Santa, Baby

Santa, baby…. please…. we know what we want. Now do your job.

First of all Santa, we apologize for communicating with you so late in the season and day. We have been extraordinarily busy of late. We have forwarded this communication to you not only via United States Postal Service but via email as well. We hope all is well with you.

As we understand it Santa, in order to comply with wish requests you have a system to determine classification and eligibility of gifts by the requestor. You have “a list”. You check that “list” twice to verify the accuracy of the information therein. (For the record, we have a “list” too and Obama is on it). You then Santa, verify through past actions the record of the person on the “list” to classify and verify whether that person has been “naughty or nice”.

Santa, it appears you are quite through in your analysis. You take into account the totality of the person, their full experience. Apparently your analytical skills are at such a heightened level of alert that you are able to determine at any moment whether the target of your analysis is “sleeping” or “awake”.

After your analysis you classify the person requesting a gift as either being “naughty or nice” – your first major filter – you then make a final determination and classify the person as “good” or “bad”.

Santa, we are requesting a change of procedure regarding how our gift request is handled. Although we have been exceptionally good this year Santa we do not believe you should waste your precious time bothering with us. No need to worry about who or what we are – what matters is what we write and what we request. Are we telling the truth Santa? Are our facts accurate Santa?

What we want and what we do is not about us. Don’t bother checking our histories or who our pictures reference or really anything about us. This is not about us. This is about something much bigger.

As we just wrote Santa, this is not about us. This is about a lot of lives and what kind of world we want to live in. Santa, please look at what we write and analyze whether we are telling the truth or not.

The truth is Santa, that where you live – by anecdotal evidence the North Pole, the polar ice caps are melting. You might soon not have a place to call home. The world is in turmoil all around this wonderful globe you traverse every Christmas eve. The people of the country we live in, the United States, are besieged by a criminal gang which runs the country.

The people of the United States deserve better Santa. The people of the United States are good people. However Santa, the people of the United States are not only oppressed by the criminal gang running the country – the people of the United States are further oppressed by a thing called the Big Media Party which does not inform but rather is pushing their own agenda for their own purposes and power. We can’t really in one quick letter explain it all Santa, you will have to get a fuller story from doing your own investigation. We recommend our website, as well as, and

What we propose Santa is that you investigate, not us, but the recipient of our gift request.

The recipient of our proposed gift Santa is one Hillary Clinton (she has a middle name but for reasons too long to explain here, involving another candidate, there is a current ban on the use of middle names).

For comparative purposes Santa, reference this article about a person who shamelessly attacks unions, deceives on Social Security and is hurting the need for change to a UNIVERSAL health care system. Big Blogs Santa are joining this creature in his campaign of lies. We’ll have more about all this Santa, after Christmas, and beyond Santa. (For now, we think you should leave a lump of coal in his stockings, Santa).

Here is an example of the kind of person Hillary Clinton is and what she wants to do for the United States:

Look at all the great things she wants to do Santa. Also Santa read what the Quad City Times, an Iowa newspaper says about her:

Hillary Clinton passes test after test after test. This Clinton arrived for the caucus campaign with much, much more experience than the first Clinton to stump across Iowa. In campaign speeches and in an interview with the Times Editorial Board, she spoke passionately of people — specific, real people — whose stories drive her desire to solve problems. “I was brought up to believe we were the problem solvers,” she told the editorial board. “If it was hard, that meant America would do it.”

This Clinton hasn’t shied away from problems.

As first lady, she stepped far beyond the traditional role and took on a major policy issue: health care. Washington special interests villified her for trying, branding any reform “socialized medicine” and even giving it her name: “Hillarycare.”

Regardless, she persevered, becoming an advocate for children worldwide and pioneering the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, which has survived Republican and Democrat Congresses.

She passed perhaps the toughest personal test. Many Americans stand up for the sanctity of marriage. Hillary Clinton did something much harder. She very publicly stood up for her own marriage. [snip]

In the Senate, she’s worked across party lines to pass test after test and earn this testimonial: “This blue-state senator with a blue-state perspective has managed to build unusual political alliances on a variety of issues with Republicans.” That commendation was written for Time magazine by U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who led the impeachment prosecution against her husband.

We tested her, too, in our editorial board interview, looking for evidence of the partisan rancor that is destroying our country. We found none. Instead, we found a proven, passionate, intelligent leader with a breadth of legislative and executive experience that is the best of a good bunch.

For Iowa’s Democratic caucuses, we support Hillary Clinton.

Check her history Santa. Don’t restrict yourself to just the past year. Go back 35 years and you will see the quality of this person. 35 years Santa – a lifetime of work and experience.

Here is another endorsement, Santa:

The stakes are incredibly high. The next president of the United States will inherit a seeming endless war in Iraq and a growing divide in this country between the haves and have nots.

Too many Americans lack access to affordable health care. America’s school districts are tethered to a questionable education policy that is No Child Left Behind. We refer to it as too-few-children-allowed-to-excel because it’s a one-size-fits-all policy when school districts across the country are vastly different, from district to district, facing unique challenges that the bureaucrats in Washington will never see or completely understand.

They need to be unleashed from those restraints so more resources can be applied to the classroom.

Most Americans don’t fully comprehend the complexities of the immigration problem, instead ceding to the notion that hordes of citizens from Mexico and Central American are sneaking across our border in the dark of night solely to steal our jobs and infect our schools with drugs and gangs.

The nation’s economy is headed toward an unstoppable recession, if you believe three former Treasury secretaries.

The plate will be full for the next occupant of the Oval Office, and it’s a job that will have to start even before the inaugural balls are over.

Of the impressive group of Democratic candidates, the one who rises above the others at this moment in the nation’s history is New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. [snip]

Vetted perhaps more than any woman in history, Clinton demonstrates the resiliency and tenacity needed in a president, especially one who will inherit the challenges the current administration will leave behind.

In person, she’s calculated yet personable. On issues, she’s not a clone of her husband. She’s an independent thinker with progressive ideas.

She promises that the days of secret eavesdropping and violations of other civil liberties ends on inauguration day. She promotes a reasonable approach to ending the war in Iraq and developing peace through partnership in the region. She honed her extensive international experience as first lady, traveling to more than 80 countries.

She finds it “galling” that American tax dollars help fund a first-class health-care plan for the wealthy members of Congress, while 47 million Americans go without access to decent health care. We’ll take her word that she’ll fix that, and that the wealthiest nation in the world will provide access to health care for those of little or modest means.

She sees the federal government as a partner with states and local schools in ensuring quality education.

Can she win? Polls show a dead heat in Iowa, and there are many undecided Democrats. Still, Democrats in the state would be selecting a proven leader with the skill sets necessary for our next president by caucusing for Hillary Clinton.

Santa, we are not beauty contest contestants so we won’t wish for “world peace” and “good will to all men and women”. We’ll be much more practical.

We also know that we can’t ask for you to make Hillary Clinton the next president, that would be undemocratic and unworthy of us. We’ll work to elect Hillary Clinton as the 44th president. We also won’t be sly and ask you to give Hillary Clinton the keys to tenancy of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, that would be a trick that we have found out from reading a lot of “Genie in the lamp” stories that would probably backfire somehow.

No Santa, we want to use your skills. Obviously Santa you not only have an impressive information gathering process and analysis operation but most importantly for us you have an incredible information DISTRIBUTION system.

So Santa baby, our idea is that you break through the Big Media Party blockade of good Hillary Clinton news. The polls are good Santa (check this poll which has Hillary leading strongly in Iowa 34% to 20% to 19%) and Hillary Clinton is a great candidate. But Americans need that information NOW, especially in Iowa.

Santa, Baby, get that information to Iowans. Use that incredible information system of yours to shove that information through chimneys past the Big Media Party blockade. Use whatever instruments you find acceptable. Use those great labor unions Santa. You must have connections with them. We are sure you run a union shop.

Help us get the information out Santa. Use that “Christmas magic” at maximum.

Santa, Baby, the time is now.


155 thoughts on “Santa, Baby

  1. The first thing I am doing on Christmas morning is logging on to and giving her a Christmas present. (Hint: it’s green, and you don’t wear it.)

  2. Here’s the best that an educated and informed Obama supporter can come up with on Obama’s ‘experience.’

    From Robert Reich’s Blog
    Robert Reich is the nation’s 22nd Secretary of Labor and a professor at the University of California at Berkeley.
    Before that he was a community organizer among Chicago’s poor, and then a civil rights lawyer – two experiences that in my view are critically relevant to anyone seeking to become president of all Americans. Obama’s international experience comes first hand – his father was a goat-herder in Kenya, and Obama spent a portion of his childhood in Indonesia. And as an African-American, with all the personal experience that implies [….]

  3. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW that Obama’s new ad should bury the skeleton for Obama on blogosphere. darn this is IMPOSSIBLE!!! whom is he appealing to? that was the same reason UHC got burried the last time around. this is crazy. I think this only hurts him among progressive democrats, but who knows. maybe he will gain with an argument that rethugs gained in 90’s.. this is insane.. dkos is going CRAZY 🙂

  4. Glad
    Where’s the new BO ad?

    Forgot about admin’s new post. Sent you a response a few minutes ago at bottom of last posting. Sorry.

    Merry Christmas everyone, Happy Holidays, and a healthy, happy 2008.

  5. Merry Christmas everyone!!

    The ARG poll is a great gift to us on the Christmas evening. It may be too good to be true but it represent the trend coming to Jan.3.

  6. georgep, a diarist on mydd whose opinion I respect, believes the best strategy for Hillary to go into Iowa is as an underdog. He actually wants the polls to show Obama as the frontrunner.

    I concur. Although it is a big morale boost for the campaign on the ground, the best strategy is not to hype the expectation. I want to see polls showing Obama with a lead. I want the media to crown him King.

    Then, when it’s judgment day, I want pies in all their little faces.

  7. We’ll keep our public expectations low and our realistic optimism hidden. The trend is good, the numbers are good, but that will be our little secret. Big Media won’t betray the good numbers we are sure. Big Media will help us keep those great numbers very very quiet.

  8. yeah admin, do you know how long big media has been touting the older iowa abc/wash poll and ignored the 3 to 4 other than came out since then? they will ignore the new arg poll for sure.

  9. I want to stay under the radar, thank you. I want just enough momentum to make the undecideds feel better about supporting Hillary, because if they think everyone hates her and no one likes her, they may not wish to take an unpopular stand. But that’s all I want, just a little, just enough to make people look twice at her viability. I want the “Big Mo” expectations to stay firmly on Obama’s head.

    The Big Dawg did an end run around the media when he ran. We are going to do it as well.

    Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! And Happy Chanukah, and Blessed Solstice and whatever else you may or may not celebrate. Raising a glass to the Democratic Big Tent, here. 🙂

  10. Been very busy with the storm fallout, being sick and the holiday. Missed you guys. Great news on the ARG poll. Seems Bwak took a big hit with men. Maybe “present” votes equate in voters minds as being yellow-bellied? Hmmm…..

    Merry Christmas, happy solstice, etc. etc. etc….just eat, drink and vote “Hillary.”

  11. the nutkooks are already crying like babies about the arg iowa poll. like night after day. let em cry.CRY BABIES!!!!

  12. lol, the edwards and obama supporters are really turning on eachother on the nutroots after all this time tag-teaming hillary and her supporters. SWEET!!!

  13. santa’s union shop of elves will begin dropping leaflets of truth through every iowa chimney tonight, past the BM blockade. may all iowans wake to a real message of good tidings. we’ll start with the arg iowa poll..

  14. terrondt, imagine if the ARG poll had one of the guys at 34% and Hillary at 19%. The incense burners would have been in estatic joy, whirling, whirling.

    Instead it is we who will have sugarplum dreams tonight.

  15. HillaryforTexas, it is amazing that only at this late hour Edwards has figured it out. It is possible that Trippi deluded the Edwards family into helping Obama and only now are Elizabeth and John waking up to the Trippi treachery.

  16. hillaryfortexas, i have said the same thing a while back. edwards MUST get by obama to win. why it took him so long is beyond me. what he thunk? hillary was supposed to sink all the way to the bottom while he surges ahead? NOT!!!

  17. admin, not only would the nutkooks would be dancing like daisies if the arg poll had obama up by 14 points but BIG MEDIA would lead off their news shouting”HILLARY IS SINKING LIKE A STONE IN IOWA!!” so perdictable.

  18. Oh, the only thing I wish for X-mas is that that ARG poll is accurate! Merry Christmas y’all – and may the best woman prevail on January 3.

  19. mj, i hope so to. the good news is slowly byr steady coming in. hopefully she is peaking at the right time. it all comes down to the ground game. im only worried about obama bussing in illegal votes from other states.

  20. Terrondt, if these same numbers showed Obama leading, Big Media and Big Blogs would have cancelled Christmas and declared “Obamass” as a new holiday. There would be no yule log burning on TV sets but instead flower framed pictures of Obama with gold incense burners lit and dancers dancing would grace the TV.

    We will be demure and take another poll showing Hillary in the lead in stride. We’ll hope for the best and work for the best – Hillary.

  21. LOL, GREAT LINE ADMIN. i think this is the last poll until wednesday? anyway i will temper my expectations. hard to do though.

  22. Im not getting excited either mj,oh i think they will show you bet 7 years debt…i think of that for them iowans and the country…i hope they show or another 7 years to sink or swim for all of us..

  23. Perhaps a minor confirmation of how right all of you are about how the big media will handle it was demonstrated on CNN this afternoon. They used about four polls and averaged them to show how close it still is in Iowa. Evil will always find a way!

  24. I believe they mentioned a new poll but without naming it. Then they put their figures on the screen showing BHO and Hillary nearly tied.

    A few weeks ago when Obama (Obummer) finally crept up to one point more than Hillary, Wolf Blitzer could hardly contain himself as he crowed about how Obama had now become the front runner and how far Hillary had fallen.

    When Hillary wins in Iowa, and later in N.H., I hope he doesn’t weasel out of announcing it. I want to hear the choke in his voice.

    I have to admit I’ve seen the media do this to Democratic candidates before many times. I’m just excited about the prospects of them failing miserably this time.

    Previously I worked for a newspaper for years, and I often argued vigorously with their reporters over their behavior. It didn’t help.

  25. i have somebody or somebodies better in mind. tweety and russert i want to see the looks on their faces when hillary win in a few weeks. that would be priceless.

  26. Priceless is Admin calling the BO and JE supporters “incense burners.” Bwahahahahahahaha….

    I had a conversation with a guy from Arkansas the other night, he’s living here now. He’s “undecided” and not a huge Hillary fan bc of MSM, but on policy discussions, he was right with her and disliked BO and JE. I pointed him to this site. I think another one is in our corner come 2/5/08.

    Rock on!

  27. Hi MJ. You are right about DDL-one of the best actors of our time and now a great director.

    I understand what you are saying with respect to the past. You have a better feel for that since you are on the front line.

    But, I am more interested in what happens between now and January 3. I am quite sure you and your colleagues feel the same way.

  28. Tweety and Russert will be gleeful. They’re like two year olds rough housing with their uncle, y’know. A couple of two year olds can wail away on a grown man and not worry about hurting him so it’s their favorite passtime. The press and the conservatives are like that with the Clintons.

    It’s only good news if she gets the nomination. The country is in competent hands so they can behave like the free range rude they truly are.

  29. Thanks WWB

    (I knew who you were talking to.)

    Just had a momentary lapse of stiff upper lip there for a while.

    Also so few of us in this corner of the state. I envy Hawk and his band of enthusiastic merry men and women. They have also had paid professional staff in his neighborhood, on the ground since early summer. It’s still just we three little old & mid aged fast-talking super O+ here. Hard work and lonely sometimes. That’s why the pink sheet has become so important.

  30. TM has a tug-o-my heart thing abt Operation First Responders on her site tonight.

    My brother-in-law died 63 years ago tonight, waiting to push into the Bulge… (well, really tomorrow, but it used to be the practice that our fighting men DID NOT DIE in battle on Christmas Day); his own 46 yr old father, fighting in his 2nd WW, was stationed 30 miles back, in eastern France. My husband and his parents never got over it.

  31. In reading the Time article on invincibility, I was struck by the poll data on “change”. “Change” is code for voters not having the stomach to hear negativity. Particularly about the Clintons.

    Here in Okieville, there are lots of red staters. They repeat soundbytes from Rush and think Reagan was king. IOW, they don’t think. They parrot. The Democrats here aren’t much different. The red staters cheif complaint about Dems is their lack of stomach. You can see that in how we campaign as a party.

    It’s always about “hope” or “vision” or some other bullshit, feel good intangible idea. And when we get hit, we are “civil” and “turn the other cheek” like Kerry did when he was swiftboated. That makes the middle of teh road voter squeamish. They don’t like bloodshed. And they hate hearing negative news. Why else would Charlie Gibson have lower ratings than American Idol? Why else would newspaper sales be down overall to video game sales?

    Every time Hillary takes a hit, I get that same feeling I got when watching Mel Gibson’s version of Christ get lashed. It’s sickening. And rather than deal with it, some voters walk away. They choose the guy who they think won’t have as much bad stuff said about him. The guy who they think won’t get them called out in a poker game for supporting them. In other words, Americans aren’t nearly as gutsy as their parents and grandparents were.

    Lots of nasty things were said about FDR and JKF, but people went to the polls for them. Those same people also rushed out to go to war half way across the globe rather than hide behind their computer screen safe and sound from the real combat.

    I dunno. Maybe it’s just me, but I think folks who won’t vote for Hillary because they’ll have to watch a fight are a bunch of sorry asses who shouldn’t have the right to vote. What do they know about making ends meet or worrying about how to pay for college or waiting on a son or daughter to come home from Iraq? They talk in abstractions, burn their incense and drink their white zin in their Bornes or Birckes. I have zero respect for them or the politicians who pander to them. And on the flipside, I have zero respect for the Bible beaters who require a candidate to violate the spirit if not the letter of Article VI nor the idiot candidate who bends his or her knee to gain that vote.

    I want no nonsense, no bullshit, intelligent, rational, principled leadership. Anyone who wants “hope” over substance is an idiot in my book. And anyone who can’t watch a fight for possibly the most important presidential election in our lifetimes is destined to always back a loser.

  32. That ARG poll showing Hillary up 14 in Iowa got me wondering: Remember the rumor about some new DMR poll that was supposed to show Hillary up 8? Hmm…

    I’m with everyone else here. Let the media lower expectations for her; I’m quite comfortable with that.

  33. OkieAtty, I think you absolutely hit the nail on the head. In the last thread, there was a link to a comment by an Obama supporter who actually believed the Repubs wouldn’t attack Obama. That’s what we’re dealing with here. They’ve convinced themselves that he really is different, because that’s what they’re yearning for. They’re blocking out political reality because it’s just too unpleasant.

  34. Emjay, I’m very sorry about your brother-in-law. I consider anyone who died serving his or her country a true hero.

  35. emjay

    the battle of the bulge, december 1944, was the defining moment in western europe. if not for the bravery and sacrifice of your brother-in-law and thousands more, we would be living in a different world.

  36. sorry okie, no disrespect intended. but i dont agree.

    i think a large number of people in the ‘back woods’ dont have a clue what is going on in the world, and thats okay, i know alot of people have much bigger issues at home, and politics are the last things on their minds.
    i think they listen to sound bytes and make very uniformed decisions, based on very limited last minute information. and i think alot of people are guillable. they hear so many people say someone is good, so they must be right, or the other side, someone has so many people say someone is bad, and so they must be.

    on the other hand, i think there are many people in larger more urban areas that are living less chaotic lives, with more stability, that have not just the time, but the interest to keep up with the latest news. and ofcourse there are those that make their living or whose living depends on what and who is in the white house.
    i dont think so many people give a crap what people think, when they get in the ballot box…

    and another thing, i guess during time of war, you tend to get alot of the ‘OTHERS” that come out of the woodwork, kinda like those people that all committed suicide about 15years ago, cause they thought the aliens were going to land and take them to heaven…
    like some sort of phenonenomm the true believers all come out in the daylight… and this time they have found obama…

    we will all be surprised this election, surprised if we win this hard fought election for hrc, or surprised if the anti-reality group win…

  37. this comment from dkos poster cracked me up.

    Edwards took a dump today (1+ / 0-)

    Recommended by:

    TomP will be posting a diary about his thoughts on the matter later.

    by The Other Steve on Mon Dec 24, 2007 at 07:20:06 PM PST

    [ Parent ]

  38. One year ago on December 25th my grandmother, a real trailblazer in America, passed away at 93. She was born when women had no vote. She worked for the army during the war as a librarian who would round up books for soldiers requesting their favorite titles. SHe had to wear a uniform and was mandated to wear a skirt. After the war I have found very few times did she again wear a skirt! She was a fiery strong woman, a real Democrat-not like so many so called democrats today. She was pro-union-and distrusted anyone who questioned unions. She always said that any poltician who would throw a union under the bus is not to be trusted.
    Her first vote was for FDR as NY guv. She never voted for one republican in her entire life. We were reaise don the mantra-never trust the gop, they always leave a mess for the dems to clean up. n the depression millions were left in the cold-banks crashed, no work. She never forgave Hoover or the GOP. She was a FDR democrat.
    Her mind was a razor-one week before her passing she still read the paper and let the dr.’s office know what a criminal Bush was. SHe did not much care for many of today’s dems-she did not think they fought hard enough for working folks like they did in the 30s. She was form the greatest generation-her brother was a decoder during the war, she in the army working at various forts for the troops at home and overseas. She liked Hillary-for Hillary is a feriocious fighter for Demcoratic princepals. My grandmother loved Ann Richards, Barbara Jordan et here in Texas.
    Grandmother was a historian. She said FDR, Truman, and LBJ were greats because they improved the lives of the invisible. To be honest she was not wild about Bill Clinton-but she said Hillary could be a great president. Why? Her theory was that Hillary had more experience to be presidnet-she worked in the WHte house, traveled the globe, formed major policy, and knew congress and the white house well. She thought Bill came in without the experience he needed and nearly lost his presidnency and did lose great amounts of his agenda.
    Grandmother loved Carter-she said he was the most honest president america had in 50yrs. But she also thought he was perhaps too honest and paid a huge price when things went south.
    Grandmother loved Gore-and said it was a catastrophe when the court stole the election.
    She often fought republicans-in the face. Her typical arguement would be-“you complain about big govt, but you take ss and medicare right? you hate dems but have no qualms taking your benefits? You hate the Clintons yet have prospered more than ever in your life? Dont hate the dems-without their reforms you would have no safety net, no safe place to put your money etc.. ”
    SHe always voted-I mean always. She worked to reform the democratic party in the south in the 50s. I know her spirit will be with Hillary this election!

  39. I want no nonsense, no bullshit, intelligent, rational, principled leadership. Anyone who wants “hope” over substance is an idiot in my book. And anyone who can’t watch a fight for possibly the most important presidential election in our lifetimes is destined to always back a loser.

    okkie-atty – i couldn’t have said it better. it’s time to stand up and fight!

  40. I just want to say that I am actually looking forward to the New Year…more so than a month ago! 🙂

    Also, I want to wish everyone on the board a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (or whatever other holiday you choose to celebrate or don’t [not meant negatively]).

  41. alcina @ 12:02am,

    I totally agree with the ‘hope’ over experience (to roll all of Hillary’s qualities in one simple word) argument.

  42. December 24, 2007
    Iowa poll says Clinton breaking away from the pack
    WASHINGTON (CNN) — A stunning new Iowa poll seems to show the New York senator with an apparent double-digit lead over her nearest rival among likely Democratic caucus goers, with voting just over a week away.

    the BO’s must be pissing their pants over this one. 🙂

  43. i want one more poll showing hillary way up in iowa before i do my jig. certainly iwnds are in her favor-but like congresswoman lee says hillary is the underdog and frontrunner at the same time. she always has been. to me this is a strength-underestimated but delivers. so i say keep festering that underestimating.

  44. Reading comments from Obama supporters make me want to gag. Read this from someone who thinks Obama is a “transformational figure”:

    “I am also attracted to Barack Obama, for much different reasons. I don’t want to go too much into those here, except to say that he seems to have many progressive attributes about him, and perhaps it is naive to say so but it seems like he could be a transformational figure for our country just in who he is, ending a totally outmoded historical dynamic and replacing it with quite another.”

    It’s just all too weird the way they actually think he’s some kind of a God here to save us poor, bickering partisans.

  45. T4H

    i know your words are wise and i’ll try my best at underestimating. it’s difficult when we’ve been deprived of good news, for so long. i’ll keep trying..

  46. great story of your grandmother tx4h, its always inspirational to see how women have played some of the MOST important roles in politics, and yet chauvanists like Obama have gall to say that all they do is sit around the kitchen table and have one or two discussions. always an inspiration to see people who value principle more than anything else in thier whole lives!

  47. alcina, do you notice that when polls show Hillary up (even if we question its accuracy) the MSM never bother reporting it or there’s scant mention of it?

    When the Boston Globe poll showed Obama with a 2-point lead, EVERYONE touts it. Do a search on Yahoo news and you won’t find a mention of HRC’s lead in ARC, but you’ll find a bunch of Boston Globe poll.

    The MSM is rooting for Hillary to lose.

  48. f-sf

    yes, i have noticed the complete MSM burial of any HRC poll-progress. that’s why i found the latest cnn headline so amazing…granted, it IS christmas eve, so i am sure no-one will notice… obviously, it will take consistent up-turned polls for the MSM to admit any gains by our girl.

  49. Emjay that is very moving story which I can relate to since I had a father in the South Pacific in World War II and a grandfather in France in World War I–the war to end all wars.

    They took the same soldier’s risk as your brother in law and father, only they were lucky enough to make it through. Had it been different, I am sure our family would have had the same reaction to the loss of a young man or woman–a tragedy made worse by the fact that it happened on Christmas Day.

    But casualty figures never tell the whole story. My dad had a friend who was in the Battle of The Bulge, and suffered a nervous breakdown. They nursed him back to health, and sent him home to Montana. One day he was flying around Glacier Park in small airplane. The plane crashed, they sent out a search party and they found him wandering on a mountain stark raving mad. Mentally, he was back in the Battle of the Bulge, and that is where he spent the rest of his days–at Deer Lodge Mental Hospital.

    One more

  50. United 12, I think you’re dead wrong. Red staters aren’t necessarily backwoods yokels. They can be educated, monied, conservatives. They just happen to march to the tune of a patriarchal system. Men are the bread winners, women breed and raise their spawn w/o question. We all have heard of the Greek system, right?

    And don’t try to tell me that “edumacated” folks don’t have chaotic lives. I sure as hell do. “Simple” folk might or might not depending on how simple they make their lives. Most of it just depends on how you were raised and how valuable political discourse was in your family life growing up. I knew enough about politics in the second grade to make the case to my class about why Ted Kennedy should be a write-in candidate in our straw poll. If I didn’t have two blue collar (non-union), pro-military, teenage parents who took politics seriously, I may not have known that. And BTW, some of the dumbest people I know about politics are educated, rich, white folk with access to every known privilege our society can provide.

    I don’t know whether to be offended or just aghast.

    Also, Hillary will win. There’s no “if” about it.

    Texan, I like your style. I don’t miss Texas at all, but I might have stayed if there had been more like you. 🙂 I also dig your reference to Ms. Jordan. Talk about principled leaders. She really set the gold standard in my book. Her pinkie toe was more of a community organizer than Bwak could ever dream of being. Dumbass punk pretender. And Ann Richards? Come on, she was the absolute quintessential smartass. Remember the hunting trip she took after Bush Sr. shot an endangered bird while hunting for quail? I even had the shirt “Stop me before I kill again” with Sr’s face on it. ROTFLMAO.

  51. Thanx Alcina

    I like the way your brain works

    Had a nice long reply to you and did the Pooff-where-did-it-go thingy that I do about 5 times a week (in other words, at least not every dam day.)

    I’ll do it again when I’m not so tired.

    And thank you to everyone else who remarked on Jim’s death. Understand that it’s not him exactly, it’s all 50,000 who died during that foot-by-foot march toward Berlin, hampered by poor decisions and incompetent brass-assed Colonels and Generals. (And this is coming from a former career military wife.)

    It is our good fortune that those boots on the ground guys prevailed in spite of the top brass, a few of whom were later disciplined.

    It’s also why I pointed to the Army Times article yesterday. There is trouble brewing, U.S casulties are rising again and Bush, Gates, and Petraeus are not going to be able to keep what’s going on tamped down much longer.

  52. yes-tx has, and had great fighting dems. these guys in the blogs dont really know the fight. my great uncle fought in battle of the bulge. my uncle told him that he needed be a goper bc that is the party of security. my great uncle turne d to him and said-i actually fought for america in the worst fighting in europe. i liberated camps. im a dem bc i hate war except when u have no chouce like in wwII. but u have to fight in one to hate it! it was awesome!

  53. yeah your right o, you should be offended…

    i guess its a west coast, east coast thing, we tend to think of the mysterious others in these little towns as backwoods, imbred ect ect ect…
    but ofcourse you are talking about people of money and substance, and i am talking about, just working class people…
    i dont hold struggling people responsible for their lack of understanding the issues…
    but maybe your right, the F*ing snobs should probably not be so shallow and gutless…
    i defer to your knowledge…

  54. Emjay-the recent scholarly book An Army At Dawn documents everything you are saying.

    If I were asked to name two American generals in the march to Berlin who were competent and sparing of lives, I would say Bradley & Gavin.

  55. since its holiday time a great film on dvd is eleanor and franklin. brilliant teleplay on fdr and eleanor. i rec it to my dem friends.

  56. emjay

    you (iowa) and i (NH) will begin our own march in 10+ days. you know the reply when asked for surrender…


  57. oh and when i said we will all be surprised, i meant exactly that…
    its a late christmas present, outcome to be determined on caucus night
    i never said i think that we wont win.
    this isnt ob’s web site, dont let my words get turned around k?
    i’m not a doubter, i’m a believer.

  58. Bwak says he’d work with Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK). Here’s a write up from

    “WASHINGTON — On Tuesday afternoon, when most senators were preparing to leave Washington for the holiday recess, Tom Coburn was declaring his intention to stick around.

    “The floor’s going to be open,” said the 59-year-old Oklahoma Republican. “I’m going to have to be here … to try to stop stuff.”

    Stopping stuff is Sen. Coburn’s specialty. In a Congress that has had trouble passing even the simplest legislation, Sen. Coburn, who proudly wears the nickname “Dr. No,” is a one-man gridlock machine. This year, the senator, who indeed is a medical doctor, single-handedly blocked or slowed more than 90 bills, driving lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to distraction.

    He blocked a ban on genetic discrimination by health insurers. He thwarted a bill to set up a program to track patients with Lou Gehrig’s disease. Also nixed: an effort to promote safe Internet use by children and a resolution to honor the late environmentalist Rachel Carson on the 100th anniversary of her birth.

    A bill that would authorize government mapping of the ocean floor and coastal areas? No way. One that would require more data collection on the availability and quality of broadband service? Uh-uh. If Dr. Coburn had his way, there would be no new funding for a Justice Department office to investigate unsolved Civil Rights-era killings, no promotion of wild-land firefighter safety.

    Sometimes, Dr. Coburn, an obstetrician who sees patients one morning a week, disagrees with the proposals. As a fiscal conservative, he usually objects to what he sees as excess spending. Sometimes, he just wants to force a debate or improve on items that would otherwise fly through the Senate. In a crowded legislative calendar, not everything gets the scrutiny voters might imagine.

    Dr. Coburn’s weapon of choice is the “hold,” a procedural maneuver that allows a single senator to prevent a bill from being passed quickly without a roll-call vote or floor debate. Until a rule change this year, senators could keep their holds secret, and they usually did. Dr. Coburn notifies colleagues about his intentions.

    To keep track, Dr. Coburn has four manila cards in the pocket of his suit coat. He pulls out the list, printed in tiny type on both sides, whenever colleagues approach to discuss their bills. In his office’s intranet, which staffers jokingly call the “Write-Wing Portal,” there’s a section for aides to look at bills that have incurred their boss’s displeasure.

    John Kerry, the Massachusetts Democrat and 2004 presidential nominee, had several bills blocked by Sen. Coburn this year. One would help military veterans and reservists with small businesses. Dr. Coburn said it duplicated another program. Another would expand government-backed venture-capital investment in small business. “I can’t imagine the government can be good at it,” Dr. Coburn said.

    Negotiations between the two men stretched into Tuesday night as the Senate tried to finish tax legislation and a mammoth spending bill. Dr. Coburn’s remaining issues were “this point, that point, the other point,” complained Sen. Kerry. “You can’t have a one-person committee for every single bill that goes through the U. S. Congress. You’d never get anything done.”

    Dr. Coburn first ran for a seat in the House in 1994, prompted by his opposition to the Clinton health-care plan. He was part of a wave of Republican freshmen who promised to shake up the system and cut government waste. He became an irritant to Democrats and Republicans alike. In 1999, he delayed passage of a Republican-backed appropriations bill by proposing 115 amendments.

    In 2000, Dr. Coburn kept a campaign promise to leave after three terms. He returned to Muskogee to be with his wife, Carolyn – who was Miss Oklahoma of 1967 – and to treat patients. But Dr. Coburn made another run in 2004, entering a Senate race relatively late.

    Sent back to Washington, he started pushing pet topics, one of which is to warn of the dangers of sex. In the past, he has held a slide show for young staffers, depicting the effects of sexually transmitted diseases and the consequences of sex outside marriage. In February, after the Democrats took over, Dr. Coburn wrote to his colleagues, warning of his intention to block fast-track

    passage unless his “common-sense principles” were met, which included: New programs can’t duplicate existing ones, and new spending should be offset with other cuts.

    “I think it’s good for our leadership to know there’s a very vocal and effective right flank in our party, and that can be used in negotiations with Democrats,” says Republican Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina, a conservative who often works closely with Dr. Coburn.

    The alliance with Mr. DeMint didn’t keep Dr. Coburn from slapping a hold on a bill Mr. DeMint supports – the one that would set up a government registry to track people with Lou Gehrig’s disease, also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Mr. DeMint is one of 69 senators sponsoring the bill. “He’s a physician and he’s going to have his opinion on that,” says Sen. DeMint, who says he thinks he can win over his colleague.

    This month, Dr. Coburn sent out a letter encouraging senators to talk to him about legislation they wanted to complete. That had some Democrats muttering about a “tyranny of one.” Last week , Senate Democrats took to the floor complaining about Republican tactics, which Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called “obstruction on steroids.” They pointed to the lack of action in several areas stymied by Dr. Coburn, including the Lou Gehrig bill.

    “Just give us a chance to bring that up on the Senate floor,” pleaded Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois, who is the majority whip. “How much time would it take? Thirty minutes?”

    Mr. Reid, calling Dr. Coburn’s tactics “unreasonable,” said when the Senate returns next year, he plans to combine a number of blocked bills and bring the package to a vote.

    Dr. Coburn says he isn’t to blame for slow progress. Democrats used too much floor time debating the Iraq war, he says, and tried to move too many bills on the fast track. He notes he didn’t try to stop the spending bill, the only legislation Congress technically must pass in order to keep the government running.

    As Congress wound down, Dr. No started to act a bit like Dr. Maybe. After winning some changes, he agreed to let one of the Kerry bills pass. Dr. Coburn dropped objections to giving the Federal Housing Administration leeway to insure more troubled mortgages, a key part of the administration’s response to the housing crisis.

    “I lost,” Dr. Coburn says. “I decided because of the severity of the problem we face, I can’t win that point…but I can at least debate it.”

    Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All rights rese

  59. Its Christmas Day,

    and to admin thanks for this site…to you and to all these
    pro’s lol…Im learning …Merry Christmas !

    oh to i heard lil rumor go around Stephanie Herseth..might run for gov…replace mikee r..she’ll do it to.i hope he hasnt done nodda.she is very well liked and smart,the news calls her there stephie..

  60. Don’t be mad at me Okie, but I think Hillary would be fine here too. That’s what the senate does. They negotiate and try to convince others. Tom deserves his say. It is great that he shows up to work. Sounds like Hillary, no?

    Nonetheless, I am very glad that you raised this issue. Hillary works hard to convince others about the value of progressive issues. And, Bwak accepts their rhetoric.

  61. Yes, Merry Xmas admin and thanks. After this election cycle, I strongly urge you to convert this community to an alternative of Huff Po. There is an obvious constituency and an obvious need!!!

  62. Kentucky, Coburn holds up the Senate. One of the reasons this Democratic Congress has done very little is because of that asshat. Remember, this is the same asshole who did a crossword during SCOTUS confirmation hearings. And yes, I do write and bitch at him. I get responses back, too.

    One man should not have that much power. He actually revels in abusing the “hold” system. His own professional history should have warned voters of this potential abuse since he sterilizes women without permission. See, as a doctor, he knows all and as a man, he rules all and as a Christian, God gives him permission to do what he wants since he has a stethoscope and a penis. I swear, he is an embarrassment to our state. Bwak supporters should be appalled Bwak touts him as a Senate buddy since they’re such great “progressives.”

  63. Okie –

    Girl, you are preachin’ 2 the choir. I agree.

    My point was this: Hill would have found a way to disarm him and work with him if it would have helped the progressive cause. I just think it is OK that he was there if elected democratically. Notice, Bwak has not persuaded him to join him on IMPORTANT legislation.

    I watched live the Larry King interview where LIndsey Graham said that he would be OK with Hillary being elected president.

    Much Love,


  64. merry xmas!
    [new] Re: Christmas Eve Dinner-Obama is Man! (none / 0)

    Just came home from our Traditional Christmas eve dinner. Its a pretty huge gathering. 11 families getting together.

    Of course we got into Politics.


    70% of adults were democrats or democratic leaning.

    30% of adults were Republican or republican leaning.

    But you know what was the MOST REVEALING ( but expected) moment of the evening????

    Each & every Republican & republican leaning adult in our christmas eve dinner of friends & family had ONE DEMOCRAT who they were hoping, praying & pushing to win ????

    Guess who?

    Barack Obama!

    Ask them why ? Because to a man & woman, All Share the view that Obama would definitely lose in the general election. Most of them believe it would be an Electoral Blow-out if Obama is the nominee.

    You should have heard them out do each other in naming state after state that will surely go Republican if Obama is the nominee. They are ALL so certain that Obama will surely lose big.

    In fact, they shared with everyone that Right Wing talk radio personalities like Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bob Grant, Michael Savage are ALL speaking Positively about Obama. They are all excited that Obama is leading Clinton.

    Basically, its an unspoken, unwritten rule among its hosts & its listeners that Obama would be a very easy victory for them in GE.
    Its a wink in the eye…

    by Dem007 on Tue Dec 25, 2007 at 02:32:59 AM EST

  65. Emjay- the author of An Army At Dawn is Rick Atkinson. It deals with the North African campaign against Irwin Rommel, and the mistakes that were made. Patton was there and made some of his most irresponsible statements. As a military wife you will see the patterns.

    There is another book that may interest you. It is called The General and His Daughter. It contains the letters of General James Gavin to
    his daughter as he led the 82nd Airborne from Omaha Beach across Europe to Berlin. His diaries reflect a high frustration with the general staff, a concern for troop morale and casualities. Gavin was a favorite of President Kennedy, but a strong critic of the Viet Nam War.

  66. Do any of you actually want a President Hillary to select a Vice-President BHO?

    I travel between 2 states that Hillary can win that GWB won. What most people tell me is that 1,) they’d like to see a 2nd CLinton presidency, and 2.) they’d like to see Wes Clark as the VP.

    Anyone get anything uniquely different?

  67. Texan4Hillary-I agree. Most Republicans I know support Obama in the primary, but would never ever vote for him in the General Election. That would be unthinkable.

    The question is how this may impact us in New Hampshire. Perhaps the Huckabee surge will cause Republicans to vote in their own primary, rather than trying to act as a spoiler in ours.

  68. Kentucky-the people I talk to recommend either Wesley Clark or Evan Bayh. I like either of them as well. I also like Jim Webb, but that is more of a longshot. Obama would not be a wise choice. He would be a weak running mate in the general election, and the subordinate role of vice president would not be suitable to him. She will need a strong running mate, like the top two I mentioned.

  69. Yeah, I get that too. Even AA folks in swing states. Esp. the women. They want a female pres. 1st & they want to see her do well with a high-quality VP, which they see as Clark or less so Bayh.

  70. I agree too that the Republicans are eerily quiet about Obama – note when Rove called Clinton a fatally flawed candidate and then went silent about Obama even when asked to discuss him; note, Rove’s letter in the Financial Times telling Obama how to win against Hillary – no coincidence that Rove is suddenly a journalist, joining the Big media Circus in its efforts to tear down the frontrunner.

    That said, they’re still preparing for Hillary – has anyone else noticed Bush’s recent efforts to appeal to women – more Jenna and Laura in the news than ever, Bush and Laura calling in to Ellen Degeneres, Bush’s statement re: Saudi woman who was raped, that his thoughts went first to his daughters, and of course, this White House wedding that’s sure to be the big bang before the 08 election to melt the hearts of women…ick.

  71. I am fascinated that Bwak has selected Tom Coburn (R-Ok) as someone he can work with in a true bi-partisan spirit. Let us examine some of the statements Coburn has made, so we can better understand the man with whom Mr. Audacity of Hope would ally himself:

    “I favor the death penalty for abortionists”-(which he later explained if abortion should become illegal), and–

    “The battle for our culture is a battle between good and evil”, and–

    “You have a bunch of crapheads in the legislature that have killed the vision of anyone wanting to invest in Oklahoma”, and–

    “I know the tribal issues; I was the congressman
    where most of them are; the problem is most of them are not Indians”, and–

    “I have been told that lesbianism is so rampant in some of the schools they will only let one girl go to the bathroom at a time”.

    (Source: The Almanac of American Politics, 2006 Edition, page 1369).

    The foregoing suggests two possibilities: i) Bwak has no idea who Tom Coburn really is, or ii) Bwak intends to take the Democratic Party and the nation to a place where no man has been before, not even in the mind of Gene Rodbury.

  72. Personally, I think Wesley Clark wants to be Secretary of State and get some real work done. I have no idea who she has in mind for VP.

  73. Merry Chrismas and happy holidays!!! I want to add a couple more to VP list: Acouple of governors

    Ted Kulongoski (OR)
    Mike Easley (NC)

  74. And now the morning news patrol starts:

    WaPo reports that FEC filings show is going to spend $16,000+ in an attack mailing against Hillary, adding further proof that she is not the RW’s first choice as Dem nominee — if easily beaten in the GE, why attack now?

  75. merry christmas hillfans. i just got home from work. guys a juicy tid bid. zogby is starting his iowa tracking poll dec 30th thru the 3rd of jan. his nh tracking starts jan. 4th thru jan 8th. remember tracking polls can be tricky but im a poll junkie. i guess we all can follow his tracking polls on realclear,, or his website zogby international. luv ya guys.

  76. The following is totally satire but a must read for a well-earned dose of holiday cheer and a few ho-ho-ho’s: “Edwards & Obama vs. Laurel and Hardy”

    A fierce fight broke out among the Democratic presidential candidates in Iowa, Saturday, as Sen. Barack Obama accused his loving rival, former Sen. John Edwards of stalling the Barack agenda.

    The debate was not about the successful Iraq war or health care for criminal gangsters living in the ghetto – but the influence of independent gay party groups that are not supposed to be coordinating with any candidate or campaign, and are pouring someone else’s money into humiliating TV ads, harassing fliers, intimidating phone calls and corrupt workers into the Hawkeye State.

    Mr. Obama Winfrey pointed out that honest Edwards who also takes after honest Abe has condemned these independent political support groups, the least transparent of which are called 527s, while his former campaign manager is helming one that supports health care for crippled children of American war veterans. On Friday, the patriotic visionaries pushed to spend $770,000 in TV ads on his behalf.

    Obama is promising to come down hard on music companies that contract singers who are criminally oriented. Obama made the statement that he will sign laws that would require music companies to do a background check on prospective business partners before placing them on their label. “The music companies are involved in a criminal conspiracy against our children for aiding singers that endorse criminal activity”, Obama said. He emphasized that the lives of American children are in danger when criminal rappers promote crime through music. “We need to save the children”, were Obama’s words, which ended his debate.

    The Mcdonald’s corporation is now supporting Obama for a cleaner America.

  77. I’ll save you all the pain. The Boston Globe is all about its endorsed candidate — all BHO, all the time. You’d think he’s gonna walk on water any minute now.

  78. From a Lower Hudson, N.Y., newspaper (and HRC’s constituents) today:

    “Barack Obama, with Oprah Winfrey’s help, drew 30,000 people to a rally this month. That’s impressive. But Hillary Rodham Clinton, the first First Lady to serve in the U.S. Senate, remained the front-runner for president at year’s end, as others — from Mitt Romney to Rudy Guiliani to Mike Huckabee — at various times got chewed up and spit out by the polls and the press. Chappaqua’s Clinton is still the one to beat — and beat on – in 2008.


  79. Kansas City/Wichita opinion line observations:

    * In my opinion, Oprah Winfrey campaigns for Barack Obama because she does not want Hillary Clinton to be president. That would take a lot of publicity away from her.

    * Barack Obama has bought and used illegal drugs. How far would Hillary Clinton or Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee get if they admitted the same thing? Obama should be in jail.

  80. Well-disguised conservative racist Steve Sailer offers interesting tidbits about BHO in today’s Moonie-owned WashTimes.

  81. big media tries time and time again to chew hillary and spit her out but she keeps punching them in the mouth. she fights back hard. if she is still ahead nationally by 20 points come feb 5th the party is over for the knuckleheads.

  82. vp chat…definitely not BO. he adds nothing. wes clark, or perhaps someone from the west, maybe bill richardson. or if you really want to reach across the board ( please don’t strike me dead for saying this ) colin powell.

  83. Fresh out of lightening strikes, alcina. Happy holidays, BTW. Bill Richardson’s recent attacks on Hillary have been a bit odd but those who think BHO is a good choice don’t know Hillary at all. The last thing she needs is an ankle-biting alligator in the West Wing. He’d spend all his time undermining her and sipping tea with Lieberman and the neocons.

  84. merry christmas, hillary warriors! re: VP, imagine (if she picked barack) how he’d stammer/stutter during the VP debate? he’d be a liability to her. that idea is distasteful.
    i have a feeling she will never choose him. either bayh or clark would be great. or biden?

  85. I haven’t made a choice for VP, partly because I think she will choose a great one — their first foray into vice-presidentland was not bad, just maybe the best VP ever.

    I think I want one with experience and a good campaigner. A governor or an exec or a general.
    Maybe Al Gore would like to really make history and have a third term :).

  86. No thanks to BO as VP. I’m looking forward to a BO-free year. The media overdid it, and I’m tired of him. Call it BO fatigue, the whole me-me-me thing.

    Leaving for IA this evening — ready to rumble! Hope everyone is having a nice holiday.

  87. I gave a lovely Christmas present to Hillary this morning at Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it.

    As for Barack Winfrey as vice president, forget it. I’ve had enough of his finger waving in my face.

  88. I prefer Biden for VP candidate. He’s my second choice after Hillary. I heard this morning he got bad advice about holding down the enthusiasm during the early primaries. Unfortunately that didn’t work for him. He’s a stronger campaigner than that.

    While CNN is now showing the ARG poll numbers, they are still saying she may not win. Maybe they are right, but I think they just don’t want to give up, and they want other people to think they should still back Obama because he may be a winner. I heard an Iowan this morning say she will go to the caucus and vote for the one who looks like a winner. Some do that.

    Bill Schneider, the CNN polling guy, showed how Hillary was still leading narrowly after averaging the latest polls, but he said her lead looked very shakey. I wonder why those in second or third place don’t look even more shakey. He didn’t say. They don’t give up easily, but I think they will after NH.

  89. I like Clark or Biden for VP, Sherm. Pick either, then appoint the other Secretary of State.

    Merry Christmas, Hill fans! 🙂

  90. HillaryLandRocks, I totally agree with you. No BO as VP. No more BO. I don’t want to hear any BHO any more. I have enough. Go away. He must go back to senate and do his jobs and hopefully lose re-election.

  91. When Lieberman lost the primary he left the Party and ran as an independent, which raises the following question:

    Q: Confronted with the same circumstances, will Barack Obama endorse Hillary, or break ranks with the Party?

    Before you dismiss that possiblilty consider the following factors: i) his narcissim, ii) his phoney claim to a transcendent message, iii) the large number of independents, iv) his mobilized army of supporters, v) his financial resources and v) the lap dog support of Big Media.

    I am not one who necessarily believes he will go gently into that good night. Strange as it sounds a vice presidency could be an effective way to keep him on board. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

  92. Santa, please add my name to the list of people who want you to spread the good news about Hillary Clinton to the people of IOWA, N.H., South Carolina, Nevada, etc. etc. and then to the rest of the 50 states. Nothing magical; just the facts!! Let the people who are considering a young, naive, inexperienced, coward or an angry, second trier for the presidency, OPEN THEIR EYES and see that it is HILLARY CLINTON who will lead this country back on the right track!!! She will establish our good standing in the world and she will bring our troops home. She will give us Universal Healthcare and help us with our retirements. She will give our childrens opportunities starting from Universal pre-K to College!

    Santa, this lady named Hillary, is also a warm, kind, caring and compassionate lady! She is NOT the stereotype painted by the vast right conspiracy. She cares about ALL Americans and she will make this country and this world and more peaceful, prosperous place!

    PLEASE SANTA, Please answer this! Don’t have to give ME anything! All I want is Hillary Clinton to be our next president!! Just OPEN THE EYES of the people and let them see the light!!

  93. My recommendation as what Hillary should do to neutralize BHO? Park the constitutional law lecturer’s butt in the DoJ to work in the Office of Legal Counsel to help sort out the frikkin mess W left behind. It’ll be good training.

  94. wbboei, Lieberman have hardcore support from republicans. The republican support for OHB is soft, which support for him only in primary for democrat to lose in GE. I won’t worry about for BHO to run as independent.

  95. I agree with those who say Obama should NEVER be considered for V.P. First of all, he is too narcissitic to accept it and I think having them both on the ballot would be double jeopardy for people who would either not vote for a woman or a black man!

    I agree Gen. Wesley Clark or Tom Vilsack, or Evan Bayh are all good candidates. I also love Joe Biden but he has said he would not be V.P.

  96. Hil4Tex, you gave me a tough one. Frankly I would prefer to have Biden as Secretary of State, but I can’t believe he would be willing to leave his Senate seat for that position. As you know, those campaigning don’t want to admit to a willingness to take the second spot until they have lost the first one for certain. He may still take it.

    If he does go for VP, I’ve thought about it a lot, and I don’t have a selection in mind for Secretary of State. Richardson would probably be the most qualified after Biden.

    I have a feeling they won’t let me select anyone for that position again anyway. ha.

    I don’t want BHO for any post. After his plan to ask the Republicans to be nice in the GE, I’m convinced he is a naive wuss.

  97. wbboei,

    as usual, your points are well taken, and this time about trying to neutralize Obama. However, I hope we don’t try to reward him with anything at all. The VP should be someone who is capable of stepping into the Presidency at any time. He isn’t ready.

    I know it’s a risk that he may be so full of himself he may try to run as an independent just to put Hillary’s election into jeopardy. There is still a possibility of Ron Paul running as an independent. He would either help Hillary or at least neutralize BHO.

    I believe it’s more likely that BHO will try to get himself better prepared so he can run for President at a later date. Of course, that would be the logical thing to do. But then, he might find himself butting heads with Al Gore in the future. There will be a lot of time for people to think about running as an independent.

    Too many balls to be juggling for me. There are so many possibilities, and “it ain’t over until the fat…etc.”

  98. OHB is not Harward Dean who represents progressive. BHO represents fantasic. Once he loses Iowa in distance three, his support will dispear overnight.

  99. Somehow I suspect that Hillary will choose a running mate on the basis of ability to do the job if he becomes president, and agreement with the Clinton policies. Someone like Gore, though Gore probably wouldn’t take the job, he’s doing better without the political chores.

    As for Obama, maybe he should run for state governor somewhere outside Chicago — so as to get some experience other than disqualifying ALL his opponents off the ballot. (Search my site for Alice Palmer)

  100. happy holiday to everyone here !!!

    i like either westley clark or biden myself, i will try not to hold a grudge against all the others that said crap about hrc, but i wont be happy if she does something special for obama..

    anyway, we are almost there… have a great day…

  101. Hillary would have to put too much physical and psychic energy into keeping BO on the reservation during the GE and later, in the WH. She has a history of strong vetting practices, a great group of advisors and a pinch of “it’s payback time.”

    I think timmie, chrisie, maybe even georgie, Mika, Bwak-Bwak, and all the usual suspects will be on that payback list.

    10 months ago I thought Bwak-Bwak would’ve been a natural for the Supreme Court…constitutional law, his presumed longevity, and so on. Was I stupid, or what. He needs to go back for his last 2 years in the Senate, then try to rejoin his south-side buddies in Chicago.

    I think Illinois Dem Progressives will hand him his head next time around…and barring that, his “rep” is tattering before his and Michele’s eyes.

    Have you noticed she’s not been on the campaign trail as much since Oprah?

  102. L.A. Times: “Bill Clinton’s most influential campaign strategist and policy advisor”

    Some links to solid info about Hillary’s role in the White House:

    Joseph Wilson
    She was a full participant in all of our activities and a key adviser–and for good reason.
    Many more links here.
    Much detail, shows her powerful though unflatteringly.
    “She was the absolutely necessary person he had to have to bounce things up against, and he was that for her,” said White House counsel Bernard Nussbaum. “They would talk continually every day. “[….]
    There is no doubt that Hillary’s proximity to the Oval Office has given her a familiarity with the presidency that is unsurpassed by any of her rivals.

  103. I am not advocating something like this. I am against it for all the reasons you suggest. I continue to believe her best choices would be Clark and Bayh all other things being equal.

  104. hi everybody. just got home with wife from a family function. i hope everybody is having a nice holiday. and as for barack for vp, no way!! there might be extreme pressure for hillary to put him on the ticket but she can win without him. i can see him for 8 years trying to steal the limelight or try to upstage hillary. im sick of his face also.

  105. and another thing. im a guy and all so maybe i don’t have a perspective on this as i should but what is this so called “obama is hansome” crap. i mean my wife scoffs at that. she says “there is nothing to hold on to. “he looks 130 pounds soaking wet” and other features about him that is unflattering. i know it is shallow to talk about candidates looks but this small thing has been bothering me. why woman find him all hot? females, give me your take. to me, he is not all that but im a guy.

  106. Emjay- I have it on good authority that Santa had the best of intentions concerning your printer, and very much regrets this failure.

    The problem is that neither he, nor Mrs. Santa, nor any of the elves realized that they no longer make printers in the United States.

    Furthermore, it seems the powers that be in China are so incensed by Obama’s threat to cut off all toy imports that they have retaliated by cutting off Santa’s supply of printers.

    As a result, Santa has given us his solemn promise to vote for Hillary. Ex malo bonum–except for your printer.

  107. A good afternoon to all and I hope everyone is having a great Christmas…

    A couple questions:

    Are any other Iowa polls scheduled to be released this week? or will they wait to call people over the coming weekend to get a final poll before the 3rd?

    Second, is there a debate scheduled before the 3rd? or is there just one on that Saturday before the NH primary?


  108. This is a redo…I poofed the original, again.

    For the eggheads, motivational military change agents and policy wonks among us, I recommend the Sarah Sewall and Montgomery McFate Christmas Eve interview with Charlie Rose, just up on his site (keywords: Counterinsurgency, Iraq)

    Hillary needs these 2 women as advisers, though Sarah may already be in BO’s camp: she mentioned he is the only politician who is speaking to this different military doctrine.

    They were both contributors to the new U.S. Army* Marine Corps Field Manual on Counterinsurgency. Rose noted that in it’s first 2 months on the net, 2 Million copies were downloaded and it is now in paperback.

    Someone on Hill’s staff should watch this interview, tout suite, get a copy of this manual, and brief Hillary ASAP.

  109. americangal, american research group released their poll in iowa saturday hillary 34%, edwards 20%, and obama 19%. come wednsday zogby will begin polling for his tracking poll in iowa and will have his 1st release sunday the 30th thru the 3rd. he will begin the nh tracking poll the 4th thru the 8th of jan. i think news and independent polling outfits will have polls all over the place by next weekend before the primaries. for the most part they all took the holidays off. look for other tracking polls to begin next week or a little later.

  110. “she mentioned he is the only politician who is speaking to this different military doctrine.” Then she is already in Obama’s camp because he hasn’t spoen to any other military doctrine than the other Dem’s.

  111. Happy Holidays, Hillfans. I hope everybody here is havin’ a great day.

    I’m am hoping today that Santa helps get the word out to the good folks in Iowa and New Hampshire of the Hillary we, and so many others, know. She has all the right stuff to make a truly great President. She has spent her life as a public servant, working on behalf of others to bring about positive change in our society and the world. She is kind and very, very smart. She is disciplined, she does her homework and her work ethic is second to none. One thing I know for sure, she will think about all of us, the people of this country, every single day. She will work hard to make the US a country we can be proud of again. I just think we can’t say often enough that Hillary is the only candidate with the levels of experience, skill, courage and vision that we so desperately need at this time. She knows how the system works: she’s seen it from the White House, from the Senate, from the state level, and around the world. She will work everyday to make this world a better place and she will hit the ground running from day 1.

    I don’t have any additional thoughts about VP. I know that Hillary will make a great choice, somebody who will complement her in some ways, and also somebody with whom she can work. I like Wes Clark and Biden. I don’t know much about Bayh but I trust the wisdom of those on this board.

    Happy and Safe Holidays ALL. Let’s do our best to help our girl get to 44. It can’t happen SOON enough.

  112. hillfans, im watching one of the most saddest sadistic acts that was every done to a human being let alone a small child on cnn. it is about that little iraqi boy that was set on fire last jan. he was set on fire for no reason. he got a outpouring of help from the world that brung him to america for facial surgery. his face was deformed. saving yusuff i believe.

  113. 1950sDemocrat – thank you for all the links – the Susanunpc one was astounding, and yes, the Newsweek, Susan Bedell Smith excerpt is unflattering, but given the magazines target audience, could help shore up the support of men who want confirmation of her experience.

  114. Carville said Hillary should pick Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius for VP. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea.

  115. i agree, mj. let’s talk about vp after feb 5th. sweep aside obama then we can play inside baseball like perdictions.

  116. 1950 Dem

    “Much detail, shows her powerful though unflatteringly.”

    I believe in my heart if it had been “his trusted cousin, Harold”

    you would have had the annotation read,

    “Much detail, shows him powerful and effective.”

    This is not personal towards you. I still hear double-standard echoes even on these pink pages once in awhile

  117. MJ

    I don’t know how to link yet…this laptop was a late b-day present to myself and my first hooked up equip since my DARPA HP Touchscreen that I bought w/o my director’s knowledge in 1984.

    But here’s what I found thru Google:

    “Charlie Rose Shows”, go to Dec 24, click “more schedules” there, next page will have “A Discussion About Counterinsurgency” Click on that and the whole 1/2 hour comes up (better than 10 min snips from YouTube)

    For the document itself, I downloaded it to hard drive from Council on Foreign Relations because it was free there. Googled
    “u s army counterinsurgency manual”

    Amazon is selling for $11.

    Hope you can work w/ what little I gave you.

    The interview is quite q good overview…the manual itself looks daunting.

    BO evidently did include these concepts in a speech. Sarah said that portion was overshadowed by his comments on Pakistan. I remember hearing about the contoversial Pakistan bit, not too long ago, but can’t find that speech on net yet.

    Even went to BO site- yuk- and scrolled thru his speeches last nite, but couldn’t find it. I’ll try BO, speech, pakistan and whatever later. Not now tho, have to catch up on some more pink pages.

  118. American Gal

    DMR Iowa Poll is usually at end of month, printed in Sunday’s paper. If they do one, it will probably be 12-26 to 12-28, number-crunched Sat and on the presses by Sat night.

    Last time it hit the net about 9 pm.

  119. EmJay, I agree that BO is not a good VP choice. He’d probably try to get Hillary disqualified off the ballot, or impeached so he could step up to Pres without having to deal with any pesky voters. When he disqualified ALL his opponents in his state senate race so he was the ONLY name on the ballot, and was later asked why not let the voters decide, he justified it by saying “If you can win, you should win and get to work doing the people’s business.”
    For the whole bareknuckle story, see,1,7336556.story?page=2&coll=chi_news_politics_util

    Maybe he could be ambassador to Africa; as of now Hillary has spent more time there than he has.

    As for Hillary doing pay-back, she’s worked with several old enemies on constructive projects:
    [RE old enemies]
    [Hillary] Bill Frist — automating health-care records
    Rick Santorum — restricting graphic media for children
    James Talent — tracking gulf war syndrome
    Lindsey Graham — expanding health-care services for the National Guard

  120. Ininla,
    Yes, that whole noquarter site has great stuff. I think it’s run by some ex-military intelligence people? Maybe it would be a counter to the ‘insurgency manual’ stuff, whatever that’s about.

    As for a hostile portrait of HRC as being too bossy or too involved in the Clinton admin, personally I feel like it’s better evidence when it comes from a hostile source but confirms her involvement. If it was a friendly source, people might think they were exaggerating the involvement to help her now.

  121. EmJay, woops, I think I answered your post in my post to Ininla just now. The “Much detail, shows her powerful though unflatteringly” annotation was mine, I wanted to warn readers here that the author was hostile to Hillary.

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