Surprise And Hooray – It’s Michael Whouley Day

Hillary has won a major primary – the Michael Whouley primary.

We think this is important even if it is very “inside baseball”. Mark Halperin thinks this is pretty important too.

Who’s Michael Whouley? We occasionally sprinkle his name on our posts (such as the last sentence in this October 6 post HERE and comments such as this one in September HERE), but most people don’t know who Whouley (pronounced WHO-lee) is or why he is so important and a great hire for the Hillary campaign and a big “catch”.

Whouley is the man who (by our lights) won Iowa for Al Gore and John Kerry. Whouley has quite a history that most Democrats don’t know (and Whouley likes it that way). In the nuts and bolts organizational fight which is Iowa, Whouley is a major asset due to his organizational skills and knowledge of Iowa.

CBS News in the 2004 election cycle wrote Michael Whouley is John Kerry’s Secret Weapon:

It’s been a long time since John Kerry got anything resembling good news. In fact, for most of the winter Kerry has been fending off reporters determined to nail his coffin shut. But lo and behold, after several days of steadily climbing in Iowa polls, Kerry may now have a claim to first place there. That’s a startling development. Sure, a Kerry win in Iowa hardly makes him the race’s front-runner. But it might be his last, best hope for staying alive. But there might be another, more hidden story — a secret weapon Kerry unleashed in Iowa several weeks ago. His name is Michael Whouley. [snip]

Michael who? Unless you’re a hard-core political junkie, you’ve probably never even heard the name. But within the Democratic political world, Whouley is an almost-mythical figure. Revered as one of the party’s fiercest and most talented ground-level organizers, Whouley is widely credited with saving Al Gore’s foundering campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire in the 2000 primaries against Bill Bradley. Now this old Kerry ally may be working his magic one more time.

The Hotline a year ago wrote about Whouley’s involvement in the Atlas Project designed to increase Democratic turnout in the general election. In the 2006 election cycle the Democratic Congressional Campaign brought in Michael Whouley to supervise the field programs.

Whouley is a behind the scenes player.

Whouley often seems like a kind of Keyser Soze figure — his fearsome powers are the stuff of legend, but the man himself is rarely seen. Unlike other top campaign operatives, Whouley shuns attention. He avoids shows like “Hardball” and “Crossfire,” and you can’t find a picture of him on the Web. Whouley is so secretive that in 2000 he wouldn’t even walk in front of a C-SPAN camera so his mother-in-law could see him on television. On the phone, Whouley sounds like a 300-pound truck driver — he has a grumbly, profane voice, heavily inflected with the accent he acquired growing up in Boston’s working-class Dorchester neighborhood. (In fact, he is short, “balding,” and “whip thin,” according to The New York Times.)

Whouley also hates to be written about. Gore’s former campaign manager, Donna Brazile, confided to me yesterday that she’d just gotten off the phone with Whouley. He’d told her “to stop bragging about him” to reporters.

It is not Whouley’s interesting persona that makes him such a catch for presidential candidates.

But Whouley’s track record makes him hard to ignore. Numerous veterans of the 2000 Gore campaign, including Gore himself, give Whouley vast credit for saving Gore’s hide from Bill Bradley’s primary challenge that year. At the time, Whouley was a fortyish ground operative who had been field director for Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign and, briefly, patronage chief in the White House. He was first dispatched to New Hampshire after a poll showing Bradley with a lead in New Hampshire rocked the complacent Gore campaign. Whouley quickly identified the problem: Gore had been too regal and distant from the voters. He ended Gore’s endless endorsement events and forced him to bang on more doors and make himself accessible through long town-hall meetings with undecided voters. They proved highly popular and crucially humanized the stiff vice president.

Having shored up Gore in New Hampshire, Whouley proceeded to Iowa, where Bradley was also gaining ground. Whouley called in several trusted old allies from around the country, many from Boston, and overhauled Gore’s state operation. Once again, Whouley got results — even if it meant bruising feelings. Press accounts describe an “icy fury” and killer stares shot at campaign workers who fail him. Brazile says she blanched when Whouley insisted that the man who’d been promised the prestigious job of managing California for Gore be sent to Western Iowa instead. But it was done. More efficient mail and phone operations helped Gore find his footing, and he blew out Bradley by 28 points.

Finally Whouley returned to New Hampshire for the homestretch in that state. He micromanaged Gore’s voter turnout machine to the last possible hour — even sending a last-minute throng of volunteers to pound on doors based on 4 p.m. primary exit poll data. In a rare moment of self-promotion following the primary, Whouley even bragged that he’d dispatched a convoy to create a traffic jam on I-93, designed to prevent upscale suburban Bradley voters from getting to the polls. (He later insisted this was a joke.) “He is so incredibly focused,” Gore would later conclude to The Washington Post, that when Whouley sets a goal, “book it.”

Shades of today’s Hill-a-copter announcement:

Now he’s got him. True, Whouley’s magic wasn’t too evident for much of this year, as Kerry floundered. But in November, Kerry sent Whouley to Iowa, charged with whipping his state organization into shape. Soon after arriving, Whouley began to make his mark. As he did in 2000, Whouley again summoned several trusted old friends to help him (including Bostonians Paul Pezzella and Joe Ricca, both field operatives from Michael Dukakis’s 1988 primary campaign). Last month, he boosted the Iowa staff’s morale by solving a longstanding problem — Kerry’s Iowa direct-mail budget was bogged down in campaign bureaucracy — with a single insistent phone call to Washington. And more recently, he introduced an impressive new weapon into Kerry’s arsenal: a campaign helicopter (dubbed the “Kerry-Copter”), which one aide says has allowed Kerry to make up to three additional campaign stops per day.

Brazile says she’s not surprised that Kerry’s Iowa surge was preceded by Whouley’s arrival there. After learning that Kerry had sent Whouley to Iowa, Brazile says she contacted top Gephardt and Dean campaign officials with a friendly warning: Watch out. “Whouley knows how to close,” she told them. “He will kick the living daylights out of your campaign operation. I said, ‘Let me tell you what Whouley is going to do. He is going to close. He’s going to convert twos to ones.'” (A reference to the campaign practice of ranking possible supporters on a one to five scale.) “And when the undecideds start moving,” she warned at the time, “he’s going to convert them, too.” That’s just what’s happened.

Back when the article was written, the results in Iowa, and Kerry/Whouley’s victory were not yet known. We have the benefit of hindsight. We know the results in Iowa 2004:

Of course, the real test of Whouley’s powers isn’t a Zogby poll. It will come on Monday, when he’ll have to get Kerry’s supporters to the caucuses. On the one hand, Whouley is a master of brute-force turnout tactics. But it may be that Kerry’s rise was too little, too late even for this ground-game wizard. “Michael Whouley is a general without an army,” says Gephardt campaign manager Steve Murphy. Kerry, Murphy says, simply does not have the sheer manpower to compete with the thousands of Dean and Gephardt volunteers who have poured into Iowa. Perhaps. But if Kerry — a man left for dead by the side of New Hampshire’s highways just a few weeks ago — pulls out an astonishing showing in Iowa, you’ll know that Michael Whouley has done it again.


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  1. The Whouley pickup is certain to terrify Hillary’s opponents. I am very pleased by news of this.

    BTW, saw Bill on Charlie Rose last night. He did a fantastic job of articulating why we need Hillary now. The “rolling the dice” line, referring to Obama, was particularly on point. Furthermore, he succinctly captured the central question that democratic voters are facing in this primary. Obviously all democratic candidates have policy platforms that will lead to change from the disastrous Bush policies. The question is who can actually effect this change. And the answer is obviously Hillary. Unlike Obama, she has the right experience for real change to happen.

    I am very pleased that Hillary’s campaign is starting to address the issue of change and pointing out that only she can actually bring about the change we want– because she knows how to get things done and she will work at it like no other. However, I believe that like Bill did last nite, Hillary’s campaign has to start tying in her experience to the change we need. It is not only that we can’t just hope for change but must work for it. Her experience is central in making this change happen. Without it you are rolling the dice. So I’ll say it once more: Hillary has the right experience for real change (not Obama non experience for non substantive change)

  2. this is fantastic news! i followed kerry’s campaign very closely last time around and was always wondering where mr whouley was this year.

  3. I am so thrilled with this! The man is a freaking genius. I see big parallels between Hillary and Gore, both being trashed by MSM, both being reviled by the “change” camp as being “the establishment candidate”. All the people screeching now over Hill are the SAME ones who swore that Al Gore was a mere tool of insider Washington and Big Money. Everyone knows, in hindsight, how ludicrous that was. Some of us knew it then.

  4. I’m glad they signed this guy. I’m sure he will help a lot. Being an optimist, I’m assuming he has a contingency plan for a blizzard. Yes, I know the weather works both ways.

    I keep feeling better and better about our lady’s chances in Iowa. I like feeling better! I just wish it was as obvious to everyone else as it is to me that this country needs Hillary. Badly!!!

  5. Thanks for permitting me blog on this site. I have just been overwhelmingly dispirited on the other blogs. But my first blog here will begin with a question. The other day I read an article about the Wyoming Dem party Chair using incendiary language about Hill’s candidacy. What has the Hill sympathetic blogosphere done to push this story. I mean, Hillary s being pilloried everyday by MSNBC and Obama Spokeman, Chris Matthews but an Obama makes a similar statement and it is largely ignored. Had it been a Hill supporter made tis statement, we all know where the story would have been by now. We need to fight back and fight back hard. But, I have always said that by the end of the day and on caucus night, Iowans are going to make a choice between a candidate with no record of accomplishment and a candidate who has spent her entire life fighting the American people and who actually has accomplishments to show. They will come down on the side of experience and accomplishments. Hillary will carry Iowa and the naysayers in the Big Media will scramble for a new storyline.

  6. Another endorsement: Maine’s Governor endorses Hillary!

  7. While this is good news, what I’m troubled about is this being made public. This should’ve been kept a well guarded secret. We can’t have the Obama and Edwards Campaigns fully aware of who they’re up against until it is rightfully TOO late.

  8. In a November 2003 profile of Whouley, the Boston Globe wrote:[5]

    Whouley is widely respected in Democratic circles for his organizing prowess, running aggressive field operations to canvass voters, identify caucusgoers, and rally supporters with direct mail and phone banks. He is valued also because he eschews the spotlight; he declined to be interviewed for this profile. With his gravelly voice and no-nonsense demeanor, Whouley is also known for cutting through the red tape that can strangle a campaign.
    On January 27, 2004, the Washington Post described similar, organizational strengths:[6]

    [Whouley] specializes in the unglamorous work of analyzing voting patterns and identifying a candidate’s pockets of strength and weakness. While the media and the voters keep their eyes on the candidate, strategists like Whouley are shuttered away in “war rooms,” constantly monitoring the ebb and flow of possible votes, precinct by precinct. Their job is to move resources — direct-mail pieces, phone-bank calls, door-to-door canvassers, sometimes the candidate himself — to their highest target of opportunity.
    A July 19, 2004, U.S. News and World Report profile stressed his single-minded focus:

    [Whouley] believes in winning, in secrecy, in power, in clout, in order, in organization, in loyalty. He believes in John Kerry (just as he believed in Al Gore and Bill Clinton) and unabashedly uses the word “love” to describe his feelings for the man. He had one constant refrain to the troops in Iowa: “We got to make sure the campaign keeps up with the candidate.” The candidate would be fine–screw the polls, screw the press–the candidate would do his stuff, hit his marks, make his points, deliver his message, win the crowds. But the campaign had to be ready to handle the result of that. Which is what Whouley did in Iowa. And there was one other imperative that Whouley emphasized: “What we don’t do is frigging talk about things.” It was the opposite of the strategy of [Howard] Dean’s campaign manager, Joe Trippi, who constantly promoted the campaign, the candidate, the movement (and Joe Trippi). …
    … On the night Kerry won the Iowa caucuses, he gathered a small group of reporters in Room 1014 of the Hotel Fort Des Moines and coined the phrase “the magical Michael Whouley.” Later that night, as Kerry took a planeload of staff and press to New Hampshire to begin his victory march to Boston and the nomination, Whouley was nowhere to be seen. He didn’t get on the plane, which carried virtually all of Kerry’s top aides, because he didn’t want to risk overshadowing the candidate at his moment of victory. Instead, Whouley drove the 306 miles to Chicago (if you drive, you don’t bump into reporters in airports or on planes). … Just what it is that Whouley does that is so magical is not easy to explain, and if left to his own devices he would rather not explain it at all. Essentially, it has to do with the allocation and coordination of resources, which is not as dull as it sounds but comes close. Whouley is the guy who puts the “organize” in organizer.
    … If there were any lingering doubts [among Kerry’s Iowa field staff] as to whether Whouley was truly magical or not, it was settled on the day he decided he wanted a helicopter. A helicopter, Whouley believed, would make Kerry look even more presidential. The public is used to seeing presidents climb in and out of helicopters. Helicopters also reminded people of Vietnam, and anything that reminded people of Vietnam was good for Kerry. So Whouley picked up the phone to Washington and said he wanted a chopper. Whouley’s friend and associate at the Dewey Square Group, Joe Ricca, was worried about the cost. The campaign was running on fumes, but Whouley wanted a helicopter. “It sucked up a lot of money,” Ricca recalled. “I remember yelling, ‘I want the frigging helicopter!’ ” Whouley recalled.

  9. poor Joe Trippi. He’s going to have another Dean-esque failure in Obama when Hillary and Whouley are through with them in Iowa and New Hampshire. *shakes head in sympathy* I just wonder WHO would be DUMB enough to ask for his advice in a campaign EVER again. lol

  10. MJS, keeping it a well-guarded secret is all well and good, but there is only one of him, and we have him. I’m sure the others are satisfied that they are doing all they can do anyway. If not, it’s a bit late for them to start looking for another Whouley, if there was one.

    I just hope it works out for Hillary, and that we win in Iowa. (If she wins, we all win!).

    Incidentally, those who support other candidates may not realize it yet, but a win for her is also a win for them in the long run.

  11. MJS, The Obama and Edwards people would’ve known he was working for Hillary through the grapeline anyway.

    BTW, does anyone know if Whouley was courted by the Obama campaign, too?

    I think this is great news not just for Hillary’s chances in Iowa, but in NH too.

  12. Mark Halpern says Whouley’s been working for Hillary for weeks. That’s interesting. So it did fly under the radar for a while.

  13. Another thing to keep in mind about Iowa is that Obama’s lead there isn’t as big as Dean’s was at this point in ’04.

  14. Are Americans more forgiving about past drug use these days?

    “You know, I can’ say for, how Americans think generally about it. I do think the average American believes that what somebody does when they were a TEENAGER 30 years ago is probably not relevant to how they are going to be performing as commander-in-chief and president of the United States. I think people have pretty good judgment about that.”

    When he was a teenager, THIRTY YEARS AGO. He would seem to be saying that his drugging ended at 16. Is that right? Is that what it says in his book and previous statements? If he was active with drugs in college, he couldn’t have been 16.

  15. Who cares abput the drug stuff? Mostly it just punctures his angelic image. It’s his lack of substance that will lose it for him.

  16. Nice vid.

    I met Gavin Newsom today. He is one of the most persuasive people for Hillary I have ever heard, and I have heard a lot of them. He changed all the undecideds in that cafe this morning. It was snowy as ever this morning.

  17. It not ABOUT the drugs, it’s about the timeline and consistency of a candidate’s statements. As to who cares about the drug stuff, I imagine a lot of people. Pot is benign, coke and X-tasy are DRUGS, and drug use has been the downfall of countless political figures and even supreme court nominees. Drug use is about judgment and judgment is a staple word in the Obama campaign to counter his lack of experience. If Obama is shown to lack both experience and judgment you’re left with a nice fellow who sounds like, “the Rock”, with a flimsy resume.

  18. What concerns me about Obama are deep financial and political ties to Alexi Giannoulias, Illinois’s state Treasurer. The Giannoulias family’s bank, Broadway Bank, is known for the loans it granted to mobster running a prostitution ring. They donated heavily to Obama’s campaign in 2004. Just search the FEC database. And then Obama in 2006 endorsed and bankrolled their son, Alexi, who was only 29 years old. Alexi had no political experience, and his only financial experience was serving as the VP of his family’s mobster bank.

    Just imagine the advertisements the Republicans would air with that information.

  19. The Michael Whouley is the white knight the campaign needs on the ground at this moment to ensure maximum turn out of a well informed electorate. Wonderful news for Iowa, and our country. Bravo zulu.

  20. Admin,

    I missed this interview last night. Thanks for posting this. It’s fascinating watching someone of Clinton’s intellectual abilities and life experience think his way through a situation. I admire his unwillingness to say anything bad about the other candidates. I like the fact that when he was asked if Biden was ready to be president, he said, “absolutely.” Some would quibble but it also takes a lot more quibbling off the table.

  21. Love the Whouley thing. Great news for us here in Iowa, and I feel that we are on a rise here right now based on my work in the field, and I hope it continues. The 99 county tour, Leonard and Dodie Boswell, Michael Whouley, the other Iowa strategists, Iowa women, the Vilsacks, one half of the Harkins, dedicated volunteers and staff, AFSCME, AFT, the highest number of Iowa legislative endorsements, and electability. We are going to do just fine here in Iowa.

  22. A preview of what will happen to BHO in the general via Taylor Marsh:

    “… I thought Hillary Clinton had it locked solid, but it looks like it’s opening up a bit. I must admit I find it a little surprising that a guy who has virtually no experience of an executive nature, leadership nature, never run anything, no experience of any significance in the private economy. As a state legislator he was not doing a lot of heavy lifting. In the United States Senate he hasn’t been the champion of a major piece of legislation, and some how because he can talk well why we think he can be president. I have to shake my head, because I think it takes more to be president than just being able to talk well. I think you have to show that you have a record of demonstrated success in leadership in a number of ways. And uh, I gotta tell, if we’re going to select our nominee on the Democratic side based on the number of celebrities they know, like Oprah, it’s a pretty frightening course.” – Mitt Romney

    Now imagine the above quote put on steroids via wingnut radio, their shadow groups and everything else the GOP can concoct. Can Obama survive it? Maybe, but the onslaught will be unending. It will be his first national vetting, which will be done as the nominee, not as vice president or as a leading senator.

    Clinton has been vetted for over 15 years in the public. To use her line, there will be no surprises. Edwards has been vetted as well, as has Biden, among others. There are choices in the primary. Clinton is certainly worthy of consideration. If you don’t like her you can choose Obama, but the risks are great. The real “anti Hillary” choice would be Edwards. No surprises with him either, plus he’s got the best polling besides Clinton to get the job done and beat the Republicans.

  23. Admin, it that the whole interview? or did he do an hour long interview? Would it be possible to upload the entire interview.

    drug use is an issue, not because of drug use itself. its about consistency of his book. he has already lied about teens, its 20 now. but was it 20? 22? 24? that throws away books assertion of teens. now since one assertion goes flawed, what else will be flawed? how many more inconsistencies? did he lie in his books about facts? one fact a lie.. more facts possible lies. then there is judgement call on talking about it in high school infront of teenage kids. do the teachers unions approve it? do the anti-drug community approve it? what do the youth counseling NGO’s think about this issue?

    thats what at stake with drug use. and thats why it should be the story.Obama’s two arguments are gone. one is I am running not because america owes me the office, and the other that republicans will not attack me because I havent flip-flopped! lets see what his message is. his attack machine is in full swing, and he has made the first attack ad. lets see how he deflects that criticism. I am glad taylor is taking a notice of all the inconsistencies. I want to hear him reject endorsement of wyoming representative, else he is empty suit.

  24. ““You know, I can’ say for, how Americans think generally about it. I do think the average American believes that what somebody does when they were a TEENAGER 30 years ago…”

    “Obama, 42, told me recently he had tried marijuana in high school and hasn’t consumed any illegal drugs in 20 years. When I asked if there was anything beyond marijuana in his past, Obama said, “That’ll suffice.” But the book includes a passage in which Obama discusses how he dealt with questions from his mother when he was 17 and a senior in high school. The context of the book also makes clear that he was trying to deal with the problems his race presented.”

    At 42, he hadn’t done drugs for 20 years. At 46, he hasn’t done them in 30 years.

  25. The cocaine issue is significant. For one thing, it explains why BHO has focused on highschool and college students. Had he not targeted that demographic, would his admission of cocaine use work the same if he was trying to recruit their parents or grandparents? Members of law enforcement or the fire department, doctors, nurses, teachers perhaps? Most adults know that having to admit to prior drug use would disqualify them from any jobs of responsibility. Just to maintain my state professional license, every two years I have to state that I have no used drugs of any kind. It is a very, very big deal.

    And the issue has been floating just below the surface since at least September 2006, received some airing in January 2007, before BHO declared to run for office (another test balloon, for sure), and BHO himself raised another trial balloon last month at the Manchester, N.H., highschool, which he almost got away with … again.

    To now try to say that he’s being smeared by our girl Hillary is a smear all in itself. It is too bad that it took Bill Shaheen to stand up and say enough. He should be congratulated for his courage, regardless the reason he did it.

  26. The attack line posting above is phenomenal. People tend to forget these attacks because of his passive aggressive style. But this exhibit shows the entire litany and rebuts the claim that he has run a positive campaign. Brilliant.

  27. For any of you wondering if other candidates were “courting” Mike Whouley:

    This man is not for sale, period. He and his close associates work not only with consumate skill, but from the heart.

    I have seen him from far away points in several campaigns, and he has always appeared to really care abt the candidate, the cause, the project, whatever.

    I firmly believe BO and JE could not have enlisted his help for all the money in the world. He and his skills are not for sale to the highest bidder, but to whatever or whomever he believes in.

  28. I love this hillacopter idea too. This will look so awesome, HRC stepping off of the plane with the secret service agents around her, it will look very very presidential.

  29. well, i’m more hung up on experience and always thought obama’s candidacy is only about obama as a candidate, it’s not about what he would actually do to affect people’s lives. that is what drew me to hillary in the first place. i did not start out as a supporter, i only made up my mind this summer.

    but every report i read about her meetings, interviews, campaign events, she was so knowledgeable and talked about issues that mattered to them and what she’d do as president to make change happen. obama talks a lot about himself mostly, all those nice speeches about what he wants. edwards started with ideas. maybe his themes didn’t catch on, but they were about other people’s lives at least.

  30. I still remember back in 2004, Terry McAuliffe it was I think, who said that he couldn’t wait to see a war hero like Kerry, wearing all his medals, stand next to someone like Bush who was AWOL during Vietnam and just blow him away because …the contrast would be just starking. Well, we know what came of that.

    Does anyone remember they were distributing band-aids with purple hearts on them at the Republican convention? Did anyone ever imagine that something like this was ever possible?

    This arrogant, don’t question me attitude from BO and his supporters is going to be met with such a hard dose of reality if God forbid he makes it that far…

  31. dt, if you notice (and someone should do a YouTube montage of this) following the debates we keep getting these photos of BHO looking down at Hillary or the two of them juxtaposed so that he is looking disapprovingly at her. A slide show of those pics would be priceless. His arrogance shows in every one of them.

  32. the sad thing is. this is the ONLY defense he has against drug use.

    from NYT

    “My past and my character seemed to be fine when I was 20 points down,” Mr. Obama said. “Those kinds of tactics or strategies, I think, are emblematic of an old politics. It’s the exactly the kind of politics that the American people are tired of.”

  33. I’ve been listening to Dylan’s Quinn The Eskimo covered by Manfred Mann quite a bit. To me it sums up Obama’s campaign, Bush’s following, and Reagan’s esteem in our culture.

    For the younger ones amongst us, and those who haven’t thought of the song in 20 years, I’m going to include a link in the next post from YouTube – it’s awesome song.

    It’s very much about how a cult of personality affects people and creates a willingness among the followers to do things that don’t actually make much sense.

    Obama isn’t doing anything new. He’s simply creating insiders and outsiders. Good pols don’t do that. I haven’t seen a Democrat do it, really, since the seventies. And I don’t know that there is a winning majority among the Dems to be had by structuring that paradigm – I suspect most Democrats will reject it out of hand.

    Anyway, here are the lyrics:

    Everybody’s building the big ships and boats
    Som are building monuments, others jotting down notes
    Everybody’s in despair, every girl and boy
    But when Quinn the Eskimo gets here everybody’s gonna jump for joy
    Oh come all without, come all within
    You’ll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn
    Come all without, come all within
    You’ll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn.

    Oh you know I like to do just like the rest
    You know I like my sugar sweet but guarding fumes and making haste
    You know it ain’t my cup of meat
    Everybody’s out the trees, feeding pigeons all under the limb
    But when Quinn the Eskimo gets here the pigeons gonna run to him
    Oh come all without, come all within
    You’ll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn
    Come all without, come all within
    You’ll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn.

    A cat’s meow and a cow’s moo to you know I, I could recite them all
    Just tell me where it hurts you, honey, and I’ll tell you who to call
    Nobody can get asleep, there’s someone on everybody’s toes
    When Quinn the Eskimo gets here everybody’s gonna want to doze
    Oh come all without, come all within
    You’ll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn
    Come all without, come all within
    You’ll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn.

  34. And here is Manfred Mann lip syncing their way though:

    Just tell me that doesn’t sound like Obama supporters.

  35. Just had my 2nd cup fresh coffee w/ that fabulous attack timeline.

    Who did that? I’m not geeky enough to figure it out.

  36. “My past and my character seemed to be fine when I was 20 points down,” Mr. Obama said.

    Well, duh. People who are behind don’t get scrutiny. Looks what’s happened to Huckabee. Does he seriously think that kind of answer will suffice against the GOP?

  37. But no one , no one , has ever and will ever question him if it was ok for him to attack Hillary and Bill using repub talking points, quote from discredited books and disgraced journalists, to use racial overtones in attacking Hillary (remember “D-Punjab”), send his aides to sniff for stories on Bill’s sex life and call her dishonest for not releasing her records (knowing it is beyond her control) and not releasing his at the same time…the list can go on …

    So all that wasnt “old politics” ! It is so crystal clear and evident just on this very thing that he is such hypocrite and deceitful fake.

    I mean, what else should it take to realize something so obvious?

  38. Why Bill’s Attack Will Hurt Obama

    People will be gossiping about the Bill Clinton – Charlie Rose interview for days, but make no mistake about it: Whatever its impact on the primary campaign, if Barack Obama emerges as the Democratic nominee, Clinton has dealt him a pretty tough blow. How do you spell Republican attack ad?

    Yes, Clinton is a partisan and married to Obama’s chief opponent.

    But he’s also the most popular figure in the party and a former president.

    If he doesn’t think Obama is ready to be president, it surely will count for something with a good many voters, probably a lot — if not now, then down the road.

    Which is why this interview is likely to hurt Obama now, as well — which was obviously the former president’s intention. To the extent this current primary campaign is about electability in the fall, Bill has just made Obama less electable.

    There’s been a lot of talk in the last few days about the missteps of the Clinton campaign — and there have been many. But Obama’s “inexperience” and electability are now out there – as is his former drug use, as even respected commentators such as Craig Crawford are calling on Obama to make sure he’s made a complete accounting of his behavior as a youth.

    Maybe in the present environment, it hurts the attacker more than the attackee to go negative and everyone is scandal-proof. We’re about to find out.

  39. oh, you all have to remember obama talking to the new york times about how he was going after hillary but not trying to kneecap the frontrunner. it’s ok to make a whole bunch of character attacks on her so long as he’s shy of ‘kneecapping’ what ever the heck that means, it’s a pretty low bar he set his campaign there. the attack timeline is pretty clear about how this all got going.

  40. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese some good news – we need it now. I am watching Obama on CSpan and he is telling lie after lie after lie. How do we stop this guy? I am not new to politics – I have been an Democratic activist for more years than I care to think about – but I really can’t remember a time where I had such deep dislike for a candidate – namely Obama. He is the least trustworthy in the group – he votes present instead of putting himself on the line – he is a role of the dice because we don’t know what he believes in or stands for – you may not like all of Hillary’s votes – but you know where she stands and she puts herself on the line. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese Iowa come through for us.

  41. leneh, The Michael Whouley hiring is great news, in Iowa and likely NH.

    But you’re right; Obama’s been getting away with way too much too long.

  42. Another Reader –

    Obama is under the impression that his being able to take Clinton out is a guaranteed outcome. What he is saying there, is that he is going to be gentle about it. He’s implying that he’s holding back the full force of the assault that he is more than capable of delivering because he is so wonderful. I guarantee you that’s how is followers hear that statement.

    Obama is more stuck in the nineties than anyone else – it’s so weird. What he’s doing is reliving Clinton’s presidency and fantasizing that he is doing better.

    There is a huge pathological element to his campaign. You can hear it in all of his rhetoric about the Clintons. Obama isn’t running because he wants to be president and make the world and the US a better place. He’s running because he wants to vanquish the Clintons – it’s just bizarre as all hell and that’s why he freaks me out so badly.

    I spent three years of my professional life having to document the activities, the sexual assaults, the financial chicanery of a narcissistic sociopath. Maybe I’m just hyper-attuned to that kind of narcissism after months of listening to tales of how the man in question presented himself, and the grave consequences for people who accepted his entreaties.

    I read Obama’s book and the arrogant tone whenever he addresses Clinton’s presidency is just staggering to me. What the hell is this guy thinking? Edwards attacks Clinton – sometimes inaccurately, but without the kind of venomous ego attached to the Obama assaults. At the very least, Edwards has proved that he has a real goal in mind should he win, and that goal is his motivation in running. I know some of you don’t like him, but I’ll tell you what – that’s a guy who could scoop the GOP nomination in a heart beat should he have decided to run that way. Dodd, Biden – none of those guys attack the Clintons in the way that Obama does.

    His rhetoric about how he would be able to “take” Hillary in a senate race in Illinois – how much of a low life do you have to be to engage in that kind of rhetoric. It isn’t normal. It isn’t healthy.

    There is some bizarro sexual, masculine king-of-the-hill pathology driving his run. I don’t even think he understands that as president he has to do something besides prove he’s better than Bill. His speech before the Foreign Affairs Council proved he’s utterly incompetent on foreign affairs – I know of no other Democrat who has managed to provide riots in an ally nation with their initital presentation on foreign affairs. obama was burned in effigy alongside Tom Tancredo – to my mind, that’s as bad for a Democratic candidate as it comes.

  43. It will only happen when the MSM media will allow it to happen. I just couldn’t believe it. It’s a total barrage from all over against Clinton. I mean, where in the world can you find a frontrunner who is 20 points behind (Obama)? But that’s fine. Don’t lose your enthusiasm. Experience and integrity will win. He’s going to get it now and that’s fine. We should not shirk from going to different blogs and challenge their assumptions about Clinton and Obama. I’ve been doing that these past week and it’s shutting them up.

    I’ve challenged every Obama lie that their supporters have picked up and correct them with facts.

    One challenge that I’ve set up that nobody has ever responded to: Whenever anyone says or even insinuates that Clinton is dirty, I tell them that we should be objective about it and base our beliefs on facts. I challenge anyone there to give me one factually inaccurate statement that the Clinton camp has said of its campaign or Obama’s or Edwards and I’ll give you three inaccurate statements that Obama has said of Clinton or their own campaign. I tell them further that you would be hard-pressed to find even one inaccurate statement from the Clinton camp. And I end with stating that when it comes to election dirt, no one tops the Obama camp. I have the facts on my side so I’m not afraid to issue that challenge.

  44. Friends with blogs. CNN has a special called “Iran: Fact or Fiction” that really fits well with Hillary’s approach to that situation. They don’t discuss presidential politics, but they essentially debunk Obama’s idea of meeting with Iranian leaders as naive. Madeline Albright talks about how in 1997 the Iranians postured for improved relations with the U. S. The U. S. made some conciliatory gestures. Iran essentially renegged, turning foot, and adopting an aggressive posture. The consensus of experts fits well with Hillary Clinton’s approach. Bottom line: anyone that sees this will prefer an experienced candidate.

  45. Edwards used the term “academic”. That’s totally Obama. It would be like hiring a professor for President. Ugh.

  46. bmerry says
    following the debates we keep getting these photos of BHO looking down at Hillary or the two of them juxtaposed so that he is looking disapprovingly at her.

    bangel says
    There is some bizarro sexual, masculine king-of-the-hill pathology driving his run.

    kind of says it all…

  47. I think the press could be sabotaging Obama in a way. The people to whom I’ve talked about Obama who are not obambiphiles really don’t like the guy, and they are liking him less the more they get to know him. The media narrative that the guy who is 20 points down is the frontrunner may just get the people to go to the polls who really would like to prevent Bam-Bam from getting the nod.

  48. There is some bizarro sexual, masculine king-of-the-hill pathology driving his run.

    The WaPo has been doing a ‘frontrunner’ series for the past week or so — it was BO’s turn on Thurs. The lead quote was something about every man wanting to prove something to his father — my first thought was, dude, I don’t want to hear about all of your issues.

  49. From the hotline, it appears that the criteria for DMR is that the candidate must be anti-war. Also, from the NYTimes piece today, I could pretty much make out that they were not going to endorse Hillary. Also, the all female editorial board also works against Hillary because they would not want to appear to favor female candidate. I was thinking it would be Edwards or Biden. But well, I am not surprised at anything in politics these days. If it is true, BO will continue to ride the already positive press till the elections.

  50. texan4hillary: I went and read Hotline. It says the buzz is that odd are for Obama. That sounds like, “I went down to Obama headquarters, and they all think the Register will endorse Barack.” If it’s not Hillary, I hope it’s Biden or Edwards.

  51. DCDemocrat:

    The odds of that are highly stacked against Hillary. If they endorsed her, the rest of the hack pack media will discredit it and say the all-female editorial board endorsed her because she is a female. So, the editorial board will weigh that heavily. She has to impress them atleast 125% over the rest of the pack for them to endorse her.

  52. But, DC, look at the NY Times front page story. The media is still fawning over him. It’s fricken weird to me. This guy is such an empty suit.

  53. texan4hillary:

    Reading the comments to ambinder’s blog, someone writes:

    Obama is the Answer.

    That cult seriously creeps me out.

  54. Also, DC, notice they refer to his teenage drug use, but he wasn’t a teenager. He was a young adult. I really don’t care but it sort of blows his whole superior judgement argument.

  55. I have a feeling NYTimes will endorse Obama over Hillary, the home state senator. NYTimes is out of touch with people in their own state. It is an elite organization (latte-drinking, volvo-driving type of elites) , and it won’t surprise me if they endorse an elitist candidate like Obama over a home state senator like Hillary.

  56. The DMR endorsed Paul Simon in 1988, Bradley in 2000, Edwards in 2004. Neither won the nomination. So while the pundits like to freak out about it, I am not terribly worried. It’s a nice plum, but not the be-all-end-all.

  57. The thing I liked about DMR endorsement stuff on marcambinder’s site is this:

    “and the republicans don’t care.”. Classic! 🙂

    I think we give too much importance for a newspaper endorsement. It is good to have, but people should make up their own minds.

  58. HillaryLandRocks: Obama may be the answer, but it depends heavily on the question.

    ra1029: It won’t matter who NYT endorses in New York; NY will be for Hillary.

    mj: The Obama phenomenon is beyond my comprehension, unless the media is simply setting up an autumnal story about how the Democrats could have been so stupid to nominate such a damaged candidate. I am confident we won’t fall into their trap.

  59. ra1029: It won’t matter who NYT endorses in New York; NY will be for Hillary.


    I was trying to make a point about how slanted their coverage has been against their own home state senator, and in favor of a neophyte from a different state. It also tells how out of touch they are from the people in the state of NY.

  60. President Clinton exploded Obama’s “turn the page” and “anti-experience” arguments on Charlie Rose last night:

    “Let’s stay with the experience issue. I remember the first time Senator Obama said that, said, you know, Cheney and Rumsfeld had a lot of experience. And that has great superficial appeal. But let me make the argument in another context. That’s like saying that because 100 percent of the malpractices cases, medical malpractice, are committed by doctors, the next time I need surgery, I’ll get a chef or a plumber to do it. I mean, the logical extension of that is INHERENTLY ABSURD. So it’s not experience, it is what is your record as doing things for other people and proving you can make a positive difference in people’s lives.”

    Oh, how I miss having a President that could articulate whole sentences about abstract concepts.

  61. mj, the NYTimes has this tucked into their latest Obama glorification piece:

    “While strategists for Mr. Obama said they believed he had sufficiently answered questions about his experience, fresh doubts are being injected into the atmosphere of the race every day. The latest comes through an advertisement from Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware, who says, “Being president is not the same as running for president.”

  62. Reality Check; Delegates needed to win; 2,184

    Delegates at stake Iowa-45

    Yes, Iowa and NH are important, and I think Hillary is going to be just fine in both states, but they represent 67 delegates. Add in SC and they don’t even equal Michigan’s 128. Hillary is poised to win over a THOUSAND delegates on tsunami Tuesday, and will have between 500 to 1,000 (including Super-delegates) by then. Even though everyone is soooo focused on the first couple of contests, and I’m not denying their
    potential to build momentum, the reality is that the nomination is not going to be decided on Jan. 3rd. It may not be decided by Feb 5th.
    Only BO and our girl will have enough money to compete beyond that point, if the contest isn’t decided by then so while the first few primaries are being touted as the end all and be all of the nominating process, you still need about 2,000 more delegates to sew it up.

  63. Well, good for Biden. We are in the middle of a war, our middle class is falling apart, we need a president who knows off the bat how to make the system work for the people. Biden would be preferable to Obama. What has Obama actually accomplished? How has he changed anyones life? We know how, Dodd, Biden, Richardson, especially Hillary and even Edwards have changed peoples lives. Obama has mostly only changed his own life. And, good for him, but that does not a leader make.

  64. The writer’s strike was very unfortunate. If you recall, Obama was doing quite well earlier this year. We had one national poll where it was all tied up, one poll in NH where he was in the lead, one tied. I think SC was competitive as well.

    What took the wind out of his sails was the national debates, but the positive press never abated. We’ve not had the opportunity for serious scrutiny in the past six weeks. The LV debate was practically ignored by the press. One afternoon debate in IA doesn’t cut it. Instead, the media has been focusing on Oprah the past two weeks.

  65. MJ,

    I don’t even know if Obama has ever held a full time job. Somehow holding two part time jobs for eight years trumps all the work Clinton did in the WH.

  66. Delegates.

    First of all, the DNC has determined that the winner of FL, MI will not be adding those delegates to their count. In short, unless the HRC is the winner, she can’t seat those delegates.

    There’s a story in this month’s Atlantic on BO’s candidacy. One thing mentioned is that the BO camp feels this will really pay off for them — that they didn’t have to spend time campaigning in FL, and she will not benefit.

    The other thing to keep in mind is that FL is a “winner takes all” for the delegates, but most other states have a 15% threshold by county. In other words, BO will likely get delegates in states like NY by meeting/exceeding 15% in areas like Kings County (Brooklyn) and so on.

  67. DCDem, Obama hates McDonalds?

    Wait until Bill Clinton finds out – he’ll take Hillary to a McDonalds in a New York minute.

  68. I was under the impression that the ultimate status of Michigan and Florida would be decided by the Convention. The exclusion of those states in the primary could prove fatal in the general election.

  69. Geez, I just read that nyt article on the DMR endorsement. They’ve set it up so that if Hillary were to get it, it’s because women are on the board, and if JRE gets it, it’s because he got it in 2004.

    Panels of men have been endorsing men since forever. Where’s the outcry?

  70. well, i guess obama was being sarcastic but as long as it’s brought up one of the favorite stories i heard about bill was how he’d go jogging in little rock and stop at mcdonald’s 🙂

  71. Well, clearly they won’t endorse Hillary. What a shame. And, ofcourse, the way the NYTimes set it up, it will be like wow, these women didn’t endorse Hillary.

  72. Here’s an article from Dec. 4, 2007 by Bruce Bawer who is evidently a famous journalist and author. He wrote an article on why he can’t support Obama (as some people he knows are doing) because of the conclusions he reaches about him from his book “Dreams from my Father”. Someone here mentioned something about Obama’s father so I thought I’d post this…anyway, the author here says it’s this relationship and how Obama portrays himself in that book that makes him not want to vote for him. Just put www. before the link:

  73. Then, by negative inference, the NYT is trying to tell the DMR to endorse Obama? Why should the DMR will take its marching orders from NYT?

  74. mj: the way the NYTimes set it up, it will be like wow, these women didn’t endorse Hillary.

    Yeah, the underlying current for some weeks now is to undermine HRC’s candidacy using women as weapons. It’s primarily been the “Oprah factor”, and all the publicity about Obama’s gains w/ women since the Oprah tour was announced. The Vilsack neighbor is more of the same. Now if HRC doesn’t get the endorsment (and she probably won’t) the narrative is set up to be women reject Hillary.

    Speaking of the nyt, I’ve heard a rumor that there’s going to be a very negative campaign donations story in Sunday’s edition. I hope that’s not true.

  75. private communication, but just rumor status. The early print edition may already be available but I don’t have the opportunity to go look. Wondering if anyone has seen/heard anything.

  76. Sorry if I’m breaking in w/ a new topic, but came straight here after talking w/ an old friend abt whether or not the tide may be turning on a saintly BO.

    I am not savvy enuf to do this, but can anyone out there take the Attack Timeline and the information from the Black Agenda Report re BO eradicating his initial NOGO-stand on Iraq (used to attract progressives and minorities during his US Senatorial campaign) and his subsequent getting it back into his bio-trail in time for his Presidetial Exploratory activities (discussed ealier this morning, here) and send it on to

    ***Sam Youngman at the Hill Hewspaper

    He evidently is a very respected and objective reporter, is known to Keith Olberman and has been following the Clinton-Obama out break for several days.

  77. AP story on Hillary in NH today:

    PLAISTOW, N.H. (AP) — Despite having spent the morning inching along an icy sidewalk, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton insisted Saturday that she knows when to dig in her heels and when to compromise.
    After going door-to-door to meet voters in Manchester, Clinton attended a rally in a high school gym, where she spent more time than usual focusing on her resume. Repeating her recent suggestion that, unlike her rivals, she has worked for change rather than merely hoped for or demanded it, Clinton argued that only she has experience doing such work.
    “That work means knowing when to find common ground and when to stand your ground,” she said. “If you are too unyielding, then you are likely to end up with nothing to show for it. If you are too compromising, you may very well give up your principles and your values. You’ve got to find that balance.”
    “We need a president with a lifetime of experience in making positive change,” she said, citing as examples her work for the Children’s Defense Fund after college, her unsuccessful universal health care plan while her husband was president, and her work as a U.S. senator to expand health benefits for National Guard members.
    “This is what I have done during my life. This is what I believe in,” she said. “I believe that I have an obligation, a responsibility and the honor to use the talents God gave me, that my parents helped to nurture, that my teachers helped to develop, on behalf of those who maybe aren’t quite so fortunate.”
    Later, taking questions from the crowd, Clinton told a woman who asked who was financing her campaign that she also has the best record of taking on special interests. Former Sen. John Edwards, who does not take contributions from lobbyists, has tried to portray Clinton as beholden to special interests because she does not refuse such donations.
    “I do take contributions from people who are legally able to give them,” Clinton said. “And I’ve taken on more special interests than anyone who’s running and I’ve paid a price for it, because, of course, I have taken the incoming criticism from those special interests.
    “I guess I’m just absolutely clear in my own mind and heart that I will do what’s right because I’ve always tried to do that,” she said.
    Clinton also defended her 2002 vote authorizing military action in Iraq and her recent vote to label the Iranian National Guard a terrorist organization. The woman who asked her about the votes said she supports Clinton but has friends who question whether the votes amount to a pattern of pushing the country into war.
    “I know this has been turned into a political issue, and I thank you for asking about it, but I do not favor war,” said Clinton, who said her case is strengthened by word from military leaders that since the Iran vote, Iran has stopped sending so many dangerous weapons to other countries to use against Americans.
    “I also believe we have to get tough in a diplomatic-pressure way with Iran, and I think that helps us do it,” she said. “If it saves American lives by labeling them a terrorist organization, I’m going to label them a terrorist organization.”
    Earlier, Clinton went door-to-door in the state’s largest city, carefully approaching about a dozen snowcapped homes, many decorated with wreaths and holiday lights.
    Though a barking dog drowned out her front-porch conversation with one man, another canine saw an irresistible opportunity in Clinton’s visit. While Clinton chatted with homeowners Dianne and Dan Lehoux, their dog sneaked into the kitchen and scarfed down two of the chocolate Christmas cookies the couple had just baked with their nephews.
    “Now I have to call the vet!” said Dianne Lehoux, who nonetheless described Clinton’s visit as “amazing.”
    “I was shaking,” she said.
    Dan Lehoux, who said expanding health care coverage is his top issue, said he appreciated that Clinton was willing to go door-to-door.
    “It tells you she’s out meeting people. She’s actually out discussing what matters with normal folks,” he said.

  78. This NH write-up convinces me that she should have been doing this a long time ago.

    I’ve never understood why the campaign ceded certain ‘memes’ to BO — like choosing public service after law school instead of raking in the big bucks, etc.

  79. ‘Who cares about the drug stuff?’

    I don’t care that he used drugs a long time ago. But he is keeping the drug story alive – using it to fundraise and playing the race card with it. That poor man Shaheen – honestly, its the kind of thing stroke victims say – even the dirtiest black op Democrat in the world wouldn’t say such a stupid thing against a minority Democrat in a primary. A Repub would use it against a Dem.

    Bush never tried to capitalize on his doper days. By keeping the drug story alive to play the race card, Obama is making himself an icon of drugs. “I’m candid about my drug use, Hillary is not candid.” That’s his choice – he could have let the story die.

    I recently heard a young girl ask her friends, ‘can you get hooked if you try meth once?’ She was tempted to try it–she wanted to believe she could try it once just to see what it felt like, and still not end up a junkie. Fair or not, Obama’s presidency would tell that girl: “yes, you can try meth without destroying your life”. It’s one thing for a junkie loser to give a ‘scared straight’ lecture to kids. A recovered addict can inspire struggling addicts. POTUS cannot be an icon of drug use and recovery.

    Ever tried to teach a kid the importance of education, only to hear them say: well, Bill Gates dropped out of college and he’s the richest man in the world. Kobe skipped college and went straight into the NBA. That’s how a kid processes those symbols. And fair or not, that is what Obama will symbolize as POTUS. “He used cocaine and he’s the President.”

    This is virtually word for word a recent blog post I read: “He used cocaine and he was Editor of the Harvard Law Review? Give me some of what he’s smoking.” Shaheen is brain-damaged, yes. But Axelrod chose to run with the story — in order to play the race card.

    Another point – cocaine is just as bad as heroin. It has a cooler image — but that is just good, deadly marketing by the coke cartel. If a candidate ever used heroin? “Oh, but cocaine is not as bad as heroin.” That’s a lie. It’s just as bad. Obama perpetuates the dangerous lie that cocaine is a better quality drug than heroin. It’s not.

  80. cocaine is a better quality drug

    I still remember those nasty pics/stories on deviated septums. “No, thanks.”

  81. I agree. I think it sends a poor message. I just meant I don’t think he’s a horrible person for it, and my issue with him as president is that he lacks substance. But I do agree, it’s sort of depressing to see the press dismiss this because if you read carefully enough he seems to have had an adult cocaine habit not occassional experimentation. I think it’s just awful that his campaign would fundraise from it. I didn’t know. That’s awful.

  82. HillaryLandRocks, the only campaign finance story we heard of today is this one, which has a guest appearance from our old friend Antoin “Tony” Rezko:

    Barack Obama is getting rid of an old $5,000 campaign donation that was given to him by an Illinois businessman who was indicted this week.

    The money was donated to Obama’s U.S. Senate campaign in 2003 by Abdelhamid “Al” Chaib of LaGrange Park, Ill. Chaib was indicted Thursday on federal charges of taking part in a scheme to fraudulently obtain a $3.4 million loan.

    “In light of this week’s news reports, we felt more comfortable donating those contributions to charity,” Obama spokesman Ben LaBolt said Friday.

    The Democratic presidential candidate’s campaign is dividing the money between two cancer charities, Little Heroes and the Lynn Sage Cancer Foundation.

    Previously, Obama has given charities $34,500 that he received in donations from other people linked to the activities that produced the Chaib indictment.

    Federal prosecutors allege that an Obama supporter named Antoin “Tony” Rezko has participated in several illegal activities, including a scheme with Chaib to get a loan through false pretenses and use the money to buy a pizza business.

    Chaib was executive director of the Illinois Finance Authority at the time.

    Rezko, in addition to being a political supporter, bought a piece of property next to Obama’s Chicago home and then sold Obama a section, giving the senator a larger yard.

    Obama has described the transaction as a “boneheaded” mistake because of the way it looked. But he says it was legal and that he paid a more-than-fair price for the land.

  83. My thoughts on the cocaine use and its relevance to this primary.

    Kerry was not my chosen candidate in the ’04 primary. Yet, when he won, I was not left with a feeling of discomfort.

    With BO, I feel differently. He tells us that everything we need to know is in his books (he’s been saying this from Day One). I’m not comfortable w/ the use of pseudonyms or the disclaimer that he may have taken artistic license here and there. It eliminates the reader’s ability to make a judgment on the veracity of its contents.

    If this were any other candidate, we would already have seen the guy in the deli freezer in an article. “Ray” surfaced temporarily and was buried immediately with whispers of BO’s camp threatening extortion charges. It’s all so strange and weird.

    BO and his wife present a certain image and its been the same pitter-patter through this past year. I could write my own MO article — they are all the same. They approached this primary by offering up their own narrative (books and scripts) and it’s never been challenged, fleshed-out. Now in the waning days of the campaign, Oprah uses the trust she has built over the years with viewers to validate him. Well, I’m not satisfied with that.

    So, I don’t really have an opinion on the cocaine issue. I keep reading that just about nobody remembers him from his NY days, and that he doesn’t want to talk about it. I don’t specifically suspect that there’s more to the story, but at the same time, I’ve heard nothing to reassure me that it’s merely trivial.

    The cocaine story is just a symptom of the overall problem — nobody has peeled the layers back. His political record is largely contradictory, and all testimonials are supplied by the campaign. The media assists w/ these PR blitzes, but I’m looking for quality, not quantity.

  84. Yeah, no kidding. His story could be like another million little pieces. He took poetic license? I mean, it’s astonishing the press does nothing to vet this man.

  85. The media is still fawning over him. It’s fricken weird to me.

    What do you expect. The Georgetown Social Club (Hi, Ben!) always loves a candidate with free blow on the campaign bus.

    “Did I say 20 years ago? Oh, silly me….I meant 20 minutes ago….”

  86. admin, good. I’m filing this rumor in the same place I’ve put the “LA Times sex scandal” pice.


    Here is a link to an article on Alexi Giannoulias, the corrupt Treasurer of Illinois whose family’s bank both bankrolled Obama’s campaign and granted loans to mobsters running a prostitution ring.

    Notice how Alexi conducts himself: a puppet who is clueless. And notice that Obama still endorses Alexi despite all the corruption. Obama deployed this strategy of expressing support and disappointment in one breath when he endorsed Daley, who was mired by the Hired Truck Scandal.

    So much for hope for Chicago.

  88. HillaryLandRocks, I think the door-to-door approach reflects Whouley’s influence. One of the things he did with Kerry was get him in contact with voters more.

  89. On front page of DMR

    Coming tonight: Presidential endorsements. Text DMRNEWS to 4INFO to be the first to know.

  90. I think we should wait. Hillary had the best performance during their debate, and she has spent a lot of time in the state. She also campaigned with three generatinos of Rodhams just before the debate.

  91. I’ve been without power much of this week. And then got stuck at CLE for two days. Yuck.

    The news here is all about Hillary being negative on Bwak. I call bullshit on that. Bwak has been playing dirty the whole time. Karma can be a bitch is what I have to say.

    Glad to see the slate of endorsements, but it would be nice to see that on the national news. We need some positive press.

    Because of our lack of power and then lack of ‘net service, I just got to my e-mail.

    BTW- great pics, celiff. You are one lucky fellow. Keep your chin up and know you are doing a great job of spreading the word. 2008 is our girl’s year.

  92. okieatty

    hope you stocked-up on the barf-bags from your flight from cle. you’ll need them for that conference call.

  93. CLE is continuing legal education. Boring seminars with other lawyers. I do have plenty of barf bags though. The hubby stole a bunch last time we flew to KC. Personally, I like to write letters on them (empty OC) and fold them and mail them at airports to friends when traveling or stuck on a layover. I used to write love letters to my then BF now hubby that way. Sure is cheaper than a postcard and more interesting. 🙂

  94. Hillary deserves that DMR endorsement. I’m sorry someone on her campaign brought up Obama’s cocaine habit as a young man. It was inappropriate, but she let him go. She has not been negative campaigning, but how is she not supposed to defend herself from the constand character attacks of Obama and Edwards? At some point, she has to say, hey, these guys are not so holier than thou. This just sucks.

  95. alcina, havent you lived through the 90’s? thats where all the animosity comes from. they routed against hillary during her senate run too. infact tim russert went on to ask hillary about monica lewinsky scandal in the debate. so this isnothing new. but the age of internet gives a whole new meaning to itself. we have yet to see how clinton camp will strike back, but they will for sure. see bill clintons interview on charlie rose. if there were any undecided, having seen that interview, they would have kept their bags in Hillary’s basket, or atleast crossed Obama’s basket. Obama has no message. all he can do now is cry about fact that his rivals are attacking him. they painted bill and hillary with same brushes in every election. this is nothing new. the sorry state is that the so called progressives are trying to distance themselves too. the memo of press right now is, hillary campaign is imploding. its the right wing memo that crept into liberal wing. NYT will play it safe. they have too much to lose if they endorse Obama over Hillary, who is their own state senator. they will either stay out of fray or endorse Hillary. Des’moines will surprise me and my entire political theory if they endorse Obama. the women in des moines are smart enough to see through Obama. Remember what bill clinton said. three important issues. who represents change. both obama and hillary. who has the right plans. hillary’s plans on core democratic issues are better. and the third one is who is a better agent of change. now thats most important. It is Hillary. we all know it. the 20 year old’s and “progressives” have forgotten about it. naderites who crept into democrats are destroying fabric of democratic party by taking the party too anti-business and far left from the base.

  96. I can’t complain about the Boston Globe — I’ve noted throughout this primary that their coverage has been fairer than most.

    I am surprised, though, because the essence of their argument is that four years in indonesia as a kid paid off, essentially.

  97. WBBOI

    The decision is made by the Convention, but like a lot of decisions there, the presumptive candidate can, and probably will, weigh in very heavily, and win that little skirmish.

    Any Dem Candidate will want as many delegates seated as possible, esp if they are pledged to the candidate. And most of the superdelegates will be supporting the candidate (to support the party) so the state will have to be seated…can’t have the big ones without the others.

    Everything I’ve heard is that the DNC had to do it to lay down a marker, but everybody understands it can and probably will be voted down, or overruled or however they do those kind of things.

    I thought that MI had been penalized only half it’s delegates, tho it may have been FL.

  98. Well, it’s a bizarre endorsement. They also endorsed McCain. I am surprised because they seemed favorable to Hillary.

  99. Michelle Obama knows nothing about business. In fact, her only experience in the private sector is the sinecure she held with TreeHouse Foods after her husband was elected US Senator. TreeHouse is a major WAL-MART distributor, and she sat on the board when Mayor Daley, a major Obama supporter, vetoed the Big Box Ordinance, which would have required stores such as WAL-MART to pay Chicagoans living wages if they built facilities within Chicago city limits. Obama, the ostensible community organizer, said nothing when Daley vetoed this important legislation. But Obama did claim he would not shop at WAL-MART when speaking to unions in NJ earlier this year. This is when Michelle resigned from TreeHouse, as she did not want her position to conflict with her husband’s empty campaign rhetoric.

    Lynn Sweet penned multiple articles on Michelle Obama’s deep ties to WAL-MART. I believe the Obama family earned somewhere near $50,000 from Michelle’s deep ties to the corporation. Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times cites the exact figure. The London Telegraph also published an article on Michelle Obama’s stint with WAL-MART.

  100. What does the Globe have against Hillary? It’s amazing how the MSM has been totally snowed by all the “hope” hype.

  101. Boswell endorsed Hillary just days before the Des Moines Register. Will his endorsement inform their final decision?

  102. i dunno, g-tail.

    unfortunately, i think it’s much deeper than the clinton 90’s. i truly believe the hatred is a generational sexist hand-me-down. that hatred is infused in both male and female, alike. my own parents display it ( towards HRC ). fortunately, i reject it.

  103. What does the Globe have against Hillary?

    All the other candidates get a demerit because their experience is with the constraints imposed by dc. Seriously, that’s in the write-up.

  104. That’s so crazy. I bet he gets both endorsements. Hillary needs to forget about being a front runner, forget about Obama, and just take her case directly to the people.

  105. I have to give Obama credit for one thing. I’ve never seen a candidate manipulate the media so easily.

    As Bill Clinton said in the Charlie Rose interview, Obama possesses exceptionally skills, and that’s paying dividends right now for him.

    Also, something just occurred to me. There’s probably a saturation point for Hillary bashing, after which they’ll be a backlash. That happened in the ’90s with the right wing. They used to go overboard pursuing Clinton “scandals” till people just started ignoring them all together.

  106. mj:

    Don’t get disappointed. From the news accounts over the last two months, we never expected the press to be in Hillary’s corner. In the next few weeks Wash. Post, NYTimes, and LATimes will also go the route of Boston Globe. If it cheers you up, Bush did not win any of these endorsements either.

  107. “I have to give Obama credit for one thing. I’ve never seen a candidate manipulate the media so easily.”

    paula, i actually think the media is manipulating obama. ( to win, of course )

  108. The wave he’s riding is that we can all feel better about ourselves (ostensibly) by voting for him. It solves everything: problems overseas, racial tensions, etc, etc.

    Americans always like the quick-fix. Hard work is unattractive.

  109. globes statement is funny. no issue other than global climate are the real issues. for democrats healthcare, war in iraq and economy are the major issues. and they have made certain that having experience is kind of “bad” and does not serve any merit.

    The more I think about media narrative, the more I see whats going on. the primary reason for their endorsement seems to stem from “how to get new readers”. I mean, I think their statement on “post baby boom generation” makes sense that they want to rope in new readers. but it is at a sacrifice of existing readers. I shall make sure I wont read boston globe no more till the election season. and yeah, I dont even care about it because I wont eb voting if our nominee is Obama.

  110. That rationale in a nutshell tells more about the thought process of Boston Globe editorial board than anything.

  111. ra1029, Thanks for pointing that out. They don’t usually carry much weight, except candidates use endorsement excerpts in their ads to try to impress voters.

    mj, I also agree with you about Hillary taking her message to the people. I think we’re going to be seeing lots more of that – witness the door-to-door campaigning and the Iowa Hill-a-copter barnstorming tour that’s covering all counties in the state.

  112. “The wave he’s riding is that we can all feel better about ourselves (ostensibly) by voting for him. It solves everything: problems overseas, racial tensions, etc, etc.”

    You captured it in a nutshell. Hillary is all substance, so she’s the anti-Obama.

  113. When Hillary wins this, it is going to be despite the media, not because of it. It needs to be us – person to person. I did some Christmas shopping wearing my big Hillary 2008 button today. I talked to two people who asked me about it. One was a charming young college girl in the Apple store, who told me that she will now probabaly vote for Hillary after talking to me.

    The media is going to push the “no one likes her” meme for all they are worth. We Hillary supporters need to be out and proud, to show that lie for what it is.

  114. One thing that’s interesting about the Obama-McCain BG endorsement is that all polls show that would be a blowout … for McCain.

  115. I bet the reasoning they mentioned in their endorsement that “experienced people need not apply” is going to really piss of Biden.

  116. GOOOOODDDD.. I lost 3 hours of work time just waiting for this endorsement. good job troops. we deserved this GOOD NEWS. now I am off to work. We have an industrial conference report to submit soon. celebrate while I work. make sure everyone in the whole world knows about this endorsement! thanks!

  117. The Des Moines Register’s editorial board has endorsed Republican Sen. John McCain and Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton for the 2008 Iowa caucuses.

    The Register, Iowa’s statewide newspaper, calls McCain and Clinton the candidates it believes are most competent and ready to lead.

    “With dissension at home and distrust abroad, as American troops continue to fight wars on two fronts, the times call for two essential qualities in the next American president,” the Register’s editorial board concluded. “Those qualities became the paramount considerations in making endorsements for the Democratic and Republican nominees in the 2008 Iowa caucuses.

    “The times call for competence. Americans want their government to work again.
    The times call for readiness to lead. Americans want their country to do great things again. They’ll regain trust in their government when they see a president make that happen.”
    In endorsing McCain, who was tied for fifth in the Register’s November Iowa Poll of likely caucus-goers, the newspaper’s editorial board wrote:

    “Time after time, McCain has stuck to his beliefs in the face of opposition from other elected leaders and the public. He has criticized crop and ethanol subsidies during two presidential campaigns in Iowa. He bucked his party and president by opposing the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts. A year ago, in the face of growing criticism, he staunchly supported President Bush’s decision to increase troop strength in Iraq.

    “McCain would enter the White House with deep knowledge of national-security and foreign-policy issues. He knows war, something we believe would make him reluctant to start one. He’s also a fierce defender of civil liberties. As a survivor of torture, he has stood resolutely against it. He pledges to start rebuilding America’s image abroad. …

    “The force of John McCain’s moral authority could go a long way toward restoring Americans’ trust in government and inspiring new generations to believe in the goodness and greatness of America.”

    The Register’s endorsement of Clinton comes at a time when polls show she has slipped behind Sen. Barack Obama in Iowa.

    “Readiness to lead sets her apart from a constellation of possible stars in her party, particularly Barack Obama, who also demonstrates the potential to be a fine president,” the newspaper’s endorsement editorial concludes. “When Obama speaks before a crowd, he can be more inspirational than Clinton. Yet, with his relative inexperience, it’s hard to feel as confident he could accomplish the daunting agenda that lies ahead.”

    Register editorial page editor Carol Hunter said the six editorial board members who participated in the endorsement process disregarded the candidates’ standing in Iowa or national polls.

    “We believe our job as an editorial board is to arrive at the candidate in each party we think would be the best president, whether a person is leading the polls or garnering 1 percent support,” Hunter wrote in a column that accompanied the editorials. “It’s not to predict a winner.”

    In 2004, the newspaper’s endorsement of John Edwards coincided with his dramatic surge in the state. Edwards, then a North Carolina senator, moved from single digits in an Iowa poll taken in November 2003 to a second-place finish in the state’s 2004 January caucuses.

    This year’s endorsements come less than three weeks before the caucuses, set for Jan. 3. The caucuses, held five days before the New Hampshire primaries, start the nation’s 2008 presidential election process.

    The Register’s editorial board members who participated in the endorsement process were: Laura Hollingsworth, publisher; Carolyn Washburn, editor; Carol Hunter, editorial page editor; Linda Lantor Fandel, deputy editorial page editor; Rox Laird, editorial writer; and Andie Dominick, editorial writer.

  118. hillfans, i did not expect this endoresment in a million years. but still endoresments are one thing, winning is another. ket’s win it.

  119. I agree, terrondt. I did not expect it, and it does not by any means give us a win. But it DOES remove the possiblity of additional momentum for Obama, had he gotten it. So it’s big in that sense.

  120. That is some good news finally. However, as I said before, we need to get used to a series of Obama endorsements from major national news publications. The national press have been killing her for the last two months. Hence, I find it hard to believe that they would endorse her. I still believe that if and when she wins it, it will be inspite of the national press, not because of it.

  121. this endorsement is a big deal, not because of endorsement in itself. it is because we had to ebb the wave of anti-hillary sentiment in media. this is good endorsement. for all I care, it nullifies Boston globe endorsement, although it has more circulation. On a sidenote, endorsing Mccain is good news for us. watch for independents to rush to his defense in NH once huckabee wins Iowa. Hill wins among dems anyways, by a double digit margin.

  122. I still did not get the logic for Boston Globe endorsement. They say “he has an international perspective because he lived abroad.” Kidding me? Living in Indonesia between ages 6 and 10 will give an international perspective to be president??

    Also, if washington experience is negative, why did they endorse McCain for republican nomination? Seriously, I am surprised by the sophomoric logic of their explanation of the endorsement.

  123. That’s phenomenal. If anything, I’d expect Obama to get the DMR endorsement and Hillary the Globe’s. Interesting that McCain got both. It seems weird that the Globe would diss experience when examining the Dem field but pick the ultimate D.C. “insider” for the GOP nod.

  124. do you guys think this means something to the iowa voters? hope so. it’s about time we get some great press!!!! let the obama-nuts fume!!!

    as far as NH is concerned, i can tell you an endorsement from neighboring massachusetts ( boston globe ) means nothing to new hampshirites. if anything, local yankee hard-heads will bristle at the thought of some mass-hole-flat-lander-newspaper* telling us how to vote.

  125. We just posted a new article with the Des Moines Register endorsement. It’s still Michael Whouley Day, with a dash of DMR.

  126. I read post all day barack hussein Obama gonna get the DMR…IM floored..

    I will send it to I people I needs to go before the world for Iowa Cacus

    DesMoinres Paper you are Exactly right OUR GIRL HIlllary is expierence FOR THE PEOPLE..

    and on the other side I have to agree a little for them CHoosing Mcain.

    we dont need glitzy Circuses ,

    PROUD OF YOU HILLARY Working for us YES

    I know she is Smilling ….Im sure of it.

  127. alcina, I’d think down-to-earth, common-sense New Hampshire residents would find the Globe’s rationale pretty silly, too. If McCain got the GOP nomination, he’d eviscerate Obama with the Indonesia thing because it’s such a joke.

  128. ra1029, my kids lived in both Japan and Italy as children. I love them dearly, but they know Jack about foreign policy. Puhleeeze.

  129. this gives her more sunlight to accompolish the things to go to iowans to prove her case to them that she is warm and electable to get this job done of the 2 wars we have got going..and all the other things that are important to OUR life and future… i gotta write on her web page now…..

  130. alcina:

    If you look at the comments section of the article in DMR where they endorsed Hillary, you see a whole lot of curses. 🙂

    As I said, the most of the commenters are complaining she got it because of the women in the editorial board. That is what I predicted and that is why I was thinking that they won’t endorse her.

  131. I have lived in foreign country for more than 6 years. Now, that should make me more qualified than Obama in terms of foreign policy experience!!!! mmmm.. sometimes media amazes me. on one instance, they are the most intelligent, most principled, on another instance, they are silly and almost ignorant.

  132. Let me clarify my previous comment. “That is what I predicted they will complain, and that is why I was thinking that they won’t endorse her.”

  133. I guess if someone lived in south pole or north they can qualify for foreign policy,and Become President..

    yes gladiator.. you should have ran for

  134. ra1029

    i it’s a gender thing, again. hhmm..that’s funny, i thought BO had all those educated young women sewn-up into his camp.

    let them whine! you’ve gotta love it!!!

  135. Yay! That means the Sunday shows will have something good to say. and the DMR editorial sets the them re: competence to lead now.

  136. This page on DMR website has a series of videos listing the answers Hillary gave to the editorial board of DMR. It is impressive!! Check it out.

  137. She’s had some fantastic face-to-face meetings with DMR staff. I mean, really wow stuff! Right around the time of the Edelman thing, they posted the video, and it is just what they said in their endorsement.

  138. Don’t be surprised the DMR doesn’t get framed as tie. MTP will say something like Obama wins the Boston Globe, Clinton wind the DMR. Watch the opeing credits – “Our issues today, with 19 days before the Iowa caucus Barack Obama has won the endorsement of the Boston Globe. Hillary Clinton has . . .”

    Tim Russert is a mouth piece for the Repugnacious

    I’m pumped about the DMR!!! Yepsen has generally been fair to Hillary throughout.

  139. Wow. Obama folks are really mean-spirited. Implying Hillary is a shill for the Saudis (i.e terrorists), Bill screwed the editorial board, etc.. What audacity of hype. Hypocritical bastards….I flagged their comments…

  140. In the last debate, Hillary sais she would have voted no in relation to something about the Farm Bill. The others said yes. Can someone explain that to me?

  141. ra, I cannot get the videos to open. You can?

    Did one of you write this?:

    Not charismatic, not charming, and programmed to the hilt. But experienced and tough as lead nails.

    That’s brilliant! She should run on that. It humanizes her the way that the singing video did.

  142. Kentucky_mkt:

    Did you click on the hyperlink where each topic’s headline is listed? It should take you through a series of questions and answers.

  143. wow. the Obama board is pure trash. They call Hill and Bill racists now? LMAO

    Maybe if their candidate wasn’t so damn stupid, incompetent, and fake, he wouldn’t NEED the “RACE” and “SYMPATHY” card to get him out of all those sticky messes.

    Obama is a buffoon. I have no respect for him, even if he has gone to Harvard and blah blah blah. In my eyes, he is the worst and most despicable of public human beings behind Karl Rove and DIck DIck

  144. I urge y’all to rethink the “it’s not about the drugs” line. While it is admirable that BO pulled himself together, to parents, it’s about the drugs.

    There are several problems with illegal drug use and its dismissal as “no big deal”. From whom are drugs bought? How many teen-age mules are still in jail? Illegal drugs finance rich drug lords and cartels who prey on the poor and trash many lives.

    It is not the same as consentual sex. If we are going to shrug at drug use, let’s legalize it. This “if you get away with it, you can be president” and” if you’re caught, you can spend years in jail” is no help to parents. Children always think they’re clever and will be one of the presidents.

  145. sorry — i wrote this and left before pressing submit which is why my drug post seems so off topic.

    Great about Whouley!! Fabulous about the newspaper’s endorsement!

    Hillary now has Whouley, the Register, and me.

    What do we have in common? When we get behind a candidate (s)he wins. Get to work, people! 🙂

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