The Democratic March

There is a big difference between the Democratic “big tent” and the Chicago Circus of the Ridiculous.

The Democratic “big tent” consists of proven, experienced leaders, progressives, moderates, women, African-Americans, seniors, young people, gays, organized labor, working and middle-class Americans, and others, struggling together for a “more perfect union”. The Democratic “big tent” is a movement of people based on issues and interests and a vision for a better America. The Democratic “big tent” is not a campground for worshippers of a self-promoting inexperienced flim-flam artist.

The Chicago Circus of the Ridiculous has only a self-absorbed carnival barker, a huge smoke producing publicity machine, a few hoochie koochie googlers, and several freakish side shows.

Hillary Clinton is running a Democratic “big tent” campaign. Although Hillary is ahead in the polls and winning all year long only now is the full massive power of members of the Democratic “big tent” coming into play.

The Chicago Circus of the Ridiculous mocks the Democratic “big tent” as “special interests”. Hillary knows that women and workers, students and seniors, minorities and progessives, and others in the Democratic “big tent” are not “special interests” they are what makes America. Teachers, students, seniors, gay and straight families, working and middle class Americans, must be listened to and Hillary not only listens she fights for our values.

On November 18, we stated that EMILY’s List and AFSCME are just now beginning their efforts in Iowa on behalf of Hillary. That was then. Today Hillary allies and surrogates are on the march to make Hillary the 44th president – our president.

They are the basic chores that can make or break a political candidate: identifying likely supporters, getting them excited and making sure they turn out when it’s time to vote.

And as the Democratic presidential campaigns focus on the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses, Hillary Rodham Clinton has a major advantage: Three organizations outside her campaign are lending a big helping hand with those difficult and expensive tasks, pouring more than $2 million and an army of fresh troops into the last-minute push. The outside effort, much larger than any being mounted on behalf of a rival campaign, is led in large part by EMILY’s List, the nation’s largest political action committee and a significant force in Democratic politics. Allied with it are the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and the American Federation of Teachers.

The unions are supporting pro-Clinton radio and television advertising and direct mail contacts with targeted voting groups. Separately, AFSCME has dispatched more than 200 paid workers to Iowa. The fly-in gives Clinton about twice as many such workers in the state as rival Barack Obama, officials of his campaign say.

EMILY’s List also is trying a new technique developed with the help of Google to reach female voters there, especially those who are unsure how to navigate the state’s complex caucus system. Whenever someone in Iowa searches online for “recipe,” “stocking stuffer” or “yoga,” for instance, a banner will pop up inviting the searcher to visit a website supporting Clinton.

The Chicago Circus of the Ridiculous is whining and only now beginning to understand the full power of the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party:

How much effect the last-minute infusion of money and other resources will have is unclear, but the effort has stirred concern in the Obama campaign. “When you are in a tight race like this, any- and everything matters,” said Obama’s field director, Steve Hildebrand.

The effort by EMILY’s List and the two unions reflects the increasing importance of so-called independent expenditures, in which groups officially independent of a particular campaign pay for advertising, consulting fees and other expenses that might otherwise be covered by the candidate. Such spending is on the rise in both Republican and Democratic campaigns.

And such groups can accept more in donations than a candidate can. Individuals may give no more than $2,300 to a candidate per election, but they can give $5,000 to independent political action committees like EMILY’s List. So long as the outside groups avoid “coordinating” their efforts with the favored campaign, federal rules permit the groups to advocate for the candidate by name.

Just how close the ties can be between an independent group and a campaign is illustrated by EMILY’s List. The group previously steered clear of presidential politics and concentrated on electing women at the state and congressional levels who support abortion rights. But it backed Clinton as soon as she announced her candidacy.

Ellen Malcolm, president of the feminist PAC, is a national co-chair of Clinton’s campaign; she says she has stayed away from the independent spending by EMILY’s List for Clinton. Federal rules prohibit coordination of independent spending with a candidate’s campaign.

Former President Clinton signed a fundraising pitch for the PAC in October, in advance of the group’s independent campaign.

Other Democratic presidential candidates also are benefiting from independent expenditures, on a smaller scale. Branches of the Carpenters Union and the Service Employees International Union will spend $1.4 million on behalf of former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards. A firefighters’ union has spent $158,000 backing Connecticut Sen. Christopher J. Dodd.

A California-based group has spent $38,000 for Illinois Sen. Obama.

The Chicago Circus of the Ridiculous and other candidates are whining about Democrats supporting Democrats (when that Democrat is Hillary). However, the Chicago Circus of the Ridiculous has not rejected, indeed has courted and implored money and support from these Democratic allies – to no effect.

No candidate attracts as much support as Hillary from the Democratic Wing – the Democratic “Big Tent” – because no other candidate has worked so hard, for so long:

But no candidate has attracted as much independent money as New York Sen. Clinton, who is also the target of $360,000 in such spending opposing her candidacy.

The high-tech, and high-price, campaign innovations employed in Iowa by EMILY’s List reflect the unique place the group occupies in American politics.

Its name is an acronym for the slogan “Early Money Is Like Yeast” (“it helps the dough rise”). It raised $46 million for candidates in the 2006 election. It trained campaign personnel. And it has been a source of early cash for female Democratic candidates across the country who support abortion rights.

In addition to its own spending on Clinton’s behalf in Iowa, the group has bundled hundreds of contributions directly to her campaign. It also has begun a separate effort encouraging New Hampshire women to support Clinton when their state votes Jan. 8.

Female voters are crucial to Clinton’s success, but her relationship with them is complicated. She draws her strongest support from younger, blue-collar women who view her as a champion. Wealthier, college-educated women, surveys show, are drawn more to Obama.

The Web-based effort by EMILY’s List got its start earlier this year, after research showed that more than half of those who caucused in Iowa in 2004 were women and that their numbers could soar in 2008.

All the campaigns have been targeting women — it’s one reason Obama campaigned with Oprah Winfrey. But Clinton strategists found that their candidate did particularly well among women who were unsure whether they would participate in a caucus.

The most common reason women said they were hesitant to attend caucuses was that they didn’t know what would happen. EMILY’s List launched a website called You Go Girl — the one linked in banner ads on the Iowa Google searches — to educate voters.

Another reason some women said they might not attend caucus sessions was family obligations such as providing dinner. So the website offers “caucus-night recipes,” including chicken-noodle and taco casseroles.

Other campaigns are buying Google ads, but typically they are linked to political search terms, not consumer preferences.

“We wanted to find women where they live online,” said the technology guru at EMILY’s List, Maren Hesla. “If we can increase caucus attendance by just 5,000 statewide, that could make the difference in a race like this.”

One ad displays a picture of a Cedar Rapids mother, Sarah Jankwietz, and a quote: “I want to caucus for Hillary but don’t know how.”

Jankwietz, 45, is a stay-at-home mother of two. Photos of her 10-year-old son in his soccer uniform adorn her refrigerator. Anna, a month shy of 18, is heading to college next year.

Clinton’s positions on the issues are in sync with what matters to Jankwietz and her daughter — the war, and “families and children, women’s issues.” So she agreed to help with ads.

A mailer featuring Jankwietz and her daughter arrived in her mailbox last week. She answered the phone the other day and heard her own voice explaining why she is supporting Clinton. Friends call and e-mail her telling her when they hear her on the radio or receive mailings.

Jankwietz has always voted. But as she says on the mailers, “I’ve never been to the caucus.” That will change Jan. 3. “This is the first year my daughter, Anna, can vote, and I want to be a good role model,” she says on the mailer. Both will be supporting Clinton on caucus night.

The Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party, not Ripublicans will determine the Democratic Party nominee:

Third party groups supporting Hillary plunked down an astonishing sum of nearly $300,000 in political spending in one day yesterday, a cash outlay that will almost all fund mailings and phone-bank calls.

FEC filings show that the pro-choice group Emily’s List shelled out nearly $190,000 yesterday for mailers and phone banks, while the American Federation of Teachers spent nearly $95,000 yesterday, all on direct mail. The filings show the dates of the expenditures, but not necessarily when the mailings will be sent or the calls will be made.

The nearly $300,000 is a big one-day buy that will almost certainly unleash a wave of mailings in the next few days, most likely in Iowa and perhaps in New Hampshire.

The Chicago Circus of the Ridiculous is whining because Democrats will determine the Democratic future:

“Right now groups supporting Hillary Clinton and John Edwards are flooding Iowa and the other early states with millions of dollars in paid ads, phone calls, and mailings. Some of it is negative and even deceptive, and a lot of it is paid for by huge, unregulated contributions from special interests. Taking on these groups isn’t just a matter of setting the record straight about me or my positions. It’s about proving that a new kind of campaign – funded by ordinary people who want something better for all of us – can defeat the same tired, old political textbook that so many Americans just don’t trust anymore.”
So who is Obama talking about?

The whine, the complaints are directed at the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party. Obama wants what he calls “Obama Republicans” to select the Democratic Party nominee. We won’t let that happen. Democrats will select the Democratic Party nominee.

The Democratic “Big Tent” is filled, energized and standing – ready to march.

The Democratic March for Hillary is about to begin.


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  1. From Associated Press:

    If he wanted, the Barack Obama of today could have a pretty good debate with the Barack Obama of yesterday. They could argue about whether the death penalty is ever appropriate. Whether it makes sense to ban handguns. They might explore their differences on the Patriot Act or parental notification of abortion.

    And they could debate whether Obama has flip-flopped, changed some of his views as he learned more over the years or is simply answering questions with more detail and nuance now that he is running for president.

    The Democratic senator from Illinois hasn’t made any fundamental policy shifts, such as changing his view on whether abortion should be legal. But his decade in public office and an Associated Press review of his answers to a questionnaire show positions changing in smaller ways.

    Taken together, the shifts could suggest a liberal, inexperienced lawmaker gradually adjusting to the realities of what could be accomplished, first in the Illinois Legislature and then the U.S. Senate.

    On the other hand, political rivals could accuse him of abandoning potentially unpopular views or of trying to disguise his real positions.

    ***lot’s more****

  2. After reading this article, I was motivated to contribute (again) but it was my first contribution followed be .44 cents 🙂 Keep up the great work and go Hillary go!

  3. This article is VERY, VERY ENCOURAGING!!! I am so proud of Hillary that she has all these people helping her get elected! I, myself, have been working hard since DAY 1 to help Hillary get elected. It has been a long, tiring road (especially for HILLARY!) and finally we are coming down to the wire where the voting will start! History can be made very soon! I have faith that Hillary will surprise everyone and win Iowa and New Hampshire!! And well after that it’s only uphill for our gal!!!

    I truly believe, next November, we will see President-Elect Hillary Clinton preparing to move back to the White House, but this time she will be sitting in the Oval Office!!

  4. I hope the description of the opposition given in the 3rd paragraph above is true. This and other articles have painted a very impressive picture of what is happening with the Clinton campaign in Iowa. It makes me feel very, very confident.

    Another story about the big push appeared in the N.Y. Times:

    Our team is going to win this thing!!!

  5. BTW, the Washington Post has an article outlining Clinton’s closing theme for next week in Iowa:

    Clinton is preparing to make a closing argument to Iowa and New Hampshire voters that would center on the challenges of the presidency, arguing that only she can be trusted to handle the surprises and rigors of the job, according to her senior advisers. That emphasis, on her experience and her track record, makes the previous Clinton administration a vital part of her case.

    Right after Christmas, these advisers said, Clinton plans to make the case on national security grounds, citing the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, as evidence that unexpected crises can arise. The argument is in some ways similar to the one President Bush made in 2004, when he campaigned on what he described as his proven leadership in the aftermath of the 2001 attacks and said the terrorist threat called for keeping him in the job. But Clinton is playing on more than just national security concerns, discussing economic security, as well.

    “Time to pick a president” is the new theme, which will be unveiled in Iowa next week.

  6. press is getting desperate.. a little too late.. they are acting as if they are fair. Bill clinton, Washington Post and others have exposed their farce reporting. I dont think these negative articles will have any impact on Obama’s campaign. press is just courting our favours now, favours of REAL democrats, since we are the ones who trust them. repugs dontcare shit, they just dont believe them. they are happy with their fox news and nascar rallies.

    I have unsubscribed from NY times. They were dishonest regarding reporting on Hillary. Now they will play cover up politics, by doing some “reporting” on Obama trying to appear “fair” but who cares. we just want Hillary to go out there and get her word out to the voters.

  7. Great news, admin. As always, thanks.

    About MSNBC’s “Lost Boys” … we do not have to like them but we can learn to love what it is that they’re doing that helps Hillary.

    For those who don’t know, the “echo chamber” comes straight out of the conservative playbook. Righties use the echo chamber to send messages around from think tank to think tank, using talking heads and others to spread their message. It has served them very well, hence 2000 and 2004.

    The echo chamber is defined as “a colloquial term used to describe a group of media outlets that tend to parrot each other’s uncritical reports on the views of a single source, or that otherwise relies on unquestioning repetition of official sources.”

    This is what MSNBC’s talking heads do. The more times Matthews or Tucker or Joe or Mika or Willie Geist or David Gregory or Brian Williams say Obama + drugs or Barack + Hussein + Obama or infer all kinds of off the wall associations, it helps Hillary.

    Haven’t you heard George W.’s famous line from 2005?

    “See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda.”

    This is what MSNBC’s boys are doing … catapulting the propaganda.

    The rest of their misogynistic hate talk is unfortunate. But hate talk is not anything new to Hillary, which is one of her greatest strengths. They can sling all they want her way and she knows how to let it roll off.

    But as long as they keep stirring the pot — and appear to be getting away with it — that is good news. We can expect hate talk from Rush or Glenn Beck or any of the right-wing meatheads but to get so much mileage on Obama + cocaine gets the message out without it having to come from surrogates or from our mouth’s.

    This is politics and it is a dirty game. Obambi, straight out of Chicago politics for all his pretended innocence, knows that as well. His track record proves that.

    Matthews played the Matt Penn clip twice I think last night. Penn had that self-satisfied smirk on his face when Joe Trippi stuck his nose into the conversation, took the bait, and repeated “cocaine”. That clip is going to get played over and over again with Penn silently pleased with himself as Trippi repeats “cocaine”. As I don’t watch CNBC or NBC usually, who knows how many times that clip has been played? I sure hope MSNBC has a good master copy.

    If I’m correct, part of last night’s discourse was about the “present” vote as well. Just like Matthews hammered away at Romney’s prevarications, you can expect Obama’s accountability moment will come as well.

    With the exception of David Gregory, nobody has had the stupidity to try to take Hillary on and then she completely shut him down, to which he disgustedly remarked that she was not going to answer him. She didn’t. He just ended up looking pissy.

    When she was on Morning Joke last week, the discourse was polite and message-oriented. No gotcha questions … that’s Tim Russert … and you can be sure he won’t get another opportunity to do that again.

    My wise son has swayed my way of thinking about what is really going on. Big Media is knowingly puffing up BHO only to drop him off a cliff as soon as it becomes expedient. I would not be at all surprised to see something happen between Iowa and NH but at the very least prior to Feb. 5.

    I’m not a gambler, but I think my son is right. You don’t have to like the talking head but you have to like the message.

    Done ranting.

  8. Yes. I would expect most papers to slip in a “negative” article about Obama on page 38 of the Christmas morning editions, thus giving them mantle of “balance”.

  9. Merryfield, the MSM is prone to an Obama candidacy. Journalist, by and large, love that Broder bs Kumbaya approach to everything. Don’t expect anything from them. It’s the local press that Hillary has had been managing to cultivate. Hopefully, they will be more significant than the MSM. HWC, I found that framing, “time to pick a president” quite interesting.

  10. Letter to the editor at Boston Globe today:

    THE GLOBE’S endorsement of Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination (Editorial, Dec. 16) cites his background and childhood years in Hawaii and Indonesia as preparation for tackling complex foreign policy issues. Barely three years in the US Senate, he walked on a major vote, which condemned the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization that has attacked Israel. While he spoke against the war in Iraq, Obama did not face the political realities of voting in the Senate in 2002. What’s more, if the Bill Clinton years were so bad, why did Obama recruit former Clinton advisers?

    more stories like thisHillary Clinton has visited more than 80 countries, which could be key to restoring our reputation globally. Her efforts to provide healthcare coverage for all began at Yale, where she worked with poor children at Yale-New Haven Hospital. In 1993, she created Kids First, which became the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. Her 1995 speech at the World Conference on Women in China was groundbreaking in its recognition of abuse of women’s human rights.

    Her many years of experience shouldn’t be dismissed in favor of celebrity appeal. We are electing a president. The press should stop acting like this is a popularity contest for “American Idol.”

  11. there should have been a letter asking why they changed the original text of endorsement citing his living in indonesia as his MOST IMPORTANT FOREIGN POLICY experience … these guys are idiots..

  12. Now former intelligence officer Larry Johnson is running a contest to help BHO out with his foreign policy problem.

  13. the funny thing is, press looks like they just discovered Obama .. lol.. what were they doing when Hillary said about his present votes? it was press job to actually out him for those votes, but they didnt and she had to do it herself, and even then no body followed up. whats the point in following up now? her core support has rallied around her.. all her defectors have already left her, and she is still ahead in national polls, in NH poll, tie in SC polls, close in Iowa polls, and now these people looks like are doing their job. a little too late.. idiots!

  14. Offered for everyone’s laughter, derision, and amusement: An article from May 2007, suggesting that the Emily’s List endorsement was a mere token, they are not really giving her much help, and that their lack of direct campaign fundraising and donation was a sign that Democratic women don’t really support Clinton. /news/stories/0507/3868.html

    May I say…

    wait for it….


    We have been under the radar all this time, and are just beginning to flex our muscle at the perfect time! You have been pwned, you morons!!!


  15. I tried this earlier and it wouldn’t post. Trying again. For your amusement and derision, here is a story from way back in May, claiming that Democratic women don’t really like Hillary Clinton, the endorsement must have been tepid, we ladies were in over our heads in a national race, her support from Emily’s list is weak, yada yada yada…

    May I offer an opinion on this?

    Wait for it…


    You have been HAD, you morons, and it is too late to react now! Now they will see us begin to flex our muscles, at just the right time. There are people who have loved Hillary for years who have been quietly planning and working. We are loyal beyond belief – NOTHING will shake us loose from our gal. We are not a “machine”. We are women and workers and African Americans and gay Americans and housewives and liberal men. We are not new to this dog and pony show, like some. We know what we are doing.

    Obama has not yet begun to taste our power and our determination. We are just getting started, baby.

  16. “We are not new to this dog and pony show, like some. We know what we are doing.”

    BRAVA!, hillaryfortexas, BRAVA!

  17. nice writeup HFT, I am a Bill Clinton democrat :). so fwiw, these obomobots think we are new in the game and dont know how to play it. edwards and obambi are arguing about 527’s. well as far as i am concerned, the ad is AWESOME. it will drag Obama down for sure. meanwhile, take a look at this video. look towards the end of the video. Obama is making a case for himself as to why he should not be elected :). for being week on the vascillating “present” votes. lol..

  18. mk.. lol.. yeah and then you might enjoy this. hitting Obama hard. I think they both have realized that Hillary supporters are not going to budge. and media has saturated attacking Hillary. so they both are going at each other. Hillary has 40% negatives for a reason. all those who hated her are already out there choosing between Obama and Edwards among others. so they both going at each other, which is good because they are not getting their message across, whereas Hillary is getting her mesage across very well!

    so bill is stumping in Iowa today and Hillary in NH?

  19. g-tail, has this guy EVER made a speech where he does not trash the Democratic party? He did not just go after Edwards on this, he made a point to say that DEMOCRATS resisted his ethics reform bill.

    Jesus Christ, this guy has about a dozen soundbytes already that can be used by the Repubs against the entire party in November. There’s another one.

    He needs to STFU trashing the party! I am not always happy with them either, but you do NOT go after the party itself in your public speeches. He has no idea how the game is played – none. He is a disaster for Democrats.

  20. hehe.. wait till edwards goes after him full fisted. the iowans are immune right now to him attacking Hillary or vice versa. and media bashing Hillary. this weekend will change everything. I hope the ad really makes Iowans think about his sanctimonious hypocrisy. he is already running on a thin record, now once he is proven dishonest.. that should nail the grave!

  21. And don’t forget the legions of the men and women who were in junior and senior high school, the various Corps and college from 1930 to 1940. They are not-amazingly, very strong supporters of our girl, many ready to vote for the first time since 2000.

    These stalwart folk feel a rebirth of a “we can DO this” spirit and a chance to make a difference, once more before they leave this earth. They are survivors, gave their own cohort to WWII, their eldest sons and a few daughters to Korea, and watched grimly as their youngest children went to VietNam. Many have their youngest grandchildren in the Middle East and and East Asia now and feel betrayed by the liars that put them there.

    Hillary is the person they want in the West Wing, and many are unimpressed by a man half their age who is asking them to step aside to make way for someone who preaches to them and, as one energetic still-driving lady told me at the recycling bin last week, “I wonder if he hauls his own re-cycles [sic] to the bins himself” and answered her own question…”I don’t think so, for sure.”

    Those Greatest-generation folk have very acute hearing, and are not fools, and take their hard-as-it-may-seem caucus duties very seriously.

    And this for my new friends on this site: if you’ve never caucused before, don’t knock it…we have to BE PRESENT and know more about ALL the candidates to do a good job…and that helps those of you who can mail in an absentee ballot at your primaries, because candidates have to at least try to not bullshoot us to get our support…and you get to read, hear, and analyze the wrung-out positions before you winnow the field in your state.

    End of ‘proud of our hard work’ Iowan rant.

  22. Neither Obama nor Edwards uttered a word when Hillary was attacked by Democratic Courage. But now that Obama is the subject of scrutiny, every PAC ever incorporated must be repudiated with a vengeance.

    Obama is a hypocrite, and Edwards is dupe for taking Obama’s bait.

  23. What’s this about Hillary invoking 9/11? She has to be extremely careful with that because Democrats hate the fearmongering of the Republicans.

  24. I don’t know if this has been posted before but it sounds like good news…

    “Clinton Lands Seasoned Operative for SC Effort”

  25. Here’s a new ad running for Hillary in New Hampshire. It features a registered Republican voter for Hillary to showcase her ability to reach across party lines.

    Following are the script for the ad.

    Steve Walter:
    My son Alex is eleven years old. You know, if you know him he’s a great kid, he’s a super athlete and extremely bright. But he also struggles with a chronic disease – Type 1 Diabetes.

    Stem cell research is really our hope in making sure that we eliminate this disease.

    Hillary Clinton says its time to end George Bush’s war on science and invest in stem cell research.

    Steve Walter:
    I met Senator Clinton at a town hall meeting at Dartmouth College and she had the opportunity to meet Alex and I think it was a great exchange. She shows a lot of compassion for people.

    I believe Senator Clinton is a real leader in stem cell research and that’s going to help Alex and a hundred other Americans that suffer from chronic disease.

    As President, Hillary Clinton will lift George Bush’s stem cell ban and let American scientists once again take the lead on this important research.

    Steve Walter:
    I’m a registered Republican from New Hampshire but I plan to vote for Senator Clinton because she supports Stem Cell research and that’s going to help kids like Alex.

    If you’re ready for change she’s ready to lead.

    Paid for by Hillary Clinton for President.

    Senator Clinton: I’m Hillary Clinton, candidate for President, and I’ve approved this message.

  26. You know what I like about Hil’s stories of reaching out to republicans, it’s always on issues that Democrats feel strongly about. Stem cell research, aids funding, taking care of the troops. Or, personal ways, like that guy she helped in Katrina. She doesn’t win them over by co-opting republican themes and ideas.

  27. The Iowa Independent is Case Martyn’s digital baby…online only newspaper (newsblog?) I don’t know what the PC term is.

    Chase is on TM’s Tuesday audio show. Not sure who his dog is in this fight, but definately not a Repub.

    He may have been at BO’s presentation, taping for his site.

  28. Emjay he’s an Obama supporter, but it seemed odd for his blog to have that long video, because even though he leans Obama, I’m pretty sue the site is supposed to be neutral.

  29. I’m enjoying this battle between Obama and Edwards over the 527 commercials. Those two hypocritical dogs can tear each other apart for all I care.

    Obama is the biggest whiner of the campaign season. He’s going after Unions and Emily’s List, calling them “special interest” groups.

    Way to attack the Democratic Party’s backbone, Senator. You sound almost like a Republican.

    Geez Obama, if you had a uterus, perhaps Emily’s List would’ve backed you.

  30. mj wrote: What’s this about Hillary invoking 9/11? She has to be extremely careful with that because Democrats hate the fearmongering of the Republicans.

    mj, to answer your question… I believe Hillary is going to say that sometimes event beyond our control can happen and you need a leader with strength and experience to pull us through.

    I think you heard/read about Hillary and 911 from the WaPo article about Hillary’s closing argument in IA and NH.

    ” Clinton plans to make the case on national security grounds, citing the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, as evidence that unexpected crises can arise.”

  31. “mj, to answer your question… I believe Hillary is going to say that sometimes event beyond our control can happen and you need a leader with strength and experience to pull us through.” Yeah, thats what I am talking about. She needs to be careful with that one.

  32. If Chase (I think he’s the managing editor) is a BO supporter, he needs his Tums. He’s got a rather scathing article on his site about the weaknesses in BO’s health plan.

    Forgot to say, he is also part of Arianna’s Off The Bus team, and writes regularly, I assume non-paid like most of the rest, for HuffPo.

  33. I just saw that Obama ad with the switcher. I didn’t realize that was from the Obama campaign. Did they actually run that ad in Iowa? Or, is it just an internet thing? It’ isn’t very hopeful.

  34. mj, I think Hillary is quite aware that the media will twist and turn everything positive she has to say to a negative.

    She and her campaign, more than any other, know the power of language. I’m sure she will be very cautious.

  35. It sounds to me like Hillary’s “Time to Pick a President” closing theme is a direct call for voters to consider which candidates have successfully crossed the commander-in-chief gravitas threshold.

    As much as the campaign resembles American Idol, we are picking a wartime President.

  36. hwc, yeah, but something is going on in Iowa. Clearly, Obama/Edwards are going after eachothers supporters at this point, not Hil’s. Why s that? Is Hillary going after those supporters, or the Richardson/Biden supporters? Hmmm.

  37. I think MJ is correct. Hillary and team should be very careful on the 9/11 thing. It is interesting that someone said that the MSM is replaying the “cocaine” thing to Hill’s advantage . . . perhaps. But, I still would argue that Team Clinton took a risk in the hopes Obama would get vetted.

    From what I have read, Hill is going after the get out the vote effort. All in, right? Since Hillary’s people think that Edwards really might win Iowa, then it seems that Obama might think so too. Why not attack Edwards?

  38. wow, i did not realize the extent of independent help hillary is getting. this will counter wieght the busing in of thousands of help from illinois to iowa for obama. not to mention illegal votes by non-iowans.

  39. It seems that she is stressing both economics and national security in her lasat ditch effort. And, someone remarked on me about this yesterday, but Hillary most definitely has talked about middle class tax cuts a lot. I hope people are not veering away from that saying just tax the rich. That was a whole part of the middle class express tour.

    My guess MJ is that Hillary will stress her involvement with first responders after 9/11. It is fair because she was very involved in that, but it is different than the approach Bush took.

  40. Kentucky_mkt, I totally agree with this “Hillary will stress her involvement with first responders after 9/11. It is fair because she was very involved in that, but it is different than the approach Bush took.” I think it extends further than that to an argument of how she will respond to any emergencies or disaster, and to unexpected situations in general. It speaks to her competence. But she still needs to be careful.

    It’s odd for Obama to attack Edwards. His whole thing is “above it all”. He got away with attacking Hillary because everyone is allowed to attack Hillary, but atacking Edwards I find odd.

  41. MJ

    I think it all started sometime this am when pro JE Democratic Courage stopped swinging at Hill for a bit and took out after BO. Supposition is the boys have suddenly realized Hill’s support is solid and loyal and not budging. Comments re this started abt 1:30 on this site.

    Re the sign lady. She did that 2 weeks ago or more. It made the local afternoon news and was day old bread by the next morning. She is a neighbor of our former Guv and his wife was the only news abt it. We remarked here only that BO just happened! to be in her yard when she switched her support. Also, someone here said “don’t go there” and we didn’t. Such an obvious PR setup, but sophmoric to boot. There is no longer any there, there.

    No one heard another thing abt it from the next day forward. I’m not sure it is wise for BO to be using it still. Just a bone-deep feeling on my part.

  42. Emjay, you’re in Iowa. What’s your sense from the people you talk to? Anything you can tell us?

    The Obama ad was lame. I think it was a bad idea. I never watched it until now. Totally immature. He probably lost a few with that one.

  43. I think a lot of this indicates that JRE has a good shot at Iowa. His supporters must realize that if he can do well in Iowa, he can also do well in the other early states. Truth is, we would much rather that fight. It puts BHO in a very uncomfortable position because he will then need to continue attacking JRE, esp. noting JRE’s weak funding. That would be OK for us going into Feb 5th.

  44. Kentucky.Mkt, I didn’t mean to “go negative” on you about those tax cuts. I expressed some doubts that she would make any cuts in the basic tax rates for middle class tax payers, thinking she would be more inclined to fix some unfair quirks in the tax code.

    Today I noticed in one of her new ads some words something like “middle class tax cuts” flash across the screen. If she begins to push that idea more strongly, it could make a huge difference for her. You were right and I was mistaken. Wasn’t the first time and won’t be the last.

  45. Look at these crazy ass BHOmanaiacs’ comments!!! LMAO:

  46. Admin @ 1:18: Obama? Prior inconstent statements? I am shocked!

    “Oh what tangled webs we weave
    When first we practice to deceive.”

    -Sir Walter Scott

  47. Lol. I wasn’t picking a fight. It’s a great issue and we should be looking for ways to cut middle class taxes. Income disparity in this country is huge. Read Paul Krugman’s blog post today on income disparity. It is astonishing.

  48. Kentucky_mkt, I really disagree. Most americans would do better with an increase of services not a decrease in taxes, right now. I think Hillary wants to get rid of the AMT, which directly impacts middle class families and has to go. I don’t think she has any broad middle class tax cut in mind, nor could she. We don’t have the money.

  49. Although, if you are saying decrease everyone elses tax while increasing taxes on the rich to realize a more egalitarian distribution of wealth, that would be a good idea.

  50. Although, I still think tax cuts(except for eliminating the AMT, and some targeted cuts) would be irresponsible right now. We have to pay down the deficit. We can’t leave that all for the next generation.

  51. Kentucky-

    3 million manufacturing jobs lost since 2000 (plus many additional jobs that supported them)

    38 billion dollars in bonuses to Wall Street this year.

    Merry Christmas George W Bush

    P.S. Don’t lecture us on patriotism. You have no idea of the meaning of the word.

  52. Evening all…I have an observation on something but don’t know if it means anything. There are lots of Obama ads here in Minnesota, I would say about one every half hour around the clock. There are occasional Edwards ads. Hillary hasn’t been showing many in recent days. I wonder if her campaign is just concentrating on local Iowa based stations (although the tv channels here are shown in Iowa via cable) or if they are planning a big ad blitz next week. The difference in the number of ads is really noticable. I’m really sick of seeing Obama’s face every few minutes…

  53. Deficit reduction is a good idea, but it is a long-term economic solution. The U.S. will likely enter into a recession before the next president takes the oath of office. Targeted tax cuts aimed at the middle class is an excellent short-term solution to immediately address the problems that will follow that recession.

    Her proposal is as follows:

    “Lower taxes for middle class families by:
    extending the middle class tax cuts including child tax credit and marriage penalty relief, offering new tax cuts for healthcare, college and retirement, and expanding the EITC and the child care tax credit.”


    Note in the above that it says extending the middle clas tax cuts. That means the Bush tax cuts and if that doesn’t qualify as a broad middle class tax cut, then I have no idea what would.

    The original intent of my comments would be to just advertise what she has already put forward.

    What kinds of services do you want to add to the federal government MJ?

  54. And, she’s spoken specifically about repealing Bush’s tax cuts, not extending them. She’s talking about this “child tax credit and marriage penalty relief”.

  55. The switcher’s name is way back in our comments section somewhere, but like someone wiser, and I sense more knowledgeable, said on these pages at the time..”don’t go there.” So I think it would be wise to just let ‘er lay.

    Re how it’s going…given our awful weather and Hill’s lack of visibility locally (BTW, our pitiful melt morphed into more snow and drift-producing 35-40 mile hour winds out of the W/NW), I frankly don’t know.

    Statewide, loyalty and love abounds for our girl…I think central, the SE and E is strong. Crowds were great for Hill, Bill and Magic. My county has been so repub for half a century or more it’s like trying to turn the Titanic, but people are hurting here, we are the 2nd smallest county pop in the state and rising from one of the least well off categories. Bush and Repub Congress have NOT been good to us here, and I believe the repubs are going to pay dearly.

    Last time that Dems felt good abt themselves here was 1992.

    We look like we’ve been bombed (Hill’s friend Betsy Ebeling was our 99 county visitor and took a copy of our weekly paper back to Hill in Des Moines to show her how awful it was. The day she was in town, I could only find 9 people to introduce her to. Everyone else was taking trees and torn power lines off their homes, cars and livestock shelters. And that was 1 week after the storm…no more of that, I’ve already crabbed abt it else where on these pages. See also last night’s mem abt our many times delayed precinct/county meeting/caucus training on Thurs night.

    Weather may be a problem for the first time in 12 years for the caucus, but barring that we call all we can, talk to neighbors in the grocery, I go online and pass stuff on to my precinct partner, we appreciate the extra help coming in (we have a regional press person as of last week, she called me yesterday from Council Bluffs) and the two of us here in town (3 as of last night) are just bone and brain tired.

    Just a small whine (whimper)…wish we had had more hands earlier.

    I believe Dem caucus count will be up 20-35 % and I want 10 % of that for Hill. JE strong here, very rural and he’s been in Iowa for 4 years. He drew almost 100 to a gala event at a restored historical farm. Richardson filled a courthouse meeting room 2 weeks ago. Biden, and his son have been in town too. Weather has chased many snowbirds South earlier than planned, tho I need to remind myself that had the date been a normal Feb one, they would’ve been gone anyway…however last 2 years I’ve lived here, many didn’t go because why waste the $$ It was too nice to leave. In fact, 2 Hillfans have moved back from FL. and are pretty sorry now, tho we are all stoics…have to be right now.

    Whoever asked, I don’t know what else to say. Sorry I sound so down. Cabin fever will do that, plus I”m feeling that I’ve personally failed our girl somehow, right now.

    Oh well.

  56. In the book Losing Our Democracy, author Mark Green writes about the tremendous weath created for the chosen few at the expense of the many during the Bush years. But of course this has been a taboo subject in political discourse and whenever a democrat raises it he or she gets accused of promoting class warfare.

    Recently, however, was taboo was broken when maverick billionaires like Buffet, Turner and Soros announced that a concentration of wealth can create a new aristocracy which stifles growth because too much captial is controlled by heirs rather than investors. Ergo, the subject was put on the table, well before Edwards adopted it.

    In the The Cheating Culture, author David Callahan writes: Americans love free markets; but again and again have risen in revolt when market forces have become too powerful . . . Many of the conditions that catalyzed such backlashes in the past are now present–unchecked private power, high profile scandals that highlight corporate control of politics; mounting public concern over consequences of extreme competition and materialism; and the revolt has always come on the heels of a Republican Administration which was seen as too cozy with big business.

  57. Emjay, don’t worry so much. I was just curious about your take on the ground. Perhaps your precint area is not one Hillary s relying too heavily on, particularly if it is very Republican.

  58. An Obama supporter at Daily Kos cites “sources” who claim Hillary leads by 8 in the latest DMR poll.

    Is this true? The DMR has not published any recent data.

  59. the comment is at mydd. but no new data is available at the dmr website. she cites “sources,” which i assume are obama operatives to whom she is connected. i ask, as i desire confirmation.

  60. WBB

    Is Green the one who compared the current concentration of wealth to that of the late 19th, early 20th century?

    BTW, you wrote something recently that came close to Haiku. Do you indulge in that art?

  61. wbboei:

    do U have link? Or, was that ur own thoughts?

    The estate tax has already been brought up on the campaign trail many times by Mitt Romney. Dems shouldn’t back down from these issues. The cap is already pretty high and legislation can be enacted to allow for the passing of family farms and such endeavors.

    A lof of people also don’t realize that there is an entire insurance industry built around paying the estate tax.

  62. Emjay–the weather sounds godawful . . .

    If your county is small, in need of economic assistance, and historically Republican, then it has much in common with some of the counties in upstate New York, which now support Hillary. If the campaign has one of those New York supporters available, then he or she could be very effective. Is that what the lady you mentioned was doing?

  63. Pulch

    The Register usually publishes polls in Sunday editions. Check in abt an hour for the online edition or check out David Yepsen’s blog.

  64. Our farm visitors were a rural affairs expert (I’m quoting from the paper), Hill’s ag legislative asst and a lady who grows specialty vegetables.

    Here we grow corn and bean rowcrops, hay for the cattle and horses, and pigs.

    Guys at the cafe were nice abt the visit, but didn’t feel a real close connection there…know what I mean?

  65. Emjay:

    Is there a way for you guys on the ground there to provide feedback to the campaign about:

    “Guys at the cafe were nice abt the visit, but didn’t feel a real close connection there…know what I mean?” ?

  66. Emjay-yes Green among others has drawn the comparison between the Bush years and the guilded age (1890-1929). His discussion begins at page 122 et. seq.

    Case in point: Jack Welch (former Chairman of General Electric, who eliminated thousands of American jobs, shut down many lines of business and was one of the pioneers of the outsourcing trend (supply chain mangement). And what do you suppose Santa brought him for Christmas when he retired from GE?

    No, not a partridge in a pear tree. Then what?
    Nothing really except for: 120 million dollar pay-out, including Red Sox tickets, country club memberships, free use of corporate jet, and a Manhattan Apartment for life–cause he’s such a jolly good fellow.

  67. Pulch

    My reading of the Iowa Poll results leads me to believe it’s only done once a month. Last one was taken Nov 25-28 and published Dec 2.

    Looks like we have to wait for that poll til next Sun.

  68. Well my little chickadees…

    Just as fast as I could get another glass of mountain red, snow stopped, wind stopped, my piece of the sidewalk got blown clean with my snow piled up in front of the bar.

    And I thought I was out of luck for the week.

  69. Kentucky-my comments came right out of Green’s book mentioned at the beginning of the blog. I summarized the last part. I do not have a link, but I highly recommend the book.

    Emjay-I do like the economy of lines which is characteristic of Japanese poetry and art, but I am no expert. If you look for it you can find it in some places that surprise you. When John Ford and John Wayne worked together on movies in the 1950’s they talked about the ecomomy of lines, and at times they achieved it like in The Searchers, which Hillary supporter Speilberg called the greatest movie ever made.

  70. Hillary is gonna be in iowa on the 23 rd..she is a worker its on her site..she gonna have a holiday affair. event .that is so cool …

  71. KY Mkt

    In a word, or two…no or probably not;

    Am a very small cog in this great machine…I stopped asking questions and making suggestions 3 months ago, tho I have had two very substantive conversations w/ our girl, once face to face and a follow up one on the same topic during a conference call and she and I agree that we both get it, we’ll just have to teach every one else something they have forgotten. See my previous rant on Social Security.

    And I did once suggest up thru the regional office in August the idea of everyone taking a buddy to the caucus, with the idea that if only half of us do it, participation could go up 50 % for the current campaign. It could also be that another person had the same idea. In any case Hill is talking that up.

    I do not know however if I was the catalyst for that.

    If and when they ask, or poll us, like an exit interview, I will share my thoughts though. Cripes, I used to teach this kind of org behavior stuff.

    But again Ky Mkt, not now. I can’t.

  72. WBB

    The Searchers…agreed.

    Daniel Day Lewis has the same sensitivity, as a director at least. He was on C Rose last night.

  73. On the polls, how can there be two polls 1 day apart in NH with Hillary leading by 14 in one and tied in the other? One has to stop obsessing and have a little faith (I tell myself every morning)

    I am amused that pundit after pundit say that IA, NH, and SC will determine the nominee. Evidently NV is a potted plant in this primary. Could it be because BO isn’t doing all that well in NV?

    I wish you all a very sleepy Christmas — I’m thinking about you, Emjay — because we will all be needed as soon as 2008 starts.

  74. For the Chris Matthews haters (myself included), Media Matters has had a few good articles about the slobbering mess that is Matthews, including this link which also includes an interesting quote from Kornblut:

    “Last week, I noted that in October, Washington Post reporter Anne Kornblut telegraphed the coming media assault on Clinton during an appearance on Tucker. Here’s what she said at the time:

    KORNBLUT: I have to say we in the media are spoiling for a fight. Usually we are biased in favor of a good tussle at about this point. … I wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere between now and January 3, now that we know that’s when the Iowa caucuses are going to be, to see some kind of reverse, some kind of Obama surge or an Edwards surge. Something that is going to knock Hillary down a few pegs. Whether it’s a media creation, or something that actually happens on the ground. I would be shocked if there were nothing like that.

    This week, Kornblut participated in an online discussion with Post readers, during which she was asked about that quote. Here’s how she responded:

    KORNBLUT: I wish we were that powerful! Bottom line is, we’re not. I can assure you — what is happening on the ground in Iowa, where I’ve spent a lot of time the last few months, is happening at the level of average voters here, who pay extraordinary attention and make up their own minds (albeit with the help of paid advertising). All I meant then, and still believe, is that Democratic voters do not like easy coronations and never would have just decided Clinton is the nominee without casting a single ballot. Most races tighten at the end, as this one is. And pretty soon, we’ll know how it turns out.

    That is pretty clearly not what Kornblut said in October.”

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