Hillary Clinton In Clover, Big Media In Crisis

Oops, the Des Moines Register is off the Big Media Party reservation. The Register endorsed Hillary Clinton.

The Big Media Party outlets will do their darnest to ignore or twist the story. But the story remains – The Des Moines Register Has Endorsed Hillary Clinton.

The Big Media Party always hated those dull President Bill Clinton speeches – heavy with details and programs to better American lives. But the American people loved those long, dull, detailed, issue heavy speeches.

Big Media wanted lots of hoopla and circuses, and gossip.

Now The Big Media Party hates those dull Hillary Clinton speeches heavy with details and programs to better American lives.

The Big Media Party will try to ignore “the most coveted endorsement” of this campaign season. But it’s a new age, and the Big Media Party is about to lose to another Clinton – Hillary Clinton.

* * *

We won’t indulge ourselves in repeating the Des Moines Register endorsement. Well, maybe just a little:

The choice, then, comes down to preparedness: Who is best prepared to confront the enormous challenges the nation faces — from ending the Iraq war to shoring up America’s middle class to confronting global climate change?

The job requires a president who not only understands the changes needed to move the country forward but also possesses the discipline and skill to navigate the reality of the resistant Washington power structure to get things done.That candidate is New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Big Media will try to ignore or twist the words of the Des Moines Register. But the postal carriers in Iowa will carry the message like happy Santas to warm households in Iowa. Usual Register readers will read the paper. The Hillary Team will mail reminders to many more. In vast farmlands, in cramped city apartments, young and old will open their mail boxes and read with wide eyed joy about the “discipline” and “skill” Hillary will employ to “navigate” the “resistant Washington power stucture” in order to “get things done”. Big Media can’t stop those happy “Santas” from delivering the news.

Hillary too will deliver the great message of how she will “get things done”. Her friends, old and new, young and not so young will help deliver the great news.

Former President Bill Clinton and former National Basketball Association superstar Earvin “Magic” Johnson are scheduled to campaign for Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton in Waterloo Tuesday, the Clinton campaign in Des Moines announced late Friday. [snip]

The Waterloo tour is part of a larger campaign tour on behalf of Sen. Clinton by the former president and Johnson, the three-time NBA Most Valuable Player who helped lead the Los Angeles Lakers to five NBA titles in the 1980s, following a 1979 NCAA national championship at Michigan State.

Maya Angelou will speak to millions, via radio, about the Hillary she knows.

The great Hillary Team in Iowa with names like Vilmain, Whouley, Celiff, Emjay will deploy across the land like happy snowflakes. Knocking on houses and apartments with stockings hung by the chimney with care, many volunteers will bring the news Big Media does not want to deliver.

On Sunday, Hillary travels to Council Bluffs where she’ll be endorsed by former Senator Bob Kerrey before heading by “Hill-A-Copter” to Dunlap and Le Mars. At each stop, Hillary will talk about why every county counts, emphasizing that every pocket of Iowa will play a major role in determining the outcome of the caucuses while pledging to work for change every day she is President.

In addition, Gen. Claudia Kennedy, longtime Hillary friend Betsy Ebeling, Gov. Tom Vilsack, Christie Vilsack, former Gov. Gary Locke and former FEMA Director James Lee Witt hit other counties in the state as part of the overall effort to connect with current and prospective supporters. In total, the campaign expects to have a presence in 26 Iowa counties on Sunday.

In addition to campaign events, surrogates will spend time with Iowans in their communities. For example, James Lee Witt is expected to visit a HyVee grocery store in Oskaloosa and Governor Gary Locke will attend the closing ceremony of a Chinese Language School in Johnston. [snip]

People forget that just a decade ago so many poor children didn’t have health care. Well, Hillary changed that. She delivered health care for six million children by helping create the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Five years ago, National Guardsmen and Reservists didn’t have access to health care. Hillary changed that too. She reached across the aisle in the Senate to deliver those critical benefits. She changed the way we think about health care when she fought her heart out for universal health care even when it wasn’t a popular cause. And Hillary changed the way the world looked at women’s rights when she stood up to the Chinese government in Beijing and declared that “women’s rights are human rights.”

That’s not just hoping for change or demanding change. That’s working for change. And that’s what Hillary will keep doing when she’s President.

A Hill-a-copter will be heard in the distance laden with good news and a plucky tough lady. Mothers will be heard on the airwaves and television speaking of the Hillary they know:

Barbara Marzelli, whose son has gone through four open-heart surgeries and is enrolled in the children’s health insurance program (SCHIP), praised Clinton for helping to create the program for kids.

“Without this, we would have lost everything, including our child,” she said. “Hillary will prove to you, as she has with our family already, that she has the strength, experience, commitment and heart to lead this country.”

And Annmarie Morse told the voters here about her college daughter’s losing fight against colon cancer and the problem her family faced when they realized she would lose her health insurance as soon as she left school for medical treatment.

Morse successfully lobbied for a new law in New Hampshire allowing college students to take medical leave and keep their health insurance; now she’s working with Clinton to pass the law at the federal level.

“Hillary Clinton is passionate about health care for everyone,” Morse said. “My motto is ‘never mess with a mom who is passionate about anything.‘ “

Big Pink websites will print and reprint the good news and not forget the Des Moines Register endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Hillary heroes will deploy to do battle and carry the Hillary message across the vast wasteland of Big Blogdom.

The result of this election is now in our own hands.

“Some believe you get change by demanding it. Some believe you get it by hoping for it. I believe you get it by working hard for change.”

We have 18 days. Big Media won’t stop us. Let’s get to work.


190 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton In Clover, Big Media In Crisis

  1. This is old, but so true. HRC=FDR. She’ll do great things for this country!

    How to win elections, FDR style

    Clinton’s campaign is too broad and vague, say critics, but that’s how Roosevelt ran.
    By James MacGregor Burns and Susan Dunn
    November 8, 2007
    ‘Do you wish to win for yourself the undesirable title of the 4-P’s Candidate: Pusillanimously-Pussyfooting-Pious-Platitudinous Roosevelt?” wrote a Harvard friend to Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932, imploring him to forthrightly address the crucial issues of the day. But Roosevelt had chosen a different — and safer — game plan. From the very beginning of his quest for the presidency in 1931, he purposefully sought to be elusive, vague and to appear to be all things to all people.

    Seventy-five years later, a chorus of political commentators — and fellow Democratic presidential candidates — are lashing out at Hillary Rodham Clinton, accusing her of the very same tactic of evasion. She straddles, practices “systematic caution” and plays “dodge ball,” they charge. Her critics demand that she be more candid and genuine.

    That is a sensible and astute formula — for losing elections.

    Roosevelt, the only American president to win four terms in office, campaigned as a supreme waffler in 1932 — and by doing so he beat incumbent Herbert Hoover and set the stage for the transformation of American society and government.

    FDR saw the Democratic Party for what it was: an amorphous association representing a wide variety of competing interests. To win the presidential nomination, he needed to keep on board an improbable mix of Eastern liberals, Western reformers, labor leaders, internationalists, Wall Street financiers and Southern states’ rights conservatives and white supremacists. So evasive was he that one columnist dubbed him “the corkscrew candidate.”

    After securing the nomination over several now-forgotten Democrats, his strategy in the general election remained the same: to appeal to as wide and inclusive a swath of the American public as possible, to Democrats, progressives, independents and moderate Republicans.

    Both Roosevelt and Hoover confronted a numbed, stricken nation, where millions of battered Americans — 25% of the country — were out of work, standing morosely in long bread lines, sleeping under frayed newspapers on streets lined with empty storefronts.

    Hoover rejected government action to help the jobless and needy. Instead, he passively passed the buck to the people, expressing confidence in their ability to “work out the cure” to the nation’s economic hardships.

    Roosevelt didn’t go much further. Once state governments and charitable organizations such as Community Chests had done everything in their power to help the poor, he told audiences, only then should the federal government step in as a last resort. The two candidates often seemed to be speaking each other’s lines.

    Only once during the campaign did FDR stray from that bland course. In a speech in Georgia, he warned that millions of desperate people “will not stand silently by forever while the things to satisfy their needs are within easy reach.” Was a gutsy Roosevelt raising the specter of mass revolt? Frantic that Roosevelt had committed a major gaffe in a flawless campaign, close advisor Louis Howe insisted that his boss tone down his message.

    As the campaign drew to a close, Roosevelt improbably assailed Hoover for “reckless and extravagant spending” and urged that government spending be cut by 25%.

    Roosevelt’s cagey strategy paid off. He swept the nation, carrying 42 states — only Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Vermont went Republican. The GOP lost 12 seats in the Senate and more than 100 seats in the House, giving control of both chambers to the Democrats. A sea change had taken place. And the presidential candidate who had suggested severe budget cuts would go on to spend billions — a lot of money in the 1930s — for huge relief and public-works programs.

    The task of uniting Democrats may seem less daunting today than in 1932 because the Southern conservatives FDR needed to keep on board have mostly left the party. But just substitute for them antiabortion, anti-gun control, anti-free-trade and anti-immigration Democrats, and it’s apparent that for Clinton or anyone else, the path to victory is, in fact, across a delicate political tightrope.

    James MacGregor Burns and Susan Dunn teach at Williams College. They are coauthors of “The Three Roosevelts: Patrician Leaders Who Transformed America” and “George Washington.”

  2. annoy big media or so called main stream media. this is a HUGE christmas present to hillary and us. hopefully rasmussen has some good news for us this week when he releases iowa and nh polls. GO HILLARY!!!

  3. Now is the time! Go Hillary! I KNOW that Hillary and her team will reach those voters, because she reached me. I argued as early as last year that I would never in a million years support Hillary for president, due to the supposed negatives. I first began to look at Hillary as a curiousity response to the vitriol I saw directed at her, and honestly expected to find at least some of it true. To my surprise, none of it was.

    The closer I looked, the more lies from the haters (on the far right AND the far left) I found. I found that she is caring, full of vision for a better America, and eminently qualified to take us there. The more I looked, the more sold I became on this remarkable woman’s ability to get the job done.

    I have always voted and followed politics closely, supported this or that candidate in primaries, but I have never in 47 years actively campaigned for a presidential candidate before. I will for Hillary. She has earned my fighting for her, and I will.

  4. I said it in the last thread. the money quote from Hill down the stretch, “Some believe you get change by demanding it. Some believe you get it by hoping for it. I believe you get it by working hard for change.”

    That and some variation of the glowing words from the DMR will make it to every household in Iowa, in some form, by caucus day. I can feel the wind coming back into everyone’s sails in the campaign and here on our site. There has been a ground shift, a change in the winds, a shift in momentum that’s palpable. Big Media is doing their best to flatten our Girl, but she’s come out fighting and the tide has turned. If we all do our part (I love you guys on the ground in IA and NH!) we’ll be riding that tide/wave into victory. The other guy has peaked at just the right time, for Hillary that is, and we’re poised to peak on January 3rd in Iowa, poised to peak in NH on the 8th…

  5. admin is right. today some in big media is either ignoring or down playing the dmr endoresment. they are desperate to stop hillary at all costs. but reality hit them in the face last night. and man, the nutkooks, and lefty blogs are fuming today. they are not on the high ledge yet but they are popping antidepressants.

  6. dcdemocrat, i think in last night’s thread someone already mentioned the obvious. dmr endoresment ad is in the works as we speak.lol.

  7. speaking of the page, interesting that there is a video on there where obama answers the question at a press conf. about whether or not his staff was making character attacks on hillary. what, has the press seen the attacktimeline.com finally? because it’s full of character attacks saying she’s calculating and not honest. mostly in october. mr nice guy was really not being nice, let’s be real.

  8. BTW, I know attacktimeline.com was put together by Hillary’s campaign but I can’t find a link to it from her Web site.

    Also, I was online here last night when we learned about the DMR endorsement. It tells you how much bad news we’ve endured that we were all stunned she got it, lol.

    And I’m very glad to hear Hillary’s going on TV tomorrow morning. This is definitely another phase in her stepped-up effort to reach voters directly.

  9. paula, you said it. it has been such a long time since hillary had a real good plash of news it was a great shock she got the dmr endorsement. even though the last debate was good for hillary.

  10. hillfans, off topic but have any of you noticed ton paul raising a TON of money this quarter? i bet he goes 3rd party.

  11. AmerGirl

    I didn’t know there was a new page…If you have a minute, can you go back to the last handful from earlier this morning. If you can’t, just let me know…I’ll put in here again.

    Thank you.

  12. i have noticed that same thing paula. on mydud they speculated going to obama, edwards and biden. they are still shellshocked.

  13. Grip your seats, here’s part of an assessment from London’s Financial Times

    The real reason for the strained relations [with progressives] lies elsewhere. Mr Obama is organising his campaign around what he calls a new – more consensual, more pragmatic – style of politics. This is his big idea, just as Mrs Clinton’s (improbable as it might seem) is depth of experience. This new tone is something many Americans appear to want and, after the bitterness and division of recent years, well they should.

    But progressives have been under the Republicans’ hammer too long. Rapprochement is the last thing they want. What they want is their turn. They come not to work with Republicans, but to bury them. If Mr Obama believes he can come to useful compromises with those people, many liberal activists believe, he is either far too innocent for this kind of work or a traitor in the making.


    Posted this at Taylor Marsh.

  14. terrondt, my son supports Ron Paul’s campaign and he says he has heard nothing about going 3rd party. I don’t doubt that he might but the Paulites are planning on really shaking up N.H., planning to pull those Indy voters here away from the Repugs, which benefits Hillary since BHO is counting on pulling them his way.

  15. If Biden or Richardson had been the frontrunners in Iowa, I dont think it would have ever gotten this dirty. They would have definitely kept it civil. Dodd, I am not sure of – he would probably have attacked her a lot but I dont think he would have got personal and he certainly would never have gone after Bill.

    Obama has some of the sleaziest people working for him. There was a very interesting comment the other day at Taylor Marsh’s site about how this candidacy came about, from PamelaB who is from IL and appears to know a bit about the inner workings of Chicago politics.

    Daley endorsed him before he even announced and some folks had already got Axelrod and Gibbs on board and planned out his fund raising strategy. By the way, Obama owes his 2004 Convention speaking spot to Rahm Emmanuel (who is from Chicago) and Emmanuel owes Daley for helping his congressional run. Emmanuel is reported to have said something like he was going to run and hide under his desk and wait till the time the whole thing was over after he heard about Obama’s run. There’s more to it than meets the eye on how this candidacy has been planned.

    Combine some of the sleaziest political strategists and an egoist candidate who thinks he can do no wrong and get easily carried by the hype, add to that a helpful, benign and doting press and there you have it – The Candidate of Hype.

  16. i see merryfield. it is interesting both huckabee and mccain are now considered upper tier but paul is pulling 1st tier money. he is not going nowhere near the gop nomination.

  17. tell me this is not true. I am hearing this. “Obama supporters are supposedly planning a protest outside the DMR offices, as well as boycotting the paper.”

    is this real? anybody subscribed to their listserv?

  18. I hope they do that – protest and show the world what they are truly made of.

    I wish on Jan 3 there is enough video evidence showing the busloads pour into Iowa and commandeer the caucus rooms.

  19. This from RedState:

    John Edwards was next on FTN, and he talked again about fighting big corporations. He said they must be fought directly and that no compromise is possible. He informed us that the Des Moines Register selected Hillary over himself because they are afraid to take on the special interests, preferring Hillary’s brand of compromise.

    * sour grapes *

  20. I wonder if this DMR endorsement is bigger than usul because Hill was winning Iowa for a time this late summer/early fall before the barrage of attacks on her character. I wonder if this endorsement by the good ladies at the DMR sort of validates Hillary’s character, which may be all the voters need.

  21. I just checked the daily tracking poll at Rasmussen Reports. Hillary’s numbers jumped by 3% in the national polls she is back at 40% and has 13% lead on BO.

  22. And Obama criticizes Hillary’s stance on Iran?


    “U.S. Senate candidate Barack Obama suggested Friday that the United States one day might have to launch surgical missile strikes into Iran and Pakistan to keep extremists from getting control of nuclear bombs.”

    Does anyone recall the protests in Pakistan?

    I continue:

    “Obama said that violent Islamic extremists are a vastly different brand of foe than was the Soviet Union during the Cold War, and they must be treated differently.”

    Thank you for your foreign policy assessment, Barack Obama. Or is this Dick Cheney speaking? Who speaketh thus?

    But this is my favorite:

    “‘I’m a Christian. And so, although I try not to have my religious beliefs dominate or determine my political views on this issue, I do believe that tradition, and my religious beliefs say that marriage is something sanctified between a man and a woman,’ Obama said.”

    How do these Republicans infiltrate our primaries?

  23. paula, i cuaght the last few minutes of hillary speaking. grrrr!!! anyway i think cspan have not featured an event of hers in a month!!! anyway she will be on road to the white house tonite on that network.

  24. Uh I love this. It keeps getting better and better. I am exhausted, but we will forge on. Emjay and myself will keep you all informed in how things keep going, and I am sure from now on until the caucus, it will go great. What a great weekend so far.

  25. Joe Lieberman, BHO’s former mentor whom BHO endorsed for the Conn. Dem. nomination in the 2006 mid-term election before he endorsed Ned Lamont, is endorsing Repug. John McCain. Guess the BHO-Lieberman honeymoon is over.


  26. I also notice Obama deploys Bush’s tactics when campaigning in South Carolina.


    “A crowd of about 30,000 was entering.

    And three demonstrators against nuclear power were carrying signs to warn of the risk that nuclear waste might be dumped in South Carolina in an Obama Administration.

    “Obama, Please Oppose a Nuclear Dump in S.C.,” one sign read.

    “Obama, Don’t Let S.C. Become Yucca Mountain,” said another.

    “Barack: Stop Supporting Plans to Dump High Level Nuclear Waste in South Carolina,” said the third.

    “A couple of people with the Obama campaign said, ‘You can’t take those signs in.’ And we said, ‘Oh, we know, we’re going to stand outside.’ Then the Obama staff told us we had to leave the property,” Minerd says.

    “I said, ‘This is public property, and I should be allowed to be here.’ But they repeated their line, and added: ‘If you want to hold your signs, you can go to the Budweiser sign, which is on the Budweiser building three blocks away.’ So I said, ‘Oh, you’ve got a free speech zone set up just like the Bush Administration.’ I couldn’t believe they were acting like Bush.”

    Minerd and Clements, who were standing together, decided not to move. Then the cops came.”

    Do Democrats seriously desire to nominate a President who will extend the Bush legacy of quelling all dissent and debate? Is this what some members of the Senate called the nuclear option? Ban all filibusters? Ban all protests? Does this explain why he abhords the 1960s?

  27. Those protestors in SC understand that Obama will be beholden to all the energy and mining interests who are bankrolling his campaign in Nevada.

  28. I am positive we are in a huge momentum right now. If we continue with this 99 county tour with great surrigates, we can win this thing. This is the best idea for Iowa from the Hill campaign in a while. I love it, and i am positive it correlates with the Michael Whouley endorsement.

  29. And this, by the way, is classic triangulation:

    “‘I’m a Christian. And so, although I try not to have my religious beliefs dominate or determine my political views on this issue, I do believe that tradition, and my religious beliefs say that marriage is something sanctified between a man and a woman,’ Obama said.”

    “I’m a Christian:” this is an acknowledgement of the lower right vertex of the triangle. “[A]lthough I try not to have my religious beliefs dominate or determinte my political views on the issue:” this is a gesture toward the lower left vertex of the triangle. “I do believe that tradition, and my religious beliefs say that marriage is something sanctified between a man and a woman:” this is his attempt to close the triangle at the apex. But notice what happens: the lower right vertex, the conservative position, is expanded, and all Obama leaves us with is a triangulation whose obtuseness befits a Republican, not a Democrat.

    He can criticize triangulation all he wants, but at least when the Clinton’s did it, the apex tip toward the left, not the right. So much for not compromising our core principles, and so much for Obama’s version of compromise: this one statement illustrates how Obama will skew the Party to the Right if he is elected our Party’s nominee.

  30. Portsmouth [N.H.] Herald: “At UNH, many fail on politics”

    John Barriere stood outside a University of New Hampshire dining hall Thursday afternoon trying to talk to fellow students about his favorite presidential candidate, Barack Obama.

    It was the last day of a university sponsored mock primary, an event aimed at encouraging students to get more involved and informed about the first-in-the-nation New Hampshire contest.

    Barriere was asking the young people entering the dining hall whether they had voted. Most just waved him off, or curtly answered no. Few slowed down to learn more about the event.

    “Most students don’t care,” he said. “Most students don’t know anything about what’s going on in this country.”

    The head of UNH for Obama, Barriere said he’s been working on campus all semester to get the word out on his candidate, but he’s found the number of students asking for more information now is about the same as it has been throughout the semester.


    Obama won the school’s mock primary with 55 percent of the vote. But a mock primary is hardly the real thing, and getting kids out of their dorms and to the polls will likely prove to be more difficult.

    Most of the students interviewed for this article knew little about the mock primary and some even said they had found certain students were confusing the straw poll-like event with the actual New Hampshire primary.

    – – –
    Bottom line: Doesn’t sound like there will be overwhelming in spite of all BHO’s efforts at UNH and I doubt that there will be a groundswell of support at the primary … although I could be wrong.


  31. Media Matters on the Big Media Party. Let’s note that the excuse many use is that Big Media just wants an interesting story. This is false. Big Media is pushing their agenda. There is almost never any talk from Big Media about the wholesale transfer of tens/hundreds of billions of dollars transferred to Big Media via digital bandwidth. Media Matters:


    KORNBLUT: I have to say we in the media are spoiling for a fight. Usually we are biased in favor of a good tussle at about this point. … I wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere between now and January 3, now that we know that’s when the Iowa caucuses are going to be, to see some kind of reverse, some kind of Obama surge or an Edwards surge. Something that is going to knock Hillary down a few pegs. Whether it’s a media creation, or something that actually happens on the ground. I would be shocked if there were nothing like that.

  32. what exactly did edwards say about the register? i don’t think shooting the messenger is a good move if that’s what he did..

  33. Kornblut was the author of that horrible article last week that claimed Hillary’s campaign was on the verge of implosion. All her sources are at a second have remove from the campaign, and a lot of her information was gleaned from reports written in October. But I thank her nonetheless for admitting she and others will fabricate scandals in order to keep their staff writers occupied during the holiday season.

  34. This ought to give BHO nightmares:

    “Get used to it, kids: It’s a boomers’ world after all”

    If you want to know what it is like to live in a baby boomer world, walk into your neighborhood Starbucks.

    After you order a latte or espresso from a friendly barista young enough to be a boomer’s daughter or son, take a look at the collection of CDs for sale. The fact that there are CDs should tell you something about the target audience.

    The emphasis is heavy on acts that appeal to boomers: The Police, Bruce Springsteen and Joni Mitchell.

    Had you walked into the coffee shop on June 5, you would have gotten the full boomer music treatment and heard, for hours on end, new songs by ex-Beatle Paul McCartney on the Starbucks-released “Memory Almost Full.”

    It was all McCartney all the time, and you don’t have to talk with many of the baristas to learn it was one of their worst days on the job. They were stuck inside their parents’ music.

    The kids had better get used to it.

    The boomers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The generation born between 1946 and 1964 is 78 million strong — around a quarter of the U.S. population — and still exerting tremendous cultural, political and economic influence.

    For America, there really is no getting past the boomers. They’re getting older, but they’re also growing more powerful and — unlike the president who influenced their youth — not about to pass on the torch to a new generation of Americans.

    America is on its second boomer president, George W. Bush, and the bulk of those presidential candidates eager to succeed him are also boomers. Even Barack Obama, the Democratic senator from Illinois who campaigns on a theme of getting beyond the old political fights, is himself a boomer, born in 1961.

    Take a look at the bestseller list and near the top is Tom Brokaw’s latest, “Boom! Voices of the Sixties: Personal Reflections on the ’60s and Today.”

    Read on … timesargus.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20071216/NEWS01/712160381/1002/NEWS01

  35. This will make you laugh:

    The unions frequently first look to seniority when choosing their candidates, said Tom Buffenbarger, the president of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, which has endorsed Clinton.

    “The babies (Edwards and Obama) may be cute,” he said Saturday at a four-union rally for Clinton at the IAM Lodge in southwest Cedar Rapids. “They may be cuddly. They may coo and cah, but we don’t nominate a baby to the hardest job in America.”

    gazetteonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20071216/ [space] IOWACAUCUS/340487379/1011/IOWACAUCUS

  36. “The babies (Edwards and Obama) may be cute,” he said Saturday at a four-union rally for Clinton at the IAM Lodge in southwest Cedar Rapids. “They may be cuddly. They may coo and cah, but we don’t nominate a baby to the hardest job in America.”

  37. “Given that Bill Clinton is both the Democratic Party’s senior statesman and most popular figure, this is the political equivalent of nuclear war. Obama is refusing to engage, responding as he has before with references to the questions about Clinton’s experience in 1992. Those questions failed, though, because Clinton had several terms as Governor and one as Attorney General to offer as executive experience, of which Obama has none.”


  38. hillfans, i just found out that my other senator from connecticut lieberman is going to endorse mccain for pres monday. this does not surprize me in the least. i voted for ned lamont for senate in 2006(one of the few agreements i have with the nutkooks). he should be stripped of his senority.

  39. effectively edwards says he thinks one has to fight the big corporate powers and the register disagrees on that. but he just flat out said working with the business community is the wrong thing to do. he really didn’t make any distinction between ‘big corporate interests’ and the business community, or he didn’t until bob schieffer called him on it to get specific. the whole interview is quite good at pointing out that edwards doesn’t offer a practical way to get anything done.

  40. Nice piece in the Dallas Morning News on Hill and Bill in Texas in 1972, attesting to her 35 years of experience in Presidential politics.

    “Experience from 1972 stumping in Texas helped shape Clinton’s campaign

    Elections ’08: Lone Star stumping gig in ’72 race helped shape own bid

    12:00 AM CST on Sunday, December 16, 2007

    By WAYNE SLATER / The Dallas Morning News

    AUSTIN – Bill and Hillary Clinton’s presidential partnership began 35 years ago with an impossible task in an improbable place – Texas.

    [Click image for a larger version] FILE/The Associated Press
    FILE/The Associated Press
    A 20-something Bill Clinton (left) and Joe Purcell (right), chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party, met George McGovern at a stop at the Little Rock Airport in 1972. Mr. Clinton was tapped to run the Texas campaign of the Democratic senator’s presidential race.

    She was dispatched by the Democratic Party to register voters in the Rio Grande Valley, where she didn’t speak the language.

    He was picked to run the Texas campaign of George McGovern, who didn’t have a chance.

    “The political outcome wasn’t very good,” Mrs. Clinton recalled in a recent interview.”

    But the experience, she said, was invaluable, and it shapes her own
    presidential bid to this day. Among the lessons she cited: How to form personal connections with voters. The importance of recognizing the culture of a place when asking for votes. And the logistical nightmare that a White House campaign can entail.

    “I saw in an up-close way what goes into a presidential campaign, and I feel like those lessons are ones I took with me,” she said.


  41. another_reader,

    I read that Edwards was asked what he planned to do since he said he would not work in concert with corporations and said that he would get Congress to cooperate with him. Guess he’s been out on the campaign trail too long and forgot how Congress works (or does not work).

  42. Bob Kerrey’s endorsement;

    December 16, 2007, 4:42 pm
    Clinton Endorsed by Bob Kerrey

    By Patrick Healy

    COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa –- One of Bill Clinton’s political headaches during his 1992 campaign and his first years as president was Bob Kerrey, the Democratic senator and Vietnam veteran from Nebraska, who also ran for the 1992 nomination and was a tough critic of some of Mr. Clinton’s personal and policy choices.

    Mr. Kerrey famously questioned Mr. Clinton’s candor during the ‘92 campaign, and, once Mr. Clinton took office, he drove the president to distraction by holding out his vote on a key budget bill until the last minute.

    Yet here Mr. Kerrey was Sunday afternoon, endorsing Mrs. Clinton’s presidential candidacy “enthusiastically and unequivocally.”

    Coming one day after an editorial in the influential Des Moines Register endorsed Mrs. Clinton’s bid, Mr. Kerrey –- speaking here, just across the Missouri River from his native Nebraska -– sought to inject the Clinton campaign with new momentum. Saying that Mrs. Clinton “inspires my confidence,” a phrase he repeated like a mantra, he said she had the record and experience to enact universal health insurance, confront global warming, modernize the Pentagon, and ensure that trade deals address concerns of labor unions and environmental groups.

    And he hailed her as a fellow warrior.

    “She has been standing up to the extreme wing of the Republican party for 15 years while they tried to tear her down, and you know what? She’s still standing,” Mr. Kerrey said.

    Friends of Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Kerrey say that the two have long been closer than Mr. Clinton and Mr. Kerrey were, and that Mr. Kerry admired some of her qualities –- preparedness, discipline, directness –- that he would criticize in Mr. Clinton. Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Kerrey have also grown closer since he moved to New York City several years ago to become president of the New School in 2001, after he left the United States Senate. And they worked together when he was a member of the federal 9/11 Commission.

    Mrs. Clinton beamed as Mr. Kerrey spoke, and hugged him afterward. “Bob Kerrey is the embodiment of patriotism in action,” she said. “He’s got some experience in tough fights.”


  43. another link you can’t put www. in front of…


  44. More positive press from the NYT.

    December 16, 2007, 4:47 pm
    Clinton Hits Iowa With New Energy

    By Patrick Healy

    COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa – A couple of quick observations from Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s first “Every County Counts” tour of Iowa, which will have her and her surrogates campaigning in all 99 counties of Iowa over the next five days.

    Maybe it was a good night’s sleep -– or, more likely, the Des Moines Register editorial endorsement today –- but Mrs. Clinton seems far more charged up, and her delivery is far crisper, than during her campaign events in New Hampshire on Saturday.

    She fired off some nice new lines as she began making her closing arguments to Iowa caucus-goers in advance of the Jan. 3 voting. Describing her role in the failed health care reform effort in 1993-94, she underscored the bit of biography with a new take-away line: “I sometimes think you can learn more about a person when you can see what they do after they don’t succeed.”

    Mrs. Clinton doesn’t often talk directly about the times she hasn’t succeeded; usually she just says she “bears the scars” from the health care experience.

    And after weeks of attacking Barack Obama over his health care plan, noting that it did not include a mandate that everyone obtain insurance, Mrs. Clinton knocked him in a new way. In a hushed tone, she mentioned some of the women and men she met in Iowa who did not have health insurance or were struggling financially, and said she did not want to leave any of them without health care.

    “Who gets to choose who’s left out?” she said. “Who should I leave out? I don’t want to leave anybody out. I’m not running for president to put Band-aids on this problem. I’m running for president to solve it.”

    Mr. Obama, of course, says he does not want to leave anyone out, either, and that his plan would lower the costs of obtaining insurance to make it possible for everyone to purchase it. But his plan only includes a mandate for all children to have coverage. As long as there’s a possibility that his plan would not cover everyone, Mrs. Clinton has an opening to criticize him for being willing to leave some people out, her advisers say.

    During the Q&A, she was also asked if she would “go to Beijing” and ask Chinese officials to meet the same environmental standards that the United States adheres to.

    “Yes, and I think it’s a really important questions,” she said, “and there are a couple different ways to approach it.” While she did not describe a planned mission to China, she said she would take steps like pushing the Chinese to meet food standards that the United States follows.”


    I’d like to think that this week-end marks the beginning of the Hillary surge to the nomination…

  45. The quote from the labor guy is cracking me up. That is too funny – I can just see my grandpa in his workboots: “What, you think I’d vote for the baby ’cause he’s cute?? Are you nuts??”

  46. Clinton’s ‘Hill-A-Copter’ makes its first landing

    Dunlap, Ia. — With just 18 days to go until the Iowa caucuses, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is stressing that “every pocket of Iowa” is crucial in helping secure her nomination.

    Clinton won’t go door-to-door in Iowa like she did in New Hampshire Saturday, at least not on this week’s Iowa blitz, her staff said today.

    Instead, she’s drawing attention by whirring in a chopper staff dubbed the “Hill-A-Copter” on a five-day handshake-a-thon, trying to make an impression on as many of Iowa’s 1,781 precincts as possible.

    Clinton made her first landing at 3 p.m. in her “Hill-A-Copter” – at the helipad that Dunlalp residents typically use to fly sick and injured residents to Omaha.

    As a campaign staffer sprinkled salt on the square of concrete, the size of about three parking spaces, a crowd began to gather about 2:50 p.m.

    “Town of 1,100 people, word gets around,” said Larry Heller, 48, who sells farm equipment.

    “Beside, Father Paul announced it in church,” said his wife, Deb Heller, 48.

    Today, Clinton’s doing two quick hops — from Council Bluffs to Dunlap, then Dunlap to Le Mars. She’ll be joined by a personal aide, Secret Service and a pool reporter from the Boston Globe.

    “After seven years of George Bush, we are ready for change. We are ready for a new beginning,” Clinton told the Council Bluffs audience after flying by airplane from Westchester County, N.Y., today.

    “It all comes down to one question: Who is ready and able to make the changes we need starting on day one in the White House?”

    “You are!” some people in the crowd called out. “Hillary!”

    Clinton said she was “especially honored” that The Des Moines Register’s editorial board endorsed her this morning.

    “Because it was an important event in this process,” she said, “and I am very grateful that they have zeroed in on the work that needs to be done by the next president, on my vision for our country, on my plans for change, and my ability to lead.”

    “Our campaign is energized, we’re picking up momentum,” she said, as her voice grew louder, “and we’re going all the way to Jan. 3!”


  47. It’s wonderful to hear she’s energized. We should never underestimate the importance of confidence. 🙂

    I also think it’s funny the pool reporter from the Boston Globe, which endorsed Obama, lol.

  48. heez.. Edwards is so stupid. Unfortunately while ads on CNN, I tuned into C-span and saw Edwards was giving speech. An elderly woman stood up and asked about darfur. he said he is generally asked that question by a young person, and the crowd laughed at her. it was embarrassing. the lady was so embarrassed. I dont know why these guys think elderly dont care about issues the same way young care about. stupid stupid stupid..

  49. hey Hawk

    It’s not just you and me babe, carrying on… it’s also the Manhatten lady you mentioned. along w/ others

    and SOON, tra la…tra la our very own HillaryLandRocks and many “stars” like her (at least I think she is one of the HillStars)

    Don’t know in which corner, or maybe the Ames doughnut hole, she will land, but I ain’t stupid, she’s coming with her no-nonsense gitRdone
    attitude. She just needs a temporary palace for the duration.

  50. i like the line from the president of the mashinist union, cause i am a machinist myself, and we have always been clinton supporters, from day one…

    barack obama also screwed the machinist real bad, when united airlines went into bankruptcy after 9/11…
    machinist have a special hate for obama, and tom buffenbarger our president has had words with obama.

    for the last 3 years, at every union convention, barrys name always comes up, and machininst activists, have a grudge believe me…

  51. It is amusing to watch Big Media stagger and sway between slavish idoltry for Obama and their Chicken Little routine for Hillary.

    Dean Renyolds is the latest one to cover himself with such glory. We should give him an Pulitzer or at least let him borrow the one they gave to Robin Givhan for her contribution to civilization.

    All I can say in response is if this bunch of heroes had been with Old Hickory at the Battle of New Orleans in 1814, he never would have had a chance to say “don’t fire til you see the whites of their eyes”.

    By the time Andy Jackson raised his sabre to give that order, these big media types Russert included would have been too busy doing what the late singer Johnny Horton tells us the British did on that auspicious occasion:

    Oh they ran through the briars
    And ran through the bushes
    And ran every place that
    A rabbit couldn’t go

    They ran so fast that a
    Hound couldn’t catch em
    Down the Mississippi
    To the Gulf of Mexico

    We on the other hand know how stand our ground and wait for the right moment. Our allegiance is to our candidate and our country; not to some big media narrative, or corporate handlers. That’s the difference. And its all the difference we need.

  52. FYI: I just got a robocall from “Election Research” 703 378-2990 and the caller ID is PS 07.

    The voice asked if I was going to vote in the N.H. Primary on January 8 and asked for me to answer “yes” or “no”. I waited. The recording ran again, asking me the same thing with the addition of an option to have the question repeated. I still did not answer and hung up.

    The Google search found that lots of folks are getting these calls with the same ID but apparently nobody has tracked down who they are except that it’s coming from the D.C./Va. area.

  53. hell with lou dobbs. he trashes anybody nightly on his program. he is a single issue person. illegal immigration.

  54. It’s going to be interesting to hear what Bob and Brooke have to say this weekend on On The Media, NPR streamed tonite CST 6 pm on WOI Radio AM. Those 2 don’t pull punches and have called it clear and clean on the media for a long, long time.

  55. Must reading from the AFP;

    Remember Punjab-Gate, Homophobia-Gate, Wasted-Lives-Gate?

    Sunday, 16 December 2007
    by Larry C. Johnson

    Barack Obama has had to apologize plenty of times, but hasn’t apologized face-to-face to Sen. Hillary Clinton, as she did yesterday when she sought to meet and apologize personally on the tarmac of a Washington, D.C. airport for the remarks of Bill Sheehan, a campaign co-chair, about Sen. Obama’s youthful drug usage. Mr. Sheehan resigned yesterday. The “gates” include:

    Punjab-gate: The opposition research department for Obama’s campaign wrote a dossier titled “Hillary Clinton (D-Punjabs)’s Personal Financial and Political Ties to India,” suggesting that Clinton’s pro-India proclivities “will compromise her commitment to Americans.” Reason identified Obama’s hit piece as “Lou Dobbs-level rhetoric.”


    There are some who do get it…

  56. emjay: Don’t know in which corner, or maybe the Ames doughnut hole, she will land, but I ain’t stupid, she’s coming with her no-nonsense gitRdone
    attitude. She just needs a temporary palace for the duration.

    I’ll disclose my field office on the 4th — don’t want to run into Ben Smith and his witch hunt. No nonsense is right. I’m busy studying maps, getting to know neighborhood names, precinct locations, as much about the area as possible. Not going to sound like a stupid out-of-stater! Looking forward to it — have never been to Iowa.

  57. Maybe this has been said before, but I am now convinced that the Big Media are deliberately trying to make Hillary look like her campaign is in trouble. I knew they were doing it with the weather, exaggerating weather patterns people have dealt with for hundreds of years (e.g. Snow tomorrow!! Film at 11!!).

    Now I can see they are doing the same thing, trying to make this race seem closer than it really is, making things up, distorting, exaggerating, and so on. So predictable. Really desperate, trying to bump the ratings like the TV sweeps, looking rather like a B rated reality show.

    Its sad to see, and I hope that Hillary and her advisors don’t get off message, and allow them to be distracted by these obvious attempts to generate controversy rather than focus on substance.

    However, given Bill’s interview with Charlie Rose, I’m even more confident I have nothing to worry about, Hillary will be 44. Nothing BM can do about that, thank goodness.

  58. my lil mean neighbor came by knocked my door, asked me if I were paying attention to elections and asked me not to vote for Obama (with an s instead of b) , but for Hillary. stupid guy indeed, but I asked him why, he told me this guy was a kid who didnt know what he was doing and that he will lose and neocon republicans will keep running the country. he is a veteran too.

  59. guys Obama supporters are PISSED. I think we should post more positive diaries and comments, many many more. like flood all blogs with pro hillary messages, not anti-obama or anti-edwards 🙂 whenever they lie, just point them to http://www.attacktimeline.com or facthub.com or some link to news paper instead of silly arguments.. hehe that way we can stay positive for next 3 weeks. Hill is going to carry it. I can already feel it!!!!

  60. Love it. I am going to the office soon after my laundry is finished and I am done studying for one of my finals. This is going great here in Iowa.

  61. Hawk, hope you recovered from your birthday celebration and DMR celebration.

    It’s cold in Iowa – Turn Up The Heat

  62. good post on mydd about obama’s 04 support of strikes on Iran compared to his bashing of Hillary on her Iran vote today..

  63. I wish there were people waving “confidence” and “still standing” signs at Hillary events. The warrior narrative that Bob Kerrey suggests is great too. She needs to get some emotion into this campaign to seal the deal.

  64. this comment on taylors blog is interesting.


    I used to scan all the liberal blogs including yours fairly regularly, but now, yours is one of the only ones I come back to. For the life of me, I can’t see how so many intelligent and well meaning people have gotten caught up in the Obama aura.

    Of all things, when I listen to Obama, I go back to something Rush Limbaugh said, and not the sort of things you might guess. On the day after the 2006 elections, he delivered his post-mortem succinctly: “You can’t beat something with nothing, and that’s what the Republicans had, nothing.”

    If this election comes down to a one-on-one showdown, Giuliani stands for something, loony as it may be; Romney stands for a different economic something and Mike Huckabee is the most sincere and dangerous of all, but at least when he talks, he says exactly what he means. Obama is for “hope.”

    Hope is good; we all hope the next four years will be better. But hope isn’t something, and that’s the message that the Republicans will drive home. And it won’t be the MSM who loves Obama that will be driving the message, it will be Rush, Sean, Bill O, Faux News and the rest of them who will wind up forcing the MSM to pay attention.

    I can just see it now, a Republican commercial stringing together ten or twelve meaningless Obama sound bites and ending with: What does Barack Obama stand for? Who knows? Obama is an updated version of Hal Phillip Walker, the fictional candidate in Nashville, whose campaign truck kept telling people the things he wasn’t but never what he was. Obama is the happy face version of Hal Phillip Walker.

    What hurts me the most is that, contrary to what progressives have alleged, Hillary has stood up for them. She stood up to Bill O’Reilly on behalf of Daily Kos; she stood up to the right wing slime machine on behalf of Move On. It was her effort to stand up for Elliot Spitzer, a fellow New York Dem, that got her in trouble when throwing him to the wolves would have been far more expedient. Who has Obama stood up for? His good buddy Tom Coburn perhaps?

    So many have bought into Obama’s revisionist history of things he now claimed he stood for or against. He was against the Iraq war… except anytime he went on the record or appeared in public. He’s aghast when anyone actually brings up a question of what he did or did not do in the past, only preferring to spread the gospel of his vision of the future. But vague visions of a rosy future without any plan to get there other than hope (which won’t work with the Tom Coburns of this world who will be the obstacle for any Democratic president, or the Karl Roves who will be the obstacle for any Democratic presidential candidate) just won’t cut it.

    I’ve begin to note a tendency among a number of commentators to start taking a more serious, realistic look at Obama and assess what he really does and does not stand for. Hopefully, that will continue for the next month. In the meantime, keep playing it straight with your readers and listeners.

  65. Hi…only have a few moments, so have to skip the comments for right now, but I wanted to find out quick if Admin is back and has our unfriendly friend been put on chill-til-firm status but most of all is his video still out there attached to us? I was so mad at him for lying to us last night when I read early this am it was still there. I’ll wait a bit for the answer and then you can scrub this out if need be.

  66. I agree, stay positive. And I honsetly believe that some of the negative stuff on the blogs from purported “Hillary supporters” is sockpuppets trying to smear her.

  67. “teddy wont endorse any candidate…”

    RFK jr. has. That James Burns article on FDR is great – I had Burns in college, he’s practically a member of the Kennedy family. He bio’d Teddy and JFK. I think the Kennedy clan is in Hil’s corner — and, just maybe, pulling Romney’s strings?

    “They come not to work with Republicans, but to bury them.” Amen.

    I put a mash-up of Hil’s campaign ads on Youtube. Her Wellesley event was so wonderful, and the media tried to turn it into something negative. Once you see the actual Hillblazers video, Big Media look like … I’m not going to say it.

    Speak From The Heart – Hillary Clinton at Wellesley

  68. I hesitate to post this but Drudge is something else…what more slams can they think up? Evidently Hillary can’t even have a day when she is tired lest a photographer snap a picture that someone in the media will try to use for some negative purpose….Would they do this with the men?

  69. L J,

    thanks so much for not trying to screw us…
    you should have seen the one on here last night !

    your video was charming, and sounded so sincere, whats not to like?
    you have a confident informed air about you, that totally sold it.


  70. Hey guys, if you wanna know how many appearances each candidate has made for a time period or see a side by side issue comparison check here: http://www.iowapolitics.com/

    I think there is also a link of campaign events listed. Just check out the updated lists daily.

    Bwak will not win this. Hillary is the candidate of the people and they will pull through not for her, but for themselves because when the chips are down, you want a warrior on your side.

    Go Big Pink.

  71. Obama is on the Today show tomorrow (along with Hillary)…NBC/MSNBC shameless plug for Obama..I guess they just couldn’t stand having Hillary on the Today show unless he could be there too

  72. guys.. this NYT article bothers me. I think I saw this program on C-span today.


    That is NOT what Hillary said. she said she differs on Iran. she went on to say that her vote has helped reduce deaths, and then said if her vote can save lives, then she will vote that way. NYT is lying. dkos is going crazy.

  73. What is dkos crazy about? she has said the same thing all along and said the same thing in a debate recently (npr) in a back and forth with biden on this issue.

  74. gladiatorstail – well, they do, she is right, what is the problem? (not a question for you, one for kos.)

  75. the reading comprehension skills of Daily Kos readers are wanting. this explains why one should never be distracted by the tendentious pyrotechnics overzealous obama supporters detonate on that website.

  76. no the initial thread by kos was by “they” in the article, Hillary was refering to Obama and Edwards. infact, she was refering to IRG. he then went on to pose the question if the next ad she would make, she would morph Obama and Edwards with Osama Bin Laden. he has now cleaned it all up after comments.

  77. mj: thats what I thought too

    anyways, AG, are you saying they both will be on same show at same time? this is NOT good for Hillary. they will throw softballs at Obama and hardballs at Hillary, and goad him to take advantages of her answers. can you confirm timings?

  78. Kos knew. He is the one who is losing it. He is on an ego trip these days, and is enjoying playing cat and mouse with his posts and laughing at his own blog and those who frequent it.

  79. there going on the today show i thought dodd has a vote tommorrw ,i just thought of it from fridays cspan,i cant rem what vote it was for ..

  80. I was just watching Hillary on CSpan. They were playing Tom Petty’s “American Girl”. Great song for her!

  81. yep i heard it…good song too..i watch cspan.that frank luntz was on with hannity…i do not believe that dial crap//

  82. You know, I was just thinking. Team Clinton should call BHO on bringing up Clinton’s quote. From what I remember, I think the true intent was about the thought-process of everyday Americans as represented by a rural-state Govenor. First, Obama is a Chicagoan. That’s exactly what Bill meant – big city elitists. Second, the difference was betweem the Senior Gov of the USA vs. the POTUS. That is way different than part-time state sen. job/ part-time college teacher vs. co-pres. multi-term senator.

  83. Paul Krugman takes it to BHO again today with “Big Table Fantasies”, which is smack down on BHO vs. Edwards.

    “Broadly speaking, the serious contenders for the Democratic nomination are offering similar policy proposals — the dispute over health care mandates notwithstanding. But there are large differences among the candidates in their beliefs about what it will take to turn a progressive agenda into reality.”


  84. For those still wondering how helpful that Boston Globe endorsement really is:

    Now that the Boston Globe has endorsed Barack Obama, the first question is: does it matter to anyone outside the campaigns?

    The answer is: hardly.

    The Globe’s presence in New Hampshire is minimal and has been steadily shrinking over the past decade. In fact, a few years ago the Globe stopped publishing its “New Hampshire Weekly” edition, citing paltry circulation numbers and declining advertising revenues. At the time, they were reaching approximately 23,000 New Hampshire adults, almost all in the southern tier of the state (i.e. south of Manchester and Portsmouth).

    In case you are wondering, in a state with just over 1 million adults that represents about 2.3% of the population. Figure that at least half of those people are Republicans, and you can see the Globe’s Obama-love means little to those who will be voting in the primary.

    Sorry, Barack. Better hope the Union Leader likes you.


  85. i just read frank rich’s recent column. i can’t believe he really thinks we should pick a president based on the oprah-obama movement making people feel good. that’s a luxury he can afford because he’s got a good job, health insurance, probably doesn’t have a subprime mortgage and about to lose his house, the economy in his part of nyc is probably going great, none of his family is in iraq i bet, and so on and so forth.

    does he not realize there are real issues at stake here that affect people’s lives. but by all means, let’s vote for someone who has no track record of actually doing much on these issues, because frank rich thinks the other candidate is “shrill.” it’s just absurd to me. which candidate is going to be most likely to get universal health care passed? does this matter? it should. hillary got SCHIP done. does this matter? would it have been better to give millions of people a lofty idea about american ecumenicalism, or health insurance for their kids?

  86. Paul Krugman article is interesting. But I am not sure I understand why he hasnt included Hillary into the debate. However, he reassures us what TM has always been saying, It is Edwards who is anti-Hillary, not Obama. If the voters are anti-clinton, then they should go to Edwards, not Obama. Because Obama is talking like how Krugman pointed out, right out of rightwing booklet. I would have wished Krugman take a shot or two at Hillary too, but I think I know where he is coming from. He has made it sufficiently clear that he supports Edwards, but he cannot get Hillary supporters to budge, because Hillary supporters already dislike Edwards. We are more pro-business and pro- quality economics. Edwards is a populist who is moving towards isolationist trade policies. Obama is lost in the middle, and he is left to pick up more of right wing stand on everything from healthcare, social security to trade relations. So Krugman realises that while he cannot get a single supporter of Hillary to budge from supporting her, he can get some of soft support of Obama to move to Edwards and consolidate anti-hillary vote.
    policy wise, he is correct. Obama is way off towards right. Edwards is too far to left. Hillary is center, right of Edwards, but left of Edwards wrt SS, UHC, and other issues. the article makes sense, but it has to be seen if it has a real impact.

  87. Beginning at 7:00 a.m. Hillary Clinton appears on ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s Today, CBS’ Early Show, Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends, MSNBC’s Morning Joe and CNN’s American Morning.

    Should be interesting. What would have even more interesting is if she had conferenced called with all of them at once and watch the pundits fall all over themselves for air time, OR, alternate theory, treat them like they were in a debate answering her questions.

  88. they cut her down on ABC. didnt show the complete interview. the interview was stupid. they made a case for Obama by parsing Bill’s interview. 1 down, useless interview. Obama gains, Hillary loses in this interview.

  89. Held my breath and watched NBC with David Gregory (Hi David) and Morning Joke (Hi Joe) interviews. She was great on both. David tried real hard for a negative sound byte but he was the only angry one there since he failed to get it. Mika and Joe were joking with her, although Mika tried real hard to get her to talk about Billy Shaheen and BHO’s cocaine use.

    I must have been too late for ABC although I kept switching channels. Had to pass on Faux News and CNN as it looked like in the advance bits that they were both looking for gotcha sound bytes, too.

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