Mr. Obama Take Down That Ad

There he goes again.

Obama is lying – again.

Does he ever tell the truth?

Obama is lying about “preconditions”; Obama is lying about his attack Pakistan plan; Obama is lying when he denies repeatedly saying “Probably the strongest experience I have in foreign relations is the fact that I spent four years living overseas when I was a child in southeast Asia”; Obama is lying about Social Security; and Obama is lying about Hillary Clinton’s healthcare plan; and Obama is lying about his own healthcare plan.

The Hillary campaign is responding to Obama’s lies. A letter from Hillary campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle to Obama’s Chicago crew stated:

I am writing concerning a false advertisement you are currently airing, in which Sen. Obama claims that his health care plan would “cover everyone.” Your advertisement not only contradicts the judgment of health care experts, but public statements by your campaign and your candidate. Senator Obama has pledged to put “honesty first” in this campaign. In that spirit I respectfully request that you stop running this ad which is misleading voters in New Hampshire.

In today’s New York Times, noted Economist Paul Krugman wrote that Sen. Obama proposed “a relatively weak, incomplete health care plan. Although [Sen. Obama] declared, in his speech announcing the plan, that ‘my plan begins by covering every American,’ it didn’t — and he shied away from doing what was necessary to make his claim true.”

Health care author Jonathan Cohn looked at the data and concluded that, under the most optimistic scenario, Sen. Obama’s plan would leave “15 million people who are uninsured.” The Washington Post reached a similar conclusion, finding that Sen. Obama’s plan would not cover “a third” of the 47 million Americans who are currently uninsured.

Additionally, a constellation of the nation’s top health care experts – including MIT’s Jonathan Gruber, the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Diane Rowland and the Urban Institute’s John Holland — have concluded that plans like Sen. Obama’s, which does not include a requirement for all Americans to have health care, would leave a substantial portion of the American public without coverage.

Even Sen. Obama himself has admitted that his plan would not cover everyone, calling the plan “virtually universal.” Your top health care advisor, David Cutler, acknowledged that Sen. Obama’s plan could leave “significant pockets” of people uninsured and said Sen. Obama would “deal with that when the time comes, possibly by mandating insurance.”

On an issue of this magnitude Americans are looking for more than a nice ad or a good speech. It’s not enough for Senator Obama to say he covers everyone, especially when that is inaccurate. The American people need a President who will take the action necessary and fight for healthcare for every single man woman and child. Until the time comes when Sen. Obama has a plan that will cover everyone, you should stop running this false advertisement. The American people deserve an honest debate about health care.

Obama refuses to take down his lying ad:

Obama’s campaign said it doesn’t plan to take down the ad that has been running for weeks in Iowa. Polls there show a tight contest between Clinton, Obama and John Edwards. The ad went on the air in New Hampshire this week.

There is no dispute: Obama is lying. Obama’s healthcare scheme abandons 15 million Americans in much the same way that he abandoned his constituents who “shivered without heat” in Chicago buildings – Obama himself helped obtain government subsidies for because his now indicted friend Antoin “Tony” Rezko wanted the money.

There is no question: Obama is lying. It’s time to start Fighting Barack Obama’s 15 Million Lies.

Taylor Marsh knows Obama is lying in his paid for campaign of lies.

But Mr. Obama is acting in a way that would get Hillary pilloried if she ever used such tactics. There shouldn’t be a double standard, especially when you’re contending to cover everyone in an ad, but you are clearly not.

ABC News knows Obama is lying:

But Senator Obama, don’t they have a point about your ad? Your plan does not cover everyone. And while the “15 million uninsured” number they cite may be high, it is true that a plan without individuals mandates would seem to not be a plan to “cover everyone.”

Daily Howler knows Obama is lying:

In his opening sentence, Kruggers states a fairly obvious fact. However you might judge its merits, Obama’s health plan “wouldn’t cover everyone.” Indeed, it’s a fairly obvious difference. In their own health care plans, Clinton and Edwards require all adults to purchase insurance; Obama does not. (He does mandate that all children be covered.) Everyone has understood this fact since these plans were released. [snip]

Obama’s statements here were striking. In a year when Dems have stood against torture, Obama has to torture the facts pretty hard to claim, “I do provide universal health care.” Having criticized Clinton—as he endlessly does—for failing to give the public “straight answers,” he made a fairly odd factual claim. His statement didn’t seem to be true.

Paul Krugman practically wrote a distributable leaflet denouncing Obama because — Obama is lying:

But now Mr. Obama, who just two weeks ago was telling audiences that his plan was essentially identical to the Edwards and Clinton plans, is attacking his rivals and claiming that his plan is superior. It isn’t — and his attacks amount to cheap shots. [snip]

Mr. Obama, then, is wrong on policy. Worse yet, the words he uses to defend his position make him sound like Rudy Giuliani inveighing against “socialized medicine”: he doesn’t want the government to “force” people to have insurance, to “penalize” people who don’t participate.

I recently castigated Mr. Obama for adopting right-wing talking points about a Social Security “crisis.” Now he’s echoing right-wing talking points on health care.

What seems to have happened is that Mr. Obama’s caution, his reluctance to stake out a clearly partisan position, led him to propose a relatively weak, incomplete health care plan. Although he declared, in his speech announcing the plan, that “my plan begins by covering every American,” it didn’t — and he shied away from doing what was necessary to make his claim true.

Now, in the effort to defend his plan’s weakness, he’s attacking his Democratic opponents from the right — and in so doing giving aid and comfort to the enemies of reform.

Obama has been lying consistently. Obama has not told the truth concerning Rezko. Obama has not told the truth about his life story. Obama’s life story and entire campaign are based on lies.

Now Obama is running paid ads which lie. Lie. You can never get an honest answer from Obama. The shivering tenants in Chicago have discovered that Obama Is Never There When You Need Him.

Obama is lying for political gain on many issues and about his own history.

Now Obama is lying about his health care scheme which abandons 15 million Americans.

Mr. Obama Take Down That Lying Ad – and apologize for lying to Americans.

As Howard Wolfson says: “We don’t need someone who says one thing and does another, somebody who talks a good game but doesn’t have the courage of their convictions. And on issue after issue, Senator Obama says one thing and does another.”

Mr. Obama Take Down That Lying Ad – and apologize for lying to Americans.


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  1. admin, maybe it is a mental thing. he has been lying so damn much, he believes in his lies. he needs proffesional help. seriously.

  2. First, a request:

    Does anyone have links supporting idea BO engineered Michigan primary boycott? I’m putting together info on this.


    Great opinion from Juan Cole about those Michigan delegates:

    Well, the way I read it, that means Hillary takes Michigan. And, if Carl Levin is right, Michigan delegates may ultimately be seated at the convention despite what the DNC now says.

    What if the candidates went to the convention without any of them having enough delegates to win the nomination outright? And what if Michigan delegates finally got seated, and they were overwhelmingly Hillary supporters because Obama and Edwards did not run? What if they helped put Hillary over? Wouldn’t that be widely viewed by the party faithful as inherently unfair?

    I am worried about this situation. At the level of the presidency, it may be a close race. Michigan and Florida are key states. Michigan has been trending Democrat but that is not set in stone. Florida adds several hundred thousand residents a year, so it won’t be the same state as in 2004 and may be up for grabs. The way this dispute over timing is working out, it may well disadvantage Democrats, and it certainly will disadvantage Obama and Edwards.

    And here’s a scenario for you: Obama wins in Iowa. Hillary wins in New Hampshire. Obama wins in Nevada. Hillary wins in South Carolina. But then Hillary wins in Michigan and Florida but they don’t count. Or do they count for public opinion even if not for the Convention? Do they help create an impression that she is winning the tennis match 6-4 going into the February primaries?

    Could the issue raise questions about the legitimacy of the party nominees?

    I think the Democrats are crazy not to resolve this thing quick through negotiation, rather than just letting the train wreck unfold.

  3. From US News & World Report:

    A Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll shows Hillary Clinton leading the Democratic field in New Hampshire with 30%, followed by Barack Obama, 23%; John Edwards, 17%; and Bill Richardson, 12%. … The poll surveyed 500 likely Democratic primary voters … taken November 27-29

    A second New Hampshire poll, this one from American Research Group, shows Clinton up by a wide margin, taking 34% to Obama’s 23%, with Edwards at 17%. In a similar survey a month ago, Clinton led Obama 40%-22%, with Edwards at 10%. … ARG surveyed 600 likely primary voters from each party from November 26-29.

    Just shows the pollsters can’t be trusted …

  4. Terrondt, maybe he just can’t keep track of all his lies. It’s hard to do, there are so many and so frequent.

    B. Merryfield, check out our Stinky Politics Part II which has a link to the Iowa Independent story detailing how Obama organized the Michigan walk out.

  5. Obama has set up a “Hillary Attacks” page on his webite to complain about her comments and it’s nothing but baseless attack after attack on her. They are using snippets of news articles (and distorting them) to try to make it look like she is the one being negative. Pathetic and juvenile if you ask me….

  6. Angus Reid Global Monitor Poll out today (National Poll)

    Hillary 42%
    Obama 25%
    Edwards 14%
    Undecided 9%

    Online interviews 331 likely Democratic primary voters Nov. 26-27 no margine of error listed.

  7. See the headline on Hillaryhub.

    Why is Rove giving advice to Obama?


    More republican talking points for Obama

  8. BO is gettting REALLY desperate here. The first article I pulled up was the one about BO saying he wanted to become Pres in kindergarten. It’s an AP story and Hillary’s name is NOT mentioned anywhere.

    You can see where this is going. MSM is complicit in doing Hillary’s bidding.


  9. B Merry:

    Have not been watching Most (M) Shitty (S) NBC for a while. Are Joe/Mika still trashing Hillary today? I would be surprised if they weren’t.

  10. Admin, please note that it is also a lie for Obama to claim that he was opposed to Kyle-Lieberman, when he failed to show up and vote on that important piece of legislation, consistent with his duties as a United States Senator.

    When Dan Quale tried to pass himself off to the country as something he was not, Senator Bensen told him point blank that he was no John Kennedy. The same can be said of Barak Obama.

  11. Saw about the first 5 minutes of “Morning Joke” and Joe and Mika were actually discussing the merits of Hillary’s claims about the Hopefund “slush fund”. There were not even any Mika sneers or smirks. Of course, they might have forgotten to drink the Kool Ade this morning.

  12. Another thought, admin, someone should point out that the language used by MSM — “attacks”, “jabs”, etc. — are those spoken/printed by the press. Nice how that works out, eh?

  13. B. Merryfield, it certainly seems like Hillary touched a nerve over there. Perhaps they truly thought she would just sit there and take it forever.

    Personally, I think that website looks like it was set up by a kid. Even the goofballs at the DU are commenting on the unprofessional, over-the-top appearance of it. Karl Rove idea perhaps?

  14. What are things really like on the ground in Iowa and New Hampshire? I have been reading that her organization is uneven on the ground and that OB has the best ground game.

  15. B Merryfield, Both of the New Hampshire polls you cite say the same thing if the standard error is +/-4 points, and my guess is probably that it’s around that. A word to the wise: most of the time it’s the readers of polls who can’t be trusted.

  16. Huckabee is a hero to the religious right (except for Robertson whose heart belongs to Rudy).
    But it is less clear that he would be acceptable to the neocon and big business interests in the Republican Party. Perhaps they would go along with it on the theory that the religious right has more boots on the ground than their two factions. On the other hand, since he is a man with a conscience, they may have a hard time securing the devils pact concessions they want.

  17. The Buddy System: From CBS News’ Fernando Suarez, on the campaign trail with the Clinton campaign:

    In a grassroots effort to boost her support among would-be voters in Iowa, the Clinton campaign unveiled its “Take a Buddy to Caucus” effort at a campaign stop in Cedar Rapids Sunday. The enthusiastic crowd at the Roundhouse (an old farmer’s market) took their seats where awaiting them was a handout from the campaign which read: “Caucusing. It’s more fun with a friend.” The flyer features photographs of Mrs. Clinton and supporters on the cover. Inside, however, are clear instructions for the more experienced caucus goers. Participants in the Buddy program agree to: “Call your buddy twice before caucus night” and “write and mail a reminder postcard to your buddy” and “make a plan to ride with your Buddy to the caucus.”

    “Here’s what we know – don’t tell anybody, this is kind of between us,” said Clinton “We know that everybody who is supporting me, if we all come out on January 3rd we’re going to do really, really well.”

    The new push by the Clinton campaign comes just one day after the Des Moines Register poll. With only a month left in the caucus season, candidates are pulling out all the stops to get supporters to the precincts. “We’re prepared to help in any way,” assured Clinton pointing out that her staff would even be willing to shovel snow out of the driveways to get voters to caucus. Clinton reassured first-time caucus goers not to be scared noting that the new buddy system would help take the pressure off.

    Although the buddy system sounds like a good campaign strategy, it will only make a difference if supporters actually turn out. “I know this is a close race here in Iowa, I think that makes this more exciting and makes your role even more important,” said Clinton, “That means that if we come out in the numbers that are out there, we’re going to do really well. But if people say, ‘you know, I’m for her but I’ve never done it before’ or ‘it sounds too hard’ or ‘I think I’d rather stay home and watch the Orange Bowl,’ we may not have that chance to make history.”

    Part of Clinton’s biggest challenge in Iowa is that the majority of the former First Lady’s supporters are first-time caucus goers – unlike most of her opponents who her campaign says have deeper ties to Iowa – leaving open the potential for a flakey turnout come January 3rd. [space] entry3565176.shtml

  18. Finally we have some good polling #s out of Iowa.

    pew is releasing a new IA poll in Washington Post.

    Clinton 31
    Obama 26
    Edwards 19
    Richardson 10

  19. AP/Pew poll out. All in the margin of error for Iowa:

    Hillary Rodham Clinton, 31 percent
    Barack Obama, 26 percent
    John Edwards, 19 percent
    Bill Richardson, 10 percent

    New Hampshire

    Clinton 38 percent
    Obama 19 percent
    Edwards 15 percent
    Richardson 10 percent

    South Carolina

    Clinton 45 percent
    Obama 31 percent
    Edwards 10 percent

  20. Another good poll from Iowa State Univ.

    Clinton: 31
    Edwards: 24
    Obama 20
    Richardson 11

    Very strong #s

    I’m wondering whether the wind is shifting…

  21. Over on the Fact Hub they have a whole list of character attacks by BO on Hillary. Its is astonishing when it is all laid out like that.

  22. anbritt,

    And it is also astonishing to see all Obama’s attacks on Hillary with paired with actual legitimate sources. Surprising how HRC does not have to twist the facts, no?

  23. admin,

    I think it’s a good idea to put out those two polls upfront on this site. We are under relentless attacks from Obama. it looks like Iowans are turning away from him!!

  24. Hint to all you lazy Big Media types trolling by:

    There’s somewhat of a difference between Obama’s ad hominem character attacks on Hillary and Hillary rightfully calling Obama out on the deficiencies, errors and omissions in his political platform.

    In Hillary’s case, it’s her job. In Obama’s case, he’s a coward. Get the difference?

  25. B Merryfield,

    I am hoping that his free pass in the MSM will soon end! Is that to much to ask for this Holiday season?

  26. Go Hillary, Go !!!! go in for the kill now … expose the two-faced punk for what he is !!! you should see the folks over at mydd trying to spin Hillary’s attacks as a good thing for their guy and bad for her. They are getting restless about the fact that someone is finally taking the gloves off.

  27. Wow, Kostner, local polls are always better than when the polls come from a national company. This is great news! This made my day!

  28. dcdemocrat,

    go to politico. Times’ page is all over this poll. Big movement. I don’t trust these polls whether we’re behind or ahead, but at least we can use them to create ‘stroylines’…

  29. Actually it’s Iowa State University poll, not the same Iowa University poll. But anyway. I checked their Nov 2004 #s, they were not so far away from other polling firms’ #s…

    As I said, it’s all spins…

  30. Can someone explain to me why “campaign insiders” discuss internal operations with media types? For instance, why would a campaign operative tell Andrea Mitchell that Hillarys internals are worse than the published polls are showing? I have never understood why someone would disclose this type of information to reporters. In my opinion, loyalty matters!

  31. anbritt:

    Insiders don’t tell it. The media types make those things up. The campaigns have too much work already to go ahead and correct each media types. Think about it. When you say “insiders” it could be anybody. That is the word media types use to basically say “I pulled that information right out of my bu..”.

  32. Obama camp tracks ‘attacks’ from rival Clinton
    by Christi Parsons

    Barack Obama launched a new website today devoted to keeping track of the criticism coming his way from rival Hillary Clinton.

    Lest there be any confusion about its purpose, the website is called “Hillary Attacks,” and its first headline reads “Another Day, Another Set of Attacks from Hillary Clinton.”

    The Clinton camp retorted right away on its Fact Hub page, which infers a different mission statement.

    Obama’s new website is devoted to “complaining that Sen. Obama’s policies and public statements have become the subject of scrutiny,” Fact Hub says this morning.

    Obama campaign manager David Plouffe sent out a letter to supporters this morning soliciting submissions for the site.

    “Senator Clinton has said her idea of fun is to attack Barack each day from here on out,” writes Plouffe, “and that’s why we need you to help us stop those attacks and make sure that Barack can continue to talk with voters and caucus-goers about the struggles they face and their hope for America

  33. Does this “Hillary Attacks” remind you moms and dads of anything?

    I raised three boys who sat around the dinner table every night saying things like “Mom, he’s looking at me”. Darn but didn’t that get annoying.

    Well, just like I told my sons … Obama, get used to it .. we’re looking at you.

  34. btw,

    AP’s latest National #s.
    Clinton 48
    Obama 22
    Edwards 11(?)

    B Merryfield:

    Let him whine. LOL. It is time to take gloves off.

  35. Hillary put up a very good list of the character attacks by Obama. I hope she talks about them publicly as well. Axelrod ran a camapign for Deval Patrick here in which they were successful at painting his opponent as the queen of mean, BUT DP never actually attacked this women’s character as Obama has done to Hillary.

  36. Well, I knew it wouldn’t last .. someone in the comments wrote that Tweety was on both the Morning Joke and the Today show rubbing up against BO’s leg.

    “He said Huckabee is likeable, he doesn’t look or sound like a politician, Romney is a Ken doll and too clean, HILARY Is a politician and unlikeable, AND OBAMA is fresh And Chris feels America is wants CHANGE.”

    “Chris Matthews was also on Morning Joe this morning and said that Hillary is attacking because they know something the general public doesn’t know. He was saying that the HRC campaign must have done some internal polling and Barack is doing VERY well in Iowa. That is why the barrage of attacks.”

  37. B Merryfield – Hillary Attacks is just another repository for all the vitriol the Obama operatives a spilling at MyDD and DailyKos.

  38. I think the best way to ‘attack’ Obama is to use mockery, humor etc.

    Mauren(?)’s article on him is a good example.

    He is just a magazine cover candidate who needs a mom…

  39. A commenter on Ben Smith’s item on “Hillary Attacks” made an interesting point — and I think that I agree — Obama just fell into a trap:

    P.S. Has it ever crossed anyone’s mind that Obambie is playing right into the Clinton’s hands by responding with in effect, like Ben suggests with another attack? If she and Obama duke it out and turn Iowa voters, Edwards will surge, not Obama and Clinton will hope to come in second, leaving Obambie to third. Playing right into her hands… what a naive and inexperienced candidate. You can’t justify the politics of hope when you go on the attack yourself and ask voters to see the difference–there is none. Quid pro quo Obambie, get used to it and bring it on! The gloves are on and we’re ready to fight for this nomination!

  40. NBC/MSNBC has been dissing Hillary ever since the Philly debate. Two days after the debate “Today” show wanted her to come on NBC. She declined. The negative attacks on her continue since. I hope she wins it all by blacking out NBC/MSNBC cabal.

    I don’t care if BO’ camp whines about negative attacks. She needs to keep hitting him hard. They went after her personally for months spreading all sorts of rumors and negatives. Now they are whining. I won’t shed a drop of tear. Infact, I am excited.

  41. ra1029,

    Hit him hard. There’s no holding back. The worst case scenario is that both Clinton and Obama collapse in IA in the end and let Edwards win, which frankly is what I’m rooting for…

    Edwards has no chance to win in the following states…

  42. Kostner, Hillary has withstood character attacks all summer and fall from the Obamaedwardians. Who could forget such favorites as “tipgate” followed by “plantgate”. More caucus goers despise her than Dennis Kucinich. She’s hit her ceiling of dislike there. She tried to play it nice all summer and fall and the attacks never stopped. She’s now free to counter at will. If she can penetrate Obama’s halo, and I think she is, he loses the only thing he’s got going, “likeability”.

  43. Now all these Obama supporters are saying that her negatives are already high and she needs to be careful before attacking Obama..

    Really? Since when did they have her well wishes in their mind? They need to him hard on issue and issue and link it with his character. Make him run with his tail between his legs.

  44. What good news. OPEIU endorses, 2 new polls w/ HRC ahead in Iowa on healthcare. I love it ! Looks like the new HRC “fun” is working. I love her 🙂

  45. I don’t understand why the campaign talks about his kindergarden dreams when they have this from the Tribune:

    Yet even in those early days, Obama and his advisers were thinking ahead. Some called it the “2010-2012-2016” plan: a potential bid for governor or re-election to the Senate in 2010, followed by a bid for the White House as soon as 2012 or, if not, 2016. The way to get there, they decided, was by carefully building a record that matched the brand identity: Obama as unifier and consensus-builder, an almost postpolitical leader.

    Tell him to shove “the fierce urgency of now” up his ass.

    The ChiTrib needs to rerun all of these pieces.

    Second, he needs to get hammered on missing the K-L vote. Mr. Sanctimonious.

    Third, he needs to get called out everytime he condescends to his audience with “you’ll have health insurance just like mine!”

    As far as the free advice from the Obamabots is concerned — I’m sure they’d love to go back to the days of Obama running his mouth w/o getting called out.,0,1010006.story

  46. “I don’t understand why the campaign talks about his kindergarden dreams”
    I agree. I think it’s snark but they should be more clear.

  47. Let’s jump into the Wayback Machine and look at the history of Obama’s Hopefund PAC, which was created in January 2005, just “20 days after he was sworn into the U.S. Senate”.

    His Hopefund website was set up January 25, 2005.

    As of June 30, 2005, after six months in operation, Hopefund Inc. “receipts totaled $851,674 with Obama traveling the nation to headline events and collect checks,” Lynn Sweet reported October 27, 2005, in the ”Chicago Sun-Times’ (

    In January 2006, “Obama’s Hopefund will bankroll a ‘school’ to train first-time campaign workers and place them in campaigns across the country,” Sweet wrote, with the “recruiting focus of Obama’s ‘Yes We Can’ program [to] be young African Americans and Latinos” and the “aim of the week-long campaign school … to ‘create this whole class of young, talented staffers who can work their way up in the Democratic Party.'”

    “Obama’s Hopefund is ‘not the beginning of some run for higher office. That is not what this is’,” Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs told Sweet.

    However, the Washington Post‘s Chris Cillizza wrote November 2, 2005, that Obama was “polishing his credentials for a potential national run down the line.” (

    The ChiTrib reported in April 2007 that Obama had distributed funds “in the early presidential battleground states of Iowa and New Hampshire as well as Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida.” (,0,6840029.story)

    So, here we have a well-layed out blueprint for building a war chest with funds from lobbyists and PACS, building a ground team of young African Americans and Latinos on college campuses, and for building (buying) loyalty from within Congress by making strategic contributions to emerging candidates as well as well-respected and prominent pols.

  48. Hillary owns health care in Iowa:

    On health care, no rival approaches the support Clinton wins from party voters. The 41 percent in Iowa who say she would best improve the country’s medical system is double the support for Obama and Edwards, and she boasts even wider leads in New Hampshire and Iowa.

    Clinton and Edwards want universal health coverage, while Obama would expand coverage but not require people to buy insurance. In each state surveyed, eight in 10 Democrats favored government-guaranteed health insurance, even if it means higher taxes.

  49. I think I’ll write a diary on the “fierce hypocrisy of now”. I remember the day Dr. King gave that speech. I guess that qualifies me for Hill’s cabinet.

  50. The audacity of hope. The fierce urgency of now. The unbridled writing of speeches.

    Could you imagine listening to this palaver for four endless years after eight years of George W. Bush swallowing his tongue every second sentence?

  51. He’s (sigh) a constitutional law professor … unless you’re into studying constitutional law, how exciting do you think those lectures are? Not very audacious, I’d guess.

  52. mj, Bill Clinton has said that Lois Freeh and Reich were his “least favorite” officials in his admin. Reich is completely biased and hates the Clintons. We should laugh at him. He is trying to be and sound like an intellectual but he dislikes the Clintons so much that he falls flat on his face. Economists like Krugman and health care experts have called Obama’s plan BS but wannabe intellectuals like Reich need something to hit Hillary on. The guy is a joke. there is a lot of history with him and the Clintons and he tries to show that he is “rational” and fails so hard that it would be pitiful if it were not so amusing !

    Robert Reich and word “intellectual” can only be in the same sentence so long as intellectual is followed by “dishonesty” !!

  53. I’m starting to think the GOP’s running of Al Sharpton’s campaign was a trial run to see if it would work. With Obama, they have clearly upped the stakes but as this goes on, I become more and more convinced that the GOP was directly involved in Obama’s decision to enter the race, and is responsible for his nearly compulsive incantations about how he can bring the nation together. The thing that struck me when I was reading his book is that his ego was so huge that it left him with very little psychic protection against manipulation. Now, I think getting yourself elected senator – especially when one is African American – must be a huge ego boost. It is, by any objective standard, a huge accomplishment. But Obama’s ego still seems way out of proportion to his accomplishments. Anyway….

    I know I’ve said it before, and I shouldn’t be so tiresome, but I do believe that the GOP is behind his campaign. I can’t make heads or tails out of it otherwise.

  54. basement angel: Thanks for the full comment from Dodd on the previous thread. Yes, the language is very strong.

  55. This is funny. It is from Union Leader.

    Edwards vs. lobbyists: A posture, not a principle

    21 hours, 31 minutes ago

    JOHN EDWARDS has launched a Web site,, to decry the influence of lobbyists and PACs. On it, he asks Democrats to pledge not to vote for a presidential candidate who has accepted campaign donations from either evil entity. To put it another way, he has asked Democrats to pledge not to vote for Sen. Hillary Clinton.

    This is yet another Edwards attempt to disguise self-serving posturing as moral righteousness. (Did anyone believe his claim that he was accepting federal matching funds because it was the moral thing to do and not because Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were sucking up all the Democratic donor money before he could get to it?)

    Edwards’ spiel against the “special interests” is as phony as his Cheshire cat smile. Edwards might not accept lobbyist money, but he accepts money from corporate executives and managers at firms that employ lobbyists. How is that any different from accepting the donations of the contractors (lobbyists) those business people hire to represent them in Washington?

    Edwards’s self-serving class warfare rhetoric is getting tiresome. Someone should tell him. Maybe we can hire a lobbyist to do it.

  56. HLR … yes, that is correct. From a commenter on the WSJ comes a clear description of everything Obama — inflated.

    Sen. Obama was not actually a “Constitutional Law Professor” at the University of Chicago Law School. He was a faculty adjunct who taught Race and the Constitution. He’s a smart guy who’s done more than I ever will, but I think it does him no favors that he allows so many people to describe him with credentials that he doesn’t have. There are some Constitutional Law giants at U of C, I was privileged to study with them (and did poorly), and it’s no slam on Sen. Obama that he is not that level. But it doesn’t look good for him, and even less for Mr. [Jeffrey] Toobin, to insist on inflating his credentials.

    Another commenter wrote: “He didn’t even clerk after law school. He is an activist, not an intellectual.”

    This latter tells me a lot more about BO’s law interests. Those with aspirations to become a jurist make a point of getting a very good law clerk’s position. Even most good Congressional aides work as law clerks.

  57. Hillary made her most direct case yet against what she’s casting as Obama’s weakness in remarks in Iowa today. She’s focusing on two cases in which he didn’t take a clear vote on a controversial issue, and the attack reminds me of the line that badly damaged his first run for congress, against Bobby Rush, in which Obama’s missed vote on a gun control bill became a central issue.

    Here, she’s criticizing him for his (still, really, kind of hard to figure) missed vote on Kyl-Lieberman; and for a series of “present” votes in the Illinois State legislature. One thing to note: Planned Parenthood has praised his present votes on issues related to abortion rights as effective opposition to anti-abortion legislation.

    The subtext here: He’s not a fighter.

    And, in a circular sort of way, the test of that will come in Iowa this month.

    Excerpts from the campaign:

    When it comes to Iran, I took a stand for aggressive diplomacy. One of my opponents made a different choice: He didn’t show up for the vote. He didn’t speak out during a presidential debate that night. And finally, he decided to play politics and claim that the vote he missed – a vote for diplomacy – was really a vote for war. Well if he really thought it was a rush to war, why did he rush to campaign and miss the vote?”

    “Now, there’s been a lot of talk about yes or no answers to complex questions. But most people don’t know that for legislators who don’t want to take a stand, there’s a third way to vote. Not yes, not no, but “present” – which is kind of like voting “maybe.” Well, in the Illinois State Senate, on issue after issue, my opponent voted “present,” instead of yes or no. Seven of those votes were on a women’s right to choose. Two of those votes were on measures to protect families from gun violence — one of which was a measure about firing guns on or near school grounds.”


    Senator Clinton: “A president can’t vote “present.” A president can’t pick and choose which challenges he or she will face. My opponent’s campaign said that voting “present” was a strategy to provide political cover. The Chicago Tribune said the present votes were the equivalent of taking a pass. Well, instead of looking for political cover or taking a pass, we need a president who will take a stand. And stand there and do whatever is necessary for their country.”

  58. Hillary will come back here in Iowa. This healthcare issue should “kill” obama’s so called lead. His mini surge was a hilarious stint of unreality, but now, back to the real race. Obama is the only one that doesn’t provide universal healthcare, and we will be letting registered Iowa democrats know this.

  59. These polls are only the beginning. I don’t care about edwards now because he has been campaigning here since 2004 and is in 3rd place. Obama is going to go down 🙂

  60. For the life of me I can’t see how Oprah is going to do anything more for BO than point to his supposed “star power”. What can she do to help on health insurance or to explain for his voting patterns, as HRC pointed out today? Nothing as far as I can see.

  61. I read Hillarys speach today. I did not know that BO has a habit of passing up votes. I was wondering when someone would look at his state senate record. I figured that the republicans were digging into it. The response from the BO campaign is weak. This is a legitimate line of , for lack of a better term, “attack” by the Hillary camp. He has to answer. She should repeat it every where she goes.

  62. HLR, If by “moral authority” she is going to appeal to her viewers to vote for the first Black presidential candidate, then that will work against him rather than for him.

    That’s like Chris Rock saying to vote for Obama instead of “that white lady”.

  63. Yeeee-Ouch! She nailed his butt. Man, oh man, I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a Clinton smackdown, that’s for sure. I always knew there would come a day when she would flick her little finger and send him sailing into the universe.

    Haha, Thanks for the link to the remarks.

  64. The dumbest decision is to dispatch Oprah to Iowa. I mean, I cited a previous fox polls showing there’s a net negative impact on this.

    I hope media will have extensive coverage on Oprah, it will only reinforce the idea of Obama being a ‘fashion magzine cover candidate’. He’s competing for ‘American idol’, not president.

  65. Wow !!! When she says she is going to “deck them” , DECK THEM SHE DOES !!

    They way she has gone after him today is going to give him a sore ass for sure. She’s doing what the media should have done long ago. Boy, is she is on target today! Accurate, razor sharp and succinct to the core!

    And it sure beats personal attacks doesnt it ? You cant argue with facts Mr Hope, can you ??

    He’s gonna have a hard time pulling those arrows out of his derriere !

  66. basement angel/dt:

    That’s how a smackdown should look like. Facts are inconvienient for BO. Do you think Edwards must be now repenting for the lost opportunity to go after BO. Hillary now made it a two-way race and she is smacking BO hard asking Iowans to take a look at the difference between his rhetoric vs. actions. “He is a talker while I am a doer” she says.

  67. Admin – Did you see Mother Jones’ accusation that the Clinton surge polls today are trumped up? I assume this is more sour grapes from BO fans.

  68. As for Oprah, We all need to remember she’s never campaigned for anyone in her life. It’s not the same as hosting a TV show, so I wonder how effective she’ll be anyway.

    Also, welcome to Hillaryis44, anbritt! 🙂

  69. guys, I am sick of the Obama crap.
    admin, or anyone else, is there some way to create a website for free or the likewise?

    I really want to make a website with:

    any democrat BUT Obama lol with daily updates about his lies and falsehoods. I mean, this website is wonderful!, but not enough of the public reads it. We need a site as epic and popular as say perez hilton or something to truly get the message to all his worshipping minions who seem to be online everytime.

  70. I’m thinking of a concept like:

    Obama for president! or something that looks like its very much so for Obama, and then sarcastically chides him and points out his lies and stuff. We need something to force the media to pay attention and I think an outrageous site COULD do it.

  71. Can’t you just imagine Barack Hussein Obama stuttering his way through an explanation of his pattern of voting “present” on tough votes?

  72. ew:

    Barack Obama launched a new website today devoted to keeping track of the criticism coming his way from rival Hillary Clinton.

    Lest there be any confusion about its purpose, the website is called “Hillary Attacks,” and its first headline reads “Another Day, Another Set of Attacks from Hillary Clinton.”

    The Clinton camp retorted right away on its Fact Hub page, which infers a different mission statement.

    Obama’s new website is devoted to “complaining that Sen. Obama’s policies and public statements have become the subject of scrutiny,” Fact Hub says this morning.

    Obama campaign manager David Plouffe sent out a letter to supporters this morning soliciting submissions for the site.

    Here is an excerpt from Plouffe’s letter:

    Today we’re launching a website that will keep track of all the attacks Senator Clinton has launched since she said she wasn’t interested in attacking other Democrats at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner on November 10th. We’re asking all of you to be vigilant and notify us immediately of any attacks from Senator Clinton or her supporters as soon as you see them so that we can respond with the truth swiftly and forcefully.

    This attacks could be phone calls, literature drops, blog posts mail pieces as well as radio and TV ads. Some could even be anonymous or designed to be. Please email us at the moment you see something that concerns you.

    Senator Clinton has said her idea of fun is to attack Barack each day from here on out, and that’s why we need you to help us stop those attacks and make sure that Barack can continue to talk with voters and caucus-goers about the struggles they face and their hope for America.

  73. Thanks RA:

    BTW, I think it would be a good idea to make a concerted effort to emphasize the tagline:

    A President can’t vote “present”.

  74. hwc:

    Agree with ra1029; great post:

    The only presence a “President Barack Obama” would really show up for in his first year in the WH would be “visiting/meeting those hostile foreig leaders” without any condition!

    Any of course havinng visited those countries, he would make them “Barack countries”!

  75. im not trying to be funny or anything but not many people know obama’s middle name is hussein. told my gop supervisor and he had no idea. just throwing that out there. my middle name is tirrell. nothing wrong with pointing out middle names.LOL.

  76. From the DU—great comparison of Obama quotes from this year

    Feb 7, 2007 Obama

    “Every single Democrat who speaks before you today is going to have something important and valuable to offer. Over the next year of a primary and the next two years leading to the election of the next president ……the campaigns shouldn’t be about making each other look bad, they should be about figuring out how we can all do some good for this precious country of ours……That’s our mission.”

    And in this mission, our rivals won’t be one another, and I would assert it won’t even be the other party. It’s going to be cynicism that we’re fighting against.”

    November 2007 Obama

    Sen. Obama: “Her response was certainly inadequate…She can release these papers…I think she was being disingenuous.”

    Q: “What’s the difference between disingenuous and dishonest?” Obama: “You’ll have to ask her.”

  77. lol, according to Obama supporters in IL, Hillary is:

    “the queen of double-speak and lying” lol

    I like how ironic that is!

  78. Obama and his supporters, arrogant as they are, actually think that he is beyond criticism. Nobody is supposed to say anything negative about him, even if you are highlighting a policy difference. Because he is just beyond reproach, nobody should doubt him, he is clean, untainted and pure and fresh as a lily. So thats the attitude in the blogpshere and the media. If the narrative changes, they wet their pants.

    So he attacks her all this time, calls her dishonest, disengenuous, pooh-pooh’s her experience, calls her ambitious and having a 20 yr plan to seek the presidency, says she thinks shes “owed” that, uses Novak (of all people) to insult her and says she and her husband are old and the 90’s are the cause of all of todays problems.

    And Robert Reich listens to Obama, gets an orgasm and smiles.

    She takes everything in her stride till she start to hit him where it hurts and now everyone is crying foul. The truth hurts doesnt it ? Even when she said “with due respect, living abroad at the age of 10 is not international experience”, she was accused of being insulting and condescending !!

    Let there be no sympathy for that one speech, one trick phony from Chicago. The most unqualifed man to run for president, compared to even GW Bush. Beneath that phony smile and rhetoric lies a man who can be quite mean, nasty and unprincipled to furthur his own ambitions.

  79. dt, I will tell you right now, Obama is the phoniest among all democratic and republican candidates save for the sleezemeister Guliani.

    Never in my life have I seen such an ambitious person who is willing to do anything and everything, like sacrificing morals and even going against his own beliefs to win win and win. I have NOT seen Hillary go to the extent that he has. Hillary has been progressive in ever action she has made. Obama, when it seems that a progressive vote or idea would be bad for him simply takes the “present” vote.

    I will never, never, ever in my lifetime allow Barack Obama the pleasure of becoming president of these United States of America.

  80. watchin foxnews on the dem race. im thinking about sending a email the foxnews about how fair they are to the dem race compared to the others. i hope im not selling out my soul to

  81. dt, I don’t think Robert Reich hates the Clintons. They obviously aren’t the good friends they used to be, but Reich is more a lot more liberal than Hillary anyway so I doubt he’d support her.

  82. What is the deal on the latest USA Today/Gallup poll? (nationwide)


    Hillary 39% (48% previous)
    Obama 24% (21% previous)
    Edwards 15% (12% previous)

    Don’t know margin of error

  83. hillfans, new gallup national numbers report hillary at 39% to obama’s 21%. a reduced percentage in support for hillary but still 18 points ahead! i’ll take it!!

  84. As for the Iowa polls, I know the race is basically a dead heat. Hillary sent a fundraising e-mail around today saying so. However, I think these newest polls should get as much MSM play as that ABC/WaPo one just for balance sake.

  85. Still, those polls surprise me. Who are these people who were for Hill and now are not? I really don’t get it.

  86. Statement from Lee Feinstein, Clinton Campaign National Security Director
    “The new declassified key judgments of the Iran NIE expose the latest effort by the Bush administration to distort intelligence to pursue its ideological ends. The assessment of the NIE vindicates the policy Senator Clinton will pursue as President: vigorous American-led diplomacy, close international cooperation, and effective economic pressure, with the prospect of carefully calibrated incentives if Iran addresses our concerns. Neither saber rattling nor unconditional meetings with Ahmadinejad will stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Senator Clinton has the strength and experience to conduct the kind of vigorous diplomacy needed to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.”

  87. The USA Today poll shows Obama exactly where he was before, at 21 percent. And Hillary’s support at 39 percent almost doubles his. She’s lost some soft support, which is no surprise considering what she’s been subject to lately, but he hasn’t gained one iota, which is a lost opportunity for him.

  88. Actually, the USA Today article by Susan Page says Obama is at 24 percent. And her favorable ratings have taken a hit (no shit). Mark Penn is quoted as saying that she risks raising them more by going after Obama, but letting their attacks on her go unanswered is risky, too.

    I agree. Bill Clinton said winning the primary would be harder than the GE. Time to let it all hang out.

  89. “If they all gang up and attack her, she goes down some,” says Mark Penn, Clinton’s chief strategist. “But it doesn’t change the strong and wide lead she has.” Still, he acknowledged that her more aggressive efforts to fight back, including more caustic attacks on Obama, are likely to fuel her negatives more.

    “There are also risks to letting attacks go unanswered,” Penn says.

    Democratic strategist Anita Dunn, who isn’t affiliated with a campaign, says Clinton clearly has hit “a rough patch” but adds, “There are a few things about her that are absolutely true, and one is that she has a base — and, I think, a pretty strong one.”

    (Good news: Hillary leads Obama by 26 among Dems, so oversampling Independents helps Obama here.)

  90. look at this a true Hillary supporter in desmoines reg.i just seen it i didnt know he had outstanding tickets…

    Why OBAMA can not be trusted?
    –made personal “questionable” investments while not paying off his outstanding parking tickets for 17 years
    –insisted that his health care provides care to everyone, but it is not…
    –he is a fabulous orator, but we need more than words….don’t be fooled by a salesman
    –he says one thing and does another
    –he said that as a young boy who lived in overseas for 10 years made him an expert of foreign affairs.
    –will meet with enemies without preconditions
    –always say nice things to make him look good, but where is your agenda?
    –recruited out of state non-Iowan residents to vote for him on Jan 3.
    –he said that he was not taking money from the Lobbyists. Have you seen the news lately?
    –he is playing old politics as usual, after he promised hope and change….
    Obama’s experience? TWO (2) years as a Senator….
    Fellow Democrats, please be smart and don’t be fooled by this PHONY ROOKIE. If he is the Democrat nominee, the Republican will eat him alive.sister.

  91. i am satisfied…… 🙂

    have we not been compaining lately about not fighting back?

    i’m proud of hillary she made the right decision, to stand up to the juvenile, pimply, rich kid…

    now they know she isnt the little girl with pigg tails, oh no, she’s the teacher now…

    and i am glad they are giving us all talking pointsm as well as giving the media something to report on.

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