No Surprises

Congressman Leonard Boswell, whose moniker is “Mr. Rural Iowa,” endorsed Hillary Clinton today. Mrs. Boswell endorsed Hillary also.

The longest serving Iowa Congressman and his wife endorsed Hillary in part “because we want to win.”

Boswell, who has served in Congress for the past decade and is a Vietnam veteran, praised Clinton for her 35 years of experience fighting for change. “Our next leader must have the vision and the know-how to make our country energy independent, bring healthcare to the uninsured and end the war in Iraq,” he said. “We need someone with the strength and experience to take on the toughest challenges. We need someone who’s got a lifetime record of getting results. I know just the person: my friend, Hillary Clinton.”

Boswell also called Clinton the most electable candidate in the race. “The country cannot afford for the Democrats to lose another election. There’s too much at stake. She’s the most qualified candidate and has the best chance at winning back the White House.

Hillary is also endorsed by the SEIU local unions in New York.

Hillary Clinton will pick up the backing of two giant regional SEIU locals based in New York, the health-care workers’ union 1199 and a big building-service workers union, Local 32BJ, a labor source says.

Their backing wasn’t automatic for the home-state Senator — Edwards courted both locals aggressively, and Obama nearly hired away a key political decision-maker within the union earlier this year — but the endorsements aren’t a surprise. The locals were key in preventing the national SEIU from endorsing Edwards.

In any case, they’re big players who spend a lot of money and energy on politics. Local 1199 has 300,000 members in New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Washington D.C., and 32BJ has more than 100,000 members in six states and Washington D.C.

Governor Kulongoski of Washington state Oregon also endorsed Hillary:

“At a critical time in our history, Hillary Clinton has the strength and experience to restore hope and opportunity to working Americans and deliver the change America needs,” Kulongoski said. “No one is better equipped to repair the damage of the last seven years and repair our standing in the world.”

In a news conference today to announce the Boswell endorsement Hillary said

I’ve been tested, I’ve been vetted.” “There are no surprises. There’s not going to be anybody saying, ‘I didn’t think of that, my goodness, what’s that going to mean?‘”

Whoever we nominate will be subjected to the full force of the Republican attack machine, and I know that they know I know that and I have no illusions about what this race will entail,” Hillary said.


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  1. Also, this Iowa endorsement:
    Jackson County Attorney Phil Tabor Endorses Hillary Clinton for President
    Tabor joins over 19 elected officials across Iowa who support Hillary Clinton
    DES MOINES, IA – On the heels of a strong debate performance in Des Moines yesterday, Iowans for Hillary announced the endorsement of Jackson County Attorney Phil Tabor. Tabor joins more than 19 elected officials across Iowa who support Hillary Clinton for President.

    “Hillary Clinton is the best candidate because of her knowledge, experience and leadership. She understands the issues facing America today and is ready to confront those issues on day one,” Tabor said. “Hillary is the most qualified candidate to be President of the United States and I am proud to offer her my support.”

    “Jackson County Attorney Phil Tabor plays a critical law enforcement role in the community and I am honored to have his support,” Hillary Clinton said. “I believe federal and local officials must have a strong partnership in order to keep our communities safe. I look forward to strengthening that partnership to help bring about the change America needs. ”

  2. admin, ok, that href test failed.

    On Sunday, Hillary begins her Hil-A-Copter “Every County Counts Tour” across Iowa’s 99 counties. [space] 2007/12/hillary_clinton_set_to_whir_ac.html

  3. hawk, it is 12:35pm. good afternoon.

    admin, thank you for keeping everyone posted of recent developments.

    and thank you everyone for the interesting discussion on education and on obama’s reaganite rhetoric yesterday.

  4. Welcome pulchritude.

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  5. Hey y’all, It’s soundin’ and lookin’ good. Great endorsements! Great candidate! The absolute best candidate. You know, admin, Hillary will go on to be one of those truly great Presidents. People who want change in our country away from failed policies, away from the harmful neglect and damage of the bush years, they need to go with the candidate who has been involved in changing this country for the good for her entire life, for 35 years. She is heads and shoulders above any other candidate in terms of her experience and her previous success in bringing about change. She is reaching out now to earn those votes and Iowa and America will say “count me in.”

  6. Barack Obama

    “Well, Hillary, I’m looking forward to you advising me, as well.”

    Again, as you can read Mr. Obama can’t stand on his own merits, he needs to count on other people’s knowledge (as Hillary) to hold his hand.

    If Hillary is so, back to the 90s, why event think that she would make a great adviser?

    I can bet, that you will not read from any of the other candidates; saying that they will consult Mr. Obama for his experience on any subject.

    A vote for Mr. Obama will only take us back to where we are now (Remember the Uniter (Mr. Bush). This is the same situation with Mr. Obama. Someone else will be running the country, and he will be making excuses for them (Cousin, Mr. Cheney).

    Mr. Obama thinks that he will get to the White House, and have the time to sit around singing kumbaya and spend a few years learning to make hard decisions.

    Mr. Obama is a Charismatic Leader (Those who seem to be “Natural Leaders” and effectively inspire groups without really knowing the strategies or tactics used).

    As for Mr. Edwards, after all his personal attacks on Mrs. Clinton; he is a Follower (May apply to people who attach themselves either to the person or beliefs of another). He was not running with the populist message the last election (Today the term “populism” is often used both by journalists and politicians as a vague, frequently pejorative description, whether to describe vote-grabbing measures and rhetoric or in connection with new right-wing nationalist movements as well as many left-wing socialist movements).

    Mrs. Clinton has what I call Military leadership (The process of influencing others to accomplish the mission by providing purpose, direction, and motivation).

    Mrs. Clinton has all the experience and expertise required to hit the ground running. She will be able to listen to her advisers and make the best decisions for the USA.

    She has the foundation to know if the staff is only telling her what they think she wants to hear. And what you erroneously call mean, I call being assertive.

    I don’t know how you will vote, but think about the world that we live in. This is really a global community, and Mrs. Clinton has the INTERNAL FORTITUDE to reach across party lines, across communities, across the world and work hard to get things done for all humanity.

    My vote will be counted for Mrs. Clinton.

  7. I heard that this is the first time that Boswell has endorsed anyone for President in his long political career. If that is so, doesnt that itself tell you something ??

  8. Joe Klein, Hillarious Overkill

    Drudge has a banner headline: IS IT THE END? and a picture of New York’s Junior Senator up at his blog… and links to this story. Brother Fineman over at Newsweek is similarly dire, predicting that Clinton could lose all four of the early primaries.

    Well, yes, she could. Or she could win a couple. Or win them all. The New Hampshire poll cited above has these interesting details:

    Of the likely Democratic primary voters surveyed for the Monitor poll, 37 percent aren’t registered with a political party. When it came to those undeclared voters, Obama trounced his opponents: 40 percent of undeclared voters likely to vote in the Democratic primary backed Obama, compared with 23 percent for Clinton and 13 percent for former North Carolina senator John Edwards.

    Clinton, in contrast, won the support of more registered Democrats: 36 percent said they’d vote for Clinton, compared with 27 percent for Obama and 21 percent for Edwards.

    And while it’s fascinating–in a McCainian (2000) way–that the independents are drifting Obama-ward, Clinton still has a significant lead among more reliable Democrats.

    The big thing is everyone, especially my colleagues, should calm down until further notice. Clinton has been overhyped, especially among right-wingers and TV hosts, from the start–and now the reverse hyperbole has kicked in. Neither was, and is, credible. Four years ago, about this time, Al Gore endorsed Howard Dean and a CNN host asked me, “Joe, is it over?” I replied, well, no one has actually voted yet. Same rule applies double here–Obama doesn’t have nearly the lead that Dean had. And I wouldn’t count John Edwards out, either. You want to see real momentum? Take a look over on the Republican side, at CHRISTIAN LEADER Huckabee.

    I love a good horse race as much as anyone. But these definitive pronouncements as the horses make the clubhouse turn are just silly.

  9. Sorry.

    This 99 county tour is awesome. The weather here is freezing cold, but sunny 🙂

    We’ll see how this all works out. I can’t wait for the 3rd.

    First the 1st because it’s my bday 🙂

    Then we can get down to business (after my hangover subsides). Gotta Love Iowa City 😉

  10. you know, y’all, in any political race (whether big or small) it’s the real agent for change that’s going to draw the most criticism. Frequently it’s also the best candidate for the job.

  11. Always late the party, I put up a post at TM asking why Lieberman has not yet endorsed BHO ( So, next I go to the comments section on TM’s last post only to find someone referring to BHO as Obamerman.

    Pamela B wrote:

    I agree. In my opinion, this is what is going on in NH. Hillary has not really lost support.

    Those “Independents” you see are really Repugs. Obama has courted them heavily & the Repugs are working with him to boradside Hillary. I remember a couple of weeks ago, Obama sent out an announcement bragging that he had the signatures of over ( I think) 240 NH Repugs who were going to cross over & vote for him. This should be blasted to every real Dem in the state. Why Hillary isn’t doing it I honestly do not know.

    This is another indication that Obama is a Repug in Dem clothing & has to be stopped at all cost. At this rate Republicans will determibne the out come of the Dem primary.

    I am beginning to believe what I considered for some time & that is Obama is quite possible the most dangerous person Dems have encountered in the history of the party. HE MSUT BE STOPPED, I just don’t know how.

    The question for NH is are they going to let Repugs decide their primary? Where is their will to fight for the party?

    – – –
    Actually, on 11/5/07 BHO announced that 68 NH Repugs had announced their support for him.

  12. If it makes some of you feel better, Fox News has Hillary up by 9 in NH: (Poll conducted 12/11-12/13)

    HRC: 34
    BO: 25
    Edwards: 15

    And, yes, I know. As Iowa goes, so goes NH. But a poll showing Hillary up makes me feel a little less gloomy… even for a few brief minutes.

  13. Don’t forget too that Ron Paul can have an impact in HRC’s favor in NH. The Ron Paul folks are hardcore and their blimp might encourage the Independents to vote for him.

    It actually upsets me to see the Dem. Party going in this direction. Too many Independents and uninformed citizens taking down the party. Yesterday at the debate, BHO actually held up his chastising Detroit as a badge of honor. Note to Sen. Obama, people in Michigan are seriously hurting up there.

  14. I wonder what a super strong turnout in Michigan for HRC would mean? While it may have been stripped of it delegates, if she wins by a very high number that could send a signal that states like Iowa and NH are maybe having disproportionate influence.

  15. filbert, you beat me to it. like i said, a win for huckabee and ron paul emergence will cripple “independents” vote for obama. iowa, the tour is the right thing to do while obama struggles to bring his positive message to press.

  16. What I would like for Hillary to do more is talk to the press, like what she did today. The media will cover her press conferences and get off her back about the Shaheen mess and the gloom and doom talking points.

    Answer whatever question people like Mark Halperin throws at her.

  17. The Boswell endorsement video is powerful. Hopefully, the can truncate that video into an equally powerful 30 sec spot.

    He brings up electability. Yesterday, I had a conversation with recently returned Iraqi vet. He put the whole situation into perspective over in a way you just cannot get from the MSM. What he said was that the different factions (who can tell each other apart visually, a feat American soldiers cannot do) are constantly trying to kill each other. He also said that Syria and Iran are seriously interfering. This is something all of the troops are aware of.

    Looking forward to the general election, it is not too difficult to see that the Repugs will be turning the election narrative in this direction. This is esp. true since the surge seems to be working. Given this, Hillary Clinton is the only Democrat positioned to win.

    Repug TV ad talking points:
    1.) BHO wants to meet with the leader of Iran, no conditions.
    2.) BHO woon’t stand up to Iran interfering in Iraq and attacking American soldiers.

  18. another interesting fox news conclusion

    Among “change” voters, Obama tops Clinton by 39 percent to 29 percent. For those saying experience is the most important candidate quality, Clinton tops Obama by 44 percent to 10 percent.

    now, that is important. last poll, the “change” voters broke awefully for Hillary, almost in teens. its time for Hillary to take batton on “change” thing. thats why she has that as new message and is getting it out quiet effectively. she is closing in and will overtake him soon IMO. especially after the debate. at the end of the day, if a person votes for Obama just because he is for “idolatory”, then there is only so few voters in that category.

  19. Video out on Olberman last night: “The Politics of Dope:

    Mark Penn’s comments online; frankly, I see nothing wrong with this:

    In fact, I kind of like Penn’s approach.

    Axelrod, after the debate, said Obama quit using cocaine at 20:

    My guess is that the press is researching the story. Keeping it real.

  20. Has anyone read how that bozo Ben Smith is spinning Hillary’s press conference today ?
    She said there were “no surprises” in her past .

    So how does this joker spin it ?

    He runs a headline “Hillary hints at surprises in Obama’s past” .

    If this isnt cynical and yellow journalism at its worst….

  21. The New Republic’s Michael Crowley has some news from a press interview with Hillary today.

    Hillary’s New Pitch: “No Surprises”

    Johnston, Iowa– Hillary just held an extraordinary press conference
    here after taping an interview with Iowa public television in which
    she introduced a provocative new theme to her candidacy: “[T]here are
    no surprises.” I didn’t catch the taping itself, only the presser, but
    Ben Smith has the money quote:

    “I’ve been tested, I’ve been vetted,” she said. “There are no
    surprises. There’s not going to be anybody saying, ‘I didn’t think of
    that, my goodness, what’s that going to mean?'”

    “I’m a known quantity,” she added at the press conference, at which
    she recieved the endorsement of Iowa Democratic Congressman Leonard
    Boswell. “We need to nominate a candidate who can win.” This threw the
    media into a low-grade frenzy. Hillary smiled with the patience of a
    grandmother stuck babysitting bratty kids as reporters barraged her
    with breathless questions about whether Obama’s drug history is the
    sort of surprise she’s talking about and whether she thinks
    general-election voters might punish him for it.

    But Hillary wasn’t biting. “I am only talking about myself,” she
    insisted, looking unusually resplendent in a dark suit with a red
    blouse and multicolored necklace. Nor would she bite when asked by
    MSNBC’s David Shuster whether she would flatly declare that “a
    candidate’s indiscretions as a teenager should not be an issue for
    voters.” After what I sensed was a moment of uncertainty she
    concluded, “It’s certainly not an issue in my campaign.”

    Read the rest of the story at:

  22. WHoah Whoah whoah!!! Is that right, DC? Did Axelrod really state that Obama quit using cocaine at 20? Hasn’t Obama been claiming that all his drug use was during high school? At a minimum, this is an inconsistency in his story and demonstrates evasiveness and shiftiness. He should tell the truth.

  23. Hate to say this, but I think I agree with Mitt Romney. It is irresponsible for Obama to go out and discuss his drug use with high school students. Reminds me of that public service announcement encouraging parents that used pot before to be hypocrites withe their own children.

    Also, kind of reminds me of those high school parents that buy their kids beer as long as they drink it at home. You know, the one that say that they will do it anyway. Funny, isn’t that the same approach that Obama is taking with Soc Sec and no mandate?

  24. ‘What I would like for Hillary to do more is talk to the press, like what she did today. The media will cover her press conferences and get off her back about the Shaheen mess and the gloom and doom talking points.’

    excellent idea filbert. even tweety praised HRC after her curbside chat with the media outside her home, post-hostage event. HRC can show how she thinks on her feet and doesn’t shrink from questioning.

  25. You know what will be really ironic ? If the repub’s attack Bo NOW for his dope use and not wait till later.

    And talking about drug usage to a bunch of high school students was completely irresponsible. This is a guy running for president – it was a campaign event , not a talk show for crying out loud .

  26. Another new Iowa poll shows Hillary tied with Obama:

    Among 569 likely Democratic caucus voters, Sen. Barack Obama runs even with Sen. Hillary Clinton (both at 27%) in a statewide caucus; former Sen. John Edwards runs at 22%, Gov. Bill Richardson at 8%, Sen. Joe Biden at 5%.

    I actually believe Obama is ahead in Iowa at the moment, but that fact that multiple polls still show the race tied convinces me that his lead is relatively small. As Joe Klein mentioned, his lead isn’t even as big as Howard Dean’s was in ’04.

  27. If the controversy over his drug use starts to get more play especially with regard to upto what age he was doing them, they’ll be scampering to take down that fund raising pitch… I dont see how it helps them in any way the longer this plays out.

    Its a double-edged sword . they want Hillary to get beat up on this but it could blow up in their face as well.

  28. For 2 comment threads I’ve forgotten to post the following. Sorry…but the ongoing comments were so hot, I just kept putting it off.

    If you are available, and not going door to door…,

    PAUL KRUGMAN (“Conscience of a Liberal”) is flying in from San Diego on his way home to NJ and will be at

    THE DES MOINES LIBRARY (Central) at 2:30 pm TOMORROW.
    Saturday, for a talk, meet and greet, book signing and reception.

    Hawk…what a nice antidote to the jerk.

  29. for those of us who missed it, like me:

    Friday, December 14th
    Sen. Hillary Clinton on Iowa Press from earlier today
    On C-SPAN2 at 9pm ET

  30. No shit.

    David Yepsen just said on Hardball that Hillary Clinton came late to the game, but that Obama should be vetted on these issues. He added that Obama got a pass in his Illinois run and that Hillary’s negatives are high because she has been vetted.

    Then, Chris Matthews actually said that he thinks that Hillary is a nice person.

  31. No kidding. Mathews just said, in describing Hillary’s fuzzy commercial, that is exactly what Hillary is like if you get to meet her in person.

  32. “Chris Matthews actually said that he thinks that Hillary is a nice person.” Well, holy crap he could have fooled me.

  33. Yes, alcina, I must confess I share that emoticon, and if I knew how to make one, I would, but I am a year shy of 50, and some skills have passed me by.

  34. Iowa HillFans … do any of you know anything about this woman Susan Klopfer of Mount Pleasant, Iowa, who said today that she has switched from Hillary to Obama because of the negative attacks on BHO? She is supposed to be a neighbor of Vilsack.

    (Thanks Ben:

    Here’s an article she wrote in October praising Hillary:

    “We must trust the patience, wisdom and experience of Clinton to lead the way in planning and timing the end of this sickening conflict so that our men and women return home without being killed in the process. This is what protecting American interests is about-taking the best care of our soldiers and bring them home when the time is right. Clinton is the only candidate who has the experience, competence and patience to serve as our next president. For this, she has my trust and support.”

    She also got into a verbal match with Dodd in October while she said she was a Hillary supporter.

    BHO is running an add featuring her but somehow there is something really wrong about this.

    If there is anything more to know about her, it deserves a TM post.

  35. The tide is definitely gonna turn (in our favor of course!). Just you wait…..


    TV ALERT (Reminder):

    Bill Clinton is on Charlie Rose for the full hour tonight.

    Charlie’s also doing a series of interviews with all the presidential candidates. Can’t wait to see Hillary’s interview!

  36. yes he took drugs at Occidental; mentions pot and blow (does this mean cocaine?) in the book.

    I am browsing the book for the first time today.

    sorry about drug terminoloy….I do not know much about it.

    so far the book is sketchy and does not mention dates etc..

    too many thing skipped – at least to me at first glance!

  37. In Iowa, “Iowa Press” is always on at 7:30 Fridays, right after Gwen Ifill’s Washington Week (unless they are fund raising-then it’s up for grabs.

    Isn’t Krugman the one who said “a good part of the media are essentially part of the machine”

    And if I remember right, Obama, along w/ his buddy, Robert Gibbs went after Krugman last week, in one of BO’s periodic swipes at progressives, inferring that Krugman was a liar.

    I think a story on it was on MyDD, last Fri or Sat. The author pointed out BO’s love of the Right, as well

  38. This switcher was never very committed to Hillary. Otherwise, news of Obama’s cocaine use, which frankly he wrote about and brought up himself, would not cause a switch. This is how Obama, yet again, is trying to spin it. That negative Hillary is bringing up my blow days. It’s mean. Well, seriously, Shaheen was out of line, but Dem’s have a right to consider it, if they have the right to consider some of the allegations he’s suggested about Hillary, i.e. that she has plotted to run for presindet for 20 years, that she’s dishonest, etc.. So, we’ll see if the media rolls over again, and pretends that Obama’s admitted cocaine use years ago is Hillary’s problem or his.

  39. do any of you know anything about this woman Susan Klopfer of Mount Pleasant, Iowa

    Don’t go there ,,,

  40. re: drugs — wasn’t there something in the nyt about how he almost tried heroin? Met a friend of his in a meat locker or something really strange like that? Got scared of the needles.

    I *thought* that happened in ny, btw, which would be Columbia, but I don’t remember the details. I’ll try and find the article.

    I’ll say this much — I do not personally have any friends, associates or acquaintances who have considered heroin.

  41. Yepsen may feel it’s time to vett BO, but I don’t think he’ll do it. It’s not his journalistic style…he’s an “opinion” guy, not a reporter.

    The person who could do it more effectively is Mike Glover, AP bureau chief in Iowa (who has been at every Hillary event I’ve attended BTW.)

  42. It’ll take major effort. BO has staff dedicated to finding people from his past and hiding them from the media. I remember reading that when his high school friend who lives in a car in LA popped up and then disappeared again.

  43. Look at this story above with the woman who “switched”. Now clearly Obama trotted this woman out to make it seem unseemly that anyone should discuss what Obama wrote about in his book, so I wonder if anyone in the media will just call this for what it is, trotting someone out as cover for negative information.

  44. hi hillfans,i was very exhausted today i slept in all day today and this is my first post. anyway catching up on my hillary news. i just saw a peice on foxnews speacial report on that so called former hillary supporter switching to bawak hussien obama. she put on a show of replacing a hillary sign to obama’s. what a fake!!! my bet she waas never a big hillary supporter to begin with. die hards like ourselves here would NEVER DO THAT!!!! the new foxnews poll with hillary 34% to huessien obama 25% is nice to hear.

  45. Ok, well, I guess that answers my question. The media again basically acts as stenographer for the Obama camp. This is a special report? Come on.

  46. Obama has always relied on hiding behind Iowans — remember when he was touting that guy who didn’t like Hillary’s response on SS? How about the “abused” campaign volunteer? And so on.

  47. Can you get a security clearance in this country if you admit to cocaine use? I don’t think so.

    Interesting that he’s applying for a job to be the executive of a govt apparatus that would exclude him from any task minimally related to national security on these grounds.

  48. Just now on the ABC World News, George Stephanopoulos declared Obama “the change candidate”.

    Carry much water George ?

  49. Or let me put it this way — if you admit to cocaine use on your security clearance app, I bet you get vetted extra hard. But he’s going to hide behind an Iowan saying it’s too mean?

  50. I wish I could go hear Krugmann, but saturday I get to meet Gavin Newsom to talk about Hillary with him. I am excited 🙂

    Anyhow, I am not worried about Iowa. The results will probably be as follows :

    1.) Clinton
    2.) Edwards
    3.) Obama

    and obama will win the college precincts, and that’s about it.


    1.) Edwards
    2.) Clinton
    3.) Obama

    edwards has support below the radar because of his gender and race, and because he is familiar to Iowans. He is also a prominent 2nd choice, along with Hillary, for Richardson, Biden, and Dodd supporters.

    Either way, it’s an HRC victory. If obama does prove me wrong, Then somethin’s up with the people of Iowa I have known for 20 years of my life. This just doesn’t seem to be the case. I can’t imagine them thinking he is electable, and I swear to you, seriously, the #1 issue for caucus goers WILL BE electability. And I am glad to see our camp pushing her electability more prominently now.

  51. It is awesome. He is very well respected in his district, the biggest in population and probably importance, because of his work in the military, and for his fellow veterans and most of all for Iowan farmers. I am glad to see him endorse HRC because he and his wife are dear friends with the Harkins, and this leaves 1 hold out. Not Ruth, Leonard, or Dodie; Tom. I am certain Loebsack will endorse b.o., so we’ll see. This will split the congressional delegation between the top three candidates and then give HRC an edge with the senator 🙂

  52. mj, this woman is very appropriate. That ad is running on tv with her speaking out about Hillary and pulling up her sign and replacing it with BHO’s. It’s a public ad. My question was whether anyone knows her or knows about her. BHO is making a big deal about this, it’s all over the media, using the ad to put Hillary down.

  53. Judy Woodruff just did a pretty good objective piece abt Dem caucus in Iowa on McNeil News Hour.

    David Brooks and Mark Shields doing their thing on the candidates now.
    Agreeing that in both parties there is little diff in policy betwn candidates, it’s their personality differences.

    Is ANYONE listening to the policy statements or non-statements BO makes. every darn day!!!

  54. I have never heard of this woman, and I don’t think it’s a big deal. HRC could run the same ads against him when he did his gay-bashing tour, a lot of my friends ripped the b.o. stickers off their car and put on HRC stickers.

  55. Yeah, let me tell you, ofcourse Obama is promoting this. There are surely people who have dumped Obama for Hillary, but that’s not as salacious a female voter dumping Hil for Obama.

  56. B Merry —

    I agree that she’s put herself in the public square, but I had other reasons for saying don’t go there. ’nuff said on that.

    He is just trying to desperately deflect any scrutiny, and I think the savvy voter will see that. He’s not a professional victim, he’s running for president.

  57. hawk, it seems to me that under the radar some of the real active Democrats and people who have worked their whole lives for the Party and the country are getting worried. I don’t think they want to see the party nomination taken over by hype and emotion that can’t go the distance. I know you’d never know it from the media, but little things here and there give me that feeling. Does it seem this way among the rank and file of the regular caucus-going Dems and politicians to you? That common sense is lurking under the surface, and beginning to rear its head?

  58. Hillary headquarters in San Francisco and Los Angeles are doing phone bankings tomorrow. If you guys are in the area, you should volunteer to help. I’ll certainly put in the time.

  59. Second time Obama trots out some woman to dis Hillary, third if you count Oprah. Wake up, ladies. This is so completely transparent.

  60. CNN’s Sit Room just aired a segment with Frank Sesno pointing out the complete lack of substance in Obama’s ads and how they took Joe Klein quote about his “scrupulous honesty” out of context….


    Hillary Clinton’s Final Push; South Carolina Polls; Ad Fact Check

    Aired December 14, 2007 – 16:00 ET


    BLITZER: We’re keeping the presidential candidates, Democrats and Republicans, honest. We’re taking closer looks at their respective ads, their commercials, how they’re playing. Are they telling us the truth?

    Or special correspondent, Frank Sesno, is here in THE SITUATION ROOM.

    It’s going to be a fascinating, new wrinkle. What do these ads say? Are they honest? Are they not so honest? Are they embellishing? What’s going on?

    FRANK SESNO, CNN SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT: Do they say anything? That’s the real question.

    Let’s take a look today at Barack Obama and what he’s doing on the air. He’s got a 60-second ad. It’s very, very interesting. He’s trying to capitalize on a certain sense of momentum, and he would think — or would like the rest of the world to think inevitability.


    SESNO (voice over): As Iowa ticks down, the ad wars ratchet up. And with Barack Obama trying to look credible, electable and on the move, this ad…

    SEN. BARACK OBAMA (D-IL), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE (voice over): I’m Barack Obama, and I approved this message.

    (on camera): We are in a defining moment in our history. Our nation is at war. The planet is in peril.

    SESNO: … 60 seconds of fawning visuals and cliched generalities, tries to reinforce the points. There are quick shots of wrapped gazes, starry-eyed voters literally looking up to Obama.

    OBAMA: America, our moment is now!

    SESNO: The camera work puts Obama center stage in a place that appears cavernous, maybe like the floor of the Democratic convention. Look at that again. The ad, the convention. The ad, the convention. But there’s not much content here.

    OBAMA: The same old Washington textbook campaigns just won’t do.

    SESNO: No plans, no policy, no names. The full screens go for character. “Scrupulous honesty” is one example.

    Joe Klein’s “TIME” column did praise Obama, but it also referred to his confusing campaign and static performances.

    OBAMA: I want to be the president…

    SESNO: Glittering is what this ad is all about. They’ve come to elevate Obama, not explain him.


    SESNO: So elevate Obama, not explain him, is what this ad is trying to do.

    There is one shot in this, Wolf, where he says, you know, we don’t need the fights of the ’90s again. I’m not exactly sure, and he doesn’t say what the fights of the ’90s are, but clearly, it’s an attempt to differentiate himself from Hillary Clinton, to say I’m not Hillary Clinton, I represent the new direction, the change, the what you really want to do with Washington.

    BLITZER: If you were living in Iowa right now or New Hampshire or South Carolina, you would be bombarded with these 30-second spots which historically have been very effective, and they spend an enormous amount of time, the professionals, working on every split second in these images.

    SESNO: Every split second — the way the candidate is lit, the way they’re framed in the photo, the looks and the gazes, which is what was so interesting in that spot, as they’re looking at the candidate.

    Another very interesting thing in that spot, there were no minority faces. They were all white faces looking at Barack Obama. Maybe not surprising necessarily, because in Iowa nearly 94 percent white, but here’s a candidate who’s running on diversity. That 60- second ad showed none of it.

    BLITZER: And, you know, there’s a whole new phenomenon of the ads now appearing not only on television, or radio, for that matter, but on the Internet. And there they have a lot more time to do these slick commercials, and you’re taking a closer look at those as well.

    SESNO: We’re going to be looking at all — you know, I was talking to Mark Preston (ph), one of our guys here who writes for and does other things, and he was showing me a count yesterday. If you are sitting in a 24-hour period in Iowa in all different markets, over 500 buys in a day, in a 24-hour day. So what you said at the outset, that you’re inundated with these ads, absolutely the case.

    BLITZER: And that’s going to be a regular feature here in THE SITUATION ROOM as we go on.

    SESNO: As much as you can take of it, Wolf.

    BLITZER: Well, it’s fascinating material.

    SESNO: Oh, it’s very…

    BLITZER: And we want to take a closer analysis of all these guys.

    SESNO: That’s right. What they’re try to go do in front of the camera, in their speeches, in their ads. It’s all part of the persona and the policy mix they’re trying to put forward.

    BLITZER: Frank, thanks very much.

  61. Taylor Marsh wrote a diary that is sure to upset Obama’s supporters. Everyone here should visit Marsh’s site and read the article.

  62. some of the real active Democrats and people who have worked their whole lives for the Party and the country are getting worried.

    yep, I can verify that this is the case where I am — which I won’t mention since certain media peeps don’t have much more to do than harrass private citizens who post to this site or submit event pics. I’ll say east coast.

    it’s not just the can’t go the distance factor — it’s other things as well.

  63. The usual caucus goers are flocking to edwards and clinton and the others because first, they don’t like the busing thing. Secondly, people here that have been in this stuff before know electability when they see it. That’s why we’ll win. Obama is all hot, smelly air. That’s it.

    If he gets our nomination, we are screwed as a party and in the general.

  64. HillaryLandRocks, what’s so funny is how amazingly cynical it is. He’s using these women to chip away at Hillary’s support among women. Amazing that women have not caught on by now.

  65. People didn’t like him trotting out a rich celebrity in Iowa and thought it was a stupid idea. I know several women who said it looked so overtly planned and thought it was dumb. They switched and were leaning obama.

  66. Well, good, I’m glad to hear they could see what was going on. It was very transparent effort to get the women’s vote.

  67. hey hawk,

    Sorry I’m a clunky Cyclone, so I don’t know this…

    Isn’t The Hawkeye the U of Iowa daily newspaper?

    I ask because that’s where one of Susan F.s glowing Hillary support articles or letters or opinions was printed (I think.)

    Ergo, Johnson County, Ia City, Hawkeye Territory. But she’s Christie’s neighbor?

    I don’t get it.

  68. Emjay — the hawkeye describes itself as IA’s oldest newspaper. Doesn’t look like a school paper to me.

  69. HLR, I am pretty new to being politically active, so am not in the loop, but some of the Hillary campaigners here are old, old hands who know this party inside out. I get the same unspoken feeling from them, and I guess that’s enough said.

  70. TV ALERT Iowans.

    The interview with our girl (they are usually 25 minutes) coming up at 7pm CSTwith Yepsen & Co on IPTV.

    Be forewarned…in preview bite she looks REALLy tired.

  71. She probably is tired seeing how she is the only one making all of her senate votes and campaigning and dealing with this weather and the msm all at once, and then this punk from Chicago, this woman is a saint.

  72. mj, FYI, the ad is running and it clearly identifies the town she lives in, which is not the same as an address.

    admin, if you feel you need to delete these posts, please do so. I have no desire to foster ill will here.

  73. just went back to pick up what i missed while cooking…

    Never remember Frank Sesno as attractive.

    Now I think I love him.

  74. The latest Taylor Marsh analysis of the Obama cocaine issue is excellent. She quotes someone who posted to her site previously regarding Obama speaking about his cocaine use to teens at a high school:

    “If Obama were a public school teacher, and shared this little tidbit with a group of school kids, the local school board, not to mention the parents, would have had his head.”

    I am a high school teacher at a public high school. Let me tell you, that person is right on the money. You would never get away with talking openly about your history of drug use with kids. There are drug counselors who trained to do that. Maybe it would be overlooked in an inner city school but I guarantee you in the midwest this would have consequences. It’s not even acceptable to talk openly about your political affiliations with students as it could get back to parents who may become enraged that certain political views are being discussed in the classroom. I’m actually shocked that this event by Obama didn’t get more coverage. I know Romney commented about it. I think the video of this would make a first rate GOP attack ad and I’d bet a million dollars that’s exactly what they will do with it.

  75. B Merryfield, you just need to be careful given everyone attracts overzealous supporters. Also, this is a distraction being promoted by the Obama campaign. It’s a distraction.

  76. IMO, an ad showing a woman who switched from Hillary to Obama sounds sophomoric. By contrast, Hillary’s ads are about her and what she’ll do as president. Obama’s not even mentioned.

  77. Hey ya’ll, Olbermann is talking about a poll in Iowa where BHO has a 9 pt lead over HRC. Which poll is this? What are the particulars?

  78. Also, saw this on Taegan Goddard’s site:

    Though Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign was initially hurt by raising the issue, Craig Crawford advises Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign to directly confront his use of drugs as a young person — particularly if there is more than he previously disclosed in his memoir.

    “Throughout the 2000 presidential campaign, George W. Bush managed to dodge detailed questions about his partying past in the same way that Obama’s team is now doing – by calling foul against anyone who brings it up. But in the final weekend before the 2000 election a drunk driving arrest surfaced that Bush had never revealed. It almost cost him the race.”

  79. mollyj, This one:

    A new Quad City Times/Lee Newspapers/Research 2000 poll in Iowa shows Sen. Barack Obama leading the Democratic presidential race with 33% support, followed by Sen. Hillary Clinton and John Edwards who are tied for second with 24%, and Gov. Bill Richardson at 9%.

    (Another Iowa poll out today has her tied with Obama.)

  80. Hawk,

    I hope you have a great time meeting Gavin; I hope he talks about green buildings etc. He is something…even though he is from SF.

    Filbertsf: I will put in some phone bank hrs; thanks for the reminder!

  81. mj, Don’t worry about it. If the media narrative becomes that Obama has a decent lead in Iowa, then if he wins it’s just meeting expectations. Let ’em raise those expectations.

  82. Yes, mj, I am noticing that about the polls that are reported and the ones that aren’t. I don’t believe that I have ever seen such bias against a candidate and I been watchin races for years. One television personality said he personally liked Hillary or thought she was nice but wondered, how can you be nice and run this kind of campaign (reference was to mentioning the BHO drug thing). That’s not an exact quote but the jist is, if she was a “nice person” she wouldn’t be bringing this up. Well, first, she didn’t bring it up. A campaign cochair brought it up. And he stepped down. This is a double standard. BHO has thrown plenty of derogatory stuff not only at Hillary but at her supporters. Remember the “stupid” ideas that people over 50 have? remember Bush Cheney lite, remember the sarcastic we are not going to have a “conversation”, etc. BHO is not innocent nor is he a victim. He has shown a lot of disrespect toward Hillary in my opinion. He is a way too inexperienced person to be president and he;ll do anything to keep the attention off of that, imho.

  83. mollyjrichards, no kidding. What is this obsession with whether Hillary is nice enough or not? Why was it fine when everyone was taking potshots at Hillary? The man who mentioned the drugs(which Obama brought up in front of the school kids, and wrote about in his book)has been dismissed. Who has Obama dismissed over all the crap he has thrown at Hillary?

  84. Another endorsement: SEIU Locals 1199 And 32BJ Endorse Clinton


  85. The dark suit/red shirt outfit mentioned this morning.

    Talks abt running a tight campaign ship…screw up and you are uninvited, period.

    Gosh, experience, been there done that, been tumbled in past…I can take it.

    Tuff ? from Mike…it’s not me…the Repubs will not give up the whitehouse w/o a fight…they will go after any Dem nominated..
    I’m battle tested.

    Mom and daughter coming out NOT an act of desperation,,,I feel good having them w/ me

    No shakeup in campaign

    Everything I have proposed is paid for, and NOT on the backs of the middle class

  86. in my experience this is a double standard based on gender. When men fight, it’s what they are expected to do. When women fight it’s “how do we beat the bitch.” I do feel that there is a vein of mysogeny that has been opened by this election. More than anything what I’ve learned is that this country is nowhere near where it should be in terms of diversity. ANd, saying we’re all just gonna get along is basically saying, ‘that sort of stuff doesn’t matter (human differences)” because we’re all gonna think alike now.

  87. mj: mollyjrichards, no kidding. What is this obsession with whether Hillary is nice enough or not?

    Hillary should just get everyone in the campaign, from senior staff to volunteers those t-shirts that say “Well-behaved women never make history” and charge forward.

  88. Thanks emjay. You know Rose Kennedy always campaigned for her sons. She was a charmer in front of an audience and she and JFK, in particular, used to kind of banter back and forth. It was a hoot. By the way, nobody ever called JFK desperate when he was running.

  89. LOL, HillaryLandRocks. I love those t shirts and cards and that slogan in general. I’ve said it before: this ain’t a race for miss congeniality or student body president or even Olbermann’s best person in the world. OF course if Hillary even dares to almost allude to the fact that she’s female she’ll be accused of playing the gender card and that will control the news cycle for days. It’s actually quite an abusive game the media plays.

  90. Tweety made a Freudian slip. He said (I paraphrase) “How can she be Mrs. Nice and at the same time try to be Mr. Mean?” Mister??? I don’t even think he realized he did it, the misogyny is so subconscious with him. Girls are supposed to be sweet and nice, and if they are strong or forceful or aggressive, they are being unpleasantly mannish and unfeminine. He is a toad.

  91. I heard that, too, with my own two ears. It’s pretty depressing, actually. But if Hill wasn’t in the race we wouldn’t know that it was this bad across society. It’s stuff like this “guess who’s coming to dinner” or in this case “guess who’s runnin’ for President” that brings this stuff out.

  92. Notice her speech…no uh,..ahhh, or need to correct or back up…full sentences what a great spontaneous speaker…no a conversationalist. Announcing the blitz

    almost as good as a community meeting. It went so fast

    a GREAT JOB !!!

  93. mollyrichards, I really wish I was one of those talented young video whippersnappers (I’m not so tech savvy). I’d love for someone to do an edited montage of Tweety’s greatest misogyny hits, because if you took all of those moments and put them back-to-back it would be sickening, but a great video. Not so much for Hillary, but for women everywhere, to expose him for the sexist twit he is.

    And Paula and Emjay, please update as you can! I know our gal must be exhausted, so I’m glad she is doing us proud anyway.

  94. BTW, you’re all so right about the misogynistic double standard going on. Maybe her campaign should send a list of all Obama’s attacks/smears that says, “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

  95. Emjay, That’s a real good question. I guess we’re so old we can’t even contemplate how stupid we are. HillaryforTex: that’s a super idea. I don’t have the equipment to do it. Actually, it would be a really good teachin’ tool. You could show it to college classes and I’m serious here. I haven’t heard stuff this bad since the 60’s or at least as blantant.

    That was an excellent interview on public tv. I hope every iowan watches it. They got a glimpse of the real hill there, not the vilification of Hill courtesy of MSM. She hits all sorts of issues and the questions were really fine. That’s are girl, y’all.

  96. There is a report out tonight that the Des Moines Register will give it’s endorsement on Sunday and that it might be Edwards. I don’t know if this is a reliable site….

  97. hillfans, i sometimes get annoyed at the at the official blog moderator. i have put several comments defending hillary against the attack machine and they did not post it. they should not be so paraniod on big hillary boosters defending her so hard.

  98. well there you go. looks like they are going back to the well again. i hope after this election the dem party should once and for put this iowa and nh being 1st crap to the pastures. blow the whole thing up for 2012 and start regional primaries.

  99. Hillary’s interview was excellent. the reporters were extremely civil. it was good. especially, she answered head on of desperate campaign allegations. excellent interview.

    I think in a way the obama’s arguments on electibility are totally blunted. they are GONE. she should have done this long time ago, but the idea is Obama played the victim card and he will pay. Like I posted earlier, two of his major messages are blunted. I am more electable because I wont be told that I flip flopped (because everytime he raises that issue, he is also raising issue of hidden skeletons in his closet, and he is Mr. clean) and his claim that he is not running because america owns it to him (we hillfans know thats a dig he is taking refering to the pact).

    these three weeks, its all about getting the message out. why should you caucus for me. we can see that Obama is running a negative ad (by showing one supporter changing signs for another) while Hillary is running a positive message based ad. I am going to post on mydd and hope someone posts on d-kos the FIRST negative ad that dems have started. Obama’s ad indeed is the FIRST negative ad of the democratic campaign. later, they wont pounce on us for being negative. we were late till date, but atleast now the final three weeks we can be ahead the curve.

  100. oh I hear that Biden is the one they are going to endorse, and they have a history of endorsing a candidate of second tier especially in democratic primaries. in republican, I hear it is thompson.

  101. They will not endorse Thompson. I can bet my house on that. Endorsing him after he embarrassed their moderator in the debate? No way, no chance.

  102. The most important thing is shorten the campaigning for primaries. It starts right after 2006 primaries and the campaign season goes all the way till 2008 November.

  103. icebergslim at Daily Kos is a woman, and that woman is also Elise, another user at Daily Kos. Elise G. Harding, who is an Obama support who has attended Obama camp and who resides in Illinois.

  104. I don’t have cable, or the four networks…just PBS.

    have never seen Keith O before

    He is awesome! Mad as hell and………….

  105. Wow. That Taylor Marsh post is awesome. The video of Obama talking to kids about his drug use will absolutely kill him in the GE. Yikes.

  106. Folks, Trust me. The reporters are saying, “Hillary is not nice,” but the suburban moms and dads are hearing, “Cocaine.” It’s just a fact. Even if the suburban moms and dads think they are thinking, “Wow, Hillary’s not nice,” they really are thinking, “Cocaine.” This is a very bad deal for Barack Obama, and he can spin it anyway he wants, but it ain’t good for him.

  107. HillaryforTexas: If you want to make a video, do the following google search “freeware viral video.” There are alot of free software packages out there to edit video clips etc. Most programs nowadays are “click and point.”

    And, this “blow” thing is really starting to annoy me. After looking at the high school video, it is obvious that site was chosen to highlight that he started in high school. Well, he finished in college. I don’t care if it is politically correct, there are legitimate questions. Let me say that I applaud BHO for quitting drugs and making something of his life. I truly think BHO would make a horrible president, but I think he deserves respect for that transformation.

    However, if reporters do read this blog, will one of you grow a set of balls? It is legitimate for Lynne Cheney and Dick Cheney to be asked about their Lesbian daughter because they are associated with an administration that has sought legislation to ban all types of rights for gays. It is legitimate for BHO to be asked about his prior drug use because as president (Goddess forbid) he would be reponsible for national drug policy. How would his past drug behavior affect his drug policies decisions? For example, we know that parents that have done drugs are more lenient on their own children. This is the presidency and we deserve answers to these questions.

    God bless America that there is nothing wrong with being a Muslim in this great country. HOWEVER, it is also totally fair to ask BHO how being raised in a Muslim home, having a Muslim father/ grandparents, and having 2 Muslim brothers would impact his decisions when we are at war with Muslim extremists. For example, is BHO sympathetic to Muslim beliefs. If so, which ones? He opened the door to this long ago by invoking Christianity as affecting his decision making. If as he says he was raised essentially as as atheist, how did he come to choose (through no epiphany as he writes) to become Christian and yet his brothers become Muslim. It is totally offensive to call BHO a Muslim plant. We should not do that to other Democrats no matter how badly they are destroying progressive ideology. But, like the Cheneys who have ties to LGBT Americans and are involved in LGBT policy, BHO has strong ties to the Muslim religion and we are fighting Muslim extremist ideology.

  108. dcdemocrat, like eric clapton sings or im paraphrasing what obama would sing” when i am running for prez all would i say “COCAINE”.

  109. Ugh. No muslim talk, please.

    Great new piece on Hillary’s international experience up at HuffPo [space] hillarys-unprecedented-e_b_76883.html

  110. u guys are spot on-the longer the discussion goes on about barack and cocaine it will hurt him-and this will be the stroy thru jan 3rd at least. Im glad yepsen was on hardball talking about vetting obama. he really is pushing this. will anyone hear in time?

  111. I reject the idea that a Muslim cannot be President of the United States. I reject the idea that Muslim people are not good people.

    In fact, I think it is abhorent that Barack Obama has sought to distance himself so vehemently from his Muslim associations. This runs counter to the pluralistic worldview that he espouses. If he is the candidate of hope, he should embrace his whole history regardless of the irrational hostility associated to it for most Americans. It is also fair to ask him about his association with his Chicago UCC church and their unashamed “Black Value System” ideology. He has said that his living abroad in Indonesia has prepared him for the presidency. It is assumed this has to do with exposure to Islamic culture.

    Hillary Clinton has said that her Methodism has informed her. She has spoken specifically as to how. Mitt Romney has given a speech about this. Mike Huckabee does not stop talking about it.

  112. Voters who would like to support Hillary, but worry that she is too “polarizing” need to understand three things: i) first, the reason she is being attacked is because she has challenged the power elites in this country on behalf of the American People, ii) the attacks emanate from business elites, media lackeys, and political extremists, and iii) Roosevelt faced the same kind of attacks in his time, won 4 landslide elections, and under such leadership we ended the depression, won World War II, and ushered in the American Century. The following article by Robert Kennedy Jr. entitled Hillary Haters and the Roosevelts, and posted in Huffington Post on December 12 says all this–and more.

    Even some Democrats who agree with Hillary Clinton on every issue and consider her an effective, inspiring leader, fret that the blind, irrational hatred, that burdened her husband during his presidency and that continues to dog his wife, might impair her electability. “She is too polarizing” they say, parroting the verdict of television’s Sunday morning gas bags.

    It’s worth recalling the historical parallels with an earlier presidential couple. “No other word than hatred will do,” observed a May 1936, Harper’s Magazine feature “They Hate Roosevelt” by Marquis W. Childs. “The phenomenon to which I refer goes beyond objection to policies or programs. It is a consuming personal hatred of President Roosevelt and, to an almost equal degree, of Mrs. Roosevelt.”

    Childs deemed this “fanatical hatred” so intense and irrational that it could only be explained as the product of “abnormal psychology.” Historian William Manchester described how Roosevelt haters “abandoned themselves in orgies of presidential vilification.” William Bird, curator of political history at the Smithsonian Institution said that “by 1936, the ‘Roosevelt haters’ had developed into a well-defined cult among the nation’s business elite,” their lackeys in the press and on the editorial boards and among right wing Christian theocrats led by fascist radio host Father Charles Coughlin.

    “In history, this hatred may well go down as the major irony of our time,” wrote Childs. “The majority of those who rail against the [Roosevelts] have to a large extent had their incomes restored and their bank balances replenished since the low point of 1933,” before FDR came to power. “That is what makes the phenomenon so incredible. It is difficult to find a rational cause for this hatred.”

    Describing the same baffling dynamics, a bewildered contemporary magazine editor created an inventory of the most vitriolic Roosevelt haters, including the CEOs of Phillips Petroleum, National Steel, DuPont, General Foods, Monsanto Chemical and General Motors, and then recorded the tremendous growth in their stocks which had all flourished since the implementation of Roosevelt’s New Deal policies.

    The intense hatred of the Roosevelts was a dominant feature in the American political landscape during the decade of the 1930s and prompted efforts to impeach him and even a plot to depose him by a military coup planned by high ranking officers of Wall Street’s richest corporations, including Goodyear, Bethlehem Steel, JP Morgan, and DuPont. The “vast right wing conspiracy” had its own Richard Mellon Scaife. Robert Clark, one of Wall Street’s richest bankers and stock brokers pledged half of his $60 million fortune to help finance the coup. His deputy, former Commander Gerald Macguire of the American Legion, a Wall Street bond broker, equated Roosevelt’s reforms to Communism and explained the purpose of the coup to a co-conspirator, “We need a fascist government in this country to save the nation from the Communists who want to tear it down and wreck everything we have built in America.” The 1933 coup attempt was only averted by the courage of General Smedley Butler, the popular World War I warrior who had been tapped by Wall Street to lead the plot and who instead exposed and denounced it.

    “People in power with privilege don’t want to be challenged at all,” Hillary told me recently as we discussed the repetitive rhythms of history. “FDR’s policies rescued capitalism, thereby saving the fortunes and restoring the incomes of so many of the same people who would curse his name over the dinner table. They somehow still felt threatened because they don’t like to be questioned.”

    “And there is something of the same going on today. If you challenge the pharmaceutical companies, the health insurance companies, if you think investment fund managers should be taxed at the same rate as nurses and firefighters, you run into this vitriolic response.”

    Irrational hatred was the powerful drug that intoxicated the Gingrich Congress to impeach President Bill Clinton at the time when he enjoyed 65% popularity with the American people and had steered the nation through eight years of peace and unprecedented prosperity.

    Hillary’s supporters should be heartened by the fact that intense hatred is often accompanied by equally strong support. Roosevelt won four landslide victories against his opponents and crafted the architecture for the most humane, successful, generous features of modern American government.

    They can also take comfort in Hillary’s proven ability to transform intense hatred into loyal support. I recently toured upstate New York’s traditionally Republican counties which she has transformed through leadership and political acumen, into rock solid Hillary Clinton strongholds.

    With a playful wink she told me, “One of my favorite pins in my political pin collection is “I Don’t Like Eleanor Either.” It reminds her that it’s not just the president who is targeted by the haters. But “about anybody who cares about and stands up and fights for the changes that our country needs to have.”

  113. wbboei, what makes me laugh about these “polorizing” claim made by these so called loyal dems, naderites really is they think this fantasy that repuks(gop)voters, independent right leaning voters are going to flog to obama. why would they do that? both obama and edwards offer up far more lefty positions than hillary and they suppose to say”ok now we vote dem”. bs. the attack machine will be in full force with obama as the nominee as well.

  114. let me put it this way. if the dems nominated jesus christ himself, the gop hit machine would attack him with venom. no matter who is the nominee on both sides it will be 52/48, 51/49, or 53/47. no landslides. maybe if the dems nominated kusinich, then 60/40 him losing.

  115. New article on Obama deleting evidence of his opposition to the war from his website in 2003. i am not familiar with the website but thought it was interesting…


    Oprah & Obama: Corporate Marketing for a Corporate Campaign
    Bruce Dixon
    December 13, 2007

    “Over the years,” Oprah told her mostly white Iowa audience Dec. 9, “I’ve voted for as many Republicans as I have Democrats.” A smart marketer, Winfrey knows her audience. Working from the same script before an overwhelmingly black South Carolina crowd two days later she wisely dropped that line, and like Hillary Clinton in front of an African American audience, Oprah shifted into a noticeably blacker cadence than the one used in Iowa and New Hampshire.

    “Long before it was the popular thing to do,” declared Oprah in each city, Obama “stood with with clarity and conviction against this war in Iraq.” It was the biggest applause line in her speech up to that point and good one. Trouble is, it just wasn’t true.

    When Barack Obama was a state legislator running for the U.S. Senate in Illinois in 2003 opposition to the war in Iraq was extremely popular in African American communities and among the progressive voters he needed in order to win. Brother Obama was on the case, doing what he had to do to sew up that vote early, showing up at local antiwar meetings and rallies, and making speeches like the one opposing “a dumb war” which is now trotted out as evidence of his fervent and prescient antiwar stand.

    Bush invaded Iraq in March 2003, and by late May declared “mission accomplished” and victory in “the battle of Iraq” from the deck of the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln. With the president riding high in national polls, this reporter checked Obama’s campaign web site and noted that all the evidence of and references to candidate Obama’s prior opposition to the invasion of Iraq had been deleted. The visionary Barack Obama appeared to be leaning rightward with the prevailing wind, distancing himself from his prior opposition to the war.

    After calls to Obama’s campaign office yielded no satisfactory answers, we published an article in the June 5, 2003 issue of Black Commentator effectively calling Barack Obama out. We drew attention to the disappearance of any indication that U.S. Senate candidate Obama opposed the Iraq war at all from his web site and public statements. We noted with consternation that the Democratic Leadership Council, the right wing Trojan Horse inside the Democratic party, had apparently vetted and approved Obama, naming him as one of its “100 to Watch” that season. This is what real journalists are supposed to do — fact check candidates, investigate the facts, tell the truth to audiences and hold the little clay feet of politicians and corporations to the fire.

    Facing the possible erosion of his base among progressive Democrats in Illinois, Obama contacted us. We printed his response in Black Commentator’s June 19 issue and queried the candidate on three “bright line” issues that clearly distinguish between corporate-funded DLC Democrats and authentic progressives. We concluded the dialog by printing Obama’s response on June 26, 2003. For the convenience of our readers in 2007, all three of these articles can be found here.

    Four years after senatorial candidate Barack Obama had to be summoned back into open opposition to the war in Iraq, scant weeks after his admission that he would not bring the troops home before the end of 2013, and in the face of dozens of public statements between 2003 and the present advocating an extra hundred thousand bodies to the Army and Marines, a higher Pentagon budget than even Bush is asking for, and the bombing of Iran and Pakistan, history has been rewritten to make Obama an early, consistent and principled voice for peace. This history is written, of course, by the same media that sold us the lies which enabled the war to begin with.

  116. Kentucky_mkt: I honestly believe that Chris Matthew is mentally unhinged, but MSNBC lets him rave and rant on every night, which only goes to show that in that shop the inmates are running the asylm. He has become the anchor man in the movie Network.

    People from other countries have asked me about him, and I have never known quite what to say. I can now say that he has a “fanatical hatred which is so intense and irrational that it can only be explained as the product of an abnormal psychology”. If this were 1932, he would be a Roosevelt hater.

  117. admin, i have a comment in moderation. it contains a link to an important article on obama’s shifting war stance.

  118. It’s also interesting to check the Wayback Machine on the internet. They have a few of Obama’s 2004 Illlinois state senate web pages (these are the earliest ones they have archived). Many of the links work but the pages with information on his issues are not available. There are a couple of introductory statements and that’s all. Here are a couple examples:

    Foreign Policy

    Since September 11th, 2001, the Bush Administration has squandered the overwhelming support of the international community, divided our allies, and pursued a go-it-alone strategy that now finds 145,000 American troops fighting a guerilla war in Iraq with little international support and too few partners willing to share the burden of a $4 billion monthly bill.


    The senior citizens who built this country, fought its wars, and paid its taxes, deserve a safe and secure retirement in their Golden Years. The federal government has an obligation to protect the pensions they worked for and the Social Security and Medicare programs they paid into, along with offering the help seniors need to pay their medical costs

  119. I think he knows what sells. There should be a disclaimer on his show.

    It is funny that Lou Dobbs can call Obama out for not answering the question at yesterday’s debate about change.

    What is really odd is Andrea Mitchell. Last I heard, the Clintons and the Greenspans were social friends.

    It is stunning the lack of investigative journalism in our society today.

  120. “This is a guy running for president – it was a campaign event , not a talk show for crying out loud .”

    So right. He’s the male Oprah. ‘The Politics of Hope’ thing is basically what Oprah does on her show – she does it pretty well. That’s not the President’s job, it’s Oprah’s job. It’s also the Queen of England’s job in the UK. The President’s job is to run the country.

  121. No, No, No Canaan. Oprah is far more important than that. I mean, just listen to the BHO-man in his won words (comedian writers oculdn’t even think this up):

    “If Oprah said, ‘Kill all the husbands, the blood would be running in the streets.’ Now that’s power!”

  122. Terrondt- you are so right. The final irony is the hard left hates any kind of authority, and would revolt against any leader sooner or later. I was surprised to see Keith bring Markos on. Go figure.
    I do think, however, that the RFK article is great rebuttal evidence against the bogus charge that Hillary is too polarizing. It turns the charge on its head and leads to a positive discussion.

    Kentucky- Matthews may think he knows what sells but does he? I have been told his ratings are not very good. But look at that maniacal little grin, the trouble behind those eyes, the obsessive compulsive behavior. I stand by my
    original diagnosis until they charge me with practicing medicine without a license.

  123. Bill was incredible on Charlie Rose. Just fabulous. His respect for Hillary shines through. It is not just because she is his wife – he really, really believes in her decency and proven abilities, and it shows.

  124. Terrondt, I was hoping that Yepsen would be moderating the last debate and the vetting would begin at that time. I was wrong. He is correct that Obama needs to be vetted but as you say who’s to do it, and is there time.

    As I said before, if Yepsen is serious about vetting Obama, to ensure an informed electorate and to protect the integrity of the caucus system, and given the default of main stream media, then it may come down to him and him alone.

  125. wbboei, maybe it was ok for that moderator to do the debate last time. yepsen is ok, but we need more debates whithout moderators that think they are the stars and should be the focus of attention.

  126. anothing worth noting. just becuase you anounce running for president YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO BE IN THE DEBATES. fringe candidates like kusinich and gravel needed to be booted. also what’s up with alan keyes all of a sudden parachutting into the debate last week? these fringe candidates need to be tossed. im for inclusion and all but let’s be serious here. heck, maybe i should announce and get into these debates. terrondt 2008?LOL

  127. Note to Bill Clinton:

    Your framing of the issue of Cheney’s experience with the malpractice metaphor sucks. How you should frame it is as follows:

    Cheney and Rumsfield’s experience worked to advance their radical agenda successfully. An experienced Democratic candidate would be able to successfully advance the right agenda, a progressive agenda.

  128. Kentucky-thanks for the heads up. I’ll fix it in the morning. Microsoft engineer helped me set it up. Go figure.

    Terrondt-I complete agree. This process is supposed to be about the candidates and the voters. When it is done right it works. Keith and Wolf each did a great job. Russert was bad. Matthews–I shudder to think.

    The problem here is the very thing Lou Dobbs was talking about-the substitution of advocacy journalism for a even handed approach–or the equal time that requirement admin is talking about. And it has the potential to hijack our democracy–that is the proble,!

  129. For all those posts about gender bias, double standard in the way HRC is treated:
    There was an excellent PBS Bill Moyers show with Kathleen Hall Jamieson on gender bias and language usage with respect to the current political campaigns, media coverage, public response and so on. Check it out at (Dec 7, 2007)

    I am happy I found this site. I hope others see what I see in Hillary Clinton — pragmatic, no nonsense, serious, go-getter (well, we share the same birthday!) I can’t understand why people are falling for lyricism and “feel good” words when what we need is someone really smart and serious about policy and governance (to get us out of the mess we are in now). I don’t think Obama looks like he wants to do the hard work. Are they falling for another “Bush?”

  130. Kentucky–you are right. The neo-con agenda of the current administration is loosely described in the book Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein, and is as you say radical. But it is also true that it was executed incompetently, and that perhaps is what President Clinton was getting at.

  131. Hillary just brought the 800-pound gorilla into the room. Nasty little men Axelrod and Trippi need to be afraid, very afraid.

  132. edwards launhed a attack on obama today-check it out from the

  133. July 2004: “Joe Trippi could feel it in his bones, smell it in the wind, sense it in his gut: Howard Dean was doomed.”

    Gotta love those 800-pound gorillas!

    Whouley’s profile here ( or just do a Google and it’s #2.

  134. texan4hillary.. you got the WORD :).. thats the first thing I thought. I just sent a small strategy that we had used sometime back for an outreach program we were organizing in our community to hillary campaign as a tip. we could turn up attendance of our events by almost triple. I hope they take a part of that into consideration.

    The strategist has two important weapons, Hillary and Bill. He has to use them effectively. I hope they hire 2 instead of 1 chopper 🙂 and get word out ASAP. I am excited to see hawk say that we will win with edwards second. thats the word. it is the way it will happen. no more news except obama drug story. and thats the news obama campaign is promoting and thats the one that will take him down in Iowa.

  135. From the TalkLeft article:

    “….Barack Obama has done more to take on the special interests and win than anyone else in this race, and he’s the one candidate who’s spent his life solving problems by bringing Democrats and Republicans together…..”

    He’s 46, came into the Senate preparing to run for Pres since Day One, spent the first year on the road pimping his book and has pretty much been missing in action for the 110th Congress. Before that, he was a parttime state senator. Where’s this “life” bring Dems and Repugs together proof.

    Once again, there’s no there there.

  136. BM.. absolutely correct. it pisses me off. having said that, I can see why mark penn has started doing interviews with press. times article talks about “weeks-long involvement”. thats understandable. but I just want mark penn to dress like a common man when he comes on TV. it makes an impression. sorry but as a normal voter, I want people to look normal, not in armanis 24/7.

  137. Another BHO prevarication taken to task (twice) by WaPo:

    “WHAT HE GOT WRONG: “I don’t want to wake up four years from now and discover that we still have more young black men in prison than in college.” [space] AR2007121301803.html?wpisrc=newsletter

  138. Now that Whouley is on the scene, I think that Axelrod is going to get really nervous again and won’t be smirking and pimping for the camera crews quite so much. Whouley is not a public face, but he’s much more intimidating than Penn. I think we’ll have a different public campaign presence now. This will really get interesting, particularly for the Tweetie’s and Pumpkin Head crowd.

  139. what is whouley’s history. the cbs 2004 story to me wasnt that helpful. hillary knows she is in the fight of he political life. her opponents better be wary-clintons are best with their backs against the wall. the new ads she is running is a refreshing change-unscripted comments from her mom and daughter. i expect more ads showing the relatable warm hillary! now im going to bed-insomnia and politics dont mix

  140. Nah, I just am not sure Obama just stopped using drugs when he was in teens. I read several interviews of his saying he stopped 20 years ago. that would make it around 25-26? which would mean he was a pattern drug addict who was breaking law every once in a while because he was using cocaine? today his campaign manager said he stopped at 20? thats still inconsistent with what Obama has written in his book. why is he lying if he doesnt have anything to hide? remember, the campaign hasnt yet answered any of the questions raised by shaheen except that he was 20 when he stopped. which in itself is an inconsistency. I think there is lot more skeletons in that pile.

  141. Texanforhillary-

    Michael Whouley is a Democratic political consultant who specializes in get out the vote operations. Whouley is President of the Dewey Square Group, a consulting firm that works for both political and corporate clients as lobbyists and campaign strategists.

    Whouley was a key strategist for Bill Clinton, serving as his field director during the 1992 election. Following Clinton’s inauguration, Whouley became a lobbyist on behalf of pro-NAFTA interests. During the 1996 election, Whouley served as director of Vice Presidential operations.

    Whouley was a key strategist for both Al Gore in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004. Whouley helped jump start both Gore’s and Kerry’s comeback in the presidential primaries after they came close to being overtaken by Bill Bradley and Howard Dean respectively.

    Whouley is regarded as one of the Democratic Party’s best field strategists and as a result has earned the nickname “The Wizard”. Despite this, he is fairly reclusive and very rarely does media interviews. He avoids reporters as much as possible.

    Retrieved from “”

  142. texan politics and insomina doesn’t mix..thats hillary i hope she is sleeping all just like her ,i work so hard,that i keep going all day,i see it in her everytime i see the news and such. so i dont person looks tired,she did on that iowa press ,but i bet she gets up at 6 am .but i am learning how to medium that so 4 hours call it good.

  143. Texan4hillary: Whouley’s history from Wikopedia:

    Michael Whouley is a Democratic political consultant who specializes in get out the vote operations. Whouley is President of the Dewey Square Group, a consulting firm that works for both political and corporate clients as lobbyists and campaign strategists.

    Whouley was a key strategist for Bill Clinton, serving as his field director during the 1992 election. Following Clinton’s inauguration, Whouley became a lobbyist on behalf of pro-NAFTA interests. During the 1996 election, Whouley served as director of Vice Presidential operations.

    Whouley was a key strategist for both Al Gore in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004. Whouley helped jump start both Gore’s and Kerry’s comeback in the presidential primaries after they came close to being overtaken by Bill Bradley and Howard Dean respectively.

    Whouley is regarded as one of the Democratic Party’s best field strategists and as a result has earned the nickname “The Wizard”. Despite this, he is fairly reclusive and very rarely does media interviews. He avoids reporters as much as possible

  144. Good exerpt of Bill on Charlie Rose, but it’s from Marc Ambinder with his own slant, of course.

  145. you figure at 20 22 24 college im not convinced either…and to not every american read his book so they did not know about this,he hid it.plain and simple

  146. he is lying it doenst match up 20 cap manager said he said teens..i never red his stupid book and i dont have it… just to get his name out there with the book well of course first oprah… then run for president…just like that debate he squrmish around the questions,as he always has .

  147. As much as I dispise Rush Limbaugh, you can see from his posted transcripts (most require subscription but if he really wants the word to get out, you see, they get posted on line for free) how sneaky even the RW is right now in attacking BHO and how absolutely ugly it would get.

    Does Rush attack BHO? No. He attacks the liberal media for being Clinton lapdogs who’ve become so lazy that they don’t bother to investigate, you see. If, Rush posits, this was a Repug candidate, well, then the liberal media would investigate this to death, get to the bottom of it, and tell everyone what is and is not true.

    But, but because this is a Dem, the lazy liberal media will just take the Clintons word for it and let it go without lifting a finger, see, since they don’t have to.

    Besides, you know, Hillary has gotten away with no public scrutiny, none, and it’s just a damn shame.

    This is a really funny read.

  148. that is what i believe thecomeback kid,,I want her to win so bad becuse she is smart Political wise,sometimes i think she is a genuis,but then I understand when she talks she put things where you understand Politics…she doesn’t go over my head,i dont know how she does it,she uses great language skills, anyone else i wouldnt be able to inderstand what there saying,with big terminology.

  149. This link was embedded in Taylor Marsh’s article but I had seen it elsewhere.

    Apparently the book says that BHO smoked marijuana in highschool but the writer/interviewer said that when interviewed at age 42, BHO told him he hadn’t used any illegal drugs for 20 years, which would take him well beyond a highschool indiscretion.

  150. News Hounds, which I greatly respect, in its analysis of the Fox News reaction inadvertantly reveals exactly how the RW will portray BHO on this, and this is only a mild preliminary reaction at that.

  151. Great find BM.. I will use that to include in a dairy. I think from tomorrow onwards, I will make youtube videos, like 5-10 videos a day Hopefully, I will cover most of the inconsistencies. I wish I had a dvr though, caz downloading youtube videos, editing them and reuploading them is a pain, but I will take it if thats what it would take to stop Obama 🙂

  152. admin, if you plan to do a segment on this, you might want to read this WaPo article from January 2007: “Effect of Obama’s Candor Remains to Be Seen. Senator Admitted Trying Cocaine in a Memoir Written 11 Years Ago”

  153. glad, don’t forget the Manchester, N.H. highschool speech and blending that in with the Alton, N.H. highschool speech that showed so many in the gym bored and sleeping during his speech shows that the students just weren’t listening to what he had to say. If intended as a cautionary tale, how many noticed?

  154. Here’s another article from January 2007 — from the RW Townhall: “Obama’s Cocaine Confessional Won’t ‘Blow’ His Chances. Obama’s Indiscretions Will Add to His Appeal”

    The word “cocaine” has been out there for almost a year, yet BHO is shocked, shocked, shocked that it would be spoken on tv by Penn. Puhleezzze!

    The RW really, really wants BHO as the nom.

  155. oh I missed his pothead supporters. I wasnt following his campaign in january etc. I only started paying attention mid august. this is lot of material.

    I can see why kids are “inspired” by him. its his pothead confession and spin. He duped and manipulated them, and thats just sad. I hope he gets called out on this thats just WRONG message he is sending when he is going around in schools saying he did drugs. wonder what the teachers and kids parents would have thought.

  156. bmerry

    are you planning on attending either of the HRC events in nashua or plaistow? i will be busy electing delegates in the 2nd congressional district today. will be interesting to hear the overall mood of the campaign.

  157. alcina, I don’t do Nashua. The storm is supposed to move in late today and Plaistow is about an hour (slow trip on 125). I backed out of applying to be a delegate; not my style. I’ll be glad to hear what you have to say. I am going to do some calling this afternoon, though.

  158. Yeah, glad, he can be our first admitted-coke head. Won’t that just make us the most popular country in the Western world, eh? I don’t anyone has thought that through, either. How does this play around the planet? First we have W, then we’ll have O.

  159. Lynn Sweet, Jan 07 –

    This Feb 07 article includes a link to a 60 Minutes video “admission” –

  160. Feb 07-

    Here’s the real issue:

    “I suppose young people could see Obama’s former drug use and be inspired to turn their own lives around, but couldn’t some of them see it and say, ‘Hey, this dude did drugs and now he’s running for president. Maybe drugs aren’t so bad . . .'”

  161. And some not-so-PC stuff that will multiply on Rightie blogs. The RW is just waiting for BHO.

    Make sure to read the comments for the Top 10.

  162. Morning everyone, I have a question. What is Emily’s List and is this group always active in campaigns? I’ve read here that they will be helping with Hillary’s GOTV efforts but I don’t know much about them. Is this an organization that you can join?

  163. That craigslist thing is totally inappropriate. AG, emily’s list is a pro-choice group thay have a caucus website, Alcina, give us the word from NH when you have a chance.

  164. AmericanGal

    Emily’s List is at least 20 yrs old, formed by a group of women shakers and movers: politicians, businesswomen, legislators, activists etc.

    Formed for the express purpose of financing women candidates and educating large numbers of women in the political process, the ins and outs of getting elected etc.

    They had a goal of starting at the grassroots and local levels, with the promise that they would then support women candidates in their moves from city councils up thru regional offices to state offices and beyond. Along the way, they have supported higher level office seekers as well, as they have broken out…Pat Schroeder of CO comes to mind, as well as a young Barb Boxer I think and Patty Murray.

    They help put on seminars for women interested in the political process across the board, so not just office seekers but budding campaign managers, press spokeswomen, other key staff are also encouraged. The pool of money just keeps growing, and they keep spending it for the support of women in politics..from training to actual campaign contributions. Sometimes “things in kind” too, like ads and the online caucus training now being offered in Iowa to anyone who wants it.

  165. AmericanGal

    Also wanted to let you know, Bruce Dixon is the editor of the Black Agenda Report and keeps a very educated and careful eye on the growing power in the black community, and WRITES about it. Has a very large following of the influential and powerful within the community, from religious leaders to ward and precinct chairs and business leaders.

    He will chide or praise, reward, reprimand, uncover or honor…as the facts warrent. A friend of mine once told me that “slickers and slackers don’t like him.”

    In the article you shared, you can see why.

  166. Emily’s list is a good supporter for Hillary; if you know freinds who have maxed out their donations to hill, ask them to give to emily’s list… they will be backing hillary all the way!

  167. I thought Bill Clinton was great on Charlie Rose, and I don’t necessarily disagree with Marc Ambinder’s analysis. He did lay it all on the table, and I know he’s angry about what’s been going in the media, etc. I have no problem with him getting animated in defending his wife. And his political instincts are still as sharp as ever.

  168. Having browsed OB’s first book, I have the following comments:

    a) I commend him for changing his life after being a lost person most of his life until he was about 25.

    b) His maternal grandparents did great by him, giving him a good education. But his anger is not understandable to me!

    c) The book is very VAGUE on his LA and NY times; there are a lot of “friends” one needs to follow up on. It would make a great movie … hence his appeal to the acting/showbiz community

    d) His trip to Kenya was enlightening; I am glad he found Michelle to be his wife -she give him strength!

    But now back to present: I see this scenario as a him being a president advocating a national book club.

    A monthly session of THIS FIRST BOOK being read loud from the White House; focus on Chapter 5:

    To be read loud by Oprah with BO beside her.

    With Andrew Sullivan watching that beautiful face of BO’s.

    Maureen Dowd, Chris Rock, Huffington woman sitting at OB’s feet, fawning over!

    Russert/Matthews/Rich follow with QA

    And some of the georgetown socials…some with their “mirrors and razor blades”!



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