It’s Magic Hillary Clinton Time

Holiday season and Hillary has the holiday magic.

It’s not just the polls, it’s Magic himself.

Enter Magic Johnson. Heck, in the 1980 Finals, Magic was called on to replace an ailing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at center — scoring 42 points and seven assists to win the series from Philadelphia. [snip]

“I’m a businessman,” Johnson says. “I think people know that, recognize that. I helped Bloomberg, helped in his reelection. I helped Antonio [Villaraigosa] become the mayor of Los Angeles. Why I’m here? I’m involved in politics and I want the best for this country.”

The pair [Bill Clinton and Magic Johnson] started the day with the candidate herself in Des Moines, where the three moseyed up and down the aisles of a Hy-Vee supermarket, prompting an “Entertainment Tonight” correspondent to do a stand-up shot in the middle of the produce section. The men then went on to Davenport and tied on quite a feed bag along the way, Clinton told the folks gathered there, lovingly listing everything they’d eaten. They drew a racially mixed crowd, sitting together in a gymnasium. It was in many ways a kind of modern-day homage to Wilder’s “Our Town”: It’s not exactly how America looks, but it’s how we want it to look. [snip]

But once onstage the two seem to draw energy from each other. Clinton begins with a short introduction of Johnson, who lays out why he wants a Clinton presidency. Among other reasons: She’s the best person to restore our relationships with people abroad.

When Clinton takes the microphone again, he seems as if he’s never going to stop. He recalls his wife’s early career helping impoverished children and the Arkansas school system. He talks about her work in the Senate and on global warming. Doing that thing that Bill Clinton does, he transforms his wife from the safe choice into the crusader of what’s been good in America and what can be good going forward. [snip]

Afterward, sitting in a crowded office surrounded by items he has to autograph, Johnson says, “Remember something about the Clintons: They’re winners and Hillary Clinton wants to win. She wants to win because she has the best experience, the best vision. Bill Clinton wants her to win, and he’s supporting her.”

More magic will come from the Clinton Secret Weapon: Organization. Secret weapon is another way of saying Teresa Vilmain.

And, more magic still, the influential New Hampshire Foster’s Daily Democrat and the Laconia Citizen endorse Hillary.

America’s next president must be a leader.

America’s next president must be a healer.

America’s next president must be an agent of genuine change.

When New Hampshire Democrats and nonaligned voters planning to vote in the Democratic primary go to the polls next month, we urge them to vote for Hillary Clinton. [snip]

America needs a president who will close the gap that separates them from an institution that has become distant; someone who will restore the confidence of the American people and renew their place of respect in the world community.

After weeks of interviewing candidates of similar, varied and divergent views, we have concluded Hillary Clinton, among Democrats, is the best qualified to lead the United States as its next president.

The field has been impressive, but it was Hillary Clinton who really impressed us as someone who is ready to lead — someone who is ready to be a consensus builder, not just in working with Republicans as well as Democrats and the nonaligned, but someone who is ready to heal the wounds we have had to suffer.

Experience and a real desire to serve are what has drawn us to Hillary Clinton’s quest for the Democratic nomination for president.

* * *

The Grinches

Meanwhile, Greg Sargent, defying Obama loving Josh Marshall (we’ve been pointing out the disgusting TPM Hillary coverage for a while – Taylor Marsh calls out Josh Marshall today too) tells the tale at TPM:

… MSNBC, which has done some of the most absolutely God-awful commentary on Campaign 2008 that’s been done anywhere. [snip]

Just to be clear, I’m not defending all of Bill’s media criticism here, and Camp Hillary of course bears blame for its own screw-ups. Still, Bill’s basic underlying point — that the records of the contenders get too little attention while poll numbers, haircuts, and cackles get too much, frequently at Hillary’s expense — is glaringly apparent to everyone except for the pundits and commentators who spend all their time talking about such things.

Anyway, this might not have been worth bothering with if weren’t a reminder that this sort of recurrent nonsense, combined with the duo of Chris Matthews and Tucker Carlson, has made MSNBC truly unbearable this campaign season worse even than Fox, if that’s possible.

It to good to see that the sensible person at TPM has arrived at the point we started off from in our very first post. The threat to Hillary and real Democrats will not come from Fox News, which is notoriously recognized as biased and a right wing news outlet. The threat comes from those deceivers that pretend to be on the Democratic side – Big Blogs, PINOs, Naderites, Arriana, HeadKook, Matthews, New York Times, Washington Post.

And just to drive our point yet again about the Big Media Party, which is a political party in all but name. Big Media demands to set the agenda and demonstrate its control of the political system and candidates for office by being able to make or break who gets elected. (Big Media of course gulls the gullible by saying it is only interested in making the race an ‘interesting horse race’ – but that is the Big Media Big Lie. Big Media wants control.) Big Media will not discuss its powerful Broadcasters Political Action Committees even as Big Media propels the “lobbyist” issue. Notice how the candidates railing against lobbyists never mention Big Media lobbyists. Why, because those candidates are Big Media products.

Big Media Washington Post’s Kurtz (following off the reservation, Hillary endorsing Des Moines Register) lifts the veil a bit:

Clinton’s senior advisers have grown convinced that the media deck is stacked against them, that their candidate is drawing far harsher scrutiny than Barack Obama. And at least some journalists agree.

“She’s just held to a different standard in every respect,” says Mark Halperin, Time’s editor at large. “The press rooted for Obama to go negative, and when he did he was applauded. When she does it, it’s treated as this huge violation of propriety.” While Clinton’s mistakes deserve full coverage, Halperin says, “the press’s flaws — wild swings, accentuating the negative — are magnified 50 times when it comes to her. It’s not a level playing field.”

Newsweek’s Howard Fineman says Obama’s coverage is the buzz of the presidential campaign. “While they don’t say so publicly because it’s risky to complain, a lot of operatives from other campaigns say he’s getting a free ride, that people aren’t tough enough on Obama,” Fineman says. “There may be something to that. He’s the new guy, an interesting guy, a pathbreaker and trendsetter perhaps.” [snip]

The Illinois senator’s fundraising receives far less press attention than Clinton’s. When The Washington Post reported last month that Obama used a political action committee to hand more than $180,000 to Democratic groups and candidates in the early-voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, the suggestion that he might be buying support received no attention on the network newscasts. The Clinton team is convinced that would have been a bigger story had it involved the former first lady. [snip]

There was also a lack of media pickup when the Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder reported that an Obama aide had sat down next to him and “wanted to know when reporters would begin to look into Bill Clinton’s post-presidential sex life.” [snip]

Journalists repeatedly described Obama as a “rock star” when he jumped into the race in January. His missteps — such as when his staff mocked Clinton’s position on the outsourcing of jobs overseas by referring to the Democrat not as representing a state but as “D-Punjab” — generated modest coverage, but rarely at the level surrounding Clinton’s mistakes. Some reporters told Clinton aides when she enjoyed a double-digit lead that she is held to a higher standard as the front-runner.

Rezko? Hardly a mention.

Obama did undergo something of a media audit earlier this year, with stories focusing on his record in the Illinois Senate and his ties to indicted fundraiser Tony Rezko. But his recent rise in the polls hasn’t brought the kind of full-time frisking being visited on the hottest Republican, Mike Huckabee. In fact, much of the coverage of Oprah Winfrey stumping for Obama bordered on gushing.

“A media audit”? Where? Imagine if it was Hillary, not Obama who lived in the $925,000 question of a house.

Halperin, who surveys political news at’s the Page, says: “Your typical reporter has a thinly disguised preference that Barack Obama be the nominee. The narrative of him beating her is better than her beating him, in part because she’s a Clinton and in part because he’s a young African American. . . . There’s no one rooting for her to come back.”

* * *

Hillary’s got the magic, no matter what Big Media does. Watch, even Republicans are voting for her. It’s magic time: