Des Moines Register: Make Hillary Clinton 44

The Des Moines Register tonight endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.

The Register wrote:

With dissension at home and distrust abroad, as American troops continue to fight wars on two fronts, the times call for two essential qualities in the next American president, the Register’s editorial board concluded. Those qualities became the paramount considerations in making endorsements for the Democratic and Republican nominees in the 2008 Iowa caucuses.

The times call for competence. Americans want their government to work again. The times call for readiness to lead. Americans want their country to do great things again. They’ll regain trust in their government when they see a president make that happen.

The Register endorses Hillary Clinton with these words:

The choice, then, comes down to preparedness: Who is best prepared to confront the enormous challenges the nation faces — from ending the Iraq war to shoring up America’s middle class to confronting global climate change?

The job requires a president who not only understands the changes needed to move the country forward but also possesses the discipline and skill to navigate the reality of the resistant Washington power structure to get things done.

That candidate is New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

From working for children’s rights as a young lawyer, to meeting with leaders around the world as first lady, to emerging as an effective legislator in her service as a senator, every stage of her life has prepared her for the presidency.

That readiness to lead sets her apart from a constellation of possible stars in her party, particularly Barack Obama, who also demonstrates the potential to be a fine president. When Obama speaks before a crowd, he can be more inspirational than Clinton. Yet, with his relative inexperience, it’s hard to feel as confident he could accomplish the daunting agenda that lies ahead.

Edwards was our pick for the 2004 nomination. But this is a different race, with different candidates. We too seldom saw the “positive, optimistic” campaign we found appealing in 2004. His harsh anti-corporate rhetoric would make it difficult to work with the business community to forge change.

Unfortunately, for many Americans, perceptions of Clinton, now 60, remain stuck in a 1990s time warp. She’s regarded as the one who fumbled health-care reform as a key policy adviser to her husband, President Bill Clinton, or as a driving force in the bitter standoff between the “Clinton machine” and the “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

Her record in the Senate belies those images. Today, she’s widely praised for working across the aisle with Sam Brownback, Lindsey Graham and other Republicans.

Determination to succeed and learning from her mistakes have been hallmarks of Clinton’s life. She grew up in Park Ridge, Ill., graduated from Wellesley College and earned a law degree from Yale. As first lady in Arkansas, she was both strategist and idealist, borne out by her commitment to children and families. As the nation’s first lady, she in essence spent eight years as a diplomat, traveling to more than 80 countries and advocating for human rights.

In the Senate, she has earned a reputation as a workhorse who does not seek the limelight. She honed knowledge of defense on the Senate Armed Services Committee. She has proactively served rural and urban New York and worked in the national interest, strengthening the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Clinton is tough. Tested by rough politics and personal trials, she’s demonstrated strength, resolve and resilience.

Can she inspire the nation? Clinton is still criticized in some quarters as being too guarded and calculating. (As president, when she makes a mistake, she should just say so.)

Indeed, Obama, her chief rival, inspired our imaginations. But it was Clinton who inspired our confidence. Each time we met, she impressed us with her knowledge and her competence.

The times demand results. We believe as president she’ll do what she’s always done in her life: Throw herself into the job and work hard. We believe Hillary Rodham Clinton can do great things for our country.


447 thoughts on “Des Moines Register: Make Hillary Clinton 44

  1. LOL, im reading the nutkook blogs, daily kos, huffington, and mydd and they are trashing dmr. heck, if obama napped the prize they would have trumped it off the rooftops. now they are crying BOO HOO. CRYING BABIES.

  2. good evening everyone! this is great news. i got a txt from the register (you could sign up for news alerts on the site) and was almost afraid to look! but then i thought, whatever happens we just keep working. and then checked the message.. hooray! 🙂

  3. Politico writes:

    The endorsement reads as if it were written with the help of Mark Penn over those cocktails the Clintons shared with the edit board at Azalea, and it will likely immediately become a central part of Clinton’s campaign, in the mail and on the air.

    The piece buys deeply into her central argument, citing her “readiness to lead.” It’s inspired by Obama, but unsure of his ability to get it done. And it repudiates Edwards, the ’04 favorite, for exchanging his optmimistic, positive voice for a “harsh” one.

  4. LOL! Big Orange is going crazy, with some BO people saying it’s because they are women. Yeah, right, keep saying that whiny crap, it works in our favor.

  5. some BO people saying it’s because they are women.

    but, but … he’s got the edge w/ women thanks to oprah — all women hate hillary.

    They can’t have it both ways.

    I am wondering if the deval patrick crowd had anything to do with the BG endorsement.

  6. HillaryforTexas, maybe it is. Women are by and large the managers of their homes, and the lives of their family. Perhaps women are more attracted to Hillary’s high level competence and her passion for children.

  7. Just as I’m sure my fellow Iowans get it.

    I know that lots of hard working folks in my little county get it, as I believe many many other Iowa RESIDENTS do.

    I’m so proud right now I could cry.

    Where’s the hawk?

  8. “I am wondering if the deval patrick crowd had anything to do with the BG endorsement.” I think they endorsed him, too. In the primary. For what it’s worth, he won very big, so it does make me nervous. But read th endorsement. The Globe basically sucks, they love bipartican bs.

  9. Emjay:

    you should be proud!

    I am liking the DM after all…

    It is, by far, the fairest comparison of the top 3 candidates by any media group!

    The three are portrayed as they are in this campaign!

    The voters now have to decide what they want.

  10. Have you ever known anyone who has endured more verbal abuse than Hillary? I cringe when I read the nasty, untrue, ignorant comments. I can’t imagine wanting a job bad enough to put up with the abusive lies and slander. The Senator has an inner strength that most woman do not have. I know I don’t. I admire her, I respect her, and I want her for my president. I remember all the lies that were told about the Clinton’s when they left the White House. They all proved to be false. I’ll take the Clinton years over the Bush years any day.

    I can’t wait to see what a woman will do in the White House. I am excited. She is so focused on improving the lives of the middle class (especially the children) and I can’t wait to say to all the Clinton haters “I told you so.”

    Thank you Des Moines Register for the endorsement.

  11. Emjay, Hawk is probably still recovering from his birthday. Congratulations to all in Iowa. Yay Hillary. Congrats Hawk. Kostner, enjoy the good news wherever you are.

    Terrondt, HillaryLandrocks, if the Big Blogs are pushing the story that the 3 women on DMR’s board swayed the endorsement – aren’t they buying into our argument that Hillary will bring in a lot of women to vote for her. Let the Big Blog boobs make our arguments for us. We are too busy celebrating. This was the big one.

  12. Earlier this week, our friends at NBC and MSNBC declared how huge this endorsement would be. I wonder if they will continue to say the same now.

    It will be interesting to see how MTP and Mudball will spin this for BO!!!!!!!

  13. I cannot begin to tell you how good this will be for all the volunteers in this state.

    We needed something.

    (besides cancelled appearances and ice and Hill bashing and snow and ice again and no electriciity and now more snow)

  14. Have you ever known anyone who has endured more verbal abuse than Hillary? I cringe when I read the nasty, untrue, ignorant comments. I can’t imagine wanting a job bad enough to put up with the abusive lies and slander. The Senator has an inner strength that most woman do not have. I know I don’t. I admire her, I respect her, and I want her for my president. I remember all the lies that were told about the Clinton’s when they left the White House. They all proved to be false. I’ll take the Clinton years over the Bush years any day.

    I can’t wait to see what a woman will do in the White House. I am excited. She is so focused on improving the lives of the middle class (especially the children) regarding healthcare and taxes and I can’t wait to say to all the Clinton haters “I told you so.”

    Thank you Des Moines Register for the endorsement.

  15. The endorsement reads as if it were written with the help of Mark Penn over those cocktails the Clintons shared with the edit board at Azalea, and it will likely immediately become a central part of Clinton’s campaign, in the mail and on the air.

    Now, if only the Clinton campaign would come up with some good blow on the Georgetown Social Club scene (Hi, Ben!), Russert and the Beltway Chattering Class might even endorse her.

  16. I did phone banking today in northern CA. Today I found most callers at home who answered vs. VM

    And unlike my 6 previous phone banking session, nobody said they were undecided or not a Hillary supporter! They may not be able to help with volunteering but at least they will vote early for her!

    Before, in some “anti-war” counties, I always had someone saying they were still undecided or they were supporting BO, JRE or Biden!

    So I will keep this DMR with me for my next phone bank – as to why we need her!

  17. I bet it is all equal men and women…especially with boswell,who went with hillary and farmers galore and there familys like him so much..

  18. I cannot begin to tell you how good this will be for all the volunteers in this state.

    I’ll be in IA soon, and I admit that I’ve been sitting next to the computer this evening fretting over a possible DMR Obambi endorsement. What a downer that would have been.

    What part of the state are you in? Not asking about specifics, just NW, NE, etc.

  19. Oh tweety bird come monday…what ya gotta say now about Hillary in Iowa ,shell be in the paper everyday her and Mc cain and on air,for updates from those 2 Canidiates.

  20. HWC, what do you think of the Globe bs endorsement for Obama? I feel like the endorsement helped Patrick in the givernor’s race. However, with McCain also getting the endorsement, indies have two endorsements to mull over.

  21. It was clear to me that she sealed the endorsement during the debate. They made a wise decision, and they have upset the media. Now everyone who has invalidated Hillary will have to come to terms with this event, and this will dominate the news cycle. They will, of course, cite the Boston Globe, but Iowa is not the focus of the media, Big, traditional, new, innovative, regressive and otherwise.

    Hillary is 44.

  22. I was hoping so very much that she would get this endorsement. While I don’t think a newspaper’s endorsement carries a lot of weight in a direct sense, it does make it easier for those Iowa precinct workers to do their work. People may be more willing to listen now. Every little bit helps!

    I congratulate the DMR on their great wisdom in making this selection. I don’t care who makes up the board, they simply did it right and for all the right reasons.

    This is a “feel good” happening!

  23. Maybe it is the wisdom of the mid-west; maybe it is the ability to separate the false from the true; maybe it is the refusal to be seduced by the siren call of celebrity or swayed by the fraudulent big media narrative–whatever it is, this much is clear: the Des Moine Register endorsement of Hillary Clinton is the true path to to positive change and a better future for all Americans.

  24. mj, NH resident alcina said people in her state don’t give a rat’s ass whom the Globe endorses, lol. (She didn’t say rat’s ass, though.) 🙂

  25. ChrisC, the Big Media Party is having a bout with the bottle tonight. Let’s see how they will twist this into something awful. The problem they will have is that this is big news with big effects.

    The Register’s endorsement by itself is helpful but now the Hillary Team will reprint it and send the endorsement to every home in Iowa and will use the endorsement in TV and radio ads.

  26. When I encountered an argument on dkos that DMR was a woman thing, I countered, “The Globe was a male thing then?”

  27. hallelujah! hi everyone, used to lurk but now i’m diving in. from chicagoland…a lot of people here are not sold on obama’s “fluff”…good news for hill! she’ll be here on tuesday, will see her then.

  28. Sherm Kader, you are right. This is a big pick-me-up to all those hard working Iowa Hillary supporters. Also, the endorsement will be distributed by the Hillary team and this sets us up for a good publicity blitz just before the Christmas holiday’s.

  29. admin, I think Big Media has been having a bout with the bottle ever since HRC declared candidacy! Maybe they are looking for some blow now!

  30. Mark Penn’s input, my behind.

    As I said while DMR/Public TV debate was going on, Carolyn’s questions, her non-gotcha approach, her obvious research of the issues AND each candidates positions informed that debate, the viewers and the candidates. Each candidate should have had an inkling of who was going to be endorsed, just by observing each others’ responses.

    BTW she did exactly the same quality moderating w/ the Repubs. and a man said on this site that Fred took her out. I not-so-humbly (how in the world is that spelled?) beg to differ.

  31. as stated previously, NH will not be swayed by the boston globe. we take great (stubborn yankee) pride in making decisions for ourselves..not some extreme left-wing mass-hole newspaper.

  32. ChrisC Says:

    December 15th, 2007 at 9:45 pm
    Earlier this week, our friends at NBC and MSNBC declared how huge this endorsement would be. I wonder if they will continue to say the same now.

    they ought to jumpship MSNBC NBC.. to hillary you want a winner who can lead and this Hopeland to live on…its just not feasible for anyone who lives on actually got to do the work for HOPE..Change

  33. thanks, admin. I have a really good time. When it was just antagonism against Bush, people really liked me a lot, but when I turned my voice for Hillary, I started to lose my popularity. The old timers still respect me, but the new people don’t appreciate the whole context of my relationship to dkos.

  34. left-wing mass-hole newspaper.

    LOL. Which papers endorse in NH? Isn’t it true that the Concord Monitor fawns for Obama? Can’t stand reading anything in the Monitor and that’s been the case for months. The Union Leader will stay out of the Dem primary, right? Although, they’ve been rooting for their fav conservative, Obama.

    What other NH papers should we look out for?

  35. alott of older folks watch charlie rose ,and with Bill there he gave the Honest to gods truth there.
    they will listen to him more for political standpoint than opfrala,

  36. and if i may be honest, the register’s endorsement was quite measured. nothing about it was effusive, and they focused on actual accomplishments, not on empty promises of career politicians.

  37. HWC, what do you think of the Globe bs endorsement for Obama?

    The Globe would endorse Whitey Bulger if they could find him. They probably admire Obama’s ties to corrupt Chicago machine crooks.

  38. terrondt Says:

    December 15th, 2007 at 10:13 pm
    cj, im looking for mathews and russert to boo hoo this. looking forward to

    me too
    they might booohoo it…but it will come back in there jappy…you can see now that they are fibbers and haters…both of them…they’ll have to spin something positive because all of the eastern states knows about this

  39. Yeah, let them say oh well it was an all female board. I say great. I think women, all women, need to seriously consider what a Hillary presidency will mean for women. I want to see the ladies rally for our girl. She deserves it!

  40. NH will not be swayed by the boston globe. we take great (stubborn yankee) pride in making decisions for ourselves..not some extreme left-wing mass-hole newspaper.

    Wouldn’t it be a kick if the Herald endorsed Hillary!

    For you out of staters, the Herald is Boston’s “blue-collar” tabloid competitor of the “elitist”, “ultra-liberal” Globe.

  41. hlr

    you are correct, the concord monitor is in bed with BO. the largest, most influential paper is the manchester union leader who, i believe, endorsed john mccain. ( they do not endorse dems..ha )

    the rest of the papers here are of little influence on a large scale. b-merry may be able to address the east coast papers better than i.

  42. The DMR editorial hit the nail on the head not only for the primaries, but also for the general election. The key emotion for Democrats to win in 2008 is CONFIDENCE. It’s the only one that will overcome the Republican’s constant resort to FEAR. Senator Clinton inspires confidence and is by far our best candidate to win in 2008.

    –Bill Arnone

  43. good Lord WBBOEI @9:59

    Your words make me want to cry again.

    I know it is just the sense of relief…I’m not usually a weeper.

  44. Emjay — I plan to return when it gets warmer to bike the Wabash Trace Trail. Looks like I’ll pass right through your area.

  45. I’m so happy the editorial board was made of women! They know what it’s like to deal with the boy’s club. I’m sure there was pressure for them to endorse White man John Edwards and Barry, but they made the tough choice.

  46. admin,

    last time i checked, tickets were sold-out a few hours after it was announced. fret not, there’s a lot of us here in the windy city…not buying the politics of hype.

  47. I love the DMR editorial board! And, I hate the elitist fools at the Globe. Glad I totally stopped reading that tripe. Go Hillary!

  48. yes it did admin ..he is well liked and well known everywhere in iowa,thats what i heard…from family and such..there…

  49. CJ, please get it right. It’s “Oafrah.” 🙂

    DCDem, have a beer and a shot for me. I may be out that way in a few months.

    What’s up with Bwak giving money back to a buddy of Rezco who was just indicted? Part of the guy’s legal defense fund….

  50. i am sure timmy’s and tweety’s undies are all knotted-up over this one. will be interesting to see how they completely neuter the DMR story.

  51. Timmy and Tweety and the rest of the Georgetown Social Club (Hi, Ben!) will ignore the DMR endorsement. They won’t cover it.

  52. 🙂 you crack me up, CJ.

    I thought the endorsement was well-written and well- reasoned. Like I said it will set the theme for tomorrow’s talking heads. I wonder if they will interview the board…

  53. Check out the series of videos here with Hillary’s answers to editorial board of DMR. It is impressive!!

  54. I labeled all the comments on the video spam, and I rated each and every single one of them unfavorably. I recommend everyone else do the same. And while i do not agree with every aspect of the video, I guess it serves its purpose.

  55. Oh, thank you, DMR! 🙂

    DMR has been elevated in my view to a first tier newspaper and Boston Globe has dropped in my estimation to a second tier newspaper.

    And, Thank you dearest Congressman Leonard Boswell. Your voice of wisdom, reason and honesty brought tears to my eyes yesterday.

    wbboei @9:59 — I share your sentiment. 🙂

  56. You know. This is sad. I’m skipping two parties and free booze to hang with y’all on this board celebrating our girl’s good news.

    I guess I have to bone up in case we lose power again….

  57. The Muslim speculation is irrelevant. We can focus on the cocaine, the unelectability, Oprah, his vapidity, but referring to him as a Muslim is counterproductive.

    I recommended your video, but I did it with a few reservations.

  58. “When I encountered an argument on dkos that DMR was a woman thing, I countered, “The Globe was a male thing then?”

    DCDemocrat, I really like that response. What a great counter!!! Thanks

  59. But I enjoy the idea of Hillaryis44 video. All of us have to rate the pro-Obama comments unfavorably, and all of us have to mark the video as a favorite the moment it is uploaded. Please view and rate HRCis44’s video.

  60. Ben Smith? The same idiot who floated the false GQ story? And worked for the gossip rag NYDN? And today posted that some pro-Hillary site was paying folks for posts?



    “Oops! Former Observer reporter Ben Smith, who now has a blog for The Politico that’s a favorite of campaign junkies, wrote a post earlier today about this “independent pro-Hillary site,” which offers to pay people $1 for every pro-Hillary comment they post online. He declared the site “the worst idea of the cycle.”

    Problem is, the site’s a parody — as posts like this one, on the benefits of dictatorship, or this one, which urges supporters to put Hillary bumper stickers on strangers’ cars, make clear.

    To be fair to Mr. Smith, many other people, including some of his own commenters and a blogger at DailyKos, also fell for it. He’s since posted an update acknowledging the mistake.”

  61. I hope Hillary can turn this into momentum. I’d much rather talk about why Hillary is so great as a candidate. I am totally bored by Obama.

  62. Sherm Kader, DC Democrat – the “Globe was a male thing” response grows wiser and wiser with more thought. It’s good jiu jitsu (sp?)

  63. i agree, let’s do away with the muslim thing because there are muslim bros and sisters out there who are quietly supportive of her…believe me, there’s a lot of ammo out there that can be used against barry…the orator has not been thoroughly vetted yet because MSM is scared of the “racist” remark/backlash…imho…

  64. i recommend a video with rezko and all his associates. stills of bundled money, alexi giannoulias, mobsters, patrick fitzgerald, federal indictments, obama’s fec reports in a montage set to the rhythym of law and order.

  65. imagine44 is exactly right. Please stop such talk. Hillary is just head and shoulders a better candidate. She deserved the nom, it’s going to be a kick ass general electon with her at the helm, and she’s going to be an outstanding president. I really don’t care about the religion of Obama’s relatives, or anyones religion. I just want Hill to win!

  66. Okie,

    I guess the Observer story refers to a different website. But I find it significant that his former employer will ridicule him. I for one do not understand how or why Ben Smith is gainfully employed. Did he not recently write an article about Hillary’s loss of support in the African-American community based on one email he received from a Politico reader?

  67. I want her to win badly, but Iowa voters are racists and if we can use that against him… even if Johnny Edwards wins Iowa, the takes momentum away from Barry.

  68. OkieAtty, I just uncorked a bottle of French pink wine — Guigal Cotes Du Rhone Rose — poured myself a big glass of the pink stuff.

    Ah! Cheers to our girl and the big pink! 🙂

  69. BHO is now attacking Edwards… Makes for a nice change.


  70. OK so where’s my money?


    OkieAtty: You can have half of mine, but that’s not much…been iced in too long. Our grocery, if I’d been stupid enuf to go out, wasn’t even open. No electric and nursing homes needed all the generators they could get

  71. HRCis44, did you disable the comments function? Maybe you should disable it for every video, for the vile Obama supporters online will invariably attack you and anything you post. Besides, their opinions are irrelevant.

  72. While I disagree with mj that religion is relevant to informing decision and should be vetted, HRCis44 you need to get that video down immediately!!!

  73. I understand the want to rise above the bias, but it has to be confronted head on. He’s black, she’s a woman and McCain is an old man….

    I personally think the Muslim thing is stupid. I’m also Atheist. But I recognize that Bwak as a man is deeply conflicted. He’s not an embodiment of “It’s A Small World” no matter what his cult tries to say. Let him address it directly and kill the story. And for us as supporters of Hillary, we should take care as things like Shaheen hurt our girl. It pisses me off to see some of us here say dumb things publicly that reflect back on our candidate. Hell, Ben Smith obviously believes everything he plagiarizes. 🙂

    I do have to agree with a post on another thread today. I do not like Bwak. At. All. He scares me. I would rather

  74. I’m not going to look at any anti-Obama video. I don’t mean that to be critical of anyone here, but I sure am tired of the campaign having to disavow this kind of stuff due to overly-enthusiastic supporters.

  75. (damnit)

    vote for Ron Paul or Brownback or Yogi the Bear, than Bwak. I don’t believe in god and I sure as hell don’t don’t drink the Kool-Aid with cultists.

  76. HRCis44, I am not comfortable with the video you have posted. can we make a case so that it DOES NOT come from a Hillary supporter? our job is to convert Obama supporters to Hillary supporters. No obama supporter will change his/her mind if they see that video. again, we need them in GE. on top of it it will increase spam on this website. would it be possible for you to make an alternate video and remove information of this site? its always helpful. you may ignore my request though!

  77. I agree. Iowans are good people and they will make the right decision. Overzealous supporters who use these themse damage Hillary. HRCis44 please take down the video. She needs positive attention, NOT negative.

  78. HRCis44, the reason is every time one of us screws up, it hurts Hillary. And when you post it, link it or say it on high profile sites, the MSM says she did it and her polls slip.


  79. It’s not worth winning if we actually have to do that. Bill Clinton was one of the most pro-minority presidents and I thinnk HRC would be too.

    At the very least, you should distance that video from Hillary and this web forum.

    There are so many valid points to raise that there is no need to even go there.

    Bruce Bawer points out some very good ones in this post:

  80. but Iowa voters are racists and if we can use that against him…

    I don’t want to pile on, but this is really a turn-off. Take into account that you know nothing about the people who post here.

    All you are accomplishing is making me more sympathetic to Obama and the kind of nonsense he has to put up with.

  81. I agree. I think videos with the address of Hillaryis44 can be more substantive. We can focus on cocaine and Romney, but we should rely on the video of Romney and on Obama’s shifting statements.

    But why not cut a video on Rezko or on the present votes? There is so much more. Maybe a video on universal “access?” Or on Maytag bundlers? Obama’s spin cycle? I do not know. I think the video should be removed. I only defended it, as I want to support fellow bloggers at Hillaryis44. But as I stated above, I am not fond of the Muslim allegations. And the cocaine matter has to be handled gingerly if it is to be effective and compelling.

  82. We aren’t going to get Obama supporters for the primaries, we need to focus on the Edwards people. Edwards is dead after Iowa and we need to highlight his fights with Obama and keep hitting how Obama is attacking Edwards. I’m about to go to bed, but I’ll work on remixing the video tomorrow. Thanks for the hints!

  83. Yeah, people are just as likely to be sexist as racist, if not more so. I tend to try and think the best of people. You hurt Hillary with that sort of stuff.

  84. I agree. Maybe this comments thread should be scrubbed. If some of my comments are deleted, I understand. I enjoy this site for its rigor. Besides, we have an example to set for the other blogs online.

  85. Please HRCis44. It is certain to look bad on everyone here and also the candidate.

    It is not worth sacrificing our progressive priniciples to advance them. It is like Obama attacking Hillary for attempting to contrast with him his attacking her.

    See the Bruce Bawer pajama piece for legimate points to put in that ad.

  86. Only news of the first week of January 2008 will topple this one. The DMR-endorsement is like a booster for a rocket launched to reach the highest glass ceiling.

  87. admin, please ask for the video to be removed. and hrcis44, please remove the video. and admin, have you checked the ip address of hrcis44?

  88. Hey Y’all, What a wonderful weekend this has been so far, though it just got a whole lot better with this endorsement.

    Yesterday was wonderful because I got to watch Hillary being interviewed on camera with the three or four members of the Iowa press; then at night I watched President Clinton’s interview. I have to say, whenever I hear either one of them speak I think how damn lucky we are to have those two people who are committed to helping this country and the world. The are both so eloquent and so smart. I also am reminded that Hillary wanted to run a completely positive campaign. She did not want to attack other candidates. She tried to get her opponents go along with this and they chose to be negative. I guess when you don’t have to offer of your own people think they can get ahead by attacking others. Hillary did not do this. She’s had to set the record straight on innumerable occasions but she doesn not say things that are not true. She doesn not make slurs. I remember sayin’ in one of my very first posts that we should take our lead from Hillary. I still feel that way. We should do everything we can, as often as we can to promote her good ideas, her experience, her lifetime of working to help other people who needed an advocate.

    I am so pleased with the Des Moines Register’s endorsement. Thank you so much for believing in Senator Clinton and having the courage of your convictions.

    I think it is important that we all thank Congressman Leonard Boswell. That was such a wonderful heartfelt statement by a dedicated public servant. Thank you, Sir, for standing up with Senator Clinton on behalf of all of us.

    These things are a reminder that there are people who see what we see, who know the Hillary we know. The message is gettin’ through.

  89. HRCis44:

    I think everyone here would agree that your efforts and enthusiam are aprpeciated if not the content.

  90. I would suggest that anyone who wishes to exploit latent racism not post to this site. And if this nonsense keeps up, I’m outta here.

  91. i agree. hrcis44, all of us thank you for your efforts. but attaching the blog’s address to a video with reactionary content is a poor decision. i tout this site to friends who are yet to make a decision in the primary. because they are democrats, they will recoil if they are exposed to video one would expect to find at

  92. please take it down before you go to bed.

    you have no idea what an angry BO supporter could do to Hillary by morning and that crap would come back to haunt us here and maybe even take the spotlight off the great endorsement.

    Use your own address or site, not this one, please.

  93. Thanks HRC44. But every time you make a good video, I will link it to notbarackobama channel on youtube. I will make some myself too, but its raining heavily and I cant get my laptop from my office. But we will support ya!

  94. I hear ya Okie. Is the storm still goin’ on down there? How is the visibility of Hillary’s campaign down your way? Any state polls?

  95. Hey. Good article in the Baltimore Sun.

    Clinton: Working, not hoping, for change

    A subdued and solemn Sen. Hillary Clinton made a case for herself Saturday as an agent of change throughout her lifetime of work as she sought to beat back momentum for Sen. Barack Obama in the early states.

    “I have been working on behalf of change ever since I can remember,” Clinton said, citing her work as a lawyer for the Children’s Defense Fund, as a board member of the Legal Services Corporation, as First Lady and as a senator. “And it’s been work I have valued because I believe each and every one of us has an obligation to give back.”

    Two New Hampshire mothers introduced Clinton in a middle school gymnasium here, describing difficult personal circumstances involving their children and how Clinton had helped them. Both are featured in new, 60-second radio ads.

    Barbara Marzelli, whose son has gone through four open-heart surgeries and is enrolled in the children’s health insurance program (SCHIP), praised Clinton for helping to create the program for kids.

    “Without this, we would have lost everything, including our child,” she said. “Hillary will prove to you, as she has with our family already, that she has the strength, experience, commitment and heart to lead this country.”

  96. the video has been removed. if someone desires to create a video on the site’s behalf, i believe admin or some member of the staff should post the videos.

  97. please take it down before you go to bed.

    you have no idea what an angry BO supporter could do to Hillary by morning and that crap would come back to haunt us here and maybe even take the spotlight off the great endorsement
    I agree we got good news and theyll say she did it…
    fix something like the rezko and bundlers these people here are smart theyll will think of something and not link this site from youtube…thats bad…youll have every angry hater here…

  98. thank you, hrcis44. i will support you on youtube, and i will help you combat the obamabots. but please refrain from using xenophobic content. all of us thank you for your committment to hillary, and all of us want to assist you. but we cannot deliver more ammunition to the already sanctimonious group of supporters surrounding obama. and please, let us refrain from using the senator’s middle name. it is puerile, and that is not the type of politics i uphold.

  99. You know the fact that she has an autism agenda should be touted more. Last I checked, she was the only one to do that. Austism is on the rise and needs to be addressed much more seriously than it is currently. It is staggering the number of Autistic children and it’s rate of growth has been dramatic.

  100. Nada, Molly.

    Storm has passed. More clean up tomorrow. Ick. A whole week w/o work also stinks.

    The big site here is . As you can imagine, they’re as rabid there as dKos, et al.. I wish my vet made house calls. There sure are some ugly dogs that need to be put down out there. 😉 j/k They are mean though. I’ve had one call from the campaign and was in court when it happened.

    I’ll volunteer after the first since our primary is small and there are no other ballots. I expect a low turn out. We get no love here. At least you have reasons for Hillary to visit y’all. But we’re not getting visits from any candidates.

  101. Kentucky, my nephew is autistic and has MD. I welcome Hillary’s stance on research and funding. Time to take on Big Pharma and the beast created by Frist.

  102. Admin/ Group:

    If possible, I think a chat/ im feature should be added to this Website. If not possible, I think we should look for a way to have such capabilities whether through a Myspace group or a yahoo group or some such thing.

    Due to our own privacy, this Website sort of limits the syngeristic abilities that I think we could have as a group. IMHO, such a feature could eliminate that.

  103. You are right Kentucky_mkt. There are other examples of problems and issues that Hillary is addressing that get ignored by other candidates. I don’t remember a candidate who has done such an outstanding job of covering the breadth and depth of the problems in our country and in the world. Sometimes I notice “little” things, like words or phrases she includes in her policy agenda statements that just reinforce the fact that she really knows this stuff. And I like the fact that on the website that she often gives people a chance to respond to draft policy statements.

  104. I think no on that idea Kentucky. The Ben Smith’s would ping us to death and out all of us like the fascists they are. I’m not hard to discover, but I don’t want someone realtiming me either.

  105. It is not just Pharma, but research as well. I think people that are attracted to HRC are pragmatic. Truth be told, business is not always the enemy. We need to stop thinking in terms of us vs. them. Instead, we need to think in terms of mututal benefit. How can the various stakeholders work together? Way before this election, Hillary put out this idea that I thought was just brilliant. She said that we should mandate that the federal government to purchase only high efficieny or alternative energy vehicles. Essentially, this creates a market for automakers to make their investment into the technology profitable. At the same time, it encourages the innovation of such technologies.

  106. Are Iowans really voting for hope and dope…i seen this on there i am laughing it struck me funny…not to cause any stir then it says

  107. As for racism problems- how does this sound from Politico? “Now, Obama thinks he can win South Carolina by owning black, liberal and young voters. ”


  108. i agree with okieatty, let’s keep our identites secret for now because we don’t know the lurkers and the ben smiths who are trying their best to find dirt – just anything – to use against hillary. like bill shaheen’s comment, thrown back at her for several news cycles although she had nothing to do with it. they hate her guts, and the fact that she’s way smarter than they are…so they’ll slime her in every way they can.
    maybe after her inauguration, we can introduce ourselves to each other? would be fun…

  109. I’d stay away from trying to exploit racism. That’s very tricky. It’s the reason NY has a Repub mayor right now (though Bloomberg has dumped the Repubs since). A white dem can’t exploit the unfortunate fact that some white voters won’t vote for a non-white candidate even if the candidate is qualified, which Obama is not.

  110. CJ, did they buy a case of Kool-Aid at Sam’s Club? 🙂

    Kentucky, agreed 1000%. That was one of the things I liked about Bill’s candidacy. R&D. It still applies, if not more so, today. I guess that”s what I hate Edwards so much and Bwak, too. A lack of pragmatism. Their followers live in a 1968 time warp. They think they can live on green and a slogan of “make love not war” as they drink their $8 lattes, eat their arugula and drive their $40K hybrid buttmobile in their faux vintage Dead shirts.

    I did actually see a Range Rover with an Obama sticker and a Phish sticker on it”s back window. I was sure hoping they got pulled and strip searched. 🙂

  111. The point about government as a way to advance technology is exactly right. This shows her seasoning. God help us if the good people of this country don’t vote for this woman. Never have we had the chance to vote for someone so earnest and so qualified.

  112. I also thank you HRCis44.

    I can feel you energy and enthusiasm, but what you wanted to do was just too darn risky for a whole lot of folks besides you. Some of us work on the campaign and simply cannot afford it personally or can’t afford it for our candidate. Her entire campaign structure is designed, as much as it can be, to be positive, from the top to the bottom feeders like me. ANY critiques are to come from the top, and will be based on positions or policies, fact checked AND vetted.

    Please don’t hurt our hard, sometimes thankless work. A night like tonite is all the reward we are getting for now, plus in states like Iowa and NH, maybe a chance to actually be thanked in person or attend a community get together with Hill or Bill. Help us help her in a positive way. We need that and she definitely does.

    Thanx and sleep tight.

  113. OkieAtty: Politico? “Now, Obama thinks he can win South Carolina by owning black, liberal and young voters. ”

    I pay almost no attention to the punditry and speculation at this point. Why? The IA caucus takes place in 19 days. NH in 24.

    Top priority is IA/NH. The results will have a far greater impact on SC than Ben Smith’s prognostications.

  114. Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic discussed the Register endorsement:

    (1) It’s a major boost for Clinton. And for her campaign staff, who’ve need some good news. Many Democrats in Iowa unquestionably consult the Register’s editorial voice before deciding whom to vote for.

    (2) The Register endorses Clinton’s theme: inspiration is nice, but in order to get things done, you need experience.

    (3) The Obama campaign really wanted this endorsement, although they were not terribly sanguine about their chances to get it.

    (4) The endorsement of McCain is a surprise, given that he has all but written off Iowa. Still — it says something about the Register’s view of the rest of the field. (The Register’s endorsement won’t have too much impact with Republicans).

  115. The reporters are the Politico are idiots. Candidates do not “own” voters. These boys at the Politico sit at their little desks and quote verbatim the bilge that is fed to them from the Obama campaign. Why does anyone even cite it as news?

  116. hi hillfans, i been off for a few hours. i see everybody is still riding high on the dmr endorsement. YAY!!!! anyway anybody still seeing the nutkooks blow thier stacks!!!!

  117. mj — those ‘power rankings’ have been up a while — look at the date, Friday.

    Second — any chat about ‘I talked to my activist friends’ — we know they don’t slant positive on Hillary.

    If we win IA, it will be considered a “surprise” — but it will just mean that the campaign was successful in turning out new caucus-goers.

  118. Pulchritude, I’m not citing it as “news” but noting the racist language. It’s like they discount AA voters in SC because of their race. They belittled them and implied Bwak is more white than black.

  119. NYTimes:

    The endorsements, which were actively sought by the campaigns, were announced late Saturday on The Register’s Web site. The editorial board called Mrs. Clinton and Mr. McCain the candidates who were the most competent and ready to lead.

    “With dissension at home and distrust abroad, as American troops continue to fight wars on two fronts, the times call for two essential qualities in the next American president,” The Register’s editorial said. “Those qualities became the paramount considerations in making endorsements for the Democratic and Republican nominees in the 2008 Iowa caucuses.”

    While The Globe’s endorsements are viewed as influential in New Hampshire, where the newspaper circulates heavily and the primary will be held on Jan. 8, it was the endorsement of The Register that the candidates vigorously pursued, hoping to spark momentum.

  120. I think the Register endorsement can be spun well. That is, if done by a certain Mr. Bill Clinton.

    First, in both cases they chose substance over style. It clearly exemplifies the decision making process that Bill Clinton spelled out on Charlie Rose.

    Second, John McCain has publicly said over and over that he respects Sen. Clinton. He also has said that if he is the candidate he will focus on the issues and their differences. I think he might have called it a respectable debate. If I were team Clinton, I would spin this by saying that Sen McCain has chosen to have a hopeful and respectable conversation that Sen Obama was not capable of having. The DMR recognized this and that under such a high-risk scenario facing the next POTUS made their endorsements as a result.

    Third, Boston is out of touch with the lives of ordinary Americans. Of course they would select Obama over Clinton. Do you want an elitist empty suit?

  121. Washington Post’s The Fix:

    The Des Moines Register endorsed Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) this evening, handing Clinton a boost of momentum with the crucial caucuses less than three weeks away.

    The Register’s endorsement is one of the most coveted prizes of the Democratic presidential primary season. All three of the Democratic frontrunning candidates in Iowa — Clinton, Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) and former Sen. John Edwards (N.C.) — as well as many, many of their surrogates lobbied hard for the endorsement, believing, perhaps rightly, that a stamp of approval from the Register could put them over the top in this tight race.(Read Jeff Zeleny’s terrific piece in the New York Times for more on the courtship efforts, especially by Clinton and former President Bill Clinton.)

    “Of Clinton, the Register wrote: ‘That readiness to lead sets her apart from a constellation of possible stars in her party, particularly Barack Obama, who also demonstrates the potential to be a fine president. When Obama speaks before a crowd, he can be more inspirational than Clinton. Yet, with his relative inexperience, it’s hard to feel as confident he could accomplish the daunting agenda that lies ahead.'”

    That paragraph essentially affirms the argument Clinton has been making on the campaign trail. Yes, Obama is an amazingly talented politician and leader but he is not yet ready for the tremendous responsibility that comes with being President of the United States.

    Patti Solis Doyle, campaign manager for Clinton, said the campaign was “grateful to the editorial board and humbled by the confidence it has in Senator Clinton’s ability to make change happen as president.”

    In 2004, the Register backed Edwards who at that point was still running behind better known candidates including former Gov. Howard Dean (Vt.), then Rep. Dick Gephardt (Mo.) and Sen. John Kerry (Mass.). Buoyed by the Register endorsement, Edwards surged in the final three weeks of the campaign, placing a strong second to Kerry and eventually winning a spot as the Massachusetts’ Senator’s running mate.

  122. MJ

    Just discovered a dried up pile of pasta and pesto in my rice cooker. Totally forgot my supper. I’ll go find the site in a min or 2 and let you know; If its that Chamo M guy I will approach carefully.

    not his name but all i can think of right now is my wonderfull homegrown homemade pesto that i make and freeze in ice cube trays in july and august and dole out 2 or 3 cubes a week in the winter as a treat.

  123. The reference to the NYT article on courting the DMR editorial board made me question if Bill and Madeline gave them insight into stuff Hillary did in secret as FL and her traveling abroad. It seemed referenced in the endorsement. Anyone else think about that?

  124. If you are going to make an anti-Obama or Edwards anything….do not be an idiot an attach it to the Clinton name.


    I mean, finding fault with Obama has nothing AT ALL to do with liking Hillary. Even if Hillary wasn’t running for President, I would still find Obama a nuisance and a shame of the Democratic party.

    So if you have ANY anti-candidate stuff, refrain from associating yourself with any candidate 🙂 thanks

  125. You know what would be cool? if we could find videos where Obama says things contradictory to what he said before and play them back to back 😀

  126. Admin, can you check to see when HRCis44 registered? If s/he registered on the day the Politico article came out, it might be cause for some suspicion.

    We may have a shill in our midst. Shills pretend to support a candidate in the attempt to do the most damage to that candidate with their over-the-top comments about the opposition and they speak in an exaggerated manner, almost mocking the “talking points” of the real supporters.

    Look at some of HRCis44’s “over-the-top” comments, an attempt at what he thinks is a parody of Clinton supporters:

    1. “I’m so happy the editorial board was made of women! They know what it’s like to deal with the boy’s club. I’m sure there was pressure for them to endorse White man John Edwards and Barry, but they made the tough choice.”

    2. “Barry is so dangerous because these are what the Republicans will use against him.”

    3. “The US won’t elect a Muslim and Fox News has already spread that Obama went to a Madrassa.”

    4. “I want her to win badly, but Iowa voters are racists and if we can use that against him… ”

    5. “I’m removing the comments I don’t like and am going to allow supportive comments.”

    6. “We shouldn’t fear the fascist O’bama supporters.”

    Fear? Did anyone use the word fear? We, as Hillary supporters, do not fear. We play on a higher playing field. We do not like that kind of mudslinging.

    HRCis44 posts an offensive Obama video that I know NO real Hillary supporters would ever do. His/her handle is what bothers me the most. It is playing on the name of this blog. It is using the name of this blog to front offensive videos.

  127. filbert, I wondered the same thing…

    I also take issue with the reference to “Rodham” which inflames the conservative masses.

  128. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The DMR! You should have seen our field office when they sent this out! We were screaming and running around hugging. Oh, the obama people, that are right across from our office, left really early. I think this day is amazing. Whouley is a true genius. This endorsement! Wow.

  129. Admin, please delete any reference to racism. We hil supporters reject that completey.

    Emjay, no problem. Eat you dinner.

  130. Don’t worry about Rodham. Hillary should say that in keeping Rodham it reminds her of where she came from. It reminds her to be vigilant in pursuing policies so that the American Dream can be alive for everyone. It reminds her of her father Hugh Rodham who with nothing but the clothes on his back built a small business in Chicago that provided for his family and later allowed him to retire in Arkansas where the life-long Republican would champion for a Democrat. A man that would go on to be the 42nd president.

    See how that works. The only people that care about Rodham are right-wing men. Even Republican women are egtting sick of the misogyny.

  131. Oh jeez we are having great momentum here. I can feel it.

    Clinton will win Iowa
    Edwards will come in 2nd
    Obama in 3rd

    Huckabee or McCain will win Iowa.

    I am on such a high right now. I can’t wait for monday when all the kids from the DM area read the DMR and see this. I am so happy right now. We are so organized and ready to go.

    More yard signs, more supporter cards, more people leaning Clinton, more endorsements, more money, more experience; WE WILL WIN ON JANUARY 3RD!!!!!

  132. Whouley, Vilsack, Harkin, Boswell, Winterhoff, Vilmain, and so many others; These are some of the best and brightest strategists for Iowa ever. We are def going to win.

  133. Do u peeps know ne thing about this blog:

    Are those Edwards/ Obama ads? Or, are they just images put up by the owner?

  134. Hawk, here is some more good news (and someone else for you to meet) we posted at Hillary Headlines:

    Former President Bill Clinton and former National Basketball Association superstar Earvin “Magic” Johnson are scheduled to campaign for Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton in Waterloo Tuesday, the Clinton campaign in Des Moines announced late Friday.

    Time and location for their appearance have yet to be a Clinton campaign representative said.

    The Waterloo tour is part of a larger campaign tour on behalf of Sen. Clinton by the former president and Johnson, the three-time NBA Most Valuable Player who helped lead the Los Angeles Lakers to five NBA titles in the 1980s, following a 1979 NCAA national championship at Michigan State.

    Also, the Barack Obama campaign confirmed that four movie, television and stage stars would appear on his behalf at a 9:15 a.m. Sunday community breakfast program today at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, 710 Broadway St.

  135. I bet its like Will Smith and Oprah for Obama. So what. We have Magic Johnson, Bill Clinton, HRC, Walter Mondale and Gavin Newsom in the area, these people actually matter for politics.

  136. Good news from New Hampshire too (and maybe some Whouley influence shows):

    After going door-to-door to meet voters in Manchester, Clinton attended a rally in a high school gym, where she spent more time than usual focusing on her resume. Repeating her recent suggestion that, unlike her rivals, she has worked for change rather than merely hoped for or demanded it, Clinton argued that only she has experience doing such work.

    “That work means knowing when to find common ground and when to stand your ground,” she said. “If you are too unyielding, then you are likely to end up with nothing to show for it. If you are too compromising, you may very well give up your principles and your values. You’ve got to find that balance.”

    “We need a president with a lifetime of experience in making positive change,” she said, citing as examples her work for the Children’s Defense Fund after college, her unsuccessful universal health care plan while her husband was president, and her work as a U.S. senator to expand health benefits for National Guard members.

    Later, taking questions from the crowd, Clinton told a woman who asked who was financing her campaign that she also has the best record of taking on special interests. Former Sen. John Edwards, who does not take contributions from lobbyists, has tried to portray Clinton as beholden to special interests because she does not refuse such donations.

    “I do take contributions from people who are legally able to give them,” Clinton said. “And I’ve taken on more special interests than anyone who’s running and I’ve paid a price for it, because, of course, I have taken the incoming criticism from those special interests.

    “I guess I’m just absolutely clear in my own mind and heart that I will do what’s right because I’ve always tried to do that,” she said.

    In Nashua, a voter who confronted Clinton 10 months ago in Berlin about her Iraq vote questioned her again, prodding her to declare the vote a mistake and saying that he found her initial answer “evasive and condescending.”

    “I like your programs but sometimes I think you come off as cold and politically calculating,” said Roger Tilton, who said his two daughters support Clinton. “There’s this disconnect … what do I tell my daughters?”

    “Your daughters sound very smart to me,” Clinton said. The crowd, which had started hissing at Tilton, burst into applause.

    “You can look at my record of 35 years and you see consistency, you see positive changes that have helped people,” she said. “I can’t be anything other than what I am, and I do the best I can.”

    Earlier, Clinton went door-to-door in the state’s largest city, carefully approaching about a dozen snowcapped homes, many decorated with wreaths and holiday lights.

    Though a barking dog drowned out her front-porch conversation with one man, another canine saw an irresistible opportunity in Clinton’s visit. While Clinton chatted with homeowners Dianne and Dan Lehoux, their dog sneaked into the kitchen and scarfed down two of the chocolate Christmas cookies the couple had just baked with their nephews.

    “Now I have to call the vet!” said Dianne Lehoux, who nonetheless described Clinton’s visit as “amazing.”

    “I was shaking,” she said.

    Dan Lehoux, who said expanding health care coverage is his top issue, said he appreciated that Clinton was willing to go door-to-door.

    “It tells you she’s out meeting people. She’s actually out discussing what matters with normal folks,” he said.

  137. admin i agree to with mj and mjs .. and linking hrc44 theyll knowits from here.. on you tube use another name would be smart…

    hawk Says:

    December 16th, 2007 at 12:22 am
    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The DMR! You should have seen our field office when they sent this out! We were screaming and running around hugging. Oh, the obama people, that are right across from our office, left really early. I think this day is amazing. Whouley is a true genius. This endorsement! Wow.
    GOOD JOB now ya gotta work harder Hawk for the voters to

  138. I would say to b.o.:

    “Don’t make us use Madonna and Babs Streisand, bc we would have all of the gay guys around here in a heartbeat” ; and I would make sure I would advertise it as much as possible in the community. I would probably be too excited anyways myself 😉

  139. hawk, I am so happy for you guys! I know you are working your butts off!

    Oh, and I second/third the suspicions of filbertsf.

  140. hawk Says:

    December 16th, 2007 at 12:41 am
    I bet its like Will Smith and Oprah for Obama. So what. We have Magic Johnson, Bill Clinton, HRC, Walter Mondale and Gavin Newsom in the area, these people actually matter for politics.
    what about boswell lol…Majic is there my fav BB player,,,

  141. Oh, who? I’ve never heard of most of these people. Who cares if she is from here in IC, no one is going to go see these people and we have finals week this week.

  142. hmm.
    i sense Obama desperation coming up soon. He may end up having to go very very negative if Hillary continues her strong plan as I see her doing now!

  143. Excuse me.

    we don’t KNOW that BO is “an amazingly talented politician”

    what we KNOW is that he is an inspirational talented orator

    Illinois and Iowa state senators only work parttime, and a few of his fellow Illini have hinted that he didn’t carry his fair share of the coal.

    All we KNOW for a fact is that his so far short stint in the US Senate has been marked by absences and “present” votes. I have tried to find that site that lists legislation offered, singlely or with other senators, or legislation endorsed, or votes on bills, etc.

    I can go straight to Sen Grassley’s site and see ALL his votes, and there is one somewhere that tracks the reluctant-to-share info types. I just can’t find them.

    hey i’m lucky i can find my way back here when i get blown off the net.

  144. hawk – are there lots of out-of-state folks hanging around up there in Iowa helping out?

    It wouldn’t be that big of a deal for me to go help out for a few days. Perhaps, I could go around the caucus with a video recorder and position myself near the Iowa Illinois border ready to catch cheaters. Some group should get together with that express purpose.

  145. Ug MJ can’t eat it. Am into last of my bad weather p-nut butter jars, with a spoon. Too cold to do a new thing in the kitchen. Will make up for it tomorrow.

  146. I like something I read in a comments section on the DMR endorsement tonight. The writer made the point that the endorsement was based on the real Hillary, the person the newspaper sat down and talked with. They didn’t base it on campaign releases, blogger spin or media distortions. They based in on what they saw in the real person in front of them and what she had to say.

    The fact that they used the word confidence is revealing. Although they recognized Obamas natural charisma it’s clear they felt the other skills that are needed are not there yet. Those come when you have experience and a history of fighting in the political arena. I salute the DMR editors for taking their endorsement seriously. It would have been easy to just follow the current media spin.

    I am so happy Hillary got this endorsement. I think things will start to change for the better because of it…

  147. Emjay, actually you can’t pull the “present” stunt in the US Senate. He did that in IL. Now, he just misses votes instead of making a stand on issues.

  148. Have u seen the Obama boards? everyone is calling Hillary and Bill a racist. funny. they were probably the first presidents to truly care about every single American equally, regardless of race.

  149. What a day!!! Michael Whouley and the DM Register!!!!

    I have been quietly but not supremely confident about Hill. But now… I posted in the last thread but bears repeating, Whouley, the Register, and I have something in common. When we go for a nominee, (s)he wins!!…

    I no longer am standing alone. For results, we are the big 3* 🙂 and we are all aboard!

    *There are a few others, but my 40+-year record is on the line here. Now make me proud because if we win the nomination, I will expect the same courtship next time as Whouley and the DM Register. 🙂

  150. Kentucky,

    We have a lady from Manhattan who is a CEO in a firm and she took a leave of absence to come out here and be an organizer. We have students and people from Ohio, New York, California, Illinois, Arkansas, Nevada, Mississippi, and from D.C. We are stocked with non-Iowans here, but we aso have plenty of Iowans. In my office, we have a bunch of Iowans, and people from the states I mentioned above. We would certainly welcome any one that can help. Supporters love to open their homes to people, or there are plenty of hotels and motels. Anyway, try to go to eastern Iowa like Dubuque, Des Moines, Davenport or here in Iowa City bc this is the more democratic part of Iowa. Council Bluffs and Sioux City are heavy republican areas.

  151. BTW, tonight muddies Ripublican waters even more. McCain got 2 out of 2 endorsements. McCain was considered dead so this helps him somewhat. Romney can’t be happy, Huckabee can’t be happy, Giuliani can’t be happy.

  152. hawk: Supporters love to open their homes to people

    Really? The spin I’ve been getting for the past month is that housing is tight all over IA. Frankly, the campaign has been of zero help in this regard. I happen to know that everyone in my area going to IA has to pay for lodging. Note that I signed up quite some time ago, so it isn’t because hordes of volunteers have already been accomodated.

  153. admin i totally agree with what filbertsf said. i was about to post basically the same thing when the server had a hiccup so i couldn’t.

    if s/he has a youtube account under the name belonging to this website and is posting offensive content this is not good. youtube terms of use are confusing on this point but if nothing else, probably wise to keep an eye out to see if this ‘remix video’ goes up and is also offensive. youtube does have an ‘inappropriate content’ flag you can hit and they dont’ permit hate speech (ie racist) content, or copyright violations, so that is probably the fastest way to get something taken down.

  154. Emjay, Obama’s legislation can be found here I don’t know if they have a list of missed votes however but they might.

  155. I travel between 2 homes in different states. Both, are in important states for the GE (fingers crossed). This would be great practice.

  156. There is still a video under this person’s user name, i flagged it as inappropriate for hate speech and mentioned copyright violations as well because photos are copyrighted. i recommend others to do so as well.

    this garbage does not help.

  157. gladiatorstail, Rosie is an obama fan,sadly; she thinks that oprah campaining for obama is a good thing. when she said that on her blog, i stopped reading it – not worth my time anymore…

  158. thanks HLR.. this was my best line and I cracked up.

    CLINTON: Change is mine now, Senator Belushi. Bill and I stole it weeks ago. Some people believe you get change by hoping for it. Some believe you get change by snorting it. I believe you get it by working hard.

  159. i would like to see hillary go knock on someones door there in iowa…for a surprsie…see the person go the lady on NH shaking….and film it…dont even let that person know…shes down to earth…this will show em..

  160. Maureen Dowd is damn funny with this one:

    Well, I think it’s fair to say that most of the world is now hearing about Saint Obama’s coke problem.

  161. like hawk said: madonna or barbra could’ve countered oprah’s effect in the campaign but i think hillary wants to have a serious, substance-laden dialogue with the voters; she is confident enough that she does not need to parade her celebrity supporters to bolster her campaign. instead, she brought her mother and daughter. eat that, oprah.

  162. thank you, hawk. all of us already knew, but thank you for all the clues. we hope you enjoyed your birthday.

  163. united 12, who cares? If you look at the polls, she’s coming close to taking over the change mantel, as well she should. I can’t imagine a bigger change than the first Democratic female president. It doesn’t matter what Obama’s people say.

  164. MJ

    Ok finally found the post you were talking abt. (Goodness, a lot of us are up late tonite w/ no booze, burned food and nothing else to do.) Its like swimming in a sea of beautiful tropical fish, lots of places I want to stop and gaze and follow, and I keep losing my way in all the posts.

    Anyway MJ…Chase Martyn is ummm, interesting. On the plus side for me, he does prick at the ego, ineptitude of people I don’t like either, and sometimes my own conscience.

    Now on the other side, he is often full of himself, and I want him to suffer the indigestion that that can engender,

    He is on w/ Taylor Marsh every Wednesday, as I discovered a few days ago. Don’t know if that is just during politician season (it’s deer season here, as well as politician season) or if they have a same time next year arrangement going on.

    Frankly (WAKE UP Alcina) I prefer Arnie Arnesen, who graces our weekly 1 hour political show here on Iowa Public Radio. Good God, do New Hams realize what an articulate, witty, and wise analyst/politician they have in her?

    Anyway Chase-baby is not fond of our girl I think. Sometimes comes off as one of those “anyone over 46 is old and useless” types…In other words, a perfect BO adorant.

    ..BTW, that “you are useless” attitude is beginning to piss off a lot of us who started fighting your antiwar, glass ceiling, keep out of my bedroom, keep your poisons out of my water, soil, air, food etc. battles starting in 1963 or so.

    But Taylor seems to like him (or maybe he is the only Iowan she knows and she needs him until Jan 3rd) and I find her sort of brave and interesting, so if she has given him the good housekeeping stamp of approval for now, I won’t put him in front of the firing squad…for now.

  165. hillfans i noticed realclear has the gop endoresment of mccain by dmr but not hillary. what is up with that?

  166. yeah mj,

    i guess i’m sick of them…
    we are close though arent we?
    really i cant wait for this to be over…

  167. united 12, you and me both. i think after the 5th of feb .we can really exhale. physically and mentally draining this primary in the beginning anyway. i just want it to end for the nomination for hillary.SOON.

  168. filbertsf and admin,

    HRCis44’s video was posted as a response to a Red State video. Did you check the IP address?

  169. BTW MJ

    I think Chase-baby made up “power ranking” What the heQQ
    does that mean anyway? I think it’s his “down at the mini brewery with my buddies” poll. IMHO

  170. terrondt,

    you’re L A right?
    I’m SFO…

    your right, for us we still have a long way to go…
    it’ll be our turn soon, but i’m already tired out…
    i’m going to need to drink a little more often…LOL

  171. The power rankings of Chase Martyn or whatever his name is are meaningless. He is an avowed Obama supporter, and he mistakes Hillary’s new strategy of engaging with more intimate crowds for a decline in support. Perhaps he believes Presidential politics should only occur in stadiums where half the seats are unoccupied.

  172. Perhaps he believes Presidential politics should only occur in stadiums where half the seats are unoccupied.

    The seats would be full except that half of the Saint Obamiacs are in the restrooms doin’ lines.

    Fired up! snort….ready to go.

  173. HWC, desmoinesdem is pretty in tough with Iowa politics and she is predicting edwards-obama-clinton, what do you think of that?

  174. Canaan made a funny at Taylor Marsh:

    “I post this because the best political speech I ever heard was by Citizen Kane. The second best speech I ever heard was by Morpheus in ‘Matrix Reloaded’. The third best speech was by President Jackson Evans (Jeff Bridges) in ‘The Contender’. The fourth was by Oprah. The fifth by Obama.

    Seeing as how the best orators I ever heard were fictional characters, I don’t vote for a candidate based on beautiful, moving speeches.”

    bwahahahahahahahahaha 🙂

  175. Emjay, I too am getting highly pissed at his generational crap. How divisive is that? Tell everyone over 45 to have a gold watch and go away, you’re done? Kiss my butt.

  176. HWC, desmoinesdem is pretty in tough with Iowa politics and she is predicting edwards-obama-clinton, what do you think of that?

    I think desmoinedem would say that the woman would finish last, even if she were running against Joseph Stalin.

    desmoinesdem has never supported a winning Democratic Presidential candidate in her life. She’s a PhD liberal. She goes for the “personality” like Mark Penn says. She likes Edwards because he’s white, he’s male, and he wants to tear down the evil corporation.

  177. Because hope is an empty promise of a career politician, I tend to be a pessimist when he is the topic of discussion.

  178. Though, perhaps you are saying her view is biased. I can’t believe massachusetts. First our Governor, and then the Globe.

  179. Just got done reading the last four posts, nice job admin, and skimming the comments – a few articles about a mysterious site certainly raised the number of posters here!

    Anyway, I am thrilled to hear about Whouley as well as the Des Moines Register endorsement. And, I loved Boswells video endorsement – I hope hawk is right that Harkin will soon be throwing his ‘political weight’ behind our girl!

    Oh, about HRCis44, I watched the ‘cleaned-up’ version and flagged it on YouTube and agree with filbertsf and others in thinking that they are probably not that much of a true supporter.

  180. mj,

    I would have been surprised if your governor did not endorse Obama because they share the same brain – Axelrod.

  181. Hillary is going to win this thing. You know, the national press has always hated the Clinton’s. Big deal. Hillary is going straight to the people. I’ve got believe the DMR endorsement, the Boswell endorsement, these things are going to give her the mojo she needs.

  182. i’m an ABD liberal and moved from DSM in 2000.

    Does that make me a far distant cousin of desmoinesdem?

    Hope not. We have too many black sheep in our family tree already.

  183. Love it, just saw the Rasmussen Florida poll at the top of the page! I am glad to see that my state is firmly behind HRC.

    As for our delegates (in my honest opinion), they will be seated by the Democratic Nominee – HRC! – because she would not want to piss of the state party going into the GE. The only way we would not be seated at the convention is if our delegates – winner take all – would somehow ‘steal’ the nomination away from a candidate – God forbid Obama actually get that far. Because that winning candidate would not want to lose.

  184. It’s a family chain BBQ joint. The best one is in Ocala. There are others.

    Glad, good pick-up on the Globe. Hope Admin sees your post.

  185. What do you mean? Please don’t publish the endorsement here. I’m totally revolted by the Globe. But, you are saying they took something out?

  186. Hill4Texas

    I go on the same kind of rant abt “fixing” Soc Sec as I do abt ageism…whatever happened to “the greatest generation?” Isn’t that what Tom Brokaw called it?

    see latest itteration of said rant abt 9:15 pm, 12-13-07 (I think)

  187. yeah they were touting Obamas living in foriegn country as an experience in foreign affairs 🙂 and went on to say that was the best experience he had.. lol.. I typed it earlier here..

  188. yeah remember I typed this thing in previous thread.

    I still did not get the logic for Boston Globe endorsement. They say “he has an international perspective because he lived abroad.” Kidding me? Living in Indonesia between ages 6 and 10 will give an international perspective to be president??

    That line is gone. that entire paragraph is gone. its now something totally different.

  189. so prolly nyt will endorse Obama too. no wonder they are having these pro-obama articles. well, now we know we shouldnt trust it. I hope Wapo endorses Hillary. I get it every sunday. has lots of coupons 🙂

  190. Wapo isn’t always that bad toward Hill. Someone should get the details about the BG endorsement. I remember glad saying. There should be an article about this. Glad was talking about the odd standards/ diff with J McC

  191. No, the WaPo is extremely unlikely to ever endorse Hillary. Remember it was Broder who said “they(the Clinton’s) came in an trashed the place, and it wasn’t theirs to trash.” The national press hates the Clinton’s. That can not be understated.

  192. this part”:

    Oh, one other thing, newspapers are dead, and their endorsements don’t mean squat. The whole “John Edwards got 2nd because of the DMR endorsement in ’04” was a revisionist attempt by the media to explain why they were so misled into reporting that Dean would win Iowa (think Yepsen), when it was really just that they were terrible predictors who had no clue how to look at momentum or read polls, plenty of which was to be found that pointed to Edwards doing well before the DMR endorsement– which meant very little at the time. All that said, the counter by Obama’s team in getting the Globe endorsement out just before the DMR for Clinton happened, was great political coverage that equalized the storyline.

  193. The editorial board is completely seperate from the news reporting, so do you mean editorialist or reporter? Also, the liberal editorialist there are staunchly pro-Obama. I think I read somewhere that the family that owns WaPo is a Obama fundraiser. Not sure, but I feel like I read that somewhere. I’m just saying, she will not get that endorsement.

  194. The DRE is going to painted by BHO’s camp as a shallow victory because Bradley and JRE never were nominated. I think we should argue, as the DRE does, that the selections were fitted to the time. The actual candidates never won, but perhaps the DRE selections would have. Thoughts?

  195. Yeah, he’s complimenting team Obama. I don’t think it equalized anything. DMR is the actual local paper there, and Iowa is first.

  196. The WaPoo is still bitter that their favorite, Mark Warner, dropped out. That gets blamed on Hillary. Many Warner supporters moved to Obama. Do the math.

  197. People make decisions for whatever reasons they choose. Gender matters to me. So, I sympathize voter or candidate Repugnacious or Democrat. I guess I just feel lucky that this year the absolute unequivocal best candidate also happens to be female.

  198. I think it would be wise to distance ourselves from this video, because it conveys a message which is contrary to the position of the candidate we support, as witnessed by recent events.

  199. still up guys, waiting for pumpkin head russert explain the dmr endoresement. he is gritting his teeth. and don’t get me started on robinson.

  200. HLR, I am not sure about warner thing. she still leads in Virginia. strong support. Obama’s visit to UVA wasnt that great, which shows he wasnt supported that much. a friend of mine says if Obama comes to VA in close election, he knows atleast 150-200 people who will register democratic (they vote democratic but arent registered) and vote for hillary. VA is tough sell for him. Why should Hillary be blamed for Warner? she hadnt even announced by then. warner is running for senate now. dont know why wapo should blame him for that? or am i second guessing?

  201. wbboei, that video was supposed to have been taken down. Admin needs to track down this guy and make sure he is not using this site for his smear video.

  202. Glad. That is very true in the south. It is also true in the mid-Atlantic. Honestly, I have had to defend BHO from attacks when I was in these regions (as I am often). It is visceral. What we normally expect from Hillary. I was actually told by an anti-Hill supporter that they would vote for her over him times 3. I prodded and it is not about race either as they cited a handful of AA candidates that they could support.

  203. P.S. Y’all don’t get offended for me defending BHO. I think we have the best ideas and should (and will) that way.

  204. gladiatorstail — you never found it odd that Kaine was just about Obama’s first serious endorsement?

    blamed for Warner

    He was going to run as the change candidate. That his supporters shifted to Obama is not in question.

    Question — why do you think he dropped out?

  205. He dropped out because there was no room in the race to the right of Hillary. Or there wasn’t supposed to be anyway. Now Obama is but he is supposedly to the left of her on the war so his coalition is the anti-war crowd and the more conservative crowd. Funny thing is he doesn’t have an anti-war record. Just that speech. No anti-war voting record.

  206. mj — well, certainly these people are all shape-shifters. But … I don’t think that was the reason.

  207. I mean, for a serious candidate of course. The more liberal candidate, Hill, Obama and Edwards, are the only ones with a shot. That’s because the Party has shifted.

  208. WBBOEI

    we tried, lordy how we tried, to get him to take it down for the night. I thoight he said he was going to.

    I wanted him to pull it at least for the night so admin could maybe do something. Go back and read our entreaties. There just wasn’t a whole lot we could do.

    Windows is butting in. have to quit for a bit

  209. good question as to why he dropped out. I never understood. Kaine, is indeed supportive of Obama. Webb is too. But then Webb was expected because he didnt like clintons. however bill came here to campaign for both webb and kaine. I dont know if they can blame hillary for warners decision. local supporters are very pro hillary. including big guns like john grisham and that entire group of huge donors. probably warner could not raise enough money? he did cite some lame ass reason like family stuff. i never believed it though.

    tim kaine is losing ground, but not before getting warner into the senate. warner is pretty set unless he screws up big time. I actually saw him in my town the other day when he was visiting university. people are still waiting for transportation reform, which kaine has promised. nothing significant yet on that front delivered by him.

    you think hill had a say in him dropping out?

  210. MD is right. But, I think those issues have been wrongly vilified. And, watch the Bill Clinton interview on Charlie Rose. It boggles my mind why people think that businesses have brains or emotions. They are like rocks. Set the policy. They follow.

    Mid- Atlantic also includes PA and NY – which have WAY WAY WAY more electoral votes.

    1 thing the MSM never gets about HRC is that she has very strong ties to N. PA. People in those regions know that. There was a huge bio on this where she was reciting street names. She can do that in Arkansas too. The DRG hit the nail on the head with their endorsement.

  211. but he was planning to run on electability and change. Bringing two sides together, as in VA. Gov of red state w/ executive experience. Ideology less important — has very few votes he could get nailed on, and could craft message to fall into any part of the spectrum except ultra-liberal. I guarantee you the Clinton campaign viewed him as serious competition.

  212. The Clinton’s always skipped national news outlets for locals. That’s part of why they hate them. Also, they were never really the establishment.

  213. on a sidenote, the other day I went to a very “red” bar in richmond. guys out there were discussing how they will never allow an N in the office, and these were not some lame ass guys, these were like some big guns who could donate some serious cash. so Obama’s chances in VA are extremely tough, but this is the state that has elected an african american governor though. so not sure, but if hill wins, I think she will carry VA.

  214. Mid- Atlantic also includes PA and NY

    I agree, but not all people agee on which subset of states defines Mid-Atlantic.

    I believe HRC’s ties are to Scranton, specifically.

  215. After Elenanor Roosevelt left the W.H. she was appointed to a position that was essentially forerunner to the United Nations Ambassador. When Hillary Rodham Clinton left office, her efforts had been important in establishing SCHIP. She was the first and only FL to occupy a W W office as exemplified in the fact the Karl Rove took her office over.

    Mark Warner is a great guy. He is a former Govenor. He is an experience telecom executive.

    NO person in the history of the United States has ever run for president after essentially and informal co-presidency. It is terrinly exciting that the first woman president may very well go down in history (due to incredible experience) as one of the best!

    I think so many of us have forgotten that.

  216. You know, the NYTmes site desn’t even have the DMR endorsement headlined. They have some silly story about Obama’s sprint in Iowa instead. It’s just pathetic.

  217. They were not part of the etablishment because Sally Quinn & Co cut them dead. Somewhere above Sally (Mrs Ben Bradleeto you) Quinn’s byline is a scathing story about how she and her cohort hostesses cut the Clintons dead, and enjoyed it.

  218. Emjay — winter weather in IA. Is this ice storm/sleet/snow business common throughout the winter or do you have a lot of clear & cold days as well?

    I’m really hoping for clear & cold from Christmas thru first week of Jan ..

  219. mj — one good thing about the BG’s endorsement is that they offered up McCain for the independents (really the only issue in NH right now). Same thing in IA for independents nervous about Huckabee.

  220. btw — I found out what that nyt story rumor was all about. Earlier today, drudge had a ‘developing’ that van natta was doing a story on Clinton library donations, to appear today. Then, the headline vanished. The WaPoo had a soft story on the same today.

  221. in ok HillLandRox

    One weather observation and I’m off to bed. BTW do you EVER sleep?

    If I were living in northern half what we are going thru now would be normal. THIS is NOT normal for down here.

    But next week, it’s supposed to start warming up, we’ll all assess the damage and Christmas week is supposed to be above normal which probably means above freezing and wet, which probably means rain.

    Last winter we had snow maybe twice, gone in a few days and not bad temps. The year before that bulbs were poking out in Jan and the whole winter was really mild. Course the bad thing is when things bud too early or we have a spring freeze- that happened last year which is why a huge chunk of our apple orchards produced nothing…poor strawberries, asparagus and rhubarb too.

    This year I was going to outsmart old man winter with a little green house. What bits I can see of it now are just rips and tatters and ice, so invest in that company that makes green colored duct tape. I’ll have to invest a bit of my bourbon money in several rolls of the stuff.

    Am a big fan of the OLD farmer’s almanac, so will check it for your later dates tomorrow and call Elwin Taylor at Iowa State (a well known forecaster and weather researcher) to see what his mid range charts look like. I’ll keep you posted.

    Good night, and good luck.

  222. MJ Emjay- I agree. The record above shows that we rejected the message, some threatened to leave if he pursued it, we asked him to take the video down for the night and for Admin to make sure this is on the level.

    If he checks out then we could sure use his talents to craft a new message which defines the differences in a constructive way. In the meantime, however, we need to slow him down.

    Could one of you who have dealt with him ask him not to post the video without prior approval so there is no misunderstanding?

  223. Emjay — no sleep for the wicked. Have so much to do before leaving. For example, right now I’m backing up my laptop hard drive. Warmer xmas week sounds good.

  224. Wow. Step away from Hillary is 44 for an hour or eight, and there are three hundred new comments. This place is happening!

  225. Wow. The Globe retroactively editing their endorsement speaks volumes. I wonder if Obama pitched a fit and made a call?

  226. Article on Obama contradicting his own pledge against lobbyists..


    Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), explaining his plan to reduce the influence of special interests, made what sounded like a clear-cut pledge to bar the more than 35,000 registered federal lobbyists from ever working in his administration.

    “They won’t work in my White House!” Obama has said repeatedly this week on his Iowa bus tour.

    The line — a standard in his 25-minute stump speech — draws some of his loudest applause.

    The problem is that the pledge is not as definitive as it sounds.

    After reporters sought an explanation from campaign staff Saturday of how he could hold to such a pledge, Obama revised it at the next campaign stop.

    “They are not going to dominate my White House,” Obama said at a rally in this town northeast of Des Moines…….

    The tempered language underscored a pitfall for candidates who boil down complex policy proposals into bite-sized nuggets that leave one impression on the campaign trail, but could look differently once implemented in Washington.

  227. Obama Tweaks Lobbyist Pledge….another example of using political hype to get votes.


    Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), explaining his plan to reduce the influence of special interests, made what sounded like a clear-cut pledge to bar the more than 35,000 registered federal lobbyists from ever working in his administration.

    “They won’t work in my White House!” Obama has said repeatedly this week on his Iowa bus tour.

    The line — a standard in his 25-minute stump speech — draws some of his loudest applause.

    The problem is that the pledge is not as definitive as it sounds.

    After reporters sought an explanation from campaign staff Saturday of how he could hold to such a pledge, Obama revised it at the next campaign stop.

    “They are not going to dominate my White House,” Obama said at a rally in this town northeast of Des Moines…..

    The tempered language underscored a pitfall for candidates who boil down complex policy proposals into bite-sized nuggets that leave one impression on the campaign trail, but could look differently once implemented in Washington. “

  228. Good morning, all. Sorry I missed all the celebrating. Congrats to Hillary just the same!

    Just did a Google news search for the Boston Globe “has an international perspective because he lived abroad” and found nothing. Then did Obama “international perspective” and found nothing. The phrase has been totally webscrubbed.

    Boston Globe circulation has been dropping steadily since at least 2005, when it stated about a 1/3 drop. A lot has to do with advertising demographic. Folks to the north may be interested in the Sunday sports or entertainment section. Circulation calls every now and then with a sweet short-term home delivery deal, but not worth it if you’re not in the Metro area.

    Don’t know what’s up with this HRCis44 person, but something definitely smells about it.

  229. Just did a Google search for HRCis44 and found two comments posted at Ben’s (hi Ben) blog last night.

    1. Comment at 9:15 pm with link to video at

    2. Comment at 9:14 pm with link to video at

    This looks like an opportunist hit of some kind.

  230. Yep. A figured a troll, trying to make Hillary’s camp look bad by posting racist crap on Ben’s blog. I wonder if admin here got the ISP?

  231. ABC This Week is practically writing Hillary’s obituary…they are describing the campaign as demoralized…Donna Brazile and George Will are saying it’s Obama to sweep all 3 upcoming primaries although Edwards might get close. CNN this morning also talked about this but in a different vein…they mentioned that the media has it’s narrative and that the current narrative is that Hillary is done.

  232. Yes, they basically dismissed the endorsement although they said it probably raised spirits with the campaign staff. The same was discussed on CNN. A reporter following Clinton’s door to door visits there described her as solumm and serious rather than upbeat.

  233. What’s wrong with solumn and serious? A sixty year old woman going door to door in snow filled NH. What do they expect?

  234. What I don’t understand is how the polls can be the way they are. If Hillary is seen as struggling or no longer the front runner, how can she still have the huge leads she has in some states and in national polls.

    Also, is it possible that Obama has strength in some states but not others? That even momentum in a few early primary states does not guarantee he will win others…

    Given the polls I think the media should be presenting this as a genuine race–that between now and Feb. 5 anyone can win (ABC did mention this).

  235. The CNN reporter should have given Hillary some slack. It’s been a tough week and I’m sure the woman is tired. Also, she just may be reading too much into it

  236. AmericanGal, I think they just want to sell papers. Or, they can’t stand a woman President. Or, it’s just oldfashioned Clinton hate. Screw them. The narative is Hillary leads in nearly all polls by a sizeable margin, and she won the covetted DMR endorsement. They have to adjust. Clinton’s back.

  237. DAY 1: Every County Counts Tour
    Working for Change, Working for You
    Fresh off receiving the much-coveted Des Moines Register endorsement, the momentum in Iowa is with the Clinton campaign as it launches the “Every County Counts: Working For Change, Working For You” Tour. Today’s kick-off follows a week that featured a strong debate performance and a big endorsement from Rep. Leonard Boswell, putting Hillary in a position of strength going into the closing weeks of the Iowa campaign.

    Hillary and her top surrogates are fanning out across the Hawkeye state over the next five days, visiting all 99 of Iowa’s counties in an effort to energize our supporters, strengthen our organization, and make our case to people who have not yet made up their minds about who to support on January 3rd.

    With just 18 days to go until the caucuses, the campaign will use this blitz to highlight why Hillary is the candidate best able to deliver the change Iowans want. In its endorsement, the Des Moines Register wrote: “The times demand results. We believe as president she’ll do what she’s always done in her life: Throw herself into the job and work hard. We believe Hillary Rodham Clinton can do great things for our country.”

    Each of the candidates in this campaign has an idea about how to get change. Some believe you make change by demanding it. Others believe you make change by hoping for it. Hillary believes you make change by working hard for it. That’s what she’s done her entire life and that’s what she’ll do as president. And that’s what each day of the blitz will illustrate.

    On Sunday, Hillary travels to Council Bluffs where she’ll be endorsed by former Senator Bob Kerrey before heading by “Hill-A-Copter” to Dunlap and Le Mars. At each stop, Hillary will talk about why every county counts, emphasizing that every pocket of Iowa will play a major role in determining the outcome of the caucuses while pledging to work for change every day she is President.

    In addition, Gen. Claudia Kennedy, longtime Hillary friend Betsy Ebeling, Gov. Tom Vilsack, Christie Vilsack, former Gov. Gary Locke and former FEMA Director James Lee Witt hit other counties in the state as part of the overall effort to connect with current and prospective supporters. In total, the campaign expects to have a presence in 26 Iowa counties on Sunday.

    In addition to campaign events, surrogates will spend time with Iowans in their communities. For example, James Lee Witt is expected to visit a HyVee grocery store in Oskaloosa and Governor Gary Locke will attend the closing ceremony of a Chinese Language School in Johnston.

    The campaign will emphasize its efforts to both reach out to undecided caucus goers and mobilize our supporters. With a good number of proven caucus-goers not yet decided about which candidate they are going to support on January 3rd, Hillary’s team will lead canvassing, phone banks, and other organizing efforts in an effort to attract new supporters while she lays out her case for why she is best able to lead and make change.

    With a majority of Hillary’s supporters new to the caucuses, the campaign is also using the “‘Every County Counts: Working for Change, Working for You’ tour to show them that caucusing is easy. We’re encouraging them to “buddy” up with a friend to caucus together and urging them to talk up Hillary’s record and vision for the future.

    People forget that just a decade ago so many poor children didn’t have health care. Well, Hillary changed that. She delivered health care for six million children by helping create the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Five years ago, National Guardsmen and Reservists didn’t have access to health care. Hillary changed that too. She reached across the aisle in the Senate to deliver those critical benefits. She changed the way we think about health care when she fought her heart out for universal health care even when it wasn’t a popular cause. And Hillary changed the way the world looked at women’s rights when she stood up to the Chinese government in Beijing and declared that “women’s rights are human rights.”

    That’s not just hoping for change or demanding change. That’s working for change. And that’s what Hillary will keep doing when she’s President.

  238. Sunday, December 16th
    ROAD TO THE WHITE HOUSE this Sunday with Ann Romney, Jeri Thompson & Sen. Hillary Clinton
    On C-SPAN at 9:30pm ET

  239. This is the type of press that burns me up…

    Kennedy family split on endorsements

    By: Carrie Budoff Brown

    Like any other American family, the Kennedys are a house divided when it comes the 2008 presidential race.

    Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and her sister, Kerry, have hit the trail for Hillary Rodham Clinton. So has their brother, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

    Old hands to President John F. Kennedy and Sen. Robert F. Kennedy dote on Barack Obama, in part because he reminds them of the charismatic brothers.

    Eunice Kennedy Shriver and a half-dozen other family members put money on Christopher Dodd.”

    There are NO members of the Kennedy family endorsing OB. He is the only one who has his support (from some, ‘old hands”) depicted and rationalized as being because he, “…reminds them of the charismatic brothers.” Yuck! Is that a quote from them or simply and editorial comment or belief of the author that is presented as fact? Notice that only OB has a reason for support listed.
    While the article is ostensibly about the Kennedy split in support, the only FAMILY members supporting candidates are supporting Hill and Dodd. The Dodds and Kennedys go back at least three generations together in New England politics and have a long standing relationship.

    On another note-

    Can anyone retrieve the BG original endorsement and maybe send it around with the revised copy? Making the story will help get to the reason WHY it was changed. I don’t know for sure, but I bet it’s highly unusual for an editorial endorsement to be REVISED after the fact.
    The DMR has a couple of articles about their process and how they came to their decisions. Will the globe reveal WHY they CHANGED the reasons for their endorsement?

  240. Fine. Let the press prattle. Everyday they sell this pablum that Obama’s going to win without the facts to back it up, they make it more and more necessary that he win. If he stumbles, as is likely he will, it will kill him.

    I just read on Politico that the campaign has started a five day tour of Iowa: “Every County Counts.” Hillary and her surrogates are going to visit every one of the 99 counties in the state over the next five days. Hillary starts today in Council Bluffs, right across the river from Omaha, with a gathering that includes Bob Kerrey.

  241. “What’s wrong with solumn and serious? A sixty year old woman going door to door in snow filled NH. What do they expect?”

    perhaps she should be making snow-angels? doesn’t matter what senator clinton does or says, it will always be painted with the BM anti-HRC slant.

  242. Joe Biden was very gracious on CNN. He said the Des Moines Register was very fair and through in its endorsement process. Biden also congratulated Hillary.

  243. From today’s Ras. Note the favorables among democratic voters. (82-66 for Clinton.) They’ll be polling the three early states again this week. It will be interesting to see if the numbers stay in the same range.

    “Yesterday, Clinton was endorsed by the Des Moines Register and Obama by the Boston Globe. This comes at a time when the Democratic race is too close to call in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. Rasmussen Reports will
    be polling in each of these states over the next couple of days. Just 4% of Americans say an endorsement by their local newspaper will make them more likely to vote for a candidate. Thirteen percent (13%) say it will likely have the opposite impact.

    Clinton is viewed favorably by 82% of Democratic voters, Edwards by 72%, and Obama by 66%.

    Among all voters nationwide, Obama is viewed favorably by 48%, Clinton and Edwards by 47%. See other key stats and general election match-ups for all Democratic candidates.”

  244. Tweety Mathews still sucks. Andrew Sullivan (now there’s a guy who commands respect- not), Norah, Tweety and Katty are beating up on Hillary in their weekly mutual admiration society. Blech.

    At least Dan Rather who has covered more elections than all the rest put together had the foresight to say, “Don’t prod the alligator until you’re across the creek.” In pointing out Hillary is still ahead everywhere else and the early states don’t count as much as theses asshats would like to pretend.

    BTW is it just me or does Andrew Sullivan look like he’d smell bad? Like overripe cheese…

  245. I have not been able to verify any change. If I can, I’ll let you know. Please no one put this out unless we can verify.

  246. HRCis44 is obviously a troll out to make this site look bad. Its evident from the username that has been chosen and used to do stuff like this.

    There are some frustrated, pathetically obsessed and deranged folks out there who monitor this site all the time because they obviously don’t have a life. Some of them post on mydd and kos.

    Admin, please make sure the troll is banned and check if you can get the IP.

  247. Joe Biden is a gentleman and a great guy. I notice that he took mabe a subtle swipe at the Globe? He said that the DMR actually talked extensively with and carefully evaluated all the candidates, “unlike a lot of other papers” (or something to that effect.)

    LOL! I think Joe may have just slyly dissed the Globe.

  248. If there’s any justice in the world, Saint Obama will host a Georgetown Social Club (Hi, Ben!) party and seat Andrew Sullivan next to the Rev. McClurkin. You know, to “facilitate a dialog.”

  249. I am very frustrated by the MSM. I think they are going to make a big deal of the Roll the dice quote. I watched Charley Rose show and Mr. Clinton never uttered those words. It was Charley Rose who kept repeating the words. Some of Obama supporting bogs such as F(h)luffington post seized on it lat night attributing the quote to Mr. Clinton. This morning Scheiffer on face the nation was attributing the quote to Bill Clinton. This is how a lie gets spread around. How do you fight the media?

  250. Listening to all the Sun progs one after the other on C-Span radio. My personal take on self-flagellation or a good companion while I do icky cleaning jobs in my bathroon, kitchen etc.. either way, I’m balancing out the viral crud w/ a heavy dose of soap and hot water’

    Oh if I could only wash out some of those mouths wilh lard soap!


    Will take a break at 11:30 to re-watch Hillary’s 30 min interview on Iowa Public TV.

    Time alert is for those who didn’t get a chance to see it Friday night, not so everyone gets yet another TMI on my personal schedule : )

  251. How do you fight the media?

    the msm is showing how subjective and ignorant they are. for lack of anything, their hatred for the clintons will make them say/write anything and attribute them to either hill or bill. and if they’re corrected, they don’t even apologize…and the harm has already been done. but the good thing is, hillary knows and beats them at their game.

  252. Forget the media. Hillary must get past them and directly to the people. Actually, look at the national polls, and most state polls. She’s highly favored almost everywhere. It can’t just be that people are not paying attention, because look at Huckabee. He’s actually rising everywhere, where as Obama is running high in a couple of spots and only in some polls.

  253. “Roll of the dice”: whether or not the president said it, I think it is an apt description of Obama’s potential, so the most popular Democrat of his lifetime is thought to have said, “a roll of the dice,” to describe Barack Obama. With his cocaine use revealed and Hillary’s endorsement by DMR, let the gasbags chatter on. It won’t be the first time they got it all wrong.

  254. To clarify what I said at 6:24, the prior approval I was referring to was a consensus of the people on this site, and I think it is fair to say that our collective gut was against the message portrayed in the video based on the present status of the campaign.

  255. that video was toxic for the campaign, let’s stay positive and if we can have the enthusiasm that hawk has, we’re gonna be fine.
    and think about it, hawk is the one who’s “living history” in iowa right now!

  256. imagine44 is right. I really feel we should focus more on “our girl”, and less on that elitist empty suit. Substance will win out in the end. Admin should destroy that video troll.

  257. Gladiatorstail: is this the section of the Obama endorsement that was removed?

    “Similarly, his exposure to foreign lands as a child and his own complex racial identity have made him at ease with diversity – of point of view as well as race or religion. “I’ve had to negotiate through different cultures my whole life,” he says. He speaks with clarity and directness, and he is also a listener, a lost art in our politics.”


    i hope hillary remembers every single name of the people who have screwed her, just like Santa, the list is long…
    she need to take them off her christmas list for all time…
    no presents for any of these people when she gets in the white house if you know what i mean…

    donna brazille, made me sick forcasting obama to sweep it…

    oh by the way, a comment by someone on taylor marsh last night said something i didnt understand, does anybody have an opinion on this?
    he said the reason that mathews, russert, fineman, and andrea mitchell hate hillary is because of what happened to IMUS, that cant be right is it?

  259. American girl.. No. that was not the paragraph. it talked about his indonesia stay for 6 years and how that gave him a perspective on foreign affairs. the precise line I copied from boston globe article was.

    “he has an international perspective because he lived abroad.” and then it talked about how that and his senate foreign affairs membership gave him enormous foreign affairs experience.

  260. united12, thats not true. the reason they hate her is because of the limited access they would have if she is the president. on top of it, timmy and other big guns hated her for a while since clinton years.

  261. American Gal, I saw the same thing last night as Glad. I know I saw it cut and pasted elsewhere but don’t remember where. Hey, Glad. Have you googled the whole phrase and looked under “news” instead of “web?”

    It’s football time and we still have cleanup from the ice storm to do. Y’all have fun and play nice.

  262. Gladiatorstail, I will keep searching for an original copy of it (I have a little free time this morning).

    In the meantime, check out this laughable quote by Deval Patrick explaining his endorsement of Obama. It dates from November and is a response to Hillary’s comments about Obama living overseas as a child not qualifying as “foreign experience”.

    “Patrick said all presidents have access to foreign policy experts, but Obama’s time in “huts and villages,” not just palaces does give him an important perspective. “What he brings that’s unique is some life on the ground,” Patrick said.”

  263. James Lee Witt is campaigning? Icing on the cake!
    Actually, a big part of the cake.

    James Lee Witt is one of the main reasons I supported Hillary so early. Think back. With Bush 1, we had a huge hurricane in FL and real problems with cleanup. Then came Clinton and Witt and FEMA worked great. Nobody even remembers the historic floods and the hurricanes and fires and earthquakes because Witt had that agency humming. Then came Bush2 and national amnesia and Katrina.

    I said 5 days after the Katrina screwup that if I were Bush (and cared or noticed) I would get down on my knees to Witt and beg him to help the gulf. He ignored me and went with “Good job Brownie”.

    Hillary knows all the people that worked so effectively in the 90s and she would tap them and people like that. It does take a village to do a lot of things and she would tap the effective leaders while Bush has gone with the village idiots.

  264. ROFLMAO… regarding patricks endorsement. I think even they know the reason they are supporting Obama is because they are anti-hillary. but like taylor has ppointed out, anti-hillary is Edwards, not Obam,a. Obama is media hypobola 🙂

  265. The folks who live and work in Jakarta and Jokjakarta are going to be seriously pissed at that “huts and villiages” remark made by BO’s buddy.

    My god in heaven, does any one of his staff, friends or even he himself have a passport, AND used it?

  266. The winning phrase; “Some believe you get change by demanding it. Some believe you get it by hoping for it. I believe you get it by working hard for change. That’s what I’ve done my entire life.”

    The winning slogan;

    “The times demand results.”* Competence plus experience equals real change. Hillary ’08

    *From the DMR endorsement

  267. “Hillary Rodham Clinton will do great things for this country.” That’s my favorite line from the endorsement. Has everyone seen the video from DMR? It’s on Hillary’s site. It’s phenomenal.

  268. James Witt and his staff practically lived here in early summer 1993. I remember because our farm was under water 3 times and we lost feeders, crops, buildings etc each time. Des Moines had NO water for weeks.

    This state LOVES James Watt.

  269. Hi y’all, There’s a lot of wisdom in the consensus on this board. I really appreciate the hard work most everybody does here emphasizing the good things that are happenin’ right now with our girl’s campaign. For those of you who havent seen it, do watch Hillary’s interview with the Iowa Public TV. It will make you feel good about what she’s doing, and this campaign. She is one strong person and she’s got a great team. Realist, I love that quote from Hillary about change. The point is she has spent her lifetime being an agent for change. She understands how to bring about change. I am so glad we have a place where we can talk about the things that matter most in this campaign.

  270. AFP article eviscerating Obama’s record vs. Rhetoric;

    Obama Talks the Talk, But Where’s the Walk?
    Sunday, 16 December 2007
    by Larry C. Johnson

    At the Sunday rally in Manchester, NH, Oprah Winfrey stirred the crowd:

    “Ain’t you tired of the old way of politics,” Winfrey asked. The crowd responded “Yes.”

    Barack Obama recently said:

    ”We’ve had enough of … triangulation and poll-driven politics,” he said. ”That’s not what we need right now.’

    Obama is rising in the polls because he’s expressing FEELINGS that people WANT to hear. People are worn down by the last seven years, and they want to believe what they’re hearing from a hopeful, fresh candidate. The problem is, it’s just talk. Here are some pithy examples of (1) Obama as the triangulator extraordinaire, and (2) Obama as a do-nothing — yes, a do-nothing.

    A do-nothing? You can’t even find it listed at his Senate Web site, but Sen. Obama is the chairman of the Subcommittee on European Affairs for the Senate Foreign Relations committee. That subcommittee oversees “U.S. involvement with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), relations with the European Union (EU), and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Matters relating to Greenland and the northern polar region are also the responsibility of this subcommittee.”

    Shockingly — although his campaign has tried to beef up his thin international experience by citing his chairmanship of the subcommittee on European affairs — according to Congressional Quarterly, Sen. Obama has not held a single hearing since he assumed the chairmanship nearly a year ago. It’s little wonder, then, that Sen. Obama’s Senate site doesn’t list his chairmanship.”

    The rest is here;

  271. i’m listening to the ABC panel and it seems fine to me. one point is that they do say there are difficulties within the campaign but that means there may be some change ups after new hampshire – so that certainly means they believe she’s in for the long haul. and brazile observes she hasn’t been to those rural counties as much (which is what they’re doing now so it’s not as if they didn’t get the message). look i’ll say this when huckabee pulled way ahead in iowa – way ahead, not even a dead heat like we have – i heard worries that he peaked too soon. it was the same time obama did. i do not know why the press hasn’t looked at obama’s record though.

    my opinion as well on the change vs experience argument.. hillary is talking about change too. right now when people are just tuning in. and overall.. am i the only one who still feels we are in much more dangerous times than 92. i am pretty young and should be for obama i guess, but i have always worried about the experience question and proven competence. we have a different starting point this year. in 92 we had twelve years of reagan and bush sr. but this time we’ve had eight years of w. who everybody knows was inexperienced coming in and look where it got us. it wasn’t like that in 92.

  272. Today Wolf Blitzer continued to help with the Obama lie that he only did drugs as a teenager. I don’t have the exact quote (yet), but he said there is still talk about the drugs Obama took when he was a teenager, way way back there. Is Wolf uninformed, or is he just ignoring the facts?

  273. another_reader, ah, yeah, you are totally right. We are in the middle of a botched occupation, our health care system is in crisis, the middle class being destroyed. Sorry, but we need more than a hopeful face.

  274. another-reader, I spoke with a college student at the Apple store while shopping yesterday, and she said the same. Many college students do like BO, but are actually smart enough to wonder if he is ready yet to take this on. By the time we finished chatting, she said she’d likely go for Hillary. All young people are not swayed by hype alone, as you demonstrate.

  275. Facts don’t mean much to TV talking heads. Pat Buchanan, on “McLaughlin Group”, claimed that Obama held the lead in IA, NH and NEVADA, even though Hillary’s 20 points up there. It’ll probably get worse before it gets better…

  276. another_reader, we are glad to have you here and your instincts are completely correct. We are in a much more dangerous place today. We have no time to waste and certainly no time for on the job training. The learning curve of being president is very, very steep, as previous admins have taught us. We have no time to waste. The polar ice caps are melting ahead of schedule, among the other things that others have mentioned. We are in an economic meltdown, which is directly related to our health care meltdown. We must have somebody who is a tested change agent for the good of other people in this country. Hillary is the best prepared to bring about positive change that we do need urgently.

  277. another_reader, thanks for the clarification. I’m glad someone else also watched the broadcast with a more critical eye. I guess it’s easy to read everything as negative when watching the media as they spin so heavily against Hillary but underneath they have to know it’s not a done deal yet and that many factors are at play that can impact voting whether they want to really discuss them in detail or not.

  278. Although I abhor it, there is still a hidden racist feeling in this country. I believe that’s common knowledge. It can rear it’s ugly head at any time. While I don’t want it to play any part in the 2008 elections, it could happen.

    In 1982, Los Angeles May Tom Bradley ran against George Deukmejian for governor of Californa. A few days prior to the election Bradley was comfortably ahead. I was very happy that we would have another Democratic governor of that state. I was in for a shock.

    The black mayor, Tom Bradley, lost to Deukmejian. There was speculation by some pundits that many of the people who were polled before the vote must have been lying to hide their racist leaning. I’ve always believed that had to have happened for such a sudden turnaround.

    That was years ago, but I have no reason to believe it couldn’t happen again — in the general election. I hope I’m wrong, and that we win without that.

  279. My opposition to his candidacy is basically because there are better and more experienced candidates than him in this race, and he needs to shed some of his arrogance and lecturing to other candidates somehow holding a false high moral ground.

    He initiated the smear on Hillary with opp. research smear (D-Punjab) and that Bill was profiting on 9-11 stuff, yet he never apologized to her. He blamed it on his staff. When someone in her campaign mentioned about his cocain use, she immediately apologized and person in question quit his position. Yet, he found a way to lecture her on negative campaign tactics when she personally apologized.

    Earlier this year, when Elizabeth Edwards made some statement about unhappy marriage of Clintons and later personally apologized to her, Hillary was gracious and did not do a big deal about it. Where is Michelle Obama’s apology for the smears directed by her against Bill and Hillary?

    Hypocrisy, arrogance on top of inexperience are some of the things that come to mind when I think of him. He would serve his campaign a great deal if he learnt some graciousness.

  280. cspan washington call in show with a new hampshire journalist, who says bill shaheen is pretty well known to the press there for.. every interview saying “this is probably going to get me in trouble” and then saying something off the cuff. 🙂 and then says there has been a whisper campaign among clinton supporters wondering why the press has just not taken any look at obama’s record. which i think is completely accurate. for me, i know the best candidate, but beyond that i know which candidate would almost certainly lose in the general election because voters don’t know him. the press needs to take a look now while people are actually paying attention.

  281. Something to keep in mind about the media: They were dead wrong a few months ago when they said the race was over. What makes anyone think they’re right now?

    Besides, expectations for Obama are sky high now. Hillary the underdog is fine with me.

  282. mj, Your comment about Hillary being “solemn and serious” on her door-to-door NH trek was exactly what I was thinking, lol.

  283. AmerGirl

    I know you are busy, but could you give me 5 min here?

    Could you steer me to an online site where I could take a mini course or get A,B,C instructions on how to link a source w/in my post once in awhile, or copy a statement or quote w/o having to re-type it or paraphrase what I I saw.

    I have IE 7 in my new laptop, using Vista Home Premium…my first new computer since my 1984 TouchScreen desktop. I know there is a ton of stuff in this skinny thing I could probably use, just need to teach myself.


    Brit Hume just admitted NONE of the talking heads know what is going on in the primaries…

    And why doen’t somebody take Billy Cristol to a neighborhood bar, let him open his mouth then let the patrons tell him how “real people” feel. Faux News is so “micro-handled” this morning…Jeez.

    I hope every journalism professor over age 45 uses this show as an object lesson. Heard someone on cspan this morn say something like “when the media pulls these kinds of dishonest stunts, we are in serious danger of losing our valuable fourth estate. No one will ever believe them again.”

  284. For the New Hams in our midst

    I think I love your Concord Monitor Executive Editor, Felice Bellman. Such a wise press voice, and even handed.

  285. tell me this is not true. I am hearing this. “Obama supporters are supposedly planning a protest outside the DMR offices, as well as boycotting the paper.”

    is this real? anybody subscribed to their listserv?

  286. Gladiatorstail: if Obama supporters do that they will be viewed as a bunch of immature crybabies. I hope they go ahead with it–it will only result in bad publicity for Obama.

    Emjay: it’s not hard to get a link in your posting or copy a statement. I am familiar with it as I’m a teacher and do this all the time when I make classroom materials or email my coworkers.

    I hope this is what you need–if not just let me know:

    To link a source (web address): Just highlight the address that is in the white box at the very top of a webpage you are viewing. You do this by just clicking on the address. It will then be highlighted in blue. Then hit the control key and the letter C key on your keyboard. The address will now be copied. To place it in your posting just click in the white box on the Hillary is 44 site (where you are writing your message) and hit the control key and the V key. The address will now be pasted in the reply box. Be sure to remove the http://part or your message won’t show up when you submit comment.

    To copy everything on a web page (all the text that printed there):

    Just highlight what you want to copy (try to just get the text itself of the article). To highlight you just click and drag your mouse cursor over the text–it will become highlighted in blue. After that hit the control key and the letter C key on your keyboard. The entire text will now be copied. To place it in your posting just click in the white box on the Hillary is 44 site (where you are writing your message) and hit the control key and the V key. The text will now be pasted in the reply box.

    Sometimes I copy text into Microsoft Word first to clean up any extra stuff I don’t want. Then I just copy it from there (using the method above) and paste it into the message I am writing for this website.

    I hope this helps. I will look for a link with step by step instructions as well.

  287. I just tried posting but it didn’t go through…here is my second try..

    Glatdiatorstail: I hope the Obama supporters go through with it. They will look childish and it will just hurt Obama.

    EmJay: I am working on a repost of how to cut and paste articles and web addresses. The first one didn’t go through.

  288. EmJay: I hope this is what you are asking to learn–I will look for a link as well.

    To copy a web address:

    Click on the www. address at the top of the page you are viewing . It will become highlighted in blue. Then hit the Control key and the letter C key on your keyboard. The address will now be copied. To place it in what you are writing just click in the white reply box on the Hillary is 44 site (where you are writing your message) and hit the Control key and the V key. The address will now be pasted in the reply box. Be sure to remove the h**P part or your message won’t show up when you submit comment.

    To copy the text of an article:

    Click and drag your mouse cursor over the text you want to copy. It will be highlighted in blue. Then hit the Control key and the letter C key on your keyboard. The text will now be copied. To place it in what you are writing just click in the white reply box on the Hillary is 44 site (where you are writing your message) and hit the Control key and the V key. The text will now be pasted in the reply box.

    I sometimes copy text into Microsoft Word first to clean it up (remove any extra stuff including photos) before posting. Once that’s done I copy it via the method above and post it into the message I am writing.

  289. AmerGirl

    Thank you so much…will send you a heartfelt later…right now just need to take advantage of the passive solar pouring in and take a LONG bath. Sun is out in a cloudless sky !!…reminds me more of Clear Lake than southern part of the state, trying to get Mama Nature to melt her mistake and warm our interiors (those of us who will not use a watt of Alliant’s best that is not absolutely life-sustaining–our contribution to Global Warming)

    I just heard Fred compare Iowa to Tennassee…even on a party bus, that man is in for a serious wake up call.

  290. Emjay, enjoy the sun and cloudless sky. It’s overcast and dreary here in Minnesota…I’m sick of winter already!

  291. AmerGirl

    Thanx.. the sun part was only four hours but as the solstice is only 5 1/2 days away and we then start gaining sun time, I know I’ll live.
    (but let’s not tell them about January, OK? The Great Grey Dome is enough to send anyone to Hot Springs Ark)….Hey I think I’ve GOT IT!
    A midwest reunion in our girl’s first adopted state! We could contact the Arkansas Travelers for tips on accomodations !

    My my what you all miss when you abandon a site for one of Admin’s new morsels! {:o

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