Hillary Clinton Ready; Barack Obama Reckless

Obama Insults Pakistan

The coarse recklessness of Barack Obama and his Chicago henchmen was on full display yesterday.

As nuclear armed Pakistan lay on the knife’s edge, the Obama campaign decided to attempt the political assassination of Hillary Clinton. CNN summarized the Obama campaign posture as Did Hillary Clinton Kill Benazir Bhutto?

The attack on Hillary became necessary because Obama does not want his “judgment” on Pakistan examined. CNN recalled Obama’s Pakistan history, short as it is, by stating Obama might get his chance to fulfill a campaign promise to invade Pakistan were Pervez Musharraf to lose power in a coup.

Before the Bhutto assassination Hillary recognized her understanding of the job of president when she stated

“It’s not going to be easy, this job never is – it’s the hardest job in the world,” she said. “On Jan. 20, 2009, someone will raise his or her hand to take the oath of office in front of our capitol. And then that person will go to the Oval Office. And on the desk is the oval office will be a stack of problems.”

“I want you to ask yourself, who will be the best president? Who, if something happened that none of us can predict now, would be there able to respond and act on behalf of our country immediately? Who can use experience and qualifications and contacts and ideas and plans to get us moving together again? If you will go and stand up for me, I will stand up for you every single day in the White House,” she said.

* * *

What is the Obama history of diplomacy with regards to Pakistan? It can be summarized in one word: riots. Obama’s Big Speech on foreign policy led to American flag burnings and Obama and Bush and Tancredo burned in effigy in the streets of Pakistan.

In State of Emergency we detailed the Obama speech and the threat to Pakistan. American flags were burned in Pakistan shortly after Obama spoke. We noted that Obama’s remarks were not off-the-cuff remarks. Obama’s speech was worked on and massaged for weeks before he delivered it.

Burning Flag

In Judgment Matters we further discussed Obama’s reckless, long prepared speech on Pakistan.

We quoted Chris Dodd:

Over the past several days, Sen. Obama’s assertions about foreign and military affairs have been, frankly, confusing and confused. He has made threats he should not make and made unwise categorical statements about military options.

“We are facing a dangerous and complicated world. The next president will require a level of understanding and judgment unprecedented in American history to address these challenges.

We quoted Hillary:

The Illinois senator warned Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf in a major foreign policy speech Wednesday that he would use U.S. military force in Pakistan even without Musharraf’s permission if necessary to root out terrorists.

Asked about Obama’s speech and his comments about nuclear weapons, Clinton chided her fellow senator about addressing hypotheticals.

Presidents should be very careful at all times in discussing the use or non-use of nuclear weapons. … I don’t believe that any president should make any blanket statements with respect to the use or non-use of nuclear weapons,” Clinton said.

Asked about the notion of unilateral U.S. military action in Pakistan to get al-Qaida leadership: “How we do it should not be telegraphed or discussed for obvious reasons.”

Pakistan has nuclear weapons and is politically unstable, raising concerns that the current military leadership could be replaced by religious fanatics who would be less cautious in using the weapons.

We quoted Bill Richardson:

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, in a telephone interview, said that Obama’s threat, if acted upon, could inflame the entire Muslim world. “My international experience tells me that we should address this issue with tough diplomacy first with Musharraf and then leave the military option as a last resort,” he said.

We quoted Joe Biden:

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Joseph R. Biden Jr. (Del.) called Obama’s threat misguided. “The way to deal with it is not to announce it, but to do it,” Biden said at the National Press Club. “The last thing you want to do is telegraph to the folks in Pakistan that we are about to violate their sovereignty.”

We quoted the Chicago Tribune:

It’s a very irresponsible statement, that’s all I can say,” Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Khusheed Kasuri told AP Television News. “As the election campaign in America is heating up we would not like American candidates to fight their elections and contest elections at our expense.”

Obama’s threat to attack the territory of a Muslim ally without the consent of its government also could have broader ramifications for his standing in international Islamic public opinion.

Obama immediately began to lie about what he had said and began to smear the other candidates.

Obama changed the words of his speech while accusing Senator Dodd of not having read the speech. In his speech Obama threatened Pakistan by saying if Musharraf “won’t act” we will. This was the Bush equivalent of ‘you are either with us or against us.’ Obama then, changed his words from “won’t act” to “cannot act” (see the transcript above) and has the audacity to insult Senator Dodd and accuse Dodd of either not having read Obama’s bomb of a speech or of mistating what Obama was saying. In other words, Obama the liar, was calling Senator Dodd a liar.

Obama then accused Senator Clinton of trying to somehow silence a discussion with the American people when what she was actually saying was that Obama should watch his mouth because as a presidential candidate his words can harm the United States. The American flag burnings in Pakistan and the threats of martial law in Pakistan are ample proof that Senator Clinton was correct.

David Shuster exposed Obama’s lies.

Bill and Hillary Clinton know the dangers posed by Pakistan and have worked with deft diplomacy to push for change, yet not further destabilize the region.

Hillary knows the life and death consequences of words and actions. Unlike Obama, Hillary has traveled to Pakistan and knows the region well. Hillary respected Benazir Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto respected Hillary:

A few years later, after Mrs. Clinton had become first lady and Ms. Bhutto had become prime minister, Ms. Bhutto held a luncheon in Pakistan in Mrs. Clinton’s honor. The guests included several other high-powered women.

Mrs. Clinton, who described Ms. Bhutto as “brilliant and striking,” said the prime minister led a discussion about the changing roles of women in Pakistan and told a joke about her husband’s status as first spouse.

“According to newspapers in Pakistan,” Ms. Bhutto said, “Mr. Asif Zardari is de facto prime minister of the country. My husband tells me, ‘Only the first lady can appreciate it’s not true.’”

Mrs. Clinton apparently found in her a kindred spirit.

“Bhutto acknowledged the difficulties faced by women who were breaking with tradition and taking leading roles in public life,” she wrote. “She deftly managed to refer both to the challenges I had encountered during my White House tenure and to her own situation. ‘Women who take on tough issues and stake out new territory are often on the receiving end of ignorance,’ she concluded.”

Now is not the time for reckless Obama “leadership”. Schoolboy bluster we already get from Bush.

We Need A Leader For A Change.


342 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Ready; Barack Obama Reckless

  1. Great post, admin.


    Don’t miss this from Domenico Montanaro who pretty much called Obama a liar today at MSNBC’s First Read: (See bold)

    Per the Washington Post, Obama strategist David Axelrod linked “the Pakistani crisis to the different positions that Clinton and Obama took on the Iraq war in 2002, when Clinton voted to authorize it in the U.S. Senate, and Obama, then an Illinois state senator, spoke out against it.

    “Clinton campaign advisers pounced on Obama’s and Axelrod’s comments. ‘This is a time to be focused on the tragedy of the situation, its implications for the U.S. and the world, and to be concerned for the people of Pakistan and the country’s stability. No one should be politicizing this situation with baseless allegations,’ Clinton spokesman Jay Carson said.”

    Obama was on CNN last night and NBC/NJ’s Aswini Anburajan reports that during the interview, Obama was grilled by Wolf Blitzer on whether his chief media strategist, David Axelrod, had placed blame on Hillary Clinton for the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. “I don’t need to hear what you read because I was — you know, I overheard it when he said it, and this is one of those situations where Washington is putting a spin on it. It makes no sense whatsoever,” he said.

    However, this could not have occurred since Axelrod had spoken to a large scrum of reporters in the back of the hall where Obama gave his speech, well after Obama had left the room. Obama went on to say that Axelrod had been asked a politicized question, on how the assassination would affect the Iowa caucuses, which resulted in a politicized answer on exercising good judgment on foreign policy. “But his [Axelrod’s] response was simply to say that if we are going to talk politics, then the question has to be, ‘Who has exercised the kind of judgment that would be more likely to lead to better outcomes in the Middle East and better outcomes in Pakistan?’” he said.


  2. This escaped the bold:

    However, this could not have occurred since Axelrod had spoken to a large scrum of reporters in the back of the hall where Obama gave his speech, well after Obama had left the room.

  3. BMerryfield, Obama gets caught lying all the time (see our link to the David Shuster fact check). Big Media almost never reports it and if they do Big Media does not make a big deal out of it. If Hillary even slightly shades a fact, it is a headline story.

  4. Politico reports on the Edwards vs. Obama dynamic in Iowa right now.


    Yet more evidence that the central front right now in Iowa is between Edwards and Obama: A mailing from Elizabeth Edwards, which urges readers to check out an anti-Obama Paul Krugman column and learn “why we can’t just sit down at a table with special interests.

    Also, the Obama campaign releases a letter (after the jump) from a group of former Edwards supporters denouncing his 527 ads.

  5. admin, what I found interesting this time is that it’s MSNBC calling him out on his lies. Wonder how many more were in the “scrum” with Axelrod who aren’t speaking out? Makes them aiders and abetters, which for most crimes will get you jail time (hi Ben).

  6. Montinaro at MSNBC/First Read writes:

    “Edwards and Obama also seemed less sure-footed, though both attempted to prove their foreign policy credentials, with Edwards going so far to brag that he talked to Musharraf yesterday. By the way, imagine if Clinton had said that yesterday… Something tells us there would have been a lot of criticism of politicizing the incident.”


    I’m beginning to think somebody’s actually paying attention.

  7. Yes, B Merrryfield, it seemed as if a rather large group of reporters and perhaps others were interested in what Axelrod had to say yesterday from what I recall. It didn’t seem as if Obama was right around the corner because if he was why would Axelrod be making that comment in the first place? The execution of the comment and such struck me as being a little more orchestrated than that. Why didn’t one of those in attendance ask about Obama’s votes re Iraq since he joined the US senate, what a couple of years ago? Hasn’t he voted to fund the very war he now says he’s always opposed? I am glad Wolf read the entire quote aloud last night over Obama’s clear objections, even as Obama described intepretations of it as media gloss. Even more troubling though were Obama’s scattered, wandering thoughts about what he’d do as commander in chief if this had happened under his watch. I believe I heard him say somethin’ about making sure “tempers didn’t flare” or words to that effect. I had to say, is he for real? Is he talking about an assasination of a world leader running in a democratic election for office in a nuclear-warhead possessing country? Or is he talking about vandalism that happened after the junior-senior prom? This is NOT what presidential looks like.

    Senator Clinton, on the other hand, defined the appropriate response yesterday and she went about her business, staying on message and leaving the newbies to the world’s political stage to scramble around trying to self-promote. The comments by Biden, Dodd and even Richardson helped to make the case that the stakes are very high in this election. We are picking a President. We have to have a leader in place who knows what to say and when to say it. That person must be prepared to lead from day one. Hillary Clinton is that person. It has never been clearer, though she has from the beginning distinguished herself. She IS what a President looks like, sounds like, acts like.

  8. Also, the Obama campaign releases a letter (after the jump) from a group of former Edwards supporters denouncing his 527 ads.

    Where do we get these idiots who keep switching their support everyday and get used by candidates on their TV ads as scoring a defection. These guys who keep switching their support everyday for some trivial issue so that they can get on TV sound like prostitutes to me. 🙂

    They might switch between 10 existing presidential candidates (throw in Blooomberg too) in the next six days before they settle on a candidate (or may be they won’t caucus that day). 🙂

  9. If you are a presidential candidate, and you bothered calling Musharaf or US ambassador yesterday that means you have no foreign policy credentials and hence you are using these stunts just to hype up your credentials. In reality it will make you look stupid and look like a used car salesman (note: Edwards).

  10. BMerryfield, one more thing to consider. Obama said “I overheard it when he said it”. Do not be surprised if Obama decides to say that because his ears are so big, he in fact did overhear Axelrod. Obama will say anything.

  11. Anne E. Kornblut and Shailagh Murray should be fired.

    Didn’t you know about Annie? All her articles have her psycho-analysing why Hillary utters any word on any given day. All these psycho-analysis to try to fit her actual narrative of showing how calculating Hillary is and how she has a political motive even when she brushes her teeth in the morning.

  12. mollyjrichards, I think that BHO should have done less “law professoring” and watched a few more Oval Office-related movies just to get an idea of what a war room is all about. Maybe we should set a set of DVDs on “West Wing” for him and Axelrod to watch.

    And, BTW, where in the pfffffffffttt are all his experienced Clinton admin foreign policy advisers? At least some of them have been there and done that.

  13. There’s a diary on the top of the rec list at Daily Kos about how traffic is down by nearly a quarter over the past few months. I only read the first few comments but it seems Obama supporters are blaming the decline in traffic on the behavior Edwards supporters (whom I have always found to be reasonable and smart).

  14. Did you all see Obama last night trying to answer Wolf Blitzer’s question??? He was stumbling and stuttering all over himself – “I, I, I, I, I, I, I, ” –is this the person who is SUPPOSED to be an inspirtational speaker???? I think it is very obvious Obama did not want Axelrod’s quote to be aired on nationwide TV and did all he could to prevent it but however Blitzer prevailed!! (YEAH!!).

    This terrible tragedy of Mrs. Bhutto’s assassination shows the strength of Hillary and the total INCOMPETENCE, IGNORANCE AND RECKLESSNESS OF OBAMA!!!!

    PLEASE IOWANS, WAKE UP!!! DO NOT CAUCUS FOR THIS PERSON!!! God forbid if he should win the nomination, he WILL NOT WIN the election!!! All these flubs, stutters, fumbling will all be Republican fodder in the general election! We will wind up with another Republican for the next 4-8 years GOD FORBID!!!

    Some things are black and white and to me it is just so obvious that HILLARY IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE WHO IS QUALIFIED, EXPERIENCED, AND INTELLIGENT AND HAS WISDOM AND COMPASSION!! Hillary has it all – domestic experience from both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue – as well as foreign policy experience of visiting 82 countries and meeting with leaders all over the world! And don’t forget – HILLARY CLINTON IS THE MOST ADMIRED WOMAN IN THE WORLD!!!!!

  15. Notice how the MSM can only give Hillary one day of positive news coverage and the next day their back to their negative reporting with this story (http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/washington/2007/12/clintons-dont-a.html) originally linked on Politico and now blasted on Drudge complete with a goofy picture of the Senator. I really hope Stewie doesn’t focus on this this afternoon rather than BO’s lies. BO looked completely un presidential yesterday on Larry King complete with his screaming at Wolf. What a joke.

  16. Was Obama saying I-I-I? or Ay-ay-ay as in Caramba!? or Oy oy oy with a Chicago accent? or did he mix up the Aussie cry with Oy vey which he seemed to mean?

    With his international experience it’s hard to tell.

  17. I have a copy of the embargoed copy of his speech delivered at the Woodrow Wilson Center; in writing, it says “won’t act.”

    I am so sorry all of this is finally coming out as a result of a maddening act. But I am grateful it is, to the point of tears.

    As for the WaPo coverage, as I said the other day on a different topic: Katharine Graham is spinning in her grave, of that I am sure.

  18. fox reporting internal polls from all 3 campaigns show Edwards may win in Iowa, Obama 2nd and HRC 3rd. HRC really needs the ground game now….I really felt momentum there for HRC these last few days but this is indeed disturbing.

  19. terrondt:

    From what we hear from Emjay, the results in Iowa might not be known until midnight next Thursday. Are you going late to work next week?

  20. lovely – like the LA Times Blog, Huffpost, Drudge, Rawstory – have headliners or subheadliners that Hillary’s not answering any questions after rallies – can’t stand the media, they crucify her when she speaks, now they’re crucifying her when she doesn’t speak. Ridiculous.

  21. Transcript

    NNCR: What if we had a different president this year?

    ANNCR: Hillary Clinton called for action on America’s housing crisis in March… in June… in

    ANNCR: George Bush and Wall Street did nothing.

    ANNCR: Since then home prices have plummeted and millions may lose their homes.

    ANNCR: Hillary’s plan: freeze home foreclosures, freeze rates on adjustable mortgages, provide real tax relief for the middle class.

    ANNCR: When we choose a president next year, let’s choose one that would have started fixing
    our economy this year.

    ANNCR: Hillary Clinton: “I’m Hillary Clinton and I approve this message”

  22. Yesterday, Axelrod told us once agai that Hillary was a “strong supporter” of the Iraq War. But if you read her floor speech on HJR 45, you realize that is not true. What she wanted was not war, but unlimited inspections to locate the nuclear weapons, chemical weapons and biological weapons that were widely believed to exist. In that speech, she carefully weighs the equities and comes to the following conclusion:

    Because bipartisan support for this resolution makes success in the United Nations more likely, and therefore, war less likely, and because a good faith effort by the United States, even if it fails, will bring more allies and legitimacy to our cause, I have concluded, after careful and serious consideration, that a vote for the resolution best serves the security of our nation. If we were to defeat this resolution or pass it with only a few Democrats, I am concerned that those who want to pretend this problem will go way with delay will oppose any UN resolution calling for unrestricted inspections.

    This is a very difficult vote. This is probably the hardest decision I have ever had to make — any vote that may lead to war should be hard — but I cast it with conviction.

    And perhaps my decision is influenced by my eight years of experience on the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue in the White House watching my husband deal with serious challenges to our nation. I want this President, or any future President, to be in the strongest possible position to lead our country in the United Nations or in war. Secondly, I want to insure that Saddam Hussein makes no mistake about our national unity and for our support for the President’s efforts to wage America’s war against terrorists and weapons of mass destruction. And thirdly, I want the men and women in our Armed Forces to know that if they should be called upon to act against Iraq, our country will stand resolutely behind them.

    My vote is not, however, a vote for any new doctrine of pre-emption, or for uni-lateralism, or for the arrogance of American power or purpose — all of which carry grave dangers for our nation, for the rule of international law and for the peace and security of people throughout the world. (N.B. Bush was the one who pulled the inspectors out of Iran before inspections were complete, and launched a preemptive war).

    Over eleven years have passed since the UN called on Saddam Hussein to rid himself of weapons of mass destruction as a condition of returning to the world community. Time and time again he has frustrated and denied these conditions. This matter cannot be left hanging forever with consequences we would all live to regret. War can yet be avoided, but our responsibility to global security and to the integrity of United Nations resolutions protecting it cannot. I urge the President to spare no effort to secure a clear, unambiguous demand by the United Nations for unlimited inspections.

  23. Susan Webster, Iowa voter who will caucus for Hillary. I wonder if she is typical of the intelligence of Iowa voters. When I saw this quote from her in a blog I just had to pass it on. I hope all of you appreciate it:

    “Hillary gets criticized for being calculating and cold and then she gets called a politician, and I just put up my arms and go, you just described the job she’s running for… I want someone who is very thoughtful, very calculated, very strategic and a politician. It’s a political job—the last guy we elected sounded like he was fun to have a beer with and look where we are.”


  24. Hillary should stay away from Bhutto topic. She already made her remark and personal condolence. It is time to move on.

  25. ra1029, yup im still going to work at around 11:40 pm next thursday i will have text alert from the news to get results on my cellphone .dot48, it seems the spinning and expectations game has started. i don’t put much stock in that kind of talks now. all the evidence point to momemtum for hllary. and the news cycle will take a few more days to effect the polls for next week.

  26. There is no question that she can respond to what Obama and his campaign said. However, calling for an international investigation by a presidential candidate in an election season will appear “political” to ordinary people watching on TV. It is okay if Madeline Albright called for it . Hillary, personally has to stay away from that.

  27. I just posted this to TM but wanted to bring it here for comment/analysis. I read a comment at TPMElectionCentral in which someone cited BHO’s 2002 speech. Sometimes you read something but you haven’t really read it. Here’s the passage:

    “Now let me be clear – I suffer no illusions about Saddam Hussein. He is a brutal man. A ruthless man. A man who butchers his own people to secure his own power. He has repeatedly defied UN resolutions, thwarted UN inspection teams, developed chemical and biological weapons, and coveted nuclear capacity. He’s a bad guy. The world, and the Iraqi people, would be better off without him. But I also know that Saddam poses no imminent and direct threat to the United States, or to his neighbors, that the Iraqi economy is in shambles, that the Iraqi military a fraction of its former strength, and that in concert with the international community he can be contained until, in the way of all petty dictators, he falls away into the dustbin of history.”

    My question is this: How did BHO, an Illinois State Senator, know in October 2002 that Saddam Hussein was no threat? Did he have access to the then-useless NIE or did he just pull out the old Ouiji board?

    This is troubling on so many levels because this is bascally all he’s running on. Someone with better knowledge than I needs to dissect this document and question every single statement he makes in it.

    As an old MSG I used to work for sagely advised me, use the system to beat the system. In this case, use BHO’s words to beat the living crap out of him.

  28. mj:

    Thanks for the link. It is much better when you actually watch what she said as opposed to read it. It does not appear political at all. I retract my earlier reservation about it after actually seeing it as opposed to reading it. 🙂

  29. ra1029, I disagree. First, Biden also asked for an investigation. Second, this is what running for Pres is about, and frankly, Hillary has had some pull calling for things in the past, like withdrawal plans from Iraq. if she can do something here, I’m pleased with that. Third, the way the boys overtly politicized events yesterday, I’d say Hill was well within protocol. Condolences yesterday, and a call for an investigation today. I’m quite comfortable with that.

  30. Hillary Clinton is calling for an independent, international investigation into Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, suggesting that Pakistani security forces or military might have been involved.

    In an interview from Des Moines on CNN today, she suggested something along the lines of the international investigation into former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s death in Lebanon, which found collusion by Syrian and Lebanese security officials.

    “We cannot expect to move toward stability without some reckoning of who was responsible,” Clinton said, listing off Al Qaeda or other extremists, or more ominously, internal forces, as possible culprits.

    Clinton shied away from saying President Pervez Musharraf should step down, but said he needed to set up truly democratic elections and move back toward and independent judiciary.


  31. Exactly 1 year ago today, John Edwards announced for president. Today Edwards is doing his big “closing argument speech”. Last year the Edwards announcement was knocked off the airwaves by the funerals of President Ford and James Brown. This year it’s Benazir Bhutto. The guy can’t get a break.

  32. Awesome for Hillary to go on record and do that.

    I like the way she said We cannot expect to move toward stability without some reckoning of who was responsible which is exactly why I like her for the next POTUS. She will have to acknowledge the mistakes that Bush/Cheney made before we move on to change. That’s my opinion though. And only a Clinton can do that.

  33. ra1029, why? This is Bhutto’s death. There’s no moving on and until it’s determined who is responsible for her. If the international community keeps the pressure on Musharaf to do something, her death will not be in vain.

    Musharaf promised Bhutto and the international community after the first assassination attempt that he would provide her with more security. He lied. She got less.

    There is no way security could have been high if a man can just jump right in front of her and kill her.

    Good for Hillary!

  34. wtf, now im reading from the news tickers that bhutto died from hitting her head on the car instead of being shot? it maybe possible but i seriously doubt it. something does not seem right about this investigation. i do not trust the pakistan goverment explanations. all other eyewitness accounts said she was shot, now we are expected to believe she died hitting her head on the damn sunroof. no bullet wounds?

  35. ra1029, yup im still going to work at around 11:40 pm next thursday i will have text alert from the news to get results on my cellphone .dot48, it seems the spinning and expectations game has started. i don’t put much stock in that kind of talks now. all the evidence point to momemtum for hllary. and the news cycle will take a few more days to effect the polls for next week.

    Ever the optimist, terrondt. 🙂

    I am still counting on the fact that none of the nominees you supported in the past lost in the primaries. Hopefully, that record will continue. I will cross my fingers and hope for it.

  36. Thanks, pm. I’ll be sure to get the popcorn ready!

    And .. OMG this comes from MSNBC’s Howard Fineman:

    If Hillary Clinton ends up surviving Iowa, I will know the reason: her husband. In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the other night, I saw a tired but still feisty Bill Clinton give the most (actually the first) convincing recitation I’d ever heard of his wife’s career accomplishments -– you know, the achievements that supposedly make her the “steady hand” the country now needs.

    By the time Bill was done, Hillary sounded like a cross between Margaret Mead, Mother Teresa and Lyndon Johnson. The 900 or so Democrats at the Hawkeye Downs race track seemed to go home happy.

    On a pit stop here between stretches in Iowa, I can tell you this: things look different on a snowy I-80 than they do on the East Coast and inside the Beltway.

    The pundits, including me, scoffed at the former president’s role in the campaign, on the theory that he brings too many bad associations with him to the trail. But the fact is, the man could sell ice cones to the Inuit, and Democrats in Iowa still adore the guy.

    Lots of other things look different when you’re driving around the state chasing candidates and campaigns, as I have done in recent days, and as I will be doing again soon. Here are a few:

    Barack Obama may be riding a generational wave of change. Often it feels just like that. But while he draws large crowds, I am never quite sure that they leave his events as “fired up” as when they enter. That’s how it seemed to me the other night in Coralville. The crowd was big and adoring in a somewhat abstract way. But when he went into his final “Fired up/Ready to Go” chant, the mostly upscale and well-educated voters in the motel ballroom kept the lid on. Part of that is just Iowa: they are not the most demonstrative people. But it’s something else, too. Perhaps the IDEA of Obama (a new beginning; an historical figure or racial progress; a soothing message to the world) is too hard for the man himself to match.


  37. lol,ra1029 i try. maybe it is good i will be busy at work. the nailbiting on the computer while looking for results would be awful. the 2nd choices are a worry thought. why the hell they got that 15 percent rule is beyond me.

  38. Hillary is running for Pres, but is still a major figure in world politics. I applaud her for calling for an investigation because it needs to be done. Bhutto even hinted that her death could come internally. This is why I support Hillary.

  39. Howard Feinman is such a tool. “By the time Bill was done, Hillary sounded like a cross between Margaret Mead, Mother Teresa and Lyndon Johnson.” Duh! That’s Hillary.

  40. BHO is just the biggest SOB I think I’ve ever had the displeasure to know of. He is now trying to outdo Hillary’s caucus eve ad by doing a LIVE teevee ad.

    He wants to do 5 minutes prime time via satellite. Yeah, that’s what he does best, something that’s staged.

    “The great fear is that everybody else will want the same thing and particularly candidates who have not spent as much or been on the air as long as Obama.”

    Edwards wants 90 seconds.


  41. Sorry Chickadees: New weather forecast..called whut the heck happened?

    today to Jan 1- temperatures start dropping, probably hitting “0” by New Years Day. Add moisture.

    Jan 1-3: Warms up- could hit low of 22 by Thursday.

    Has snowed every darn day but 1 since Christmas; that’s why I haven’t boasted to CJ for a while. Have lost my weather mojo.

    Sorry, especially to our temporary Hillfan residents.

  42. I just heard a Fox reporter quoting Obama saying that Bin Laden is “hiding in the woods between Pakistan and Afghanistan” He pointed out that there are no woods anywhere on the border – only rocks and scrub and ice.

    Does the Junior senator from Illinois need a geography lesson as well as a foreign policy primer? LOL!

  43. H4T, BHO “knows” that like in October 2002 he “knew” Saddam Hussein was not a threat to the U.S. or Iraq’s neighbors. Must be working the Ouiji board again.

  44. B Merryfield, yeah, he also “knows” there are “woods” in the mountains of Pakistan. You can take that to the bank. National Geographic will catch up with him someday. 🙂

  45. b merryfield, i just heard that “in the woods” comment by obama. big media is finnally catching up to this guy.

  46. B Merry @12:2?

    Am proud to say HillforTex and I were on the case like Sir Peter Wimsey starting about 7:15 last night w/ confirmation abt 8:4?.

    Go Hill4Tex!

  47. MSNBC has a pdf of the Teachers Union mail piece on behalf of Hillary.


    “As teachers, we know when someone is prepared.”

    All of the candidates want change. The question is: Who has the right combination of skills, experience and determination to make change happen?

    Whether it’s education, health care or the economy, Hillary Clinton is best prepared to take on the challenges we face—and she’s ready to lead from Day One.

    That’s why she is supported by the 1.4-million-member American Federation of Teachers.

  48. hillfans, new iowa poll off the presses. research 2000 poll edwards 29%, obama 29%, and hillary 28%. man, this is going to be so damn close. a 3-way tie.no internal info yet. just off the realclear politics site.

  49. On the Bhutto assassination, Hillary is not taking anything at face value. Obama immediately ascribed “terrorists” as the killers (after Axelrod blamed Hillary). How does Obama know “terrorists” are to blame? Why not an inside job? Why not someone in the Pakistan government?

    Hillary wants an investigation, similar to the investigation in Lebanon.

  50. heard poll referenced earlier, it is closer than they indicated though. Hope HRC can close..too bad they told of her tv plans though.

  51. terrondt, on mydd, they did a closer analysis.

    Dec. 26-27 Dec. 10-13 RCP 6-poll Ave.
    Obama 29 33 26
    Edwards 29 24 25.2
    Clinton 28 24 30.66

    In two weeks, O dropped 4
    E gained 5
    C gained 4

    I think that’s very good news.

  52. Since BHO never served in the military (was he a Boy Scout?), he probably never learned orienteering. Let’s give him a map and some info like that below and let him show us where in those “woods” bin Laden might be? It’s probably worth a Nobel Peace Prize or something, don’tcha think?


  53. Monkey see, monkey do. Edwards and Obama don’t have an original idea in their heads. So now everyone wants their last minutes on the tube.

  54. admin, admin, admin …. haven’t you learned yet? BHO is omniscient.

    In 2002, he knew that Saddam Hussein was not a threat to the U.S. or Iraq’s neighbors. He now knows that Osama bin Laden is hiding in the “woods” along 2,400+ km of the Afghan/Pak border. Why can you not believe that he knows how Bhutto died?

    I’m beginning to think he’s the Second Coming myself.

  55. thanx filbertsf, it is really good news. also to seeing edwards alive and still viable in iowa is also great. it keeps the anti-hillary vote broken up. please, if hill does not win iowa i want edwards to win to no doubt. i think the edwards/obama sniping will intensify the coming week.

  56. It’s the ears, B. Merryfield – like radar stations. He heard the Bhutto killing. He hears Osama in the woods. He hears his poll numbers falling.

  57. mj, good question. the kusinich/gravel votes are not for grabs for hillary most likely. the other 2nd choices are up in the air.

  58. Woot! General Wes Clark shoots BHO down!

    Breaking — Gen. Wesley Clark responds to the latest Obama attack:
    “This is a time for leadership, not politics. Senator Obama’s campaign seems to believe that Senator Clinton’s actions led to the tragic events in Pakistan. This is an incredible and insulting charge. It politicizes a tragic event of enormous strategic consequence to the United States and the world, and it has no place in this campaign.”

    Go, General!

  59. Financial Times of London offers another nail for BHO’s coffin:

    At a time when the US is becoming increasingly exasperated with Gen Musharraf’s administration – and Democratic leaders such as Barack Obama have been making openly menacing speeches – US options have become radically limited. Breaking with Gen Musharraf now means breaking with Pakistan as a whole, with potentially disastrous consequences for the “war on terror” and the conflict in Afghanistan.


  60. admin, my clown of a senator dodd got the firefighter’s endoresement and wtf good it is doing for him? at least sen biden have some measure of support. these unions that endorses lousy candidates whom have no chance need leadership changes for sure. and yet when hillary gets elected they will have thier hands out. they better hope hillary does not hold grudges.

  61. In April of 2001, no less than Colin Powell said that Hussein was contained and presented no threats to his neighbors (much less anyone else). The problem being that Powell said something very different a few months later. So Obama had good reasons for his belief. But Obama wasn’t representing the state of New York in the Senate at the time of the authorization.


    In August of 2001, Jessica Tuchman-Mathews of the Carnegie Endowment for the International Peace proposed using coercive diplomacy to force Hussein to work with the inspectors. Clinton’s floor speech largely echoed the points that Tuchman Mathews made on the subject. Here’s the link on the synopsis of her paper. You’ll find this an interesting read:

  62. Another (sort of) BHO smackdown from Marc Ambinder:

    In attempting to aggressively to shape the political afterquakes of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination to their closing argument, the Obama campaign may have deliberately violated their “Never Let Them See You Sweat” rule.


  63. It only makes sense that Obama would be so naive about foreign policy. This guy couldn’t even discuss foreign policy on committee without appearing very unprepared and ill-informed. I bet he gets less superdelegates than Richardson or at least Edwards, and they’re not even in congress.

  64. Think of a football game somewhere in the midwest on a snowy winter day, two teams of 11 players on the goal line, fourth down two yards to go . . .

    Suddenly, as the ball is snapped, one of the officials, an overweight middle aged man with an odd shaped head and press badge, rushes toward the line of scrimmage and tries to push the ball handler over the goal line.

    Ten thousand people in the stands. Would anyone object?

    If past is prologue that is what Russert will do with Barack Obama on Meet The Press this Sunday days before the Iowa Primary.

    But now it is different. It is decision time. And Russert has an obligation to the country to do his job. He needs to ask Obama the questions that he and his colleagues have allowed him to evade until now, questions that go to his qualifications to be President and no less the character issues, the questions posed right here on this site.

    I hope that for once in this campaign Tim is up to the task. Time will tell.

  65. B Merryfield Says:

    December 28th, 2007 at 3:09 pm
    Jessica Tuchman Matthews is a conservative fundie. Enough said.

    Ok, but didn’t basement angel say they were in agreement, so not sure what “Enough said” means.

  66. Barack Obama has sent out a fundraising e-mail — with the subject line “Desperation” — alluding to recent attacks from the Hillary Clinton campaign as Obama pulls ahead in the polls in Iowa.

    The e-mail begins: “Attack ads and insults, distractions and dishonesty, and millions of dollars from outside groups and undisclosed donors.

    “The Washington establishment is throwing everything at us to try and block our path. And these outside attack groups are just another part of the same broken system that turns people off from the political process …

    “They said we couldn’t compete without taking money from Washington lobbyists and special interest PACs. But you proved them wrong.”

    The mailing asserts that the Obama campaign has received small donations from more Americans than any other campaign in history — more than 465,000 donors and counting.

    The mailing signed “Barack” continues: “They said we couldn’t be successful if we didn’t have the full support of the establishment in Washington. But you proved them wrong.”

    The e-mail seeks donations of $25, with a goal of receiving support from 500,000 contributors.

    The mailing ends with a reference to the supposedly unstoppable Clinton campaign: “We can triumph over what Washington said was inevitable.”

    Another e-mail sent out by Obama’s campaign manager, David Plouffe, echoes Obama’s mailing.

    “Hillary Clinton’s friends from Washington are spending millions on attacks, including a mailing that misleads voters by falsely disparaging Barack’s universal health care plan,” the e-mail reads.

    “The mailing carefully uses a quote from another candidate and mimics the design of that candidate’s mailings — apparently with the hope that Iowans offended by the negativity will think it came from someone else.

    “The case has never been clearer — this kind of politics needs to end. And you have the power to end it.”

    Plouffe tells potential supporters that if they contribute $25, “your impact will be doubled by a previous donor who has promised to match your gift…

    “We are in a position to win this nomination, but we need to start strong in Iowa and keep the momentum building.”


  67. mj, if you go looking hard enough you can find a position paper to support just about any contention. That’s what fundies do. Her resume (click on my name and enter her name in search) backs that up. She never saw a foundation she didn’t like.

  68. An observation on polls and internal polls—I think that we need to wait for the ones that are taken after the events of yesterday for them to have real meaning.

  69. WTF is wrong with the WaPo. I understand they have their narative, but how the hell could anyone turn yesterday into a positive for Obama?

  70. Marc Cooper at HuffPo:

    While Edwards has consistently campaigned on an economically populist program, his speech today in Dubuque was marked by a noticeable ratcheting up and radicalization of his critique of corporate wealth and power. [snip]

    Edwards is in the midst of a final 38 county push to win next Thursday’s Iowa caucuses. Even his own supporters will concede that taking Iowa is a do-or-die must for a campaign that is running third in national polls but in his a virtual dead heat in the Hawkeye State with rivals Clinton and Obama.


  71. What bad timing by the Obama campaign and this being the last full week of campaigning.

    Yesterday, they were set to release their closing argument in which they were going to go Tanya Harding on Hillary. Unfortunately, the Bhutto assassination eclipsed everything.

    Then Axelrod committed that blunder and it veered the campaign off course. Instead of going on air to talk about the future of future and about their closing argument, the campaign must defend Axelrod’s remarks.

    Hillary’s new ad “Stakes” and the them of her closing argument couldn’t have been more prescient in light of yesterday’s event.

    Instead of just a 30 sec ad to convince the country that she’s ready to lead in this very chaotic and unpredictable world, you see her in action.

  72. Has this been posted? It’s part of the upcoming interview on CNN with Wolf Blitzer/. Hillary answers the Axelrod comments of yesterday…

    Clinton: Obama Camp Politicizing Bhutto’s Death

    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Friday accused the camp of rival Barack Obama of politicizing the death of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

    “I just regret that [Obama and his chief strategist] would be politicizing this tragedy, and especially at a time when we do need to figure out a way forward,” Clinton said Friday in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

    Her comments followed criticism from Obama’s campaign implying that some of Clinton’s foreign policy decisions raise questions about whether she should be president.

    More here: http://www.cnn.com/2007/POLITICS/12/28/clinton.obama/index.html

  73. Women’s Rights Activist Delegation in Iowa to Support Senator Clinton

    Marcia Pappas, President of NOW NYS joined a delegation of women’s rights activists who are working in Iowa to have Senator Clinton be their first choice at their caucus. Last night was the first of many house parties where women cried and cheered with the certainty that they would see the first woman president.

    “Iowan’s take their caucus process very seriously. I am here with the delegation to make sure that we have successful caucuses across Iowa. New Yorkers have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Senator Clinton for over 6 years, and we will miss her, but we are ready to share her with the nation. Her ability to listen to her constituents, make decisions and lead is unsurpassed,” states Pappas.

    During the 10 day campaign, Pappas, along with several NOW activists, volunteering their personal time, have planned parties and a caravan for Senator Clinton. Activists from Washington DC, Maryland, New York State, Virginia, Minnesota, and West Virginia are joining thousands of Hillary supporters on the ground in Iowa.

    The delegation will reach out to hundreds of Iowans, both whom support Clinton and who may be undecided. The task at hand is to assist Iowans in getting to their caucus and to convince the undecided that Clinton is their best choice for the President of the United States.

    Iowans are responding to the delegation’s invitations to parties in several cities. Parties are planned in the following cities; Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Ames, Iowa City, Des Moines, Waterloo, with a southeast caravan to reach Iowans in Pella, Oskaloosa, Ottumwa, Fairfield and Washington.

    The NOW PAC endorsed Senator Clinton for President. For more information about Senator Clinton see http://www.nowpacs.org/2008/hillary

  74. He keeps up with the anti-Washington meme, but then wants DC advisors on his team? He’s a sore loser. Here’s why:
    He’s been in Washington since 2003, and he

    A) wants to be the anti-Washington candidate (when Edwards really is that) and
    B) wants DC advisors (and Clinton!) on his side at the same time and
    C) has just as many superdelegates (congressional co-workers and “friends” as Edwards, if not less), so somehow he has not impressed anyone but GOP thugs.

    That is what I call a sore loser. When he loses, not only will he have made several enemies for life; he will also have no clout in the Senate when he returns (as HE PROMISED when the great state right next to Iowa elected him in the first place).

    But, Edwards can’t win in the GE. Respectively, he deserves the real anti-Washington title, though.

    This guy is unbelievable. I hope he just folds it up and quits for his own sake.

  75. b merryfield, that is great news. hillary will have plenty of help to match obama and edwards person for person in the ground game in iowa.

  76. amricangal, im not surprized. what did oprah think? all her viewers would all fall in line by supporting obama. i say a vast many of them support hillary.

  77. Really, really good BHO smackdown about Hillary and Pakistan from Allahpundit at rightie Hot Air blog.


  78. Hill’s 14+ minute interview w/ Wolf in the Situation Room already on CNN.com/video.

    Pretty strong w/o being a war hawk…but the MSM is going to have fresh meat anyway.

  79. By the way, I actually called the Obama campaign at 1(866)-675-2008. I sopke to a live body, expressed my disgust, and asked that Axlerod be fired!

  80. B Merryfield,

    I am not aware of Tuchman Mathews as a conservative fundie. In fact, she donates almost exclusively to Democratic candidates. I think if you read the piece I link, you’ll find a great deal of the genesis of Clinton’s vote on the Iraq Resolution. It’s illuminatory because so many Clinton antagonistas have complained that Hillary invented the idea that she was supporting inspections at a late date. Mathews published her piece in August 2002 – two months before the vote on Iraq. It demonstrates that Clinton’s position had a pedigree outside of Clinton’s political ambitions.


    BTW. she’s historian Barbara Tuchman’s daughter. The elder Mrs. Tuchman was no friend to conservatives either.

  81. I was about to post what filbertsf did on the Research 2000 Iowa poll. The last two Iowa polls, from Research 2000 and Strategic Vision, are the ones which showed Obama with the biggest leads (9 and 8 points, respectively) earlier in the month. So the dead heats they’re showing now represent a clear erosion of support for him, which is consistent with other recent Iowa polls.

    To me, the bottom line is, Obama is no longer the frontrunner there, and the race is totally up for grabs. That’s why I’m so glad she has Michael Whouley. Turnout will be the deciding factor, no doubt.

  82. Merryfield,

    I just double checked, Tuchman Mathews political donations are exclusively to Democrats. I’m thinking you misread my post.

  83. Nice hair, brown suit and black necklace (or so on my tv), She has full grasp of the Middle East situation. Does not feel that Mushrrif has any creditability to investigate and is calling for a full independent review. She goes into great background about the powers in control in Pakistan and how they are not answering to anyone and that that must stop. She sees the need for a totally different approach to the problems. This lady just has IT, hearing her speak like this makes me feel really good for her campaign.

    HER interview is start contrast to the uhhhhhing of Obama last night. He simply has no clue about what is going on in the Middle East and it is obvious that Hillary gets it.

  84. Sounding a bit shrill here now…she is passionate about this. Blank check to Pakistan. Regrets Obama politizing the whole thing. wISH I could type better on a laptop. Says Pakistan was in turmoil for a long time and that Obama has no right to say she is responsible, personally that is by her votes. Somebody must have told her to sllloooww down in talking….she did and sounds better.

  85. Admin.: I commend you on all your postings, but this one especially.

    It shows through words and images the cauldron which exists in Pakistan, and it goes on to remind us of the irresponsible statements Obama has made on the subject, and the riots which they inspired.

    Even worse, those statements were not made off the cuff. They were made in the context of a foreign policy speech. In other words, they were deliberative and most likely reflected the foreign policy wisdom of the very people he would surround himself with if he were president, such as it is.

    At the same time, you show how Hillary as first lady was involved Pakistan, and cultivated a relationship of trust with its most promising leader of that country. The NYT can dismiss this as soft power if they want, but in critical affairs of state it can well be the determing factor. (C.F. “Strategy” by Liddell Hart.)

    Finally, when MSNBC journalists like Dana Milbank tell us that the Pakistan debacle will have very little effect on the Iowa or New Hampshire elections I think he is selling the American People short. But that is nothing new for Dana or the MSNBC crowd, now is it? Elitists to the bone.

  86. Voice came down a bit too….she is like many women speaking when they are passionate. It’s because we have a special understanding and motherly afpproach…..nothing bad about it, actually I like to see this fire.

  87. She did good. Asked about Axelrod’s statements, pointed out that Bhutto’s father was murdered, Musharaf came to power in a coup. Pakistan was unstable a long time before any Iraq war.

    She said one needed to have an understanding of the history of Pakistan….the problems there did not start with recent events. LOL! That bit really showed up BO’s ignorance.

  88. If nothing else regarding this tragedy, it gives people another chance to see the real person and the depth of thier knowledge and real experience. I think this will change the race in Iowa and beyond…it is about experience and understanding of real events happening in the world around us. It is also about the courage it is going to take from the next person setting behind the desk. Many big decisions to be made by our next leader.

  89. saw the entire interview and she did well. she responded to obama and mustache axelrod great. she laid out her foriegn policy in detail towards pakistan very well. she is no bumbling fool like hukabee and obama on nationally security issues that’s for sure.

  90. all that free airtime is splendid. wolf can be brutal at times but for the most part he was fair and gave her plenty of time to answer everything in detail.

  91. Schneiider says Iowa is HRC weakest state. So the fact that she is really doing well there bodes well for her. Poll of polls show her with 30% …leading Obama and Edwards.

  92. Brazill is afraid for Obama, you can tell. Had audacity to say that even if Hillary wins Iowa she will have uphill battle for the nomination.

  93. Iowa Polls Undermine Clinton’s Expectations Game
    By Craig Crawford | December 28, 2007 2:00 PM | Permalink | Comments (37)

    Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign team is doing its best downplay expectations for the New York senator’s performance in Iowa’s first-in-the-nation nominating contest on Jan. 3, but the polls are not helping that cause. Indeed, the Democratic contender’s aides do not even promote the latest survey results showing her on top.

    Clinton’s lowering-expectations game is well served by the news media’s interest in making the Iowa campaign seem as tight as possible. For instance, the Los Angeles Times and Bloomberg News downplayed good news for Clinton this morning in their jointly-published Iowa survey. They almost exclusively focus on the news that Clinton, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards are virtually tied for the lead among Democrats who say they intend to vote.

    But it is a different story among the most likely to participate in the Iowa caucuses. Deep inside the Times/Bloomberg coverage of their poll we learn that among Iowa’s Democratic voters who are “very likely” to vote in the caucuses Clinton leads Edwards by six percentage points. And Obama places third, behind Clinton by nine percentage points.

    To find those numbers, readers must work their way down to the 18th paragragh of the Los Angeles Times report. Bloomberg did not report those numbers at all, only reporting that among likely voters “Clinton’s small lead in Iowa widens a little.”

    The poll’s tighter screen for likely voters is not only based upon what they say they intend do, but also upon the intensity of their interest and on their past voting history (although new voters were not excluded). Narrowing the survey pool to the most likely voters is historically significant in Iowa, considering that only about one-in-seven registered Democrats usually show up for the state’s presidential caucuses. And Clinton and Edwards fare better than Obama among the most likely caucus participants questioned in this survey.

    Still, surveying Iowa is always dicey because pollsters have a tough time accurately identifying caucus participants in advance, no matter how vigorously they try to screen out non-voters. But soon we can get out of these polling weeds. The only one that counts – the actual voting – is just six days away.

  94. I noticed HillaryHub has the L.A. Times Iowa poll, the one where she’s ahead by 6 among very likely voters. Yesh, that’s a little more realistic than the ARG poll showing her ahead by 14, lol.

  95. Jeffrey…conservative columnist. He did just say he though Hillary was doing really well. Brazil keeps pounding that now even 2nd tier candidate could come out in later primary. What is her history with HRC. Seems to me she loathes her. JMO

    Anyone else here post on court tv board.

  96. wtf? uphill even after a win in iowa. SHE IS UP 20 POINTS NATIONALLY. and leading in the huge super tuesday states by landslide margins. brazile is nothin but a obama shrill. HEY DONNA, HOW WAS YOUR JOB GETTING GORE ELECTED?

  97. dot48, she has no relationship with hillary. she was co-manager of gore 2000. i watched her act all year long and she tempers her anti-hillary bias byt you can see it.

  98. terrondt, I’m not sure any candidate with a 20-point lead in national polls a week before the first caucus has ever lost the nomination. As for Brazile, I don’t think she hates Hillary, she’s just very partial to Obama.

  99. Terrondt: I like your characterization of Axelrod as Mr. Mustache, and we can ride the river with that one if you want.

    But it made me recall the mustached villain in the Dudley Do Right RCMP cartoon series. He wore a cape, and was an evil doer (to coin a phrase).

    His name was Snidely Whiplash.

    It is a tough decision I know, which is why I leave it to you. Mr. Mustasche or Snidely Whiplash (Axelerod). How say ye?

  100. wbboei, u notice when mustache speaks he sounds like a bumbling fool who has a tough time getting the words out? the comb over is killing me too,LOL. no offense to guys with guys with lousy combovers.

  101. BO’s fundraiser:

    your gift will be matched by a previous doner”.

    Sounds like a ponzie scheme to me.

    Is it possible they are running out of money? That huge bankroll that matched Hillary’s?

    So he doen’t manage resources very well either. Or maybe that is Michele’s job too.

  102. hillfans, what happened to howard wolfson? i always thought he was a effective spokesman. he does well against mustache axelrod. a few weeks ago they had mark penn debating trippi and he did not come off well at all.

  103. Stewie is peeing his pants over Obama who got into the good schools the hard way and is impressive and so is his wife to quote Stewie. They also analyzed the recent ads of the campaigns and they said Obama’s was the best of the lot because it was inspirational.

  104. Got into good schools the hard way? Yeah, right. Can you say legacy acceptance? To his credit, he is smart. That’s why he’s a democrat. LOL

    But, I doubt he had to work harder than say, a kid who had to go to public high school but gets into Harvard without the wonderful legacy acceptance.

  105. Gawd, I knew that tweety yesterday was an abnomaly. He burns me. I hope she beats them like a drum in Iowa and NH! I tell you, if even if I was not in Hillary’s corner and I saw all this backbiting and stabbing…it would make me look at her and see why all the fuss. The Matthews show has said from the getgo that they HAD to have a horserace .. it’s rating and on tweetyi’s behalf I think he just piles on

    Between the spit and the combover … duh

    Hey tweety, inspiration won’t get us out of the deep do do we are in now. I got some inspiration I can ship you.

  106. I got this from a 2003 article on polls and primary winners..don’t know how valid it is..this guy is a famous political scientist who came up with this theory.

    Front-Runners Usually Win, at least recently.

    Since 1980, as political scientist William Mayer points out

    . . . in all but one presidential race between 1980 and 2000 the candidate leading in the last Gallup poll taken before the Iowa caucuses eventually won his party’s nomination. The exception: Democratic Sen. Gary Hart in 1988. Hart, who suspended his campaign in May 1987 after a pair of Miami Herald reporters caught him keeping extramarital company with model Donna Rice, later returned to the race and even held a shaky lead in the national polls heading into Iowa.
    Even Hart might have survived if his wife had not made her displeasure so evident. Even earlier polls are still decent predictors.

    In seven of the last 10 contested nomination races, the eventual nominee was leading in the national polls for at least a year before the Iowa caucuses,
    The “at least recently” is a key qualifier since, without much effort, I can think of many exceptions before 1980. Has the system changed, or have we just had a run? Some of each, I think.”

    Also, it’s not noted here but Dean was ahead in the last Gallup poll before the 2004 caucuses although some other pollsters showed he was actually falling in support at that time. Thus people were surprised when he didn’t win Iowa.

    from http://www.seanet.com/~jimxc/Politics/October2003_4.html#jrm1524

  107. You heard it here (from RadarOnline):

    All signs point to veteran Democratic pit bull James Carville joining up with Hillary Clinton’s campaign in Iowa during her final primary push, a source close with Carville tells Radar.

    Calls to Clinton campaign and Carville’s office were not returned as of post time, and it is not known whether or not the move is official, but with Carville ghosting around Iowa, it’s not far-fetched to speculate that the Clinton campaign could be panic mode.

    “Carville is so savvy that it’s good news for Hillary that he’s on-board for Iowa,” said Bill Beaman of Politics magazine. “It’s an indication that she’s more vulnerable in Iowa right now than she’d hoped to be, but I think it’s more about bringing out all your best guns than it is about panic. Especially in the wake of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, when
    Clinton’s ‘experience’ theme is suddenly trumping Obama’s ‘change’ theme, Carville’s help could turn out to be part of solidifying a lead rather than a sign of panic over losing it.”

    Other than Ed Rollins joining Mike Huckabee’s campaign, the creature known as the celebrity consultant has been largely absent from the 2008 campaigns. Clinton’s chief strategist, Mark Penn, who prepped Blackwater employees for last month’s congressional hearings, has not exactly reached superstar status. Some even blame Penn and his stubborn reliance on polls for Clinton’s slow slide. Should Carville officially join the campaign, Clinton’s staff would certainly endure a major shift in staff and tone.

    “‘I don’t really think there’s going to be any kind of shake-up or anything like that,” Carville told the Washington Post earlier this month. “But will there be some moving around? Sure.”

    Carville, meanwhile, has avoided any campaign’s forefront, instead serving up salvos from the sidelines on the speech circuit and news shows. He was spotted this month in Washington, D.C., doing a Coca-Cola commercial with Bill Frist. Most recently, the Virginia home he shares with wife, Republican strategist Mary Matalin, was featured in WaPo’s Style section.

    So has Carville lost his political bloodlust, or is his SAG-card-chasing, interior-decorating cover just a clever ploy to throw off the opposition? Discuss.


  108. Hey people ! I’m a gonna be free! Two big Yellow CATs and some other equipment just showed up to plow us the hell outta here!

  109. Did you hear the latest O’bummer tripe? Taylor Marsh has a post on it right now. Apparently he said today that he has more foreign policy understanding than Hillary – he understanding is based on things like the life of his poor grandmother who lives in a tiny hit in Africa whereas Hillary’s understanding is restricted to having “tea” at an ambassador’s house.

    What a jerk !! What an incorrigible, unbearable jerk ! I mean, the guy has no qualms about insulting anyone. First he says that she wasnt “directly” responsible for the Bhutto assassination but condones Axelfrauds nonsense and now this. And doesn’t he have any shame that his “poor grandmother” lives in a hut when he himself is a millionaire ?? I swear I cant wait for the time that he slinks away back to the Senate, humiliated and defeated like he deserves to be.

  110. I do not feel panic from Team Clinton at all. Carvillle can cut to the bone with just a glance though. Why is everything she does invoke the word “panic”.

  111. i expect carville’s been advising them all along, if not directly at least talking to bill.

    as far as obama pretending all hillary did was go have tea with ambassadors..? he’s dug himself into a hole on foreign policy experience and instead of attacking hillary, he should really just stop digging.

  112. oops, I guess my disgust screwed up my typing skills !
    “.. his grandmother who lives in a tiny HUT in Africa … ”

    and don’t forget that he has Rezko, of course, to give him his homes !!
    I guess Rezko wasn’t interested in charity when it came to BO’s relatives in Africa, was he ??

  113. Dot

    you are So right. When BO screws up like last night, he has to put Susan Rice out in front to give one of those “well, here is what he really meant” kinds of speeches…she just did it again about what he REALLY thinks about the Pakistan situation.

    Not that her ideas are any better than his, she is just more cogent in her delivery. And no “uh,uh,uh, I, I, I.”

  114. oh how I wish he would get called out though. the more he speaks himself, unscripted, the more he looks like Bush — totally unprepared for the tough job ahead. I don’t want my future resting on this guys shoulders.

  115. If James Carville joins the campaign he won’t be reluctant to take on Obama. Maybe it will be good to have a pitbull on her team. I know some people aren’t fans of Carville so I’m sure there will be comments but he’s no Axelrod.

  116. everyone keeps talking about how the voters of Iowa want these uplifting candidates,,,I think next week will show that they feel just like everybody else..this is an election, not a beauty contest.

  117. Fox News aired a response from Team Clinton via Madeline Albright in response to BHO’s tea comment … it was something to the effect that she [Clinton] also visited several refugee camps, visited with other dignitaries where tea is not customary and that is why she supports her. Fox reporter read the statement off his blackberry. I’ll try and find it …

  118. i love carville !!!

    the man is fearless…
    if he is back in, he will be the only other one besides bill, in any of the campaigns, that has the guts to tell it like it is, and dare someone to prove him wrong…

    these three hill, bill, and james are strong and confident, and the best on the campaign trail…

  119. I read the tea comment…is this in print only or will there be a chance to play the soundbite over and over. Hope Albright gets on tv and blasts away on this. He relegates women to chewing gum on the soles of shoes..I find him smug and arrogant the more I see and hear.

  120. Dot48

    When we Iowans want uplifting we go to church, throw a charity benefit potluck for a family who lost their 10 yr old in a terrible road accident and owed for the hospital care of the mother and for their child’s burial services…we raised over $25,000.

    Or we go to the bar.

    Now when we need to get a job done, we pull on a jacket, pick up the toolbox, and as they say around here, we go out and git-R-done. And when were done, none of us could even enter a beauty contest, much less win one.

  121. H4T

    You are really on a roll tonite. I’ve even laughed out loud at a computer.

    You had me at cigarette and warm washcloth.

    I am woman, hear me cackle!

  122. Emjay, here in Tn one of our favorite slogans is Git-R-Done too! Its going to take a strong leader to clean up after Bush and HRC has the strength.

    Alcina, that is a great idea!

  123. The tea comment is over the top, offensive, offensive — the arrogance of it. I don’t think he should get away with it..

  124. on tucker some frmr bush offcicial was pushing obama-oh hillary is doomed etc.. yep the bushies love obama. mcain would kick his ass in a genreral. a comment on hillary sipping tea is ok msm. obama is on right now talking about um um u m um um u m we wnt into iraq so its our fault for being in iraq and thus bhutto died. um um um um um okie dokie. bhutto went back bc she gave a damned about her country. as nothing to do with iraq. er people lived in a dicatorship and she didnt like it one bit. so she went to fight and die. even if we werent in iraq mushariff would have been there. and bhutto would have gone back and been killed. the country has been in coup after coup for 50 yrs guys. lets watch as clark, carville and others take obama to the woodshed.

  125. The more I think about the tea remark…….he knows he’s losing and his basic persona is coming through. I do not think he is a man who accepts that women can do most things better than a man. I shudder to think what an administration would be under him.

  126. and edwards says-obama is in never never land. condemns axelrod-edwards comes out against obama camp’s remarks on clinton killing bhutto tonight on abc news-art

    In a wide-ranging, free-wheeling interview with Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards with ABC News Friday afternoon, the former North Carolina senator labeled “ridiculous” comments made by the Obama campaign that seemed to link former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto’s assassination to Sen. Hillary Clinton’s vote to authorize the use of force against Iraq . . .


  127. Dot48

    I disagree.

    He acts like a man who lives with a woman who does things way better than he, but he doesn’t dare talk about HER like that or his skinny ass would be clear across the room, down his long solid wood hallway and out the back door where the dogs sleep, for the night.

  128. What I find most galling if not frustrating is that nobody calls this so called Candidate of Hope on his despicable utterances. He is the one who has directly attacked and insulted her like no other. If you had no clue about American politics and read what this guy has said, you wouldn’t be faulted for thinking that he is a republican. And Hillary says one little thing, so mild compared to what he has said about her and the media says she is getting personal and folks like Robert Reich get an uncomfortable itch you know where. Worse, he and his campaign have used and quoted discredited republican operatives thus giving them credibility, and dismissed the achievements of the last successful democratic president. It is just unforgivable.

  129. I’d like to do a little coda here:

    Look at the huge wave of Hillary’s old friends, new friends, former and current collegues, family, former and current constituents who have told their stories about her help and genuine ongoing interest, the large number of House and Senate members who have endorsed her.

    When was the last time you saw a friend, never mind a GROUP of friends, new or old, surrounding Obama.

  130. Emjay, I did see one photograph!. Rezko and Obama, looking like they are loving every minute of each other’s company. Check out the diary on mydd (or visit politico). He does have his special friends you know, the ones who when you give them miles of favors, give you a house and yard in return .

  131. I not only enjoyed watching Hillary and Stammer O’Bammer on CNN today, but I was also very surprised at his lack of a speaking ability. Where did he earn the right to be called an orator? My guess is he can only make a passable speech if he is reading it.

    Hillary was brilliant. She was very articulate, and had no trouoble finding the right words to speak. I was very proud of her. People had a chance to see them both on CNN, and if anyone was paying attention they could see that he was like a child compared to a professor.

  132. I love James Carville, too. I think they’re bringing him in now to make sure they’re using every weapon at their disposal. If they were panicking, they’d have brought him on weeks ago when she was struggling mightily.

    A caveat: Radar isn’t the most reliable site. This may not even be true.

    BTW, I don’t understand the legacy reference to Obama. Did he have relatives who went to Harvard Law School?

  133. LawSchoolDem,

    Obama’s father was a Harvard graduate in economics – singular among African goatherds. So, there is still that legacy thing attached to Obama’s acceptance, whether his grades were there or not. I wonder how he paid for his schooling? Has he talked about that?

  134. Hill went first Paula.

    Lyrics to Hillary’s new theme song “Blue Sky” by Big Head Todd & The Monsters

    We’ve waited long – for this day to come
    For all the midnight lights we’ve burnt into the morning sun
    I can’t wait to see your sweet mysteries
    The stars, the sun, the universe, the galaxies
    Fly home on your silver wings
    With a new song for the world to sing
    Light this candle, make it right
    Yes you can change the world
    True love discovers. She stands, and she won’t back down
    Oh yes you can change the world
    There is no other one just
    See if you can find blue sky
    Gonna chase the dream, gonna set it free
    Gonna make it real, gonna make it shine, gonna keep it grooving on
    One small stepping stone
    Baby we’re not alone
    Gonna take you further, higher, faster then your out a sight
    You’ve got my flame in your fire
    You’ve got my twinkle in your eye,
    Reaching for the distant light
    Yes you can change the world
    True love discovers. She stands, and she won’t back down
    Oh yes you can change the world
    There is no other one just
    See if you can find blue sky
    Don’t Change to late, hey, yeah yeah
    Or Fade away, hey , yeah yeah,
    My stars won’t wait
    Oh yes you can change the world
    True love discovers. When she stands and she wont back down.
    There is no other one
    Believe and you will find blue sky

  135. basement angel,

    he owned an automobile while attending harvard. in fact, it took obama over sixteen year to pay the parking tickets he received while living in cambridge.

  136. You know, thats the one thing about Hillary. It is easy to see that she is thinking as she is speaking, trying to put all those policy and wonky details into words. Even that Driver License answer at the Philly debate, she was putting herself in the Governor’s shoes, thinking about what it was like to face a problem like that and then trying to explain it. Its obvious every time she’s answering a question, she’s approaching it intellectually and trying to make practical sense of it – something that even the DMR endorsement alluded to. And people misunderstand that to be equivocating. Gore was like that too and see what they did to him.

    Do we want someone with intellectual depth or a person who loves to answer with sound bites and empty platitudes ? No wait, its worse than that – we want someone who talks in platitudes and we can have a beer with at the same time, don’t we?

  137. HillaryforTexas,

    “I just heard a Fox reporter quoting Obama saying that Bin Laden is ‘hiding in the woods between Pakistan and Afghanistan’ He pointed out that there are no woods anywhere on the border”

    And Huckabee said that Pakistan has “Eastern borders” with Afghanistan.


    We can’t afford ANOTHER dummy in the White House.

  138. I commend this article to you if you have not seen it before. It is the transcript of an interview that Hillary gave to a small newpaper in New Hampshire on December 22, which was published yesterday.

    What struck me most about it was her understanding of local issues that matter to ordinary people and at the same time her profound grasp of the economic forces moving the world. It is the sober truth of where we stand as a nation, it is sine qua non to effective problemsolving, and it is the mark of a great leader.


  139. Here’s my theory: I think Obama’s candidacy is premised entirely on momentum and absolutely as little substance as possible. I think momentum will drive people to get out the door and caucus for Obama but when they are challenged during the caucus and forced to defend their “candidate” I think his supporters will fold like a deck of cards because there will be absolutely no substance to defend his candidacy. Also, why is it that I feel BHO is like GWB in 2000: supposed Washington-outsider who campaigns promising to bring the country together (aka compassionate conservative) with very little foreign policy experience and a supposed new kind of politics? GWB brought a new kind of politics and look at the mess he got us into. I’m tired of politicians promising a new kind of politics and I want someone who can piece together the shambles that have been left for each of us and that candidate is the Senator. I cannot wait for the upset in IA next week …

  140. It is okay LawSchoolDem…I have been having to vent now for a while. Fold like a deck of cards or “like a cheap lawn chair” (heard that one while watching figure skating)

  141. The bottom line here is so simple:

    We are in a swamp.

    We are up to our ass in alligators.

    Hillary can help us get out of that swamp.

    Obama believes the alligators will listen to reason.

  142. TheRealist, the article on Bill was great. This is why the pundits tried to screech and yell and complain and poo poo his campaigning for Hillary. They wanted to make her campaign have doubts, and stop him from doing it. Her campaign, wisely, didn’t fall for that.

    They fear the magic of the Big Dawg with voters.

  143. WOAH.

    Just now on ‘Washington Week’, John Dickerson (now with Slate Mag), who was live on a sat feed from Des Moines, said that he attended an Obama rally and Obama asked “How many here are for me ?” and only HALF the room raised their hands, and he then asked “How many are undecided ?”, and the other half raised their hands.

    I cannot imagine that HALF the room would respond in that manner at a Hillary rally.

  144. Wow Joe Friday…did Dickerson say what Obama’s response was? That seems astonishing at this stage of the game…

  145. joefry

    hopefully that response was AFTER his stump speech. though, either way, it’s still a kick in the ass. 🙂

  146. Here’s the Albright quote in response to the tea comment by BHO: “Sen. Clinton has been in refugee camps, clinics, orphanages, and villages all around the world, including places where tea is not the usual drink,” said Albright. “In addition to these experiences she has met with world leaders and has known many of them for years. I have been with her on many of these occasions, and it is this combination of experience and understanding that sets her apart from the field, and why I am supporting her for President.”

  147. BHO got to Columbia and then Harvard was not because he earbrd in the hard way but because of the afirmation act.

  148. thanks for the tnr link! i love reading articles about bill. 🙂 i always thought he was the best ever since i saw him playing sax on arsenio hall in early high school. for many years i didn’t have any particular opinion about hillary, and then this summer she completely won me over because she just works so hard and is so talented and now i admire her just as much as bill. i think she’ll be a better president although probably not as fun for late night comedians 🙂

  149. meiyingsu, I don’t think it’s fair to say Obama got in because of affirmative action. That sounds like something a right winger would say.

  150. Realist

    I will do another coda, if I may:

    Bill Clinton DID NOT use the phrase “roll of the dice.” Charlie Rose did. I have not looked at every word in a transcript of the show, but I’ve been told by someone I trust, “roll of the dice” never passed Bill’s lips. In fact, he was very careful in redirecting, rephrasing the concept.

  151. Paula:

    Is it fair for Obama himself to say that all Hillary was doing as a first lady was sipping tea with the ambassadors? After that I don’t find any attack on him by a supporter of Hillary is unfair at all. May be its just me because I am fuming!

  152. Mollyj’s hip hip hooray of the day awards

    hooray for Iowans raisin’ their hands as undecided at an o’stammerer rally

    hooray for Taylor Marsh for callin’ out the sexism of this here election and tellin’ it the way it is.

    hooray for others who’ve pointed out BHO’s many gaffes too numerous to list in a 24 hour period

    hooray for the troops on the ground in Iowa, those caucusing for our girl and out workin’ to get more

    hooray to all those on this board who lighten the tension with a good laugh or a new nickname for the ever growin’ cast o’ characters…most especially the annointers of snidley moustache man and ramblin’ o’stammer

    hooray for Carville, hooray for all those in Iowa from lord knows where else helping out our girl, hooray for all the phone callers

    hooray for Admin and all the hillfans here represented; hooray for good research, a concept unknown in most candidates’ vocabulary, even those what that gradated harvard frist in their class

    hooray for 42, and most of all

    horray for 44

  153. oh and a special hooray for Madeline Albright for answerin’ the most assinine comment until the next time the stammer was heard. Maybe big ears cause an echo.

  154. Frankly, I dont even care that his middle name is Hussein. It could be Saddam and I couldn’t care less. How that plays into electoral politics and psyche is something that he has to live with and deal with. But the way his supporters try to play it down and make it look like its offensive to mention it is what is more ridiculous than anything. The guy is quite simply an unqualified narcissist who got typically carried away by all hype and now he thinks he is the second coming. Coming to think of it, how many people had even heard of the guy this time 4 years ago ?? His whole candidacy is standing on the crutches of the media’s hatred of Hillary.

  155. whenever i here som obama nutcase say”i don’t want to fight the battles of the 90’s”. i will respond “i remember a great economy, peace in the world, and respected in the world”. as a matter fact these same 18 to 22 years olds that support obama, was the same snot-nosed spoiled brats that got everything they wanted when the were little kids during the bill clinton economy. ironic huh?

  156. Carville joining Hillary’s team is fabulous. I just hope that they don’t bring Mark Penn in front of the camera for the rest of the election season. Atleast, I hope they don’t put Penn out there to argue with other consultants who are trying to bully him. He is very good at planning strategy and working behind the scenes. Carville, Wolfson, and Joe Lockhart should be defending her on TV.

  157. If he does not want to fight the battles of 90s, why is he out there boasting that he has got most of Clinton’s advisors? Weren’t those people foot soldiers in the fights of 90s? His middle name might as well be “phoney”.

  158. ra1029, i asked about wolfson in a earlier comment. mark penn is a good pollster and behind the scenes mover/shaker. a good debater he is not.

  159. It appears to me that Obama, Axelrod and his crowd are getting cocky because they have been getting away with saying anything they want with no major consequences. Thus the lukewarm retraction of the Axelrod statement and now the “tea” statement. Iowans aren’t stupid…I think these little slams at Hillary aren’t being ignored by them. There will be a point where they will go too far…

    Here’s the latest–Obama’s response to Madeleine Albrights comments:

    from thepage.time.com/

    Obama suggests Clinton’s international experience consists of teas with diplomats.

    Clinton campaign response from backer Madeleine Albright: “Senator Clinton has been in refugee camps, clinics, orphanages, and villages all around the world, including places where tea is not the usual drink.”

    Obama response to the response: “Those folks must really be on edge.” The Page, 7:49 PM

  160. hope, yeah. hope did not save my grandfather from cancer years ago. i grandfather would say to obama, “forget hope, what are you going to do about healthcare to cover ALL”?

  161. ra1029, I know your frustration. This site is read by lots of people, and I just don’t want to give the impression that defenders of Hillary scrape the bottom of the barrel in criticizing Obama. There’s plenty of ammunition without resorting to that.

    I also agree with you about Carville, if it’s indeed true. I notice Penn hasn’t been on TV since his less-than-stellar appearance on Hairball. Probably not a coincidence.

  162. firstread.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2007/12/28/537388.aspx

    “Obama told his supporters if he doesn’t win in 2008, he won’t be trying again later on. “My wife and I were talking the other day, and she said we’re not doing this again,” he said in Williamsburg, Iowa.”

    He’s a man of the people now, and in eight years, he will have been insulated from the people for years and therefore unfit for the presidency. Our moment is now, in other words; we must avail ourselves of it or be deprived of this golden opportunity.

    Oh vomit.

  163. “It appears to me that Obama, Axelrod and his crowd are getting cocky because they have been getting away with saying anything they want with no major consequences.”

    Great point. BTW, I don’t get Obama’s response to what Albright said. He acts as if her statement were some kind of over-the-top defense. Huh?

  164. obama reminds me of that old 1970’s coke commercial when you have the united nations like people from around the world singin coke is the real thing and peace and harmoney. that is his idea of “foriegn policy”. but oh no, he lived over seas while he was ages 6-10. now that will bring putin, north korea, and iran to their knees. OH BABY, here comes big bad obama singing kumbya my lord!!! LMAO!!!

  165. bottom line this guy has to be defeated. well, edwards even though he is a fraud and a phoney, i find him a much better esteem than i do obama. that is much how i really detest the guy. and dcdem, that is music to my ears(not obama’s) becuase he will lose this year. let him sulk in the senate during hillary’s 8 state of the union adresses. another thing, take his loopy supporters with him.

  166. paula i agree with ra1029, obama’s and aides practically have accused hillary of indirectly causing bhutto’s murder. if they stoop that low any attack is fairgame on him. so i really cut obama no slack whatsoever. remember punjab slur?

  167. Speaking of swamps and alligators…whatever happened to the hope fund/PAC thing. Did anybody ever follow that trail.

    Also, when did BO make the comment about tea? Was it in response to a question, did he say it on tv? As anybody blogged about this and posted Secretary Albright’s comments?

  168. I know, terrondt. I was just referring to saying stuff about him that’s not really relevant. All his tactics are fair game, along with his arrogance, narcissism, etc.

  169. In this latest round, Obama is really going negative again, isn’t he?

    After the Shaheen incident, and the DMR endorsement, Hillary decided to stay positive and just focus on her strength.

    But Obama is getting nasty again. First attacking Edwards on the 527, then leaking the email to the press. Now we get Axelrod and the tea comment.

  170. Paula, you can go on CNN. Click on “Video” located at the top far-right. You should be able to find it amonst the top stories videos.

  171. Here’s the First Read article in it’s entirety:

    From NBC’s Lauren Appelbaum
    Obama told his supporters if he doesn’t win in 2008, he won’t be trying again later on. “My wife and I were talking the other day, and she said we’re not doing this again,” he said in Williamsburg, Iowa.

    But it’s not just because Michelle Obama misses her husband and wants her home. Obama said his wife said they will be different people in eight years and not be able to connect to ordinary “normal” Americans — unlike now, when it is just five years since they still had law school loans and were living in a two small condo with no college fund started for their kids.

    “We’ll still be good people hopefully but we’ll be in a different orbit, in a different circle,” Obama said. “Our worries will be different and our concerns will be different. We’re already there but at least we still remember what that was like.”

    “I thought that was a wonderful insight,” he continued. “One of the things that I think I offer in this race is, you know, the way she put it was, we still remember what it is like to be normal. But I think that’s part of what happens when you are in Washington for very long time. You lose touch with that. Then it becomes harder to relinquish power.”

    It is so strange. I don’t get it. What a muddled string of incoherent sentences and ideas. It makes absolutely no sense and proves once again that he is not good off the cuff. What a joke.

  172. Molly, BO said the tea comment in a campaign speech today. They just showed the clip a short time ago on Fox Hannity and Combs. I thought that he said it almost with contempt, putting emphasis on the word “tea”

    A commentator on the Fox political panel said it was a response to Hillary’s experiences with Bhutto.

    It just seems to me these days that they are trying to belittle Hillary at every opportunity. Guess I’m getting touchy as there has been so much of this…

    Paula, I thought Obama’s response to Albrights statement was odd too…I think it’s just another hit to make it seem like the Hillary campaign is worried

  173. Paula, I agree about the affirmative action comment. We don’t need to go there.

    I don’t think the CNN video is up yet, but I’ll keep an eye out. She did well there!

  174. Hillary needs to fight back and quickly. It’s a Rovian tactic. Use your opponent greatest strength against them.

    Remember war hero Kerry? They reduced him down to a coward who shot himself on the foot to get out of the war.

  175. Thanks for the tnr article. The combination of intellect and political skills that is Bill Clinton is definitely unique.

  176. Sheesh…is Obama saying that all the Presidents that have come before him have been out of touch because they have worked in Washington before?

    What kind of arrogance must one have to think that you are more “special” than all the political leaders of the past?

    What kind of arrogance must you have to think that you can no longer understand the concerns, needs and ideals of everyday people just because you change your social status?

    What kind of response would he get in Washington as President from all those poor, pitiful out of touch congress people if he comes into office with this attitude?

  177. I agree AmericanGal. It’s worth emphasizin’ that Hillary’s speech in Bejing is well worth readin’. It is very powerful. And it ain’t about drinkin’ tea. There’s more here bein’ belittled than just Hillary. This is a broader contempt and it relates to her as a woman, not just her as another candidate. Does he belittle John Edwards? He lies about him and such but he never belittles him that I am aware of. I believe that Obama is full of contempt for women, in general, and of course, of Hillary in particular.

  178. Paula, HillaryforTexas,

    I don’t want to talk about affiemation either. But if he dare to list that he can get into Harvard as one of the critera to be president.

    BTW, republic will not be shy to call out his middle name.

  179. During Bill’s 92 campaign, he was asked, on television, by a voter, the price of several items we all purchase – a gallon of milk and a pair of jeans being the two items I recall. He knew the answer. Twelve years as governor and he knew how much a pair of jeans and a gallon of milk cost. Twelve years as governor and he was still an ordinary person.

    That’s what i love about the Clintons – with everything they have done in their life, they still side with people like me.

  180. Obama hs six half-siblings from his father’s sides! Most are graduated and live in US or UK.
    Now tell me that they cannot help this poor woman in Africa living in a hut!

    I guess the drugs mus be costing a lot of dough!

  181. If you go by Obama’s logic we should only elect leaders straight out of everyday life….

    Also, just because your social status, money status or career level changes doesn’t mean you have to become disconnected to the everyday lives of everyday people. Washington will only affect you if you let it. I’m from Minnesota. Paul Wellstone was our senator for years but never lost his connect with everyday people and issues.

  182. why people will elect him to president knowing that he will not connect to normal people once he becomes president.

  183. mp, why does obama never talk about his half siblings? i mean not one word. is he ashamed of them.does he have a grandmother in africa? this and his supporters acting strange and defensive about his middle name. btw i believe hillary’s middle name is diane if im incorrect i hope somebody can confirm. her maiden name is rhodam.

  184. He doesn’t connect with “normal” people now. It’s all done with mirrors and a little help from his friends like Opry

  185. It is so strange. I don’t get it.

    Translation: All of you ppl who still love the Clintons — they’re not the people they used to be.

  186. Michele was saying the same thing about never again in a Vanity Fair interview previewed on the net yesterday.

    Think about it: 1) is he using it to scare his second and third place supporters enough that they will go for him first in the caucus, worried that ‘he’ll not get that shot at 1600 ever again?” Scare the vote out of them, first round.

    Or, 2) has Michele about had it with every thing that campaigning requires, including having the life sucked out of you.

    Or, 3) is it a graceful exit line if he loses, because he is arrogant and I don’t think he has a tinker’s chance of being elected on a second try because too many people are beginning to see the god has no clothes.

    Or, (wait for it) 4) Michele shot off her mouth, that was NOT what he was thinking, and a case had to be made, quickly, that he really is at least an equal partner in the marriage.

    Place your bets folks, step right up and swallow another one. What will it be ? 1, 2, 3, or 4.

  187. The jerk’s response to the “tea” comment is even more audacious than his original comment. That smug arrogant creep needs to be slapped back into reality with an electoral defeat. This is the true Barack Obama. Certified asshole. It can only get worse from here. And God forbid if he wins anything. His breathtaking egocentricity and arrogance will be just too painful to watch.

  188. Very astute Emjay–probably a little of all 4 perhaps?

    BTW, I love this line from someone responding to Taylor Marsh’s latest essay–I think this may be somewhat true:

    “I think Obama is becoming more and more Obama as the primaries draw closer. Gone is the nice guy with the new kind of politics. Now he is angry at Unions, Nurses, Seniors, Gays and Women.”

  189. Ya, it does not make sense why he should say that unless he is telling his audience, this is your only chance! what arrogance!

  190. Emjay: I think it’s a threat…kinda like I’m takin’ my toys and goin’ home. My observation: evidently the “fierce urgency of now” is a time-limited proposition (void in 8 years).

  191. CJ, alot of that stuff on the Oprah board is coming from right wing websites. It is indeed actually quotes from his books however. I think there is no question that they will go after Obama with some of those things. You can bank on it.

  192. molly thats what i thought a threat..kinda of he will ignore us all…hes an idiot,sens his but back to illinois i dont if they would want him back. hasnt done a damn thing for them.

  193. Regarding an earlier post about Obama’s crowd being 1/2 undecideds…this CBS news article says Obama was inviting undecideds to his speeches today:

    “By Iowa political event standards, an enormous crowd packed a high school gym in Coralville – it was so packed that an overflow room was set up for those who couldn’t fit into the gym.

    Prior to the event, the campaign said that primarily undecided voters were invited to attend. (They estimate that over 900 undecided voters and supporters attended.) ”

    The article also says that Obamas crowd was more than twice as large as Edwards in the same city. I don’t know if that means anything however. I recall that Howard Dean was getting the largest crowds in political history when he was campaigning. Also, you never know if the Obama campaign isn’t “stuffing” these events to try to make news.

  194. AmericanGal,

    I was just on my way out the door earlier.

    “did Dickerson say what Obama’s response was?”


    He was using it as an example that a lot of people are still undecided, but I’ve seen nothing even approaching that level of undecided in ANY polling. Six days from the caucuses, I would have been spooked.


    “That seems astonishing at this stage of the game…”

    That was my reaction. So much for the “big crowds” zombie meme that won’t die with the Media Whores.


    “CBS news article says Obama was inviting undecideds to his speeches today”

    Unless that’s what his campaign came up with AFTER the fact to try and explain it away. Dickerson made no mention of it or that it was a particularly large crowd.

    BTW, I forgot to mention that Dickerson was hinting that the DMR poll might be significant. Like he knew something, but he was embargoed from saying anything.

  195. Oops, this poll is the same one as the Lee Newspapers poll released earlier althought the TV stations says theirs is copyrighted. Sorry about that…just saw the connection…

  196. american gal, i got dupped when i seen the same poll named some other news outlet with the same results 29/29/28/ lord, they should label this a little better. i think research 2000 commissioned the poll for serveral news organization outlets. silly.

  197. Are the DMR polls usually significantly different than the polls that are being released from other groups? How do their numbers usually compare? I’ve heard that they are more accurate usually….any info?

    Hope for a Hillary surge but not confident…

  198. Reporting from Iowa
    Your Presidential Briefing is on the scene in Iowa, America’s election 2008 hatching ground, the snow-covered capital of corn and politics (not to mention “Super” Target stores that double as a supermarket. Who knew?).

    The briefing has only just settled in long enough to speak to a few caucus-goers, notice the Book of Mormon in a hotel drawer and learn that a local manufacturer of political buttons claims to have predicted every presidential winner since 1988 with the proportion of button sales. (If you’re wondering: Hillary’s leading the pack).

  199. paula, check realclear politics.com, then click on iowa. then scroll down towards the bottom showing poll history. you will find it i think in november. i will check now also.

  200. ra1029, I posted the story about the political buttons a couple days ago. It’s a local Iowa company and the sell political buttons (in malls I think) and the article said that Hillary was indeed ahead 37% to Obama 30% and Edwards 15%.



  201. lol, ra1029 beat me to it.paula check the realclear site anyway for future reference. it is more user friendly than pollster.com

  202. Oh, the company has an online button polls as well–Hillary also ahead but Edwards in second.


  203. Whoa, the online site has the current Iowa numbers via the button poll. For Dec. 28, 2007 it’s Clinton 30%, Obama 27% and Edwards 25%.

  204. im waiting for that dmr too. maybe saturday night? im not sure about rasmussen. he has nothing on his site about doing a poll in iowa this weekend but it does not mean he won’t. i do know zogby is in the field in iowa NOW and will publish his poll sunday. he will track it daily thru jan 3rd.

  205. amaricangal, i checked out that button pollsite. amazing how close they are to the actual scientific iowa polls now.now, i have plenty of clinton buttons so i will pass on it.lol

  206. Bunches of coconuts, sorry, I mean responses:

    1) Wow CJ, that oprah site is a doosie. I could only take it for 8 comments. How much is there?

    2) Joefri, AmericanGal, and Freckles from a couple of days ago:
    Welcome again to the world of first in the nation testing, some really strong candidates, people who pull the drawers out to check the construction, hard working proud voters, and willing to, along with NH, vett these candidates so that You will have an easier mind when you go to vote.

    Think if the first vote casting primary was in CA. How many house parties, AmVet meeting rooms and high school cafeterias do you think the candidates would go to? Do you really believe any of them would walk up and down the streets of LA or Stockton or Oakland knocking on doors to discuss the issues? Get real. They would be in TV sudios for interviews (and we see how well THAT works, don’t we) or taping commercials.

    We are the ones who keep it real. We talk about candidates w/ each other, compare this appearance in Creston to my friend’s experience w/ the same candidate in Green Valley. And we do it for a full gosh darned year.

    And yeh, about 30 percent are still undecided. Only the core supporters are solid, and you are right, Hillary has that kind of rally, now. Trust me, she didn’t in the spring. And she and Biden are the only ones who have 90% loyalty at their meetings. The other voters are still shopping, so if 40% raised their hands at BO rally as undecided, he’s got work to do. So does Edwards, but less than BO. Thats why BO asks them “well how many of you (the undecided) have me as #2.” He’s got throngs, we just need to see if they are still worshiping next Thursday.

    Well. I’m done with that rant. But remember, when you step into that private booth to cast your primary ballot, how much more you really know about the candidates that you would not, if not for Iowa and New Ham voters, who did a lot of the work, and research, for ourselves of course, but also for you.

    Someday, if someone knows how to set it up, we can do a conference call, Hawk and me and whomever. If you are still interested, we’ll answer all the Why Iowa? and Why a caucus? questions you have. At least, I will. (Sorry for obligating you Hawk)

    You think you’re tired of it? We used to do this in Feb. Think how we feel. In a few days another 5% will drop the dime and by next Thursday only 10-15 % will be undecided, IMO. But all they will say is “I dunno. I’m still thinking about it.” And then they go have a cuppa at the deli and talk it over with their friends.

  207. Speaking of, where is Hawk? He’s got calling, and arranging transport, and a million other things to do before Thursday.

    Vacation’s over buddy.

    By the way Hawk, I got my box of precinct stuff UPS today, right on schedule

    Also, I’ve never counted commentors even, but including lurkers, how many folks on the site…can anybody hazzard a guess?

  208. Emjay, Thanks for that description of what it is like for you in Iowa. I’ve been watchin’ elections since JFK. I was real little but my folks were real political. But I don’t think I ever got it before this year just what is involved in Iowa/ How do you feel about the caucus vs the primary. I live in a caucus state and a good number of people here have never caucused…yeah, it’s a challenge.

  209. Kudos to you Emjay and to all our Iowa friends for your efforts. I am a midwestern neighbor from Minnesota. The primaries have to start somewhere–it’s great they begin in the bedrock heartland of the USA. I think you’re right that it’s a benefit to have candidates go to a smaller state where they have to be more up close and personal. After all, it’s the first step in the most important job interview in the world..

  210. Geez, I sound defensive.

    But I feel that way sometimes, when the process is criticized on this site. I moved here in 72 to go to grad school; it’s all I’ve ever known. And I can’t imagine how I would ever be able to make a choice, if I couldn’t discuss concerns and issues with the candidates.

    My second chice would be New Ham, also an up close and personal system.

  211. hillfans, i am watching a streamed taped cspan program wich had a zogby rep on who reported the 1st iowa tracking poll results will be released on cspan, zogby international website, and reuters.com website at around 8am my time eastern. daily numbers from sunday thru next thursday.YAY!! he will start his nh tracking poll jan 4th thru the 8th.

  212. I don’t think you sound defensive Emjay and you’ve really helped me understand what’s involved in your state, just as the publicity about the early primaries has. I hope that the whole controversy about the timing and such of the primaries is resolved because it gets in the way. What I think is so good about Iowa is the level of participation of people and candidates–I am sure that the same thing is true of other states, folks, but what I can say is this:it isn’t true in the state I am living in currently. There is a large dose of anti-political sentiment…rejection of the whole system, and no appreciation for just how simplistic and unrealistic that is.
    Hooray Emjay and others (for the second time tonight). Thank you for what you are doing.

  213. emjay, i am excited for you. i bet it is going to fun and on edge there. im going to be pulling my hair waiting for the results to get in. i live in a primary state so i am used to the all day voting thing.

  214. Terrondt, I haven’t followed that race in detail yet…but I know more about Mike Ceresi and his fights vs. big tobacco and for women than Franken. I think Ceresi will be more of a challenge to Coleman and polls show him closer in matchups. Franken isn’t as popular here..

  215. Dickerson doesn’t know squat abt the DMR poll.

    if being done for the sun paper, which is usual, the numbers are being crunched as i type, analysis tomorrow, press setup tomorrow night, and it usually hits the net about 9 pm.

  216. terrondt, Polls have been up and down overall I think….Franken has a better personality than Ceresi (lawyer) and comes across better on television. I think in November they were both about the same percentage in the polls but I haven’t seen anything recent. I need to start watching the Twin Cities stations as the local stations here don’t cover that race as intently.

    Franken isn’t as popular with people I know but for all I know he might be ahead in the polls right now (I think he has gotten over some of that “comedian” aura that hurt him at first).

  217. Dickerson only knows what we all know…our girl has steadied and gained, BO static or slighly down, and Edwards gaining a bit. I’m tellin ya, Iowans HATE negative bashing moves if they are being done for their own sake. Even I am getting more of the “don’t call me again” responses and once you read a mailing that is crap, it’s natural to think that all 13 !! pieces are crap too.

  218. Emjay, can you sense how things are going for the various candidates from your involvement with a campaign? I would think that being a campaign worker, going door to door and having real life conversations with people you meet must be revealing. Do you think that people are looking at Hillary more closely now due to the events in Pakistan? Do you have any observations?

  219. emjay,

    your great, but frankly people in bigger states, dont need little towns to vet anybody for us, we keep up with politics all year round, and with what goes on in the rest of the world…

    and actually we dont have a problem making up our minds at the last minute…. we usually know all along who stands for what, and who represents our needs, and we dont remotely like the caucus thing…

    infact the reason so many states voted for early voting, is to try and squash the whole iowa, new hampshire first in the nation farce…

    not that i dont respect you for the work you do for hillary, i am appreciative. but i think its the same press that builds up obama, that has also built up the iowa caucusus, and if it wasnt for the press we would have ignored the whole state…

    and personally, i think this caucus thing is barberic…
    i thought it came from the middle ages or something, but someone on this site straightened me out and said it was instituted in the 80’s by someone who wanted to try to steal the elections…
    if anyone knows more about that, i would be interested to know how we got the caucuses..

    all this i am saying with much respect to you, but i want to be honest about how i feel about it…

  220. RA1029

    Where are you? just name NW, SW,NE,SE, or Central.

    Cold enough for ya? It’s supposed to keep dropping over the weekend til New Year’s @ “0” then climb again to Friday with 22 degree low on caucus day.

    Welcome. HillaryLand Rocks is somewhere here too’

  221. yeah emjay doosie i had to quit reading it..\oh she made it there good for her Hlandrocks,wondering if she made it safe there she was worried for weather.. emjay do you see all them people there from different states for hillary…like 500 is that right…

  222. skmf12, if history serves me right the iowa caucus arrived in 1972 when george mcgovern came in a close second to muskie. i think it became more famous in 1976 when jimmy carter really learned how to master the caucus system and beat the favorites. i have to admit i do have misgivings about iowa and nh being 1st all the time. my state of connecticuit did not want to be left totally out of the action and moved from it’s traditional march primary to feb 5th.

  223. im pretty sure iowa started after wwi bc many felt it was a pacifist isolationist state that could keep out war mongering nominees.

  224. terrondt,

    but why havent we gotten rid of the caucus iowa nh thing by now?

    i think it was on taylor marsh where i heard the suggestion that, at the very least they should have a lottery system, or a rotation of first of the nation, because, as the person said, why should some little place with no other claim to fame outside of being first, have all the pretige and money to the ecomomy, when there are other small states, that have even more electrial votes, and just as much to offer…

  225. oh and one other thing i dont understand, why do the republicans get to do it different?
    dont they get to have a secret ballot and than count it all up when thats over with?

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