Hillary Clinton Ready To Lead A World In Turmoil

Ready To Lead on Day 1

Statement of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on the Death of Benazir Bhutto:

“I am profoundly saddened and outraged by the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, a leader of tremendous political and personal courage. I came to know Mrs. Bhutto over many years, during her tenures as Prime Minister and during her years in exile. Mrs. Bhutto’s concern for her country, and her family, propelled her to risk her life on behalf of the Pakistani people. She returned to Pakistan to fight for democracy despite threats and previous attempts on her life and now she has made the ultimate sacrifice. Her death is a tragedy for her country and a terrible reminder of the work that remains to bring peace, stability, and hope to regions of the globe too often paralyzed by fear, hatred, and violence.

“Let us pray that her legacy will be a brighter, more hopeful future for the people she loved and the country she served. My family and I extend our condolences and deepest sympathies to the victims and their families and to the people of Pakistan.”


287 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Ready To Lead A World In Turmoil

  1. Halpern and “The Page”, is touting OB’s speech today as, “best-written speech of the campaign.” yet it’s loaded with the same rhetoric and platitudes that mark his standard stump speech. It also is full of swipes at his opponents;

    “You know that we can’t afford four more years of the same divisive food fight in Washington that’s about scoring political points instead of solving problems; that’s about tearing your opponents down instead of lifting this country up.

    We can’t afford the same politics of fear that tells Democrats that the only way to look tough on national security is to talk, act, and vote like George Bush Republicans; that invokes 9/11 as a way to scare up votes instead of a challenge that should unite all Americans to defeat our real enemies.

    We can’t afford to be so worried about losing the next election that we lose the battles we owe to the next generation.”


    If Hillary delivered a similar speech (and she probably will) it would be characterized as, “Hillary jabs at rivals in summation speech in Iowa”, or something along those lines. When Hillary wins, it will be through a gauntlet of Big Media fire and the pundits will be scrambling to rationalize why they were asleep at the wheel…

  2. Benazir Bhutto has been a hero of mine for many, many years. I cannot believe they have killed her. I just don’t even know what to say today. The world is a more dangerous place now.

    As for The Note, if you’re rooting for the GOP to maintain supremacy, then Obama’s speech is brilliant. There’s absolutely no reason for any Democrats to show up and vote because he’s promising to turn control of DC back over to the thugs.

  3. I mean, food fight in DC? If that’s true our side doesn’t have any thing harder than jello. It’s not the partisanship. It’s the dictatorship.

  4. obama said bhutto’s death is partly clinton’s fault bc she supported the war. dumbass move. its on the page website. im so angry. bush sent bhutto there-NOT hillary. well the story wont be about barack today or tommorrow-we now have a horrifiying senario on our hands. very sad today

  5. The question de jour is whether voters see the tragic events in Pakistan as compelling evidence that we need a strong, experienced leader like Hillary in the Oval Office, or will be goaded and deluded into believing that the florid rhetoric of Obama will protect us in a perilous world.

  6. OMG, I can not believe the unmitigated gall of the Obama team. They are holding Hillary responsible for an assassination? Wow, way to politicize a tragedy.

  7. This is a wakeup call. National security is back on. If Obama gets nominated, republicans will rip him apart — can you see him go up against Guiliani or Macain? (with all their dirty tricks). The man is good for delivering prepared speeches — he can’t even think on his feet and answer people’s questions with any coherence or eloquence.

  8. Also for your radar screens, Mudcat White Trash Saunders, has this post on HP: “After next Thursday night, Hillary Clinton will resort to the only conceivable option she has left. With the huge coffers she has accumulated from raising funds from the many who have a financial stake in the next administration, she’s going to try to flood the media markets for February 5 and buy the damned thing. It’s that simple.”

    He says he isn’t speaking on behalf of the Edwards campaign … my ass.


  9. David Axelrod, Barack Obama’s top strategist, told reporters after the speech that Clinton will not benefit from a renewed conversation about foreign policy in the wake of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination in Pakistan.

    Bhutto’s death will “call into issue the judgment: who’s made the right judgments,” Axelrod said. “Obviously, one of the reasons that Pakistan is in the distress that it’s in is because al-Qaeda is resurgent, has become more powerful within that country and that’s a consequence of us taking the eye off the ball and making the wrong judgment in going into Iraq. That’s a serious difference between these candidates and I’m sure that people will take that into consideration.”

    Foreign policy had been considered by many to be Clinton’s strength and a subject that had been waning ahead of the caucuses as candidates focused their closing arguments on domestic issues. Axelrod argued a focus on Pakistan does not help Clinton, who voted to give President Bush the authority to go to war in Iraq.

    “She was a strong supporter of the war in Iraq, which we would submit, was one of the reasons why we were diverted from Afghanistan, Pakistan and al-Qaeda, who may have been players in this event today, so that’s a judgment she’ll have to defend,” Axelrod said. “I know Woody Allen said that 80% of life is just showing up but there’s actually more to being proficient in foreign policy than just having been around for a long time. You also have to have good judgment. Obama was willing to split with the conventional wisdom on Iraq and many of these other issues and I think events have borne out his judgment.”

  10. Timing is everything in politics. Hillary released her closing argument one day before Bhutto’s assassination. The world is still in turmoil and we need a leader who can handle the unpredictable. How prescient.

    Obama releases his closing argument today. It may be covered on the blogs, but television media is all about Bhutto’s assassination today and possibly tomorrow. Bad timing.

  11. Didn’t Obama say in 2004 that he did not know how he would have voted on that Iraq resolution (why is this not getting played out more?). He changed his tune to make believe that he always had that good judgment only after starting his run (I know he touts he made an obscure speech when he was running for senate opposing the war but it has been said that that was more to appease his predominantly black audience who were opposed to war). To me if Bush and co had managed the war competently, they would be dancing in the street and Iraq would not have been the mess it is today. So where would all the war critics be? In 2002, the way things were nobody could have predicted how it was going to end up. Katrina, and a whole host of other things have opened our eyes to the incompetence of this current administration.

  12. look like BHO is the only who tries to make use of the assassination to his own benefit, which shows he is nervious and desperation. It will never sell to voters that when tragdy happen, what you can do is to blame someone else.

  13. Some time ago I mentioned a speech that BO had given (the one that raised such a furor in Pakistan), the one that also was referenced by Sarah Sewall on the Charlie Rose show where she and Montgomery McFate were discussing the new US Army- Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Field Manual. The manual, BTW, IS new, although released last December, it is the first rewrite in 20 years.

    Anyway, that speech, given Aug 1, 2007, has become mysteriously unavailable on the net, the link thru Election Central/TPM Cafe shows “Blog 404 unavailable”.

    This morning Taylor Marsh linked to it again, but it is still unavailable…Hope it becomes available again because I heard it last summer, and I believe it is another very important window on BO’s foreign policy inexperience.

    Maybe that’s why it has gone missing.

  14. B Merryfield,

    Here you go:

    “Bhutto’s death will “call into issue the judgment: who’s made the right judgments,” [Obama campaign manager David] Axelrod said. “Obviously, one of the reasons that Pakistan is in the distress that it’s in is because al-Qaeda is resurgent, has become more powerful within that country and that’s a consequence of us taking the eye off the ball and making the wrong judgment in going into Iraq. That’s a serious difference between these candidates and I’m sure that people will take that into consideration.” . . . “She was a strong supporter of the war in Iraq, which we would submit, was one of the reasons why we were diverted from Afghanistan, Pakistan and al-Qaeda, who may have been players in this event today, so that’s a judgment she’ll have to defend,” Axelrod said.”

  15. It’s astonishing. They will blame Hillary for everything.

    Hillary left the light on after falling asleep at her desk… “she’s to blame for the energy crisis”

    Hillary once visited the SF zoo and stated that tigers were inferior to lions… “Tiger’s attack on three teengagers may have been precipitated by a slur from the former First Lady.”

  16. Here is link to Axelrod statement on Hillary:


    TheRealist: I agree with your assessment of Obama’s speech. The speech he gave today is nothing more than a bunch of “me against Washington” rhetoric. It sounds exactly like what he has been saying in his stump speeches–it’s nothing new. It’s all about himself and how great he thinks he is.
    The whole thing is laden with swipes against his opponants–it’s nothing but a political speech IMO..

  17. Thanks all. Got it and posted Big Tent Democrat’s (MyDD) post and comments at TaylorMarsh.

    Although I’ve sworn off giving Ben (hi Ben) credit lately, I have to share his comments at The Politico:

    The ultimate impact of Bhutto’s death on the caucuses and beyond is difficult to gauge.

    Iowa voters have tended in the past to be parochial, and the news media have a short attention span, especially for international stories.

    Still, the instant conventional wisdom will say that heavy news coverage of the gun and bomb attack will bolster the arguments of Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.), both members of the Armed Services Committee.

    Just yesterday, Clinton said in Iowa: “You never know what may happen in some part of the world that will create a real challenge to us here at home, here in Iowa.”

    Clinton also just unveiled a new ad, which opens with the image of a soldier’s empty helmet and the words, “A nation at war.”

    It casts Clinton as “a leader with a steady hand.”


  18. Love this quote…it’s from a poster at Taylor Marsh:

    ‘Women who take on tough issues and stake out new territory are often on the receiving end of ignorance”

    Bhutto commenting to Hillary Clinton regarding women in leadership roles- have any truer words been spoken?

  19. Isnt this the height of desperation – hoping to get some political benefit , nevermind if it is based on ridiculous spin, and that too after a tragic assassination. Pakistan has been an unstable country for decades, with very brief intervals of democratic rule. Religious fundamentalism has long held sway, right from the time of independence in 1947 – it was the basis for creating the country, partitioning it from British ruled India. Shameless, so typical of the candidate.

    Joe Wilson tore him a new one yesterday when he so accurately said that he too opposed the war but had not even heard of Obama in 2002 , when he (BO) was safe in his role as a “provincial” official, LOL !!

  20. meiyingsu

    clicked on you WaPo link, could not find Pakistanis Rebuke to Obama…

    do you have more directions?

    for anyone interested, the slightly strengthening stock mkt is taking a hit too.

  21. Well, I tried to catch some news on MSNBC and CNN. They keep playing clips of Obama, Guiliani, Macain and nothing from Hillary. Malveaux (?) on CNN tried to play Hillary’s statement but could not get the right sections of her video instead showed Bill introducing her and hugging her and with the reporter reading Clinton’s statement. I don’t like it.

  22. Here is an article from the summer with Pakistans rebuke to Obama for making statements about invading that country to attack Al Quada:


  23. Obama’s first official foreign policy speech at the Foreign Affairs Council (and this is after Zbig joined his ranks) was received with riots in Pakistan and earned him being burned in effigy alongside Tom Tancredo.

    I wish someone would ask Obama what vote of his demonstrates superior judgement.

  24. from her very own mouth, via thepage:

    Michele Obama: “It’s Now or Never”

    Says in long Vanity Fair profile that for her, trying to TAKE (caps are mine) the White House is a one-time gambit.

    Thank the lawd, thank the lawd.

  25. Pakistanis Rebuke Obama For Military Force Remark

    By Rohan Sullivan
    Associated Press
    Saturday, August 4, 2007; Page A12

    ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, Aug. 3 — A top Pakistani official on Friday called Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama “irresponsible” for saying that, if elected, he might order unilateral military strikes in Pakistan against al-Qaeda. Protesters chanted anti-U.S. slogans and burned an American flag in the street.

    Obama’s comment on Wednesday heightened anger created here last week by senior Bush administration officials’ statements that they would consider such strikes if intelligence warranted them.

    Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) said he would deter terrorists by threatening Islam’s holiest sites, adding to Pakistanis’ anger. (By Jamie Rector — Getty Images)

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    Also inflaming the situation was a comment Tuesday by Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.), who is a making a bid for the White House, that the best way he could think of to deter a major terrorist attack on the United States would be to threaten to retaliate by bombing the holiest of Islamic sites, Mecca and Medina.

    U.S. officials quickly condemned Tancredo’s remarks. “It is absolutely outrageous and reprehensible for anyone to suggest attacks on holy sites, whether they are Muslim, Christian, Jewish or those of any other religion,” deputy State Department spokesman Tom Casey told reporters.

    In Miran Shah, a major town in the lawless region that borders Afghanistan, about 1,000 tribesmen condemned recent Pakistani military operations in the area and vowed to repel any U.S. attack.

    In Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, about 150 people chanted slogans against the United States, Obama and Tancredo at a demonstration organized by Mutahida Majlis-e-Amal, a coalition of six hard-line religious parties. Protesters set fire to a U.S. flag.

    Top officials in the government of Pakistan’s president, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, a key U.S. ally, bristled at Obama’s comment. “It’s a very irresponsible statement, that’s all I can say,” Foreign Minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri said. “As the election campaign in America is heating up, we would not like American candidates to fight their elections . . . at our expense.”

    Bush called Musharraf on Friday to congratulate him on the 60th anniversary of Pakistan’s independence. According to a statement from Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry, Bush said that “recent statements emanating from the U.S. regarding possible U.S. action inside Pakistani territory” were “unsavory and often prompted by political considerations in an environment of electioneering.”

  26. Do you bloggers realize the gift that Axelrod handed you?:

    “Woody Allen said that 80% of life is just showing up but there’s actually more to being proficient in foreign policy than just having been around for a long time.”

    In insulting Hillary’s judgment, he literally quoted a man that married his daughter!!!

  27. Re the 2002 Iraq vote, here are some cites:

    After he came to Washington, Obama’s views were thoroughly conventional and even timid. In 2004, he said about the 2002 congressional Authorization for the Use of Military Force: “I’m not privy to Senate intelligence reports. What would I have done? I don’t know.”

    I’ve seen this cited various places (including WaPo?) though not in so much detail. After Obama got into the US Senate (2004) his voting record on Iraq was identical to Hillary’s (except once when she voted less support than he did).

    Good summary of Hillary’s position about Iraq in 2002: diplomacy, more inspections, no pre-emptive strike, build coalition and seek UN support, force as a last resort, bipartisan leveredge for Powell at UN.
    David Brooks quoted at
    Didn’t everyone know this was a war resolution? But now, having investigated her public comments, I think diplomatic leverage really was on her mind. I also know, from a third person, that she was spending a lot of time with Powell and wanted to help.

  28. I noticed that they have been posting Daily Kos diaries on Hillary hub. I do not think it is a good idea because they are including all the comments of those Daily kos idiots.

  29. fox news just reporting HRC refusing interviews with the press and noting internal turmoil in how to react to bhutto death. reporting HRC not wanting to use it politically. fox went on to tout BO’s and JE’s handling, esp JE’s phone call to pakistan leaders and showing his presidential qualifications in times of crisis, etc.

    wish i had an exact transcript, but i wonder if HRC missed a huge opportunity? did anyone else hear this report?

  30. DH

    i just heard a completely different take, also. sounds like everyone is weighing-in from the field with their own opinion. you know the old saying, opinions are like a**holes, every-body’s got one.

  31. alcina, I heard that report too. I posted comments here this morning asking about what Hillary was going to do. I think she responded pretty much like the others although she didn’t go in front of the camera and make a statement. I personally thought she should have done that but others disagreed. I think there are different ways to look at this. I agree that she has to be careful about looking like she is being opportunistic with this event so maybe that’s why no in front of camera statement. Overall, I saw Obama speak live this morning but it appeared to me that all he did was read the written statement his campaign put out earlier. It wasn’t a big deal IMO..

  32. The Hillary campaign has responded to Axelrod…this is from Politico:

    “This is a time to be focused on the tragedy of the situation, its implications for the U.S. and the world, and to be concerned for the people of Pakistan and the country’s stability. No one should be politicizing this situation with baseless allegations,” Singer says.

  33. thanks, AG…i’m just a bit of a nervous-nelly when it comes to HRC. i should know better. no-one conducts herself with more class and aplomb than HRC.

  34. More sites on Obama’s own record on Iraq:

    [Sen. Obama’s] voting record on Iraq once he entered the Senate was virtually identical to the voting record of Senator Clinton.
    “There’s not much of a difference between my position on Iraq and George Bush’s position at this stage.” Obama, July 2004.

    This is a half screen with a very good summary and links to its quotes.

  35. shouldnt hillary say something hear? just say something presidential about the crisis and give her prayers to the bhuttos as the world has lost one of its few islamic moderate female leaders? or did i miss this already. bo now needs to shut up and needs a good whipping over axelrod’s comments on hillary. bush sent bhutto there in a deal with mushariff. bush screwed up big time and now god knows what can happen-but this situation lends itself to hillary’s advantage i think. obama has laways been very vulnerble on pakistan. very. u may not need a reminder even about bo’s mishaps on pakistan. war with iraq did not cause this. bush is leader-it rests with him. yesterday everyone was babbling -incl bo-how hillary was a mere first lady-now they blame this on her? wow-for being a mere first lady and senator she sure has power(snark).

  36. CNN’s Political Ticker’s got the Axelrod quote: “Obama advisor links Clinton vote and Bhutto death?”


  37. Marc Ambinder’s got it: “Does Axelrod Imply That Hill’s Vote Helped Kill Bhutto?”


  38. SusanUnPC at No Quarter blog: “Obama Campaign In Disarray? Making Political Hay Out of Bhutto Assassination?”


  39. what a dumbass guys-oh and i dont actually mean bush i mean axelrod. if the msm is a modicum fair this should be a major domestic poltiical story. these comments will now dominate the campaigns fe days here to hillary’s advantage. man am i pissed . i mean really pissed at this one.

  40. texan4hillary, she issued a statement hours ago. It’s posted above. Then there is this:
    politico .com/blogs/ bensmith/

    As the Bhutto story hits its fourth or fifth round in the political
    news cycle, just hours after her death, Clinton spokesman Phil Singer
    objects to Obama advisor David Axelrod’s reading of the political tea
    leaves — and his apparently blaming status quo politics, and by
    extension Hillary, for her death.

    “This is a time to be focused on the tragedy of the situation, its
    implications for the U.S. and the world, and to be concerned for the
    people of Pakistan and the country’s stability. No one should be
    politicizing this situation with baseless allegations, ” Singer says.

    And, this:
    “This is a terrible loss — certainly on a personal level — for those of us who knew her, who were impressed by her commitment, her dedication, her willingness to pick up the mantle of her father, who was also assassinated. It’s a terrible, terrible, tragedy, but it’s also a tremendous loss for the people of Pakistan.”

  41. texas4hillary, a above comment was right. the national news coverage is 99.9% covering the assasination. the less than 1% is covering the candidates reactions. axelrod and obama is trying to make political hay by trying to deny it won’t help hillary politically. water under the bridge as far as msm media is concerned.

  42. We’ll have more on Obama and Pakistan and the political implications of the Bhutto assasination after today. Meanwhile here is Axelrod on CNN:

  43. Sheesh…Axelrod is trying to back away from his own statements re: Hillary and the assassination. Too late I think…..


  44. HRC should take the high road. It is to her advantage to not make this into a story (got that BC!). If this becomes a story, it discounts the influence of the tragedy.

    Worth discussing, a commentator on Fox News today mentioned that Hillary and Bhutto are both female and this also could play to Hillary’s advantage, perhaps at a subconcious level.

  45. Re Obama’s slippery grip on experience and it’s current impact on his campaign:

    Courtesy of William Butler Yeats-

    from The Second Coming

    “Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the [campaign] world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

  46. I’ve been posting comments everywhere saying that Obama should apologize for the comments and that the mainstream media should do its job and start vetting Obama for his part, irresponsible statements on Pakistan.

    Looking forward to your future work on Obama/ Pak admin.

  47. admin, axelrod is disgusting. they are very worried about this. hillary’s response was perfect to mustache axelrod. THEY ARE the one’s trying to make it POLITICAL, the obama camp.

  48. CNN Wolf BLitzer just showed Axelrod and his sound bite/ about HRC. What a loser. What a loser speaking for a loser. A leader has been assassinated. A country is in crisis. And all we hear from the Obama’s camp is this kind of absolute BS. It underscores his unreadiness to be in office and contrasts it HRC’s vast experience, not to mention her judgement and wisdom when it counts the most.

  49. I agree MJ. No way does Axelrod’s statements make BHO look good. That’s why Hillary is doing the right thing. Take the high road. The thing already has legs of its own. Right now, it makes him look like a political opportunist and continues to focus in on the turmoil in the world. If she personally weighs in, the msm will turn this into a brawl bet. them. She is handling this perfectly!

  50. BHO had a closing argument speech today in Iowa. I belive that they prefer the medium report something about the speech. But in reality, the news today is about the assassination and the response from BHO camp. What a distraction. I think it will help Hillary.

  51. More from the increasingly disgusting Josh Marshall.

    The first comment from Josh Marshall was this line completely accepting Obama’s take and viewpoint on the Pakistan situation:

    “Obama advisor Axelrod: Assassination reminds us of Hillary’s wrong call on Iraq.” http://talkingpointsmemo.com/archives/062100.php

    Marshall then tried to throw all Democrats into the same stinking bag as Axelrod:

    “The leading Dem candidates for president appear to be in a pitched battle to make the most craven and insipid uses of the Bhutto assassination for immediate political advantage. A true horse race.”

    Marshall no doubt will try to portray Evan Bayh’s comments as to what Republicans will say as somehow similar to Axelrod’s disgusting and inappropriate comments.

  52. tweety just showed HRC’s reaction today on the stump. very reserved and personal. tweety actually complemented her response and felt the situation would show that a woman could run a country would give her a “leg-up”

  53. alcina, what did you think about Andrea Mitchells statement that this event might affect the NH and SC primaries but wouldn’t have an impact in Iowa as people there are focused more on economic issues? (what a slam at midwesterners–I guess she thinks we are ignorant rubes that don’t care about or understand foreign policy).

  54. AG – i didn’t even catch andrea mitchells response as i was too shocked after hearing tweety’s take. bottom line, andrea mitchell comes from the same elitist bucket as BO. it’s that type of attitude that will sink BO’s ship in iowa.

  55. Tweety’s praise of Hillary is as rare as the Haley’s Comet. He’ll be back in form tomorrow.

    When the hostage situation unfolded back in late November, Tweety heaped praise on Hillary’s calm demeanor at her press conference. The following Monday, he was back to his nastiness.

  56. New Iowa poll about to be released:

    Deadlocked in Iowa
    Political Wire got a sneak peek at the latest Strategic Vision (R) poll from Iowa that shows both the Republican and Democratic presidential races essentially tied.

    For Democrats, it’s Obama at 30%, Clinton at 29% and Edwards at 28%.

    For Republicans, it’s Huckabee at 29%, Romney at 27%, Thompson at 15%; and McCain at 14%.

    Each poll, which has a 4.5% margin of error, was taken over the last two days.


  57. A beautiful color photo of Ms Bhutto, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton during their official tour to Pakistan in 1995, at top of Taylor Marsh’s political blog.

    As usual, a picture is worth a thousand words.

    Hope it gets posted elsewhere.

  58. Admin, a timeline of what Obama has said about Iraq resolution, vote, war (and possible motives) would be good — he has not been consistent and it is highly hypocritical of him to repeat the judgment line (he is of course, doing it because he thinks he won’t get caught with his own inconsistencies.) Thanks.

  59. AG, just to add… SV had O at 30 and Hillary at 27 just last week. So she’s moved up by 2.

    Here’s what “alexandra” wrote in the comment section of Taylor Marsh’s site:
    There’re some tidbits from a LA Times IA poll to be released soon…

    New L.A. Times/Bloomberg poll upcoming
    Hillary Clinton seems to have stabalized her position in Iowa, but she has reason to be concerned about New Hampshire.

    Mitt Romney, meanwhile, may be left hoping that the results in Iowa have a minimal impact on voters in New Hampshire.

    Those are two of the trends captured in a new L.A. Times/Bloomberg poll of voters in the two states that routinely make or break presidential candidacies. We won’t reveal the precise numbers here; those will be available on our homepage later today (roughly 4 p.m. PST).

    We can say this much: The results, in line with other recent surveys, indicate a Democratic race that remains up for grabs in Iowa among Clinton, John Edwards and Barack Obama (with the latter coming on strong in New Hampshire). Meanwhile, the poll contains no good cheer for the three Democrats — Bill Richardson, Joe Biden and Chris Dodd — who have been banking on an Iowa “surprise.”

  60. I don’t have access to a television where I am at right now, but I’m glad the MSM is talking about that dirtbag Axelrod.

  61. AmericanGal, we updated our polls section with the latest polls. The last Strategic Vision poll had Hillary at 27% and Obama at 30% and Edwards at 27%. By DailyKooks standards the Strategic Vision headline should be: Hillary massively surging, Obama flatlines in Iowa.

  62. Filbertsf, horrible as this sounds this incident has the potential to influence things in New Hampshire. The most interesting polls will most likely come after this weekend don’t you think?

  63. i’m very surprised at what axelrod said.

    besides the fact that it was highly inappropriate, it also seems counterintuitive. turmoil in pakistan reminds voters of obama’s judgment on iraq? wtf? now, i know the end point of that argument is that iraq diverted our attention from afghanistan/pakistan/al qaeda.

    but it takes some serious jumps in logic to make this about proving some point obama made in 2002 about iraq when he wasn’t even in the senate.

    furthermore, obama’s 2002 speech said *nothing* about diverting needed attention from afghanistan and pakistan as far as terrorism is concerned. so what’s axelrod’s point exactly? i didn’t hear obama in 2002 talking about fighting terrorism or restoring democracy or stability in pakistan. the only reference in that speech is to pakistan/india having nuclear weapons.

  64. american gal ..setting on the edge of my chair again when he said kinda of cold isnt he…i went omg off his prozac..or what.

  65. This death as horrible as it is, just changed the direction of the race, HRC looked and sounded like she knew what she was talking about,

  66. Axelrod is on an offensive defense (best defense is a good offense). Obama knows this will only focus people on his inexperience, thus benefitting Hillary, so he tries to beat them to the punch by having his political advisor pontificate in an offensive and ill-timed way.

    Once again, it amounts to this: timing counts for a lot. When it comes to foreign policy, Obama has shown repeatedly that he doesn’t have the experience or judgement to know how to talk in a responsible manner. He does exactly the wrong thing. Rookie error after rookie error. At least his track record of failure to do the right thing has been consistent.

  67. yeah hillfans, i always promise not to watch tweety anymore but i do.lol anyway yeah the jerk actually giving hillary “positive” comments. the whole panel was ok. pat buchanan, even though i disagree with most of his politics seems always fair to hillary. mitchell is one of tweety’s deputies on hillary bashing put this time ok treatment.

  68. Isn’t it just wild CJ? An then the panel praised Hillary’s comments and that she was calm and collected. Watching that show today was like dropping into some kind of unreal alternate universe…

  69. Reading all your comments regarding tweety I am now lusting for some video clips of this, to see with my own eyes. Will it be up on msnbc.com soon?

    What happened to the ARG poll a few days ago? Showing Hill with a 15% lead in IA, was it just completely rubbish?

  70. mjr

    rookie error after rookie error. well said. as HRC’s new statement proclaims it’s “time to pick a president”. if the rookie errors shown today do not convince the people of iowa and NH who that president should be, nothing will.

  71. american gal i look at my channell to see if i had the right channell on..andrea mitchell said about the picture from 1995 and it was personal between Bhutto and hillary .they actually gave her that calm and collective..well thats what we need in intetnational crisis..Hillary this am…you could see it in her eyes/sadden…

  72. From a commenter at Taylor Marsh:

    This just in from Iowa.

    It was Senator Clinton’s fault the tiger escaped, killing one and injuring two. The rumor from the Obama campaign is she crossed the moat, climbed the fence, and called, “Here Kitty, Kitty,” which enticed the big cat out to commit mayhem. “Is this the type of woman we want for our next commander-in-chief?” asks Axelrod. Barack will have a comment up shortly after he consults with Senator Lieberman, his republic ally.

  73. CNN, The Situation Room, just showed a video of Hillary and Chelsea with Bhutto. The death of Bhutto really benefits no American, but it does highlight that Hillary is much more ready to lead the US then Obama is.

  74. The Bhutto assassination is a tragic event for Pakistani people and the world. It is a triumph of chaos over order, barbarism over civilization, fear and violence over hopes and dreams.

    Yet all the Obama campaign can think of and obsess about as they stare down into a fresh grave is how they can spin that tragic death to their own political advantage.

    So they advance the implausible argument that Clinton and the other Democrats who voted for the war are somehow to blame because they voted for the Iraq Resolution which called for coerced inspections–which is absurd.

    By that logic you could just as easily say that Obama himself is to blame since he has voted to prolong the Iraq war through funding initiatives, and but for that this never would have happened. That is equally absurd.

    Anyone who is undecided about Obama should take full measure of how he has comported himself in this instance. At a time of disaster, he choses to forsake statesmanship and invents a scapegoat.

    This is the negation of leadership, and speaks volumes on how he would govern.

  75. Please “digg” Taylor Marsh’s latest entry.


  76. Buchannan: Hillary is running against a “novice” one year out of the Illinois legislature. He was speaking in response to Hillary’s personal reflections in a speech about meeting Bhutto in a visit to Pakistan.

  77. Everyone needs to remember that Pakistan has had a tumultuous political history for 70 years, from the time of Ghandi and after, when many Muslims were at war with India, within India; through the period of new independence 60 years ago, up until the series of military coups with which we are most familiar.

    Pakistani political parties, though not all, tend to kill each others’ leaders, and overthrow in place administrations’

    That very well could have happened here. It may not be the fault or involvement of al-Qadea. Neither Bush, Rice or Clinton has even hinted at their involvement. It could be the responsibility of an outlying radical political party, of which there are many.

    Won’t Obama and Axelrod look not only inexperienced, but foolish, if that proves to be so.

  78. filbertf, Tweety said that immediately after a short video of Obama giving his remarks was played, I believe this was after they had showed Hillary making her remarks and the discussion that she had done a good job. If you see the two videos anyone would say Hillary looked sincere and saddened. Obama read his remarks emotionless and by rote.

  79. Ed Schultz is a lying dog. He is saying that “ALL of the Democratic candidates have always says that it’s about Pakistan.” Bull. Only Hillary and Joe, when asked, said that Pakistan was the biggest threat. ALL the other candidates said Iran.

  80. Look, Hillary met Bhutto as a leader! Hillary is showing respect as one does!

    She knows what to say now or rather NOT SAY now; until the funeral and the next few days to see happens in Pakistan.

    This is how ledaers behave; they know what to do and WHAT NOT to do.
    Hillary will offer her own statement to Bhuttos’ family etc

    Her statement is enough fopr today.

    We do not want empty rhetoric now!

    Now if BO becomes president, he ad Michelle will be calling Hill or others for thr right PROTOCOL!

    Obama has no understanding about these details.

    Hill’s foreign advisor – Peter Galbraith is talking very personal about bhutto today as
    he was a personal friend and college colleague of Bhutto.

    Obama is using this to divide people – instead of bringing up together!

  81. Thank you, AG. Your comment that O “read his remarks emotionless and by rote” reminds me of a Politico story I read just a few days ago. The title of this article was “Obama struggles to feel voters’ pain”

    Here’s some excerpt from that article:

    “Obama listened intently at the center of a U-shaped table, but amid the heart-wrenching stories that moved even members of the media, he betrayed little emotion.

    ““We put on extra blankets. We put on an extra pair of socks, whatever it takes,” said Burt, weeping at the end of the table. “What would you do?”

    Before Obama could respond, Burt apologized – “I’m sorry,” she said – for breaking down in front of klieg lights, more than a dozen cameras and many more reporters.

    “No, listen, it is outrageous,” said Obama, his voice monotone. “We are going to change this.”

    For all the charisma that Obama can show day-to-day, bringing crowds to their feet with optimistic rhetoric or lingering on the rope line to hear voters’ stories, he can also appear equally detached.

    The dual personality of Barack Obama – the aloof, professorial side – emerged Wednesday at a time when he might have benefited from more of the I-feel-your-pain approach he exhibits regularly on the campaign trail.

    His response to Burt was a snapshot of his stump speech.”

  82. Alcina @ about 3:59

    I think our girl is doing exactly the right thing…a heartfelt statement, partly personal, partly stately and a short pointed slapdown to Axelrod.

    Contrast that with this:

    It’s being rumored on the ground here that BO was making telephone calls on his bus, and from one of our local high school offices!! to a high level US military Officer, to Mussaruf in Pakistan, and to our Ambassador in Pakistan (I think her name is Ann Armstrong..not sure of the name.)

    The few people I’ve mentioned this to are INFURIATED. He is not the President or the Secretary of State, or anyone who should be taking those steps, especially this morning so soon after Ms Bhutto’s assassination.. Who the heqq does he think he is?

  83. the new strategic vision poll is just so tight!! i can’t wait until the tracking polls in iowa begin sunday there.

  84. Emjay, someone needs to confirm this. If he was making all of those calls, it’s completely inappropriate, and just shows his narcissism and ego, trying so hard to stick his nose in during a crisis in some half-cocked way.

  85. emjay

    i finally saw HRC’s comments on the stump – on hardball, of all places. yes, she handled her comments in the dignified, seasoned way one would expect from a true leader. she puts the competition, BO especially, to shame.

  86. In the LA poll they don’t tell the strength of support for different groups of voters. Haven’t there been recent polls showing that independent voters in NH weren’t necessarily solidly committed and could still change their minds? Also, how solidly committed are the Democratic voters for Obama? Aren’t there some other factors at play besides just the numbers?

    It will be interesting to see poll results after the events of today.

  87. The Iowa poll that I’m most eager to see is the DMR. According to Jerome Armstrong, it predicted the top three Dem winners in 2004.

  88. terrondt, I downloaded the LA times poll. It was mostly “registered voters” rather than mostly likely caucus goers. Am I correct that this is weird?

    2,312 adults completed the survey in Iowa, including 2,145 registered voters ( margin of sampling error +/-2), 580 Democratic caucus voters (+/-5) 389 likely Democratic caucus
    voters (+/-5)

  89. HillaryforTexas, the LA Times poll shows that among very likely caucus goers, Hillary leads Edwards by 6 and Obama by 9

  90. the la times poll is great for hillary! look-In Iowa, Clinton is backed by 29% of Democratic voters, compared with 26% for Obama and 25% for Edwards — negligible differences because they are within the poll’s margin of error.

    But when the survey focused more narrowly on voters who said they are certain or very likely to actually participate in the Iowa caucuses, Clinton’s edge was more pronounced: 31% of likely caucus-goers support Clinton, while Obama’s support drops to 22%. Edwards’ support was unchanged.

  91. My own take on polling–what do you all think is happening?

    I don’t know really what to think anymore in regards to the polls. It looks on the surface like the voting may be very close with people winning/losing by very small margins. However, if we go by polling in past elections the polls might not be all that predictive of the actual outcomes once people get into the caucuses or voting booth and have to really make a choice. We know some unchanging numbers–such as Hillary’s supporters being very resolute and her huge advantage as the experience candidate and most presidential candidate. However, Obama’s numbers still persist to make this a tied race.

    I am concerned that the irrational hype of Obama has overcome the common sense of many voters. Sometimes I feel discouraged about Hillary’s chances. However, as today’s events show, many things can affect the race. This event is large enough to have some impact…I don’t think it will be ignored by voters. Also, we don’t know how much actual doubt is out there about Obama. When you have to commit with your vote, some voters may finally think twice before choosing such an inexperienced candidate.

    I think there is a story in that Obama has not overcome Hillary. He has tied with her but is not a runaway favorite. For all his hype something holds him back–perhaps we will now see how much of his support is really solid and how much is just infatuation that may now be brought to earth with the events of this day.

  92. Texan4Hillary…great news on the analysis of LA poll. Hillary has always had a solid, unchanging base of support which is to her advantage.

  93. nnnease12/27/2007
    Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey Endorses Hillary Clinton
    The Clinton Campaign announced today the endorsement of U.S. Rep. Lynn Woolsey of California’s sixth Congressional District. The Congresswoman cited Senator Clinton’s commitment to ending the war in Iraq as the top reason for her backing.

    “Hillary Clinton is the candidate with the strength and experience to bring about the change that California families need,” said Rep. Woolsey. “I trust Hillary to end the war in Iraq, bring our troops home quickly and safely, and regain our nation’s standing around the world.”

    Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey is serving her eighth term representing all of Marin, and most of Sonoma County.

    As Co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Congresswoman Woolsey is a vocal and visible leader on progressive issues, particularly those dealing with children and families. A passionate and outspoken opponent of the Iraq war, she has helped move public opinion against President Bush’s failed Iraq policy. She introduced the first resolution calling for our troops to be brought home and convened the first congressional hearing on military exit strategies. The San Jose Mercury News recently called her “the unofficial matriarch of the [anti-war] movement in Congress.”

    A member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Congresswoman Woolsey believes that ending the Iraq war must be the beginning of a complete re-evaluation of U.S. national security policy.

    “I am honored to receive Lynn’s support,” Clinton said. “She has been a tireless fighter for working families and has led the effort to end the war in Iraq.”

  94. hillfans, please let this be over with a hillary win in iowa. she may not need it but the nutkooks and big media will spin it bad for hillary. it is going to be one of the longest week in years for me. brace yourselves becuase we are going to be up to our eyeballs in polls by this weekend and early next week.

  95. I like the way Hillary is responding to today’s news. Earlier I was wondering if she needed to go before the cameras like the others but it all makes sense now. Bhutto was a head of state two times (not just an opposition leader now) and her assassination takes on a different significance if we recognize that fact and Hillary being the wife of a former head of state has to be careful and balanced in the way she reacts to this — it is not all about campaign politics. She of course being the masterful politician that she is, knows that — she may have some personal connection with Bhutto as well being women in a male-dominated profession.

    If anything Bhutto’s death is another strike on Bush administration meddling and incompetence. That may be going too far — each is unto their own.

  96. hillary has the slight iowa advantage if u believe the la times poll. every news channel has a story now on the axelrod remarks. obama is on the defensive. axelrod went too far. and now we ave a crisis that i dont think will dissappear. see the past 2 mos or mor the primary turned to domestic mainly. iraq faded. now suddenly intl experience issues are back big. if the crisis worsens i think hillary may be back in the seat as she was in the summer. folks are worried i think. it certainly is scary. what will happen-will terrorists launch widespread attacks now on other leaders? will revolution topple mushariff? this crisis fits hillary’s arguement. or i think so-but with bo and his free pass things seem to wash off him. but perhaps not this round. the media is playing up hillary and guliani-and where does huckabee go here? in an instant the campaign has chnaged for now. expect hillary to hone this one in. this may be like what happened to dean-saddam got caught and the voters said-wait-we need someone more experienced to deal with the world. this may be such a moment-a reminder the middle east is cooking.

  97. your right alcina, i took some hours off from work so next thursday night i will leave for work around 11:40pm eastern time instead of my usual 9:40. hopefully a victorious hillary is making a speech before i get to work. i will do the same jan 8th for nh. by the way i am a little surprized by the woosley endoresement. i thought she was going obama or kusinich for sure the way she has been acting all year.

  98. Hill for Tex

    I found it !

    The rumor is backed up, but I made an error.

    2nd page of Halprin’s thepage, carried forward from the “Read more on the political fallout of Thursday’s assassination (5th item under Bhutto’s photo)

    It’s titled “National security briefings on the campaign trail:” for the BO tele calls, but he’s not the one who called Musharref- Edwards did. See 1st page of thepage, 4th entry under Bhutto’s photo, says he spoke with Musharref, there is an audio available…I assume it is reporter talking to Edwards.

    BO called Anne Patterson, the ambassador, Donald Kerr, deputy director of National Intelligence, and “a senior military official.” he “asked about chances for large-scale civil unrest, status of elections, safety and security of nuclear weapons, effectiveness of the fight against terror by the Pakistani government.”

  99. I think if polls show that BHO aheads more 5 points then he has a chance. If polls show he is less than 5 points or even behind then there is a very good chance that Hillary will win large merge.

  100. Regarding the new Iowa poll from L.A. Times:


    “In Iowa, Clinton is backed by 29% of Democratic voters, compared with 26% for Obama and 25% for Edwards — negligible differences because they are within the poll’s margin of error.

    But when the survey focused more narrowly on voters who said they are certain or very likely to actually participate in the Iowa caucuses, Clinton’s edge was more pronounced: 31% of likely caucus-goers support Clinton, while Obama’s support drops to 22%. Edwards’ support was unchanged.”

    [Compare the likely voters in this poll with Hillary 31, Edwards 25, Obama 22, to the last ARG Iowa poll which had the results at Hillary 34, Edwards 20, Obama 19. Another reason for Obama to attack Edwards because in both polls Obama comes in third.]

  101. Benazir Bhutto did an interview with New York Magazine back in Sept. She had a few words of advice for both Hillary and Bill:


    Are there criticisms of Hillary you sometimes hear that you know are code for something else?
    One thing people often say to me is that Bill Clinton is a very warm leader and that Hillary is much colder. But I think that women leaders tend to be a little bit withdrawn, to protect themselves from unkind comments. When a male leader is warm, it’s not misinterpreted. Whereas if a female leader is warm, it can have certain connotations. So a female leader has to be more restrained, in a sense.”

    Any advice for Bill on the campaign trail?
    All I can tell him is that either way, you won’t win. Not if you disappear and not if you’re there campaigning. He’ll have to go by his instincts.”

  102. By tomorrow, I will have gone thru a 5-liter (yes, a box) of hearty burgundy and I only got it on the 14th! I’ll be a raving drunk before this is over.

    And Terrondt- hate to tell you, but your’re going to work way too early. All around here are predicting a late night.

    Remember, these are not electronic ballots and we are hoping for a record turnout because of Clinton, Edwards and Obama…the numbers get collated first at the county level, from the wards and precincts, then they are called into I don’t know where, then to the state. Media will get their info from the state headquarters.

    Get some extra sleep before the fact.

  103. I’ve been reading all the blogs and articles and want to make a few comments. I think it is DESPICABLE what Axelrod said about Hillary! Obama’s campaign certainly does sound like it is getting desperate!! I hope it backfires on them BIG TIME!!!

    I also am shocked watching Hardball tonight. Matthews actually said Hillary’s comments were sincere and Obama’s were “cold”!! (Are his love flames for Obama dying out??).

    Count me in as a nervous wreck as it gets closer and closer to the Iowa caucuses!! I have been praying big time asking God to PLEASE MAKE HILLARY WIN!!! Don’t you all feel so helpless? It’s like if WE had the power, Hillary would be the president tomorrow!!! IF ONLY!!

    I just want these primaries (all of them!) to be over with and to KNOW Hillary won!! I can’t take this stress! Then at least it will only be Hillary and the GOP candidate to worry about!

    Let’s all send out good thoughts into the universe for Hillary!!! And let’s ALL Obama supporters WAKE UP before next week!!!

  104. Has anyone seen this? Obama had a general on the campaign with him today, Merrill A. McPeak, a retired Air Force general. He is a national co-chairman of Mr. Obama’s campaign. He was with him all day today. Interesting timing…perhaps a coincidence or was this a last minute addition to the days activities?

    from thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/12/27/general-joins-obama-in-iowa/#more-3494

  105. wow, i remember 4 years ago john kerry was announced the winner by 10pm the latest in iowa. what time they begin to caucus? wich time zone iowa is in?

  106. admin, Thanks for pointing out that ranking of the candidates is the same in the ARG and L.A. Times poll.

    BTW, of the last seven polls in Iowa, only Strategic Vision doesn’t show Hillary leading. They had Obama ahead by 8 less than three weeks ago, BTW, so that’s a 7-point erosion in his support in that one poll.

  107. alwaysforhillary, you and the rest of us are stressed out. kostner had a good idea to lay low for a while. i just can’t do that. break out the bloodpressure pills. i think the last time i was so stressed was 1992, but that was in the general when bill clinton won. he was ahead thru out that year but remember it was 12 years the dems were not in the white house by then. the gop was throwing everything at bill.

  108. paula, u can tell they have been nervous for a while becuase they started attacking edwards last week. this pakistan tragedy just up the stakes on national security and terrorism. obama’s weakest points. it is almost they had no choice but it is still lowlife.

  109. BHO is going be on larry king in few minutes …and wolf b is in the chair larry must be off. i hope he gets him.edwards was just on he didnt say much same stuff different day lol..

  110. It is 8:40 CST here right now.

    Doors to the school open at 5, we are having food in the cafeteria, no food or drinks allowed in the caucus room. I hope we can get all our switching of parties, registering of new voters, etc, decorating and pep talking done by 6:30. I want our folks to start reminder calling around 5:30, and have all our straglers there by 6:30 as well.

    Doors to the caucus rooms close at 7 pm and we start our boogie stepping then No one is allowed in the room after 7 pm, no matter what.

  111. i hope one of you guys saw it because i cannot understand him when he goes uhh and uhh uhh..then changes the subject

  112. CJ, it really says something about how worried the Obama camp is over Axelrod’s statements if he feels compelled to go live on CNN to try to gloss over it.

    I saw the tail end of the interview–Wolf was persistent in his questioning. Obama was trying to say the whole thing is nothing and repeated some of the Washington/judgement stuff……I bet this story continues tomorrow.

  113. I have my low moments and angry moments but essentially, I’ve always assumed that undecideds will generally break for the experienced candidate. The events of today make this even more likely in my opinion. For that reason, I remain optimistic that Hillary will win.

  114. Well I for one am going to take a break and watch “Waking the Dead” on PBS Mystery. See ya in 110 minutes…Don’t need to watch NBR, I already know the market tanked.

  115. crap..stood-up for “waking the dead”…guess i’ll have to wait for my answer regarding caucus rituals.

    g’night emjay!

  116. But when the survey focused more narrowly on voters who said they are certain or very likely to actually participate in the Iowa caucuses, Clinton’s edge was more pronounced: 31% of likely caucus-goers support Clinton, while Obama’s support drops to 22%. Edwards’ support was unchanged.”

    I just want to add that ARG’s likely voter screen is EXTREMELY tight. They don’t even interview people unless they say they are likely to caucus. Then, at the end of the interview, they ask “how likely?” They only count the people who say definitely will caucus. That’s been their approach all year.

    I don’t know which poll is “right”, but I would not reject ARG out of hand.

  117. Here’s proof that Axelrod statement was actually part of a thought out attack strategy and not just some mistatement:

    Axelrods defense (from Marc Ambinder) marcambinder.theatlantic.com/archives/2007/12/axelrod_amplifies_his_remarks.php

    I just recieved a call from David Axelrod, Obama’s chief strategist, who told me that “in no way” was his comment about Hillary Clinton “meant to be an unprovoked, sort of strategic foray……Everyone who was there understands the context. There were 20 reporters there and only one who wrote that. ”

    “It was an answer to the question — in no way was I implying that she was personally responsible for what happened.”

    Article by E.J.Dionne Jr. “A Crisis Intrudes on Iowa” http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/12/27/AR2007122701936_2.html

    “David Axelrod, one of Barack Obama’s senior advisers, acknowledged that the events in Pakistan could well shake the campaign. But he insisted that they validated Obama’s original judgment that the war in Iraq was the wrong battle at the wrong moment. Obama, he said, would be happy to reopen the debate on “judgment” in foreign policy.”

  118. Quick question: How do you each of you react when you read other sites and are so outraged you want to post a message? Do you post? Is it effective to post? Is it an endless battle?

  119. One thing more hwc,

    The ARG poll and the L.A. Times poll have not taken place in a vacuum. Hillary not only got the Des Moines Register poll endorsement as well as the Quad City endorsement there was also a well coordinated effort from the campaign going on. There were many surrogates, a new website with all the surrogates, a Hill-a-copter tour, good publicity over all.

    There is a good reason to be leery of big poll changes without a rational explanation in the real world for such a change. But in the Iowa poll situation there is a lot of good Hillary news so we are not surprised that Hillary’s numbers would be up.

    [not to mention the Obama blunders and attacks on Edwards]

  120. admin:

    I am extremely impressed with Hillary’s close over the last ten days. The Georgetown Social Club, as usual, has missed it (probably overcome by the fragrance of scented geraniums in their fingerbowls). Hillary has been very much on message and hitting Iowa hard with her tours and her surrogates. She’s been playing the gender card with a vengence and addressing her close to her supporters.

  121. LawSchoolDem,
    Yes I post.
    On some rare occasions it is effective, which is why I care to go on doing it.
    Yes it is an endless battle. The Deaniacs have largely transformed into Obamaramas and Edwards supporters so be prepared to feel like a suppressed minority.
    That said, it can be quite fun, especially if you remember that humor and (sometimes) sarcasm can be effective weapons.
    Also, you’ll learn a lot as you will have to fight for each and every argument.
    Good luck!

  122. Look at this insane post on NYT caucus blog:

    “BHO was prescient about Pakistan in August 07, and was laughed at by the Clintonistas and the MSM! Who is right now? Bhutto assassination was the work of fundamentalists and Musharaf!”

    To me, this sounds like come zit-faced college spammer that posts anti-HRC stuff because he cannot get laid. Obviously, the statement is quite ascenine and trogladitic. That said, Axelrod’s statement was very a la Bush linking WOT to Iraq. The above statement is also like that. Do you think that BHO’s camp will pursue this?

  123. Also, I really hope that Paul Krugman hits back at Obama for Axelrod’s comments. It is right out of the Rove play book and it is anti-progressive.

  124. HWC I really agree with you. Hillary has been doing an awesome job closing in Iowa. I am very proud to support her because I feel she has been much more classy than BO and JE in the recent days. Today’s statements only emphasizes that class. Hillary is an amazing woman who deeply cares about the people of the US. The campaign’s turn to focus the remaining weeks on Hillary the person was brilliant.

    I also believe that she will ultimately prevail in Iowa.

  125. Kentucky, In my opinion…I don’t think the Obama camp will want to pursue his statements of the past since they caused riots in Pakistan when he said them. There are lots of hysterical comments like this around the internet…the DU in particular is full of them. These are Obama people panicking.

  126. “To me, this sounds like come zit-faced college spammer that posts anti-HRC stuff because he cannot get laid.”


  127. What a difference a day makes. A world leader is assasinated, Axelrod blames Hillary and the others who voted for the Iraq Resolution, The Boston Globe says Obama will restore America’s image, Obama races on CNN calls the words of his own chief strategist gloss from the campaign, Hillary responds to the tragedy like the world leader, Matthews takes a double dose of prozac and says something positive about her.

  128. Note that our gal has not been running around inserting herself into this crisis. She has graciously stepped back and let those whose job it is do what they need to do in talking to Musharaf, etc.

    Similar to her approach to the hostage crisis – you don’t interfere in the middle of it, because you only muddy the waters and make a tense situation even more tense, and perhaps complicate diplomacy that is underway by shooting off your mouth.

    Classy. Smart.

  129. So is today the first time Senator Obama realized he needs intelligence? I think making phone calls from his bus and a high school is wildly inappropriate. His behavior gives every appearance of not knowing what to do and when to do it. It’s about experience, judgement (that word he likes so much) and homework. This is NOT what Presidential looks like.

  130. My program is really weird tonight

    well Alcina, we have stuff to do like explain how it works to the newbies, elect a permanent caucus chair, (usually the temp chair appointed by the Iowa Dem Party, but not always.)

    I think I’m a half hour behind here, don’t remember from 1996.

    BTW, I was wrong abt no one allowed in the room after 7 bit. I think rules were changed: observers, even press, can come in, even late caucus goers, but they may not caucus.

    Anyway chair calls to order, we do Dem business, we read out letters from candidates, pass out absentee ballot request forms, make sure everyone is registered, I always take a quick final potty break, at 7 the final count of causus attendees is done and announced. Then we are asked to do our alignment (choosing your preference group) we are given 30 minutes. You recruit, persuade, I made an impromptu speech one time. You try to get as many folks into your group as possible. Then we find out viability. Minimum is 15%.

    if there are more groups than allowed delegates, we are asked to realign. even if my group is viable, we still try to get more supporters during realignment.

    the more supporters, the more delegates to represent Hill at the county, district and state meetings that will take place over the summer.

    bargaining, arm-twisting, persuasion, old enemies, friends, new and old, family ties anything that one can use to build a viable group gets used. This is where knowing about your candidate really counts. I usually use 3 strong points in first go around, and speak to individual concerns if and as I have to, to keep, or get, a supporter.

    final counts are taken and proportional delegates awarded

    then we nominate and select the delegates,

    the chair calls The Iowa Dem Party w/ # of supporters in each viable group and number of awarded delegates to that group, and I call the same figures into Iowans for Hillary campaign headqtrs, help clean up, come home and let you all know whatever I know and stay up til all results are in, by radio TV or puter. I only get PBS, so I’ll try to stream it.

    I think it will be long this time because of # of candidates, larger # of newbies (from my mouth to god’s ear) and level of interest. For instance, I think more people will want to be delegates this year.

    Then I will get into my sweet, sweet bed and stay there for a day or two.

    and that’s it folks!

  131. Emjay-Nice quote by Yeats. Very appropos.

    Here’s one that applies to all those Obamaniacs out there who are as intoxicated as Andrew Sullivan is with Obamas charm, charisma (and glutes?):

    Look into the pewter pot
    And see the world as the world is not
    And faith tis pleasant til tis past
    The mischief is that twil not last . . .

    Oh I’ve been to Ludlow fair
    And left my necktie God knows where
    And carried halfway home or near
    Pints and quarts of Ludlow beer

    And then the world seemed none so bad
    And I myself a sterling lad
    And down in lovely muck I’ve lain
    Happy til I woke again

    But then I saw the morning sky
    Hi ho the tale was all a lie
    The world it was the old world yet
    I was I my things were wet

    And nothing more remained to do
    But begin the game anew

    A.E. Houseman (1896)

  132. Heading off to sleep but decided to post this:

    It looks like Iraq and Al Quada will be in the news again soon. This website has been correct in the past on these things..

    Osama Bin Laden to release Iraq Message


  133. Oh BTW, that will happen at over 1720 precincts, I don’t know exactly how many. Have heard, just didn’t retain it.

  134. Similar to her approach to the hostage crisis – you don’t interfere in the middle of it, because you only muddy the waters and make a tense situation even more tense, and perhaps complicate diplomacy that is underway by shooting off your mouth.

    That’s her White House experience. She knows what is helpful and what gets in the way of the US government leaders trying to handle a crisis. The last thing that Condi Rice needs right now is a bunch of Presidential candidates (Democratic or Republican) flappin’ their gums.

    People act like this “experience” thing is some kind of fluff. But, it’s real.

  135. If there’s any direct line of connection between the assassination and any US Dem candidate, it points to Obama, whose threats of invasion upset the Pakistani people and led to calls for a ‘state of emergency.’

    August 9, 2007 — ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Citing recent comments from Barack Obama about possible U.S. military action inside Pakistan, the government of embattled President Gen. Pervez Musharraf warned yesterday it may impose a state of emergency due to “external and internal threats.”

    Tariq Azim, minister of state for information, said statements from Obama and others raising the possibility of U.S. military action against al Qaeda in Pakistan “has started alarm bells ringing and has upset the Pakistani public.”


    Btw here’s a great profile on Obama’s dirty tricks political ‘education’.
    One omission — on the opponents he got bumped from the ballot, it doesn’t mention that their signatures were compiled under one list of qualified voters, but he challenged them under a new list. (And no one has yet said whether his OWN signatures were examined.)


  136. Alcina

    backed up to catch up and saw that you felt dissed.

    Sorry dear…wasn’t intentional.

    Stop going to bed at a decent hour. Hang out with the smart crowd. That’s us HillFans.

  137. Has TM picked up on that? I hope she does a piece on just that fact and cross posts to Huff Po. Or, MA, RH, WC, and the other supporters inject this fact into their statements on TV.

  138. KYMKT

    His followers better ST heck Up abt his August 07 speech. Even I with my limited puter skills, have found three or four scathing reviews written by well known foreign policy pros, and I don’t think his candidacy can stand even a flashlight on that speech, plus the effigy burning result, plus heads of other countries tsk tsking his threatening language.

  139. molly..this really shows he would be dangerous,His judgement hope is just a ploy…he doesnt even talk right..im thankfull for this site…if it wern’t for you people i dont ever know how i would ever understand him,he prolongs speeches and drifts it drives me nuts.then he quits in sentences,then off to another subject…so usually i just watch what you guys say about him.

    .and Benazir Bhutto and Hillary they have the same ideas ,women ,chidren,poor,These are the 2 strongest women in the world.And very Intelligent..and Stronger than any man. they have beautifull eyes that shines for us…and now one.I feel sorry for her children and husband,terrible how she died.

  140. tv Alert…..

    sally bedell smith wrote that new book about the bill-hill TEAM and their utter love of politics..on Charlie Rose now

  141. on blohillary she has all the pics up from yesterday,she has alott of 30 years old and all ages there lotts of women men too.

  142. I tried to post this a minute ago with the link so it may come up in due course, but it was just brought to my attention that in an interview with David Frost dated November 2, 2007 Benazir Bhutto made reference to a man who murdered Obsama Bin Laden. If you can find he utube link, the statement appears at 6:08 et. seq. I cannot imagine there are two people running around with that name- a son perhaps?

  143. I’m still catching up

    Re BO asking for intell briefings.

    I’ll ask again, as I did when I heard he was making phone calls around the world this morning, and calling the Deputy Director of National Intelligence.

    Just who named him THE Democratic candidate for POTUS?

    How presumptuous (is that a real word?)

  144. OK. Watched Larry King Live with my college daughter. She’s a Hill supporter, but has friends who are big Obama people, including one who is a state student coordinator for the O-man and who is in Iowa where she will be organizing one of the precinct caucuses. So, my daughter is generally positive towards Obama. She gets mad at me for hatin’ on him.

    After Wolf Blitzer got under Obama’s collar, my daughter said two things:

    a) “Wolf wasn’t mean enough.”

    b) On Axelrod’s comments: “That’s just so wrong.”

  145. Well, I am glad there are college kids like your daughter and LJ out there. The way the media reports it, you would think the college vote is completely monolithic.

  146. I think Hillary handled the assassination with the most class today. Obama, Edwards, Biden and Dodd tried to out-best one another by appearing on CNN, Keith Olbermann. They held press conferences in which they read their statements. Such bravado during a tragic time.

    Where’s Hillary? No press conferences? No cable news appearances? Nope. Just a very simple, yet moving comment during a stump in IA about a woman she knew on a personal and professional level.

    The Boston Globe wrote this today:

    “Clinton slow to get personal on Bhutto’s death

    DENISON, Iowa – Hillary Clinton appears to be the presidential candidate who best knew Benazir Bhutto, and Clinton wasted no time today offering somber condolences to Bhutto’s family and the people of Pakistan.

    But aside from any issue of foreign policy know-how or decorum in the face of tragedy, the senator’s remarks – or rather the way they have evolved over the course of the day — seemed telling about her reluctance to get personal or emotional.

    At her first campaign stop this morning, in Lawton, Clinton noted that she had known Bhutto for a dozen years. “I knew her as a leader, I knew her as someone who was willing to takes risks to pursue democracy on behalf of the people of Pakistan,” she said.

    But she didn’t say anything about her personal relationship with Bhutto, and the press corps wanted more, especially since other candidates were giving interviews on the topic.

    After the event, as Clinton was shaking hands, a television producer asked her twice, “Senator, were you moved by Bhutto’s death?”

    She ignored him. Aides said she refused to capitalize on the tragedy. (And she generally ignores questions from the press while she’s working the rope line.)

    But a few hours later at a fire station here in Denison, Clinton offered a much more personal reminiscence. She described how as First Lady, she and her daughter Chelsea visited Bhutto and Bhutto’s family in Pakistan when she was prime minister.

    “We stayed in touch throughout the years,” she said. “We met on several occasions, always talked about her commitment to bringing democracy back to Pakistan, and we talked about our children.”

  147. “In seven days the improbable has a chance to beat what Wshington says was inevitable”

    Look Barak, in Iowa, just say “I have a chance to whup my opponents real good.”

    You don’t have a chance anymore, really, but say it so we can understand it. Everybody likes a good clean fight.

  148. WBB

    I’m waiting for the intrusive Windows cleaning crew to finish their nightly raid on my hard drive, so I can’t get to youtube right now.

    But I have learned it doesn’t affect the typing. Is it still called typing?

    BTW, got your thermal windows and thermal drapes yet? Sometimes I could use a little sound proof room myself.

    Here goes nothing. Hope I still have my WiFi connection.

  149. How did Obama fare on Larry King Live with Blitzer? I have read conflicting reports, and I have not had the opportunity to view the program.

  150. WBB

    You are so right, she definitely said “…murdered Osama bin Ladin…” Son’s name was Hamdin bin Laden.

  151. Hi Pulch

    Would’ve answ sooner, but got blown off my connection.

    Anyway, Pastie Face, Pat, Andrea & Co sound like they are in lala land. Wait til you hear the comments, starting abt 5:15 pm

    For dessert, go to CNN’s Wolfie, in for LarryDuhKing! @ 9:30 or so. Evidently, he made our skinny friend “glow”, with sweat. I don’t think BO plays well with the other children if he can’t be the President, RIGHT NOW. For more on that, see 7:13pm, 8:49pm, 11:05pm, 2:02am

  152. Did anyone cite this latest poll LAT/Bloomberg – or am I just up way too late:

    December 28, 2007 — DENISON, Iowa – Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is leading in Iowa six days before the caucuses, with John Edwards edging out Sen. Barack Obama, a new poll shows.

    Clinton snares 31 percent of the Hawkeye State vote, while Edwards gets 25 percent and Obama is third at 22 percent among likely caucus-goers, an LA Times/Bloomberg poll released last night shows.

  153. Yesterday afternoon, I posted on another blog about Axelrod blaming Hillary for the Bhutto assassination. Part of that post was:

    ‘Hillary was blamed for Shaheen, Bob Kerrey and the campaign worker’s planted question. Obama cannot possibly get away from his campaign strategist. He could have if he had been quickwitted enough to go on air within 30 minutes, “I just heard Axelrod and this is NOT my view, etc. etc.” But he didn’t. So that’s that.’

    I understand that BO then went live on CNN to ‘gloss over Axelrod’s remarks’. Too late with too little. He didn’t read my post carefully. If he missed my deadline, he should have made up for it with a repudiation of any hint of a political hit at this time.
    I didn’t see his appearance but from these posts I gather that he didn’t do what was necessary. As I write, the Morning Joe people are saying that Hill reacted presidentially and Obama and Edwards didn’t.

  154. I also wrote:

    ‘I’m also guessing that Mike Huckabee will be hurt by this. I think that evangelical dream is gone.’

    That seems a common view but I think the MSM view that Giuliani was helped is a bit perplexing. McCain maybe, but Giuliani? As a world leader? negotiator? peacemaker? Puh-leeze.

  155. clintondem, that rcp average is the best. forget putting all your eggs on one poll, they average out around 5 of the latest polls. sometimes they can be really slow updating put i would look at the average close to caucus time. it came really close to the 2004 pres elction vote totals.

  156. freckles, it all boils down to his 9/11 thing. but guliani has NO foreign policy experience whatsoever. where did big media get this crap about this guy. big rudy is going to protect us from the bad guys. granted the guy performed better on 9/11 than bush but he is no hero to me.

  157. McCain is inching up in the polls on the GOP side. He is the strongest candidate on the republican side in the general.

  158. freckles, I believe Axelrod should resign. After all, people from Hillary’s campaign had to resign for lesser actions.

    Someone posted above that BHO would have a difficult time replacing him. That’s their problem. He shouldn’t have made that ridiculous statement.

  159. Seems BHO knows how to pick the “winners”. From the Wikipedia on retired USAF Merrill A. McPeak, who served briefly as Chief of Staff for the AF:

    “His legacy as Chief of Staff has been the subject of much debate. Many accuse him of trying to run the Air Force as a corporation, with his introduction of Total Quality Management and the uniform changes which strayed from the traditional military style. Some of his uniform changes were soon undone after his retirement. He was often accused of ignoring the needs of enlisted men, and looking out solely for his officers. There was a large debate over the somewhat traditional act of inducting the outgoing chief of staff into the Order of the Sword.”


    “In 1996, McPeak served as Oregon state chairman for the Bob Dole for President campaign. During the presidential election of 2000 McPeak endorsed George W. Bush and served as co-chairman of Oregon Veterans for Bush.

    “As the military and foreign policy of the Bush administration coalesced, however, McPeak expressed strong objections, especially with regard to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. McPeak later openly campaigned for Howard Dean’s nomination, and when Dean withdrew, acted as an adviser for the John Kerry campaign. He was also one of twenty-seven signatories to the statement of the “Committee of Diplomats & Commanders for Change” calling the Bush Administration a failure at “preserving national security” and calling for Bush not to be re-elected.”

    Bottom line: He’s a Howard Dean hand-pick, which only adds to my belief that BHO is Dean’s revenge on the DNC.

  160. emjay

    thanks for the lesson in caucusing 101. i’ll be thinking about you next thursday (yikes!) evening @7:00PM CST. it’s comforting knowing we have an expert involved and also one who, no doubt, will be able to coerce a few more to our side.

    we will eagerly await your first post from the front-lines..thanks!

  161. Even Jim Geraghty of rightie National Review Online attacks BHO and defends Hillary:

    “I find it odd to be out defending Hillary Clinton like this, but the Obama camp has deployed a desperate flailing argument that suggests they have absolutely no familiarity with threats from within Pakistan.”


  162. i agree ra1029, mccain is a formable opponent in the general. hopefully they will tear eachother up in the primaries. i want them divided as ever before the general. i remember the dems were famous of that in the 1980’s.

  163. I agree with Turkana that Obama should fire Axelrod, but I think he won’t do that.

    That’s a tough decision, and he doesn’t know how to make those.

  164. sherm kader, you are correct. mustache axelrod is not going anywhere. well hopefully in say 6 weeks he and obama is going somewhere and it is not the white house.

  165. is it me, or does axelrod look as if he should be dragged into the showers for a complete scrub-down and degreasing?

  166. Sherm, I think we want Axelrod where he is and commit a few blunders on the way.
    Terrondt, I believe conservatives would never allow Mccain nomination.

  167. Axelrod is now BHO’s lightening rod. Every faux pas will cast glances his way. BHO now not only can blame Washington (and Hillary) for everything that goes wrong, eventually he has a scapegoat to put on display. How he manages to explain his own poor judgement remains to be seen, but I’m sure he’ll have an answer for that as well.

  168. He will not fire Axelrod this close to Iowa unless the MSM really runs this story like they did the whole middle name thing. It will be interesting to see if the talking heads bring up Axelrod’s comments and if they accuse Barack as running a negative campaign as they did to Hillary weeks ago. Right now online all I really see is news sites lumping his comments in with all the other Bhutto repercussions in Iowa.

  169. Good morning all..

    Emjay (from 2:02 am) I think Obama wants security briefings as Hillary probably gets them (or Bill does as former President) and Biden most likely gets them due to his committee connections. He probably thinks they had some forwarning of the events of yesterday. Completely ridiculous I know but I wouldn’t put it past the Obama campaign to think that way.

    On the Axelrod affair: this is a serious blunder that needs to be discussed in the media. I’m glad to see that it’s featured in at least some blogs today. If Hillary’s people had said this it would dominate the national news. I wonder if Russert will mention this on MTP? I’m guessing that will be nothing but a love fest for Obama on Sunday.

    I wonder what Hillary is going to say in those 2 minute ads before the caucuses next week?

  170. One other question: Was Obama actually in the room when Axelrod was supposedly asked the question that led to his comments? And if he was why didn’t he step in right then and there to clarify Axelrod’s statement?

  171. Americangal… This what BO said:
    Senator Barack Obama: You know, I—I have to-I have to—Wolf, you know, I heard—I heard—I don’t need to—I don’t—I don’t need to hear what you read because I was—you know, I overheard it when he said it, and this is one of those situations where Washington is putting a spin on it. It makes no sense whatsoever.

  172. ABC News’ Sunlen Miller reports: Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., told a crowd in Vinton, Iowa Thursday that he’s not going to pull a Tonya Harding on his rival candidates.

    “Folks said there’s no way Obama has a chance unless he goes and kneecaps the person ahead of us, does a Tonya Harding,” Obama joked, referring to the female skating champion who conspired to harm a competitor during the 1994 U.S. Figure Skating Championships.

    “We decided that’s not the kind of campaign we wanted to run,” he said.

    Obama said his campaign has been trying to point out differences with the other candidates without going negative.

    However the Clinton campaign has accused their Democratic rivals of negative attacks throughout the campaign.

    The final judge will be Iowa caucus voters in just one week.


  173. clintondem99, I heard that last night too. That’s the type of thing that really gets on my nerves about Obama. I can’t stand to listen to his oratory. He says words, but they are just sounds and don’t really say anything substantial. That’s also why I’m nervous about him b/c we have no idea what he REALLY believes. Either he can’t say anything when he’s talking, he can’t vote on something that is controversial, or he talks about what OTHER people think. Have you ever noticed that? He prefaces his points in a speech or on committee with something he read or heard from SOMEONE ESLE. It bugs me. At least with Hillary and Edwards and Kucinich and Biden and Richardson, you know what THEY think.

  174. December 27, 2007, 11:09 am
    Oh, the Hill-a-rity
    By Mark Leibovich

    Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign is having a Hill-uva time trying to make every possible Hill-arious play on the name “Hillary,” come Hill or high water.

    The campaign announced Wednesday that a team of surrogates known as “Hill’s Angels” will campaign across Iowa for Mrs. Clinton, a Democrat from New York. They join “Hillblazers,” “Hillstars” and “Hillraisers” as identified sub-species within the Hill-e-ocentric universe Hillbent on electing Hillary (who herself toured Iowa recently in a “Hill-a-copter”).

    The Hill-ter skelter pun offensive is reminiscent of Senator Joe Lieberman in 2004, whose constant deployment of the term “Joe-mentum” earned him eye-rolls, if not votes, in his 2004 Democratic presidential campaign….


  175. Mika keeps flashing the LAT/Bloomberg republican poll but not the Dem poll.

    true2party, I totally agree with you. he is a real A..hole.

  176. These are times when I so badly wish I had a crystal ball that’ll let me gaze into the future. Or maybe not really because I dont think I could take any news that was not favorable.

    But, seriously guys, nothing will make me more elated than to see that Hawkeye Poll come true and see that narcissist arrogant imposter, the one who can do no wrong, the one who never needs to apologize for anything, come a distant third in Iowa and bite the dust.

  177. Tean Clinton is making a big mistake in shutting down questions at her meetings now…makes her look timid, also, not even doing any press. I’m for Hillary but these types of decisions IMO are not wise. She needs to be accessible in the last few days. The more she is on tv and talking to crowds the better she will be. Her numbers rose in Iowa after her face to face contact with Iowans, she doesn’t need to close herself off now. Mistake I think.

  178. Tean Clinton is making a big mistake in shutting down questions at her meetings now…makes her look timid, also, not even doing any press. I’m for Hillary but these types of decisions IMO are not wise. She needs to be accessible in the last few days. The more she is on tv and talking to crowds the better she will be. Her numbers rose in Iowa after her face to face contact with Iowans, she doesn’t need to close herself off now. Mistake I think.

  179. dot48,
    In a perfect world perhaps…

    But no time for any slip-ups now. Let Obama and Edwards do the gaffes. They’re good at it too. Hillary is nothing if not a disciplined campaigner.

  180. B Merry, I know that Obama mentioned Tonya Harding as an insinuation that he wants people to look at Hillary and think Tonya Harding. What an a-hole. The more he makes stabs like that (while saying he’s the not the one stabbing), the more I think I will never vote for him. If Hillary brought up Mike Tyson and biting off ears, she would be scolded harshly.

  181. I’m just saying maybe she should take questions. Voters in Iowa will question her silence, just as I am. I just do not understand. She can’t make any mistakes if she stays on message and it’s been proven over the last few weeks that people want answers. We will see but I am not thrilled with this approach. The more she seems receptive and open, IMO the better. No gaffes if she is just truthful to people about what she plans to do as President.

  182. Domenico Mantanaro just called BHO out as a liar at MSNBC’s First Read

    Per the Washington Post, Obama strategist David Axelrod linked “the Pakistani crisis to the different positions that Clinton and Obama took on the Iraq war in 2002, when Clinton voted to authorize it in the U.S. Senate, and Obama, then an Illinois state senator, spoke out against it.

    “Clinton campaign advisers pounced on Obama’s and Axelrod’s comments. ‘This is a time to be focused on the tragedy of the situation, its implications for the U.S. and the world, and to be concerned for the people of Pakistan and the country’s stability. No one should be politicizing this situation with baseless allegations,’ Clinton spokesman Jay Carson said.”

    Obama was on CNN last night and NBC/NJ’s Aswini Anburajan reports that during the interview, Obama was grilled by Wolf Blitzer on whether his chief media strategist, David Axelrod, had placed blame on Hillary Clinton for the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. “I don’t need to hear what you read because I was — you know, I overheard it when he said it, and this is one of those situations where Washington is putting a spin on it. It makes no sense whatsoever,” he said.

    However, this could not have occurred since Axelrod had spoken to a large scrum of reporters in the back of the hall where Obama gave his speech, well after Obama had left the room. Obama went on to say that Axelrod had been asked a politicized question, on how the assassination would affect the Iowa caucuses, which resulted in a politicized answer on exercising good judgment on foreign policy. “But his [Axelrod’s] response was simply to say that if we are going to talk politics, then the question has to be, ‘Who has exercised the kind of judgment that would be more likely to lead to better outcomes in the Middle East and better outcomes in Pakistan?’” he said.


  183. dot48, I read somewhere this morning that at the end of a campaign, like this in Iowa, candidates commonly do not take questions because they need to meet and greet with as many people as they can .. even though this disappoints media and attendees, it’s a reality due to the short amount of time left.

  184. I am sick of Barack Hussein Obama already. I am waiting for the primaries to get over so that we can get over this jerk and his campaign team. We, democrats, need to purge a lot of limousine liberals from our party and we can start with Barack Hussein Obama. His nutcase supporters and “Axil Rod” can go with him.

    This guy is a disaster for our party with all his “exotic” foreign policy ideas.

  185. Obama also seems to suggest that his campaign had strategy meetings and discussed kneecapping Clinton with a lead pipe as a legitimate option, even though they eventually decided against hiring a hitman.

  186. BTW, I would like to know where Axelrod comes up with the nonsense that Clinton “strongly supported the Iraq war”. There were many Senators (especially Democrats) who voted for the AUMF while expressing anything but strong support for an invasion of Iraq.

  187. He is also a voluntary cheer leader for “Blame democratic party and Clintons first” crowd. That is full time job. His part time job is a sitting US senator.

  188. hwc, unless someone calls him out on every comment he’ll continue to get away with it. IMO, the less you can call attention to the better but then it’s a catch 22 situation since you can’t ignore everything. Tools like Axelrod know this.

  189. hwc:

    It is his campaign’s strategy to turn his complete lack of foreign policy experience into an argument about who voted for Iraq war. That is the only card they have and they want it to turn into a referendum on that. It is also a vote he never had to cast because he was then representing that most liberal district in Illinois.

  190. B Merryfield, please send that information to CNN and other outlets. Can you imagine the story if Hillary did such a thing?

  191. B Merryfield, please send that information to CNN and other outlets. Can you imagine the story if Hillary did such a thing?

    They will ignore it as always. If he makes this kind of an argument in the general against McCain, the rightwing will chew him alive. I don’t blame them either.

  192. dot48, Her campaign IS geared to talking directly to voters. She’s making a bunch of appearances each day in Iowa. Her schedule is unbelievable. I don’t mind her bypassing the national media; they get in the way of her message to the voters anyway.

  193. I agree ra1029 on the overall story, However…I was thinking that the story about him not actually being in the room with Axelrod should be brought to the attention of news outlets. Blatently lying should be a serious issue as it goes to the character of the candidate…

  194. new ras poll today: back up to 40%

    In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, it’s Hillary Clinton 40%, Barack Obama 23% and John Edwards 15%. Bill Richardson is supported by 3% of Likely Democratic Primary Voters and nobody else tops 2% nationally (see recent daily numbers).

  195. Also, looks like the fizzle is upon us. Huckchuck is down and Obama is down. A co-worker of mine showed me that Huckshuck is using Paultard’s online method of getting money, but he can’t even afford to make his own graphs, so they are using Paultard’s graphs. D’oh!

  196. Not only is Axelrod stirring the pot but former Clinton admin’s Susan Rice pretty much repeats the message. Ben (hi Ben) at Politico writes:

    “Those who made the judgment that we ought to divert our attention from Afghanistan to invade Iraq and allow al-Qaeda to reconstitute and strengthen are now having to assess the wisdom of that judgment as we may be seeing yet another manifestation of al-Qaeda’s potency,” said Susan Rice, a top Obama foreign policy advisor who was an assistant secretary of State in the Clinton administration, in an interview with Politico.

    She said Pakistan illustrates a difference between Obama and Clinton’s approaches to foreign policy. Clinton, in Rice’s view, is willing to tolerate authoritarian regimes – in this case the government of Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf – who might be useful to short-term U.S. goals. Obama, on the other hand, seeks a diplomacy that sees values and human rights than traditional realpolitik.

    “Senator Clinton’s view has been closer to Bush’s, which is to see Musharraf as the linchpin but democracy as something that is desirable, but not necessarily essential to our security interests,” said Rice, “Whereas Obama feels that democracy and human rights in the context of Pakistan are essential to our security.”

    Clinton’s campaign foreign policy advisor, Lee Feinstein, denounced Rice’s comments in an emailed statement that disputed her characterization.

    “Senator Obama’s continuing and deliberate efforts to politicize this tragedy by blaming Senator Clinton for it are unbecoming someone seeking the office of the presidency,” Feinstein said. “Senator Clinton has opposed the Bush administration’s coddling of President Musharraf, and stood steadfastly with the people of Pakistan in their struggle for democracy and against terrorism,” he said.


  197. wow re: that politico post. here they go again – team obama makes a mistake and then instead of minimizing the damage and moving on, they just keep digging. not good. also as far as the tonya harding comment goes, well, when the press was cheerleading for him to go negative in october, and he did, he also told the nyt he didn’t want to “kneecap” the front runner. it’s an odd thing to say, as in why are you running a meta campaign? that’s silly.

  198. Susan Rice’s comments are ridiculous on so many levels, but one that stands out: Hillary has never supported “diverting” our attention from Afghanistan. For months and probably years, she’s been saying that fight’s being neglected.

  199. Obama’s camp goofed this week, but what was worse was Obama’s prepared speech in July that got him burned in effigy in Pakistan in riots there, after he threatened to invade Pakistan!

    As Chris Matthews and others pointed out, to watchers from overseas a good Obama showing in Iowa next week will send a powerful message to the world. But they didn’t realize that the message will be that a man who threatened to invade Pakistan has just won an important election.

    We’ll be lucky if the Pakistanis don’t hit us with preemptive nukes if Obama does well in Iowa! Obama should resign from the race, or at least apologize and recuse from any contests till he improves his reputation in Pakistan and elsewhere in world opinion.

    cites for Obama’s Pakistan statements and photo of the riot he caused etc are at my blog

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