Hillary Clinton This Morning

Update II: While others abandon 15 million Americans to the land of the uninsured, The Hillary I Know:

Update: A great new website this morning: The Hillary I Know. The new website provides the opportunity to “Hear about Hillary from those who know her best. The new website has video testimonials from people who know Hillary best. It is an excellent supplement to Hillary’s appearances on this morning’s talk shows.

USAToday has the “Hillary I Know” story:

One of Clinton’s constituents, Shannon Mallozzi of East Northport, N.Y., was on her way there Sunday as part of the new campaign. Mallozzi has a 6-year-old daughter with an incurable brain disease called hydrocephalus. As she waited to catch a plane to Des Moines for two days of campaigning, she said she spent a half-hour with Clinton several years ago to describe the disease and ask how to encourage federal research.

“She made me feel like it was just two mothers” talking in her car, Mallozzi said, then worked with her to get action on the disease and checked up on her daughter’s health. Mallozzi said she once viewed Clinton as aloof and remote, but “she’s anything but that.”

Check out The Hillary I Know website HERE.


This morning Hillary Clinton appears on the early morning talk shows – ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s Today Show, CBS’ Early Show, Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends, MSNBC’s Morning Joe and CNN’s American Morning.


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  1. Mika Brezinsky on Morning Joe is one dumb bunny. Talking about experience Mika said Abraham Lincoln didn’t have experience. Mika needs a history lesson.

  2. Carried over:

    Held my breath and watched NBC with David Gregory (Hi David) and Morning Joke (Hi Joe) interviews. She was great on both. David tried real hard for a negative sound byte but he was the only angry one there since he failed to get it. Mika and Joe were joking with her, although Mika tried real hard to get her to talk about Billy Shaheen and BHO’s cocaine use.

    I must have been too late for ABC although I kept switching channels. Had to pass on Faux News and CNN as it looked like in the advance bits that they were both looking for gotcha sound bytes, too.

  3. Mark Halperin writes:

    Clinton tries to extend Big Mo/turn-the-page storyline with Monday TV appearances on all six morning shows from Des Moines’ fabled Drake Diner.

    Stayed on message — batted away all questions about Obama’s experience or the statements of her husband and Billy Shaheen. . . . touted Des Moines Register endorsement.

  4. Ben (Hi Ben) also mentions that the press is getting tired of the current storyline and wants a new one. Guess that means they’ve put the candidates’ names in the old Bingo spin box and are looking for a winning number to tumble out.

  5. Missed CBS. I think all of them were either/or. I missed NBC and CBS. I hope someone can put up the videos. CNN interview was again excellent.

    BM, did you see NBC? any reviews?

  6. glad, I mentioned that I watched NBC with David Gregory (Hi David) who was really pissy because he couldn’t drag Hillary off message.

    Her best line, and I’m paraphrasing here, was something like “the media doesn’t get to decide, the voters do.”

  7. She had hit her stride, had already heard been cued for the tune they all wanted her to sing, and came back with substantive answers. Absolutely terrific interview. If she keeps that up, she might even convert the Faux Folks.

  8. based on what I saw, fox news, cnn, morning joe were good. ABC was BAD. by what you say, NBC was good too. so I think CBS is the only one we need to figure out how it went. ABC was the cruelest, much much worse to fox.

  9. She was best at turning the questions at Fox back on them (must be dumber than rocks to let that happen), particularly when they wanted her to comment on whether she’d be called the Comeback Kid, since “somebody in her house already had that name”, and she said that she’d leave that stuff up to them since they were so good at making [names] it up. She was also great on the question, which had been asked earlier elsewhere, on how does she do this and answered that that was something they were more familiar with. Also, about why SHE does this and talking about the woman with the hat who has cancer and whose friend painted Hillary’s campaign logo on her bald head and whose TWO children are autistic (from a professional’s standpoint, the link between the cancer and the autistic children is interesting).

  10. The ABC interviewer was Chris Cuomo, son of former governor Mario Cuomo.

    It’s always our Democratic “friends” we have to watch out for. The opposition like Fox we are prepared to tackle and most people understand the bias. But our “friends” love “friendly fire”.

  11. Ah, yes, Fox asked her about the Obama surge and she replied that she doesn’t bother with those things day to day, since, like life, things change. She just keeps focused on what she is doing, plans to win the nomination and delegates, and win the presidency, then do all the things, particularly in health care, that people have told her that they need.

  12. I am pleased with Hillary’s performance on CNN: she appeared confident; she was personable; she dismissed the polling data they cited; she neutralized Joe Lieberman’s endorsement of McCain; she provided substantive answers to questions about the economy; she explained how the manner whereby she will enact change is the only one that is viable; and she elicited laughter from the news anchor.

  13. Labor leaders from four of the nation’s largest trade unions were joined by former Vice President Walter Mondale and former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack for a full day of campaigning in Iowa on behalf of Democratic presidential candidate New York Senator Hillary Clinton.

    Union members turned out in force for rallies on December 15 in Council Bluffs and Cedar Rapids where International Association of Machinists and
    Aerospace Workers (IAM) President Tom Buffenbarger delivered a speech urging members to consider a candidate’s seniority among their qualifications to be president.


    Following the rallies in Cedar Rapids and Council Bluffs, the unions provided caucus training to ensure members take part and understand Iowa’s unique caucus system.

    The IAM is among the nation’s largest and most politically active labor unions, representing nearly 720,000 members in manufacturing, transportation, shipbuilding and defense related industries.

    prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT [space] =104&STORY=/www/story/12-17-2007/0004723781&EDATE=

  14. Those MSNBC idiots are equating Bill Clintons expreince when he was running for president to Obama’s. Bill Clinton was Governor for 11 years, Chair person of Governors association and before becoming governor was the Attorney general of Arkansas and Obama a state Senator and US senator for one year before he started running.

  15. First laugh of the day, from Atrios:

    Obama: The system sucks, but I’m so awesome that it’ll melt away before me.

    Edwards: The system sucks, and we’re gonna have to fight like hell to destroy it.

    Clinton: The system sucks, and I know how to work within it more than anyone.

  16. thats what ABC did too.. but the worst thing is, they just played one line from charlie rose interview, and then played 2 miutes of Obama rebuttal, and they did that before interviewing Hillary. thats what pissed me.

    On top of it, I think Hillary was not prepared to answer the question of Bill’s comments. If it was bill, he would have thrown the question out of the park.

  17. Merry .. It does not exactly surprise me but it is frustrating. How do you fight the media? Do you think their constant negative talk would have influence? How many people know that Mika’s father and brother work for Obam’s campaign? How many people know that Joe Scarborough pushes Obama because he is the weakest candidate against republicans?

  18. Updated with The Hillary I Know. Maybe some sections will be youtubed soon. Some of the people giving Hillary testimonials are quoted on yesterday’s post such as Barbara Marzelli.

  19. clintondem99,

    Keep in mind that most people are not watching the Morning Jokes (hi Joe, Mika) and most will not have seen these interviews although you can be sure that sound bytes will be repeated on the evening news. But, really, what negative sound bytes did they get from Hillary that could be useful in any way? IMHO, zero.

    Without a “horse race”, the media has nothing to report. They are obsessed to have controversy. So, where there is none, they try to create it with their gotcha questions and innuendo.

    Not everyone is listening to it.

    As for the blogosphere, except for we political junkies, how many people are following any of this closely? Not many.

    Here in N.H., folks don’t bother with the Boston Globe (it’s for Massholes and Massholes who live in Salem and Nashua to escape paying income tax) and there’s no N.H. section anymore. The Manchester Union Leader is well-know for its slant. My father-in-law used to turn to the obit page every morning to make sure his name wasn’t there. He was a typical New Englander, retired from working on the grounds at UNH, and people like him did not pay any attention to politics. He voted but straight Rips; typical straight party line.

    The media has a reputation not unlike shady used car and door-to-door insurance salesmen (hi BHO) and lawyers (hi John).

    Hillary was correct. She’ll let the voters decide, not the media, as to whom they’ll vote for.

  20. You know what I think is the most unreported story of the campaign season, is that kyl lieberman vote. Obama clearly lied. He decided to campaign rather than cast a vote. The resolution was so unimportant to him that he did not participate in the debate and did not make a statement before hand. And, then he made an issue of it, but it’s based on a lie. It’s interesting.

  21. mj, obama gave random reason. cnn did an investigative story on that. they exposed the lie. obama’s campaign said they were wrong. and the story disappeared. media decided to leave it alone.

    Obama supporters have a new trick now. they are trying to goad you into making inciteful race related comments. and then they will label you derogatorily. Infact, many Obama supporters are calling Krugman racist now. idiots. what they dont realize is that generation marched with MLK. plain stupids.

  22. Lopezdash wrote about this previously, now Ben Smith at Politico covers it – and the answer is NO, Hillary would not have gotten away so lightly:


    So the fact that an Obama volunteer asked a question at an event yesterday struck me yesterday evening as non-news. The 18-year old didn’t seem to have coordinated it with the campaign, which immediately disavowed the practice.

    “I don’t think it is normal,” David Axelrod told my colleague Carrie Budoff. “With all the sensitivity there has been in this campaign, it may not be our first choice. The kid raised his hand and Obama didn’t know. Nobody knew he was going to do that.”

    Only ABC News seems to have written it up, and (questioning my own news judgment here) I wonder if Hillary would have gotten away so lightly.
    From ABC News:

    ABC News’ Sunlen Miller Reports: Senator Barack Obama, D-Ill., received a very friendly question from a campaign volunteer at an official event — a practice the campaign admits is not the norm.

    Eighteen-year-old student Jim Mohler was called on by Obama during the question and answer section of a town hall in Estherville, Iowa, and asked, “Right now, as I understand it, the tax limit is $97,000 which means like the most anyone can pay on taxes is what they would pay on $97,000, but yet we have people like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates that are making billions upon billions of dollars and are still paying taxes on $97,000 is anyway we can make them pay taxes on what they’re making?”

    Obama thoroughly answered Mohler, then commented, “Good question,” before moving on to another.

    The question was very similar to an anecdote which Obama regularly recites on the campaign trail.

    At a town hall in Independence, Iowa, on Sunday, just one day prior to Mohler’s question, Obama told the crowd, “Everyone who make $97,000 a year or less, you are paying payroll tax on 100% of your income, now my friend, Warren Buffet, he made $46 million last year, he had an off year,” before elaborating on how he intends to lift the cap on Social Security.

    After the event, when questioned, Mohler said he was part of the press, covering Obama for his student newspaper for the Esterville High School as well as Estherville Daily News, on special assignment.

    Mohler had asked the question from the press pit in the back of the room, and an Obama campaign press pass hung on his neck. But Mohler also donned an Obama sticker on the lapel of his jacket.

    After pressing, Mohler said he was actually an Obama supporter and volunteer, and had volunteered that night for the campaign.

  23. Politico’s take on today’s morning show appearances:


    I caught her on ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN this morning, and the interviews were strikingly different from the largely on-message performances of her last TV blitz.

    Maybe they all read Pat Healy’s story this morning. In any case, she questions on each show about whether Bill is a liability — basically proving that, at moments like this, he’s become one.

    On ABC’s Good Morning America, she compared her husband to any other political spouse.

    “Your spouse needs to stand up for you, needs to speak for you just like the wives of everybody else running,” she said.

    She also dismissed the comparison between Bill Clinton in 1992 and Obama.

    “By the time he ran he was America’s most senior-serving governor,” she said on ABC.

    CBS’s Harry Smith asked her whether Bill was an “attack dog.”

    I don’t think that’s a fair reading or statement,”she said. ‘I’m trilled to have his suppor…. It’a little bit of a roll reversal, but it’s exciting. He throws himself in to everything he does.”

    And on NBC, she dismissed the shakeup rumors.

    “There is no basis to it. I know in a campaign people have lots of advice and opinions, but it’s my campaign just like it will be my presidency,” she said.

    She did also get to talk about happier topics, notably the Register endorsement.

    “I felt like it was a great validation of my campaign and my candidacy,” she said on CBS.

    She also defended the 1990s against the Boston Globe’s criticism that she is “needlessly defensive” and casts a “backward glance.”

    “I really don’t really know what they’re talking about,” she told CNN. “The battles of the 1990s produced the best economy in decades.”

  24. Whats the difference between a volunteer asking a softball question and a volunteer giving a question to someone who doesn’t know what to ask ?

    They pilloried her for the “plant” story. But BO will go scotfree. Imagine, just imagine the uproar if a Clinton campaign volunteer had done this !

  25. Excellent reads. Thank you admin. There is no use pushing this plant story. I think Hillary needs positive press now in these final three weeks. So I guess this news would just throw her off message and she might have to address the issue unnecessarily. well, but media is searching for news. so maybe they might have a story but I am not sure if that would help us. I think I am going to blog about the new website of Hillary today. the http://www.thehillaryiknow.com website. maybe you can mention it too in your writeup if possible. It really gives ahuman perspective. a very positive one indeed.

  26. I agree. Only Hillary is not allowed to ask someone to ask her about certain subjets. For everyone else that’s fine. No one in the media has any desire to be fair to Hillary. It’s honestly heartbreaking to me. But, let’s focus on the positive.

  27. The boston globe took shots at hill in their endorsement of Obama? What losers. Hillary just needs to keep on keeping on.

  28. It kills me when anyone compares BO to JFK. JFK had none of the hypocricy that BO has. Just because you are young and can talk well does not make you JFK.

    JFK had spent 14 years in the US Congress (6 in the HR and 8 as Senator) when he became President.
    Big difference when compared to 11 years as a part-time State Senator in IL .

    By BO standards, JFK would have been a “Washington insider”, unfit to be President.

  29. I heard she did great on Morning Joe. You know, he actually respects her. She should do a call into him or something more often.

  30. BHO didn’t even need the part-time job as a statehouse hack to be ready. He was ready to be President after four years of elemenatary school in Indonesia. He’s the Chosen One. I heard Oprah say so on TV!

  31. He only spent eight years as a part-time statehouse hack because he got clobbered in the 2000 Democratic Primary for an Illinois seat for the US Congress. The guy has never stuck around in a job.

    Hell, if he gets elected President, he’ll probably start campaigning for Pope within a month after being inaugurated.

  32. Just got back from the grocery store — a hefty, freezing cold windy 20 degrees out — and a couple in their 70s parked next to me put down their truck window to let me know that they liked my Hillary button and the stickers on my car. I thanked them and asked them if they’d like a sticker; they said “no”, they already had one.

    Two more N.H. “yes” votes.

  33. morning joe i think is a pretty good show. i hardly ever watch because getting ready for work, i wish it was on the radio too, but its nice to have a morning political show that isn’t imus (i know some people like him but.. not me)

  34. Admin,

    I appreciate very much these sites you guys set up. It helps to sate my hunger to know about what is happening in the campaign.

    It’s good to know our candidate is very active in her fight for the nomination. It’s good to see more of how she is handling an unfriendly news media.

    The hillary I know site is fantastic, but I can only wonder how many voters in Iowa and N.H. even know it exists. Someone on here will probably tell us what they learn sooner or later.

    I thank all of you for the great job you are doing!!!

  35. Up by 13 at ras. 82%-66% approval among dems. Cool!

    Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
    Monday, December 17, 2007

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows Hillary Clinton reaching the 40% level of support nationwide for the second consecutive day… and just the second time in December.

    In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, it’s Clinton 40%, Barack Obama 27% and John Edwards 13%. Bill Richardson and Joe Biden are each supported by 3% of Likely Democratic Primary Voters. (see recent daily numbers).

    Tracking Poll results are obtained through nightly telephone interviews and reported on a four-day rolling average basis. Next update scheduled for Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. Eastern.

    The Democratic race is too close to call in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. Rasmussen Reports will be polling in each of these states over the next couple of days. A Rasmussen Reports analysis notes that Iowa is now looming large for Clinton.

    Clinton is viewed favorably by 82% of Democratic voters, Edwards by 72%, and Obama by 66%.

    Among all voters nationwide, Obama is viewed favorably by 48%, Clinton and Edwards by 47%. See other key stats and general election match-ups for all Democratic candidates.”

    The tide HAS turned…


  36. From Politico (Mike Allen):

    “The press corps, which had dinner in Des Moines with Clinton Campaign Manager Patti Solis Doyle and other HRC honchos, is abuzz.”

    Oh, no. It sound like the Clinton campaign couldn’t find scented geraniums for the fingerbowls in frozen Iowa and the Georgetown Social Club (Hi, Ben, Sally, and Mrs. Timmie!) is mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!

  37. about bill, well, she was one of the most powerful forces in his campaigns. i’m pretty annoyed that there’s no hope of correcting the record on his “opposed iraq” comment, because media never changes a story line. but if you hear the audiotape, he is not saying what they say he said. the words are right but he was saying “from the beginning i resent that i didn’t have the opportunity [as a wealthy person still getting tax cuts] to support those soldiers.” before that was “i supported afghanistan and opposed iraq” as a very general statement. oh well what’s done is done. shrum, though, he’s one to talk, is he the one who thought it was a good idea to bring up all the issues surrounding vietnam last time?

    i see ben (hi ben!) believes being asked about bill is a liability.. is it? maybe it isn’t? people like bill. he’s a liability if you are media and handing out merit badges for never having a different topic get brought up in an interview but is he a liability if you are a democratic voter and thinking, bill was a really great president and his views should be taken seriously.

  38. We’ve had 6 months of the dismissal of experience by Obama and his fans.

    It took Bill Clinton one interview to refute the “experience got us into trouble” nonsense. His analogy with medical malpractice is perfect! We should repeat that everywhere. Hopefully, he will keep it up until the media is forced to repeat it.

  39. The press and the bloggers need to get on board (Hi, Ben!) because from what I’m hearing, their blatant and over the top negative coverage of Hillary is CAUSING some people to look at her more closely with a favorable eye.

    People with a podium always get on this ego trip and forget that a) the public is not as stupid as they think and b) the American people have a deeply ingrained sense of basic decency and fairness. If they keep kicking her, the public starts trusting HER more and THEM less.

    She and Bill did not throw you guys a big enough party or engage in enough ass-sucking to suit you 15 years ago? And now she is not sucking up to the bloggers in 2007? Get over it. Really, just get over your inflated selves. This is about our country, not your egos.

  40. I feel as if I’ve been saved in a certain way. After getting behind Clinton full force these past couple of weeks, I’ve been discouraged and saddened at the tarnishing of her image. Through this website, Taylor Marsh, and others…starting with a great man named “William”….I have been able to see Hillary for who she really is as opposed to who she’s represented as being. I know she’s amazing, wonderful, full of light and love and above all the best and only choice to be our next President. I feel as if I’ve rediscovered her and I want to know, what can I do to spread this out there? I want people to know who Hillary really is…but how can we take on the MSM? Is there anything I can do?

  41. freckles, you wouldn’t believe what I read in a comment by a BO supporter on Larry Johnson’s noquarter blog –

    With re: to that medical malpractice analogy that Bill used, apparently he insulted Obama by “calling him” a chef and a plumber.

    Those guys are beyond “hope”, I tell ya …

  42. President Clinton is definitely a LIABILITY!!! He keeps doing and saying things that help our candidate. What he does and says only offends the MSM. He is a liability to them. They would like to silence him. It won’t work!

  43. Joe Scarborough is interesting. I have never yet seen him be anything but nice to a woman on his show. He can trash talk sometimes in theory, and his ideology sucks, but he is almost always fair and polite face-to-face with a female.

    Unlike Tweety, I don’t think he has big woman issues. I think maybe Joe had a mama who “raised him right.”

  44. Bill is adored all over this country. Don’t let the media talk her into shoving Bill away – that’s what they wish would happen. He scares them. The Big Dawg is not a liability, he is one of the biggest pluses she has.

  45. Yes, exact, an asset to our candidate. He did a superb job on the Charlie Rose show. I was so glad he did that interview. Obama wants to be able to dish out the most vicious remarks and criticisms but he can’t take the mere suggestion that he might be ready. This is the way of somebody who simply is not mature enough for the job. He should shake these things off and keep going and not personalize them. But his is a campaign that is ego driven.

    I am pleased that Hillary is running such a superb campaign in Iowa. There will always be blips and hiccups in any campaign. You have to have dips occasionally to be able to regain momentum, believe it or not. Hillary understands about the normal ebb and tide of vote support and campaign momentum. She’s been involved in so many elections before, so none of this is new to her. She and Bill both are seasoned politicians. She will make mistakes at times, everybody will, but she has got a strong enough team, and she is strong and wise enough herself, that she’ll get back on course. She’ll come back quickly and stronger than ever.

    We are always pleased to welcome and support true Hillfans on this site.

  46. Oh, and by the way, Bill CLinton is now an elder statesman who is busy doing good for the world and he has been since he left office. Take a look at the Clinton Foundation website to see the things that he’s been busy doing making a difference in the lives of other people.

  47. Bill made the best and most stinging case for Hillary and against Obama, and it was not personal attack but a question of his experience on national stage and in handling tough issues. Obama basically has less than two years of experience as a senator on national stage before he started running for president. When was the last time Americans voted for a president who is so short on experience? If he did not ask it now, republicans will bring it up in the general and it is basically a killer argument.

    The media needs to step back a little from their investment in Obama and see what will come at him in the general if he is the nominee. Moreover, he has never been under the media pressure cooker environment to see how he will perform as a president. A simple question like what was the toughest political decision he made in his career would suffice to know that he has not taken many hard decisions in his political life. That is a risk people will get into if they vote Obama because that is an unknown.

  48. Patrick Healy writes today:

    The reporters covering Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign are now on the bus heading to her first event – in a barn in Johnston, Iowa – and some of the early-morning media chatter is about Mrs. Clinton’s response to a question about her electability on Sunday night:

    “I’m running against three other senators and one former senator — none of them have more than one other senator supporting them, and some have none,’’ she said. “I have nine, from states as diverse as California and Hawaii. Why? Why would experienced and knowledgeable Democrats support me if they thought that was true? They are not on a suicide mission. They want to win, and so do I.”

    “Not on a suicide mission” – not a phrase I’ve heard from Mrs. Clinton before.

    thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/12/17/ [space] on-the-road-clinton-backers-not-on-a-suicide-mission/#more-3348

    BHO has one senatorial endorsement, Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and 29 (it could be 30 now) House endorsements.

    Hillary does have 9 senatorial endorsements and 67 House endorsements.

    Biden has only 1 senatorial Thomas Carper (D-Del.)

    Dodd has 9 House endorsements

    Edwards has 16 House endorsements

  49. Obama supporters are mad at Bill because that was the most effective argument for not voting Obama in the primary. If people step back and think what Bill said (about running for president after less than two years in senate) , they will move away from Obama and people know it.

    He also knocked out of the ball park Obama’s mock at people of experience by asking if people want plumbers to do surgery on them because a couple of experienced doctors were charged with malpractice. Those were very effective arguments and his supporters are mad about raising it. Look for republicans to hammer him with it, if he is the nominee.

  50. Parsing again. She wasn’t suggesting others were on a suicide mission. She’s just saying, I’m still here and still planning on winning. Ah, well, that guy loathes her. I guess the lame, boring pathetic press, ust can’t stop bashing Hil. Well people are going to get sick of it if they have not already.

  51. Hillary was hitting back at the crap constantly thrown that nominating her would be political suicide becasue of her negatives. I’ve heard that a billion times.

    I’m glad she is hitting back! Go Hillary!

  52. Its not even parsing – if anyone finds anything wrong with that phrasing, its because they dont understand English.

    So the media has never used the phrase “political suicide” ? Hello ????!!

    Whats she’s saying is that her congressional supporters dont think it is political suicide to support her so doesnt that tell you all something ?

    But the some folks in the media have a hard time understanding the obvious. Hell, thats why they have the jobs they have .

  53. mj:

    She was addressing her electability and said that those guys who endorsed her are not on a suicide mission to endorse her if they thought she would not win. As usual, the spin from Patrick Healy continues…. I don’t what passes for journalism these days. I am not a journalist but is this what they teach in journalism school these days? Yikes!!!

  54. It is one thing for NYTimes to just go ahead and endorse their candidate, Obama, but it is whole another thing for them to use their journalists to take cheap shots at Hillary by twisting and tweaking her words. Many republicans don’t trust the media. After these episodes, there will be many democrats who will join that group. In the short run they may damage Hillary, but in the long run they are harming the credibility of their own profession.

  55. Focus on the positve people. Hillary has sk high favorable ratings among her Party according to tha Ras poll someone posted.

  56. well i agree with hillary that you have to do the best you can, i figure ok a line gets blown out of proportion on the internets but what matters is all those people in that small iowa town who heard everything she said. i bet the media get a flood of abuse from other candidates supporters whenever they write about them because the political blog readers are a lot more for obama/edwards than the general public.. i bet reporters never want to write about that wacko ron paul because he has so many internet geeks on his side. 🙂 obama has said some real wacky stuff sometimes and it just goes on by

    HillaryforTexas i agree about scarborough he is not rude to women or talks over them (or to guys for that matter) unlike some of those other msnbc hosts.

  57. eriposte has another nice piece up at http://www.theleftcoaster.com – “Will Sen. Edwards Create a Website Against Sen. Obama’s ‘Politics of Planting’?” haha. the whole ‘plant’ issue was silly to begin with but still. i don’t know if anyone here got a change to see the edwards “plantsforhillary.com” site, i’m sure it took them a long time to design and build, and then they had it up for less than a day and took it down super fast because it was just that dumb 🙂

  58. I just watched the video. She did good on that MSNBC interview and the hosts were fair to her. A couple of tough questions, but that is expected.

  59. Here’s Hillary’s interview on Fox this morning:

    I was going to link to ABC’s David Gregory and his hatchet job on Hillary this morning, but I decided to pay tribute to ABC’s Gregory and Karl Rove bustin’ racist rap moves with this video instead:

  60. When MSNBC advances the specious argument that candidate Obama’s experience (or lack thereof) is comparable to the experience of candidate Bill Clinton, they undermine what little is left of their credibility.

    First, the proposition is absurd on its face. It is counterintuitive to suggest that the experience of being a parttime legislator, and freshman Senator, is somehow comparable to being Attorney General, Governor and President of the Board of Governors, in terms of responsibility, gravitas and other factors relevant to the job of President.

    Second, it diminishes the importance of job related experience. Past experience however is the best predictor of future performance. Hillary’s biography is a litany of accomplishments that helped people, whereas Obama’s biography is pure hubris and all about him.

  61. The St. Louis Dispatch has a really good article on BHO’s Chicago-Iowa campaign.

    stltoday.com/stltoday/news/stories.nsf/politics/ [space] story/32CD42C71FB3906E862573B4001201DB?OpenDocument

  62. Can anyone answer this question for me? What kind of person becomes a professional Hillary hater? What inside someone makes him/her just despise someone they don’t know? On the blogs, I realize that this is part of mob mentality, posters want to outdo each other.

    This kind of hate I can only liken to those who commit hate crimes, people who are just evil for the sake of being evil.

    Nevertheless, why would someone, anyone, stoop so low to speak or act like this? It befuddles me.

  63. Daily Kos is positively exploding with rage over the mention of Obama’s middle name. The Obambi are saying that the mention of his middle name is racist. Oh good golly. Won’t the GE be fun if the junior senator from Illinois somehow eeks out a nomination. (Iowa, spare us. Please, spare us.)

    (Incidentally, my middle name is Glenn, and anyone who wants to say it is welcome to.)

  64. I just saw the MSNBC and Fox videos. She was great in both. Somebody ought to tell Mika that Lincoln was already a well known lawyer and in his days a lawyer had to go from county to county looking/helping clients and that was similar to campaigning — given his legal expertise, vision, and a heads up in campaigning he was ahead of many others(I got this info listening to Dianne Rehm recently, couple of weeks ago — author who had written about Lincoln was her guest).

    Echoing another person’s comment on this site, I wish Hillary tones down her laughter a bit. She is a serious person talking about serious challenges we face. Her prolonged laughter in interviews can sometimes be an irritant. I think she does that to soften the blow, especially when they bring up outside criticism, to say “here they go again,” but a short laugh or a knowing smile is enough.

  65. His Iowa campaign is in collapse mode right now. Their local office leaves early every night. They can’t stomach the DMR endorsement, Leonard Boswell, and the Whouley thing all at once. O, btw, Loebsack will endorse obama, I am about 95% sure. He is in a district leaning towards obama because of where I live in IC where so many people are from chicago, and his advisors, as I said, talked glowingly about obama at an event here on campus last week.

  66. Sharpton and Bill Clinton, Together in S.C.
    By Patrick Healy

    JOHNSTON, Iowa – Here’s what’s not happening in Iowa today:
    The Rev. Al Sharpton has issued a news release saying that he and former President Bill Clinton will appear together later Monday afternoon to discuss hate crimes and civil rights in Columbia, S.C.
    This event is not on Mr. Clinton’s campaign schedule, but the former president is in South Carolina for two events on behalf of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign. The state holds one of the earliest primaries in January, and black voters are a major force in its Democratic electorate.
    Mr. Sharpton has yet to endorse a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, and both Mrs. Clinton and Senator Barack Obama have been courting him.

  67. My two cents about her laugh…

    I see no problem with her laugh or when she laughs. She laughs at lighthearted/non-serious moments (it’s not like she’s laughing while talking about the problems America has). Also, she was on morning chat shows – i.e. not exactly heavy hitting interviews.

  68. The Great Things ad is my favorite so far. I love that Hillary is sitting at her desk and quotes from the Des Moines endorsement is flying around.

    The color choice is perfect. It has the archival/news reel feel like from the 1930s and 1940s. This is definitely appealing to the old generation.

    Very good ad.

  69. My posted response to the Boston Globe article by Marcella Bombierdara with the entirely misleading title Clinton Says Supporters Not On Suicide Watch, and its reference to witch.

    From the headline, to the point of view, to the quotation, this article is an obvious reflection of the decision by the editorial board to endorse Obama. However, I cringe at the willingness of this writer, herself a woman, to embrace a sexist meme under the pretense of journalism.

  70. Several posts have expressed that they were excited about this forum and that they wondering what they could do. It would be nice if we could periodically put together Internet “to-do” lists.

    Many of you have discussed the comments that you posted. MJ, in particular, makes fantastic points and always takes the high-road.

    Everyone, what are some things that we each thing should be done?

    Here is a brief start list:

    Post comments to articles and posts, and blog (if you do):

    1.) Refute BHO’s experience. Don’t let them get away with saying that WJC 92′ = BHO 08′. WJC was about the same age, but vastly more experienced. He offered “the right kind of change.”

    2.) Talk up Hillary’s experience. If you need specific talking points, educate yourself. A good place to start is by reading the series of posts on HuffPo by Hillary’s allies such as RFK Jr., Joe Wilson, Madeline Albright and others.

    3.) Talk up Hillary’s electability and explain her negatives. Ezra Klein has a great pot on this today with many fine talking points: tinyurl.com/2v4t74

    4.) Refute the meme that Hillary has been the one to go negative. The attackline Website is a great source.

    And, remember 3 things:

    1.) Never give the competition and inch.

    2.) BHO/ JRE supporters are “empty suits” just like their frontment. They don’t produce reasoned arguments. We always should. (Note: this also is good practice for face-to-face personal selling of the candidate).

    3.) The earlier your post is on a site, the more weight it will have psychologically. People often read the first post, but not the ones after it. Also, if you are not first, find a creative way to get attention. Use things like “C’mon” or PuuulEEEEAAASSSEee!

  71. “Many of the same commentators crowing about Obama’s ascent are the same ones who told us Hillary Clinton was the “inevitable” democratic nominee. Now it seems she was only inevitable until she wasn’t.”


  72. I just got done visiting the TheHillaryIKnow site, and I loved the videos that I watched of various people’s experience with HRC throughout her/their life. I hope the campaign can get these good videos out to the people of Iowa/N.H.

  73. to reed061, a quick clarification — I did not mean to suggest she was laughing while talking about the serious stuff. Sometimes the prolonged hearty laughter is a distraction and fodder for people who like to take the attention away from the important things she is saying (which they have done making fun of her laughter). Anyway, no need to prolong this.

  74. DCDemocrat: Huckabee is supposed to be the “Nice” Republican. Yet, look at what Huckabee said about Romney and Mormonism – the bit about Mormons believing Jesus and Satan are brothers.

    Imagine what the not-so-nice ripublicans will do with middle names that Democrats are too shy to mention, let alone other aspects of religion and drug use and not to mention names with a “Z” in the middle of “R” “E” “K” and “O”.

    As Politico noted, Romney does not even drink coffee so imagine what Romney would do with the drug issue.

    This is all very much like the Kerry people pretending it did not matter, not preparing, and ignoring Kerry’s anti-Vietnam war activities and how Ripublicans would use that information. The Swift-boaters knew just what to do while Kerry was boasting about “bring it on”. When the swiftboaters “bought it on” Kerry’s campaign melted.

    While Big Blogs are sensitive about middle names, the questions remain.

  75. hawk, that is great news. I’ve been sayig for ages that BO’s supporters cannot take a lot of hits, because many (not all) of them are more fans than anything else. It’s soft support, jumping on the fangirl/fanboy bandwagon for the latest fad. It does not take a lot to freak them out or discourage them.

    Hillary’s suppport, on the other hand, is rock solid, reasoned, resilient as hell, and in it til we win.

  76. is there a video of today’s event with hillary and her friend in iowa? the page just has a pic noting even the oppos in the room were teary eyed it was so moving. as we know-hillary has decided to not attak obama or edwards just work on showing folks her humanity and her policies. obama is attacking jre in an ad! and again attacked him today at a stump. this cold realy help hillary

  77. Hi all. I just saw that Magic Johnson is going to be traveling with the campaign. How awesome is that? I love it!!

  78. Hillary’s most wicked enemies (besides those in the media) are the so-called “progressive” blogs.
    TPM linked to an item on this mornings ABC appearance with the headline “Hillary goes on Damage Control blitz” .

    Isn’t this all just so ridiculously biased. All these so-called intellectual bloggers are showing their true colors – its amazing how small-minded and intellectually dishonest these guys really are. Funny how they call her scheming and calculating. They see those things in themselves so its not hard for them to project those qualities on to others.

    I hope Peter Daou gives a big FU to that Kos’s ego driven and stupid annual convention next year.

  79. “Peter Daou, Clinton’s internet director, has a diary up on DailyKos where you can give him your feedback” on the The Hillary I Know website.


    I know, but just hold your nose, post a comment or rec, and get the heck outta there.

  80. To Kentucky_mkt, thanks for the link at
    Steve Clemons’ makes my point (in the comment below) with corroborating evidence.

    Earlier in the day I was disheartened to see Fareed Zakaria supporting Obama’s view of foreign relations (at http://www.newsweek.com/id/78157/page/2, if anybody is interested) and posted the following comment there:
    Posted By: paddu317 @ 12/17/2007 11:52:33 AM
    Comment: The missing part is the equivalent of a Ph.D. in international affairs in Barack Obama. I think Bill Clinton articulated this point well on Charlie Rose when he said (paraphrasing) that a lot of people have the best of intentions but to translate them to working programs is where they flounder. It is how long you have been in the game and who you know and who you can bring in to execute your vision. Obama has not been in the game long enough. He does not inspire enough confidence that he is ready to do the hard work needed — he is basking in the glory of his own words right now and it can be intoxicating. So identity alone will not cut it.

  81. true2party, Magic Johnson should have a powerful effect.

    And texan4hillary, the testimonials from people who know Hillary are powerful. These surrogates along with Magic and James Witt will provide Iowans with a full picture of Hillary.

    The great Des Moines Register ad will be a good introduction for the rollout of the testimonial ads – which will probably air Christmas week.

    These video testimonials will make great Christmas time viewing.

  82. re: Magic Johnson. I do not know about you all, but I really like Magic. My respect for him is huge. Basketball is one of my favorite sports, and it just so happens that HIV/AIDS is a cause that I think needs more attention. It has personally affected my life. So, cudos to the campaign for Magic. One question though: how is he supposed to fit in that helicopter? He’s too big!

  83. B. Merryfield:

    Hillary was great, and David Gregory proved to be a major male sexual organ. I would like him to do an interview like this Barack Obama. This interview was a net positive for Hillary. She was poised, polite, graceful.

  84. gregory was tough but she wrapped up the interview very very well, saying a leader stays on course and isn’t distracted. 🙂

  85. Gregory is an asshat. She didn’t refuse to answer the question. She rejected the question, and his insistence in trying to make her say something negative about Obama being a “risk to the country”. David tried to push her to go negative. Heck, he tried to SHOVE her to go negative. She refused.

    He came off like a jerk, she came off like an adult. Period.

  86. At the beginning of the autumn dash to the primaries, a new Times/Bloomberg Poll of 3,211 Democrats and Republicans in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina shows that Hillary Clinton maintains a strong lead in all three states (28%, 35% and 45%, respectively). John Edwards is a relatively close second in Iowa (23%) with Obama at 19%, tied for second at 16% with Barack Obama in New Hampshire and trailing Obama badly (27% to 7%) in South Carolina.


  87. Gregory was Gregory, but Hillary can take him on. I think all her responses were right on the mark — she insisted without saying it aloud that she need not defend/repeat someone else’s words and fair minded people will agree that that is perfectly legitimate.

  88. mj, would it be possible for you to post raw numbers. I got confused with polls



    Hillary : 28 (?)
    Obama : 19 (?)
    Edwards : 23 (?)


    Hillary : 35 (?)
    Obama : 19? (?)

    and so on. I think I am interpreting them wrong, or am I right?

  89. hey hillfans, those gallup polls still look SWEET!! anyway i missed the hillary morning interviews. she did great of what im hearing.

  90. well heres one recent one.

    Obama, Clinton Tied in Iowa

    A new Diageo/Hotline poll of likely Iowa caucus-goers shows Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama deadlocked at 27% support, followed by John Edwards at 22%.

  91. hillfans the national numbers have always looked great. i hope it translates to wins in iowa,nh, and south carolina. i wanna put this thing on ice quick.

  92. The good news out of USA/Gallop poll:

    Pollster Dates N/Pop Biden Clinton Edwards Gore Obama Richardson
    USA Today/Gallup 12/14-16/07 513 LV 3 45 15 – 27 2

    11/30-12/2/07 494 A 4 39 15 – 24 4

    Looks like Hillary got 6% surge where as BHO is up 3%

  93. if kos have a problem with anybody saying obama’s middle name i would suggest he go right up to obama and ask that he CHANGE is middle name. there should be no shame no? my middle name is tirrell, and IM PROUD OF IT. he should be proud of his middle name.

  94. Reporter says Obama’s words will come back to haunt him….and who knew that Iowa had so much power over the Presidency! Check out this story from today via the Los Angeles Times

    Obama, in Iowa, just said something he might regret

    One of the reasons national politicians have a reputation for speaking so circumspectly and carefully, even murkily, is because events can and often do change in unforeseen ways, leaving that uncareful quote sticking out there in adverse ways.

    Yet that didn’t stop Barack Obama this afternoon. There he was alongside the Mississippi River, with Illinois in sight just across the water, at the 80-year-old Lakeside Ballroom in Guttenberg, Iowa, where Guy Lombardo, Lawrence Welk and Herman’s Hermits have performed over the years. Obama was speaking to about 350 onlookers including The Times’ political veteran Mark Z. Barabak. He was wrapping up his remarks and a lengthy Q&A session, urging folks to sign pledge cards to help his campaign and caucus on Jan. 3.

    Suddenly, out come these three declarative sentences:

    “You in Iowa have this extraordinary privilege of choosing who the next president of the United States is going to be. Whoever wins this caucus is likely to win the nomination and is likely to win the presidency. What a powerful, profound decision that is for you to make.”

    Yikes! That’s like guaranteeing a win the night before the big game or predicting your own demise. Put those words under one of those magnets on your refrigerator door and check it again on the morning of Jan. 4. By then, it’ll make the young presidential wannabe look either prescient — or doomed.

    –Andrew Malcolm


  95. I find this narrative, that if Obama wins in Iowa, he gets the nomination to be entirely naive. Obama’s popularity is weak in much of the country. Why on earth would he imagine that we will throw in the towel if we don’t win in Iowa? We simply will keep fighting–all the way to the convention if need be.

  96. i just read a comment from a so called african-american in daily kooks claiming hillary lost his aa vote. i replied “i am also african american and will be voting for hillary. there are millions of others to take your place.” such fools, like they have a monopoly on the aa vote. NOT!!!!!

  97. Terrondt, DCDem, is that really going on over there? Sounds like a lunatic asylum without attendants. Is this all Kerrey related?

    What about George W. Bush – he ran a whole campaign on his middle name.

  98. dcdemocrat, unlike edwards hillary has money and staying power in the huge populated states full of delegates. no way in hell hillary will be knocked out early. hillary is going to win it in one of 2 ways. win iin iowa and nh and it is over. or win the lion’s share feb 5th and beyond. if it is state by state brawl she will win.

  99. Terron, Rush Limbaugh is trying to do this whole racist thing with Bill and Obama. It’s pathetic. And, now these so-called progressives sound just like him.

  100. i parachute into daily kooks in once in while admin. but i had to check and respond to the kook. dc democrat has more a ear to the ground there than i do. the hillary hate is venomous there only topped by huffington post.

  101. yup mj i heard pill poppin, viagra not in his name havin, cube steak idiot on the radio. also listened to hanity stop hillary express. i listen to these rightwingers becuase after hilary wins i will listen to them sobb.

  102. admin: It is hard to believe, but yes, they have completely lost it. Dairy after diary is being written about Kerrey explaining how the use of his middle name is a racist epithet.

    Sweet, sweet God.

  103. Chris Matthews, interviewing Joe Lieberman, just said he voted for George W. Bush “the first time”. Matthews implied that everyone knew this. Is this common knowledge we missed. Of course, we knew of the Matthews hate of Gore, but we never heard Matthews admit he voted for GWB.

  104. terrondt: I completely agree. If it is a state-by-state contest, Hillary wins. The only person who can close the deal in Iowa and New Hampshire is Hillary. My prediction is that everyone else has to fight it tooth and nail to the bitter end.

  105. mj, im as brown skin as obama. i have nothing to prove to those leftist elitist snobs. im a PROUD BLACK MAN SUPPORTING OUR GIRL HILLARY. let them kiss my brown you know what.LOL

  106. admin, mathews just confirmed what i suspected all along he is a gop grunt. he trashed gore in 2000. i remember like it was yesturday. the same way he is going after hillary. i think he may have support kerry. funny he would mention his 2000 vote, not his 2004 one.

  107. LOL! Tweety is trying to slam Bill, and is going so over the top, calling Bill a “card shark”. Bringing up the bimbo factor, the decency factor. “Born without the emotion of shame in the human soul.”

    Tweety, you are a stupid idiot. This is going to backfire on you so badly. Your ratings have now tanked worse than they were to start with.

    Get it through your thick skull, Chris – 60% of America loves Bill. Even more that that if you only count Democrats. Attacking the Big Dog is suicide. Tweety is doing Hillary big favors here, trust me. This “the Clintons are the devil” meme is making him a laughingstock.

  108. DCDemocrat, I would EXPECT Obama to carry the state next door in a landslide! Anything short of that is a show of weakness for him. Are people insane? He should do as well in Iowa as Hill does in New Jersey – but he won’t.

  109. Well, by saying he has muslim family and Hussein middle name. Bob said those are attributes. CNN says it dog whistle, and part of a broader dog whistle campaign. I mean, this is the President of the New School. Who the heck are they trying to fool? The media is increaingly desperate and pathetic.

  110. mj, what is so bad about that. i mean if obama and his supporters feel ashamed about his background and family it is really sad.

  111. Terron, Bob Kerrey, while too moderate on severl issues for my taste, is a progressive to the extreme. He was complimenting Obama. Every decent journalist knows this. I think this is spin coming from Obama’s camp. It’s extremely divisive and disengenious.

  112. Most people on Daily Kos want to keep BHO’s middle name a secret fom the american public……..LOL they sound like a bunch of left wing Archie Bunkers

  113. hillfans, it is safe to say if obama is making this into a nagative maybe he is uncomfortable with his family background and ashamed of it. those are deeper issues if they complain about FACTS of his background. not made up junk.

  114. Kerrey’s remarks were made to a reporter from the Omaha World-Herald. Does anyone know whether the Omaha paper is widely read in western Iowa?

  115. yeah, like it is some deep family secret. they are the ones making it into a negative. why feel ashamed of it.

  116. I hope Hillary participates in the 10Question forum.


    I sent a letter to the campaign through the website asking her to submit her responses to the questions. Huckabee and Edwards have participated thus far, and Obama submitted 1 answer he delivered at a different forum.

  117. Terrondt, at our Hillary house party it was about 1/3 African Americans. Considering that they are less than 5% of the population where I live, that’s good. They were pumped up for Hillary, and did not trust Obama. They also got pissed off at being pressured to support him by some in their community.

    One person had actually worked in Bill’s administration, and said that during his tenure, the JOBS in DC, from the top down to the secretaries, looked more like America really looks than any administration in history. She said they were PUSHED in meetings to hire more minorities in every department, on every level. Always being asked, “Why dont we have more women? Why don’t we have more Hispanics? Why don’t we have more African Americans? Where are the Middle-easterners? ” It is not a question of talking a lot of hot air. It is a question of who DOES things for every community, including the AA community. Who is going to insist on WORKING to make that real, instead of just crowing about it. The Clintons have a track record of doing it, not talking.

  118. I was born in Omaha and have lots of relatives there. It is widely read in western Iowa and eastern Nebraska.

  119. I just watched the Gregory interview of Hillary. As others mentioned, she was great in refusing to be drawn in to bashing Obama. BTW, Bill never said an election of Obama would be rolling the dice. That was what Charlie Rose said in response to Bill. At this point, I’m tired of everyone having to walk on eggshells because what they say will be parsed and misinterpreted by the media. Might as well be honest because they’ll lie about what you said anyway.

  120. Paula: I’ve never cared about the rolling the dice misquote. I like the misattribution. I think Obama is a complete roll of the dice, and I like President Clinton’s authority behind it.

  121. I’m very happy Nader said Obama wasn’t a progressive. Krugman called him the anti-change candidate. This is all good stuff.

  122. hillaryfortexas, months ago i told my hillfans here i feel some pressure or lectured into supporting obama on my job by a few african-americans but not most. the back guitl trip i call it. the aurgument is obama is our best chance to get a brotha in the white house so you have to support him. then i get comments like”oh, you would support a white woman before your race”. that enraged me and i tore into him. needless to say he never brought it up again. i think for myself. i supported at age 14 walter mondale and 18 dukakis over jackson, so i go over experience not hope. hell before this year i said if obama stayed in the senate for the next eight years i would consider him. no more.

  123. terrondt, anyone gives you flack, tell them that AA income rose 15% over the Clinton years. Tell them that the poverty rate of black people dropped the most it ever had in more than twenty five years. Child poverty among African Americans was at the lowest rate EVER during the Clinton years, since they started keeping data in the 50’s.

    The Clintons don’t talk, they DO. http://clinton2.nara.gov/WH/Accomplishments/ac199.html

    Sorry to beat a drum, but this crap about trying to paint the best president ever for the AA community as racist just pisses me off.

  124. terrondt, anyone gives you more flack, tell them that AA income rose 15% over the Clinton years. Tell them that the poverty rate of black people dropped the most it ever had in more than twenty five years. Child poverty among African Americans was at the lowest rate EVER, since they started keeping data in the 50’s.

    The Clintons don’t talk, they DO. Which do you want? Smart people take DO.


  125. Great news all around from Hillaryland this weekend. DMR endorsement, rising poll numbers, and (slowly) improving press coverage. If anyone here posts on DKos, please keep it up! Big Media scans that site and the better our presence is felt there and the more Hillary’s message gets heard, the better off she’ll be!

  126. hope does not get christmas gifts under the tree, bills paid, food on the table, and keep me warm at night. if i wanted hope i can get that from my fabulous wife, not some johnny come latley, JFK wannabe, 1 flash in the pan speech in 2004,empty suit, and rezko buddy candiate.

  127. Hillary’s rivals often refer to her as “Hillary Rodham Clinton,” as if to draw attention to the fact that as a modern woman, she still uses her maiden name, in order to imply that she’s ultra-feminist, etc. She’s never been bothered by it. It’s her name and she isn’t self-conscious about it.

    It’s funny how Obama is going through the same process that Hillary’s endured for years, and his campaign overreacts to every little thing. Welcome to the big stage, Barack.

  128. terrondt, anyone gives you more flack, tell them that AA income rose 15% over the Clinton years. Tell them that the poverty rate of black people dropped the most it ever had in more than twenty five years. Child poverty among African Americans was at the lowest rate EVER, since they started keeping data in the 50’s.

    The Clintons don’t talk, they DO. http://clinton2.nara.gov/ [space} WH/Accomplishments/ac199.html

  129. much of the loudest people on daily kos have one sole purpose – to try and make sure hillary is not elected. they are not representative of democrats or progressives. hill gets 44-50% of democratic voters, on daily kos she gets 8% or less.

    any anti-hillary diary immediately goes up the rec list no matter what it’s about and no matter if it’s true and no matter if the issue in question is profoundly irrelevant. greatest hits today include: mccain and lieberman are gay, the democratic congress sucks, and the clintons are racists. if the media takes their cues there it’s a sad day, but i’m sure they do, they took the ‘dog whistle’ line directly from a kos. post.

  130. Could someone post the Kerrey comments? I’d love to see how the Obama camp and its media lapdogs is going overboard again.

    Also, I think we should push the meme that Obama ought to win Iowa by the same margin as Hillary wins NJ. That’s a very effective way of presenting it.

  131. Did you guys see those Obama Hope jokes on Mydd. I have couple here:

    Barack Obama doesn’t own a gun. He uses bullets made of hope, propelled by charisma.

    Contrary to popular belief, Barack Obama’s teeth are not comprised of carbon or calcium, but a brand new element yet to be added to the periodic table:Hopeium.

    Chck Norris tried to roundhouse kick Barack Obama, But he blocked it with Hope. To this day, Chuck Norris has HOPE shaped burn mark on his shin.

    The Jedi use Barack Obama’s baby teeth to power their lightsabers.

  132. OMG, CNN is so stupid. They just suggested Bob Kerrey is smearing Obama. Come on. This is getting dumb.

    Good. The more CNN and the rest of the Georgetown Social Club (Hi, Ben) whine about, the more voters know about Saint Obama’s middle name and coke problem.

    The more voters know about Saint Obama’s middle name and coke problem, the better for his opponents on election day.

  133. HWC, I disagree. I abhor the smearing of a good decent american like Bob Kerrey. This is coming straight from Camp Obama. It’s disengenious and divisive.

  134. kerrey’s been saying the exact same thing about obama since the start of the campaign. he said it in may to new york observer. i just googled and he said the exact same thing in October in an interview with the economist.


    I love that his name is Barack Hussein Obama; that he was educated for a while in a secular madrassa. He can speak like no other candidate to a billion Muslims on this earth and say we’re not your enemy unless you make us so.

  135. Hey Canaan:

    Why don’t you make a music video that shows Hillary getting attacked by Republicans during the 1990’s, the senate, and then conclude with Obama attacking her now; Intersperse it with successes she has had during the same time period (e.g., Beijing speech); Set it to “I’m still standing” by Elton John?

  136. This thing about not using his middle name verbally or in print is about the most asinine and ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard from Obama’s supporters. So they want him to be President with one caveat attached – no one, no one should ever mention his middle name. Not even historians, not even the republicans, no one should utter this fact. So we should have a president whose middle name is secret.

    Its what his parents named him and he should be proud of saying it.
    Its not racist at all – but they make it racist with their unbelievable delusion.

    You know, this is the sort of absurdity that you can expect from a cult.

  137. I want to make it clear I did not hear it on CNN. I heard it on MSNBC carlson was complaining about it to Richard wolfe of News week and another guy.

  138. well, at least kerrey is consistent. he did say all the same things before, several times.

    the other question i have to ask is, though, if obama’s middle name and family history is news to a lot of voters and the kos people are upset because they think it’s a ‘dog whistle,’ when exactly did obama plan to let the public in on these pieces of information? whenever the GOP decided to do it by spinning it in the most negative light possible in attack ads? thats a terrible plan for someone who wants to be the nominee. mitt romney figured out that voters wouldn’t know a lot about his mormon background so he actually took it on in that speech he gave about faith. that seems like a smarter plan.

  139. Hey All – I’m new to the Board, but have been keeping tabs on Hillary daily. The mainstream media is no longer the source for any objectivity on the news – it’s just an echo-chamber of distortions and spin. This is a good article on the horserace that’s they’re trying to conjure up. How can we let them help pick the wrong man again for the President job, like they did to denigrate Gore? It’s no wonder Rove suddenly became a journalist; he knows that the MSM has this much power:

    Anne Kornblut of the Washing Post: I have to say we in the media are spoiling for a fight. Usually we are biased in favor of a good tussle at about this point. … I wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere between now and January 3, now that we know that’s when the Iowa caucuses are going to be, to see some kind of reverse, some kind of Obama surge or an Edwards surge. Something that is going to knock Hillary down a few pegs. Whether it’s a media creation, or something that actually happens on the ground. I would be shocked if there were nothing like that. [10/26/07] http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com/horsesmouth/2007/12/political_repor.php

  140. Just watched CNN. The Clinton campaign was not allowed to talk about Obama’s drug use, even though he brought it up. Now they are not allowed to talk about his relative lack of experience. That’s attacking him unfairly.

    I don’t remember which network now, but HRC was attacked for her “The Hillary I Know”. She isn’t supposed to say anything to refute all the negative stuff about her.

    Next they will be saying it’s unfair for her to campaign.

  141. Request for admin and others:

    The more I am thinking of this, the better it gets. Is there some way to play up Steve Clemons’s blog on this and other sites? It goes to the heart of experience question (and also whether Obama is willing to work hard — if he thinks he can charm everybody into following his wishes IF he gets elected, he is in fantasyland.)

    I vaguely remember when Obama first started talking about running, the senate elders scrambled to make room for him in important (visible) committees — foreign affairs being one. I don’t remember the source of this but might have been the NYTimes and the Post. The blog in the link talks about his chairmanship for European Affairs sub-committee and not a single hearing being held during his chairmanship. The blog shows that even when given an opportunity to show results, he did not do that. I recommend everybody on this list to read the blog and disseminate.

  142. I knew I should not have watched Matthews tonight. I am furious. He declared Hillary had the #1 worst week over the last week. He stated she got the Register endorsement “thanks to lobbying by Bill of the female dominated editorial board.” This is a rough quote and it is disgraceful. I am so offended on so many levels.

  143. I said in a post a few days ago that the anti-Hillary media pile on will reach a saturation point and cause a backlash. It may be nearing that now, especially since the media is getting sillier and sillier in its criticism.

  144. I agree, Paula. Tweety especially has gone so off the rails as to be caricature. Americans may be distracted and a little lazy, but they are not stupid, and they have a basic and deep sense of fairness. This is going to backfire.

  145. just my 2cents:

    i work with a lot of AfricanAmericans who thinks that Hussein Obama does not stand a chance…”too early” …”too ambitious”…to “what was she (Oprah) thinking? – think Beloved (her movie, resounding flop)”
    so i’m not bothered, the msm has always smeared Hil, and she will overwhelm them all in the end.
    besides, she has a perspective of politics that is sooo above their (msm) intellectual and emotional grasp.

  146. Isnt it so amusing that they can call Hillary all sorts of vile and obscene things but no one should refer to Obama by his real middle name !

  147. Obama doesn’t have a chance. I am ansia american. Most of ansia don’t support him. They will go to republican if he wins the primary.

  148. carl bernstein is in cnn hawking his book, one of the 2 which was supposed to be “eye-opening topsellers” when they came out. turns out a flop.
    her campaign’s response? “more of the same, another rehash”
    they smear her because she exposes them for the vacuous fools that they were during bill’s campaign and they are the same old talking heads.
    and, like that song goes…”can’t touch this”.

  149. Well…we got our 99 county visit…with Betsy Ebeling and one of Hillary’s friends from VA. I’m telling you, our girl has some fabulous, articulate, smart and warm old friends (sorry about the “old” part Betsy) (also saw Betsy over lunch hour on the pink page.)

    Hill is one lucky woman, with friends and supporters like this. Betsy even brought a boatload of fellow former classmates of them both with her to Iowa and they are truely fanning out.

    Our little town of 1500 is recovering from the storms, so not many people around, most still sawing up felled trees and doing something abt crushed cars, roofs and livestock buildings, with abt 20% of the population within the city limits still w/o electricity (don’t know abt rest of county population.) The few they did get to meet feel really good abt the visit and others will be jealous, I’m sure.

    In truth, I’m grateful that 2 of Hill’s surrogates got to see what our lives are really like right now and that’s not a bad thing.

    I’m going to make sure they get invited back when it is beautiful as usual, and more fun.

    They left to go to 2 little bit bigger towns,

  150. Another thing about the media’s Hill bashing…at least this week the viewer-ship will be down because a lot of people are running around trying to get everything ready for Christmas. So, most of the attacks will fall on deaf ears.

  151. I emailed a letter to msnbc:

    Dear MSNBC,

    I have just watched Chris Matthews coverage of the Des Moines Register endorsement of Senator Hillary Clinton, and I am disgusted. I had to calm down before I could even write this.

    Did I just hear an MSNBC host actually say that a careful, thoughtful, accomplished, educated, and female editorial board made their decision because an attractive and charming man known for his philandering must’ve sweet talked them into it? Yes. Yes I did.

    Chris Matthews owes an apology not only to the Des Moines Register editors, but to every professional female journalist or editor in the country. The misogyny and sexism contained in that statement is apalling. Utterly neanderthal on the deepest and most offensive level.

    This man needs to be called on the carpet for this blatant insult to a very professional group of women, pronto.


  152. rest of that sentence is:

    having already been at it since 4 or 5 a.m. and hours from Des Moines down here. What a sacrifice they are making on our girl’s behalf

  153. Hill4Texas

    i too am mad as hell and getting close to the not-going-to-take-it-anymore stage.

    Your actions trump my anger every way. I will use your ACTIONS as a model in future.

  154. Obama is orchestrating this to take away from Hill’s big week. That’s what is going on here. That’s what I think. I really don’t like that guy.

  155. He stated she got the Register endorsement “thanks to lobbying by Bill of the female dominated editorial board.”

    are you kidding me??!!

  156. hill4tex, i have stopped watching tweety, chris farley (apologies to the real mr. farley) and msnbc. always twisting ang hating, hill-bashing like there’s no tomorrow. so why even bother? for your health, just ignore them. let their ratings tank. let us see how low their ratings can gfall before they get cancelled…let karma take it’s course…

  157. Sorry if this is off topic at this moment, haven’t had time to read comments today and think I have a lot of catching up to do.

    Question is…after meeting a wonderful lady who has been Hillary’s friend for 50 years…

    Has anyone met, or heard of, ANYONE who is an old friend of Barack Obama?

    Just curious, but also think it raises an issue…maybe.

  158. HFT, I will write a letter to them as well. here is something we did the last time we were outraged by media overboarding. My family was supporting american idol participant sanjaya, partly because my neice who happens to be a mixed indian race, loved sanjaya. I didnt care about what he/group did, but my neice and her friends loved him. after he was eliminated, they all stood up to watch him on jay leno show. instead brian williams goes on the show and refers his name by a female part. My niece was outraged and started crying. I went ahead, wrote a letter to Brian Williams, and then went ahead and forwarded a message to south asian media affairs caucus regarding the treatment of the kid on national TV by brian williams.

    After three days, Brian Williams went to a south asian congregation and expressed his apologies for referring to this kid.

    So my point is, it has to be a collective group. Unless you can muster atleast 1000-2000 people supporting you, the media will pay you no attention. in this case, this is a BLATANT misogyny. contact your local or national womans advocacy groups. obtain their support. then in clear language, make them release two or three strong statements against MSNBC that such treatment of women in media is not acceptable. If an african american was treated this way, the host would have gotten kicked out by now. just replace women by african americans in what Mathews said and you will have what I am talking about. That would be worth your time, and it only takes a day or two. In addition, e-mail to icons in media, like gwen eiffel of PBS, among others, who are strong and fair women. Their word carries weight.

  159. Thank you HillaryForTexas! I could barely believe he said it. Like you, I had to take a time out to get over my outrage. And one more thing, since when is it out of bounds to question a candidate’s experience. Matthews went after Bill on that as well.

  160. Speaking to Glad’s point about using collective effort, also forward egregious remarks and/or your communications regarding the kinds of things that Chris Matthews and his friends are saying, writing or blogging to

    Dr Kathleen Hall Jamieson
    Annenberg Public Policy Center
    U of Penn

    The center runs Fact Check, a well-regarded political campaign watch dog organization. She is also former Dean of the of U of Penn Scool of Communication.

    The center may even have some ideas on how to tackle these kind of ugly attacks. I haven’t checked to see if they have a website. Would be a great Senior Thesis or Graduate project, though.

  161. Thanks Glad and EmJay. I am checking to see where else I can send it. I am also forwarding it with a note to the editors at the DMR, to let them know I admire and suppport them, and truly despise the way they are being denigrated.

  162. Am typing this as fried is pointing out the small number of Obama young female supporters. Said it was really apparent at both Harkin’s 10,000 strong steak fry and at the Iowa JJ Dinner.

    Is this true?

    Old friends and young female supporters missing fom his campaign…hmmm.

  163. Saint Obama doesn’t want “old friends” talking to the media. They might get asked about the true extent of his coke problem.

  164. H4Tex : I will follow your lead and e-mail MSNBC.
    C’mon Emjay, let’s not let another sexist rant go by.
    In fact, if we send enough e-mails the debate might shift to the misogynistic tv hosts that abound.

    Which brings us to B Merry’s question about Hillary hate. It is baffling but for those of you who haven’t reached serious senior status, I refer you to the loathing of Eleanor Roosevelt It stemmed in part from the frustration due to endless Rep. losses to Franklin (Bill C) It was fueled by Eleanor’s progressive heart esp. her support for AAs. (Hill C)
    In the Los Angeles Police Dept, there was a picture of Eleanor with the words ‘N….. lover’ on it. There was no depravity too awful for her to be accused of it.

    The same misogynists — their sons or grand-sons — find no problem in beginning from the same fear and loathing. What to do?

    Do what was done in the 60s. Make it as uncool to be openly sexist as racist. As John Garfield said in Gentleman’s Agreement in 1947: “Somebody told an anti-Semitic joke at a party. What did you do?”
    Dorothy McGuire: “I felt sick”. Garfield: “But what did you do?” “I just sat there” Garfield: “Call them on it. It feels good. When more people say they won’t put up with it, it will change.”

    My husband never let anyone spout racism (or sexism or anti-Semitism) even in a joke. He called them on it every time, no matter how famous the star or important the producer. They stopped doing it in front of him and soon, in front of everybody.

    So let’s all tell MSNBC that we’re sick of it and won’t take it any more. I haven’t checked but I’ll bet Imus isn’t telling too many racist jokes in his new gig.
    I will follow the excellent letter from Hill4Tex and ask for an apology for the DMR editorial board.

  165. Ok, I think all this racist stuff is coming straight from the Obama campaign. Recall Eugene Robinson’s weird editorial. I think this faux outrage is a campaign ploy. The drug issue isn’t necessarily racial, and there were already rumors he had sold pot. The huffpo had something on that. False, I’m sure, but Shaheen didn’t invent the idea. And, those emails? That’s obvious. Chase Martyn(Obama supporter, Iowa blogger) says everyone is getting tons of emails from every direction, and that the worst are about Hill. Probably everyone in Iowa has passed these on. Hill can’t say anything about the ones going around about her because it’s not stuff she wants discussed. I really think there is an effort here to make her look racist. Like, she claimed she was more electable, she’s accused of racial politics, even though polls show Obama with like 10% eelectable. Bill says he’s not experienced, they say he’s calling him “boy”. I Really think this is what Obama’s camp is up to.

  166. if wat tweety said to Hillary would have been said about Obama, it would have been this way.

    Now I know the des moines register has three african americans. Bill called them and talked to them and they endorsed a fellow african american. Now I want to see how any newscaster can defend that!

  167. its coming right from the hussein camp,he is ashmed of using his middle name,for some odd reason and his brainwashed people,who love to wish for hope…he actually is the racist oprah included,,remember michael morre movie,she praised him and adore him on her show and BHO hated it…
    yeah the Omaha paper is read in western nebraska,Big city like lincoln,Neb too.and some of northern missiouri..like St joe mo.hes very well like In omaha and lincoln and all surronding areas…

  168. Watching a Keith-less Countdown, Alison Whatshername opens with the Charlie Rose interview w /Bill, says Clinton said, “quote, rolling the dice”, and proceeds to show two clips, neither one showing that it’s Charley Rose who paraphrases his interpretation of Bill’s words and that Bill never said rolling the dice. She says, “quote”, then fails to show the inflammatory words coming out of Bill’s mouth. Only an idiot wouldn’t wonder why, if Clinton said this, and it’s NEWS, and you have the tape with him actually SAYING it, then why aren’t you and every other news outlet playing it to death on TV?

    Then she brings on Fineman who (and that’s why I’m writing this.) seems to imply that the DesMoines register’s endorsement, because it echoed the Clinton campaign’s questions about Obama’s experience and overall readiness to be president (that they were characterizing as an, ‘attack”) was tantamount to an attack on Obama! I felt like I was suddenly in another reality I looked for Rod Serling, I looked for Alan Funt, I looked for some semblance of journalistic integrity or objectivity and all I could see was Fineman above a banner blaring, “WHEN CLINTONS ATTACK!” That’s as far as I got before writing this. Big Media=Acid Reflux.

    The media feels free to repeat this, “rolling the dice”, lie because Bill forgot to say, “Now Charley, I wouldn’t say that, but…”, and then say, “it’s a risk.” it appears that because he didn’t condemn it, he endorsed it. Call it the Petreus postulate.

  169. mj, they are desperate, and trying hard to play the race card now. Any idiot who knows anything knows the Clintons are not racist. It’s a smear on Hillary, period. Kill her candidacy at all costs.

    I don’t think the fact that most blogs are populated by primarily young males is helping at all. Seriously, the disrespect and woman-hate has become acceptable again in that demographic, even among LIBERALS. And that needs to stop.

    On the bright side, I really believe it is going to backfire. All of it. The anti-woman stuff, the racist crap, and the ageism telling me to retire from the public square, take my gold watch and my causes, STFU and bug off.. I am a grandmother, and you do NOT want to piss us off come election time.

    Bad move, Obama and Tweety.

  170. yep he has to get use to it..sooner or later…he better start showing some stuff of what hes gonna do…he just dont write 2 books to let us know who he is…not every american knows about his books,he needs to come clean from his mouth who are you ,i dont see any of his friend from kenya here,or and indonesais friends here with him that is scary..

  171. ok, so, my question is.. bill said or answered something about it being ‘rolling the dice’ to take a risk on an inexperienced candidate.. is there a problem? now, the media might think this is not a good thing to say (for some unfathomable reason) but, i can’t see what the problem is. bill is right. and if the des moines register echoed the issue of experience in fineman’s reading, so much the better. i think it’s good common sense.

  172. yep lol oh no no scary…the problem with him BHo is he is scared something somebody knows more,or he wouldnt act like he does.when he said that stuff to us about pakistan,well i dunno just a feeling i think he knows osama bl.or some one related to him..lol there ya go mj lol

  173. Just read Glad’s early morning comment about Hillary’s laugh…

    Have you all noticed that she laughs when she is relaxed or having fun or is with her family and friends?

    I think some of her opponents, whether media, candidates or haters have figured this out, and when she laughs, IT MAKES THEM CRAZY.

    They don’t want her to feel relaxed, or have fun or have real friends.

    So laugh Hillary, laugh. All you want.

  174. another_reader, this is becoming like a joke. I mean, I seriously think the Globe editorial jumped the shark. Obama polls in the low teens for electability and experience. I mean, those are actual deficits. LOL. No one thinks he’s Lincoln. He’s a guy who had a pretty comfortable life actually. Wow, this is a bit like living in a parallel universe. I now see the media as we know it is more entertainment than anything.

  175. It seems that Bill O’Reilly is actually approving of Hillary’s media blitz… And believe it or not, he agrees with us about the lunacy of the Daily Kos nuts.

  176. mj…Obama polls in the low teens for electability and experience. I mean, those are actual deficits. LOL.

    well yeah lets bring in someone from germany or france to be Our President..this scares the American people with that name Bhussein obama.people that want him in can ya see it now, well have a preacher prayer eveyday in his religion ilsamic on c-span…and oprah will installl bells.at the white house…time for prayer…its just like the church hes in right now…ding dong…praise the Lord..I pray to myself and in front of no one….I dont want it down my throat an elected official..and doing drugs…especially the wicked cocaine..For us Americans.

    I can’t believe this msm people twetty {HI} Hannitty{HI}BEN {HI} Rush {HI} MattDrug{HI}AnnCoulter{HI}there as nutty as the fruitcake,one thing i cant stand about any of those shows they gotta fight each other to get a word in edge wise,there terrible reporters,and snoobish,hannity wont let anyone speak ,thats is all for show there not even funny…there conversations are horrible,and they are hater’s among us giving us the news and misreprsenting Americans.

  177. The media is trapped. They’re stuck with this narrative that Hillary is “attacking” Obama so that anything she or Bill says has to fit into that box. Now we see what happens when it reaches absurb levels. Even if Bill did say “rolling the dice,” that’s hardly an attack. If someone said that about Hillary, I wouldn’t even blink. That’s so unbelievably mild compared.

  178. LOL! DKos is imploding. They are furiously mouth-foaming themselves into complete irrelevance. I doubt anyone will ever take the site seriously again, if they ever did.

  179. Another Reader

    I’m not sure and I don’t have time to go back through all comments made in the last 3 days, but I am pretty sure the first person in the Charlie Rose interview to use the “roll the dice” reference was…Charlie Rose.

    If I am wrong, somebody stop me from doing damage…quick.

  180. Paula, they have lost their minds. Calling a political opponent inexperienced and saying it’s more risky to elect the inexperienced is now a dirty attack? It blows my mind.

    Hillary will do what Bill did – win despite the media, not because of it. I have no doubts.

  181. Its easy to see whats happening here.

    The DM endorsement was huge. She’s started the Hilli-copter tour. The new ads and testimonials are great. She’s got Whouley on her side and Bill is saying some pertinent things. The national polls are looking great ( – btw, any word on the latest Gallup in the news anywhere ? Nope, I bet). She did pretty well on the morning shows. Its looking good.

    So its time to change the subject.

    Try to distract attention from any favorable or good news for her. So go after her in some way, any way. Look for something, anything. Twist her statements, twist Bill’s statements or put words in his mouth (like the swift boat thing). “Roll the dice” seems like a good place to start. Show her in negative light somehow or the other. Conjure up scenarios like accusations of racism, scheming, calculating etc and insinuate that she is behind it all. Use absolutely specious arguments and suggest that a 3 term Governor and former attorney general of a state, with knowledge of dealing with legislative bodies and passing state budgets has no better experience than someone with 7 years in a state senate.

    Their desperation is obvious. They don’t even try to hide it anymore.

    Fineman, by the way, is one of the worst of the worst along with Matthews. These are the guys who have enabled and cheered Bush all this long while. Their credibility is zilch and their shamelessness knows no bounds. Shallow, dishonest, perverse and small men who one day, I hope and pray will get their comeuppance .

  182. I mean, from FactHub, lol:

    Sen. Obama Goes Negative in the Mail, Misleads NH Voters on Health Care

    12/17/2007 9:10:22 PM

    Sen. Barack Obama is sending mail in New Hampshire attacking Hillary on health care and falsely claiming that his health care plan covers everyone.

    The mailer selectively excerpts a passage from The Washington Post. The full quote actually explains that experts believe 15 million people would not be covered under Sen. Obama’s plan and describes who those people are:

    Experts say that without a mandate, many Americans would still not have health insurance, and the picture of who those millions are is an interesting one.

    So the 15 million people without insurance under Obama’s plan would be a combination of relatively well-off people who choose not to purchase health insurance and people who qualify for public programs like Medicaid who don’t sign up. It could be a struggle for Clinton to find someone who wants health insurance but doesn’t qualify under the Obama plan, because it’s not clear such a person exists.

    Most health care experts want those 15 million to get health insurance even if they aren’t asking for it, a point Clinton nodded to when she said Medicare, the health program for the elderly, works in part because “everybody is required to be in.”

    Experts agree that Sen. Obama’s plan leaves 15 million people without health insurance. It’s telling that misrepresenting The Washington Post, which also has editorialized that Sen. Obama’s plan would leave at least 15 million without coverage, is the best the Obama campaign can do to support their position.

    The mailer also claims that Hillary previously praised Obama’s plan. Actually, Hillary has noted that Obama’s plan would fail to cover every American since the day he announced it. From the New York Times:

    Rival Democrats, recognizing the stakes on this signature issue, responded quickly, arguing that because Mr. Obama would not require every American to have insurance, it is not a true universal health plan. Neera Tanden, policy director for Mrs. Clinton — who had earlier delivered an economic policy speech to compete with Mr. Obama’s — welcomed Mr. Obama to the health care debate. Ms. Tanden added, “Senator Clinton believes that in addition to making healthcare more accessible, we have to achieve true universal health care so that every American has health care coverage.”

    The Obama campaign is pointing to the following remark to argue that Hillary “praised” his health care plan from an August 4 debate: “We are all in favor of universal health care.” Hillary still believes that all the democrats want universal health care. Obama has just introduced a plan that leaves 15 million people out.

    The mailer also says that “experts” agree with him. But he doesn’t cite a single health care expert. Why? Health care experts agree with Hillary—without a mandate millions are left out.

  183. Guess what!….Warren buffet thinks the early primary “is a lottery”….he said it last week in SF!
    So who cares about the roll the dice thing!

    On another topic.
    Barack Hope Obama (middle name is CHANGED so as to not offend his delicate baby feelings).

    writes in his second book that “drug dealing at the lower level/middle level”
    is really a minimum wage issue?

    Can anybody make sense here? As I said before, I know nothing about these drugs.

  184. mp — I will just take a wild guess. As long as only low-paying jobs are available, dealing will look like an attractive alternative.

  185. Hey guys, I just got a response from Carolyn Washburn of the DMR. Here was my letter and her response. Please send her some love as well, at cwashbur@dmreg.com, because she and her fellow editors are taking some real heat. I obviously removed my name and email addy from this.

    Thank you much for this.
    I appreciate your support very much.

    —–Original Message—–
    Sent: Monday, December 17, 2007 09:25 PM Eastern Standard Time
    To: Washburn, Carolyn
    Subject: All my support

    Dear Ms Washburn,

    I have watched with sadness the furor among some over your board’s
    endorsement of Senator Hillary Clinton. The vitriol has reached such a
    fever pitch is makes me conclude that this cannot be merely political.
    There must be some deeper feelings of fear and misogyny being uncovered
    as well. At almost 50 years old, I had so hoped we had moved forther
    than this as a country. I cannot tell you the number of comments I
    have seen impugning your integrity, your intelligence, and your bias
    either for women or for charming men. The last straw today was Chris
    Matthews blatantly sexist comments today on MSNBC. I was moved to
    write a letter to MSNBC, but also wanted to write to you and your board
    to tell you that regardless of whether I agree with your choice or not,
    I respect your integrity as journalists, as editors, and as women.

    Thank you for taking this heat. You are an example to professional
    women everywhere. The following is the letter I sent to MSNBC:

    Dear MSNBC,

    I have just watched Chris Matthews coverage of the Des Moines Register
    endorsement of Senator Hillary Clinton, and I am disgusted. I had to
    calm down before I could even write this.

    Did I just hear an MSNBC host actually say that a careful, thoughtful,
    accomplished, educated, and female editorial board made their decision
    because an attractive and charming man known for his philandering
    must’ve sweet talked them into it? Yes. Yes I did.

    Chris Matthews owes an apology not only to the Des Moines Register
    editors, but to every professional female journalist or editor in the
    country. The misogyny and sexism contained in that statement is
    apalling. Utterly neanderthal on the deepest and most offensive level.

    This man needs to be called on the carpet for this blatant insult to a
    very professional group of women, pronto.


    [my name and address]

  186. yeah daily kos is out of control. there are a lot of angry people on there who think this is about feeling good when rooting for their favorite sports team instead of about picking a competent president.

  187. Ok. I am going to step forward here.

    CJ Please knock it off. You know what I’m talking about.

    And if you make another crack like that, I will shun you. I mean it. If you do it again, I simply will not read anything headed with your moniker. And I will petition Admin to give you a little vacation.

    People here are trying to tell you gently about this. I’m not feeling tolerant about your language anymore, so gentleness on my part is off the table…because you are out of line.

    Remember anything after 10.21.
    I hope the rest of you understand.

  188. that’s a great letter hillaryfortexas, thanks for posting. i am sorry if the editors are taking heat. i’m sure they knew they might and went the extra mile to make 100% sure they weighed everything fairly, which i trust that they did.

  189. Thanx Paula @ 10:10.

    Nice to know that it’s still “senior moments” and not too much wine as a weather shut-in Sat nite.

  190. Media Matters just posted a piece from Hardball tonight but it covers yet another outrage–another castration reference. It seems to boys at MSNBC repeatedly reference castration when discussing women in leadership rolls.

  191. The last time they tried a similar distraction was when Obama made a big deal out of the Bob Novak column right after Hillary won the debate.

  192. Has everyone had an opportunity to view the testimonials posted on Hillary’s website? Paritcularly engrossing are the memories recounted by those who knew her during her years in Arkansas. That chapter of her biography is yet to be published online. In fact, I doubt most Democrats are aware of the impact of Hillary’s activism in The Natural State.

  193. mp.. what about drug dealing? can you come again? admin, would you have access to this lameass “second book” of this hopie (with a capital D)? he seems to know quiet a bit about “drug dealing” 🙂

  194. The image of Hillary flying from hamlet to hamlet in a flimsy affair in order to assess the status of Arkansas’s public schools is a portrait of a woman steadfast in her determination to provide Arkansas’s rural children a quality education. If it were not for Hillary, advanced mathematics and foreign languages would not be offered in Arkansas’s public schools. Her advocacy has broached opportunities for an entire generation of children from a poor, rural state. I do not believe Democrats understand the enormity of that acheivement.

  195. How are comments such as these accepted on Democratic websites?


    Re: Why so some here pick it up. (none / 0)

    How is an accurate picture a low blow? She is haggard-looking and the question is, does America want to look at (what was that creature from LOTR) Golem every morning and evening on the news?

    by Javier Doval on Mon Dec 17, 2007 at 09:29:07 PM EST
    [ Parent | Reply to This ]

    This is disgusting. How does one respond to this?

  196. Plenty of rough photos of BO out there — not that I suggest a photo war. Point is, we all have our bad days — don’t worry about that mydud poster.

  197. well, if we picked a candidate based on their looks, then how did Dick and Bush end up in the house? If we picked a president based on looks we’d have Brad Pitt and george Clooney in there by now.

  198. AHHHHH! I just got back from the event with HRC in Coralville. OMG. We had an overflow of people there. So many came that the fire marshal came and closed the doors leaving 200 people out in the cold 10 degree weather. These people were soon moved to the hotel across the street where after the event, Hillary went and gave them a speech and answered questions there. It was packed to capacity there! The message of her speech; EECTABILITY, like I have said. She talked about the number of senators that have endorsed her, the support she has in states like Ohio, and her being vetted by the far right already, while the others have not been. It was awesome, freezing, yet awesome. So many people, we are so energized here now.

  199. hawk, You mentioned earlier about how bummed the Obama people are in Iowa about not getting the DMR endorsement. Can you really sense a change?

    And thanks for another first-hand account! 🙂

  200. She talked about how the DMR went through a massive interviewing process of 18 candidates and got down to 8 and did 8 more interviews and then read all of their writings, etc, and then she said she was honored that they chose her and she said that this says a lot about her candidacy, AND IT DOES 🙂

  201. Yup, they have been, especially the night it was announced. At least the one here did. I am not staying late at the office tonight because I have 2 finals tomorrow, but tonight was amazing and I am so excited. AFSCME was awesome at helping us out. We had WAY more than we expected and we handled it well. It was at a classic car museum, which had beautiful cars, and the turnout was amazing, I hope they all go caucus now for HRC.

  202. Cora McHenry’s testimonial should be Hillary’s next commercial. Has everyone viewed Ms. McHenry’s testimonial?

  203. Great News! I can feel the energy in your posts. Thank you for all your hard work. I hope your final went well. I have a son home from college myself so the grades are always on my mind.

  204. Hawk

    Wish I could have driven over, but….

    I did forget to point out yesterday that Carolyn Washburn or somebody had pointed to the shear number of hours the’d spent w each candidate in a strict interview format.

  205. Dear Ms. Washburn:

    This note is being sent to commend you on the quality of endorsement that you and your paper gave to Sen. John McCain and Sen. Hillary Clinton. I offer this knowing that several network “journalists” and several cable “news” anchors have taken to condemning your endorsement. The language that self-described journalists have chosen to use can at best be described as vitriolic. In particular, Chris Mathews of MSNBC is peddling a false characterization of your endorsement of Sen. Clinton that can only be described as misogynistic.

    Today, two major American newspapers, the Des Moines Register and the Boston Globe, endorsed presidential candidates. Where the two papers differed, it was only your paper that chose to use a critically reflective rather than a scathing tone in discussing the candidates not nominated. Furthermore, it is my opinion that American journalism needs individuals such as yourself to stand up to the crumbling of journalistic integrity in America and misogny in particular. I strongly urge you to stand up for American journalism and to use whatever communication at your disposal to combat the charges against you and your paper.

  206. We have a volunteer in our office, she is 50+ year od african american woman that drove from Jackson, Mississippi to help out because she loved HRC so much. SHe hasn’t got to see her new granddaughter in Jackson yet, and she is going to NH after Iowa. She got so many supporter cards signed tonight.

  207. Sorry folks..

    gotta go watch NBR and see how much poorer I am today…

    Soc Sec first payment isn’t til next month. There goes Fiji. lol

  208. Unions, particularly AFSCME and the machinists are awesome and they door knock every day. They gave me a green button that says ” AFSCME I am Caucusing for Hillary!”

  209. The driving conditions are better right now, and if it doesn’t snows big or ices over, it will be fine. Here it is fine.

  210. HRC had a woman introduce her tonight with her daughter that has a nervous system condition and she (the daughter) sent HRC a letter about the mental health care system when HRC was FLOTUS, and she didn’t expect a response, but she got one. And then she saw HRC in Iowa a few months ago and they are big supporters now. She has never caucused before because she “had never been passionate enough about a candidate before”, and now she will caucus on the 3rd for Hill.

  211. Hey:

    How about shooting an email to Maya Angelou encouragin her to make it an issue on her radio program?

    Here is how you contact her:

  212. lots of younger college kids at this one and she talked in depth and took 2 questions about college affordability and about credit card companies preying on college students. And there were lots of mothers and daughters there. Little girls were so excited, and as always, so many elderly women 🙂

  213. Shhh…This is in a whisper….is CJ still out there? Shhh

    btw, no return to Fiji this year is verified.

    also, being visited by wonderful young step grand nephew on way home from university tomorrow. he’s a strong Obama supporter. will learn what i can from an insider.


    With your Karma, you’re going to do just fine tomorrow.

    Now GET YOUR BUTT IN GEAR and go read those 7 chapters you just skimmed last month. And don’t show your bright-eyed mug on here until tomorrow night.

  214. Please don’t contact Maya with anything divisive or negative. I am going to email her and tell how much I appreciate her supporting our girl, though!

  215. hawk good luck on your test,you’ll pass em..oh emjay ill be quite lol…i get so mad when i read them blogs its all false,and baloney

  216. Mj:

    Maya’s endorsement was about standing up for women. I fail to see how keeping her abreast of gender-based attack on our girl would be divisive or negative.

    The more voters are aware of these gender-based attacks and biases, the more likely they are to discount them.

  217. hawk, thank you for the updates, it must be so exciting for you! i’m thinking of driving to iowa for the last few days -maybe spend new year’s there to help with the campaign in whatever capacity – make coffee/hot choco for volunteers, anything…any suggestions, anyone?

  218. college kids…

    taught ’em

    stepmothered ’em

    counseled ’em

    mentored ’em

    love “em.

    Now GET OFF this site and go put in 5 hours on the books and your illegible notes

    and then put your sorry butt in a rack for 41/2 hours
    (3 rounds of REM sleep) , jump in the shower, brush your teeth, grab a p-nut butter sandwich and a Gatorade and go HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK !

    GO. NOW.

  219. the snow has stopped for about a day now and no, it’s not bad. The last bit of snow was very powdery…so not bad! lol. 😀

    and I have power. don’t know about other people though 🙁

  220. i praise dodd tonight. i will call his offie and thank him for his leadership n getting fisa pulled for now. dodd is a fighter like hillary. i would love him for maj leader and hillary for prez.

  221. All the talk of the bad weather in the Midwest/NE makes me feel dumb for complaining today about the cold weather (actually got in the 40’s this morning) here in FL.

  222. Yeah, definitely not that cold (reminds me of Minnesota though), but it felt like the 30 with the wind coming off the ocean…but that is just grasping at straws!

  223. reed

    you are dead meat. at least you wouldn’t spoil in that condition in some of our homes here, or outside my back door. lol

    am an iowan living in SW quarter

    it looks like we’ve been bombed here. I sent a copy of our weekly paper back to our girl via her friend who was here today.

    read back 6-7 hours on this post

  224. mp,

    Like Fred Thompson’s wife – recently saw a picture of her (he really robed the cradle there!).


    I know…just looked at that post and all I can say is brrr – just the thought of that gives me chills. 🙂

  225. CJ,

    Most days it’s in the low-80s, but the cold weather up North has pushed its way down here – will be gone in time for Christmas though. No white Xmas here. 🙂

  226. yeah its extremely cold here.. having said that, I just realized we hold the mantle for change right now :).. and looks like everyone else is competing for it .. lol.. was listening to libermann.. he mentioned word change while endorsing mccain. krugman mentioned change in his article. man did Bill get it right once again. he hammered it into the campaign the fundamental theme of this election “its the change stupid” 🙂

  227. Late in the day, in more ways than one, to say this but Welcome to all the long time readers who are now posting comments.

    Usually a new comment takes a while to pop up (but our posting time is much better than some other websites which require a 24 hour waiting period). This longish initial wait period means that some new posters’ comments get lost in the whirlwind and pop up after things have moved on.

    Anyway, Welcome all new posters and anyone we missed welcoming upon arrival.

    And, thanks to all those traveling or working in the early states. A big thank you to those like Alcina, hawk, emjay, b.merryfield, freckles who are on the job already.

    Anyone going to Iowa with information on travel, accomodations, contacts, maybe a Hillary Is 44 posters meeting in Iowa and wants to write a post on it – send it to us for publication.

  228. glad,

    I love that we did take the change mantle because it is truly hers, since she has the ability to actually make it happen!

    Oh, and Kucinnich is definately the winner…I loved when Biden joked that she was the only thing he liked about Dennis.

  229. admin, it would be interesting to meet up with co-44ians in iowa during the last few days before the caucus. i am available for anything after the 26th…
    we can’t just talk the talk anymore… this is a shout-out to anyone in the campaign… i’m going to post the experience also on my partner’s website (posting it on my profile ASAP).

  230. hawk, thanks so much for your reports, and for all your hard work on behalf of our gal. You are really inspiring!

    Now, get some darn sleep, hit the books some, and best of luck with finals. 🙂

  231. The big media and the big blogs thinks they are destroying the Clintons. Definitely this will never be the case, even if at the first glance probably yes. In the long run these people are ridiculing themselves and indirectly will eventually destroy even that hope from Chicago they are so desperately trying to keep alive.

  232. Anderson Cooper, are you kidding? He’s a closeted gay man giving voice to the Family Research Council. They write research articles bashing gay people that have no scientific merit whatsoever and no serious scientific journal will publish anything they write. And, he brings him in for opinion.

  233. I am with mj…let’s take the positive coverage and move on. Although, the whole Family Research Council is a sad bit of news to hear about (I find that organization totally disgusting).

  234. when all the votes are cast…the Hype from Chicago will be remembered as an also-ran who is overwhelmingly egotistical and arrogant.
    msm will still obsess over the clintons. oh well…

  235. I love the videos too. I especially liked Susan Stern, Tom Vilsack, Lissa Muscatine and (esp) Shannon Mallozzi videos.

  236. About the poll of ‘likely caucusgoers’, I’m trying to post this at

    This was a poll of ‘likely caucusgoers.’ Has anyone done a poll of ‘likely November voters’?

    As a Democrat, I’m concerned that Obama may be making the same mistake McGovern did in 1972: packing the caucuses with students and getting a nomination that won’t be supported by the actual voters in November.

    Hillary is 60, Obama is 45. If Hillary gets the nomination, then under any scenario Obama will have a better chance in 2012 or 2016 than he does now. If Obama gets the nomination but loses in November, both he and Hillary may be lost to us. (Obama would be labeled a loser, and HIllary might be too old to want to run again – especially as Bill may be due for heart surgery again in a few years.)

    The Clinton team are the only winners we’ve had in decades. Obama might be another — if he doesn’t wash out by trying too soon.

  237. i watched all of them..her mom is very intelligent to..i see where hillary got that genius factor.i like all of them and jim blair ..tears..thats is so sad.. hillary doesn’t forget anyone..her memory is out of this world…they have picture’s those folks that we’ve never seen …there memories of hillary ..

  238. Maybe u should do a Hillaryis44.org cookbook. How about this recipe?

    The BHO dessert – All tart, no filling.

  239. Sorry if I’m posting this twice, but my computer is hanging up and I want to save it somewhere. 🙂

    About the poll of ‘likely caucusgoers’, I’m trying to post this at

    This was a poll of ‘likely caucusgoers.’ Has anyone done a poll of ‘likely November voters’?

    As a Democrat, I’m concerned that Obama may be making the same mistake McGovern did in 1972: packing the caucuses with students and getting a nomination that won’t be supported by the actual voters in November.

    Hillary is 60, Obama is 45. If Hillary gets the nomination, then under any scenario Obama will have a better chance in 2012 or 2016 than he does now. If Obama gets the nomination but loses in November, both he and Hillary may be lost to us. (Obama would be labeled a loser, and HIllary might be too old to want to run again – especially as Bill may be due for heart surgery again in a few years.)

    The Clinton team are the only winners we’ve had in decades. Obama might be another — if he doesn’t wash out by trying too soon.

  240. OMG!


    I just wrote you this humongous thing, hit the spell check because it’s late and even at my age, i DON’T WANT TO LOOK STUPID, and it went poof!

    Have done it before and can’t figure out where my trifocals are failing me.

    Sorry- I’ll try it again tomorrow

  241. # Kentucky_mkt Says:
    December 18th, 2007 at 1:43 am

    Maybe u should do a Hillaryis44.org cookbook. How about this recipe?
    thanks, kentmkt – i’ll pass it on to the chef…

    The BHO dessert – All tart, no filling.

    more like a marshmallow?

  242. all fluff. touche.

    CJ, I think it is OK to be a little snide for fun as long as you are making a point. e.g., marshmallow = fluff. The MSM does it to us all the time. We just have to strive to be respectful and more clever when doing so.

    P.S. Imagine I totally bookmarked the fusion blog. I luv new recipes and I’m already excited to try the buffalo potato wedges.

  243. No no Admin

    you’ve missed a few posts my dear

    We are TOUGH , and SECRET, til after Super Tuesday.

    Then we all meet in Hot Springs in Hillary’s first adopted state, and let out a collective ahhhhhhhh.

  244. Hey All – I am new to the board and I hope this post makes it to the board. I tried a couple times before to post. I think we do have to admit concern about the Obama’s “surge” and its nearly complete backing by the MSM. I read articles daily from Huffpost, Politico, all kinds of online publications too and hardly any article, at least any that get syndicated or get any attention, never substantively point out WHY OBAMA – never what this man who claims the change mantle has actually done to affect change in his political career. It’s strange to me when the stakes are this high in this country and the world, why any candidate running for the toughest and highest job in America would lack true examination. But all of these article basically answer the WHY OBAMA question with because Clinton’s numbers are flagging, because Clinton is part of the 90s; because of what Bill said on Charlie Rose…there is certainly an anti-Clinton subtext to it all. The issue is how to strategically combat that. I hope that there is an answer…and maybe it will have to be when Obama reaches critical mass to be the nominee, that people and the press will finally say, let’s look at Obama on his own (without comparison to Clinton) that they’ll realize that he is an empty suit.

  245. I think I agree with much of what you said lninla. If you cannot get to Iowa or NH, where the voters will respond to the candidates, then you have got to refute others articles by making substantive posts and writing letters wqhen necessary to call out flat out lies. See the Chris Matthews line of posts above. Consider sending an email to Carolyn Washburn tonight!

  246. The national polls are moving in Hil’s direction and she’s maintained a wide lead all year. The national press has always hated the Clinton’s.

  247. Ininla, welcome aboard. on a sidenote, the “change” mantle is now owned by us. so dont pass it on to Obama before super tuesday. after that, he can go back to senate and get some serious job training.

    ras national poll :

    H: 40
    O: 27
    E: 13

    so they are heading in the right direction. I am waiting for some polling from Iowa.

  248. There you have it America. David Brooks has spoken. Obama’s ineffectiveness is a good thing. It will make him more effective and he won’t have to bother with those pesky rules. It’s simple really.

  249. mj — Brooks.

    That piece reads like they typical roundabout rationalization for promoting some guy over a woman in the corporate or especially the academic environment. Yes, she’s hard-working and get results. This guy — some of his previous employers say he didn’t quite put in the effort to figure things out. Nevertheless, he holds such promise!

    I glad Brooks enjoyed the autobiography.

  250. Ininla

    go back just 2 weeks and you will find here

    people who can compile, cut and share, search and share, editorialize and spot flaws in the opposition media, candidate and blogger pronouncements.

    they share that info so we can react, or rethink a position, or back out of a trap or see a scam, or whatever… sometimes it just matters here that we have a place to go that has no bashing, filthy language, damaging images, or lies. We support each other, those who support our candidate, and the democratic process.

    What is on here is not a game, and snarking is discouraged. We have brains, good intentions, many of us a history w/ our candidate, small as it usually is, and loyalty.

    We don’t have rules, but when an unspoken or understood one is broken, we take care of it…with the help of our administrator. I lurked, first in the hospital, then with friends, then at the library, etc. People come on, or not, at their own comfort level.

    Read a couple weeks of posts and comments, learn that we are so lovable and smart that you want to give and take, to and from, our Hillary support, whatever your talents/skills.

    We welcome you.

  251. gladiatorstail, it shows how pathetically out of touch they are. But, let’s face it, they probably think they are above the average NY voter.

  252. good morning friends

    tonight the local NH office re-groups for a strategy meeting. so many people in attendance, we had to move to a local union hall. we are excited and can feel the energy and re-awakening spirit. thanks to all in the front lines in iowa 🙂

    d-day is fast approaching.

  253. good morning alcina. yeah it is approaching real fast :). hope this article makes you a little happier 🙂

    ndependents may lift McCain, not Obama, in N.H.
    Email|Print| Text size – + By Sasha Issenberg and Lisa Wangsness
    Globe Staff / December 18, 2007

    HILLSBOROUGH, N.H. – For months, most polls have shown that New Hampshire’s independent voters, who make up more than 40 percent of the electorate and can vote in either primary on Jan. 8, were more interested in the Democratic contest.
    more stories like this

    * Likability is key in U.S. presidential race
    * Lieberman endorses McCain
    * McCain wins Lieberman endorsement for White House
    * Lieberman to endorse McCain
    * McCain wins Lieberman endorsement

    The major beneficiary of their support would probably be Barack Obama, who leads Hillary Clinton among independents by double-digit margins and whose message of common-sense bipartisanship resonates among undeclared voters.

    But a poll this month has shown significantly more undeclared voters taking an interest in the Republican primary, which could hurt Obama and help Republican John McCain, who made a direct pitch yesterday to independents with the nation’s most fa mous independent, Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, at his side.

    Lieberman, the 2000 Democratic vice presidential nominee, called on Republicans and independents to vote for McCain because he could “rise above the negativism and smallness of our politics and get things done for America.”

    Some see parallels to the drama that unfolded in the 2000 primaries, when many independents took a liking to Democrat Bill Bradley and to McCain, who portrayed themselves as antiestablishment mavericks, even going so far as to hold an event together on campaign finance reform. The independent crowd voted en masse for McCain, lifting him to a 18-percentage-point victory over George W. Bush in New Hampshire. Independents made up nearly one-third of the Republican electorate that year, and exit polls showed they went for McCain over Bush by a margin of 3 to 1.

  254. thanks, g-tail

    i hope this is the case. mccain is very popular (still ) in NH. i also see a real impact from the ron paulies. i think these two may pull a substantial % of the independent vote.

    time to hit the showers…off to work!

  255. good morning, alcina,

    What is Big Media is missing in this independents/undecideds mix is Ron Paul, whose ground game here is mostly unreported. Between McCain and Ron Paul, all those whom BHO thinks he has in the win column are going to end up pulling the rug out from under his feet.

    Also, did you read what I quoted from the UNH straw poll? BHO’s leader reported that a number of students who voted actually thought that they were voting in the primary, plus he reported that the interest in BHO has not changed … i.e. NO SURGE.

    If anyone in the NH primary is in for a surprise, it’s going to be BHO.

  256. Seacoast Online

    Richard Holbrooke said the next president on his or her first day in office likely will face the most difficult foreign policy agenda encountered by any new president in U.S. history.

    That is why Holbrooke, a career foreign service officer who served as ambassador to the United Nations, said he is in New Hampshire speaking in support of Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton. He said her knowledge of the issues, especially those vital to being an effective commander in chief, and leadership skills will help restore American credibility and effectiveness around the world — a tough task made more difficult by the internationally unpopular war in Iraq and the Bush administration’s unilateral approach on most foreign policy issues.

    – – –
    Holbrooke’s speaking at two Manchester highschools today.

    seacoastonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article? [space] AID=/20071218/NEWS/712180407

  257. [Rep. Dave Weldon (R-Fla.)] is trying to make the space program a presidential issue, especially before the Florida primaries next month. He said he plans to write all presidential candidates asking them to support at least his bill’s objectives.

    He then criticized his fellow Republicans running for president for their lack of a NASA policy.

    “The best person with a space policy — actually, the only candidate with any kind of substantial space policy on their Web site — is Hillary [Clinton],” he said. “The Republican candidates need to wake up and smell the coffee.”

    Clinton has outlined broad support for human spaceflight, including a pledge to “speed development” of the Constellation program, according to an October policy statement. The Democratic presidential candidate also vowed to complete the international space station and protect NASA workers.

    A key rival for the party nomination, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, has said he wants to delay Constellation to help pay for an overhaul of U.S. education.


  258. Cenk Uygur at HuffPo on Dodd and the telecommunications vote:

    First the anti-HRC snark:

    “And, of course, our so-called Democratic leaders who are running for president, with the obvious exception of Sen. Dodd, were missing in action. I thought Fox News might devote their whole coverage to Senator Clinton today since she was a missing blond.”

    We’re used to that, but this just about sums it up:

    “Meanwhile, Senator Obama made his bid for the Profiles in Courage Hall of Fame by issuing a press release saying since he didn’t have to be there for the fight (because they would only counting votes against Dodd and he would be voting with Dodd), he wouldn’t. In essence, he was saying — since I don’t have to be there, I won’t. Inspiring!”


  259. Misogyny isn’t merely a hatred of women. A discription on Wikipedia says it can also be “an implicit motivation of political ideologies that justify and maintain the subordination of women to men.”

    In other words, some people, including journalists, go ballistic if a woman does not stay in “her place”. For these people, a position of leadership is not the proper place for a woman. This extremist view is most likely to be displayed in it’s worst form when a woman appears as if she may actually become President of the US.

    I wish somebody would talk about this in the campaign as it relates to journalists and bloggers. There certainly are a lot of good examples available today.

  260. Yepsen:

    Proof of Edwards’ uptick and Obama’s jitters about him came Monday in Spencer, when Obama told a crowd: “Senator Edwards, who is a good guy, he’s been talking a lot about ‘I’m going to fight the lobbyists and the special interests in Washington.’ Well, the question you have to ask is: Were you fighting for (citizens) when you were in the Senate?”

    (Edwards has changed his position on several issues since leaving the Senate, and his rhetoric has become a lot more populist than his voting record was, especially on the Iraq war. Obama, who likes to fashion himself as Mr. Positive, wouldn’t be attacking him like that if Edwards was road kill.)

    It may also suggest Obama’s internal polls are showing the Illinois senator has peaked. Some of Obama’s people also suggest that a vote for Edwards is a wasted vote because he’s a one-trick pony who can perform only in Iowa. They say Edwards has so little campaign infrastructure in the subsequent states that he couldn’t capitalize on a win in the state, while Obama could. It’s a suggestion Edwards strongly denies.

    desmoinesregister.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID= [space] /20071218/OPINION01/712180369/-1/SPORTS09

  261. Sherm Kader,

    Glad to see someone is taking this seriously enough to do some research on it, even if it is the not-always-reliable Wikpedia.

    My thoughts on this, which I’m thinking might appeal to Taylor Marsh, is that John Aravosis has been quite successful in going after Big Media pundits like Tweety by flooding advertisers with complaints and boycotts. Perhaps MSNBC, which was forced to ditch Imus, has forgotten the lesson already.

    When the “boys” attack Hillary they are in essence attacking all women. Since 51% or more of the population is women, that’s a lot of buying power.


  262. Here’s more from DMR on the BHO-JE “clash”:

    A skirmish has broken out between Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and John Edwards, a first for these two leading contenders in Iowa.

    Their dispute over health care policy details and curbing the influence of moneyed interests is far from the sharp and sustained criticisms the two have leveled at Hillary Clinton. [snip]

    Obama’s comments and similar challenges to Edwards’ key campaign message of attacking corporate interests came on the heels of a weekend when Edwards argued he would be more likely than Obama to win the 2008 election.

    Edwards, a former North Carolina senator, also said Obama has a less aggressive approach to challenging corporate lobbyists’ sway than he does.

    “I believe that Barack Obama’s philosophy does not match the reality that corporate greed cannot be stopped by asking politely,” Edwards said during a campaign stop in Dubuque. “I know you have to fight these people.”

    The new confrontation between Edwards and Obama shows how tight the race in Iowa is, Democratic strategist Steve Jarding said.

    “Neither can afford to finish third in Iowa,” said Jarding, who has advised past Democratic presidential campaigns, including Edwards’ prior to his 2004 bid. “They are trying to be the anti-Hillary candidate. And, frankly, it’s surprising they waited this long.” [snip]

    Edwards and Obama have been peaceful rivals. But recently they have noted more often a key difference between their approaches to increasing health care coverage.

    The squabble reached a new level over the weekend, after Edwards questioned Obama’s electability and commitment to fighting special interests.

    desmoinesregister.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID= [space] /20071218/NEWS09/712180395/1001/NEWS

  263. hey all – thanks for your kind words and welcoming a newbie. I did start volunteering for Clinton in California several months ago, and one thing I suggested to them in the summer was to train people to counter the negatives in the comment boards and get more involved with the netroots – which have now been flooded with Obama-maniacs – the intellectual level of analysis of comments on Politico, WashPost, etc. have taken a nose-dive in the last 6 weeks and have started looking like quips from Facebook. I try on my own to counter what they say here and there; the negativity from Obama-ites is so intense and overwhelming – Thomas Edsall on Huffpost (aka Obama-feeding-frenzy-post) just suggested how “desperate are Bill and Hillary to win” – it’s amazing that these Obama-ites are so hateful towards the Clintons as if this election is about defeating the Clintons more than Bush’s legacy and Republican successor…and that people who once cheered on Universal Healthcare are now willing to toss it out the window for Obama’s Universal “access.” That world of Obama-frenzy is a world that’s upside down. Anyway, living in that world of negatives Obama-ite commentary has been frustrating for sure, and I’ve glad I found your community to help me keep my chin up and keep trudging on. That Gladiatorstail’s video of Hillary in the mid-90s giving a speech while picketers jeered that I found on myDD diaries was great – shows someone who’s had to keep trudging even through protest all her life. She is definitely a leader who has gone unnoticed and been underestimated all her life. I hope someday she is given her due.

  264. Truthdig

    This is why the Democratic presidential debate over polarization is so phony. At this point, Barack Obama’s campaign boils down to pointing the polarization finger at Hillary Clinton. But it turns out that Obama could be just as polarizing in a general election campaign.

    A blog run by political scientists at George Washington University analyzed the favorable and unfavorable ratings of the leading presidential candidates in both parties. Professor John Sides found that though Clinton is indeed the most polarizing, Obama came in second. Obama’s polarization index was even higher than that of Republican Rudy Giuliani, a figure so known for his abrasiveness in New York that the former mayor has sought to turn his congenital pique into a political virtue.


  265. Marc Ambinder not so much in BHO’s corner, at least on universal health care:

    Back to familiar territory. Obama’s new New Hampshire mailing responds to charges that his health care plan does not cover everyone. Horse pellets, Obama says, in not so many words.

    Why, even Hillary has said that every Democrat “is for universal health care.” (Clinton meant that every Democrat wants universal health care — Obama just doesn’t have a plan to achieve it.) And he cites experts agreeing with his view, but he does not provide the names of said experts.

    The first page of the mailing quotes Obama as saying: “We can end division and petty attacks and finally provide health care to every American.”

    On the last page, it says: “On January 8, let’s remind Hillary Clinton that New Hampshire’s primary won’t be won by launching misleading, negative attacks.”

    That Obama’s campaign would respond to Clinton’s charges in this way suggests that a needle in some focus group or another moved a little to far to the left… or that a few too many people were called into the campaign’s New Hampshire headquarters asking for clarification. The frame around the contrast is interesting: Clinton’s “attacks” are just part of the same “petty” divisiveness that is poisoning our politics.

    marcambinder.theatlantic.com/archives/2007/12/ [space] obamas_contrast_mailing_in_new_1.php

  266. Associated Press:

    Barack Obama’s appeal among Democrats is undeniable. He’s near the top of every poll and he packs rooms wherever he goes. But a vital piece of the Democratic power establishment isn’t showing him any love: labor unions.

    With the Iowa caucuses just over two weeks away, the Illinois senator is the only top-tier Democratic candidate who has not been endorsed by a national union. [snip]

    [Hillary Clinton has ten] well-heeled national unions in her camp, while former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards has four national union endorsements. [snip]

    Obama’s been trying “to avoid the claim he’s just like any other politician, so he doesn’t come off as a real advocate,” Bruno said. “But I think the labor movement wants an advocate, because you’re talking significant resources and investment.”

  267. Two articles on BHO’s “legal career”; the first, yesterday, by ChiSunTimes stretching bits and pieces into a legal career, and the second, in response pretty much destroying the faux resume (calling BHO “arm candy”).


  268. This comment from the second article pretty much sums up BHO’s Senate performance as well:

    Legal memos are assigned by lawyers to junior attorneys. Indeed, Obama’s vacuous legal career almost perfectly tracks his vacuous career as a national candidate. Barry O is brilliant at getting up and speaking in a situation he controls (compare to writing a memo). But when he has to enter the rough and tumble of political debate (compare to a courtroom hearing or trial) Obama is absent and ineffective. He can’t cut the rigors of a courtroom. Couldn’t then. Can’t now.

  269. Thanks, B. Merryfield. I’m still looking. Here is an article I found in the Seattle Times.


    Here are a couple of paragraphs from that long article:

    Viewed nearly 1 million times on YouTube in the week afterward, “How Do We Beat the Bitch” has entered the lore of the 2008 campaign, but with barely a hint of soul-searching.

    “Can you imagine if that woman had said, ‘How do we beat the “n-word”?’ ” asked Debbie Walsh, director of the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University’s Eagleton Institute of Politics.

    I hope this kind of thing can get more attention in all the right places!

  270. Only names on Michigan absentee ballots are “Clinton, Dennis Kucinich, Chris Dodd, Mike Gravel and ‘uncommitted.’ [snip]

    “On the Republican side of the ticket, it’s a much different story.

    “All of the candidates are on the ballot and all are expected to campaign here, at least in the few days immediately leading up to the primary.”

    blog.mlive.com/flintjournal/newsnow/2007/12/ [space] wheres_obama_gaps_on_ballots_s.html

  271. Outstanding insight into Mark Penn and Hillary’s campaign logitician.

    nydailynews.com/news/politics/2007/12/18/ [space] 2007-12-18_hillary_clintons_top_political_strategis.html

  272. I just emailed David Brooks who wrote an Op-Ed piece entitled “The Obama-Clinton Issue” and wrote:

    While I appreciate your article, you have misquoted Bill Clinton. Charlie Rose suggested America would be rolling the dice, not Bill. It has been framed that way to increase negative coverage of Hillary in the MSM. Also, if you’d like to look more closely at Senator Obama’s record, please read:


    I invite you to take all sides in to account before showing support.

  273. Mike Caulfield is right. Dems already have the “movement”, just waiting for a leader.

    Hint to HRC campaign: Message? Hillary’s ready to lead the movement on Day One.

    bluehampshire.com/showDiary.do;jsessionid= [space] 4BE7C8141BD8E9BEDDFFE614EA864A66?diaryId=2779

  274. A search for “mysogyny in politics” (with Clinton in the advanced search)showed all kinds of materials that are so bad they are not fit for this forum. I certainly can’t provide links to them.

    I believe it explains a lot of what is going on in the media and by some bloggers. If you want to know more about it, you will have to search for it also. You may not want to see it unless you merely want to better understand what you are seeing in the news.

  275. Excellent report from Carrie Dann (Iowa) on MSNBC. Though the anchor tried to focus on th negatives Carrie gave glowing report. She said the morale of the Clinton campaign is sky high after the DMR endorsement. The anchor tried to bring up negatives on Bill but it was brushed aside by the reporter. This morning on mornig Joe Schuster told Joe that the Iowa audience are very receptive to Bill and did not agree with Mika.

  276. I find this strange if not a little unusual. BHO’s campaign reports that 700 NH students have already voted absentee for BHO.

    Now, it’s nice to know that students are voting absentee, but is it really any of BHO’s campaign’s business to KNOW how they have voted? Or was someone present from BHO’s campaign when these students voted?

    Voting is supposed to be a private event, so how can the campaign claim 700 NH votes in the bag? This is worthy of a Taylor Marsh “Hot Topic Diary”.


  277. This is a nice piece by Craig crawford in CQ:

    Iowa Newspaper Endorsement Reboots Clinton Campaign
    By Craig Crawford | December 17, 2007 6:00 AM | Permalink | Comments (125)

    The Des Moines Register’s endorsement of Hillary Rodham Clinton could well be remembered as the moment when the New York senator began to lock down the Democratic presidential nomination. Expectations were running high that her main party rival, Barack Obama, would bag Iowa’s largest newspaper as the closing chapter for an emerging narrative that Clinton had lost her luster.

    Instead, Obama-mania suffered a major blow. The Register’s pragmatic editorial backing Clinton minced no words about what the newspaper sees as the Illinois senator’s “relative inexperience.” Even if Obama wins the Iowa caucuses, this endorsement likely guarantees that Clnton will do well enough to maintain her lead in bigger states down the road.

    But the Iowa newspaper’s hard-hitting rationale for its endorsement might just persuade undecided voters to give Sen. Clinton the margin for victory in the state’s Jan. 3 caucuses. The Register not only backed her candidacy. It’s supporting editorial concisely ratified her campaign’s closing argument – that she is prepared for the presidency, and Obama is not.

  278. MSNBC has stayed away from CC because they know he does not play their stupid game. I intend to write a letter to Olberman that he should pick tweety as the worst person of the day.

  279. Superb comment by “Grey” at Taylor Marsh. Grey, I hope you dont mind me cutting and pasting your comments below but they deserve applause and wide circulation for your eloquence and accuracy.

    “Matthews knows all about the anatomy of smears. If women support Clinton, it’s because they’re women, hence they should be dismissed. If men support her, it’s because she castrated them and they’re angling for a job. It’s okay for Obama to say his background in Indonesia is a plus on foreign affairs, but it’s a smear when the Clinton camp points out he was there between the ages of six and ten. Obama writes about his Muslim roots in “Dreams of My Father,” but Clinton supporter Bob Kerrey is a bigot for mentioning it and saying he thinks it’s a good thing that Obama has that kind of insight. It’s okay for Obama to say he represents change because of who he is, but it’s sexist for Clinton to even mention that she, too, symbolizes change because she’s a woman. It’s okay for Obama supporter Oprah to say her candidate embodies Dr. King’s dream, but it’s sexist for Clinton to mention “the all-boys club of American presidential politics.” For Matthews, Obama’s statements of fact are statements of facts, but Clinton’s statements of facts are smears, dirty politics and sexism reversed.

    Matthews is happy to live in his Clinton-bashing echo chamber where it’s still perfectly okay to be sexist while taking others to task for playing “the gender card.” Yeah, I wonder why anyone would ever bring that up. “

  280. Here’s an interesting NYT Op-Ed from David Brooks published shortly after the Philly Pile-on….


    November 2, 2007

    Feel the Love

    Op-Ed Columnist

    BRIAN WILLIAMS: Welcome to Drexel University, the site of tonight’s Democratic presidential debate. Let’s get started with Senator Barack Obama. Senator, you’ve vowed to spend this entire debate standing on Senator Clinton’s windpipe while reducing her to a quivering mass of jelly. How do you plan on doing that?

    SENATOR BARACK OBAMA: Well, Brian, as you know the goal of my campaign is to make this country as noble as I am. But without casting aspersion or criticism in any direction, I have noticed that Senator Clinton, probably without meaning to, has not fully contextualized her discourse, which has had the effect of diffusing the national conversation we must have about the tremendous challenges we face.

    WILLIAMS: Senator Clinton, I’m going to give you a few seconds to recover from that mauling.

    SENATOR HILLARY CLINTON (quietly weeping): Thank you, Brian.

    TIM RUSSERT: Senator Edwards, let’s turn to you. Four years ago, you vowed to run an entirely positive campaign. Now you’re running a negative one. What changed?

    JOHN EDWARDS: My convictions, Tim. The American people want a president they can trust. Four years ago I went from being a centrist New Democrat to a left-wing populist because I wanted voters to be able to trust that I would stand up against the forces of opportunism in this country. Now I stand up to the megarich lawyers. I stand up to the hedge fund managers, the big spenders and the McMansion owners. Basically, I’ve been standing up to myself. And I don’t take money from Washington lobbyists. I take money from the people who hire Washington lobbyists, which means a savings of, like, 15 percent.

    RUSSERT: Senator Clinton?

    CLINTON: First, I want to pre-emptively agree with what everybody will say on all sides of every issue in this debate. That’s why the Republicans are so afraid of me. Second, I want to congratulate the Boston Red Sox. I’ve been a Red Sox fan my whole life …

    WILLIAMS: Senator Biden, a different topic. If the Iranians vaporize Tel Aviv with a nuclear weapon, should Democrats ask them to apologize?


    WILLIAMS: Sorry, your time has expired. Senator Obama, same question.

    OBAMA: Absolutely not, Brian. If you look at this administration’s record on Iran, you see a lot of pejorative words, some of them very hurtful. We Democrats need to have the courage to counter the politics of fear by using the word “diplomacy” six and seven times in one sentence — eight, if necessary.

    EDWARDS: I worry about the two Irans. For while the corporate Jihadis are building nuclear weapons, the working-class extremists are shivering in doorways and making do with sharp sticks.

    WILLIAMS: Senator Clinton, at the end of your husband’s administration, you placed your authentic self in a cryogenic vault in the National Archives. Will you allow the archives to release your authentic self during this campaign?

    CLINTON: It’s kind of embarrassing Brian, but my authentic self was misfiled sometime in 2003, and we can’t find it.

    RUSSERT: Another question for Senator Clinton. You support giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. How many times should they be able to retake the little photos until they get one they like?

    CLINTON: To be clear, I said that licenses for illegals was a smart idea that I oppose. There are also many dumb ideas I support and mediocre ideas I’m lukewarm about. I keep track on my iPhone.

    REP. DENNIS KUCINICH (arriving): Sorry I’m late everybody. My U.F.O. got held up in traffic behind Shirley MacLaine’s house.

    WILLIAMS: Now we turn to our lightning round in which each of the candidates will have 3.75 seconds to spout pandering clichés that demonstrate how the campaigning process has reduced their minds to pabulum. Senator Clinton, which issue would you like to obfuscate next?

    CLINTON: Obfuscate? Son, let me tell you the truth, because you can’t handle the truth. We live in a world with enemies. We fight elections where people play rough. Who’s going to do it? These two pretty boys? The left-wing nutjobs in our party who sit around watching Bill Maher?

    I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, leads to victory. Because deep down, in places you don’t talk about in Santa Monica dinner parties, you want me at that podium. You need me at that podium. And I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to the self-righteous liberals who rise and sleep under the blanket of the very victory I provide! I wish you’d just said thanks and went on your way. In any case, I don’t give a damn what answers you think you’re entitled to!

    GOV. BILL RICHARDSON: That was beautiful, Hillary. I love you.

  281. Andrew Malcolm, LaTimes:

    Surrogate campaigners are usually a boon to presidential campaigns because they attract crowds and publicity in places and at times when the candidate is somewhere else. Candidate spouses, mainly wives, are especially popular surrogates because they bring a kind of intimate personal knowledge to the eager crowd, if sometimes a little controversy.

    But every once in a while, an overeager surrogate or a political neophyte steps smack into a cow pie. Campaign workers gulp, alert headquarters and move into instant damage control without actually admitting the mistake or criticizing the surrogate, especially if she’s the boss’s wife.

    Such is the case today in the Barack Obama Iowa camp. Late yesterday in Davenport, Michelle Obama was urging campaign workers to, well, work very hard to produce a strong Obama showing in the January caucus.

    “Iowa will make the difference,” she said. “If Barack doesn’t win Iowa, it is just a dream.” She said some other stuff about how good it would be to win Iowa. But she’d already stepped in it. [snip]

    The absolute last thing any candidate wants is to create the impression or expectation that he/she must win or it’s all over.

    So sleep was no doubt short in the Obama camp last night. Right away today out came Tommy Vietor, a spokesman, to say, “Every campaign has said it’s important to do well in Iowa, and that’s our goal.” And he hastened to add the Obama campaign would continue regardless of the Iowa outcome. But now the subject is out there, and for a few days at least Obama folks can expect questions from local TV crews about having to win Iowa.

    Edwards and Clinton spokesmen, not being nincompoops, declined to predict how well they would do or to define “success.”


  282. BTW, roll the dice came from Bill Clinton — if you watch the whole video on Rose’s website, Clinton says it (just the phrase, easy to miss,) a few seconds before Rose picked it up.

  283. I urge you to write MSNBC to protest and, in the Christmas spirit, the DMR to support them.

    I have a theory about Iowa, NH etc. In the past, the momentum from Iowa — and the rationale for IA and NH — came because people were not paying attention until the first caucus and primary. Thus a Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, etc. could get noticed because these unknowns were somewhat vetted by the little states.

    This year, if voters don’t know by now about Obama, Edwards, Richardson, Kucinich, etc. etc., they are unlikely to be voters. Thus the momentum is apt to be much less. If Obama wins big, that could give a bit of momentum because he is a ‘first’ — other than that, NH is making up its own mind. I can’t see why they would wait for IA, unless IA does something completely unexpected, like Biden wins.
    But IA has been very stable.

    This dovetails with my earlier theory that Obama peaked at or just before the Oprah weekend. Has anyone seen a surge since? We’ll know in a few days.

  284. Must read; from Boston Globe:

    Layers of emotion for Clinton
    By Marcella Bombardieri, political reporter
    December 17, 2007 11:56 AM

    JOHNSTON, Iowa – We knew that Hillary Clinton is focused right now on playing up her soft side, but we were still surprised by all the emotion at the podium in a chilly barn here this morning.

    Four people whose lives Clinton has touched offered tributes to her – two of them near tears.

    One was Jeff Volk, a self-described conservative Republican from New York. He lived through the 9/11 attack from his Wall Street office, and rode out Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, where he’d brought his daughter for her freshman year at Tulane.

    Volk had worked in the Nixon White House, but his repeated calls to the White House switchboard during the hurricane went unanswered. After he called Clinton’s office, though, she and her staff never lost touch.

    His voice quivered as he called her “one of the most caring, kind, compassionate individuals I’d ever met in my life.”

    Shannon Mallozzi described telling Clinton about her daughter’s life threatening illness, and finding the senator wasn’t the remote person she had imagined. “She took my hand and said, ‘I’m a mom too, and but for the grace of God I’d be sitting in your seat.’”

    Incidentally, it was interesting that Mallozzi said she was only asked to come here yesterday. It seems the campaign couldn’t have too many testimonials.

    Finally, fighting back tears, Clinton’s childhood best friend Betsy Ebeling took the microphone, speaking of Clinton’s loyalty and how when she says hello to a friend it “opens her whole face.”

    Clinton told a few old stories, too, describing how Ebeling led her through the halls of school when she left her glasses at home to impress “some boy or another who I hoped would notice me.”

    On a different note, she later brought up the idea of a Clinton dynasty to match the Bush dynasty, even though it is a controversial prospect for many voters.

    Somebody told her recently, she said, that “it looks like it takes a Clinton to clean up for a Bush.” She didn’t disagree. “I’m ready for the job if that’s what it takes.”

  285. This was absolutely SHOCKING coming from the rightie WashTimes, but worth the read from beginning to end:

    Our Hubris ‘N’ Handbags Tour returns home today, following a brisk week in corn country. We need a vacation from politics, punditry and all that roiling brew. We might as well get a divining rod or consult the stars, given the prognosticating we’ve heard. Everyone has a theory — conspiracy or otherwise. Ask a bartender, a taxi driver, a valet, a maid from some no-name post-Soviet colony, about politics and you’ll get an ear load. But in a nice way. These Iowans, they have opinions but they are not haters like the ones inside the Beltway and such. They say what they think but it’s tempered in nicety. It really is. They are not mean spirited and it’s refreshing.

    We would like to also take this time to say one thing: Mrs. Clinton looks really good. We heard her speak today and while a nasty pic was posted all over the Internet making her look terrible, in person this morning we can attest that she had fab hair — a perfect cut for her, truly she’s found the right hairdo — a nice suit, flattering makeup and even a fresh manicure. Given the nature of her schedule these days, she didn’t look THAT exhausted. We’d be wilted if we had to travel and speak and be upbeat that much. This campaign stuff is nonstop madness. Ya gotta be kooky even to run.

    I added a comment and I’d recommend that you all do, too. Not often we get a totally positive response from rightie media on Hillary.

    video1.washingtontimes.com/billups/2007/12/ [space] saw_hillary_in_person_today_sh.html

  286. Excellent report from Carrie Dann (Iowa) on MSNBC. Though the anchor tried to focus on th negatives Carrie gave glowing report. She said the morale of the Clinton campaign is sky high after the DMR endorsement. The anchor tried to bring up negatives on Bill but it was brushed aside by the reporter. This morning on mornig Joe Schuster told Joe that the Iowa audience are very receptive to Bill and did not agree with Mika.

    Can we cross our fingers and say the tide is turning on the media coverage? I would say it is if except for Matthews and

  287. Excellent report from Carrie Dann (Iowa) on MSNBC. Though the anchor tried to focus on th negatives Carrie gave glowing report. She said the morale of the Clinton campaign is sky high after the DMR endorsement. The anchor tried to bring up negatives on Bill but it was brushed aside by the reporter. This morning on mornig Joe Schuster told Joe that the Iowa audience are very receptive to Bill and did not agree with Mika.

    Can we cross our fingers and say the tide is turning on the media coverage? I would say it is, if except for Matthews and Tucker, the rest of the folks on MSNBC give her a decent coverage. We may be there but we just have to wait for a few days to confirm.

  288. Not to trudge up a dead story, but….I’m confused. What exactly did Kerrey say that is now being misrepresented as “smear”? I really hate that word, by the way. It makes me think that people are grabbing fistfulls of mud and rubbing it in each others faces. Oh wait… But , seriously? I’m confused at how they are getting smear out of Kerrey applauding Obama.

  289. Today, former New Hampshire State Senator and prominent pro-choice leader Katie Wheeler announced her endorsement of Senator Hillary Clinton. Wheeler, Founder and former Board Member of NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation and a former Board Member of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, joined 28 other pro-choice leaders from across the state in signing a letter to thousands of voters that details Senator Clinton’s record of fighting for and standing up for women, including the right to choose.

    nhinsider.com/press-releases/2007/12/18/nh-pro- [space] choice-leaders-praise-sen-clintons-commitment-to-wome.html

  290. Dr Earl Hutchinson puts Mr. Hope’s “surge” into perspective. Wonder why he’s not welcome on cable news shows? Hmmmmmm……


    Hillary Loathe Fest Drives Obama Surge
    by Earl Ofari Hutchinson

    Posted December 18, 2007 | 09:53 AM (EST)

    If Hillary Clinton said that pedophiles should be barred from hanging out in front of elementary schools you can bet that some in the bash Hillary crowd would scream at her for violating the civil rights of molesters. This is not crass hyperbole. The pound Clinton obsession has gotten that silly. Any, and I mean any and every little nasty snippet of gossip, innuendo and rumor about Clinton is instant fodder for the legion of talking head commentators, analysts, pundits, professional Clinton loathers, and many progressives. They take rapturous delight in dredging up, mangling, twisting, and distorting every past and present statement, speech, and item in Clinton’s voting record to tar her as a walking political disaster.

    Here are her alleged sins. Like hubby Bill, she is a business friendly politician that has taken some dubious, even contradictory positions on everything from the Iraq war to health care reform, wheels and deals with fat cat lobbyists and union top cats, and is a mainline charter member of the centrist Democratic leadership. On a personal note the knock is she is stiff, programmed, standoffish, and didn’t dump philandering Bill.

    But her two greatest sins are that she’s a woman playing the White House game which traditionally has been a game for the big boys, and she plays the game better than most men. The other one is that she can win. Both explain the visceral hatred for her from right to left on the political scale.
    It also explains why Barack Obama has surged. No one has benefited more from the anybody-but-Clinton loathe fest than Obama. If she wasn’t in the race and his opponents for the Democratic presidential nomination were three staid, centrist white male Democrats, Obama’s color and background would make him a curiosity item, but in the end he’d be the just another name in the pack.

    But the Bash Hillary mania is so deep and pernicious that it has done the unthinkable for Obama.
    It has given him a momentary free pass from the media and much of the public from any of the standard negative racial stereotypes of young and not-so-young African-American males. It has shielded him from the knee jerk double standard nit pick, dirt dig, and doubting whispers about the competence and intelligence of prominent blacks. The Fox Network which has never been accused of biting its collective lip on any politician with the M (moderate) , or L (liberal) words in front of their Democrat tag to progressive publications which routinely slay politicians for their corporate pandering and shilling have applied the hands-off, kid glove treatment to Obama’s record and policy faux paus’s.

    Obama quickly sniffed the stiff loathe Hillary political breeze and has picked at and niggled over every Clinton word and alleged political misdeed in the Democratic debates and on the campaign trail. He shrewdly turned the chase for the Democratic presidential nomination and the White House from a referendum on Bush’s gross failures to a referendum on Clinton. When Clinton tried to hit back she was accused of being divisive, polarizing and duplicitous. When a campaign aide rashly and wrongly played dirty political pool and dragged out Obama’s alleged use of drugs as a kid, Clinton was forced to do a mea culpa for his bumble and seek absolution from Obama. It meant nothing. She was pilloried in the press anyway. This over the top dose of media cheerleading and gloating wrapped Obama even tighter in the cloak of nobility, a man above the fray.

    When Bill dared say that she is a change maker too that was sneered at as a cheap effort to snatch at Obama’s self-designated label as the authentic agent of change. Even the most cursory glance at his voting record as an Illinois state legislator and his wafer thin voting record in the Senate shows the exact same penchant for corporate and lobbyist deal making, and reliance on big donor campaign handouts that Clinton is pounded for.

    There’s a method to the Hillary loathe fest. The tip off came when former Bush political massager Karl Rove dawned his best wolf in sheep’s clothing garb and pretended to give sage advice to Obama on how to beat Clinton. He did it for a reason. The GOP strategists see Obama as the softest of soft targets for whoever emerges from the GOP presidential pack. They think that in a head to head contest, Obama will bomb badly in the South and the Red State belt from Texas to Montana. That’s a potential loss of nearly 200 electoral votes for the Democrats before the first vote is even cast. And with a beaten, battered and spent Clinton out of the picture, the GOP’s big mud slinging mean machine will quickly chisel away Obama’s Teflon coat and the subtle race-tinged Obama beat down would kick in with a vengeance.

    But first there’s Hillary. She has to go and Obama is the chosen one to see that she does.

    Earl Ofari Hutchinson is an author and political analyst. His new book is The Latino Challenge to Black America: Towards a Conversation between African-Americans and Hispanics (Middle Passage Press)

  291. Good morning everyone. It’s almost afternoon though. Time for lunch! yummy.

    Last night, I turned off the TV and shut down my computer. I thought I’d do without all the name-calling and biased news on TV, the blogs and the newspaper sites; and do some reading. I started re-reading Al Franken’s “Why not me?” where he (the fictional presidential candidate Al Franken) slogs through an icy primary season (totally fiction). It is too funny. So, if you want to relieve some stress, but you don’t want to totally disengage from the primary season, go check out that book. You will laugh your head off and relieve some stress. Promise.

    Go Hillary!!

  292. What is with Real Clear Politics. They seem to give only good coverage for Obama and never say any thing good about Hillary. Is it a repub site?

  293. clintondem99, I think it is Repub-leaning.

    BTW, love the Hutchinson article. Just one quibble: Obama’s drug use isn’t alleged. He admitted it in his book and in front of a class of high school kids.

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