A Challenge To Big Media and Big Blogs

We have a challenge to Big Media outlets. We have a challenge to Big Blogs.

Our challenge concerns long time Obama friend and benefactor Antoin “Tony” Rezko.

* * *

Yesterday we wrote about the latest bit of dissembling chutzpah from Big Media and their ugly stepchild – Big Blogs.

The latest bit of dissembling chutzpah from Big Media came in a Washington Post article detailing the anti-Hillary bias in Big Media and the “free ride” Obama has received. Why “chutzpah”? Why is an article detailing the non-vetting of Obama and the Big Media anti-Hillary slant “dissembling”? Because like a piano player in a whorehouse, the Washington Post, Big Media, and Big Blogs pretend they don’t know what is happening upstairs or what can be done about it. Big Media and Big Blogs just keep playing that piano.

Our point is that Big Media and Big Blogs have created that anti-Hillary slant in their stories — they are not innocent bystanders. But more to the point, Big Media and Big Blogs have it in their power to correct the anti-Hillary bias and also end the Obama “free ride” and inform the public BEFORE the voting starts.

Which brings us to Antoin “Tony” Rezko.

Many Big Media blowhards and Big Blog blowhard clones discussed the shocking Washington Post article.

Glenn Thrush of Newsday, denied the main premise of the Washington Post article of anti-Hillary Big Media bias, but then Thrush wrote this on target summation:

Ben Smith weighs in with an interesting point : that Chicago-land stories on Obama ‘s odd real estate dealings, which the Clintons say has been underplayed, have been too LOCAL to appeal to the national pack and therefore don’t “have the same array of Beltway forces driving it.”

Counter question: Was Whitewater any less parochial?

Ben Smith at Politico had comments on the “free ride” question too, including this:

ALSO: See Glenn Thrush’s different take, which compares Rezko to Whitewater, and notes that there was a lot of scrutiny of the latter. I think the comparison’s pretty apt — not, in the end, the crime of the century — but it’s worth keeping in mind that as this hostile Wall Street Journal timeline points out, Whitewater “fade[d] from the campaign” soon after Gerth’s March 8, 1992, and surfaced as a huge issue much later and in the White House.

Smith’s curiosity on the “apt” Rezko story is non-existent today. The attitude is ‘why vet today when you can vet tomorrow’ – after the voting. To Smith’s credit he seems to understand that the Rezko story, like Whitewater will provide endless hours of Big Media amusement in the future.

Over at Talking Points Memo, Josh Marshall was busy playing the piano for the “girls” upstairs.

I really hope the Obama camp is kidding when they say Barack is the most scrutinized candidate in the race. If they’re not, they’re living in a fantasy world that makes me question whether they’re up to the rigors of a national campaign.

Let me be clear: there’s legitimate scrutiny of legislative records, policy positions, personal finances, history of decisions made in tough, pressure-filled situations (the only really legitimate meaning of character), etc. There’s been some of that and should probably be more.

Then there’s the collective assault that constitutes modern press ‘scrutiny’, especially for a Democrat who generally has to deal with the tag team of the national political press and the regrettably much more able and ruthless GOP oppo research cadre, which has an established feeding operation mainlined to most national political reporters.

It ain’t fair; it ain’t right; but it’s the reality. And if he thinks he’s already gotten that, well … what’s he been smoking?

Taylor Marsh had a “wonders never cease” moment at Josh Marshall’s mild notice that his “marvelous” Obama has not been vetted. Maybe like Ben Smith, Josh Marshall will wait until the “ruthless GOP oppo research cadre” explains who the real Obama is and explains with more force than the swiftboaters – the full Obama/Rezko story – complete with TV ads.

Josh Marshall and his fellow piano players are not innocent bystanders in the vetting process. Big Media and Big Blogs and all the blowhards employ an “aw shucks” attitude but the question remains: why are they not vetting Obama? Why are they not lifting the Rezko rock before the election?

* * *

Which brings us to our challenge to these piano players in Big Media and Big Blogs: Prove us wrong. Show us where we are wrong in the Obama benefactor and friend, the indicted Antoin “Tony” Rezko, story.

To help the piano players, here in brief, is what is without dispute known about Obama and just some of his Rezko entanglements: [Kudos to the Chicago Sun-Times which layed out the undisputed Rezko facts (link HERE).]

Obama worked for a politically connected law firm in Chicago. Obama, while at the law firm (and later) helped pump tens of millions of dollars – government dollars – to his friend and benefactor Rezko via Rezko’s company Rezmar. The tens of millions of dollars in government subsidies were for housing projects Rezko (via Rezmar) was involved in. Neither Rezko, nor his partners in the housing venture had any prior experience to in the housing field – but Rezko/Rezmar still got tens of millions in government money.

Some of the money in government subsidies went to buy tenements in Obama’s state senate district. Rezko treated the mostly African-American tenants with contempt. No heat, no hot water in at least one particulary cold winter. Rezko claimed he did not have money to provide the heat and hot water – but Rezko did have enough money to donate to Obama.

Thanks in part to Rezko fundraising and donations Obama was elected to the state senate. Obama, now a state senator still worked for clients at the law firm. Rezko was a client of the law firm. Obama, as state senator, wrote letters to get Rezko many millions more in government subsidies.

Obama, again with the help of Rezko donations and fundraising, was elected a U.S. Senator. Michelle and Obama, hoping to live in a house they deemed worthy of their new stature, wanted to buy a big house they could not afford. The house cost  $1.65  $2.3 million. Obama made a deal with the doctor who owned the house. The seller agreed with Obama to sell the house separately from the house’s side yard. Obama purchased the parcel of land with the house at a discounted price. On the very same day, Rezko’s wife, bought the side yard at full price. Michelle and Obama got their $1.65 million house.

Michelle and Obama move into the house. The Rezko paid for yard, remains unused by Rezko. Obama pays the bills for the upkeep of the yard, which Rezko now owns, but which originally was the yard of the Obama house.

Later, with Rezko’s pending indictment in the news, Obama buys part of the yard from Rezko’s wife.

* * *

Questions we have raised about the above undisputed facts include:

What value did Obama’s “community organizer” ties have if Obama did not know tenants in his state senate district were freezing in the Chicago winter?

If Obama did not know what was going on in his own senate district why didn’t he know?

Obama himself says the question is should he have known? Obama has never answered that question. Should state senator Barack Obama have known about his freezing constituents?

If Obama did not know what was going on in his small state senate district, in tenements his benefactor and slumlord friend Rezko owned, why is Obama ready to lead an entire, much larger country?

Did Obama know about his freezing constituents? Did Obama turn a blind eye, ignoring the freezing constituents and protecting his slumlord friend and fundraiser? Who was Obama really representing?

The Republicans are ready to pounce on Obama’s Rezko entanglements. Some have overtly commented in great detail about Obama/Rezko already.

* * *

Has anyone in Big Media/Big Blogs interviewed the freezing tenants to discover if they did in fact complain to state senator Obama?

Has anyone in Big Media/Big Blogs asked Obama if he has been interviewed by federal prosecutors regarding the pending trial of Rezko? Has anyone asked the federal prosecutors?

Did the former Obama law firm (also investors in Rezko schemes) ever turn over to the Chicago newspapers the (gasp!) billing records they promised (then reneged on)? These (gasp!) billing records would help clear up exactly what work Obama performed for Rezko/Rezmar. Are these (gasp!) billing records those Obama cannot seem to locate anywhere in his files?

Is Obama’s former law firm, hiding from the truth? Some of the partners in the law firm were also investors in Rezko schemes? Did Obama invest in Rezko schemes?

Have the slimy Gerth and the New York Times, which reported daily for many years on $50,000 lost in a land deal in Arkansas at all interested in vetting Obama?

Maybe Obama’s “factcheck” website will accept our challenge and answer questions about Rezko.

Maybe Taylor Marsh and/or eriposte of TheLeftCoaster will subject their sharp minds to explore Obama’s Rezko entanglements and tell us if/how we are wrong. Maybe Josh Marshall will stop the piano playing and decide to do some quick catchup reading on Rezko. Maybe Glenn Thrush will bother to examine the Rezko entanglements.

By our reckoning, Obama got a big house thanks to Rezko’s assistance as well as a discount which adds up to a $925,000 “in-kind” contribution to Obama. Rezko got millions in Obama funneled government money. Obama’s constituents suffered.

Does anyone in Big Media/Big Blogs know how to spell Quid Pro Quo?

Prove us wrong.

* * *

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