Season Of Peace

For nonbelievers the Winter solstice brings the scientific fact of spaceship earth returning to the Sun’s ascent and the promise of longer hours of lifegiving light. The alignment of bright stars in Orion’s belt with the massive dogstar Sirius in northern skies brings the promise of rebirth with the eventual Spring embrace.

For believers, various celebrations are observed and encapsulated in the circular wreaths of evergreen.

It was therefore, during this Season of Peace, discouraging to see open warfare has blasted forth, dogs of war let loose, among partisans of Obama and Edwards. Therefore we rouse ourselves as peacemakers, ready with a modest proposal to bring peace to these warring camps.

Fellas, just admit that you are both hypocrites and stop the fighting.

* * *

The warfare started with perplexing statements from Obama. Obama after failed wooing of national labor unions now professes shock that organized labor leverages workers and financing to those candidates it deems worthy of endorsement.

Is Obama stating that if he were ever to get the Democratic nomination he would forgo assistance from organized labor and other Democratic allies? No more meetings in labor union halls? No phone banks communicating to Americans in favor of the Democratic nominee? We are perplexed.

This was the sad Obama statement denouncing Democratic allies:

“Right now groups supporting Hillary Clinton and John Edwards are flooding Iowa and the other early states with millions of dollars in paid ads, phone calls, and mailings. Some of it is negative and even deceptive, and a lot of it is paid for by huge, unregulated contributions from special interests. Taking on these groups isn’t just a matter of setting the record straight about me or my positions. It’s about proving that a new kind of campaign — funded by ordinary people who want something better for all of us — can defeat the same tired, old political textbook that so many Americans just don’t trust anymore.”

Those “groups” Obama bemoans for action in support of Democrats are the strongest of Democratic allies – labor unions and organizations such as EMILY’s List. What did Obama think endorsements are for? Is Obama telling the Culinary Workers Union in Nevada to shove off? We are perplexed.

Things became sadder still when a dreaded “527” group, announced a big advertising push in Iowa for Edwards.

An independent group linked to Senator John Edwards is planning a burst of more than $750,000 in planned television spending, according to details from a rival campaign. [snip]

The “Alliance for a New America” is said to be funded by the Service Employees International Union and is run by a longtime close aide to John Edwards, Nick Baldick.

It’s one of several 527s playing in Iowa this cycle, and while the groups can compromise a candidate’s reformer status, the money is basically too good to turn down.

That’s certainly the case with Edwards, who has based his campaign on a kind of fierce purity, particularly with relationship to his own campaign’s finances: He refuses to take money from lobbyists or PACs.

He also disapproves, officially, of the outside spending on his behalf.

”The way the law exists today is you have no control,” Edwards said Thursday. ”You’re not allowed by law to have contact or to coordinate with 527s. So can you discourage it? Yes, and I do.” [snip]

Indeed, two the Edwards 527s chip away a bit more at his clean money focus, because they involve current or past registered lobbyists, the target of much of Edwards’ criticism. Baldick — though he’s not currently registered — has been registered as a lobbyist in the past, with clients including Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield. [See below.]*

The other main Edwards 527, the Carpenters-backed Working for Working Americans, lists as its contact (.pdf), another registered lobbyist, Dave Frulla, whose clients are largely in the fisheries industry. A spokesman for the group said he’s a 527 expert who did the legal work of setting it up.

The back and forth was too demoralizing for us to delve too deeply into. But it was very sad to witness any part of it, bringing down our Christmas cheer. We recalled then recoiled at Obama’s hire of 527 honcho Robert Gibbs who produced ads in 2004 morphing the face of Osama Bin Laden with Howard Dean, and denouncing Dean as “inexperienced”. Obama denounced Edwards as a hypocrite:

“I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk; I’ve been doing this all my life, and John has not had that same record,” he said.

“John yesterday said that he didn’t believe in 527s,” he said. “We found out today that there’s an outside group spending $750,000 … and the individual who’s running the group used to be John Edwards’ campaign manager.”

“You can’t say yesterday you don’t believe in them and today you’re having three-quarters of a million dollars being spent for you,” he said.

We tried to avert our eyes but the conflict grew uglier and increasingly hypocritical. Edwards then called Obama a hypocrite:

Sen. Obama’s attacks seem to increase as momentum for our campaign grows. The truth is I am the only candidate in this race who has never taken a dime of PAC or Washington lobbyist money — ever. And, it’s why I support public financing of federal elections.

As for outside groups, unfortunately, you can’t control them, but let me make it clear: I think money has corrupted our politics and these groups should not be a part of the political process.

It got uglier still as Politico tried to keep up with the hypocrisy charges:

Edwards is sticking with his statement that he “can’t control” the 527 — less a “group,” as it’s often described, than a pass-through for money — but this isn’t the first time an Edwards adviser has left his campaign to a 527. At this point in the previous cycle, Jonathan Prince — now Edwards’ deputy campaign manager — had departed the campaign to run a similar group, funded by trial lawyers and unions, two people familiar with that episode said.

Edwards supporters have also made the point that Obama — now taking the moral high ground — sought and failed to get the support of the labor groups behind much of the 527 spending he’s now denouncing, and I asked Obama about that at a stop in a coffee shop earlier this afternoon.

“I love labor,” he responded. “It’s just important not to say that you oppose” 527 spending “the day before” the spending begins.

In other words, this is at its core a question of Edwards’ character, not campaign finance.

We, as peacemakers, as uniters not dividers, agree with both Obama and Edwards.

Edwards eventually issued a statement decrying 525s. “I would prefer that all 527s — not just this one — stay out of Iowa, but I have no legal authority over that,” he said. Obama’s fighters were not satisfied. It’s not change when you decry the influence of money in politics but then stay silent when your former campaign manager exploits the biggest loophole in the law to benefit the Edwards’ campaign with millions of dollars in ads from an unregulated political fund whose donors are undisclosed. John Edwards can and should call on his former advisor to stop this effort.

The 527 added its lovely touch of levity:

A creative response from a source close to the pro-Edwards 527: They can’t shut down in response to Edwards’ preference that they do so — because that could be an instance of illegal coordination!

Nick Baldick, the former Edwards aide behind the Alliance for a New America, wouldn’t comment on John Edwards’ preference that the group shut down. But a person close to the group offered a reminder of how fun campaign finance law can be (and how little it matters, short term, whether the FEC’s modest policing power is intact next year).

“Legally speaking, we can’t take guidance from Sen. Edwards, or Sen. Obama, or Gov. Romney, or Gov. Huckabee, or any federal candidate,” the source said.

Also, the source insisted, the group isn’t pro-Edwards: “We’re an issue advocacy group.”

Politico, mud boots firmly on, summed up the battle of hypocrisy.

The Obama/Edwards hypocrisy extended to the issue of lobbyists too:

Three political aides on Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-Ill.) payroll were registered lobbyists for dozens of corporations, including Wal-Mart, British Petroleum and Lockheed Martin, while they received payments from his campaign, according to public documents.

The presence of political operatives with long client lists on Obama’s campaign contrasts with his long-held stand of campaigning against the influence of special interests. Obama has even refused to accept contributions from lobbyists or political action committees (PACs).

John Edwards does not fare well on the lobbyist issue either:

Two members of former Sen. John Edwards’s (D-N.C.) staff were registered as lobbyists for the first six months of this year. Adam Jentleson lobbied on behalf of the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank headed by John Podesta, the White House chief of staff during the Clinton administration. Matthew Morrison registered as a lobbyist for the American Federation of Teachers in 2007.

Now we love the Center for American Progress and we love the American Federation of Teachers. Nothing wrong with CAP nor AFT. But that is not the attitude displayed by Obama and Edwards when Hillary said at YearlyKooks:

“A lot of those lobbyists, whether you like it or not, represent real Americans.” “They represent nurses, they represent social workers, yes, they represent corporations that employ a lot of people.” “I don’t think, based on my 35 years of fighting for what I believe in, I don’t think anybody seriously believes I’m going to be influenced by a lobbyist.”

It was sad when Hillary was attacked at YearlyKooks for mentioning that many working Americans depend on groups such as labor unions and lobbyists (AARP anyone?) to defend their interests. Yes, there are bad 527s and good 527s and good labor unions and bad labor unions and good people and bad people. But can’t we all get along?

In this Season of Peace, can’t we all get along?

Fellas, just admit you are both hypocrites, and move on.

It’s the Season of Peace.


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  1. I’m laughing so hard I can’t stop, admin.

    I think your story should be the new Websters Dictionary definition of “pissing contest”.

    Two hypocritcal morons trying to out holier-than-thou each other. I bet that the SEIU is really happy to have gotten mixed up with these two. Shoulda endorsed Clinton – the only grown up in the race.

  2. It all means that Clinton is going to win Iowa. This isn’t how winners act. It’s how losers act. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a crack or two in the top tier. I think some of the lower tier candidates who have comported themselves with dignity, as has Clinton, might find their election night numbers higher than anyone expected.


  3. And Clinton remains the only candidate who appears to have given a moment’s thought about how to beat the Republicans in 2008. The two stooges — “Moe” Edwards and “Curley” Obama — have taken the circular firing squad to new heights. Let’s see which Democrat can trash the big unions the loudest.

    “Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck….”

  4. Great post admin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’d use more exclamation points, but it gets annoying fast.

    Wow. = )

  5. Admin, your offer to act as peace maker in this unfortunate dispute is commendable. . . .

    However it is clear to me this has become an affair of honor between gentlemen. Therefore, custom and tradition require that the issue be decided with dueling pistols at twenty paces fire on command. There is no other way.

    I understand that the gentlemen have agreed (through their respective seconds) to substitute squirt guns for dueling pistols and perrier for black power. White powder was never discussed–at the insistence of one party whose identity I am not at liberty to disclose.

  6. great post admin, I think each of them have polls of interscting supporters and one of them wants to take the batton. I think it will be Edwards. I will wait for post christmas polls. meanwhile, I can see todays events drawing more crowds than last time Bill visited. which means momentum is on our side. no wonder Obama’s flagging supporters are desperate. I think the anti-obama ad will go in full force and will trigger war between the two oft them. Hill just needs to get her message across.

  7. This is what was giving Alcina a tummy ache about 6 hours ago

    We really should have a siren to let us know that Admin has laid out another tale from the dark side for us. And silver bells for items like endorsements and great polling results.

  8. LAUGHING MY A** OFF.admin is right. obama is worried as hell of edwards taking votes from him and the 527’s that are helping edwards and hillary. almost not a damn major 527 for him!! serves the jerk right. GO EMILY’S LIST. obama’s ground game is not as strong as we thought as compared the hillary’s and the 527s that is pumping millions on her behalf. man im all for campaign finance reform but if these independent groups want to help hillary so be it.

  9. Kentucky- thanks for the Sameuelson article, I read it carefully, and haven’t the foggiest idea of what he said. I prefer Lori Wallach. Wall Street Journal drones talk theory. She talks impacts.

    Most economists think Ricardo was right when he posited the theory of comparative advantage that all nations will benefit from free trade in the “long run”.

    I have two problems with this: i) first, if that benefit is concentrated in few hands rather than spread across the society, then it is hard to say that society benefits, and ii) second, as Keynes so aptly put it-in the long run we will all be dead. Job loss projections run as high as 42 million, and this has caused some free traders to reevaluate the prevailing orthodoxy.

    The answers here are not easy. But Hillary has the right approach this: smart trade. Review every existing trade agreement to make sure it is beneficial to American workers. Hire best people to be our trade negotiators.

  10. thanks wbboei, knowing me i will be on the blog thru the holidays. i just registered with emily’s list to get updates. im sorry i did not do it earlier in the year. a great site. as a man i think it is so great for a chance to have a woman pres. hillary’s official website asks everyone to post a holiday wish and needless to say i posted “having hillary elected president in 2008!”

  11. damn, i feel in my bones hillary is going to shock the world by winning iowa. the same shock of winning dmr’s endorsement. hopefully a unexpected shock win. let’s seal the nomination by winning iowa!!!

  12. Basement angel, I’m shocked! Shocked to hear that all might not be sweetness and light in the Obama and Edwards campaigns.

    Didn’t you get the MSM memo? The CLINTON campaign is in disarray, reorganizing, mad at Bill, falling apart, plunging in the polls.

    As Monica Goodling (?) smirked on the McLaughlin show, “The Empress has no clothes”. As she also said, BO is the person of the year.

    I’m going with the idea that BO is surging, he’s ahead everywhere, and his supporters can now relax and just wait for the good news. Meanwhile, get some rest during the holidays — then work your little a** off as soon as it is 2008!

  13. Terr

    For a sad tale of Iowa expectations, go to comments starting with same on the ground question starting around 10:15 last night, Admin’s previous post .

    And Happy Holiday to you too.

  14. Lordy Lordy.

    wait til you see the gosh awful WSJ wannabe pen drawing of Hillary in tomorrow’s Des Moines Register feature on our girl, and it’s in COLOR!

    If I could just get my hands on the artist, And the editor!!!

    For sheer contrast, see page A-1 Wall Street Journal, Nov 23,2007

  15. Interesting poll results

    Just 5% of likely Repub, and 4% of likely Dem caucus goers will opt for the Orange Bowl over Caucus Bowl.

    Told ya. We’re serious about this political responsibility thing.

  16. hillfans, i just joined ron guzburger’s blog. i have been reading it for a year, but i just joined it. it has mixes of every political viewpoints there. can’t sleep so serfing the SANE blogs.

  17. my my, i just checked mydudd and obama and edwards supporters are sniping at each other as well as their candidates. for months edwards and obama have tag teamed hillary, now they are turning on each other. i guess the heat of the iowa contest is getting to them. about damn time.

  18. All kinds of crappy news out of the Granite State.

    Nashua Telegraph endorses BO.

    Boston Globe poll:
    O 30
    H 28
    E 14

    One of the major shifts in the Democratic race came in New Hampshire’s biggest city, Manchester, which is home to many blue-collar voters. Last month, Clinton led Obama in the Manchester area by a wide margin, 50 percent to 18 percent. But in the new poll, Obama was narrowly ahead among Manchester voters, leading Clinton 33 percent to 31 percent.

  19. I dunno. this is a bad news for Hillary. she HAS to win Iowa now. lets see how she does it. I cannot believe so many people have bought into this obama hope coolaid. plain stupid stupid stupid.

  20. FWIW — Jerome Armstrong is now pushing the rumor that Hillary is expected to lead in the DMR poll.

    As for Iowa, it’s probable that the last Des Moines Register poll is coming out very soon, conducted prior to the holiday season. Rumor has it that Clinton is up big.

    If he got it from that user Louverture, then it’s just that, a rumor. I’d bet my last dollar that New Noir = General Sherman = Bode = Louverture (mydud readers will understand).

  21. Gezahegn — I think it’s normal for everything to get hyped up to the max as we close in on the first step to the nomination caucus, esp since Edwards, then Obama, made Iowa “everything.”

  22. A USA Today story about getting out the vote in Iowa answered one of my questions. I wondered what the campaign was doing to get our voters to the polls. I knew part of the answer, but I was particularly concerned about getting elderly voters to the polls. Apparently they’ve arranged a massive transportation effort which could work quite well. I suppose that could also help if the weather is bad. Bad weather at night would keep many elderly voters at home.

    If interested, look here:

  23. MTP with Russert is going to have both Huckabee and Obama on next week–very obvious who they want to win Iowa isn’t it?

  24. HillaryforTexas, I know Manchester very well, and I find it extremely hard to believe that Clinton won’t win Manchester.

  25. I am not worried. I have every confidence in our gal, and the common sense of most voters. I once dated a very charismatic and talented but unreliable guitar player. I did not, however, marry him (thank God!) 🙂

  26. It’s so weird to me that two NE papers have endorsed Obama, while all these Iowa papers keep endorsing Hil. It’s like everything is topsy turvy. But, it’s great news. Iowa seems to be really coming around.

  27. Warning about the NYTimes Rich and Dowd — their oped titles were enough to say what the entire content is. I used to like Frank Rich but has not he been lately acting like Oprah’s lapdog? Why do they write what they write? I predict with some of the newer, excellent bloggers with their informed and informative blogs will soon make these dinosaurs extinct.

  28. pm, it has been evident in the past week that BO has peaked and Hillary is gaining. The Village and the Georgetown Social Club CANNOT alllow that. They are frantic to change the narrative back to a BO surge. I expected a vicious blowback from them, and I see I am not disappointed. Democrats are smart. They will not allow the Village to pick our nominee.

  29. The Boston Globe write-up doesn’t break down between Democrats and Democratic-leaning indys. It’s interesting that it claims that “Democrats” polled lean toward not wanting a health insurance mandate.

  30. Quad City gets it right:
    Barack Obama
    The Obama phenomenon electrifies this caucus campaign and inspires thousands of young people to invest their time and hope in politics. Our conclusion after tough, tough discussions: Not yet.

    Honestly, I’m stunned that the Nashua paper and the Globe endorsed Obama. He clearly isn’t prepared.

  31. re the health insurance mandate, I heard Pumpkin Head and Chuck Todd discussing the SEIU anti-BHO ad using JRE’s quote. Apparently, the SEIU head is against mandates even though Hillary and JRE are for them.

  32. They are against unaffordable mandates, from what I have read. And, frankly, labor leaders are not health care policy experts.

  33. New York Post:

    December 23, 2007 — Barack Obama has been flip-flopping like a carp on a boat deck, changing his position over the years on everything from the death penalty to the Patriot Act to Cuba, a review of his record shows.

    The Illinois senator’s views became markedly more conservative as he drew close to running for president.

    On the death penalty, for instance, the Oprah heartthrob was a strong foe back in 1996 when he ran for the Illinois state Senate, according to a questionnaire from a political activist group that he filled out at the time. The answers were reviewed by The Associated Press.

    But this year, he’s been throwing some red meat to pro-execution voters around the country by saying he supports pulling the switch on those who commit particularly heinous crimes.

    On gun control, Obama changed direction since 1996, when he called for a ban on all handgun possession and sales in Illinois.

    In 2004, on another questionnaire, he backed off, saying a ban is “not politically practicable.”

    Taken together, the shifts could suggest a liberal, inexperienced lawmaker gradually adjusting to the realities of what could be accomplished, first in the Illinois Legislature and then in the US Senate.

    On the other hand, political rivals could accuse him of abandoning potentially unpopular views or of trying to disguise his real positions. Many of the old views came from answers he gave to a list of questions submitted to him in 1996 by an Illinois good-government group known as the IVI-IPO.

    Aides claim Obama did not fill out the questionnaire, and instead it was handled by a staffer who misrepresented his views on gun control, the death penalty and more.

    “Barack Obama has a consistent record on the key issues facing our country,” spokesman Ben LaBolt told the AP. “Even conservative columnists have said they’d scoured Obama’s record for inconsistencies and found there were virtually none.”

    A spokesman for the Illinois group said the excuse is ridiculous because they interviewed him in person.

    Some of the candidate’s other changing views include a marked shift on health care, from supporting a single-payer, government-run health system, to opposing such a “socialized medicine” plan.

    He also has changed many views in just the past few years.

    He went from calling the anti-terrorism Patriot Act a “shoddy and dangerous” law to voting to continue an updated version of the law in 2006. He also said he would normalize relations with Cuba, but on the campaign trail has opposed such rapprochement with the Communist regime there.

  34. It was surprising on This Week on ABC to hear George Will grudgingly admit Obama has at least one weakness: foreign policy (although he didn’t elaborate). Overall, the roundtable discussion there was still mostly pro-Obama as always. One mentioned that Hillary was headed down but but he thought she has now has stabilized due to the DMR endorsement. A new discussion point I’ve been hearing that was said there is that “experience doesn’t matter” in this election. Most likely that is coming from the Obama camp and they are repeating it.

  35. Huffpost says Bill Clinton wrote 2-page handwritten reply to Frank Rich — the link takes you to Rich’s oped. I wonder we can get the contents of the Clinton letter.

  36. “experience doesn’t matter”…where do they get this stuff? The only reason they are saying thi is because Hil has this immense, unique set of experiences. It’s not John Kerry experience. And, Obama has absolutely zero experience. So they have to discount it. Pathetic.

  37. What’s interesting about the Quad Cities is that it’s in the heart of Obama country. Three of the five cities that make up the “quad” are in Illinois.

    Davenport, IA
    Bettendorf, IA
    Rock Island, IL
    Moline, IL
    East Moline, IL

  38. Also, Obama has little national domestic policy experience either. They want us to give up one of the most qaulified candidates in modern history to take a gamble and waste time with a newbie, who will need months just to figure out the job. It’s utterly absurd.

  39. You said it MJ – its utterly absurd. How someone so unqualified can get this far on the basis of his looks and sweet talk is the height of absurdity. But then again, you have shows like Spitball too.. These are absurd times we live in where fake, small men become kings and kingmakers..

  40. B Merryfield Says:

    December 23rd, 2007 at 11:14 am
    What I meant was that they’re part of the vast right-wing conspiracy to get BHO nominated. Perhaps?

    No. There is no conspiracy. There’s people like Matthews and Russert, who are basically sexist pigs. And, then there is the Broder type journo’s who ascribe to Obama’s kumbya politics. And, then there are guys like Will and Brooks who think Obama will be easy to pick off in a GE, but also think he’s less likely to challenge the status quo in anyway that they don’t approve of in case he were to win.

  41. Here’s a funny:

    The CNN poll (Clinton +12) and the Boston Globe poll (Obama up) were both conducted by the same polling outfit at UNH and overlapped in the field for two days.

    According to them, there was 14 point swing in the race between Tues and Friday.

    I find that hard to believe.

  42. I think my Partner and Co-workers must think I am nuts (or must think I am nipping at the Holiday nog)——–lately they hear uncontrollable laughter from my office. Its me literally laughing out loud at the wonderful posts on Hillaryis44!!!!! Thannks for the holiday cheer!

  43. Apparently it’s the lower-income poll respondents who are least likely to favor a mandate — i.e., Hillary’s base.

    I think I mentioned here last week that I was worrying that the mandate would cause problems (the flyers).

  44. HillaryLandRocks, I wouldn’t worry about it. They’ll come home to Hillary if this is just about mandates for health insurance.

  45. I am lifelong Democrat and I don’t like the madate. I am not sure while Hillary made such big deal of mandates. I am not sure whether the mandate turn of independents and some republicans to Obama.

  46. That doesn’t make any sense. What would account for such a large swing?


    One or both of the UNH surveys conducted in the last week is wrong.

  47. The objectivity of the Bostion Globe is highly suspect at this point, given their endorsement of Barack Obama and their trashing of Hillary. That ridiculous Bombadiera article is a perfect case in point. Thus, it is hardly surprising that their polling data would be slightly-how shall I put it-skewed.

  48. mj — the MOE on the earlier poll is about 5, meaning H 33 O 31 would have been within MOE. The swing may not be as large as you think. Point is, things have tightened up considerably, and we knew that already.

  49. IMHO former Hillary backers are moving back to her slowly but the right wing try to stop her mommentum by polling and writing in newspapers and TV shows.

  50. AmericanGal, why do you think that “the potential for being the nation’s first black president” is such a good issue? IMHO Americans are not ready for a Black President yet.

  51. meiyingsu, As mj says, The mandate is necessary to achieve universal health care. If pollsters just ask if voters support a mandate, they’ll likely say no if the pollsters don’t provide any context.

    Obama’s plan lacks a mandate, and he leaves many millions uninsured because of that.


    you can look at details here for all recent polls.. it’s odd – 12/12 was a dead heat, 12/19 Hillary had a big lead, 12/23 back to a dead heat. same polling outfit. ?? i don’t know how to read the internal info although i see hillary has a very big lead with the oldest voters, the two are tied with next two younger generations, and obama has a very big lead with the youngest voters. vs obama, hillary wins on strongest leader (+14), most experience (by an absurd margin, hillary +44), best chance to beat GOP (+11), loses on trustworthy (-12), can bring change (- 6), shows best judgment (-6).

  53. Meiyingsu, I agree it may work against him but on the other hand you could argue this is geared to be a major facet of his “change” argument. I have always wanted Hillary to talk more openly about the fact that she could become the first woman president. If Obama is going to talk about his historic race she should be able to talk about hers.

  54. that poll does not make sense. i agree. also rumor on mydd that dmr has a poll with hillary leading by a bigger margin iowa. just a rumor now so take with grain of salt. i hope it is true. armstrong on mydd.

  55. AmericanGal, That’s always been a subtext to her campaign. Perhaps she avoided doing it openly because of how the media double standard would portray it.

    Something else to keep in mind as we get down to crunch time: Hillary’s get-out-the-vote operation is second to none. Never forget the Michael Whouley factor. In a tight race, that makes a big difference.

  56. Paula, I agree. Just the fact that Obama has to be so overt about the history of his run sounds a little desperate to me. I think Hillary hits that note without saying so overtly.

  57. I also sense that Hillary and her campaign have new confidence, which all started with the DMR endorsement. I’m sure all the bad news was wearing them all down, and that was just what the doctor ordered.

    BTW, I miss celiff and kostner. 🙂

  58. I think you are right Paula. I’m not doubting Hillary’s overwhelming strength. I guess it’s just been frustratating to me, due to the media double standard, that she has to be a little restrained otherwise be accused of playing the gender card. On top of this there is all that racial stuff being floated about in regards to her campaign over the cocaine flap. When I saw the speech excerpt I was wondering if Obama is playing into this by emphasizing the first black president aspect of his campaign. I probably read too much into it…

  59. Clinton doesn’t need to overtly talk about electing a female president. Her entire end-game is geared towards her women supporters.

    The Christmas ad. Campaiging with Chelsea and her mom. The get-out-the-vote effort. And so on and so forth.

  60. That “racial stuff” is coming right from the Obama camp. It all started with that Robinson editorial, beofre the cocaine matter(which, by the way, has nothing to do with race). I fully believe that Obama’s strategy is to paint any criticism as racist. I don’t think it’s working with the people, though. Just the media.

  61. “Just the fact that Obama has to be so overt about the history of his run sounds a little desperate to me.”

    I hadn’t thought of it that way. Good point. Just another example of Obama making this election about him, rather than what he’d do for the voters. Sounds like he came out with this as a counter to what Hillary’s going to be stressing.

  62. hillarylandrocks, u are already mentioned the mydd iowa poll rumor. sorry about that. i read it on mydd and quickly commented on it here.

  63. paula i miss kostner and celiff too. i think kostner will reappear after iowa and nh or during. i wish i can take down time from this but can’t. oh well. the long wait is awful but hopefully worth it in the end.

  64. mj- I saw the WashPost article about the racial stuff as well, and I certainly hope it doesn’t develop any more traction – whether with media or African American constituencies – at the moment at least, the holidays are distracting. What absurdity – it’s Obama’s camp that’s playing the racial card – I do believe though that Hillary’s camp definitely needs to have African American leaders ready to counter while not drawing much more attention to it nationally.

  65. Taylor Marsh has a nice writeup and video with Obama stumbling through an explanation of one of his key “present” votes –

  66. B Merryfield, exactly. The racist crap won’t work on the Clinton’s. Everyone knows they are the polar opposite of racists. The history making stuff is nice, but Hill also makes history, so I don’t think that will be enough.

  67. sadly I agree with mj. I knew they will play the card anyhow, they have been playing it all along. just that press kept ignoring it. otherwise Oprah rally was biggest racial call to all the african americans in recent history. segregating in terms of racial divide and then crying victim. it might not work in south, and north east, but then in a state like SC, its definitely a plus for Obama. I still stick with my prediction,

    Iowa : Hillary 1st or second, Edwards 1st or second, Obama third
    NH : Hillary first, Obama second, Edwards third
    SC : Obama 1st, Hillary 2nd, Edwards 3rd
    NV : Hillary 1st, Obama 2nd
    FL : Hillary 1st

    and super tuesday will be a blowout except GA.

  68. I’ve been reading here what appears like a lot of worry to me. Maybe it’s justified, but I don’t think so. The polls in Iowa don’t mean anything at all. As everyone posting here knows already, it is organizing and getting your voters to the polls. This campaign has done the first part and will do the rest of it. I have confidence in Whouley and Vilmain plus all the others helping to make this happen. In spite of the talk in the media, Hillary does not appear to be desperate at all. I think she is confident about Iowa. Obummer has to win Iowa solidly if he is to have any hope of beating Hillary. I don’t think he can do it.

    I realize Edwards has lived there for 4 years, and he is a threat in Iowa but not much of one anywhere else. Besides, I doubt he has a better organization than the Clinton campaign. Hillary can take him. Unless something weird happens to change things before the 3rd, I firmly believe they will finish Hillary, Obummer, and Edwards, in that order.

    I don’t claim to know more than anyone else here, and I’m certainly not as smart as anyone else here. However, I’ve been following this as close as any of you, and I’m a dedicated optimist. My optimism is based on the organization side of the question. Meanwhile, Hillary has been a good campaigner, and she is winning the most important endorsements. Those endorsements count because they add credibility to her message. Besides, everyone says the people in Iowa take their vote very seriously. If they really are paying attention, they will vote in larger numbers for Hillary.

    When I am proven right several days from now, I won’t expect any credit for merely stating what is obvious to me. On the outside chance I’m proven wrong, feel free to throw it in my face. My fact is safe.


  69. meiyingsu, the Politico article shows an escalation in the Obama vs. Edwards fight. With Hillary supporters holding firm for Hillary the only thing left is for those two to cannabalize each other in order to get the upper hand.

    Obama has to be terrified. Obama has spent millions in Iowa. For a long time Obama was greatly outspending everyone including Hillary. Hillary eventually spent millions. Meanwhile Edwards spent almost no money in Iowa ads but still managed to keep his numbers up.

    The result of all this spending and the unified attacks on Hillary was that Hillary’s numbers softened or stayed about the same, Obama’s numbers rose, Edwards numbers dipped. It appears that when under that unified attack Hillary supporters who softened went to undecided. Edwards supporters went to Obama.

    This is why Obama must be terrified: Obama’s numbers rose due to the defection of former Edwards supporters. With the new Edwards advertisting blitz, all in one week, Edwards numbers might start to rise. In all likelihood, if Edwards’ numbers rise it will happen because those Edwards supporters who went to Obama will return to Edwards.

    The reason for Obama’s assault on Edwards is to keep the former Edwards supporters from going back to their first love – Edwards. The problem could be that the former Edwards supporters might not like to see Obama going after their first love, Edwards.

    Here’s Politico:

    Speaking at a diner here, Obama cheerfully suggested that the groups’ plans for independent spending on Edwards’ behalf either reveal his rival as a hypocrite or call into question his ability to govern.

    Speaking of Edwards and a former top aide, Nick Baldick, who now runs the Alliance for a New America, which plans a major surge in ad spending after Christmas, Obama said:

    “He said yesterday that he’s going to ask [Baldick] to do it, and my attitude is that if you can’t get your former campaign manager and political director to do what you’d like, then it’s going to be hard to get the insurance companies and drug companies to do what you want.”

    Obama continued with incredulity:

    “The fact is this is somebody who worked for John Edwards, for the last who knows how many years, who’s a good friend and colleague of Edwards, who’s now running a 527 that is running ads on behalf of John Edwards. [Laugh] You’re telling me has no influence over him? That’s not true. If [Obama communications director] Robert Gibbs started running a 527 and I called Robert Gibbs and said stop running ads on my behalf are you suggesting I would have no influence over Robert Gibbs?”

    Incredible that Obama mentions Gibbs. Here is Gibbs’ 527 work:

  70. My take on Obama’s attacks yesterday is that his internals show him in 3rd place. Winners don’t attack. Voters don’t like it when candidates attack especially when they are in first place.

    There is so little upside to offending unions and EMILY’S List, that Obama must be in dire straits to run that risk.

    Edwards’ responded. Clinton didn’t. I think it’s now Clinton/Edwards/Obama. Edwards can survive a second place showing. As I recall, Michelle said something to the effect that Obama had to win Iowa – I have no idea why, but, I’ll assume their campaign knows better than I do.

    Anyway, I think this is good news for the Clinton campaign.

  71. Here ya go. WaPo carrying BHO’s water. Chris Cillizza and Shailagh Murray:

    It has unfolded mostly under the radar. But an important development in the 2008 Democratic battle may be the building backlash among African Americans over comments from associates of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton that could be construed as jabs at Sen. Barack Obama’s race.

    These officials, including Clinton aides and prominent surrogates, have raised questions or dropped references about Obama’s position on sentencing guidelines for crack vs. powder cocaine offenses; on his handgun control record; and on his admitted use of drugs as a youth. The context was always Obama’s “electability.” But the Illinois senator’s campaign advisers said some African American leaders detect a pattern, and they believe it could erode Clinton’s strong base of black support.

    If this is the case, then it’s a case of guilty conscience. The matter of race does not apply in any case. If, as WaPo cites anonymous AA “leaders”, there is a pattern, it is a pattern of pointing out BHO’s weaknesses.

    If you read the rest of the article, you will see that two out of three examples include BHO as the source, not AA “leaders”.


  72. BM, I hear that the Wapo article was placed by Obama campaign manager directly. I am not 100% sure but this seems to be very real. I hope Hillary campaign does something about it and exposes who is behind the article. Obama is playing the race card. Hillary campaign should not leave it unanswered!

  73. Forgot WaPo link:


    Greg Sargent, TPMElectionCentral:

    Looks like the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees — which backs Hillary — may be preparing to go live with a Web site attacking Barack Obama.

    According to a report filed with the FEC late yesterday, AFSCME has plunked down nearly $5,500 in spending for “Web site design,” and the filing specifies that the expenditure “opposes” Obama.

    We’re seeing the proliferation of these “attack” Web sites, but who knows what kind of traffic they command or whether they’re at all effective beyond getting “free media” by getting stories written about them. At any rate, stay tuned for this anti-Obama one.

  74. MJ said: “I’m actually less worried today than I was for the past month. Things look pretty good.”

    Yes, I know you feel that way, just as many others here do. And all with very good reason.

    Maybe I painted with too broad of a brush (to coin a phrase) when I expressed my feelings about what I thought I was reading. In my mind, my emphasis was less on the worry than on the optimism.

    I also feel very good about the way things are going now.

  75. Someone needs to tell Obama that if he called and spoke to Robert Gibbs about this theoretical scenario, he would likely go to jail for election fraud.

    He’s a lawyer, so is he ignorant of campaign finance law or deliberately lying to make a smear on Edwards? I say the latter. Obama knows damn well that would be illegal. So Obama is saying that in Edwards shoes he would do something illegal? Or is he just lying and smearing?

  76. B Merryfield, don’t worry about the race card. I hope he plays it hard, myself.

    Because while I do think that many Americans are prepared to vote for a black man if he is qualified, I think very few Americans are willing and ready to vote for a black man who makes his race a big issue. And there is a VERY big difference in those two things.

    Obama will lose if he plays up race and cries racism to anger and stir the AA community to his side. He might win a few more AA votes, but he will never win the nomination that way, so let him do it and see how far it gets him.

  77. That WaPo article is bullshit. It sounds like something directly from the Obama campaign. There’s nothing remotely racist about any of those points raised. They could just as easily apply to a white or Latino canddate, for example.

  78. I do enjoy Edwards and Obama fighting each other over an Ad which is going to air after Christmas. I hope the 527 group is still going to air that Ad so that we will know what OBama is afraid of.

  79. Actually, since last here I did some googling re BHO, “race card”, and there have been a number of articles dating back to Feb when Michelle said on 60Minutes that BHO needed security since he could get shot going to the gas station and BHO in the YouTube debate when asked if he was black enough said he was reminded of that every time he took a cab. The response to the first was that anyone could get shot at a gas station and didn’t have to be black and the second response was that most cab drivers are from a vast variety of minorities and have nothing to do with being black.

    I am sure that these scenarios have played out in many minds. The more he and his campaign want to whip out the “race card” either directly or indirectly, it gains no points.

    The best example came from Michelle’s interview with Mika in which Michelle basically said that AA’s would wake up to elect BHO, it was all those years of slavery etc. that had them afraid.

    What rock has she been living under?

  80. Oprah rally was biggest racial call to all the african americans in recent history. segregating in terms of racial divide and then crying victim.

    didn’t work…people know this is not the same as her favorite book…her favorite lotion…
    not to diss oprah, “beloved” was a flop, her school in africa had some problems, and she chose all the staff who worked there…judgment call: poor. sorry, oprah. ..not this time, not no mo’

  81. on his admitted use of drugs as a youth. The context was always Obama’s “electability.” But the Illinois senator’s campaign advisers said some African American leaders detect a pattern, and they believe it could erode Clinton’s strong base of black support.

    so this comes from obama’s advisers. #1 “could”.. but on top of that, as far as the drug use goes i think many african-american voters would react, well, that sets a terrible example for young people and he should say so very strongly. of course i can’t know what anybody does think, i speak for myself. but drugs ruin communities (of all races) and the trouble is i only saw obama write about them like they were cool for a while and then he stopped like it was nothing, and then telling kids in nh ‘oh yeah i experimented that was a bad decision.” that bothered me because i’ve seen people my age really mess up their lives. some of them experiment and stop and are fine, but some have ended up addicted and hurt themselves and everyone around them

  82. imagine, oprah rally did give her an edge in SC. before that Hillary led Obama by substantial margin among AA. sad but true. they used MLK’s cause and urged all AA to rally behind him. well I just hope he loses Iowa. and then rest will fall in place.

  83. If anyone has the time and patience to educate me a little, I would appreciate it. If anyone suggested that any mention of those who use drugs causes people to automatically think about African-Americans, wouldn’t that be very racist? It seems to me there are people in all races and cultures involved in drugs.

    The first I heard anyone calling it racism to talk about drugs was a Ms. Donahue of N.H. Inst. of Politics in a recent panel on CNN. After she said Hillary Clinton was using the race card when a surrogate raised the drug issue, David Gergen argued forcefully that it definitely was not. After all the drug question had been raised in another presidential election regarding George Bush, a white man.

    Maybe the “desperation” is on the Obummer side. From what all of you are discussing here lately, there are other things suggesting that may be true. I hope so.

  84. the voters will decide of course. as for shaheens comment, whats done is done and the campaign did the right thing immediately. i think at this point well there’s no good in worrying about talk about the race card.. obama and edwards busy fighting about 527s and unions, now that’s interesting development 🙂

  85. Michelle basically said that AA’s would wake up to elect BHO, it was all those years of slavery etc. that had them afraid.
    all the stereotypes played in one sentence…who’s the racist now?… and wasn’t she the one who said something about “taking care of your house” or something to that effect? if only the media would really take a hard look at the obamas before they romanticize his campaign…but they’re all scared of being branded as racist

  86. “i think at this point well there’s no good in worrying about talk about the race card.” I completely agree. This doesn’t deserve the notice. No one is buying it.

  87. Sherm — the argument is that if he were white, nobody would be speculating on whether he was involved with dealing.

    Actually, Bill Clinton was accused of enabling drug smuggling to Contras through an Arkansas airport, so …

  88. HillaryLandRocks, no one is going to believe that for just the reasons you state. Hell, I’ve heard rumors Laura Bush dealt marijuana. This is a sad attempt to distract voters. He must be bleeding some support somewhere.

  89. You HAVE TO READ Larry Johnson’s “Am I a Hillary Cheerleader?” My fave part is:

    “Oh yeah, [Hillary] and Bill employ, so we are told, their own hit squad who run around silencing critics.

    “What I find amazing is how inept that Clinton ‘hit’ squad is? If they were worth a damn (or REAL) then critics like this bozo in Texas, Robert Morrow, would be a worm buffet by now (I will not link to anything written by Morrow). Ain’t it amazing that Bill and Hill are known to kill their opponents and yet so many opponents and critics are still walking around unscathed?”

  90. Shrem. your argument is on the spot. Statistically speaking, there are as many white drug dealers as any race. However, most of them are in higherup of the chain, while distribution chain which is much lower in command chain, which is street men, are unfortunately minorities. they do get hard end of the stick, which is another reason why drug related offenses against AA and Mexicans are percentage wise higher.

    I personally think if Obama did cocaine whenever he had money, he did sell drugs. Its a pattern for drug addicts. Its not a white and black racial issue. you dont have to be genius. you can ask any psychotherapist and you will get same answer. if s/he has access to such high impact drugs and have desire to buy them and money is the ONLY factor restricting them, then undoubtedly, they try to make money in some way or other to get their hands on drugs.

    which fits the profile of Obama. Now age at which he has done it is all over the place, but media wont care. His campaign manager says 20, his past interviews say 22,23 and his book says teenage. I think he did it in his 20’s, nothing wrong with it but he had a pattern of breaking the law.

    but as far as media is concerned, they wont do anything to get their facts on Obama. and Hillary’s campaign cannot go there anymore.

  91. ok one more comment i guess. i read some liberal blogs (kos right now rec diary) where people actually believe clinton campaign would play the race card on purpose. who thinks this?? bill and hillary would never do such a thing, its absurd & im tired of seeing it pushed out there, but again i guess the best plan is just let it go.

  92. bottom line is, i have no doubt that her campaign is the best organized of all…and seriously, i was more worried when she ran for the ny senate seat the first time……
    this iowa race is as exciting as it could get…but i look at the big picture…and she ain’t hillary clinton for nuthin’!

  93. another_reader, those people are taking their ques from Camp Obama. Honestly, I wouldn’t feed this at all. It’s not going anywhere.

  94. im going to the movies! the msm is nuts. hope some of u guys an go to. i feel more confident about iowa. glad afscme is going to have website! and obama keeps figting edwards. good for us. now if we could get an ad on obama’s words on unions etc we would be set

  95. Jeralyn Merritt at “Talk Left”:

    “My point is only her assertions on the campaign trail that she is experienced and ready to lead on day one are accurate.”

  96. Thank you, Gladiatorstail et al for your input on that drugs and racism thing. I just think those people trying to make that an issue are absurd. I also agree this is not an issue of importance to our campaign.

    I’m glad you guys are on top of the things being tried by the other guys now. The fight between Obama (Obummer) and Edwards over 527 ads is interesting, but I hope it works out to our advantage. I wish there was some way we could stir the pot there a bit. Maybe that won’t be necessary. Actually, as I’ve said before, I don’t think it’s necessary in order for Hillary to win Iowa.

  97. admin, a commenter at Talk Left wrote:

    “Hillary is forcing Obama to deny that he is a ‘fence sitter’. Its called politics.

    “I really don’t understand the fear in Obama’s camp about having Obama defend his voting record.”

    Sounds like a good topic title to me: “Obama is a ‘fence sitter’.”

  98. I think the fundamental fight now for democratic wing is

    elitist democratic party and common man democratic party. Obama represents former, Hillary represents latter. which is the reason why she has no support from media.

  99. WBB: The P.S. paper is what he uses to backup his assertions on re-examining trade policy. There are several MP3s of interviews he has given (see NPR Website) since 2003 that are insightful, if you are interested. He doesn’t come to conclusions all that different than yours, but he won the Nobel so that’s kind of cool as a cite.

    The mandate is absolutely necessary to achieve universal, but it is more important for costs. For the life of me, I don’t know why they chose to advertise mandates over advertise fairness. When you put it as Krugman did in his blog, people always see it HRC’s way. He said that you wouldn’t want someone to be free from paying into Medicare their whole life and then later enter and reap all the benefits later in life with no penalty.

    It is obvious that the MSM has their narrative crafted and ready to go to go after HRC for one last ditch. There are factual inaccuracies in Dowd’s oped. See where she discussed the CR interview. Yesterday, I actually fantasized that Stewie would focus on JRE vs. BHO. No such luck I suppose. We’ll see.

    If BHO plays the race card, I expect a post on Huff Po by Sheila Jackson Lee or Stephanie Tubbs Jones saying shame on you. It could really backfire on BHO. Partly, this is because some voters have selected BHO to resolve racial tensions and not to focus on them. That would inevitably be the case by attacking the Clintons on this. Most people, I would guess, would have a visceral reaction of no on racism for them.

  100. If they are polling with the mandate question, that could explain alot. That won’t last. Soemtimes people don’t want whats good for them. If they are asked about the mandates and the candidates, in can drag down support. In the end, they’ll pick the person serious about health care, and that’s hillary.

  101. to those in iowa-some of us cannot travel to iowa right now. Ive called iowa about calling some folks there about hillary etc.. im very persuasive-which is why i worked for jim webb in va etc.. an anyone here pinpoint someone to call about doing this? im not having muc luck!

  102. btw-seen this new ad out today? afcsme goes after obama in iowa on radio-
    AFSCME Radio Ad Against ObamaAFSCME Healthcare Ad Transcript:

    Woman’s Voice: Healthcare. It’s a confusing topic. Especially lately. Everyone’s got a plan. But who can make sense of it all? Universal health care where everyone is covered and costs are controlled is within our reach. With all these plans there is one fundamental difference, either everyone is covered or some are left behind. CBS News reports Obama’s plan, according to independent experts, leaves as many as 15 million uninsured. The New York Times columnist Paul Krugman writes: Obama’s plan would lead to higher premiums by rewarding the irresponsible who don’t get covered. The column goes on to say that there is a quote “uncomfortable sense among some health reformers that Mr. Obama just isn’t that serious about achieving universal care.” Call Senator Obama at 202-224-2854. Tell him we need universal care, not his plan that leaves 15 million behind.

    Man’s Voice: Paid for by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFSCME dot org. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. AFSCME is responsible for the content of this advertising.

  103. texan4hillary, There’s a “making calls” link on Hillary’s Web site under action center. I don’t know if that’s a help.

  104. I’m going way off topic here, but want as many as possible to read front page article in 12-21 edition of Army Times.

    A platoon loses 5 guys at once and several days later loses 5 more…their beloved Sgt can’t take any more and after firing at an enemy target out on foot patrol turns his weapon to his own chin and fires. Many of the seasoned soldiers in the unit have stood down, against orders. Some are calling it a mutiny.

    Jim Lehrer’s honor roll of those who have died has picked up in the last few weeks…Wednesday’s had one dozen, only 2 or 3 under age 23 and at least 6 in their 30’s and 40’s. Don’t remember exact numbers because I was crying so hard, as I am again.

    The Iraq situation is about to break out front and center again, despite David Petrausis’ best efforts.

  105. I like the AFSCME. I personally think Billy shaheen hadnt made a mistake. It was Hillary’s campaigns ineptitude. she should have just pointed out that republicans accused Bill clinton of the same, so they will go after Obama too. that should have ended there and then. no kidding. its now a big mess.

  106. mj I agree with you. somebody should have polled me to ask if I wanted my taxes to be increased. they would have heard it right :). that goes for majority of dems and repubs and indies. poll that across the whole country, the results will still be 75-25 or 80-20 and trust me, I am not even kidding!

  107. gladiatorstail, I think it was a mistake, if for no other reason than because of how the media handled it. In another media climate, her campaign could’ve made the argument you did.

  108. gladiatorstail, I think they handled the Sheheen situation exactly right. Nipped it in the bud and did not let Shaheen become a story. You have to realize, the press would have asked Shaheen about this everytime he opened his mouth. That would have been very bad. No one is buying this. I actually wish people here would stop feeding this garbage.

  109. texan4hillary — the Dallas Morning News has endorsed BO. TX votes in March, right? Interesting that they felt the need to endorse now.

  110. Kentucky.Mkt said: “If BHO plays the race card, I expect a post on Huff Po by Sheila Jackson Lee or Stephanie Tubbs Jones saying shame on you. It could really backfire on BHO. Partly, this is because some voters have selected BHO to resolve racial tensions and not to focus on them. That would inevitably be the case by attacking the Clintons on this. Most people, I would guess, would have a visceral reaction of no on racism for them.”

    That is absolutely brilliant. The more I think about it the better I like it. I don’t know if BHO was intending to take that step or not, but he probably won’t now if anyone over there is reading this thread.

    What a great idea to point out that they would really be the ones playing the race card in reverse.

    I wish I was bright enough to have thought of that.

  111. Infact, she’s not going to get off message for this. Again, I think it speaks to a certain digree of insecurity that Camp Obama would push this stuff.

  112. freckles,

    “As Monica Goodling (?) smirked on the McLaughlin show, ‘The Empress has no clothes’. As she also said, BO is the person of the year.”

    That was Monica Crowley.

    Whadda expect from one of the former “Nixon Girls”, a paid Nixon apologist and Nixon “confident”, a Fox News ‘political analyst’, as well as an apparent plagiarist ?

  113. I think Hill and her campaign is doing wonderful job, focusing on real issues. press will do all it can to detract attention in final days, but it is campaign’s job to build the GOTV structure. I think thats what they are busy doing in NH and IW. which is the right thing to do!

  114. push this stuff

    The media will do it for him. Already happening. Read the DMN endorsement where they use the talking points “as much experience as Lincoln, experience doesn’t matter” and “she’s too divisive” and “flip-flops.” They neatly avoid any mention of McClurkin or D-Punjab or his garbled driver’s license position/present positions. They do accuse her of bad behavior on Shaheen.

    Here’s the way I see it — this has become a grudge match for the national media. It’s their own game. As I’ve mentioned before — I’ve felt very much left out of the primary process; have not seen any stories (except disparaging) on Hillary supporters, just the ga-ga over inspired Obama supporters. A post in response on HuffPo? I don’t consider HuffPo to have much reach. And speaking of blogworld — it doesn’t help that the women bloggers are fence-sitters: Marsh, Digby, Jeralynn, all of them.

  115. MJ- agreed, probably right not to draw more attn to the issue. Happy Sunday, all, I’m headed to a Dolores Huerta event for Clinton in CA…should be fun.

  116. I think we should make a clear distinction between admitted fact — and speculation.

    If Sheehan brought up the possibility of ‘dealing cocaine’, then he deserved to be fired, imo. USING cocaine is admitted in Obama’s book and elsewhere. DEALING is pure speculation; Bush Jr using is speculation too.

    One ‘speculation’ I’d like to see more on, is the possible after-effects of using cocaine. Doesn’t it give an unrealistic confidence (and perhaps eloquence?) while being used? Can that effect become permanent, perhaps warp the user’s judgement in future?

    ANyway, I think the thing to attack Obama on is the fact of how he treated Alice Palmer in his first senate race — getting her and ALL other opponents thrown off the ballot! And the fact that he has never won agaisnt a viable opponent. (He’s doing well against Hillary becasue she’s being nice, not wanting to offend his supporters; a GOP opponent will not be so nice.)

  117. What are people’s thoughts on the Quad-City Times endorsement? Its Sunday circulation is 70,000. It is not as big as the DMR, but is it effective in gaining support in Iowa?

  118. OandrewD, endorsements don’t really get voters ultimately, but I think these local paper endorsments help Hillary because they reassure voters who were already disposed to her, and Richardson/Dodd/Biden voters who probably prefer Hil’s experience to the rest of the field. With all the crap and innuendo out there about Hillary, I think these endorsements will help bring soft Hillary support home.

  119. It’ll be a rude awakening for the DMN and all the other media/Obama cheerleaders when Obama turns out to be just as “divisive” as Hillary once the GOP gets through with him.

  120. BTW, I think the DMN is a Rep-leaning paper, which explains their preference for Obama and the regurgitation of RW talking points about her.

  121. Very loaded picture on Huffpost of Edwards pointing angrily at Obama – (at 6:14pm ET) not sure whether this is recent and what the context is, but I’m sure to be misrepresented by the Media against Edwards.

    Great news re: William Perry and Johnnie Wilson. Awesome.

  122. For what its worth, the analysis Gadiatorstail (1:45) and Sherm Kader (1:46) feels about right to me. Also, I agree with MJ (4:54) on the Sheheen situation.

  123. hope this doesn’t become a double post – but when I click the Submit Comment, sometimes it takes, sometimes it doesn’t:

    Very loaded pic of Edwards jabbing a finger at Obama currently on – not sure whether this is recent, what the context is, etc. Whichever – I’m sure it’ll get misrepresented by the media against Edwards.

    Great news re: William Perry, Johnny Wilson!

  124. Quad City Times endorsement is terrific, and so is the rationale:

    “We tested her, too, in our editorial board interview, looking for evidence of the partisan rancor that is destroying our country. We found none. Instead, we found a proven, passionate, intelligent leader with a breadth of legislative and executive experience that is the best of a good bunch.”

    This confirms to me that Teresa Villmain knows her business. If memory serves, she was the one who argued against the use of partisan campaigh tactics in Iowa, even though they would be merited and adviseable in other venues

  125. Inanla:

    I attended a house party in Northern CA yestersay with guest Dolores Huertas! What an icon.
    She was fabulous and real.

    I think her message is short and simple. Keep repeating the strength factors and also women are moreintuitive.

    I also attended a speaker/communications training and feeling that as long as we keeping talking the right things in focus, we can do this. It means hard WORK and taking nothing for granted.

    There are times that I feel I do not want to go to these meetings but I know if I do not go I feel guilty; but I always have a confidence factor once I am there.

    Ignore the polls!

  126. I wasn’t careful editing my comments re Iraq earlier and I can’t get into past issues at The Army Times now, but Editor and Publisher Mag has posted most of it on HuffPo, in the Politics section.

    Also correct spelling is Petraeus.

    This story will not stay under the radar for long’

  127. I have been a supporter of Hillary and Bill since 1980’s when we were in Arkansas. I really miss Paul Begala and James carville. They always came across so down to earth and very appealing in Midwest. I hope they bring them back. They do not come across as elite and I think they have a great appeal.

  128. JOe Friday

    You’re quite right. Monica Crowley, who majored in derision and minored in smart a** and has nothing good to say about anybody but BO because she enjoys as many rounds she can lob at Hillary as possible.

    Most hideous moment on TV (in a plentiful year) might be the C Matthews show in which Andrew Sullivan called Coulter “pure hate” and the Repub party “toxic” — Nora O’Donnell laughed and said, “In a lighter vein…….” A short time later Sullivan said that the biggest story was we now know that America uses torture. This time Matthews changed the subject immediately.

    Hey, Sullivan, you’ve finally left the Republican party. How about giving up the Stewie show for New Year’s?

  129. Dear Santa Claus

    Here’s my Xmas list:

    A broken channel remote — so I can only watch the Golf Channel 24/7 during Tiger Woods week

    A broken computer — so I can only get Hillaryis44, TaylorMarsh and

    MOre energy so I can spend more time getting people to the caucuses and less hatred for the telephone so I can call supporters.

    Thanks, Santa.

    Love, Freckles

  130. I was fascinated by the Q&A between Mica Z and Senator Barack Obama on the Joe Scarboro Show, which can be seen on the Taylor Marsh website if you have not seen it.

    She asked him to explain why he voted against a particular bill to give victims of sexual abuse the right to have court records sealed in order to protect their privacy. She also noted that he was the only Illinois state senator to do so.

    Instead of answering the specific question that was put to him, i.e. why he voted against this particular bill, Mr. Audacity of Hope launched into a generic discussion of what his general practice is when he encounters a bill which has a laudable purpose but is badly drafted–a fascinating digression.

    He claimed that in that instance he would go back to the sponsor, ask him to correct the problem so the bill would withstand judicial scrutiny. If the sponsor failed to heed his advice, then by implication he would vote against the bill, despite its laudable purpose.

    Then he changed the subject, told us that he is a bottom line man and there are two weeks left until the election–as if we didn’t know.

    Clearly, his answer was evasive. I wish Mica had followed up. Here are some questions that might have been helped to illuminate his answer: i) Senator, are you saying there was a textual problem with this particular bill? ii) what was the specific problem? iii) how is it that none of your colleagues saw that problem? iv) did you go back to the sponsor and ask that be redrafted? v) what did the sponsor say/do? and vi) why are you trying to change the subject?

    Now that is what I call vetting. Wonder what Pumpkinhead would say about that. Softballs only for Obama?

  131. i saw the film atonement. great film. i will say the slew on antiobama blog posts are fom edwards backers. pretty brutal things said. and here i am agreeing. i wonder if this obama-edwards slugfest will only improve our chances. animosity between obama and edwrs backers an only be good for hillary.

  132. yes santa round up your elf’s give bad canidiates lumps of coal,then add hillary to your list for a gift of cacus snow…lol

  133. Check out this AOL straw poll. It has Hillary ahead in 46 states! You have to vote to see the entire US map…

  134. that looks good..must be the students in down south
    wyoming..for bo.there is no way..i am from up north them people will never vote democrat in wy..not when you have the simpsons alan,his sons,no way,cheney

  135. dmn remember pushed bush to the white house. we texans know all about dmn. and now obama is being called a repub capitulator by edwards folks on the blogs. keep it up boys

  136. OBAMA either has a God complex, or is incredibly stupid. Check out what he proposes to do in the General Election (from ABC NEWS):

    “Obama would not definitively answer if he would accept 527s in the general election, but said during the primary season he would tell them to stop.

    “What I hope to do is to get Republicans to come up with some sort of agreement in terms of how we are going to operate,” Obama said

  137. bo. i dont understand him,he’s either goofy,but his language i get lost ,i dont even know what hes talking about…

    does it mean he wants repubs,to tell him how to operate a general election.personally i dont think he is all together in the mind.

  138. sandy, I think unions are going to sit out if the nominee is Obama. for sure. I think a lot of clinton supporters are going to sit out too. thats primarily because the clinton supporters I know are mostly hardworking middle class americans, who havent yet bought into Obama kool aid. Infact, we met yesterday, and around 14 of them were talking about checking out more about republican candidates if Obama is the nominee. I am on the fence when it comes to supporting Obama, but then again, I think I will fall in line with other dems. but the sample of people who will NOT vote for him and are supporting Hillary or Edwards is HUGE, and thats just a starter.

    if that is what democrats want so be it. I will vote based on my own conscience, not based on some olive branch of “hope” or “likeability”. Hill was right when she said its likeability which gave us bush!

  139. Sandy, it may simply be that Obama has been accepting Republican help for so long now that he fails to understand how quickly, dramatically and decisively that would change if he ever became the candidate.

  140. im seeing 3 top rated anti-obama posts on mydd. clearly obama is worried-his polling is telling him to try and slay edwards. wont work in iowa. but some edwards folks may go to hillary etc..

  141. You nailed it, wbboei. Either that or he really doesn’t care how far into their camp he ends up, or whether he throws the whole party under the bus with this compromising, so long as HE gets to where he’s going.

  142. HillaryforTexas- you are absolutely right.

    The ultimate risk posed to the party is that he will throw the party under the bus- and the country along with it.

    When a candidacy is based on the cult of personality, it is hard to say where it will lead when the going gets tough.

    Not Big Media, not Oprah, not his followers, not even Obama himself knows the answer to that question, because he has really been tested.

  143. I was reading some articles around the web tonight that discussed the polling and caucus results from 2004. It’s very interesting to read what was happening back then. One article, I think it was by the Washington Post, went into detail on what Iowa voters were thinking the day or two before the caucus. According to the article electibility was the key concern at the time. Voters wanted someone who could beat Bush. While they were initially enamored of Dean he made some missteps that got people thinking that he wasn’t ready for prime time. Also, he didn’t get as much of the youth vote as he expected. Kerry had a Huckabee like surge as the caucus time approached and it was enough for him to edge out Edwards.

    I don’t know how this all relates to the present race since there are some unique factors at play this time. There are certainly legitimate concerns about Obama but the media isn’t getting that information out there. I’m sure Hillary’s push this week is to address that. Edwards ran strong last time and I’m sure will be strong this time too but who knows…his time may have been in 2004.

    On one of the morning shows today a commentator said that he thought Iowa voters actually liked something about each of the top three candidates but couldn’t decide who to vote for overall. Thus the close poll numbers. He thought that the election really would come down to voters choosing either a radical change or competency and experience. I don’t know if it is all this simple but there is such a split in the poll numbers on these two issues between Obama and Hillary that it’s no wonder it’s a neck and neck race. I certainly hope that voters take a good second look at Hillary vs Obama. I’d like to think that my fellow midwesterners out there have a lot of bedrock common sense and won’t just fall for the flash and glitter of someone like Obama.

    On a separate note: do you think that the recent NH newspaper endorsements of Obama are a response to McCain picking up steam? Are they trying to “help” Obama a little as he probably has the most to lose if McCain really catches fire…

  144. The Democratic Courage ad depicting Obama as a Santa who rewards children with lumps of black coal is too subtle: many voters are not aware of Obama’s ties to the coal lobby, and the commercial only mentioned his vote for Bush’s energy bill. If his advocacy for the coal industry was mentioned, the commercials broader theme would have seemed apt.

  145. Fellas, I think I know why Hillary had bad numbers in the UNH poll, and why I think she will win.

    Her under 29 showing was DESPICABLE. it was 6% compared to 47% showing for Obama and 16% for Edwards. This is just IMPOSSIBLE. a front runner polling in single digits among young voters? I have NEVER seen this. which is why I think the sample they took might have been wrong. it might have been accidental though, but nevertheless erroneous. Now, also I think Hillary campaign sees this data and addresses this ASAP or finds this outlier. if thier internal polls have better data on this section of population, Hillary will win with a landslide! also, I am unable to google for % of primary voters in 2004 primaries. It will be definitely less than 2004, because while Obama generates attention among young voters, it is nowhere close to attention dean had generated!

  146. Great endorsement of Hillary by the Burlington Hawk, Iowa’s oldest newspaper. Thoughtful analysis as well.

    They mention that three former Secretaries of the Treasury are now predicting a recession. I wonder how that will affect an economy which is now 70% consumer driven, and beset by the subprime mortgage problem.

    I have been hearing about this possibllity for over six months, but never began to really worry about it until I heard Bush say recently that the economy is fine.

  147. American girl.. wrong link, having said that Krugman said what we all discussed today about how Obama is going against 527’s by unions. and if he will embrace them in GE if he wins them. I am inclined to post his entire article, but will provide link instead, and parse some interesting stuff.

    the article is here


    Whoever receives the Democratic presidential nomination will receive labor’s support in the general election. Meanwhile, however, unions are supporting favored candidates. Hillary Clinton — who for a time seemed the clear front-runner — has received the most union support. John Edwards, whose populist message resonates with labor, has also received considerable labor support.

    But Barack Obama, though he has a solid pro-labor voting record, has not — in part, perhaps, because his message of “a new kind of politics” that will transcend bitter partisanship doesn’t make much sense to union leaders who know, from the experience of confronting corporations and their political allies head on, that partisanship isn’t going away anytime soon.

    O.K., that’s politics. But now Mr. Obama has lashed out at Mr. Edwards because two 527s — independent groups that are allowed to support candidates, but are legally forbidden from coordinating directly with their campaigns — are running ads on his rival’s behalf. They are, Mr. Obama says, representative of the kind of “special interests” that “have too much influence in Washington.”

    The thing, though, is that both of these 527s represent union groups — in the case of the larger group, local branches of the S.E.I.U. who consider Mr. Edwards the strongest candidate on health reform. So Mr. Obama’s attack raises a couple of questions.

    First, does it make sense, in the current political and economic environment, for Democrats to lump unions in with corporate groups as examples of the special interests we need to stand up to?

    Second, is Mr. Obama saying that if nominated, he’d be willing to run without support from labor 527s, which might be crucial to the Democrats? If not, how does he avoid having his own current words used against him by the Republican nominee?

  148. this is a stunning closer.

    Part of what happened here, I think, is that Mr. Obama, looking for a stick with which to beat an opponent who has lately acquired some momentum, either carelessly or cynically failed to think about how his rhetoric would affect the eventual ability of the Democratic nominee, whoever he or she is, to campaign effectively. In this sense, his latest gambit resembles his previous echoing of G.O.P. talking points on Social Security.

  149. New article from Fox that is very interesting:

  150. Pulchritude : I didnt post the link in here because the spam filters delay posts with links. Now I am looking for the link. I should find it soon. i will post it when i find it. If there is a new lead article up on Hillaryis44, I will post the link for you in the comments section on THAT ARTICLE

    Weobbi: I agree with you, and it shows just how naive Obama actually is. I think he actually believes that if John Kerry had sat down with GOP in 2004 and “asked them real nice” not to Swiftboat him, they would not have done it.

    GLadiator: I know several people who feel the same way. THey will accept any of the DEM candidates except Obama. Primarily, when you get right down to it, its a national security issue. Is Hillary going to run an ad comparing Obama to Osama Bin Laden like Gibbs did in 2004????? Probably not, but national security is still a very important issue on the minds of the voters. Anyone perceived as weak in that area will not win the General Election, imho.

  151. sandy, you hit the nail on the head. what experience does Obama have on national security? name one credential. just ONE!!!!!

    On top of it, if I dont get anything in return from UHC to better immigration reform and economic policies from Obama, why should I vote democrat? I mean I know they will tax me. so I might as well vote republican. they are nasty but at same time, we know what we are buying. with Obama, we are buying another bush, short on experience, great on likeability. for the same reason, repubs are not liking Huckabee, because they want sound economic policies and good national defense issues. Huckabee provides none, and neither does Obama.

    I think Krugman put his weight on the argument today, lets see how “progressives” react. as far as I am concerned, they are conformists who will hate anything Hillary has to asay or do. they were even dissing the ad. go back and see the ads. how Obama cleverly included merry christmas and happy holidays, the same way guiliani included. thats because none of them wanted to piss off christians. nothing wrong with christians either, but Obama is concerned about these culture war christians and doesnt want to turn them off. and these so called “progressive” blogosphere members couldnt even see thorugh the religious card he was playing. it was artificial when Guiliani said it, and it was little bit more natural when Obama’s kids said it. which opens up another discussion. why is he opening up his kids to public? would he accept public commenting on his kids once he exposes them? I mean its fair game i f you are using your kids as props, then YOU are the one who is harming them by putting them up for public scrutiny. and yet these “progressives” found Hillary’s ad offensive and Obama’s ad was excellent. geez.. I think they are basically blinded by their unassailable loyalty to him, almost to an extent of idolatory.

  152. this is a good summation of caucus possibilities-could edwards and hillary caucus goers work together to deprve obama of iowa victory?

  153. texan4hillary, I read that one. However, I think thats highly unlikely scenario. I think Obama is thinking in same lines. However, since many of Hillary supporters are first time caucus goers, it would be tough to convince them to support Edwards. One of the reasons is Edwards being extremely negative towards Hillary.

  154. Good morning, Hillfans.

    If any more proof was needed that the Repugs really really really want BHO as the Dem nom, read this summation comment from RWer Patrick Ruffini at

    “It’s time to deflate McCain’s tires a bit with New Hampshire independents and buck up Obama, giving us a non-McCain nominee and dragging out the Democratic primary for as long as possible.”

  155. Isn’t it amazing that since January there have been two states that Hillary was behind in – Obama’s home state and IA. And the MSM have now spent months saying that IA — the state that keeps many of their citizens from voting — is THE state that will decide this election.

    I am consoling myself with the fact that the least politically aware segment of the population there — the very young — is the heart of the Obamarama. This is the group to whom you can say, “I won’t continue the fights of the ’90s” and they a. believe it, b. want it, and c. have no idea what the fights are.

    Of course I generalize. Many of them are quite aware and will make smart choices but their low showing in past elections reflects their difficulty in connecting with anyone who doesn’t seem their age. This is the Britney Spears/Paris Hilton generation.

    May cooler heads prevail.

  156. Good morning, Glad. From everything that I’ve seen, Hillary is doing extremely well here. This new squabbling between BHO and JRE will help her, as will the tug of war between McCain, BHO and Ron Paul for those alleged “independent” voters.

    Making my early morning media rounds came across what appears another/new JRE attack on BHO. You’ll never believe what JRE is doing now — trying to elect Hillary without even knowing it.

    His argument? BHO “lacks the toughness to upend the Washington order.”

    “It may in fact have been Clinton who first highlighted the stylistic difference between her two rivals, when she said at a recent debate in Des Moines that ‘you can’t demand change, you can’t hope for change, you have to work hard to make change, and that’s what I’ve done.’

    “Edwards did not dispute Clinton’s characterization. Lately, his demands for change appear non-negotiable, as he presents an unsparing vision of America in decline and forcefully calls upon his supporters to ‘rise up.’


    Now, with shrinking distinctions between their platforms, Edwards is attempting to portray Obama as too naive to deliver results.

    “He’s wearing rose-colored glasses,” Jonathan Prince, Edwards’s deputy campaign manager, said of Obama. “It’s nice in theory that you think you can get everyone to come together, but it doesn’t work that way.”

    The suggestion that Edwards has the passion to lead an uprising while Obama offers mere uplift offers a new anti-intellectual tilt to the durable populism at the core of Edwards’s appeal.

  157. This story of Hill supporter talks about what we Hillary supporters are really like! Excellent peruse for all of her supporters!

    Putting Her Heart and Soles Into the Iowa Campaign

    DES MOINES — On a bright, brisk afternoon, Nicole Vance, a field organizer for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, is going door-to-door through the streets of West Des Moines, visiting Clinton supporters and knocking on the doors of a lot of empty homes.

    Walking away from one house, she sees a truck pull into the driveway. Out steps Dennis Laird, 59, who immediately begins to shovel snow. Vance had been hoping to see his wife, Mary Ann, but she doubles back nonetheless.

    “Nope,” Laird replies to a question about supporting Clinton, as he continues to shovel. He’s for John Edwards.

    “That’s okay,” Vance says. “We have a lot of great candidates right now.”

    “Too many,” Laird says, pausing for a moment. “Well, I’ll tell ya, no matter what, it can’t be worse than the one they got.”

    “My problem with the Democratic Party is the past two elections they just gave up,” he says. “They said Al Gore was the winner and then he’s not. They just gave up.”

    “Hillary Clinton won’t back down,” Vance says. “She’ll fight.”

    Vance is a fighter, too. A recent graduate of Iowa State, she turned 23 yesterday. She’s spent the last seven months working ungodly hours in this tiny bit of Iowa, living at home with her folks in Altoona, pulling down a little less than $600 a week.

    That may sound like the prototype for someone who supports Barack Obama, who did his own stint as a street-level organizer and is attracting passionate support from young voters.

    But Vance is devoted to Hillary Clinton. Clinton has earned her trust. More than trust, she’s earned her love.

    “I definitely do,” Vance says when she’s asked whether she actually “loves” Clinton. “I definitely, definitely, definitely do. The more I learn about Hillary, the more confident I am that I’m supporting the right candidate. She’s been fighting for issues I care about for 35 years. I don’t see how you can downplay that experience.”

    Her come-to-Clinton moment was a standard bit of retail politics here, where candidates in both parties spend a lot of time talking to voters face-to-face in preparation for the first caucuses in the country.

  158. this thing troubles me!

    Out of Balance

    Hillary Clinton has had a rough time on the airwaves. From Oct. 1 through Dec. 15, comments about her on the ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox evening newscasts were nearly 3 to 2 negative, compared with more than 3 to 2 positive for Barack Obama and 2 to 1 positive for John Edwards.

    In a typical comment about Clinton, according to the study by the Center for Media and Public Affairs, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell said: “Critics say her best known Senate vote, on Iraq, was driven by politics, not by principle.” Clinton was evaluated more often than all her Democratic opponents combined.

    Among Republicans, the center found, Mike Huckabee fared best with 50 percent positive comments from journalists and those interviewed, followed by Fred Thompson (44 percent positive), Mitt Romney (40 percent), Rudy Giuliani (39 percent) and John McCain (33 percent).

    Overall, the Democratic contenders drew 47 percent positive coverage on the broadcast networks and the Republicans 40 percent. Among the newscasts, the study found Fox’s “Special Report” to be the most evenly balanced in its news reports on candidates of both parties.

  159. b merryfield-
    thanks for that globe article. if edwards keeps that up then he and she share a message against obama. if he resumes this attack wed. it will amplify hillary’s as well. both hillary’s and edard’s base are blue collar and middle class i think this si getting very interesting.

  160. Intentionally or not, Kurtz has put his finger on the game Big Media has been playing.

    First, Big Media has evaluated Hillary more than all the other candidates combined including Obama. The fact that she is the front runner is only part of the reason.

    Second, when Big Media has evaluated Hillary 60% of the stories have been negative, compared to 40% for Obama off a much smaller base. This has a compounding effect.

    Third, because Kurtz does not give us a specific number we can only estimate. But it is probably fair to assume that Big Media has published twice as many negative stories on Hillary as they have on Obama.

    Fourth, the content of the stories against Hillary has been mean spirited, distorted and counter-factual in many cases, whereas with Obama this has almost never been the case.

  161. wbboei, what alarms me more is this question of funds. I hope Hillary is not using substantial funds to fend off BM attacks. while Obama gets free media worth billions of $$$$. this sucks, but I hope she doesnt run out of funds and has planned her campaign money to last for full time of primary.

  162. I am positive Repubs are orchestrating this so called love affair with BO. No repubs are going to vote for him. I believe it is a very well planned effort that involves conservative media and the Republican Party operatives to pick the weakest candidate. Head to head contests involving Obama are meaning less when 40% of the population knows nothing about him.

  163. Maybe BHO doesn’t want Dems candidates or their so-called surrogates talking about his connections to Islam but that is NOT going to keep RWers from talking about it. Here we have an article ALL ABOUT the subject from neocon and far-right Zionist extremist Daniel Pipes. [space] 656B62BA-7A61-4DF8-BDF7-B3937EFDECB4

  164. merry christmas eve everybody!!! just got home from work to check my hillary news. might be a bit slow just before the hilidays eh? anyway i will parachute in from time to time today. i gotta fight off the hillary hatin, no experience havin, kumbya singin, and pres wanna be candidates.

  165. Another great post by SusanUnPC at No Quarter Blog:

    Senator Barack Obama’s advisors had a major brainfart and apparently forgot what party they’re supposedly members of with their latest stunt. Not only are they highlighting his failure to gain the support of the labor unions (the backbone and workhorses of our party), but now he’s using that failure in his latest funding appeal to his supporters.

    The “if you don’t support Obama you’re the enemy” meme started when Paul Krugman for daring to criticize his half-assed health care reform plan has expanded and metastasized. Opposition research, twisted and misquoted words… it’s starting to look CREEPy in the Obama campaign (joke for you old-timers and Watergate aficionados).

    And now this? Obama’s campaign is attacking labor unions, teachers and EMILY’S LIST. They back the “wrong candidate” and are working to help get their chosen Democrat elected, and he goes on the attack with a backhanded slur against the core of the Democratic Party.

    What is wrong with Obama? There’s a serious disconnect between his view of the party and our longstanding “big tent” approach to a coalition.

  166. f*cking morning joe, they are goo ga ga over obama and attacking hillary as shrill. if i hear anybody compare that moron to RFK OR JKF IM GONNA SCREAM!!!!

  167. Ii have to stop watching msnbc or i will have a heart attack. only keith oberman seems fair. the rest are obama brown nosers.

  168. hillary has to beat this guy and beat him badly. when this happens im going on every blog there is and GLOAT MY A** OFF. that is how much i can’t stand these hillary haters.

  169. Krugman on BHO’s health care minus mandate: “Obama goes Harry and Louise”

    A friend sends me this:

    Have you seen or heard about the radio ad that Obama is running in Iowa about health care?

    It has a man and a woman talking, with the man leading off saying that health care mandates “force those who cannot afford health care insurance to buy it, punishing those who don’t fall in line.”

    This is what I’ve been complaining about. I was willing to cut Obama slack on the lack of mandates in his plan, even though the economics says they’re necessary; I figured that in practice, if elected, he’d end up doing the right thing.

    I started ramping up the criticism when he started attacking his opponents from the right, making the lack of mandates a principle rather than a compromise — because that was poisoning the well, making it much harder for any future Democratic president to implement a plan that will work.

    And whaddya know, now he’s running an ad that bears a striking resemblance to the infamous “Harry and Louise” ads, run by the insurance industry, that helped block health care reform in 1993.

    Call it the audacity of cynicism.

    Let me repeat the argument: “The point of a mandate isn’t to dictate how people should live their lives — it’s to prevent some people from gaming the system. Under the Obama plan, healthy people could choose not to buy insurance, then sign up for it if they developed health problems later. This would lead to higher premiums for everyone else. It would reward the irresponsible, while punishing those who did the right thing and bought insurance while they were healthy. ”

  170. And here you have it:

    “In a final day of campaigning before suspending their campaigns for Christmas, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) encouraged voters here Sunday to view the holiday as a time to become “instruments of peace and change,” while Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) accused former senator John Edwards (D-N.C.) of using outside groups to shape an intense three-way race. ”

    [snip … an BHO plays the “race card” again]

    Speaking before crowds in central and western Iowa, where at least one-third said they were undecided, Obama added to his stump speech lines intended to address concerns about his candidacy. He repeatedly emphasized that voters should not consider his race a barrier to his being elected, an issue that he has begun discussing publicly in the past week. He also explained why he is running for president now, rather than waiting for more seasoning, by invoking a Martin Luther King Jr. quote about the “fierce urgency of now.” [space] 2007/12/23/AR2007122302443.html

  171. Thanks for sharing B. Merry…Is Obama running scared about what Hillary will be presenting this week as part of her campaign or perhaps are his internal polls telling him something?

    I hope the media talks about what each candidate did and said on this day–the contrast couldn’t be greater…

  172. Here is the nice email Christmas card Hillary is sending out. I received it today…

    “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I’m so grateful to have your friendship and support during this time of year when we all strive to focus on those things that matter most: our family, our friends, and the desire for peace and goodwill.

    As 2007 draws to a close, I am hopeful about what we can accomplish for America together. There is so much good we can do with a positive vision for change and the will to see it done.

    My wish for the holidays is that I have the opportunity to make a difference for those Americans who have been invisible for too long. It means so much to know that we share that wish and are working together to change our country.

    I know you share my gratitude to the members of our armed forces who are serving overseas, separated from their loved ones during the holidays. They and their families continue to make an enormous sacrifice for us all, and I wish them a safe and happy holiday.

    I hope that you and your family have a joyous holiday season, full of love and good cheer. Thank you so much for all you do for our campaign.”


    Hillary Rodham Clinton

  173. Thanks for sharing, AG.

    I’m not sure what’s up with BHO but his actions and reactions indicate that something definitely is going on, particularly with JRE. It feels like he’s getting a little worried, as he should be. It’s surprising to find so many less than glowing comments on the leftie blogs about BHO. Hopefully, more folks will wake up to realize that it’s all been one big charade.

  174. pulchritude: i found the abc news link that I promised. I am posting it in my next post (which will take a little while to show up because of the spam filters but should show up soon). I also posting the link in the comments section in Jerome’s mydd article of today.


  175. Merry Christmas sanjani, Hillary, Bill and Chelsea, Admin, the terrific people on this site, Hillary’s army of campaign volunteers/operatives now in the field, and last but surely not least our troops in the Middle East.

    B Merryfield: I agree that the media is giving Obama free advertising and that could be be financially problematic for Hillary in a protracted campaign.

  176. Hillary promises the price of oil will go down if she is elected. That’s because she intends to campaign on the idea of ending our dependence on foreign oil. I believe she can do it, but maybe not as quickly as she hopes. Naturally she is already being attacked for her stand by the weirdoes.

    She tells it correctly. Jimmy Carter pushed through an energy plan that would make the nation independent of foreign oil. Unfortunately he was not re-elected, and Reagan dismantled all of it except one part that began working immediately, and is still helping today.

    She is right that the price of oil in those days, even though it quadrupled during Carter’s years, was still low enough that people just didn’t care much about it. There has been a sea change since those days. This time we may get a plan that will stick.

    I can hardly wait to hear her begin to fill in the blanks on how she intends to do this. She will need to make it sound very good and campaign hard to get the kind of support it will require. Carter said he spent huge amounts of political capital to get it done the first time. He said if he had realized the political cost of that he probably would not have done it.

    Even though the public may be more ready for it now, for a lot of very good reasons, I don’t envy her the job of making it happen. The oil companies will be against this one as they were the first time. The GOP will oppose it viciously, but I hope I’m wrong about all of that opposition I expect.

    I guess this shows she is willing to take on the tough jobs ahead.

  177. AmericanGal linked to a Time article last night around 1am, “How Clinton Lost Her Invincibility”. I read it and was able to label that empty stomach feeling I’ve had for months, then had to wake up to same article first thing this morning on my Yahoo home page.

    Talk about having the stuffing knocked out, and having that “I knew it!” feeling at the same time

    Don’t get me wrong, I am the world’s worst procrastinator…but I’m not a top notch campaign manager or the best presidential candidate, and they are not putting off writing their senior thesis for Psych 401 either.

    NPR is all Iowa Caucus, every program, this morning too.

    My HO HO HO has morphed…Nyut, Nyut,Nyut.

  178. Someone once said the test of a great intellect is the ability to hold two completely opposite ideas in the conscious mind at the same time-or something to that effect.

    If that is the test then I reckon Obama must have one. After all, he has his surrogates like Oprah tell certain audiences to vote for him because of his race, while he tells Iowa voters not to vote against him because of his race.

    Likewise when he says labor unions that represent hundreds of thosands of Americans have too much influence in Washington DC but seeks financial support from Illinois lobbyist who represent wealthy capitalists we find more evidence of a great intellect.

    Ernest Hemingway in his declining years had a much simpler test. He called it the “bullshit detector”. When he heard something that did not sound right he would say “put it through the bullshit detector”– just before he passed out.

    Well . . . I have done that with Obama and the bells and whistles are going off in my head like a four alarm fire, and I haven’t even been drinking.

  179. “The American Federation of State County & Municipal Employees yesterday filed papers with the Federal Election Commission reporting that it will spend $40,755 on a mailing that opposes Sen. Barack Obama. Most of the union’s money in Iowa has been directed to promoting the candidacy of Sen. Hillary Clinton. Also yesterday, the group Democratic Courage, which is run by a supporter of Democrat John Edwards, reported it will spend about $20,000 on a television ad opposing Clinton. And this morning a political action committee affiliated with Republican Alan L. Keyes reported it will spend $39,000 on telephone and mailing efforts to oppose Clinton.” [space] independent_groups_dole_out_lu_1.html?hpid=topnews

  180. Emjay-its pure propanda. Like Cousin Vinnie would say . . . Fergettaboutit.

    We are proud of the job you and your peers are doing. We have the best campaign team in the business. If you want my advice, stay focused and do whatever you can for Hillary. I know you well enough from this blog to know you will.

  181. Kevin Drum follows up on Krugman’s “Harry & Louise” post:

    Obama’s using Harry & Louise clones to attack a key plank in progressive healthcare policy. I know that we blog readers are policy geeks and barely one person in a hundred cares about this kind of stuff. But I do, and I’m only willing to put up with the Kumbaya campaign as long as I think that, in the end, it really is going to promote progressive ends. Takeoffs on Harry & Louise decidedly don’t. If that’s where he’s going, I’m getting off the train.”

  182. WBB

    Problem is, it’s not propaganda. It is Jay’s observations of what went on until 12-1-07, and the changes since someone finally got a wakeup call. On the ground, we’ve known for a long time, but one doesn’t talk about family business with outsiders, and sometimes not even with other family members.

    Once tried to send a coded message here when I mentioned one time that what was being done was being done with only 24 staff and the rest were volunteers.

    BTW, Jay is an objective, good listener and analyst. You can take what he says to the bank. Don’t even know if he has a “leaning toward” or favorite candidate.

  183. emjay,

    regarding the Time article, maybe it’s part of the strategy not to have an aggressive campaign in Iowa until the last month knowing the Iowans decide late in the game? So she just secured her standing everywhere else and then go full-blast in Iowa and NH…like they said, unlike those snake oil salesmen, she is running a nationwide campaign. JRE is do-or-die in Iowa and Hussiens’s wife said that everything depends on Iowa, then the campaign is bust…that’s just my two cents…

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