Feel Good News From Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

In anticipation of tomorrow’s Thanksgiving Day article (Hint: it will be about Hillary) we thought we would briefly post bits of feel good news from the past few days. For those of you traveling today, be careful, be safe.

The first wonderful bit of news is that Oprah will soon be campaigning for Obama.

Readers of our article A Gay Ol’ Time In South Carolina will recall we began by asking “What will Oprah say?” in regards to Obama’s gay bashing tour in South Carolina. We also noted in Obama’s Sad Day that Obama met gay basher McClurkin at Oprah’s big fundraiser in her mansion in Santa Barbara. We had additional questions for Oprah in Barack Obama’s Mob, Part II.

We are very happy that Oprah will now have to opportunity to answer all those questions. We can’t wait to hear her comments in regards to McClurkin and Obama’s gay bashing tour. We are sure Oprah will be careful with her answers. After her fundraiser for Obama, Oprah’s favorable/unfavorable ratings went – south. Be careful Op, don’t want to lose your fan base.

Another bit of good news, much like the Oprah news, is the new copy-cat Obama web page – Fact Check -which is supposed to answer questions about Obama. We are sure Obama will take the opportunity to finally answer all those pesky questions he and his supporters prefer to ignore.

Good news also comes to us from the pollster Charlie Cook· Cook and his team at the Cook Political Report estimate that Democrats will “score a net gain of between three and six Senate seats next November” and that “Democrats will pick up between two and eight House seats next year.” Cook also gives “Hillary Clinton an 85 percent chance of winning the Democratic nomination, and Democrats a 60 percent chance of capturing the White House.”

We are also pleased to report that hardy New Hampshire students obtained much needed rest thanks to Obama’s always reliable soporific speechifying:

In Alton, N.H. Democratic candidate Barack Obama faced a tough – and groggy – crowd of high school students who proved that inspiring young voters is as hard as they say it is.

While Obama declared, “I want young people involved in government, I want to make government cool again,” some members of the audience from Prospect Mountain High School seemed less than impressed.

In fact, some were sleeping. Watch the video HERE.

At least six students were dead asleep, one completely laid out on her side in an open area of the bleachers. Numerous others had their head down on their laps, or leaned back to back against each other, only slightly paying attention.

Obama, near the end of his speech, like a teacher nearing the end of class commented, “Everyone’s getting restless, everyone’s starting to rustle.”

Obama continued for six more minutes.

Then, class was dismissed.

Thank you Barack for the excellent sleeping pill substitute. We don’t want our students doing drugs when your speeches are sufficient to knock out whole herds of cattle.

We end our good news today by taking note of our wonderful Hillary. This report was published in The New Republic:

The first question at the Clinton event in Vinton yesterday came from a teenage girl who asked what Hillary would do about pollution and deforestation. The way she asked the question sounded a little robotic, almost as though she were reading or had committed it to memory. And it set up a slightly saccharine but basically winning response about how “forests our like our lungs… our breathing mechanism.” Which is to say, it made me wonder if we had another plant on our hands. Could the Clinton campaign be so brazen?

After the event I approached the girl and asked what had motivated her question. She said she was a die-hard environmentalist and was especially concerned about endangered species. “I’m obsessed with saving tigers,” she told me. It was immediately obvious that she was earnest. I also noticed that she spoke to me in basically the same uninflected tone she’d asked her question in.

A few minutes later, as I was getting ready to leave, her mother came up and introduced herself. We chatted amiably for a bit, then she told me her daughter was autistic. She said they were strong Hillary supporters dating back to 1995, when she’d written Hillary a letter about her daughter’s condition and the hardships it imposed. (In a nutshell, the family had health insurance, but the insurance didn’t cover key aspects of the daughter’s treatment, which as a result was completely unaffordable. They eventually won a Medicaid waiver that entitled them to some additional aid.) Hillary had replied with a long and rather personal letter. Ever since, the woman felt Hillary was someone who understood the problems of people in her situation. The woman said all this, to borrow a line from Barack Obama, without a trace of self-pity.

* * *


149 thoughts on “Feel Good News From Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

  1. admin, coming home from work and seeing that video of those kids being bored to death at mr. charismatic speaker obama is making my morning.LOL. he might as well being speaking chinese to these kids.

  2. Great job admin! I wonder if the Obama camp will say that the sleeping kids were Clinton campaign plants put there to embarrass him..

  3. Disclaimer: Alton is a nearby town but I don’t know any of these kids.

    That said, I have a couple observations.

    1. These kids were most likely in a mandatory assembly (we all remember those).

    2. However, these kids were possibly in the presence of and hearing the next President of the United States, a really big deal in a small community like Alton … and they look totally disinterested, in fact like they’d rather be just about anywhere else except THERE.

    BO’s closest campaign office is here in Rochester (next door to HRC’s … another funny story). Alton is just too small for its own office. Why BO’s campaign was in Alton, a small school, as opposed as to here in Rochester, a much larger school with a larger student body … and where it has an office … doesn’t make sense (not that the students here would have been any more interested in what BO had to say).

    I can say that I have not seen one single BO lawn sign here as I have driven around placing HRC’s lawn signs.

    Curiouser and curiouser now that I think about it.

  4. ever since his 2004 speech, the media, most pundits, and his worshippers have been feeding us this garbage of being the 2nd coming of jfk,mlk, and fdr. he cannot hold a jockstrap to either of em. his 2004 speech but not like i have a dream speech of mlk or jfk’s ask what your country can do for you. im old enough enough to remember mario cuamo’s 1984 keynote speech and it was miles better than obama’s.

  5. A comment last night at TaylorMarsh.com:

    Obama’s campaign has borrowed a lot from George Bush’s 2000 campaign:

    Sunny slogan (compassionate conservative versus hope)

    Agressively peddling dubious opposition research to reporters, but keeps ‘running a different kind of campaign’ in public

    Lack of experience

    Repeating same message over and over again: (W used to say ‘I am the governor of the second largest state’ despite being a figurehead; Obama touts ‘I was against the war’, which was only a speech he made. He didn’t take a great leadership role or risk anything for his opposition; ditto for ‘I lived in a foreign country, …’ ).

    Anytime Obama gives as answer to a policy question, it seems to me that he is making crap up in a job interview. It seems to me that he is not prepared and he just crammed for an exam. Every answer is some very general idea of what the question is and then he wanders off to … blah blah hope … American .. blah … was against the war… . His sentences may be longer than Rudy’s, but they basically follows the same pattern.

    Now Obama and Edwards have decided to go after Hillary with most deceitful campaign tactics. Does Edwards have one (name me just one) legislative accomplishment for his time in senate?? So in the style of Rove, Edwards and Obama make sure that every sentence they talk about Hillary, they put corruption there to tie the too. They want to have a fight, and then tell voters see, she is a b****. Don’t laugh, they have used every other republican points to get ahead, why do you think they stop somewhere?

    Neither Edwards or Obama has enough experience for the job, but pursues it because they think they can. Bush has screwed the country royally. As Biden says the next president has no room for error.

    Why do I feel that Republicans are gentle and don’t fabricate lies against their own, but turn into wolves for the GE, and why is it that democrats are exactly the opposite???

  6. B Merryfield:

    Obama doesn’t have experience? But he lived in Indonesia when he was 10! With foreign policy credentials like that, maybe Hillary would do best just to fold.

  7. New York Daily News on BO’s drug use:

    “Anti-drug crusaders bashed Barack Obama’s candid chat with New Hampshire high schoolers Tuesday, saying his casual manner sent a dangerous message: You can get high and still be President. ‘A person in his position has an obligation to be very clear about the seriousness and illegality and potentially deadly results of using drugs,’ said Calvina Fay, executive director of the Drug Free America Foundation. She said the two most effective weapons against teen addiction are emphasizing the harm drugs can cause and stressing societal disapproval of using them. ‘He basically violated both of those,’ Fay said.” And “Andrea Barthwell, the former White House deputy drug czar who quit in 2004 to consider — and then decline — a Senate run against Obama, said Obama missed a chance to underscore how casual use can lead to serious addiction.”

    And the gifts keep on coming.

  8. Obama touting his stay as a child in foreign country as “international experience” is one of the most asinine things a candidate for President has ever said.

    I mean – what was he doing exactly ? I guess he was following diplomatic relations closely, meeting heads of state, understanding treaties, reading history and following regional politics closely. And he was also acutely aware at this tender age about how the rest of the world viewed his native country and of all the misconceptions and feelings that they had towards the US and what he could do to change perceptions.

    Wow, he sure was some kid – all this when he was only 10 !

    And is it ever so amusing to see the blogs and media talk of Hillary getting personal with that comment that she made – all this time, she has been the punching bag and has been at the receiving end of endless personal attacks. She just disputed his characterization of “international experience”. If Obama attacks her, thats ok , because she is the front runner after all and is not “owed the presidency”.

    And we know why breck girl’s campaign isnt going anywhere – he is busy writing lame definitions for his lame dictionary – he can continue to do that to keep himself busy once he goes back to his estate and admires his poverty center. And he can continue to have his hopeless dream about being Obambi’s VP in the meantime.

  9. New ABC IA poll shows Huckabee closing in on Romney. 24:28.

    I don’t care one bit about GOP nomination process, but this is good news for Clinton. No doubt IA is Hillary’s weakest link. This twin story lines(Huckabee) in Iowa can help blunt any MO of any winner on the democratic side in Iowa.

  10. “I think he’s right,” Biden said smiling. “That is his strongest [foreign policy] credential.”

    Will have to track down the quote (saw it this morning) that Hillary would have committed political malpractice if she had NOT responded.

  11. That video was amusing (as was ra1029’s comment). Those kids look like they would rather be in class! Also, you have to love the kids holding the O’s over their faces – talk about enthusiasm.

    However, who can blame the kids? What teenager wants to be ‘assembled’ to listen to a speech about defective Chinese imports. Why not talk to them about education? Talk about missing your target audience…

  12. Election 2008: South Carolina Democratic Primary
    South Carolina: Clinton 43% Obama 33%
    Wednesday, November 21, 2007

    New York Senator Hillary Clinton leads Illinois Senator Barack Obama by ten percentage points in South Carolina’s Presidential Primary. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of the race shows Clinton with 43% of the vote while Obama is the top choice for 33% of the state’s Likely Primary Voters. Those numbers reflect little change from September when Clinton held a 43% to 30% advantage. In August, Clinton was ahead by eight (see crosstabs).

    Currently, John Edwards is a distant third at 11% and no other Democrat tops the 2% level of support.

    Among black voters, Obama is supported by 46%, Clinton by 45%. However, among white voters, the picture looks entirely different–Clinton earns 42% support, Edwards 23%, and Obama 16%.

    Among women, Clinton leads 47% to 34%. Among men, her advantage is much smaller, 38% to 32%.

    Eighty-one percent (81%) have a favorable opinion of Clinton. Seventy-seven percent (77%) view Obama favorably and 68% offer a positive assessment of Edwards. Those figures are little changed from earlier surveys.

    Fifty-six percent (56%) of women have a Very Favorable opinion of Clinton, 44% of men say the same.

  13. New S.C. presidential poll
    By Adam | November 19, 2007 – 5:04 pm

    A brand new Whit Ayers poll of 600 South Carolina voters — 300 likely Republican presidential primary voters and 300 likely Democratic primary voters — was released Monday. …And for Democrats, Hillary Clinton is dusting the field with a 19 point lead over second place Barack Obama.


    * Hillary Clinton – 40%
    * Barack Obama – 21%
    * John Edwards – 13%
    * Joe Biden – 3%
    * Bill Richardson – 2%
    * Dennis Kucinich – 1%
    * Chris Dodd – 0%
    * Mike Gravel – 0%
    * Undecided – 20%

  14. I’m so annoyed. The bloggers are touting one poll(zogby) to show Obama rising/Hillary slipping. Never mind Edwards actually gained 4 points and Obama only 2. And Doonsbury has some cartoon asking if Hillary is peaking. The media is desperate for a horse race and will cherry pick anything to fit their narative.

  15. Rick Moran, The American Thinker (read “right wing”):

    Barack Obama thinks that living abroad for four years gives him “a better feel” for international issues than other candidates:

    ‘‘Probably the strongest experience I have in foreign relations is the fact I spent four years overseas when I was a child in Southeast Asia,’’
    The fact that he was dead serious when he made that remark left an opening for Clinton:
    ‘‘Voters will have to judge if living in a foreign country at the age of 10 prepares one to face the big, complex international challenges the next president will face,’’ Clinton said. ‘‘I think we need a president with more experience than that, someone the rest of the world knows, looks up to and has confidence in.’’
    When one thinks of foreign policy “experience,” one tends to look at accomplishments or years spent meeting leaders of other countries and exchanging views.

    Obama thinks that his life experience as a 10 year old boy is similar. One might ask the Illinois Senator how many foreign leaders he had dinner with as a boy or how many international crisis he had to deal with – that is, before he had to run home and clean up his room.

    Like many of his statements on foreign policy, Obama proves once again he is unfit to hold the highest office in the land. Not only that, he allowed his opponent an opening to make him look ridiculous.

  16. The blogosphere is now playing up this new Reuters poll about Hillary’s “shrinking” lead over Obama – 38 over 27 , when it was 46 – 25 last month. Funny they didnt mention anything about the daily Rasmussen tracking poll or even yesterday’s AP poll and numerous other polls (Charlie Cook, Pew, CNN etc) in the last few days which show a much much larger number for Hillary. Wonder what spin they’ll put over the latest SC numbers.

    The new narrative from the blogosphere and the media is that Obambi is surging and Hillary is slipping. Let them delude themselves. Zogby is also supposed to be one of the most unreliable pollsters around. Where did I learn that ? From the blogs of course !

  17. Reid Wilson, RealClearPolitics:

    Clinton engaging Obama. Obama and Edwards running television spots in South Carolina. Clinton’s lead shrinking in New Hampshire, according to the latest CNN/WMUR poll (see RCP New Hampshire Average here). What’s this all mean? Iowa’s important, but all three leading candidates are preparing for a longer campaign. Don’t let anyone tell you the race will be over after the Hawkeye State.

  18. “If elected, Senator Obama would be our first black president; Senator Clinton our first woman president; Mitt Romney our first Mormon/android president; and Fred Thompson would be our first persistent vegetative president. But Rudy Giuliani — Rudy Giuliani would be our first genuinely batshit president.”

    huffingtonpost.com/ bob-cesca/crazier-than-bush_b_73669.html

  19. Hillary’s statement on Saudian Arabian Court Ruling:

    “In 1995, I went to Beijing and said, ‘It is time for us to say here in Beijing, and for the world to hear, that it is no longer acceptable to discuss women’s rights as separate from human rights.’ We have made some progress since then. But we have not made enough. The latest example is the punishment of 200 lashes that a Saudi Arabian court has given to a victim — the victim — of a gang rape. This is an outrage. The Bush administration has refused to condemn the sentence and said it will not protest an internal Saudi decision. I urge President Bush to call on King Abdullah to cancel the ruling and drop all charges against this woman. As President I will once again make human rights an American priority around the world.”

  20. I had forgotten about this excellent blogger: James Joiner, Outside the Beltway:

    Obama’s claim is rather silly. I lived overseas for extended periods as a child, owing to my father’s military career. There’s no doubt that this was broadening and gave me a level of exposure to another culture than I’d have had I never left Houston (where I lived from just before my third birthday to just before my tenth). But it would never occur to me to cite this as “foreign policy experience.”


    I’ve argued several times that Clinton’s experience as First Lady is perhaps one notch below that gained by a stint as Vice President or White House Chief of Staff. While not decision-makers — being a policy advisor isn’t the same as being the one who has to live with the consequences — those roles are the ones that give the best perspective on the day-to-day running of the Oval Office.

    Now, there’s no reason to think that a long-serving governor or senator isn’t prepared to do the job; many of our best presidents have come from those backgrounds. But governors don’t have foreign policies, beyond perhaps some trade relations, and senators don’t have executive responsibilities.

    outsidethebeltway.com/archives/ 2007/11/clinton_slams_obamas_experience_bushes_praise_clintons/

  21. b-merry. hffpost quote above absolutely hysterical.

    btw, the boss held a conference call last evening for the staff and volunteers in NH. it is always great to hear her, even via telephone. her enthusiasm is more than contagious. we are psyched and ready for the final push. nothing will stop us from our appointed rounds.

    hope everyone enjoys the holiday. stay strong!

  22. Thanks, Alcina. Had planned to join conference call but totally forgot about it when it was time to call in.

    HRC is here again Monday but no news yet as to where. Have you heard?

  23. Zogby doesnt know what the hell he is talking about ! The numbers from last month, according to his own website are Clinton – 38 and Obama – 24 . So Obama has gained just 3. Whats this BS about her dropping 10 points !! She’s remained steady. Also, Zogby has always been the outlier ..

    Lets look at all the polls in the last week.

    Fox : Clinton 44 – Obama – 23
    Gallup : Clinton 48 – Obama – 21
    Harris : Clinton 52 – Obama – 29
    Rasmussen: Clinton 43 – Obama – 20
    AP : Clinton 48 – Obama – 22

    But one poll that shows her in the 30’s (hell, the pollster seems confused about his own last months numbers as well) and some people are clutching at the straws ….

  24. B Merry:

    You need to read the content on the page of Daily Tracking Poll. The numbers page has not been updated yet. I asm pasting the section below.

    Hillary Clinton still holds a commanding lead in the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination. Clinton attracts 41% of Likely Democratic Primary Voters nationwide while Barack Obama earns the vote from 17%. John Edwards is the choice for 14%, Bill Richardson and Joe Biden are each supported by 5%, while no other Democratic candidate tops 3%

  25. I see. Ras hasn’t posted today’s numbers to its chart … Yippee !

    So 11/21 v 11/20 v 11/19 is

    Hillary 41 / 43 / 41
    Obama 17 / 20 / 24
    Edwards 14 / 13 / 14

    Must be that “experience” thing.

  26. It’s the debate. Yesterday was the first day the rolling average included only days after the debate. Today’s rolling average is based on samples obtained 11/17-11/20.

  27. Lesson to Obama – “If you throw stones, you drop like a stone ” .

    Headline I wish I could see – “Obama’s Droppings lead to Obama Dropping” ..

  28. Of course, since it’s only 150 samples/day, it does take 4-days to get rid of an outlier. There’s a MOE of 8 for the daily samples.

    I’m guessing that ras will skip thanksgiving, but we’ll see soon enough.

  29. dt, you are right and Big Media is wrong.

    zogby on October 27, 2007 had the race as Clinton 38%, Obama 24%, Edwards 12%
    here is the zogby link:

    Reuters who partnered on the poll is inaccurate in its own reporting of their own poll. Here is what Reuters inaccurately writes:

    “Clinton led Obama 38 percent to 27 percent in the new poll, a 10-point fall from her 46 percent to 25 percent lead last month. The drop followed a month of attacks on the New York senator from her rivals and a heavily criticized performance in a late-October debate.”

    So you win the accuracy prize dt.

  30. Congratulations dt.

    BTW, we added the links to the Reuters report and the Zogby link to make it easy for the lunkheads to see their reporting is all wrong. Let’s see how long it takes for Big Media and Big Blogs to correct their erroneous reports.

  31. hey hillfans, great to hear about rass,ap, and harris. wtf is going on with zogby? im glad the record is being set with him. GO HILLARY GO!!!!

  32. One more thing dt: the Obama incense burners are marching around their Zogby Arc d’triomphe thinking the inaccurately reported 10 point Hillary drop is their salvation. They are all relying on inaccurate Big Media reports instead of going to the source like you did.

    We will all have Thanksgiving fun when they finally (if ever) discover their error. What cruel Hillary supporter will burst their bubble? Oh, the humanity. 🙂

  33. lordy admin, i just checked out the pollster.com poll history link and found the evidence. if there is ever hard proof the so called big media is out to get hillary this is it. zogby has been pimpin with hannity lately also.

  34. Terrondt, check out this earlier comment in response to dt, which should answer your Zogby question:


    In short Reuters/Zogby published a new poll today showing Obama with a few points rise. But due to bad reporting on Reuters’ part Big Blogs are stating a 10 point Hillary drop. We are sitting back watching the fun when the error is discovered.

  35. Hi everybody,

    Does Realpolitics have a ‘contact’ section. I have no idea why they have not included yesterday’s AP poll.
    Clinton 48
    Obama 22

    If they include this poll, Clinton’s average will be much bigger. I guess MSM and big blogs are trying really hard to create ‘Clinton is falling’ narrative.

    Can somebody email them???

  36. This is getting confusing – Reuters has a headline about the “shrinking” lead and so does Zogby. But Zogby has its own poll as well as another one done in collaboration with Reuters ?

    Oh well, people can celebrate if they want to – Rasmussen is just too painful for them today so any little thing will help even if its obviously an outlier.

  37. Kostner, what you point out is strange. Realclearpolitics posted today’s zogby numbers but not yesterday’s AP numbers.

    Also, HillaryLandRocks, we see your point. We cannot however find any source material for the earlier Reuters/Zogby poll which apparently being cited. This situation actually raises several other questions.

    The last zogby poll released on on October 30 is almost the same as the new one released today. Does this mean that Zogby does a different voter screen for their Reuters/Zogby polls than from their solely Zogby polls? If they have the same voter screen why such different results from the mid October polls and the October 30 poll? Why does the new Reuters/Zogby agree so much with the very last Zogby?

    Are we being dense here? What are we missing?

  38. Exactly, admin – why is Zogby showing the latest Reuters/Zogby number against the presumably “Zogby only” number from last month ?

    But its Zogby after all, so this hair-splitting may be pointless – I doubt if themselves analyze their own numbers before publishing them .. !

  39. yes, it’s page 2.

    In the 2008 White House race, Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York tightened her grip on the top spot in the Democratic nomination race with the support of 46 percent, up from 35 percent last month.

    Her top rival, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, was at 25 percent, moving up slightly from last month’s 21 percent. Former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina was third with 9 percent, and about 12 percent of Democratic voters were unsure of their choice.

  40. Clinton to boycott CBS debate. I hope she will boycott IA debate… Too many debates.

    Per Huffington…

    Senator Hillary Clinton, D-NY, announced today that she will forgo CBS News’ upcoming presidential debate unless the network can reach a resolution with its employees, who have authorized a strike.

    “The workers at CBS News have been without a contract for close to two and a half years,” the Senator said. “It is my hope that both sides will reach an agreement that results in a secure contract for the workers at CBS News but let me be clear: I will honor the picket line if the workers at CBS News decide to strike.”

    In issuing the statement Clinton becomes the first Democratic candidate to publicly state her refusal to cross the picket line. Others have expressed solidarity with the CBS writers.

  41. As far as your other questions go, one difference b/t mid- and late Oct is that Zogby uses 527 vs 426 LVs. They upped it this time to 545 LVs. It’s probably the mid-Oct effort that’s a bit out-of-line for Zogby, who seems to consistently poll Clinton in the high 30s otherwise.

  42. What is Really Happening in Iowa?
    A Commentary by Douglas Schoen
    Wednesday, November 21, 2007

    The race among Democrats is too close to call. Drawing any finer distinction will drive the analysts to distraction as there as so many polls being done it is impossible to divine a clear trend indicating which way the race is going.

    Here is what’s clear and obvious is that virtually all the recent polling puts the race within the margin of error in Iowa. This week’s Washington Post poll apparently showed a surge for Barack Obama, but when they screened for certain caucus participants the 4% lead the poll showed the Illinois Senator enjoying became a 2% advantage.

    Similarly, the Rasmussen polling which showed Hillary apparently 4% ahead actually projects a much closer contest when you get into the substance of the data. Among certain caucus voters, Senator Clinton’s lead evaporated and she fell into a three way tie with Edwards and Obama. Finally an ARG research poll showed the race deadlocked, with Senator Clinton again holding a narrow 2% advantage over Obama.

    Thus close examination of the high profile Iowa Caucuses data shows a surprising consistency of result with much less difference between the candidates than the media has suggested.

    Douglas Schoen is a founding and former partner of Penn Schoen & Berland, and a Fox News Contributor.

    Schoen was President Bill Clinton’s research and strategic consultant during the 1996 reelection campaign.

  43. Now watch the haters come out saying she’s copping out of the debate because she’s afraid, LOL !

    Poor Obombi and Breck Girl – they’ll have to hit her when she’ s absent and come out looking like fools. We should brace ourselves for a lovefest between the two.

    Obama – “Hillary is $$%$$$ and represents $%$#% ”

    Edwards – “I agree with Barry – Hillary is #$$$ and represents #$%#% ”

    Obama – “Hillary is #$%#$% and represents #$%#% ….”

    Edwards – “I agree with Barry – Hillary is %%$% and represent %R#%%. Now can I be your VP ? Please ? Please ? Pretty Please ? ..”

    Obama – “All right Johnnie – I’ll make you VP. I learnt a lot about making friends and compromising and perceptions and reaching out internationally and nationally when I was a kid in Indonesia by the way ..”

    Richardson – “this is ridiculous – I am walking out of this Hillary bashfest ..”

    Dodd – “Hey – I am the most electable – you should be asking ME to make you VP ! ”

    Biden – “Hey I know a thing or two about diplomacy but even Blair didnt suck up to Bush like this. And Obama’s campaign is nothing but a noun, a verb and a 2002 speech”..

  44. Which Obama gaffe are you referring to Berkeley Vox? When we hear “latest Obama gaffe” we immediately look at the clock. It’s hard keeping track of the hourly Obama gaffes. We gather your posted link refers to Obama and his swiss cheese health care plan which leaves out 15 million Americans. We’ll check it out. You are probably under attack by the incense burners over there.

  45. State primary back on, court rules

    November 21, 2007



    Michigan’s Jan. 15 presidential primary is a go again.

    Overturning a pair of lower court rulings, a majority of the state Supreme Court Wednesday morning found the law setting the primary date and granting exclusive access to voter lists from it to the Democratic and Republican parties was not unconstitutional.

    The 4-3 decision, after a string of setbacks for the seemingly star-crossed election, means the vote can be held as planned.


  46. in a way i hope the cbs strike goes thru dec 10-these so called debates are hornets nests with the media. looks like cbs is not mving fast on this

  47. Another person picks up on why Hillary is going to be our next president:

    Nixon 1968, Clinton 2008
    By John Ellis

    Not so long ago, electability was a one-way ticket to presidential primary election oblivion. The road was littered with “most electable” candidates. Their names were Scranton and Romney, Muskie and Humphrey, Bayh and Connally; to mention but a few.

    Today, electability is perhaps the most salient issue for presidential primary voters. It’s the issue that catapulted Sen. John Kerry to the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination. It’s the issue that keeps afloat the 2008 Giuliani for President Campaign. In an age of highly polarized, hyper-alert politics, who can win in November matters a great deal.

    Every time Sen. Hillary Clinton goes a bit wobbly, her chief strategist, Mark Penn, issues a memo which says, basically, not only is she electable, she’s inevitable. And here are 8,000 pieces of poll data that prove the point. Mr. Penn did just that last week, in the run-up to the Nevada debate, after Sen. Clinton had fish-tailed through an icy patch. There aren’t ten people in the United States who know more about what primary election voters consider salient than Mark Penn. So it’s illustrative indeed that his counter-argument to the slightest sign of trouble is: she’s inevitable, stop whining and shut up.

    The question is: is inevitability a sustainable strategy for Sen. Clinton? Assume for the moment that over the course of the next six or seven weeks, Barack Obama separates himself from John Edwards in Iowa and becomes the only “viable” alternative to Sen. Clinton for Iowa caucus goers. If that happens, Sen. Obama will win Iowa by a reasonable, perhaps comfortable margin, depending on turnout (Clinton needs an historically high turnout to win Iowa, which is why she has suddenly flooded the state with organizers and operatives).

    Sen. Obama will then head into New Hampshire riding a wave of favorable publicity (he’s a winner, she’s in trouble) and with a newly fortified campaign treasury (money hedges in politics, just as it does on Wall Street). Sen. Clinton’s campaign will have to turn harshly negative, to slow down Sen. Obama’s momentum and heighten voter concerns about his experience.

    Let’s further say it doesn’t work and Sen. Obama wins New Hampshire. How does Senator Clinton then argue that she’s the most elect-able, that she is in fact inevitable, when she’s just lost two in a row and there are only three weeks left? This is the flaw in the Clinton campaign’s strategy. If she is perceived to have lost two in a row by too much, the rationale for her campaign’s continuance collapses.

    All good strategies have an antecedent. The antecedent strategy for the Clinton campaign of 2008 is the Nixon strategy of 1968. Then, the problem was: how do you make the country’s most disliked politician electable? Frank Shakespeare and Fred McWhorter started by trying to make Nixon warmer, friendlier, your next door neighbor. A young turk named Roger Ailes came in, took a look and said (and I am paraphrasing here): “forget it. No one will ever warm to the guy. He’s un-likeable. We’ve got to change the narrative. This is about a man in the arena; this is about grit and determination and hard work and brains and perseverance.” Ailes went on to create televised “Man in the Arena” town hall meetings, at which Nixon answered voter questions, by himself, being himself. Voters didn’t need to like Nixon to elect him. He only needed to earn their respect.

    Like Nixon, Senator Clinton is widely disliked. Like Nixon, she cannot be made warm, even by a modern-day Roger Ailes. Like Nixon, she is a politician whose resentments are always close to the surface. And like Nixon, she is a politician about whom her peers have real doubts.

    But also like Nixon, she is intelligent and diligent and determined and tough and she has been through hell and back. She is experienced in a way that only her husband and President George W. Bush are experienced. She knows what it’s like to get her head kicked in every day, day after day after day, for months and years on end. She endures.

    That was the whole point of the 1968 Nixon campaign narrative. He wasn’t perfect by any means, but he was formidable and he endured. It’s a narrative that fits Senator Clinton’s campaign like a glove. For reasons either right or wrong, Americans will elect their first female president only when they are convinced that she is the tougher of the two (or three) choices. She won’t be inevitable until we believe she is as formidable as Tricky Dick.
    John Ellis is a contributing columnist to RealClearPolitics. In his day job, he’s a partner at Kerr Creek Partners, a venture capital firm.

    © 2000-2007 RealClearPolitics.com All Rights Reserved

  48. Put this up in a banner everywhere you go:

    Hillary Clinton is “experienced in a way that only her husband and President George W. Bush are experienced. She knows what it’s like to get her head kicked in every day, day after day after day, for months and years on end. She endures.”

  49. I wouldn’t tout that article by John Ellis around Democrats if he’s THE John Ellis — the Bush cousin who called the election for Bush on Fox in 2000.

    Looks like it is — Kerr Creek lists a John P. — that’d be Prescott.

  50. Admin., the New Republic article is very good. It shows the depth of Hillary’s commitment to children, and the individual attention she paid to one particular child. That commitent is real and it spans her lifetime.

    The Obama campaign is interested in children and youth as well. But their motives are distinctly different. Obama uses young people as a prop for his message of generational conflict. Also, he uses them to legitimitize his own inexperience. For he knows that that is the Achilles heel of his campaign, which sound judgment will never accept in a time of national crisis.

    That contast is evident in many other areas as well. It tells you all you need to know about who is real, i.e. Hillary and who pretends to be real, but is really just artificial, i.e. Obama.

    The other think that was striking about this story was its candor. This writer listened to the child, noted the manner of delivery, and leaped to the aha conclusion that other members of BM would do: another planted question . . .

    But this writer did not stop there. Instead, he approached the child, asked some questions, and discovered an important truth which ran contrary to the prevailing BM narrative. And then, the writer had the audacity to report it, instead of burying it–as other members of BM would do.

  51. Good diary. BVox. I recommended it. Haven’t been on DK in a long time, but felt inspired. There’s also a post by somebody who listed all the things they like about our girl…reasons for voting for her. I responded and recommended that one too. Maybe I’ll feel inspired enough to write a thanksgiving day diary. It takes a lot of courage to go there. If we are the “forbidden zone” I shudder to think the phrases DK brings to mind. But I appreciate the fine work pro-Hill people do over there.

  52. This generational thing is getting on my nerves. We are a product of our parents’ generation and our grandparents’ generation. This idea that Boomers or Gen XYZ, etc. , are somehow separate from each other is pure BS.

    Anyone who can prove otherwise needs to keep it a secret from all the psychologists, psychiatrists, family counselors, marriage counselors, etc., because it’s how they make their bread and butter … sorting out the generational influences and relationship issues.

    Professionally, I want to know as much about your parents and grandparents as possible to figure out what made you what you are, who and what influenced your thinking, etc.

    BO must need some serious counseling if he thinks he can just kick Boomers to the curb and wipe the slate clean.

    Ok. Daily rant over. Move along. Nothing to see here.

  53. obama’s foreign experience thread on mydd is cracking me up. ROFLMAO

    here is a comment..

    sign mE up as Sec of Defense!

    i aced my jrrotc classes and I DO know how to salute!


  54. Hey wb or admin, Can you give the author/title of that New Republic article again? I want to check it out. Also, where is the best spot to put up a pro Hillary diary? A while back it was mydd..I’ve not posted a diary in a while, so I thought it might be time to get back in the saddle. mollyj

  55. B Merryfield: Well said, a good rant! Obama’s stance on the “new generation” was a desperate grab for a kennedyesque persona. When that didn’t work, he called Oprah, I guess. What it reflects (his comments on age/generations, etc) is again, a shallowness, inexperience and a true lack of wisdom. His father was African? And yet he wants to dis the elders. Somethin’ doesn’t add up there.

  56. Speaking of African or African-American elders, are there any affiliated with BO’s campaign? I can’t think of any.

    Not only that, the strongest members of the Black church community are the elder women. Are there any affiliated with his campaign? If not, he’ll never carry that block of voters, I can assure you.

  57. mollyJ, the New Republic link is on the article. Note that Hillary took care of this woman and her daughter in 1995, not now because she is running for president. Do Obama or Edwards have a similar story to tell about when they were Not running for president? The anecdote is typical of why Hillary has such firm and active supporters.

  58. Admin, There are many, many people out there with good stories about how Hillary helped them, goin’ back years. That is the Hillary we know — not some caricature that the BM and repugs made up.

    B Merryfield: One of the greatest elders of them all is Maya Angelou, in a league of her own, and she is firmly in Hillary’s camp.

    mj: I’ll try to get somethin’ out over the weekend.

  59. Elizabeth and John Edwards will not appear on The View next week. WGA is asking for MO to cancel but no word yet on that. Apparently there are WGA writers associated with the show. This should be interesting.

  60. Another wonderful story from TNR… Too bad MSM is on a Clinton bash 24/7, and they don’t even bother to check the reality…

    Hillary in Her Element

    Grinnell, Iowa

    I spent yesterday afternoon and evening attending Hillary Clinton events in Vinton and nearby Tama (pronounced “tay-muh,” I think). Say what you will about her limitations as a public speaker, she’s very good at these small-town events, which draw a couple hundred people at a time. In the debates and her high-profile speeches, she can come off as kind of an Iron Lady–not an altogether bad thing for a presidential candidate, but not exactly inviting either. Yesterday she struck me as more of a nurturing-mother type.

    Hillary’s voice at these events is warm and intimate–and maybe slightly more midwestern than you hear in Washington or New York. (The word “contract” evolved into something approaching “cahn-traik.”) And when she raises it, it’s in the manner of an exasperated parent, not some soulless authoritarian figure. At one point an audience member in Tama asked what could be done to stop companies from moving offshore. Nothing, Hillary lamented. It’s a free country, and we can’t exactly block them at the border. But, she added, there’s absolutely no reason to reward these companies with cushy tax breaks. “I am sick and tired of that kind of behavior,” she said, as though scolding a child. “If they want to move a job, they’re not going to get a single cent.” I wondered if she ever inadvertently added “young man” or “young lady” to the end of a line like this.

    Despite all the hard work John Edwards has put in since 2004 and Barack Obama’s obvious intelligence, Hillary’s wonk credentials remain unsurpassed. But she doesn’t wallow in them–the wonkiness goes down easy. You could hear the Tama audience gasp in amazement when, in response to a question about energy policy, Hillary mentioned a prototype lithium-ion fuel cell that had powered a car 1,500 miles on only ten gallons of gas. She later explained how the Model T’s of Henry Ford’s day were actually more efficient in some respects than the typical contemporary car–something I’m sure will be repeated in kitchens across Eastern Iowa. And Hillary is funny–not Richard Pryor funny, not subversive in any way for that matter, but still genuinely amusing. Responding to a question about what it would mean to be the first female president, Hillary talked, as she often does, about the 95-year-old women who approach her at campaign events to say they dream of living to see her make history. Then she told a story about a 98-year-old woman she recently met in New Hampshire. This is probably my last presidential election, the woman told her. Oh, I don’t know, Hillary said, I may need you for my re-election. Well, the woman reconsidered, my doctor did just install a new pacemaker that’s supposed to last seven years…

    One final thought: After seeing Hillary up close, the planted-question fiasco makes even less sense to me. That’s because Hillary turns out to be unusually good with hostile questions. At one point a longtime military man got up and ticked off all the usual objections to allowing gays to serve (close quarters and all). Hillary respectfully heard him out, acknowledged his service and his goodwill, then explained her position in terms he could appreciate. It doesn’t make sense to discriminate against patriotic people just because they’re gay, she said. We shoot ourselves in the foot when we force them out–just look at all those Arab-language translators we’ve lost. But gay soldiers must observe the same uniform code of military justice everyone else does, and she would no more tolerate misbehavior by gays than by straight soldiers. The man may or may not have been satisfied, but the rest of the audience seemed won over.

    There was also this: A little earlier in the evening, we in the press section heard some murmuring from a man who was either drunk or unstable or both. Pretty soon the murmuring turned into outright heckling. And, within a couple minutes, the entire crowd was aware that something uncomfortable was about to happen. Hillary was the calmest person in the room. She looked at the heckler and practically cooed: “Just a minute, sir. You’ll get a chance. You’ll get a chance.” You would have thought she was talking to an over-eager first-grader. Of course, maybe it’s easier to be calm when you have a Secret Service detail at the ready (the man was promptly hustled out into the street). But I’ve never seen a candidate handle something that disruptive with such poise.

  61. I am so bloody pissed with Oprah. What the hell was she thinking? I know she has endorsed Obama long ago and has the right to do what she likes – but so bloody pissed that she would start from Iowa and NH and SC. Shame on you Oprah – a woman who built her entire career in the backs of women and now being an agent to pull down the first capable woman candidate. If it is meant to be – no oprah can pull Hillary down!

  62. It’s Official: N.H. Will Vote Jan. 8
    By Katharine Q. Seelye

    The oracle of Concord has spoken:
    Jan. 8 is the date of the New Hampshire primary. That’s a Tuesday, just five days after the Iowa caucuses.
    Bill Gardner, the secretary of state, just made the announcement. With all eyes on him, it’s a wonder he chose a holiday eve, but whatever; we’re just grateful he’s made up his mind.
    In fairness, he had said all along he was waiting for Michigan, which earlier today finally nailed down its date: Jan. 15.
    New Hampshire might be giving itself short shrift, coming so close after Iowa. The candidates and media will have to decamp quickly.
    But with the races in both parties in Iowa looking like a dead heat, most candidates might be grateful for the quick pivot to New Hampshire. If two or three candidates are bunched up near the top in Iowa, the so-called winner may not be able to establish real momentum, thus making New Hampshire all the more important.

  63. Secret,

    I hate to say this. I hope I come out not as a nasty racist. I am sure Oprah has tought it over. She had NEVER supported or campaigned for a candidate ever till date. What intrigued me was that Bill Clinton gave her much more importance than Obama during interviews. Yet, she decided to go with Obama. she had a choice, weather she should endorse a woman or an african american and she chose the latter. it is complex, but again, we can argue both ways. probably, she feels that struggles of an african american are more intense than womans struggles in todays society, and because she is both, she is in a unique situation to understand plight of both and has made judgement to go in favour of Obama. If Obama was white, I am positive, she would have either remained neutral or supported Hillary.

  64. gladiatorstail,
    Oprah is insane! While I understand your reasoning. I find it stupid for her to get into supporting Obama and openly!

    What I want to see is egg on her face. When all is said and done – she will stand as the sore loser!!

    Remember Tony Morrison – she was on her show all the time. But, she butchered her book ‘Beloved’ so badly and killed it! Since then she hasn’t had Tony Morrison on her show! Remember Million little pieces? I mean she hyped the book so bloody much and when smokinggun exposed James Frey as a fraud – she felt a dig at her ego that her chosen author is being criticized and did not look at the truth but stuck to her choice!! She went on Larry King and defended him and said “truth doesn’t matter”. When she was widely panned for saying that. She set up a public stoning of the author on her show. It made me cringe watching that episode and since then I have never watched Oprah.

  65. It’s her business.

    She said that she was not going to campaign against Hillary. If she just presents her case for her candidate, I’m fine w/ it. If she starts telling women to ignore the significance of Hillary’s candidacy, then I’ll be po’d.

  66. secret

    do you really think opie will persuade anyone other than her sheep? other than garnering $$, has it made a difference in past elections when it comes to votes by dragging out the celebrity? how many voters did barbra sway? let’s hope people are smarter than that.

    btw, i am sure our girl has a few surprises up her sleeve!

  67. I also think it’s fair game for Hillary to run a commercial of various people cheering her on in her bid for the presidency, including Oprah.

  68. there’s going to be either another rally or some big Obama event after Thanksgiving break in Iowa according to the people around my community.

  69. I learned the answer as to why they don’t, HLR (today). Apparently, they DO get to put these hours for Obama in their applications + many of them believe Obama will reward them (as he has already with free trips, soda, food, etc) with more personal favors (recommendations to college, applying to be intern at Congress for the Summer…etc).

    this is sick. 🙁 he’s exploiting the children while they’re also somewhat exploiting him. lol

    A particular friend of mine has already racked up 85 hours.

  70. ok so, Robert Novak sent out this email to me about the Hillary and Obama (dirt) conflict-(i just recently subscribed to this site that’s apparently run by him to get insider dirt:

    “President 2008
    Clinton vs. Obama: Their battle for the nomination took an unexpected twist because of an item in last weekend’s column.
    The item reported that a Clinton agent was spreading the word that the Clinton campaign had scandalous information about Obama but was not using it for purposes of party harmony. The nature of the alleged scandal was not revealed to the source of the item (a well known Democrat), who said he thought Clinton wanted to avoid a Clinton-Obama clash that would benefit a third candidate, presumably Edwards.

    Obama reacted with a sharp statement against Clinton’s attacks, and Clinton responded with an accusation of Republican dirty tricks. The intensity of their reactions indicated that both sides are nervous as the date of the Iowa caucuses nears — Obama worried about a Clinton breakaway, Clinton concerned about Obama creeping up.

    Both sides have reason to worry.”


    “Both sides have reason to worry. Clinton can never match Obama’s oratorical power, as he indicated in the Jefferson-Jackson debate in Des Moines. Obama is clearly second best to Clinton in debating technique, as indicated in the most recent debate in Las Vegas.

    The column item suggested Clinton planting the seeds of trouble ahead if Obama is nominated and Obama knowledgeable about past Clintonian policy of digging into an opponent’s background.”

  72. Notice Novak gives no more details about what he wrote last week. Gee, I wonder why …

    Also, kostner, thanks for posting the TNR story. It’s wonderful; I wish every voter in this country could see the real Hillary.

  73. Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..Hillary..

    Just felt like doing it!

  74. Happy Thanksgiving…everyone…Ive been reading this site for along while…you guys are smart at Politics ..one of you guys should be Hillarys VP..lol..or in her White House Somewhere.Lotts of good ideas …

    B Merryfield Says:

    November 21st, 2007 at 6:54 pm
    MJS, a question … where on FaceBook is the information posted about BO’s Chicago bus trips to Iowa?
    I looked for it for an hour now.. i cant find it

  75. When Obama’s foreign policy experience is as perfected as his ability to talk a crowd of high schoolers into a coma, that is when Hillary should worry.

  76. CJ, I just checked on Facebook and found a listing for an overnight trip on Dec. 1 from Chicago to Iowa. The email listed by the poster is from UIC which I assume is the University of Iowa.

  77. LA Times-talks about Hillary’s more agressive style again-http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-na-campaign22nov22,0,7410333.story?coll=la-home-centerst obama-

  78. Oprah must have had the most difficult time making a choice between color and gender – the two most important items for a showbiz personality.

  79. Have been following the race sofar from Hong Kong. Perhaps I am missing something here, but surely Iowans can’t possible think Obama is electable. The Senator wants to:
    Provide license ID to illegal immigrants
    Raise taxes to safe Social Security
    Start talking and negotiating directly with the leaders of Iran, South Korea etc etc.

    These will probably be the hot issues in next years election. The Republicans will take him to the cleaners, and Mid-West America will never ever vote for these ideas.

    It is all about electability…..

  80. When I read about the lady who said she would not vote for Hillary because Hillary’s plane failed to land at a particular event due to dense fog, it reminded me that some voters do not behave in a rational manner.

    Quite frankly, I feel the same about anyone who has so little regard for their own powers of reasoning that they would defer to Oprah on a decision which is so important matter to our future both individually and collectively.

    I find it troubling that a wealthy celebrity with no political expertise of record would go beyond an endorsement and become the pointman in a campaign in key states on the eve of a primary. It seems to me that a line has been crossed here and it is just possible that it will backfire.

    In any event, Happy Thanksgiving to Admin, all participants on this site, Hillary supporters in the field, and our troops in the Middle East.

  81. Happy Thanksgiving everyone ….

    Remember all that BO talk about not using lobbyists and political action committees? While searching this morning for info on the theme of Chicago/Illinois bus trips to Iowa, I found the following on MyDD (11/06/07), which I find very interesting:

    The roots of Students for Barack Obama are the stuff of legend:

    In the summer of 2006, on July 7th, some eight months before Obama announced his run for president, Bowdoin College junior Meredith Segal created a Facebook group that went on to reach fully-fledged PAC-status before being rolled into Obama’s campaign organization as its official student wing.

    By February when Obama’s campaign was actually launched nine months ago, Students for Barack Obama was already:

    a political action committee with nearly 62,000 members and chapters at 80 colleges, the most structured grass-roots student movement — there’s a director of field operations, an Internet director, a finance director and a blog team director — in the presidential campaign so far.

    Many of those student leaders are still involved in what is a fully-fledged student leadership. As of October 22nd, according to a campaign press release, Students for Barack Obama has more than 600 chapters on college campuses and high schools across the country.

    In Iowa, because of a state law that young voters be able to caucus so long as they turn 18 in time for the November general election, nearly all of high school seniors will be eligible to vote. Students for Barack Obama has responded by organizing chapters at more than a third of Iowa high schools.

    In all, by my count, they have chapters on at least nineteen college campuses and at a stunning 144 high schools across Iowa, with new chapters being added daily.

    In New Hampshire, Students for Barack Obama has chapters at all of New Hampshire’s twelve college campuses with five full-time campaign staff members aiding student organizing efforts.

    No matter which candidate you support, this level of grassroots organization among students bodes well for the future of Democratic Party politics.

    – And, of course, the article goes on to slam Hillary.

    – Comment: The reference to Camp Obama “training sessions” just reminds me way to much of “Hitler Youth” … sorry, but it’s a bit creepy.

    See mydd.com/story/2007/11/6/ 11118/1816 for rest of post.

    Also see (remove URL spaces):

    1. Iowa Sister City at my.barackobama.com/page/s/ iowasistercity

    Note: “Illinois Sister City teams will travel back to the same turf in Iowa on each trip to build personal connections and familiarity. Because of the low attendance at the Iowa caucuses, these door to door efforts are the best way to convince new Iowa voters to caucus for Barack Obama.” Includes list of dates.

    2. Students for Barack Obama at uw4obama.com/blog.php? author=3

    Note: “Please join Students for Obama in our last trip to Iowa on Saturday, December 1.”

    Still looking but what strikes me about all this BO effort is that, in spite of all this mobilization, HRC, BO and JE are in a statistical dead heat. Curiouser and curiouser.

  82. The way that BO’s campaign is manipulating and using these Iowa kids is freaky. You can see why he just hates Boomers; they aren’t so easily manipulated.

    From Wall Street Journal, 10/10/07 (thelandofthefree.net/ conservativeopinion/2007/10/14/too-young-to-vote-but-old-enough-to-caucus-in-iowa/)

    “The Obama campaign is also actively cultivating teachers, along with high-school principals, using them for entree to the youngest voters. Sometimes Obama aides try to hunt the adults down at home, begging for classroom time.”


    “Under the heading of “BarackStars,” the field offices hold weekly gatherings tailored toward teens and hand out information packets to be distributed back at school. Ms. Perrigo posted some on her ‘Waukee Students for Obama ‘08’ Facebook group site.

    “In Storm Lake, a picturesque town in northwestern Iowa, Sen. Obama’s team invited high-school teachers to bring students to a midweek event. The district accepted the invitation and provided a bus to transport 60 students. Craig Lyon, a Storm Lake social-studies teacher, says the field trip did more to interest his students in government than anything else that has happened this semester.”


    “Ms. Walz and Ms. Broghamer recently hopped one of many campaign-hired school buses to the Harkin Steak Fry in Indianola — an annual event sponsored by the state’s veteran Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin. In presidential campaign season, the event draws the top Democratic contenders.

    “As the bus approached Indianola, a town of more than 14,000 about 130 miles from Iowa City, the West High students peered out the windows at the rowdy campaign activity. ‘Iowans for Hillary’ signs blanketing the roadside were the first they saw. Ms. Walz frowned. ‘Gosh, this place is so Hillary,’ she said. ‘I wonder if Barack will feel bad with all these signs.’

    “The top six Democratic contenders spoke. In his remarks, Sen. Obama took a shot at President George Bush and his decision to commute the prison sentence of former White House aide I. Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby. ‘Even Paris Hilton got some jail time,’ he quipped.

    “At the Steak Fry, with a sprawling mix of campaign staffers and volunteers roaming around the open field, the rallying was in full swing. Ms. Walz and Ms. Broghamer readily joined in whenever they heard an Obama staffer start to cheer, but looked unsure when rival campaigns approached. Edwards supporters were handing out newspapers called ‘The Edwards Extra.’ The girls stared at the ground and politely declined.

    “When the event was over, Ms. Walz picked up some discarded ‘Obama’ signs from the campaign litter and dusted them off to take back to school.

    “On the bus ride home, she asked one of the campaign field organizers to explain the complicated caucus process to her. Dean Fluker, a recent University of Iowa graduate, did his best to do that. Democratic caucus participants need to do a lot more than just go to a private voting booth and cast a ballot. They have to show up in a crowded room and be prepared to defend their choice for the party nomination. Typically, seasoned caucus veterans run the show. But nearly everyone is expected to speak up.

    “Mr. Fluker told Ms. Walz, who pulled her voter-registration card out of her khaki Coach wallet, that they would have more tutorial opportunities close to the actual caucus date. Later, when asked whether she felt confident enough to take part, Ms. Walz thought for a second and said, ‘Uh, yeah. I think so.'”

  83. Here’s the link for “free Saturday road trips to Iowa” from Minnesota on BO’s website. Note that the promo does not say what the road trip is for … exactly.

    my.barackobama.com/ page/community/tag/mn

  84. B Merryfield, thanks for the posting. Yes indeed, it is the stuff of legends. And, it is not surprising that young people would be curious about Obama and willing to march to the sound of his flute– until they realize that they are following the Pied Piper, and they are merely props.

    Inevitably, not all young people are as politically astute as Celiff, and MJS. But then again, big media suffers from the same failing. Thus, it is unfair to blame it on their youth. But I hate to see them get conned on a matter so important to their future-particularly the young women. If they are smart, they will realize that their real champion is Hillary.

  85. wbboei, it seems that this is BO’s pattern and I expect that this is what he will do for the caucus as well. There is, in my mind, a difference between people voluntarily expressing their choice of candidate and going to caucus of their own volition and being herded like cattle on busses to support the ego and overzealousness of someone who has to win at any and all costs.

    Hillary’s caucus votes will have been won, not bought and paid for with a bus ride and a good time.

    A woman who was bussed in for the Harkin Steak Fry wrote on Harkin’s website:

    “Lori Hays, I rode a bus from Iowa City to the Harkin Steak Fry with other Obama supporters from the area. There were busses from other parts of the state too. We had a great time together. Some of us did not want to drive. Some of us did not have the money for gas. Some of us do not have cars. Some of us thought it would be more fun to ride the bus. However, all of us enjoyed being together on such a memorable day. I am proud to be part of the Obama campaign. We are building a community of supporters who work together and have a lot of fun together too. Join us sometime-we welcome everyone!”

  86. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!! 😀

    I gotta say first off, that I really liked Hillarys attack on Obambi with him touting his foreign ‘experience’. She mad him look just silly, without really coming off as ‘bad person’. 😀 Which Biden also helped her with, considering his comment, which had me LOL!!!

    And what reply could Obama give to this? Has he said anything? I think some people not following this thing as closely as us, have been nagging this feeling of ‘can she fight back? is she tough enough?’ And I think she is making sure those people come back to her by doing a few of these ‘attacks’. She’ll gain more then she’ll lose I think.

    And remember, even though she has been focusing on running a positive campaign, she’s not the one who promised to bring a new kind of politics containing no attacks. So this shouldn’t offend as many, as perhaps solidify her ‘core’ supporters. (like me 😀 )

    What do you all make of this CBS strike (no debate) ‘thingy’??

    Is it good, or bad for Hillary if it becomes nothing of this debate? I’m glad Hillary was out first with her support, and I took this as a slight indication that they are hoping there will be a strike = debate called off.

    I have been kind of worried that this last debate would be an all out attack debate against Hillary. Of course if she did well (once again) it would be fine, and I think this deal is sealed. However if it would have gone off the cliff, that could have created an avalanche for her, downwards.

    So….risky business, I just hope she can hold off the others until that time. If things were really bad, she could perhaps have needed an uplift a good debate performance would have given her…anyway, that’s my rant, what you all think?

  87. Gorto, good rant re the CBS debate.

    I think it’s a glass half empty, glass half full situation. BO and his rapid response staff have been working on his flippant one-liner retorts (which are usually off-point but “smart ass” cutsy, as my mother would say) and I’d guess that he has a bag full of them by now just ready to cut loose on cue. His debate responses have pretty much consisted of “yeah but” (Bushlike don’t look here, look over there).

    On the other hand, Hillary’s rapid response team has a good supply of responses at the ready, as well. Hers have and do hit the target, which is why BO’s responses have devolved to the “so what” “make me” territory.

    After being so totally trashed by MSNBC’s Lost Boys, she was ready for just about anything last time around and I feel certain that she will be totally prepped for round two if need be.

    That said, it’s those damn landmines you have to watch out for. Coming before the holidays, I’m sure both BO and JE know that this will be pretty much their last opportunity to slap her around and rough her up, … then let peace and good will ensue. They are both in attack mode and are not going to waste air time pitching for themselves, as they should do … they both think that they’re on a roll.

    My rant.

  88. More on the BO “rapid response” (SFChron, 11/3/07):

    The Obama campaign is all about self-organizing. There are 345 online activists signed up as a self-appointed “Obama Rapid Response Team” who ferret out online comments about their man.

    “It’s not that the Internet stuff translates A to B into votes. It’s that the Internet stuff translates A to B into organization,” he said. “It’s the folks that are signing up in Illinois to get on the bus and go to Iowa and plug into the organization there.”

  89. Disclaimer: My Thanksgiving dinner will be late and it’s pretty much ready so I have time to troll the net.

    If you want a good laugh, skip down to the comments of this Wonkette! posting on BO’s American Dream speech. Not everyone “gets it”.

    wonkette.com/politics/ speech!/barack-obamas-dream-police-319915.php

  90. Media catches on that Hillary is now “counterpunching” and not sitting back and taking it “like a girl” (my words).


  91. 🙂 enjoy your dinner B Merry!

    I have no doubt that Hillary would have held her own in the debate, but when I learned that Katie Curic would be the moderator, I thought good/crap at the same time. You know finally a woman comes along to moderate one of these things (and yes you Judy Woodruff), but did it have to be her???!!! She is so……..” “. :/ She has that tendency to quote “Some people”, have you noticed? “Some people say about you that……” “Some people might think….” etc….

    Anyways, I’ll go and read those articles you linked to.

  92. Gorto, I gotta be honest. I do not know what to make of the Katie Couric selection either.

    On the one hand, she knows what it is like to be a successful female executive in the limelight and the target of mean-spirited personal attacks.

    On the other hand, she must be prepared for the possibility that Obama, Edwards and/or their supporters will turn ugly and try to hijack the debate.

    We all hope this does not happen. But the more we learn about the machinations of the Obama campaign, the more we realize that this is not an implausible scenario.

  93. BobHK, Welcome. At some point we’ll write something specifically for all the overseas readers. It will be difficult to explain the political madness in the U.S. for the past 7 years. The madness continues but soon sanity will return to the U.S.

  94. wbboei, I can’t believe a lady said she wouldn’t vote for Hillary because her plane didn’t land, lol. That has to be on of the dumbest reasons ever given.

    BTW, happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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