Hillary Clinton: All Together Now

When Hillary Clinton says there will be no surprises regarding her history, she means it.

Unlike other candidates there is a long trail of Hillary Clinton friends and acquaintances who can testify to her long history of fighting for change. There are many pictures and testimonials of Hillary Clinton dating back to childhood. Long time friends, not composite characters, attest to Hillary Clinton’s character.

There are no mysteries, no questions as to what will pop up at the last moment. America thought it knew George W. Bush but at the last minute there were proven charges of drunk driving which drove down Bush’s vote in Florida in 2000 (probably costing George W. Bush the election in Florida, only to be selected by the Supreme Court with the complicity of Big Media). Of course, with George W. Bush there was also strong evidence of drug use which his campaign feared would at some point be proven.

Hillary’s real life, not composite characters in an autobiography, can be traced through a lifetime of friends and work:

“Here in Iowa, I want you to have some flavor of who I am outside the television cameras — when all the cameras and the lights disappear, what I do when nobody is listening and taking notes and recording it,” she said. “Because it’s hard, when you’re in public life, to have that kind of sharing experience with thousands and millions of people.” [snip]

“It’s a little hard sometimes to be standing there listening to people talk about yourself, because that’s not who I am,” she said, standing near a table of doughnuts and bagels she had purchased for the staff. “I’m more interested in trying to help other people. But I’ve been convinced that I have to do this.”

Real friends, flesh and blood friends, not composite characters created for self-aggrandizement – going back to earliest childhood testify to Hillary’s character and lifelong, well documented, no surprises, history:

Now Clinton wants voters to take a fresh look at her. Supporters are crisscrossing Iowa with the message that the real Hillary Clinton is not the imperious politician they might perceive. Over the weekend, about two dozen friends from elementary school boarded a bus in Chicago and came to Iowa to talk about her.

Betsy Ebeling, who met Clinton in the sixth grade, told how her friend was self-conscious about her thick glasses. When she wanted to meet boys, she would remove them and ask Ebeling to guide her around the school and whisper the names of boys in the hallways.

“Do all of you understand she’s a mom?” Ebeling said. “She’s a daughter. Her mom lives with her. She takes care of her mom. She’s a wife. She’s a great sister. She’s our friend.”

Not everyone likes Hillary.

“There are people who would never vote for me. It breaks my heart. It’s true.”

The reason, she said, is that when a politician takes on special interests as long as she has, “you’re going to get beat up.”

Yes, you get beaten up when you try to get things done. But you also make strong friends, even strong, unlikely, friends:

JOHNSTON, Iowa – Shannon Mallozzi was standing in a drafty barn basement here Monday, coughing uncontrollably but still buzzing from her first stump speech on behalf of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Mallozzi, a lifelong Republican from East Northport, never thought she’d be working for Clinton, or any Democrat, a few years ago. That was before she approached Clinton after a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Long Island in 2004 to talk about her then-3-year-old daughter Isabella, who suffers from an incurable but treatable brain malady called hydrocephalus.

“I’m not going to say I disliked Hillary, but I wasn’t an advocate,” said Mallozzi, 36, who was forced to cut her two-day visit to Iowa short due to a terrible cold. “The perception was that she was, you know, kind of remote. Let’s put it this way: a parent would make a deal with the devil to help their child, but I was pleasantly surprised. There was no reason for her to do as much as she did.”

That day, Clinton ushered Mallozzi into a staff car and listened quietly to Isabella’s story for a half-hour. At the end, Clinton pledged her personal support and said her office would help lobby to fund federal research into the disease.

“I’m not just yes-ing you,” Clinton told her. “I’m really going to help.”

About 700,000 Americans suffer from hydrocephalus, which causes a damaging build-up of fluid in the brain that can lead to cognitive damage, paralysis and blindness. During the next few years, Clinton and her aides popped in and out of Mallozzi’s life as they worked on securing funding to increase research on curing the disease. The effort hasn’t succeeded yet but Mallozzi remains optimistic.

A year and a half later, Isabella was undergoing surgery at Stony Brook University Hospital to insert a shunt into her brain, when a nurse walked into the waiting room with surprising news.

“She said, ‘We got a phone call from Senator Clinton saying that she would consider it a personal favor if we took good care of your daughter,'” Mallozzi said. “I don’t even know how she knew Isabella was there.”

The now 6-year-old Isabella, whose curly brown hair and easy smile make her a dead ringer for her mother, is doing well and lives a mostly normal life, her mother said.

Mallozzi is not a composite character. Mallozzi is not a made up character in an autobiography filled with disputed facts and differing recollections. Mallozzi is someone whose life was touched directly by Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton’s work has real life consequences. For instance, Hillary Clinton wants UNIVERSAL health care. Hillary is NOT proposing a Sophie’s Choice health care plan where some are included and saved, while 15 million others are left out – uninsured. Hillary Clinton’s health care plan is truly UNIVERSAL.

The former first lady used Isabella’s story to illustrate her opposition to rival Barack Obama’s health care plan, which she claims would leave 15 million people without coverage. Obama has repeatedly said his plan is comprehensive.

Who do we leave out?” Clinton asked the 150 Iowans huddled in the restored 19th century Simpson Barn in suburban Des Moines Monday. “Shannon’s daughter Isabella? She has a deteriorating condition — should we leave her out?”

There are many testimonials from real life people, not composite characters, on Hillary Clinton’s website – The Hillary I Know. Yesterday we featured Sharon Mallozzi’s “Hillary I Know” story in video.

Here are two more, real life, Hillary testimonials. Hillary “will stand up for everybody”.


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  1. I am a very good Democrat, and I always vote for the nominee of my party. For this reason, I am signing on to the new orthodoxy. We must never, never say the middle name of our nominee. It is strictly off-limits. No one ever say, “Rodham,” again. I mean it.

  2. Another Rasmussen poll was just discussed on Fox News. It wasn’t good. 40% of the people polled said Hillary Clinton was the one person they want to stop from becoming President. It was 11% for Obama.

    Maybe it’s good in another way. People were saying earlier it was 50% who did not want her to become president.

  3. Sherm Kader: As soon as the Republican slime machine gets going, whoever our nominee is will have the same kind of number. Republicans represent about 35 percent of the population; the fact that so few independent and Democrats want to stop her from becoming president is excellent news.

  4. gladiatorstail: so Obama’s rise in California mirrors Edwards’s decline. Hillary remains the same. In fact, my sister and brother-in-law live in San Benito County, and they are very pro-Hillary and anti-Barack.

  5. I read several weeks ago, some place, that someone did a test marketing of HRC’s name. Since the Republicans were spending a lot of time making sure they used her middle name, I thought that version would lose. To my surprise, it was said her name was more appealing when her full name was used. I think it sounded more respectable or something. I didn’t try to remember where that test was conducted because it didn’t seem important at the time.

    I don’t know why DCDemocrat doesn’t want us to use her middle name, but I didn’t use it out of respect for his request (demand?). ha.

    I hope it’s okay if I say “Hussein Obama”. I don’t have a need to say that very often though.

  6. That California poll is good because, as someone reported on this site earlier, they are already voting there with absentee and other written ballots. I suspect she already has more real votes than all of the others combined.

  7. Today’s Rasmussen national numbers. Yesterday’s numbers are also provided for reference.

    Hillary 40 (40)
    Obama 24 (27)
    Edwards 14 (13)

    South carolina numbers

    Hillary: 33
    Obama: 33
    Edwards: 17
    Undecided: 9

  8. Another great post. Thanks admin!

    *Dr Earl Hutchinson puts Mr. Hope’s “surge” into perspective. Wonder why he’s not welcome on cable news shows? Hmmmmmm……


    Hillary Loathe Fest Drives Obama Surge
    by Earl Ofari Hutchinson

    Posted December 18, 2007 | 09:53 AM (EST)

    If Hillary Clinton said that pedophiles should be barred from hanging out in front of elementary schools you can bet that some in the bash Hillary crowd would scream at her for violating the civil rights of molesters. This is not crass hyperbole. The pound Clinton obsession has gotten that silly. Any, and I mean any and every little nasty snippet of gossip, innuendo and rumor about Clinton is instant fodder for the legion of talking head commentators, analysts, pundits, professional Clinton loathers, and many progressives. They take rapturous delight in dredging up, mangling, twisting, and distorting every past and present statement, speech, and item in Clinton’s voting record to tar her as a walking political disaster.

    Here are her alleged sins. Like hubby Bill, she is a business friendly politician that has taken some dubious, even contradictory positions on everything from the Iraq war to health care reform, wheels and deals with fat cat lobbyists and union top cats, and is a mainline charter member of the centrist Democratic leadership. On a personal note the knock is she is stiff, programmed, standoffish, and didn’t dump philandering Bill.

    But her two greatest sins are that she’s a woman playing the White House game which traditionally has been a game for the big boys, and she plays the game better than most men. The other one is that she can win. Both explain the visceral hatred for her from right to left on the political scale.
    It also explains why Barack Obama has surged. No one has benefited more from the anybody-but-Clinton loathe fest than Obama. If she wasn’t in the race and his opponents for the Democratic presidential nomination were three staid, centrist white male Democrats, Obama’s color and background would make him a curiosity item, but in the end he’d be the just another name in the pack.

    But the Bash Hillary mania is so deep and pernicious that it has done the unthinkable for Obama.
    It has given him a momentary free pass from the media and much of the public from any of the standard negative racial stereotypes of young and not-so-young African-American males. It has shielded him from the knee jerk double standard nit pick, dirt dig, and doubting whispers about the competence and intelligence of prominent blacks. The Fox Network which has never been accused of biting its collective lip on any politician with the M (moderate) , or L (liberal) words in front of their Democrat tag to progressive publications which routinely slay politicians for their corporate pandering and shilling have applied the hands-off, kid glove treatment to Obama’s record and policy faux paus’s.

    Obama quickly sniffed the stiff loathe Hillary political breeze and has picked at and niggled over every Clinton word and alleged political misdeed in the Democratic debates and on the campaign trail. He shrewdly turned the chase for the Democratic presidential nomination and the White House from a referendum on Bush’s gross failures to a referendum on Clinton. When Clinton tried to hit back she was accused of being divisive, polarizing and duplicitous. When a campaign aide rashly and wrongly played dirty political pool and dragged out Obama’s alleged use of drugs as a kid, Clinton was forced to do a mea culpa for his bumble and seek absolution from Obama. It meant nothing. She was pilloried in the press anyway. This over the top dose of media cheerleading and gloating wrapped Obama even tighter in the cloak of nobility, a man above the fray.

    When Bill dared say that she is a change maker too that was sneered at as a cheap effort to snatch at Obama’s self-designated label as the authentic agent of change. Even the most cursory glance at his voting record as an Illinois state legislator and his wafer thin voting record in the Senate shows the exact same penchant for corporate and lobbyist deal making, and reliance on big donor campaign handouts that Clinton is pounded for.

    There’s a method to the Hillary loathe fest. The tip off came when former Bush political massager Karl Rove dawned his best wolf in sheep’s clothing garb and pretended to give sage advice to Obama on how to beat Clinton. He did it for a reason. The GOP strategists see Obama as the softest of soft targets for whoever emerges from the GOP presidential pack. They think that in a head to head contest, Obama will bomb badly in the South and the Red State belt from Texas to Montana. That’s a potential loss of nearly 200 electoral votes for the Democrats before the first vote is even cast. And with a beaten, battered and spent Clinton out of the picture, the GOP’s big mud slinging mean machine will quickly chisel away Obama’s Teflon coat and the subtle race-tinged Obama beat down would kick in with a vengeance.

    But first there’s Hillary. She has to go and Obama is the chosen one to see that she does.

    Earl Ofari Hutchinson is an author and political analyst. His new book is The Latino Challenge to Black America: Towards a Conversation between African-Americans and Hispanics (Middle Passage Press)

  9. This is Al Gore invented the internet all over again. This is John Kerry did not deserve his purple hearts and probably had fake wounds all over again.

    Remember that Andrew Sullivan article last month in The Atlantic where he has this paragraph –

    “…..A young Pakistani Muslim is watching television and sees that this man–Barack Hussein Obama–is the new face of America. In one simple image, America’s soft power has been ratcheted up not a notch, but a logarithm. A brown-skinned man whose father was an African, who grew up in Indonesia and Hawaii, who attended a majority-Muslim school as a boy, is now the alleged enemy. If you wanted the crudest but most effective weapon against the demonization of America that fuels Islamist ideology, Obama’s face gets close. It proves them wrong about what America is in ways no words can ……”

    Well, all the Obamabots loved that piece . It validated their demi-God’s reach across the political divide .

    Only now, unbelievably, it is the so-called liberal, progressive blogosphere that is on the “Al Gore invented the internet” trip. Their hatred for Hillary and the fact that she may win has made them furious and raging mad. So truly mad and beyond reason that they just cant tell cheese spread from pig shit anymore.

    As long as the narrative was being anti-Bush and anti-Bush policies, the blogs prospered because the Bushies screwed up the country unimaginably. So their support and readership rested on understandable widespread disgust and frustration.

    But if anything, this primary season has revealed how intellectually hollow these big bloggers really are. And at least for that, I have to thank them.

  10. That Hutchinson report spells it out just about as I was thinking in my own stumbling and insufficient way. There is a lot of stupid hate out there.

    It’s certainly a tough battle to win, but I still strongly believe she will pull it off. She has the wind at her back now. I feel better about it every day.

  11. By the way, the Obambi on Daily Kos are thoroughly excited to have the endorsement of David Brooks. Yes, it’s true. There are diaries on Daily Kos toasting David Brooks. We’re waiting on Broder, but I am sure he also will stand foursquare with David Brooks, Joe Klein, Andy Sullivan, Fareed Zakaria, Timmy Russert, and Tweety.

  12. i don’t agree with dc democrat’s notion that to mention the candidates’ middle names is not right. why?
    because it is so offensive to call barack by his second name: hussein? why are we tiptoe-ing around him anyway?

  13. oh and btw, I think we can win without their help. I am positive. extreme left wing was never strength of Bill. they always opposed him. I am positive that even if EACH AND EVERY kossak sits at home eating popcorn, or even vote republican, we will win if she gets through the primary.

  14. http://www.qctimes.com/articles/2007/12/18//news/local/doc4767217390f67800182126.txt

    In a meeting with the Quad-City Times editorial board, Clinton said Kerrey’s use of Obama’s full name was nothing more than part of a compliment.

    “I think the remarks were very positive,” Clinton said. “I know Bob. He was being very complimentary of Sen. Obama. He was making a point that Sen. Obama makes himself all the time, that because of his upbringing and his heritage he is, in his view, very well suited to communicate with the rest of the world. And he has just said himself that he wants to have a particular outreach to the Islamic world. So I think Sen. Kerrey was being, you know, very generous in what he said.”

  15. http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5hSuT9bgYn5P374g-BDszvZBSV2BAD8TJO6N00

    With the Iowa caucuses just over two weeks away, the Illinois senator is the only top-tier Democratic candidate who has not been endorsed by a national union.

    Such endorsements are prized because of the manpower, money and attention they can garner for candidates in the early voting states such as Iowa and Nevada. For example, the political arm of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, which has endorsed New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, spent $250,000 to air television ads in Iowa urging her victory.

    And Clinton has nine other well-heeled national unions in her camp, while former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards has four national union endorsements.

    Obama, meanwhile, has had to make do with city chapters like the Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association of New York City and Illinois state chapters of the American Federation of Teachers, AFSCME and the Service Employees International Union. Other state chapters of the service employees union behind Obama include those in Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri and Kansas.

    Obama “hasn’t had the exposure that Hillary Clinton has — everybody knows Hillary — and John Edwards, who has run for president and run for vice president and has done a lot of work with unions,” Balanoff said.

    Added Paul Clark, head of the department of labor studies and employment relations at Penn State University: “Compared to the other candidates, he’s a latecomer. Clinton and Edwards have a much longer relationship with the unions. … I just think he had a lot of ground to make up.”

    Robert Bruno, a professor at the Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations at the University of Illinois at Chicago, said Obama may be a victim of his desire to be a “transformative politician” — someone who appeals to people in all demographics.

    Obama’s been trying “to avoid the claim he’s just like any other politician, so he doesn’t come off as a real advocate,” Bruno said. “But I think the labor movement wants an advocate, because you’re talking significant resources and investment.”

  16. Good morning everyone. It’s almost afternoon though. Time for lunch, yummy!

    Last night, I turned off the TV and shut down my computer. I thought I’d do without all the name-calling and biased news on TV, the blogs and the newspaper sites; and do some reading. I started re-reading Al Franken’s “Why not me?” where he (the fictional presidential candidate Al Franken) slogs through an icy primary season (totally fiction). It is too funny.

    So, if you want to relieve some stress, but you don’t want to totally disengage from the primary season, go check out that book. You will laugh your head off and relieve some stress. Promise.

    Go Hillary!!

  17. Please go read the post I put up at Taylor Marsh. Thinking about it woke me at 2 am and it took awhile to piece together.

    “Chris Matthews (and MSNBC) has a pattern of defamatory talk”


  18. I really wish, really really wish Peter Daou tell that Kos guy to FO and just ignores that stupid convention of his. Kos thinks he can raise money for candidates and be a sort of kingmaker. Hillary has raised enough money online from the netroots without his help. The guy got a good knock on his nose from Jet Blue after they pulled their sponsorship of his ego party and he was crying like a baby about it. O’Reilly went after him and guess who was the first to defend him then ? Hillary ! Wolfson actually came on Fox and went head to head with O’Reilly.

    I agree gladiator, she doesnt need them one wee bit to win.

  19. This article raises and interesting point that, for sure, the righties would use against him. So, did BHO outmessage himself? — “Lieberman’s Endorsement of McCain A Hurdle for Obama?”

    Barack Obama, besides being the so-called only candidate that can bring hope to the presidency, has also marketed himself as the guy that would most be able to break partisan gridlock. He believes he can get people to work together and unite in this critical point in our nation’s history. He would put together bipartisan bills and achieve bipartisan agreements on compromises that need to be made.

    But, what happens when there is another guy on the opposite side of the aisle that will be better at bipartisan bills and compromises? Isn’t McCain just as good if not better at getting bipartisan bills and compromises? Doesn’t he have a longer record of being successful at such bipartisanship?


  20. BTW, speaking of the blogosphere and fundraising:

    The FEC ruled last Friday that the money John Edwards raised through ActBlue is PAC money and does not qualify for federal matching funds.

  21. I think MSNBC should be forced to kick out Matthews just as they did Imus. The guy is a disgrace. At least he should be forced to appologise.

  22. Is Eric Kleefeld a rightie posing as a leftie or is it that he’s just dumb as a stump?

    He says Obama is more electable because he scored 2 points higher against Giuliani than Hillary, scored equally against Huckabee, and they both could beat all three of them?

    New Gallup poll:

    Clinton (D) 49%, Giuliani (R) 48%
    Clinton (D) 53%, Huckabee (R) 44%
    Clinton (D) 52%, Romney (R) 46%
    Obama (D) 51%, Giuliani (R) 45%
    Obama (D) 53%, Huckabee (R) 42%
    Obama (D) 57%, Romney (R) 39%

    “Clinton strategist Mark Penn says efforts to compare the general-election appeal of the two leading Democrats are “not realistic … because people don’t have much information about (Obama).”

    “Clinton, on the other hand, continues to evoke the strongest positive and negative reactions. Asked what kind of president the candidates would be, she led the field as the most likely prospect to be a “great” president, predicted by 19%. She also led the field as the most likely to be a “terrible” president, predicted by 18%.”


    Correct me if I’m wrong, as I’m trying to figure this poll thingy out, but didn’t someone say here that head-to-head polls for the GE during the primary don’t mean much?

  23. Earl Ofari Hutchinson – ” … the Bash Hillary mania is so deep and pernicious that it has done the unthinkable for Obama..”

    Truer words have never been said.

  24. http://www.dailyhowler.com/dh121807.shtml

    As we’ve told you, Matthews went into full propaganda mode in the weeks leading up to that crucial October 30 debate; he has been staging a pure propaganda campaign from that time to the present. Of course, this is exactly what he did, over a longer period, in the two years of Campaign 2000, when he endlessly trashed—and dissembled about—that ludicrous Candidate Gore. (“A man-like object” who “would lick the bathroom floor to be president. The bath-tub ring.”)

    You’re seeing a type of history here. Whomever you prefer for the Dem nomination, this is your chance to see pure propaganda being delivered under the guise of “cable news.” Matthews is profoundly dishonest—and this is your chance to see it played out, as he shapes world history again. And this is your chance to see the press corps’ stooges agree with him nightly. On Sunday, Matthews dragged out the leering chimpmunk Andrew Sullivan (one of Josh’s absolute favorites) to trash and bash the current Dem leader (though just barely). Indeed, two of Matthews’ four enablers had been brought in from other countries that day! Talk about immigration problems! Now we even import the scribes who assault us about our elections!

    Whomever you prefer for the Dem nomination, this is something you should make time to see. Gather the kids, and make them watch too. They’ll be seeing the way a wealthy elite (disguised as a “press corps”) takes control of a White House election. Eight years ago, most liberals didn’t know that this was going on. Here’s your shot at the reruns.

    For ourselves, we’ve come to believe that this mountain of narrative would vastly affect a Clinton White House. (Trust us: These fools would have driven Gore into the sea.) Since it’s clear that liberals and Dems will never have “what it takes” to resist this misconduct, we think this conduct must be considered in casting a primary vote.

  25. dt, IMHO, it’s not that BHO is a great or even good Dem option, it’s just that he’s had a media-sponsored pass and Penn is write that voters don’t know him. The Hillary haters, including Tweety and Bowtie Boy, Kossacks, et al., have dominated the message.

  26. Lieberman’s endorsement of McCain is good for Hillary. If anything, it helps more independents in NH who want to mess with the candidates in primaries, have a second look at the republican primary and move away from the democratic primary. This will hurt BHO, because he is heavily dependent on these people who want to mess with the party primaries, and not the registered democrats.

    Joe also said that he did not endorse the republican party, only John McCain. If McCain does not win the nomination, then Joe is again a free agent.

  27. Plus, all of Ron Paul’s $$$ DemHawk. We are going to do well in NH. Obama would have to make great inroads in NH among Democrats.

  28. New Florida poll that will officially be released tomorrow: Hillary 48%, BOH: 31%, Breck Girl: 6%.

    Too bad that Dean is going to prevent Florida’s delegates from being seated.

    Link: politicalwire.com/archives/2007/12/18/giuliani_sinking_in_florida.html

  29. I’m glad you are talking about that independents vote in NH. I’ve also been watching the potential shift of them away from Barack Hussein Obama. I recall that in a recent poll in which he seemed to be closing the gap, he had more independents than did HRC.

  30. clintondem99: My sentiments exactly. If you haven’t already, let MSNBC know this in every possible way. e-mail, phone, text, write and blog it everywhere.

    We did it for Imus’ racist/sexist garbage — let’s do it for Matthews’ sexist attack on the DMR board’s professional reputations. It is the last straw — and we have a broken-backed camel.

  31. According to Ras, BO and Guilani are neck and neck in NJ while Clinton easily beats him.

    If Guiliani is facing BO, say goodbye to the once safe North-East.

  32. I keep saying that given they are both next-door-neighbor states, Obama is weak UNLESS he wins in Iowa by the same margins Hillary will win in New Jersey.

    The fact that our gal is even competitive in the state next to Obama’s is a HUGE sign of her strength.

    WHY do Iowans not love Obama as much as the NJ folks love Hillary, hmmm? WHY is his ground game not putting him way over the top when he has thousands of supporters and the heart of his constituency a mere couple of hours drive away?

    Obama should be winning BIG in Iowa. Why is he not doing so? Is he really that weak? He can’t even get a big margin in the state next door to his own?

    WE NEED TO PUSH THIS THOUGHT. Anything other than a GIANT win for Obama in Iowa is under-performing on his part.

  33. Yep, reed061. We need to point that out as well. The people who know Hillary best prefer her in bigger margins than do those who know Obama best.

  34. I personally think we should refrain from going on to non-hillary blogs and bashing Obamabots. they are driven by cult,hate and idolatory, not by reason. infact, they are bragging that they will vote mitt romney before voting for Hillary. do these guys even know how radically different mitt is to Hillary and left? they ar eplain STUPID. having said that, Obama is closest to mitt policy wise, so maybe their explanation is good. someone was arguing yesterday night why they should pay for healthcare if they dont want it. stupid stupid stupid.

  35. Long time ago we suggested John Edwards’ campaign song should be “I’m Sorry”. An Obama supporter has now created a video attacking John Edwards with “I’m Sorry” playing in the background. Also, Drudge used one of our photos today.

    Poor John R. Edwards, spent all his energy to build up Obama and now Obama is sending out mailers attacking John R. Edwards and Obama supporters are circulating scorching video’s of John R. Edwards.

  36. The media narrative will not change. Hillary has to, and will, win despite it.

    A few other observations:

    I’m glad to see Hillary up 16 in Rasmussen. That’s the largest lead she’s had in that poll in weeks.

    Also happy to read about that MSNBC report from Iowa saying Hillary’s campaign morale is sky high there. And Yepsen mentioning the possibility that Obama may have peaked there, which is why he and Edwards are trading barbs. All this, combined with the addition of Michael Whouley, makes me optimistic she can win Iowa. And if she does, it’s over because Obama is the one who’s supposed to win there.

  37. Sent Josh Marshall the following email:

    Well, Josh, you should be proud. You’ve now joined the likes of Chris “Castratas” Matthews and the Hillary-hating Kossacks. Your mama would be sooooo proud.

    You do have a mama don’t you? Does she hate Hillary, too?

  38. This one is for Hawk, taking exams today:


    NBA legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson, joined Hillary and Bill Clinton at a Hy-Vee grocery store Tuesday morning, chatting up a mostly Black crowd of about 40 people, many of whom were high school and junior high school basketball players, school principals and their relatives.

    Magic went around the room high-fiving the spectators, while the Clintons signed autographs. When asked why he is supporting the New York senator over Barack Obama, Magic cited HRC’s years of experience.

    “I love the Clintons, and I just know Sen. Clinton is the best candidate to move our country forward,” he said during a hastilty-arranged press conference.

    Hillary Clinton — who pretended to do a jump shot as she entered the store — spoke briefly, joking with a reporter who asked about her apparent good mood Monday by saying, “You mean I got my groove back?”

    “I feel great,” she added. “You know, I love campaigning. I like getting out and meeting new people, and this is the time when Iowans start making up their minds. So there’s an intensity and sense of seriousness that is palpable.”

  39. B. Merryfield, Josh Marshall has joined Arrianna and Kos and Matthews, pretending to be impartial while trashing Hillary. Today, Marshall came back from holiday only to post a pro Obama video.

  40. Remember how Trippi would rush to BO’s defence and make snark comments about Hillary at every opportunity? Even when he didn’t have to. But he loves to suck up to the BO campaign big time. Wonder what he has to say about his buddy Axelrod now..

  41. Just learned that Blogads for “The Hillary I Know” are posted at left-leaing blogs Daily Kos, My DD, Talking Points Memo, AMERICAblog, etc.

    This must drive the Kossacks CRAZY !!!

  42. dt, IMHO, Trippi and Axelrod are still double-teaming. If you notice, the comments all say that the comments JRE and BHO are aiming at each other kinda lack any real punch.

  43. I have no idea how anyone can take someone like Arrianna Huffington as a “progressive”.

    She was a rabid Clinton hater in the 90’s. She was a republican who wished and hoped that the Clinton presidency could be brought down. She thought that the Clintons were too “left”.

    Now, she calls herself a progressive and we should all believe her and forgive her. And we should all accept her as a leader of progressive ideals though no one knows how she really got there. And now, the Clintons are too “right” for her.
    She has absolutely no moderation on her site and I know quite a few people who stopped visiting that site because of the garbage and vile offensive stuff they allow to be posted there.

    But as long as you hate and abuse the Clintons, the liberal blogosphere will have no problem accepting you. Republican ideology is of course, no bar.

  44. Poll warning: New Hotline poll has Hillary up only 5 over Obama nationally, 35-30.

    However, that poll ended Dec. 14, in the midst of the Billy Sheehan thing. The Gallup poll which has her up 18 ended Dec. 16. And Ras has her climbing, too. I believe a real turnaround started this weekend, and I think that’s one of the reasons Hillary and her campaign are so upbeat. I’m taking my cue from her. 🙂

  45. Kathleen Reardon at HuffPo knows our candidate well, although she does not speak the name:

    But are Democrats being duped again? They’re looking for the nice candidate — a change from the bad men. Admirable, but is it smart?

    If this were a race for Convivial Summer Picnic and Orienteering Chair, the Democratic “Let’s not argue” would be one thing. But this is a race for President of the United States — against a ruthless far right. Mike Huckabee says you have to be willing to shed blood and refers to running for president as a “contact sport” that isn’t so much about the “dog in the fight but the fight in the dog.”

    We live in tough times. Paul Krugman had it right when he wrote: “Anyone who thinks that the next president can achieve real change without bitter confrontation is living in a fantasy world.”

    Yet, we hear that Democrats want to be charmed, to return to the ideal days of JFK and that Iowans don’t like conflict. Clinton can’t criticize Obama without being labeled some kind of hardened, success-grabbing woman. Obama can’t get aggressive without destroying his message of hope and risking his winning charisma.

    There are rough roads ahead. The Republicans may hate Hillary Clinton, but we delude ourselves if we think they’re going to be nicer to Obama, Edwards or any Democrat. No way. They’re going to be nasty no matter who wins the nomination. So don’t we deserve to see who can take the heat and do so with some class?

    This is a race for the most important, powerful position in the world. Our national security, healthcare, economy, and the future are at stake. Iowans are still making up their minds, in part because there’s been “nothing dramatic or emphatic” happening there. Each candidate is playing it safe and trying to out-nice the other.

    At times, harsh words are the best vessels of honesty. Intensity is not the enemy of truth and hardly ever is quietude its most encouraging companion.

    Take a lesson from the “beguiling” Mike Huckabee’s political rhetoric rulebook. He uses emphatic phrases like, “Not hardly,” “That is categorically untrue,” “Check the source,” “Actually not true,” and “Look, nobody is going to do that” after which he explains his view briefly and gives us a memorable proverb or bromide like “We should be glad we’re a country people want to get into rather than one they can’t get out of.” He’s loaded with these. He gets to disagree, defend and even attack without losing his cool. He doesn’t run around trying to be nice without also clearly telling you what’s wrong with Romney — usually without Romney knowing what hit him.

    Politics requires the ability to engage in verbal judo. That’s not going to change because we’re tired of bad men lying to us.

    Every minute wasted on finding the nicest Democratic candidate instead of the most qualified, intelligent, politically astute one who can take political punches is another minute preparing him or her to ultimately lose.

    We have a number of nice Democrats in Congress. And look how little gets done. How about a presidential nominee who is perceptive, bright, genuine, generous, devoted to the country, angry at times, tough as nails when required and someone who can meet the opposition’s lying-in-wait scum trust head on? Time to put the charm offensives on hold. Besides, if you have to work hard at charm, you don’t have it anyway.


  46. “Every minute wasted on finding the nicest Democratic candidate instead of the most qualified, intelligent, politically astute one who can take political punches is another minute preparing him or her to ultimately lose.”

    The media doesn’t want Obama to be president; they just want to make sure Hillary isn’t. Once she’s out of the way, he becomes the target. What I don’t get is how many normally perceptive people (like Josh Marshall) don’t see that the GOP will do to him what they did to Gore and Kerry. What makes them think he’d be immune?

  47. Hey All – a little off-topic, but I glanced at the Arianna Huffington comments above…

    I just tried to counter some nasty Clinton comments on Huffpost, and posted a comment that directed them to http://www.attacktimeline.com

    I’ve never had problems with links linking to the correct page before on Huffpost, but when I clicked the link to the timeline, a few weird huffingtonpost prefixes affixed themselves to the link, and it said PAGE NOT FOUND.

    Can someone else try it, maybe I’m typing something in wrong, but it certainly IS suspicious!

    Also, a notable situation – I went to a fundraiser at a private home in Los Angeles back in July perhaps, and Jon Robin Baitz (writer and creator of Brothers and Sisters) criticized Clinton to her face about a seventh grader who had asked Clinton a question – he was basically implying the girl was a plant

  48. oops – and that the girl was a contrivance of Clinton’s…next day or so, he writes an article on Huffpost calling Clinton contrived, blah, blah,etc. I wrote a comment on there saying that he was acting like an ass, and that he was the plant for Huffpost. Not surprisingly, my comment was censored. UGH – Arianna!

  49. Paula – Billy Sheehan is a great bass guitarist who once played with David Lee Roth 🙂 Wonder what he is doing now …
    Now, Bill Shaheen – we know what happened to him !

    All the national polls are showing a double digit lead except this one. In fact , the last poll from this outfit for Iowa last week showed HRC leading quite well but no one talked about it !

    Also, the Gallup is a more recent poll but that wont be mentioned in context at all. The CBS poll from just end of last week shows her ahead by a huge margin.

  50. B Merryfield, That poll analysis is interesting, although I find it disturbing that African-American candidates often do worse than the polls show. Racism is alive and well.

  51. I wouldn’t vote for BO, seriously. But, I stand for something. Mostly, I am a center Democrat, but socially liberal. To be honest, I was mostly a Republican before Bill Clinton. What I see in the Clintons and the 2000 version of Gore was pragmaticism, getting things done. It strikes me that much of Obama’s supporters endorse him because of the “hope and feelings” narrative. But, why? This strikes me that this too would be mediated by pragmatism or getting things done. Whereas Hillary supporters engage in effort to learn issues, etc., the Obama supporters take cues from the periphery. This is why 1.) Hillary supporters are so strongly with her, 2.) Obama supporters will back Hill, and 3.) Obama is unelectable in a GE because many Hill supporters won’t go along (unless the Repugnacious actually nominate the Huck).

    Actually, I think John McCain would present as much of a challenge to Obama as would Guiliani.

    We should definitely push the “meme” that Obama should win Iowa by as much as Hillary is up in NJ. That is a great idea! Probably just on websites that will give us the time of day, tough. We also should be discussing the Matthew’s misogyny to whomever will hear us.

  52. Heads up, Merryfield,

    Josh’s mom was killed in a car accident when he was sixteen or so. He’s written very movingly about it on his site. His dad died a little over a year ago.

    what I know about Josh is this – he is vulnerable to narcissistic personality types. He will come around and if Hillary gets the nod, his normally reasonable values will kick in and he will be a well-informed defender.

  53. ky_mkt, I agree with you. my family has voted republican earlier, although I had a chance to vote only Once for Clinton, and once for gore. I did not vote for kerry. he was far left. I am fiscally conservative socially liberal democrat. so put me where I belong. The thing I like about Hillary is that she will be fiscally responsible. She wont tax my ass off to oblivion. When I see Edwards bots, I tell them that attacking corporations with confrontation instead of mutual respect and compromise will lead to further loss of jobs and economic collapse. They dont even understand. Obama is socially too conservative for me. Infact, I will go a step further and say,, he wont keep any of his promises if elected. His gay pastor incident is the best indication to show me that he will go right on social issues and left on fiscal policy. He is totally anti-Hillary that way. I wont even mind Mitt, because he is a frigging flipflopper but will govern moderately. thats what he did in MA. so I dont know, I am positive I cant drag my ass to vote for Obama. Obama is a hope seller, and I have enough hope in my garage to last a lifetime.

  54. the hotline poll was conducted between December 12 and the 14. During those days, Rasmussen had Hillary tracking between 36 and 38 and Barack at 27 to 28. I think the hotline poll may be credible for that time period. I am sure that hotline’s standard error included Rasmussen’s findings, and I know that Rasmussen’s standard error included hotline’s results. What’s nice about hotline is that it confirms Rasmussen, and we can breathe a sigh of relief that Rasmussen shows Hillary putting more mileage between her and He Who Must Not Be Named.

  55. You know the curious thing about Obama is that he talks of hope and change but there is nothing, nothing in his background that suggests that he has stuck his neck out for change at any time. No lonely battles, no hard principled stands, no situation where he was pushing for something in the face of great opposition and came out victorious or at least wounded but the better for it . He talks of his anti-war speech but he plainly was not in a situation where he could make a difference. He himself has said he didn’t know how he would have voted had he been in the senate at that time. Does that sound like a principled leader to you ? And he gave the speech at an anti-war rally, in a safe, democratic anti-war district and even his primary opponents opposed the war. And he still touts himself as the change candidate and the media agrees and loves him for that.

    Hillary has actually fought and won a few things. Her record in Arkansas is admirable. The SCHIP is one of her achievements and even looking back at the ill-fated health care battle of the 90’s , she actually tried to do something. She fought and weaved her way throught the haze and complications of health care reform in a none too friendly environment on the Hill, and has no doubt learnt from it .

    Bill Clinton hit it out of the park when he said she was an agent of change rather than a symbol of change. BO is just a symbol – the fact that his last name is not Clinton is the only change that the country would get.

  56. gladiator:

    You hit the nail on the head! That’s just how I think. Mitt would have been OK if he had not flip flopped on the social issues, perhaps moreso that Guiliani.

    When Hill was talking in the debates about not over taxing the middle class, I was very happy to hear that. So many fiscally left Dems cannot grasp the concept that you can increase governmental revenue by lowering taxes if 1.) that leads to economic growth, 2.) higher salaries and other taxable monies, and 3.) the lower tax rates over a larger taxable source exceeds that over higher rates and a lower source dsue to slow growth.

    Also, I rememer in 2000 when Hillary went on MTP and said that she believed in civil unions at the federal level because while most Americans wouldn’t back marriage she honestly believed that Americans are fair minded and would not want to deny people hospital visitation, shared property rights, etc.

  57. Change vs. Experience: Annoying

    This change versus experience narrative is extremely wrong. People do not pick change in the type of context setup by a general election. The psychological literature clearly suggests that people have to be very happy to do that. Happy means they expect their choice to be risk-less. While this may affect the fringe, it is very unlikely to have a huge electoral impact. Also, novelty-seeking “change” voters are very unlikley to vote. So, perhaps they have more of an impact on selection of a candidate than Bill Clinton.

    The 92′ Clinton campaign was way different than it is now. Let’s be honest, Bill Clinton might not have been president were it not for Ross Perot. Now, if I am wrong on that, the other thing is that Bill Clinton took a lot of beatings in the primary and then pushed himself on eceomomic issues. Given that the election came down to economic issues, one could make the argument that Clinton was the less-risky candidate to select because Bush was painted as a poor steward of the economy.

  58. Have you all seen Hil’s “switchers” commercial? It fantastic. Very sweet and respectable, unlike the one Obama’s been pushing. And, she shows all these Iowan switchers.

  59. Um, if anyone didn’t listened to TM just now, you missed it. Tweety should be scared, very scared. Quick, someone go get “Sylvester.” LOL

    Go Hillary!

  60. It is fantastic! IMHO, she needs to produce commericals to refute those of her competitors. The biggest effect this could have is to discount competitors ads. Kind of like never let any charge go unanswered.

  61. The way I see it anti-Hillary vote gets split between Obama and Edwards; the rest Biden, Dodd, Richardson votes would probably be split between Hillary and Edwards. So the numbers don’t add up to give Obama the first place.

  62. ADMIN;

    I just love the line about “Sophie’s Choice Healthcare Plan”…….I hope that Hillary uses it in the campaign, because in two words it paints the picture that numerous articles and paragraphs have been trying to make about the realities of Obama’s NOT universal healthcare.

  63. Letter I sent in response to a Time article entitled, “Obama’s Foreign Policy Problem”, by J. Newton-Small

    Problem, what problem? The purpose of this fawning piece of, “journalism”, is to purport that Obama’s childhood experiences are as valid as the other candidate’s actual foreign policy experience and that Obama should be trusted in this complex area because of an obscure psychological study, a guy who’s on his staff, and because he lived abroad when he was 10.

    When you claim, “Obama’s multicultural background has, of course, been used against him in other ways”, I tried to find which ways his multicultural background had been used against him earlier in the piece, but found that it had not been, unless you were characterizing HIS claims that his childhood counted as foreign policy experience being, “dismissed”, as somehow using his claims against him. Despite the misleading header, yours is a defense of Obama’s claims rather than an investigative piece about his, “problem”, complete with quotes from defense, and foreign policy pros expressing skepticism and insecurity of entrusting the security and safety of the nation to one so inexperienced in these critical areas, which is frankly what I expected.

    Your piece is indicative of the boosterish, utterly uncritical, almost comically positive press, (reminiscent of the run-up to the invasion of Iraq) that Senator Obama has enjoyed during the last several weeks. I ask you; If the article was about Clinton’s (Electability, Likability, Honesty, etc.) problem, would the slant have been the same, or would the piece have been somewhat more balanced, with quotes from those who agreed that there WAS a problem? The shocking lack of hard-hitting, investigative journalism in the coverage of Obama, a man who could be President, is not just an indictment of the 4th estate, but an oversight whose repercussions could far exceed those of the debacle in Iraq. It will be too late to perform due diligence on Senator Obama AFTER he is the nominee or President. The members of the media owe it to the electorate to provide balanced, complete and unbiased coverage of ALL the candidates from both parties.

    I am relatively certain that you’re familiar with the study, published earlier this year by the, “Project for Excellence in Journalism and the Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy”, proving conclusively that senator Obama has received generally laudatory press. Obama received almost twice the favorable press Clinton received (26.9-46.7) whereas Clinton was, “treated”, to almost three time as much negative press as Obama (15.8-37.8) While this study covers the first part of this year, your writings and those of your fellow, “journalists”, would appear to be, if not the same, even more biased towards senator Obama.
    A First Look at Coverage of the 2008 Presidential Campaign
    October 29, 2007


    I and the American people implore you to provide the kind of even-handed, unbiased coverage that we as the electorate deserve so that we can make our choice based on the facts and not on the prevailing media narrative.

    Thank You,

  64. basement angel, I agree with you about Josh Marshall. He will support the Dem nominee, and is not a Hillary hater by any stretch of the imagination.

  65. SHERM,

    I believe DCDEM was being facetious about using “RODHAM” and parodying the feigned OUTRAGE in the blogosphere over Bob Kerry using Obama’s middle name.

    I love calling her Hillary Rodham Clinton. It never has made sense to me that women are supposed to subjegate their identities into their husbands upon marriage.

  66. I think the attack ad on Edwards can backfire. You know, given what we have had from GWB, I think a lot of Americans would be OK with a candidate that admits mistakes.

    Someone should make a version of that on BHO. Set it to “catch me if you can.” Shoe BHO, then a screen about the “votes” in the Illinois legislature for pro-choice, then an image of BHO leaving to get the heck out of there with the caption “didn’t vote.” This can also be done to the IRG vote, etc. End it with BHO – never there when you need him to fight for progressive causes.

  67. I was so happy to watch these videos yesterday morning after being away in New Hampshire campaigning for Hillary! I have had the honor and privilege of meeting/seeing Hillary in person on many occasions now and the more I see her, the more I hear her speak, the more I “feel” her heart! And the more I truly love her!

    Campaiging in New Hampshire was a wonderful experience inspite of the tons of snow and icy streets. I canvassed for a couple of hours but the brutal cold affected my Asthma so I couldn’t breathe and was coughing badly. So I spent the rest of the weekend phone-banking. On Saturday afternoon, all the staffers and volunteers loaded into a school bus and headed to Daniel Webster College where Hillary was planning to speak! I never even thought of the possibility of seeing Hillary when I volunteered for the weekend trip up from New York! My assignment was to be one of the many people to sign in people as they arrived so that we would have their phone number, address and e-mail addresses. This was their ticket to the event. After we did our jobs we all went into the gym and awaited Hillary’s arrival.

    Hillary spoke so eloguently after a couple of women who have been helped by Hillary spoke first. Then she took questions. One jerk started out by saying his two daughters want him to vote for her BUT and then he blasted Hillary with a load of insults. Protests came from the audience saying he wasn’t asking a “question”. After he finished babbling, Hillary thanked him for his comments and said, “I think your daughters are very smart!” Wow! The audience cheered and gave Hillary a standing ovation!!! The jerk should have felt like two cents after that!

    After taking questions, Hillary went around meeting and greeting people, posing for photos, signing autographs. When she came to me, I told her I had come up from NYC to campaign for her; that I had canvassed and phone-banked. She asked me “Did you have a lot of fun??!!!” I told her I had been a supporter from DAY 1. I got to finally have my pic taken with Hillary after numerous meetings and I gave her a great big hug and told her how much I love her!

    So these videos just reaffirmed how I was feeling after the weekend. I just wish everybody could get a chance to hear Hillary speak in person and spend some time talking to her. I am sure Hillary would win by a landslide!!!

  68. Anyone else think JRE’s new “movie trailer” ad is lame? The first time I saw it, I thought dumb. I was actually happy he is going to air that.

  69. Sandy1938, we like the line too so another article is up using “Sophie’s Choice” in the title. We put in a little link to explain what Sophie’s Choice was for non-film, non-Styron readers.


    “Stingo and Sophie flee and check into a hotel. Stingo insists that they start a family, but Sophie has yet to tell him her final secret – her choice. She recounts the night she arrived at Auschwitz with her children, and of how a Nazi officer forced her to choose life for one child, and death for the other.

    Despite her plea of “Don’t make me choose. I can’t choose”, Sophie’s words fall on deaf ears. When a young Nazi is told to take both children away, she releases her daughter, shouting “Take my little girl!”. Sophie can only watch as the screaming little girl is carried away to die, her guilt and despair all too clear. Once she has told him, Sophie asks Stingo not to talk about marriage and children.”

  70. Anyone else think JRE’s new “movie trailer” ad is lame? The first time I saw it, I thought dumb.

    Yup I saw that. JRE and BHO are competing with each other on who would go Hollywood first after losing the primary. They are actually auditioning for a movie star role in a hollywood movie after Feb 5th!

    May be Oprah can finance BHO’s movie. JRE is still looking for a producer to finance his movie.

  71. Gov. Deval Patrick was just called out on MSNBC about BHO asking him if it is fair for BHO to attack his rivals as having started the war. Then, get this, he called the Iraq war an “adventure we’re on?”

    That is telling. First, that was his “intuitive” choice. This is the same lack of seriousness that BHO has exhibited over Iraq. We have already established that he gave a speech to satisfy a particular group of supporters, then hid from that speech, and returned to it once he felt it politically expedient.

    BHO is going on the attack against HRC and JRE on Iraq as his final push before Xmas. We should push this and demand Gov. Patrick retract his somments. At the very least, we should put this out there for the JRE supporters to go nutz over.

  72. sandy1938: It was a little touch of irony. I of course believe it’s completely silly to think we can’t mention a candidate’s middle name. It’s like, don’t mention Hillary’s a woman. Facts are facts.

  73. Has Mathews reiterated his support for W. in 2000, Kentucky_mkt? I think we need look no further than that to assess his credibility.

  74. We should parse him the way he does our movement. I’d rather him be on TV than off, boiling underneath that he cannot spew his misogynist crap, under a scenario where he is forced to exhibit journalistic integrity because we took him on.

  75. No. He is giving a softball interview to JRE though. He asked JRE how he would “enforce” taking away lawmakers and let him say that he would use the bully pulpit.

  76. I think there is a hoped-for Rovian switcheroo in the works vis a vis Obama’s drug use. The media is a little too interested in following the tale only as it relates to Hillary’s campaign. Obama has forthrightly discussed the drug use in his past and so I’m wondering if there is planted story out there waiting for an unwary opponent to pick it up and run with it. You know, Obama’s campaign puts out a sensationalist story about his drug activities that’s easily debunked. When an opponent attempts to use the story against him, you debunk it and accomplish two goals: 1. you discredit the other candidate in the eyes of the voters, and 2. you innoculate your candidate against the more salacious stories in his past.

    I think Pubs are running Obama’s campaign, and when I look at the Novak call-out, Obama’s demand that Clinton put the story out that they have or concede that Novak’s claim isn’t true, the outrage over Shaheen’s understandable concerns, Clinton’s personal apology (an extravagant gesture for a flap that didn’t even register on most Americans’ radar) and Buchanan’s return to the scene of the crime – I think there is a lot more to this story than meets the eye. Clearly, certain people are itching to push the envelope and Clinton isn’t taking the bait.

    Of course, it could be that I am simply completely wrong.

  77. Obama supporter Geekesque over at daily kos makes today an appeal to Edwards supporters to dump Edwards and come over to Obama. One of the sets of data he supplies in his argument is the latest poll numbers for Tsunami Tuesday:

    Alabama: Clinton 46, Obama 25, Edwards 6
    Alaska: None
    Arizona: Clinton 44, Obama 14, Edwards 11
    Arkansas: None since March
    California: Clinton 49, Obama 30, Edwards 14
    Connecticut: Clinton 45, Obama 19, Edwards 7
    Delaware: Clinton 41, Biden 19, Obama 17, Edwards 7
    Democrats Abroad: None
    Georgia: Clinton 34, Obama 27, Edwards 12
    Idaho: None since July
    Illinois: Obama 50, Clinton 25, Edwards 7
    Kansas: None
    Massachusetts: None since April
    Minnesota: None since September
    Missouri: Clinton 36, Obama 21, Edwards 20
    New Jersey: Clinton 51, Obama 17, Edwards 7
    New York: Clinton 55, Obama 17, Edwards 7
    North Dakota: None
    Oklahoma: None since April
    Tennessee: None
    Utah: None since February

    I know he had his purposes, but observe there is only one state (Illinois) in the states where data are available where Hillary does not lead. Indeed, of the states where data is available, only in Georgia and Missouri do Hillary’s leads not equal more than Obama’s and Edwards’s leads combined.


  78. poorly written: Indeed, of the states where data are available, only in Georgia and Missouri do Hillary’s leads not equal more than Obama’s and Edwards’s NUMBERS combined.

  79. Josh Marshall answered me:

    “Actually my mother died when I was young. So, I’m not a fan of jokes at her expense.”

    To which I answered back:

    “Actually, Josh, I could not possibly have none that, and for that I apologize and I am sorry that you did not get to know her into your adulthood.

    “As a mother of five, two of which are daughters, and grandmother of nine, two of which are girls, I can honestly say that I found your attempt at humor insulting to me and all women. When you insult and belittle one woman you insult and belittle us all.”

  80. mathews is just bitter and pissed off hillary refuses to go on his show so he trashes her to no ends. im going to love super tuesday night and nov. 2008 when hillary is elected just to see mathews(tweety) squirm. priceless.

  81. BA.. I think he wont go near drug issue. because he has to address it. he hasnt addressed it yet, because he doesnt know if anyone has any proof for or against it. its like a simmering pot which wont explode if he leaves it alone, but if he messes with it, it will blow, and thats not good for him. Hill wont push it because her campaign is positive. she is putting up a human face to her campaign. but if he goes there, he is damaging himself. he is a smart politician for sure, thats why he hasnt addressed the issue.

  82. Key Henderson just pissed on Tweety. She is not playing the game like little Annie ‘Hit Job’ Kornblut.

  83. Mathews raised the tough versus soft issue that Hillary Clinton. If I were Hillary or Bill, I would be out on the campaign trail saying: “You know, I think a Mom describes me best. I’m soft and sweet, but don’t even dare with my country and those I love.” The psychology research is clear on this. People can hold dual attitudes if you provide them with a way (e.g., mother analogy) to process it.

  84. In case anyone missed the reference, Matthews just said about the Clintons that Bill wishes “if people could see her like he does” with a lilt to Matthews’ voice with the melody from the song from “Cabaret”.

    For those who have not seen the movie or the play, in Cabaret there is a song “If you could see her through my eyes” which ends with the woman in question actually a gorilla. The song, when the “woman” who is actually a gorilla is revealed is seen as the singer sings “If they could see her through my eyes — She wouldn’t look jewish at all.”

    Rush Limbaugh talked about Hillary in derogatory terms yesterday (mocking the way she looks). Today Matthews went one step further. Matthews is Imus. He should be forced to apologize and thrown off the air. Dan Abrams, as program manager, is ultimately responsible for this type of behavior.

  85. Does anyone know if someone wrote a post or column about why Al Gore should endorse Hillary Clinton? It seems to me that his legacy is tied to BC and his to her now. Also, her environmental plan is very aggressive.

  86. I will run and write an e-mail to rather. I am just looking for the youtube clips. One is taylor. the other one I am waiting for to show up on youtube is yesterdays comments about desmoines. Once thats up on youtube, I will forward it to quiet a few people. I did write an e-mail to desmoines and chris mathews though, just to let each of them know my feelings 🙂

  87. Kentucky, when Imus was caught for the last time with his repeated slurs against African-Americans Big Media “personalities” all tried the excuse that they did not know (Gwen Ifill blew that excuse out of the water). Dan Abrams should be contacted by as many people as possible from as many outlets/blogs as possible and told of Matthews insult. We don’t any other websites will write about this. We are sure Josh Marshall won’t worry since he is pushing his “marvelous” Obama.

    We suspect Media Matters will say something. They should certainly be contacted and made aware of the meaning of what Matthews said (some analysts might miss the slur). Taylor Marsh should be contacted. But Dan Abrams is ultimately responsible for what is on MSNBC’s programs. Abrams should take Matthews off the air and demand an apology.

  88. admin,

    Nice to know that Mathews is admitting his sympathies lie with the Nazis on this issue.

    Racists used gorillas to represent African Americans in their literature, as did Nazis to represent Jews. As if the rednecks amongst us and the Nazis are genetically superior than those whom they hoped to destroy. So now Chris Mathews, by invoking that song, has joined their ranks.

    If you needed any more evidence that the mainstream, corporate media and their wealthier advertisers are terrified of a Clinton presidency, this is it.

    What a movement Mathews has joined. It’s a sadder day in America.

  89. I am not sure about accuracy of this Iowa poll, but it is good for us in two ways.

    Edwards : 29.8
    Clinton : 26.4
    Obama : 24.3

    the poll may be balooney, but lets go further into the numbers.

    18-29 age group

    Obama : 35.3
    Hillary: 26.5
    Edwards : 17.6

    which is consistent with what we here in the media. but guess what. almost a third of his support comes from one or two precincts (assuming most of the students will caucus in university town)

    30-44 : Obama and Edwards tie. these are the anti-clinton crop lived through 90’s. if they caucus, they will definitely not go for Hillary, even as second choice. But look at the staggering 35%. which means they share the same second choice. Hillary will get NONE of them, but then they will be caucusing for Obama or Edwards, so their second choices wont matter.

    44+: she and Edwards trash Obama even in second choice. Thats the MOST RELIABLE age group of voters for primaries.

    Now, coming to student votes, there is a very likely possibility that the participation will be less, because its Holiday season, after new years and stuff like that. overall, the poll might be nonsense unless we see the trend, but internals are solid for Hillary.she will kick ass in Iowa.

  90. We can “bitch” about Matthews as we like but let us not go too far with us comparing it to Imus
    .. it might backfire!

    We can write to all major papers etc!

    The Rutgers team are not public servants; Hillary is.

    We should complaing about Matthews via letters to him, his boss and the company’s CEO. Simply
    refuse to but their products!

  91. just came back from the hillary event here in chicago; if i doubted about barack husseins’s “hold” on chicago, it is validated by tonight’s event.
    chicago showed up for hill and let her know, we are going to be there for her.

  92. Kentucky….. Ke(a)y henderson is the journalist from Radio Iowa. She was expaining how Obama had assembled Clinton team of Foreign advisers …. when Matthews cut her off. I agree with mp. I am one of the people that compared him with Imus. Unlike Imus Matthews is a part of the establishment.

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