Stab In The Back

We interrupt our regularly scheduled “Fear of Hillary Clinton” series to bring you the latest brief episode of Obama Dirty Chicago Mud Politics.

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Poor, inchoate, inarticulate, fumbling John Edwards campaign. After sacrificing his own campaign by ceaseless attacks on Hillary, John Edwards saw his popularity and level of voter support droop. This bizarre Edwards attack strategy helped Obama because the attacks softened support for Hillary (we’ll discuss all of this in Fear of Hillary, Part III), and kept Obama’s numbers stable – thereby cementing the presidential race as a two person race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

How did Edwards get repaid by Obama for dutifully barking as Obama attack dog?

Circulating among Iowa labor circles, I am told, is this leaflet, which looks to be a standard opposition-research paper against former Sen. John Edwards, D-NC.

The shocker? It’s from Mr. Positive, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois.

Not that it’s a shocker that Obama is drawing differences between he and his opponents. (UPDATE: The Obama campaign says this document came because a local union requested information on the differences between him and his opponents.)

It’s a shocker because Obama chief strategist David Axelrod told ABC News that “One of the things people appreciate about (Obama) is he’s not a cheap-shot artist” and this flier is full of cheap shots.

Cheap shot? Isn’t that exactly what Paul Krugman said about Obama’s 15 million lies?

But now Mr. Obama, who just two weeks ago was telling audiences that his plan was essentially identical to the Edwards and Clinton plans, is attacking his rivals and claiming that his plan is superior. It isn’t — and his attacks amount to cheap shots.

Let’s get back to the latest Obama cheap shots:

The cheapest shot … that Edwards somehow has something to do with Whirlpool when the company was closing down Maytag plants in Iowa, Illinois, and Arkansas.

Why is that a cheap shot? Because the link is that Edwards worked for the controversial Fortress Hedge Fund while it owned stock in Whirlpool as it was shutting down those plants.

But some argue a far more direct link exists between Obama and those plants shutting down. It’s not one I agree with — I think both are silly attempts to link candidates to lost jobs — but I think the one linking Obama to the Crown family to those lost jobs is slightly less ridiculous.

The Crown family — Lester, Renee, James, Paula — have been supporters, fundraisers, and bundlers for Obama.

Lester Crown was on the board of Maytag when it decided to shut down a plant in Galesburg, Illinois, and sent those jobs to Mexico.

In August 2005, Crain’s Chicago Business reported that the Crowns stood “to reap an estimated $86 million from the sale of appliance maker Maytag Corp. to rival Whirlpool Corp. After a bidding war, Newton, Iowa-based Maytag agreed Monday to sell to Whirlpool for $21 a share in cash and stock. Maytag has said the Crowns hold about 4.1 million shares.”

Shortly after that merger was announced, Whirlpool shut down those plants in Iowa, Illinois, and Arkansas.

Poor Edwards, deprived of votes and funding, and now devoid of dignity.

We are not surprised either by Edwards total lack of dignity nor by Obama’s treachery. Just ask Alice Palmer what happens when you ally yourself with Obama then stand in his way.

In between long sobs of laughter we wondered where Joe Trippi is? Has Joe Edwards “genius” Joe Trippi responded in a harsh manner to the Obama stab in the back? We haven’t heard. Last we heard from Joe Trippi he was leading a Barack Obama cheerleading team.

Before cheerleading with Obama supporters Trippi had managed to convince the forlorn Edwards’ to accept public matching funds, which due to the spending limits imposed, effectively terminated the Edwards campaign. At the time we took note of the Edwards “calamity” and a bit of Trippi history.

Under the public financing system, Edwards will be allowed to spend just $817,800 in New Hampshire during the primary race. In Iowa, the limit is just under $1.5 million. In both states, even after the primaries are over, Edwards cannot exceed those limits until the Democratic convention – months after a head-to-head contest with the Republican nominee is expected to begin.

Joe Trippi, who managed the presidential campaign of former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean in 2004 and is a senior adviser to Edwards this time, conceded as much in a 2003 interview with the Washington Post.

“This campaign believes that any Democratic campaign that opted into the matching-funds system has given up on the general election,” Trippi said in December of 2003. “There is absolutely no way you can sustain the hits that are going to come from now until August with a $45 million limit.”

We won’t add to Edwards’ misery by recalling a long ago post in which we cited a rumor that it was Obama who publicized the $400 haircut. We won’t even ask why Trippi failed to stop use of ACTBLUE for fundraising when any campaign finance attorney with an unexpired law license would at least suspect matching public funds would not be available for the cash starved bulimic which is the Edwards campaign. [For the record, a lot of the nutroots criticized the Hillary campaign and the Obama campaign, for raising so little on ActBlue – who’s sorry now?]

Joe Trippi did make an appearance of sorts on the Joe Scarborough show this morning. It was barely an appearance. Mediocre and bland, Trippi said little of interest in a passionless monotone. Of course, no mention of Obama’s dirty attack memo.

As we wrote, we are not surprised by Obama’s dirty attack memo. We’ve seen this before. There was the “Punjab” anonymous memo and the after promise to revise all Obama staff operations so this type of backstabbing would not occur again (another failed Obama promise), the 9/11 smear Bill Clinton anonymous memo, other people’s sex lives scrounging, slimy misleading selective quotes to attack Paul Krugman, the gay bashing tour of South Carolina, and Obama’s dirt peddler history.

Obama, of course, always plays The Innocent. But it is amazing how Obama has surrounded himself with dirty players like Robert Gibbs. Gibbs was the creator of the 2004 ad which morphed Osama’s face into Howard Dean’s face – all the while talking about lack of experience.

We suppose Edwards should be grateful that he got stabbed in the back by the Obama campaign instead of the full Gibbs treatment – this way Edwards can pretend to still have some dignity while Obama laughs at him with contempt.


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  1. The Hillary campaign is exposing Obama’s 15 million lies in a leaflet distributed in New Hampshire. This is an issues based response to Obama’s abandonment of 15 million Americans to the land of the uninsured. The leaflet has 3 quotes from Paul Krugman and 1 from CBS News. Hopefully, the campaign will produce leaflets with the entire columns from Krugman on either side of the page.

  2. Celiff, it goes to prove Hillary is running a 50 state strategy, not just an Iowa/New Hampshire campaign. She’s everywhere. Hope she gets some rest before Thursday’s important debate.

  3. mj, the link is to a pdf file – that might be the problem if you do not have Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is free to download.

    Here is some funny celebrity news from the Daily News:

    Madonna will help Hillary Clinton combat the Oprah-powered campaign of Barack Obama. Her Madgesty, whose charity work in Malawi has been supported by Bill Clinton’s foundation, tells us she stands ready to serve. Meanwhile, Johnny Depp is playing the campaign for laughs. Asked which candidate he likes, he told us, “Pat Paulsen,” the grim-faced comic who ran for President six times between 1968 and his death in 1997.

  4. I read about that. I actually think they should let Madonna do something. She’s much more exciting than Oprah, and my generation grew up with her.

  5. Naah. I think Hillary should stay away from Madonna until the primaries are over. Fundraising is okay. Campaigning? naah.. It will give Hillary more tabloid press than positive one.

  6. Today’s Ras;

    In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, it’s Clinton at 39%, Obama at 28% and Edwards at 10%. Joe Biden is supported by 4% of Likely Democratic Primary Voters while Bill Richardson and Dennis Kucinich each earn support from 3%. (see recent daily numbers).


  7. Yepsen Warns Obama Again

    Yepsen: Parties, candidates must make sure caucuses are clean

    David Yepsen • December 11, 2007

    Maybe we should call these the Illinois caucuses.

    Officials and campaigners in both parties are worried that zealous out-of-state staffers and non-Iowa supporters of candidates may try to vote in the caucuses, thereby skewing the results.

    On the Republican side, GOP officials are watching precincts in Council Bluffs and Davenport to make certain people aren’t driving across the state line to participate. They are particularly concerned about Ron Paul’s over-caffeinated backers.

    On the Democratic side, Barack Obama’s campaign is telling Iowa college students they can caucus for him even if they aren’t from Iowa. Five of the six Democratic presidential campaigns have said they don’t want their out-of-town staffers caucusing in Iowa, even though some of these staffers have already registered to vote here.

    The rest is here;

  8. I have a Hillary ad in my head that I wish an independent group would make. It would be as powerful as the “where’s the beef” spoof.

    You have to have seen the original to get the spoof.
    It’s the Fidelity ad with a black couple where the ‘wife’ (an actress who makes me laugh every time) tells her husband, “You couldn’t make the dog roll over”.

    I would hire the same actress. She would answer one of Obama’s claims to judgment with the same gently dismissive tone, “You couldn’t judge a one-pie contest” or words to that effect. Or show his attack on the K-L resolution and have her say something about ever showing up. I invite you clever people to provide the line.

    There are infinite variations on this theme because the Obama team keep saying such improbable things.

  9. Here’s what Craig Crawford has to say about Al Hunt’s column on Hillary’s campaign considering a shake-up:

    It has become fashionable in political buzzland to whisper about tensions between Bill Clinton and the campaign team running Hillary Rodham Clinton’s bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. No doubt some of it comes directly from insiders who are irritated by the former president’s occasionally off-message remarks on the trail.

    But if Bill is considered such a drag why is he still campaigning nearly every day for his wife? Whatever complaints the New York senator’s team might have, nothing has led them to shy away from booking him on the road. After a weekend in South Carolina counter pointing Oprah Winfrey’s swing for Democratic contender Barack Obama, Bill went straight to Iowa for events on Monday.

    Some might forget that fierce infighting is a Clintonian hallmark, especially when things are not going smoothly. Bill and Hillary themselves have been known to trade verbals blows. Even on the day of his first inauguration in 1993 they were overheard yelling at each other in a Capitol Hill holding room while stunned lawmakers listened from the next room.

    Friction inside a Clinton campaign should never be mistaken for a fatal meltdown. More often than not a nasty brawl behind the scenes is followed by new tactics or a change in staffing that pretty much fixes whatever caused the blow-up. And so long as Bill stays out there on the campaign trail, you can bet that he must still be in the mix.

  10. Realist,

    The Yepsen article is a good one. Here is the zinger.

    (But, then, they do elections a little differently in Illinois than we do in Iowa. At least you can’t vote a dead person in an Iowa caucus.)

  11. Liberal views could haunt Obama

    By: Mike Allen and Ben Smith
    Dec 11, 2007 08:08 AM EST

    When Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) was seeking state office a dozen years ago, he took unabashedly liberal positions: flatly opposed to capital punishment, in support of a federal single-payer health plan, against any restrictions on abortion, and in support of state laws to ban the manufacture, sale and even possession of handguns.

    Filling out a 12-page questionnaire [part 1 of questionnaire, part 2 of questionnaire] from an Illinois voter group as he sought a state Senate seat in 1996, Obama answered “yes” or “no” — without using the available space to calibrate his views — on some of the most emotional and politically potent issues that a public official can confront.

    “Do you support … capital punishment?” one question asked.

    “No,” the 1996 Obama campaign typed, without explaining his answer in the space provided.

    “Do you support state legislation to … ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns?” asked one of the three dozen questions.

    “Yes,” was Obama’s entire answer.

    Here’s the rest…

  12. The last graf is the key. I hope that’s the case about adopting new tactics. Successful campaigns know how to pull that off.

    I love Hillary, and I hope she wins, but this is how I’m preparing for the possibility she won’t. If she can’t beat back a challenge from someone as green as Obama, then she doesn’t deserve the nomination. It’s that simple. Remember, Obama’s campaign was on life support in October. But her campaign didn’t apply the killer instinct to put him away.

  13. It seems that more and more Progressives are beginning to see the light about Saint Obama.

    “Nothing if not a skilled pol, he knows what he’s doing when he stresses his Christianity, his opposition to Tom Hayden Democrats, his support for free trade, his belief in American exceptionalism. Maybe he’s playing the powers-that-be for fools, attempting to smuggle a Trojan Horse of progressivism into the White House.”

  14. Paula,

    Obama is not green. He’s Chicago politics in bed with a really vile group of handlers and advisers.

    My money’s on Hillary not getting down in the mud with these SOBs. She’s better than that.

  15. That politico article just reinforces what we here already know: The GOP will have a field day with Obama in the GE. If he wins the nomination, they’ll be laughing their asses off. And after some initial euphoria, they’ll be lots of buyer’s remorse on the Dem side.

  16. Wonder who’s working to derail BHO now? My favorite comment was this:

    “So electability questions that once were directed at Clinton may now be asked about Obama.

    “Put more bluntly, Republicans think his high-minded approach to issues could make him a sitting duck as he tries to attract the vast middle that determines American elections.”

    In GOP speak, he’s toast.

  17. Hello. I’m new here. I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do here. And, I remember that political ad about Howard Dean. I also remember the GOP using that morphing technique on Max Cleland. The effectiveness of dirty little-but-big tricks aside, I think if Hillary keeps on speaking about her specific policies & experience– and can keep working hard at reminding people that as we affect change, we also have to fix what’s been broken, people will see that she is truly presidential. Keep up the good work!

  18. I agree with Paula. She has to pt the screws in this guy. I wish she could get the NH Governor to endorse her. As it is, Obama now has both of the NH congresspersons supporting him.

  19. mj, both Hodes and Shea-Porter are tainted by BHO’s Hopefund money and Dr. Lynch (Mrs. Gov.) has endorsed Hillary. With the money issue still in play, it would be totally stupid of the Governor to endorse BHO.

  20. B Merryfield, I don’t want her to do that either. And I know all the obstacles she’s facing, including misogyny and horrible media bias. She knew she had to run a much better campaign than anyone else, because of the double standards she faces as a woman and a Clinton. I’m just disappointed her campaign hasn’t been able to exploit Obama’s weaknesses. I also wonder if cultivating the national media a little more would’ve helped; it’s certainly been a boon to Obama.

  21. I understand that, but do you really believe that about CSP? I mean, she’s well respected. I don’t think she would endorse just because of campaign contributions. I wish she had just stayed out of it. But, now’s go time. I hope Hillary can nab a bigger endorsement and get some momentum there.

  22. Oh, I know he Governor won’t do that. His wife is a defacto endorsement for Hill. But a public one could give her alot of momentum.

  23. If you read the eriposte article, Paula, you’ll see that he and others like Bob Somerby and Digby all point to BHO’s pandering to the likes of Tweety and Pumpkin Head. It would not have mattered if Hillary had tried to reach out to them. They are Clinton haters, not just Hillary haters, which guarantees their bread and butter, which makes BHO even more hateful than they .. he has pandered to them knowing exactly what it gets him.

  24. Merryfield, that is what I am saying. I’m not sure where I am losing you. A public endorsement by the Governor, who has already basically endorsed by way of his wife, would be tremendously helpful to Hillary right now.

  25. My favorite line from the Politico article, a response from the Saint Obama campaign:

    The campaign said his views have been consistent, and points out that his positions have always been more nuanced than can be conveyed in yes-or-no answers.

    Say what? Isn’t Saint Obama the one who stood on his holier-than-thou pulpit in his glass cathedral and lambasted Clinton for giving answers that were too nuanced for “yes-or-no”?

  26. “Put more bluntly, Republicans think his high-minded approach to issues could make him a sitting duck as he tries to attract the vast middle that determines American elections.”

    So why does a guy with obviously weak GE prospects have a chance to win the Dem nomination? This absolutely should not be happening.

  27. I love the piece. “ready” was her first slogan and I wrote the campaign several times to say they should revert to it.

  28. Yes, hwc, it’s the same Obama. And the GOP will use not just his liberalism but the fact he accused Hillary of the same thing he’s guilty of to call him two-faced.

  29. B Merryfield, I know Tweety’s a lost cause. 🙂

    I meant her campaign’s decision to make her largely unavailable to the media at large.

  30. This is one of the most ridiculous posts that I’ve seen at TPM Election Central for some time. They show the following from a CNN poll, but fail to clarify that the results come from a head-to-head poll, giving the idiotocracy the impression that Edwards is the most electable candidate vs Rips. Although this proves nothing, the celebration over at TPM is unbelievable.

    Clinton (D) 51%, Giuliani (R) 45%
    Clinton (D) 54%, Romney (R) 43%
    McCain (R) 50%, Clinton (D) 48%
    Clinton (D) 54%, Huckabee (R) 44%
    Obama (D) 52%, Giuliani (R) 45%
    Obama (D) 54%, Romney (R) 41%
    McCain (R) 48%, Obama (D) 48%
    Obama (D) 55%, Huckabee (R) 40%
    Edwards (D) 53%, Giuliani (R) 44%
    Edwards (D) 59%, Romney (R) 37%
    Edwards (D) 52%, McCain (R) 44%
    Edwards (D) 60%, Huckabee (R) 35%

    [Paste back together]

  31. B Merry:

    Don’t put any stock in the general election numbers that come out so early. Dean was leading Bush during the primaries in 2004.

  32. Moreover you have repubs lined up behind Obama in the primaries to go after Hillary. That portion of his support will peel away in the general if he is the nominee.

  33. Merryfield, as I understand it, the poll was taken from ADULTS, not registered voters – Dems or GOP – or leaners.

    Besides, right now, we need for Edwards to remain competitive. If he goes down, his supporters will gravitate towards Obama. In fact, that’s what’s happening right now.

  34. Several polls show McCain doing better against Hillary than the other Repubs; he’s been flying under the radar so he’s been free of any bad press for months.

  35. From NYTimes poll:Bill Clinton and Oprah:

    “Forty-four percent of Democrats said Mr. Clinton’s involvement would make them more likely to support Mrs. Clinton. The poll found just 1 percent said they might be swayed by the involvement of Oprah Winfrey.”

  36. filbertsf, that’s only true with a faction of Edwards supporters(the ABC faction), generally Edwards supporters skew toward Hillary.

  37. The weather here is sooooo terrible. They had to cancel Bill’s appearances today. It is slushy and icy everywhere and it is raining.

  38. What a shame, celiff. It seems like the weather hasn’t been helping her campaign, either. I can remember several times Hillary couldn’t make it to Iowa because of that.

  39. celiff:

    That’s not good. Hope the weather is not like that on Jan 3rd. We don’t want Dodd winning the Iowa caucus. 🙂

  40. From the politico article:

    “No candidacy of his avowed liberalism has succeeded in the United States in much more than a generation,” said Republican strategist Kieran Mahoney, a national political adviser to former Sen. Bob Dole’s 1996 presidential campaign.

    Mahoney said GOP consultants typically have to game out: “Is this a guy who has the nuance and cleverness to hide the fact that he is an unrepentant liberal?”

    “That’s the question you have when you’re trying to beat these guys,” Mahoney said. “He’s not even trying.”

  41. If we’re lucky, enough Dems will get their heads out of their derrieres to realize that. But at this point, I’m not terribly optimistic. At least politico deserves credit for raising the issue.

  42. I rarely visit Righie blogs but ran across this comment while trolling for info:

    Campaigns have learned that once people make up their minds, they won’t change.
    You can see it on these posts. The Mitt-wits will die with a ballot in their hand. They consider Mitt a God, that has done no wrong, has never flip-flopped, and they cast disdain at any other candidate (the most vicious personal statements come from his supporters…bigots, liars, bigots, liars, more bigots…)
    Paul’s supporters, they will go Democrat if he doesn’t get the nom.
    McCain, a war hero, any thing else any you are unpatriotic.

    Fred, with not a strong leadership background, you would think he told Moses what to do.
    Rudy, why he saved NYC, what more do you want?
    Huck, talks to God, what more do youuu want?
    Tancredo, just get the Mexicans out…that’s all his supporters care about.
    I am missing one, and he may be one of the best, but where is he?
    So Obama can go back on his word to catch the ones he has not “endeared” his faithful will forget his mud-slinging, and he is trying to catch the weak.

    What I found most interesting was the comment about Ron Paul.

  43. BHO is a joke. Now he blames his staff for all the boxes he is supposed to fill in a document? Talk about blaming his staff for everything.. Isn’t he supposed to atlease review it before it goes out anyway?

    Talk about taking responsibility. I wonder who will want to work under him when he keeps blaming them for everything.

  44. Excuuuuuuusseee me, but isn’t one of BHO’s reason for not being able to produce his Illinois Senate papers because he DIDN’T have staff? Now it’s his staff’s fault?

    How blinkety blink blink convenient.

  45. Baltimore Sun reports that Will Smith has contacted BHO “to offer his services as a surrogate campaigner.”

    I think that that would be absolutely nifty.

    First, it’s the Opramalamadingdong show. Next, we’ll have the man who wanted to be the first black president filling in for the man who wants to be the first black president.

    Can’t you just see the headlines on this one?

  46. I hope something positive happens for Hillary soon, because now it seems all anyone talks about here is Obama. I don’t really care for the guy. I’d rather talk Hillary.

  47. mj:

    I think Hillary is out in SF today having a lunch fundraiser with Warren Buffet. So, we will hear more on that this evening, I guess. Celiff also mentioned that Bill’s events today were cancelled due to bad weather.

  48. Sioux City Journal: “Hillary: ‘Ready to lead from day one'”

    SIOUX CITY — Iowans take their presidential politics very seriously. Amid the myriad of candidates, they have found one leader who dares to stand up to big businesses, insurance companies and George W. Bush: Sen. Hillary Clinton.

    Her recent trips to Iowa prove she is the most electable candidate. People all across our great state are getting to see the real Hillary Clinton, a warm, passionate and dedicated public servant.

    Senator Clinton is leading Rudy Giuliani and other Republican candidates in many states the Democrats lost in 2004 including Iowa, Florida, Ohio, New Mexico, West Virginia and even Virginia. Not only is Hillary electable, but she is the only candidate who is ready to lead from day one. — Marian Morehead

  49. It would be so ironic if Dems only came to appreciate what they have in Hillary if Obama wins the nomination and then predictably tanks in the GE.

  50. Paula, if we nominate him, you are absolutely right, he will tank in the GE and they will all regret it, and I will let them know it.

  51. I just couldn’t stand to listen to this guy campaign for another year and a half. He bores the heck out of me. Well, atleast I’d stop obsessing about politics at that point.

  52. Taylor Marsh has a new article up on today’s revelations and this is her summation:

    “One more thing to consider. The Republicans haven’t even gotten started on Mr. Obama, though they sure will cranking after today. As for Clinton, they’ve done all the negative ads, the swiftboating and caricatures that can be done. The books have been written, rehashed and regurgitated, with this year’s screeds all sinking. There’s nowhere else to go on Clinton. They’ll have to run against her policy ideas, which won’t be easy unless Democrats buy into the wingnut spin. With Barack Obama, the fun has barely begun.”

  53. On the GOP side, I wouldn’t mind voting for Romney. I think his record as Gov of MA shows he’s a moderate. The guy is basically a social moderate. I can live with that.

    Of course running on a GOP ticket, he can’t be a social moderate. That’s why he’s flip-flopping.

    I just can’t stand the thought of a President Obama. His smug, sanctimony will drive me away from politics for the next 8 years.

  54. I wonder who. Governor Rendell, a good endorsement to go with Ted Strickland. Bob Casey Jr.? Should be interesting.

  55. Taylor Marsh is spot on, as usual. Although I suspect the Repubs will refrain from going after Obama unless he wins the nomination. They don’t want to help Hillary.

  56. So, what’s the word in Iowa, Celiff? I am surprised the college kids seem so monolithic in their support for Hill. Usually, there’s more diversity of opinions on college campuses.

  57. Yeah. It is a bandwagon thing and a visual thing. They all jump on this bandwagon ( a really crappy one at that) and when I ask them why obama, they have no response. About 1 minute later they will say, he’s fresh and new. And then I will give them the facts and they are lost for words. It is quite entertaining. They also have seen him more. He’s been here 3 or 4 times on campus, Hill has been on campus once, during summer break. This Bill thing was a big help hopefully. I had an undecided leaning obama friend that helped create a banner for the event. SHe liked obama, and she said after they all started attacking her, and when he brought out oprah, she started to lean to Hill. I told her about obama and about Hillary, and I took her back and she got to meet Bill Clinton behind the scenes with me after the event. SHe is all about Hill now. She signed a supporter card, got a tshirt, a few buttons, and is coming into the office to volunteer. If our people would look at the facts, they would see the proverbial light.

  58. It won’t be Rendell or Casey. Those are big endorsements. Hillary would usually stand right next to a very important endorser.

    I think the “special endorser” might just be Tony Bennett.

  59. It will be someone other than Bennett won’t it? Gotta have someone more important than that from Philly right?

  60. The local CBS affiliate in Philly called it a major endorsement. I don’t think it’s Tony Bennett. It must be someone political.

    BTW, I wonder where kostner is today?

  61. ok here it is..i didnt know if it would help ya

    By Dan The Man Today at 1:18 pm EST
    We need the students so bad…They have to come out and cant dissapoint like so many times in the past. Texing them on Caucus day could really help!

    I owuld like to start a vollunteer list of people who will be in the Iowa Area on Jan 3rd and will take people to the caucus ares from out of state, or even from in state.

    Weather will be a huge factor, and if they get a day like today, the students wont be able to get back to Caucus..

    Also the instate students really have to make this a mission and get a friend and go together to caucus..
    Re: Students! | Report to Admin Reply
    By FlyEaglesFly Today at 1:34 pm EST
    Hey Dan,

    I live in Durant, IA (Cedar county) and have e-mailed the campaign about helping out anybody in the area who needs a ride to the caucus. I haven’t heard back from them but the offer still stands…so put me on your list. 🙂

    Re: Students! | Report to Admin Reply
    By marytnurse 31 minutes ago
    Hey Durant! Lisbon here–staying home and safe? Glad to see we both still have power! I’ve got 8 branches down, broken fence broken deck and lines ripped away from the house, cable line down, but thank goodness I didn’t go to cable internet yet lol.
    Re: Students! | Report to Admin Reply
    By MarkkraM 17 minutes ago
    Nice blog on why you made your decesion for Obama!
    Re: Students! | Report to Admin Reply
    By MarkkraM 19 minutes ago
    Good thinking, I too want to help out on Caucus night, being from Illinois but working in Iowa I plan to help carpool.
    That would be the thing to do, get with your neighbor or a church and find some people that will need rides that night – IT really don’t need to come from headquarters, but I am sure once we are a little closer their might be a list forming of people calling to be put on a list to be matched with volunteers. Call your local office or Scott county office Link
    for a map of offices.. or email some members of this mybo by searching for others through your zip code!

    Wisconsin 2008 Presidential Election | Report to Admin Reply
    By Ansu Today at 1:26 pm EST
    Wisconsin may again prove to be too close to call in 2008.

    it’s Giuliani in 44% Clinton 42%. Senator Clinton leads former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney 46% to 40%, and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee 45% to 39%.

    The survey also looks at two possible match-ups with Senator Barack Obama as the Democratic standard-bearer. Obama leads Huckabee 48% to 37%, and leads Giuliani 45% to 42%.

    Clinton is viewed favorably by 48% of likely Wisconsin voters, unfavorably by 51%. Obama is at 56% favorable. Giuliani is viewed favorably by 55%, Huckabee by 44%, Romney by 43%.


    Des Moines Register hit piece | Report to Admin Reply
    By Nysmom 53 minutes ago
    Yepsen is at it again! He is specifically targeting Obama for his attempts to get student to participate in the caucus. If this is ENTIRELY legal which he admits I don’t understand why he is trying to disenfranchise votoers. I encourage everyone to email him and if you can call him and let him know this is unacceptable to try disenfranchise young voter in this country. There are very few of us who can make a real impact on picking our nominee and if you legally can you definitely SHOULD! He also goes on to imply that all of Chicago voters are corrupt.


    DAVID YEPSEN can be reached at or (515) 284-8545.

  62. i was curious about weahter that oprah thing calmed i think it has so then i spotted this as i was scrolling along…then come back

  63. Oh, this is funny. I think I know the person from Durant. She goes to school here with me and is from Durant. I am from Scott County and will be interested to tell the staff to watch out for odd people.

  64. Anyways, someone try and find this endorsement. I am so curious. So Curious. Someone big in Philly or Pennsylvania, or anyone else. I am so interested.

  65. I don’t know, if this were a big deal, you’d think the press would be buzzing about the endorsement, but aside from a couple of local PA papers, there’s been nothing I’m aware of.

  66. I see a internet mob of obambis. they are going after yepsen now. I am sure he would be pissed by now. These younglings dont realize its yepsen who is moderating debate tomorrow. hehe.. cant wait yepsen going at obambi on question as to why he thinks voters of illinois should choose delegates from iowa, and why obambi is bussing people. and I think this mob mentality will hurt obambi in the debate, atleast i HOPE so!

  67. This was a comment on Hillary’s blog regarding today’s endorsement.

    It was sweet justice to my ears when I heard this yesterday. For those of you that aren’t aware, this was the Union O/O made an agreement with to not picket the Verizon Center in New Hampshire for their “event”. I made me quite angry and for the International Alliance to come out the very next day and endorse Sen. Clinton made chuckle; well not really chuckle, I laughed out loud.

    Way to go Sen. Clinton! This is why

    I am a PROUD supporter of the Honorable Senator, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    by illinoismel 12/11/2007 3:16:43 PM

  68. the thurs debate is in dem moines live on cnn 1-3om. very critical-last debate before iowa and yepsen will be there

  69. mj, I agree with you. My obsession with politics will cool considerably if Hillary doesn’t get the nomination. Oh well, I’ll just develop a new hobby, lol.

  70. tied.. is that the BEST he could do with Oprah’s help? geez.. I thought he would do better in SC.. infact I thought the poll will show him leading.. if he doesnt get the bounce from Oprah in SC.. then where will he get bounce from once the oprahmania fades away?

    here are latest polls:

    Insider Advantage 12/08 – 12/09 480 LV 22 28 14 10 2 Obama +6.0

    Mason-Dixon 12/03 – 12/06 400 LV 28 25 18 2 1 Clinton +3.0

    Rasmussen 12/03 – 12/04 407 LV 36 34 13 — — Clinton +2.0

    Ideally, Obama is expected to elad in SC, not tied. if he is tied, then he is in trouble, because has just started the radio ad. once she goes TV, Obama support will lag. and if edwards fades in Iowa and NH more shift towards Hillary and that will gut down Obama IMO. do people have alternate arguments?

  71. hillfans, if you guys want a early election fix check out the ohio-5 us speacial house race for robin wierauch-d. maybea upset in a gop leaning house seat? polls close 7:30pm eastern time.

  72. gladiatorstail, That poll covered pre- and post-Oprah days, and he didn’t better in the post-Oprah polling, so he might actually be ahead in SC. The Oprah effect could be temporary, though.

  73. terrondt, I just saw that’s possibility. Apparently, an internal poll shows her with a slight lead. That would be a definite upset.

  74. paula, not just anybody’s internal poll. it was the gop nominee lotta’s. very rare a internal UNFAVORABLE poll gets out.

  75. BTW, I just thought of something. Remember those articles on how some Dems feared Hillary would hurt candidates running in red states? Looks like Obama’s past liberalism would be an even bigger albatross donw ticket. These anonymous Dems should be careful what they wish for.

  76. Thursday can’t come soon enough for me. I’m hoping Hillary has a brilliant debate performance. We need some more positive mojo.

    Celiff, they put up the pics, but I didn’t see you. Looked like quite a crowd though.

  77. i know anybody is entitled to endores whomever they want but how come not one of the iowa and nh us reps has endorsed hillary?

  78. another thing about this oprah-child molestation school owner. wtf is obama doing on making people who come to see oprah sign contact information. talk about arm twisting high pressure. plus the last few weeks arm twisting people in endorsing him?

  79. terrondt — NH only has two reps and both are freshman. The Clinton camp has too many well-known senior politicians on board, so there’s no room for growth. The first NH rep endorsed BO back during “Media Blitz #1,” this second one is endorsing during “Media Blitz #2.” Really, they are just looking for a way to advance themselves, and I don’t read too much into it, otherwise. The two senators are Republican.

    IA has five congressional districts. Two are republican. The Dem three:

    Bruce Braley (IA-1) is another freshman. Before his election, he was already working for Edwards, so that endorsement was no surprise. That leaves two: Loebsack and Boswell.

    Loebsack is another freshman. He is likely not-Clinton and is often mentined as a likely BO endorser, but other candidates have been courting him as well:

    Loebsack said that he would not be endorsing a candidate Saturday and that he didn’t know if he would at all.

    Finally, there’s Boswell, who is a possible Clinton endorser.

    IA’s Dem senator Harkin is staying neutral, but his wife has endorsed Hillary.

  80. Thank you for posting that DC !!! Those numbers made my day. She was ahead in the CBS poll yesterday too and they made it out to be like she was in trouble or something…

  81. Can anybody explain why Harkin has decided to remain neutral this time around ? He endorsed Dean 4 years ago and I would have thought that with his wife endorsing Hillary, he would have come out for her …

  82. hey guys, abc/wash poll just out has hillary over barack hussien obama by 30 points nationally. i think that is a bit too high. good news anyway though.

  83. Washington Post/ABC poll out (national Democratic race):

    Among 429 likely Democratic primary voters,
    Sen. Hillary Clinton 53%
    Sen. Barack Obama 23%
    former Sen. John Edwards 10%.

  84. Just watched first ten minutes of Tucker and he is grilling Adam Smith (D-Wash.) about BHO’s questionnaire.

    When you get to be the presumed lead dog, folks start asking questions. Tucker pointed out to Smith that if BHO’s the Dem nominee he’ll have to start answering questions with more than “change” and I’m not Hillary.

    Let’s hope BHO lingers here for a little while. Seems that even Tucker has the right questions for a change.

  85. “And the site is also having a growing impact. In the lively comment section – it’s not uncommon to see more than 200 comments under a recent post – supporters also exchange tips and encouragement for offline campaign activities.”

    Well, yes we are…:)

  86. That Wash Post/ABC poll is devasting news for Saint Obama.

    On all of the internals (best able to handle Iraq, economy, health care, etc.), he’s lost ground since their last poll November 1st.

    I would remind everyone of something Mark Penn said months ago. The nation’s “elites” care only about personality in politics. Rank ‘n file voters care about issues. Could anything more accurately describe this campaign?

  87. whenever the so called main stream media or big media is taking this sight seriously, you know they are getting worried. they can’t stand this site becuase we will get the truth out.

  88. hwc, the cbs/ny times poll and the better poll abc/washpost poll put a monkey wrench in the oprah/barack hussein gushfest. it must have killed them to report these good back to back polls of hillary way ahead. the combined polls averages 23.5 plus points for hillary.

  89. admin, your hands must be full keeping off all the trolls. This is the most rigid and superbly enforced site and thats the way it should be. At least this is the one site (besides the campaign website) that one can come to and know that all that irrational hatred that you see elsewhere in the blogosphere has no place here. So kudos to you admin for the job that you do ! I have no doubt that those idiots from kos or anywhere else (and theres no shortage of them) come sniffing here and try to spew their garbage.
    And for those who want to complain, you can go to kos or Huffpo. We love Hillary, she will be the next president and this site is dedicated to make that happen. Hillary rules !

  90. For those who have thought Mika Brzezinski is one of the good guys, explain this transcript from Rush Limbaugh about the non-BHO bounce: [space] site_121107/content/01125111.guest.html

  91. LOL, thanks mj. we need a little laughter nowadays becuase it is going to get tougher and crazier these last few months before feb 5th. if we thought we have seen the worst, think again. the haters on the left and right will do ANYTHING to keep hillary from the nomination and the gen win.

  92. hillfans im curious, when do each of your states start early voting or absentee? i want know how each of your states start you absentee voting process.

  93. celiff-

    Cool site sponsored by, “Emily’s List”, who will be getting out the women’s vote for Hillary in all 50 states. They have money, and a great candidate, and they’re going to be a big, big, help.

  94. terrondt:

    I think the whole Oprapalooza may, in the final analysis, be the nail in Hussein’s political coffin.

    Nothing says “light and fluffy” like a new agey endorsement from daytime talk show hostess as the centerpiece of a presidential campaign.

    Although unspoken, Oprahpalooza also introduced the race card into the campaign in a way that Hussein has spent his entire political career (short though it may be) trying to avoid at all costs.

  95. Great job admin! How wonderful that this site is getting famous!. This place is truly an island of sanity in the ocean of political mud thats out there on the internet.

    On another topic: Did the Philadelpha endorsement happen? Who was it?

  96. Everyone should say hi to Ben Smith, who’s surely reading our comments here now (as are many, many, others.)

    Hi Ben! Thanks.

  97. Looks like they start to send out absentees in CA on Jan 7th. Voters need to return them 7 days prior to the the primary on Feb 5th.

    CA is where Hillary has a serious absentee effort going, as well as BO (via a 527).

  98. celiff you might have to change your post…i wont say much if we are getting famous, but ill watch you politicians fight for her,and put them haters ,brains together,you’ll tear em

  99. terrondt:

    In addition to introducing the race card into the election in an unintended way, Oprahpalooza also injects the gender card into the campaign in a way that undercuts Hussein.

    Let’s face it, part of Hussein’s appeal has been to voters who simply don’t want a woman running things. Yet, the visceral images of Oprahpalooza drapes Hussein in a sea of women, starting with the Big O herself. So, if I’m not a woman-hatin’ voter, I’ve got two choices: the tough ol’ broad Hillary Clinton or the little boy clinging to Oprah’s apron strings. In an election to select the next Commander-in-Chief, I think Hillary wins that imagery and symbolism.

  100. all i think about when he says hope’ hope’ well ya cant live on it,we’d have quit going to the store the doctors and anthing else,if your gonna live on hope,there isn’t anything there,if its just hope..he’s nutty

  101. therealist, the internals are interesting. the black vote has hillary winning 39% of them. as long as she holds her own with the black vote she will do fine.

  102. Glenn Hurowitz is coming to speak to us at a UDEMS meeting. Anyone know anything about him? Does he like Edwards?

  103. celiff — Glenn Hurowitz is the one with the anti-Hillary pac Democratic Courage. He’s a serious Hillary hater and involved w/ the Edwards campaign. He’s trying to raise money for that crappy ad his pac has put together.

  104. terrondt-

    Yup, that’s one of the caveats. They don’t seem to have much faith in their own conclusions, because of the questionable internal dynamics of the assumptions they’re making. Talk about a margin of error!

    I’ll take being ahead in any poll in SC…

  105. Yes. Hurowitz is a two-bit blogger who lives in his parents basement and supports Edwards. He’s the one with the amateur-hour Hillary-bashing YouTube ads that he claims to be running on cable TV in Iowa. He saved up his lunch money for the ad buy.

    He’s a nobody.

  106. Really. I am on the exec board so I have to go, but I will be prominently displaying my buttons, and giving him a staredown.

  107. hillfans, im assuming rasmussen is coming out with his iowa dem poll wednesday. the gop one came out today. god knows the attacks on huckabee is stepping up now he the frontrunner. welcome to the club mike!!!LOL.

  108. I would also point out that the Survey USA poll was in the field at high tide for Barack Hussein — the weekend of the big Oprahpalooza extravangza. If all he can do is pull within 4 points, it begs the question: what more can he do to swing voters in South Carolina? Do a stadium tour with Britney Spears and K-Fed?

  109. because of the questionable internal dynamics of the assumptions they’re making.

    The issue is the turnout model. In ’04, the exit polls estimate 47% black voters participating. The word in SC is that it will be as high as 55% this time around. Nobody knows if this will come to pass. So, SUSA is warning that black represenation is cranked up in these results, but that Obama relies on an excited black voter base to be competitive.

  110. hi terrondt

    That is the disastrous nature of caucusing — no early voting, no absentee, no time off from work.

    You get to the caucus site between 11:00 and 11:30 (here) or you can’t vote. Iowa may be able to handle this, but Jan 20, I’m campaigning for straight voting in NV.

    CA starts voting Jan 5 or 8. You just apply for an absentee and mail it in whenever.

  111. freckles, i need a excuse here in connecticut, but im going to be “unavailable” from the polls feb 5th, so it will be fine for me here.

  112. Re the poll with the matchups. Nonsense.

    If you poll states other than the first 4, they haven’t paid much attention to the campaigns. If you ask them do you want to vote for a Dem, they say yes.
    If you then ask do you want to vote for a black, a woman, or a white man…..gee, I don’t know, who’s safer.

  113. You know the ultimate irony here? Nobody in the elite chattering class members of the Georgetown Social Club watches Oprah Winfrey. But, the Timmy Russerts and Politicos (hi, Ben!) have such condescending disdain for the American public that they think the rubes are too stupid to vote on issues. As they bemoan the loss of fingerbowls and scented geraniums on the Georgetown dinner party circuit, they just assume that the average dumb hick American voters will follow the messianic endorsement of a new-agey psychobabble daytime talk show hostess.

    Won’t the Georgetown Social Club (hi, Ben!) be beside themselves if all those dumb hick voters take electing the Commander-in-Chief seriously and vote on issues like Social Security, universal health care, and ending the Iraq war in a thoughtful well-planned manner?

  114. Why does anyone care who manages this site? Why is that so fricken interesting to Ben Smith? Seriously, oh my, the blogger demeans Hillary’s competition. So what? This is a contest not a bake sale. You ever notice the press seems really focused on Hillary doing anything “mean” to her opponents, meanwhile these opponents can trash Hillary until the cows come home and the press cheers them on. I have a theory why the press doesn’t think Hillary’s allowed to be mean to these guys, she’s too effective. Look at her strength and electability numbers in the polls compared to the other bozos. Their numbers are pathetic compared to hers.

  115. the politico – that’s funny! i showed up here because i love blogs but daily kos is toxic a lot of the time, mindless hillary-bashing. i like the left coaster of course. this site has been mentioned quite a few times in kos comments and that’s how i found it in fact! i do not know why many people on kos are driven by anger but i’m sure most political reporters wonder the same thing. also, honestly this site keeps up to date even with negative hillary stories in comments, so i know they are out there, the difference is that when they are posted on big blogs they are followed up with a ton of stupid comments piling on, no kidding. it is nice to have a little oasis on the web.

  116. mj: Why does anyone care who manages this site?

    I’ve always found it extremely strange. Hell, when it gets busy around here, the hosting company times out w/ a cpu overload message. Clue one that it isn’t a fancy dc-funded operation.

  117. The word in SC is that it will be as high as 55% this time around.

    But, here’s the catch-22 of BHO playing the race card with Oprahpalooza. What does the imagery of that event do to white turnout?

    It’s all well and good to pretend that the imagery of Oprah, Michele, and BHO campaigning at a stadium rap concert has all positive implications in South Carolina. It may not be. There’s a reason that BHO has gone out of his way since he started in politics to avoid donning the “black leader” cloak.

  118. Why does anyone care who manages this site? Why is that so fricken interesting to Ben Smith?

    Because the members of the Georgetown Social Club (hi, Ben!) find it inconceivable that their could be rabid support of Hillary Clinton. They just assume that the entire world must adore their latte-sipping favorite son candidate.

  119. hwc What does the imagery of that event do to white turnout?

    Don’t you know the rule? In states w/ a significant black population, we only talk about “the black vote.”

    My theory is that the reason for this is b/c it’s easier to hang BO’s fate on “the black vote” if it doesn’t work out for him.

    The real story should be: any reasonable white OR black voter should take a look at that show the BO campaign displayed on Sunday and be extremely worried about this cult of personality.

  120. From the results of ABC/Washingtonpost poll we can conclude the following:

    1. Nobody is watching shows on MSNBC/reading opinions on NYTimes like (Chris Matthews, Tim Russert, Tucker,Rich, Dowd, Eugene Robinson) or
    2. Nobody cares what these bozos think.

    Keith Olberman and Paul Krugman are exceptions to the rule here.

  121. If I was heading MSNBC, this is a good time to fire Chris Matthews. The guy was trashing Hillary from day one and he could not drive down her approval one bit. That means either nobody is watching his show or he is having no impact. Either one of those reasons is good enough to yank him off the air.

  122. Who was the endorser?


    Its Chris Matthews. After years of bashing Clintons with no affect in polls, he has decided to throw in the towel and endorse Hillary.

  123. On a sidenote, I am glad the last time I donated to her during debate, I didnt add 0.44 :).. else my name would have been picked up by these fellas.. I luv my anonymity and think they have no business flanking our names on the “internets” 🙂

  124. that washington post article about the no-bounce from oprah = no duh. most people don’t like celebrities telling them who to vote for. i saw oprah tour in the first place as a little desperate. if he hoped to get voters from hillary’s base this late in the game, what does that tell you.

  125. Barack Hussein needed to do the Oprahpalooza tour much earlier in the campaign so that he didn’t get tagged as a fluffy, new-age, daytime talk show celebrity candidate right before people start really thinking about the somber responsibility on the shoulders of the next Commander-in-Chief.

  126. From the WP headline about Edwards:

    Mr. Nice Guy of ’04 has remade himself as a tightly wound ball of belligerence.

  127. What? No bounce from Oprah?

    Time for Eugene Robinson to go and write another opinion piece calling both Bill and Hillary racists, and for Frank Rich to call Obama the second coming of Christ to earth to free the world from Hillary, the witch.

  128. hwc:

    He wants to do another show with Will Smith. He does not want to leave any doubt with the voters that he is the celebrity candidate in this race.

  129. Will Smith would be perfect. Barack Hussein could wear a cardagan sweater and penny loafers. They could do the Carlton Dance.

  130. That ABC/WaPo poll is probably an outlier, but if it changes the MSM narrative for a day or two, I’m not complaining. Of course, the first time ABC showed Hillary with a 30-point lead, it was considered an outlier until several other polls after that were in the same neighborhood.

    BTW, hwc, you had me LMAO with this one:

    Nothing says “light and fluffy” like a new agey endorsement from daytime talk show hostess as the centerpiece of a presidential campaign.

  131. Someone posted a fitting comment on Taylor Marsh’s site related to this topic. I am posting it here.

    I too was watching the “Grand Old Opry” show in South Carolina, and what a cart and pony show that was, with all that dancing to a funky hip-hop rhythm blasting in the background!

    Problem is, Obama looked like the little cart being pulled by the big pony Oprah.

    It was interesting to see how Oprah “adjusted” her speech to reflect the difference between the audience in South Carolina and the one she faced in Iowa.

    Oprah is going to fall flat. She cares a hoot about what is good for America. All she cares about is to put a black person in the White House.

    Clearly, she belongs to those who see that achievement as the culmination of the journey the African-American community has taken from the bad old days.

    And at a certain level, there’s nothing wrong with that.

    But to an “outsider” like me, backing someone for the U.S. Presidency SOLELY because of race is a tunnel-visioned, self-centered attitude to take, one that has no regard for anything beyond a narrow agenda.

    No matter how noble that agenda, it excludes the overwhelming majority of people who also have basic bread-and-butter issues they want addressed, who want a President looking after THEIR interests.

    The problem becomes especially acute when the “chosen one” is clearly not cut out to be President – not yet anyway.

    It would be a great day when an African-American or a latino-American or even an Asian-American becomes President (as it would be when a woman becomes President).

    But it should be a person who becomes President due to a whole package of leadership qualities, and just HAPPENS to belong to a particular race or gender, not someone who becomes President BECAUSE of his or her race and/or gender.

    Putting aside partisanship for a moment, a Colin Powell or even a Condi Rice or any one of the many experienced, long-serving colored legislators and even activists such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton carry much more gravitas than Obama.

    This is a guy who was overshadowed by a daytime talk-show host on stage, and I mean no disrespect for Oprah’s charismatic personality by saying that. But surely someone hoping to become U.S. President should be in command in such situations instead of looking like a little boy being shown off by two lady relatives.

    The whole scene – with Oprah looking on like a mother with stars in her eyes – reminded me of the way some parents behave at the draft for some major sport.

    It would truly be mind-boggling if Democratic primary voters reject the kind of all-round quality candidate that Clinton is in favour of a relatively inexperienced lightweight like Obama.

    But knowing what happened in 2000 and 2004, it really would not surprise those – and there are quite a few – who believe that American society as a whole has become “American Idol-ised” – mesmerised by flash, unable to understand substance.

  132. Mr. Nice Guy of ‘04 has remade himself as a tightly wound ball of belligerence.

    HAHA that has to be dana milbank right? if not, was it joe biden? 🙂

    i just went and read the obama voter group questionaire at the politico. what i thought was, it wasn’t so much his answers as much as reading the thing, it seemed like he didn’t really bother to think about most of those issues too much or the implications down the road and he was like 35 at the time, i would even know better than that. it would be ok if he wrote that 15 years ago and had a strong record in between as a governor or us senator. it would be ok if he had focused on the issues in his campaign expecting things like this would come out or maybe released them early so they were old news by december.

  133. ra1029..hussein obama,..your right no bounce from Oprahoola ..n Chris matthews your right again fire him,trashes hillary and bill,his smirks lotta of hate in that man and false reporting,i do not watch that show hardball = lies to much and inaccurate reporting.

  134. I learned about this site a long time ago now when Tweety Matthews was yapping away about this “mysterious” site. I looked it up. I like it. It provides relief after listening to Matthews foaming at the mouth about the horrid Hillary and the beautiful Obama.

  135. I dunno why but I am liking saint obama more and more.. roflmao.. btw what was keith talking about? I was distracted by fox noise report.. he mentioned about the robot, and then edwards hairstyle.. but after that? he was talking about some rift between hillary and bill in campaign? or did I get it wrong?

  136. Gladiatorstail, Apparently some problem is being discussed at Hillary’s HQ. Next thing you know, the problem is fixed. Heres a link:

  137. From NBC’s Domenico Montanaro
    The 100,000-member International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts (IATSE) endorsed Clinton today.

    “Hillary Clinton’s ability to create real change for America’s working families is exactly what this country needs,” IATSE President Thomas C. Short said in a statement released by the Clinton campaign. “She has the strength and experience to provide quality, affordable health care for every American and rebuild our middle class.”

  138. terrondt Says:

    December 11th, 2007 at 6:47 pm
    whenever the so called main stream media or big media is taking this sight seriously, you know they are getting worried. they can’t stand this site because we will get the truth out.

    the truth to get out as we do…and msm is misrepresenting viewers,i found that out in 2000, 2004 there tricks our not worthy to alott of American people

    Saint Hussein, 0+0=0-sense

    I will take the woman over -sense

  139. Michael Nutter endorses Hillary Clinton for president

    With Bill Clinton at his side, Philadelphia Mayor-elect Michael Nutter tonight endorsed the presidential candidacy of the former president’s wife, saying that she understood the challenges facing urban America.
    Nutter’s endorsement came during a fund-raiser/rally for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign that attracted about 1,000 people to the Electric Factory.

    The mayor-elect told the crowd that he had come to his decision after talking several times with the Democratic presidential front-runner and determining that “her priorities are the right priorities for Philadelphia.”

  140. ROFLMAO.. anybody know if seymore glass visits hillary44.. i cracked up when he wrote this quote in the thread titled “Bring Out Your Dead!: Chicago Politics Come to Iowa”

    Obama Ninjas – it seems its time to slander David Yepsen again.

  141. Gosh. I was sticking to my superstition until I saw the frontpage story on politico on our beloved Hillaryis44 site…

    They are just afraid of us. LOL.

    Btw, OH5 and VA1 special election results are in. Big loss for democrats. Kos is still spinning this as crazy…

    Make No Mistake. If Hussein Obama is the nominee, OH and FL are GONE next year. There is simply NO way democrats can win white house with his ultra liberal views on immigrations, national security, his elitist attitude.

    Look, Huckabee got two weeks of positive coverage, and he is ALREADY beating Obama in OH.

    Team Clinton needs to make ELECTABILITY argument FAST.

    Obama simply CAN NOT WIN the white house.

  142. I haven’t got the chance to read past comments. Did you guys have a chance to read Yepsen’s latest piece on Obama’s cheating???

    I emailed him some tips on the dirty underground work of Obama’s Chicago high school outing. Hopefully, that helps to push the narrative a bit…

    Remember to email those devastating Obama dirty work to news organization, especially foxnews etc…
    MSNBC and other big media are firmly in Obama’s corner, but fixnews may be a bit different…

    Yepsen: Parties, candidates must make sure caucuses are clean

    On the Democratic side, Barack Obama’s campaign is telling Iowa college students they can caucus for him even if they aren’t from Iowa. Five of the six Democratic presidential campaigns have said they don’t want their out-of-town staffers caucusing in Iowa, even though some of these staffers have already registered to vote here.

    I hope a big scandal will break out on caucus night and finish Obama once and for all. This guy is simply a fraud through and through… A thief.

  143. Yespsen:

    Party officials say it is easy to register as an Iowa voter and participate at a caucus. That openness may lead to fraud. While Republicans say they will ask people who want to register at the caucus to produce some sort of identification, even those questionable registrants will be allowed to cast ballots on caucus night. On the Democratic side, officials say no identification is required to register and vote in their caucuses.

    Obama’s campaign is telling Iowa college students they can caucus for him even if they aren’t from Iowa. His campaign offers that advice in a brochure being distributed on college campuses in the state. A spokesman said 50,000 of the fliers are being distributed. It says: “If you are not from Iowa, you can come back for the Iowa caucus and caucus in your college neighborhood.”

    Given that many students in Iowa’s colleges and universities are from Obama’s neighboring home state of Illinois, the effort could net him lots of additional votes on caucus night. It’s all quite legal, and other campaigns are signing up nonresident Iowa college students, too. But Obama’s effort is unprecedented. No presidential campaign in memory has ever made such a large, open attempt to encourage students from another state to participate in Iowa’s caucuses.

    (But, then, they do elections a little differently in Illinois than we do in Iowa. At least you can’t vote a dead person in an Iowa caucus.)

    The issue of out-of-staters came up recently when Chris Dodd urged his rivals to promise that their staffers working in Iowa wouldn’t register as voters here so they could participate in the caucuses. Bill Richardson didn’t agree because he didn’t want to disenfranchise staffers who are long-time residents. While the Associated Press reports he’s asking New Mexico political appointees help him in Iowa, he says they won’t caucus for him.

    It’s one thing for Obama to turn out non-Iowans to party dinners, eastern Iowa rallies, Oprah Winfrey visits or door-knocking. It would be something else to have them actually vote, something the campaign emphatically says it isn’t encouraging. But Larry Rasky, a spokesman for Joe Biden’s campaign, said last week: “Obama has paid no more than lip service to the timely call by the Dodd campaign for all the candidates to pledge to keep their out-of-state supporters on the sidelines.”

    However, both laws and practical considerations are in place to help ensure the integrity of the Iowa caucuses:

    – Falsely registering to vote is fraud in Iowa. Someone from Illinois who thinks voter fraud is a way of life in that state will find a much different attitude from Iowa prosecutors.

    – It would take hundreds of people in the right precincts to make a difference in the outcome. Any plan that brings thousands of people into Iowa to vote would be so visible everyone would see it, and it would backfire on the candidate who is supposed to benefit. It’s also called conspiracy, another crime.

    – There is a law of diminishing returns on the Democratic side. After a candidate has won all the delegates from a college precinct, adding more caucus-goers to it does nothing to improve that candidate’s score.

    – These are neighborhood meetings. In most caucuses, people know one another.

    – Credibility. It’s not going to do Obama or Paul any good to have a showing in Iowa that is tainted. Obama has worked hard in Iowa. He has built an impressive organization and can win this on the legit. He doesn’t need to give opposition spinners a way to discredit a victory.

    The bottom line here is that on caucus night, Iowans in both parties should work hard to conduct caucuses that are above reproach.

    If Iowa can’t get this right, then Iowa shouldn’t get this sort of influence.

  144. Suggestion to Clinton Iowa campaign…

    Can they contact other campaigns to immediately do some direct mailers to Iowans, especially those in rural areas.

    The direct mailers should simply CUT and PASTE Yepsen’s ARTICLE, and do a brief introduction to Yepsen’s background, no comments need to be added. By doing this, Obama campaign will immediately react, which is exactly what we need. Let him explain, let reporters find out his hideous plan of stuffing Iowa ballot boxes with Chicago mobs…

    This CAN BE VERY VERY devastating to Obama’s campaign… Iowans Do Not Like to be influenced by IL…

  145. yep kostner there is many many who come here for truth,and its no bull sh++…,they have been confused as to watching those msm idiots,so im sure some of them came here,Im glad they did
    to see some real truth Hillary.

    if you see Hillary Rodham Clinton
    or if you only see barack Obama
    you dont see the missing hussein
    a missing canidiate’s middle name

  146. kostner, Hillary’s Web site jumped on the electability thing earlier today. It is definitely an opening they need to exploit.

  147. Why the hell would Hillary want to trust the other campaigns? I don’t. I think Obama’s fall would clearly be Hillary’s gain, so I don’t think she’s going to coordinate any flyers.

  148. I learned about this site when I was surprised by a number of anti-Clinton articles in In most of these articles Hussein Obama would be portrayed in all the glowing colors of the world and Hillary Clinton is nothing but an opportunist, wicked and negative. In one of their articles they claimed this site is the backdoor of the so called Hillary campaign-machinerie. That is when I took a look at this site and when I logged in, I stayed logged in and never I was disappointed.

  149. Yepsen’s article is still not widely circulated in Iowa. Clinton campaign needs to do a direct mailer to just expose Obama’s cheating behavior to Iowans. They do not need to say one word, just cite Yepsen’s articles.

  150. BTW, kostner, both those House races were favored to go to the GOP, though the Dems thought they had an outside shot in OH.

  151. Paula,

    Electability is a HUGE issue. I think on this point, Clinton and Edwards have an edge, both of them can pounce on Obama’s ‘unelectability’.

    Poll after poll is showing Obama simply can not win swing states such as Ohio and Florida.

    Nobody, not even a democrat will vote for a guy who’s proposing to give drivers’ license to illegal immigrants.

    Today’s election in OH5 demonstrates this is going to be a killer for Hussein Obama if he ever gets there.

    Clinton and Edwards are electable. Obama is a sure LOSER, period.

    Today’s elections prove next year is a dog fight. We have to nominate the STRONGEST candidate to win the battle, not an Oprah promoted fashion magzine cover boy.

  152. ra1029,

    Exactly. Even Clinton campaign is reluctant to do so, they need to circulate Yepsen’s words like fire, especially in those rural areas.

    Rural Iowans are not too keen on magzine boy Obama, this can definitely tick them off. If in the past, they had top three as their final choices, if we can help them narrow down to Edwards and Clinton, it’s going to be a big win… Remember Kerry/Edwards surge…

  153. The bigger problem in Iowa that supercedes all this stuff is the weather. If there is a snow storm or ice on Jan 3rd, the whole thing is at risk for Hillary. It could result in some really unexpected results. None of this would matter because most of Iowan will stay home.

  154. You guys, instead of relying on the media to report the facts, we ought to get the message out ourselves via a media that will reach a wide audience: YouTube.

    Creative minds who know how to do short videos should start posting it on YouTube.

    There’s not much time left. Hammer Obama for attacking Hillary on Kyl/Lieberman when he: 1) didn’t bother to show up to vote and 2) co-sponsored a similar bill that was binding (Gordon Smith’s bill: S.970) that labeled the IRG “terrorists.”

    Obama should be exposed for what he is: a hypocrite.

  155. Paula,

    I disagree. DNC and kosnuts made a huge fuss over this OH5 race as some sort of ‘indicator’ for next year’s election…

    Losing over 10 points is a HUGE disappointment… This does not bode well for either dem nor republican…

    Democratic primary voters are generally dumber than Republicans, they trust big media. Big media tells them everybody can win including Obama. That’s simply not true.

    Tonight’s election is a wake-up call…

    Ohio voters will soundly reject a pro illegal immigrant ultra-liberal Obama.

  156. Didn’t Obama ‘help’ with the OH race? Didn’t he divert his Massive Grassroots Army to help w/ calls, etc?

  157. Frankly, this Oprah thing is really bothering me more than I expected. Thankfully, it seems it didn’t help him, however the whole thing just bothers me. Say he won. We would have a presidential candidate that needed an Oprah concert tour to win the nomination? I mean, how pathetically sad that would be. Seriously, every image I have of Obama now includes Oprah carrying him like a baby toward the finish line.

  158. HillaryLandRocks,

    Yes, he did. It is a massive failure. Right now, it’s 55 R to 44 D… Here’s the pre-poll spin published by kos craze… By every standard, it’s an embarrassment after DNC put in so much money and resources in…

    Scenario 1: Latta wins narrowly.

    The Democrats would spin a narrow loss in Ohio as something of a victory, in light of the normally strong Republican performance in northwestern Ohio, and brandish an unexpectedly close result as further evidence that voters want change.

    Democrats would adopt the same arguments that Republicans employed after an Oct. 16 special election in Massachusetts’ 5th District, where Democrat Niki Tsongas defeated Republican James Ogonowski by a relatively narrow 5 percentage-point margin in a constituency that had long elected Democrat Martin T. Meehan by wide margins. An NRCC post-election release was entitled “The Democratic Wave Breaks” and described Tsongas as “underperforming,” adding that the close race proved “a major shift in the national political environment.” Look for the DCCC to also describe a narrow Latta win as subpar.

    The Republicans would say that a win is a win, and that Latta’s victory, however narrow, amounted to a Republican “hold” in a state where the political environment has been poisonous for Republicans, even 13 months after the Democratic landslide victories of Ted Strickland for governor and Sherrod Brown for senator.

    Scenario 2: Weirauch wins narrowly.

    This shocking result would reverberate in national political circles and deliver a big psychological blow to House Republicans about halfway into the 2008 election cycle, and a little more than a year after they lost 30 seats and the House majority to the Democrats.

    Democrats would hail the result as repudiation of the Bush administration and further testimony of the strength that the Democratic Party showed in the 2006 elections, especially in districts that normally vote Republican.

    Republicans would portray a Weirauch victory as an aberration and assert that she is unlikely to be re-elected in November 2008, when she would have to share a ballot with a Democratic presidential nominee who is more likely than not to lose the 5th District.

    Republicans might also attribute a Latta loss to the fractious Republican primary election on Nov. 6 — especially if there is evidence of a depressed Republican turnout Tuesday in areas sympathetic to state Sen. Steve Buehrer, Latta’s chief primary opponent — and also to the Club for Growth, the conservative political organization that backed Buehrer and aired television ads critical of Latta’s record on tax issues during the primary campaign.

    Scenario 3: Latta wins handily.

    Just a few weeks ago, this appeared to be the likeliest of the three scenarios, given the strong Republican lean of the Ohio’s 5th District. Now a big Latta win surely is the least likely possibility, given how Republican officials have felt compelled to go into overdrive to criticize Weirauch’s views in the waning weeks of the campaign and to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on anti-Weirauch television advertisements. Latta and the NRCC — which has been pinched for cash since the GOP lost its House majority — would almost surely be ignoring Weirauch if Latta were safely ahead.

    But should Latta somehow win decisively — say by 10 percentage points or more — the Republicans would claim a big victory in a state where Democrats made ample gains in 2006, and also argue that the results were a setback to a new House Democratic leadership that was supportive of Weirauch’s candidacy.

    The Democrats would say that outcome is typical of a district that backed Bush with 61 percent of the vote in 2004, and that they made the Republicans expend several hundred thousand dollars that otherwise could have gone to bids to recapture some of the seats that they lost to the Democrats in 2006.

  159. kostner, I wasn’t expecting to win that OH district. The Repubs also expended money to keep a seat that should be safe Republican.

  160. mj: Obama now includes Oprah carrying him like a baby toward the finish line.

    Maureen Dowd — oddly prescient.

  161. Hi all:

    I attended the SF Buffet/hillary forum in SF; it was outstanding!
    A great PUBLIC SERVANT with a great PHILANTHROPIST! this is how gavin newsom, SF mayor introduced them

    It is worth watching this on CNBC.

    Hillary was then going to Sacramento to another event – and getting endorsed by their mayor as well!

    I am not so good at writing detail blogs on mydd or dailykos, but my internet buddies will be writing about this tomorrow.

  162. The OH loss is very ominous. It tells me that the American people are very dissatisfied with the Democratic-controlled Congress. If this keeps up, any vantage point the Dems had as a result of the Bush screw-ups will be erased.

    If Huckabee is nominated, it may be a tougher fight than we are led to believe.

  163. kostner, all — was this the district w/ that silly ad w/ Hillary’s face in it for a moment, along w/ other Dems like Pelosi?

    How long before this gets blamed on Hillary? LOL.

  164. The 2008 Presidential election was always going to be a tough fight for the Democrats. Anyone who has been thinking that it’s a cakewalk needs to seriously recalibrate.

    As always, the only way the Democrats can win the White House is to energize a massive turnout of women voters who then vote overwhelmingly Democratic. Gore was able to do that in 2000. Kerry was not in 2004.

  165. HillaryLandRocks,

    Those Obamaniacs are already spinning in that direction. LOL.

    The truth is there is simply NO WAY Obama can win rural Ohio. He is an odd candidate in many ways. Poor debater, an elitist who can not connect with ordinary voters, extremely liberal on many crucial issues such as illegal immigrants, national security. The issues he’s out of line with mainstream democrats such as healthcare, social security are actually what democratic base voters care about.

    He is definitely the ultra-liberal elitist wing of the democratic party propelled by kos crow. He is a disaster in the making.

  166. btw,

    I’ve been browsing right wing sites for a few days. It surprises me Huckabee is deeply loathed by freepers, redstaters etc…

    I think Huckabee surge is coming to a pause. Those devastating stories are going to slow down his momentum. His past political views were simply too far to the right even freepers can not tolerate him…

    He will still win Iowa, but Rudy will win in the end thanks to Huck’s help. Romney is toast.

  167. Paula,

    Of course.

    I didn’t see that article. But I read lots of comments on right wing sites, nobody there is taking Obama seriously, they believe he is the easiest one to take out. They fear clinton the most.

  168. Let’s refresh our memory on M-D’s Oct column… It’s kind of funny…

    Obama’s Project Runway

    So the question before us is, should Barack Obama stop lounging around in fashion magazines and do some honest work, like running for president?

    How will we ever persuade him to give up his modeling gigs in Men’s Vogue, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair and Washington Life? How can we lure the lanky young senator from Illinois out of the glossy celebrity pages and back to gritty substance, away from Annie Leibovitz’s camera and back to Abraham Lincoln’s tradition? He may not want to come back, now that he has mastered that J.F.K. casual glamour pose in shirt sleeves and tie, suit jacket slung over his shoulder, elegant wife and pretty children accessorizing.

    The Washington Post’s fashion reporter, Robin Givhan, analyzed the Men’s Vogue spread, with its “touch football” aura: “Obama is pictured in warm light or soft focus. He is pondering, nurturing, working. But never glad-handing, pontificating or fund-raising. The pictures celebrate the idea of Obama rather than the reality of politics.”

    Mr. Obama, who fears being seen as fluffy and who has been known to mock pretty boys in his party, never seems to take off his makeup these days, as he pads from one soft perch to the next, from Oprah to Meredith to Larry. The first black president of the Harvard Law Review is spending too much time in green rooms.

    He also logs a lot of time at the gym. (You never know when Anna Wintour will call.) It is the only thing this intellectually nimble, preternaturally articulate smarty-pants has in common with W.

    “Politics sometimes blends in with celebrity,” he told Oprah this week. “And it gobbles you up because the tendency is for people to want to see you perform and say what they want to hear, as opposed to you trying to stay in touch with, you know, that deepest part of you, that kernel of truth inside.” Doesn’t he see that when you express this skepticism on Oprah it is not skepticism at all?

  169. Evenin’ Hillfans, As I check in here and read the long responses tonight I think the word of the day is electability– a good ole fashioned word. I just read the commentary by Mark Penn posted today on the hillaryclinton site…it is the one reportin’ the latest national polls with Hillary’s large leads. Electability is primary. So is the economy. So it’s electability and the economy, stupid (as in ’92) Mark says that an increasin’ number of people are concerned with the economy right now. So we have two e words right now…Electability and Economy. Hillary has got it nailed in both departments.

    On electability: Hillary is the better leader, the more experienced, the one with greater strength. Her record of experience goin’ back to the 60’s when she was a student, growing during her days as Arkansas’ first lady, and then as first lady of our country, is invaluable right now. I’ve followed her closely since the Arkansas days and during that post-law school time she was busy developing her expertise, her body of knowledge in all sorts of subjects includin’ health care, children’s issues, education, human rights. Her ability to think on her feet, to articulate clearly and to manage crises are not even debatable. She truly is somebody who can hit the ground runnin’ from day one. She’s got great discipline, tremendous skill, and she’s extremely intelligent. I know we all know this, but we’ve been subjected to the Oprah/Obama Idol Tour the last few days. When will the MSM get it that we aren’t electin’ the next American Idol or the President of the Sophomore Class? I just want to remind everybody that she’s the most electable candidate for an abundance of reasons. She’s been subjected to incredibly negative press from some folks; we knew that would happen. But it is time to stay focused…just as Hillary is doin’. Look at her schedule just for today. Look at what endorsements were rolled out. Look at the movement at the state campaign level. The campaign is growin’. The Obama fest is just a distraction. It’s biggest danger to us is if it demoralizes us or takes us away from our focus.

    Economy: Mark Penn noticed that the economy is becoming a greater concern for voters for reasons all of us can identify with. Hillary has the expertise and winning team here too. Same for health care, international affairs, concerns of seniors, young people, women, GLBT, veterans (among others), immigration reform. Spend some time on Hillary’s site. There is an abundance of information up there about the issues facing us. Although the circus has been mildly entertaining, we Hillfans need to keep our eye on the prize. I believe more than ever that there is too much at stake to spend four years on a rookie. We cannot do that. We need Hillary, and we need her as soon as we can get her. Make your calls, write your emails and blogs, and do all the things you are doing, and know with all your heart that you are helping to elect a truly outstanding, well-qualified human being as our 44th President.

  170. BTW, the results of OH5 is even worse than I thought… Per CBS…

    The Associated Press has called the election for Latta. With 68 percent of precincts reporting, Latta is leading the Democratic nominee Robin Weirauch, 57 to 43 percent.

    An astonishing loss… Obama is going to eat cake in general election if he steals democratic party’s nomination. A pro illegal immigrants dem will make Dukakis’ loss like a victory.

  171. Old article, but relevant…

    Ben Smith, this ones for you. 😉

    Some say his ability to play political hardball goes back to his first campaign
    By David Jackson and Ray Long

    Tribune staff reporters

    6:48 PM CDT, April 3, 2007

    The day after New Year’s 1996, operatives for Barack Obama filed into a barren hearing room of the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners.

    There they began the tedious process of challenging hundreds of signatures on the nominating petitions of state Sen. Alice Palmer, the longtime progressive activist from the city’s South Side. And they kept challenging petitions until every one of Obama’s four Democratic primary rivals was forced off the ballot.

    Fresh from his work as a civil rights lawyer and head of a voter registration project that expanded access to the ballot box, Obama launched his first campaign for the Illinois Senate saying he wanted to empower disenfranchised citizens.

    But in that initial bid for political office, Obama quickly mastered the bare-knuckle arts of Chicago electoral politics. His overwhelming legal onslaught signaled his impatience to gain office, even if that meant elbowing aside an elder stateswoman like Palmer.

    A close examination of Obama’s first campaign clouds the image he has cultivated throughout his political career: The man now running for president on a message of giving a voice to the voiceless first entered public office not by leveling the playing field, but by clearing it.

    One of the candidates he eliminated, long-shot contender Gha-is Askia, now says that Obama’s petition challenges belied his image as a champion of the little guy and crusader for voter rights.

    “Why say you’re for a new tomorrow, then do old-style Chicago politics to remove legitimate candidates?” Askia said. “He talks about honor and democracy, but what honor is there in getting rid of every other candidate so you can run scot-free? Why not let the people decide?”

    In a recent interview, Obama granted that “there’s a legitimate argument to be made that you shouldn’t create barriers to people getting on the ballot.”

    But the unsparing legal tactics were justified, he said, by obvious flaws in his opponents’ signature sheets. “To my mind, we were just abiding by the rules that had been set up,” Obama recalled.

    “I gave some thought to … should people be on the ballot even if they didn’t meet the requirements, ” he said. “My conclusion was that if you couldn’t run a successful petition drive, then that raised questions in terms of how effective a representative you were going to be.”

    Asked whether the district’s primary voters were well-served by having only one candidate, Obama smiled and said: “I think they ended up with a very good state senator

  172. National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Cole credited Latta’s tough message on border security and anti-tax message for the victory.

    “This campaign became a cause célèbre for national Democrats and liberal activists nationwide, but in the end, Bob’s anti-illegal immigration, anti-tax hike message won the day,” Cole said in a statement.

    “The people of Ohio’s Fifth Congressional District elected a representative in Bob Latta who will stand up for their values in Washington.

    Obama is proposing to give illegals drivers’ licenses. He is proposing to increase taxes on the back of middle class. He is a disaster.

  173. Kostner and others, There was a very telling part in the last debate (not the NPR one) when HRC and BHO were on an issue…I think social security. I can’t make the exact quote but the substance of it was that Hill was saying just that you can’t fund social security on the backs of the middle class. What then happened was that the started talking as a sort of “side bar” about what is “middle class”. What became very apparent is that he doesn’t know the current income level of middle class. he’s completely out of touch with a majority of Americans. Elite…another e word of the day.

  174. But, he sure as hell knows the price of arugula at Whole Foods.

    He can probably talk at length about scented geraniums for the fingerbowls on the Georgetown social scene (Hi, Ben!).

  175. these obama ninjas are seriously going after yepsen. he should take Obama on in the debate and shut these ninjas down :).. hehe.. funny.. I cant stop using the word ninja though! makes it seem like they r kindergarden kids who are just naive and stuid and have bought into his “hope” message 🙂

  176. koster is right. hillary must hone the arguement and the questionaire out in politico is perfect for us to use. and in fact teamhillary used it today. cong. jackson lee had a presser about it on his flip flop on gun control. how in the hell can u carry mo. or ohio if u got a clear statement from 10 yrs ago saying u would ban all guns? he cannot win period. link-

  177. that hope message is a bucnh of craphe doesnt know one thing about the economy or fiscal responsibility..your right glad there nija kids,very naive,brainwashed by hope

  178. Again, Obama is going to be a nightmare for democratic party’s chance… He is soft on gun control, soft on national security, soft on illegal immigrants…

    Per politico…

    But National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Cole also credited Latta’s tough message on border security and holding the line on taxes for the victory. Weirauch had tried to run a populist campaign focused largely on jobs and trade – and if that message didn’t work in Ohio, where the GOP brand has been badly tarnished in recent years, it could be a warning to Democrats that a strictly economic message may not have great national resonance.

    A tough stand on immigration also was seen as forcing an unexpectedly close race in a September special election in a solidly Democratic Massachusetts district that was ultimately won by Rep. Niki Tsongas (D-Mass), who had made her opposition to the war in Iraq a key campaign issue.

  179. Hey Gladiatorstail, I had to laugh out loud just now. Just saw a commercial for Hardball: instead of football as a metaphor for the Presidential primary we are now using gladiators and Rome: caucus Maximus, they’re callin’ it. Then they show these pictures of Roman soldiers or gladiators or some damn thing. This whole use of sports and star power just reinforces the reasons why I think our country is in such sad shape. The lines between reportin’ and entertainment are hopelessly blurred. Next thing we’ll have Star Wars or some such to talk about the debates. Well, Hillary, may the force be with you.

  180. Again, Obama is going to be a nightmare for democratic party’s chance… He is soft on gun control, soft on national security, soft on illegal immigrants…just like a softee ice creamed melted away for a republican white house again.

  181. MR.. I have stopped watching MSNBC other tha the keith obermann show. I cant stand it these days. Infact, I am watching more of CNBC and making some soft money these days :). I cannot believe he said he is pro- gun banning.. hehe.. thats a death bed cleanly laid for him. I hope someone whispers it to Iowans. I hope these issues come up in debate. gun possession is a MUST for rural america and gore learnt it the hard way. having said that, I cant wait to see Obama being asked the questions I am really interested in, bussing of students, gun control, abortion, health care.. too much at stake.. I hope he is preparing well for the debate! 🙂

  182. instead of football as a metaphor for the Presidential primary we are now using gladiators and Rome: caucus Maximus, they’re callin’ it

    that is hilarious. i guess chris matthews is getting 100% creative control now

  183. Glad…guns especially on farms ..they all have them,protect there stocks,animals that are hurt badly,so on…he better prepare wel he is not good at debates hussein o….its uh uhh blah blah.i hope the moderator and iowans ask those to bHo

  184. i have a question?

    supposeing that obama has the whole illinois school district cheerleeding team turn out to causcus for him.
    if they do start discovering cases of fraud, than would that not make the election results suspect? would this be up for some weird kind of recount? barring that, would it not actually nullify any potential winner, going into the next race…?

    i mean especially if it became as big an issue as the ‘hanging chad’ incident in florida. there would be no momentum for o if his cheating was in question right?

  185. Just popping in to wave at Ben. *waves* Hi Ben! Lots more Hillary supporters here than even you know. Some of us read faithfully, but rarely post. We are quiet, but we are legion.

  186. United12: You got an excellent set of questions there and I don’t know the answers, perhaps admin will have some notion. I wondered today if there are “poll watchers” at caucuses and how they do their job in a caucus setting. It’s unclear to me how the voter checks in at the Iowa caucus. I most of the states where I live, you simply show up, sign in (usually in a voter registration book by your typed name) and vote. No proof of identification required. In Iowa I believe somebody says you can register on site, and that is where most potential problems could arise, I suspect. Seems to me if the democratic party can exclude delegates from states such as FL and MI because they are holding their primaries early it would only seem fair that delegates could be excluded due to voter fraud.

  187. ADMIN…

    i would really like an answer to this question.
    i think that due processs will be undermined if there is any potential for fraud, and i would expect as a hillary supporter, that if i could not be assured of the validity of the caucuses, that they should be deemed inadmissable.

    and i do believe molly has a good point in that the FL and MI will be excluded on a flimsier pretense.
    i have always been unhappy as i am sure many dems were, when we didnt make some of these states that were in question do recounts.

    so ADMIN, could you let me know if there is a procedure?


  188. If David Yepsen moderates the debate, I would expect him to address the bussing issue, because it looms like a dark cloud over the caucus system. Ideally, he would ask Obama to acknowlege the risk, and provide specific assurances that his Illinois mob will abide by the rules, and not coerce, intimidate or caucus in violation of the law. Otherwise, the worst may occur and Obama will claim plausible deniability as he always does.

  189. sorry admin,

    one last question, will there be caucus police, who walk around and spot check bus loads of people?

    or do candidates get a copy of sign in sheets in the event of a question of fraud? that way campaigns can check residency…

    have the campaigns such as Dodd and others, discussed what the plan will be if they believe the caucuses have been stolen?

  190. celiff: yougogirl was featured on NPR the other day. It’s run by Emily’s List.

    admin: What fame you’ve gained from Big Pink! As the article points out, it’s our little oasis on a web where Edwards and Obama supporters make untoward comments in the face of a hostage crisis. We are glad to be here. Thank you.

  191. Good morning, all (and Ben). First of all, the Morning Jokers were being civil about Hillary’s poll ratings this morning, but then I only watched the first 5 minutes so I’m sure that didn’t last. Second, just checked Ben’s post on 44 and there are 116 comments. Since I just finished my java, and didn’t want to spew on my keyboard, decided I didn’t need to start my day with all that nasty obsessive anti-Hillary venom and stupidity; I’ll leave that to Ben.

  192. Thanks DCDem and thanks are returned to all.

    United12, we’ll post on the integrity of Iowa caucuses on Thursday.

  193. I have to look at the internals though but this poll is “whacky” 🙂

    Good news for Obama and Romney in New Hampshire

    WASHINGTON (CNN) — Huge news out of the new CNN/WMUR poll this morning: Barack Obama’s recent surge has reached the Granite State in a big way. Obama has gained 8 percentage points, while Hillary Clinton has dropped 5 percentage points in the latest survey putting the two Democrats in a statistical dead heat a month before the primary. Just one month ago, Clinton led Obama 36 percent to 22 percent; today, she’s ahead by a single point, 31 percent to 30 percent. John Edwards is a distant third, rising 3 points to 16 percent.

    The Democratic race may be upended, but GOP results seem to be frozen in place in the new survey that was conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center. Despite increasing momentum for Mike Huckabee in Iowa and nationally, Mitt Romney is showing hints of a Granite State firewall: He’s holding steady at 32 percent, followed by Giuliani and McCain at 19 percent. Huckabee is in fourth place with 9 percent – barely ahead of Ron Paul’s 7 percent showing. Full Story

    After a week of shooting at each other from a distance, the Republicans will wind up on the same Iowa stage today for the Des Moines Register debate. (The Democrats will have their turn on Thursday.) Tune into CNN at 2 p.m. ET to watch the fireworks between Romney and … pretty much everyone else, but especially Huckabee. He told reporters yesterday that the former Massachusetts governor as “desperate.” Romney has the distinction of being the only GOP candidate – so far – to take aim at all of the top-tier Iowa contenders.

    On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton herself may be out of the spotlight for the day, look for her campaign to continue to laser in on Obama’s “electability” deficit.

    And Bill Richardson will try to match the sharp elbows of his top-tier counterparts with a speech his campaign describes as a counterpoint to the “meaningless bickering of his opponents in the Democratic primary.”

  194. The lone comment this early in the morning was a link to an Iowa Independent diary. I won’t cite the title here but you can read it for yourself ….

    You can expect the Rips will use this one to the max, particularly if the Rip nom is Huck or Rom.

  195. Steve Soto is on sabbatical, of sorts, but wrote this at The Left Coaster yesterday:

    As Eriposte continues to effectively challenge the netroots and media’s narrative about the Clinton/Obama contest, I wanted to jump back in for a moment with a quick comment about the campaign, and how Hillary has let it almost get away from her.

    I said over two months ago, and since, that Hillary had a good reason for running the general election campaign now. It was in her best interest to run against the GOP and the Bush record while avoiding hand-to-hand combat against one or several of her Democratic rivals. Hillary needed to act already like a president-in-waiting, even a shadow presidency. The one thing she needed to avoid at all costs when running against a pack of male rivals was to elevate one of them into a one-on-one race whereby that other candidate immediately gets a head start as the ABH candidate. As long as the ABH vote and energy was diffused and could be portrayed as a pack of guys gunning for the capable and ready-to-assume-office female front runner, she came off well by comparison, especially if she spent her time hammering the GOP record and the loons running for that nomination, and talked of change at home and wisdom overseas.

    Instead, she went for the bait that Obama put out there, and gave the media its narrative that this is a two-person race.

    The Obama people knew that they could elevate their candidate immediately by goading her into focusing on him solely. They knew that by relying upon the Clintonian desire to destroy all attackers, Obama could prick her initially, wait for her overreaction, count on the media’s desire for a horse race and its predisposition against her, and then see him score points by counterpunching as her perceived sole challenger.

    She aims her message at women; he aims his message through Oprah at African Americans, independents, and base voters swayed by the rock star sales job yet unaware of the Liebermanesque tendencies. And cleverly in the background, counting on both of them to bash each other over the next several months is Edwards, now competitive in Iowa using his network and familiarity to campaign as the only real progressive among the top three while the other two lob bombs at each other. Yet things are good nationally, as Democrats are happy and energized with their candidates, and the GOP is a train wreck.

    – – –
    Bottom line? Hillary is inevitable. Obama who?

  196. Today’s Nashua, N.H., Telegraph:

    Gov. John Lynch said Tuesday he would remain neutral and refrain from endorsing any Democratic candidate for president before the first-in-the-nation primary Jan. 8. …

    Even with the primary fight settled and his wife’s decision, the two-term Democrat Lynch won’t alter his own plans.

    “I’ve said I am going to stay neutral, and I will stay neutral,” Lynch told reporters.

    “I want to be an ambassador for New Hampshire and welcome all the candidates to New Hampshire, both Republicans and Democrats, and I’ve gone out of my way to be available and accessible to all the candidates.”

    [big snip]

    On Tuesday, Rep. Carol Shea-Porter explained why she changed her mind and endorsed Obama after months of insisting she’d stay out of the primary fight.

    “I said I would not publicly endorse unless there was a compelling reason to do so,” Shea-Porter said during a conference call with reporters.

    “The compelling reason is I can see someone who can inspire the largest number of Americans for this critical election.”

    Shea-Porter’s move comes after polls showed Obama closing a wide lead Clinton has held for months down to single digits.

    Obama praised Shea-Porter’s candidacy in 2006 for defying the odds to upset two-term Rep. Jeb Bradley who had badly outspent her.

    “The fact she not only ran a successful campaign uphill against the polls and the pundits, that she did so with the kind of grass-roots organization and support that has become her hallmark makes this endorsement especially important,” Obama said.

    – – –
    Bottom line? Shea-Porter drank the Kool Ade

  197. More Shea-Porter from Foster’s Daily Democrat:

    Shea-Porter told Foster’s the war wasn’t the only factor behind her decision to endorse Obama.

    “I do realize that the president gave people misleading information about the war … but I don’t condemn any of them,” she said, applauding Obama for opposing the war after putting a “cold, analytical eye” to President Bush’s reasons for it.

    Shea-Porter long maintained she would not endorse a candidate, but she said she finally found that “compelling reason” to do so because Obama has the ability to inspire and unify a wide range of Americans.

    “I believe that he’s got what it takes to lead us into that brighter place, and I think he’s got the wind at his back and the wind at his sails,” she said.

    Bottom line? Horse pucky.

  198. they went.. they searched.. they came back..


    Democratic Iowa Caucus
    Iowa: Clinton 29% Obama 26% Edwards 22%
    Wednesday, December 12, 2007

    Despite all the hoopla and negative campaigning and Oprah, the Democratic race in Iowa remains pretty much the same as its been for the past month—way too close to call. In three straight Rasmussen Reports polls conducted over the past month, each of the leading candidates has seen their level of support stay in a very narrow range—three percentage points or less. Given that the poll has a three-percentage point margin of sampling error, the results are remarkably stable.

    The latest Rasmussen Reports poll of the Iowa Democratic Caucus finds that Hillary Clinton is supported by 29% of Likely Caucus Participants. That’s up two points from two weeks ago and identical to her level of support a month ago.

    Barack Obama enjoys 26% support in the most recent poll. He was at 25% two weeks ago and 24% a month ago.

  199. second choice for clinton suck, but these numbers will improve IMO once she does the thursday debate well!

    Different assumptions of who will show up produce slightly different results, but all point to a toss-up at the moment.

    – When only voters who are “certain” they will participate are included in the totals, Obama is supported by 27%, Clinton by 26%, and Edwards by 23%.

    – Among those who have participated in a caucus before, it’s Edwards 25%, Clinton 25% and Obama 23%.

    – However, when only those who are certain which candidate they will support are included, it’s Clinton 31%, Obama 25% and Edwards 21%.

    Another factor that makes polling in Iowa a challenge is the importance of second-choices. In a particular caucus setting, if a candidate receives less than 15% of the vote, their supporters will be re-allocated to other candidates.

    John Edwards is currently the second choice for 28% of likely caucus participants. Obama is the second choice for 20%, while Clinton and Richardson are the second choice for 14%.

    Richardson, Biden, Dodd, and Kucinich currently are below the 15% threshold statewide. Among their supporters, Edwards is the second choice for 29% support, Obama 24%, and Clinton15%.

  200. B Merry — any comments about this NH poll? The poll was taken over the weekend, some speculation that it includes an oprah bounce.

  201. I think it might be oprah bounce.. but then the bounce might not last long IMO. the polls over the weekend should tell more story, which is why tomorrows debate will be EXTREMELY critical. focus will be on Obama as he is perceived “frontrunner” in Iowa

  202. To belabor the point: Jill-come-lately Carol Shea-Porter endorsed BHO too late and is prepared, like other Jills and Jacks such as she arriving late to the party, to follow BHO over the cliff.

    Think about it. Here’s N.H.’s best-known grassroots Dem activist who consistently held that she was going to stay neutral, someone with the N.H. Rolodex from hell, someone who’s followers are already at work on other campaigns, now stepping up to back BHO based on the star-studded Opramalamadingdongpalooza at the Verizon?

    CSP says:

    “Obama has the ability to inspire and unify a wide range of Americans.

    “I believe that he’s got what it takes to lead us into that brighter place, and I think he’s got the wind at his back and the wind at his sails.”

    Methinks the wind was what she tested with her pinkie before going with “The One”.

  203. The last 3 NH polls are this one (+1), then Mason Dixon (+3) and ABC/Post (+6). Implication is that he’s been gaining the last two weeks, regardless.

  204. I agree with Steve Soto’s analysis here:

    “Instead, she went for the bait that Obama put out there, and gave the media its narrative that this is a two-person race.

    “The Obama people knew that they could elevate their candidate immediately by goading her into focusing on him solely. They knew that by relying upon the Clintonian desire to destroy all attackers, Obama could prick her initially, wait for her overreaction, count on the media’s desire for a horse race and its predisposition against her, and then see him score points by counterpunching as her perceived sole challenger.”

    I’m surprised Hillary fell into this trap.

  205. Shea-Porter is as naive as you can get:

    On Tuesday, Rep. Carol Shea-Porter explained why she changed her mind and endorsed Obama after months of insisting she’d stay out of the primary fight.

    “I said I would not publicly endorse unless there was a compelling reason to do so,” Shea-Porter said during a conference call with reporters.

    “The compelling reason is I can see someone who can inspire the largest number of Americans for this critical election.”

    Um, how about who will make the best president?

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