. Perhaps all we really need a national dialogue to raise awareness of this issue so we can put pressure on our leaders to change how they do business…

  69. Don’t worry about young bhutto s head of the party – he is just a head and cannot be elected for PM; he will work with others to name who should be running the PM for now.

    It is important that “Bhutto’s” party stay in pakistan and fight for democracy – that is the role of her son!

  70. hi hillfans, i just upgraded my aol service. im annoyed my favorites including this site was wiped out in the proccess. i had to find all my booked marked sites from before and save them again. lordy.

  71. That part about Obama claiming he’s been vetted had me LMAO. The man is just so naive. He has no idea what he’s in for should he win the nomination.

    Also, Sherm Krader, I agree with you and Dana Milbank on why the media hates Hillary. But it’s still appalling that they don’t even make a pretense of being fair; their own animus shouldn’t influence what they write so blatantly.

  72. I just got off the phone with Hillary’s campaign! They called to let me know we’re having a Conference Call today regarding the New Hampshire trip next weekend. I told them and I’ll tell all of you now, I AM SICK AND TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT OBAMA, I AM SICK AND TIRED OF SEEING OBAMA!!!! I just want him GONE!!! Hopefully, Hillary will win the early states BIG and get Obama out of the race quickly!! The sooner the better!! Then we can ship his sorry ass back to Illoinois where he will continue to be the lousy senator that a friend of mine says he is!!!


  73. and most ordinary people do not know of HRC history with the media and cannot put in context why she is so hated by them. it is disturbing and i wonder how she’ll handle certain media when she is elected. hope she relegates them to the back rows

  74. It is going to be a loonnggg week. I was online just about all day yesterday just hanging round, reading and searching. hubby thinks i am crazy, brother is hating on me over choir boy bambi. honest I think men really are against HRC in most part because of ego.

  75. “honest I think men really are against HRC in most part because of ego.” Yes, I’ve said this for months. Not all men(my hubby’s for Hill all the way), but yes. Look at the internals of most polls. Hillary has nearly twice the support of women than her nearest competitor. Now lot’s of people like to say, well, that’s because she’s a woman, that’s why she has that support. I say she is head and shoulders the best candidate and it’s these certain men holding her gender against her.

  76. we all are sick of the punk(obama) alwaysforhillary. the sooner we beat him, the faster he will be a has been. GO HILLARY GO!!!

  77. dot48,

    why did they start off with that stupid Peggy Noonan crap.

    Hillary should have asked Steph, ‘You want me to respond to a person who claimed Elian Gonzalez was rescued by dolphins’ ?

  78. At this point, I have to say that BHO causes the same visceral reaction when I see or hear him (or even his name) as I got immediately from Shrub. The quicker he leaves the political stage the better.

  79. This morning I watched two interviews. One interview was a succession of softballs questions and mini-speeches for answers. The other interview was succession of fast balls, and the answers were calm crisp and authentic.

    I believe the Stephanopolous interview was helpful to Hillary because it show cased her ability to respond to the negative attacks of her opponents on her terms, and address whatever doubts they may have planted in the minds of certain voters. And of course, she looked very presidential as she answered them.

    By contrast, I doubt the Russert interview was helpful to Obama because there was no real electricity to it, in fact it was rather boring, and the deeper doubts that exist with respect to Obama, Russert failed to address. So they linger in the minds of voters as unresolved issues.

    If I am right, then Russert’s failure to vet Obama adversely affects not only his own credibility, but the credibility of Obama. And rightly so.

  80. bmerry, amen. as Hillary said today..feb 5 it will be over. I am hoping it is over this week with a nockout punch by HRC! Hope she decks them and the gosh darn media at the same time,

  81. Russert really doesn’t care about Obama. He has some grudge against Hillary and at this point he is putting all the special privileges he’s got at NBC (like moderator job at Meet the Press, commenter on the political race) to take her down and Obama is his avenue to get at Hillary.

    The MTP did great disservice to the general public, especially democrats because by asking all softball questions and not digging deeper Tim basically postponed all the hard hits that Obama should take from primary to the general and that is not good news for democrats because by choosing Obama they are voting for someone in the primary getting only one side of the story. The other side of the story that means can only come out in the general and will greatly hurt the democrats, if he is the nominee.

    This is what Hillary was saying all along when she said that “I am completely vetted unlike my opponents.” It means all the negative side of the news have more than adequately been disseminated to the public by both the media and the right wing. It is all factored in. There is not much more downside to her in the general. With Obama and all the media love he is getting the primaries – driven primarily for the media people like Tim Russert by their grudge at Hillary – Obama’s candidacy has lot more downside risks in the general.

  82. bmerry: I have the same effect with Obama and bush.. I rush for the mute button when they are on! I cannot stand either voice! Or I switch the damn TV off!

  83. Anybody have a sense of when Hill will be on cspan. I cannot stand to watch John Edwards poor mouth any longer…talk about greed. That’s what he does you know..he talks about greedy people and evil corporate people and he’s trying to circumvent Kucinich. He’s Dennis without UFOs, a southern accent and a 400 dollar hair cut.

  84. Thanks Amergirl and BMerry for the references. B Merry looks like you did quite a bit of homework there, great job all yall.

  85. The MSM is also doing a disservice to Dems. By going soft on Obama now, they’re only making it easier for the GOP if he wins the nomination. It’s not Hillary’s vetting that’s been lacking; it’s the MSM’s and the GOP’s.

  86. Yup molly. He is the senator “haircut”. I hope there early primaries and caucuses are done with and we get our turn. I cannot believe people fall for his used car salesman tactics. When he says the system in washington is completely broken and he wants get rid of it, people with sense will think how he is going to get all that accomplished. But apparently he is selling a kool-aid and his supporters in Iowa are happy to drink it without thinking through how he is going to get it done.

  87. edwards-phoney went so far left for 2008, he makes kusinich look moderate at times. this guy wants to appeal to the farthest left fringe. yelling all the time,close to shrieking, and damanding change.

  88. Peggy Noonan who George S. mentioned at the beginning of the Hillary interview is a former Reagan speech writer and author a book hostile to Hillary which was published by ReaganBooks, entitled The Case Against Hillary Clinton.

    Like Peggy, that book is mired in the 1990’s, presents an unfair and unbalanced view of Hillary and is rebutted by a subsequent book by Susan Estrich entitled The Case For Hillary Clinton.

    Today, Peggy is a feature writer for the WSJ, the home of open borders, free trade, minimal corporate taxes and national deficits; the sort of policies which have proven detrimental to the middle class. Since Hillary is a champion of the middle class, and a democrat, it is hardly surprising that Peggy objects. Delusional.

    However, there is one thing I can thank Peggy for and that is the fact that in one of her screed columns she alerted some of us to the existence
    of this website, so we could join. Not exactly what she intended.

  89. Rush Limbaugh is always brutal on John Edwards. He only refers to him as “breck girl”. There is also that “I am pretty. Very pretty” video circulating around. Rightnow less than 1% of the population is US knows about that video. If he is the nominee, we can be sure that the rightwing will make sure 99% of them are aware of it and have seen it.

  90. While we all HRC to win Iowa, I liken it to the skating competitions…it is great to be in shape for the first outing but it is a loonngg way to the championships. It is great that Iowa would be a coup for her but they know it is not mandatory for them at this time…I think they panicked a bit early Dec but settled down once Bill came onboard full time.

  91. YAY mp. why is it cspan always show hillary last or not at all? am i the only one that notice this? i check cspan’s website for taped programs of hillary’s and they are far and between. nothing but others. gop or dems.

  92. ra 1029: I agree Russert and his cronies do not like Hillary, for historical reasons. But it is equally clear to me at least that they care about Obama.

    Consider this: if it was simply a matter of beating Hillary, then why would they bother to invent Obama. They could simply throw their support behind another experienced candidate like Biden, Richarden, or even Dodd, and they would never be accused of playing Russian roulette with the future of our country.

  93. wapa article up about bloomberg and 3rd part meeting. sounds likek they are serious. can’t link–can’t figure out how to with touchpad on new laptop. always had a real mouse

  94. “He’s a lot like Obama that way–he wants a new bipartisan style of government and that’s his theme.”

    Oh no you didn’t. Mike Bloomberg is nothing like Badack Obama. Bloomberg is a man of great substance and achievement in business and government. He is the total opposite of Badack. Bloomberg is not full of _____ and Badack is totally full of _____. I call Bloomberg the ‘smartest man in the world.’ Politically, he’s not a ‘Jewish New Yorker’ — he’s a wonky multi-billionaire. To him, everybody is poor – – which means he treats everyone the same and doesn’t favor anybody. New Yorkers just love the guy.

    Party swapping is common for the Mayor of NYC – John Lindsay won as a Repub, then switched to Dem, and Ed Koch ran on both tickets at the same time. Cross-party endorsements are common. I think Bloomberg dumped the Republican Party so he wouldn’t get stuck endorsing Rudy — even though Rudy endorsed him for Mayor.

  95. lol, hillfans it is fun reading obama and edwards supporters go at eachother on huffington post or the other nutkook blogs.

  96. Wbboei, The only reason Russert and company like Obama is because he could be easily beaten in the GE. Their favourite candidate is Giuliani.

  97. Admin @ 10:47

    Thank you, thank you for the reiterative spotlight. I have questioned here twice before why BO has no visible friends, former colleagues, family, college roommates, constituents past and present who “testify” to his help, continuing support and loyalty from neighbors, past employees etc.

  98. Canaan, if you are referring to the comments I wrote earlier I was not saying Bloomberg is la politician like Obama. Obama is using the theme of bipartisanship for his campaign to get votes and appear different. It’s obvious (even with the very little I know about Bloomberg) that this man is a serious contender (and not a pretender) like Obama.

    I am trying to make sense of how a third party challenge would all affect the election. Is is good or bad, would it be successful, would it really accomplish what it intended? For sure it would shake things up….

  99. terrondt, i found huffpo.. read arianne on pakistan fallout. i can’t even figure out how to copy and paste with this touchpad. thanks

  100. BMerryfield, I understand you think Axelrod and Trippi are working in tandem, but I think they were plotting against Hillary while trying to out edge each other. Axelrod just outsmarted Trippi. I mean, seriously, does anyone here think Trippi is all “that?”

    I know I don’t.

    What has he ever done successfully besides create jobs for himself based on some absurd hype that he’s the architect of online fundraising and grassroots? Nada.

    RE: undecideds and lowrank candidate supporters- I think many will join Hillary, but a goodly amount will go to JE. Look for Edwards at 1st, Hillary at 2nd in IA. I hope that’s reversed of course, but that’s my gut. Biden will have a good showing and a battle for 3rd will be between him and Bwak.

    As for Michelle’s comments this week that this election was a one shot thing for her darling husband, I think it’s more of a threat than anything. Her backhanded way of saying “vote for him now or you’ll never get to again.” Sorta a way of enforcing the change mantle with a loaded gun to voters’ heads. Not very nice, but that’s the way they play in Chicago.

    Lastly, an effective argument to would be Bwak supporters when talking to them on behalf of Hillary- bring up his forcing all Democratic candidates off the ballot in his Senate race. He abused the legal system for his own political agenda. That stinks and it smacks of exactly what happened with Bush’s coronation. Real Democrats, real progressives hate that and the association will usually push them back into undecided land or in Hillary’s corner outright. Just something I’ve noticed has been highly effective for me.

  101. Edwards is increasing his poll numbers in New Hampshire. Has this been posted? Sorry if it’s a repeat:

    ARG poll

    Clinton 31% (down 7) Obama 27% (up 3) Edwards 21% (up 6)

    Edwards now leads Obama among undeclared (independent) voters 38% to 23%, with 17% for Clinton.
    23% of Clinton’s support, 18% of Edward’s support, and 23% of Obama’s support say they could change their minds between now and January 3


  102. pm, that is my point. she is almost NEVER on that site. it’s not like she never has events taped or cspan tv crews are not covering her events.

  103. terrondt: 14 minutes to my conference call!!!!

    Hillary will be on C-Span at 4:45pm ET. Right now they have jerky Obama on. I have it on MUTE!!!! It’s funny a lot of us feel the same way about this jerk!! GOD FORBID he ever was president! Imagine having to listen to him for 4-8 years??? He makes Bush look a teeney bit better! LOL!! That’s how much I DESPISE OBAMA!!!!

    I don’t understand WHY the whole country doesn’t SEE what we SEE!!! Hillary is the ONLY candidate who can win the general election against the Republicans!!!! The ONLY one!!!

  104. Gotta get on my call but wanted you to know that New York is sending 500 PEOPLE from around the state next weekend to New Hampshire!!!! We will make sure our gal wins N.H.!!!!

    Will let you know anything interesting I hear on my call.

  105. Obama has ONE friend of 10 years stumping for him in Iowa. There are at least a dozen outlets that picked up the story of Mike Jordan, and insurance agent from Richton Park, Ill.


    Another friend, from his Hawaii days, Keith Kakugawa, is a homeless person who has admitted to, “moving drugs”.


    Perhaps one of the reasons that we don’t hear about many of his oldest friends is because of the treatment they received in his book;

    “At the same time, several of his oft-recited stories may not have happened in the way he has recounted them. Some seem to make Obama look better in the retelling, others appear to exaggerate his outward struggles over issues of race, or simply skim over some of the most painful, private moments of his life.”


    So, it looks like he has one, highly publicized friend, made in his mid-late thirties, from Illinois, who is actively stumping for him. He doesn’t appear to have any childhood, grade/high school/college friends who are either close to him personally, or working on the campaign with him. The only high school friend in the news, Keith Kakugawa, was, for some reason,
    called, “Ray”, in his book and said that the supposed conversations about race that Obama claims he had with, “Ray”, never happened.

    From an article entitled, “Inside Obama’s Inner Circle”;

    * Valerie Jarrett: part of inner circle, friend of Obama’s and a veteran of
    Chicago Democratic circles.

    Michael Froman, an informal Obama adviser who was a Harvard Law classmate and chief of staff to former Treasury Secretary Bob Rubin.
    Obama also turns to a small circle of Harvard Law School classmates who have been friends for nearly 20 years.

    Cassandra Butts, who first met Obama at the financial aid office
    Froman and
    Julius Genachowski first knew Obama as colleagues on the Harvard Law Review.


    The guy probably does have friends, other than those I have been able to Google, and maybe they’re even working with the campaign, but the
    lack of any visible childhood friends and the fact that he made ACTUAL people from his real childhood, “composites”, would usually be a red flag to the media.

  106. I wonder if the media will ever treat Hillary fairly. I guess it’s something she’d have to deal with in the GE as well.

  107. Isn’t it great they placed all that burden on Bhutto’s 19y/o son? It’s a kiss of death. Whoever targeted his mother would probably want to pull roots from the ground, too.

  108. As for Obama ‘being saddled with’ Axelrod, it’s more like Axelrod INVENTED him. See the Chicago Tribune profile of Obama. It was AXelrod and other makers who talked him into running in the first place.

    As for ‘now or never’, they had a sound plan which iirc they called 2010-2012-2016 (or such dates), by which he would go from US Senator to Gov of Illinois and THEN consider POTUS. After he got a lot of publicity by fund-raising in 2006, they got together in early 2007 and decided to shoot for now. (This was in the Chi Trib profile also, and I have a bunch of quotes from it on my site.)


  109. the media bias is why so many see HRC as polarizing. Bill said this would be her hardest task the nomination. once she governd i think she will be swell.

  110. Re Obama’s ‘organizing’ in Chicago, look for “rub raw the sores of discontent”. There was a lot in a profile at The New Republic. Again I have a link and some of it at my LJ, but no time to look it up right now.

  111. He is making a big mistake – bringing up Bill in ’92, and quoting him. Trust me, BO, you do NOT want the voters to start comparing you to the Big Dawg, and remembering how great he was.

    LOL! Geez, how stupid is Axelrod to be letting BO push this theme?

  112. As for formative years, I’d love to see someone with Obama’s early multi-ethnic ‘instincts’ PLUS some of Hillary’s kind of real adult world top level experience PLUS good judgment and character.

    Obama had a ‘fresh’, outside-US background, an Ivy League education — and what did he choose to DO with it? Dive into the Chicago inner city dirty politics street gang culture. (After having spent some high school and college age time Searching For Racial Identity with cocaine.) Search for “He wanted to be part of the club.”

    I’m a little bothered that Michelle also talks about finding her ‘racial identity’ or some such. The people I want to vote for, are those who looked for something to DO (or had pratical real life survival challenges of their own to deal with).

  113. One of his classmates at columbia disputes Obama’s story about hateful racial graffiti.
    Obama’s first book is a lot of hate and his own insecurity!

  114. HFT 4:20 the use of the quote of 42 by BO is remindin’ me of a certain gotcha used in a debate by russert.

    BO is tellin’ us what hope is. IF you believe…….reminds me of clap your hands if you believe (I think that’s been used before too)

    I think the crowd is a tad unethusiastic.

  115. also, headlines..Kenya rioting over elections..another country new years on hold over terror threat. Iraq deadliest year for our troops. There is trouble all around .. ps, where is Bush? in texas as usual.

  116. Interesting that kenyan elections:

    Obama’s Luo tribal leader lost! Obama and his half-siblings must be disappointed!

  117. As for ‘vetting’, there’s a lot of stuff already on record easily findable about Obama — that no Demo opponent has yet USED against him. His book admitted using cocaine. His various big profiles talk about him getting ALL his opponents bumped off the ballot so he could run unopposed. His TNR profile shows him as an ‘agitator’: “rub raw the sores of discontent.” It and other profiles show him talking about power, about throwing the do-gooders off your organization.

    Even his getting burned in effigy in Pakistan over his July speech about moving our troops from Iraq TO “the right battlefield in Pakistan and Afganistan” — that great picture Admin posted a day or two ago. I’ve LJ’d about it, and posted it at Taylor Marshall and in a comment string or two at LeftCoaster and maybe Kos — but the only big audience blog to take it up has been Hillaryis44.com, bless Admin!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if other things turn up (he was in a very unsavory part of Chicago). But even the admitted stuff would be enough to kill him when the GOP gets around to using it.

  118. Almost 10 to 5 and jerky Obama is still talking (on mute!). Where is Hillary?????

    Conference call got really squabbled (is that a word??) at the end!! I guess over 500 people is too many on a conference call?? New Hampshire is having people coming in every day to volunteer. The field officers there kept thanking us for coming up. They have 2 FEET OF SNOW there!!!! Oh my God, I am still on antibiotics from my last trip two weeks ago!! Better get another RX!!!

    This is truly a Labor of Love for Hillary!! There is NO ONE else I would work this hard for!!

  119. Do you think that if the race stays as close as it is that their may be more negative advertising in the long run? Or will the other Democratic candidates refrain from that?

  120. Hey everyone. and Bye everyone.

    I’ll be gone until next week, so I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year. And of course a happy January 3rd and 4th!….Go Iowa, Go USA, Go Hillary!

    Also, I saw that someone was wondering about my statements about BHO, Jr.’s Harvard acceptance and the fact that BHO, Sr. went to Havard too, which would make anyone wonder about a legacy acceptance. Harvard is notorious for their legacy rate…..or at least they were.
    Jr. could’ve gotten into Harvard Law without mentioning that BHO,Sr. was a Harvard college alum, but I know if I were applying to 2nd best law school in the nation, I would mention it. I’d be stupid not to.

    Also, did anyone know that his mother’s first name is a boy’s name because her father wanted a boy? Do you think that BHO, Jr. may have resentment against his mother for letting is father mentally abuse her and by not telling Jr. the truth about him? He also was supposedly rasied by his mother’s parents (the father that wanted a boy — interesting, huh?). But, Jr. preferred to focus on his black heritage while growing up. This is all speculation and it’s only my opinion about what I’ve read, but something screams at me when thinking about Jr’s history.

    I am convinced that BHO, Jr. sees Hillary as a mother figure of some sort. I’m sure a psychologist would have a field day with this.

    bye everyone….Hillary will win. Just put a lot of good feelings out into the universe. 🙂

  121. Jesus, did he just promise that woman to make one particular (new) reading program for the handicapped “available in all the schools”? He has no idea what program the woman was even talking about! He obviously had never heard of it, has no idea what it is, or if it’s a good or a crappy program! It’s some new private tutoring thing according to the woman.

    But yeah, the great and powerful BO is going wave a fairy wand to guarantee that this particular program is in all the schools. What a snake-oil salesman. Promise you the moon.

  122. negative messages, I hope Hillary does not go there. she is up and its working. stay positive and on message.

    gosh, he cant get anything out without all the angst……shut him up

  123. Hillary will definitely WIN!!!! You know why??? Obama is BORING all his supporters to DEATH!!!! LOL!!!

  124. He has gone beyond the whole “underdog” meme (which was working early in Fall), and has strayed into “whining baby victim of big bad Washington” territory.

  125. Jeeebus, he cannot answer a question without a bunch of angsty nevel-gazing and talking endlessly about himself.

  126. I am wonderin’ how many people here have looked at his church website? I was rather taken aback. I remember the beloved community of Dr. King. And I guess times have changed but…it wouldn’t be an asset for him in a general election. Again, we are talkin’ about vetting here and what the repugs would do and it’s not a question in my mind what they would do with this.

  127. the reporter for fox in iowa just said that a iowa precint captain working for edwards was at obamas event ,and said the captain was undecided yet…if you work for john ed you go to obama, events and he/she is going to pella tommorrow to see michelle obama…this is on fox news

    Hillary is on cspan..

  128. Governor Strickland is introducing Hillary, giving background on Ohio and talking about similarities with Iowa.

  129. CJ, can you clarify your post? Are you saying the Edwards precint captain is undecided as who to vote for? That seems odd..

  130. no the voter was undecided the precint captain..so the voter is still looking for a canidiate..to vote for

  131. CJ, so the precint captain was trying to get the undecided voter to vote for Edwards instead of Obama? Sneaky going to Obama rallies to do that…

  132. no its the precaint captain who works for edwards and went to a obama event today and tommorrow the precint captain is going to michelles ob..in pella ,iowa…


  134. That’s my gal! Attack the Republicans, NOT the Democrats! Sigh of relief when Bush and Cheney leave. 🙂

  135. CJ, obviously that precinct captain may be thinking about switching to Obama unless he/she is just there to see another famous candidate give a speech. Since the race is so close between the top 3 candidates I’m sure they all have some supporters who have switched sides.

  136. the captain itself went to obamas event.there ya go…i was shocked it wasnt carl cameron its the other guy there in iowa for fox news…that drives in the car when carl c…isnt around

  137. hi-here is my question. fter reviewing today’s polls Im wondering-how can hillary be in 1st place caucus night bc the 2nd choicers dont seem to be favoring her. doesnt she need those 2nd choicers to beat them all? kinda concerned about that one!

  138. they can do that though.. switch..americangal..you said it right what you said right below here,,

    obviously that precinct captain may be thinking about switching to Obama unless he/she is just there to see another famous candidate give a speech.

    yes because the p captain is undecided…

  139. It is so true. My own favorite saying is IT TAKES A CLINTON TO CLEAN UP A BUSH’S MESS!!!!

    Can you imagine how frustrating it must be for Hillary and Bill?? Bill balanced the budget from daddy Bush and left a surplus which jr. squandered!! No wonder Hillary is so determined to win!!

  140. Have you ALL had the chance to meet Hillary and hear her speak in person??? I’ve been so lucky to meet her twice so far and hear her speak about 6 times altogether (SO FAR!).

    The more I hear her speak, the more I see her in person, the more I “feel” her heart! And the more I truly love her!

  141. She’s getting passionate…note the tone. WHY do they say she is shrill? Also. does she have to have the 2nd choicers if enough turn out for her ..

  142. im so glad she is on there ..i had my mute on to…that Bobama is scary…no uhhs no iiiii,no uhhhs…hes full of it…lies through his teeth

  143. that is so dirty that the Pentagon did…glad she told some history. No leap of faith…….that would make a great headliner for soon.

  144. she explains so well… i cant wait until she is my President…she doesn’t go over your head but she still uses great vocabulary and very Intelligent,and looking at these people in the eyes.she doesnt stter she doesnt give any bullcrap…she is giving the truth.

  145. I do believe a lot of people are closet HRC supporters. I’ve met some in the grocery store–they whisper at me that they “like my button”.

    I think also that some of these Iowans really are undecided. They put a lot of thought into this. I think her work ethic goes over very strong with many many people. I also believe that her experience is also going to serve her very well in Iowa. So keep in mind that she still can win voters over. And her supporters in Iowa can pursuade. There’s still decidin’ going on. And the energy of the caucus experience makes a difference too.

  146. Yes – i have heard her speak in person 3 times now! Loved it! Different things, different topics
    But alway confident and clear, concise and knowledgable!

    None of that flowery phony stuff!

  147. it si clear john edwards and hillary has the mo 4 days out. now if those 2nd choicers could go for hillary we would eb set-and they yet may

  148. im with dot48.you said it…you got it right….lotts of closet ones who support her,,,im confident she will will iowa

  149. I notice too the mix of ages in Hillary’s audiences.

    I loved her list of accomplishments. What was the bill regarding the signing bonuses? That’s fabulous! Anyone have a link?

    Also the healthcare for the National Guard bill that she teamed with Lindsay Graham on – yeah, he helped lead Bill’s impeachment! It proves that the “divisive” crap is just crap. Hillary can work with the devil himself if she needs to, to GET IT DONE for Americans. 🙂

  150. she should have stayed for the entire church service…it’s already headlines…preacher not happy. look at yahoo headlines…gosh, hope this isn’t the opening they want,

  151. B Merry: I feel your pain when it comes to Obama. The best defense I have found is the mute button. On a more serious note, do you believe there is a survivorship provision in the Barry Breckgirl relationship?

    ClintonDem99: I know Russert is a fat cat, he worries about tax increases more than anyone on earth except Grover Norquist, but I have a real hard time seeing him as a Republican much less a Rudy supporter. The reason I say that is because Senator Moynihan (D-NY) was his mentor and because he took Rudy to the woodshed in his interview. I still say there is a dual motive here: he hates HRC and loves OB.

  152. Texan4Hillary…she may not be as high on the list as a second choice (depending on the polls you look at) BUT her supporters are resolute in their support. The other candidates supporters arent as loyal. On caucus night some people may switch. In addition, there are still some undecideds who haven’t stated who they are voting for–she will get some of those. Also, in the caucus system she can get votes from other candidates who don’t reach a certain percentage–thus she may have made deals with Richardson, Biden or Dodd to gain their supporters on that night if they can’t qualify. In addition, the ability to get your committed voters out to the caucuses can make an impact on the final totals. Hillary has a huge on-ground system in place to make sure every voter gets out to be counted. All of these things are factors.

    It’s very close and no one knows how it’s really going to end up. I think its safe to say that it’s probably going to be close between all 3 of the top candidates. Hillary certainly has as much chance to win as the others.

  153. Is it only ME, or does Hillary seem like the ONLY candidate who looks PRESIDENTIAL?? Just listening to her speak makes me feel safe and secure – like I did when Bill was president!

  154. “We do not want to be the first generation of Americans to leave our country worse off than we found it – and we don’t have to be.”

    Go, girl!

  155. A4H, yes, she is very presidential. She is inspiring, but she is also calming – like a strong and wise mother. 🙂

  156. She’s got a great sense of humor, too, she’s very down to earth. She most certainly not pompous like some people we could mention.

    I hope they will remember those two questions that she’s talkin’ about now. Who’s best to lead from day one…who’s already stood up to the repugs.

    Commander in chief: the troops need a commander in chief who will respect them. I love it!

    You are caucusing on behalf of all those who can’t be there. You’re caucusing for all the Americans who never get to meet anyone cause they aren’t from Iowa. You’re caucusing for someone else in another state … caucus not for me…but for our future

    Stand with me for one night and I will stand for you…i will not forget the faces I’ve seen, the stories I have heard. You will again have a President who gets up everyday wondering about how we take care of each other.

  157. I couldn’t help myself I had to write down some of those wondeful quotes above. It was a great speech. And not a stammer…not a single stammer. So proud of our girl

  158. So jealous of Hillary’s body person – the girl with the long dark, straight hair. She’s ALWAYS with Hillary!!! *sigh*

  159. wbboei: “On a more serious note, do you believe there is a survivorship provision in the Barry Breckgirl relationship?”

    I think that there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye. I wonder if one of them does very poorly will they link up (i.e. VP) in an attempt to take Hillary out?

  160. SHe’s her personal assistant…the “body person”…she’s been with Hillary a long time and does a terrific job helping out on occasions like this so that Hillary can sign things and take pictures.

  161. Even minglng she’s better. BO comes across like some condescending star, like he thinks you ought to be honored he is speaking to you. Our gal is like your neighbor – just chatting, and enjoying it.

  162. I’m convinced that most people who “hate” the Clintons are just plain jealous of two ordinary “kids” who went into politics and “done good.”

  163. LMAO! Okay, she just put on her “strict Mama” face and told the old man that she never allowed smoking in the Whitehouse. “Even kings and prime ministers – I made them go outside!”

    Oh, my goodness, that was TOO funny! I can just see her telling some big poobah to take his stinky cigar out of her house! 😀 ROTFLMAO!

  164. I can’t stand people who bad mouth the Clintons!!!! If you’re mean to them, you are on my SH*T List!!! LOL!!

  165. Yeah, I read that about Hillary not allowing smoking in the White House! I wouldn’t either!!!! I despise smoking!!!! UGH!!

  166. ..im laughing to…no Smoking.. in the White House..lmao..half of them people in there smoke..Outside you go…she dont want to breathe it either..i dont blame her…

  167. I loved her ABC interview. She looked and sounded great. I felt she was actually engaging with George and it wasn’t stumpy or calculated. It wasn’t the usual crap they throw at her and how she maneuvers out of a sound bite. She didn’t have to do that because he was treating her like a person, asking real questions and she was allowed to speak her mind. Loved it.

    If anyone has the CSPAN interview online or tapped, can you link me? Thanks!

  168. Sherm

    Just now hopping on. Your mention on Dana Milbank this morning. He was where ?

    Thanks in advance for answer. I’m opening one to read to catch up, and keeping this one to comment on.

  169. I just quit 2 months ago, but even when I smoked I did not smoke in my house – I went out on the porch. Stinky house. Ugh.

  170. After listening to Hillary on C-Span, how can people dislike this woman? She is on point all the time and knows what she is talking about. I had to LMAO when she told one old guy that she use to send kings and presidents to go outside if they wanted to smoke in her Whitehouse. Hillary rocks.

  171. The Iowa polls are everywhere and it is showing a tight race. However, one thing is undeniable polls after polls: Hillary supporters are the most dedicated. Zogby is showing 76% who are “very strong” voters.

    Obama consistently place third in “very strong” voters. On average, he hovers around 50ish.

    But the second choice concerns me. Hillary consistently places third.

  172. do you think biden, dodd and richardson would go with Obama….I still think she might surprise with the turnout so would that not benefit her on first choice. when they get down to 2 candidates is it just majority wins?

  173. Emjay, that was on CNN, Reliable Sources, with Howard Kurtz.

    I’m late getting back also. My wife knows nothing about politics, but she wanted to see some campaign speeches. We turned on C-Span and found BHO talking about himself. She found him to be very very slow and boring.

    The next person on was Hillary, and she was amazed at the difference. Hillary spoke normally, much faster than Hussein, and she talked about the changes she had made and those she plans to make. We both found it impressive, but it was no surprise to me.

  174. hillfans, i just woke up. i fell asleep in the livingroom with cspan on. i was waiting for hillary to come then on obama kept talking for a long time.

  175. i always wondered who is that very pretty woman that is constantly with her all the time. a loyal aide for sure. every campaign candidiate has one going back years.

  176. im watching hillary on my dvr. i had to fast forward thru the punk’s speech to get to her. gov ted stickland is cruical for the ohio primary and general election there.

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