Pink Christmas

Yesterday, we read a comment from Texan4Hillary, which will serve as our Christmas Day post:

One year ago on December 25th my grandmother, a real trailblazer in America, passed away at 93. She was born when women had no vote. She worked for the army during the war as a librarian who would round up books for soldiers requesting their favorite titles. SHe had to wear a uniform and was mandated to wear a skirt. After the war I have found very few times did she again wear a skirt! She was a fiery strong woman, a real Democrat-not like so many so called democrats today. She was pro-union-and distrusted anyone who questioned unions. She always said that any poltician who would throw a union under the bus is not to be trusted.

Her first vote was for FDR as NY guv. She never voted for one republican in her entire life. We were reaise don the mantra-never trust the gop, they always leave a mess for the dems to clean up. n the depression millions were left in the cold-banks crashed, no work. She never forgave Hoover or the GOP. She was a FDR democrat.

Her mind was a razor-one week before her passing she still read the paper and let the dr.’s office know what a criminal Bush was. SHe did not much care for many of today’s dems-she did not think they fought hard enough for working folks like they did in the 30s. She was form the greatest generation-her brother was a decoder during the war, she in the army working at various forts for the troops at home and overseas. She liked Hillary-for Hillary is a feriocious fighter for Demcoratic princepals. My grandmother loved Ann Richards, Barbara Jordan et here in Texas.

Grandmother was a historian. She said FDR, Truman, and LBJ were greats because they improved the lives of the invisible. To be honest she was not wild about Bill Clinton-but she said Hillary could be a great president. Why? Her theory was that Hillary had more experience to be presidnet-she worked in the WHte house, traveled the globe, formed major policy, and knew congress and the white house well. She thought Bill came in without the experience he needed and nearly lost his presidnency and did lose great amounts of his agenda.

Grandmother loved Carter-she said he was the most honest president america had in 50yrs. But she also thought he was perhaps too honest and paid a huge price when things went south.

Grandmother loved Gore-and said it was a catastrophe when the court stole the election.

She often fought republicans-in the face. Her typical arguement would be-”you complain about big govt, but you take ss and medicare right? you hate dems but have no qualms taking your benefits? You hate the Clintons yet have prospered more than ever in your life? Dont hate the dems-without their reforms you would have no safety net, no safe place to put your money etc.. ”

She always voted-I mean always. She worked to reform the democratic party in the south in the 50s. I know her spirit will be with Hillary this election!

Yesterday, we also received a communication from one of our long-time readers.

Our reader received a phone call in response to a Christmas card she had sent to the daughter of a long time friend. It seems her long time friend, now 95 years old is in a hospice. The daughter could not be with her mother on Christmas but would be there later in the week. Our reader jumped into action.

Driving a distance she visited with her long time friend. Our reader regaled her infirm friend with tales of younger days. They recalled easier times. They caught up with old neighborhood gossip. They discussed the dollar value of homes purchased long ago for many less dollars.

Then they discussed the first woman president. It turns out that the body might be weak but the mind is still strong and sharp. A strong Hillary supporter. Offered a pink Hillary Is 44 button, at 95 she still insisted on pinning it on herself.

There is a 95 year old Hillary supporter in a hospice tonight. Soon she will get her absentee ballot. She’ll vote for the first woman president in the primaries. She hopes to vote for the next woman president in the general election.

Tonight the 95 year old Hillary supporter wears a pink button and waits for another chance to help make history.


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  1. Our best wishes also go to “Kegs” who lost his wife this past year and all those who have suffered loss of loved ones. Good Health wishes to DCDemocrat and those who are ill or recovering from illness. Let’s all stay healthy.

  2. two wonderful stories, admin.

    i will carry them with me over the next 14 days and into the voting booth january 8, 2008.

  3. that is so sweet. this is what the holidays is all about. by the way 3 weeks before my wife and i can vote by absentee for hillary also. can’t wait.

  4. alcina, i envy you in good way the POWER you and others have in your state and in iowa in choosing the next president. that must feel good.

  5. woopsie, no siren or silver bells, so my responses are all piled up at the bottom of last post…again.

    Admin, so glad you had the same reaction to Tex4Hill’s story as we did last night…a great tribute to her spirit.

    Also I would like to add Molly Ivens to our great Texas women list.

  6. Great stories, very moving.

    Hi all, been away for a long time now, been very busy, and I have been forced to just ‘let go’ of Hillary in a way 🙂 I feel I have been wishing her the best(and us) for so long now, all that is left for me to do is let go and have faith! Although I got some time now to grab on again for a few days. I am so excited, scared, happy, content, worried etc…

    I love the latest ARG poll, is it even possible she could be leading by 15%? Sorry if this has been talked about already, just took a moment I got to write a post again. so… a little late, but Merry Christmas all! Loved Hillarys msg for the troops also, she seemed both presidential and motherly in the vid, nicely done!

  7. Our gal is a true Democrat and Liberal, in the long tradition of great Democrats who fought for the American people. All these Johnny-come-latelys think they are hot stuff and are going to reinvent the wheel of government (while having no idea how it actually works.)

    Pfffffft! They have no Democratic roots, and no perspective. Real Democrats know, though, and they will outvote the fanboys and fangurls in this primary. Trust me on this.

  8. Great story, Texan4Hillary..

    Your grandmom is a “great” Lady leaving you a wonderful historical legacy. I’ve suddenly found myself a frequent visitor to Texas. McKinney and Austin seem to be my frequent haunts having newly transplanted relatives living there and loving it. Thanks for sharing your story with us..and hallelujah to the 95 yr old young lady with a His44 pink button. She Rocks!

    Best Wishes to All for the Holidays,

    Mrs. S.

  9. good stories admin, i particularly love the senior woman with her 44 button…

    it will affect so many lives when we finally have a woman take the lead …
    i am excited, i think good things are about to happen…

  10. Great post Admin & Texan4Hillary! 🙂 Happy holidays everyone.

    Cont. the discussion from last thread re: Obama’s (don’t want him as VP either, btw. I pick Sebelius) post 08′ career, a couple of months ago, Jeffrey Toobin, promoting his book ‘The Nine, told Charlie Rose that Hillary would pick Obama as a Supreme Court nominee. Toobin was so confident about it, like it was a done deal. He repeated the claim on Tavis smiley’s PBS show. I’m suprised it didn’t get more attention….

    starts at 12:44

  11. MJ

    I’m sorry, just read my response to you and last sentence is missing.

    It was something like…

    the only way I found the US Army’s simmering Iraq problem
    story was thru

    author is Kelly Kennedy, it is dated Dec 17, 2007.

  12. I loved the story of the woman in the hospice — both times I choked up.

    How about a New Year’s resolution? We will find one more voter, one more caucus goer for those who are too ill to help and for ‘grandmother’ and her like who fought all their lives so that we could be where we are today.

    Standing on the shoulders of civil rights workers, suffragists, liberals, progressives, we will remind our children and their friends of how much we all owe them. We will not turn away from the fights of the 60s or the 90s but will keep at it to ‘form a more perfect union.’

    A few small tasks that need fighting for are outlawing torture, restoring habeas corpus, giving back to Congress their right to declare and wage war, healthcare, ending government spying on us, tax fairness, veterans’ care and restoring the economy. That’s off the top of my head in no particular order and I left off a dozen things I’m passionate about like global warming and choice.

    This is the year we rise from the couch, skip Survivor or American Idol or lunch, make an extra effort and
    elect an experienced fighter and give her a progressive Congress.

    We can stop whining and complaining — well, not completely — and sometime in January, the 4th or the 9th or the 15th, if the good Lord’s willing and the creek don’t rise, in the name of the Jordans and Chisholms and Abzugs and Ivins and Richards, we can proudly indulge in a national coast-to-coast glorious grand giggle.

  13. Freckles

    Want a nice temporary part-time job? In a nice cold place that’s supposed to be warmer tomorrow, with a lot of really nice people who would also stand up and salute sentiment like that…or at least applaud.

  14. Hi Emjay- the short answer to your question is ex malo malo carborundum illegitimus e plubis unim–or something like that.

    Tonight I heard Oprah say in a clip that her friend Barack had “dipped his tongue in the unvarnished truth”.

  15. WBB

    Then it’s time to get out the carborundum, or the bar of soap if that’s all that’s available.

    Knew I should have taken Latin, but they stopped requiring it the year I was to start it. What a relief.

  16. hey Freckles,

    How about dissolving into the glorious giggle after indulging in a long drawn-out hearty CACKLE …haw haw haw

  17. thanks for posting this hillaryis44! lots folks are reading it tonight-women in the post are the essence of our campaign.

  18. Y’all see this?:

    Check out number 3! Anyone have any thoughts on what they think will happen. You know, I have gone over this in my head again and again.

    It doesn’t make much sense for any of those lower tier candidates to go after Hillary (I mean you Richardson!). If she has the experience portion locked up, all they can hope to do is partition her supporters. This barely would put someone into third and most likely HRC.

    IMHO, the other candidates (Biden, Dodd, & Richardson) should be hoping for an HRC victory. First, this validates experience going into NH. Second, they should be going after BHO for us, Biden especially. In fact, if I were Biden’s campaign manager I would get him to Chicago to talk to college students that might caucus for BHO (decrease their turnout). He should also do this for other college students. If he were to explain why experience matters to young impressionable people, he could weaken BHO and the support that he (Biden) already enjoys might catapul him into a third-place finish.

    Obviously, this benefits us. But, we would have a tough guy to face going into NH, albeit a poor (campaign $$$) guy too!

  19. OK folks, one last Holiday laugh…

    maybe you all are more hip and have already seen it…

    George Bush’s interview w/ Maria Bartiroma, who asks if he googles anyone…

    Well, he uses the […]

    It’s the front page for today at Think Progress (a good site BTW)

  20. “It’s the front page for today at Think Progress” I don’t think I get it. I saw the cover, but I’m not sure what you saw.

  21. Emjay, did you see the political discussion on language on CSPAN? Several experts were there suggesting that Bush does stuff like that on purpose . . . “the google.” They suggested that he is keenly aware of the signal he is sending.

  22. Sorry MJ my fault . Just google Think Progress, go to 2nd google entry (it must still be getting a lot of hits)

    the video is the front page for THAT google item…The entry line sort of gives it away, but it’s still funny, like his “internets.”

    Some of the 350 + comments are too.

  23. Ky Mkt

    No I didn’t, but I’ll look at c-span when my DNS server is back up. Right now all I can get to are the 2 sites I’m already hooked to, TM and here. This has happened on a Sunday night before, but not a weeknight.

  24. Thanks, Emjay.

    It’s nice to know that someone is reading you.

    BTW, Have big mouth, will travel.

    But if you prefer I can write this all day if someone wants to deliver it.

  25. Well Freckles, I read you…I read em all…the only person I ever shunned was the person who snuck in here and used us when posting a nasty video on YouTube.

  26. iowa jan 3rd weather-clear…wapo:Clear Skies Likely on Caucus Night
    By Shailagh Murray
    Merry Christmas, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The 10-day forecast for Des Moines, Iowa, posted today by, predicts a fine day for caucus going: Partly cloudy, a high of 30 and a low of 18, with a 20 percent chance of precipitation.

    Clinton and Obama are both counting on big turnouts to push them over the top, including lots of caucus newcomers. A cold and snowy night, the campaigns feared, could keep all but the die-hards — a.k.a John Edwards supporters — at home.

  27. Great news! Thans texan4hillary! 🙂

    Will First-Time Caucus Goers Show Up?

    Dec 25, 9:52 AM (ET)


    DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – Hattie Irving, an 81-year old Iowan, has never participated in her state’s presidential caucuses, but she plans to this time – to support Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    “I was very impressed with her as first lady. I think it’s important to take part,” Irving said at a Clinton campaign event at a senior center here.

    Brad Smith, a 27-year old engineer who moved to the state in 2005, plans to attend his first precinct caucus, too – and stand up for Barack Obama.

    “The caucuses were intimidating to me when I came here – I didn’t really know what the word meant,” he said. “But regardless of how difficult or confusing it is, I feel like I need to take action.”

    As the Democratic front-runners compete with John Edwards to win the state’s Jan. 3 contest, Clinton and Obama are counting on thousands of first-time caucus goers to show up.

    Hers are grayer and generally female. His tend to be younger and male.

    Experts say gambling on either group is risky.

    “Many candidates over the years have said they’ll bring in more young people and more women to the caucuses. Virtually all of those efforts have been failures,” said Hugh Winebrenner, an emeritus professor and caucus historian at Iowa’s Drake University. “No matter how much hoopla surrounds the caucuses, the people who show up tend to be the party regulars.”

    Strategists for Clinton and Obama are working hard to dispel that notion. They say older women will turn out to help elect the first female president, that young folks will show up for the young man who’s energized their political interest.

    They also concede that Edwards’ strength among experienced caucus goers gives him a significant leg up. He’s been working hard at this in Iowa since the 2004 campaign.

    Edwards is trying to bring in new voters, too. Recent events featuring singers Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne were designed to bring in Iowans who might not show up for a routine political rally.

    The caucuses do attract plenty of newcomers each year, but candidates who rely on them have typically done so at their peril. The most prominent example is Howard Dean, who came in a distant third in 2004 after his promise to bring in new supporters fell disastrously short.

    While both Clinton and Obama are attracting new faces, the demographics could favor Clinton: 57 percent of caucus goers in 2004 were over 55, while just 11 percent were younger than 34. Women 55 and older were half of those who turned out, while men under 50 were just 18 percent.

    Even so, Obama’s deputy campaign manager, Steve Hildebrand, believes young people are among the Illinois senator’s most motivated supporters.

    “Young voters were the ones drafting Obama to run for president last year, and we saw his ability to inspire them,” Hildebrand said. “We say to them, ‘You know all those pundits and prognosticators who say you don’t vote? You need to prove them wrong.'”

    To stay in touch with them, the campaign is using social networking Web sights like Facebook as well as one-on-one meetings and gatherings at schools and coffee shops.

    The campaign has mounted an unprecedented effort to organize high school students, who are permitted to caucus if they’ll turn 18 before the general election next November.

    Clinton organizers estimate some 70 percent of her caucus goers will be women, most of whom are middle-aged or older and an untold number who are new to the caucus process. The campaign has even compiled a list of more than 600 likely female caucus attendees who are over 90 years old – born before women won the right to vote in 1920.

    Its universe of elderly newcomers presents a host of challenges to the Clinton team. Organizers are praying for good weather on caucus night, since older people are less likely to venture outside in the teeth of a snow or ice storm.

    The campaign is also offering rides to thousands of supporters, and making sure older women are escorted by a friend or neighbor rather than a stranger.

    But just as product advertising experts tend to ignore older consumers because they rarely adopt new behaviors, so it is with older Iowans who haven’t caucused in the past. Skeptics like Drake University’s Winebrenner doubt many senior citizens will actually attend the caucus if they haven’t showed interest in a lifetime of living in the state.

    “I really don’t see Hillary bringing in all these old ladies,” he said.

    To that, Clinton strategists have a ready answer: They’ll come because they are eager to help elect the first woman president.

    “Every day we meet more and more women who have never caucused before, but are excited and energized by the historic nature of her candidacy and message of change. They are a major reason we expect to do well caucus night,” spokesman Mo Elleithee said.

  28. Tex4hill

    Got that and it’s seconded by the Old Farmer’s Almanac: “Dec 29-31 Freezing rain; Jan 1-4; Sunny, mild.”

    Posted weather for someone a week ago who was coming in. Don’t remember who.

  29. Hugh Winebrenner, at his age, should not be using phrases like “all these old ladies.” Read that this morning and vowed to call his Drake Univ office, if just to leave him a voice mail rebuke.

  30. Emjay-when I saw the words carborundum illegitimus I erroneously assumed they meant controlled substances, to which I said out of bad comes bad. Thank you for the interpretation.

    Now that I know what those words mean, I will substitute them for the Anglo Saxon invectives I routinely hurl at Tweetie and Pumpkinhead on television. My neighbors will be appreciative.

  31. BTW

    Iowans For Hillary are proud to welcome HillaryLandRocks to our friendly, soon to warm-up State !

    S/he’s OURS, all ours, for the duration, however long that is.

    Thank you, thank you for the sacrifice. Love ya.

  32. WBB

    See, if you lived here, (where it’s going to be warmer tomorrow CJ) your double-pane thermal windows, covered with insulated drapes, would muffle your outburts, screams and high decibel blues, opera and Buena Vista Social Club music…making you a very classy neighbor, indeed.

    And you wouldn’t have to learn Latin.

  33. Ky Mkt

    Have gone thru half the archived videos, back to 12-5-07, will do the rest tomorrow…search function didn’t recognize Lokoff.

    Thanx for the hints.

  34. Good morning, Hillfans.

    For those looking for the “new” U.S. Army Counterinsurgency Field Manual, here is the link:

    However, in this case “new” is not exactly NEW, since it is actually a year old released last December. Perhaps you did not know, but the FM is the reason that Gen. David Petraeus was endowed with the daunting task of saving all mankind from those evil Middle Easterners. He is the chief architect of the manual and the surge strategy.

    He has also just recently emphatically stated that he is not going to enter the presidential race. Perhaps BHO has him on HIS short list for VP.


    In Iowa, Bill stays on message

    By: Josephine Hearn
    Dec 24, 2007 12:29 PM EST

    ANAMOSA, Iowa — Perhaps it was the holiday season, or the dense fog that blanketed most of Eastern Iowa, or the fatigue of the campaign trail itself, but Bill Clinton managed to avoid making any new gaffes this past weekend that would draw attention from his wife’s presidential bid.

    In the debate over whether the former president is an asset or a detriment to his wife’s campaign, he surely emerged on the good side during his most recent Iowa tour.

    To be sure, he exhibited his trademark weaknesses. He dwelled inordinately on himself. He repeated his earlier questionable claims about having opposed the Iraq war from the start. He sought to reshape perceptions of his presidency.

    Much of the first 10 minutes of his stump speech in Cedar Rapids on Friday was devoted to touting the work of his foundation and his school of public service.

    He said the word “I” 39 times and referred to New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton — “Hillree” — only five times, not much better than a tally made by the AP’s Ron Fournier last month that revealed 94 uses of “I” and only seven references to the candidate herself.

    But the substance of his remarks was devoted to her, recounting vignettes from their lives in Arkansas, Washington and New York that showed her to be a force for change. He talked up her work on education, microcredit loans and foreign policy.

    Sometimes his praise painted his wife as a historic figure. At a Friday campaign stop in Anamosa, he lauded her work on children’s health insurance and cancer screening, and then made an unexpected comparison: “She was doing that, making changes as first lady, in a way that no other person has done in a systematic way. The possible exception is Eleanor Roosevelt,” he said.

    While Washington insiders may dismiss that comment as one of the former president’s exaggerations, many in the crowd reacted warmly to his speech. In Boone on Saturday, Clinton convinced at least one potential voter to back his wife’s candidacy.

    John Wonderly, a 54-year-old railroad worker, said the speech had convinced him to back Hillary Clinton.

    “I’m really strong for Hillary now, after this,” Wonderly said. “I was undecided, getting all kinds of information mailed to me. I really didn’t realize that she did all this stuff that most people didn’t know.”

    While there were no gaffes, there were certainly glitches. The campaign’s website listed the wrong address for Clinton’s speech in Anamosa, putting a community center three blocks down the street from its actual location.

    At another stop in West Des Moines, campaign workers handed out supporter cards for Hillary Clinton that showed the wrong date for the caucuses. The cards indicated Jan. 14, when in fact the date was moved up to Jan. 3 in October.

    Asked about the incorrect date, one campaign worker said the cards had been printed before the date was changed.

    In some places, the fog was so thick that the state troopers guiding Clinton’s entourage had to use GPS to navigate because they couldn’t see the road signs.

    The former president drew respectable crowds of several hundred at most stops on his seven-city swing through Iowa. At one venue, though, in Cedar Rapids, the back half-dozen rows of seating at the Hawkeye Downs Speedway went unfilled.

    At times, Clinton veered off his mission of Hillary-boosting. In response to a question in Cedar Rapids about campaign finance reform, Clinton touched on a possible presidential bid by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

    “Let’s think of somebody I really admire, the mayor of New York City, Mike Bloomberg,” Clinton said. “I like him; he’s a really good mayor. But if he’s runs for president, he can spend a billion dollars and not miss it. That’s real money to most of us. Under the law, there are no constraints.”

    He railed against the Supreme Court for blocking some attempts to limit the influence of money in politics.

    “We are very frustrated because we have a Supreme Court that seems determined to say that the wealthier have more right to free speech than the rest of us.”

    And he implied that he would not use his own funds to support his wife’s candidacy.

    “For example, they say you couldn’t stop me from spending all the money I’ve saved over the last five years on Hillary’s campaign if I wanted to, even though it would clearly violate the spirit of campaign finance reform,” he said.

    Soon after that expansive answer, he was back on message. Hillary Clinton, he said, was “a first-class change agent, and let me tell you why.”

  36. the irony is.. fox news is really sticking up with Hillary.. all MSM including MSNBC, CNN and others while are dissing her, I saw fox news commentators sticking up to her experience part. darn what todays world has come to!

  37. Gladiatortail, as a lifelong democrat, I have stop watching MSNBC and CNN and get news in Fox news and from this web site. Unbelievebale!

  38. The NYT pissed me off already this morning (did hear Mika refer to this from the other room this morning, so had to go look). Here’s my ode to Patrick Healy:

  39. The irony is on morning joke Tweety was complaining how the big media supports Clintons. I do not know what to make of it. For all their outward bravado they did not look happy. I think they know they are sitting on an Obama collapse story.

  40. Tweety said that the world would be a changed place if “Barack Hussain Obama” the man with Islamic heritage wins the Iowa caucus. It was surprising that he said that after he complained about Bob Kerrey. I think Pat Buchanan was the party pooper because he pointed out that Hillary could loose Iowa and New Hampshire and still secure the nomination where as it is all over for BO if he does not win Iowa. They all agreed that if Edwards wins Iowa he would not be able to do much with it in New Hampshire.

  41. How does the world not change by electing a woman? The rest of the world thinks we are backwards because we’ve never elected a woman.

  42. Merry… Predictably they talked about the Ny times story. Tweety tried to portray that Patrick Healy as credible because he has written some stories that were positive to clintons.

  43. Ah, yes, one more time Tweety got in that “one-with-the-middle-name-which-must-not-be-spoken”. Just like he did on his show last week in which I’m sure he had “Obama-cocaine” Tourette’s syndrome. Had forgotten all about that .. need to go check that transcript.

  44. B Merryfield, I don’t think you should think he’s trying to help Hillary if he was talking up the Healy hit piece.

  45. Hmm, that’s interesting. The last transcript posted is from December 20th, the show in which Tweety repeatedly accused Hillary’s campaign of trying to smother BHO in his crib. The Friday, 21st transcript was never posted, and that’s the one in which Tweety kept repeating “Obama, cocaine” over and over. Curious! Maybe the transcribers are still on holiday?

  46. mj, I’m not all that sure where Tweety is headed but he keeps repeating these things that nobody else dares to repeat. What he says is not flattering to Hillary but, then, it manages to keep these images of Barack Hussein Obama and Obama and cocaine floating out there. If he was trying to help BHO, this ain’t the way to do it.

  47. The drug topic is NOT a dead one. This today:

    Holding Barack Obama to a higher standard

    I just read a news brief saying that Hillary Clinton apologized for ripping Barack Obama over his drug use. I am so mad I think my skull is going to explode.

    Am I the only one on this planet who thinks our president should adhere to a higher moral and ethical standard?

    Let’s explore this issue for a minute.

    Obama has admitted to using recreational cocaine. This implies possession of cocaine. Aren’t these acts a crime? Obama has admitted to recreational pot use. This also implies possession. Aren’t these acts a crime as well?

    He has further admitted to underage drinking. As a juvenile, you would be arrested for this if caught. Why are we considering a man of obviously questionable character for our nation’s highest office?

    This nation had better wake up. If recreational drug use is OK for our president, then soon enough it will be OK for our children.

    I can hear it now: “But mommy, the president snorts coke, why can’t I?” [space] AID=/20071226/OPINION/712260302/1004

  48. B Merryfield, that’s a great piece on Patti. BTW, I love the fact that Hillary has not just talked, but has walked the walk when it comes to understanding womens work issues AS AN EMPLOYER.

    Did you notice the brief mention that after Patti’s baby was born, Hillary encouraged her to bring the crib into her office in the West Wing? From what I understand, this wasn’t just a favor for Patti – those who worked for Hillary have always been encouraged to have an open door for their children, the kids were welcome in the offices, and her staff were allowed all the leeway they needed to balance working and their responsibilities as mothers.

    If there is some way this could be brought up or stressed in the campaign, this would in my opinion be HUGE in showing both Hillary’s humanity and her understanding of the issues facing working women.

    Seriously, one of the things that won me over to Hillary was being struck by how she treated her female staff and their families. Male campaigners and strategists have no idea how much stuff like that can jump out and impresses a working mom. Most of us would give our EYETEETH for a working environment like that, that understood the pressures on us.

    Stuff like that little tidbit about the baby being welcome at work with Patti in Hillary’s West Wing could be a BIG draw for working mothers if the campaign played it right.

  49. Hillary4Texas, I can see a good YouTube ad with former and current staffers talking about this in mini-interviews as well as segments posted on The Hillary I Know website.

  50. Yep, B Merryfield. Youtubes would be fab. Stress the idea that when it comes to the pressures on working Moms, Hillary doesn’t just repeat the correct talking points, Hillary actually gets it.

    I love the “experience” theme, but Penn is wrong if he thinks they can run Hillary just on that. Polls’ internals consistently show that a huge majority already know she is more experienced, already think she is much tougher and much better prepared. This is not the thing that is holding voters back, the voters GET that part.

    Americans make gut choices when it comes to president, not just cerebral ones. They need to connect to a candidate, as well as think they are best qualified. The media for so long has stood between this warm, funny, wonderful woman and the public, that many have no idea who she really is. I believe that Hillary’s current recovery in Iowa is due to them beginning to see that.

    If Hillary can break through that wall, and voters (especially women voters) begin to see her as the lifelong activist who has quietly fought, and worked for, and lived her passions and beliefs (not just her “correct ideas”), then she would literally be unstoppable in the primary and in the general.

  51. Hill4Tex, I very strongly agree with your great post above. I hope what they are doing now is in that theme. Maybe that’s why she looked so much better in that ARG poll, and why she is now shown to be leading in RCP averages.

  52. Ha…Drudge has finally discovered the ARG poll showing Hillary ahead. Big headline. Actually, if this gets into the MSM will it be a bad thing? I know it’s only one poll but if people see that she may be the one people are choosing won’t it draw others to her?

  53. Hill4Tex. on second thought, I just remembered they appear to be hitting the experience theme again for this week. Maybe they have good reason to believe they have already accomplished their goals with the recent campaign with those “character” witnesses. I hope so because what you said is still right.

  54. AmericanGal, yesterday I heard a lady who called into C-Span who was saying she intends to caucus for BHO because he seemed to be in the lead. She admitted she pays attention to the polls because she wants to vote for a winner. I know it’s possible for one phone call like that to actually represent the views of thousands.

  55. Hi everyone! I’m back at work and eager to tell you about an article I read last week, titled the Clinton Referendum, written by Matt Bai.

    It took a long time to read it. I read it in traffic. D’oh! It was too interesting to wait. 🙂

    Informative for me since I was young during Bill Clinton’s admin, and I didn’t remember or even know about the before-Bill-Clinton-democratic-party. I guess the only democratic party I’ve ever known was the democratic party under Bill Clinton (the one that wins, is all inclusive, and the one that won’t back down to GOP bullies). Yes, I do remember the multiple gov’t shutdowns. I was working my first job at a National Park Service job as a biology tech. student intern. That GOP congress thought they could push Bill Clinton around. Only because of those fed. gov’t shutdowns did I start to pay attention to the democratic party.

    Reading this long article put a lot of stuff out there for me to learn . . and to remember. I’m wondering if anyone else read it?

    It basically makes a case for saying that the progressive movement started right before and during Clinton’s admin….modernizing the Democratic Party. Here’s a quote from the article about what Bill Clinton thinks of his 2-term admin:

    “In Clinton’s mind, the New Democrats of the late ’80s and early ’90s and their “third way” approach represented a call for fundamental reform, not just of the Democratic Party but also of the country’s industrial-age government. For that, he has been pilloried by Republican business interests, who were doing just fine under the old system, and “lukewarmly” defended by Democrats who resist any real break with the past.”

    I bet my so-called “progressive” friends who would happily throw Hillary Clinton under the bus would say otherwise. Just goes to show you that those who want nothing to do with Hillary are not very objective or reasonable. There’s no talking them into anything and no talking them out of anything. That said, reasonable voters should read this article and remember where we left off and where the thug (Dubya) took us off track toward the edge of the cliff.

    My fear is that if we don’t elect Hillary, we would basically own the Dubya mistakes for a long time afterwards. It will be a heavy weight, no doubt. It’s not likely that we can just forget about the last 7 years, brush it up under the rug, pretend we don’t have that mess and move on. We have to identify the mistakes, correct them, THEN move on. We won’t be able to grow a new economy and create new environments to encourage innovation until we do that.

    The article is not biased or partial. It’s a fair article. And it’s quite interesting.

  56. true2party, I read it, and thought it was a fair article. The problem with some “progressives” is that they have now decided to define progressivism as being anything anti-establishment. Ergo anything new, that challenges anything old, is good. That is a remarkably naive and stupid approach to both politics and governing.

  57. pm and true2party, I suggest you go to and post those links/titles in the Hot Topics Diaries and add a comment or excerpt or two if you’d like. It’ll help spread the word around.

  58. I agree with you, Hillary4Texas, about people beginning to see the real person. But I believe they’re pushing the experience thing, too, because they want people to choose the person who’d be the best president, which accentuates Hillary’s strength. As for Patrick Healy’s article, to me Hillary’s experience means she was her husband’s closest adviser and she knows how running a WH works. She won’t make a lot of the beginner mistakes someone else would.

  59. As Hillary said, Paula, she won’t have to waste time on a learning curve to find her way around the West Wing or on how things work. She’s ready to go on Day One.

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