Fear Of Hillary, Part III

[Note: We will examine the role of Arriana Huffington and other Big Blog owners and kooks on our 2008 election, hopefully later today, in a post called “Nobody’s Friend”. Tomorrow we will address another David Yepsen article published yesterday concerning the integrity of the Iowa caucuses. Tomorrow afternoon we will “live blog” the Democratic Party debate.]

* * *

At a recent Reporter’s Rountable in Iowa David Yepsen of the Des Moines Register said:

“What has to happen in a primary fight in either party, you’ve got to vet the candidates. The activists in both parties better understand the pluses and minuses of each candidate. [snip] … because you can bet in November the opposition party is going to be probing those weaknesses. [snip] Democrats better understand all about Barack Obama’s past and what he said in his positions, because you can bet the attack ads will start on him.”

Yepsen is right. Both political parties will soon perform the political equivalent of a proctology exam on the opposition. Mike Huckabee, recently annointed as a legitimate front runner for the Republican nomination by dint of his increasingly dominant strength in national and early voting state polls, is just now beginning to undergo an examination of his record. Hillary Clinton, throughly vetted for at least the past 20 years by endless politically motivated Republican congressional investigations, also passed through the political fire in two Senate campaigns.

Little however, is known about Barack Obama. We have had little examination of Obama other than the history he himself has so creatively crafted in the two autobiographies he published before reaching the age of 45. With a few notable exceptions, Big Media outlets have mostly accepted Obama’s “facts” and allowed his hagiographies to go effectively unexamined and unchallenged. Obama, unlike Hillary, has never been subjected to a full out assault by the opposition party nor by Big Media.

The Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune, two newspapers well versed in detecting the many and varied corruptions of Chicago politics have produced some good questions regarding Obama’s history. But, national Big Media have either ignored those news reports or merely mentioned them in passing. Yesterday, Politico continued to uncover some of Obama’s past.

Politico reported on a 1996 voter questionnaire that Obama, then a state senate candidate, answered. The responses on the questionnaire call into question Obama’s electability and consistency and politically convenient flip-floppery. Obama who thrives on attacking the record of his opponents, most recently poor John Edwards, responded with typical “Who Me?” feigned innocence. Obama denied authorship of responses on a questionnaire directed to him and filled out in language which “includes first-person comments such as: “I have not previously been a candidate.”

We will get to the 1996 questionaire shortly. But first we must point out that the 1996 questionnaire is not the first questionnaire Obama has had difficulty explaining. We wrote – last May – about a 1998 questionnaire, as reported by the Chicago Sun-Times:

Obama spent the next eight years serving in the Illinois Senate and continued to work for the Davis law firm.

Through its partnerships, Rezmar remained a client of the firm, according to ethics statements Obama filed while a state senator.

Davis said he didn’t remember Obama working on the Rezmar projects.

I don’t recall Barack having any involvement in real estate transactions,” Davis said. “Barack was a litigator. His area of focus was litigation, class-action suits.”

But Obama did legal work on real estate deals while at Davis’ firm, according to biographical information he submitted to the Sun-Times in 1998. Obama specialized “in civil rights litigation, real estate financing, acquisition, construction and/or redevelopment of low-and moderate income housing,” according to his “biographical sketch.”

Why the Davis law firm states Obama was an innocent in real estate matters, to the wary eye, is not a mystery. The Chicago Sun-Times has been trying to unravel the Obama, Antoin “Tony” Rezko puzzle for some time and the connection to Obama and the Davis law firm. The Sun-Times has requested records from the Davis company about what work Obama did for Rezmar but the Davis law firm, after promising to produce the records has thus far failed to do so.

Obama has likewise feigned innocence regarding the purchase of his home even going so far as to answer a George Stephanoupoulos question about his mansion purchase with deception about his real estate skills. Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times was not fooled:

Well said, except that this was not the first time Obama went through the process of buying a residence. Obama and his wife bought a condominium in Hyde Park before purchasing their mansion in Kenwood. Perhaps Obama was making a distinction between buying a condo and a stand-alone home. But Obama was not the first-time residential purchaser he portrayed in the interview.”

Why do we place such emphasis on Obama’s myriad real estate deceptions and transactions. Ask Yepsen. The Republicans will rip this real estate story apart in countless ads if Obama is on the ticket.

If Obama supporters don’t believe us, maybe they need to listen to Tucker Carlson and Andrew Ferguson

FERGUSON: You know, and we are just getting to know him, that‘s the point of this time story and why it‘s so interesting. It shows why there has not been a serious presidential candidate from Illinois since 1956, Adlai Stevenson. Illinois politics is uniquely corrupt and anybody who succeeds in it is go going to, sooner or later, wind up in bed with a man like this Rezko fellow. Politics in Illinois keep guys like him around to help with a real estate deal here, or maybe to give their cousin a job, or you know, fill up a board seat there. You know, this is—you can‘t get away from this in Illinois politics and nobody has. And sure enough, Barack Obama is one of them.

CARLSON: I think his opponents are definitely banking on this. It actually doesn‘t look that great, Tom. This Rezko helped the Obamas‘ buy their house, a very expensive house. The “Times” reports, quote, “the land sale occurred after it had been reported that Mr. Rezko was under federal investigation.” Now this is odd behavior for anybody but particularly a politician who is running on his own personal ethics. What explains this?

ANDREWS: Well, we need to get a up-front explanation that is consistent. I think what Barak Obama has done is fallen in the track where you sort of try to dismiss the story before it takes hold. He says, well, he was a one time fundraiser, I really didn‘t know him very well. It turns out he has been involved in more than one campaign, in terms of fundraising.

CARLSON: Oh, yes, for years.

ANDREWS: He has had an on going relationship with him. So people will find out, obviously, it‘s going to get reported and the story is going to keep going and you are going to be backtracking and you are going to look like you‘ve got something to hide. That is the problem. I don‘t know if …

CARLSON: Well he is hiding! He is—already the campaign said, we never did—Barak Obama never did any favors for Mr. Rezko. According to the “New York Times,” the state legislature, Mr. Obama wrote letters to city and state officials supporting Mr. Rezko‘s business efforts from which he profited close to a million dollars. So he did do favors for the guy.

ANDREWS: Well, what Barak Obama has to do is address this particular story, that particular allegation. I mean, up to this point, if I—the story in today‘s “Times” says look, there was nothing improper here but the questions that it raises need to be addressed and it … [snip]

FERGUSON: But of course, I guess he means is he hasn‘t really made the killing that he might have been able to make as some Illinois politicians have been able to do.

His problem here now is now a second order problem, which is, how do you explain this sort of thing? And he hasn‘t explained it very well well. Partly there is a hypocrisy problem, but he also has come out and said my mistake was allowing this guy to help me with a real estate deal and do something that appeared to be a favor. Well, it didn‘t appear to be a favor, it was a favor. If this guy had hadn‘t interceded they wouldn‘t have been able to guy his $1.6 million house. And so now he finds himself, pretty soon he will have a third order problem which is to explain what he said in the second time—that the problem came around. So, you know, it is becomes a tar baby—

CARLSON: It is definitely bad judgment. I mean there‘s no doubt, it‘s like, buy your own house. You know what I mean? I think a normal person would have concluded that.

Since April we have been writing that Obama needs to explain, in detail and with documentary evidence, all aspects of his mansion purchase and his relationship with Rezko. Instead of explaining, Obama is trying to run out the clock and create excuses as to why he cannot produce his own papers. Instead of producing the documents stored at the Davis law firm and in boxes only Obama knows the location of, Obama is trying to run out the primary clock by demanding everyone else produce their records which are out of their control.

The Office of Scooter Libby Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald will go to trial against Obama friend Antoin “Tony” Rezko on February 25, 2008. Obama must answer all Rezko related questions well before January 3, 2008 when voting in Iowa starts. Will Big Media hold Obama ethically accountable?

* * *

Joe Scarborough recently discussed how against Obama the Republicans would not have to say a thing. Obama would be destroyed by Republicans. If Obama could answer all the Rezko questions, Republicans would still have a field day demolishing Obama.

* * *

Now to the latest Obama flip-floppery which the Republicans are “licking their chops” about. (Questionnaire HERE and HERE)

Politico outlines the Obama problem:

When Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) was seeking state office a dozen years ago, he took unabashedly liberal positions: flatly opposed to capital punishment, in support of a federal single-payer health plan, against any restrictions on abortion, and in support of state laws to ban the manufacture, sale and even possession of handguns.

Filling out a 12-page questionnaire from an Illinois voter group as he sought a state Senate seat in 1996, Obama answered “yes” or “no” — without using the available space to calibrate his views — on some of the most emotional and politically potent issues that a public official can confront.

“Do you support … capital punishment?” one question asked.

“No,” the 1996 Obama campaign typed, without explaining his answer in the space provided.

“Do you support state legislation to … ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns?” asked one of the three dozen questions.

“Yes,” was Obama’s entire answer.

Obama said he would support a single-payer health plan for Illinois “in principal” [sic], “although such a program will probably have to be instituted at a federal level; the long-term objective would be a universal care system that does not differentiate between the unemployed, the disabled, and so on.” The campaign says Obama has consistently supported single payer health care in principle.

Obama as with the Chicago Sun-Times questions about Rezko, received a questionnaire, waited until the last minute to respond to the questions, then “blamed the staff”.

A week after Politico provided the questionnaire to the Obama campaign for comment, an aide called Monday night to say that Obama had said he did not fill out the form, and provided a contact for his campaign manager at the time, who said she filled it out. It includes first-person comments such as: “I have not previously been a candidate.”

The campaign said his views have been consistent, and points out that his positions have always been more nuanced than can be conveyed in yes-or-no answers.

Obama, who makes an issue of his opponents’ consistency in the presidential race, has tempered many of those 1996 views during his quick rise to the pinnacle of American politics. He now takes less dogmatic positions many of those hot-button issues — in the view of some Democrats, he abandoned the stands as he rose through the ranks.

For instance, Obama says he supports the death penalty in limited circumstances, such as an especially heinous crime. The campaign says Obama has consistently supported the death penalty “in principle” and opposed it “in practice.”

On handguns, his campaign said he has consistently been for “common-sense limits, but not banning” throughout his 11-year political career.

Regardless, the blunt statements of his earlier views, preserved on a questionnaire he filled out for an Illinois voter group that later endorsed him, would allow a Republican opponent to paint him as being way to the left of the nation’s electorate on questions that have historically been potent wedge issues.

Finally, a Big Media outlet states what we have been writing for many months:

But Obama has never faced a serious Republican electoral challenge. And as the reality that he could be the Democratic nominee sinks in, party analysts are assessing the risks of a career that — unlike that of New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, his chief rival for the nomination — has not been spent carefully anticipating and avoiding GOP attacks.

So electability questions that once were directed at Clinton may now be asked about Obama.

Put more bluntly, Republicans think his high-minded approach to issues could make him a sitting duck as he tries to attract the vast middle that determines American elections.

Nevertheless, Obama’s campaign is about his story, his narrative, and the idea that he can foster transformative change, while Clinton’s reflects a realism that twice won her husband the White House. Clinton chooses her battles, ceding small issues to win on big ones.

Other Obama vulnerabilities which can be exploited by Republicans (we won’t mention the ex-Taliban spokesman endorsement which the Republicans would use ad nauseam):

He supports state plans to give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, a position shared by roughly 20 percent of his fellow citizens. He’s committed to raising billions from wealthier Americans’ Social Security tax — a stance Clinton, perhaps previewing Republican attacks, described as a “trillion-dollar tax hike.” And in Iowa recently, he came out for a plan that would ultimately grant 19,500 convicted drug dealers early release, and has been criticized by Second Amendment groups.

(Obama’s campaign says it would allow those charged with crack cocaine possession to apply for early release, which would have to be approved by a federal judge.)

As a result, Republican officials say that, depending on how Obama plays his cards, they will be able to torpedo him in a general election either as a flip-flopper or a lefty. [snip]

Indeed, rivals and critics in both parties are preparing to paint Obama as an opportunist who once took non-mainstream positions that have evolved in concert with his political stature.

In fact, Republicans already are licking their chops. Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, said conservatives are planning ways to make an issue of Obama’s plan to eliminate the cap on Social Security taxes for taxpayers making more than $97,000 a year.

Norquist predicted that “dramatic tax increases are going to be more important than the ‘The Audacity of Hope.’”

Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times also discussed the questionnaire. Lynn Sweet notes the two major differences from Obama’s positions now and then – Obama then opposed repealing the vile Defense of Marriage Act and back then Obama also favored normalized relations with Cuba.

Eriposte at LeftCoaster discusses the Obama 1996 Questionnaire (maybe Eriposte should look at the 1998 Questionnaire too) and performs the eulogy for Obama. Read the analysis.

As Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas said:

I don’t understand a candidate who seems to think he can offer one position in the early stages of his career and then when he reaches a position of national election he can change a position.”

Obama already has a problem with his “lies” and that is not too strong a word regarding the 15 million Americans Obama abandons to the land of the uninsured.

Obama won’t be there when we need him. Hillary will.

Obama will be devoured by the Republicans. Hillary will fight and win.


365 thoughts on “Fear Of Hillary, Part III

  1. Obama, I believe, recognizes there is no way that he can win the hearts and minds of a plurality of Democrats. He is fighting a war of attrition. Rather than attempt to persuade most Democrats to fall behind him, he is concentrating on trying to create tiny wins in the early states and eek out a nomination that will have no enthusiasm by the broad swath of Democratic voters. He hopes to accomplish this by bringing together a certain demographic in the Democratic base with a large number of independent voters who are not Democratic. I think Obama, as you say, will be devoured by the Republicans. His nomination would lead to defeat in McGovernesque proportions.

  2. Interesting that he opposed repeal of DOMA.

    I have to say that I agree w/ his position on this:

    Obama’s campaign says it would allow those charged with crack cocaine possession to apply for early release, which would have to be approved by a federal judge.

    I don’t understand what kind of 2nd Amendment arguments there are against this position — never heard of them. Just some law enforcement groups who worry about sufficient personnel to handle re-entry (and by no means are all of them opposed).

    Besides, the Sentencing Commission has unanimously approved this policy.

  3. mj — the poll is not out of line w/ most recent ones. What is unbelievable to me is that he’s ‘surged’ over the last two weeks — which have been absent any substantial activity, debates, etc — just the massive positive media.

    A reminder — we’ve seen this before. A couple of polls had him tied or w/ a one point lead in NH spring/early summer.

  4. The poll had a huge number of undecided voters. My guess is that the media narrative over the last couple of months have shaken people into the undecided camp. I hope the prospect of a McGovernesque defeat at the hands of Barack Obama will shake people back into the Hillary camp.

  5. The two more recent polls (ABC/Post and MSNBC) were +6, +3. respectively.

    I’m too busy to review them all right now, but probably the fraction of independents included in turnout is a factor. I noticed that back in the spring/early summer, when it was closer, the NH polls were also all over the place. It’s probably the independents who are most volatile — jumping back and forth b/t the candidates, undecided, and even whether they plan on participating in the Dem primary.

  6. btw, this is a local pollster — UNH.

    Also, I’m not putting all my money on this poll, but at the same time, I don’t want to go the route of dismissing polls I don’t like.

  7. I wasn’t dismissing a poll I don’t like. I just found the results surprising given the Marrist poll. I knew it was a CNN poll, I didn’t know it was UNH.

  8. I think it is important to take every poll seriously. We certainly need to weigh each poll by its own methods, the trend lines in the poll, and by comparison with all the data. There is no question that Obama made inroads over the past couple of months. It is also interesting to me that he just doesn’t seem to ever be able to close the deal. There is a very strong resistance to the guy in many portions of the Democratic electorate, and with good reason.

  9. According to rasmussen, she has lost 10 pts w/ women and is only leading this subgroup by 4.

    Obama has a 14pt advantage w/ independents, she has a 4pt advantage w/ Democrats.

    Date in the field was yesterday, so it’s well after oprah. Who would have thought that Oprah’s greatest impact would be in NH??

    Good news — rasmussen has a new iowa poll as well — hillary +3.

  10. The polling news from Rasmussen released this morning:

    Clinton 29
    Obama 26
    Edwards 22

    New Hampshire
    Obama 31
    Clinton 28

  11. mj — one problem w/ the mandate issue that she’s been emphasizing is that independents are likely to not want a mandate. Add to that the under-45 crowd that is easily tempted to take the selfish view.

  12. CNN says that its poll was 378 likely Democratic primary conducted from December 6 through December 10. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percentage points.

    There’s no way of knowing how many of those were actually polled on Sun/9th (after OO in Iowa) or Mon/10th (after OO in S.C. and N.H.).

  13. BHO prevarication Alert – In Seattle last night BHO said:

    “If chosen as nominee, Obama said Tuesday night, his GOP general election opponent will not be able to accuse Obama of also supporting that conflict. “He won’t be able to say I went along with the saber rattling towards Iran because I haven’t.

    Yeah, right.

  14. Eleven Salmon Press Weekly Newspapers Endorse Hillary Clinton for President
    MANCHESTER, NH – The Salmon Press newspapers, which include 11 weekly newspapers published throughout New Hampshire’s Lakes Region and North Country today endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. The Salmon Press is the first newspaper in New Hampshire to endorse a Democrat in the 2008 primary. In their endorsement editorial, the Salmon Press highlighted the “combination of her proven track record and positive vision for America” adding “she’s an engaging personality able to unite people behind a common cause regardless of their political affiliations.”

    “Every week the Salmon Press newspapers provide a local voice for many New Hampshire communities and I am honored to have their endorsement,” said Senator Clinton. “I have enjoyed talking and meeting with voters in New Hampshire and earning their support in my campaign. I believe I am the candidate with the record and experience American families can depend on to make real change happen.”

    The 11 Salmon Press newspapers include: the Littleton Courier, Coos County Democrat (Lancaster, NH) and Berlin Reporter, the Granite State News (Wolfeboro, NH), Carroll County Independent (Conway, NH), Meredith News, Record Enterprise (Plymouth, NH), Winnisquam Echo (Tilton, NH), Gilford Steamer, Baysider (Alton, NH), and Mountain Ear (Conway, NH). The Salmon Press endorsed Bill Bradley for president in 2000 and Howard Dean in 2004.

    The Salmon Press endorsement editorial follows:

    Sen. Hillary Clinton

    Those that don’t think experience counts in politics haven’t been listening to Sen. Hillary Clinton. The combination of her proven track record and positive vision for America make her our choice in the Democratic primary.

    Sen. Clinton earned our admiration as the First Lady and respect as a U.S. senator from New York. Today she’s an engaging personality able to unite people behind a common cause regardless of their political affiliations. She hit the Senate floor on the run and she can do the same thing in the White House.

    She is sincere and passionate about restoring fiscal responsibility, providing health care to all Americans, protecting the environment, keeping the tax burden off the middle class and earning the faith and trust of the American people.

    But no president can do it alone. She must break recent tradition, cast cronyism aside and fill her cabinet with the best people, not only the best Democrats, but the best Republicans as well.. We’re confident she will do that. Her list of favorite presidents – Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln, both Roosevelts, Truman, George H.W. Bush and Reagan – demonstrates how she thinks. As expected, Bill Clinton was also included on the aforementioned list.

    After all it was during his administration – eight years of peace and prosperity – that Hillary was able to observe, learn and contribute, all at the same time. And though she possesses traits similar to the former president, a great communicator chief among them – the voters of New York State have overwhelmingly validated her abilities – twice.

    Sen. Clinton told us she doesn’t want our vote just because she’s a “woman.” She wants our vote because she’s the “best.” On the Democratic side we agree that she is.

  15. Some interesting statistics from Business Intelligence Middle East:

    In looking at who would make the best US president (among ten listed candidates) Hillary Clinton is the top choice in all six countries. Barack Obama is second in France and Germany and tied for second with Rudy Giuliani in the US. Rudy Giuliani comes in second in Italy, Spain, and Great Britain. When it comes to who will actually win the 2008 presidential election, Hillary Clinton is again on top. In fact, over half of Italians (51%) believe she will win. The only other candidate in double digits in any of the countries is Rudy Giuliani and 11% of Americans believe he will actually win the election.

    Also read for which countries favor a female president over a black president (actually, all do).


  16. Here’s more Rove on BHO and Hillary from Hannity & Colmes, 12/11/07:

    HANNITY: … do you think Barack Obama can beat her in the primary?

    ROVE: I think he could. I doubt that he will. I think she is tough. I think she is surrounded by a very seasoned crew. They recognize that there are ups and down in a campaign. It will be interesting to see how she handles Iowa if she does lose, as I expect she will. You learn more about a candidate when they lose in a contest like that than when they win a contest like that.


    HANNITY: All right. So you believe she inevitably wins this nomination, then the question becomes for the Republicans, how do they defeat her? And I have my own thoughts on it. For example, I think if they go too negative, I think it creates a backlash.

    ROVE: I think you are absolutely right.

    HANNITY: I think if they focus on — I call them the “Hannity six”: cutting taxes; staying on offense in the war on terror; winning in Iraq; energy independence; free market solutions to health care; and point out the distinct differences that they have.

    ROVE: Right. I think that is largely right. I think that there — I think she wants a campaign in which the Republican nominee, selected plus or minus February 5th or 6th, comes roaring out with a negative attack on her. She wants that because she knows that the only way that she could win in a general election against a Republican candidate is if it gets down and ugly. So she wants that candidate to come hard.


    HANNITY: All right. I read this memo to Barack Obama. If Karl Rove were to write a memo to Hillary Clinton at this stage, 23 days outside of Iowa, on what she needs to do to not only win the nomination, but to win the presidency, what would you advise her?

    ROVE: Well, first, you have got to win the nomination. So, on the nomination, she has got to find a way to sharply contrast herself with Obama. What are her strengths that are naturally his weaknesses? What are the things that she is capable and able to do that he is not able to compete with her on? And she ought to make those the focal point of her campaign between now and the primary and the caucus.

    What she has done heretofore is to say, I’m inevitable. I’m the person who deserves it. I’m the person that the Republicans fear. You know, I’m the person that the party, you know, has to nominate because I deserve it. She has not given people a clear narrative as to what it is that she would do as president, particularly in those early primary states. It has been inevitability.

    So, you know, she has got to retool her message, just as Obama, in order to win, would have to — has been retooling his.

    [and there’s more but more on Rips than Dems]

    realclearpolitics.com/articles/2007/12/ [space] rove_matalin_and_harold_ford_j.html

  17. Kucinich booted from Iowa debate tomorrow because he has not rented office space in Iowa.

    “The campaign claims that Kucinich has also been barred from public appearances by “the Iowa Democratic Party, Iowa Public Television, and well-funded political interests…”

    thehill.com/campaign-2008/ [space] kucinich-booted-from-iowa-debate-2007-12-12.html

  18. He won’t be able to say I went along with the saber rattling towards Iran because I haven’t.

    Now, (aside from the fact that Hillary did no such thing), what kind of REPUBLICAN opponent is going to attack a Democrat for saber rattling??? In the general election that would only help a Dem!

  19. Good point, another_reader. It just tells you that he is not experienced enough to think through to completion, all the stuff that comes out of his mouth.

  20. We have to take the polls like they are! The favourable ones gives us a head start against our opponents and is good so! The less favourable ones fill us with more enthusiasm to work even harder and against the odds, so that we can start the January of 2008 with plus points. Bring the clear cut message of Hillary Clinton to the people and how it differs from the rest of the field. Show clearly why the big media is trying to confuse the mass so that the republican can win in the GE. Show more weaknesses of Barack Hussein Obama to the people, but without going negative. Till now you have been doing very well you people here on this site; so don’t stop doing what you have been doing till the last hour of the last day.

  21. He won’t be able to say I went along with the saber rattling towards Iran because I haven’t.

    What they will be able to say is that Barack Obama doesn’t show up at critical moments, that when the chips are down and he actually shows up, he votes, “Present.”

  22. I think the key to the early contests is resolving the ‘liberal’ Obama vs ‘independent’ Obama. He is a mess of contradictions and can’t have it both ways — just as he can’t co-sponsor a terrorist designation for the IRG and then coo to an anti-war audience that he can’t get pinned on that.

  23. The #1 problem with BHO is that he keeps spewing forth so many out-and-out lies that it’d take an army of oppo folks to keep up with him and another army of campaign spokespersons to simply point out where all the lies are, never mind trying to counter his BS.

    I agree that he has to be countered on the major stuff, like this Iran lie (remember the binding April 2007 Iran Counter-Proliferation Act of 2007, Barack?) but I also agree with Karl Rove.

    Making this a two-person race for the Dem nomination elevates BHO to a higher status. Use backdoor reports to point out the BS but stay on message and beat the living crap out of W and all his minions on the campaign trail.

  24. I agree, too, Merryfield. I’ve written the campaign about this countless times. But they seem intent on doing the heavy lifting. I think that is a big mistake.

  25. It is very troubling to see Mika Breznski constantly making negative comments about Hillary on MSNBC. Mika’s father and brother work for Obama’s campaign. She has a negative story every morning on hillary without any facts. None of the stories that she brings up have any factual basis. I would put her in same catagory as Matthews.

  26. yeah, again re: iran, that’s not a sensible argument regarding the general election. what, is the GOP going to say “My opponent was too tough on pressuring Iran to stop interfering in Iraq”? HAHA

    the media worrying about who runs big pink is.. strange. i read daily kos. there are posters there who run daily and weekly obama and edwards centered diaries and some who run hillary attack pieces constantly – it’s the same people who do it over and over, and that site has a lot more readers. every time i go there and check the recommended diaries one of the same people is on the list with talking points. they were not even on the site before the primary.

  27. Making this a two-person race for the Dem nomination elevates BHO to a higher status.

    From where I sit, it’s already a two-person race in IA, NH, SC. An argument could be made that he is the frontrunner for the early contests. Why he should get a pass w/o directly getting pinned down is a mystery to me.

  28. MSNBC is paying attention (online, anyway):

    *there are more questionnaires out there, by the way, which aren’t flattering for Obama … Speaking of that 1996 questionnaire, the Obama campaign responded that he didn’t fill it out; his campaign manager did. This isn’t the first time that Obama or his campaign has thrown staff under the bus (remember the Punjab oppo memo?) in the face of adversity.

    *For all this negative Clinton talk, remember that she still has huge advantages: She leads the national polls (check out today’s Washington Post/ABC survey); she has most of the Democratic establishment behind her; and she has more money than her team knows what to do with. So why is her campaign allowing reporters to get the impression that it’s panicking with 22 days to go until Iowa? Maybe it’s not anyone on the campaign, maybe it’s all those backseat drivers who can claim to be close to the “Clintons,” plural.


  29. A commenter on the MSNBC piece wrote:

    “just like in 2000 for bush, obama’s fanatics won’t care.

    “They aren’t reality based, it’s like a religous experience, a drug trip for them”

    Unfortunately, that’s just what we’re seeing all over the blinking place.

    The good thing is that Hillary is going to win the Dem nom and the GE and they call all go cry in their fairy dust afterwards.

  30. that he didn’t fill it out; his campaign manager did.

    So he’s saying those aren’t his positions? What are his positions? He doesn’t vote on anything controversial.

  31. Apparently CNN is also has the obsession with us: politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2007/12/12/cnn-political-ticker-am-111/

  32. Why do they think we’re echoing Hillary’s campaign talking points? Could it be because as Hillary supporters we might agree with her.

    Besides, who’s talking points should we be using?

    This is just so duh?

  33. These people are dumb as stumps. They are not talking points. We actually think Obama sucks as a candidate. It’s the MSM that is repeating Obama’s talking points, IMO.

  34. but i just went to kos and saw that even though there are usual hillary and even a hit diary on bill (!), peter daou posted:

    First Dem newspaper endorsement in NH goes to Hillary



    anyone who uses kos recommend it!

  35. I couldn’t find the article, but it sounds like more pro-obama spin so that he doesn’t have to answer questions. This has been going on for weeks — first that novak nonsense to deflect from his poor debate performance. Then Robinson plays the race card. Now it’s that any questions about his campaign/position is just nastiness from Hillary/Hillary-associated people.

    He’s trying to run out the clock.

  36. AOL Newsblogger Headline: “Hillary Plays Dirty”

    You know what. Forget the oppo research. All HRC’s campaign wonks have to do is put out a “cryptic” statement and the wackjobs out there will volunteer the interpretation.

    Here’s the statement:

    It’s important for Democrats to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate. Clinton’s negatives are well-known, Obama’s less so. Any shortcomings, inconsistencies or misstatements in Obama’s past will be exploited by Republicans in the fall campaign if he’s the nominee. It’s best for Democrats to vet them now.”

    Here’s the interpretation:

    Although the message is vague, Clinton’s campaign is obviously hinting at Obama’s past cocaine use. It’s funny because the Clinton campaign knows Americans have a problem with candidates who have used drugs in the past. In fact, the New York Times has reported 74 percent of Americans say they will not vote for a candidate who has used cocaine previously. The stats are interesting because George Bush got reelected after Americans found out he snorted cocaine and drank endless amounts of whiskey when he was younger.

    Now, keep in mind Obama publicly came out and admitted to using drugs in the past. So how can Clinton’s campaign claim his faults are not well known? Also, let’s emphasize on the word “past” for a second. Was he currently coked out during the Democratic debates? Was he caught snorting magical white powder in a hotel bathroom last week? Obviously not. Would his past experimentation with drugs really effect his ability to become a good president? Obama was a young man when he tired with the drug, and he mentions how he was able to grow away from his vices to become who he is today.

    So, Hillfans, you know where this is going. Be afraid, be very afraid, Barack. This is MILD compared to how bumpy the ride could get.


  37. Let me add to that — collecting opposition research on a blogger critical of the McClurkin nonsense.

    Obama scrutiny means attack the messenger.

  38. Good Reuters Iowa story:

    While the endorsement of Democrat Barack Obama by TV star Oprah Winfrey was competing for media attention with questions about Romney’s Mormonism and immigrant gardeners in recent days, economists say the November 2008 presidential election could come down to voter pocketbooks.

    A CNN/Opinion Research Corp poll released on Tuesday showed 29 percent of voters said the economy was their top issue in the presidential campaign, compared with 23 percent who listed the Iraq war. For the first time in four years, a majority of Americans, 57 percent, believe the country is in a recession.


    Still, each party appeals to worried voters in a different way. Democrats have promised health-care reform to bring coverage to more Americans — a pledge that has convinced Iowa health-care worker Chris Kirschbaum, 22, to support Clinton, a New York senator.

    “I see people who aren’t covered as well as they need to be, because it’s an out-of-pocket cost, their employer doesn’t give enough, or they think they won’t need it,” he said.

    Retired businesswoman Kay Levitt, 72, likes the former first lady for another close-to-home issue.

    “I heard her talk about loans for college students, she’s just very smart and has the experience to do it,” Levitt said.

    But the Republican candidates have promised to make Bush’s tax cuts permanent, and Levitt’s husband is considering voting for a Republican for fiscal reasons. While the federal deficit ballooned under Bush, Allen Levitt, 73, thinks that could change under a new Republican president.

    “I like Romney for what he did in Massachusetts, he pulled that deficit way down and did some good things,” said Levitt, a retired salesman. He’s also considering Clinton.

    “I’m still working on him,” his wife said.

    reuters.com/article/ [space] companyNewsAndPR/idUSN1261831420071212

  39. Hey y’all,

    Good commentary, admin. Once again you point out the discrepancies in BHO’s earlier positions and his later ones. Once again we hear that the “staff” did it. Once again we see a lack of consistency that sheds light on BHO’s “present” votes, on a woman’s right to choose and on gun control, as an Illinois state senator. Once again we have a hint of a character trait that fits with his ducking of important votes in the Senate (like the Kyl Lieberman amendment).

    Hillary has been thoroughly vetted, examined, cross examined, investigated and she has emerged from all of this a stronger person and an electable candidate. People can try to attack her, and she will call the game and get back on message. Electability is the word of the week. She is electable.

    I noted some reference to BHO’s appearance in Seattle last night. Some folks waited 4 hours to see him and got a 20 minute stump speech.

    She is electable, BHO is not. She has the experience to lead from day one. BHO’s does not. His message inconsistent, his background full of unanswered questions. Admin, I have also read that BHO’s wife got a huge salary increase in her corporate job followin’ his election to the senate. What do we know about her own work ties to others in Chicago politics or others now involved in the BHO campaign? Who were the administers of the Hope fund? These are all questions that are going to be asked by the MSM sooner or later.

    I am pleased to see that our girl was busy, busy last night and yesterday, winning new endorsements and speaking out on the economy and the rise in economic inequality in this country. BHO’s stand on health care leads me to believe that he doesn’t know who the middle class really are in this country. But our girl does and she has the experience and vision to help bring about real change.

  40. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.): Clinton on Tuesday criticized rival Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) for a 1996 questionnaire in which he indicated support for a single-payer health care system, Long Island Newsday reports. In 1996, during his campaign for the Illinois state Senate, Obama completed a questionnaire distributed by the Independent Voters of Illinois Independent Precinct Organization. His response to the questionnaire indicated support for a single-payer health care system, although he has proposed a system based on private health insurance during his presidential campaign. In an e-mail titled “Obama Forced to Defend Electability in Face … of New Questionnaire,” the Clinton campaign reprinted excerpts from an online article that claims Obama has received criticism for “abandoning” his position on the health care system as he “rose through the ranks.” An aide to Obama said that “Obama never saw or approved” the response to the questionnaire and did not support a single-payer health care system. “It was filled out by an aide who has conceded she never got Obama’s sign off,” the aide said (Thrush, Long Island Newsday, 12/11). In related news, the Clinton campaign plans to launch television advertisements in New Hampshire that criticize the Obama health care proposal, which lacks a requirement in her plan that all U.S. residents obtain health insurance. In addition, the Clinton campaign over the weekend sent volunteers door-to-door in the state to distribute fliers that criticize the Obama proposal (Fouhy/Elliot, AP/Denver Post, 12/12).

  41. The door-to-door part was carried out here by our local volunteers. I made calls to tell folks about HRC’s health care plan, although the focus was on making sure folks knew about HRC’s plan. The response was 100% positive. Sharing the info works. Period.

  42. that aol blogger is making stuff up. it is a very general statement. but since they pick up the subject, no, i wager most voters do not know about the admitted cocaine use and will not think that is a good thing, and they will not think it was a good way to write about it as if it was no big deal, either.

    most voters are not tuned in closely and do not pay attention but you know the gop will make a big deal out of it. as for bush there was never any concrete proof nor admittance or denial, so generally people ignored it. i personally don’t care that obama wrote about that but who can imagine that it will honestly be a non-issue with the voters once the gop attacks start?

    it is a catch-22, liberal bloggers see these kind of attacks as unimportant, and they are right now, but they won’t be to the republicans. stuff like his speech to planned parenthood, the republicans will kill him over it, and they are just saving it up to dump later. i do not worry about this stuff with edwards although i guess it’s not good he has probably advocated some policies he’ll have to change later, but no bomb shell. personally i would not have any problem with obama if he had not made so many rookie mistakes i was sure he would lose very badly to the gop.

  43. By the way, folks, if you haven’t had the chance to take a look at the Bill Moyers discussion with Kathleen Hall Jamieson about language, politics and gender I’d recommend it. It really makes it clear how MSM is aiding and abetting the very out of bounds attacks on Hillary that are done by a handful of hate mongers on places like Facebook. Shows that we need a serious discussion in this country about how folks really feel about women in positions of power. I think we need a real discussion on the nature of power, itself. You’ll never get that from shows that treat the election like the superball or the latest show in the Roman Coliseum.

  44. Just got back power. Looks like I have a lot of reading to do.

    For those about to get hit with what we had, stock up on firewood and candles. That ice storm is like Michelle Obama- a cold ______.

  45. i am so happy to see hillary out there just plugging away, i somewhat think all media talk about switching strategy and turmoil is spin they did on purpose. meanwhile she rolls out specific policies that people really care about. i know universal health care will affect my life. i know when my parents get old the elder care will probably affect my life. these are real issues and she is so knowledgeable. things like imported toys from china, this is a real issue people worry about. she was so great on cnbc talking sense about subprime mortgages. knowing what is really on the voters minds’ that connects to their real lives and addressing it right away, when it matters. and i have never seen hillary blame her staff for anything, ever. 🙂

  46. mj, if you’re referring to this:

    In addition, the Clinton campaign over the weekend sent volunteers door-to-door in the state to distribute fliers that criticize the Obama proposal (Fouhy/Elliot, AP/Denver Post, 12/12).

    That is reporter’s version. I did not see any fliers of any kind. The folks in my office simply went out to do convassing. I have not seen nor heard of any fliers critical of BHO. Unless this reporter actually has one or has seen one, it’s just more MSM BS.

  47. I had an argument with a old friend who is a partner in a prominent DC law firm concerning the primary election. I told him there are three compelling reasons to vote tor Hillary and reject Obama from my perspective.

    First, she has a stronger policy position on issues, which are key to our future, from health care to global warming to national security. I cited the Paul Krugman article.

    Second, she is far more electable based on polling data. The Republican party may be in a state of confusion now, but once they select a candidate, it will be different. If we nominate Obama then we will fall into Rove’s trap, and lose the general election.

    Third, she will make a truly great president, whereas he would be a marginal one. She has a sound vision for the country, the political skill and experience to implement that vision, and crisis management skills to deal with the problems a president must face. He, on the other hand is a novice, who lacks political courage. I cited his absense on the Iran vote, and the times he took a dive as a state legislator by voting present.

    I concluded by telling him that we are at a critical time in our history, and the issues we are confronting are daunting indeed. Thus, it is essential to our collective future to select a strong leader like Hillary rather than a weak one like Obama. Strong leaders produce results like ending the depression, winning World War II, civil rights, putting a man on the moon.

  48. Hey MJ, I am hoping that they can just portray differences with BHO’s health plan and Hillary’s without focusing on the negative. The good news is that Hillary owns the issue of health care coverage in that she has more expertise than anybody runnin’ hands down. She understands why it’s important to create a plan that includes a mandate. She is the one with the expertise to bring the change about that we have to have in this country. I think those are the points that should ultimately be made even in they draw the contrast with BHO. I see this in a different light that simply goin negative.

  49. another_reader, a very important point that those of us who have attended her town halls can say with certainty is that she speaks from the heart and knows of what she speaks on any given issue. She doesn’t speak in broad-sweeping generalities and spread the pixie dust hoping (eeeyuch, I’m beginning to hate that word) that it’ll stick or play Johnny Appleseed and hope (again, eeeyuch!) the seeds will take root.

    She’s the real deal! For those who want pie in the sky, well, BHO’s “The One”.

  50. Great post, wb. I want to take down some of your points to use with people I am speaking with everyday. It’s a clear argument for Hillary rather than BHO.

  51. mj, ads critical of BHO’s healthcare plan do not of necessity have to be negative. HRC should point out the differences between her plan and BHO’s or JRE’s. That’s what people are wanting to know now … what the difference is. If she cannot point out those differences, i.e. be critical, how would you expect her to do it?

  52. I’m just saying, I watched the deval patrick campaign in MA, and the whole idea was to turn his female opponent(in this case, obviously a moderate republican) into the queen of mean. This is what Obama has tried to do, so unfortunately she has to be very cautious about appearing negative.

  53. mj, well, there you go. Is it any wonder that Deval Patrick’s campaign was led by the same folks as are running Obama’s campaign. When you check out the players, it’s predictable to now how the opposition is going to act. If HRC doesn’t point out the differences between herself and BHO, you can be sure BHO will return the favor but not so favorably. Watch just how nasty he gets after tomorrow’s debate and there’s no longer that audience watching his every movement and nuance.

  54. I wish he would get nasty. He is very passive aggressive in his attacks. If he were more direct, then no problem, Hillary can be direct back. However, if he isn’t, then it’s the deval patrick campaign and she has to be cautious.

  55. the way I saw NH poll, I saw it as electorate flirting with idea of BHO. this debate is crucial. if she does good in the debate, she will close teh deal. else, it is out in the open. clintons know the NH electorate. they know how to get their word out and how to plan GOTV. Obama might have good organization in Iowa, but NH is clintons territory. Also, the internals of poll are not revealed, but I want to see independents vs dems. independents will save romney or mccain. they hate nutwit huckabee from what I hear. they hate him more than their love for Obama.

    More for me to worry is internals of Iowa poll, and I hope clinton people are working on that. the second choice of biden/richardson/dennis give hillary a low score, and that for some reason is worrisome for me. but if she wins the debate and gets some good press, the negatives might mellow down. iowans like guns, so probably yepsen will ask obama of his anti-gun stance. this has to be seen. for now, Iowa is a three way race and Hillary isnt doing as great as we thought she is. Obama’s empty suit will be exposed if the press takes a closer look at him, but they are still busy bashing hillary.

  56. “More for me to worry is internals of Iowa poll, and I hope clinton people are working on that. the second choice of biden/richardson/dennis give hillary a low score” This is really weird, because there was just an Iowa poll out last week that had Hill as the second choice for all of those candidates. What’s up with that?

  57. todays ras had different numbers mj..

    Richardson, Biden, Dodd, and Kucinich currently are below the 15% threshold statewide. Among their supporters, Edwards is the second choice for 29% support, Obama 24%, and Clinton15%.

  58. mj, BHO’s handlers are get-down-and-dirty types. If it looks like BHO is going to win in the early primaries, then things will go along pretty smooth. But if they think he has to do something to close the deal, I’d bet almost nothing would be off the table. You know and I know that there is nothing real they could use but a rumor or smear will carry all on its own. This is the kind of guys they are, as you already know.

  59. “I am hoping that they can just portray differences with BHO’s health plan and Hillary’s without focusing on the negative.” I agree.

    Also, this is exactly what I was thinking when I saw Obama’s Iran statement: “Now, (aside from the fact that Hillary did no such thing), what kind of REPUBLICAN opponent is going to attack a Democrat for saber rattling??? In the general election that would only help a Dem!” He absolutely is clueless.

    And the First Read comment about why Hillary’s campaign is letting reporters say that she’s panicking is revealing. You’d think they’d be out there trying to tamp it down – unless they want to lower expectations on purpose. I hope that’s really what’s going on.

  60. yeah, I think they dont want frontrunner status tomorrow. they want her campaign narrative to be comeback narrative. at same time they are motivating their base IMO. couple of friends of mine who arent registered but vote democrat, said that come super tuesday, if BHO is frontruner, they will turn out along with family to vote for Hillary. so people might think the clinton base is not out there because they arent vocal, but come crunch time, they will rise up. for now, I will just wait for tomorrows debate and post deate spin.

  61. Small city, but:

    Clinton Campaign Announces Endorsement of Charles City Mayor Jim Erb
    Mayor Erb joins more than 100 current and former mayors across the country who support Hillary Clinton
    MASON CITY, IA – Iowans for Hillary today announced the endorsement of Charles City Mayor Jim Erb. Mayor Erb joins more than 100 current and former mayors across the United States who support Hillary Clinton for President.

    “Iowans want change and Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who has the strength and experience to deliver change on day one,” Mayor Erb said. “Hillary Clinton is tested and experienced. She knows how to win in November – and we must win if we want universal health care and a better economy for Iowa.”

    Mayor Erb is an attorney and will be a precinct captain for the Clinton campaign during the Iowa caucuses.

    “I am honored to have Mayor Erb’s support,” Hillary Clinton said. “For 35 years I have worked closely with mayors across the country fighting for the issues affecting people’s lives. I look forward to being the partner our mayors need in the White House to bring about real change in our country.”

  62. Hi,
    I would like to introduce myself. I have lurked on this site for a while, but did not register till yesterday.
    I support Senator Clinton and am getting very discouraged by all of the negativity on other blogs, so decided the time was right to join this group.

  63. Just caught this on Mike Allen/Politico. The Oprama road show is not done.

    Oprah is on “Good Morning America” saying: “I’ve always said this, that my being in support of Barack Obama is not my being against Hillary Clinton or anybody else.”

  64. Oh lord, what the hell is wrong with her? Ok, we get it, you support Obama, but come on? She’s now a regular fixture? That’s effing weird.

  65. she criticized Hillary in speeches. wat about that? how can she criticize and take shots at Hillary and yet be “above the fray” person? whom does she think she is kidding? I hope the south african scandal reopens and her show tanks. that should seal deal for her and her oprahmaniacs. jeez..

  66. she wouldn’t be on good morning america saying that if she didn’t have a reason. if nothing else i expect her own fans are somewhat irritated because again, most people don’t like celebrity getting involved as much as she did.

  67. “I’ve always said this, that my being in support of Barack Obama is not my being against Hillary Clinton or anybody else.”


  68. People, its not just Ben whos found us:
    But there is another side of the Clinton campaign, and I found some of it this week. It is a new Web site called HillaryIs44.com. It is rather mysterious. It does not divulge who is running the site, or who staffs it. It is not interactive; it has one informative voice, and its target audience seems to be journalists and free-lance oppo artists.

    And it reads like The Warrior’s Id.

    heres the link to the article: http://www.opinionjournal.com/columnists/pnoonan/?id=110010239&mod=RSS_Opinion_Journal&ojrss=frontpage

    Just a warning, its not exactly pretty… On the otherhand, it gives us more notoriety, and indicates more despiration from the Big Media.

  69. After all, Oprah, it IS all about you… She was also on Leno last night. She should’ve followed her mentor, Dr. Maya Angelou’s lead.

  70. another_reader, I agree. She has plenty of fans who support other candidates, Dem and Republican, so she’s trying some CYA here.

  71. MSM are idiots. I am an ordinary research scientist with a keen penchant for politics. does that make me free lance oppo artists? what a bunch of crap… MSM=idiots.

    they writeup a story, and spin around it. Idiots.

  72. gladiatorstail, exactly. Where do they get this crap? And, anyway, who cares if the people who run the site are in some remote way connected to Hillary. Well, they clearly support her. Obama has the whole Huffington Post working for him, so really, who cares? It’ just a site for supporters.

  73. I can’t believe I stayed up all night reading 2/3 of this site and really wanting to offer up a couple of things, a couple of times. Not very much of a geek so it took a while to figure out the registering bit. Sorry I’m late with my small chips of cheer.

    First, as Tavis says at the end of each of his shows: Keep the faith.

    Second, for a bit of a lift, google Iowa Electronic Markets, tic on Political Markets, then Current Market Quotes. and finally, choose either the Presidential (if you want to feel REALLY good) or Nomination
    market and check out those numbers!

    The university has been doing this almost 20 years, there is a ton of research measuring their methods and results and they may have been off once, but I don’t think so.

    And the IEM is so much more accurate than the flashy and unreliable Intrade.com. Those of you into polls might enjoy digging deeper into one or both of them.

    Also, a couple of hours ago, political blogger R.J. Eskow posted on HuffPo: turnaround tactics for Hillary…and all of us. (I’ll take good ideas from any site.)

    I recommend it to everyone.

    Have to get off…need to crank up my little survival radio and save my LT battery til Alliant Energy marches thru the county.

    Glad I found you all.

  74. I hope the politico will do some investigative research into the distribution of money to Obama supporters online. Hello, Ben. And no, I am not a Washington, DC, operative. Believe it or not, I am an ordinary citizen. But I am flattered you believe everyone at Hillaryis44 is an insider.

  75. I can’t believe he published that picture of those women. They have nothing to do with this site. He’s the smear merchant.

  76. mj, just check out the article posted just below the 44 article: “Testing the Dick Morris Theory”. Could Ben be any more anti-Hillary obsessed? And it just kills me when his commenters accuse him of being a Hillary supporter. Just shows how nuts they all are.

  77. BTW, I absolutely agree with this statement by Karl Rove:

    “It will be interesting to see how she handles Iowa if she does lose, as I expect she will. You learn more about a candidate when they lose in a contest like that than when they win a contest like that.”

    Hllary’s known for rising to the occasion, and this will be her biggest test yet.

  78. Let’s just ignore Ben. He’s a hate-monger.

    On this posting he writes (politico.com/blogs/bensmith/1207/Testing_the_Dick_Morris_theory.html):

    “Mike Allen has Hillary telling staff they’re ‘ludicrous’ and denying there’s a shakeup on the way.”

    Note that journalistically-challenged Ben was referring to his previous statement but we all know the nutkooks will never notice that.

    The actual Mike Allen section title is (dyn.politico.com/playbook/):

    Clinton: Shake-up rumors ‘ludicrous’

    Smooth move, Ben. The bottomfeeders thank you.

  79. It just occurred to me that if Oprah is making the rounds on tv, BHO can’t be all that secure if he needs to constantly remind folks that Oprah says he’s “The One”. Wasn’t the tri-state Oprama tour enough?

  80. what saddens me is this Obama mob. they are students who are online 24/7 and have LOTS of spare time in hand. they mob any article with their comments section, and even a reporter who wants to be fair gets influenced by these mob comments. I eman, yesterdays ABC news blog was best example. reporter covered Obama’s dirty hit-job on Edwards. the mob went berserk and accused him of almost treason to the country :).. he was forced to cover Hillary’s “dirty trick” but there was nothing dirty in it. it was a repetition of krugmans article. even the reporter would have known that, but the mob felt satisfied and he left. I think thats the same with bens site too. THIS MOB MENTALITY HAS TO STOP. I can easily take 50 students and make 100 pro-hillary youtube support videos a day and fill up comments sections of all the articles, but I have other things to do and have a REAL job, unlike these nutcases.

    by posting of photographs, ben is stretching it and even he knows it. those are pics of some regular families. it could have easily been me. it is absolutely despicable of him to flaunt those photographs on the website. i hope admin has copyright on those photographs and sue the ass out of politico for copyright violation. The next time I find bens families photographs, I will flaunt it on every website I can find.

  81. What is most frustrating about today’s Rasmussen NH poll is that support from women voters has dropped 10% in less than a month. What the hell is wrong with these women who were polled? Do they really thing BHO is going to champion them in the White House? Again, a guy who votes “present” rather than standing up for women. I can’t believe Oprah got to these smart women in NH. Shameful.

  82. Ferguson and other members of the press are ready to pounce.

    “FERGUSON: You know, and we are just getting to know him, that‘s the point of this time story and why it‘s so interesting. It shows why there has not been a serious presidential candidate from Illinois since 1956, Adlai Stevenson. Illinois politics is uniquely corrupt and anybody who succeeds in it is go going to, sooner or later, wind up in bed with a man like this Rezko fellow.

    Politics in Illinois keep guys like him around to help with a real estate deal here,

    http://www.nytimes.com/2007/06/14/us/politics/14rezko.html (This article discusses the legislative favors Obama performed on Rezko’s behalf in the Illinois State Senate. It also discusses the key role Rezko played in the purchase of Obama’s present home.)

    or maybe to give their cousin a job,

    http://www.suntimes.com/news/politics/184540,122306obama.article (This article discusses another dimension of Obama’s relation to Rezko, US Senate intern John Aramanda. Aramanda is the son of Joseph Aramanda, a Rezko business partner who is named as the unindicted coconspirator in a federal corruption case against Rezko.)

    or you know, fill up a board seat there.

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2007/05/13/wobama13.xml (Obama’s wife was apppointed to the Board of TreeHouse Foods after her husband was elected to the US Senate. She had no previous experience in the private sector.)

    The Obama family earned $51,200 from the sinecure, one Michelle obtained after her husband was elected. (http://blogs.suntimes.com/sweet/2007/05/sweet_column_michelle_obama_qu.html) Someone should check to see if TreeHouse or its owner and board members bundled donations to Obama.

    You know, this is—you can‘t get away from this in Illinois politics and nobody has. And sure enough, Barack Obama is one of them.

    http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/politics/chi-obama_endorse_12jun12,0,484394.story (Obama’s record of endorsements is one of a machine politician connected to corrupt public officials).

    The right wing has done its research, and they are poised to pounce. That Ferguson was able to collapse all this in one paragraph reveals that they are trained and ready. This will be a huge problem in the general election.

  83. Yeah, that politico line makes it sound like Hillary’s calling her staff “ludicrous” and not the rumors. Big difference.

  84. B Merryfield, She’s doing that to reach the 10 people left in this country who somehow missed this weekend’s media frenzy.

  85. Primary season is such a rollercoaster. Yesterday, I was on high over the WaPo/ABC and the NYT polls, today I’m down b/c of the NH CNN and Rasmussen poll.

    Strategic Vision, which will be released tomorrow and was conducted at the same time as Rasmussen IA poll shows Obama leading by 8.

    Oh Bummer!

  86. whats hillarious after reading some of the comments on that “diary” is that those nutkooks have a problem with this site because it attacks “fellow democrats”.

    Excuse me ? Since when is pointing out what the problems are with a BO or Edwards candidacy or exposing their positions considered to be “hate” ? They are in complete denial on the absolute nonsense and true hatred that is directed towards Hillary in the blogosphere and on their own site. Is it ok for Obama to use republican talking points to attack Hillary, a fellow democrat ?

    I wrote earlier that Obama and his supporters are just like Bush – , petulant and touchy – question anything and they have a “how dare you attitude” and they get personal. Because Obama and his campaign is all ego-driven – just like Bush.
    Nothing proves that point more than that stupid kos diary and some of the comments there.

  87. Meanwhile, some good news from New Hampshire:


    Hillary 33
    Barack 26
    Johnny 15

    “The 7NEWS-Suffolk University poll was conducted from Dec. 9 to Dec. 11, 2007. All Democratic interviews were conducted Dec. 10-11. The margin of error for each party subsample of 300 respondents is +/- 5.65 percent at a 95 percent level of confidence.”

  88. Hillary supporters, according to a few vile users at Daily Kos, attack other Democrats, but Obama supporters can say whatever they want about Edwards or Hillary on DailyKos. And such comments are rewarded. Moreover, a small cadre of Obama supporters comb the diary threads and rate supporters of other candidates unfavorably, thereby creating an enviornment that is wholly supportive of Obama. It is really disappointing, as the site used to be a site of vigorous debate. Now it has become a website where Obama supporters repeat the campaign’s press releases to a cheering audience. This has adversely affected the quality of writing at that website, which explains why former users are now regulars at other websites.

  89. Apologies Pulchritude. Spam filters are working overtime.

    Also, there is a big time lag occurring for new posters, so apologies to all.

  90. Just escaped after being forced (my son’s idea) to watch the Rips’ “debate” … not really a debate, since it’s a Q&A. If tomorrow will be a repeat of today’s “debate”, don’t expect much.

  91. Someone at DailyKos deleted Yoshimi’s diary on HillaryIs44. I guess DailyKos does not aid and abet the activities of those who desire to censor free speech online.

  92. “When it comes to mobilizing women to support Hillary Clinton for president, Lorraine Hariton is solid gold.

    The Silicon Valley executive has networks – from a women’s leadership forum to an informal theater group – and knows how to use them. With Hariton’s prompting, her friends – and their friends and their friends – are turning out for the Democratic frontrunner’s local fundraisers and rallies. They’re even making a trip to Washington D.C., for Clinton’s women’s summit.


    Along with Hariton’s efforts in Silicon Valley, the Clinton campaign across the country is sending “tens of thousands of hillgrams” to supporters, and forming new networks among women nurses, lawyers, civic leaders, businesswomen and book clubs, said Ann Lewis, who oversees Clinton’s women’s outreach campaign.


  93. My son is brilliant! Ok, all sons are brilliant. We were just discussing the “Media Primary” and comments on MSNBC, CNN, etc. post-“debate” re BHO’s “rise” in the latest polls (particular post Opramalooser).

    My brilliant son, who is a Ron Paul (groan) supporter said “they” (meaning Big Media) are being duped …

    Yup! I agree. The victory next November will be ever so sweet.

  94. filks.. get ready for a HUGE onslought.. infact I hope we all get lil rowdy this time around. kossaks are making lots of noise over wapo article about obamas drug use. be prepared for onslought..

  95. This is stupid. Why would Shaheen ask such a thing? I don’t think it’s appropriate to ask that without any indication it’s true.

  96. I just read it. Shaheen didn’t ask if Obama sold drugs. He said it was a question the GOP would raise, given Obama’s previous openness about using drugs. I have no problem with her surrogates doing this as part of their electability argument vs. Obama, as long as there’s no crossover to a smear. Shaheen’s statement seemed to avoid that.

  97. NO.. i think everytime he claims he doesnt want to fight the battles of 90’s, smearing her is what he is doing. well, let him get a taste of what he is. for petes sake, george bush was rosted by rethugs for confessing to drug use, why would they roast obama?

  98. mj,
    I am stunned at NH polls. Is that all the undecided independents? Will they anyway vote in Dem Primaries? What the hell is going on! This is ridiculous..

  99. I’m not trying to be a smartass, mj. I agree that it would be nice if someone else did it, but I don’t see any other options out there. The MSM is completely worthless when it comes to holding candidates’ feet to the fire who aren’t named Hillary.

  100. Really? You know, Hawk, nearly everytime I read an article out of Iowa, I read about a Republican who is going with Hillary, or someone who has never caucused who is going with Hillary. So, it’s perplexing to see the polls. What’s the energy like there right now?

  101. Readers of Perez Hilton’s gossip website will be very familiar with his photos of celebrities with white dots coming out of their noses. This is a not too subltle way for Perez Hilton to imply that the celebrity in the photo is a drug user.

    Ripublicans are at least as smart as Perez Hilton. They will use past drug use to go after Obama. A Perez Hilton type white power coming out of nose photo will be circulated. This is an issue that does not motivate Democrats but it sure will be in play during the general election. It is a big issue.

    We are sure that right now Ripublican investigators are checking out the locations where Obama got those parking tickets many years ago. Opposition research can try to determine if Obama parked illegally because he was on the way to class or doing something else.

    Obama supporters will dismiss all this as rumormongering. But Ripublicans know they can destroy Obama. Ripublicans will focus on who Obama bought his drugs from, did he ever sell drugs, did he do drugs with minors – the questions they will force him to answer will be many, with many permutations. There will be ads. There will be leaflets targeted to local PTA meetings and anywhere children congregate with parents. These charges will be used to keep any Obama campaign off-balance. It will be an all out attack.

    Cocaine is not viewed as smoking pot by many Americans. Democrats don’t care, but Ripublicans will focus on this issue.

  102. i agree admin. the gop is going to fry him for his past “snow” problems. so be it. if it means getting dirt on this moron im all for it. this should have been done long ago. being nice does not work in politics. whatever he has in his past, let the dogs dig up the bones.

  103. paula is right, if we wait until the media does it they will do it after obama is defeated in the general when it is too late.

  104. admin,

    I agree with all you have said. can we have a new post to discuss just this? I will update my blog as well. can we have video of obama saying on air that he did drugs? also, if anyone thinks drugs are not an issue, they should ask george bush, who didnt get christian turn out because of the drug use revelation.

  105. obama and his cronies have been attacking hillary’s past for months. remember when michelle obama said “if you can’t run your house you can’t run the white house” ? that was a direct hit at hillary and bill. shaheen is correct. cut him off at the knees politically and if it gets personal. IM FOR IT!!

  106. admin,

    i am a firm believer in ‘TRUTH, JUSTIS and THE AMERICAN WAY’,

    but his is a real ‘THROWDOWN’…

  107. The issue about Barack doing drugs is not the real issue. I think the issue is his asking us to believe that when he was 6-10 yrs, he learned so much in Indonesia but when he was a teenager or even college, he thought doing drugs was fine. so he may have learned a lot at age 6-10! He does not speak WHAT he learned as a 6-10 yrs that is so vital to his candidacy.

    You cannot have it both ways!

  108. Yeah. As I have said before on this site, there are so many instances of this. The lady in the JJ video, the lady with the painted head, the man I met in Solon, Iowa who owned a small business and randomly caught us leaving an event with Wesley Clark and who, after about 1 minute of talking with Liz, an FO here in my hometown, signed a supporter card and took a yard sign. He told us he wanted a 4’x8′ sign for his business on main street. He then told us he is a republican. He was a manly man type of guy too. So I don’t buy any of this bs about she is polarizing.

  109. united 12, u hit it. home, mom and apple pie stuff is all nice and all, but it is crunch time. these guys don’t play fair so why should we. hillary has been called everything in the book, attacked personally, past trashed, and crucified in the media. if hillary loses, i want her to lose fighting back hard.

  110. We are gaining momentum where I am. We have had in recent days, Hillary, Bill, and Tammy Baldwin, and we are having this week and weekend Walter Mondale and Gavin Newsom. I am excited.

  111. actually, on several of my early comments, i tried to advocate for a tougher, meaner, fight back hillary…

    but i was looking for a hillary that would step up and say, dont lie about me… stop smearing me… if you are so honest, stop being so slimy…

    slamming an opponent on issues, is one thing, talking trash is a whole nother thing…

    his questionaire, so pertinent…
    drug rumors, hmmm sounds snarkey…

    i dont like this one… we are not desperate here…

  112. it shouldnt be about his drug use directly, it should be about his decieving people about who he was and who he is. we wont judge his drug history, but why didnt he just come clean?

  113. Hawk, that is exciting. Mondale and Newsom should appeal to far left Iowa voters, who apparently BHO has been attracting. What we need in NH is something or someone who can appeal to the cadre of Independent voters who, for WHATEVER reason, support BHO over Hillary. And honestly, I don’t think the race is as tight in NH as MSM is making it out to be. Hillary’s groundwork in NH has been unparalleled. The loss in women votes during these polls are a direct reflection of Oprah’s presence in their state at the exact time the poll was taken, and she won’t be there again.

  114. United12, do you think the Ripublicans will use Obama’s coke use against him in the election? Do you think the Ripublican ads will be dirty and effective? Think of what they did to war hero Cleland and war hero Kerry – Ripublicans practically turned both Cleland and Kerry into traitors – Cleland whose limbs got blown off turned into a near traitor.

    As Scarborough said, Ripublicans won’t even have to try. The ads against Obama will write themselves.

    Of course, we could be wrong. Maybe the Ripublicans won’t do what we think.

    We are certainly not making a judgment on drug use in this case. For us the political question is what effect Obama’s admitted cocaine use will have on the general election. We think it will be another devastating blow.

  115. mj, isn’t that what Kerry did? Kerry asked not to be smeared and did not hit back. Where is Kerry today?

    Democrats today like to play fair and nice and clean and sweet. The Kennedy brothers played politics fair when treated fairly, but rough when they were hit.

  116. In response to the screams of “This is racist, because no one accused the white guy (Bush) of dealing when his cocaine use came up, only of using!” the following links have been posted on DKos.

    Yes, people accused the white guy of dealing as well.

    we have been reliably informed that a New York Times investigative team digging into George W. Bush’s relationship to cocaine has unearthed a similar story of young George W. using cocaine in bars and dealing cocaine out of a house in New Haven.


    Not only Georgie, but Laura as well, in Kitty Kelley’s book “Family”:

    Page 575: A friend says Laura Bush was the “go-to girl for dime bags” at Southern Methodist University.


    Several former Yale students told Kitty Kelley and Erica Jong that they did more than drink with Bush – they sold cocaine or snorted it with Bush back then. One said he did not feel right about “blowing George’s cover because I was doing the same thing.” 13


  117. But Hillary is a woman. She’s treated differently, held to a different standard. This sort of questioning will be used to paint her as mean.

  118. I think Hillary should say something along the lines of:

    “it’s perfectly fine for you gentlemen to spend endless hours of the day researching tidbits that you can then twist into attacks against me, but I think that a presidential campaign means so much more than just winning. A presidential campaign is about making a difference and making the hopes, dreams, wishes, and aspirations of the MANY come true. Those hours that you spent researching incorrect examples about me, that I have accumulated through MY 35 years of fending off and defeat Republican mud-slinging tactics, could so easily have been used on coming up with what’s best with america. Indeed, maybe if Senator Obama spent less time thinking of how to win and how to sling his mud, he could actually come up with a program that WOULD give all Americans healthcare. Maybe if he spent less time digging for dirt that’s not there, he COULD find a better solution than to layer a trillion dollar tax increase on Americans. And maybe, if he HAD BEEN doing his job in the past, he wouldn’t have voted “present” in such crucial bills concerning abortion, gun control around schools, and other major topics that DO matter to Americans and DID matter to Illinoisans when he was in the state legislature. But, you know what? I have done what Obama has not done and more as shown in my 35 years of dedicated and hard-working experience. We need real change around the United States and we need progress. Change is just a word if you don’t have the experience and the action to make change a reality. I hope the Obama and Edwards campaign can spend more of their ample time getting real ideas and real actions done and passed, as I have been doing all along and will be doing when I am in the White House. If you want real change, you have to do more than to just speak it. Something that, I think you’ll find, my opponents have yet to realize.”

  119. admin,

    i cant pretend to be as knowledgeable as some people here, but i’ve done many little campaigns in my union, and we fight to the death…

    rule #1 in my book: never let it look personal, or more importantly, desperate…

    i’m just saying admin., this is dangerous ground… perception is everything…
    if you want to change the dialogue thats all well and good, just be careful what you wish for, cause the dialogue could be ‘hrc last throws of a blah blah blah campaign…’

    i’m just keeping it real, they’ld be smarter to do a poster with a picture of Obama in a black robe and a staff, with a multitude around him, with a caption that says coolaid test… playing on peoples fears he may be another jim jones…

  120. Has anyone thought about what Hillary might say or should say in response to questions about Iran during tomorrow’s debate?

    I’m a social scientist and I have been trying to figure out how she should handle that. All of the other Democrats have been glossing over Iran and declaring the guard a terrorist group as the same issue. Right now, I am thinking that she should say that 1.) the issues are separate issues, 2.) she is hopeful that Iran can be reasoned with, but that it cannot be ignored that Iran has said it wants to destroy Israel. Also, she should mention that Iran is a country that jails women that try to exert rights and murders citizens for being gay.

  121. As far as Oprah, did anyone read the article today that Hillary’s folks have been polling about the celebrities that support her and who would thye like to see out on the campaign trail. Two names on that list were Spielberg and Deniro. She should do this. This will devalue the Oprah endorsement. If Oprah’s endorsement works at all, it will be among people that have not really given a lot of thought to which attributes are important in selecting a candidate and via a non-deliberative thought process. Endorsements won’t mean a lot if all the candidates have them.

  122. While flipping back and forth between CNN and MSNBC around 4:30 or so heard one of the pundits say that BHO’s character was fair game since he is the one who has based his campaign on character as an issue. This person said it was fair for Hillary’s campaign to hit him on it.

  123. The Clinton camp on the drug comments by Shaheen:

    “Senator Clinton is out every day talking about the issues that matter to the American people. These comments were not authorized or condoned by the campaign in any way.”

  124. Joe Klein, in the midst of all his dissembling over this, wrote:

    “And, most important, this is no shocking expose, denied by the candidate–the only reason why we know about Obama’s cocaine use is that Obama told us about it himself.”

    Get it? BHO made his cocaine use the issue. He put it out there .. in front of a group of N.H. highschool kids, no less. He made it fair game for any- and everyone.

    It also calls his judgment into question that he would use a bunch of highschool kids to innoculate himself on this issue.

  125. i dont like oprah, never have… not into talk shows unless they are about politics…
    but truth be told, nobody would stack up against her at this point, only because it would look like competetive move…

    if we had someone none entertainment, such as prince william, or ofcourse al gore, that would be rockin, otherwise its to late…

    we advocated for clintons people to do some stuff before oprah, and that would have been good, now uh uh…

    and if you do, dont let it be all over the news…
    otherwise they will just make fun of us, like they did about, dear old barbrah s…

  126. Guys, those are silly rumors. Hillary is not going to bring in a celebrity like that. Merryfield, he wrote about it in his book as well. But I thought the thing at the highschool was ridiculous.

  127. mj, yes, I know it was in the book. However, the chances that those highschool kids had read the book or had any clue about it is slim to none. It was an inappropriate venue for him to bring it up.

    Can you imagine what would happen to a teacher or school counselor or a coach if they had done such a thing?

    Just what I thought.

    But it’s okay for the possible future leader of the free world to toss it out there.

  128. mj, if you think the dems against hillary are bad. wait for the general against the gop. are you willing to have hillary say”oh please don’t attack me.” then expect them to stop? no way. it is going to be much worse. and like admin asked? ‘WHERE IS JOHN KERRY NOW”. he is stuck for the rest of his career in the senate wondering what might have been. woman or not, she has to get in thier faces. remember, she says she is in this not becuase she is a woman but becuase she is best qualified.

  129. Bill Clinton calling Hillary a “change agent” is brilliant BTW. I think he actually found a way to the change narrative and make it work for Hillary.

    “Change agent” is a considerably more actionable version of “change” than just, well, “change.” “Change” makes you think about an end state. “Change agent” makes you think more about the process. That process focus almost forces you to consider which attributes are important in that process.

    MJS, I think your ideas about how Hillary can go on the offensive is well put. I’ve thought that Hillary should find a way to do this when they mention “the Dynasty” issue. Something to the tune that candidates comparing the American presidency to a Kingship are thinking like a Bush or don’t undertand the nature of the POTUS and shouldn’t be running, etc.

  130. This is my first post on this site – which I am so happy to find. What I wanted to say was that I found it interesting that Alan Keyes was part of the so called “debate” today. I didn’t realize that he was running again this season. The reason I find it interesting is that Alan Keyes was Obama’s opponent in the 2006 senatorial election. Jack Ryan, the real republican candidate, had to drop out because of a sex scandel and Keyes was recruited as the throw away candidate and Obama won handily. I’m not sure how this information can be or should be used but I find it interesting in that Obama has never really had to run a hard campaign. I am also angry that everyone in the media jumped on HRC when she mentioned at her alma mater that she was – gasp! – a woman and was accused of using her gender. Yet not one word that I have read (I really admire all of you who still turn on the T.V.) accuses Obama of using race when he trots out Winfrey this weekend or uses it in his speeches.

    I won’t vote for Obama under any circumstances. If I ever found him credible, that is all gone. Sometimes when I read the hateful comments about Hillary I hope he wins so that the republicans can have him dinner. Ultimately, he will be sliced and diced and floating in the same river where they put Jimmy Hoffa. My motto is anyone but Obama.

  131. B Merryfield, I agree. I’m a really liberal person. And, honestly, I’ve known people who have done hard drugs and even sold them. However, I always had the judgement not to try cocaine. Fine, everyone makes mistakes, it’s ironic that a former coke user would run on his excellent judgement, but he’s older now. He’s clearly matred and learned from the experience I understand. However, I agree. That was an inappropriate venue. When there is discussion by adults of drug use in schools it’s planned for. They don’t just have some guy come in and say he’s running for president, and he used to do hard drugs, but he he cleaned up his act, goodbye. That was completely inappropriate. And, everyone was saying how great it was that he was honest? Again, in the right setting, I have no problem with such a discussion, it’s a good thing, but that wasn’t appropriate.

  132. Anyone who doesn’t think this would be an issue for the Rips, just go Google and see what the conservative websites had to say about this back in November when BHO made his announcement in Manchester. It wasn’t good then. Imagine what it could be like for the GE. Better to take the heat now than go down in flames later.

  133. “I’ve thought that Hillary should find a way to do this when they mention “the Dynasty” issue. Something to the tune that candidates comparing the American presidency to a Kingship are thinking like a Bush or don’t undertand the nature of the POTUS and shouldn’t be running, etc.” Great idea.

  134. Perhaps you’ve already seen this but a commenter at Taylor Marsh linked to “Oprah Hedges Her Bets” .. gotta love it.


  135. Yeah, that fits with the article saying that Oprah may want to go into politics when she retires from her show.

  136. If tomorrow’s “debate” is as horrible as the one today, it’ll be a total snoozer. I started out on Faux News, where they had this really lame dial-a-meter showing approval/disapproval when some of the candidates spoke (not always with Ghouliani and Timmer), then shifted to MSNBC to get rid of it. I agree with Taylor Marsh and commenters there who watched … it was abysmal.

  137. merryfield,

    you are exactly right, it is so not alright for a possible leader of the free world to say it to children, and i kid you not, if my kid came home and told me that, i would have been at the school next morning, with every father and mother i could get and demand that the school board address this intolerable event at my kids scool…

    now if Hillary chooses to say to Obama: that as a mother she is a bit peeved at him for talking to children about his drug use… all the better

  138. I think tomorrow’s debate will not be watched by many people except for Iowans and people like us. It will get media play if there is something to talk about.

    My hope is that Joe Biden wants to be president and has a good advisor. If he does, he should attack Barack Obama. In doing this, Joe should find away to make Barack look inept, naive, and not ready for the White House. Biden has no chance unless he can get the change attribute devalued.

    Obviously, I say this because it would work to our advantage as well.

  139. terrondt,

    i totally believe in fighting. but i cant stand it when people arent crafty enough to frame their blows in a smart savy fashion…

    key word with nasty gossip, inderect. why? because while you may have the best info in the world., no one at all, really likes or more importantly; trusts a gossip…

    so having the ammo to fight, isnt as important as aiming it right.

  140. Hi, I posted about a week ago. Decided to add my 2 cents again. I don’t think there will be any attacks on thursday. I think it will be about getting their positions on issues out to the public. Can anyone tell me ..what is HRCs ground game like? I keep hearing about Bhos and JEs. I love this site. It is an oasis. People here talk rationally about the campaign and of course are pro HRC.. I think she will be fine.

  141. Anbritt, I’d bet $$$ that you are correct. No attacks. It is dangerous territory for all of them to do so. Too few days to let it play out correctly before the caucus. The candidates are better off making those statements directly to their hard core constituencies to motivate them to vote.

    However, there will be implied jabs. Especially against Hillary and her vote to declare IRG a terrorist threat. She will go along with everyone else and attack the Bush administration on the 16 intelligence reports.

    Hillary will stress universal healthcare as her implied jab. I don’t think this has worked well for her. She needs to take a cue from Krugman and stress that under a no mandate program, those opting into the program will be subsidizing those opting out. They way Krugman frames it is brilliant. He plays to people’s sense of fairness. The Ripublicans do this with welfare all of the time (i.e., play to our sense of fairness) and it simply works well.

  142. It’s all about electability…

    Obama polls well on likability and honesty
    Hillary polls well on electability and experience
    Conversely, Obama is WEAK on electability and experience and
    Hillary is weak on honesty and likability. Anything that the campaign can do to call Ob’s electability into question and highlight his inexperience, attack his weaknesses, is fair game.

    Anything that the campaign can do to put the focus on those two things without appearing to be mean or dishonest about it, is the way to go. The hope would be that OB will chafe under scrutiny, become petulant with the media and begin to be depicted as not so likable, a la Howard Dean. If, in the course of this media scrutiny, one of his very real ethical lapses finally gets the attention deserved, he could lose the perception of being honest that he now enjoys.

    The thing that disturbs me is the self-fulfilling prophecy of the media narrative, begun the day after the driver’s license debate, that Hillary stumbled, that despite being well ahead in the polls, she was in trouble.
    The media repeated the mantra that Hillary was fading, promoting only the closest polls to, “prove”, that the race was getting closer, (because the horse-race aspect of a campaign is what sells and justifies their existence) and holding Hillary-hate-fests on the Sunday morning talk shows.
    I think that her campaign played into that narrative and that some of the strategy born of that belief has not been beneficial. Worse, the response of the campaign inadvertently accentuated the two attributes that the polls show are weak spots, likability and honesty.

    We may get some relief from Big Media’s onslaught, now that their objective is in sight, thanks to the fact that they only elevate someone
    so that they can then tear them to shreds. It looks like OB and Huck will be dating Big Media for the next couple of newscycles, at least. This is potentially good news. Both media darlings will now find out what
    the flip-side of media attention is all about. Huck has begun already, there is little doubt who is next. The campaign may get an assist down the stretch from the very quarter that was trying with all their might to shoot them down just yesterday.

    Let’s all hope that Big Media turns on OB at the same time that Hillary’s campaign is highlighting his woeful lack of inexperience and, the fact that he would be Mike Dukakis in a general election against even the weakest republican.

    BTW, THIS was Dean’s BIG week 4 years ago, being endorsed by Gore and the SEIU. He was done less than 90 days later…

  143. this issue of drug use is inline with the tactic of electability. obama says hillary isnt electable bc she is from the 60s gen and too divisive. so i expet hillary to cont electability themes in the debate for sure. she is hitting him from the left on healthcare. hitting him on krugmangate. ithink sheshould cite his whining about the alito fillibuster effort. she suredidnt. its time for reality check in the demprimary on who can really win. obama backs a trillion tax hike-how will that play? he backed banning guns. how will that go ? he back single payer now doesnt. he is open about his cocaine addiction he had. its fair game. i m shocked its taken this long to come up. most folks deem cocaine use with great disdain-its not treated like pot use. sheehan is right-the gop will run an ad asking if obama also sold crack. they will flash an ad with obama and a crck pipe if needed and it will end his viability. thanks shaheen-we need to ask the tough questions now-not later.

  144. Great post TheRealist.

    You know, I think the MSM is just like any business. Barack Obama is making them $$$ right now. Bill Clinton always makes them $$$. I think the Bill Clinton story that they are running is because they are planning a come back narrative for Hillary. Chirs Matthews worked in politics for some time. He should know better than to selectively pick polls. Whatever fits his narrative.

    TheRealist said: “Anything that the campaign can do to call Ob’s electability into question and highlight his inexperience, attack his weaknesses, is fair game.”

    I think they are answering this with Bill Clinton. Their association (Bill and Hill) is so strong in people’s minds that it cannot be undone. HRC’s campaign will trot BC out alot now. I think they will do this knowing full well that some voters will see this as the “two fer,” but let others decide what it means for themselves. Truth told, lots of voters are voting for her because of him. Maybe not the majority of her supporters, but still a significant amount. I say so what.

    John Edwards rightly said yesterday on Hardball that the last two Democratic presidents talked like him (i.e., soutehrn drawal).


    Chris Mathews: Two days ago right here on this show John Edwards said of his electability that the last two Democrats elected president “talked like this” referring to his Southern drawal and meaning were Southerners. He reiterated this today at the Des Moines Register’s Iowa debate.

    Debate moderator Carolyn Washburn turned to Senator Clinton and asked if she would like to reply. To which she said, “Yes John. But, the last two-term Democratic president was named Clinton.”

  145. there’s a super diary on mydd by susanhu titled “obama talks the talk but where’s the walk”. its a brilliant piece that accurately reveals what an empty suit the man is.

    By the way, Obama will be the most inexperienced candidate to ever become president (god forbid !) since WW II !

    I remember susanhu as a respected poster at kos. dont think she posts there anymore (if it is indeed the same person).

  146. Well ,what do you know ! The great Senator Obama is the chairman of the Subcommittee on European Affairs for the Senate Foreign Relations committee.

    Any guess how many times they have met since he became chairman a year ago ? Go ahead take a guess ….

    … Not even once !

    Guess, he didn,t need to since he had learnt everything he needed to know as a kid in Indonesia.
    Trouble is you dont see these things ever reported in the media.

  147. he wont do anything Obama but sit on his butt,and pass by everything on his desk,
    the empty suit, i dont know this man i don’t live on hope,i want jobs and a debt drawn down to zip..for everyones sake,he never mentions fiscal responsibility,he doesnt even know what it is, he fades like clouds,what would he do for us,instead of hope ,turn the page,and Preach,i dont want a President preaching upon me.not a viable canidiate in my mind.

    Go Hillary!!!

  148. efor 6 years in the clinton years, I produced political talk radio syndicated out of DC. The day that Obama won the nomination – this would be the talking list for hundrds of radio hosts nationwide –

    It would be so easy for the GOP – here’s the initial Obama radio topic rundown:

    -the man wants to BAN making guns
    -the man wans to BAN  selling guns
    -the man wants to BAN – YOU owning guns
    -hes against the death penalty
    -he wants to let crackheads out of jail – NOW!
    -he wants to let illegal aliens on your roads to kill your kids
    -he wants to let MORE illegals into the USA to lower your wages
    -he smoked pot
    -he snorted cocaine
    -he took extasy
    -he was in the same room as ‘HEROIN”!
    -he wants to raise YOUR taxes by 1 TRILLION bucks!        
    -he was a college instructor/professor/lefty
    -he was/is a HARVARD lawyer
    -he IS the chicago Daley machine
    -the company his wife is on the board of – killed a town
    -he goes to a church who’s rector hates whites
    -his brothers are both in the nation of islam
    -Rezko, Rezko, Rezko!
    -his wife got a $200 G raise from a Hospital when he got elected
    -his grandma has no electric or water-and he seems ok with that
    -his first name is “barack”
    -his middle name is “hussein”
    -his last name is “obama”
    -he doesnt LOOK like you
    -he is a liberal democrat
    -he is a radical
    -wall street financiers like him – why?
    – who the heck were his parents, grandparents, his “people”
    -as a kid he seems to have told everyone he would 1 day be prez
    -he says he’s of a “new kind of politics” but his history says NO
    -at harvard he seems to have told everyone that1 day he’d be prez
    -Young Hollywood likes him
    -will smith says hes gonna be the NEXT black Prez
    -he told his future brother in law on the FIRST day he met him that 1  day he would be prez
    -how can he understand YOUR lives?
    -he sends his kids to fancy schools you couldnt afford
    -the 1st day he was in the senate he had a meeting about how to set a plan to 1 day become the president
    -he says he’s experienced enough for the WH because he “studied” international relations in college.
    -he says he’s experienced enough for th WH because he lived in indonsia when he was six
    -he actually said those last two things with a straight face.
    -can he be trusted to stop the muslims who want to kill your kids
    -who IS this guy. really?

  149. New Poll: politicalwire.com/archives/2007/12/12/poll_finds_clinton_leading_in_new_hampshire.html

    Hillary: 33%
    BHO: 26%
    JE: 15%

  150. I’ sorry to use my second ever item here on housekeeping, but I have a question.

    Where do comments go upon submission? I will reclaim it if it cannot be used and will do a rewrite if it’s needed.

    Just don’t want to use my minimal hunt n peck skills if I’m not contributing. I can just read and feel happy.

    BTW. I am one of those women on the JJ video, taped way after midnight.

  151. dem dem:

    Also, in his first year of presidency, he will personally meet with dictators from Iran, Syria, Cuba, and Venezuvela without any pre-conditions.

  152. dem dem, now that’s what im talking about. do we really want this guy president with this track record. NOT!!!

  153. I like Kentucky_mkt’s idea on how to talk about no-mandate health care, by saying those who have insurance end up paying for those who don’t.

  154. greetings

    what a sh*t day here in NH. first the puke-ifying CSP band-wagon jump, followed by, the wonderful UNH polls, etc..

    i will take the evening off, re-group and meet with the local HRC campaign staff. we have a weekend of activities ahaed of us beginning with the election of delegates saturday.

    also, in response to the following, no one, including me, had any such

    In addition, the Clinton campaign over the weekend sent volunteers door-to-door in the state to distribute fliers that criticize the Obama proposal (Fouhy/Elliot, AP/Denver Post, 12/12).

  155. CJ:

    I agree with you…ONN cannot talk about sound economic ideas; Hillary does it so well – i witnsedd this yesterday in the Warren buffet event in SF annd beinng innterviewed few time sby CNBC; i have never seen obama on CNBC talking about – never mind answering a question.

    This likeable man is a empty suit; yes I like him as a person but I do not respect his vision for America!

  156. Can we all begin to imagine for a moment what Barack Hussein and the Repubs would do to Hillary if she had admitted to using a hardcore drug like cocaine? Think about it. He keeps calling her on her “judgment”, saying her vote on Iraq makes it questionable. I know he did these drugs when he was younger, but come on. A lot of young men and women have enough “judgment” at a young age to not get involved with that sort of thing. Hillary among them.

  157. All attention back on tomorrow’s debate. I don’t think they are all that important – since, debates had hardly made a difference to poll numbers. Neverthless, I hope Hillary has a strong performance. I hope all the stories about disarry in her campaign is mere media creation. Obviously, this close to primary – there are bound to be tensions but I hope they can pull it on.
    Let’s end the distraction – *****Keep the eye on the Ball**********

  158. anyway, the bottom line is; no one was sent out canvassing with any anti-BO literature.

    The lazy MSM already has a storyline that Hillary is a witch doing evil things to their darling. I doubt that they will bother with facts. Don’t spoil their pre-defined narrative for them.

  159. paula

    i have never been asked to distribute “flyer’s” of any kind except the usual HRC campaign approved format stuff. i have never seen anything as described above.

  160. I’m sorry, but does the media ever plan to vet this man? He’s an empty vessel. He needed Oprah to come out and give him a boost. He’s not even a leader in the Senate and he wasn’t considered a leader in IL. This guy lacks any leadership skills. I could see him as a supreme court justice. He likes to deliberate. But he simply isn’t presidential. Who the heck are the Dem’s who are supporting him? I don’t get it.

  161. alcina, It’s funny, too, that a copy of this “flier” hasn’t been posted anywhere. Looks like another MSM smear to me.

  162. paula

    i did see an acrobat download on one of the political news-sites today. damn, just can’t remember which one. it had BO’s face all over it in black and white…very amateurish. i cannot imagine anyone on the campaign staff asking me to distribute anything like that. it just wouldn’t happen. everything has always been above board.

  163. Bandwagon for what? Seriously, I can’t imagine nominating someone who needed to go on tour with Oprah to start a bandwagon.

  164. Hello everyone, this is my first post on this site. It’s so wonderful to see a positive site for Hillary!! Since this is my first time posting here, let me make a few comments regarding Hillary vs. Obama.

    I do not understand for the life of me WHY Obama is edging in on Hillary in the early states when she is 30 points ahead of him in the national polls!!! I do not understand WHY anybody is supporting this man who is so naive and inexperienced!! Hillary has 35 years of experience working to help women, children and families, 8 years in the White House with really hands on experience, and now 7 years in the Senate. Hillary cares about people and has fighted so hard for health care, education, better rights for veterans, etc.

    I have been very active in the campaign as a volunteer and regarding healthcare I learned at a recent meeting that not only does Obama’s plan not cover 15 million people but Hillary plan and Chris Dodd’s plans are the ONLY ones who include pre-existing conditions. This is a little known fact.

    I am going to New Hampshire this weekend to campaign for Hillary and I hope all of us will work out butts off to do everything we can to get Hillary elected president in 2008!!!

  165. mj, I think it started well before that. Remember the MSM narrative has been deifying Obama for weeks and weeks. And if voters think he’s just as likely to win in November as Hillary, they’ll go with the “inspirational” candidate.

  166. When the Republicans attack Obama (should GOD FORBID he gets the nomination) on his drug use and for whatever else they dig up, what is he going to do? CALL OPRAH???? LOL!!!

  167. someone else probably is distributing that. i suppose the dirty tricks will fly all over the place in the next few weeks. oh well.

  168. Paula, I get that. But this guy just doesn’t seem like a leader at all. I could see if he had more the John Edwards personality, but there is nothing about him that strikes me as a leader. He constantly needs other people to prop him up. It’s a gut thing. I’m very surprised, even given the media, dem’s are falling for this guy.

  169. he would never in days gone, hold a sound conversation with warren buffett on money matters,never,he doesn’t understand how
    what when on anything tough like economic
    economy issues.he always agrees with Hillary he,might be smart,but he is does not compare with Intellectually sound tough crisis,plans and stick it to those republicans
    Talented Like Mrs. Clinton.

  170. CJ, I hink he’s smart. He’s certainly not the wonk Hillary is but she’s been at this for years. I think Obama is very intelligent.

  171. mj:

    Obama will never be a policy wonk like Hillary because he is not interested in policy. He has been in the senate for 3 years – yet how many hearings did he conduct? How many votes did he cast? I don’t remember seeing him much in the senate at all. He is good at giving lofty speeches that is devoid of policy.

  172. mj, yes, I was at an Ambassadors for Hillary meeting last week with top campaign workers and it was mentioned that the ONLY Democratic health plans that include pre-existing conditions were Hillary’s and Chris Dodd.








  174. ra 1029

    yep he hates voting i dont think he knows what he is doing,and i feel bad for Chicago.there on the back burner,he put them there.there not happy im sure of it.

  175. your right wbboie…jesus must rise to the MEDIA
    or they will be never be trusted again on TV world wide there cred-abililty relies of reporting truth
    there shows will hit rock bottom with no viewer’s

    After Bashing Hillary and she is still standing
    for your horserace for President to close to call
    is there words.out of the horses mouth tweety matthews, hannitysmuck, hatermorris ,tuckerlies we need new faces on these shows and rename them

    now media you have to be fair,we wanna see if he can stand on his feet like her after a big hit of media lies now spin the Barack Hussein Obama,

  176. I am also looking ahead to see the polls after xmas. I’ve read that many people will make up their minds during the gatherings with their families. How accurate are the polls (from past elections) in the day or two before the actual primary? Will we have a more solid idea of how it’s all going to go down in Iowa a day or two before the actual primary?

  177. I hope so AmericanGal. This would be an excellent time for Hillary increase her likeability ratings just as she did with the song contest. I’d like to see Bill Clinton in a humor piece as Santa Clause. It would be very neat to hear Hillary poke fun of herself in a video set to the 12 days of Christmas – ala “12 new pant suits,” . . . and “Healthcare for everyone!”

    Anybody care to work on that one for us?

  178. Wbboei,
    I would not hold my breath for the big media to vet Obama. They seem to enjoy disasters especially if they have a hand in making them. Besides from sounding bitter, I am just going to lay low and hope that things go better for Hillary in the ground than what is predicted. I am just a bit upset about NH polls by CNN. I hope tomorrow debate goes well.

  179. Americangal,
    I read somewhere that Hillary was told she can have just 1 and 1/2 day holiday for Christmas and she will be working for the rest of the time. So, that is what I expect will happen.

  180. Paula- you may be right. But utimately Big Media will hoist itself on its own petard if it fails to vet Obama.

    It will not begin in Georgetown social set. If it begins at all it will be tomorrow night with an outside the beltway journalist who is devoted to the truth rather than to a media narrative which has become part of the golden handshake.

  181. Dem Dem posted a comment with a short list of potential anti-Obama attacks from the Ripublicans. http://www.hillaryis44.org/?p=390#comment-21172

    If anyone caught the dreadful Hannity and Colmes tonight they heard Mitt Romney asked about Obama. Romney rehearsed the lines they will use against Obama on experience.

    We cited Eriposte’s excellent article on TheLeftCoaster today in our article on how Obama would be destroyed by Ripublicans.

    Taylor Marsh also chimed in tonight on how Ripublicans will tear into Obama:


    “Imagine Obama’s answer to banning handguns when put on the wingnut spit of right-wing radio, Fox “News,” Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, et al. Think of all those Republican front groups and what they’ll do when they get a hold of this information. The illegal driver’s license nugget will be another taste treat for the right-wing xeonophobes. John Edwards knows how the general election works and dodged that bullet in the debate. And the “values” coalition will run amok over the cocaine revelation, regardless of whether some of us believe honesty is the best policy, especially if you’re of a generation who has used recreational drugs, myself included. But do you believe Republicans won’t serve it up in the general?

    Truth and righteousness have never been a sure win Democratic defense against the Republican machine.

    Some people are aghast!, aghast! that people are bringing up what our candidate will face once the glow of the nomination fades and the Democratic nominee is staring down an unfriendly media once again that hones in on our candidate’s negatives. It’s going to be that way with any candidate.

    Obama is different. He’ll be a fresh target. He’s the new guy on the block and everyone will be diving in to devouring him. You think because it’s him it won’t happen? If so, you’ve been reading too much Andrew Sullivan. Once a long shot, if Obama wins the nomination he’ll be the one they want to bring down, just like the hack pack press does to all of our Democratic stars. After crowning him Mr. Inspirational, Obama will become the target, because the traditional media always turns on the Democrat. So Obama will have to withstand just what Clinton has had to go through for over 15 years.

    So if you think for a minute Mr. Obama’s glowing press coverage of today will not change once he’s the nominee you’re kidding yourself. The traditional media will not stoop to asking questions just like Shaheen did today, however insulting, bigoted or outlandish they may be. If you think otherwise, step away from the magic fairy dust. You’re simply delusional.

    Targeting the Democratic nominee in the form of outrageous insults masquerading in the form of questions is what the right-wing machine does best.”

  182. I didn’t pay that much attention last election but wasn’t wildly popular Dean expected to win Iowa and in the end Kerry was the winner? Isn’t that still possible with Hillary?

    Also, I think there are still factors at play in this election that make it totally unique. The odd poll results are perhaps a hint. Hillary is still the clear leader in experience and beating the GOP despite the narrowed popularity numbers of the polls. Also, the female factor, her well known heathcare championship and committment to helping people hasn’t disappeared. How these things play out must at least have the potential for results no one expected don’t you think?

    I can’t believe that after all that’s gone on over the past few years voters can be that bamboozled by a phony like Obama. I keep telling my friends at work who are Obama supporters to be careful about what you wish for. I know for certain they will regret it if becomes the nominee.

  183. this cocaine issue will be a bigger story fast. its growing. from this maybe other fruits shall fall for obama-forcing a scrutiny on this guy at least with dems. the shaheen statement is provacative and catching attention of news outlets. and then folks say-wht else about this guy? we are headed tht way. he could be the nominee-so its time for the royal treatment! this npr piece-got a link to it?

  184. Being a Hillary supporter can be tough at times. No. Hillary has never disappointed me. I mean the media’s treatment of her can be a heartbreaker sometimes. Everything little thing is blown into grand proportions if the media feels it has a negative spin on Hillary.

    Obama supporters don’t have to put up with what we (HRC supporters) do. Obama has been treated very kindly by the media. Do any of you remember the last negative/snarky/mockish story written about Obama? They glossed over the fact that Hsu donated to Obama’s Senatorial campaign; that despite condemning Hillary for the Kyl/Lieberman, Obama co-sponsored a legislation labeling the IRG terrorists; they didn’t make a big deal when it was reported that Obama’s aides asked reporters to look into Bill’s post-presidency sex life, his attacks on Krugman… the list goes on and on.

    If Hillary so much as sneeze without saying “excuse me,” the media would pounce on her. Chris Matthews just loves Obama. He pounces on HRC for every little thing. She just can’t get a break.

    Honestly, I haven’t been watching as much cable news as I used to. As the Primary near, it just gets harder to see Hillary get bashed so hard and so often.

  185. Texan, I agree with you. As someone pointed out on a blog I read tonight, it was Obama himself who first put out the cocaine story. He knew this would be an issue at some point. To attack someone for asking questions shows that his campaign knows this could be a political bomb.

  186. Just to add, I believe Shaheen actived on his own. Why would a woman who cleared her schedule this week just to prepare for one debate want to be embroiled in something like this? She doesn’t need all this negative attention.

    But of course, it’s always guilt by association. I wish Shaheen would just keep his mouth shut.

  187. “I wish Shaheen would just keep his mouth shut.” Exactly. I’m sure he acted on his own. I mean, this would be a huge issue in a GE, but Shaheen should realize Obama is coddled by the media, so any suggestion that he may be questioned by anyone seems insensitive.

  188. Filbertsf, I wish a large newspaper (wishful thinking I know) would address that issue. I think it’s the story of the campaign. Forget Obama and even Huckabee, the real story is how the media is choosing a candidate for American voters. The double standard in play with Hillary vs Obama coverage is shocking. How did we get to this place and why do we allow it to happen? Is actual journalism dead in this country?

  189. MJ and Paula:

    She can’t dump Bill. It would make her look bad for many reasons. There would also be the potential loss of “Bill” voters, if you know what I mean.

    Interesting, after reading that BC said “she should have dumped me” and coming to the conclusion that there must have been some underlying reason why he wanted that phrase in headlines, I decided to explore how their marriage situation could be framed to her advantage. I’m sure, when trying to convince others to vote for Hill, you have been asked something like, “How can she run America if she can keep her husband in check?”

    Here was my little experiment:

    SET THE STAGE: Went to dinner with a bunch of highly-educated friends. Figured they would be a tough crowd to convince. Brought up Hillary. Talked amongst selves (Vaclempt). Eventually, they landed on BC’s less than desirable behavior. Some people said that, “she should have left him. It makes her look weak.”

    I said this:

    “You know, that is exactly why I support Hillary Clinton and why I think more women should be in elected office. It takes a strong person to be able to take on that kind of shame that was handed to her and just absorb it. She knew that she would be attacked by the media and by women’s groups. She absorbed that too. I don’t think a male ego could have handled that.

    From my perspective, that says what kind of leader she would be. Someone that is able to handle an incredibly difficult situation with compassion, conviction, and carrying the cross of the consequences. This is the kind of leadership only a woman could provide. And, it is exactly the klind of leadership America needs right now.”

    Try it. Gets people thinking!

  190. obamas whole campaign is so movement driven, the gop will have such an easy time to define him because it’s true, he isn’t well known and his record isn’t well known. to add to the list of stuff they’ll throw at him, i hate to but they will! is the speech to planned parenthood this summer where he said the comment about sex ed as young as kindergarden, it’s on video, we will see it a million times. this election is too important.

    for reference about kerry and dean, correct if i am wrong but although dean and gephardt attacked each other on the air and turned off iowans, what mattered was all dean’s gaffes that made him unelectable. and kerry got very tough about pointing them out. in december. he did not hold back and i think he even sent out email news on a regular basis listing dean’s mistakes.

    here is washington post in mid december 2003 (google to find it, it’s howard kurtz):
    Kerry Staffer’s Attack ‘On Background’ Backfires

    sure it backfired, yeah right.

  191. kentucky_mkt is right. I am one of those “bill voters” :). having said that this cocaine thing has legs and is gaining traction. there might be some hidden skeletons in the closet, else obama would have been more vociferously critical. probably they got hand on some incriminating evidence against obama? I dont know. at this point it is speculation.

    having said that, I think Wapo is leading anti-obama scrutiny right now. although a right wing, but when it makes noise, people hear.

    With Campaign Underway, Obama Now Must Show More Than Potential

    DURHAM, N.H., Feb. 12 — The opening days of Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign have displayed all the promise of his candidacy, with large crowds, pulsating energy and a charismatic leading man. But the Illinois Democrat faces several serious challenges if he hopes to convert potential into a winning campaign.

    The most significant hurdle will be overcoming questions about whether the first-term U.S. senator, who only three years ago was a member of the Illinois Senate, has the experience and readiness to serve as president at a time of war abroad and major unmet problems at home.

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    Next will be striking the balance between demands of political elites for Obama to flesh out the details of his ambitious policy agenda without disappointing the many thousands of Americans who have been drawn to him for his appeal as a fresh contrast to traditional politicians.

    Ultimately, the race could hinge on his ability to overcome the power and resources of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s battle-tested operation. It is already flexing its muscles on behalf of the New York Democrat and is looking to profit from any missteps by Obama’s smaller and less experienced organization.

    Day 3 of the Obama campaign brought the candidate to New Hampshire, the state with the nation’s first primary and a rich tradition of citizen participation in the presidential process. He ordered the “presidential pastrami” sandwich at a deli in Concord, spoke to activists in Nashua and ended with an enthusiastic rally at the University of New Hampshire.

    Along the way, he “absolutely apologized” for saying Sunday the lives of U.S. servicemen and -women killed in Iraq had been “wasted,” and he argued there are “pretty substantial” differences between his position and Clinton’s on the war in Iraq, the clearest early line of demarcation between the two.

    Obama said his biggest difference with Clinton involves the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. He favors pulling out all combat troops by March 31, 2008. He said Clinton “does not begin a phased redeployment.” She has said she favors the start of such a redeployment but has not set a timetable.

    Asked if senators who voted in favor of authorization bear some responsibility for the war in Iraq, Obama said the authorization allowed the administration to wage a war that has damaged national security. “I leave it up to those senators to make their own assessments in how they would do things differently or not,” he said.

    Obama’s advisers expressed general satisfaction with the initial campaign swing. Still, they do not underestimate the difficulties ahead. Asked Monday what they regard as the most significant question Obama must answer in the coming months, communications director Robert Gibbs answered without hesitation: “People want to know if he can handle this.”

    Their hope is that the judgment of Obama’s readiness will not be reached only through the customary measures of experience on the national stage or as a governor, the route taken by most successful presidential candidates.

    Obama has had little time to develop a Senate record of great significance. His advisers count on the public to use a broader definition of readiness, one that they hope will prize the candidate’s unusual biography as a community organizer and a professor of constitutional law at the University of Chicago as much as his record in the state Senate.

    Obama raised the issue of his policy agenda during a news conference in Ames, Iowa, on Sunday, chiding reporters for concentrating more on how he looks in a swimsuit than on what he has said about health care or energy or ending the Iraq war.

    Still, a speech to the Democratic National Committee, in which he seemed to dismiss the significance of policy white papers, has rippled through party circles as a sign that he believes other characteristics carry more weight with voters than coming off as a policy wonk.

    Obama’s advisers say his comment at the DNC was misunderstood, that it was a rhetorical way of saying leadership is needed more than new ideas to break the stalemate in Washington on domestic and international issues, and that he possesses that kind of leadership. He will talk at length about policy, they say, but as Gibbs put it: “I don’t think you veer out of your way to all of a sudden make him this superman of white papers.”

    The trade-off of delving too deeply into the details of policy was evident at Obama’s Cedar Rapids town hall meeting on Saturday. The energy drained out of the room quickly as the candidate responded to questions about himself and his views.

    Part of the blame, campaign advisers say, fell on the meeting’s moderator, but some in the audience said they had not seen enough of the inspirational leader they had first glimpsed in 2004 at the Democratic National Convention in Boston. They pointed to Obama’s speeches elsewhere, particularly in Chicago on Sunday night, in which the candidate exhorted an audience in his adopted home town to use his campaign as the vehicle for a national movement to change the politics of the country.

    At this point, Obama will be compared with Clinton in almost everything he does, from the level of his performance on the campaign trail to the effectiveness of his operation in building organizations in the early states and his ability to raise money in amounts large and small.

    The campaigns are in fierce competition for activists, organizing talent, endorsements and money. Clinton’s weekend trip to New Hampshire included public and private events that touched most parts of the state and many of its political elite. Obama’s venture Monday was far more limited, and he said repeatedly that he will be back often. How well he wears over time will be the ultimate test.

  192. Clinton adviser says he regrets Obama drug comments

    Associated Press – December 12, 2007 11:13 PM ET

    CONCORD, N.H. (AP) – A top adviser to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign says he regrets having made comments about Barack Obama’s admitted drug use as a teen.

    In an interview with The Washington Post, national co-chairman Bill Shaheen said the Democratic party should beware of picking Obama as its candidate, because Republicans could dredge up his past.

    In his memoir, “Dreams from My Father,” Obama wrote that as a teen he smoked marijuana and drank alcohol, and occasionally would snort cocaine.

    The Clinton campaign says it had nothing to do with the comments and Shaheen himself is now backing away from them. The Obama campaign called the remark a sign of desperation because of Clinton’s slide in the polls.

    In Iowa, Democratic presidential rival John Edwards says he wants “nothing to do with that kind of politics.”


  193. The cocaine story will most likely continue however. The GOP will certainly drive it big time if Obama becomes the nominee…

    I wonder if Obama will bring this up at the debates to smear Hillary or if he won’t because he wants the story to go away?

    I will be at work tomorrow but will be looking forward to everyones analysis of what happens at the debate. Frankly, I hope Hillary comes out fighting…

  194. Omg, I went and saw Glenn Hurowitz speak. He was trashing Bill Clinton and then he trashed Hillary and obama too. He loves edwards though. His book has a chapter entitled “The Gutless Wonder” about President Clinton. I gave him a staredown as he trashed the man I had just met the other night. Only 5 people showed up…. 😉


  195. american -gal i think the cocaine story will stick to..,hey hawk… you think those farmers and good iowa familys will vote for a someone who has snorted coacine.

  196. whatever comes up at the debate (i doubt the drug thing will) i know hillary will be extraordinarily well prepared and ready to handle it.

  197. I doubt it if they get the info in a timely manner. He has called us Iowans ingrown, brought up arugala (?) to farmers, and the stuff keeps coming. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s debate. I am positive Hillary will do wonderful. As you know, under a former name, I have posted here about how on caucus night, people will go out and see the reality that she is the most electable.

  198. ag..yep she is well prepared and can handle them ..next it will be a picture soemone puts out there of BHO using drugs or being high,..hes done….Preacher Hussein.

  199. hawk,

    Gavin Newsom is my mayor, we love him…
    he has some of the greatest ideas in the world, and we hope he will run for govenor of california someday…

    oh and hawk, he will talk to anybody, and what a smile…

  200. This is my very first blog ever! 50-59 a lady wrote this i found…i just seen it.

    I wanted to express one of my disappointments in the direction the political scene is taking. When I first heard that Oprah was going public with her support of Obama, I was a bit taken aback because I didn’t think she would try and persuade the public on how to vote. But then, at first, it seemed that she was just voicing her pick and that was it. So the more I thought about it, I decided that just because Oprah expressed her support of Obama, didn’t mean that the public would automatically agree with her, or disagree with her, for that matter. But then she decided to become very vocal about her support and basically go on the campaign trail for Obama. Again, I was surprised that she would attempt to persuade so many people–knowing the power of persuasion she obviously has with the public, especially with women and African Americans. I was mistaken to believe that she was simply going to toss her support to Obama by making appearances with him and introducing him at the political events they are scheduling. But I was sadly mistaken.

    What’s my disappointment and concern? That Oprah Winfrey has artfully begun her stump speeches alongside Obama with a negative racial tone. Did you hear what she said in South Carolina? Did you listen to the message of the words? I’m offended that she would use statements that imply that whites have insinuated that this is not Obama’s time. That this is not Obama’s turn. And that she doesn’t know about you, but that she, nor Obama, nor his wife are waiting any longer for those people to tell them when it is their turn. Please tell me why this kind of message is necessary? Are we trying to incite racial divide in order to determine who our next president is going to be? If anyone, white or any other color, would have really said or insinuated such a thing, believe me, we all would have heard about it long before Oprah decided to publicly support Obama’s campaign.

    the lady has a point ..i went and listen to her speech its does have a racial neg tone to it..which she doesnt have on her show.

  201. Hawk

    Hurowizt was on Iowa Public Radio (WOI) at noon today, silver-tongued devil. His voice was smooth, his ideas would wreak the party, and he seems to have no common sense. He’s so in love with the idea of revolution, his revolution. Scarey.

    He’s going to be in Ames/Des Moines sometime this week I think he said.

    Re women handling unfaithfulness with grace and strength and courage: I ask folks to think about small towns, academic communities, military bases or expatriate communities overseas. If all the women to whom this happened had split their families, two of four MORE households would be headed by a single parent. Well, maybe one of three…but a lot.

    And the work those women put into rebuilding is astounding, as is and was, Hillary.

  202. well i went to oprah site message boards omgosh there filled and that post is there to..very nasty i said i wonder why she is going on all these morning shows,cnn she hasn’t done that in years…so went to her site thats why.people are saying not watching her show,anymore.backfire maybe.

  203. i dont know why sheehan has apologized after obama demanded it. but its out now. and in the wapo they talk about hillary’s camp decided in oct to put it all in iowa. talks of lack of communiation goign on. also bill taking more of a lead in the campaign. arlington staff moving to iowa in the past month. i must admit im conerned with these revelations. i knew it would be a fight-but i get the feeling that a scramble is taking place-shifting aroudn the campaign to focus mostly on iowa. she was never expected to win it, now with so much public on how much money the camp is pending there, shifting maor staff there in a months tme. what are we supporters to think? obama has to be taken down quick-and in a few hrs time of a valid question on obama’s drug past shaheen says he was wrong at the behest of obama. im really irrritated here. obama gets away with too much-and when questioned hillary’s nh chair says forgive me. yikes

  204. this is a great post by someone we need answers he is correct.

    The leftist media will continute to cover up Obama’s Muslim past and connections.

    I’m waiting for a reporter to have enough guts to confront him with some really hard questions like;

    Did you say that you’re proudest of all of your brother Roy because he converted to Islam. (this is in his book}

    Did you say ‘the Palestinian people are suffering the most of all’?
    Palestine has been declared ‘terrorist’ by many countries, including the U.S
    This quote of Obama’s was in numerous U.S. newspapers

    Did you say ‘I will stand by the Muslims’?
    This Obama quote also was reported in numerous U.S newspapers
    (just Google the phrase)

    Did Muslim activist Tony Rizko help get your almost 3 mil dollar home at a ‘cut-rate’?

    Just what IS your associate with Tony Rizko and what is your association with
    black supremacy activist Jerimiah Wright and what are you doing pictured with Muslim activists on their “charity” site?

    With the illegal immigration problem costing the U.S. Billions, why did you say to La Raza that you support the ‘Dream Act’ that will help finance college education for children of illegals?
    Why did you tell La Raza that you thought the demonstrations recently for illegal’ s rights was equal in greatness to the civil rights demonstrations of the past?

    Will someone have the guts to put these hard question to Obama- or will he ride the affirmative action/race/Oprah card all the way to the White House?

    Anyone doubting this info need only to Google ‘Freedom’s enemies, Barack Hussein Obama’ by Beckwith.

  205. Add the inside the D.C. beltway crowd as well to my list of Peyton Places. (just caught Sally Quinn on Tavis’ show..stark reminder of the old dinner/cocktail circuits.)

  206. You are right CJ!

    A warning about the future.

    Flashforward. BHO wins the nomination. Republican nominee Rudolph Giuliani wins the Ripublican nomination.

    The stage is set for the presidential debate. . .

    Gwen Eiffel: “BHO, your opponent has consistenly brought up the issue of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, your refusal to wear a flag pin, and your suggestion that American soldiers are dying in vain. Together, this calls into question your patriotism. Tonight you have the opportunity to set the record straight. What I ask you is this: BHO given your admitted strong ties to the Muslim community and to the Islamic religion, how can Americans be sure that you will unhesitatingly protect them at all costs against Muslim terrorists?”

    November 4, 2008
    Obama 35%
    Giuliani 62%

  207. have a big team hillary meeting tonight. lots to talk about-sending folks to iowa etc. we will fight tooth and nail-will obama’s?

  208. seriously guys, we cannot let this incompetent, two-faced, conniving chump win the primary. It will SERIOUSLY set the racial divide back on the country and SOO much more.

  209. your right mjs..divide us futher

    this is a great one to
    As a white American, I’m outraged over and over again at the insinuation by so many blacks that “we whites” are STILL racists. I not a respector of COLOR…..I am a respector of CHARACTER. I dislike Hillary Clinton more than I do Obama, and she is WHITE. It’s not about color, Oprah. It’s about CHARACTER….and it’s about the CHRISTIAN lie. Obama’s faith is FAR, FAR, FAR from being true Christianity. Just go to the church’s website & read for yourself. These people are about MONEY and about DIVISION. It’s FAR from CHRIST-like. I am extremely disappointed in Oprah for using her O-Factor in this political arena. I think it’s way out of line. I believe it will backfire on her, too. I respect her as a business woman, but this was not a good move. I give the black Americans in this country WAYYYYY more credit for their ability to make informed, educated decisions for themselves. They don’t need a black daytime super power to tell them how to think. I think she’s insulting black Americans. When will this ever stop? When Jesse Jackson & his sidekick keel over? These people, ACLU included, pretend to serve the black Americans when in fact they only serve to continue the oppression and division. It would put them out of work if we all came together. I’m sick of these idiot posers pretending to care about the “Black Folk”. They like for the “Black Folk” to feel oppressed. It feeds their power, doesn’t it? God created MANKIND in His image. There is NO superior race, and we all bleed the same color. If Americans don’t want Obama for their president, it is because they don’t agree with his politics, they don’t see him as mature enough, they don’t believe he can do the best job……it’s not because of the color of his skin.

  210. What Hillary Clinton is doing right now MJS will go down in U.S. history as the time when women began to assume even more important and significant roles in American leadership. And no matter what Hanoi Jane says, this is because Hillary Clinton stood up for all women (thanks Maya for those words).

    There are so many women of all colors that have more experience than her competitors. This includes Mayor Shirley Jackson and Governor Katherine Sebelius. Either of these women would be tremendous presidents to succeed Pres. Hillary Clinton. However, only Hillary has the unique experience of co-president. Anyone that denies that fact, wasn’t around for the 90’s or was engaged in some kind of “recreational activity” during that time.

    Note: see Billy Shaheen for information about the types of recreational activities that people saying Hillary Clinton wasn’t Sec. of Treas. so she has no experience might have been doing to have missed her co-presidency.

  211. Everyone has made mistakes in their life, and if Obama has admitted that he used cocaine as a teenager, and learned that it was wrong then I would be inclined to accept it and move on.

    There are far more serious questions about his experience, maturity, practical wisdom, political courage, consistency, authenticity, and past associations which relate directly to the job of President. Those are what need to be vetted.

    Obama is a silver tongued orator. We have not seen the likes of him since William Jennings Bryant. If you look into the eyes of is followers you see the same rapt look that is visible in the old photographs. But as great as he was on the stump, Bryant did not fare nearly as well in a courtroom, and a courtroom is duck soup compared to the job of President.

  212. Oprah’s speech in South Carolina? It may have been the same at the other stops, but I heard the one in SC. Now if you want to talk about the race issue, this is where I saw it raise it’s ugly head. One excerpt went this way: “There are those who say it’s not his time, that he should wait his turn. Think about where you’d be in your life if you’d waited when people told you to,” Oprah said. She then went on to charge the audience to “let’s show them”. Who is “them”? Does that mean let’s show the white people we can win? I would certainly hope not. But these comments were made just after several of Oprah’s references to Martin Luther King and what he stood for. It just felt like she was separating blacks and whites with the various references she made. I was very disturbed by the message. I was disappointed in her because this is not the Oprah I think we all feel like we know. Maybe I misread her words. But when you come out so strong for a political candidate and you have the eyes and ears of so many people (especially women and African Americans), I think it makes for a dangerous mix if you’re not careful about what and how you say it. I believe that many of the people using these blogs are expressing their dismay with Oprah because she’s stepping out of the comfort zone she herself has created with her audience to trust her opinion with regard to everyday living. But when it comes to voting for president, whether she were supporting Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, or one of the Republican candidates, she’s forcing herself into one of the most sacred spaces in our lives. We didn’t invite her there. She hasn’t only voiced her preference, she’s going all out and closing the door on all the other candidates. She’s doing it very publicly and forcibly. She knows the influence she has, and it feels like she’s abusing her “power”. Many celebrities will endorse a candidate. Some even become actively involved in their campaigning. But I believe that the majority of citizens resent those opinions being forced on us. It feels like they take advantage of their forum to force feed us their opinions. Do we have that luxury? No. I know that I can ignore all of them, including Oprah. But because Oprah has come to stand for fairness, kindness, freedom of choice; it just simply feels wrong for her to be so vocal and so active in persuading the country to vote her way. And again, I just can’t get it off my mind that it felt like she was eluding to some very low, negative racial references in a “round-about” way when she was in South Carolina. And you may say, Oprah? She would never be racist. She abhores the very idea. I would have agreed with you–but she sure did sound like she was preaching civil rights and alienating whites. It did not feel good. I hope I’m wrong. But you know when something in your gut just doesn’t feel right. That’s just how it felt. That said, I think we all want the same thing when it’s all said and done. We want a free America. We want a strong economy. We want to be safe and live our lives at the fullest. We want to be able to love our families and go to sleep at night knowing that we’re all okay.

  213. You are right CJ. And, then she goes on TV to say she isn’t against Hillary Clinton. It is Obama-like, the kind of behavior he has been demonstrating this election season.

    I say things in jest on this Website or from a sell the candidate perspective, but I really wish we could just battle ideas.

  214. yeah i heard say that on tv,His behavior isn’t accepted to me.and he has demostrating it to the election forcefully.

  215. Whenever I see or hear the critical phrase “Hillary is flooding Iowa w/ out of state people”, I think …oh thank goodness.

    You know, there were only 20-25 great staff here to start with…and now we do have more help.

    Frankly, I’m grateful. 99 counties, most of them sparsely populated, we are getting some press/communications and meet-and-greet folks, young and energetic people.

    I can remember going to NH, the UP in Michigan, TX and Idaho in the 60’s when I was younger, to help out. We just went to where we were needed.

    For BO, it’ a piece of cake…can’t tell you how many young men I met who lived from N. Grant all the way to Barrington Hills…and all at the JJ dinner. They were headed home that night.

    Not all Iowans live in Ames, Ia City, Cedar Falls or Davenport. Thanks for coming. Hope it’s not too late. Hope I run into you Texan

  216. good more canvassing people ,good news from iowa
    emjay …that davenport close to chicago…yep all iowans dont live there your right.

  217. and just like he said he would meet with leaders no pre condtions hes nutty , hillary’s eyes went upwards,her look was are you out of your mind.in that debate.
    will be having vistors from that country iran.hes gonna let them in.thats what im afraid of.

  218. Bill sounds furious at Team Hillary. from london guardian today-www.guardian.co.uk/uselections08/story/0,,2226551,00.html

  219. It was a mistake for Oprah put her credibility at risk for Obama to the degree she has. This will be clear when the roar of the crowd and the smell of the greasepaint are gone.

    Already you hear criticism. Some people think she is oveereaching, others view her actions as racially motivated (supra), but I believe she has a more serious problem.

    That problem is the fact that she is working to defeat a family who are fully committed to the black community, and have demonstrated their support over long careers of public service.

    Instead, she is supporting a young charismatic politican, a child of privilege, someone who did not participate in the civil rights movement, as some of its leaders have duly noted.

    She sees him as a symbol and is clearly smitten. What she fails to realize however is that because he is black he will find it difficult to do as much for the their community as Hillary could.

    That is now her cross to bear.

  220. admin at 5:13 pm,
    I couldn’t agree more!

    However, thus I’m not so sure it was wise of Shaheen to apologize. These questions are legitimate. Given the opportunity, the hard pressed Rethugs will of course air ads of a relatively unknown, black Democratic candidate dealing in drugs. To believe otherwise is just being incredibly naïve.

    If hard questions are to be asked on Obama it’s no good to go apologize afterwards. Who ever raises tough but important questions must stand by their statement. Otherwise it’s just a lose/lose situation, where we come off as nasty and effectively undermining our own line of questioning.

  221. Kostner,
    Where have you gone? I need you here. What do you think is going on? I am sick and tired of all the negative media attack on Hillary. From polls to news stories – everything is negative. I am like all other Hillary supporters just keeping low and doing my little work for her. But, hello – big picture please..anyone?
    What is going on? Is there a plan in Hillary’s camp to revert the trend? We have only 3 weeks!!

  222. Secret,

    todays debate is critical. if you can, make a positive video or videos of hillary’s answers and post them on youtube, I am doing it too. also if you can, see if obama is lying on the debate and post it on youtube. both will help, since todays debate will be mostly seen online.

  223. oh and btw, nothing big deal happening. press has never been supportive of hillary, so why do you expect a change at this point of time. just relax, grab some popcorn and watch todays debate if you can! 🙂

  224. good morning hillfans, the weather is going to be really bad here in connecticut. going to snow from 12pm to 11pm tonite. anyway looking forward to the debate today. look for edwards to go after obama now hussien is in the lead or near it in iowa and nh. maybe wishful thinking but maybe the moderators will put bawak hussein obama’s feet to the fire now that is near or at the top.

  225. secret, great to see ya on. i too am tired of the attacks but we are hillfans and used to it i guess. i said this a few days ago about the closer the primaries begin the worst it is going to get. the rollercoaster ride is unbearable. the stress and strain is horrible. but in the end no matter what happens in iowa and nh, come feb. 5th we will be on top. supertuesday hillary will put his baby to sleep. until then is going to put our stomacks in knots.

  226. from this day forward i am hoping HRC returns to the positive message she has portrayed from the start. it is what got her ahead prior to the BO-bashing. in case you didn’t notice, it doesn’t work. 3 weeks to go. stay positive, show america who you are and what you will do as president. do not mention BO in any way shape or form. let’s talk about how we, as democrats, differ from the existing state-of-affairs.

    HRC is a very warm, smart, positive, passionate person. let’s get back.

  227. Has this been posted before. GREAT article:

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
    Hillary Haters and the Roosevelts
    Posted December 12, 2007 | 11:40 PM (EST)

    Even some Democrats who agree with Hillary Clinton on every issue and consider her an effective, inspiring leader, fret that the blind, irrational hatred, that burdened her husband during his presidency and that continues to dog his wife, might impair her delectability. “She is too polarizing” they say, parroting the verdict of television’s Sunday morning gas bags.

    It’s worth recalling the historical parallels with an earlier presidential couple. “No other word than hatred will do,” observed a May 1936, Harper’s Magazine feature “They Hate Roosevelt” by Marquis W. Childs. “The phenomenon to which I refer goes beyond objection to policies or programs. It is a consuming personal hatred of President Roosevelt and, to an almost equal degree, of Mrs. Roosevelt.”

    Childs deemed this “fanatical hatred” so intense and irrational that it could only be explained as the product of “abnormal psychology.” Historian William Manchester described how Roosevelt haters “abandoned themselves in orgies of presidential vilification.” William Bird, curator of political history at the Smithsonian Institution said that “by 1936, the ‘Roosevelt haters’ had developed into a well-defined cult among the nation’s business elite,” their lackeys in the press and on the editorial boards and among right wing Christian theocrats led by fascist radio host Father Charles Coughlin.
    “In history, this hatred may well go down as the major irony of our time,” wrote Childs. “The majority of those who rail against the [Roosevelts] have to a large extent had their incomes restored and their bank balances replenished since the low point of 1933,” before FDR came to power. “That is what makes the phenomenon so incredible. It is difficult to find a rational cause for this hatred.”

    Describing the same baffling dynamics, a bewildered contemporary magazine editor created an inventory of the most vitriolic Roosevelt haters, including the CEOs of Phillips Petroleum, National Steel, DuPont, General Foods, Monsanto Chemical and General Motors, and then recorded the tremendous growth in their stocks which had all flourished since the implementation of Roosevelt’s New Deal policies.

    The intense hatred of the Roosevelts was a dominant feature in the American political landscape during the decade of the 1930s and prompted efforts to impeach him and even a plot to depose him by a military coup planned by high ranking officers of Wall Street’s richest corporations, including Goodyear, Bethlehem Steel, JP Morgan, and DuPont. The “vast right wing conspiracy” had its own Richard Mellon Scaife. Robert Clark, one of Wall Street’s richest bankers and stock brokers pledged half of his $60 million fortune to help finance the coup. His deputy, former Commander Gerald Macguire of the American Legion, a Wall Street bond broker, equated Roosevelt’s reforms to Communism and explained the purpose of the coup to a co-conspirator, “We need a fascist government in this country to save the nation from the Communists who want to tear it down and wreck everything we have built in America.” The 1933 coup attempt was only averted by the courage of General Smedley Butler, the popular World War I warrior who had been tapped by Wall Street to lead the plot and who instead exposed and denounced it.

    “People in power with privilege don’t want to be challenged at all,” Hillary told me recently as we discussed the repetitive rhythms of history. “FDR’s policies rescued capitalism, thereby saving the fortunes and restoring the incomes of so many of the same people who would curse his name over the dinner table. They somehow still felt threatened because they don’t like to be questioned.”

    “And there is something of the same going on today. If you challenge the pharmaceutical companies, the health insurance companies, if you think investment fund managers should be taxed at the same rate as nurses and firefighters, you run into this vitriolic response.”

    Irrational hatred was the powerful drug that intoxicated the Gingrich Congress to impeach President Bill Clinton at the time when he enjoyed 65% popularity with the American people and had steered the nation through eight years of peace and unprecedented prosperity.

    Hillary’s supporters should be heartened by the fact that intense hatred is often accompanied by equally strong support. Roosevelt won four landslide victories against his opponents and crafted the architecture for the most humane, successful, generous features of modern American government.

    They can also take comfort in Hillary’s proven ability to transform intense hatred into loyal support. I recently toured upstate New York’s traditionally Republican counties which she has transformed through leadership and political acumen, into rock solid Hillary Clinton strongholds.

    With a playful wink she told me, “One of my favorite pins in my political pin collection is “I Don’t Like Eleanor Either.” It reminds her that it’s not just the president who is targeted by the haters. But “about anybody who cares about and stands up and fights for the changes that our country needs to have.”


  228. americangal, the hillary hatred is expected from the gop right wingers. it is now a fever pitch hatred on the farthest left fringe roosevelt never had to deal with. the nutkooks, the nation magazine, big media, naderites, and love children of the 60’s that hate her guts. this stems from her husbands presidency in the 90’s. he just was not liberal enough. if they have thier damn way a candidate would go so left that person would get landslided by any gop candidate except ron paul and alan keyes.

  229. you know what? if possible if the far lefties had thier way and get away with it, they would nominate a joke of a candidate in dennis kuchinich. their hearts are with this guy. i would write in my cat jaspar before i vote for that guy.LOL.

  230. AmericanGal,
    Thanx for the article; mighty interesting read. This rabid hatred seems to be a recurring phenomenon with great progressive personalities. I remember that Olof Palme, the former Prime Minister of Sweden (who was assassinated in 1986) was, like Hillary, a great and charismatic personality and he too was victim for an almost rabid hatred from right-wing circles as well as from left-wing/communist circles.

    Well, Obama should not have to worry. For all the huff and puff about hope and change and whatnot he doesn’t come of as great nor particularly charismatic. Said Denzel Washington “As I said earlier in the week, you know, Oprah can get people in the room, Obama has to keep them in the room.”

  231. This is from Obama’s debate with Alan Keyes. I just can not see how obama could blame Hillary on her vote. I wish they could make a commercial of this. Obama giving Bush administration a vote of confidence.

    MODERATOR: Senator Obama, how would you handle the potential threat from countries like Iran and North Korea?

    OBAMA: Well, I think that we have to do everything we can diplomatically. I think that the Bush administration has done the right thing in ratcheting up the pressure on Iran, and attempting to ratchet up some pressure on North Korea to see if they will stand down with respect to the development of nuclear weapons.

    I must say that I am less optimistic about the threat, or, our ability to deal with the threat in Iran, in part as a consequence of Iraq. Because I think that the Iranians at this stage are fairly confident that it’s going to be difficult for us to mount any significant military strike there, but I would reserve all options. And I have said this publicly, that, you know, we have to have to have all military options reserved in order to deal with these potential nuclear threats.

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