Merry-Go-Round Therapy, A Christmas Miracle, And Texas

With only 28 days left until the Iowa caucuses it’s time to take the Merry-Go-Round and review some items of news and provide helpful hints on how to cope with the thrill packed month ahead.

While Iowans get to vote on January 3, 2008, absentee voting in New Hampshire begins next week. In the big February 5 states with absentee voting, such as California, absentee voting starts on January 5. So get ready to vote where ever you are.

Many Hillary supporters are new to the rough punches of presidential politics. Many Hillary supporters are getting themselves sick as they watch Big Media follow Tim Russert’s lead and attack Hillary while placing Obama on all the news magazine covers, pumping up Obama efforts like fluffers in the porn industry, making silly exaggerations of Hillary weakness, and of course talking magic at the mere mention of Oprah.

If you find yourself getting sick or in a constant state of outrage, take a walk. Calm down. Unplug the computer. Unplug the TV. If you find that taking a walk and unplugging the computer and TV merely adds to your anxiety because you feel disconnected and helpless, then try exercise. When watching Chris Matthews a treadmill or NordicTrack is necessary. Jumping jacks or push ups also help when watching haters like Matthews. You’ll discover that you are exercising at a heightened pace when watching these know-nothings. The only danger to this therapy is you might become musclebound.

Also don’t overreact when you hear “bad” news. Usually what you are hearing is gross exaggerations and outright spin. Read the source material not what the “reporter” says about the source material.

Remember Big Blogs are echo chambers. They influence very few. The only ones who read Big Blogs seriously are “reporters” who use comments on the Big Blogs to push a narrative the “reporters” want to push. If you see five “diaries” on the same Hillary Hate topic on DailyKooks, realize Kooks need to entertain themselves. Don’t feel overwhelmed and helpless. Instead of DailyKooks, take a walk to your nearest Chock Full O’Nuts vendor.

For a good laugh, Hillary Hater extraordinaire Dick Morris is usually reliable. For instance, Dick Morris’ latest article reaffirms his belief that Hillary has the Democratic nomination locked up. Morris thinks Hillary will lose Iowa and New Hampshire but will still get the nomination. We agree Hillary will get the nomination but have to chuckle at Morris’ attempt to convince the Hillary Team that losing Iowa and New Hampshire should be a goal.

There is only one way for Hillary to shift the focus onto Obama or John Edwards: lose. By losing in Iowa and New Hampshire, she makes the key question not her veracity but Obama’s or Edwards’s ability to win. Democrats are going to be reluctant to nominate someone they know so little about as Obama and will wonder if the nation is ready for an African-American candidate (it is) or for a man who has been senator for 104 weeks before running for president (it’s not). They will also wonder about nominating Edwards, who lost twice in 2004. When the question becomes viability, not credibility, Hillary is in a league of her own with her ability to bring new female voters to the polls. [snip]

But recover they both likely will. Remember how Gary Hart beat Mondale in New Hampshire in 1984 and Mondale came back to win? And how Paul Tsongas beat Clinton there in 1992 and Clinton eventually won? And how McCain defeated Bush in New Hampshire in 2000 but how Bush came back to win? Different year. New candidates. Same deal.

Play a game with yourself. Compare the genuine come-from-behind Huckabee campaign with Obama’s campaign. Huckabee from nowhere is now leading the Ripublicans in Iowa and nationally. Obama? Tight race in Iowa but way behind nationally and pretty much everywhere else. Check the polls on the right hand column of this website. Find and compare how many states Hillary is at or over 50% and how many states Obama is at or over 50%. [Hint: Obama 0]

Check our smart comments section for accurate poll analysis. The past few days there have been many polls. Several polls from Iowa and several from New Hampshire. The Obama campaign is still spinning that they will win Iowa then snowball into New Hampshire, then snowball into South Carolina (they always leave out Nevada and Michigan) then snowball the February 5 states then snowball some more. The Obama campaign loves snowballs. They should read Dick Morris and find out snowballs melt.

As we suggested, read the recent polls in the right hand column. Look at the numbers. Read the analysis. Hillary is doing well in most of the recent Iowa polls and in all of the New Hampshire polls. And remember, only in Iowa and New Hampshire where Hillary is being savaged by Ripublican ads and Democratic attacks are her numbers anywhere near soft. In Obama’s must win state of South Carolina Hillary is in the high 40s (45% on December 3). Florida has Hillary at 53%. Hillary at 43% in Pennsylvania (Obama 15%, Edwards in single digits). Pretty much the same thing in Ohio. A Florida type blowout in California for Hillary.

The latest unhappy, negative poll for Hillary once again is an ABC News/Washington post poll. This time the poll is from New Hampshire. This one shows Hillary at 35%, Obama at 29%, Edwards at 17%. (Marist poll of New Hampshire has Hillary at 37%, Obama at 24%, Edwards at 18% and Richardson at 8%). While this poll is much different than others which show Hillary stronger, even this poll has good Hillary news.

The ABC/WP New Hampshire poll questioned a very high number of Independents. Looks like the Democrats, which are the big group to vote in New Hampshire were undersampled. Some Big Media analysis of this “bad” Hillary poll:

The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll in New Hampshire shows Sen. Hillary Clinton leading the Democratic presidential race with 35% support, followed by Sen. Barack Obama at 29%, John Edwards at 17% and Gov. Bill Richardson at 10%.

Key finding: “Clinton’s lead in New Hampshire inches up in lower-turnout scenarios, suggesting her support is more reliable. Moreover, among those who’ve definitely decided on their candidate, she leads Obama by a wide 43% to 28%; and among the most enthusiastic likely voters she leads him by 45% to 24%.

Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times provides some fun history on some of the staffers helping Hillary this year; it’s almost laugh out loud funny:

Obama’s present votes were used against him when he ran for U.S. Senate in the 2004 Democratic Illinois primary, in one of the few negative hits aimed at him in that contest.

The 2004 Illinois senate candidate who publicly pushed the present vote issue the hardest was Blair Hull. Clinton’s deputy campaign manager is Mike Henry, who managed Hull’s Illinois campaign. [snip]

Henry, back in 2004, when he was working for Hull, orchestrated a series of mailings to Illinois voters which referenced the Obama present votes on abortion with a picture of a duck and “He ducked” in the headline. The mailings came out just before the March, 2004 Illinois primary so they would be hard to rebut. By the time the mailings came out, Mo Elleithee, a one-time Hull campaign spokesman –had already left the Hull campaign. I mention this because Elleithee is now Clinton’s chief Iowa spokesman. [snip]

Hull had a series of mailings on the “ducked” vote micro-targeting to several audiences and another candidate, Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas is quoted as bringing it up at least once. By and large, the Illinois reporters covering the 2004 senate race never played up the Obama present votes.

Why would the Clinton campaign think it can stick?

*Hull used it late in the race—days before the vote–when he was already sinking because the allegations of spousal abuse had surfaced. Hull was already out of contention.

*Hull was the wrong messenger…think spousal abuse.

*Clinton brought it out a month before the Jan. 3 Iowa caucus. And she will have more validators to repeat the message.

*The races—2004 and 2008 are fundamentally different.

We also are very happy that Hillary Challenged Wall Street on the Housing Crisis yesterday. Good going.

A Christmas Miracle (almost) occurred yesterday when Paul Krugman took a New York Times reporter, the reprehensible Katharine Q. “Kit” Seelye, to the woodshed. Rarely does one Big Media type criticize another Big Media type. Daily Howler will probably be howling in laughter today. “Kit” has done some of the worse reporting in our elections and it appears nothing has changed. Krugman yesterday called her “fact checking” nonsense out.

I have a lot of problems with this Kit Seelye piece. It’s kind of weird that the usual “both sides may have a point” reporting gave way to a clear declaration that one side is right — precisely on an issue where many, many health experts believe that Obama is wrong, and that mandates are both feasible and essential. Much better coverage of the issue, I’m sorry to say, in the Murdoch news.

But this takes the cake:

Joseph Antos, a health policy expert at the American Enterprise Institute, a nonpartisan group.

Is it really possible for a veteran reporter to believe that AEI is nonpartisan? Not even a qualifier, like “right-leaning” or “free-market-oriented”?

The 125,000 member Office and Professional Employees International Union has endorsed Hillary!

Clinton has received strong support from major unions representing more than 4 million working families nationwide. Her endorsements include the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union; International Associations of Machinists and Aerospace Workers; Transportation Communications Union; National Association of Letter Carriers; International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers; American Federation of Teachers; the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees; Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers; and the Amalgamated Transit Union.

Did we mention Bobby Kennedy, Jr. and Jacqueline Jackson, wife of the Reverend Jesse Jackson – also endorsed Hillary?

Some more Iowa news:

Clinton leads the Democratic race here with 27%, followed closely by Barack Obama of Illinois at 24% and John Edwards of North Carolina with 21%. There has been very little movement in the Democratic race here since last month, as the front–runners essentially stood still and two lower–tier candidates – Senator Joe Biden of Delaware and Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio – gained two points each.

Since last month, however, Clinton was able to solidify her standing among some likely caucus–goers by increasing the number of people who said she would be their second choice. This is a critical factor in the Democratic caucus in Iowa. In the caucuses, a first round of “balloting” is conducted, and those candidates who do not win at least 15% support are ruled “unviable” and supporters are directed to a second choice among those who remained “viable” before a second round of “balloting” is conducted.

Last month, Obama and Edwards were much more preferred as a second choice among those candidates who appear to be unviable under Democratic caucus rules. Clinton appears to be gaining ground among those who might consider experience to be an important factor in choosing a nominee – she wins the lion’s share of support among those who make Biden their first choice, and she does well among those who would first choose New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson.

And Taylor Marsch comments on the ugly attacks Hillary is facing from Ripublicans – this time in Iowa. Ripublicans have been running advertisments against Hillary, aided and abetted by Obama/Edwards in New Hampshire. The latest ugliness is now in Iowa.

There is so much hate email hitting Iowans and other primary voters you wouldn’t even believe it. Most people don’t come into contact with what’s being directed at Hillary, which I’ve confirmed, emails that are so much worse than what are hitting other candidates. I offer this post to give people a clue at just how vile the hate email is towards Clinton. It surpasses anything I’ve seen targeting other Democrats. …Also remember he’s not the only one targeting Clinton.

We also hope you did not miss our December 4 Hillary Headline (always on the right hand side column of this Big Pink site). So much for Obama’s South Carolina dreams:

“But Clinton has a higher approval rating among blacks nationwide than does Obama, according to a poll released a few days ago by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies. That suggests it’s possible Obama could win in Iowa and New Hampshire only to see his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination run aground when voters go to the polls in states with sizeable black populations — such as South Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, Alabama and New York.

In the Joint Center poll, conducted for AARP, Clinton had a 83 percent favorable rating among blacks. Just 9.7 percent of blacks viewed her unfavorably. Obama had a favorable rating of 74.4 percent, and was rated “unfavorable” by 10.1 percent of blacks likely to vote in the presidential primaries, according to the Washington-based think tank.

While these findings may surprise a lot of people outside the political mainstream, they were well known to the Obama camp even before the Joint Center’s findings were published. For weeks now, Obama and a tight circle of his supporters have been trying to figure out how to win over black voters, who ought to be his core constituency. Instead of giving Obama the kind of backing they gave Jesse Jackson in his two attempts to win the Democratic presidential nomination, many black voters are casting their lot with Clinton. Clinton’s backers say those voters believe she’s the best Democrat for the job.

Oprah has a job on her hands.

Finally, one last suggestion. For the very frustrated, keep a big jar near your computer and TV. Whenever you hear something from Big Media or Big Blogs that makes your blood boil drop a few dollars into the jar. Then donate the contents to Hillary’s campaign. If you’re a student or poor put coins in the jar.

But the absolutely best therapy against Hillary Haters and frustration is ACTION. Texan4Hillary (A.K.A. Art) is taking action as are many others. Like Hillary, Art is Texas Tough.


* * *

Texan4Hillary (A.K.A. – Art) sent in this Report From Texas.

Hillary In Texas


On November 28th a great small dollar fundraising event was hosted by Hillary’s National Co-Chair Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. The maximum number of folks attended – over 500! The attendees represented the Democratic Party. A large number of young and older women came. Many African-Americans, Hispanics, Asian-Americans, members of the GLBT community, Christians and non-Chrisitians, and even some children attended. It was not a crowd of elites but the real core of America – the middle class.

Hillary’s speech was touching. She discussed the Iraq War and our need to begin prudently removing our troops from that country. Hillary went in depth into her healthcare policy, stating her’s is universal healthcare . Not one American will be left out. No one can fall through the cracks. You can choose another plan if you do not like yours or keep your current plan. Tax credits would be used to sharply reduce what you pay in premiums. If you do not join a plan and have no insurance, then when you go to the emergency room for care you would be auto-enrolled into a Medicare like plan.

Better yet, government plans would compete against private insurance. Drugs prices would be controlled. Medical records would be all put into a national electronic database, saving time and money for the medical system and for us.

She also discussed education. Hillary said it was time to restore neighborhood schools. “A child’s first school is like a family for him or her.” Those schools need to be fortified and be made as safe as possible. We need less state tests and more teaching.

Hillary was calm and confident. This is something we Hillary supporters are used to and value as a virtue. She, as usual, treated everyone there as they should be – equals and with dignity. It did not matter if you donated 2,000 dollars or nothing you were the same. No one was excluded.

Hillary always treats her volunteers with upmost love and respect. After the main event she had us brought into another room to meet her! I have done extrodinary amounts of work for Hillary over the months from organizing Team Hillary across Houston to making sure folks are informed about Hillary and her opponents. Jackson Lee and Hillary recognized me for that. Hillary gave me a hug and I got a picture taken with her. She told me how much I am valued to her effort and that I’m her “new friend.”

I am so proud to be included in this effort by Congresswoman Jackson Lee -one Hillary’s most important allies. Jackson Lee has fought tirelessley for progressive ideals. When Republicans pulled another round of electoral shenanigans in Ohio in 2004 she, Senator Boxer, and a small group of Congresspersons courageously contested the results. Congresswoman Lee has been important to the voting system reform movement – and is pushing for legislation to end caging, making paper trails mandatory, and ensuring the entire process is secure.

Folks like RFK Jr., Jackson Lee, McGovern, civil rights icon John Lewis and gay rights champion Barney Frank would not dare endorse and work hard for someone who does not uphold progressive values. They would not support a candidate with America at such a perilious moment who did not have the skills and experience to win.

We cannot afford to lose the White House, especially to cheap smear tactics. Only One candidate has that essential experience in how to sucessfully fight the GOP machine and beat the conservatives – One. I am proud to stand with Hillary and these many fighters for justice in Congress and around America. We need change, and only Hillary, who has both the poltical and governmental experience, can win the presidency and enact the reforms we so badly need. You can want change, but actualizing it is a far different beast.


228 thoughts on “Merry-Go-Round Therapy, A Christmas Miracle, And Texas

  1. bravo admin. a great morale booster. i have to admit i have been one of those very ancious, angry, and frusterated hillfans. the past month have been difficult for me watching big media, bawak hussien obama, and phoney “my old man worked in a mill” edwards trash our hillary. i need a stiff drink to settle down(joking of course). i will try not to get too cuaght up in the up and down polls and outlandish attacks on hillary. the post by admin is good therapy. thanks admin and bill me for the

  2. New Fla. poll has Hillary up 30:

    The SurveyUSA automated survey of 503 likely Democratic primary voters in Florida (conducted 12/2 through 12/3) finds Sen. Hillary Clinton leading Sen. Barack Obama (54% to 24%) in a statewide primary while former Sen. John Edwards trails at 13%.

  3. Thursday, December 06, 2007

    New York Senator Hillary Clinton’s lead over Illinois Senator Barack Obama in South Carolina’s Presidential Primary has disappeared. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of the race shows Clinton with 36% of the vote while Obama is the top choice for 34% of the state’s Likely Primary Voters. A month ago, Clinton had a ten-point advantage. In September, the former First Lady was up by thirteen points.

    Currently, John Edwards is a distant third at 13% in South Carolina and no other Democrat tops the 2% level of support (see crosstabs for current survey).

    Fifty-one percent (51%) of Clinton’s voters name Obama as their second choice. Fifty-nine percent (59%) of Obama voters name Clinton as their second choice. Among supporters of John Edwards, Clinton is the second choice for 34% while Obama gets the nod from 16%.

    Two trends in the South Carolina data mirror national trends.

    First, Obama’s overall level of support has remained relatively steady while Clinton’s has declined. Nationally, Clinton’s support among likely Democratic Primary Voters has fallen to its lowest level in the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll.

    Second, Obama’s showing has improved significantly among black voters. He now attracts 51% of the African-American vote in South Carolina while Clinton picks up just 27%. A month ago, the candidates were even in this important constituency (Obama 46%, Clinton 45%). There is virtually no movement among white voters in the state–Clinton now earns 43% of the white vote, Edwards 22%, and Obama 17%.

    In the South Carolina survey, African-Americans constitute 49% of Likely Democratic Primary voters.

    Among women in South Carolina, Clinton leads Obama by eleven but Obama leads by ten among men 47% to 34%.

    Eighty-three percent (83%) have a favorable opinion of Clinton. Seventy-six percent (76%) view Edwards favorably and 74% offer a positive assessment of Obama.

    Sixty-three percent (63%) of Clinton’s supporters say they are “certain” to vote for her. Sixty-five percent (65%) of Obama’s say the same along with just 47% of Edwards’ South Carolina supporters.

    Thirty-three percent (33%) of South Carolina Democratic Primary Voters say the economy is the number one voting issue. Twenty-eight percent (28%) name the War in Iraq while 14% say Health Care.

    Fifty-six percent (56%) believe Clinton will eventually win the Democratic nomination, but 28% believe Obama will be the nominee.

    Clinton, Obama, and Edwards are virtually even in Iowa, the first state to vote in Election 2008. Clinton leads by ever smaller margins in New Hampshire, and national polls.

    Among South Carolina Republicans, the surging Mike Huckabee has taken the lead.

  4. Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
    Thursday, December 06, 2007

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows Barack Obama within seven points of Hillary Clinton in the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination. It’s Clinton 33%, Obama 26%, Edwards 15%, and Bill Richardson at 6%. (see recent daily numbers). These figures mark the second time in a week that Obama has pulled to within single digits of Clinton. Clinton leads by fifteen percentage points among white voters but trails by nine among all other voters.

    New data released today shows that Clinton has lost her lead over Obama in the South Carolina Primary but the former First Lady still leads Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney in general election match-ups. Clinton, Obama, and John Edwards are locked in a tight battle leading up to the Iowa caucuses. Clinton still leads in New Hampshire, but her lead is declining. The former First Lady of both Arkansas and the United States recently stepped up her attacks on Obama in Iowa (see video)

  5. TheRealist:

    Don’t worry about it. Infact, I will make a prediction. Just before the Iowa poll, rasmussen poll will show Obama leading nationally. That is where these guys are headed. The gradual erosion they show of Hillary is just a step towards taking to show that Hillary will loose. Don’t watch these polls in the last month. The media wants to show that Hillary is loosing. Hence all pollsters will race after each other to show those results in their polls. Nothing of consequence happened in last two weeks for these results to change so drastically other than media trying to put a different narrative out there.

  6. I doubt that, as Clinton’s lead has shrunk, but no one has come to pick up the slack, unlike Huck on the repub side, who’s surge is real and has taken support from both Mitt and Rudy. I’m not worried, I’m just posting the latest…:)

  7. That’s right , Realist. Huck is a real danger to democrats in the general. The democrats are not right to think that just because they win the primary they can win the general. People who think that media will be just as favorable to Obama as they are now will be completely mistaken. Media wants a anti-Hillary candidate to win. In primary it will be Obama.

  8. But will voters rethink if they think that Obama could really win?

    The next few weeks are going to be hard. My prescription is: find a Hillary meeting, HQ, canvassers, anything. They are terrific and caring and will give you something to do that will cheer you.

    My favorite thing is wearing a Hillary button and finding someone who will ask you about her or say they want to vote for her and you can help them register. Even just reassuring a voter who wonders about all the attacks on her makes you feel great.

    If Hillfans pull in 2 voters, she will romp through and you will save your sanity. Maybe we should have a website where Hillfans can check in when they have their 2 voters.

  9. But will voters rethink if they think that Obama could really win?

    We will know that if Obama wins one or two early states. Right now, the media wants it to be a referendum on Hillary and all things bad about Clintons (they never bring out the good stuff). If democrats fail to do that, republicans will surely make it a referendum on Obama in the general and he won’t have the media pimping for him as they are right now.

  10. Everything is in a flux for the time being. I’m not all that concerned at all. Remember George W. Bush’s final month in 2004 election, similar picture here. The media will do everything they can for Hussein Obama, and there’s not much we can do. Have some faith.

    Regarding SC, I long predicted African Americans, especially men will probably rally to Obama in the end, there’s no secret it’s still long racial/gender line in Southern states. However, Clinton will eke out a win if Edwards is no longer viable in SC since you can bet whites in the South will also break for Clinton.

    BTW, Edwards’ stock in Iowa has shot up unexpectedly to 35% on intranet, fascinating dynamic in Iowa. I predict a non-Obama winner in Iowa.

  11. Oprah-mania update:

    Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign decided that an 18,000-seat arena was too small to hold an event with Oprah Winfrey, the Columbia State reports.

    Sunday’s rally featuring the daytime talk show host will now move to the 80,000-seat Williams-Brice Stadium.

    “Obama’s campaign staffers say they don’t expect to fill the stadium, where big names like the Rev. Billy Graham and Pope John Paul II have appeared over the years. But it does mean the thousands who have e-mailed, called and stopped by headquarters to nab a ticket don’t have to worry.”

    According to the Boston Herald, an Oprah-Obama event in Manchester, NH next week has already filled a 12,000 seat arena.

  12. Paula,

    Actually this is quite interesting tidbits on Oprah/Obama from ‘the Atlantic online’…

    4. Saturday’s Obama-Oprah venues in Iowa still not sold out; New Hampshire event is at capacity, and campaign moves South Carolina event to accommodate demand….

  13. Paula,

    As I said, it’s tightening, no doubt, I long expected the primary fight was going to be a dogfight, not a cakewalk. It’s probably tougher than GE. Dems are generally dumber, they believe GE is in the bag, that’s why they’re buying into this media frenzy…

    Right now, it’s all about early states. I think Clinton will do better than a couple of final polls showed in the end. It’s the same Busy/Kerry dynamic. The media are doing Kerry the bid in the final month, in the end, Bush still won FL by a comfortable margin, and won OH better than most polls were showing.

    Intereting Obama-Oprah dynamics in Iowa. I want media swoon over this. I think it won’t go well in Iowa. She will probably help him in SC.

  14. Huge bid/ask spread for Obama in Iowa. 28/49. Not sure what’s going on there.. But the volume is pretty thin, so take all these as a grain of salt.

  15. kostner, You did indeed predict the race would tighten; I remember that. Also, nomination battles are rarely easy, even for people crowned front-runners. Gore had to beat back Bradley, Bush had to withstand McCain’s surge, etc.

    This is a great point, BTW. “Dems are generally dumber, they believe GE is in the bag, that’s why they’re buying into this media frenzy…” If they think Hillary and Obama are equally strong GE candidates, he gets a boost.

    mj, I don’t care either. I’m just posting that so we’re prepared for the media orgy that will ensue.

  16. There should a trade opened in intrade against who NYTimes and Was. post are going to endorse for democratic primary. I would put my money on Obama on that one. 🙂

  17. It might not be a bad idea for Hillary to concede the front runner status to Obama for the last 4 weeks. We know she is a fighter and she and her team will work doubly hard to prove everyone wrong.

  18. On Sunday, at a lecture and book signing at Congregation Sons of Israel, a synagogue in Briarcliff Manor, N.Y., Mr. Clark had ticked off a dozen reasons why he has endorsed Mrs. Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, starting with the fact that they have known each other for 24 years. But he also reached back in history for a reason why he is not supporting Senator Barack Obama: John F. Kennedy.

    Mr. Clark had argued in his lecture about the need for the United States to talk to its adversaries. That very issue of when to talk, and who should do it, has been a key disagreement among Democrats, with Mr. Obama coming under fire for saying that he would sit down for diplomatic meetings with countries like Iran, North Korea and Syria with no preconditions. Other candidates, like Mrs. Clinton, said direct talks with the president should be earned.
    After the lecture, Mr. Clark said talking to adversaries can work when a president is “speaking with the voice of experience” — something he contends Mrs. Clinton has. But “when you have leaders meeting early without adequate preparation, you can get some adverse outcomes,” he said, referring to Mr. Obama.

    That’s when he brought up JFK, recalling that Kennedy’s meeting with Nikita S. Khrushchev, the Soviet leader, on June 3, 1961, early in Kennedy’s term, had dire consequences. Khrushchev came out of the meeting judging Kennedy a weakling. “And that led to the Berlin crisis,” Mr. Clark said.

    The journalist Elie Abel, in his book, “The Missiles of October: The Story of the Cuban Missile Crisis,” recounted the American-Soviet face-off this way:

    “There is reason to believe that Khrushchev took Kennedy’s measure at their Vienna meeting in June 1961, and decided this was a young man who would shrink from hard decisions… There is no evidence to support the belief that Khrushchev ever questioned America’s power. He questioned only the President’s readiness to use it. As he once told Robert Frost, he came to believe that Americans are ‘too liberal to fight.’”

    Mr. Clark had harsher things to say about the sitting president, contending in his lecture that 9/11 ushered in a “policy coup. A group of like-minded people seized the foreign policy of this country and they took control.” He later criticized George W. Bush for how he conducts foreign policy, saying he “personalizes” it — and Mr. Clark clearly did not approve.

  19. mj:

    This is what Clark is implying.

    He is saying Hillary has experience and when she says wants she wants to talk to other hostile countries she will negotiate from the position of strength.

    When Obama is rushing to personally with all dictators in his first year without pre-conditions he is basically negotiating from the position of weakness.

    That could result in different outcomes of negotiation.

  20. Clark was saying Khrushchev believed that since Kennedy was young that he would shrink from hard decisions. and that gave him more confidence that he could have upperhand on some of his dealings with US.

  21. Bob Somerby at the daily howler ( writes as usual about how the media sets a target then goes all out to destroy it. They did it to Bill Clinton and then to Gore and now candidate Hillary Clinton. He ends by saying :

    “They didn’t get Gore in the 2000 primaries. This time, they may well succeed”.

    Not that I am being pessimistic but the very idea of this ever happening just breaks my heart so bad.

    After all the potshots and the personal attacks he has launched at her, the platitutudes he uses constantly to sway people (uniter of red states/blues states, dont relive the 90’s etc) , if that man ever gets to be President by dissing her as much as he can to get ahead …., well, ….it just going to be so heartbreaking …

  22. Markos likes to refer to Bush as Mr. 24%, and he is quite right, but on our side of the aisle, we too have a Mr. 24%, and he has been mired there for most of the campaign. As far as I can see it, there is absolutely no reason to believe the party will embrace Barack Obama, given that it has rejected him so overwhelmingly to date. Edwards? The party said, “No,” in 2004 long before he was able to hear its voice, and it has said, “No,” throughout this campaign. Unless, they are willing to promote someone like Biden, Dodd, or Richardson to the front tier, what we are watching now is an ineluctable movement to Hillary.

  23. DC, you’re right. But the press seems to be having a field day with her. And, yes, I do think there is a whole strain of sexism in the criticism directed at her. It’s all this bs about “trust” when there is no clear indication that she is anything but trustworthy.

  24. I see Hillary as our nominee like a laser light across a moonless light. It is a vision that is clear and unambiguous. I do not know the permutations that will occur along the way, or the slings and arrows of outrageous fortunes that we will meet, but Hillary is going to get the nod.

  25. This Oprah tour has the potential to backfire for Obama. I’m not sure that associating himself with daytime talk TV figure this close to the voting helps him cross the critical commander-in-chief threshold.

    The South Carolina rally carries particularly large risk if it redefines Obama nationally as a “black candidate” in the mold of a Jesse Jackson.

  26. hwc,

    Interesting that Oprah has not filled out IA venue despite the efforts of rewarding his loyalest precinct captains…

    We’re going to see how this will work out with media frenzy. Frankly, I’m very comfortable with Oprah/Obama…

  27. DCDemocrat, well, that was a beautiful way to put it. I know what you mean. I have these flashes of certainty, but I’ve never seen the press and the blogosphere so committed against one woman.

  28. Its just amazing about how the GW Bush 2000 method of campaigning works – even now. Keep saying the following :

    “I am a uniter” .
    “I want to change the Washington style of politics” (yes, Bush did say that)
    “I can get things done” (sic)
    “I can reach out across the aisle and get consensus and bi-partisanship”
    “Look to the future and lets start a new beginning”
    “I am fresh and enough of the same ol’ same ol’ Washington insider mentality”

    rinse and repeat ..

    When people start getting carried away by the force of platitudes and oratory and glossy fake idealism, then its not surprising that Obama is where he is today. Whats worse about him is that he attacks and admonishes his own party to get ahead.

    “It is an accursed bird that fouls its own nest” (old saying which now applies to Edwards as well)

  29. Paula,

    It’s daily trading of candidates’ chance on Intratrade(?)…

    Huckabee’s chance is over 60%, Obama barely crosses 50%.

  30. Another new poll, another different numbers. Pew had Hillary ahead, and now I’m supposed to believe she’s only up by 2?

    Rasmussen daily is confusing me. Seems Hillary is losing one point everyday. Yet, other national polls are showing her with significant leads.

  31. Part of the problem is that Iowans don’t give a rats ass about politics. That’s the most infuriating thing about their prefered status in the primary race. These candidates spend umpteen millions while the state resoundingly sits on their hands.

    I mean….look at the number of Iowa interviews where a voter says they’ve narrowed it down to four candidates! After a year of kissing their asses.

  32. I think the polls are being manipulated. Their justification would be giving BO a fighting chance, seeing if he’s good enough to beat Hillary at anything. We know he sucks at debating…”the polls” are his last bastion of redemption.

    My $0.02 regarding Oprah.

    I read somewhere yesterday, Oprah tickets are FREE.. She is probably buying back all the tickets as a donation to Obama’s fundraiser.

    “I see Hillary as our nominee like a laser light across a moonless night. It is a vision that is clear and unambiguous. I do not know the permutations that will occur along the way, or the slings and arrows of outrageous fortunes that we will meet, but Hillary is going to get the nod.”

    I agree- and nice turn of phrase, DC Dem. Thanks for posting!

    Mrs. S.

  33. Paula:

    Bid/ask are finincials trading terms:

    ask means what a seller is asking for a bet/stock/trade
    bid means what a buyer is willig to pay for a bet/stock/trade

    And as someoe mentioned some savy traders/betters can move these numbers by hedging and try make some money!

  34. I really think that when people actually walk into the voting booth, and pause to consider what needs to be done over the next several years to right our nation’s course, the successes of the nineties – even with those horrible congresses – will be a huge weight for the other candidates to compete with. No one wants a neophyte in times like these. we love the idea of a leader rising up organically out of nowhere to clean up DC and the world – a la Mr. Smith (or some variation of). But no one has risen in that fashion. And to that end, Clinton’s immense personal authority and experience will make her, ultimately, the practical choice. I think a lot of people are going to flirt with Obama because they love the myth that some guy from nowhere, with just his common sense and native smarts, will show up and whip things in order – that’s exact myth that got Bush into the White House. Gore was the cynical incompetent DC insider in that version of the story, and Bush was the crusty, down to earth Texan who was going to ride to our rescue (well, except for the fact he’s scared of horses). In the current version of the myth, Hillary is the beneficiary of nepotism (yeah, right) and Obama is the Lincoln-esque brash, young constitutional authority who is going to lead us to the land of milk and honey. The problem being that Obama’s poll numbers have barely fluctuated over the months. If he had mojo, he’d have been battling Clinton months ago. He has no mojo.

    The media wants a new playmate. They want someone they can bat around like a cat with a cockroach and Clinton has made clear that she won’t be their bug du jour. She simply isn’t playing their game. Obama thinks he can play the media and win – naive boy that he is. Edwards knows how treacherous they are, but they aren’t that interested in him this time out.

    Don’t fret the polls. People are going to flirt with Obama but in the end, they aren’t going to vote for him because too much at stake right now. Let them flirt. They’ll get over by January 3rd. Just keep doing your work. We are going to win.

  35. Freckles:

    You are right… join a local hillary group and start talking within that group; it is a great booster!

    Remain open to some outside news but thenn focus on hillary as what we can do.

    I did phone banking 3 times this week in CA. I am so happy that it keeps me away from the computer and TV.

    also ignore negative people; i my case i have a neighbor who i absolutely love but she will ignore anythinng positive I say about Hillary; she keeps onn askinng if there are men at these debate parties, phone banks etc.

    She was so surprised that Warren Buffet, Gen Wesley Clark are with Hillary. So while i keep on working on her to change her mind, I ingore these little jabs she keeps making. The good thing is leaning towards Biden or Richardson and hates Obama. She mentioned a cartoon I paper showing Obama playing in the sand as a kid to gain foreign policy experience. I have not seen the cartoon myself but I am way beyonnf tryig to make an effort to any research on him.

    I am focussing on Hillary’s strength.

  36. Kostner, I could care less about Oprah/Obama, too. Some of us here at Big Pink wigged out at her announcement a few months back. My pointis that she does not represent the majority of Americans especially in the Midwest.

    I’d guess that IA and OK are more alike than NH and IA. I say that because folks here aren’t high fallutin’. We’re not Bubbas per se, but we’re not Sex in the City or Desperate Housewives either. Most of our residents live in towns with fewer than 10K people. Our biggest cities are Tulsa and OKC and much of our industry is ag or oil related. I state w/o equivocation that the Bwak supporters I see here are under 22. Then again, I’m in the 3rd largest city which has the OU main campus. And like ISU or IU, most of our students are from out of state (i.e. Texas- Dallas or Houston areas). I could give two craps about what they think. Most of them have never even registered to vote and think that Starbucks is a food group.

    A lot of folks here think she’s a freak with all of her New Age mumbo jumbo and personal trainers and such. She lives a fantasy life. She knows nothing about getting the kids to bed on time, attending PTA meetings and soccer games 3x a week, or worrying about gas prices. She’s a fun escape for an hour a day, but she is not representative in her views. Folks will show up to see her just like they’ll pay two dimes to see the bearded lady at the State Fair in September.

    One fat lady does not make a campaign, but it does make good press.

    BTW- I still say Oprah will turn off male voters to Bwak who will see him as soft or too Hollywood to be C-i-C.

  37. Thanks mj – thought there was another Pew poll out or something ..

    no polling outfit in the last month has shown anything close to what Rasmussen is showing in SC. Dont tell me that a 15-20 point lead vanished to just 2 points just like that … that has to be a outlier … especially when she was leading among blacks by a pretty good margin in all the other polls.

  38. no polling outfit in the last month has shown anything close to what Rasmussen is showing in SC. Dont tell me that a 15-20 point lead vanished to just 2 points just like that

    may be rasmussen wants to get on TV.

  39. She’s a fun escape for an hour a day, but she is not representative in her views. Folks will show up to see her just like they’ll pay two dimes to see the bearded lady at the State Fair in September.



  40. dt, the Pew South Carolina poll I’m referring to was released on Monday. It showed Hillary with 14 point advantage. I’m supposed to believe that has all but vanished with the Rasmussen?

    December 3, 2007 AP-Pew South Carolina poll:
    Clinton 45%,
    Obama 31%
    Edwards 10%

    I don’t know what to make of polls of anymore. Perhaps Pew is an outlier, I don’t know. Perhaps the problem is I’m paying too much attention to them.

  41. SC is the last piece we need to worry. I analyzed it extensively. The race is SC and other southern states is along gender and race long.

    If Obama gets some MO out of IA and NH, African Americans especially male will rally behind him, and a sizeable African American female will also jump on his bandwagon. Here is the key, if Edwards is out at this point of time, you can also bet whites will rally behind Hillary. Since the makeup is 50/50 in SC, I’d say Clinton’s chance is 50+ to win in this state. I’ve never thought SC is very reliable for Hillary because of its demographics.

    If Clinton wins NH, she will win SC.

    So SC is really not anybody’s firewall, not reliable to any candidate. The key is to force Edwards out at this point of time. Obama polls very poorly among whites in Southern states unlike more liberal states such as NH.

  42. My take is if Clinton wins NH, she will win the nominee easily. If she stumbles in NH, it’s going to be a hard-fought fight, the chance is then 50/50.

    The key to win NH is to hold out in IA, to get as close as possible to the 1st place even if she can’t win there.

  43. Look, if she wins NH, she will then have three straight wins in a row, when it sails to SC, it just won’t matter whether Hussein Obama wins there or not.

    She will then cruise to an easy victory in FL.

    So the key is really NH.

  44. Thanks Admin. I needed that. Things have really gotten ugly as of late. I like what you said too DCDEM, I have usually been quite sure that Clinton will be the nom. To me, there is no other choice, she’s so beyond and better than the others in every way…why shouldn’t we have the best? I think the race was decided months ago, actually….

  45. Hey, Kit: If someone had asked me in January whether December would be rocky, I would have said, “Most probably.” Here it is, December, and it is rock, but by every analysis everywhere (sometimes even Iowa), we’re still on top.

  46. Politico’s Roger Simon’s article on the convoluted Iowa Caucus process is a must read. I had to read it twice to understand how it works.

    The process is made to keep people from voting, IMHO.

  47. Did you guys see that punks latest ad? Guess what folks, Clintons were responsible for all the fights in 90s. Clintons were the one pitting red against blue america.

    Who says so? Our resident expert Professor Obama says so.

  48. BTW, I just read some of the recent columns on the Daily Howler. Spot on, but very depressing. 🙁

    Obama actually blames the Clintons for what happened in the ’90s? He really is a faux Democrat.

  49. ra1029 – BO’s supporters are going ga-ga over that ad. “makes me wanna cry… so inspirational…closes the deal… will easily sway the undecided…. best ad ever …..” etc etc .

    as if Clinton created the red state/blue state divide. as if he started the bitter fights of the 90’s. and now, this punk is going to unite us all.

    I never thought, in my wildest dreams, after all that went on in the 90’s, after all the witch-hunting, after all the personal attacks and hatred thrown at the Clintons and the efforts to bring down his presidency, after the economic boom brought about by a tireless, hardworking president in the face of a hostile media and opposition in Congress, after a disastrous Bush presidency, after all that ….. there would come a day not even a decade after he left office that a presidential candidate from the SAME Democratic party would pooh-pooh his achievements, blame him for the divisiveness and make him to be something that the country and the party should just wish away.

    It is just unbelievable. These are very strange times indeed.

  50. Obama’s candidacy is essentially rhetoric-based, which is the complete opposite of Hillary’s. I hope primary voters figure out the difference, and if they don’t, then they have no one to blame but themselves for the inevitable disappointment that follows.

  51. Back from seeing Hillary speak at Gilford, NH, today. There was a problem at the local airport where she landed, making her about 30 minutes late, but about 500 or more folks showed up. Some of us had already stood outside waiting in 25 degree sunny but slightly windy weather. Nobody made a move to leave after it was announced we would have to wait extra 20 or 30 minutes.

    The wait was totally worth it. This is the third time I had heard Hillary speak in person and she was the BEST ever. The first time was a policy speech. Last time was right before the not so great debate and she was sick (hoarse) and took mostly questions from the audience.

    Today she talked about reorganizing our government and putting things back in order, fiscal responsibility, social security, her healthcare plan, etc.

    The audience was overwhelmingly receptive and excited to have her there. She offered to come back to Gilford to make up for the loss of time, to which the audience enthusiastically responded.

    Faux News was there, as well as other media but none identified.

  52. admin,
    do we have someone doing “counter videos’s when obama posts on utube? and others?

    and let me ask you, how old was obama during the 90’s? where was he working? would he remember anything that went on in the 90’s, or was he a school boy?

  53. Saturday’s Obama-Oprah venues in Iowa still not sold out
    ha. i really do think it’s a terrible idea. is iowa the first one?

    i am also curious as to where that “inspirational” obama ad is airing. he sounds like he is giving a sermon in a megachurch. i’m catholic, that style is awfully weird to me. telling the people what they “NEED” to hear? who died and made him god? no offense meant to anyone, but i am worried instead of inspired, by that ad. dean got that way. lecturing and holding rallies preaching to the choir. i don’t like political candidates as movements. i’d much rather listen to dodd or biden.

  54. dt:

    I don’t feel like crying. I feel like smashing my monitor. I feel like a arrogant prick is lecturing us what was wrong with the 90s.

  55. anyone want to bet you can search youtube and dig up a george w bush ’00 speech that sounds exactly like this obama ’08 speech. i don’t have time now but it is worth a look. really. that crowd roar is disturbing, it truly is. i don’t need a lecture from obama telling me what i need to hear. he has no business doing that. don’t we want a president who LISTENS to the voters instead of lectures them on what they are supposed to hear and expects everyone to agree with him??!!

    id sure as hell rather repeat the 90s than the 00s with another “uniter not a divider” (hahaha)

  56. Today is Romney day. Gosh, the MSM is just awful… They’re chasing one hot potato after another… Yesterday, the day before, it was Huckabee, Obama, today is Romney, I bet his #s will shoot up …

    Here’s those insane reviews….

    From NBC’s Mark Murray
    CBN’s Brody: “The speech was sweeping, lofty and presidential. He looked natural and spoke passionately. Mitt Romney didn’t just look like a President today. He sounded and behaved like one too. It’s not often a presidential candidate gets the limelight all to himself. But such was the case Thursday.”

    Red State’s Hunter Baker: “I have not seen the speech, but I have read it. Religion and politics is my academic specialty. While I would quibble with the way Romney presents the founding of the Republic and what it did or didn’t settle about religious liberty, I think he did an outstanding job of framing the overall discussion… Overall, this speech showed tremendous sophistication on religion and politics. I’m not a Mitt supporter. But he listened to someone who understands the issues well.”

    The American Spectator’s Jennifer Rubin: “I think whoever thought these lines were a good idea may be queasy about now: ‘Americans do not respect believers of convenience. Americans tire of those who would jettison their beliefs, even to gain the world.’ Those who raved about The Speech are getting feedback like this and others label it the worst line of The Speech. This is where some self-awareness would have helped the Romney Team — if you understand the biggest problem for your guy (credibility/conviction) you shouldn’t advertise it in neon lights in the most picked over speech of the campaign. (And no I don’t for a minute think Romney ‘wrote it himself’ unless he’s spending time pawing through books for John Adams quotes.)”

    Hugh Hewitt (who is a BIG Romney fan): “Mitt Romney’s ‘Faith in America’ speech was simply magnificent, and anyone who denies it is not to be trusted as an analyst. On every level it was a masterpiece. The staging and Romney’s delivery, the eclipse of all other candidates it caused, the domination of the news cycle just prior to the start of absentee voting in New Hampshire on Monday — for all these reasons and more it will be long discussed as a masterpiece of political maneuver.”

  57. More reviews… Geez… Romney is now becoming the hottest commodity in town…

    From NBC’s Mark Murray

    So far, it’s mostly positive…
    National Review’s Kate O’Beirne: “I predict it will get rave reviews. Mitt Romney, who sure looked presidential, explained effectively that he is a man of faith who is committed to America’s values. He was sure-footed and polished as usual but appeared today to be fighting back strong emotions when he talked about American exceptionalism.”

    Ed Morrissey: “Interesting, and somewhat better than I thought. I still think that he won’t have convinced people disinclined to vote for Mormons to support him, but at least he may have made some evangelicals more comfortable with his candidacy.”

    National Review’s Mona Charen: “That was perhaps the best political speech of the year. It was well-crafted and delivered with conviction and — this is unusual for Romney — considerable emotion. I thought his contrast of the empty cathedrals of Europe with the violent jihadis was particularly adroit. He managed to make this a speech about patriotism as much as about religion. Brilliant.”

    National Review’s Ramesh Ponnuru: “It would have been nice if Romney, while making room for people of all faiths in this country, could have also made some room for people with none.”

    National Review’s Jonah Goldberg: “I thought it was a very good speech too. I agree with Ramesh that the failure to mention agnostics and atheists was an oversight… The thrust of the speech was that all believers are good, all believers are Americans. That’s a nice sentiment and its message of inclusion would encompass Hindus. But would it encompass non-believers? I’m sure Romney himself would say it would if asked. But he didn’t say it in the speech.”

    The Atlantic’s Andrew Sullivan (although many Republicans would not label him a conservative): “Romney flip-flopping on faith?”
    “I do not define my candidacy by my religion. A person should not be elected because of his faith, nor should he be rejected because of his faith,” – Mitt Romney, at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum today.
    “We need to have a person of faith lead the country,” – Mitt Romney, February 17, 2007.

  58. B Merry:

    Were there many questions for Hillary? What about the demographics of the crowd? Mostly old/middle aged/young..male/female..mostly undecideds/already converted (I mean did they already have her sticker or pin)?

    How long was she there?

    Anxious to hear more details…

  59. ADMIN, I just went to some wierd blog, and again made myself sick, i do
    need to listen to your very timely advice on this mornings blog, i need to stay off, some nights i am on till 4 in the morning try to fight the tide, but instead i’m getting sick…

    here is what i have just realized: i dont like barack obama, wont vote for him even if he is the only one left standing…
    BUT more importantly, i could not vote for him because of all the disturbed constituents he will bring with him into the white house…
    do you realize that all of these unstable mindless followers will now be haunting our white house?

    anyone who has seen DAWN OF THE DEAD, will know what i am talking about… :- (

  60. don’t worry. the blog world is its own weird thing which self-reinforces. most people do not read the blogs. dean was the biggest hyped thing at this stage in 2003 but the voters took a look at said, can this guy really be president? no. but the very night before iowa everyone on the blogs predicted a huge dean victory, pretty much. he was relying a lot on firing up the young people. i firmly believe that when’s all said and done voters will ask themselves. who is presidential. who can get stuff done. who has specific policies. and who can beat the republicans. wait for the des moines debate and we will see clearly which candidate that is.

  61. ra1029

    The crowd was mostly 50s, 60s and up with a number of young teens and 20s. The gender mix was about even. I would say that most of the folks there were solid supporters – lots of stickers and pins. We were in the rear of the room so left right at the end but folks were taking yard signs away with them. There is a strong Hillary organization in the area, that’s for sure.

    One of the State reps was there to introduce her, as was Penny (forgot her last name, an Olympic skiier).

    The local newspaper is far-right with syndicated columns for Malkin, etc., so those who were there would be solid Dems.

    I only saw one BO sign on the way there (about 30 miles). Odd, but there were a couple clusters of Tancredo signs roadside on public property.

    The security was pretty tight, the most Secret Service I’ve seen so far, as well as a number of State troopers.

  62. Yepsen today:

    It’s also true the Democrats are putting more effort into Iowa than are the Republican candidates, who are concentrating more of their early efforts in New Hampshire. Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Fred Thompson aren’t doing much in Iowa and appear to have conceded the state to Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee.

    The turnouts will have several ramifications.

    On the Democratic side, all the candidates are putting massive efforts into the state. and a big turnout is likely to help Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. It may hurt John Edwards. That’s because Clinton is trying to appeal to older or blue-collar women who may not have attended a caucus before. Obama’s going after the 20-somethings who generally have poor attendance at these meetings. Edwards has run more strongly with party rank and file and more traditional caucus attendees, but their potency is diluted as the size of the turnout increases.

  63. Just found the entrance poll for IA caucuses. Very scary stuff… We’re doomed for a roller coaster…

    Kerry and Edwards had strong appeal among late deciders: Forty-one percent of caucus goers “finally decided” in the last week; of them 39 percent gave their initial preference to Kerry, 35 percent to Edwards, just 14 percent to Dean and six percent to Gephardt.

  64. B Merryfield, do you think the increase in security at the event is due to the recent hostage taking? I think they were afraid of copy cats.

    I have mixed feelings about the upcoming debates on Dec. 13th and 17th. I’m excited to see Hillary in front of a national audience again. Yet, I’m nervous that these two debates could decide the fate of the election. If she does well and Obama poorly, then perhaps the still undecided voters in Iowa will swing her way… a bad performance with bad post-debate commentaries will sink her (or at least not help her).

  65. a little off topic but i just read this in businessweek

    “Higher education is increasingly a tale of two worlds, with elite schools getting richer and buying up all the talent”

    i know there is a lot of talk about barack bringing all these college students from out of state etc. but does anyone talk much about local community colleges and the important role they play for communities, and the funding for them, etc. i don’t know if it’s a presidential issue or not but i always like that hillary has thoughtful policies on so many issues that do touch people’s lives directly and wonder if she has/can speak on this one. more people from my hometown go to community college than anywhere else and it does a lot to help people get better jobs and make better money etc. jsut a random thought.

  66. hillary is great in debates. she is such a wonk. obama is never great in debates. i don’t worry at all.

  67. B Merry:

    You said 500 or more people showed up. Was that a guess or do you take people’s information when they attend the event?

  68. I agree with B Angel that when people make up their mind toward the end, they will go with the best and the brightest. One caveat: the deep-rooted sexism of many in this country. Will there be many who will find themselves unable to vote for a woman? As I type this, I feel anger and frustration and will have to have faith that we shall overcome this time.

  69. In SC, my money is on Jacqueline.

    Jesse Jackson is for Obama (although not terribly happily) as is Jesse Jr. who got money from Obama.
    His older brother, however, has been fund-raising for Hillary and Mrs. Jackson sr (Jacqueline) has gone to SC to campaign for Hillary.

    I previously posted about the adorable attitude toward Obama from some mature black women. There is pride but a sort of baby-of-the-family feeling that he’s up past his bedtime.

    I imagine that Jacqueline Jackson can convey that perfectly.

  70. kostner, Since Iowa is so fluid the perception that Obama is ahead there could be a blessing for Hillary, since we really have no idea who’s going to win there.

  71. admin-thanks for posting my expeirence for hillary here in houston. congresswoman lee is a huge asset to the clinton camp. she is a great orator-rivals anyone in politics today. a real strong progressive-a yale trained atty. if hillary is slipping witht he black in sc-she needs to send out jackson lee agressiveley. sjl has been to nevada-but the campaign must send her out to these other states. she si a powerful force of nature and very persuasive.

  72. I don’t watch the far right shows – Limbaugh, O’Reilly etc. In fact I dont ever watch Fox (even though I worked at Fox years ago). So I don’t know what the far right reaction was to the new NIE about Iran and Bush’s pathetic claim that he hadn’t been briefed for 3 months when he was contemplating WWIII.

    But the normal Republicans and Republican flaks that I did see were stunned. Speechless. They just couldn’t excuse or explain it. So we’ve moved on as fast as we can to Romney’s religious speech.

    “Freedom needs religion just as religion needs freedom.” What in God’s name does THAT mean?
    It isn’t the constitution I know but Mitt said it. I also want to ask him when he talked about the faith of his fathers, if he believed in the black bigotry which was part of his faith until very recently. I wouldn’t be so rude except that he brought it up and he is running for president

  73. ok. to be honest guys, if someone like Huckabee were the GOP nom and Obama were the dem, who would you vote for?

    TO be honest, I would vote huckabee. Obama has lied so many times and is oily, greasy, and a faking slug, so much to the point that I know he would only fail as president and make Bush look like Abe Lincoln.

    Huckabee, in my opinion, seems more honest. I’d rather KNOW what the president is thinking about than to have my facts twisted for me every time as Obama has done now for the past yearl.

  74. Admin,
    Big kisses for you! This is an excellent post. This is what I just needed, taking stock of the entire media Vs reality situation. Again, thank you for that.

  75. MJS ,
    Wrong time – to be thinking about who to vote for in GE.
    because, at present, if a donkey stands against Obama, I will gladly cast my vote to the donkey.
    But, even when I think rationally, if Dems are stupid enough to nominate Obama, they deserve what they get.
    I will only vote Dem if Hillary is the nominee.

  76. That Gennifer Flowers thing had me lol. Not that I care what she thinks, but of course Fox would have to ask her opinion.

  77. MJS:

    I would take Huckabee or McCain over Obama or Edwards anyday. I hope those are not the choices I am left with.

  78. I realize the issue of Obama’s possible Muslim past is a charged topic and one that requires adroit handling. So I have thought long and hard about posting this, and hope that it is done with the courtesy and tact that such an important issue deserves.

    Let me first state that I believe Obama is a sincere Christian, and that he is NOT part of a Muslim fifth column as some rumor mongers would have us believe. That being said, I do worry about this. This is not because of his past. As far as I am concerned anyone can adopt the faith they choose, and I applaud Obama for making his Christian faith a central part of his life.

    Unfortunately for us, not everybody in the world holds the same views. As the son of a Muslim father, Obama may well be considered under Islamic Law to be Muslim. And in Islam, there is no apostasy. In fact, it is punished by death in traditional Islamic Law. So although we can all agree that Obama is an honest Christian, how do you think he would play in the Islamic world, the very area that we are trying to approach in a more constructive fashion? His early life experiences– despite what he says– might very well be seized by many in the Muslim world as evidence of someone who has committed apostasy. From their point of view he would be a traitor to the one and only possible faith, and a poor interlocutor for our interests in the region. Once more let me reiterate I believe Obama is Christian, I just worry that many in the Islamic world would never concede this point, because by law, there is no apostasy in Islam. I realize this is a difficult subject to approach, and it is not my intention in the least to smear Obama or insinuate anything untoward on his part. This is not his fault. Ironically enough, it is the very issue of his conversion to Christianity that would be a major problem to many in the Muslim world. It would be a serious insult to many. I sincerely wish this wouldn’t be the case, and who knows, maybe the Arab street would warm to Obama. But can we afford to take this chance?

  79. Little information on the frequency and saturation of the ad but this appears to be a substantial committment by the American Federation of teachers:

    “The American Federation of Teachers launched radio ads in Iowa today in support of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s (D-N.Y.) presidential campaign, the second major union to weigh in on the Senator’s behalf this week.

    The 60-second radio ad features the voices of four women talking about their concerns for their children’s futures. “Education is the key to everything,” says one. “I’m supporting Hillary,” says another. “She really knows what’s going on,” says a third. “When she walks in, she’s gonna know what a president has to do.”

    The AFT ad is running statewide and the union has reserved radio time all the way through the Iowa caucuses on Jan. 3, according to a source familiar with the buy. The radio campaign by AFT syncs up nicely with the television effort by the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees that we wrote about on The Fix earlier this week.

    When the AFT and AFSCME ads are combined with the commercials the Clinton campaign is running, it ensures that Iowa voters will be inundated with positive information about the New York Senator in the month between now and the caucuses. AFT is also planning to do mailings, as part of a seven-figure multi-state effort by the union on Clinton’s behalf.”

  80. Watch FixNews to also get Monica, Linda T and whoever else to weigh in on their opinion of Hillary too. Hopefully we can count on their votes (j/k)! 🙂

  81. lol reed paula,i lol to…i think those ladies will vote for Hillary,hey there middle class tripp is she opened a year round christmas store in va..and monica was inspired,with hillary also,I mean the most reconized woman in the world hillary clinton.hope we get there votes.there women too.

  82. Oh, Tammy Baldwin is here tomorrow (GLBT), Hillary is here saturday 🙂

    And monday, this is not 100%, but I think if not monday, soon; wjc 🙂

  83. I don’t know if it is fo sho, but it is in the works.

    About Iowa:

    I want to stress, a lot of people stay undecided until the night of the caucus. The Clintons have a grand strategy for Iowa, don’t worry. Never bet against the Clintons.

    I talked with the feminists leader here on campus btw, she is now a Hillary supporter 🙂

  84. I really hope so. We need help here on campus with student energizing, and I hope the weather doesn’t effect these events. It is snowing like NO OTHER here.

  85. MJS et al.

    You can’t vote for Huckabee, although he’s better than Rudy, and no worse than Mitt, and no better……….

    If it’s Obama vs. X, just vote present.

  86. I haven’t seen this article before–looks like this was just released tonight…

    Hillary Rolls Out Legislation To Oppose Long-Term Agreements With Iraq
    By Eric Kleefeld – December 6, 2007, 5:23PM

    Looking to stake out a firm position against a long-term Iraq commitment, with only weeks to go before the early caucuses and primaries, Hillary Clinton rolled out new legislation today designed to challenge the White House’s authority on Iraq.

    The proposal deals with “status of forces agreements” that the Bush Administration has been making with the Iraqi government that would create a long-term American commitment. Hillary’s legislation would deny funding for any commitments made under a SOFA, and would hold that they do not carry the force of law — as opposed to treaties, which are approved by Congress and are legally binding.

  87. Politico linked to a David Yepsen article on non-Iowans voting in Iowa.

    Yepsen in his article discusses the possibility of a much larger than usual voter turnout for the caucuses. Yepsen has this sentence in his article:

    “Also, the Jan. 3 caucus date comes when many students are on break and may be out of town, which is why Obama is making an effort to get students who are not from Iowa to vote here.”

    The article ennumerates some of the variables which make Iowa results almost a waste of time to try to predict:

    “On the Democratic side, all the candidates are putting massive efforts into the state. and a big turnout is likely to help Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. It may hurt John Edwards. That’s because Clinton is trying to appeal to older or blue-collar women who may not have attended a caucus before. Obama’s going after the 20-somethings who generally have poor attendance at these meetings. Edwards has run more strongly with party rank and file and more traditional caucus attendees, but their potency is diluted as the size of the turnout increases.

    At first glance, Clinton may have more luck with her strategy than Obama has with his. Only 5 percent of the likely Democratic caucus-goers are under age 25, while 50 percent are over age 55. Also, the Jan. 3 caucus date comes when many students are on break and may be out of town, which is why Obama is making an effort to get students who are not from Iowa to vote here.

    But 59 percent of the likely Democratic caucus-goers are female, and polls show Obama and Clinton are splitting the female vote. It may be a more productive use of Obama’s time to go after resident professional women than non-Iowa college students.

    The Jan. 3 date may also affect turnout. How many out-of-state students – particularly those from neighboring Illinois – can Obama get to come back early from their break? Will Iowans cut short their holiday vacations to return?

    Will first-time, elderly women turn out on a cold January night if the weather’s bad and they’re afraid of falling? Will many first-time caucus-goers drive up to the sites, see the huge crowds and the lack of parking and say to heck with it?

    Will the menfolk stay home to watch the Orange Bowl while the women head to the caucuses?

  88. Although Clark is appealing as VP, he is too valuable in the security/pentagon area. I expect he would be Sec of defense, or Natl. Security chief or Homeland security or all 3. He also could work at the UN or run the joint chiefs. You need to use people like that in real jobs.

    VP?? Someone who could step in right away but that could be someone who can learn. Secondly, someone with expertise of his own, like Gore’s environment. And thirdly, a good campaigner and good debater.

    I don’t see it named very much but probably my first reason for supporting Hillary is the excellent job the Clintons did in naming their ‘helpers’. From Gore who really did streamline govt and make it smarter, to Robert Rubin who did the job nobody could do before him: go from deficit to surplus to James Lee Witt who made FEMA hum. If Bush wasn’t such a (insert name here), he would have gotten on his knees a week after Katrina to Witt to beg him to fix New Orleans and we wouldn’t be looking at devastation 2 years later.

    In the Clinton admin, there wasn’t a Gonzalez or a Rumsfeld or a Brownie anywhere. Hillary was involved in the selections and would make similar choices. No matter how bright, you need help to run the bureaucracy and work with Congress. She will, and that’s how we’ll avoid some of the polarization and gridlock we now have.

  89. I am pulling for a Biden VP. He seems like a great guy whose not only intelligent, a good debater, and clever, but he’s very funny too!

  90. Senator Clinton Introduces Legislation to Require Congressional Approval for Security Agreements with Iraq

    Also Joins Other Senators in Letter Warning the President Against Long-Term Security Commitments

    Washington, DC – Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton today continued to express grave concern about the implications of President Bush’s recently signed Declaration of Principles for a Long-term Relationship of Cooperation and Friendship with Iraq. Senator Clinton introduced legislation today that requires the President to seek Congressional approval for any agreement that would extend the U.S. military commitment to Iraq. She also joined a number of other Senators in a letter warning the President against rushing the United States into long-term security commitments to the Iraqi government and urging him to seek Congressional consent. Senators Bob Casey (D-PA), Robert Byrd (D-WV), Ted Kennedy (D-MA), Carl Levin (D-MI), and Jim Webb (D-VA) also signed the letter to President Bush.

    “The Bush Administration must not circumvent Congress on the critical issue of the future U.S. presence in Iraq. The Administration must not be permitted to enter into agreements that could lead to permanent bases in Iraq which would damage U.S. interests in Iraq and the broader region without Congressional approval,” said Senator Clinton.

    Last week, the Bush administration announced the Declaration of Principles for a Long-term Relationship of Cooperation and Friendship with Iraq, an agreement to start formal negotiations with Iraq about a long-term security pact between the United States and Iraq. The Declaration sets a goal of concluding this final agreement by July 31, 2008.

    On November 27, Senator Clinton wrote President Bush to advise him that this agreement must not commit the United States to permanent bases in Iraq, and must include a commitment to the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq. Today she followed up with a second letter and the legislation that would require the President to seek Congressional approval for security agreements with Iraq.

    The legislation requires:

    • No funds may be authorized or appropriated to carry out any bilateral agreement between the United States and Iraq involving “commitments or risks affecting the nation as a whole,” including a status of forces agreement (SOFA), that is not a treaty approved by two-thirds of the Senate under Article II of the Constitution or authorized by legislation passed by both Houses of Congress.

    • The State Department Legal Advisor must provide to the Congress a memorandum evaluating the President’s decision to deny Congress its constitutionally protected role by concluding an agreement on the future of the U.S.-Iraqi security relationship as an executive agreement without the assent of the Congress.

    • The memorandum must include an analysis of the Constitutional powers relied on by the President in reaching the conclusion that such an agreement does not require approval by the Congress.

    • It is the sense of Congress that any bilateral agreement between the United States and Iraq involving “commitments or risks affecting the nation as a whole”, including a status of forces agreement (SOFA), that is not a treaty approved by two-thirds of the Senate under Article II of the Constitution or authorized by legislation, does not have the force of law.

    The full text of the letter to President Bush follows –

    Dear Mr. President:

    We write you today regarding the “Declaration of Principles” agreed upon last week between the United States and Iraq outlining the broad scope of discussions to be held over the next six months to institutionalize long term U.S.-Iraqi cooperation in the political, economic, and security realms. It is our understanding that these discussions seek to produce a strategic framework agreement, no later than July 31, 2008, to help define “a long-term relationship of cooperation and friendship as two fully sovereign and independent states with common interests”.

    The future of American policy towards Iraq, especially in regard to the issues of U.S. troop levels, permanent U.S. military bases, and future security commitments, has generated strong debate among the American people and their elected representatives. Agreements between our two countries relating to these issues must involve the full participation and consent of the Congress as a co-equal branch of the U.S. government. Furthermore, the future U.S. presence in Iraq is a central issue in the current Presidential campaign. We believe a security commitment that obligates the United States to go to war on behalf of the Government of Iraq at this time is not in America’s long-term national security interest and does not reflect the will of the American people. Commitments made during the final year of your Presidency should not unduly or artificially constrain your successor when it comes to Iraq.

    In particular, we want to convey our strong concern regarding any commitments made by the United States with respect to American security assurances to Iraq to help deter and defend against foreign aggression or other violations of Iraq’s territorial integrity. Security assurances, once made, cannot be easily rolled back without incurring a great cost to America’s strategic credibility and imperiling the stability of our nation’s other alliances around the world. Accordingly, security assurances must be extended with great care and only in the context of broad bipartisan agreement that such assurances serve our abiding national interest. Such assurances, if legally binding, are generally made in the context of a formal treaty subject to the advice and consent of the U.S. Senate but in any case cannot be made without Congressional authorization.

    Our unease is heightened by remarks made on November 26th by General Douglas Lute, the Assistant to the President for Iraq and Afghanistan, that Congressional input is not foreseen. General Lute was quoted as asserting at a White House press briefing, “We don’t anticipate now that these negotiations will lead to the status of a formal treaty which would then bring us to formal negotiations or formal inputs from the Congress.” It is unacceptable for your Administration to unilaterally fashion a long-term relationship with Iraq without the full and comprehensive participation of Congress from the very start of such negotiations.

    We look forward to learning more details as the Administration commences negotiations with the Iraqi government on the contours of long-term political, economic, and security ties between our two nations. We trust you agree that the proposed extension of long-term U.S. security commitments to a nation in a critical region of the world requires the full participation and consent of the Congress as a co-equal branch of our government.


    Robert P. Casey, Jr., U.S. Senator; Robert Byrd, U.S. Senator; Ted Kennedy, U.S. Senator; Carl Levin, U.S. Senator; Hillary Clinton, U.S. Senator; and Jim Webb, U.S. Senator

  91. Looking at the upcoming debate schedules tonight (from Wikipedia):

    December 13, 2007 – Johnson County, Iowa
    The Des Moines Register and Iowa Public Television will host a Democratic debate in Johnson County, Iowa

    December 17, 2007 – Boston, Massachusetts
    CNN will televise this debate hosted by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum.

    January 5, 2008 – Manchester, New Hampshire
    ABC, WMUR-TV and Facebook will jointly host back-to-back Democratic and Republican debates from Saint Anselm College on Saturday evening, 7pm EST, just three days before the official first in the nation primary the following Tuesday. Charles Gibson will moderate.

    January 15, 2008 – Las Vegas, Nevada
    The Caucus of African-American Nevadans and Impacto will host a Democratic debate in Las Vegas.

    January 21, 2008 – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
    The Congressional Black Caucus and CNN will host a debate in South Carolina.

    January 31, 2008 – Los Angeles, California
    The Los Angeles Times and CNN will host a Democratic debate in California

  92. The Las Vegas debate–isn’t the Nevada culinary workers union going to endorse someone around that date? Isn’t it rumored to be Obama? Interesting that it would coincide with that debate if it’s true. Obama would be getting a boost from that union, plus a debate sponsored by African-Americans followed by a debate in SC by the Congressional Black Caucus all in about a weeks time.

  93. mj, interesting list of signatories to that letter. Casey from Pennsylvania where Hillary is doing very well, Byrd whom Hillary learned so much from, Kennedy who is a major figure not yet endorsing anyone but a good friend of Dodd, Levin of Michigan who has led the Michigan primary fight and now Hillary is the major figure on the ballot in Michigan, and Jim Webb who is a very strong potential Hillary VP.

    Where’s Obama? Will he oppose this too and create some foolish legislation of his own for personal political profit? Obama Is Never There When You Need Him.

  94. wow: a new low from republicans propaganda. lol (i subscribe to this email, btw…to see what the REpublicans are saying about DEms!)

    Dear Fellow Conservative:
    Although Al Gore and his media cronies endlessly bleat that “global warming” is an unprecedented global crisis, they really think of it as a dream come true.
    Why? Because “global warming” is the ideal scare campaign for leftist demagogues like Gore who are doing all they can to secure strict control over the economy and the minutest details of individual life.
    But now, in The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming, Christopher C. Horner tears the cover off the Left’s manipulation of environmental issues for political purposes – and lays out incontrovertible evidence for the fact that global warming is just more Chicken-Little hysteria, not actual science.
    For a limited time, Human Events is making The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming available to you ABSOLUTELY FREE.
    In your FREE copy of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming, you’ll discover the real facts behind “climate change” hysteria, such as:
    There is no “scientific consensus” on global warming

    Climate is always changing – with or without man

    The Medieval Warm Period was significantly warmer than temperatures today – and was a golden age for agriculture, innovation, and lifespan

    Most of Antarctica is actually getting colder

    Hurricanes are not getting worse – our tendency to build houses in their path is getting greater

    Many big businesses lobby for global warming policies that will increase their profits – and our costs

    The media only recently abandoned the “global cooling” scare

    The real agenda behind the “global warming” scare? A massive expansion of government control over the economy and our lives

  95. Oh, here’s another one:

    Dear Fellow Conservative,
    Bay Buchanan has just done something very dangerous…
    No, it’s not that she has written a new book about Hillary Clinton. It’s much more than that.
    It’s that Bay has scored a direct hit on the “Hillary Express” — and we all know for sure how hazardous that can be!
    What Bay Buchanan has done is expose the inner workings of Hillary’s “extreme makeover” campaign, perhaps the most cynical, cold-blooded deception of American voters in the history of Presidential elections.
    I’ve watched every Presidential election since the epic Nixon-Kennedy contest in 1960. I thought I’d seen everything big-time politics could throw at us. But I was dead wrong!
    Bay Buchanan has uncovered the undeniable, bedrock truth about Hillary Clinton, which is…
    She will not be elected President if the voters know the truth about who she really is… and what she really believes. And Hillary and her strategists know this!
    Indeed, by the time “Team Hillary” — the biggest campaign staff ever amassed in U.S. election history — is finished, their “product” will be kinder, more thoughtful, a person of faith, a politician with beliefs and values that reflect those of Middle America, and a leader tough enough to be the nation’s commander-in-chief in a time of war.
    Imagine! The long-time, anti-war, anti-military Hillary Clinton as “the best choice to defend the American Homeland.”
    As soon as this book hits the bestseller list, as it assuredly will, Bay Buchanan knows she will be attacked personally and savagely in every print and TV news outlet by wave after wave of Clintonista shock troops.
    But she wrote the book anyway. And having just finished reading it, I can promise you that you have never read a more enthralling (and alarming!) book about top-level, high-stakes political scheming in your life.
    Today, for a limited time, Human Events is making The Extreme Makeover of Hillary (Rodham) Clinton available to you absolutely free.
    Click Here to get The Extreme Makeover of Hillary (Rodham) Clinton — which it will be my pleasure to send you ABSOLUTELY FREE in hard cover.

  96. I’m looking at historical record of each polling firm from realpolitico archive. I especially studied 2004 presidential election, looked awful like the current Clinton/Obama dynamics. Closer, and closer towards the end, but Bush still pulled off.

    The truth is you can’t count on one single polling firm, sometimes, even aggregate gives you the wrong one. I’m now looking at IA final polls in 2004. Geez, even the ‘highly regarded’ DM Register got this one wrong. Their last poll gave Kerry a 3-point lead 48 to 45…

    The last two polls by Survey USA & Zogby got Kerry the winner by 3 to 5 points… LOL…

  97. Great endorsement! I belong to this union and hope the Minnesota branch does the same thing.

    Clinton, Huckabee win education endorsement

    The Associated Press

    December 06. 2007 12:30AM

    The New Hampshire chapter of the National Education Association has endorsed Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, a Republican, in their parties’ primaries, sources said yesterday.

    This is the first time the 16,000-member group has endorsed a Republican candidate. Estimates show that a quarter of its members are Republicans.

    Huckabee “made quite an impression with his stand on education issues,” said an NEA source with knowledge of the vote, speaking on condition of anonymity because the union had not yet made its decision public. “The criteria we use for making a recommendation are standards in education and issues that are important to members. We don’t get into social issues and issues of foreign policy. We stick to education, retirement, health care.”

    The union will announce its endorsement of Clinton today, spokeswoman Carol Backus said. Leaders are trying to schedule another meeting to announce the endorsement of Huckabee, who was the only Republican to speak at the national NEA meeting in Philadelphia in July.

    The Clinton endorsement is not a surprise. The New Yorker enjoyed strong support among the group’s appointed government-relations committee. The New Hampshire-elected executive board accepted the recommendation of the committee Friday. The executive director of the union, Terry Shumaker, is a former ambassador under President Bill Clinton and chaired his primary campaigns in 1992 and 1996.

    Former North Carolina senator John Edwards’s presidential campaign actively sought the endorsement.

    Scott McGilvray, president of the Manchester Education Association, endorsed Edwards recently.

    The Manchester chapter is the largest affiliate, and Edwards’s aides had hoped it would help sway the larger body.

    Clinton aggressively courted the union, as well, giving a policy speech to the group’s conference in March. In it, she criticized the Bush administration for outsourcing teaching to private tutoring companies, arguing that many firms have close ties to Republicans.

    —— End of article


    The Associated Press

  98. A Candidate’s Dilemma: Oprah vs. the Senate
    DES MOINES– Oprah Winfrey, meet your weekend competition: A cloture vote on a motion to proceed to the Senate energy bill.

    Sen. Barack Obama is supposed to kick off a two-day tour with the talk-show goddess at a Saturday rally in downtown Des Moines scheduled for 3:30 p.m. Central time. But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wants Obama and the three other Senate Democrats running for president to spend Saturday morning in the Capitol, to help swing what for now appears to be a too-close-to-call procedural vote. At stake is an ambitious energy package that includes provisions to expand the use of renewable electricity sources and increase fuel efficiency for vehicles.

    Reid spokesman Jim Manley said the vote is expected to take place around mid-morning, likely 10:30 a.m. at the latest. That gives Obama a reasonable travel window — assuming the weather cooperates. At the moment, the Des Moines forecast for Saturday is the dreaded “wintry mix.”

    Sen. Chris Dodd already has cancelled four Iowa events on Thursday and Friday so he can fly back to D.C. to make another procedural vote slated for Friday, on a gigantic, subsidy-rich farm bill. Democratic Senate aides are less optimistic that even with full attendance, the legislation can reach the 60-vote threshold need to overcome GOP procedural objections (the energy bill needs 60 votes, too). But as Dodd put it, “the last thing you want to have happen,” with the Iowa caucuses less than a month away, “is to miss a vote that has such a huge potential impact on this state”

    oh isnt the waether suppose to be nasty celiff oh he might niot make it back for oprah in iowa…they all have plans there this weekend.

  99. Great new endorsement although I’m not thrilled about the Republican part of it. This is my union–I hope the Minnesota branch endorses Hillary too..


    The Associated Press

    December 06. 2007 12:30AM

    The New Hampshire chapter of the National Education Association has endorsed Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, a Republican, in their parties’ primaries, sources said yesterday.

    This is the first time the 16,000-member group has endorsed a Republican candidate. Estimates show that a quarter of its members are Republicans.

    Huckabee “made quite an impression with his stand on education issues,” said an NEA source with knowledge of the vote, speaking on condition of anonymity because the union had not yet made its decision public. “The criteria we use for making a recommendation are standards in education and issues that are important to members. We don’t get into social issues and issues of foreign policy. We stick to education, retirement, health care.”

    The union will announce its endorsement of Clinton today, spokeswoman Carol Backus said. Leaders are trying to schedule another meeting to announce the endorsement of Huckabee, who was the only Republican to speak at the national NEA meeting in Philadelphia in July.

    The Clinton endorsement is not a surprise. The New Yorker enjoyed strong support among the group’s appointed government-relations committee. The New Hampshire-elected executive board accepted the recommendation of the committee Friday. The executive director of the union, Terry Shumaker, is a former ambassador under President Bill Clinton and chaired his primary campaigns in 1992 and 1996.

    Former North Carolina senator John Edwards’s presidential campaign actively sought the endorsement.

    Scott McGilvray, president of the Manchester Education Association, endorsed Edwards recently.

    The Manchester chapter is the largest affiliate, and Edwards’s aides had hoped it would help sway the larger body.

    Clinton aggressively courted the union, as well, giving a policy speech to the group’s conference in March. In it, she criticized the Bush administration for outsourcing teaching to private tutoring companies, arguing that many firms have close ties to Republicans.

    —— End of article


    The Associated Press

  100. DES MOINES– Oprah Winfrey, meet your weekend competition: A cloture vote on a motion to proceed to the Senate energy bill.

    Sen. Barack Obama is supposed to kick off a two-day tour with the talk-show goddess at a Saturday rally in downtown Des Moines scheduled for 3:30 p.m. Central time. But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wants Obama and the three other Senate Democrats running for president to spend Saturday morning in the Capitol, to help swing what for now appears to be a too-close-to-call procedural vote. At stake is an ambitious energy package that includes provisions to expand the use of renewable electricity sources and increase fuel efficiency for vehicles.

    Reid spokesman Jim Manley said the vote is expected to take place around mid-morning, likely 10:30 a.m. at the latest. That gives Obama a reasonable travel window — assuming the weather cooperates. At the moment, the Des Moines forecast for Saturday is the dreaded “wintry mix.”

    haha Barack Hussein o he didnt know about that haha
    he doesnt know when we shop bad weekend in iowa…you can read all of here

    he and she hasnt sold out iowa its to the mall this weekend in minnapolis shopping..i forgot to tell you guys that…people in iowa south dakota,nebraska,this is the weekend for shopping in these states,the highway’s to mall of america.oh its jamn packed

  101. You guys are talking about VP already? I’m not even going to think about it. The polls are getting too tight for my comfort. I just want her to eek out a win.

    This weekend will be all about Oprah and Obama. I’m dreading it.

  102. DES MOINES– Oprah Winfrey, meet your weekend competition: A cloture vote on a motion to proceed to the Senate energy bill.

    Sen. Barack Obama is supposed to kick off a two-day tour with the talk-show goddess at a Saturday rally in downtown Des Moines scheduled for 3:30 p.m. Central time. But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wants Obama and the three other Senate Democrats running for president to spend Saturday morning in the Capitol, to help swing what for now appears to be a too-close-to-call procedural vote. At stake is an ambitious energy package that includes provisions to expand the use of renewable electricity sources and increase fuel efficiency for vehicles.

    Reid spokesman Jim Manley said the vote is expected to take place around mid-morning, likely 10:30 a.m. at the latest. That gives Obama a reasonable travel window — assuming the weather cooperates. At the moment, the Des Moines forecast for Saturday is the dreaded “wintry mix.”

  103. Last article for the night–it was fun surfing the web this evening. This story has been told here before I believe but this article is recent so I thought I’d post it. It’s from Nov. 29, 2007 Chicago Sun-Times.


    Senator’s spokesman: ‘Not a conflict to do what’s right’

    November 29, 2007
    BY TIM NOVAK Staff Reporter/

    Seven years ago, Sen. Barack Obama was on the board of a Chicago charity when his former boss, Allison S. Davis, came looking for money.

    At the time, Davis was a developer represented by the law firm where Obama worked, as well as a small contributor to Obama’s political campaign funds. He wanted the charity to help fund his plans to build housing for low-income Chicagoans.

    Obama agreed. He voted with other directors of the Woods Fund of Chicago to invest $1 million with Neighborhood Rejuvenation Partners L.P., a $17 million partnership that Davis still operates.

    It’s not clear whether Obama told other board members of his ties to Davis, whose family would go on to donate more than $25,000 to Obama’s political campaigns, including his bid to be president of the United States.

    “Let me get back to you on that,” Obama presidential campaign spokesman Bill Burton said when asked about that two weeks ago. He never did.

    But Burton defended Obama’s voting to invest the charity’s money with Davis rather than abstaining to avoid the appearance of a possible conflict of interest.

    “It was a worthwhile project,” Burton said. “It’s not a conflict of interest to do what’s right for your community.”

    The Woods Fund — whose board is chaired by Laura Washington, an opinion-page columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times — has no records to show whether the board knew about Obama’s ties to Davis, said Woods Fund president Deborah Harrington.

    Under its agreement with Davis, Harrington said, the fund cannot disclose how Davis has spent the money.

    Davis declined to comment.

    City records show Davis used some of the money to build a 72-unit apartment building for senior citizens at 87th and Ashland. The $10 million project — built with a $5.7 million loan from the city — netted Davis nearly $700,000 in development fees, city records show. His son Cullen Davis is paid to manage the building, which opened three years ago with a ceremony featuring Mayor Daley.

    Davis, who’s now business partners with Daley’s nephew Robert Vanecko, has known Obama for years. Obama began serving on the Woods Fund board in 1993, the same year he was hired as an associate lawyer with Davis’ small Chicago law firm, Davis Miner Barnhill. Obama kept working there until he was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2004.

    No longer on board
    Davis quit the firm in 1996 to become a developer. But he continued to use his former law firm to represent him.

    As a developer, Davis’ partners have included Tony Rezko, the now-indicted political fund-raiser who has been among Obama’s biggest political supporters.

    A few months after Davis left the law firm, Obama won his first political office — a seat in the Illinois Senate. His campaign contributors included Rezko and Davis.

    Two years later, Obama wrote to city and state officials, urging them to give money to New Kenwood LLC, a company that Davis and Rezko formed to build an apartment building for low-income seniors at 48th and Cottage Grove.

    Davis and Rezko were building that project in 2000 when Davis approached the Woods Fund, seeking its investment in future projects. Besides Obama, Davis also had ties to another of the not-for-profit organization’s seven board members — Howard Stanback, a former city aviation commissioner who worked for Davis at New Kenwood.

    Stanback was the board chairman of the Woods Fund, a $68 million foundation “whose goal is to increase opportunities for less advantaged people and communities” by giving money primarily to not-for-profit groups involved in housing, the arts and other areas, according to its Web site.

    While Obama voted to make the $1 million investment with Davis, Stanback abstained, Harrington said.

    Stanback and Obama are no longer on the Woods Fund’s board. Obama left in 2002. Stanback left last year.,CST-NWS-watchdog29.article

  104. that is why iowa and b hussein o and oprah doesnt know we shop this weekend to mall of america iowans nebraskans,south dakota,

    sp probably a bad weekend in iowa with the senate and iowans shopping,and south dakota.

  105. Admin: “Where’s Obama? Will he oppose this too and create some foolish legislation of his own for personal political profit? Obama Is Never There When You Need Him.” No kidding.

    Great point about the fellow letter signers.

  106. Filbert, considering VP’s can give Hill good buzz. Don’t fret about Oprah. You are making a bigger deal of this than it deserves. It’ll be over by Monday.

  107. oprah? lol

    i highly doubt that anyone will even remember that much about her in the following week. people will be like “hey let’s vote for that Obama guy cuz Oprah says so!” during the event and then afterwards, “what was I thinking? What does Oprah have to do with politics?” lol people have SHORT attention Span. AS USUAL, Obama fails. he shoulda pulled the oprah trick in Iowa only in the last two weeks of the campaign before the vote so that there are lasting “O-Memories”.

  108. i was reading some bloggs earlier, lott of people keep track of those votes of him i bet he misses it to paula.. will be 141 in this so then i hope it goes to tv



    Poll: Hispanics shift toward Democrats

    By 57 percent to 23 percent, more Hispanic registered voters say they favor Democrats than Republicans, according to a survey by the nonpartisan Pew Hispanic Center.
    Among Hispanics who are registered Democrats, 59 percent said they want Hillary Rodham Clinton to be their party’s presidential candidate, followed by 15 percent who prefer Barack Obama.

  110. Look at this crap:
    “Once, Garry Thomas counted himself a Hillary Clinton supporter — even signing up to be one of her 25 co-chairs in Iowa alongside with former Iowa First Lady Christie Vilsack.
    But Thomas now says he felt obliged to switch sides in recent weeks. “I think the Clinton campaign went negative,” Thomas said in a telephone interview on Thursday. He attributed his defection to the new tone Clinton took last weekend, describing it as divisive. Obama officials said Thomas committed to them this week.”

    I’ve read people swich alot in Iowa but what a jerk.

  111. Hi, everyone,,

    Kossack refugee here, challenged by an Obama supporter to come join. Hillary is my first choice as a candidate, but unlike some of you, I like most of the candidates quite a bit. Edwards had been my first choice but Hillary won me over with just her sheer level of brilliance, insight and hardwork. I’ve never seen a candidate quite like her and I think she may be one of the great presidents of the 21st century. I’ve been a fan of hers since the eighties. My mom lived in Arkansas and I was very aware of what the Clintons were doing.

    Anyway, good to be here.

  112. I agree, CJ. She criticized him a little. What a fricken baby. Meanwhile he’s been attacking her for months. This is the sexist, cynical little oBama strategy try to paint her as the Queen of Mean.

  113. you can never ever believe these news outfits,they twist so,many stories,that is why america is crazy,with them journalist.either report the truth or say nothing at all.

  114. CJ, I just read about it. This was some Vilsack supporter who signed on w/hill last winter. He probably never really supported her, and he didn’t do crap for the campaign. Just an Obama smear job.

  115. i think oboma hussein will be like that harold ford jr.

    The right wing freaks will be starting the smear campaign soon against him. the fact he can string words together into coherent sentences.

    Don’t think it can’t work? These are the same people who branded a war hero as unpatriotic. And the voters in Georgia let them get away with it.

    The Swift Boat bungholes for truthiness managed to smear someone who served honorably in Viet Nam.

    It worked in Tennessee with those sleazy attack ads they launched at Harold Ford Jr.

  116. You know, to me that’s not the way to win. I just always think Hill will win. I don’t want Hill to win just because Obama may be a weak GE candidate.

  117. Obama officials said Thomas committed to them this week.

    prolly wanted an oprah ticket.

    btw, Obama supporter Eugene Robinson has a concern troll article wondering why Hillary is calling him ‘uppity.’ It’s a very one-sided article w/ nuggets like ‘she does fine on experience as long as she stays away from her First Lady of AR, in DC time.’ He’s trying to reinforce that she sat around serving tea during those years. He works in the SNL skit in an effort to introduce the idea that she’s attacking unprovoked on poor widdle Obama. He concludes that she’s skirting with racist code. It’s a real hatchet job.

  118. whaaa? i can’t believe he said that. obama’s the one who’s been out there repeating old right wing smears that she had a 20 year plan. it’s fine for obama to be super ambitious but he directly says in speeches that he isn’t running because of any long term plan, even though he clearly was talking about it for at least a decade. it’s not about his ambition it’s about attacking hillary for it while pretending he hasn’t had any.

    and, i’m sorry, but someone who doesn’t have the experience just doesn’t have the experience.

  119. HLR,

    I absolutely hate those articles that say she did nothing as First Lady of the USA or Arkansas. I maybe young – early 20’s, but I clearly remember the media attacking her and Bill Clinton for HRC’s influence/power in the administration! (These types of hatchet jobs get me a little steamed…).

  120. another_reader,

    When did having ambition become a liability in America? The whole pact thing is an outright Republican lie. But with out ambition to become POTUS…why would you run for the job…it takes a lot more than hope and rhetoric!

  121. CJ,

    Exactly! All I heard in the 90’s was that HRC had too much influence, but now suddenly that experience does not count?

  122. filbertsf, re security … I can’t say that there was more security at this event than I have seen at others. We were at the ski resort at Gunstock in a large ski lodge with an open wrap around balcony and lots of doors, so the State troopers and other security personnel were more obvious and not just standing to the rear of the room.

    ra1029, re attendance … no, I didn’t do a head count but we sat in chairs with about 20 to a row and I did a quick guesstimate based on that as well as the standing room only up in the balcony and in the main room of the lodge as well as the number of cars in the parking lot. There were at least 7 or 8 rows of cars in a very large parking lot. There could have been more than 500 people there, but 500 is my guess.

    freckles, re the older Black women seeing BO as someone as too young who has been up too late … there’s a different dynamic which I’ve mentioned before (I think here). In the late 1980s to mid 1990s, I personally documented the history of several Central Florida Black communities and was the first in the State to do such a project. In order to gain access to information, I networked with the female elders of the Black churches. I can tell you what it is that drives these women nutso and that’s when a Black man makes good and then leaves the community to live outside of it rather than stay within the community to help better it. BO is just another one of those guys what make good for themselves but don’t stay within the community to help it.

    Someone should really hammer him on how it was in Chicago that he played basketball on a regular basis with other men who had made good but managed to ignore the plight of those freezing in the absentee landlord housing for which he helped Rezko get funds. That’s the kind of contrast that community leaders in the Black community adhor.

  123. Merryfield, that wouldn’t be a good idea given Robinson’s hit piece. Obama’s surrogates are really out for her.

  124. yes and he abandoned them black people ,i feel sorry for them to have to freeze,and he did nothing,i also heard his wife has praticed islam to.and he doesnt go to that church often thats a cover up.

    Mr. Obama attends services at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago’s South Side. However, he is not known to be a regular parishioner.” chicago sun times.

    i still think he hides as islam,no one knows the real stroy in those foreign countries,you cant believe anyone becasue they would not remember,

    i just dont think we got the truth on this you can’t believe cnn there biased at times

    sources to claim that Obama was indoctrinated at a “madrassa,” a school for religious studies where boys are sometimes taught Islamic extremism such as Saudi-based Wahhabism.

    “Although the background check has not confirmed that the specific Madrassa Mr. Obama attended was espousing Wahhabism,

  125. The Mandate Muddle

    Published: December 7, 2007
    Imagine this: It’s the summer of 2009, and President Barack Obama is about to unveil his plan for universal health care. But his health policy experts have done the math, and they’ve concluded that the plan really needs to include a requirement that everyone have health insurance — a so-called mandate.

    Without a mandate, they find, the plan will fall far short of universal coverage. Worse yet, without a mandate health insurance will be much more expensive than it should be for those who do choose to buy it.

    But Mr. Obama knows that if he tries to include a mandate in the plan, he’ll face a barrage of misleading attacks from conservatives who oppose universal health care in any form. And he’ll have trouble responding — because he made the very same misleading attacks on Hillary Clinton and John Edwards during the race for the Democratic nomination.

    O.K., before I go any further, let’s be clear: there is a huge divide between Republicans and Democrats on health care, and the Obama plan — although weaker than the Edwards or Clinton plans — is very much on the Democratic side of that divide.

    But lately Mr. Obama has been stressing his differences with his rivals by attacking their plans from the right — which means that he has been giving credence to false talking points that will be used against any Democratic health care plan a couple of years from now.

    First is the claim that a mandate is unenforceable. Mr. Obama’s advisers have seized on the widely cited statistic that 15 percent of drivers are uninsured, even though insurance is legally required.

    But this statistic is known to be seriously overstated — and some states have managed to get the number of uninsured drivers down to as little as 2 percent. Besides, while the enforcement of car insurance mandates isn’t perfect, it does greatly increase the number of insured drivers.

    Anyway, why talk about car insurance rather than looking at direct evidence on how health care mandates perform? Other countries — notably Switzerland and the Netherlands — already have such mandates. And guess what? They work.

    The second false claim is that people won’t be able to afford the insurance they’re required to have — a claim usually supported with data about how expensive insurance is. But all the Democratic plans include subsidies to lower-income families to help them pay for insurance, plus a promise to increase the subsidies if they prove insufficient.

    In fact, the Edwards and Clinton plans contain more money for such subsidies than the Obama plan. If low-income families find insurance unaffordable under these plans, they’ll find it even less affordable under the Obama plan.

    By the way, the limitations of the Massachusetts plan to cover all the state’s uninsured — which is actually doing much better than most reports suggest — come not from the difficulty of enforcing mandates, but from the fact that the state hasn’t yet allocated enough money for subsidies.

    Finally, Mr. Obama is storing up trouble for health reformers by suggesting that there is something nasty about plans that “force every American to buy health care.”

    Look, the point of a mandate isn’t to dictate how people should live their lives — it’s to prevent some people from gaming the system. Under the Obama plan, healthy people could choose not to buy insurance, then sign up for it if they developed health problems later. This would lead to higher premiums for everyone else. It would reward the irresponsible, while punishing those who did the right thing and bought insurance while they were healthy.

    Here’s an analogy. Suppose someone proposed making the Medicare payroll tax optional: you could choose not to pay the tax during your working years if you didn’t think you’d actually need Medicare when you got older — except that you could change your mind and opt back in if you started to develop health problems.

    Can we all agree that this would fatally undermine Medicare’s finances? Yet Mr. Obama is proposing basically the same rules for his allegedly universal health care plan.

    So how much does all this matter?

    Mr. Obama’s health plan is weaker than those of his Democratic rivals, but it’s infinitely superior to, say, what Rudy Giuliani has been proposing. My main concern right now is with Mr. Obama’s rhetoric: by echoing the talking points of those who oppose any form of universal health care, he’s making the task of any future president who tries to deliver universal care considerably more difficult.

    I’d add, however, a further concern: the debate over mandates has reinforced the uncomfortable sense among some health reformers that Mr. Obama just isn’t that serious about achieving universal care — that he introduced a plan because he had to, but that every time there’s a hard choice to be made he comes down on the side of doing less.

  126. CJ, don’t go there. There are many ways in which Obama should be undermined, but the debunked innuendos started by Faux News should not be one of them. Obama, as Paul Krugman points out, when pressed to make hard choices, “comes down on the side of doing less.” That’s Obama’s MO and that’s what he should be challenged on.

    He talks about being pro-choice, but voted “present” instead of actually taking a stand. Obama skips votes when it’s convenient, like the S-Chip, the MoveOn condemnation, and the Iranian guard vote. Let’s pounce him for his hypocrisy, for his inexperience.

    I don’t want Hillaryis44 to turn into a vile place that regurgitates Wingnuts talking points and push along their vile rumors.

    We’re Hillary supporters. We must take the high ground.

  127. Exactly, Filbert. Please people keep it above board. Look at what Eugene Robinson tried to say about Hillary. That sort of talk does not help her.

  128. Also, I could give a crap if Obama can or can not be elected, I want Hillary to win. I support Hillary because I vastly prefer her. No other reason.

  129. The Hutchinson Report: What Oprah Winfrey’s Support Can’t – and Shouldn’t – Do for Barack Obama
    Date: Friday, December 07, 2007
    By: Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Special to

    Oprah Winfrey can’t help Barack Obama nail Hillary Clinton in Iowa, New Hampshire or even South Carolina.

    The throng of Oprah groupies that pitched camp in front of the Obama campaign headquarters in Columbia, South Carolina to get free tickets to her and Obama’s appearance at the Colonial Center in that city were there to ogle, and, if they are lucky, touch the garments of America’s favorite TV earth mother at the auditorium. But after the ogling and touching Oprah, it doesn’t mean they’ll vote for Obama.


    A candidate — and only the candidate — has to sell his or herself that they have a sound grasp of the issues and can forcefully and clearly articulate them and, most importantly, are the most experienced. That’s the glaring Achilles heel for Obama. In every poll, even the most rabid Clinton loathers rank Hillary at the top of the pile in experience in dealing with foreign and domestic issues. Voters got burned badly with Bush. His gross inexperience in statecraft before grabbing the White House cost Americans dearly in eight years of his disastrous bumbles and fumbles on everything from the Iraq war to domestic policy. Many voters won’t make that mistake again.


    The O and O show has caused the tongues to wag, eyebrows to rise and they will draw legions to their campaign stops. But it won’t be the knock-out wallop Obama counts on to floor Hillary. Celebrities simply don’t and shouldn’t pack that kind of political punch. And neither does Oprah. [SPACE] bawnews/stateof/hutchinsonreport1207

  130. Sorry, folks, but this just shows that Iowans haven’t a clue or BO’s passing around some very strange Kool Ade:

    The Obama Campaign today announced that 4 rural Democratic County Chairs in Southwest Iowa decided to back Senator Obama’s campaign to bring about change we can believe in – and praised his commitment to attacking America’s challenges, not fellow Democrats. These local Democratic leaders across the state will reach out to Democrats in their county and discuss Barack Obama’s ability to bring America together and truly transform our country.

    “Barack Obama understands that Americans are tired of divisive politics that tear our country apart. That is why he has disavowed negative politics and worked to include all Iowans in his campaign.”Chuck Wredt Pottawattamie Democrats Chair said. “We are ready for a President that who can bring our country together so we can finally tackle the tough challenges Americans face, and I know Barack Obama can be that President.”

    “Barack Obama’s ability to inspire hope and unity are reasons why I’ve joined his campaign to change politics as usual,”Howard “Butch”Heisterkamp, Carroll County Democrats Chairman said. “He has refused to stoop to false attacks and has disavowed the negative politics that have failed this nation for decades. We need real change in Washington, D.C. and I’m confident Barack Obama is the best candidate to bring people together, work across the aisle, and finally make progress on the problems everyday Americans care about.”

    “Senator Obama knows that the Democratic nominees need to focus on solving people’s problems, not on creating false attacks and calculated decisions,”said Brian Kingsolver, Chairman of the Fremont County Democrats. “The American people need a president who has integrity and an ability to bring people together. Americans need Barack Obama.”

    “Democrats in Page County and across Iowa see Barack Obama’s positive campaign and have been inspired to take action and join his grassroots movement for change. We have been impressed by his commitment to the positive and hopeful politics that drove him into the spotlight and that he has refused to abandon in his caucus campaign.”Dennis Cole, Chairman of the Page County Democrats said. “Barack is open and honest about where he stands on the issues my family, friends, and neighbors are facing every day.”

    Democratic County Chairs from across the state will play a vital role in Barack Obama’s Iowa campaign. Active in their local communities, these county chairs will provide advice and support to the Obama Campaign as they continue to build Obama’s grassroots movement for change.

    “Real change happens from the bottom up, not the top down. As a former community organizer, I know first hand the vital role these local leaders play.”Senator Obama said. “By building support on the grassroots level, we will continue to grow our movement for lasting change we can believe in, and that’s why I’m proud to have the support of these Democratic leaders across Iowa.

  131. Something that just occurred to me when reading about NJ Gov Corzine stumping in Iowa for Hillary yesterday is the fact that as recently as Tuesday he was supposed to be accompanying her in Iowa and she switched suddenly to coming to NH. The email notification that she was going to be here came on Tuesday and I RSVP’d right away, as, apparently did many of the 500+ who also came yesterday … on a very cold 25+/- day to a small, out of the way NH ski village. There was a woman and her two 20ish daughters sitting next to me who had driven at least two hours to come up from Mass. The girls had matching rhinestone-studded t-shirts with “Hillary ’08” on the front that they proudly wore. One of them stood up and asked Hillary how she could reach out to people her age. Hillary asked her to speak to her about her t-shirt afterwards, she really like it.

    This is rock-solid support for Hillary here in NH. On less than 48 hours notice, this many people turned out to support her on a day when all of us would most likely have been very happy to stay inside where it is warm, not to drive along snow-lined (icy-edged) two-lane country roads in the middle of the morning to listen to someone talk politics through the noon hour. Nobody had anything to eat or drink. We all sat and waited patiently for Hillary to arrive.

    You can have your O-O sideshow, but I’ll take the coziness of this meetup with Hillary any day of the week. For heaven’s sake, those women drove to the hills of NH to see Hillary. Sitting around a football stadium in NC with thousands of folks there for a celebrityfest just ain’t the same thing at all.

  132. B Merry — one of those rural chairs is a recycle — also on the list of “caucus pros” mid-Nov.

  133. BO put out a list of ‘caucus pros’ who are doing the mock caucus sessions mid-Nov or so. Everybody on the list was 45+.

  134. Thanks, HLR. So, he’s courting the 17 year olds and out-of-state college students to show up and vote for him in the Iowa caucus (since he believes they’re the ones who are going to win it for him), but he does a 45+ mock caucus (of folks more likely to vote for Hillary)?

    Were these folks really participating in a mock caucus (flattery, naive?) or practicing to twist arms for BO in the January caucus?

    Since his most recent NPR appearance shows both him and JE favoring carrots over carrots & sticks, what carrots did he offer mock caucus goers? That would be interesting to know.

  135. The Laconia, NH, newspaper says that there were just under 500 at Gilford yesterday. Unless they actually counted, I think that it was more.

    By the way, this was Hillary’s first time in NH since the hostage situation here in Rochester.

    I had an email from one of the girls this morning and the three of them are working in the Dover office and will be returning to Rochester to reopen our office soon. That’s great, because we need Hillary’s “presence” here in these few short weeks before the primary.

  136. New AP-IPSOS Poll Out

    Hillary 45
    Obama 23
    Edwards 12

    December 3-5. 469 Democrats and people leaning Democratic with a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 4.5 percentage points.

  137. The article suggested there was no movement from last month, B Merryfield. My bet is this: the slime machine worked its magic for about a month, but right now, except for some volatility in some early states, people are settling back into where they were.

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