It’s Magic Hillary Clinton Time

Holiday season and Hillary has the holiday magic.

It’s not just the polls, it’s Magic himself.

Enter Magic Johnson. Heck, in the 1980 Finals, Magic was called on to replace an ailing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at center — scoring 42 points and seven assists to win the series from Philadelphia. [snip]

“I’m a businessman,” Johnson says. “I think people know that, recognize that. I helped Bloomberg, helped in his reelection. I helped Antonio [Villaraigosa] become the mayor of Los Angeles. Why I’m here? I’m involved in politics and I want the best for this country.”

The pair [Bill Clinton and Magic Johnson] started the day with the candidate herself in Des Moines, where the three moseyed up and down the aisles of a Hy-Vee supermarket, prompting an “Entertainment Tonight” correspondent to do a stand-up shot in the middle of the produce section. The men then went on to Davenport and tied on quite a feed bag along the way, Clinton told the folks gathered there, lovingly listing everything they’d eaten. They drew a racially mixed crowd, sitting together in a gymnasium. It was in many ways a kind of modern-day homage to Wilder’s “Our Town”: It’s not exactly how America looks, but it’s how we want it to look. [snip]

But once onstage the two seem to draw energy from each other. Clinton begins with a short introduction of Johnson, who lays out why he wants a Clinton presidency. Among other reasons: She’s the best person to restore our relationships with people abroad.

When Clinton takes the microphone again, he seems as if he’s never going to stop. He recalls his wife’s early career helping impoverished children and the Arkansas school system. He talks about her work in the Senate and on global warming. Doing that thing that Bill Clinton does, he transforms his wife from the safe choice into the crusader of what’s been good in America and what can be good going forward. [snip]

Afterward, sitting in a crowded office surrounded by items he has to autograph, Johnson says, “Remember something about the Clintons: They’re winners and Hillary Clinton wants to win. She wants to win because she has the best experience, the best vision. Bill Clinton wants her to win, and he’s supporting her.”

More magic will come from the Clinton Secret Weapon: Organization. Secret weapon is another way of saying Teresa Vilmain.

And, more magic still, the influential New Hampshire Foster’s Daily Democrat and the Laconia Citizen endorse Hillary.

America’s next president must be a leader.

America’s next president must be a healer.

America’s next president must be an agent of genuine change.

When New Hampshire Democrats and nonaligned voters planning to vote in the Democratic primary go to the polls next month, we urge them to vote for Hillary Clinton. [snip]

America needs a president who will close the gap that separates them from an institution that has become distant; someone who will restore the confidence of the American people and renew their place of respect in the world community.

After weeks of interviewing candidates of similar, varied and divergent views, we have concluded Hillary Clinton, among Democrats, is the best qualified to lead the United States as its next president.

The field has been impressive, but it was Hillary Clinton who really impressed us as someone who is ready to lead — someone who is ready to be a consensus builder, not just in working with Republicans as well as Democrats and the nonaligned, but someone who is ready to heal the wounds we have had to suffer.

Experience and a real desire to serve are what has drawn us to Hillary Clinton’s quest for the Democratic nomination for president.

* * *

The Grinches

Meanwhile, Greg Sargent, defying Obama loving Josh Marshall (we’ve been pointing out the disgusting TPM Hillary coverage for a while – Taylor Marsh calls out Josh Marshall today too) tells the tale at TPM:

… MSNBC, which has done some of the most absolutely God-awful commentary on Campaign 2008 that’s been done anywhere. [snip]

Just to be clear, I’m not defending all of Bill’s media criticism here, and Camp Hillary of course bears blame for its own screw-ups. Still, Bill’s basic underlying point — that the records of the contenders get too little attention while poll numbers, haircuts, and cackles get too much, frequently at Hillary’s expense — is glaringly apparent to everyone except for the pundits and commentators who spend all their time talking about such things.

Anyway, this might not have been worth bothering with if weren’t a reminder that this sort of recurrent nonsense, combined with the duo of Chris Matthews and Tucker Carlson, has made MSNBC truly unbearable this campaign season worse even than Fox, if that’s possible.

It to good to see that the sensible person at TPM has arrived at the point we started off from in our very first post. The threat to Hillary and real Democrats will not come from Fox News, which is notoriously recognized as biased and a right wing news outlet. The threat comes from those deceivers that pretend to be on the Democratic side – Big Blogs, PINOs, Naderites, Arriana, HeadKook, Matthews, New York Times, Washington Post.

And just to drive our point yet again about the Big Media Party, which is a political party in all but name. Big Media demands to set the agenda and demonstrate its control of the political system and candidates for office by being able to make or break who gets elected. (Big Media of course gulls the gullible by saying it is only interested in making the race an ‘interesting horse race’ – but that is the Big Media Big Lie. Big Media wants control.) Big Media will not discuss its powerful Broadcasters Political Action Committees even as Big Media propels the “lobbyist” issue. Notice how the candidates railing against lobbyists never mention Big Media lobbyists. Why, because those candidates are Big Media products.

Big Media Washington Post’s Kurtz (following off the reservation, Hillary endorsing Des Moines Register) lifts the veil a bit:

Clinton’s senior advisers have grown convinced that the media deck is stacked against them, that their candidate is drawing far harsher scrutiny than Barack Obama. And at least some journalists agree.

“She’s just held to a different standard in every respect,” says Mark Halperin, Time’s editor at large. “The press rooted for Obama to go negative, and when he did he was applauded. When she does it, it’s treated as this huge violation of propriety.” While Clinton’s mistakes deserve full coverage, Halperin says, “the press’s flaws — wild swings, accentuating the negative — are magnified 50 times when it comes to her. It’s not a level playing field.”

Newsweek’s Howard Fineman says Obama’s coverage is the buzz of the presidential campaign. “While they don’t say so publicly because it’s risky to complain, a lot of operatives from other campaigns say he’s getting a free ride, that people aren’t tough enough on Obama,” Fineman says. “There may be something to that. He’s the new guy, an interesting guy, a pathbreaker and trendsetter perhaps.” [snip]

The Illinois senator’s fundraising receives far less press attention than Clinton’s. When The Washington Post reported last month that Obama used a political action committee to hand more than $180,000 to Democratic groups and candidates in the early-voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, the suggestion that he might be buying support received no attention on the network newscasts. The Clinton team is convinced that would have been a bigger story had it involved the former first lady. [snip]

There was also a lack of media pickup when the Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder reported that an Obama aide had sat down next to him and “wanted to know when reporters would begin to look into Bill Clinton’s post-presidential sex life.” [snip]

Journalists repeatedly described Obama as a “rock star” when he jumped into the race in January. His missteps — such as when his staff mocked Clinton’s position on the outsourcing of jobs overseas by referring to the Democrat not as representing a state but as “D-Punjab” — generated modest coverage, but rarely at the level surrounding Clinton’s mistakes. Some reporters told Clinton aides when she enjoyed a double-digit lead that she is held to a higher standard as the front-runner.

Rezko? Hardly a mention.

Obama did undergo something of a media audit earlier this year, with stories focusing on his record in the Illinois Senate and his ties to indicted fundraiser Tony Rezko. But his recent rise in the polls hasn’t brought the kind of full-time frisking being visited on the hottest Republican, Mike Huckabee. In fact, much of the coverage of Oprah Winfrey stumping for Obama bordered on gushing.

“A media audit”? Where? Imagine if it was Hillary, not Obama who lived in the $925,000 question of a house.

Halperin, who surveys political news at’s the Page, says: “Your typical reporter has a thinly disguised preference that Barack Obama be the nominee. The narrative of him beating her is better than her beating him, in part because she’s a Clinton and in part because he’s a young African American. . . . There’s no one rooting for her to come back.”

* * *

Hillary’s got the magic, no matter what Big Media does. Watch, even Republicans are voting for her. It’s magic time:


334 thoughts on “It’s Magic Hillary Clinton Time

  1. This is a great article. I hope it is also seen by the people who need to see it. Perhaps even if they do, they will just ignore it or attack it.

    Hawk is right about Teresa Vilmain. I’m counting on her to come through for this campaign.

  2. Someone else can repost those great new Rasmussen poll numbers.

    We’ll post our favorite Krugman paragraph from today:

    My thoughts: being president isn’t at all like being a state legislator, Illinois Republicans aren’t like the national Republican party, 2009 won’t be 2003, and the insurance industry’s opposition to national health reform — which must, if it is to mean anything, strike deep at the industry’s fundamental business — will be much harsher than its opposition to a basically quite mild state-level reform effort.

    Bonus paragraph (note the use of “mollified”):

    My worries about Obama are that he doesn’t seem to understand this — that he thinks that in 2009, as president, he can broker a national health care reform the same way that as a state legislator, in 2003, he brokered a deal that mollified the insurance industry. That’s a recipe for getting nowhere.

  3. I love that Hillary met with Bill Wundram in the Quad City Times meeting. VERY GOOD IDEA. This man is a local legend and is very old, and still witty and funny. They have a statue of him downtown. He is very influential.

  4. That Clive Crook article is ridiculous. He claims that the country is biased toward Obama not just the media. It’s utter crap.

  5. BTW, the Jeff Volk in the video linked above is not just “a New Yorker”.

    He’s the Managing Director of Citigroup’s International Securities Division. He started his career as a speechwriter for Richard Nixon and was a major fundraiser for both Bushes.

    The fact that he is fundraising and making campaign appearance for Clinton is nothing short of remarkable.

    This is what John Edwards misses with his “storm the corporations” Naderite rhetoric: corporate leaders will respond to basic competence, such as that shown by Senator Clinton. In fact, it is precisely this kind of basic competence that is the building block for “a new kind of politics, moving beyond the partisan bickering of the past”.

  6. I replied to the Clive Crook article, who mentioned the bias, then proceeded to say the real problem is BILL. Gimme a break.

    “Yes, the media has given Obama a free ride. It’s ridiculous that such an inexperienced candidate is not being hit hard. And no, Bill Clinton is not a handicap. The media are the ones whose heads are exploding seeing a strong, powerful woman with a strong, powerful spouse, and both happy with that arrangement.

    See, it does not fit any of their hidebound and sexist notions. One person in the partnership HAS to be the dominant one, and the other has to be the submissive. Because Hillary and Bill refuse to fit their narrative either way, the talking head and blathering ink circuit are freaking out.

    This is not new. When Bill ran, Hillary was called too aggressive, too involved, not retiring enough like a political spouse “ought” to be. Blah blah blah. Now we are hearing the same story abut Bill. What is it about an equal marriage that gets their jockeys in such a twist?

    I am laughing because my husband and I have a similar partnership. I understand the Clintons completely, even if the Georgetown Social Club does not.

    Go, Hillary!”

  7. mj – It really is almost funny that they do not see their own obsession with gender roles. They think that because Hillary is currently the powerful one, the one in the forefront, Bill should logically now behave like a castrated male. That is their only psychological narrative for how a man relates to a powerful woman. They have no other approach. They cannot conceive of anything outside of either “man in charge” or “ball-busting bitch in charge”. It puzzles and frustrates them to be faced with a couple who is neither.

  8. I just heard that Drudge is coming out with a headline – red light, “Developing” et al, screaming “Shit, This is not the End”.

    The latest Rasmussen NH polls show she’s ahead ( 6 pts from last poll) – 31- 28 (O). Confirms the upward trend from the CNN poll this morning. And with slight lead but considered tied in Iowa.

    Doesnt seem like a campaign in “trouble”, does it ? In their friggin dreams !!!!!!!

  9. Shhhhh!

    Clinton is much better off if the media continues with their narrative that Saint Obama has been annointed as the clear frontrunner and inevitable nominee.

    Let him wear the cloak of high expectations heading into Iowa and New Hampshire so that anything less than a landslide victory for Oprah’s Chosen One would be viewed as a setback.

    Let Hillary’s campaign continue with expections of “imploding”, “turmoil”, and “collapse”. Let the voters, and her under the radar women’s turnout operation, answer the question the media so loves to ask, “is it the end for Clinton?”

  10. Up 6 more points from before in NH? Woot! Go Hillary! Methinks Obama peaked too early.

    I’m sure that MSNBC will spin this as the wheels falling off Hilary’s campaign. And New Hampshire will laugh at them, and go vote for our gal.

  11. hwc, you mean the same way that the women in Ireland worked quietly under the radar and brought real change? Here’s Hillary addressing those women in 1998:

    “”Wives. Mothers. Sisters. Daughters,” she told the 450 delegates to the ”Vital Voices: Women in Democracy” conference. ”Few were household names. But having seen their lives and communities torn apart by violence, women came together as women have always done — around kitchen tables, at the market, in gatherings like this. It was women whose whispers of ‘Enough’ became a torrent of voices that could no longer be ignored.”

    Women have a long tradition of working under the radar. 🙂

  12. Rasmussen Iowa – Clinton – 29 , Obama – 26, Edwards – 22.

    I have a feeling this is the trend that we will be seeing heading into Jan 3rd.

  13. Yesterday I got an email from a marketing company offerinng a $1000 card promoting Oprah’s favorite things for Christmas!..yes it was for Christmas.

    There was no mention on Obama on that list.

    More likely things made in china!

    An email promoting Oprahs fav. things goes into trash!

  14. Not that I know anything about polls, I have read and agree that pollsters will have to back off for the holidays, leaving only 1/2/08 to bug the bejeebus out of folks for those last minute numbers. Whose gonna not tell any pollster dumb enough to call to go take a flying leap? I would.

  15. So, you can kicked off of Daily Kos for mentioning Rezko. Implying that Obama has mob ties is apparently a bannable offense. Kos has reduced it to the conspiracy mongering around 9-11. You can’t talk about how Bush organized the WTC attacks and you can’t talk about how Obama has mob ties. Amazing.

  16. Rezko is bannable now? Wow. Because Rose Law firm, Whitewater, etc get regular mentions over there, without a blink.

    Kos has really jumped the shark. He thinks he has become one of the Big Media now, and has no clue how out of touch he is really becoming. DKos is going to be a huge laughingstock at this rate. Maybe he wants to see it crash and burn, since he is on TV and Newsweek and above it now. How sad. The site had great potential.

  17. White, upper middle class male, but Edwards support is from a wide swath of dailykos. Obama is core white, upper middle class male supporters there.

  18. Edwards has always been the favorite at DK, however, BO is doing bad over there today. He usally is just a little behind JE. At least HRC is beating Kucinich so far. 🙂

  19. mj, add to that young white upper middle class male. Not teenagers, but I believe most are under 40. Your typical “full of their own importance” demographic.

  20. I have no idea why Kos is given so much importance. What goes on on that site now is just plain nonsensical. And he’s done nothing to control it, in fact has encouraged it by using writing absolute falsehoods himself. Never once has he retracted and apologized for posting misleading contents. The fact that some politicians and some in the big media have lined up to give him some importance is what’s gone to his head. And he’s not even a good writer. Also Hillary doesnt give two hoots about him that’s why he’s frustrated and pissed. Its high time people start see the fellow for what he is – a vain, ignorant self-promoting narcissist who got lucky with the discontent about the war and Bush.

  21. Typically, Edwards gets close to a third of the vote at DK. Obama comes in somewhere in the twenties and Hillary gets around 9%. It’s mainly white guys between 25 and 50 and I think it skews young.

    They want you to know that their opposition to Hillary has NOTHING to do with her gender and everything to do with her anti-union, pro-Israel, hawk rhetoric combined with her absolute inability to say no to any corporation that asks a favor of her. She is going to nuke Iran if she takes office and this is proved by her Yes vote on Kyl Lieberman and her fierce bellicosity on display at the AIPAC speech. On top of that, there is the fact that she supports all of Israel’s actions in Lebanon and doesn’t mind seeing Lebanese children burned to a crisp. Lastly, there is the fact that they nation hated Bill so much that he managed to turn Congress over to the Republicans. And if it wasn’t for his actions in the Oval Office, Al Gore would have won the election in 00. Haha, I should go write that diary over there – I bet I could have it to the top of the rec list within minutes. They’re that stupid over there.

    It’s like young men think sex will never be fun again if Hillary wins the presidency and their mom will quit making sandwiches when they come home from school.

    It’s like they think she’s running on the anti-cookie and nookie platform. Swear to god….

  22. Rasmussen hasn’t posted their latest Iowa numbers, the link still takes you to the survey from 12/12. Stay tuned…

  23. This via Politico (hi Ben) from Matthew Yglesias from Richard Holbrooke (Concord Monitor) on Hillary’s 2002 vote on Iraq. [space] 2007/12/holbrookes_secret_plan.php

  24. If any Red Stater or anybody on the Repub hate sites wish to have a recommended diary on Kos, this is their chance !!

    They too can achieve that dream, enjoy it and have a good laugh about it too! What’s more, all your “liberal” enemies will welcome you with open arms. Write all the vile things you can think of about Hillary and watch your stock go up at Kos.
    Success is assured !

  25. Sorry about the earlier Ras Iowa numbers. Realist – you’re right. Didn’t notice that link takes you to the Dec 12 poll.

  26. It’s not you, dt, Ras is linking it themselves and calling it current. One thing we know is that she’s still leading…:)

    The tide has turned.

  27. I think DK has a some of repubs. Hillary has about 8% support I think. It would be nice see another Obama, Edwards food fight.

  28. Yapsen…I like that!
    It’s a shame because it would be better to have his Yap on our side, but his influence will go back to ZERO for another four years in a couple of weeks, so be of good cheer!

  29. Any idea when, or if Hillary will be coming out with a Holiday ad? I thought she should have been out with one FIRST, if not by now.

  30. imagine44: who cares about oprah regrettinng or not regretting!

    She has done her part in what I believe now is that unless Hillary wins, it is another gop
    candidate in the WH!

    Obama/oprah has done what I never thought would have happened! He has divided the dems.

    On mydd there is a diary by Seymour Glass:

    Quite instructive.

    At this stage, I wonnder how those DEMS in IL backing Obama like Durbin, etc are thinking!

  31. guys, the ras national numbers confirm the hotline poll was crap. i see the nutkooks on mydudd are allways knocking down hillary’s growing support nationally.

  32. Not only did the 2-day tri-state Opramagasm divide Dems in general but in S.C. it deliberately called out blacks to support the first viable black candidate and women to not only ignore the first viable female candidate but to cast her aside as not up to par with Saint Obama. Oprah screwed the pooch, as they say.

  33. Why do the poor and lower/middle income workers support Hillary? Here is one answer from Krugman:

    One other thing that’s striking from the report, by the way, is that over the 26 years the estimates span, the only significant gains for the bottom two quintiles, and most of the gains for the middle quintile, took place during the Clinton years. Exactly why is an interesting question, but the empirical fact is that over the past generation the only good years for lower and middle income families were when a Democrat was in the White House. This is an example of a broader, and honestly mysterious, correlation identified by Larry Bartels in his paper “Partisan politics and the U.S. income distribution.”

  34. hwc – I totally agree. The media is so absorbed in their “desperate, failing, sliding, shake-up (from those ‘in the know’) turmoil” of a campaign that they probably won’t notice the new numbers. And that’s very good for Hillary.

    After all, if you can do an hour on the damage Bill is doing to Hillary with scorn and patronizing, leering jokes at his irrelevance and “heh-heh” faults, why pay attention to what is happening. There’s always an outlier you can use to show Hillary cratering. Is there a backlash to the hate-filled, sexist commentary? Shhhhhhh. Don’t bring it up to them — just complain to GE when you get the chance — and let them keep explaining how an Obama win in IA will bring a win in NH will bring a win in NV will bring a win in SC and then he runs the table on Feb. 5.

    The fact that NH now EXPECTS Obama to win IA and is still for Hillary, puts a tiny crimp in that argument but they’ll tell you that the polls don’t reflect the actual vote — it’s the internals that count and those favor Obama. Somehow.

    I predicted that Obama would peak the day before the Oprah rallies on the news of the hooplah. I may have been right. In any case, expectations are everything and Hillary is expected to sink like a stone. Goody.

  35. Can someone supply a link for the Rasmussen poll? I cannot get the hang of typing on a laptop keyboard, the cursor keeps erasing my post LOL. I felt a few days ago that the murder hang of media would end up to benefit our girl, if she simply stayed on message and out of the fray….. talk about what she has done and what she will do.

  36. RAS, SC 33-33,NH 31-28. Hillary is up in the daily tracking poll to 42%. No gain for BO. She has not ben up there since 11/27.

  37. Great numbers to see out of Iowa and New Hampshire, hopefully those will stop the “ship is sinking” stories in the media.

  38. hillfans, hillary is feeling the love now and now she has her mojo. no debates before the caucus to try to trip her up. her new ads, great organization, and her helocopter tour may carry the day there. it seems the best days obama had was the last few weeks.

  39. offcourse clintondem99, they don’t want tp mention ras’s numbers. but it does not matter what big media says. the people on the ground in iowa will have the final say on who wins there.

  40. i said this before and i will say it again. the haters will stop at nothing to derail hillary. they will not stop once she wins the nomination or the white house. when she takes the oath on jan. 20th, 2009 they will still say she did not win fair. they will never stop. so talking or reasoning with them is pointless.

  41. Hey, I have a friend who is a Ron Paul supporter (Paulites…he does not appreciate “Paultard” LOL ), and he showed me the Ron Paul radio thingy. Where’s Hillary’s radio? We need one that goes 24 hours or at least during the day. We could do this online. Is there one already out there that I don’t know about?

  42. Adorable! Simply adorable! The netlosers are going on and on about the Obama ad. I refuse to watch. But, her ad is simply adorable.

  43. Her Christmas ad is wonderful! How many times have I been wrapping (because it always falls to me) and trying to figure out which present is which, and where the heck I put it? People will see themselves in that ad. 🙂

    mj, I watched Obama’s – the standard Christmas family greeting. Nice, but nothing special.

  44. People will see themselves in that ad.


    Not just “people”, but especially the people targeted by Clinton as her core voters. I mean, I’ve already seen my wife in that exact scene this week….”oh, there it is…..”

  45. I am glad McCain did it. If it was Hillary, then you will have Brian Williams and David Gregory question her, “What exactly did you mean when you said that BO does not have experience and judgment?”. “What did you mean?”. “You are not answering the question”.

  46. What a beautiful, CREATIVE ad!

    Now of course between of us all here – we would have liked to seen her in her jammies or leisure wear (hopefully pink)!

    BUT then again can you image what those at MSM would have done to our girl if she had!

  47. B Merryfield: your postings on Taylor Marsh are excellent, especially the one on Matthews. The Carson-Wilde posting from early this morning was original. The only part that was not my words was the phrase “living poor and voting rich”, which I lifted from an editorial by Bob Herbert which was appeared in NYT the day after the last presidential election, ironically enough.

    Gladiatorstail: your postings are terrific. Thanks for reading my post. My primary objective is to provide possible arguments for Hillary supporters who visit this site to accept or reject as they see fit. My secondary objective is recognize honest journalism & condemn phony journalism. I comment routinely on newspaper articles, and have posted on Taylor Marsh.

    Paula, my answer to your question is posted at the bottom of yesterday’s narrative in case you did not see it.

  48. Tweety can’t even inteview McCain without getting in a dig at a Clinton. He really is completely obsessed with his Clinton Derangement Syndrome.

    I for one hope it continues. Americans are pretty smart. They do not trust the media as much as they did 8 years ago. I believe that if Tweety and the rest continue to so blatantly bash, their bias creates a backlash in the voting public. They do not want Obama shoved down their throats the way Bush has been shoved down their throats. The media has a credibility problem after their Bush cheerleading.

  49. Okay, I am giving notice! Chris Matthews is no longer Tweety. He is Stewie to me. I will refer to him as Stewie henceforth. Because of this comment by Pamela B on Taylor Marsh:

    “I no longer call Matthews Tweety. Tweety is a cute little bird who by his very niceness gets on the mean ole putty tat’s nerves.
    Matthews is Stewie, the little demented two year old on Family Guy. Stewie hates his mother but went nuts when she stopped breastfeeding him. He has anger management issues. He has real idenity issues,one moment wants to dress up in evening gowns & then the next he wants to do every girl in daycare. He dreams of taking over the world and his ego is off the chart.
    He likes men who are big & beefy (hellooo Chris).
    He’s insecure & jealous of anything or anyone alive or dead.
    He has trouble expressing any warm emotion especially toward women.
    His idea of playing with the other kids is them doing what he says, he must rule.
    I’m sorry folks but I just described Chris Matthews.
    There is one difference, I can take Stewie & even laugh sometimes because he’s a cartoon character.
    When you think of it Matthews is to, just not in a funny way. “

  50. The fight for creating universal health care and, someday, creating a modern single payer system, the like of every other civilized, industrialized and democratic nation on earth, will not be anything like a cake walk. It will be a lot of very un-glamorous, tedious and arduous work. It will take political know-how; it will take a President who must display perseverance while taking punches – lots of them – from entrenched special interests; it will take someone who is willing to work within the system to change the system. Simply put: it will take President Hillary Clinton.

    Deliberately or not, Paul Krugman in an interview at TPM makes an excellent case for Hillary’s candidacy. She alone has the tenacity, the know-how and the progressive convictions that is absolutely essential to bring the all-important fight for universal health care to a successful solution.

    Obama’s candidacy is all about himself. In the face of harsh criticism and political ugliness we have no reassurance whatsoever that he will not shrink from the task before him. He has never once in his life had to stand up against the Rethugs in earnest. Hillary has taken them on before. She will not budge. With Hillary, and with Hillary alone, we will prevail.

  51. He also just lowered Iowa expectations for HRC while raising them for JRE/ BHO. He did this by saying that for everyone but HRC, Iowa is a must win.

  52. Hillary4texas:

    I think Mathews is more like Eric Cartman from South Park. His contempt for Hill is like Cartman’s for Kyle.

  53. Kentucky, I think Rush is more Eric Cartman. I’m sticking with the mommy-hating Stewie for Chris. :-p

  54. Wow! Mark Halperin just gave this AMAZING interview on Tucker. He gave strong details why Hillary has been treated unfairly by the press. He even discussed Obama’s slush fund.

  55. Don’t mean to shout with my username..perhaps administrator could change it to lower case. Laptop key board is posing tons of problems for me. I don’t think I can change it without reregistering.

    Media will not give Senator Clinton even a headline…Yahoo has all day been Obama or Edwards.

  56. ignore big media wvgal571, the people will decide in several short weeks. let’s keep the help hillary express going.

  57. LOL! Yeah, Tucker might be might be Bertram. I noticed Tucker trying to convince the public tonight that the media is Liberal. Think anyone is buying that one anymore?

  58. Look at the democrats! We could have handily won this time thanks to the abounding stupidity and incompetence of Bush’s. Instead one candidate with his big ego and bloated self-image is causing havoc in the primary with his entry too soon and with too little substance — the nasty republicans will have a field day ripping him apart. I hope that day does not come!
    What bugs me is that if we were as united as the republicans and this candidate had waited to add more accomplishments to his political skills, we could have shattered both glass ceilings, woman and black. Now both are in jeopardy!

  59. guys, cbsnews reported south carolina likely dem poll obama 35% to hillary’s 34%. what is confusing is women support obama 39% to hillary’s 31%. men hillary leads 38% to obama’s 30%. a little screwy. the black vote is 57% obama to 27% hillary. lord, the black vote is coming home to obama. i hope she scores better with the aa vote. that is the key.

  60. ClintonDem99,

    Wow, that article pretty much explains everything. i’ve always been baffled as to what pathology was lying behind all of the sexual innuendo in Obama’s references to Hillary and his bizarro world need to vanquish Bill and the 90s. Well, whoomp, there it is.

    I knew it was something like this. Pathology is driving his campaign and he’ll make a deal with anyone he needs to to vanquish his demons.

    Great. Just what we needed this time out.

  61. This was posted on TPM an interview:

    In An Interview With TPM, Krugman Ramps Up Case Against Obama
    By Greg Sargent – December 19, 2007, 3:52PM
    One of the more intriguing subplots of Campaign 2008 has been the ongoing battle between the Obama campaign and liberal NYT columnist Paul Krugman. In an interview with TPM Election Central, Krugman reiterated his critique of Obama, which centers largely but not exclusively on health care policy, and added a whole lot more.

    Here’s a quick sample of Krugman quotes from the interview:

    On health care Obama is behaving as kind of, “Let’s make a deal.” The idea that he would be talking even in the primary campaign about the big table is suggesting that he is not all that committed to taking on special interests.
    On the big problems there’s a fundamental, deep-seated difference between the parties. I’ve always just felt that his tone was one suggesting that his inclination is to believe that we can somehow resolve these things through a kind of outbreak of good feeling…

    Among the Dems he seems to be the least attuned to what progressives think.

    A full transcript of an edited version of our conversation is after the jump.

    ELECTION CENTRAL: A lot of liberal activists view Barack Obama as a liberal standard bearer. As the closest thing to an establishment voice that these activists have, were you surprised to find yourself battling Obama?

    PAUL KRUGMAN: What started it on my end was Obama’s health care plan. It was weaker than the Edwards plan. It drives me crazy when people try to assess candidates on the basis of how they look and sound, and there was all this enthusiasm for Obama as a multicultural symbol, but I was waiting to see some policy proposals.

    EC: But your latest column criticizes Obama as the “anti-change candidate” across the board — it isn’t just focused on health care. Why did his health care plan end up triggering your larger critique of him?

    PK: Health care is make or break for whether we’re going to have a real liberal turn in policy or not. Health care is the gaping hole in the welfare state. We all agree that the system is deeply flawed. And health care has political spillover. If Democrats get major health care reform, then it kind of re-legitimizes the idea of activist government policies. Even conservatives say that.

    Yet on health care Obama is behaving as kind of, “Let’s make a deal.” The idea that he would be talking even in the primary campaign about the big table is suggesting that he is not all that committed to taking on special interests.

    On the big problems there’s a fundamental, deep-seated difference between the parties. I’ve always just felt that his tone was one suggesting that his inclination is to believe that we can somehow resolve these thing through a kind of outbreak of good feeling.

    EC: But should his conciliatory tone really be the basis to this extent of our evaluation of him? Some, including Matthew Yglesias, have argued that this focus on Obama’s conciliatory rhetoric obscures the fact that Obama would still more likely prove a genuinely progressive president than Hillary would be.

    PK: What evidence is there that she would be especially bad for the progressive movement? For what it’s worth, Hillary’s actual policy proposals are more aggressive than Obama’s.

    EC: What about on foreign policy? You could argue that Hillary is less willing to challenge old rhetorical frames on foreign policy, and that with her rhetoric and stuff like her Kyl-Lieberman vote, she’s ceding turf at the outset on foreign policy the same way Obama is on health care.

    PK: I guess I’ve been going on the view that no Democrat is not going to end this war, and no Democrat is going to start another war. I have not felt that foreign policy is the defining issue in the race to the nomination. Whether we’re going to get universal health care is much more of a question.

    EC: What other things gave rise to your current critique of Obama?

    PK: When Obama used the word “crisis” about Social Security it gave me a little bit of a sense of, “Hmmm — I’m a little worried that my initial concerns were more right than I knew.”

    To have Obama sort of sounding like the Washington Post editorial page really said among other things that he just hasn’t been listening to progressives, for whom the fight against Bush’s Social Security scare tactics was really a defining moment. Among the Dems he seems to be the least attuned to what progressives think.

    It’s a tone thing. I find it a little bit worrisome if we have a candidate who basically starts compromising before the struggle has even begun.

    EC: But surely there’s something to the argument that the skills to build coalitions, to win over moderates on the other side, aren’t without any importance. Should we really take tone and rhetorical skills out of the equation entirely?

    PK: No, but there aren’t any moderates on the other side. And as far as sounding moderate goes, the reality is that if the Democrats nominated Joe Lieberman, a month into the general election Republicans would be portraying him as Josef Stalin. Obama’s actually been positioning himself to the right of both Clinton and Edwards on domestic policy and has been attacking them from the right.

    The Democratic nominee is still going to be running on a platform that is substantially to the left of how Bill Clinton governed, and the Republican is going to nominate someone to the right of Attila the Hun. You want the Dem who’s going to make that difference clear and not say things that will be used by Republicans to say, “Well, even their candidate says…”

    And after the election, if you come in after having opposed mandates and having said Social Security is in a crisis, then you’re going to have some problems fending off Republican attacks on health care and The Washington Post’s demands that you make Social Security a top priority. Mostly it’s a question of what happens after the election.

    Late Update: Some have floated the rumor that Krugman has a son working for Hillary as a way of explaining his criticism of Obama, but this rumor is false.

  62. They just showed the Christmas ad on ABC News.

    Very creative.

    They also showed Rudy’s Christmas ad. The man looks like a escaped convict.

  63. terrondt — in the SC poll, Edwards is taking a huge chunk of the white vote. His numbers have been rising in SC lateley.

  64. I think the Oprahpalooza effect has definitely weighed into the CBS SC poll numbers. When women start supporting BO over men with that margin, theres no other explanation. We’ll have to see how long it will last though.

  65. Great Christmas ad by Hillary. The momemtum is definitely coming back.

    HLR, I think Hillary is going to have to really push JE’s electibility problems to the voters before we get to SC.


    Sorry to hear about Dennis Kucinich’s brother. My condolences to him and his family. 🙁

  66. TV ALERT (Reminder): Today

    Hillary & Betsy talk to Entertainment Tonight about hair and dancing.

    * Part 3 – ET with Hillary on the campaign trail TOMORROW.

  67. hillfans, new survey usa south carolina poll 41% hillary, 39% obama. but a new nbc/wsj national poll 45% hillary, 23% obama.

  68. terrondt, what was the previous Survey USA SC poll? Are her numbers up or down or the same in that one?

  69. Never mind – found it terrondt. Previous was 44% and 40%, so no big change from Oprah plus all the negative crap flying the past week. Our girl was not hurt in the fallout, is holding strong and is poised to soar. 🙂

  70. sorry hillaryfortexas, i was away from my computer. still headband tight in south carolina. a dogfight for sure.

  71. When Hillary wins IA, the independents in NH who would have taken part in the democratic vote will be switching to the much more interesting republican primary, thanks to McCain’s endorsements and Huckabee’s surge. Without the independent vote, OB will tank in NH.

  72. terrondt, it will be a dogfight, but she just had her worst week ever, publicity wise. Negative stuff for her, positive for BO. So if she is still holding strong? I’m happy. Obama’s big momentum has petered out, and she is just getting started. I’m happy.

  73. nobody performs as good as clintons when they are pushed to the walls .. a dogfight.. yeah hillary will win. there was an article of how Hillary tackled guiliani in NY senate race sometime back. that should give us a perspective of how tough and energetic hillary is. she is just awesome. I said it once and I say it again. Bill was an impromptu political genius with far less conviction to help others than Hillary. Hillary is a policy wonk, is true to her beliefs, and will work hard to secure a better future for America. she will be FAR better than bill if she is elected president. the only thing is, can she convince a majority.. and thats what this dogfight is about.

  74. The Clintons have been put under the microscope since 1992 when Bill was elected and nothing has changed since. Hillary DEFINITELY IS put to a much higher standard than anybody else running, especially Obama. The media loves him for some reason. Chris Matthews now calls him “Barrack” – he’s on a first name basis with his favorite as he puts Hillary down!

    I’m wondering if the media is full of Republicans contrary to public opinion. Perhaps they would LOVE to see Obama get elected. The Republicans would make MINCEMEAT out of him and then they would win the White House AGAIN in 2008!

    It still boggles my mind how Obama has as much popularity as he does. He is so INEXPERIENCED; I think I could be president, too, if he is considered qualified! He cannot even take a stand in the state senate when he voted present at so many important issues. A PRESIDENT cannot vote present. A president has to take a stand, make earth-shattering decisions at a moment’s notice. Can you really see Obama being able to do this???!!!!

  75. ABC is disgusting. They are promoing their interview with Obama tomorrow by making it seem like he’s a certainty in Iowa…because they are quoting only their own stats. Guess he figured he needed to go on the morning shows tomorrow.

    Am pleased as punch to see all the new numbers. Figured Hill would swing back soon.

    The pundits don’t even try to sound “fair and balanced” anymore.

  76. Always: Some folks got them in that lens early on–way back when they were Arkansans. They’ve been in public scrutiny for a long long time. They started learning early on what it takes to be successful (or not) in politics and I believe they are still learning. I agree with whomever said that they’ve never seen anybody work harder than Hillary. From everything I have seen and heard she is truly amazing in that way. How could people not want the person who not only knows the most about issues and policies but has the kind of work ethic reputation that she does.

    A while back we had some comparative data on votes missed. Does anybody remember that?

    Hillary is on nightline tonight

  77. Republican race is completely fluid right now. Rudy, Romney, Huckabee, or McCain could make it. My money would be on either Huckabee or McCain. As the race moves south, these two have a natural advantage over Rudy/Romney who are primarily northeast candidates.

  78. Thompson is a dead man walking. He has peaked just before he announced. There is no energy behind his candidacy.


    Editorial: Clinton & Giuliani
    Written by Nicholas F. Benton
    Thursday, 20 December 2007
    nfbenton@fcnp.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

    In our view, as the 2008 presidential election year approaches, Hillary Clinton is the strongest Democratic candidate and Rudy Giuliani the strongest on the GOP side. We commend each to their respective party.

    It is not fashionable at this stage of the process to be saying good things about Hillary Clinton. As the Iowa caucuses and the first primaries approach, the ganging up against her, as the long standing front runner, by her Democratic rivals is clearly having an effect. It is fairly safe to say that Republicans are quietly adding to this mood of dissent. They would be right to assume that Ms. Clinton would be their toughest adversary in next year’s presidential election.

    Ms. Clinton is akin to the tough women who fought and eventually won the suffrage movement, winning for women the right to vote. Their role in the world was mightily enhanced by the model of Eleanor Roosevelt, whose influence for a dozen years in the White House and many after is unparalleled for a woman in leadership in this nation’s history. Like those who went before her, Ms. Clinton has routinely been underestimated. She was ridiculed for her health care and other initiatives in the early years of her husband’s presidency because she broke the mold of the traditional “first lady” for the first time.

    She baffled the pundits by not falling into the trap set by sworn enemies of a Democratic-controlled White House when she held firm and steadfast in her marriage through Bill Clinton’s worst moments following the Monica Lewinsky revelations. Her tough resolve during that period not only sealed the Clinton legacy and kept their popularity intact, much to chagrin of their political opponents, but maintained a degree of stability which buoyed her, against the expectations of the pundits once again, to win a U.S. Senate seat in New York.

    She’s proven her mettle and if nominated, she will win the White House. As a strong and highly-qualified president, she will set the nation, with a Democratic-controlled Congress, on a whole new course.

    In our view, the GOP’s current roster of choices is far weaker than those the Democrats have to choose from. We judge Rudy Giuliani to be the most qualified and also “electable” among them because he brings a penchant for executive leadership that served him well engineering a dramatic turnaround in New York City. He is also the most grounded choice, reasonable on marginal social issues that matter, increasingly, only to the religious right and their dwindling ranks, and he’s practical on matters of governing and working to get things done.

    He has not pandered to the religious right, a wise decision when your sights are set on the general election. The only other possible such option, John McCain, has so sullied himself by associating with Bush’s Iraq policy that his credibility is shot. Therefore, not only is Giuliani the most reasonable GOP candidate, he stands the best chance to win.

  80. B Merry —

    dkos demographics — blogads did a survey. Two years running, site is about 70% male, avg age 45. A bunch of lawyers.

  81. ra1029 – Yes, Stewie was overwhelmed by the manly Aqua Velva and was giddy for a bit, but I think he’s over it.

  82. Please Dems don’t let yourself down for the third time in a row! Think not, any one of your front candidate can beat the Ripublicans. Polls are polls; some give genuine information and some are news and big business or are intended to derail the mind-set of the primary voters from the democratic party, so that they can go for a full catastrophe in voting for BHO.
    The big media and the big blogs have their reasons why they want to stop a genuine change in the american society that will come about as a result of Hillary’s strong presidency. She is going to fix all of the flaws in your society that have been haunting you for years now.

    Vote for Hillary or face another ripublican president!
    The civilized world wants Hillary!

  83. Looks like they might cancel the Oscar’s due to writers strike. I hope they cancel the golden globe’s also. It is on Jan 27th and there is definitely going to be some political rant on TV screens during these awards by some hollywood Obama supporter trashing Hillary and asking people to vote for BO on Feb 5th.

  84. oh no.. lobbyists working for the campaign while they’re still registered lobbyists!?

    it’s OK if it’s obama right?

  85. Read the article ra1029. The hypocrisy is astounding. The defense will be “all the other campaigns have them too!” Well, duh, but Hillary didn’t go around preaching how she was morally above touching one of those nasty dirty lobbyists, too pure to have anything to do with them. Obama did. Criticized her as a sellout as opposed to the principled Obama-the-Holy-One.

    He is a bigger money, machine, ambitious, calculating politician than anyone in this race. But somehow he has painted himself as Mother Theresa. The press needs to hit him hard on this.

  86. Forget about the previous article. NYTimes is a Obama lap dog. They basically covered this story from Obama perspective.

  87. From Josh Marshal @ Talking Points Memo:

    “I really hope the Obama camp is kidding when they say Barack is the most scrutinized candidate in the race. If they’re not, they’re living in a fantasy world that makes me question whether they’re up to the rigors of a national campaign.”


    “what’s he been smoking?”

  88. Yo, Obambi, when you’ve had panty-sniffing Ken Starr and the best team of investigators that 70 million dollars can buy digging through your entire life and the life of anyone you’ve ever known for several years, then we’ll talk “most vetted”. Until then, STFU with that stupid claim.

  89. The nightline interview was good. She didn’t take the bait to go after BHO. MJ did you read the NYT story about how BC’s legacy is tied to HRC’s?

  90. It is out on the net now. It will be in print on Sunday. Basically, it spells out the theoretical goals of Clintonism are. Hillary, as she did on niteline, explains that she and Bill “started a conversation.” They did. And, the outcome of that led to what can be termed Clintonism. It’s what made me switch to Dem and why the Left/ Repubs hate them.

  91. The one thing I took away from that is BHO is trying to emulate the Clinton strategy while seriously ignoring the notion of having a core set of governance beliefs.

  92. I really get annoyed with stuff like this from that NYT article:

    They almost uniformly admire the former president; 82 percent of Democrats polled by Fox News in November had a favorable opinion of Clinton, and, in a New York Times poll released earlier this month, 44 percent of Democratic voters said they were more inclined to support Hillary’s candidacy because of him. And yet, they regard with suspicion, if not outright resentment, the centrist forces he helped unleash on the party. They might love Bill Clinton, but they loathe Clintonism.”

    The last two sentences are false. Who said this? Where do they get the idea that there is some sort of disconnect? They do these polls and 82% of Democrats say they love Bill. I have YET to see a single poll asking what percentage of Democrats “reject Clintonism”. The whole idea that some big percentage of Democrats hate Clintonism is ENTIRELY MADE UP OUT OF THIN AIR. No, you moron, we do NOT reject Clintonism. There is a tiny vocal minority who does. The rest of us like Clintonism just fine.

  93. This is the money quote:

    “There is, however, a rich paradox in the strategy that Obama and Edwards are employing in their quest to dislodge Clinton from her perch atop the field. The plain fact is that, for all their condemnation of Bill Clinton’s governing philosophy, both Obama and Edwards — and just about every other Democratic candidate in the field, with the possible exception of Dennis Kucinich, who seems to have been teleported straight from 1972 — spend a fair amount of time imitating him. So thorough was Clinton’s influence on Democratic politics, so transformative were his rhetoric and his theory of the electorate, that Democrats don’t even seem to realize anymore the extent to which they owe him their political identities.”

  94. There is a tiny vocal minority who does

    How tiny? The whole point of Obama’s JJ Dinner speech was to reject Clintonism (triangulating, etc) although he’s a complete hypocrite about it. Edwards has been pushing the same — remember the debate?.

    It’s hilarious b/c all of their policies are dervied from ‘triangulated’ positions.

  95. My take has always been that Clintonism = Coopetition. I like that. We all compete fairly and we all win.

    You know Hill has consistently talked about increasing the budget of NIH, NSF, and others dramatically. Those research dollars go to intrinsically motivated scientists, the realy egenrators of innovation. They compete against each other for funding and for knowledge sake. Big Pharma competes to make money. It doesn’t matter if a new drug advances therapeutical effects. Market share is more important.

  96. It’s so funny. I said this months ago to Kos, all Clinton Democrats. Well, let me tell you something, if there all Clinton Democrats, why not just vote for the actual Clinton?

  97. You know Hill has consistently talked about increasing the budget of NIH, NSF, and others dramatically. Those research dollars go to intrinsically motivated scientists

    Not to go off on too much of a tangent, but this sector could be afforded more scrutiny. I can’t begin to tell you how much useless research gets funded by NSF.

  98. Sometimes it seems that way, though I don’t necessarily agree. I think most of this is because of a strong disconnect between research and practice.

  99. That is very true MJ! I know scientists that switched research agendas to conform with what Bush will fund.

  100. One thing we really need to fix is the gap in science and engineering graduates. Partly, this stems from misogyny. Women are told that they cannot do math. Can you imagine what having a female president would do to combat that?

  101. Hillaryland:

    Since this chat is not active, I decided to explain my point. Say you read that the NSF funded a study titiled: “How Huntington’s disease patients solve anagrams.”

    Sounds stupid, right? Some people might say, why don’t they fund research for a cure. The thing is a lot of times scientists don’t know how a disease works. Takes AIDS, we still haven’t cured it.

    Back to the example: Well, Huntington’s disease affects a part of your brain called the caudate nucleus that is involved in cognition. This area of the brain is involved in motor movement, but also thinking. We just don’t know all of the mechanisms yet because it is so complex. Anagrams could be a very good way to get at. Scientists would know this, but lay people might not.

    The bottom line. We need better science and math education in the US. A great way to attack that problem is to encourage the staggeringly low rate of women taking those classes to do so. At the same time, we need to explain that those women can do these things and anything they set their mind to.

    Before that, Let’s elect Hillary Clinton the first female president! Go USA!!!

  102. Here’s another example. A woman I know had to leave research altogether. The funding was very tight and tied to the Bush agenda. For example, this woman created an instrument to measure stigma related to AIDS in south africa, the instrument was an open ended interview to be conducted on south african women. They wouldn’t fund her, even though no one else has created such an intrument, and even though, as Bill Clinton always says, stigma is the biggest reason for undiagnosed aids in africa. They would not fund her because her study didn’t include an abstinance component, but see, this was a research study, an abstinance component would not have made any sense. Further, when trying to study stigma, you don’t want to be preaching abstinance. Makes no sense. The Bush WH science policy is scary.

  103. Hey folks, I think a very important part of Hill’s agenda has to do with science and technology and science education. I read her science agenda and it is very strong, she does address the disparity between women pursuing careers in science and engineering. As a scientist myself, i can onlysay that women have the same sort of obstacles that Hillary is encountering. I know of an outstanding woman engineer in this country who, when she was pursuing tenure at a major university, actually got locked out of her own lab by a male colleague. The playing field still isn’t level. Women have to work harder to get the same promotions and jobs often times. It’s harder for women, in general, to balance home and career. The American Association of the Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of SCiences have done a great deal in terms of documenting the differences in men and women in science and technology careers. On top of it all, the US is losing ground in terms of our leads in many sciences. Problems in education are having an effect of this. I think Hillary has a fantastic science plan. She’s sees how science and technology are related to other issues in our society and she plans accordingly.

  104. ok i am about to cuss here, so watch out…

    what the Fuck is up with the california field poll?
    its showing clinton losing ground quickly supposedly, and one of obamas advisors here, says to expect to see obama here in force after the early states…

    again could someone talk to me about how important this poll is?

    not everyone has done early voting here…

  105. The NY Times has trotted out Van Natta for another tired rewrite of the “Hillary and all the people donating to the Clinton Foundation to fight HIV-AIDS in Africa are corrupt” hit piece one more time.

    Talk about a one-hit wonder.

  106. United12:

    What are you talking about? The new Field Poll shows a huge Clinton lead. From memory, a 25 point lead in California.

    How much of a lead do you think she should have?

  107. hwc,

    here is what all the san francisco stations, and papers are reporting:

    clinton down from august 36-49
    obama up from august 22-19

    so they have people saying they changed their mind from clinton to obama…
    and obamas people saying the tide is turning…

  108. seriously, i am just hurt i guess, it was all clinton, a few weeks ago…
    people just piss me off…

    sorry, i’m just whining…

  109. united 12,

    That is only a three point change for BHO…I guess they consider any movement a surge. As for HRC’s “drop,” probably people looked at other candidates (Edwards, Richardson, Biden, etc.) and chose them. They will most likely go back to Hillary come February 5th.

  110. 61,

    i guess your right, i just hate to think the iowa crap, is making an impact on the next coast…

    and i hate the ob people coming out of the woodwork, citing the wind of change…

  111. b-merry

    check with your local office to see where the HRC bus is headed 12/21-12/22. i will be in concord, 12/21. try and go to one..we can compare notes. 🙂

  112. We can’t just vote for Bill Clinton because of the two-term limit rule. However the Clintons always were a team, so it will be the same team even if Hillary is the president in name.

    The differences will be because circumstances have changed. Hillary has said that when our economy is good, international trade agreements are good for us, so they supported those in the 90s. Now we can’t support such agreements again till our economy improves.

    Bill recently said there were only a few differences between his policies then and her policies now — and those were such obscure things I don’t even remember what they were.

    I expect the reason they’re not getting flak about ‘Bill’s third term’ is that the GOP knows the electorate would elect him again in a minute if it were allowed.

  113. good morning, alcina. Looks like Bill’s Wolfeboro visit might be canceled today. We have 3 inches of snow now and it’s supposed to continue up until 5 pm.

    I will check on the bus tour. Is Concord closest to you?

  114. mj, kentucky_mkt, mollyjrichards,

    Scientists skewing their grant proposals to the goals of DC/administration is nothing new. Bush is an extreme case, but that’s not a good enough reason to open the spigots and underwrite research without greater transparency and scrutiny.

    I’m really talking about something a bit different — the process by which research is funded, which is largely peer-review.

  115. I wish the campaign brings in Paul Begala. I always though he was a very effective public spokes person.
    May be in the GE.

  116. Don’t know if this was already posted, but it’s worth repeating anyway. It shows BHO has peaked in Iowa, and Hillary has turned it around.

    CNN Poll announced on TV moments ago:

    Clinton 30

    Obama 28

    Edwards 26

    It’s still very very close. Isn’t there a Ras poll due out today?

  117. Good Morning all….is something finally changing in the media? The following two stories are from Politico (of all places).

    Obama Struggles to Feel Voters Pain (Obama cold and unemotional in meeting with voters undergoing hardships)

    Chicago Activists Doubt Obama’s Explanation On Questionaire (People who were part of the group that gave out the questionaire don’t believe his excuse for it)

  118. Good morning all…Is something finally changing in the media? The following stories are both from Politico (of all places)

    Obama Struggles to Feel Voter’s Pain (Obama cold and unemotional at meeting with voters undergoing hardships)

    Chicago Activists Doubt Obama’s Explanation on Questionaire (Members of groups that gave out questionaire doubt Obama’s excuse for his answers)

  119. wowwww… I hope none of you saw MOrning Joe. I did by mistake. I didnt need it this early in the morning. Chris mathews was AWEFUL. just AWEFUL. cant believe anyone can be so AWEFUL especially while commenting on the christmas ad of Hillary. He was simply AWEFUL

    well, great poll shrem. looks like he is subsiding. Internals should be interesting. I will take a look at it.

  120. WOW. Chris Cuomo just asked Obama, which was tougher: fighting the “Clinton machine” or overcoming America’s inherent racism in this campaign…. Huh?

  121. this is interesting. the polling of cnn has been conducted from December 14 to 18.the momentum shifted on 16th. so in reality, Hillary on the ground is polling above 30%. watdya all think?

  122. Unfortunately I watched(ing) morning joke. It is strange the way CM spun it but when people contrast it with his reaction to Giluani’s ad(no such analysis) I think it would be clear that he is a Hillary hater.

  123. AmericanGal, thanks for the links to those stories on BHO. I wonder if his attitude expressed there is because he realizes he has peaked. I like to think that, considering how arrogant he has appeared to be lately.

    I wonder if his arrogant supporters are beginning to get that “sinking” feeling. Maybe they will be able to restrain themselves now.

  124. Gladiatorstail, those dates are interesting. Of course, they gave none of those on that brief item on CNN. I think they didn’t want to dwell on the matter.

    If their next set of Iowa polls show even more improvement, that will be great. The ladies on CNN have tended to be a little more fair, but the men have been doing high fives over the polls showing Obama ahead.

    I love it when a plan comes together like this.

  125. WOW. Chris Cuomo just asked Obama, which was tougher: fighting the “Clinton machine” or overcoming America’s inherent racism in this campaign AS IF THE TWO WERE COMPARABLE.

    Gladiator, it’s Mario Cuomo’s son – he “interviewed” HRC Monday morning on ABC GMA.

  126. Gladiator that is Donny Deutsch. He has a daily show on CNBC. He is considered a PR expert. In fact Donny liked Hillary’s video and thought BO’s was very predictable. This was last evening. CM never mentioned it today.

  127. sherm kader, ras came out with his iowa poll wednesday 31% hillary and 27% bho. good news on the cnn poll indeed in iowa. the obama surge stalled. GO HILLARY GO!!!!

  128. clintondem99, the interesting thing is that I don’t think now that CM’s “analysis” was even original. Compare what he said to this from Rightie “Hot Air” yesterday: [space] unintentionally-revealing-christmas-ad/

  129. I admit to a bit of confusion about the Ras poll. I know they have a daily tracking poll. I wondered why they would have a separate poll in greater depth or something. Yesterday someone posted on here that Ras had released a GOP poll, and the Dem’s poll would be released today. Regardless, I’m beginning to feel the excitement again. It looked bad for a few weeks, and I understood why.

    I worked very hard years ago in a losing campaign for one president to get re-elected, and it was a dismal and disappointing failure. After being out of the country for 15 years, it will be nice to have a good Democrat like HRC win this thing. I’m mostly excited about my very high expectations of just how good she will be.

  130. What a fake bastard! He was pretending as though he was emotional.

    The last time I checked nielsen ratings:

    Faux 823000
    CNN 485000
    MSNBC 310000
    MJ 243000

  131. My grandmother had lots of sayings which I often find most appropriate. One of those wise nuggets was that it is a poor bird that dirts in another bird’s nest. Well, one of Blue Hampshire’s bloggers made the big time by headlining in the Washington Times.

    The WaTimes article is here:

    My blog post at BlueHamshire here:

    There’s a lesson here: Someone who calls himself a Hillary supporter has not only made a name for himself and but also managed to cast a shadow on Hillary’s N.H. campaign. Shame.

  132. If Howard wants to talk about Hillary’s siblings BO’s siblings should be a fair game. I never liked Kurtz.

  133. here is grate story from Iowa published on DM:

    Joanne Duncalf is judging candidates based on how they answer her abortion question disguised as a Social Security question.

    Duncalf, a 61-year-old radiology technician who lives in Clarion, said the way Hillary Clinton answered Wednesday was far different from Barack Obama last month � and gave her insights into what kind of president they would make.

    It�s rare for an Iowan at a Clinton campaign rally to mention the word �abortion.� It came up Wednesday night at a senior center in Des Moines as the national press, including a New York Times Magazine writer who recently finished a gigantic 8,000-word profile, and members of the daily press corps who were on hour 15 of chasing Clinton, were drowsing in their seats, or spying on what their competitors had already posted online, and only half listening to the candidate.

    But Clinton seemed ready. She had just told the anecdote about how she stood �where they put the cattle� during a campaign rally Sunday at a livestock auction barn and felt intensely under inspection, even though she�s already been �pretty well given the once-over about a million times.�

    �Go ahead,� Clinton told the audience, joking that she�d let them look in her mouth. �Whatever it takes.�

    And that�s when Duncalf, who is registered as a Republican but says she�s an independent who �votes both ways,� told Clinton she had a two-part question. She asked Clinton to first address her worry that Social Security benefits won�t be around when her children are ready to retire.

    Clinton apparently wanted to restore control of the microphone, and asked for the second half of the question, too.

    That flustered Duncalf, she said later. She said that�s not what Obama had done when she asked the same question in Clarion last month.

    Duncalf stammered, and apologized for her goofy red hat, which she was wearing because she�d gotten a bad haircut. Clinton told her it was alright, she�d just answer the first question, then give other people a chance to ask something.

    But Duncalf refused to sit down, which made Clinton chuckle. Duncalf explained that if Americans hadn�t aborted about 50 million babies since 1973, they would�ve been alive to pay into the Social Security pool, and the benefit for retired Americans wouldn�t be in trouble.

    �I�m very disappointed,� Duncalf said, as Clinton kept a composed smile on her face and nodded gently, �we�re not doing more to save those babies.�

    Clinton softened her answer with a compliment. �I happen to like your hat. I like hats like that,� she said.

    Duncalf wondered if Clinton was going to avoid the question.

    �I respect very much your deep feelings,� Clinton continued. �I hope we get to the point where we make abortion safe, legal and rare.�

    Clinton added that she �will keep it safe and legal,� but that she has worked to reduce teen pregnancy. News reports show she has used the �safe, legal, rare� language in the past, including as first lady.

    And as for Social Security, it�s safe under current projections, Clinton said, so �we�ve got some time to fix it.�

    �We shouldn�t get panicky about Social Security,� she said. �That�s what the Republicans want us to do.�

    Duncalf said after the event: �At least she had the decency to answer it. Barack Obama got mad and didn�t want to talk to me.�

    �When I asked him about the Social Security decrease, he said, �Yes! Folks! That�s what I want to tell you. This young lady has done her research.��

    When Duncalf got to the second half of her question, she said, �He just pointed his finger like this and said, �That. Is. An abortion question.� If he can�t handle stress like that, he can�t be president.�

    Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor said he doesn�t remember Duncalf�s question in Clarion or the candidate having that reaction. Obama believes abortion is a moral decision that�s best left up to women, Vietor said. Obama has answered questions in the past about abortion, including from people are strongly opposed to it, Vietor said.

    Duncalf said she�s not sure who she�ll caucus for, and she�s examining both Democrats and Republicans. �Hillary talks about the children and helping the 47 million people (without health insurance) and I�m with her on that,� she said, �but you can�t help the children if you abort them. Abortion is wrong.�

  134. Oh, thanks gladiatostail, I was mostly remembering their television anchors talking like that – I guess their writers have more journalistic fairness.

  135. Iowa Secretary of State Michael Mauro has endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Mauro made his announcement Wednesday at an event in Des Moines, according to a Clinton campaign statement. He says the New York senator stands out among the other candidates and doesn’t have a “learning curve.”

    Mauro says no one is more qualified or ready to lead than Clinton.

    Clinton says she admires Mauro’s commitment to education and that he understands the need for change in Iowa

  136. I am still pessimistic about her chances of winning Iowa. Something does not feel right for her in Iowa. Her second choice poll numbers are not as good as Obama and Edwards even among non-top tier candidates. At this point, coming second is considered a good showing for her. A strong third is what I am realistically expecting. Winning it would be a complete miracle, IMO. Unfortunately, the Iowa numbers seem to be impacting her NH numbers. She was pretty strong there until a few weeks ago.

    Let’s cross our fingers and hope she comes in second and that Edwards has a late surge and pulls lot of Obama’s votes.

  137. Did you guys notice that the NBC/WSJ poll is not published on the Hillaryhub? Hmmm.. She does have the CNN poll out of Iowa though.

  138. It’s almost impossible for her to win Iowa. It would be a miracle. Obama should win his neighboring state, and Edwards has been there forever. However, I don’t know which poll you are looking at for second choices. This is the Iowa second choices from the CNN poll: Edwards (26), Obama (22), Clinton (21). Since she’s leading in that poll, you would expect less second choices for her, but this is pretty good.

  139. How the hell can there be people who haven’t decided? It’s so strange to me. I can’t imagine not knowing who I was going to vote for by now.

  140. mj that is what really matters. very rarely you get a glimpse of the voters through the media filter. ra1029.. I would not be that pessimistic. They are all trying to poll a Caucus and I do not think the numbers mean too much. They are far from being precise.

  141. clintondem99:

    Even in polls she leads, she does so barely. Also, the same polls that show her leading, show either Edwards or Obama as the leading second choice candidates. So, even if she leads by 3 points in the first choice, in a caucus system there are enough voters who will switch to their second choices in the caucuses because their first choice does not enough votes to earn a delegate from that precinct.

    Edwards has so many supporters who have caucused before, and we can expect them to caucus again. I suspect only 1 out of 2 people who have never caucused before might actually caucus this time. That is not good news for Hillary. She is in the most vulnerable position of the three. If she pulls it off it will be nothing short of a miracle.

    That is the reason, I don’t believe she will win. It will be either Edwards or Obama. I am expecting her to be a strong third and hoping that she will finishes second.

  142. United 12:

    Don’t get disheartennded by the CA pols.

    Some hill supporters went undecided….they did not go into OB’s camp.

    We need to get some focus in particular areas.

  143. ABC reports that the Clinton campaign has registered two Obama “attack” websites: and

    ABC writes: “The Clinton campaign intends to use these new websites to paint Obama as cowardly.

    “Clinton has attacked Obama for having occasionally voted ‘present’ as an Illinois state legislator when it came to contentious legislation.”

    “Clinton’s campaign has also introduced, quietly, a website called, which Clinton officials say chronicles the ways Obama and former Sen. John Edwards, D-N.C., were criticizing her publicly long before she began returning fire.”

  144. Chris Matthews is not going to change his behavior and MSNBC is not going to tell him to do it either. There is no point complaining about him. I have stopped watching his show long time ago and all of you have to do it. This will help your own health and avoid giving him any more ratings.

    One thing I know for sure is that people who usually play on edges will stumble at point and fall over. Remember Imus? He was doing sexist stuff for a long time on MSNBC and got away with it. It eventually caught up with him when he combined the sexist stuff with a racist comment as well. Chris Matthews will go soo… over the cliff at some point (because he thinks he always gets away with it) that there is going to be enough outrage and he will be forced out of his job and any reputation he has left.

    It might not happen with his comments about Hillary because apparently goes for the media as far as Hillary is concerned. However, he will think he can keep throwing that sexist stuff at people that one day he will do it for a woman who is not Hillary and that’s when the outrage will start.

  145. Oh gee. How is pointing out that he doesn’t weigh in on alot of things equate an “attack” site? Still, with the press so hateful of her I fail to see how these things help.

  146. Don’t dare criticize Obama! He can criticize her for the fights of 90s. However, how dare you criticize Obama for anything, even if it is his legislative voting record?

  147. Oh, I think that it’s very smart. The NYT had a story up on this today and I’ve seen a couple more, which I’m sure the campaign has as well. Add this to his Senate absence record …

    If Big Media is not going to vet BHO, then someone should and it might as well be our very smart girl.

  148. Moreover, it is not even criticizing. She is pointing out his legislative “present” voting record on her website. How is that attacking him? Are the voters not supposed to know his past voting record on issues?

  149. ra1029, honestly, what the hell are Demcrats thinking? This guy couldn’t take a stand as a state leg! I mean he’s barely been a Senator, and he’s taken no stands as Senator. Obama just is not prepared for the job, nad he’s no leader.

  150. BHO can line his attendance record right up next to our current office holder. [space] George_W._Bush:_The_War_President_is_Missing_in_Action

  151. I am really surprised that the media it treating this web site as an attack. Honestly, the media is supposed to be letting people know of his past voting record. Since the media has stopped doing anything other than gushing about Obama, like Howard Kurtz mentioned, Clinton campaign has set up a web site so peopl can look up his record of voting “present”.

    People are supposed to have all the information with them before going into the voting booth and pulling a lever. Absent that, they would have chosen a nominee who has not been vetted on his voting record on issues. The MSM has turned into a tabloid media in the last decade where they focus on the personality and less on qualifications. Do people get vetted only on personality and not on qualifications when they go for a job interview?

  152. ra1029, no kidding. Negative information isn’t always an “attack”. Frankly, Obama just is not ready for the job, and I want people to no that.

  153. You’ll have to go to the press release to get the breakdown on these categories and what they mean, but I found this interesting from Nielsen. Compare donation base for Hillary vs. BHO and you can see where his support is really coming from — young urban up & coming techies and Hillary’s is from more mature, grounded family-oriented folks, which are the ones more likely to vote.

    Hillary Clinton received 21 percent of all donations (35 percent of donations to Democrats). She draws contributors from Family Life segments, including Suburban Pioneers (48 percent overall; and 68 percent of Democrats), Low-Rise Living (34 percent overall; 51 percent of Democrats), Beltway Boomers (22 percent overall; and 46 percent of Democrats), which are households with a high percentage of children.

    Barak Obama received 20 percent of all donations (33 percent of donations to Democrats). He does well with a number of blue-collar and mid-scale segments including Blue-Chip Blues (24 percent overall; 45 percent of Democrats), City Roots (28 percent overall; 40 percent of Democrats) as well as younger segments like Bohemian Mix and Urban Achievers (approximately 29 percent overall; 39 percent of Democrats, each) and Young Digerati (26 percent overall; 37 percent of Democrats). [space] 104&STORY=/www/story/12-20- [space] 2007/0004726371&EDATE=

  154. Here we go, picking up steam. Greg Sargent, TPMElectionCentral:

    One of the lines of criticism that Hillary Clinton has employed against Barack Obama has been to fault him for his tendency to vote “present” on difficult votes, rather than for or against.

    Now today’s New York Times has front-paged an article examining Obama’s voting record as a state senator in Illinois. They found that he voted “present” on a total of 130 votes, including 36 times when Obama was one of six or fewer legislators to do so. Some of the votes included criminal justice bills where a “No” vote would have made him appear to be soft on crime.

    Republican state Rep. Jim Durkin questioned Obama’s vote on a bill Durkin had co-sponsored. “I don’t understand why you would oppose it,” said Durkin. “But I am more confused by a present vote.”

    Obama’s campaign dismissed the criticism, noting that Obama cast roughly 4,000 votes in the state legislature and also that his “present” votes were often done in concert with other Democrats voting as a bloc for strategic reasons, or were done in protest of bills that Obama felt had constitutional problems. “No politically motivated attacks in the 11th hour of a closely contested campaign can erase a record of leadership and courage,” said spokesman Bill Burton. [space]_voted_present_repeatedly_as_state_senator.php

  155. How about ‘Spitball’ ? You can almost see the spittle flying out of that disgusting creep when he shouts.

    These guys, Matthews, Gregory, Fineman, the whole bunch of them have so far cheered and lovingly looked at Bush as he went about screwing up the country. In that morning “interview” , Gregory was downright hostile to Hillary. He doesnt have the guts to do that with Bush. The big, tall man will wet his pants before he does that.

    Shameless cowards, all of them. When it comes to Bush or the republicans, they just adoringly lick away at them. 7 years in to the worst presidency in history, with greivous assaults on the constitution and separation of powers among other things, the most corrupt and secretive administration ever, american soldiers killed for their lies but their outrage is reserved for the Clintons. Only in America can absolute nutjobs and crooks be millionaires by coming on TV and peddling this crap.

  156. Here is a link from RealClearPolitics to an article by Steven Stark:

    Since RCP hasn’t gone out of it’s way to do pro-Hillary articles, this one may be another another sign that perhaps the media tide may be turning a bit.

    In any case, it takes a very encouraging wide angle view of the campaign that takes eases the pressure that some of us are feeling abouit the early primaries.

  157. were done in protest of bills that Obama felt had constitutional problems.

    1. He’s a constitutional lawyer, giving lectures on constitutional law.

    2. Would it not have been beneficial for him to stand in the Illionois Senate and state his case rather than vote “present”?

    Am I missing something here?

  158. I think women will rally to Hillary. This is our chance. She’s the best candidate in the race. Extremely competent. Extremely prepared. It just simply is her time. It’s best for the country. Obama shouldn’t even be a top tier candidate, IMO.

  159. ra1029: I disagree with your premise but agree with your conclusion. (Repub. interpretation: I was against you before I was for you :))

    There is great promise in complaining about Matthews precisely because he denigrated the women on the DMR board. He impugned their character AND their professionalism. GE is sensitive to this sort of thing. Write to them — and MSNBC — to complain about their reputations being unfairly shredded. And then you can include Pres. and Sen. Clinton in your demand for an apology.

    It is precisely because he unfairly and stupidly attacked these women in his reckless obsession to bash Hillary that the offense resonates.

  160. We should make a clip video of Matthews with all his seething misogyny toward Hil and put it on youtube. Expose this pig.

  161. I’m going to start leaving this simple comment after these article and on blogs–“present”. It says so much.

  162. mj, I would love to see that. If you put all Stewie’s crap back to back, no one could deny how sexist he is.

  163. He’s so disgusting. No woman would want to vote for that guy’s candidate. I’m not so good with video, but if I was, that is what I would do.

  164. Take it from a worrywart: I think some of us are beginning to worry too much needlessly. Just my opinion, but look:

    First, let the media attack Hillary for those sites pointing out the failures of BHO. The sites are actually getting free advertising with that media coverage. The ones who will consider them as attack sites are those who already support BHO. If some people are curious to see whether or not they are really attack sites, they may take a look at them and get the message we want them to get. Remember that old line about “I don’t care what you say about me as long as you spell my name right.” I think we are okay on this one.

    Second, Hillary’s small lead in the polls is better than being behind a point or two. The media were using that to hit her as failing. Actually, in Iowa, the poll numbers mean less in the long run than the organization to get her voters to the polls. That’s what we have Whouley and Vilmain for. They are the best. I’m feeling optimistic about her chances in Iowa. Even a small loss probably won’t be fatal. It seems her voters are more mature than those supporting BHO. We can’t predict the undecided, but many of those probably won’t vote anyway. I’m simply not going to worry about those second choice voters. Most of those may come from those in the bottom of the pack. It looks like BHO and JE will get 15%.

    I feel very confident about this now. I’ve been through my negative thinking for now. I can only hope things keep going well, but I believe they will.

  165. B. Merryfield to say that voting “present” is some sort of protest is spin to a ridiculous magnitude. I can sort of buy the “political cover for conservative Dems” on some of them. Still wrong in my book, but at least he gives a sort of logical reason.

    But to try to spin his present votes as some sort of courageous stand of protest in the other cases? Put down the Koolaid. If you were taking a stand against the bill you would have voted NO.

  166. I agree. I feeling very optimistic. The press is no longer completly one-sided and the polls are moving her way. She is on the move and Senator “present” is stagnant.

  167. Sittin Bull, the best place to do it would be when someone is demanding a defense or explanation regarding Hillary over something like her K-L vote or some other issue.

    Just smile and say, “Sure, I can explain her position on that issue! Present. “

  168. Happy to be back here after a little break, lol.

    A few observations:

    1) pm, Robert Parry is a progressive investigative reporter. The point of his article is to show how the GOP might try to smear Hillary and Bill in the GE. It’s good to know this in advance.

    2) I love Hillary’s Christmas ad.

    3) I also think she really can win Iowa, because it’s close enough that Michael Whouley’s turnout skills can help her pull it out.

  169. Wow, 30k viewers of the xmas ad in less than 24 hours. Hil isn’t exactly the youtube candidate so that’s pretty good.

  170. And Joe Conason’s article was very good, pointing out her campaign’s recent problems in a fair way but not exaggerating their importance.

  171. Sherm, you are right. I truthfully would prefer if she did not surge to some big lead in Iowa right now, only to flatten out 2 days before. I want the expectations low. I would like the expectation on Obama, not our gal. He’s from next door, for Pete’s sake. Poltiicians are ALWAYS expected to do well in their neighboring state. He should be doing even better than he is!

    And the whining about the mean old Hillary attacking him is getting really old from the BO camp. People are getting sick of him yelling “attack!” when it’s not personal at all. It makes them look weak and not ready for hardball politics. So let him and his people have a cow over that site. I think it works to our advantage.

  172. Plus, that ABC piece on Hillary’s new Web sites is ridiculous. They don’t even have content yet, but they’re called “attack” sites. Sheesh.

  173. More good polling news!

    Latest ARG polls from Iowa and NH:

    Two new American Research Group statewide surveys of likely primary voters/caucus goers in Iowa and New Hampshire (conducted 12/16 through 12/19) finds:

    * Among 600 likely Democratic caucus goers in Iowa, Sen Hillary Clinton runs at 29%, Sen. Barack Obama at 25%, and former Sen. John Edwards at 18% in a statewide caucus; Sen. Joe Biden trails at 8%, Gov. Bill Richardson at 7%. Among 600 likely Republican caucus goers, former Gov. Mike Huckabee leads Sen. John McCain (28% to 20%) in a statewide caucus; former Gov. Mitt Romney trails at 17%, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani at 14%, former Sen. Fred Thompson at 5%.

    * Among 600 likely Democratic primary voters in New Hampshire, Clinton leads Obama (38% to 24%) in a statewide primary; Edwards trails at 15%, Richardson at 5%. Among 600 likely Republican primary voters, McCain and Romney (tied at 26%) lead Giuliani (16%); Huckabee trails at 11%.

    * All other candidates receive less than five percent each. The margins of sampling error for each subgroup is 4%.

  174. One other thing: Josh Marshall’s comment wondering whether Obama was up to the rigors of a GE campaign made me lol. He’s just noticing that now? Well, duh.

  175. Notice of Obama voting “present” was reported by RealClearPolitics back in February but he’s gotten a pass on it since. [space] the_everpresent_obama.html

  176. Paula and HilTex, I had an email back and forth with Josh Marshall this week on what he called a parody ad about BHO and Hillary. I can’t say that that had any effect, but I’m sure he’s heard from plenty of other folks on it as well.

  177. i wrote to abc. edwards had “plantsforhillary” site, obama has “”. what those don’t count? also no attack sites by her have been “launched.” go to the address – is there anything there? no. therefore, it is false to say attack sites have been launched. for all we know they nixed the decision to launch them.

  178. Gee, that video with the people who know Hillary…people who know her, love this woman. I love the new ad. Very confident. Upbeat. Totally ready.

  179. the abc piece on those sites is just terrible journalism. big surprise, but they should really correct the record.

  180. More on the ARG polls: That’s the third Iowa poll in the last couple of days showing Hillary in front, albeit slightly. However, I want the media to ignore this (as I’m sure they will) and continue to say Obama’s ahead.

    And it’s the second poll in the last few days showing her ahead by double digits in NH.

    I’m also not worried about SC. kostner predicted repeatedly that African-American voters would go for Obama there, and I believe she’s right.

  181. Wow. The first ad is a tear jerker, but the Make It Happen ad is WONDERFUL. Short, to the point.

    This election is not about choosing change over experience. Change only comes with experience.

    Perfect framing. Freaking perfect.

  182. Oops. Thanks!

    Heads up: Strategic Vision poll out tomorrow will have Obama up 3 in Iowa. Their last poll, less than two weeks ago, had him up 8.

  183. another_reader, I wrote to ABC too. But, then I went to CBS. They’ll all Hillary hit pieces. One thing is for sure. We are seeing these journalists’ true colors. They will stop at nothing to prevent a strong woman from being POTUS.

  184. Well, look, Obama is the media establishment cadidate. Thankfully, most americans know better than to trust the media. 🙂

  185. HillaryforTexas,

    I agree that the New Hampshire ad (“Make It Happen”) is phrased and portrayed very well. And I love the tag line:

    This election is not about choosing change over experience. Change only comes with experience.

    HRC has been coming out with some really great adverts lately.

  186. I think the media can sway some voters to look at a candidate over another, but only a small percentage get swept away by the hoopla – those that don’t inspect the candidates before voting (blind faith).

    Fortunately, most voters – like mj said – “know better than to trust the media” and inspect their candidates.

    So, I think the raised expectations for Obama (both in Iowa and generally) are a good thing because it gets the ‘non-Kool-Aid’ voters to really look at him, which is a great thing for HRC.

    Just my opinion…

  187. I wish I could do an ad that says something like this:


    “Haven’t decided for whom to cast your ballot yet. Do it the easy way. Let the news media select your candidate for you. They will gladly tell you which is the best candidate. Remember you can always trust the news media.”

    But, alas! I don’t know how to do that.

  188. Right, folks, those ads are great. Yes, MJ, Obama is the candidate of the BMP (big media party), the media establishment, the status quo. I am glad we are callin’ them on it. We will not let this election be stolen by the media. Hillary is the change candidate, clearly. Change always brings fire from the status quo, cause they don’t know where they’re gonna be when the forces of change start rolling.

    Those testimonials by Hills friends are really fantastic, and the audience couldn’t be better. You really get a sense of who Hillary is: that is the Hillary I’ve heard tell of for years. She really does get up everyday and try to do good in the world. That’s why she’s got folks from Arkansas who are in Iowa talkin’ about her, as well as her constituents from New York. I really think good will in this country will increase dramatically when Hill is President. Hell, I know I’ll feel better.

  189. Has anyone seen/heard that “Hillary Clinton for President” music video on YouTube? It sounds like an all girl punk band. It is really adorable. I was singing it all last night. Way fun!

  190. I’m at work, so I don’t have access to YouTube right now. Search for “campaign song” and “Hillary Clinton”

    Can someone else find it?

  191. Taylor has a post up on Obama’s legislative record. He was the only person in Illinois senate to vote “present” on a measure to prohibit sex-related shops from opening near schools or places of worship. Sheeesh!!

  192. I just put up a small article at SourceWatch on that kooky idiot who posted He launched the website on 11/19/07 and has already managed to tick off folks at the Dennis Kucinich website. He runs another blog “The Jed Report” and has posted on Dkos and elsewhere, including YouTube, to build his own love fest site for JRE (1st choice) and BHO (2nd choice). Forget-about-him. He’s a big fat ZERO.

  193. ra1029:

    And this is the guy that some want the world to look upon.

    Can you imagine some very traditional, good religious folks in manny parts of the Asia
    and Middle east saying that first this guy was taking drugs
    and now soft on sex/adult shops near school.

    I mean that is a few reasons why some in those countries do not like Americans
    in the first place!

  194. What is most interesting to me about that vote is that it has been long known in Chicago that a lot of the adult bookstores, etc have mob ties and have been fronts for mob scams. Frank Panno has been busted there for some of those activities. http://www. [space]

    Who was Obama afraid of offending by not voting to shut those places down near the schools? The public? Who? BTW, I have no problem at all with sex shops or adult stores. Just not next to a school.

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