Thanksgiving Day

It’s Thanksgiving Day.

We have a lot to be grateful for this past year. We are grateful for the clearcut, obvious blessings, received this year. We are also grateful for the less decernible blessings, the hidden blessings.

Before briefly listing some of the major blessings received this year we stroll down Memory Lane once again.

We began this website back in April 2007. At the time, the ‘internets’ and certain dinosaur pundits were predicting the collapse of the Hillary Clinton for President campaign. The predictions of gloom and doom were everywhere. By late May, by Memorial Day, said the finger bowl pundits, Hillary would no longer be a frontrunner.

Hillary was being destroyed in fundraising the gloomsters said. Hillary was disliked they said. ‘She’s not as good as Bill’ they proclaimed. Total collapse was at hand, ‘it’s only name recognition’, ‘it’s too early to listen to the polls’, ‘not a single person I know is supporting her’, her support is ‘a mile wide and an inch thick’ they shouted and shouted.

But our favorite delusions from that Springtime for Haters are the ‘nobody really likes her’ and ‘she has no support on the blogosphere/internet/netroots’ delusion.

Back then, on May 11, 2007, there was a discussion on one of the Big Blogs and our Pink Oasis received one of the first mentions on the nutosphere. A brave and vastly outnumbered Hillary supporter by the name of “samueldem” was engaged in a discussion with an Obama supporter. Samueldem was quoting from an article we had written to dispute the notion, so treasured by opponents, of – the Hillary ‘Dynasty’. Samueldem wrote:

I am not affiliated with the website accessible via the link below, but the dynasty argument is discussed by the blog owner. I have included a short excerpt below the link. This is a pro-Hillary blog all the way, but I think the commentary brings up some valid points, however biased the blog owner may be.

Samueldem’s interlocutor replied:

Wow, a strong and thoughtful case for HRC in the blogosphere- that’s rare…

Well, things have certainly changed. No one with any sense (there is still an abundance of the senseless typing rapidly in their little bubbles of delusion) dares question Hillary’s internet support any longer. Hillary has more than a million supporters on the ‘internets’ and we are no longer silent nor are we cowed.

More and more Hillary supporters start websites to support Hillary. More and more established voices break out in song to endorse and defend Hillary. Also important to acknowledge are the many other, established and new voices, increasingly becoming aware of the ugly nature of anti-Hillary attacks – and finally ending their silence and speaking out in the name of decency and fairness.

So, we are thankful for all the voices throwing off fear and risking hostility in defense of Hillary on the internet. Many of those voices post here. Others come here to refresh themselves among happy Hillary supporters, without commenting, and we are thankful for all the gathering choir.

We are also thankful for some very hidden blessings. Declaring something a hidden blessing has its pitfalls. Too often we turn genuine calamity into a fake virtue by labeling it a “blessing in disguise”. After sufficient thought we are sure there is no self-delusion nor public deception when we speak of the following hidden blessings:

Let’s be thankful for the attacks Hillary has endured. Yes, it would have been nice not to have them occur, we are not fools. But this is a “No Whine” zone. For a long time Democrats, in too many election cycles, have endured attacks and responded with moaning and groaning and bluster and fluster. We do condemn, and will continue to respond to, the shameful attacks on character and honesty which speak more to the destructive intent, lack of character, and dishonesty of Hillary opponents.

We are grateful that in this election cycle our candidate is AWARE of the attacks to come and prepares for them. We are grateful that responses to the attacks do not take weeks to be addressed. We are grateful that we have a fighter leading the charge.

We are also grateful that with each painful attack our candidate learns how better to respond; the Hillary Team becomes more practiced and focused; Hillary supporters become more energized.

Hillary has been under sustained attack from her Democratic opponents in this race. Republicans use attacks against Hillary to promote themselves – even running ads against Hillary in New Hampshire and elsewhere. Big Media and Big Blogs try to drag her down for their self interests. Naderites and PINOs attack Hillary to promote their agendas and increase their pitiful level of influence. All of these sustained and across the board attacks are at best annoying at worse dispiriting. But they are necessary.

Hillary has taken on a great series of tasks. Whether it is passing Universal Health Care or stopping the war in Iraq, or strengthening and growing the economy, increasing employment opportunities, creating jobs, comprehensive immigration reform, defending the nation, the tasks are great and there will be a lot of opposition.

We are grateful that Hillary has taken on these tasks. We are grateful that she is surrounded by Bill and Chelsea and the Hillary Team of Mark and Mandy and Patti and well all who work so hard to get her elected.

Hillary will be the 44th American President. The trials she endures now will make her a stronger and better leader. Yes, she has been tried and tested for 35 years. But Hillary has a lot of work to do and a large agenda. The job will not end when she is elected president. That’s when the job begins – for all of us.


69 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day

  1. My first post:

    I’m thankful for having found this board in May 2007.

    Happy Thanksgiving to the straight shooting HillaryIs44 admin & staff for keeping all the haters in line.

    Happy Thanksgiving to Hillary, Bill, Chelsea, the entire campaign team, supporters – nationwide, worldwide.


  2. Perhaps this was posted above in which case it is duplicative. But good news it is for sure.

    ‘’ for Sen. Clinton
    Quad-City Times Thu, 22 Nov 2007 0:41 AM PST
    An ally of Hillary Clinton unveiled a new Web site Tuesday aimed at making it easier for the New York senator’s supporters to caucus for her.It also plans an outreach program that includes a mailing to about 100,000 less politically active women in Iowa in an effort to get them to the Jan. 3 caucuses.

  3. Thanks HI44 – with confidence for next Thanksgiving, when we will all have a lot to be happy about after Hillary is elected President. She deserves our thanks this day especially. She’s surrounded by a crass, angry mob, and she only grows stronger by the day.

    Happy Thanksgiving, less than one year from now and we can finally begin to turn this thing around,


  4. I am thankful for having found this wonderful and resourceful site. It is a secret weapon.

    I am thankful that Hillary decided to run for 08, thankful for her enormous endurance, thankful for her never-say-die spirit!

    On this thanksgiving day I wish she will be successful in all the future challenges in the campaign!

    I will speak for everyone here “I want Hillary to be our nominee and then our President”

    Ladies and Gentleman – for thanksgiving we give you The President of United States of America Hillary Rodham Clinton

  5. Thanks, and welcome to Kingsgrove, and everyone else.

    Taylor Marsh has written a sad and lovely tribute to John Fitzgerald Kennedy who died on a November 22 too many years ago. The “what ifs” roll heavily from that memory. We should not “turn the page” from the JFK legacy, but rather rededicate ourselves to those struggles.

  6. I checked out ‘’ last week and I was thrilled. I reckoned everyone here knew about it!! It is awesome.

  7. Hello everybody,

    Happy thanksgiving. I’m thankful for this site, and I’m thankful we finally have an amazingly talented Hillary to run for president.

    I am ALWAYS very superticious, I’d like to listen to your advice, but I want to make a decision. I had some bad experience in politics. Whenever I got emotionally involved in a candidate, he usually lost. Right now, I’m so attached to Hillary’s candidacy, and I have absolutely no desire to ruin her chance. I think I’ll try to stop being obessed with this campaign in the next couple of weeks, and I will try to reduce the time spent on reading polls/news, reduce the time spent on posting on a variety of forums…

    I don’t know, I’m just superstitious. I think if I stop being obsessed with Hillary’s campaign, she will have an easy win.

    God bless Hillary!! Please elect her !! Please!!

  8. Thanks Hillaryis44 staff, admin, and all the wonderful people who comment on this site. I am also grateful to deranged Peggy Noonan, for making me aware of this wonderful site, in her shoddy and insulting article from last

  9. Hi folks, Admin, I am thankful for this site where we’ve been able to celebrate and support the women who is not only destined to be 44 but is fully capable of being one of the greatest Presidents this country has ever seen. As I’ve said, Ive been fortunate to have known about her for many years and have followed her accomplishments as she established herself as a great and experienced leader. I am thankful to have had that chance. This site has been a real blessin’ because I’ve learned a great deal about the political process and the campaign and I’ve gotten a lot of insight. Most of all, this site has given me and other dedicated Hillary folks a place where we can support each other and this great candidate and her family and staff.

    As we think about the tragic loss of President Kennedy today, I am mindful that when he said that the torch had been passed to a new generation, he was speaking not only about his immediate age group, but to ALL the people who listened with high hopes and great ideals. We who listened that day and mourned when he died, will never forget him or the other great leaders who shared that vision and had their lives taken away. We must continue to work toward human rights and an end to human suffering. Those, and many of the other causes he stood up for (the growth of science and technology, a dedication to public service, his support for the arts and literature, his commitment to keeping religious ideology and our government separate, among others) are as relevant and as urgent today as they were in the 1960’s. We are all extremely forntunate that our candidate for President, Hillary Clinton, understands the importance of that legacy and its relation to the defining events in American history that have occurred in the decades since JFK. She now carries that torch for change and the realization that our greatest potential lies ahead of us.

    With so much work ahead of us, it certainly helps to realize what we all can be thankful for.

  10. Yes thank you for this site,it makes me proud to read your comments and your full support for Hillary,she inspires me to work hard…been reading since aug …so I cant wait until she is elected..Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

  11. Hey guys, Happy Thanksgiving! I spent the rest of yesterday celebrating with friends and family until midnight, when we finally popped in three gigantuum turkeys and went to bed. I was over at my uncle’s house.

    ANyways, Happy THanksgiving to all the wonderful Hillary supporters here! This is an amazing time for all of us, not only because of the holidays, but also because of the wonderful year we’ve had and will have as Hillary Supporters!

    Anyways I’ve found out some more from my friends. Obama doesn’t ONLY bus people from IL to IOwa…but they come from Michigan, Missouri, Wisconsin and all surroundign states. He is doing the same for New Hampshire where there are buses coming in from Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, and all other areas where they can scrounge for Obama supporters.

    Do any other campaigns go to this depth? offering free rides, food, cookies, drinks, volunteer hours for people from freshmen and up to apply themselves?

  12. In re-reading the THANKSGIVING POST for today, I agree that once Hillary becomes President, the work is just beginning. I have said it before, I hope this site continues to exist during Hillary’s presidency (ok, I know I am getting ahead of myself) because it will be a powerful and informative weapon against the inevitable GOP attacks from people such as Rush Limbaugh, professional Clinton hater, and the entire Faux Snooze team.

  13. I give thanks to Chris Matthews who mentioned this site once while foaming at the mouth about Hillary. I looked it up. I like it.

  14. Thank you for this site, too. 🙂

    BTW, kostner, I understand completely about being superstitious, but please don’t stay away from here! We’ll miss you if you do.

  15. Kostner,

    Happy Thanksgiving! And, no worries! Hillary WILL Win the nomination. I am the offset to your record of losing candidates. If I support them, they never lose. The only way they lose, is if they fail to fight hard enough refusing to question a stolen election.

    afaik, another stolen election IS the only way Hillary CAN lose. And that includes the Primary in that calculation.

    The media is rooting for Obama. He has recruited some of the nastiest supporters to attain his goal. It won’t happen. We’re smarter and will fight harder than they will because Hillary represents the Real Thing..

    Mrs. S.

  16. MJS Anyways I’ve found out some more from my friends. Obama doesn’t ONLY bus people from IL to IOwa…but they come from Michigan, Missouri, Wisconsin and all surroundign states. He is doing the same for New Hampshire where there are buses coming in from Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, and all other areas where they can scrounge for Obama supporters.

    Do any other campaigns go to this depth? offering free rides, food, cookies, drinks, volunteer hours for people from freshmen and up to apply themselves?

    I’ve suspected this for a while as I’ve attended a couple of obama events in my local area — and I noticed that many attendees were not local. In fact, on my way to one, some of the obama supporters dressed up in their tees w/ signs were completely lost and asked me for directions …

    I wish the press would do a story on this, but they’re too lazy and prefer their “inspirational” narrative.

    It reminds me a bit of amway — there are only so many goodies available (internships, etc) and its not like members of congress don’t have their own favors, supporters they need to reward. Most of these high schoolers should be prepared to just enjoy the memories of acting as extras for crowd scenes.

    Can’t speak for all the campaigns, but I don’t think Hillary’s does this. I live near one of the campaign offices and get emails now and then about local events. I’ve never been offered transportation, food, much less any hint of recommendation letters/govt access.

  17. Thanks, admin for this site. I would like to offer my thanks to St. Peggy for referring me to this site. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


    I completely understand your superstition. I am that way too. My candidate in 2004, Wes. Clark, lost, and after that I am very superstitious about these things. That is why I am crossing my fingers and wishing some of terrondt’s streak will help us cross the finish line.

  18. I am thankful to how great Hillary looks with every passing year! She is truly gifted to have this kind of stamina and edurance! I admire that!!

  19. im thankful that one day somtime last may or june i was on the blog when is mentioned on that blog. ever since i have been here. like kostner, maybe i get to wrapped up in the hillary express to the white house and frett about poll numbers. anyway thanks to this site!!!!

  20. Kostner, RA, and terrondt:

    I have an unusual knack for picking winners the year before an election. I did it with Bill, I unfortunately knew Bush (in 1998) would run and win and I KNOW Hillary will win.

    It’s not any one thing. We know she has the most and the best experience to lead this country through the dark times ahead. If ever there were a perfect storm of bad things to come for our union, it will be in 2009-2010. We will continue to have problems in the Middle East, problems with our economy and huge job losses. She above all other candidates- can lead us. It’s the economy, stupid. It’s the war, stupid. It’s our loss of civil liberties, stupid.

    Hillary can build coalitions. She can not only bring us back from ruin, but build a stronger foundation for future generations.

    Hillary is 44.

    Happy Grav

  21. hi,

    thanks everybody for the encouragement, but I will still try to restrain myself. My superstition usually works this way, if I worry about something too much, I always get the best results, and if I want something so bad, I always lose.

    In 2000/2004, I wanted Gore and Howard Dean to win so badly, but both lost. I was such a fool and thought Dean was a shoo-in, lol. In 2006, I didn’t care much about who’s going to control the senate/congress, and the results turned out to be good.

    Right now, I’m kind of worried about Hillary, so to certain extent, it’s a very thing… Again, I hope my superstition works out well as usual this time around.

  22. I liked Dean last go around, too, but Bush was going to win. Even when Kerry got the nomination and was gaining steam in September ’04, I knew in my gut, Bush would win. Now, I feel in my bones it’s Hillary.

    Some have laughed here about my Huckabee or McCain idea for the GOP nominee, but look at what’s happening. I said that stuff months ago.

    I worry about Biden gaining momentum, but Obama is dirty. In my bones I know he is a sycophant wielding fool. He surrounds himself with those who can’t give him sound advice. His ego is too big. Hill’s isn’t. Oklahoma isn’t Hillaryland, but I’m hearing more and more folks getting behind her. Not just us chicks either. 🙂

    Being aware is a good thing. Let’s work hard. Our country is on the line.

  23. OkieAtty,

    I didn’t mean Dean was a shoo-in for president, I thought he was a shoo-in for nominee…

    Hillary’s challenge is not GE, it’s primary. She will cruise to the white house if Iowa corn farmers do not fool themselves.

  24. Just to set the record straight, George Bush has never Won an election. The last two Presidential Elections were stolen by the GOP from the voters.

    The kangaroo court we call the SCOTUS, appointed Bush president in 99′ and the Ohio Election resulted were a forgery giving the crucial electoral votes Kerry needed to Bush.

    Hopefully, we have the best Team going into Iowa. There isn’t a doubt in my mind, the Obama and Edwards camp (as one) are plotting pulling a fast one to, if nothing else, seriously damage Hillary’s momentum.

    Mrs. S.

  25. Happy Day After Thanksgiving. Hope everyone’s food coma has passed.

    HLR, you sent me on another search. It was in the Boston Globe that I had seen where Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick and 100 volunteers from Mass. were canvassing in NH on Veterans Day. ( articles/2007/11/11/patrick_campaigns_for_obama_in_nh/)

    The first Google hit I came across (Obama, bus, NH) was the Vermonters for Obama (disclaimer says not affiliated with campaign, but then who’s paying for their canvassing?). On 11/10, the bus made two pickups, one in S. Burlington and the other at Montpelier HS to canvass in Littleton, NH (just inside NH line on Route 2).

    A Vermont reporter accompanied the canvassers:

    “On arrival in Littleton, the Vermonters were ushered into a nondescript office building on Main Street, where a pair of peppy New Hampshire organizers explained canvassing procedures. The visiting volunteers were briefed on how to introduce themselves to locals and how to respond to a variety of comments about Obama and other candidates.”

    Nothing was said about who had paid for the trip. The group ate together in a pizzeria.

    Time for java but will keep looking.

  26. Hi Kostner

    The trick here is to refrain from euphoria and not lapse into panic.

    It seemed for a while that it would be easy. (As it should be) Now it seems that Obama is catching up and Iowa doesn’t get it. What we have to do is endure, like our nominee, and go out and do something each time we want to shut our eyes until this is over.

    With a tiny bit more effort, we could have elected Gore (oh….we did) and Kerry. This time, we have to convince a few people (literally) that the nonsense about Hillary is untrue. There is a small group that thinks that Maureen Dowd speaks for the smart set and trashing the Clintons is the cool thing to do.

    50 years ago exactly, I went to my first American Thanksgiving. The menu was unbelievabe, orange vegetables with marshmallows, meat with fruit, beans with nuts, pumpkin pie (I have yet to taste) and stuffing with god knows what. I suffered for years with post-traumatic-feast- syndrome.

    Last night I went to my second Thanksgiving. I was able to eat turkey and salad and roast potatoes and leave all that other stuff. Delicious. The nicest part of all was that the host and hostess were true supporters of HRC. This is the election where we absolutely cannot leave it to ‘activists”. Turn one voter around. (I’ve done mine – from Rudy to Hillary no less!) Wear a Hillary button to the grocery store. Then you can have faith that if you are doing something, your brethren will do something too.

    Nobody on the sidelines! Nobody losing faith. Nobody leaving it up to someone else.
    Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go.

  27. Well said, freckles. As I am here in NH, definitely an Obama target state, I think that it is important for me to ferret out this out-of-state attack on our voters by BO’s canvassers. When then come into the state 100 at a time (and that was just one group from Mass.), it smacks of outsiders knowing what is best for our residents (which is normal for folks from Mass. anyhow, as they come up from Mass. in the summertime to their lake cottages in the summertime and head north for skiing in the wintertime, overwhelming our small towns and roads).

    I see an editorial letter on the horizon soon. This is one way for those of us in NH and Iowa to fight back by pointing out that BO’s campaign is attempting to stuff the ballot box by influencing the vote of our residents. Who knows what sort of things voters are being told.

    Somebody is paying to lease those busses and feed the canvassers, etc. It’s just plain sleazy.

    More on this to follow as I Google for truth.

  28. hey hillfans, back from work(extra holiday pay). anyway i had a good thanksgiving. was over my mother’s in bridgeport,ct where i was born and raised. lol, found out my uncle is a rabid hillfan. anyway im going to shower up and running to the black friday sales.

  29. “Among many supporters were former Deval’s campaign staff during his 2006 bid for the Beacon Hill, a few Obama-leaning political activists; also came along the “Obama-MA-2-NH” Campaign staff led by Nicole Derse. In total, 500 Obama Canvassers all teamed up for this Rendez-vous in knocking on voters’ doors in NH’s neighborhoods.” community/post/franklinkatunda/Cxrk

  30. Was this a planted question a BO event in May 2007 in Rye, NH?

    “Interesting non-anticipated question: an Obama supporter from Atlanta asked about the acute shortage of FAA-certified air traffic controllers. Obama responded with his call to reform the civil service.”

  31. Kostner I do hope you stick around, your previous expertise in politics comes in handy for those of us (me) who easily get things wrong and get a bit nervous by a few bad polls. As for superstition, I just know that Bush stole the elections, but both times I/we all knew he would. But I remember looking at an early picture of all the dem candidates for ’04, and right away I knew that John Kerry would get the nom, and I had a feeling he would choose Edwards. I’m like you tho Kostner, whomever I root for usually loses. But that has usually meant that I knew I was rooting for the person bound to loose as I stated I had a feeling Bush would do something dirty….

    But now, I have to say I am really (unexpectedly) calm. At this time in history, YES I believe in destiny!! There is just ‘something’ about her! You can tell it is of historic proportions. I think this is the time, and she is the one. (as for republicans, I have always had a icky feeling that McCain would get the nom, and he would be the toughest out there to beat.) If not him tho, I have a feeling this could be a landslide!! 😀

    As for Obama and Edwards, I think they are both of the desperate kind. Willing to do close to anything to get the nom. And many people have been saying this about Clinton, both of them, that they will do anything to win.

    Well, I actually don’t believe Hillary would do anything to get the nomination, I think she wants it fair and square. HOWEVER, I think she would do close to anything to win the GE election! As we all know the republicans have a tradition of doing. And once again I will just state that this is one of the reason I support her. I don’t want a repeat of swift boat kerry!!

    And you need to win, in order to make change happen. But this is where I think BO and JE would let themselves get swift boated. They would once again start with the always dooming crap about ‘being the nice guy’, “I’m sure I will win this election, because people will like me”….bs. And before they realize that won’t work against the repugs, it’s too late, again.

    NO, give me a democrat who is willing to fight till the very end, and that democrat is Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, the first woman President of the United States of America! (has a nice ring to it 🙂 )She’s Tha Man! SheuSheIapologise for long post 😉

  32. hmm, lol, How I managed to write SheuSheIapologise, I have no idea, even tho I wrote off screen, sorry, meant: I apologize for long post.

  33. Just found this website ( with great info on all candidates’ activities in NH.

    – – – –

    Focus on NH 11/13/07(

    While Hillary Clinton’s support has dropped among the “Volvo Democrats” (as Ron Brownstein would call them), she remains miles ahead of Barack Obama among working-class members of the party.

    In the latest Boston Globe / University of New Hampshire poll, Clinton leads Obama among likely voters with a high school education or less by a six-to-one margin. A majority (54 percent) of these voters support Hillary; just 9 percent support Obama. The senator from Illinois actually finishes fourth in this category, not only behind Clinton and John Edwards (13 percent), but also New Mexico governor Bill Richardson (13 percent).

    Similarly, among likely voters who make less than $60,000 a year, Obama places third, behind Clinton and Edwards. Obama only comes within five points of Clinton among those making $100,000 a year or more.

    Fortunately for Obama, there are a good number of Volvo-driving Democrats up here. But their numbers drop significantly once the campaigns move onto other states, as has been well noted in past elections.

  34. Ok … Connecticut canvassers here in NH 11/10/07, as well. ( post_group/BarackObamaforPresident08-ConnecticutCha/C53M)

    “Approximately 30 Connecticut volunteers car pooled from New Haven, Gales Ferry, West hartford and Stamford to Keene NH, with a handful going up to [Nashua] NH.”


    “It was a great day and we are looking forward to going up to canvass in New Hampshire as many times as we can between now and the New Hampshire primary.”

  35. B Merry, you might want to send a few of these links to as they have in the past, I believe, taken notice when receiving a tip of a story.

  36. I cant wait till the next Rasmussen daily poll comes, I want to see if Obamas dip down to 17% was an off polling or a pattern!!

  37. More CT canvass info (

    “That’s right! Keene is only three hours away from New Haven. We are so close! On Saturday, November 10th, we’re arranging a bus (if more folks sign up, we’ll have more than one bus), car pools, and just about whatever it takes to help as many Connecticut folks as we can go to New Hampshire.”

    – – – –

    This current NH for Obama ad calls for canvassers for tomorrow 11/24 but if you note the distribution list, it includes BO groups throughout Mass.

    As of the time of this posting, only 4 people had signed up !

  38. Gorto, you are right. I’m saving each of these and will compile a brief article that I think now I’ll post at Daily Kos (haven’t had much abuse lately, so ready for an anti-Hillary smackdown).

  39. Great story posted on MyDD (not intended to be HRC supportive, I might add).

    When the Deval Patrick/Mass. canvassers showed up in Nashua, they were greated in their out of the way office park location by HRC signs !

    According to the post, there were 500 canvassers in NH on 11/10. Although it is not stated, my gut says that they were all bussed in.

  40. Apparently the same thing is going on in So Carolina, as in October “over 200 Atlanta foot soldiers boarded buses, vans and cars and traveled to South Carolina to canvass the entire state and speak the residents there about Barack Obama. Our bus was sent to Columbia, South Carolina. The day was FANTASTIC! People in South Carolina were a joy. As we knocked on doors…”


    – – – –

    As I read on MyDD, it seems it is not all that unusual for canvassers to come from out of state. However, in some way, this seems to be on such a massive scale in all these early primary states, it HAS to be costing a bloody fortune … no wonder BO needs so much money. Since this has pretty much been in this spending quarter, the how much, who, and where won’t show up until the end of the year FEC reports and way past time for anyone to monitor or check anything.

  41. Hmm, I don’t like this, just seems unfair and unethical. Good catches tho B Merry.

    I guess as long as they are campaigning it’s fair, but if they try to caucus and vote, this is just unAmerican and close to fraud, in my opinion.

  42. A May 2007 Hotline article about BO’s first “statewide grassroots canvass” in Manchester, NH (as the comments state, HRC had held hers – the first in the state – the week prior), says the concept dates from the “Saul Alinsky” days.

    “Alinsky is the legendary organizer and theorist who Barack Obama reportedly counts as an inspiration.”

    However, buried in the comments section is this:

    “I was in Manchester on May 19th…….I am from New York State along with others.”

    Although this person does not say how he came to be in Manchester, NH, that day, what is clear is that the BO supporters, even in May 2007, were not all locals and I would suspect not even close to being predominantly locals.

    – – – –

    This March 25, 2007, WaPo article ties both BO and HRC to Alinsky –

  43. And THIS is very interesting.

    A $1 million Moneybomb “grassroots” fundraising attempt dated to end November 16th raised all of $4,650 !!

  44. And THIS makes my blood boil:

    A group of us met at a local cafe and did some phone banking and data entry (using my friendly Cold Fusion database skills) and got a decent amount of Iowans who were willing to go to the local Obama HQ and wanted to caucus. All from a wide span agewise… some fantastic calls from people…

    Some of the stories were interesting too. One of the people who did data entry talked about how canvassing in Iowa is going. She has been going there for three days a week…hardcore. She mentioned that some towns have been blanketed with Hillary yard signs and that in most cases, the yard signs were given to senior citizens who were willing to talk about Obama and in some cases take their Hillary sign off and replace it with an Obama yard sign. duboard.php?az=view_all&address=132×3716249 (delete space)

  45. From the same forum posting:

    “We have several vans leaving Milwaukee and Madison going to Iowa this weekend. It’s getting quite interesting see the race unfold.”

    So canvassers are going to Iowa from Wisconsin as well.

  46. A short while ago I wondered if Obama had a response to Hillary stating; “Now voters will judge whether living in a foreign country at the age of 10 prepares one to face the big, complex international challenges that the next president will face”.

    And today I saw their response:
    Bill Burton, a spokesman for Mr. Obama, said in response to Mrs. Clinton: “Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld have spent time in the White House and traveled to many countries as well. But along with Hillary Clinton, they led us into the worst foreign policy disaster in a generation.”

    Notice, whenever he uses his old line of response, he always conveniently leaves out the person who actually matters, the person that holds the positions of ‘ The bucks stops here’, President George W. Bush.
    He is seeking to be the next President, but he doesn’t want to remind people of Bush’s inexperience (wisely so) as voters then would see the risky business of choosing Obama. lame line of response, you shouldn’t leave an opening for attacks, when issuing attacks,.

  47. B Merry:

    and in some cases take their Hillary sign off and replace it with an Obama yard sign.

    Obama’s supporters are just as much immature as him.

  48. B Merry –

    I was really talking about two things — one, that the big crowds that are always described as some measure of local support are puffed up by folks bused in from far away and two, what has been hinted at — that high-schoolers are under the impression that getting on a bus will lead to recommendation letters, internships, etc.

  49. Wait, do we hve many sources for this:that high-schoolers are under the impression that getting on a bus will lead to recommendation letters, internships, etc.?

    I might have missed something.

  50. I’m expecting my diary to disappear any moment. A DK admin has already changed my Barack Obama tag to “troll diary”, which I reversed, but I expect to be banished any moment. No questioning anything about BO there.

  51. mj – rewind to “what has been hinted at” (by an IL high schooler here). I don’t have the resources to interview IL high schoolers, but maybe a curious press does.

  52. There is nothing wrong with bus trips to canvas in early primary states. It’s an age-old tradition. For example, Jimmy Carter sending Georgians to Iowa and New Hampshire. Bill Clinton sending Arkansans.

    I went to New Hampshire to canvas for Jimmy Carter.

    I don’t have any problem with Obama doing that.

  53. This blitzkrieg of Obamaniac students bussed into Iowa and other early states to convince in state voters that Barry is the messiah is nice copy, but may not produce the results they hope for.

    That is because the strategy assumes that Iowa voters will be persuaded by out of state surrogates, who have little in common with most of them. It may turn on some young Iowa voters, but is likely to turn off older voters, because it reinforces the theme of generational conflict.

    It stands to reason that Iowa voters will be more inclined to listen to people from their own state and communities. If that is true, then the Iowa residents, the public officials, and the AFSME members who support Hillary are the critical factor in this election. And they know Hillary is the best candidate with the best campaign organization and she will be there with them fighting at their side to win.

  54. wbboei, I totally agree. The DK diary I posted was an attempt to

    1. Get the info out there what is going on

    2. Show that we here in NH don’t need Harvard law students, Yalees, or Duval Patrick, et al., to come here to show us poor country folk how to do something we’ve been doing for decades without their help.

    It’s the BO carnival and we don’t need it.

  55. BMerryfield- I agree with you completely.

    We need our supporters to understand the machinations at work here. Your comments serve that purpose nicely.

    My comments were intended to tell our supporters to not be distracted, because this may backfire on Barry.

  56. B Merryfield: Daily Kos allows Trusted Users to edit tags. Choppycursor is not an admin. In fact, Choppycursor is not even well known on daily kos. Obviously, he has to be a trusted user to edit diary tags, but “troll diary” is an impermissible tag, so when you edited back to your original tags, you were in line with dkos policy. Choppycursor was breaking the rules. Your diary was well within acceptable bounds at dkos even if it’s not in the “mainstream” of their thinking.

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