Another Stolen Election

Update: More on the below in a comment posted HERE. This is not about students and their federal right to vote. It’s about potential fraud. We need procedures in place with built-in safeguards to protect the Iowa caucuses from Big Neighbor Chicago and its voting dead (or in this case, export voters).


Democrats will not tolerate another election stolen by Ripublicans – neither in the Florida sun nor under the Buckeye shade.

But in the frosty Iowa fields another stolen election threatens. This time a Ripublican-talking-points-spewing-Democrat is the probable, not-so-silent, election thief.

* * *

Imagine if you will, the uproar, the horror, the editorials, the Big Blog rage, the PINO whelps, the Naderite fury, the Big Media savaging — if the Hillary Clinton campaign decided to organize and finance an operation to outsource the New Hampshire primary. Imagine – if the Hillary Clinton campaign organized, financed and implemented an invasion by armies of New Yorkers to vote in the New Hampshire Primary.

It would be perfectly legal. There are sufficient loopholes in the New Hampshire election law. Hotel/dormitories can accomodate mass barracks for imported New York turned New Hampshire voters. According to New Hampshire election law:

You may also register on election day at the polling place.

There is no minimum period of time you are required to have lived in the state before being allowed to register.

Of course, the Hillary Clinton campaign will do no such thing. The Hillary Clinton campaign will respect the integrity of the New Hampshire primary. Just because the financing and organization of such an effort is legal – it is wrong. Legal – but wrong. The New Hampshire primary belongs to the citizens of New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire primary belongs to the citizens of New Hampshire and the Iowa caucuses, flawed as they might be, belong to the citizens of Iowa. Because the caucus/primary system affects all Americans it is imperative that their integrity be protected.

* * *

Today, the respected Des Moines Register poll of Iowa was released. The election in Iowa is “tight as a tick”. David Yepsen of the Register has written an analysis of the poll results to accompany the statistics of the poll:

Obama’s gained 6 points in the last month and has opened up a statistically insignificant lead over Hillary Clinton and John Edwards. That lead looks even weaker when you consider a chunk of Obama’s support comes from younger adults, who are notoriously poor caucusgoers. (Only 5 percent of likely Democratic caucusgoers are under 25. In 2004, only 17 percent were under 29.)

So he needs to light some fires under those voters. Last week, he tried to do that by unloading a 50,000-piece flier aimed at college students. The piece even urged those “not from Iowa” to register to vote and caucus in their campus communities.

On October 4, 2007 we began to report on the accumulating evidence of potential theft of the Iowa caucuses by the Chicago mob and their barracked armies of Chicago imports. We noted with alarm a report in our comments section, by Celiff, an Iowan college student on October 15:

We just had our first students-for meeting, and we have an energized crew of youngins. I told them about the Big Pink, and also told them that Edwards’s national campaign IS Iowa, and Obama is going to bus in kids from Chicago 3 days before the caucuses…

The reports of Obama imports increased. We took note in one of our articles about the Iowa caucuses the following:

At the recent Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner in Iowa there were so many Chicagoans bused in by the Obama campaign that Senator Biden greeted them by saying “Hello Chicago”. Reportedly thousands of Obama supporters were imported to Iowa that night. The Iowa caucuses should not be outsourced to Chicago politics.

In that same article we posted a Hillary Clinton “how to caucus” video which confirmed the lax registration procedures for the Iowa caucuses.

We summarized our findings about the threat to the integrity of the Iowa caucuses in an article written on November 18, 2007. We impishly ended the article by including a quote from Obama hero Ronald Reagan: Affirmative steps will be needed to protect the Iowa caucuses. As Obama hero Ronald Reagan used to say about the Soviet Union: Trust but verify.

Yesterday, Big Media outlets began to seriously report on this possible theft of the Iowa caucuses. The Des Moines Register’s David Yepsen fired the first shot at Obama’s outsourcing attempt:

That’s fine but these are the Iowa caucuses. Asking people who are “not from Iowa” to participate in them changes the nature of the event.

And trying to pack the caucuses with people from Illinois might taint Obama’s showing. Polls show Obama is in a close race with Hillary Clinton and John Edwards. Recent surveys show him with a lead of a few points. If he wins the Iowa caucuses with Illinois votes, his victory would be discounted by his opponents and media people.

The issue of out-of-state residents caucusing in Iowa came up recently when one of the candidates, Chris Dodd, urged his rivals to promise not to encourage their staffers working in Iowa to register as voters so they could participate in the caucuses here. Most of them agreed, including Obama’s campaign. (And, frankly, a few hundred staffers wouldn’t have much of an impact on the outcome anyway. Besides, most of those staffers will be working on caucus night and wouldn’t have time to participate.)

But turning out-of-state college students into Iowa voters is a different, larger, matter. Thousands of votes are involved and it risks offending long-time Iowa residents.

But, then, they do politics a little differently in Illinois than they do in Iowa.

The Chicago Tribune reported Senator Dodd’s concern:

”I was deeply disappointed to read today about the Obama campaign’s attempt to recruit thousands of out-of-state residents to come to Iowa for the caucuses,” Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut said in a statement. “’New Politics’ shouldn’t be about scheming to evade either the spirit or the letter of the rules that guide the process. That may be the way politics is played in Chicago, but not in Iowa.”

Politico’s Mike Allen followed up on the Iowa caucus theft story:

The campaign of Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is drawing some local skepticism for a drive to recruit non-Iowans to caucus at their Iowa colleges.

If you are not from Iowa, you can come back for the Iowa caucus and caucus in your college neighborhood,” says a four-page “Students for Barack Obama” brochure provided to Politico.

David Yepsen of the Des Moines Register, the state’s leading political commentator, wrote in a blog post called “The Illinois Caucus” that the effort to increase participation by out-of-staters “risks offending long-time Iowa residents.”

“Given that lots of students in Iowa’s colleges and universities are from Obama’s neighboring home state of Illinois, the effort could net him thousands of additional votes on caucus night,” Yespen wrote.

The Obama campaign contends that it’s doing nothing unusual — that Iowa college students have long caucused near their colleges. And a separate Reigster news article quoted Iowa Secretary of State Michael Mauro as saying of the Obama instructions: “I think it’s playing within the rules.”

A Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign official said: “We are not courting out-of-staters. The Iowa caucus ought to be for Iowans.”

Chris Dodd for President Iowa State Director Julie Andreeff Jensen said in a statement on Saturday:

“I was deeply disappointed to read today about the Obama campaign’s attempt to recruit thousands of out-of-state residents to come to Iowa for the caucuses. … ‘New Politics’ shouldn’t be about scheming to evade either the spirit or the letter of the rules that guide the process. That may be the way politics is played in Chicago, but not in Iowa.”

The instruction is part of an Obama campaign effort to counteract a potentially serious blow to youth support for his campaign: The Jan. 3 caucus date means colleges will still be on holiday break. [snip]

Yepsen wrote that the out-of-state college students’ participation would be legal, but said he isn’t certain “whether it’s fair, or politically smart.”

No presidential campaign in memory has ever made such a large, open attempt to encourage students from out of state, many of whom pay out-of-state tuition, to participate in the caucuses.,” he said. “No other campaign appears to be doing it in this campaign cycle.”

The student section of has a “Rock the Caucus” section designed to make it as easy as possible for collegiate supporters of Obama to turn out.

“Join the Facebook group to learn more,” the site says. “If you are 17 years old — you can still caucus! Just as long as you are 18 by Nov. 4, 2008. You do not have to register beforehand — just show up at the caucus. … We at the Obama campaign have plenty of resources for students out, especially if it is your first time caucusing!”

The question of who can participate was already sticky. In early November, Dodd’s campaign staff asked the campaigns to pledge that their out-of-state staff and volunteers would not attempt to caucus. Most of the campaigns signed the pledge.

The Clinton official said: “We have a policy that if you move to Iowa for the express purpose of working on the campaign, you can not caucus.”

[As a side note, way back on August 12, 2007 we wrote The Coming Obama Whine. We noted the problem of the calendar as it pertains to the youth vote and that many young voters would be gone from Iowa and New Hampshire if the caucus/primary dates moved to earlier dates – which they have. Obama was essentially building his mansion on unstable sand.

If the primary schedule keeps moving earlier and earlier the universities and colleges of Iowa and New Hampshire will be on vacation when the voting takes place.

None of this can come as a surprise to the Obama campaign. But they have been silent on the issues relating to the calendar. We suspect that as their campaign collapses they will find in the calendar the ready excuse they will need. They will whine that the calendar robbed them of their organizers and voters. In Iowa, they will yelp that there is no way to caucus absentee.

Apparently Obama has decided to band-aid the blunder of ignoring the campaign calendar by simply increasing the volume of imported voters.]

After doing fine work earlier in the day, Politico swallowed Obama dumb pills. Politico tried to create a sense of moral equivalence between the Obama organized and financed armada of imported Chicagoans — and a singular Hillary Clinton supporter, co-chair of Students for Hillary Sarah Sunderman, returning to Iowa to caucus.

The Obama campaign continued to try to justify, with flowery words, the potential theft of the Iowa caucuses by Obama’s Chicago mob. The Hillary Clinton campaign issued a statement drawing the distinction, which Politico earlier failed to grasp, when it published a smear against the dedicated Sarah Sunderman. The Hillary Clinton campaign declared:

There’s a big difference here. We are not systematically trying to manipulate the Iowa caucuses with out of state people. We don’t have literature recruiting out of state college students. We didn’t bus in folks from out of state to the JJ. We didn’t bring in out of state activists to the Heartland Forum.

Politico finally did the decent thing and grudgingly exonerated the good Ms Sarah Sunderman:

Also, I’m told the out-of-state student backing Clinton, whom I mentioned earlier, was born in Iowa and plans to live here after she graduates, for what it’s worth.

Big Media has utterly failed to fairly report the problems with the last two presidential elections. Big Media has many other failures too long to list here.

Today Big Media began to do a minimal amount of reporting on the threats to an honest Iowa caucus process.

Except for the two Chicago newspapers which know Obama best, Big Media has failed to report on the many questions related to Barack Obama. No Rezko. No Chicago suicide.

We have the audacity of hope that Big Media, out of its own self-interest, will soon begin to dig into the dubious activities of the Chicago mob, including the potential theft of the Iowa caucuses.

Democrats should fight against election theft – not enable it.


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  1. No Kidding. If not for this site, I hardly would have known his history at Chicago. I think the big media and the republicans are aiding Obama now to take out Hillary. They will swift boat him in the general with all this information that is not widely known.

  2. Frank Rich did another glowing piece on Obama in NYTimes while at the same time hitting Hillary. Looks like he wants to sell more books on Oprah.

  3. I am pretty certain this story has legs. My bet is that it will become fairly well known. It certainly will be very well known in Iowa. Just to be clear: Courts have ruled that students have the right to register in the state where they attend school if it’s their primary residence. Primary residence is a complicated issue (witness Cheney’s registering to vote in Wyoming when he lived most the time in Texas to avoid the Constitutional prohibition on electors voting for a president and a vice president from the same state.) On the other hand, the reason it is an issue at all is because local people get mad that student interlopers are determinative in what are perceived as local issues. It is a tactical error for Obama to do what he is doing. It is, as we are fond of saying at Hillary Is 44, yet another ROOKIE mistake.
    God help us if this guy were to get the nomination.

  4. DCDemocrat:

    It will have legs if all democrats hammer Obama on this. I am not sure other than Hillary and Dodd if anyone is willing to take on Obama on this.

  5. ra1029, thank goodness the david yepson and others in the big media has cuaght on to theis farce. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT IS EVEN LEGAL!!!

  6. if obama wins iowa i want a full audit published how many new registered voters from out of state the last few days before who came in for the punk. then the vote can be discounted as not genuine.

  7. You know, having read the politico article, Hillary did the right thing on the retroactive sentencing. That’s not the issue. The issue is the discrepancy. We need this woman as our nominee. She really know how to stay on the issue, and not be distracted by the political footballs.

  8. What about South Carolina? Is that so loose in it’s primary rules as well? Will Obama bring out of state voters there as well? Is that why he is claiming he will win there hands down?

  9. hillfans, if im correct wolfson and axolrod-iodiot will be on face the nation this morning. screw mtp. ftn is more fairer.

  10. Meet the Press doesn’t even attempt to have a political round-table discussion anymore. They just sit there and talk about Obama the whole time. No analysis, nothing. They pick a poll that favors Obama, discuss how great it is for 10 minutes then go on to another segment.

  11. mj, the gop would like nothing better to face obama. can you say harold ford of 2006 senate race in tennessee?

  12. I’m betting Obama’s campaign disappears like a soap bubble in the breeze. I could be wrong, but I think there’s going to be all this drama and then poof! It’s all over. And he’s back in the Senate. The Republicans are going to ride him hard from here on out because they have learned he can taken.

  13. If Huckabee is the republican nominee, Obama has no prayer in the general. His freshness argument will go out of the window in the general against Huckabee; he has less experience than Huckabee; Huckabee can speak populistic language too; His southern baptist preacher rhetoric will nullify any advantage Huckabee has.

  14. St.Peggy and that lady from the Nation were clubbing Karl Rove and Bill Clinton in the same group as big liars. George Will has become a cheer leader for Obama. Anyone know why?

  15. I’m curious, was her visit to saddleback discussed at all? I’ve read alot of positives things from surprisingly, conservative christians and AIDS activists about it, but nothing in the MSM.

  16. I’m curious, was her visit to saddleback discussed at all? I’ve read alot of positives things from surprisingly, conservative christians and AIDS activists about it, but nothing in the MSM.

    Take a guess? lol

  17. I caught the tail end of the Face the Nation segment with Wolfson and Axlerod. Wolfson got in the last word with a direct slam to Axlerod about the Obama PAC money being used to buy campaign support. He asked Axelrod if it would be closed down..I thought it caught Axelrod a little off-guard.

  18. St. Peggy has a gut feeling that tells when wind is in someone’s back and pushing them forward. According to her Obama is that candidate and she feels there is very little chance of someone stopping him.

    Judging from conservatives gushing over Obama, these guys must really hate Clintons so much that they are willing to accept an inexperienced anti-war candidate as president over their own republicans. 🙂

  19. ra1029..this has been my particular fear all along. That Republicans will put Obama in power. He seems to have aligned himself with them in that he has many Republicans on his campaign staff. When it’s been commented here that is is running a George Bush campaign it’s easy to see why. I don’t think it’s the politics of “bringing people together”. It’s the politics of “do anything to win”, even if it means taking pages from the Republican playbook.

    I am not astute enough to know if Hillary can overcome all this. I think the key will be what happens in the next few weeks. My own view is that people may still take a second look before actually voting and realize that Obama is far more of a risk than her.

  20. you are correct ra1029. somtimes i hear from time to time republicans would CONSIDER voting for obama but no chance in hell voting for hillary. i think it is most likely bs. they will in the end vote with their own party 85% to 90%.

  21. Terrondt…I hope that is true with the 85% to 90% number. I worry that the Republican candidates are so weak this time that at least the more moderate Republicans might be swayed to go for Obama.

  22. Okay – a few questions:

    1. How long does someone need to have lived in Iowa to participate in the caucuses and what level of proof is required for participation?

    2. When is the Illinois primary?

    3. Is Obama facilitating students who are from Illinois voting twice? Once in Iowa and once in Illinois? IOW, could someone who IS a student easily go to Iowa and participate in the caucus and turn around and vote in Illinois? And more importantly, is it easy for someone who ISN’T a student in Iowa to go to Iowa and participate under fraudulent terms and not be caught?

    4. What information is kept on the voters? Do we have a way of double checking to find out if they do vote twice? Is it a violation of federal law to vote in two states?

  23. I think Obama should bus in St. Peggy, George Will, Chris Matthews, Tim Russert, Sullivan and Katrina Vandel…. to Iowa caucus. I definitely see some votes for him there. 🙂

  24. the hatred of hillary i do undertsand from the gop. they hated the fact bill clinton won in the 1st place. he beat the gop at almost every turn in the 1990’s despite thier effords to bring him down. hillary is a extention of that hate. the hatred of the left is just unjustified and baffling to me. hell, if it were not for bill we would not have a dem in the white house in the last quarter century.

  25. May be T(S)ucker Carlson too. But he hates both of them. So, that might not help. :-). A dozen buses from Georgetown social club (oh, include Kornblut too) to Iowa should net him a lot of votes.

  26. Some more people to bus in. Frank Rich, Mo Dowd, David Broder (although he might end up voting in republican caucus), Arianna, Joe Scarborough, Mika Brez…, the list goes on. He needs a lot of buses from Washington.

  27. mj, it’s rere that anything positive is said about Hillary and there was nothing positive today (and I watched all 3 networks). Lately, they barely say anything about her at all (or Edwards). It’s very obvious–this isn’t just spin by a Hillary partisan. I have become very cynical about the mainstream media in the past few months. Clearly they have an agenda.

  28. the only thing im sure of about the vote for obama in the general is he will have nearly 100% of the black vote. me as an african american may vote for him 70/30 for or against if by some miracle he is the nominee. he for some reason rub me the wong way. in 5 presidential elections i always voted dem but he might really put me to the test at the last moment in the voting booth. god help me.

  29. Basement Angel: It must not be a violation of federal law if the Iowa cacuses allow such behavior. Overall, if Obama bussing in voters from Illinois is allowed then I think Hillary should do the same and bus in voters from New York for the New Hampshire primary.

  30. She does not need to bus people in. She should just pledge a couple of days before the caucus to grant amnesty to all 10 million (or so) illegal immigrants immediately if they caucus for her in Iowa. She will win it in a landslide. 🙂

  31. as for republicans voting for ob, i have a coworker, about 48 years old…
    he and i have had amiable but serious, fights over politics over the years…
    he is from chicago, living in california, about 10 years, makes a 100k a year, and a staunch, staunch ripublican..
    about a month ago, i ran into him, as he works in a different department from me…
    i asked him timidly who he liked in the 08 horse race, and guess what he said?
    he said he was so disappointed in the republicans, particularly hated giuliani, and romney, felt no one else on tkt could win…
    than i asked him if he liked obama, he said ‘are you kidding me?’
    i hate that guy, i really hate that guy, i’m from chicago, and that guy is not the mr hope everyone thinks he is.
    so i said well than who you going to vote for?
    he said, ‘believe it or not, i’m thinking about voting for hillary clinton.
    i dont like the abortion issue, but other than that, i think shes the best one to lead out of all the candidates.

    and i know personally 3 republican women, who are voting for hillary…
    and to be honest, watching some of these republican leaning shows, since i stopped watching msn, i’ve actually heard some of the best comments about hillary, come out of republicans mouths…

    and can we get lou dobbs the transcript of them booing hillary, cause she wouldnt promise to fix immigration in the first hundred days?

  32. See I actually think that immigration move was smart and I have decided the retroactive issue was also smart of Hillary, politically. However, the press isn’t even noting any of this. It’s most bizarre.

  33. the media is always complainging that they have no access to hillary, and i think that makes them hate her…

    maybe she could blow everyones mind, including obamas, by suddenly holding a million press conferences, and being friendly and funny, and throwing in an issue here and there…

  34. “She does not need to bus people in. She should just pledge a couple of days before the caucus to grant amnesty to all 10 million (or so) illegal immigrants immediately if they caucus for her in Iowa. She will win it in a landslide”

    LOL ra1029!

  35. you know, after that Philly debate, it was that slimy trial lawyer that went after her with venom. he came up with all sorts of highly misleading videos, posted them on the internet and blogs, mocked her and attacked her personally. His campaign was the one that milked that “plant” story to the max, sneering, jeering and mocking all the time and making sure the media and the blogs kept hammering her. the shameless jerk even started off with a “joke” about the “plant” at the Vegas debate. and he did his best to prop up the punk.

    Now, like the dutiful lap dog that he is, he is bringing back the bone of “poll leads” to his master. and the master will pat him on his head and the lap dog will go out hunting for some more fodder hoping that his master keeps him permanently.

  36. united 12, that is a great story about your republican friend that may vote for hillary. good to hear around this time.

  37. also by doing some interviews with ‘journalists’, she is getting her own message out there, instead of letting ob and je give her message, really
    it would be a coup for her to take over the dialogue…

  38. yes, terront,

    i was surprised, but it made me realized, she really is their best candidate…
    and if they have to make exception for giuliani and romney, on the abortion issues among others, than its not a leap to think, they can make that leap for hillary…

    after all, she really is a moderate, when you think about it… if she talked about things the wallstreet would like to hear, she would have the money people calling for her presidency…
    after all repugs are all about the ‘money’…

  39. what i don’t get is edwards. why is he doing obama’s bidding? i mean he ia not going to get the nomination by helping obama. he has to get by obama to win so he better start going after obama. but maybe they are patners to stop hillary? im sure he don’t want the vp nomination again.

  40. i really think in the primary and the general a lot of woman will vote hillary and cancel out their husbands secretly. anybody else agree?

  41. what if he is willing to be vp ? he so reminds me of lieberman, who was willing to sell his soul, just for a hint of power…
    which he did, cause we know he is a repug now…

  42. well yes, i agree T, infact i think there are probably alot of closet hillary clinton voters…
    when push comes to shove, alone in your booth, wouldnt you remember the clintons?
    obama is really an unkown factor…

  43. infact if oprah intends to do a push to let women know its alright to vote for obama, than
    hillary should do a video of a person standing in a voting booth, saying it is alright to vote for hillary !!!

  44. John Edwards realizes he has only Iowa, and he is losing here. He wants a vp slot on obama’s ticket, not Hillary’s. We were talking abut this last night after the office went out for dinner, that Edwards is unelectable in the south. He lost his own precinct, county, and state in 2004. That is just sad. He was a useless vp pick for Kerry. He claims he can win southern votes, but he can’t win his own damn precinct!?!?!

    Obama is rediculous. Alex Giannoulias, Antoin Rezko, his “present” votes in Springfield, the bussing at JJ and the Heartland forum/obama rally, Michelle’s board position, Anthony Lake and the neocons on his foreign policy team, his pac funding to get endorsements, his taking money from state and federal lobbyists while claiming he doesn’t, his fake universal healthcare plan, etc, etc. I wish these stories got more play here in
    Iowa. They probably won’t.

    Can someone get me a list of these talking points to give to the office for calls. Also, any list of dirt on edwards too, like the hedgefund, etc.

  45. I’ve been doing some internet checking and evidently this has been a rumor circulating for some time now.

  46. Appearing on Face the Nation this morning, Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson asked Senator Obama’s top strategist, David Axelrod, if the Obama campaign would close the PAC:

    “There’s a lot that voters don’t know about Barack Obama. And one thing they don’t know – we found out this week – is that he has been using and operating a so-called leadership PAC, in apparent contravention of campaign finance laws, taking in money from lobbyists despite the fact he said he doesn’t take money from lobbyists, taking in money from lobbyists and giving money out to candidates in New Hampshire and Iowa to support his presidential campaign. Senator Clinton does not have such a PAC. Others have shut theirs down. I would call on call on David; David, will you shut down Senator Obama’s slush fund?”

  47. Better Cownie than Kennedy. I couldn’t see Ted Kennedy, a longtime Clinton friend, and someone whose members of his own family have all endorsed Hillary, endorsing obama. He wouldn’t do it.

  48. It’s from the Obama website evidently..

    As to the others Kennedy, Kerry and Gore… if they are going to endorse Clinton her campaign should have them do that soon to stop all the rumor mongering.

    If they are going to endorse Obama instead I will lose respect for my own political party. I’m wonder what the true impact will be. Some Republicans leaning towards Obama might be horrified about the Kennedy endorsement. Gore will fire up Dems who weren’t going to vote for Hillary anyway. I’m not sure a Kerry endorsement would have any effect.

  49. if they are going to endorse Clinton her campaign should have them do that soon to stop all the rumor mongering.

    The rumor mongering was started by Newsmax almost a week ago.

    Add to the mix the latest buzz in Washington: surprise endorsements for Obama by such Democratic heavyweights as Al Gore, Sen. John Kerry, or Sen. Ted Kennedy.

    Yes, Newsmax. Also, Newsmax is one of Zogby’s biggest clients.

  50. Folks,

    The spin on this is that Clinton and Dodd are objecting to Iowa students returning to their school early to vote in the caucuses. Now, that I’ve read the rules and reread the memos, the obvious concern is that students in Chicago who are not Iowa residents (meaning that they are not from Iowa and simply attending school out of state) are going to go to Iowa and participate in the caucuses. The language in the memo is soft enough, and a Democrat cheating in this particular way so far off the charts, that people aren’t getting what is being said. Even Hillary and Dodd supporters on other boards are missing the obvious context.

    When encountering another poster foisting that spin off, you need to ask for clarification as to when the Dodd and Clinton campaign objected to Iowa students returning to school early from break to caucus – of course, it’s not there. Then you need to point to an article like this one: where it specifically states the lax rules for caucus participation. The campaigns can’t hit this as directly on the head as we can, but those are the two steps to substantively raise the objection – no one can accuse you of trolling.

    I knew Celiff had this specific concern but I didn’t realize entirely that it had blossomed as fully within the campaigns as it has. We need to be asking what safeguards the Obama campaign has in place to make sure that non-Iowa students and residents aren’t being imported to participate in the caucuses.

  51. Gore will not endorse anyone, period. Kennedy most likely will stay out also. I am not sure about Kerry. He might endorse Obama.

  52. Kennedy mentioned last December that he did not want to choose between Hillary and Obama. He will mostly stay out.

  53. I don’t know why he would. Obama has esentially run on I’m not a flip flopper like Kerry was, I was always against he war. His 2004 speech did nothing to help Kerry. But, they are both professorial types so you never know.

  54. I thought Kerry might endorse Obama. However, of late Obama has been trashing Kerry’s 2004 campaign. I am not sure now.

  55. obama’s 2004 speech was all about himself, he is so arrogant. He was dreaming of being president back then, and even further back.

  56. Right, celiff. Most of the pro-obama spin has roots in right-wing sources.

    Also — all of Zogby’s IA/NH state polling is underwritten by Newsmax.

  57. Also, it’s Newsmax that has been pushing the Oprah thing for a long time — they did a special magazine about it late spring/early summer.

  58. MJ, I had no idea who he was at the “forum” on cspan lastnight. I have never heard of cownie at all, honest. I barely know Davenport’s mayor, without having to ask someone. I know all of Iowa’s urban centers have democratic mayors, but I have never heard of cownie at all. I suspect he is endorsing obama because he wants reelection and Des Moines has a heavy african american population.

  59. I wouldn’t worry about any of the talk shows.. more noise. interesting that hillary’s favorables among dems nationwide are higher than obama’s. i was reading some old analysis from 2004 and kerry took some shots at dean back in late november/early december, then made a big positive push before iowa. funny, among the first questions george s. asked huckabee this morning was “are you peaking too soon?” because he just took the lead, and now he’s getting the close scrutiny from the press. that will happen to obama too. it’s all about timing right?

    i am sure the students-from-illinois story will get asked about at the dm register debate..

  60. Tom Harkin and Governor Culver will not endorse, unless something happens where someone is sure to win the caucus, like after the Iowa debate comin up.

  61. Axlerod/Wolfson: Face the Nation

    Geez, if Axelrod were spinning any faster he would have lifted up in the air.

    Again and again, Wolfson would make a short factual statement, and Axelrod would go off on tangents and desperately try to change the topic. His response about the PAC was basically, ‘How dare you bring up the fact that we have an illegal slush fund ! Being negative is just what the voters in Iowa don’t like’.

    Then there was Axelrod’s attempt to rattle off Obama’s supposed list of accomplishments on behalf of African Americans. Between that and his claim of foreign policy experience as chairman of a committee that no longer meets, and the mystery as to why Sean Combs dropped his previous moniker in favor of another has been solved, as the real one has emerged:

    Barack “Puff Daddy” Obama.

  62. Admin, I think that you are right on about the election being taken away by the ripublicans with their placement in MM and their backing of Obama. What better for a Ripublican than if you can get an African American to run who will support your agenda under the guise of “bringin’ us together.” Bringin’ us together means putting a damper on our differences and NOT supporting diversity. We’ve already established that he is anti gay, anti woman (unless you are in your place of support and not challenging to him). By the way, those of us who are old enough to remember know that this was typical of the way many African American women were treated during the Civil RIghts movement. Women involved in the movement were, for the most part, delegated to supporting roles. I am not at all suggesting that BO had any connection to the Civil Rights movement; just pointin’ out that the attitudes toward women are very similar. I am equally convinced that we have to be very concerned about what is happening in MI and FL. Because what seems to be happening there is that delegates, who would’ve been pro Hillary, are going to not be allowed to participate in the convention. It’s very clear to me what’s happening. I expected this attack on Hillary in the general election, but not in the primary, and I think it took lots of people by surprise. She needs to put on the battle armour and get ready to ride in on her white horse. Full frontal assault. I hope it’s coming.

  63. MollyJR..I’ve wondered why Florida and Michigan were being punished simply over a primary schedule. It doesn’t make sense. Does Howard Dean hate the Clintons that much? And why hasn’t there been more outcry by Democrats about this?

  64. BTW, look for a Black Monday for Obama in the Rassmussen polling. I’ve been able to estimate each day’s overnight number (from the 4 day moving average). He’s been swinging wildly over the last week from a low of 12 one night to a high of 36 (that is still in today’s four day average).

    I believe his number from last night again dropped back to 12 — that’s why he had a 3 point drop in the 4-day average this morning. And, that outlier 36 drops out of his four day average tomorrow.

    I don’t know what is going on with Rassmussen. The swings both up and down over the past week or so have been insane — far out of whack with any swings that could actually be occuring.

  65. there is NO way in the world, the republicans, will ever, ever let a black, a brown, a yellow or a red, take the top role in america…

    NO WAY !!!

    and as it looks, they are going to fight like hell to keep a woman from getting there…
    karl rove is alive and well, he didnt quit the white house for nothing…
    he will use ob in a way, that will not let him sit down for a month, if you get my meaning….

    and all the politics of hope in the world, aint going to make it so…

    we are up against the best on their side, they always know how to steal the conversation, i hope hillary and bill, can steal it back again …

  66. I am so jealous. Hillary is in my hometown today. With the weather like this there is no chance in going back. I would need a ride from my mother anyways. Ah! I am jealous 🙂

  67. BS ALERT: BO’s response to Wolfson:

    Obama said Hopefund is no longer raising money, but that because of the rapid nature of his decision to run for president he was left with money in the fund to share with other Democrats. [space] 2007/12/obama_hopefund_is_not_a_slush.html

  68. and united 12 you are correct no way..I live in republican state,no way,they all are ready talking about it.they’ll take the woman over a well im not saying what they said there terrible.. thats what i hear when someone ask me who am i going to vote for,i just say im undecided.still

  69. celiff, no kidding … but then what else could you expect other than more lies … his campaign energizes on lies, lies, lies and more lies.

    Just got back from a Sunday afternoon drive out of county and in a small private prep school town saw only BO, Tancredo, and Romney signs …. and one Hillary sign … along the way. Interestingly, the Tancredo and Romney signs were all on public right-of-way .. Hillary’s in a private yard.

    Seems folks will buy into just about anything.

  70. Wow B Merryfield. That sign story is interesting. There are no republican signs in my neighborhood, and the only I ahve seen elsewhere are rudy and mcccain. Otherwise, in Davenport, its an all out war between Hillary and bo.

  71. i may be late in saying this, but taylor marshs piece on the booing about hillarys imigration thing, was pretty good…

    again i ask the question, admin: has anyone sent pertinent info on the immigration story to lou dobbs?

    cj, that is their plan, lure dems to vote ob, than let the fears of people work its magic…

    they have been playing on mens fear of a woman in charge, and next it will be playing on white peoples fears of ethnics in charge…

  72. Does Howard Dean hate the Clintons that much?

    Yes. Howard Dean will do anything to derail Clinton’s candidacy.

    The Clintons tried to create a position in the DNC for PA gov Ed Rendell because they knew that Dean was inept at fundraising. Dean fought it off, but Clinton’s fears proved true. Despite record fundraising for the Senate and House election committees, the DNC is essentially broke. After debt, they have less than $2 million in the bank going into an election year. It’s a disgrace.

  73. i yi yi …as they say, i dont think we are running on alll cylinders…
    the senate, poor things arent getting any traction, and we as a party, are eaten our young…

    we really, really need hillary…………………

  74. Wow, hwc. Thanks for the info…I was not aware of the background with Dean and the Clintons. I would add that it seems like fundraising isn’t the only thing he does poorly. Why would the head of the DNC shut out primary voters in Florida and Michigan, two important states for the general election? He must be a true idiot or completely blind in his hatred of the Clintons to even think of such a thing.

  75. Does anybody know who was in charge of the Hope Fund? also using the word “hope” like that is, again, subliminally trying to “own” the “hope” word which is very much a Clinton word (“I still believe in a place called Hope”). Hillary needs to turn that one on them, just as she did experience. Hope is a shallow promise if you don’t have a clear vision of where we can go.

  76. Obama quote from Radio Iowa

    Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama says “it all starts in Iowa” and that’s why rival Hillary Clinton has launched a series of attacks on him. “Folks from some of the other campaigns are reading the polls and starting to get stressed, issuing a whole range of outlandish accusations,” Obama says.

    A Des Moines Register Iowa Poll released this weekend shows Obama holding a lead over Clinton. Last week in Iowa, Clinton said Obama’s health care reform proposal was flawed and on Sunday morning a Clinton aide called on Obama to shut down his “Hope Fund” — a political action committee which Obama has used to make donations to candidates around the country. “Everything that we have done is in exact accordance with the law and unless they can show that it hasn’t been, I’d suggested they focus on trying to get their supporters to Caucus in Iowa,” Obama says.

    The Clinton campaign charges Obama is using donations from his “Hope Fund” to get Iowa and New Hampshire politicians to back his candidacy. According to Obama, some of his donations have gone to Democratic candidates who are backing Clinton. “I think what people need to focus on is that all these accusations that are starting to come out seem to correspond to shifts in political fortune,” Obama says.

    Obama made his comments during a news conference in Des Moines on Sunday. Click on the audio link below to listen to the entire news conference.

    The mayor of Des Moines endorsed Obama this weekend. Mayor Frank Cownie won reelection with about 80 percent of the votes cast in this year’s Des Moines municipal election. Obama told reporters he had a “more modest target” for the 2008 Caucuses.

  77. american girl,
    so right, he wants o’dean jr. to win i guess…

    can we get a o’dean video going with that special dean yell equivalent?
    you know, with some of those sound bites, when he was irritated with his supporters on the campaign trail?

  78. thats a good catch phrase… ‘ better HOPE, we dont get another novice in the white house…

    or: HOPE and pray, nothing bad happens, if obama is in the white house, cause all we will have left is a HOPE and a prayer…

  79. I’m still steamed about that woman quoted in the Iowa poll who said she switched her support from Hillary to Obama because of Iran. He didn’t even have the balls to cast a vote on the issue.

    The guy gets away with everything. You know, I almost hope he wins the nomination and gets creamed in the GE. I’m sick of this. If Dem voters aren’t able to see how competent and accomplished Hillary is, they get what they deserve. No wonder they keep losing elections.

  80. she has nothing to lose, she better be prepared to use her WOMANHOOD when oprah shows up…

    he uses everything in the book, she’s got it, she should flaunt it !!!

  81. mj, I posted the story as it looked like a response to this mornings Face the Nation where Wolfson challenged Axelrod on the PAC issue. Your totally correct–there is nothing there but pro Obama coverage.

  82. The media claims they don’t get access to Hillary. They’d hate her even she did give them the time of day. Why even bother.

    BTW, I’m also convinced now there’s a lot of misogynistic stuff out there hurting her. I knew it existed, but now i think it’s a serious hurdle.

  83. Well, here we go again. The Republicans are at it again. Everyone knows in mainstream media what is going on except the General Public.

    Here is my hypothetical of how it’s going to go:

    Obama is the inevitable WINNER in Iowa..ok

    Obama buses them in for NH (but not en masse, as in Iowa)…the final tally is a virtual tie between HC&BO

    Republicans will support Obama until he is the nominee. Once he is the nominee. They will savage him until there is a burning unrest with blacks in this country.

    Let the riots begin.

    Obama will be neutralized which will stoke the racial violence. Bush will declare Marshall Law, dissenters will be herded into camps…and Bush remains CIC indefinately.. Thats how it’s going to go..I can see it coming..

    Mrs. S.

  84. you know what i keep wondering, how many americans, outside of the politics junkies, and the campaign people, are really even listening to whats happening in iowa?

    maybe they are all shopping and getting ready for christmas, maybe iowa will go by, and no one will even know what the hell has been going on…

  85. “Folks from some of the other campaigns are reading the polls and starting to get stressed, issuing a whole range of outlandish accusations,” Obama says.

    Apparently, rules only apply to Hillary.

  86. The only way to prevent this travesty IS:

    Obama MUST not be the DEM NOMINEE!

    At any cost, he must NOT be the NOMINEE!


    Mrs. S.

  87. Part of my frustration was thinking Hillary isn’t doing all she can. But I know that’s not true. She’s doing the best she can fighting off a three-pronged onslaught. Now that Obama is the front-runner in Iowa, don’t hold your breath waiting for Big Media to start doing their jobs. He’s Mr. Perfect – until he wins the nomination, then the GOP will peel him like an onion.

  88. “Everything that we have done is in exact accordance with the law…”

    Ha. When a candidate touting a “new kind of politics” starts falling back on the “we may be sleezy, but we haven’t broken any laws defense”, they’ve got problems.

    BTW, here’s the key theme from Wolfson this morning:

    There’s a lot we don’t know about Barack Obama.

  89. “There’s a lot we don’t know about Barack Obama.”

    Yep, but the public won’t find out because the media’s invested in making him the nominee.

  90. We’ll see. Now that Obama has been annointed as the “inevitable nominee”, the media will have to find some scandal or innuendo to write about. That’s what they do.

  91. They’ll find out AFTER he’s the nominee, thanks to the GOP, when it’s too late.

    BTW, if Frank Rich thinks the GOP fears Obama, then why are they attacking Hillary? They’d be targeting him and elevating Hillary, so they’d face her in the GE. Rove must be laughing his butt off right now.

  92. hwc, I wish I believed that. I really do. Your analysis is usually quite astute, so you could be right. I’m just pretty pessimistic right now.

  93. So,

    directly, is our concern that obama is bussing in students who are neither students in Iowa nor residents of Iowa? As I read the press release from Dodd’s campaign, his issue isn’t with students who are attending school in Iowa returning to campus for the caucus. His issue is with Ilinois students who have no reason to claim residency in Iowa coming in and exploiting the laxness of the rules is Iowa to vote illegally. Is that correct?

  94. hwc, Did you get the sense that Wolfson was signalling stuff was going to come out? Or is that wishful thinking on my part?

  95. When Iowa voters get a closer look at Obama’s media hyped circus maximus, and sit down to caucus, they are likely to vote for Hillary. Here is why:

    Male voters will recognize that it is UNSAFE and unwise to entrust the future of our country to a rookie. You would not do it in college football. Why then would you ever do it here? They also know that if Obama were the candidate, the Democratic Party will lose the general election. He may be their ally now, but later they will turn on him, appeal to the reptillian brain of the electorate and he will down for the count.

    The women in Iowa will see the attacks launched against Hillary by Edwards and Obama in personal terms, based on their own LIFE EXPERIENCE. They will focus on the things they care deeply about– children, education, health care, economic security, and see that for her these are not passing facies, but lifelong commitments. And intuition will tell them her success is beneficial to them, and the opportunity to claim that benefit may not arise again in their lifetime.

  96. I believe it is anybody who is not an Iowan currently living there that Dodd is objecting to. This should also be only American citizens living legally in Iowan!!!

    Can you imagine somebody who is not an american citizen, but living legally in iowa also allowed to causus? For all ones knows, they may have foreign studentss living in iowa legally but OB is asking them to causus as well!

    No wonder this causus is a stupid idea; I prefer elections where you have to register for voting and this means proving that you are an American citizen!

  97. To put everything into perspective, here’s a write-up one day before 2004 IA caucuses…

    WATERLOO, Iowa — With the Iowa caucuses just a day away, the leading candidates for the Democratic Party presidential nomination maintained a relentless pace on the campaign trail yesterday, focusing more on getting supporters to their neighborhood meetings than on policy differences

    Polls show Kerry and Dean have consolidated their leads in the last two days, while Missouri Rep. Richard A. Gephardt and North Carolina Sen. John Edwards linger close behind in a four-way battle for the hearts and minds of Iowans.

    The Zogby tracking poll of 503 likely caucus-goers shows Kerry has 24 percent support, compared with 23 percent for Dean, 19 percent for Gephardt, and 18 percent for Edwards.

    “Kerry continues to poll strong,” John Zogby said yesterday. “Remember, he started with just 14 percent a week ago. Dean seems to have bottomed out and moved almost back to where he was. His support among the youngest voters and self-identified liberals appears to be solid. Gephardt rebounded with a good day of polling and he remains the favorite among the oldest voters. And Edwards had another good day.”

    “There are fewer doubts about Dean’s ability to defeat Bush, a factor that has hurt him much of this week. Supporters for each of the top four are now equally strong — at about two in three,” Zogby said

  98. Jan 8 one week(Research 2000) before caucus, KCCI poll:

    DES MOINES, Iowa — The results of an exclusive NewsChannel 8 poll show Howard Dean remains at the top of the heap among Democratic candidates.

    Out of 600 Iowans surveyed this week, the former Vermont governor has support from 29 percent of Democratic caucus voters. That’s 3 percent higher than KCCI’s poll in October.

    When NewsChannel 8 spoke with Dean, he took the results in stride.

    Polls don’t mean anything in Iowa. It’s who gets the voters to the caucuses. So, I think the poll is just wonderful, better to be ahead than not, but the truth is, on Jan. 19, that’s when the polls really count,” Dean said.

    Missouri Rep. Dick Gephardt is in second place with 25 percent, and Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry came in third with 18 percent. Fourth place goes to John Edwards with 8 percent.

  99. Here:

    The GOP will fight anyone who gets in the way of Obama’s nomination.. Once Obama is nominated, the GOP will attack him unmercifully causing racial unrest in the country.

    This will continue until they completely neutralize Obama (it could be in any number of ways they do this) This will be the jump off point for racial violence throughout major cities in the country. Bush declares Marshall Law…elections suspended indefinatly- Bush remain the president for years to come…dissenters are dealt with as domestic terrorists..and encamped around the country…

    The time is here..

    Mrs. S.

  100. Paula,

    There’s no doubt the race is tightening, and the MSM is doing Obama’s bid. There’s also no doubt NH is not in vacuum, the polling data are correlated with IA’s.But we really can’t control these things and rant about polls in the final month. I don’t believe there’s any need for Clinton campaign to panic in Iowa. They just need to do what they need to do, and don’t be too negative.

    I think in the end we may see some surprises. I don’t know whether Obama has peaked or not, but I have a guts feeling he’s not going to win Iowa after some conversations with Iowans… The law of politics is to peak at the right moment, and I just don’t believe one month before caucuses is good timing… I think those rural voters will kill his chance in the end.

    This stuff is like stock market. When you peaked so early, even he wins in the end, the perception will be digested and discreted by the market. I’m frankly rooting for a very close three-way finish.

  101. hey does anyoen know llonette33 on mydd? she si from houston tx and would be great to the tx cmte’s efforts…

  102. texan4hillary –she’s posted here under a different username, but I haven’t seen her for a long time. I know her name (it was her handle here a short while before she changed it) but don’t want to post it. Perhaps you should ask admin to send her an email? Let me know, and I’ll send admin an email stating which user she is …

  103. Paula,

    I just talked to two Biden supporters who had Clinton as their second choice. Both of them are rooting for a Biden/Clinton ticket… Both are very knowledgable about the intrigue of caucuses. I have a feeling they’ll go with Clinton in the end.

  104. I sure hope there will be some consolidation among Richardson/Biden/Edwards supporters in the end… I really don’t see many have Obama as their second choice, so there is hope Clinton will prevail in the final week when people are trying to pick up to winner.

  105. So Zogby, Rips, Media Whores got it slightly wrong in 2004. More reason than ever not to be distracted by them. The honest journalists and pollsters are the ones to listen to.

    When the professional partisans finally slip the mortal coil (whether over an oversized steak at the Capitol Grill, or on a thrilling bus ride to Iowa while traversing a stretch of black ice) the headstone should read: “He/she was seldom right, but never in doubt”.

  106. “Did anyone see This Week on ABC? Who was that strange woman who was all flowery and ga-ga over Obama?”

    I call her the snakelady. She’s Peggy Noonan, an old Reaganite spin assassin and very, very dangerous. That dowdy, ditzy thing is an act, she’s a killer. No way she really likes Obama. She’s angling for Rudy-Obama because she knows Rudy will “Did anyone see This Week on ABC? Who was that strange woman who was all flowery and ga-ga over Obama?”

    I call her the snakelady. She’s Peggy Noonan, an old Reaganite spin assassin and very, very dangerous. That dowdy, ditzy thing is an act, she’s a killer. No way she really likes Obama. She’s angling for Rudy-Obama because she knows Rudy will gut him like a blue catfish. Edwards, I think, is still angling for a win in Iowa. He expects an Obama collapse.

    Chuck Schumer called the caucus system ‘goofy’ – you have to meet in somebody’s living room, listen to a bunch of speeches, vote, wait two hours, then vote again. Schumer said only people with ‘an axe to grind’ will go through that in January. So the caucus doesn’t reflect mainstream Iowans–it’s more like people who vote in Zogby internet polls on Thanksgiving.

    The caucus system creates obstacles to voting. I’d go through all that for Hillary, but I would not have caucused in 2000 or 2004. It suppresses the vote as much as a blizzard, long lines caused by broken voting machines, or even a menacing police roadblock. If Iowa wants it, fine, but a vote suppressing caucus system shouldn’t play an exaggerated role. And the media can gossip all they want, there’s little record of any Iowa slingshot effect. I don’t think Kerry won NH because of an Iowa slingshot. Dean was not seen as a wartime President, he was never really viable.

  107. Basement angel, a response to your question probably requires a full article to fully answer.

    Briefly however, our response is “Trust But Verify”.

    A review of the last 2 presidential elections should instruct Democrats that at the very least the will of the people, or rather – of the voters, was not reflected in the results. We want the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, as well as all elections to reflect the will of the voters. Voters includes students. This is a federal right which should be enforced.


    Republicans have used in state after state for the past 2 election cycles mostly LEGAL, methods to subvert the will of the voters. (The less legal methods employed to suppress the vote are difficult to prove immediately so Ripublicans get away with the voter suppression). Ironically, some of the Legal techniques used by Ripublicans specifically target student voters for suppression. Other legal methods for voter suppression include voter ID requirements designed to block minority voters and students from voting; voter file purging, caging, there are many ways to suppress voter participation.

    In some elections, particularly Florida and Ohio in 2000 and 2004 police presence in the polls was another method used to intimidate and suppress the vote. Democrats are aware of all the tricks Ripublicans typically use to suppress the vote – but are too hapless to prevent these tricks.

    HOWEVER, this year we are facing a very unusual situation that we have never faced before. We are not going to go into a full discussion of the difference between Election Fraud and Voter Fraud here. Very quickly, Election Fraud methods are what the red states and Ripublicans usually use — legal methods to subvert the will of the voters (voter id, etc). Ripublicans typically reply with Voter Fraud charges – that the voters are to blame for trying to cheat.

    As we wrote, we are facing a very unusual situation.

    What everyone is tip toeing around is: There is in fact the very real potential of for the first time in recent history massive, organized, VOTER fraud, not election fraud which is usually the case. The Massive state of Illinois has the very real potential to subvert the small state caucus in Iowa. Democrats cannot turn a blind eye to this very real possibility.

    Obama has tons of money. Obama’s support is strongest in Chicago and the rest of Illinois. There is a very real potential that massive legal or quasi-legal methods can subvert the will of Iowa voters.

    As we wrote, New York has the very real potential of subverting the New Hampshire primary voters’ will. However there is no evidence that such subversion of voters’ will is taking place or that any planning or testing of such type of strategy has occurred.

    There is no doubt that the Obama campaign has been testing and refining its ability to bring in Illinois citizens into Iowa. There is no doubt that the Obama campaign has that capacity. There is also a LEGAL ability for people to register to vote in Iowa on caucus night.

    Notice how Obama supporters are trying to turn this argument into one of student vote suppression. That is not the issue. We encourage student participation in elections. The reason students are involved in all this is because the first written evidence of potential fraud was found in 50,000 pieces of literature Obama is distributing to students.

    But Yepsen and most observers, including us, are not stating such a silly strawman argument. Here is veiled crux of what Yepsen said: “Asking people who are “not from Iowa” to participate in them changes the nature of the event. And trying to pack the caucuses with people from Illinois might taint Obama’s showing.”

    Yepsen is careful in what he is writing but he sees the danger we are writing about here, the potential to subvert the will of Iowa voters with a phenomenon we Democrats have never witnessed “Voter Fraud” (not Election Fraud). Yepsen: “The issue of out-of-state residents caucusing in Iowa came up recently …” “But turning out-of-state college students into Iowa voters is a different, larger, matter.” and “But, then, they do politics a little differently in Illinois than they do in Iowa.”

    By the way, Dodd is tip toeing into the larger issue of this “stealing” too:
    ”I was deeply disappointed to read today about the Obama campaign’s attempt to recruit thousands of out-of-state residents to come to Iowa for the caucuses.”

    The Hillary campaign is being polite too: “We are not systematically trying to manipulate the Iowa caucuses with out of state people. We don’t have literature recruiting out of state college students.”

    This whole issue is not about the Legal right of students to vote. It’s about the potential and what appears to be rehearsal runs to subvert the will of Iowa voters. As we wrote, it is very easy LEGALLY to “steal” (“steal” meaning subverting the voter’s will) the New Hampshire primary but it should not be done.

    Democrats have let, sometimes from blind stupidity, the will of the voters to be ignored. There is a real potential for a stolen election in Iowa on January 3. We need to monitor this situation and the Obama campaign in particular must stop their provocative actions. The Obama campaign has to be transparent on this issue. We need some mechanisms put into place to protect the integrity of the Iowa caucuses.

    Trust but verify.

  108. admin,

    exactly, Obama is basically utilizing his neighbouring state advantage to create a ‘false’ momentum, and the big media is doing their bid… Remember Gephardt also won IA caucuses in 1988, but he got little ‘bounce’ because media believed he had neighbouring state advantage, and he was supposed to do well. In this cycle, however, big media incoveniently left out Obama’s big neigbouring state advantage and trying to fool audience to believe he’s combating on some alien soil. This is almost like Obama/Clinton dueling out in Chicago…

    BTW, Iowa usually picks up losers on D side in either primary or general election…

    January 19, 2004 – John Kerry (38%) defeated John Edwards (32%), Howard Dean (18%), Richard Gephardt (11%) and Dennis Kucinich (1%)
    January 24, 2000 – Al Gore (63%) defeated Bill Bradley (37%)
    February 12, 1996 – Bill Clinton* (unopposed)
    February 10, 1992 – Tom Harkin (76%) defeated Paul Tsongas (4%), Bill Clinton* (3%), Bob Kerrey (2%) and Jerry Brown (2%)
    February 8, 1988 – Richard Gephardt (31%) defeated Paul Simon (27%), Michael Dukakis (22%) and Bruce Babbitt (6%)
    February 20, 1984 – Walter Mondale (49%) defeated Gary Hart (17%), George McGovern (10%), Alan Cranston (7%), John Glenn (4%), Reubin Askew (3%) and Jesse Jackson (2%)
    January 21, 1980 – Jimmy Carter (59%) defeated Ted Kennedy (31%)
    January 19, 1976 – “Uncommitted” (37%) defeated Jimmy Carter* (28%) Birch Bayh (13%), Fred R. Harris (10%), Morris Udall (6%), Sargent Shriver (3%) and Henry M. Jackson (1%)
    January 24, 1972 – Edmund Muskie (36%) defeated George McGovern (23%), Hubert Humphrey (2%), Eugene McCarthy (1%), Shirley Chisholm (1%) and Henry M. Jackson (1%)

  109. Well, that’s what I saw when I finally read the Dodd campaign’s press release. There was no mention of students. What the Dodd press released talked about was “out-of-state residents”. And the word “fraud” leapt out at me. There is no way that someone as smart as Dodd is going to use that word casually – even if it is from an Obama quote.

    It’s quite obvious to me that this is a much bigger story than is being acknowledged. And you know what – I don’t believe there are all that MANY Illinois residents going to school in Iowa – unless you can prove Iowa out-of-state tuition is competitive with Illinois in-state tuition. Besides, where would you rather be twenty? Chicago? Or Davenport?

  110. A really funny thing happened on Chris Matthews show today. He was doing Rudy vs. Romney and who was going to do well and all that all the while pumping Rudy up saying she can beat Hillary. However, none of the guests were buying it. They said he has a lot of weaknesses and that republicans might go with Huckabee who is charming, appeals to christian conservatives and all that. He was getting agitated. He said something like “I know this guy sneaked up from behind and the media is going gaga over him. When is the media going to ask tough questions to him the way they do to Rudy.”. Then he ranted how Huckabee was getting a free pass. You could tell it was getting on his nerves. I was laughing my ass of. I wanted to ask him why he and Timme were not asking Obama any tough questions.

  111. Okay – the 50,000 pieces of literature – that’s a lot of literature. Is that the 4 page brochure, or is it the overall amount of literature he’s handing out to students right now?

  112. “You know, I almost hope he wins the nomination and gets creamed in the GE. I’m sick of this. If Dem voters aren’t able to see how competent and accomplished Hillary is, they get what they deserve. No wonder they keep losing elections.”

    Amen to that!!!


    my feelings are exactly the same. If the dems were stupid enough to vote for Obama – I hope they get what they deserve. This is exactly why they don’t win elections!!!!

  113. Hillary is going to win Nevada, and probably New Hampshire or South Carolina, or both. So if Obama wins in Iowa, we just have to hope he doesn’t carry this over to NH. It will take a dedicated team of Hillary people to make sure that if this happens, it does not carry over. If it does, we will win in Nevada, which is next. This sets the stage for a show down in South Carolina. Then Supertuesday comes and we win Cali, New York, and Texas for the dems. After these states, and all of the others, except maybe Illinois, we win, and then we take the nomination.

  114. Hello everyone,
    I have a request. Does anyone has the video link of Hillar’s speech [30 mins] in the Evangelical church?
    I really want to see that.

  115. Unless I am missing something, the Democratic National Committee has an affirmative duty to act in this situation, to protect the integrity of the election process in Iowa.

    If they are willing to strip two key states of their delegates, and thus jeopardize not only the primary but the general election over a mere scheduling issue, then how can they possibly sit idly by and let Obama corrupt the system?

  116. Y’all don’t do too much of this negative talk. I realize we are facing lots of obstacles. But I really don’t see that there is any real change in the Iowa polls right now. Unless I am missin’ something we are still in a statistical tie. Nobody has pulled away from the margin of error. This race is going to be the one that brings voter fraud front and center in our own party, I think. We have got to be vigilant. And we have to keep up nonstop campaigning for Hillary. I do believe that “hope” is our word, the Clinton word, and I urge everybody not to play out the what ifs. Or if you do, play out the good what ifs. I have it on good authority of an 86 year old who’s never mis-called an election that Hillary is 44. I made him say it twice in fact.

  117. WB, I agree wholeheartedly on the DNC and the MI and FL primaries. I think there’s a big story there that we’re missin’. Now maybe we’re just waitin’ till we get there to do somethin’ and we’re not there yet, if you know what i mean. It could be a question of timing.

  118. basement angel, the 50,000 was one literature distribution. We don’t know how much stuff is out there being distributed.

    MollyJ, keep that 86 year old saying it: Hillary Is 44.

    BTW, ABC News just had a very good package on the Rochester Hostage situation in NH. Governor Lynch was interviewed and tape of Hillary talking about what happened that day. Good stuff. She told the authorities she would fully cooperate, offered to come to NH or whatever. She took their good advice while calling the parents of the hostages. She also spoke about how the hostage taker wanted to talk with her very much. She understood he was concerned about health care. She was very good. Hopefully ABC will soon have the video up. Very nice package from ABC, hope everyone gets to see it.

  119. molly,

    The Iowa caucus is a big deal because of the theft which is being brewed up right now. Remember, Al Gore should have won have Florida by at least 25k. We’ve got that same kind of chicanery being cooked up right now in the primary. This is unprecedented.

  120. preaching to the choir on this one…
    how do we get it out there over and over again?

    this is the problem, with hillary being so reclusive with the press.
    we have no one we can contact to get the story out on all major outlets.

  121. Basement A., I hear you and I agree. Didn’t mean to imply different. This is different from the old fashion kind of vote buying and ballot box stuffin that used to go on. Those stories go back decades and things like that did happen and probably still do. IF we have access to information we should follow the lead of others here and report it. Thank goodness for this site. I will say that I think I can remember when South CArolina started to smell. I’ll look back in newspaper archives and try to put that together. And let me say this, if one was a ripug and wanted to keep control, whom would you pick to be your roundtrip ticket. Somebody who is young, charismatic and has a lean and hungry look? Somebody who will do and say anything to become pres? Certainly not somebody who’s already wise to the ways of the world.

  122. Interesting quote from the Des Moines register. It’s from yesterdays Yepsin article that also mentioned the flyers.

    “Close to half of the Democrats and 61 percent of the Republicans say they still could be persuaded to change their minds. Campaign strategists figure that some holiday conversations with family and friends will turn to politics and that those discussions may well influence decisions.”

    This could mean the current interest in Obama is just shopping around–not voters final decision. It also fits the historical behavior cited here and elsewhere that Iowa is notoriously unpredictable.

  123. By the way, is there a legal definition of “out-of-state resident”? I’ve seen it used in several different ways, so I’m not sure what the definition is. When Dodd alleges “out of state residents”, what is he talking about exactly?

  124. Good news (at least I think so). Hillary is taking on Obama directly

    CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – At a news conference here just now, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton expanded her attacks on Senator Barack Obama by suggesting that he has a character issue because of his assertions that his health insurance plan covers all Americans (which she disputes) and because his old political action committee spread around money in early presidential nominating states.

    Asked if Mr. Obama had a character problem, Mrs. Clinton first said it was up for voters to determine, but then added:

    “It’s beginning to look a lot like that – it really is, where we can’t get a straight answer on health care, where somebody runs on ethics and not taking money from certain people is found to have at least skirted if not violated F.E.C. rules and to use lobbyists and Pac money to do so. You’re going to have ask the Obama campaign, but I have said for months that I would much rather be attacking Republicans and attacking problems of our country because ultimately that’s what I want to do as president.

    “But I have been for months on the receiving end of rather consistent attacks – well now the fun part starts,” Mrs. Clinton said, punctuating the word “fun.” “We’re into the last month, and we’re going to start drawing the contrasts, because I want every Iowans to have accurate information when they make their decisions.”


  125. Good News (at least I think so). Hillary is taking on Obama directly..and on the character issue! This is from the New York Times this evening

    An Attack, From the Candidate’s Mouth
    By Patrick Healy

    CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – At a news conference here just now, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton expanded her attacks on Senator Barack Obama by suggesting that he has a character issue because of his assertions that his health insurance plan covers all Americans (which she disputes) and because his old political action committee spread around money in early presidential nominating states.
    Asked if Mr. Obama had a character problem, Mrs. Clinton first said it was up for voters to determine, but then added:
    “It’s beginning to look a lot like that – it really is, where we can’t get a straight answer on health care, where somebody runs on ethics and not taking money from certain people is found to have at least skirted if not violated F.E.C. rules and to use lobbyists and Pac money to do so. You’re going to have ask the Obama campaign, but I have said for months that I would much rather be attacking Republicans and attacking problems of our country because ultimately that’s what I want to do as president.
    “But I have been for months on the receiving end of rather consistent attacks – well now the fun part starts,” Mrs. Clinton said, punctuating the word “fun.” “We’re into the last month, and we’re going to start drawing the contrasts, because I want every Iowans to have accurate information when they make their decisions.”
    We’re about to take off from Cedar Rapids so an Obama campaign statement will have to wait. But here’s what Mr. Obama had to say earlier about Clinton campaign attacks on him:
    “I think that folks from some of the other campaigns are reading the polls and starting to get stressed and issuing a whole range of outlandish accusations,” he said at a Des Moines news conference.

  126. Sorry about the double post. I didn’t think the first one went through. My internet has been really sluggish since the snow and ice storm this weekend.

  127. I for one have been favorably impressed with the latest analysis by David Yepsen of the situation in Iowa, to the extent that it recognizes the possibility that Obama’s circus maximus strategy will backfire, and that the most recent poll results favorable to Obama are unreliable since voters are still shopping. I am confident that our supporters in Iowa realize this as well.

  128. Bob Novak mentioned that in Fox news appearance after initiating a rumor. Now Rove is repeating it. That will be their playbook.

  129. basement angel: By the way, is there a legal definition of “out-of-state resident”? I’ve seen it used in several different ways, so I’m not sure what the definition is. When Dodd alleges “out of state residents”

    Sure. You are an out-of-state resident if:

    1. You file your income taxes in another state
    2. You are licensed to drive in another state
    3. You register your vehicle in another state
    4. Your personal property is substantially elsewhere
    5. Your principle place of residence (continuously occupied) is elsewhere
    6. Your sole purpose in IA is educational

    [if you are a dependent, 1-5 is applied against your parent(s)]

    etc, etc. These are the litmus tests applied, for example, to differentiate between paying in-state or out-of-state tuition rates at IA (or any state) public colleges and universities. It’s often enough to flunk one to be labeled out-of-state. Same reason you’re pestered to get a new license within 30 days if you move to a new state.

    So Dodd is correct. The Illinoisans who are in IA for the sole purpose of education are out-of-state residents.

    However, Obama is also correct. The Secretary of State in IA specifically states that out-of-state residents who are in IA for the sole purpose of education may participate in IA elections, provided they are not registered elsewhere.

    The key point here is that Obama has a pipeline not available to other candidates. Students in IA from Illinois may express their preference in the presidential caucus for their home senator.

    What you’re seeing now — whether in the DMR, from Hillary or Dodd is a big PR game.

    Historically, students from IL have not shown much interest in exercising this privilege because their real interests are at home or are not too interested in what happens in IA. Just common sense. This year, Obama is organizing Illinoisans who attend IA colleges/universities to participate in the IA caucus instead of their home state primary on Feb 5th.

    From Yepsen’s point-of-view, that out-of-staters may impact the IA caucuses may also motivate more Iowans to turn out, especially older Iowans. This is good for the IA caucuses, particularly when they are called to defend their ‘first in the nation’ status in the future. The more the merrier.

    Needless to say, candidates not named Obama also benefit if older voters push back. Another benefit is that if the IA caucus appears to be influenced by Illinoisans, the results may be discounted — given less emphasis.

  130. There is evidently some response from the Obama camp to Hillary’s statements on his character. His campaign is making an issue of her using the word “fun”. The Clinton campaign has responded by saying she was referring to the part of the campaign where candidates differentiate each other. I don’t have a link-this was all on the DU. Does someone have more info?

  131. “Washington insiders might think throwing mud is fun, but the American people are looking for leadership that can unite this country around a common purpose, and that’s what I’ll continue to offer in this campaign,” Obama said.


  132. Then why is Obama following the orders of Washington, DC, operatives? Why did he throw the first ball of mud? Why is he the one who is running the smear campaign?

  133. I’m glad she used the word fun, lol. And I’m glad she’s going after Obama like that. He needs a big dose of his own medicine. There a risk in doing this, of course, and a potential reward, but campaigns that don’t take risks lose. Go for it, Hillary. It’s do or death time.

  134. This is off-topic (excuse me) but I was just listening to a Meet the Press replay from this morning, they played that clip of Bill saying he opposed Iraq so the pundits could chew on it a little longer.

    It instantly struck me – his comments were completely misinterpreted. The news reports quoted him as saying “I opposed Iraq from the beginning,” even though there was a *significant* pause before he says “from the beginning.” He was saying, “Even though I supported Afghanistan and opposed Iraq..” in general terms, as an introduction to the point he wanted to make about tax cuts and support of the military.

    I don’t think it does any good right now to keep arguing the point because the story has run its course, but – if you actually LISTEN to the audio, he is saying, “Even though I supported Afghanistan and opposed Iraq, from the beginning I resent that I was not given the opportunity to support those soldiers.” Yes, the comma placement is important, it changes the sentence significantly. The “from the beginning” phrase refers to how long he’s resented the policies that meant the rich didn’t have to support the military by paying higher taxes. He’s certainly not a liar.

    I am only bringing it up here because when the story came out, I admit I thought to myself, how could Bill say that, was he not thinking? Now I realize the problem is, the way he phrased it was misunderstood. No use trying to get the media to walk this one back, though.

  135. HillaryLandRocks:

    1. What procedures are in place to make sure these college students from out-of-state aren’t registered to vote elsewhere?

    2. Irregardless of the fact that this practice is allowed under Iowa law what Obama is planning to do doesn’t sound ethical. It’s an abuse of a poorly designed law (meant simply to provide a way for college students to vote locally) for one’s own political advantage. It’s using the law in a way that I’m sure the state never meant it to be used. It undermines the integrity of the caucus itself.

    3. What about other people from Illinois (non-students)? Are they allowed to register and caucus as well? If so, I’m sure the state never meant for the law to be abused by busing thousands of non-residents into Iowa to vote in their caucus to improve a candidates chances.

    I’m glad to hear that it might increase overall voter turnout which would be good for Hillary but I think there may be some serious issues here also.

  136. i can confirm that a certain campaign is now recuriting and enlisting high school and college students from Illinois to Caucus in Iowa. three options for transportation:

    car-pooling with community campaign leaders

    I was asked to

  137. MJS – Who asked you to caucus? And how could a high school student from Illinois possibly participate in an Iowa caucus? Are these high school seniors who have gained admission to an Iowa university? Please elaborate.

  138. My community leader has asked certain elligible seniors in school who qualify under these terms:

    –will be 18 or already are by next november (2008)
    –have a residence (home), family or relationship (relatives, etc) in Iowa (believe me…a lot of Illinoisers do.)

    As to transportation:

    It is suggested we take either one of bus, train, or carpool. Carpool is provided by community leaders. Other methods, not sure about yet.

  139. everything is done over the phone. There is a list of names and a paragraph thing i think on top as to what will hapen and stuff, but the stuff is kept by my community leader and he would never give it out freely

  140. My community leader has asked certain elligible seniors in school who qualify under these terms:

    –will be 18 or already are by next november (2008)
    –have a residence (home), family or relationship (relatives, etc) in Iowa (believe me…a lot of Illinoisers do.)

    Well, community leader is asking ‘eligible’ seniors in IL high schools to break the law in IA.

  141. so yeah Celiff, i would alert the Hillary office that you work for if possible. this is horrible that they get a semi-home-state advantage and it’s also unjust to infiltrate a caucus designed FOR Iowans, no matter how stupid the actual process is. They are telling us now so that we can plan ahead for any vacation plans or such.

    and HLR, it is unfair and criminal, but these people are, afterall, Obama’s rabid crazy youth group. The insanely agressive and corrupt cult of supporters for the man behing “the politics of hope”

    more like politics of crap.

  142. Hi, I have been reading this site for a week now. I am glad I found it. I was indecided for a while but am probably voting for Hillary as is my daughter who will be 18 in Jan. We live in socal so our votes may not matter much by the time it gets around to us.Never the less, Obama has problems. They may not be apparent, yet. If he wins the nomination, we will hear about the “sex ed for kindergarteners” again. I often listen to the conversations I hear at work and this was a VERY big issue. The women having the conversation were of all races and socio-ecomonic status. I can see republicans running adds with this comment. Also, the drivers license thing–not good in socal. The ballot measure last year lost by a huge margin-repubs, dems, blacks, white, mexicans everybody was against it.

  143. mjs,

    can you send you contact email to adm and let him/her forward it to me? I’d like to keep a line of communication to you.

    Remember to keep your identity/location etc confidential… This can BECOME a MAJOR MAJOR national scandal.

  144. How is the Clinton organization in Iowa? I keep hearing different opinions. This is the first time I have had a chance to ask those who are actually involved. Some reporters say it is very good others say it is spotty in certain areas.

  145. HillaryLandRocks,

    Well, having worked on a court case to attain for Santa Cruz students the right to vote in local elections in the early eighties, i do not understand how encouraging students who attend school in Iowa to come back and vote is problematic. As admin says, this isn’t about students and their federal right to vote – as I recall, this is pretty much a done deal. Students get to vote where they go to school if they want with all of the obvious restrictions.

    I think Dodd is alleging something far larger – if he was worried about students, he would have said students and he wouldn’t have used the word “fraud”. Students coming back to vote where they go to school isn’t fraudulent. It’s perfectly legal and a right that progressives had to fight really hard to get for students.

    I’m wondering what the phrase “out of state residents” means to him in the context of this primary concern, because students voting in their school’s precincts is both legal and ethical. Somethin’ else is going on here. Is he just proceeding gingerly or does the phrase have a meaning i don’t fully understand.

    I’m trying to get a tighter grasp on the implications of Dodd’s press release. I know whatever it is is big, and this is likely to turn into a huge story – perhaps the biggest primary story of my life – one way or the other.

  146. basement angel,

    MSJ’s story is more troubling than ever. This definitely has the potential to become a national scandal on caucus night. We need to lay down the groundwork …


    May I suggest you to start collecting firm evidence. Is it possible to record your phone conversation with your ‘community leader’? any paper trace etc?

  147. basement angel: i do not understand how encouraging students who attend school in Iowa to come back and vote is problematic.

    Well, I was simply responding to what “out-of-state” means. Do you have a link to Dodd’s full statement?

    It is perfectly legal, as I said, and as you point out. I live in a university area. As it turns out, students make up approximately 1/2 of eligible voters in our municipal elections, but of course, most are not from the area. When students organize to try and make a point in municipal elections that don’t really concern them, there’s pushback from the permanent residents, especially the older ones. There’s always some tension between permanent residents and transients.

    My opinion is that until someone comes forward w/ evidence of actual fraud, the purpose of publicizing the organizing of IL residents to specifically participate in IA (when historically the interest in doing so has been low) is to spark some “Iowa pride” and boost turnout by IA permanent residents.

  148. The attached article confirms what we have long suspected: Bush’s brain is Obama’s coach.


  149. I think the suggested use of IL high school students to go caucus is probably not on the up and up. Am I reading right here, that has been suggested, I think? College students might be quite different, depending on the circumstances. BUt an actual resident of IL–like a high school student — is a tad different, if that is what’s goin’ on.

  150. To be clear — I’m not sure where Dodd uses the word fraud — it’s not in the linked Trib article.

  151. molly —

    IL residents who attend college in IA — legal, but possibly resented.
    IL high school students — not legal.

  152. One thing I’ve always found problematic about the Obama campaign is the claim that it’s a ‘bottom-up’ campaign with self-styled organizers doing as they please.

    This gives him the out to claim he knew nothing about it — “just enthusiastic supporters.”

    If it’s true that “community organizers” in IL are making suggestions to kids to break the law in IA, it’s very serious. It’s taking advantage of minors.

  153. i imagine they read it, but i do not know if they actually log on. for if they did log on and comment, wordpress would provide their ip address to admin.

  154. HWC, the obama people are still saying Kennedy will endorse Obama. What do you make of that? I will be totally pissed, frankly.

  155. admin,

    I just fired those tips to fix news, will do more…


    Those endorsements are crap. I hope Kerry & Kennedy to endorse him. It’s meaningless and makes him look like Washington insiders he’s desperately trying to avoid… You need to stop worrying about these daily fluctuations… I think it’s really not productive.

  156. HLR, some capaign worker for Obama. Someone posted her comments from the Obama website. It’s probably bs, but since TK is my senator, I really wouldn’t like it. MY gov. was already a major disappointment.

  157. I don’t know if this has been posted before..

    American Research Group Poll Nov. 26-29, 2007 MOE 4 pts.

    Clinton 45% Democrats 47% Independents
    Obama 19% 36%
    Edwards 13% 7%

  158. AG, yeah, you’re right. Do you remember early this year, when people were saying on some of the talk shows Gore will endorse Obama within a month. Well, that never happened. I now realize that was probably bs from camp obama just to get people talking about him. It’s amazing what you learn about politics from closely watching one of these primaries.

  159. Edwards Wins a Key Iowa Backer
    By Jeff Zeleny

    DES MOINES – John Edwards is set to collect a key Iowa endorsement tomorrow from one of the state’s Democratic members of Congress, a coveted prize that each of Mr. Edwards’ rivals have been aggressively courting.
    Representative Bruce Braley, who represents Iowa’s First Congressional District in the eastern portion of the state, is scheduled to announce that he is supporting the presidential candidacy of Mr. Edwards, a former senator from North Carolina. The development was confirmed to The Caucus by two Democratic officials familiar with the endorsement.
    Mr. Braley was elected to Congress last year as Democrats swept control of the House of Representatives from Republicans. In recent weeks, he has been sought after by Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama and Mr. Edwards, all three of whom headlined separate versions of “Bruce, Blues and BBQ,” a fund-raising dinner for Mr. Braley.
    He is the first of Iowa’s three Democratic members of Congress to announce his endorsement. The value of any endorsement is always an open question, but as Mr. Edwards seeks to compete for attention and support with Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama, this rollout signals the beginning of an intense final month of the Iowa caucus campaign.
    The endorsement will formally be announced tomorrow in Waterloo

  160. So what is this?:

    American Research Group Poll Nov. 26-29, 2007 MOE 4 pts.

    Clinton 45% Democrats 47% Independents
    Obama 19% 36%
    Edwards 13% 7%

    Does that mean Hill has support from 45% of the Dem’s and 47% of the indep. ?

  161. HWC, the obama people are still saying Kennedy will endorse Obama. What do you make of that? I will be totally pissed, frankly.

    I find it very difficult to believe that Kennedy would walk away from the opportunity to author landmark universal health insurance legislation as the capstone of his long career. He knows that Clinton offers him the chance to put his name in the legislative hall of fame on an issue he has spent decades pursuing.

    He knows the difference between a serious leader on health care and a rookie.

  162. I’m having trouble getting the link posted. Here is the info..

    Likely Democratic Voters Democrats (88%) Independents (12%)

    Clinton 45% 47%
    Obama 19% 36%

    Nov. 26-29, 2007 MOE 4 pts.

  163. Hillary Democrats 45% Independents 47 %
    Obama Democrats 19% Independents 36%

    I can’t get the chart to display correctly. For some reason I can’t get the link posted. Just Google American Research Group

  164. Edwards 13% Democrats 7% Independents
    Biden 7% Democrats No Independents listed
    Richardsons/Dodd–single digits

    Undecided Voters: 11% Democrats 10% Independents

  165. Didn’t mean to sound cranky in my previous posts–I am frustrated that I can’t get the SC poll to display correctly. Probably because I am up way past my bedtime (LOL).

  166. Totally past my bedtime. Thanks for posting this. It’s great news. Very few undecided. Edwards/Obama/Biden combined don’t equal Hillary. So, despite the cleaver narative that Obama is doing so well, it’s pretty obvious he probably has given up on winning SC without winning Iowa.

  167. HillaryLandRocks,

    Here’s Dodd’s press release in it’s entirety. What I read is a very, very, very carefully worded piece. I think it’s quite intentional that the word “students” is nowhere to be found, but “out-of-state residents” is used oddly to me.

    “I was deeply disappointed to read today about the Obama campaign’s
    attempt to recruit thousands of out-of-state residents to come to Iowa for the caucuses. Given that the Obama campaign once said they
    ‘absolutely condemn any attempt to fraudulently influence the caucuses,’ we had hoped they’d follow the Dodd campaign’s lead in working to protect the integrity and spirit of the caucus process.

    “‘New Politics’ shouldn’t be about scheming to evade either the spirit
    or the letter of the rules that guide the process. That may be the way
    politics is played in Chicago, but not in Iowa.”

  168. MJ,

    Don’t sweat the so-and-so is going to endorse Obama memes. That’s a psych out. They want you nervous over the idea because that’s fun for them. If someone says it to you, tell them you will congratulate them when it happens because it would be quite a coup. Obama supporters really hate it when you’re magnanimous because it messes with their considerable peresecution complex (required to feel justified when stealing an election).

  169. Primary voters need to know that Bush’s Brain (Karl Rove) is coaching Obama. Previously, he gave him the script. Now he is giving him the tactics. The proof can be found in the attached article from today’s Financial Times.

    This is a rope-a-dope maneuver aimed squarely at Democratic voters. Its purpose is to sucker them into nominating Obama in the primary, so Republicans can defeat him in the General Election. The ultimate objective is to preserve Bush policies and invent a positive legacy.

    Rove hits out at Obama
    By Edward Luce in Washington

    Published: December 2 2007 22:02 | Last updated: December 2 2007 22:02

    Barack Obama should remove the gloves and start “scrapping and fighting” with Hillary Clinton if he is to have any chance of winning the Democratic nomination, writes Karl Rove in Monday’s Financial Times.

    Mr Rove, George W. Bush’s electoral maestro, who is credited with obliterating the campaign strategies of opponents Al Gore in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004, said Mr Obama was acting “too pure and high minded” to wrest the nomination from Mrs Clinton, whom many believe is closely following Mr Rove’s ruthless model of how to win elections. “Not that you [Mr Obama] have asked for advice, but here it is anyway,” Mr Rove writes. “Sharpen your attacks and make them more precise. In some debates you don’t even look at her when disagreeing with her, making it look like you’re afraid of her.”

    Comment: Memo to Obama – Dec-02Obama accuses Clinton over pensions – Oct-28Obama unveils radical mortgage plan – Aug-28Barack Obama: Fine unscrupulous lenders – Aug-28Casualties still emerging from credit crisis – Aug-28Analysis: Why the Republican era may be ending – Aug-23Mr Rove’s advice comes four weeks before the first nominating caucus in Iowa, where Mr Obama and Mrs Clinton have been fighting an increasingly close contest. A Des Moines registered poll at the weekend put Mr Obama as the first choice of 28 per cent of likely participants in the caucus, compared with Mrs Clinton at 25 per cent. This mirrors the breakthrough of Mike Huckabee, a former governor of Arkansas, who has pushed aside former frontrunners in the Republican race to lead with 29 per cent in his party’s contest.

    Nationally, Mrs Clinton maintains a substantial but diminishing lead.

    Mr Rove, who resigned from his role as Mr Bush’s senior White House adviser in August, advises Mr Obama to focus on fears among Democrats that Mrs Clinton cannot win a general election and would act as a “drag on the ticket”.

  170. yes, that’s rove’s plan with the primary voters. and though i don’t expect it’ll work he’s probably hoping obama will at least throw everything he can at hillary to make the gop have some hope of winning against her. but in the primary.. sheesh.. i looked up the kindergardeners ed thing – one more comment that would doom obama in the general. completely. there are just too many. the gop would love to run against him. he hands them soundbites they can run with all the time – we can’t nominate someone who does that!!

  171. I think the article is a smoking gun because it shows that Rove is giving advice to Obama on how to defeat Hillary.

    Obama can claim that he never asked for that advice, but if he proceeds to follow it he will still be seen as acting in the interests of the Republican Party.

    That may be sufficient grounds for many Democratic voters to reject the Obama and vote for Hillary in the primary.

  172. good morning hillfans. i just got home from work to check on the latest voter fraud crap obama-punk is planning to pull. ouststanding work by u guys on getting this pushed more to the so called big media. also im estatic about hillary pointing out to the punk’s character flaws!! IM LUVING THIS IN YOUR FACE THING BY HILLARY!!!! luv ya guys.

  173. thanks texanforhillary. that is a wonderful site to contact the media emails. i never knew that existed. better than searching one by one.

  174. Sorry, actually, that was an AP article, so it has made wider distribution.

    Here in NH it could very well become a similar problem with folks from Mass. coming to places like Salem and Nashua to vote in the primary. Although proof of residence is required, folks can also simply fill out an affidavit. The article reads:

    This year, New Hampshire Democrats pushed through a change that some Republicans contend would enable campaigns to bus in people who could cast a ballot and then vote again in their real home states.

    “You can vote in New Hampshire without being a resident,” said Republican state Sen. Bob Clegg. “You can vote in the primary because you someday may want to live here.”

    Democratic state Sen. Peter Burling calls such arguments “part of the campaign of fear to restrict people’s right to vote.”

    David Scanlan, New Hampshire’s deputy secretary of state, acknowledged the law is ambiguous about prohibiting people from voting in more than one state. But he insisted there are no widespread problems.

    “Everybody has the right to vote somewhere,” he said. “The question is where that place is.”

  175. Apparently BO is back on the Kyl-Lieberman thing. Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake wrote 12/2:

    A couple of things stick out. One — I’d still like to see any indication made by Obama prior to the vote that he opposed the Kyl-Lieberman bill, because I just did not hear it. He doesn’t get to campaign now on opposing it after sticking his finger in the wind — at the time, many were watching that vote as a way to measure how sincere his desire to challenge the foreign policy establishment really was. He didn’t vote. For him to pretend now that his opposition was full-throated and sincere is probably the most cynical move I’ve seen on the Democratic side of the ticket in this campaign.

  176. Imagine you’re a political reporter. Your career depends on standing out from the others, your contacts with VIPs, and your well-timed contrarian articles.

    If you’re a White House reporter, you also have a huge opinion of yourself and a need to get asked a question so you can stand and be seen on TV. You also need to show that you’re someone to be reckoned with.

    So, when the new Clinton administration fired the travel staff, the WH contingent went ballistic b/c the travel staff had been doing them huge favors. When they closed the doors to the private offices of the press people so that reporters couldn’t wander in (“I spoke to Jody Powell this morning”), the press went wild. Not until David Gergen showed up did they stop the attacks — but they just toned it down a bit.

    In this election, you’ve reported endlessly that Hillary was way ahead. It got boring. Everyone was typing the same thing. How to get on TV? Start saying that Hillary would lose. Find a disgruntled someone and turn him into the voice of the people. Get on Hardball with your knowledgeable insights. Give advice to all the candidates. Praise your guy — point out how poorly his rival is doing. (This frustrated you for so long — Hillary was so good — which is why you leaped when there was one question that you could attack) Then when Obama did the same — with two weeks notice — and ended up supporting drivers license — it messed up the narrative so you ignored it.

    Now what. You’ve gone with the “Obama could win the whole thing” fantasy for weeks. It won’t get you the all-important TV time for more than a couple of weeks more. Meanwhile, Democrats will have gone through their rebel period. They will start to think that they have a real shot at the WH and maybe Obama is not a realistic choice. Get in front of that.

    Try this. As Giuliani fades (tax-paid security for your wife AND your mistress will annoy the values voters AND the fiscal conservatives) where will their votes go? Well, Rudy’s appeal is partly his moderate stands on some issues and his “strength”. The rest of the Rep field won’t do. Every poll shows every other Rep doing much worse against a Dem. (with McCain an occasional outlier) Who seems strongest and brightest? Hillary. Who do MEN think is strongest after Rudy? Hillary.

    If Giuliani fades, Hillary rises. That piece of originality will get you back on the TV babble shows.

  177. Yes, it is the Song of Sherazade. Tell the sultan a tall tale tonight, dont finish it til he gets bored, and then start a new one. That way he will never get rid of you, and you my child will get a Pulitizer–just like Robin Givhan.

    Thank God there are some journalists who rise above this crap, and tell the truth. They are the heroes, and the servants of democracy. I only wish there were more of them.

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