Hillary Clinton – The Main Event In Nevada – John Edwards, Chris Dodd, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bill Richardson

Debate time is here. “The Democratic candidates will debate at the Thomas and Mack Center on the campus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The debate will be televised by CNN. It will be hosted by CNN and the Nevada Democratic Party.

Watch the debate live on CNN. On the Internet you can watch the debate at the link HERE.

The Hillary Clinton campaign has reached the One Million Dollar goal in the fundraising drive announced a few days ago.


It’s On: 

Candidates walking on stage. 

Gloria Borger and John King setting up the debate by trying to tell Hillary what to do.  Campbell Brown pipes in with same drivel. 


Wolf explains the rules.  One minute responses.  Several minutes more on discussion.  Stay on topic. 

Campbell Brown: You said you were not at your best – opponents say you avoid taking sides?

Hillary:  Asbestos pant suit.  The American people know where I stand for 35 years.  I have specific policies.  This is a big election.  Important we have a candidate who is tested and ready to lead from day one. 

Wolf: You criticized Hillary, explain?

Obama: She is a capable candidate.  What Americans want is straight answers to tough questions – drivers licenses – 2 weeks to get an answer, Social Security – how to keep it for people.  People feel Washington is not listening. 

Hillary: Obama talks a lot about taking strong stands. But on children’s insurance he did not step up.  My plan covers everyone.  I am proud to fight this battle.  The people who we are against, the Republicans are not going to give up voluntarily. 

Obama: Let’s talk healthcare.  I do provide healthcare.  Hillary thinks the answers is to mandate health care.  People can’t afford health care.  That’s what Americans deserve.

Hillary: Level with the American people.  Obama’s health care plan does not cover everyone.  He does not mandate the type of coverage I do.  Every American will be able to afford my plan. 

Obama: Hillary states she wants to mandate health care coverage but she is not enforcing the mandate.  Americans can’t afford it. 

Wolf: You spoke about the politics of parsing. 

Edwards: No one here is perfect.  We need a president that will restore trust.  Senator Clinton says she will end the war but also keep combat missions in Iraq.  She voted with Bush.  On Social Security she won’t do anything on caps.  She says she will bring change.  The system is broken. 

Clinton: I don’t mind taking hits on my record, but the mud throwing is right out of the Republican playbook.  I have been active for 35 years.  When Edwards ran in 2004 he was against healthcare.  We need a positive agenda for America. 


Wolf: Is this exchange good for America?

Biden: Americans care about their kids, mortgages, schools, Iraq.  I am not criticizing the 3 who always get the chance to talk at these things.  Who on day one can end the war, deal with Pakistan, Russia.  I have 35 years of experience. 

Roberts: Senator Clinton you have taken hits, but Edwards has hit you most.  Edwards, you have changed your positions on Yucca mountain and others.  What’s the problem?

Edwards: Changing position is OK but Hillary changes her positions too quickly, for example the Peru trade deal.  The question is will America be fine not us.  35 million Americans last year went hungry.  There is a fundamental choice this year – Who will fight the rigged system?  When will our Party show backbone?

Wolf: Dodd, you said Edwards is angry and not the same person I once knew?

Dodd: We have to unite the Party and bring in Independents.  We need to reach out.  There is a shrillness to the debate.  When a campaign is about turning up the heat and who’s angrier we lose the American people.

Richardson: I’m Bill Richardson, the Governor of New Mexico.  It seems that John wants to start a class war, Barack wants to start a generational war, Hillary does not want to stop the Iraq war.  I say “Give Peace A Chance”.  Are we resolving the real problems.  Let’s stop the mud slinging on character and trust.  Let’s be positive. 

Wolf: Are you ready to commit to support the Democratic nominee?

Edwards: Is that a planted questions?  Yes

All: Yes; Biden jokes; Kucinich – only if they are against the war.

Brown: You supported benefits for illegal aliens.  What do you say to Americans?

Obama: Bush has done nothing to stop the problem.  Americans see their economic position being weakened.  We need a comprehensive solution to the problem.  Border security.  Take on Employers.  Let’s shed light on the problem.

Wolf: On the issue of drivers licenses for illegal immigrants, you support this?

Obama: The problem here is not drivers licenses.  Let’s focus on solving the problem.

Wolf: Everyone, do you support drivers licenses for illegal immigrants? without comprehensive reform?

Obama: We are being distracted by this problem…. [gobbleygook follows]

Edwards: No. 

Dodd: Clarity.  We have to discourage illegal immigration. 

Obama: Yes.  But.

Clinton: No.

Kucinich: I object to the term “illegal”.  They are undocumented.  Get rid of NAFTA.

Richardson: Yes, and I did it.  The congress failed to pass immigration reform.  It’s a matter of public safety. 


Biden: No

Roberts: Dodd, quality education.  What is wrong with incentive pay for teachers who excel?

Dodd: Merit pay has some value.  But better pay for teachers in “good” schools is unfair.  This is the most important issue.  We need the best educated population.  We must fundamentally reform No Child Left Behind.  I started Head-Start.  We need one single debate on eduation. 

Wolf: Kucinich, any issue you disagree with teacher’s unions?

Kuchinich: My father was a trucker.  If we had trade agreements with education standards it would help all the unions. 

Wolf: None?

Kuchinich: I am for working people.

Richardson: The key to a good education is a good teacher.  We disrespect teachers.  Better pay.  Full day kindergarten.  Science and math academies.  A college education policies to deal with huge loans.  In exchange for tuitition, one year of service.

Wolf: Senator Clinton, merit pay?

Hillary: I support school based merit pay.  We need good teachers in under served areas. 

Wolf: What about a bad teacher in a good team?

Hillary: Weed them out.  Our education system has served our country well.  We have to reimagine it.  We need collegial collaboration.

Biden: An excellent teacher betters herself.  Merit pay – who makes the decision?  I want teaching excellence.  Demand more of teachers – but you have to pay them.  Bill is right – pay them more. 


Brown: Pakistan.  You say the U.S. should maintain current levels of support for Pakistan? 

Biden: I do not think we should maintain current levels of support.  I told this to Mussharef.  I warned him.  I will do it on the Senate floor.  I will use this leverage.  Move from Mussharef to a Pakistan policy.  Move from military aid to education and helping ordinary people. 

Wolf: You suggested cutting off aid, Richardson.  Even Bhutto is worried about this proposal.  Are you worried that Mussharef is bad but it could get worse?

Richardson: Our policy is wrong.  Democracy and human rights should be a condition.  We give 10 Billion, 6 billion for the military.  Change this.  Put conditions on democracy, fighting terrorism and Mussharef must resign from the military.  Moderate forces can win if we support democracy. 

Wolf: Human rights are more important than American national security?

Richardson: Yes.  Our values of freedom.  Our strength as a nation is our democracy.

Edwards: Control extremists in Pakistan, nuclear weapons under control.  A long term effort to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

Wolf: Are human rights more important than American national security?

Obama: The terms are not contradictory.  Repression creates anti-American sentiment. 

Dodd: Bush lecturing Turkey and Iraq is ironic.  Obviously national security is more important.  That is the oath of office.  If there were totally free elections in some of these countries the extremists would win. 

Clinton: The first obligation is to preserve and protect.  But there are other options. After 9/11 Bush had a chance to chart a different course.  We have to figure out how to navigate these courses.  I spoke with Mussharef and asked if he would accept a presidential envoy, Bush failed to do this. 

Roberts: Richardson, the troop increase in Iraq, casualities are down.  Is the troop increase bringing security to Iraq?

Richardson: The surge is not working.  3 of 18 benchmarks only have been fulfilled.  Our troops are dying.  60,000 Americans wounded.  Bring all the troops home.  Get a political compromise. 


Kucinich: The surge is not working.  I have a plan to bring the troops home now.  Democrats in congress have failed.  On Pakistan, our Iraq war has destabilzed the region. 

Obama: American troops are doing good work in Iraq.  We need to get our troops out because the policy is wrong.  People are on 2, 3 tours of duty.  Families are hurting.  The lower rates are only because they were so high earlier.  I will bring it to a halt.

Brown: Kucinich, holiday season, Do you believe those who opened up trade with China bear responsiblity?

Kucinich: Yes.  People who voted for Iraq war are responsibility.  People who voted for Yucca mountain bear responsibility.  John Edwards voted for China trade but attacked Hillary in the last debate. 

Edwards: My response is American trade policy has been a complete and total disaster.  Powerful interests, corporate interests, have taken over this government.  In 1993 when Democrats controlled the White House and Congress we passed NAFTA but not health care.  We can’t replace corporate Republicans with corporate Democrats. 

Wolf: Was your China vote a mistake?

Edwards: The mistake was the president did not hold them responsible. 

Wolf: Was Ross Perot right on NAFTA?

Hillary: I just remember a bunch of charts.  We need trade relations that are smart.  Parents have to worry about toys and pet food.  We need a third party investigative arm to protect Americans.

Wolf: Was NAFTA a mistake?

Hillary: Yes, in the sense it did not deliver on its promise.  We need enforceable provisions on labor rights. 

Dodd: Both Hillary and Obama are for the Peru agreements. 

Wolf: Was NAFTA a mistake?

Obama: Peru is a small country that needs help and the agreement is good and I support it.  The U.S. should impose the same tough rules as Japan does.  In China we should have reviewed the treaty every year. 

Biden: It’s not the agreement, it’s the man.  The law is there but Bush won’t follow it. We have power under this agreement.  Shut it down. 

Roberts: Obama, price of oil, you support nuclear energy, you are opposed to Yucca mountain as a nuclear waste dump.  If not in your back yard, whose?

Obama: Not fair to send it to Nevada.  Keep in mind that nuclear power is not our best option but should be in the mix.  Cap greenhouse gases. 

Wolf: Nuclear waste where?

Obama: I reject the notion we can’t meet our energy challenges. Let’s not be pessimistic.

Richardson:  I was in charge of the nuclear labs.  I opposed Yucca mountain as a site.  There is a scientific solution.  Turn Yucca mountain into a project.  We should not give nuclear producers subsidies.  We need an energy revolution from fossil fuels to renewable fuels.  We need to sacrifice.

Campbell: Clinton, some have suggested that you, your campaign, and your husband are exploiting your gender?

Hillary: I am not playing the gender card I am playing the winning card.  I am being attacked not because I am a woman but because I am a woman.  If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.  I like the kitchen.  But we are all good candidates.  A latino, an African-American. 

Campbell: What did you mean at Wellsely?

Hillary: There have been impediments.  This is history making.  I am not running because I am a woman but because I am the best candidate. 

Wolf: I’ll give a chance to the boys.  Is Sen. Clinton playing the gender card. 

Edwards: The voters need to know we have choices.  There are differences between us.  I spoke about corporate Democrats – Senator Clinton takes money from lobbyists.  (boos). 



Audience questions, with Campbell Brown:

Woman and her son who has served 3 tours of duty in Iraq (applauded by audience). 

Brown, your mother fears you will be sent on another tour to Iran.  The son says “Bring the troops home.” 

Mother: You have significant political power, how do we stop these wars?

Biden: We had a vote on Iran.  Some voted for it.  This convinces Muslims we are fighting the Muslim world.  I told Bush if he takes the country to war with Iran he should be impeached.

Wolf: Clinton, you voted for that resolution.

Hillary: There is a concern that is justified with this president.  I spoke out in February that there is no legal authority to go to war with Iran.  I believe Bush wants to let this situation fester.  Let’s ratchet down the tensions.  Get the neighbors in the region to help.  Having been in Iraq you know that the Iran Revolutionary Guard has assisted in killing American troops in Iraq.  Have a diplomatic approach – sticks and carrots. 

Edwards: We need to stop Bush and the neocons.  The vote on the Revolutionary Guards helped Bush.  We’ve seen this movie.  Democrats need to stop this president. 

Obama: This vote also said that we should call the Revolutionary Guard a terrorist group but that it ties it to Iraq.  I agree we should have diplomacy.  Hillary and I have a disagreement with meeting personally. 

Wolf: You were not at the vote?

Obama: True.  It was a mistake. 

Another Mother: You want us all out of Iraq, but my son makes only $30,000.  Happy Birthday Bill Richardson? Suzanne Malveaux: Private contractors, should they be pulled out?

Richardson: Pull out the private contractors and all the troops.  Keep the all volunteer force.  More troops.  Increase pay.  Hero’s health card to get health care anywhere.  Parity for mental health issues. 

Man with Arabic name concerned with Racial profiling and Patriot Act question?

Edwards: The Patriot Act has been abused.  Stop the racial profiling, the illegal spying, no more secret prisons, no renditions, no torture. 

Wolf: You voted against the Patriot act Congressman Kucinich.  Do those who voted for the Patriot Act bear responsibility?

Kucinich: I read it that is why I voted against it.  People who voted for the war, patriot act, yucca mountain now change their mind.  The first question was not answered either – it’s called impeachment.  Now.  Impeach them now. 

Biden: Facts are a funny thing.  Nothing in the Patriot Act allows racial profiling.  I voted to not fund Guantanamo.  What is the plan now is the question. 

“Latino” from the Chamber of Commerce: Do you link terrorism and immigration with the southern border?

Richardson: I am the only one who dealt with this issue.  I declared a border emergency, the first one.  But let’s stop demonizing immigrants.  I am against the fence.  Secure the border, detection equipment.  Mexico is our friend.  Tell Mexico to give jobs to Mexicans.  A legalization plan, not amnesty, learn English, pay taxes. 

Wolf: You voted for the fence.

Dodd: I was in the Peace Corp in the Dominican Republic.  There should not be a correlation between immigration and terrorism. 

Suzanne Malveaux, with woman:  Baby boomers will soon be retiring, big deficits, what do you plan to do to insure that Social Security will be secure in light of current budget conditions?

Obama: 78 million baby boomers will retire.  Stop Bush raiding the SS trust fund.  Adjust the cap.  Medicare is a tougher problem.  We need a universal health care fund. 

Wolf: You’ve been criticized by Obama and Edwards on this?

Hillary: I am for getting back to fiscal responsibility.  Bush inherited a balanced budget.  Bush has squandered that.  What I want to do is move back to fiscal responsibility.  I will not fix Social Security on the backs of the poor and middle class. 

Obama: You’ve said this is a trillion dollar tax increase.  This is the kind of thing I expect from Mitt Romney or Cheney.  [audience boos]

Hillary: That is a tax increase.  It is absolutely the case that the middle class will suffer.  I represent firefighters, they would be affected.  In 1983 when we had a real crisis we created a commission and solved the problem. 



Supreme Court question: (CNN came in late preferring to show commercials)

Dodd: I’ll be careful.

Biden: I presided on hearings on Supreme Court justices.  I want to get someone other than law professors.  I will appoint a woman.  I will not appoint someone who does not support the privacy clause and abortion rights.

Wolf: Abortion rights in order to be nominated to the Supreme Court?

Richardson: I will appoint someone who supports privacy rights.

Kucinich: It is a question of a woman’s right to choose.  I will stand for prenatal care, sex education and other education.

Hillary: They have to share my view on privacy.  Privacy is embedded in the constitution and that is the link.  Senator Biden deserves praise on this issue.  The president has to understand how the constitution works.  Bush does not. 

Obama: It’s not just a particular issue.  The court has to protect people who do not have a lot of clout.  We need people with life experience. 

Edwards: Privacy and Roe v. Wade.  It is crucial to have federal judges with backbone. 

Student: The Middle East seems to be getting worse.  What message will you offer the whole country to unite us.  Malveaux: you attacked Clinton on this?

Obama: I did not say that, I would convene Republicans into the process.  I will say “America’s back”.  Shut down Guantanamo.  Talk to our enemies and our friends.

Wolf: Some have suggested you are too polarizing?

Hillary: I am running to be the president of the entire country.  I heard the same thing when I ran for Senate.  I’ve worked across Party lines.  You have to find common ground.  There will be differences.  We can listen to one another.  That is the kind of president I will be.  I will work with people who are not in public life.  Let’s enlist all Americans. 

Biden: Start by ending the war.  I already have the respect of my Republican collegues.  Most Republicans think this war stinks as well.  They are sticking with George Bush out of loyalty. Republicans agree with us. 

Richardson: We’ve talked about Iraq and Iran, North Korea.  The cornerstone of my presidency will be to be the world’s conscience.  On the Middle East, have a peace envoy, unlike Bush.  Protect Israel and a Palestinian state.  Talk to Syria and Iran.  It’s called leadership and diplomacy.  Enormous damage by Bush.

Student: for Clinton, do you prefer diamonds or pearls?

Hillary: Both. 

Biden: Diamonds.



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    Im hoping its my MAN Joe Biden!

    We Delawareans take this lParty loyalty VERY SERIOUSLY!

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    God, your revealing some good stuff about you, you are inside the beltway…. 😀 cool

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    Obama right away turned to Hill to intimidate her, it didn’t work.

    does Hillary have a sore throat? she keeps coaching slightly.

    woah, this is starting rough

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    Obama is flat…he doesn’t seem to do well in these situations.

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    Well done, good answer on the national security vs human rights

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    barry – hillary just said we should check china goods!

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  14. molly — he hasn’t answered a single question directly.

    In other debates, his trick has been to pivot “to the broader issue” and they’ve always let him get away with it.

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    She had s few wonderful minutes there!!!!
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  19. Wow, that was fun. Amazing that Obama bumbled totally on the “illegal immigrant” question and licenses.

    Edwards is hearing the voice of the people in the form of BOOs.

    DK looks angry, and beat the crap out of Edwards.

    Hillary is smiling and laughing.

  20. She is doing great and I think she feels it, and this will only get better, as she gets more confidence and sees obama and edwards fail.

    Edwards and Obama are not getting their shots as they hoped they would, 😀

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    Breckgirl is to sharmy and fake and doesn’t ring true. Obama is a snake doesn’t stand for anything.

    You what a president to make the tough choices and if you think Iran is helping to arm, train and kill your troups you best call them out. Hillary took a bold stand…the rest are wimps.

  24. hillarylandrocks, that’s what fair and evenhanded debates like tonite is doing. the ones before the last debate was like this one. EVEN HANDED!! kudos for blitzer for keeping it from straying hillary-bashing all the time.

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    What the heck….They can see their poodles beig pinned down to real questions…

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    So refreshing!

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    Good for the audience to not let Obama get away with comparing Hillary with dick cheney and bush, what an asshole, and he wanted to continue the bashing but wolf went to break, good.

  29. CJ, Hillary got to smack Obama on SS too by mentioning Obama latching on to her commission proposal.

    And Kudos to Kucinich to keeps slapping Edwards on Yucca mountain and hypocrisy.

    Democrats don’t like the attacks on Hillary and it shows.

  30. Why the hell would you want to take out one of the legs that holds SS together? The cap matters. It keeps political cohesion. The GAO just came out with a report that supports Hillary’s commission idea. They suggest the same.

  31. I understand Hillary’s concept on social security, but may I suggest one line in the future.

    ‘I don’t want to throw stuff in a fiscal black hole before we fix the hole!’

  32. Somebody please suggest this line to Hillary. Everything she answers this question, I want her to shout out this line!

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    She needed to do that! Show support for out troops in iraq!

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    She needs to take obambi down on this too!!!!

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    What was key in my mind is that the voters saw how petulant Obama can get. Lacks maturity.

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    I’d say she won, and I’m trying to think like an independent.

    CNN internet version is quick to show the first clip from the debate, and that is a wonderful clip of Hillarys answer to the gender card q. and her brilliant answer on not playing the gender card, but playing the winning card. Good clip for her to have being shown again and again.

    As said I am watching the online edition, so please fill me in as to what the pundits are saying as to whom did well!!

  38. Biggest losers tonight: Russert and the Republicans.

    Edwards and Obama were losers too. Which one got beaten up worse will be hard to answer. Edwards had his pretty throat cut by Dennis and Hillary. Obama is bleeding from every limb and torso.

    Who lost more? Obama or Edwards?

    BTW, all the tape highlights are Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. Love her “impediments” line.

  39. Who lost more? Obama or Edwards?

    Obama. Showed that he loses his cool under fire. Not ready for prime time.

  40. What are they saying about our girl people???

    How are they saying she did, and did they think obama did good, or bad?

  41. Gorto, Secretariat never got such good reviews. Hillary is getting unanimous raves. Only now are the pundits getting to how bad Obama particularly and Edwards were.

    No question. Hillary won and won big.

  42. Obama failed miserably on the DL issue and immigration, and yeah mj, I agree, Dennis was surprisingly effective with pushing edwards off the stage!! Edwards didn’t see those punches coming and it showed.

    Obama is not ready for prime time, no sir, imagine this light weighter in a GE debate! Massacre.

  43. CNN is giving a very strong review on Clinton’s performance. They said she did excellent while Obama & Edwards were pretty bad and waffled. She is getting really strong reviews!

  44. thanks kostner and admin!!

    Obama lost his cool in addition to being off his game(has he ever been on?) he was screaming! Not good, but, then again that is good for us!

  45. Hope terrondt got to hear Obama booed.

    Poor Celiff, he won’t have any voice left after tonight. The Hillary watch party must be a huge party.

  46. Obama got punked so many times during the debate I lost count.

    Even during the iran question (Hillary’s toughest moment), she sorta got off the hook when Wolf pointed out that Obama didn’t bother to vote. His response was terrible — he said “one of the pitfalls of running for prez” — made it sound like his own ambitions much more important than the country.

  47. Gorto, here is what one blogger said:

    All about HER
    by Carl Cameron

    She was the center of attention again. She accused THEM of mudslinging, scored with middle aged women when she talked about running for president as a woman, made no gaffes, took a few good shots at her rivals. They performed well too. Clinton wins.

    This debate does not fundamentally change the race or even offer any defining moments. There were good exchanges. Obama stumbled a bit. Edwards did not get the bust out moment he needed. Interesting to hear all the boos when they criticized one another, Iowans really DO hate that.

  48. Gorto, It’s all good on CNN. She scored big. She had a couple of incredible moments. She knew just how much to hit back. JC Watts said “Hillary can punch you in the face and you don’t even know you’ve been in a fight.” I am no fan of JC, but he Gergen, Caville were all strong voices in her performance.

  49. Well, I gotta say this is by far the best debate yet, this was fun to watch. And one to download as soon as possible and keep!!

  50. even over at dkos where she’s not so well liked people are grudgingly saying she did well, which translates to.. she did VERY well

  51. The Obama platform:

    a) in favor of drivers licenses for illegal immigrants

    b) in favor of a one trillion dollar tax increase for Social Security

    c) not in favor of universal health care

    d) not willing to say that the national security of the United States is the most important priority

    What happened in this debate:

    Obama and Edwards were shocked with Hillary responded to their initial attacks by kneecapping them on legitimate policy issues.

  52. “Hillary can punch you in the face and you don’t even know you’ve been in a fight.” Oh what a delight of a line!!!! So true, wonderful.

    Thank you all, and DemHawk, this sounds good.

    But of course, when all the dust settles in a day or two, is when we will really know what story the big media will push, I hope this continue.
    They may not right away remember Obamas tumble in the beginning, give them a few hours and I’m sure they’ll catch up on him with that.

  53. mollyjrichards,
    When will the video be available. I am so thrilled – I am jumping up and down in my chair!!! Go Hillary Go!!!!!!!

  54. she can punch and you dont even know it..she is that good..smart…i think she roped them 2 by the ankles not kneecapping lol

  55. even over at dkos where she’s not so well liked people are grudgingly saying she did well, which translates to.. she did VERY well

    Exactly. That won’t stop the Obama cult from stuffing the ballot box, though in the “Who Won” poll.

  56. thanks molly! 🙂

    I think it’s right that Hillary knew exactly how much to hit back. Not a lot, but enough to send the message that, if you attack me, tonight is the night I fight back!! I loved it, it seemed to shake obama off his game.

    It just hit me, does anyone remember Edwards? He is just a blank sheet in my memory. this is great, any word on him?

  57. Our Girl did it! First class job!

    Hillary made it almost impossible for Obama and Edwards to continue this tact with a chance it will succeed. Is that sealing the deal? Not necessarily, but what options do Obama and Edwards have now?

  58. People like Hillary and they got to see Hillary shine, quite literally. It was terrific. My god, she was good. Actually, there were some good moments and discussions, times when it did resemble a real live debate. It really brought out differences, particularly in experience. Biden and Hillary at times were praising one another or the past Clinton administration. Richardson had some good moments but had a couple of fumbles. But the knowledge and experience of the more experienced–Hillary, Biden, Richardson was obvious. Kucinich was just plain mad, but at one point pointed out that je had voted against things he now supports. Hillary pointed that out as well. But she did shine. As the young woman said in the diamonds vs pearls question, “she was the only one up there who was shining.

  59. Taylor Marsh is saying Obama got himself in trouble on the DL question.

    “Obama had a horrible time with the driver’s license question, dodging it, which he knew the minute he answered was trouble, but it was completely convoluted and he couldn’t get out of it. ”

    And she has this wonderful line:

    “But when it’s all said and done, tonight was Hillary Clinton’s night. She was gracious, on point, on the offensive, direct and fearless, even charming at times even as she attacked. She took her opponents out.”

  60. Clinton sparkles in Vegas debate

    But Clinton, who spent the previous two days locked away preparing for the debate, was ready. She joked she had come along prepared: “This pants suit, it’s asbestos tonight.”
    Clinton is well ahead of Obama and Edwards in the polls nationally but the three are tied in Iowa, where the first real test of public opinion will be held in a caucus on January 3.

    There was signs from the audience in Nevada today of impatience with the personal attacks, with groans from some in the audience when Obama and Edwards crticised Clinton.

    Within seconds of the opening of the debate, Obama accused Clinton of refusing to give clear answers to questions such as social security and drivers’ licences for illegal immigrants.

    “What the American people are looking for right now is straight answers to tough questions, and that is not what we have seen from Senator Clinton on a host of issues,” Obama said.

    Dropping the politeness that marked the early debates, Clinton immediately retaliated, accusing Obama of failing the test when it mattered, noting that he had not voted on universal health care.

    Edwards joined in, also keeping up his attack on Clinton, bringing up her vote for the Iraq war and claimed she was part of the Washington system, unwilling to tackle what he described as a corrupt system.

    Responding to Edwards, Clinton said: I’ve just been personally attacked again. I don’t mind taking hits on my record on issues, but when somebody starts throwing mud at least we can hope it’s accurate and not right out of the Republican playbook.”

    Edwards countered: “There’s nothing personal about this.” After that, the debate settled down into a general one that covered issues that included immigration, Iran and Pakistan.

    Obama and Edwards may have decided that further, sustained personal attacks on Clinton could be counter-productive.

    There was some evidence of that when Edwards made a brief mention of Clinton’s links with Washington lobbyists. The criticism brought a groan of disapproval from the audience.

    A journalist gave Clinton an opening by asking her how she felt about male-dominated Washington, “the boys’ club”. Clinton, referring to the way Obama, Edwards and others had ganged up on her on October 30, said: “I am not playing the gender card. I am playing the winning card.”

    She added they were not attacking her because she was a woman but because she was ahead. It was a good line, even if sounded well-rehearsed, aimed at women.

    Obama, in the first hour, often sounded muddled and hesitant. He appeared to warm up in the second half but it was too late.

  61. Obama made some fatal, fatal policy mistakes.

    1) tax increases;
    2) grant drivers’ licenses to illegals

    Killer for GE.

  62. Kostner, regarding that article you posted. The writer should know better. Those were not “groans”. Those were BOOs.

  63. Hillary prevailed again – she was articulate, concise, thoughtful, well-informed and obviously has good strategic instincts. Obama really messed up with that comment about Hillary garnishing people’s wages to pay for the health insurance. To quote the mother of a dear friend, “He showed his ass.” Edwards has always been my second choice – after tonight, no more. Right now, I don’t really like the guy. If he had been smart enough to see that his attacks didn’t work, I”d be okay, but he’s not. he’s fallen a lot in my estimation.

    I thought the questions and the questioners were pretty good except for Suzanne Malveux who was the only one who appeared with an attitude.

    Good night. I’m feeling confident, and i bet the Clinton camp is too.

  64. Mark Halpern is a jerk. He rates Hillary the winner of the debate, but decides to begin his grades at B+, instead of A.

  65. And hillary’s facthub has updated the misinformation from obama/edwards….how timely, up-to date, efficient, competent….in this age……

    take note: obama; hillary’s way head in this “generational” delivery….

  66. basement angel, when did Malveaux behave inappropriately?

    The first five minutes of the debate were tedious, but Hillary handled Obama really well.

  67. That’s probably the best she’ll ever get from Halperin, lol. BTW, I missed the debate (had to go out) and just logged on. Sounds like she was on her A game!

  68. Well this seems promising, so I think I better go to bed, it’s 5.20 am here now. And I’m beginning to feel it. 😀

    The Clinton camp must be feeling good, I have always thought it must be cool to stay in a room backstage with you ‘people’ watching ‘your’ candidate ‘at it’. And knowing at times what she will answer and seeing how well she delivers it. God, that must be awesome!!

    Anyway, good night all, it seems I can sleep sound tonight 8)

  69. Richardson did note how the campaigns of Obama and Edwards are sustained solely on a politics of division.

    Bloggers who support Edwards and Obama are now claiming the entire audience was comprised of plants.

    And do not the candidates realize that most viewers of the debate have not read every press release or watched the latest you tube video released by each campaign? Edwards appeared to be speaking in shibboleths, and I imagine this alienated ordinary voters.

  70. Obama failed to answer the question regarding the storage of nuclear waste. Notice Richardson’s comments on energy eclipsed those of Obama, who is tied to lobbyists in the nuclear and the coal industries.

    Hillary is 44.

  71. Pulchritude, not to speak for basement angel, but Malveaux did not restate the questions posed by the audience members. Malveaux created whole new questions.

    Biden pointed Malveaux’s different questions by saying he would answer the question from the audience member first and then Malveaux’s different question.

  72. that’s a good sign that Hillary won in their view as well, since they get angry for things unrelated to their candidate. Means they didn’t land any big punches/moments in their mind as well. Otherwise that is what people would have mentioned, and not gone off blaming others, haha, this is good..

    Ok now I’m really off…

  73. I don’t believe Mr. Obama is a closet privatizer. He is, however, someone who keeps insisting that he can transcend the partisanship of our times — and in this case, that turned him into a sucker.

    Mr. Obama wanted a way to distinguish himself from Hillary Clinton — and for Mr. Obama, who has said that the reason “we can’t tackle the big problems that demand solutions” is that “politics has become so bitter and partisan,” joining in the attack on Senator Clinton’s Social Security position must have seemed like a golden opportunity to sound forceful yet bipartisan.

    But Social Security isn’t a big problem that demands a solution; it’s a small problem, way down the list of major issues facing America, that has nonetheless become an obsession of Beltway insiders. And on Social Security, as on many other issues, what Washington means by bipartisanship is mainly that everyone should come together to give conservatives what they want.

    We all wish that American politics weren’t so bitter and partisan. But if you try to find common ground where none exists — which is the case for many issues today — you end up being played for a fool. And that’s what has just happened to Mr. Obama.

  74. Would not Obama’s proposed tax become yet another Alternative Minimum Tax?

    And how can one exploit Obama’s support of the mining industry? Richard’s counterpoint to Obama during the debate was too subtle, and I believe primary voters will reject Obama’s support of the coal and mining industries. Should someone create a website dedicated to Obama’s support of coal?

  75. Give Halpern a break. He’s very depressed these days…over the disappearance of fingerbowls with scented geraniums at the Georgetown Social Clubs fancy dinner parties.

    Like Mrs. Timmy Russert, he believes that women should give up their careers and devote their full attention to being proper hostesses on the Georgetown party scene. These are very troubling times for Halperin and his ilk.

  76. hwc, you got me intrigued because I keep seein’ you reference an article that i’ve never seen. Can you tell me how to find it? Sounds like something I would want to read.

  77. nevadaians..they are funny people too,they reconized expierenced people..there in the limelight,they have the casinos,i just think they went with Hillary and also Biden and Dodd they have been in the political world along time…i just dont think they’ll vote for a someone who is unexpierence..and thats je and bo..and im so glad his vote thing came up to.80% missed votes.
    But i think there supporters will quit donating until they come around and they wont.

  78. One of the most outstanding moments was when Hill was talking about being a part of the change that had taken place in this country relating to women’s rights and minority rights. And she talked about her ability to stand up there, wth a Latino and an African American, was due in part to changes that she’d been able to be a part of. A great counterpunch to OBama’s constant talk about the older generation (people in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s who say things that show bad judgment, as he once put it). Richardson got a jab in on that too by sayin’ that Obama was trying to start a generational war. Great stuff

  79. Watch for my comments on Iowaindependent.com. We watched the debate and it was awesome! She killed that bastard obama and blitzer called him on Kyl/Lieberman. Overall, she was amazing. They videotaped my comments afterwards.

  80. hwc, the Perfumed Princes of the Press want their fingerbowls back. Tonight they are worried the fingerbowls will not make a White House return.

    Little Oliver said “Please sir, can I have some more?”, Marie Antoinette said “Let them eat cake.” The Perfumed Princes of the Press say “Please give us back our fingerbowls.”

  81. im watching it again..and hillary is starring at je on that pakastani issue ,i wonder what she is thinking about his eyes blinking so fast..in her head i bet she’s probably calling him a duma++.lol

  82. This is what we wanted, what we were waiting for and she delivered magnificently . . . .

    In this debate, Hillary found the perfect balance between speaking to the issues, protecting the Democratic Party, and punching back at the bulley boys–as we hoped she would.

    Obama wants generational warfare. Edwards wants class warfare. Clinton wants to preserve the middle class. She bested them on the drivers license issue.

    Wolf Blitzer did an excellent job as moderator. Russert should be ashamed. Gergen, Watts, Carville got it right. First 10 minutes were contentious and Hillary won.

  83. So who is going to note Obama’s charge that Hillary is going to garnish wages to pay for healthcare? Boy, that’s gotta be right out of the GOP playbook. He pouted after she slapped him down on that. I know who wears the pants in that family. What a little hot house flower he is.

  84. Give Thursday’s debate to Hillary Clinton.

    After two bad weeks in the 2008 Democratic presidential campaign, she recovered her footing and pushed back sharply at her opponents in a debate Thursday night.

    The event, televised by CNN, was held in Las Vegas and was seen as an important milestone in the campaign. Clinton’s flawed performance in the previous debate and a series of campaign miscues in the weeks that followed indicated the national front-runner was stumbling. The evening gave her rivals a chance to trip her up some more.

    They blew it. Barack Obama had only an average night, and on a couple of questions he seemed flummoxed. On the question of driver’s licenses for immigrants here illegally, his answer was as nuanced and fuzzy as Clinton’s was a couple of weeks ago. Moderator Wolf Blitzer underscored Obama’s fumbling by reminding him the question “is sort of available for a yes or no answer.”

    By contrast, Clinton gave the answer she should have in the last debate: “No.”

    Also, Obama got booed when he accused Clinton of using logic worthy of Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani. (That did seem a little canned. His handlers need to provide him some fresh material.) He also needs a more cogent answer for what he proposes to do with all the nation’s nuclear waste until someone invents that new processing technology he wants.

    John Edwards should have stayed home. Clinton took the wind out of his sails early in the evening by implying he was “throwing mud.” He never seemed to bounce back from that slap, and he also got hooted when he talked about her as a corporate Democrat. Edwards also had a poor night because for the first time, the differences between his votes as a U.S. senator and his talk now came into clear focus. He voted for the Iraq war, the Patriot Act and using Yucca Mountain as a nuclear-waste disposal site. Those votes are at odds with the populist rhetoric he serves up today, and it will undermine the credibility of his message.

    Ironically, Edwards’ poor performance may be bad news for Clinton in Iowa. That’s because Clinton, Edwards and Obama are in a statistical tie for first among caucus-going Democrats here. If either Obama or Edwards should fade in Iowa, his supporters may move to the other candidate, making that man the leading anti-Clinton candidate.

    And that could give him enough votes to eke out a plurality win over her on caucus night. (Memo to Clinton: Don’t be too hard on poor Johnny. You need to keep him in this race in Iowa.)

    Observers can also give lots of points to two of the second-tier candidates, Chris Dodd and Bill Richardson. They turned in articulate, presidential-style performances during the evening.

    It was clearly Dodd’s best debate of the campaign, especially when he rebuked his foes, primarily Edwards, for the “shrillness” of the campaign. Richardson, too, will get credit from voters for his call to “stop this mudslinging.”

    Dodd and Richardson also showed political courage at various points in the evening — Dodd for his support for free trade, something not popular with many unions, and Richardson for supporting driver’s licenses for workers here illegally.

    Joseph Biden seemed uneven. He’s excellent when he’s talking about foreign policy and judicial appointments — and bad when he tries too hard to be funny or gets angry. Dennis Kucinich says things a lot of Democrats believe, but he can’t be taken seriously because he’s not running a credible campaign.

  85. Kucinich may have viewed Edwards’s terrible performance as an opportunity to gain a few voters in Iowa. And if Edwards voters choose Kucinich instead of Obama, that is to the advantage of Hillary.

  86. they ought to be proactive and and put it up on Hillary hub, facthub. Yes, she got ’em with the Republican playbook comment. And they undermined their own credibility by tonight. Frankly I am not sure that anybody heard much of what they had to say. Generally it’s a bad idea to sling sxxx, often it comies back and hits you in the face

  87. celiff,

    i think yepsen is absolutely right about campaign tactics. It’s a very very tricky 3-way situation in Iowa. We should ensure Edwards not be left behind…

  88. Yep. I have said this. We need to make sure edwards stays ahead of obama and behind us, with as amny people as possible having us as their second choice, if we are not their first choice.

  89. Molly:

    Links suck. So go to the VanityFair website….it’s the address you would expect: w’s plus the name of the magazine plus the dot com.

    On the front page, scroll down the left column to find the December 2007 article “WHEN WASHINGTON WAS FUN”. It’s written by Mrs. Timmy Russert.

    Warning: you should have a barf bag handy when reading this article. It will make you throw up and DESPISE every single media member of the Georgetown Social Club for all eternity.

    For example, Mrs. Timmy Russert says that decline in Georgetown hostesses is the result of women being career oriented these days. She attacks Hillary Clinton for the unconcionable sin (in the eyes of the Georgetown Social Club) of not entertaining Sally Quinn often enough.

    Read the article. You’ll understand the media. And, you’ll especially understand Mark Penn’s assertion that the “elite” is hopeless out of touch with the voters in the United States.

  90. I’m hoping lots of people tuned in, esp since this was so heavily publicized as a showdown after the last two weeks.

    I’m also glad that Iowans got to see Hillary in one of the states where she has a large lead — all of the enthusiasm, the autograph signing, etc.

    I want Hillary to win IA, even if it’s slim, and then rock the house in NH.

  91. As I watched Senator Edwards in this and previous debates, I have begun to wonder whether he isn’t more of a demogogue than a populist . . . . . But then I realized what he has often said: none of us is perfect.

  92. I personally believe Iowa is hopeless for Clinton. I just hope she can hold off 20+ lead in NH going into IA to withstand any setback there.

  93. Kostner, I totally disagree with you. I think Obama’s lack of experience in campaigning is really showing. Iowans won’t vote for someone they think unelectable.

  94. I also disagree. She is going up in Iowa polls, she has the strongest support of any candidate, and I think we can win here. It would be yet another historic thing in her campaign, first woman statewide elected.

  95. Kostner:

    I think Clinton can win Iowa, but it’s an uphill battle.

    Two-thirds of Iowa Democrats will not vote for a woman.
    Two-thirds of Iowa Democrats will not vote a black person.

    We are basically dealing with Mississippi here, minus the diversity. That’s why the race is so atypical. Democrats are fooling themselves if they think sexism and bigotry isn’t driving the Iowa caucus.

  96. I agree, sadly, HWC. But in this case the advantage is with hillary because she has the political seasoning to win a GE, and Iowans pay attention to that.

  97. You all underestimate Iowa women. Watch. January 3rd, she will win Iowa. Unless this sick, nasty confidential thing from the republicans occurs, we will win the caucus. We can even win if the repigs do this thing, but we need to get out AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE.

  98. The anti-Hillary bloggers/pundits are living in an inbred fantasy world. Let them stay there. All this talk the past 2 weeks about ‘narratives’ and ‘frames’ sounds like some kind of weird cultspeak to me.

    Halpern, Chris Matthews, they’re all Rush Limbaugh wannabees. The difference between Tweety and Rush is that nobody–absolutely nobody–likes Chris Matthews. Rush is a freak, but he actually has a base of fans. And Rush’s personal attacks on Dems have an ideological focus that he shares with his base. Dream all they want, the anti-Hillary media hacks will never have the influence with Dems that Rush has with Repubs.

  99. Yeah, as several posters, above, noted, Obama bombs under pressure. He grows petulant. His immaturity shows. it did tonight, and I think everyone recognized it for what it is. He’s a part-time state senator; a quick study, but clearly not ready.

    Breck Girl got a deserved slap with the throwing mud line. After that, he was neutralized.

    A lot of what some of you say about Iowa also resonates with many of us out here in Los Angeles. Without saying anymore about Iowans, it’s why California is moved up in the season. We want to neutralize (more than that, actually), the impact if Iowa voters don’t caucus on a manner that is in alignment with the real world. Sorry celiff. Nothing personal, but Iowa is quite irrelevant to us out here.

  100. Hillary looked good (great makeup) but please, more color next time. She looked fine, stood out, but more color makes her look great.

    I think Hillary accomplished two things she needed to do….she was a leader and charming for Iowa..and she was feisty enough for NH. Well done.

    As for Nevada, the old gambling crowd was very Republican, very macho, but have gone from very racist to very open in a few decades. And now Dems are on a parity with Reps. but both think of themselves as very self-reliant. Amazingly, the casino money has gone in large part to HRC and the men’s attitude is “she’s tough” and women’s is “she can do a better job”. I cannot wait to see the polls in a few days.

  101. I think now its just wait and see.. this debate will be regurgitated for ever.. next debate is in december.. people are shopping, buying gifts… hellooo.. no one is listening :).. am glad she did good.. this should earn her the presidency if she gets her organization into full gear and ramp up her turn out to vote effort.

  102. los angels dem,

    i feel you on this one, i am also from the left coast, from san francisco,
    and i know we all jumped on the wagon when they wanted to move up our primary season.

    its always been one of those things that made me scratch my head. i guess i think of the iowa caucases, as one of those early american, laws that should no longer be on the books…

    no disrespect…:)

  103. gladiatorstail, good point. Back in the spring, the final debate before the summer months, Hillary won the debate and kept the momentum throughout the summer and into September.

    This debate now carries the narrative forward through the Thanksgiving holiday season and until the next debate – with Hillary ahead and gathering strength.

  104. hey gladiatorstail,

    i saw your comment on mydd blog, where you said the following:

    well i think it is unfair to have a debate where she is having 50% approval rating…

    i didnt exactly get that comment, can you clarify?

  105. I wouldn’t complain about Iowa half as much if, after jerking around the candidates for the better part of a year, they actually held some kind of election where more than a 100,000 people even bother to show up.

    It just pisses me off no end that a tiny lily white Republican that’s never elected a woman or a minority can blackmail the candidates into walking away from 27 critcal Florida electoral college votes and then have the nerve to sit on their asses on caucus day.

    Iowans are like people who spend hours and hours and hours of a car salesman’s time taking test drives, comparing specs, haggling over price when they have absolutely no intention of ever buying a car.

  106. united 12:

    The Iowa caucus isn’t some time honored tradition. 1976 was really the beginning of the current primary system. Jimmy Carter put the Iowa caucus on the map when he looked at the new system and figured out he could make a name for himself by convincing a few hundred Iowa farmers to vote for him.

    The irony is that Iowa is usually meaningless in the nominating race. It’s only the Georgetown Social Club who cares.

  107. Do you all think Biden is going to try and get his people to support Hillary? Except for the Kyl-Lieberman vote he was pretty good to her tonight, and I do not think he likes Edwards or Obama.

  108. Do you all think Biden is going to try and get his people to support Hillary? Except for the Kyl-Lieberman vote he was pretty good to her tonight, and I do not think he likes Edwards or Obama.

  109. United12, I meant it that way because I felt bad when I heard the crowd boo, but then again, she was booed in Chicago… however, I thought candidate looses momentum if they get booed.. and both edwards and obama didnt know how to handle it. If it were bill, he would have trivialized it, stopped, asked the people to finish booing, and then made his point, or would have gone after the crowd. the guy is crazy when he gets heckled :).. thats what I meant.. they were not prepared for it and they did not handle it well and probably, the audience mix was not appropriate, because otherwise it would just have been a clash between audience of different candidates going after each other :)..

    mj, I think a candidate only has so much power to convince people supporting him to vote for others. typically, people who are choosing him do come with a secondary candidate as backup. This is factored way before they enter the booths. so, can he ask them to join her, yes but will they.. is not a 100% yes..

  110. The irony is that Iowa is usually meaningless in the nominating race. It’s only the Georgetown Social Club who cares.
    Yeah when did Iowa become such a big get in the democrats nominating race?

    I just didn’t understand why the media made such a big issue about Iowa when Bill Clinton didn’t even campaign in the state.

    The only the reason I see is that the pundits thought Hillary wouldn’t be able to compete there, knowing Iowa’s view on supporting women for office on a national stage and the Clinton never campaigned there.

    I nice little Salon piece put it all together:
    “In the introduction to her book on how to throw a party — which boils down to having plenty of booze — Quinn admits that she’s no longer a journalist. “You can call me a hostess anytime,” she writes. So why is she getting on TV talk shows to pass judgment on the president and first lady? The answer takes us back to partying. Quinn has invited most of the producers and anchors to her place for dinner. Take her connection to “Meet the Press” anchor Tim Russert. When Jacoby insinuated Quinn was a witch in the Observer, Russert’s wife, Maureen Orth, jumped to her defense.

    “There’s a very incestuous relationship between the New York-Washington journalistic elite,” says Washington columnist Chuck Conconi, who edited Quinn at the Post. “They take care of each other. It shows.”


    Like fine wine this article ages very well and so appropriate in how these back room deals are made in the media. I also like how they called out Timmie Russert.

  111. oh what a difference a day makes. regardless of what happens today, i will not be able to wipe the smile from my face.

  112. Congrats, Senator Clinton!

    I watched..was posting on another site last night!..

    Great comments, you guys..

    Play a little Black Jack today and have some fun. You earned it!

    Best Wishes,

    Mrs. S.

  113. The full debate is now put up on youtube if you want to watch or save this one, it’s worth to keep, heres the link to part 1, and you can take it from there,. The anoying text at the bottom disapears after a few seconds.

    Also Hillary is doing great in a new poll from Michigan, increases lead to 49%
    obama 18%
    Edwards 17%.
    In august Hillary received 40%, going up up UP Baby!!! I can’t wait to see the post debate polls…

  114. ps, for people who wants to post links, you don’t have to cut it apart with using *space* you just take away the http:// part and the www. as that is what creates the link, then post the rest of the link in it’s entirety. Of course people would then just have to copy and paste.

  115. joe scarboro condemns cnn for the “audience participation” and suggests they were all clinton plants…wah! wah! wah! i wonder what mr. scarboro’s reaction would be if the boos and heckles were directed at senator clinton?

  116. celiff, all —

    Iowa “Independent” has a lead post right now declaring Obama the “winnah” based on SS.

  117. It is so amusing how Obama fell right into that DL trap !! We had expected that would happen and it tells you so much about how smart the Clinton Campaign is. When I think about that deer in the headlights look that he had trying to answer that one, then the petulance, then the irritation and somewhat pissed off look – I am still laughing …

  118. I know. I threw up in my mouth a little bit. Look for an article soon by Chase Martyn, the guy that goes on Taylor Marsh’s show, he did the interview. I commented about Paul Krugman on the story up now under the name hawkeyesophomore. Ugh. This article is full of sh**, as we all know, but those not registered with the forbidden zone do not, like what Krugman said, and about the privatizer obama hired that worked with mccain. I hope Martyn’s article goes up soon, with the video they took.

  119. The boys are going to find that Obama’s waffling on the DL and Edwards’ attempt to link Clinton with Bush-Cheney-neocons (or his use of the word corrupt) will not be great reruns for them.

    They can whine about “a Hillary crowd” but Obama certainly had a large contingent at that University.
    Also, the undecided were in the front and they were applauding Hillary.

    There were many people who did not approve of the Russert mugging and they didn’t want a repeat of that, which is just what O & E tried to start. Even Biden was rolling his eyes.

    When Hillary denied she was “exploiting the gender card”, she said “I’m playing the winning card” it roused the audience in approval, and when she said, in a clear sound bite we will hear for weeks, they’re not going after me “because I’m a woman, they’re going after me because I’m ahead!” it was, I think, game, set, match!

    When she said, “I’m not ex

  120. Obama voted as an IL state senator and is stuck w/ the vote. He should have just answered ‘yes’ w/o flinching. That he babbled and meandered completely undermines his JJ Jackson message that one shouldn’t campaign based on fears of what the GOP might do. Of course, I’ve always thought he was just full of talk.

    I actually thought his worst moment was the revelation that he didn’t bother voting on K-L. It’s taken THREE DEBATES to finally get to this point. His dismissing his non-stance as campaigning collateral damage was dumb, dumb — it just says that his personal ambition is more important than the direction the country is taking, especially while he is accusing Clinton of sending us to war in Iran.

  121. One thing — why do the pundits call Hillary ‘scripted’?

    The most scripted candidate in the room is Obama. There is no mystery as to why he looks like two different candidates in speeeches vs debates. Speeches = script.

    One of the things I like about Hillary is that she is consistent — whether it’s a debate, town hall or major speech, even if she doesn’t serve up what I want to hear 100% of the time. Give Edwards some credit — at least he’s the same petty politician at the debate as he is out on the stump.

  122. Freckles, congratulations to Nevada for a good debate. Sandy and LADem and California are up next. The California debate will probably be the last before the voting on January 3. California is Hillary country.

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