Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Hillary Clinton

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Hillary in IOWA: Remarks at the Iowa Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you Iowa Democrats. Thank you all. Thank you. What a night. What a great, great night. Thank you all. There’s no better place to be than right here in Iowa with the great elected officials that you have: your governor, your lieutenant governor, your congressional delegation, our wonderful friend, Senator Tom Harkin and his wife Ruth. Isn’t it a special treat to have the speaker of the house, madam speaker here tonight?


You know, on January 20th, 2009, someone will stand on the steps of the Capitol and raise his or her hand – [Applause] – to take the oath of office as the 44th President of the United States of America. And we are here tonight to make sure that that next president is a Democrat. [Applause] Because, we know, after seven years of George W. Bush, seven years of incompetence, cronyism, and corruption, seven years of a government of the few by the few and for the few. We, as a nation cannot afford any other choice.

We have to have a Democratic president because we have big challenges to meet. We have a war to end. We have an economy to revive. We have a 47 million Americans to insure. We have an energy crisis to solve. We have a homeland to protect, we have alliances to rebuild and we have a world to lead. So, we are ready for change.


But, you know what? Change, change is just a word if you do not have the strength and experience to make it happen. [Applause] We must nominate a nominee who has been tested, and elect a president who is ready to lead on day one.


I know what it is going to take to win. I know it’s going to take all of us and millions more and a candidate who will work and fight every single day for the next year and then will go into the White House determined to bring about that change that we care so much about. Fortunately, I have a little experience standing up and fighting for what I believe is right and what I think America needs and how we can get there together.


I have spent 35 years making a difference and fighting for what I believe matters to people. As a young lawyer, I went to work for the Children’s Defense Fund, fighting for abused and neglected kids, fighting for kids in the foster care system, fighting for kids with disabilities, kids without health care, kids without educational opportunities. In Arkansas, I helped to expand health care into rural areas and to reform the school system so that every child would have a chance to succeed.

As president, I will continue those fights. Continue so that we leave no person and no child out of America’s promise. As first lady, I fought my heart out for health care, and, well – [Applause] – we might not have been successful that time, but I am so proud that I played a part helping to create the Children’s Health Insurance Program and to insure 6 million children. When I’m president, we are going to finish the job and provide quality affordable health care for every single American man, woman, and child.


And, as Senator, I have continued to fight for family farmers and for workers. To fight for soldiers to get the body armor they needed, and for first responders to get the health care they required after 9/11. I have fought against the privatizing of Social Security and against the failed policies of George W. Bush at home and around the world. [Applause] And, when I am President, I will work to reverse the damage of the eight years of George Bush and I will restore the pride and progress in America that should be our birthright. That is who America is. We want to be proud again. We want to be progressive again and we will, when I am president.


Now, there are some who will say that they do not know where I stand. Well, I think you know better than that. I stand where I have stood for 35 years. I stand with you and with your children, and with every American who needs a fighter in their corner for a better life. Now, I know how easy it is in a campaign to get distracted; to focus on who is up and who is down, and who says what about whom. But, that is not what this election is about.

This election is about those Iowans and those Americans who feel invisible in their own country; who feel invisible to their own president. This election is about the woman I met in LeClair. She and her husband both work really hard, but they had to sell half the family farm to pay their medical expenses. This election is about a veteran I met in Sioux center, who bravely fought in Iraq and came home and had to keep fighting to get the health care that he needed. This election is about the mother from Greenville, whose daughter got sick and they did not have insurance, and she died. And on her death certificate, they could not even put a cause of death, because nobody had ever made a diagnosis. She was just 18-years old. There should not be any invisible Americans and when I am president, there will not be. We will have a president again, who gets up every day, worries about, thinks about, and fights for every single one of us. That’s what America deserves, and that is what my candidacy offers.


Now, we are getting closer to the Iowa caucuses. They are going to be earlier than ever before. I know as the campaign goes on, that it’s going to get a little hotter out there. But that is fine with me. Because, you know, as Harry Truman said, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. I’ll tell you what, I feel really comfortable in the kitchen.


So, we have to ask ourselves, what is this election going to be focused on? Well, I will tell you what I want to do. I am not interested in attacking my opponents. I am interested in attacking the problems of America, and I believe — [Applause] — we should be turning up the heat on the Republicans; they deserve all the heat we can give them.


You know, you listen to the Republicans who are running- year, they see eight more years of George Bush. They see a nine trillion dollar debt and say let’s spend trillions more. They see that we had one rush to war and then say, wait, wait, why have one more? Well, I think we are going to tell them, in the course of this campaign, that they do not have any more time. America is done with the Republicans and their failed policies and their refusal to give America back the future that we deserve. But we Democrats, we have to decide what we are for. We Democrats believe that the middle class is the backbone of our country and the guarantor of the American dream. so, when the Republicans stand by and watch rising gas prices and rising health care costs and increase in college tuition and falling housing prices, and struggling families, and they have turned china into our banker, what are we going to do?

Turn up the heat!

And we Democrats, we believe that every child has a god-given potential that we want to help unlock. So, when the Republicans cut Head Start, and refuse to fix No Child Left Behind? What do we do?

Turn up the heat!

And when we Democrats fight for universal health care and the Republicans veto health care for child and the let the insurance companies and the drug companies undermine health care for the rest of us, what do we do?

Turn up the heat!

And we Democrats, we believe in labor rights and women’s rights and gay rights, and civil rights.


And we believe in a department of labor that is actually pro labor, and a Department of Justice that delivers justice. So, when the Republicans tried to turn the clock back on women’s rights, when they tried to stomp out labor unions, when they try to undermine civil rights, what do we do?

Turn up the heat!

And we Democrats, we believe in protecting the environment and we believe in solving the energy crisis. So, when the Republicans turn over our energy policy to the oil companies and deny global warming, what do we do?

Turn up the heat!

And we Democrats, we believe in a government that works for all Americans again. We actually believe in appointing qualified people to do the jobs in the United States Government. So, when the Republicans stock the government with their cronies, when they give no-bid contracts to Halliburton and legal immunity to Blackwater, what do we do?

Turn up the heat!

And we Democrats, we believe in the power of science and innovation. We know it can lift up lives and grow the economy, so when President Bush declares a war on science, when he bans stem cell research, when he tries to turn Washington into an evidence free zone and put ideology in front of facts. What do we do?

Turn up the heat!

And finally, we believe that our country is both great and good. And as president, I will end the war in Iraq, end the era of cowboy diplomacy and restore America’s standing and leadership in the world.


So, when the Republicans engage in fear-mongering and saber-rattling and talk about World War III, what do we do to them?

Turn up the heat!

Well, that is what it’s going to take. We are going to turn up the heat on the Republicans and we are going to turn America around. But, we cannot do it if we are not united and together; not only Democrats, but independents, and even Republicans who reject this radical experiment in extremism. I know we can win this election and I know we don’t have a choice. I am proud to have the support of so many Democrats and Democratic leaders from across America. And I am especially proud to have the support of so many Democratic leaders from the so- called red states to know that I can win. Leaders like the governor Beebe of Arkansas and Senator Bayh of Indiana and Governor Ted Strickland of Ohio, who is here with me tonight. [Applause] Because, Democrats know, when we win Ohio, we win the White House.


I am so grateful to all of the Iowans who are supporting me and I absolutely appreciate everything you have done for me and for all of the candidates throughout the campaign. I ask all of you to join my campaign. I ask you to go and stand for me in the caucus on January 3. If you will stand for me for a night, I will stand and fight for you every day in this campaign and every day in the White House. Because together, we are going to restore America’s leadership, rebuild a strong and prosperous middle-class, reform the government and reclaim the future for our children. Let’s do it, Iowa Democrats. Let’s make sure that we turn up the heat and turn America around. Thank you and God bless you.


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  1. Hey Admin, What a wonderful treat to have the transcript of this great speech. Thank you! Thank you! Keep on, keepin’ on yall. mollyj

  2. this is hilarious. Remember back in June, Gallup had a poll showing Clinton 37, Obama 36? For some reason, this poll was updated on a website as a ‘new poll’. myDD went nuts for it… Hilarious.

    big media is on full scale attack mode, no doubt about it.

  3. What is admin’s take on Craig Crawford’s surmise that if Edwards loses Iowa, he could endorse Obama in order to prevent Hillary getting the nomination? Edwards has pointedly declined to say that if she were the nominee he would support her, in contrast to every other of Hillary’s opponents.

  4. ra1029,

    can you post the link to that Obama ‘plant’ story from Chicago Sun Times? I need to put it up on some big blogs.

  5. That only works if 100% of his supporters go Obama’s direction – it doesn’t work that way. It never does. A huge chunk Edwards’ supporters have Clinton as their second choice as it is. And Edwards’ endorsement won’t change that for most of them.

    Machinations and dirty tricks aren’t going to take the nomination away from Clinton. The only way they beat her is if they are better than her – and so far, that’s the not the case. I’m not expecting it to be.

  6. Pilgrim, where Edwards leads, no one follows. Most if not all polls show Hillary is second choice for Edwards supporters and Obama supporters.

    BTW, The Hotline yesterday had this little summary about Hillary and NH polls (Hotline also reported on the Biden’s “Hello Iowa. And hello, Chicago!” remarks at the JJ dinner):

    “But, NH polls also showed that while HRC’s lead has shrunk in wake of attacks, her support has solidified. Meanwhile, the bulk of Obama and Edwards support comes from those voters still trying to make up their minds. Will a more aggressive campaign push those voters closer or further away?”

  7. Edwards supporters are not likely Obama supporters. An Edwards precinct captain from MYDD has said this many times and polls bear her out. When second choice is given, most Edwards people choose Hillary, and they already know he doesn’t like her.

  8. Check out AmericaBlog’s post about why Joe doesn’t think Hillary will win. Particularly, check out the comments section. There is getting to be more and more support out there online. Hoo Yeah!

  9. Rasmussen released an interesting poll on ‘pile-on’ of Hillary…(I hate spam filter, go search the poll yourself)

    The headline does not tell the real story, the real story is this:
    “Democrats are far more likely than others to believe that Senator Clinton has been unfairly attacked. Among members of her own party, 37% believe Clinton has been the victim of piling on while 40% disagree.”

    If 37% dems do start to believe the attacks are just getting ridiculous, these folks will not abandon her in the closing days. If MSM continues this relentless attack on Clinton, this may well backfire a bit in the end. DC pundits will likely eat their cake again just as they did
    in 2004.

  10. Admin, thank you very much for your response. I appreciate it. Probably Hillary’s very smart people have already factored this possibility into their calculations.

  11. Drudgereport is pushing this item:

    “CNN’s Wolf Blitzer has been warned not to focus Thursday’s Dem debate on Hillary. ‘This campaign is about issues, not on who we can bring down and destroy,’ top Clinton insider explains. ‘Blitzer should not go down to the levels of character attack and pull ‘a Russert.” Blitzer is set to moderate debate from Vegas, with questions also being posed by Suzanne Malveaux… “

  12. There is also this from Hotline:

    “HRC holds a 2-1 lead over Obama in NV, unchanged since her Drexel debacle. Don’t they get MSNBC in Vegas?”

  13. Josh Marshalls’ TPM has a link to an item which says a McCain supporter called Hillary a b**** at an event and McCain “laughed it off”. You wont find the BM questioning him about it.

    The huffington post has that “plant” story as the big, leading screaming headline. This is what Hillary is up against. Arianna hates her and is doing everything possible to promote Obama and bring her down. And I wouldnt be surprised if Mr Hate Edwards is laughing with McCain on the phone right now.

  14. My local Fox new channel showed that video, is there away we can find that video and post it here. To show how insecure some people are to a Hillary Clinton nomination?

  15. DT,

    Check the comments of HuffPo on those stories (particularly the “Hillary attacked by Flags” piece). Hillary supporters are fighting back and I think this falls in line with the Drudge headline and the Rasmussen numers. Two months ago there wasn’t much blowback on that site or AmericaBlog or other places like ABC or CNN. The blowback on the negative pieces is becoming bigger and bigger each week. HuffPo and other BM outlets are risking their credibility and viewership at their own peril.

    I hate them attacking our girl, but it lowers expectations in IA. Let them keep after her. She’s a fighter and so are her supporters. We will show up to our respective primaries in full battle mode. When she wins the Democratic nomination, it’ll only strengthen her argument that she fights and wins and will only serve to solidify her in the minds of voters what we here at Big Pink already know: She is the next President of these United States.

    BTW- a note to all: Don’t forget to donate between now and the start of the debate on Thursday at 8:00 PM EST. Hillary is going for a million bucks between now and then. Bwak threw down the gauntlet, let’s bring it to him.

  16. Thanks Okie – I’ve noticed that as well. Even on Kos, there seems to be some sort of fightback from Hillary’s supporters though I rarely visit that site anymore; I used to be a regular lurker but I just got sick of the vitriol towards her. Bless all those supporters who still post there especially Alegre- I dont know how she does it. I personally cant stand the crap that they (including the proprietor btw) spew on Hillary and her supporters. And Huffpo is no better than drudge these days.

  17. admin, regarding the video, this kind of hate is promoted by right wingers, and unfortunately, there are plenty of people in progressive left that take those talking points and run with them, as if they had some point to prove. they believe that hack like this one will not vote for hillary, and therefore hillary is not “electable” in GE.

    I can see the same lady ask the question, how do we beat the n*****, or how do we beat the f*****, and both Obama and Edwards are clueless how to handle the criticism. Elizabeth Edwards was all over the place when Ann coulter (she is definitely a vociferous witch with a caps lock B)called her husband f*****. she cried and implored to Ann, and then tried to hedge it with sympathy of her cancer and lost son. and Ann said, I dont care, and 50% of the country loved how she beat up Elizabeth in that segment of todays show. It is deplorable, but as far as right is concerned, its a golden fact.

    The right wants Edwards or Obama as nominee, and they will do everything in their power to get the same. Obama doesnt have a chance because all right has to say is, he will increase your taxes by a trillion dollars, and poof, there you go. Remember the bush kerry debate in which bush shouted into the mic saying, this guy will increase your taxes, and he is more left than Ted Kennedy. and all the independents ran to bush. and edwards is more left of Obama too. unfortunately, every democrat except Hillary (in most cases) runs behind republicans when it comes to national security and iraq. and these extreme left wing bloggers just dont get it. If rudy does not open his mouth on anything but just says, I will appoint reasonable judges, I will have reasonable abortion policy (not to piss off both right and center), I will bring troops responsibly and I will not raise taxes, I wonder what chance either Obama or Edwards have. Repugs are far better in smear tactics than democrats anyways. and Obama and Edwards make such a juicy target. I rest my case. The funny thing is, right does NOT care what MSM has to say, since they have become used to this pimping. They get their news from fox “news” and are happy and contended with their lives. so any pimping that Obama gets in MSM in GE would only take him so much distance. he still hasnt woken up to reality, and believes he can win MS. nuff of my ranting.. the far left is as stupid as far right.. and media loves pitting one group against another as long as they get their ratings.

  18. BTW, I would be very dubious about that Drudge headline. No Clinton “insiders” talk to Drudge, so it’s probably garbage. It makes it sound like her campaign’s trying to intimidate CNN. They’d never tell Drudge something like that.

    Also, on the last thread, I read that CNN interview the Grinnell student. She wasn’t a “plant,” and the story about what happened isn’t bad at all. Typical BM behavior to make a mountain out of a molehill when it comes to Hillary.

  19. Excerpts of Dick Armey on why Hillary will Win:

    “If the 2008 presidential election were held today, Hillary Rodham Clinton would win.

    Hillary’s minor stumbles in last week’s debate notwithstanding, she is simply running the most disciplined and effective campaign. She’s one of the most able politicians in America, and no one should underestimate her desire to be President and her calculating focus.

    What you need to understand is that Hillary Clinton is, quite simply, craftier and more aggressive than the rest of the field. I know this firsthand, having battled with the Clinton Administration throughout the 1990’s while serving as a leader in Congress.

    She’s only gotten tougher since then.

    Early on, there were many fights, but one of the most important was over Hillary Clinton’s 1993 plan to expand government control of the health-care system. We were lucky to stop it, and we did so by standing our ground on the principle of putting patients ahead of bureaucracies. But now she’s back, and the health-care issue is a perfect example of the way she’s learned on the job and evolved her tactics.

    Hillary Clinton and her agenda are not going to fade away. She is relentless and determined. Once she resolves a course of action in her mind, she is not going to be wishy-washy. The other candidates, and the rest of the world, will quickly learn that Hillary Clinton means business.

    No doubt, Hillary Clinton has the Democrat primary all wrapped up. A couple of one-term senators are simply no match for the political machine she and her husband have built. I won’t go so far as to say that it’s not possible for a Republican to defeat her in the general election. But as things stand today, the GOP has a very real set of problems that are larger than any of the party’s candidates.

    Right now, the country is headed toward a date with Hillary Clinton, and big government is on the agenda. The only way to change that rendezvous is for candidates to offer a clear, principled, limited government alternative.

  20. The only thing I like about this video is that the supporter is honest and upfront. At least I know right away what you think, it’s honest and direct you’re scared and you don’t think McCain team has the answers as revealed by the question: How do we beat…now fill in the blank.
    1) How do we beat Ron Paul?
    2) How do we beat Huckabee?
    3) How do we beat Thompson?
    4) How do we beat Guiliani?
    5) How do we beat Gravel?
    6) How do we beat Kucinich?
    7) How do we beat Dodd?
    8) How do we beat Biden?
    9) How do we beat Edward?
    10)How do we beat Obama?
    11)How do we Beat Clinton?

    That’s how I see it before McCain’s people start saying the “B” word I think they need to focus on how to get their moribund campaign message out that will benefit their candidate, instead of helping ours.

    Like it has been said, The American people are looking for an leader that will show the true reflection of our character and potential….hmmm.

  21. “kostner Says:

    this is hilarious. Remember back in June, Gallup had a poll showing Clinton 37, Obama 36? For some reason, this poll was updated on a website as a ‘new poll’. myDD went nuts for it… Hilarious.

    big media is on full scale attack mode, no doubt about it.”

    Kost, if you go to that news website and read the comments, many of its readers think that is a new poll. Nowhere in the article does it mention the date the poll was taken.

    That’s really irresponsible for a news organization.

  22. OkeiAtty,

    I agree with you on credibility issue. I mailed a letter to NY times editor, threatening that I will have to cancel my subscription if they keep smearing Hillary without checking their facts. I showed them the facts. I havent heard back fom them and neither do I expect them to get back to me, but I guess I will wait another 1 month and cancel my subscription if this crap continues. I mean why should I pay for a newspaper that misrepresents facts.

  23. Souffle has a new Obama memo out today. Politico points out the attacks on Hillary – and Edwards (Edwards must feel like a fool for hiring Trippi and running shotgun for Obama):

    “The most striking thing about David Plouffe’s sharply-worded memo out today (after the jump )isn’t that he swipes at Hillary, but that he swipes at Edwards’ just as hard. Which, while it may be with the intention of making this a two-way race, serves as a reminder that it’s not.”

    For example:

    John Edwards’ positions are not changing as rapidly, but on many core issues the Edwards of today is different than the Edwards of 1998, or even 2004. It’s admirable to admit mistakes but John Edwards has apologized for most of his record while in the Senate, saying he got it wrong on trade with China, Right to Work, Packer Ban, No Child Left Behind, Bankruptcy reform and of course, the Iraq War.

    Marc Ambinder has the full memo and some useful comments:

  24. filbertsf, you missed the point. Last week was “Green Week” on MSNBC. This week its “recycle old polls that looked good for Obama” week. Big Media and Big Blogs are just being environmentally friendly – recycle, recycle. 🙂

  25. BTW, Does anyone have an idea if non-political junkies are paying attention to any of this media feeding frenzy? Just curious …

  26. Yes, I just spoke with a law school buddy of mine. She was not very political in school and now lives in Indiana. She’s even paying attention. I mentioned this site and she stated she had been here a few times (if you’re reading this Mom, here’s a big XOXOXO. Come over to the Big Pink. Join us in communing with the Mothership.).

    Also, I like bars, like drinking and know a ton of people at Happy Hour. Guys who normally talk about batting averages or punt retruns are strating to take note of headlines, debate performances, etc.. Believe it or not, they’re even betting on outcomes.

  27. I thought this was funny, hope you all do too…

    Hillary Clinton tops The Trucker poll for Democratic nominee

    The Trucker News Services


    Hillary Clinton is the choice of truckers who vote in the recent poll on

    Asked the question “Who would you nominate for the 2008 presidential Democratic candidate?” 40.42 percent of the respondents list Ms. Clinton.

    John Edwards received 36.25 percent and Barack Obama received 23.33 percent.

    Clinton, Edwards and Obama were listed as choices because they are considered the most viable Democratic candidates according to national polls.

    An opportunity to express your choice of Republication candidates will be the poll next week.

  28. Haha, I love that line from the clinton camp, if it is by them tho, “pull a russert”. Although it’s meant in a negative way, that guy doesn’t deserve anything being named after him.

    The Clinton camp is ready for anything to come that’s for sure, as armey writes, the clintons (in his view) can be relentless. I read an article yesterday, I’ll post some of it later, which goes to show how well prepared they are to handle any kind of attack. It’s all politics, and although it might be a bit disheartening to learn of all the ‘stuff’ that goes on in a campaign. It is also a big reason for my support of Hillary, as I KNOW she is tough enough and ‘crazy’ enough to enter a knuckle fight. As history has shown us, it’s usually the republicans who are the attackers and aggressors and will do what it takes to win. Well I say it’s about time the democrats got one of those, and you need to win in order to make a change.
    But I think you should be nice and honest in a primary, but go full speed ahead in a GE! And this is what Hill is and will be doing.

    On another note, I loved Dodds reaction to Edwards not saying whether he will endorse Hillary or not if she is the nominee.

    “I am surprised at just how angry John has become. This is not the same John Edwards I once knew. Of course, we should all come together to support the nominee. I wonder which of the Republicans John prefers to Hillary?” – Chris Dodd

    He is right about how angry Edwards has become, have you all noticed this??! And then suddenly he’s in love with Obama, and all smiles. No, there must be something going on between those two campaigns. Edwards will do anything to be President, or near the top spot, crazy loon.

    I’ll post that article later, it’s a good read.

  29. Gorto said: “And then suddenly he’s in love with Obama, and all smiles. No, there must be something going on between those two campaigns.”

    Don’t tell Bwak’s anti-gay contingent. They might defrock him as their savior if they learned about those two “Lawyers in Love.” 🙂

  30. Admin,

    I completely agree with you on the headline being reasonable. Infact I beleive that it was a pre-emptive move by her campaign, just to immune Hillary of media criticisms if she does badly, and to be fair, thats a good hedge in my opinion. This also makes a huge dent in Tim Russerts credibility among Hillary leaning democrats and few independents, and will eventually hurt his ratings. Also, I think CNN will do more fact checking instead of just waving some papers at her, of which she has no idea, neither will it encourage moderators to join the challengers and come after her. Its only fair. Infact, I think she is going to be more aggressive in this debate, and thats only fair, because this will be the “Hillary-comback kid on the block” headline, and that bandwagon will eventually trounce both Edwards and Obama. Thats the way I am seeing it. MSNBC will continue with their smear campaign to prove that they are still relevant, but even they know that they are fighting for their own credibility.

  31. lol, the choice of truckers!!! I love it, I’m sure she is proud of it too! 8)

    And great news about barney frank, he at least is never afraid of speaking his mind. I bet he’ll be a loud supporter 🙂

  32. Okay- a bit offtopic, but I just looked up the lyrics for shins and grits and I had sooooo forgotten about the spaceship line in verse 2. You guys don’t think Dennis Kucinich is controlling them with a Vulcan Mind Meld do you?

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  33. OkieAtty: “Lawyers in Love.” LOL If this was a tv show and I didn’t know what it was about, I’d almost be tempted to watch! 😉 hehe

    And let’s not forget what happened at the JJ dinner, when a MAN called out to Obama, ‘ I love you’, and Obama answered him ‘lovingly’ back in a smooth voice ‘ I love you too’ !! lol

  34. admin,

    regarding that Obama memo, i have some thoughts… I’m wondering whether big media is missing the boat completely…

    Let’s take a look at the daily Rasmussen tracking polls since debate and especially for the last couple of days… (no link, afraid of spam filter)…

    The most striking thing is that Edwards has sustained an upward trend, his numbers have actually jumped from an average of 12-13% to 16-17%. Obama’s numbers are extremely stagnant at around 20%. In other words, Edwards is much much closer to Obama than ever. This may just be some blip, but is definitely worth noting.

    I am wondering whether big media/big blogs are completely missing the boat again?

  35. And let’s not forget what happened at the JJ dinner, when a MAN called out to Obama, ‘ I love you’, and Obama answered him ‘lovingly’ back in a smooth voice ‘ I love you too’ !! lol

    THAT WAS a plant. I had read about the same thing EXACTLY happening on the campaign trail, and if you watch the video (of the jj dinner), he WAITS with head down and ear cocked in the direction of the shouter.
    That was a set-up, no doubt and I bet that if there are videos of Obama’s campaign speeches, you would find more than a few of these, “spontaneous”, shows of affection.

  36. Greg Sargent writes at Talking Points Memo today:

    … it’s really not hard to explain why Camp Hillary is so aggressive with the media: The Clintons have been getting slimed by the big news orgs for over 15 years. Just look back over Campaign 2008 alone and ponder all the bogus Hillary stories we’ve had. Here’s a partial list:

    * Hillary’s alleged failure to tip the Iowa waitress

    * Hillary’s phony southern drawl

    * The supposed 20-year-plan by Hillary and Bill to take over the world, or at least deliver them both the Presidency, as alleged by Jeff Gerth and Don Van Natta and denied by the one person who supposedly had first-hand knowledge of their dastardly plot

    * The baseless claim that Hillary eavesdropped on political opponents in 1992

    * The bogus media claim that Bill Clinton accused Hillary’s Dem rivals of “swiftboating” her

    * The media’s hyping of Hillary’s supposed refusal to release Presidential records, a tale that was taken apart in today’s Washington Post and which wasn’t matched by any similar media outrage about Rudy’s refusal to release his Mayoral papers

    And on and on. Putting aside the Hillary campaign’s more routine efforts to spin the press, the real story here is that the Clintons have been swimming against the media slime-tide for far longer than any of her Dem rivals. As a result they have a more immediate grasp of the media echo chamber/Freak Show dynamic at play, which is that once bogus stories are injected into the media bloodstream there’s literally nothing that can get can get pundits and commentators — and even some self-described journalists — to stop repeating it.


    You don’t have to naively assert that the Clintons are merely passive victims of the press or deny that the Clinton camp aggressively tries to spin the media to its advantage to acknowledge this fundamental media state of play. With the Freak Show there’s literally no room for error — once a story gets written into the Freak Show’s script there’s no going back. So the idea is to move as quickly as possible to strangle these stories before the Freak Show gets a hold of them. This is what’s largely driving Camp Hillary’s aggressiveness with the press. No mystery here.

  37. hmmm, that’s interesting.

    There are numerous stories out there that goes way back that paints the picture of a NOT so spontaneous Obama campaign, they do most certainly stage a lot of ‘things’…
    But of course the media is nowhere to follow up on these….

    I just wonder tho, why would they plant a guy? Wouldn’t it be more common to plant a woman? Or is it a hidden msg to the ‘gay folks’ that he really does love them, just not ‘OUT’ in public?!

  38. In regards to the desire of some Hillary supporters for a more vigorous “push-back” against these attacks, I find myself somewhat surprised that we haven’t seen and heard more of James Carville. I would have though he’d be an excellent Clinton attack-dog. I’ve seen him every once and awhile on CNN’s Situation Room but mostly they (CNN) seem to prefer Donna Brazille, who doesn’t really exude a “in-your-face” personna.

    Is Carville contractually married to CNN or something? Is that why he’s been “missing in action”, so-to-speak on the other programs?

  39. kostner — the last time Edwards surged in Rasmussen daily tracking was the period 8/19 – 8/30. It didn’t last. Need some more time to see if this is for real. Obama’s been stagnant since about the third week of October.

  40. Well, his “I love you back” I would argue is a more standard reply in those settings, albeit a bit odd coming from a politician, but still…
    What I found odd was that this kind of a line came from a guy, especially if this was a plant.

    A more common shout out would have been, “Go Barack” “Your the man..” lol, or something, you get my point 😀

  41. CBS news is about to release two polls on Wednesday…



    NH: HILLARY 37%; OBAMA 22%; EDWARDS 9%

  42. ps, but it goes to the cult of his supporters I think, that someone would shout out I love you, to a politician is in general to be, quite strange. Considering politicians are usually far down on the list of popular people, perhaps even lower then lawyers, and that says quite a bit.

    But I give, I’ll be the first person to admit I myself would shout out I love you, to Hillary, so I digress 😀 (but she is a woman! which, without playing any gender card here, is a bit different) You tell a guy you like them, you tell a woman you love them… (my opinion)

  43. Edwards told an Iowa audience today:

    Edwards … focused in particular on the North American Free Trade Agreement, which many U.S. unions contend has sent American jobs outside the nation’s borders and held down wages here.

    “So, when a candidate rails against NAFTA today, it’s fair to ask her where she was with NAFTA 20 years ago,” said Obama. “You don’t just suddenly wake up and say NAFTA is a terrible thing when you were for it before.”

    Earth to Edwards, NAFTA went into effect in 1994. Where’s this 20 year thingy coming from?

  44. hmm, any word on how these polls were conducted?

    Iowa is a strange place, suddenly Obama is 3rd….hmm..
    Oh well, still leading!

  45. B Merryfield:

    You are right. Before the last debate, she warned both Edwards and Obama that “the time to go after Clinton is now.”

  46. Cotton-eyed Joe, he’s Bill’s guy from the old days. Hillaryland is in place now. That also means that Howard Wolfson and another guy do those responses. Bill and Hillary may be married and similar in some of their views, but they are separate people with separate staffs and ideas, too.

    Gorto, I should caution you that Hillary, Bill and I are attorneys. Stop with the lawyer bashing please. Not all of us look to the public as our own personal worshippers or piggybanks.

    As for Greg Sargeant, I don’t always agree with him, but he does work hard to get the story right unlike Tweety or Russert.

  47. OkieAtty:

    You are wrong on this statement.

    “but he does work hard to get the story right unlike Tweety or Russert.”

    It is not that they get the story wrong by accident. Tweety deliberately tries to distort her record so that he can say all nasty things about her, her clap, her laugh, her speech .. yadi…yadi.. yada.

    Tweety is washington dc’s equivalent of “Baghdad Bob”, the Iraqi information minister under Saddam Hussein.

  48. I just got an email from Michelle Obama;

    I was there.

    I watched my husband electrify a crowd of more than 9,000 Iowa Democrats:
    I’ve known Barack a long time, and it’s clear to me when he’s in his element.

    Years ago, after we first met, he took me to an organizing meeting in a small church basement in Chicago. He was so comfortable and genuine speaking to folks in the community about the issues they faced that it moved me.

    He moved me again last Saturday in Iowa.

    This is exactly what he should be doing — talking to ordinary people about the kind of change America needs, and encouraging everyone to come to the table to make it happen.

    But as his wife, I also know when he’s not in his element.

    There’s nothing Barack dislikes more about campaigning than asking people for money. Unfortunately, over the next few weeks, he’s scheduled to travel all over the country on a series of fundraising trips.

    You can get him back to doing what he does best. Act on David’s message below and help reclaim a day of fundraising from Barack’s calendar.

    If we raise $850,000 on the Internet this week, Barack can eliminate a fundraising trip and head back to Iowa to build on the momentum he created this weekend.


  49. Edwards is also wrong on NAFTA, Hillary was against it.

    Even Clinton basher Sally Bedell Smith wrote in her new book

    “Liberal Democrats, including Hillary, opposed it primarily because it could take jobs away from American workers. But as an advocate of global economic cooperation, Bill was drawn to its free-trade philosophy.”

    Expect a Fact Hub/Hillary Hub pushback on this.

  50. OkieAtty, I apologize, I meant no bashing, and I know Billary are both lawyers. It’s just a running joke about how low politicians and lawyers are perceived. Nothing personal meant.

    But the last comment on edwards being a lawyer I stand by, he is as slick as they come, and although he has done good work in the past, what he has now become, is nothing to be proud about. Perhaps you can perceive it as a disgrace to lawyers.

    It’s been posted before, I think by kostner, that story about him telling kerry about his dead son, the story he had never told anyone before….
    low….just low.

    I’d like to see matthews spew that stuff on his show and not this constant obsession with Hillarys ‘clapping’, christ!

  51. admin,

    I’d like you to write a article on the latest Obama push-polling in Iowa. He basically attacks both Clinton and Edwards. I know every Clinton supporter gets riled up by Edwards’ insanity. But let’s face it, a fight between Edwards and Clinton will only benefit Obama in Iowa. I hope we can push this story to the MSM since the push-polling is quite ascerbic, they even brought up EE’s cancer as a reason of not voting for Edwards. I am going to attach the links in my next entry(there are two links from two Edwards supporters).

    This should definitely be pushed onto the MSM. Obama’s chicago dirty tricks need to be disclosed.

    Some excerpts:

    of the following is the most important reason not to support Hillary Clinton? 1) (can’t remember, I think it was about her taking lobbyist money) 2) she would be a weak general election candidate, or 3) she won’t bring the change we need. I answered number 2.

    Next question: which is the most important reason not to support John Edwards? 1) he is too liberal to win a general election, or 2) he chose to continue the presidential campaign instead of staying home with his wife who has cancer. I said I rejected the premise of this question and refused to answer.

  52. merryfield, probably you should alert the factcheck in hillaryhub about this. so that media catches it early on.

    kostner, can you comment on the polls? is this just an outlier? however, it seems to be consistent with that troopers on the ground say, that Edwards is way ahead compared to Obama in Iowa, and actually is at a striking distance from her. I think it is actually good for him as well as us if he or she wins Iowa. He has no strategy past NH. The average bounce of 20% carried by front runner would still not help come super tuesday in a three person race, since he will be limited by money. However if the bounce goes to Obama, he actually overtakes Hillary.

    Also, I hear that Obama would be planning on going aggressive on Edwards. This only makes sense because he is stagnant in polls, and whatever Hillary is losing, Edwards, Bill Richardson and Biden are absorbing it. Her core supporters of 35%+ outside Iowa will not abandon her that easily.

  53. I think the NH poll is great. IA is tight, no doubt, but I’m glad Edwards is actually in the running. If Obama’s so-called ‘surge’ could not materialize in the next few weeks in IA, he’s finished.

  54. Y’all, The “I love you” on cue to Obama is part of the rock star theme. It was also reflected in the red OBAMA neon sign/light at the top of the bleechers after his moving and angry tirade. the classic movie 12 angry men was on cable yesterday. I could hardly help thinkin’ “2 angry men” a la Edwards and Obama.

    Kostner, Here’s a naive and inexperienced question, but, “what is push polling”? Who wrote that chicago style dirty tricksters letter? mollyj

  55. Ra1029, Tweety and Russert don’t do their own fact checking or reporting. They get interns and story producers to do it and they pencil in their touch and go forth and recite it a the gospel. So I think we’re sorta in agreement.

    Gorto, I know you didn’t mean to, but just realize that your attack was a double edged sword. And it hurt my itty bitty feelings. 😛

    Kostner makes a good point Admin about push polling. If it’s being done and can be confirmed, it needs a front and center plus a lot of local coverage in IA. Celiff, any chance the locals will cover push polling?

    Push polling is despicable, but unforunately it works. One of our state senate seat races got nasty with push polling by the 2nd and 3rd place candidates. It resulted in a run-off with the 1st tier candidate winning. He didn’t do it, but they did try to frame him for it twice. They spent a lot on that race and turned off a lot of voters with too much media saturation. You name it- TV, radio, print, internet, mailers, door-to-door. We were contacted no less than 15x by each candidate. We already had our candidate online as we had been consulting early on, but if we hadn’t, we would have stayed away from the polls.

    Politics is a full contact sport y’all.

  56. I’m just gonna give a heads up on a longer post I’ll be posting now,I’ve chosen some excerpts, but I recommend reading the entire article, I found it enjoyable at least.

    Clinton’s strategy for crushing the media.

    This is an interesting article, about the media complaining how difficult it is to come ‘close’ to Hillary. And always being held at a distance. And also about how ‘ruthless’ the Clinton camp is, which I in a sadistically way I kinda like. I want a FIGHTER!
    Here are a few paragraphs if you don’t want to read it all, as it is a bit long, but it is captivating. As it presents a different view of this whole process and team Hillary, I didn’t find it to be very negative towards her either, but maybe that’s just me.

    –“ Even seasoned political journalists describe reporting on Hillary as a torturous experience. Though few dare offer specifics for the record–“They’re too smart,” one furtively confides. “They’ll figure out who I am””

    –“ “They’re frightening!” says one reporter who has covered Clinton. “They don’t see [reporting] as a healthy part of the process. They view this as a ruthless kill-or-be-killed game.””

    –“ “Her ground-zero assumption is that [a reporter is] an asshole,” a senior Hillary aide told her biographer, Carl Bernstein.
    Clinton’s wariness was forged by her husband’s nightmarish experience on the 1992 campaign trail. “

    –Hillary’s first instinct was usually to stonewall the press. When New York Times reporter Jeff Gerth was first reporting on Whitewater in early 1992, rather than work with Gerth, Hillary insisted on giving him the figurative finger.

    (I like this one, the figurative finger, haha)

    –“ Bill Clinton favored compliance with the Post–but was overruled by Hillary, who implied she would rather “throw them all in the Potomac.””

    –“ To be fair, when Hillary did engage the press, she often got burned. When she ruminated to the The New York Times Magazine’s Michael Kelly about spirituality, he produced a mocking cover story titled “Saint Hillary.” Hillary later wrote that she had been “raw with grief” over her dying father, implying that Kelly had exploited her emotional vulnerability.”

    –“ When Hillary embarked on her 2000 run for Senate in New York, she brought her antipathy toward the press with her and set new standards for media control. After the campaign, AP reporter Beth Harpaz wrote a book about her experience in which she described feeling at various times “humiliated,” “paranoid,” and “so worn down and so exasperated by the lack of access and the lack of news in this campaign that I’d given up fighting.” Once, when Hillary sent a candy basket to the press van, the downtrodden reporters were incredulous, Harpaz wrote: “[N]one of us could believe that Hillary was being so nice to us.””

    –‘Hillary’s communications director, Howard Wolfson’

    “Wooffie,” as Hillary has been known to call him, is colorfully eccentric–afraid of flying, highly allergic, prone to weird accidents, and a proud indie-rock connoisseur. And, unlike many hard-assed Republican operatives, Wolfson socializes with some top D.C. political reporters.

    –The Clintonites are also defined by their obsessive determination never to be caught off-guard by bad news. Whenever possible, they seek to release it on their own terms. In May, the campaign spoiled the summer rollout of two Clinton biographies, Gerth and Van Natta’s Her Way and Bernstein’s A Woman In Charge, by obtaining advance copies and leaking them to The Washington Post on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend.

    — Sally Bedell Smith, author of the recent Clinton biography For Love of Politics, says she was “thunderstruck” to learn from Clinton friend Terry McAuliffe, weeks before the book’s release, that Bill Clinton had already read it. “It was unnerving that he could have gotten a copy at that stage,” she says.

    My favorite part, hehe:

    — Sometimes, Hillary even gets in the act. According to Gerth and Van Natta, Kornblut was just back from a planned vacation she took after her story appeared when she ran into Hillary in a hotel. Referring to Kornblut’s casual attire, Hillary cracked, “Anne, I thought you left Barbados”–revealing an ominous awareness of the reporter’s movements.

    — “There’s a Swift Boat around every corner,” says one Democratic operative close to the campaign. “We’ll be damned if we’re going to let that happen again.”

    And finally some dirt thrown Obamas way:

    —After complaining about the Clinton machine for a spell, one political reporter fondly described how much easier dealing with the Obama campaign had been: “The Obama press office is nothing like this. They’ve got a very open and friendly press office.” There was a pause. “But, then, he’s losing.”

    It may be brutal, but if she wins, I certainly won’t complain!!

  58. There may not need be a Fact Hub on NAFTA as I think this was Edwards’ distortion of her announcement yesterday “Clinton Woos Labor” (AP article posted on Hillary Hub). AP wrote:

    Clinton spoke to about 250 delegates at a regional conference of the United Auto Workers, dealing with an issue that was a sore subject between labor leaders and her husband during his presidency. Former President Clinton pushed to approve pacts such as the North American Free Trade Agreement over the bitter objections of labor leaders, who complained the deals would and put U.S. workers in competition with cheap foreign labor.

    “When I’m president we’ll have a time out to take stock of where we are on trade,” said Clinton, a senator from New York. “Every trade agreement has to be independently, objectively analyzed.”

    – Edwards just went out of his way to distort what she said with his 20 years ago remark.

  59. The banner on Tweety has run since opening “Clinton campaign stumbles” …. and Joe Klein of TIME just said that nobody he talked with in Iowa had even seen or heard of last week’s debate.

    Plus, my son informed me this morning to ignore Tweety … more people watch the 700 Club than watch MSNBC !

  60. Gorto, wasnt Sally Bedell Smith the one who is behind pushing this story on Hillary’s sexual orientation? She is a nasty woman for sure, and good, Clintons decided not to give her an interview in the book. I think she is another pissed off woman.

  61. Iowa polling is crazy. Even if the polls show Hill 20% up on primary day with the process of caucusing, anything could happen.
    The best scenario(s) for Hillary have her finishing in the top 2 and Obama 3rd, and preferably not a CLOSE third. I agree that the NH poll is especially encouraging. Remember, Edwards is BROKE. He’s the guy we WANT to see in the rear-view. The ultimate would be for Edwards and Obama to consume each other in Iowa, as OB’s candidacy can’t take a 3rd place finish there and go on with any credibility, just like his wife said. OB’s braintrust have realized that they must beat Hillary and Edwards in Iowa, as evidenced by today’s OB campaign memo. Edwards doesn’t seem to think, at this point anyway, that OB is a threat in IA., only Clinton, so he’s still treading lightly with OB. Thursday’s debate will be interesting in several ways;

    Will the focus be on Hillary again?
    Will Edwards go EVEN MORE negative on Hillary?
    What will Edwards do IF Obambi take a swipe at him?

  62. mj:

    Baghdad Bob was the (dis)information minister under Saddam Hussein just before Baghdad fell. He was the guy who was telling the world that everything was okay even until the last minute when we could see our soldiers have already entered Baghdad. He lying was so comical, the press and the army had named him “Baghdad Bob” as a joke.

  63. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Now I REALLY can’t wait until Hillary takes over. President Chimpy vetoed college cost reduction, head start funding, and healthcare for homeless veterans. What a fuckface!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. I don’t know who originally is behind that story, it’s been everywhere and nowhere.

    Hmm, maybe I’m hung up on a gender theme today, but, I find it a bit weird that a woman would spread this kind of a sexual rumor.
    Is there anything about this rumor in her book? Or did this show up later?

    I heard about the rumor for a while, but just read about it the first time at the atlantic dot com site.

  65. admin,

    i’m a little puzzled over why Clinton campaign is starting to increasingly engage in a fight with Edwards. Is this a new strategy? Is it because their internals polls are showing Edwards is actually strong as opposed to MSM’s constant ‘Obama surge’ theme, especially in IA? or Is it because they want to elevate Edwards to the anti-Hillary position in order to marginalize Obama who is more dangerous since he has more resources? Will this benefit Obama in the end? I really don’t know the answers, but here’s the ABC news’ report:

    The Clinton-Edwards two step
    November 13, 2007 3:09 PM

    FIRST … John Edwards introduced a TV ad in Iowa, threatening Congress to take away health insurance from Members of Congress if they haven’t passed universal health care by July 2009.

    “When I’m president, I’m gonna to say to members of Congress, and members of my administration, including my Cabinet, ‘I’m glad that you have health care coverage and your family has health care coverage. But if you don’t pass universal health care by July of 2009, in six months, I’m gonna to use my power as president to take your health care away from you.'” Edwards says to applause. “There’s no excuse for politicians in Washington having health care when you don’t have health care.”

    Watch the ad HERE.

    THEN Clinton spokesman Phil Singer took a whack at the ad.

    “In 2004, John Edwards was critical of other Democrats for proposing universal health care,” Singer said. “Now he says he’ll get it done by employing an unconstitutional tactic. That’s not the way we’re going to get universal health care in America. We’ll get universal health care by electing someone who has the strength and experience to actually get it done — Hillary Clinton.”

    NOW Edwards spox Chris Kofinis is hammering Clinton for Singer’s comment.

    “Today, Senator Clinton made it crystal clear where she stands: she defends health care for politicians while millions of Americans and their families go without care,” Kofinis says. “Voters have a clear choice between John Edwards, who will fight to finally pass universal health care, and Senator Clinton, who seems intent on defending the Washington establishment.”

    This is a silly debate on one level — I don’t actually think there’s any way a president can take Congress’s health insurance away. (His Cabinet’s may be another matter.)

    And even if he could, the move might seem awfully cruel for those members of Congress with bad health (or relatives in bad health) who depend upon health insurance.

    That said, it’s political bait and the Clinton folks just tried to snack on it.

    Why take the bait?

    Unless … you’re worried ….

  66. Gorto, I am not sure if she has addressed this topic in her book. search for “Q&A Cafe: Sally Bedell Smith on Hillary Clinton’s Campaign” on youtube, and she talks in a very condescending and despicable way regarding the issue.

  67. We Hillary supporters had a few unpleasant days, but we’re back in the bloom today!

    admin: Way up yonder, you quote Hotline, “the Drexel debacle.” I saw that debate. The only debacle was the way the press covered it.

  68. hey guys, ok polls coming out from cbs if true. i try not to watch hardball and mtp anymore after that farse last week. i will keep my sanity.

  69. In the latest issue of the Nation, Ellen Chesler endorses Hillary Clinton:

    The stakes could not be higher. The treacherous reign of Bush-Cheney has seriously weakened our democracy. To the “war on terror” we have been asked to sacrifice fundamental human rights and civil liberties. Meanwhile, a newly conservative Supreme Court majority ruthlessly guts longstanding state obligations to protect equal rights and expand opportunity. Abroad, the good will America briefly enjoyed after 9/11 has been squandered by Bush’s cowboy diplomacy.

    Democrats must win in 2008. We must take back the White House with a candidate who adheres to core progressive principles but is also able to build coalitions and sustain majorities across ideological and partisan divides–first to win and then to govern successfully.

    Hillary Clinton is that candidate. She is intelligent, energetic and disciplined. She has shown herself to be warm and likable. She has turned an interminable campaign into an asset through effective campaigning and six stellar debate performances. She stumbled momentarily in the seventh round under withering personal attack by six angry men. Next time out, she will definitely need those flashy boxing gloves her AFSCME endorsers provided afterward.

    But she will prevail, just as she did in her Senate races, the second of which she won with an astonishing 67 percent of the vote, taking thirty-seven of the forty-one “red” counties in New York that George W. Bush carried two years earlier. Indeed, she may be the most electable of the Democrats–and not because she “stands for nothing,” as the chattering classes often allege. Rather, Clinton wonkishly acknowledges the complexity of issues and modestly admits to not having all the answers. She has learned to respect people with whom she disagrees and to succeed within a system that requires compromise. She works hard and exudes competence and integrity. Ordinary voters, and especially independent women whose swing votes will determine the outcome of this election, find this a relief. They are tired of overweening ego and bluster in politics. These women, along with disenchanted Republicans and many others who have never voted before but are registering in large numbers this time, will provide the margin of her victory.

    But what of Clinton’s core convictions? A common canard, often repeated in these pages, is that she’s not a true progressive. But actions speak louder than words. Her voting record measures up well on scorecards compiled by the major-labor unions, the ACLU, Americans for Democratic Action, Planned Parenthood and other progressive organizations.

    Indeed, Clinton has been an outspoken advocate for raising the minimum wage. Though a longtime supporter of free trade, she endorses policies that enforce stronger labor and environmental standards abroad, and she voted against the Central American Free Trade Agreement. Her green energy agenda, partially financed by taking away tax breaks for oil companies, will create thousands of jobs. With nearly half the labor force now women, she is leading efforts to achieve pay equity. Influential as First Lady in passing the Family and Medical Leave Act, she now proposes paid leave and greater workplace flexibility. She supports universal preschool education. Pushing tax fairness, she announced early on that she would crack down on loopholes for Wall Street fund managers.

    Universal healthcare is, of course, her signature issue. Her plan ends Bush-era tax breaks to the very rich in order to expand Congress’s own healthcare plan to cover the country’s nearly 50 million uninsured, while leaving in place private options for those content with what they already have. Her proposal builds in important regulations on private insurers–capping administrative costs and prohibiting cherry-picking on the basis of pre-existing conditions, genetic testing or other forms of discrimination. As First Lady, she lobbied intensely for S-CHIP, which provides health coverage to children in poor working families. As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, she fashioned a bipartisan consensus to expand health coverage to uninsured veterans and their families.

    Understandably sensitive to concerns about security, Clinton argues nonetheless that we can be safe and free. She led Democrats in the fight to restore habeas corpus rights to Guantánamo detainees held under the Military Commissions Act of 2006. Cajoling votes on both sides of the aisle, she came within several votes of beating back last year’s legislation, winning praise from the Center for Constitutional Rights.

    Clinton deserves special praise for her impassioned opposition to Supreme Court nominees John Roberts and Samuel Alito and to Attorney General nominee Michael Mukasey. She’s inventively exposed the Bush Administration’s assault on scientific integrity in evaluating stem cells, abstinence-only sex education, emergency contraception and abortion. By placing a hold on confirmation of the President’s FDA appointee, she was able to gain over-the-counter access for the morning-after pill.

    Some progressives cannot forgive her Iraq War vote, no matter how forcefully she now condemns the futility of the American effort and calls for a responsible withdrawal of our troops. Today we need to concentrate on how to exit Iraq and engage the UN in restoring order to the country. We need to address the Herculean task of returning professionalism and integrity to our own battered diplomatic and intelligence agencies and to our military. Clinton has the experience and stature to lead in the diplomatic talks she endorses with states like Iran and North Korea. She will restore our once-proud leadership in global efforts to alleviate poverty, promote health and sustain the environment. Recent clamor over a nonbinding resolution on Iran–which most Democrats supported and Barack Obama did not even vote on–should be understood as little more than disingenuous political theater.

    And one more thing. I am supporting Hillary Clinton because I think she is the best candidate for this job, but I shamelessly want her to win because she is a woman. Obama tells me to get over my baby boomer fixations, but I look at the Supreme Court today, and I say not yet. I came of age in the 1960s and have spent a lifetime advancing women’s rights and opportunities. Nothing will give me more confidence that those efforts are secure than to have Hillary Clinton choose my next Justice.

    Ellen Chesler is Distinguished Lecturer at Hunter College/CUNY. Woman of Valor, her biography of Margaret Sanger, has just been re-released by Simon & Schuster in paperback.

  70. Hey terrondt, I don’t do Hardball either after the why is this woman “clapping” tirade. My dog has enjoyed all the time I been spendin’ with him. mollyj

  71. kostner-

    “Is it because they want to elevate Edwards to the anti-Hillary position in order to marginalize Obama who is more dangerous since he has more resources?”

    That would be my guess…

  72. Kostner, I’m not sure I agree with your assessment that she is taking the bait.
    I figure they don’t want to give Obama any attention/acknowledgment, and the best tactic regarding someone who might be a threat, is to ignore them. I think they see Edwards as far gone, even if he had a landslide in Iowa, how can he win?

    So, engage JE, give him and his supporters false hope, and keep those supporters with JE so they don’t flee him and jump to Obama. It’s a chess game, thinking a few steps ahead, just my 2 cents.

  73. Hey, someone said this girl who was given the question now says Hill’s camp told her to let them know if she was going to talk to the media again, that seems unlikely? Anyone hear about this? I agree w/Kostner. On the one hand, this is a cheap trick on Edwards part, on the other hand she sets herself up to be accused of protecting Congress’s healthcare, while not getting it for the voters.

  74. mj,

    no need to continue talking about ‘plant’ story. There’s nothing we can do at this point of time. Let MSM continues to bark at it…

    Per politico:

    Message testing in Iowa: Elizabeth Edwards’ health

    Two bloggers today reported receiving calls last night from a pollster testing whether John Edwards’ failure to drop out to take care of his ailing wife could damage his campaign.

    The pollster asked whether “desmoinesdem,” a well-regarded liberal Iowa blogger, would not support Edwards because “he chose to continue the presidential campaign instead of staying home with his wife who has cancer,” the blogger reported. A blogger on John Edwards campaign website, doridc, shared a similar recollection.

    The bloggers (who I wasn’t able immediately to contact off line, though I’d like to) both speculated that the call, placed through a firm called Central Research, came from the Obama campaign, because it tested negative messages about both Edwards and Hillary Clinton.

    A spokesman for Obama, Bill Burton, flatly denied that his campaign is behind it.

    “It’s not us. We think that line of questioning is abhorrent,” he said.

    The Edwards blogger suggested that it was a candidate’s poll because the pollster used the version of the blogger’s name available from the Iowa Democratic Party’s voter file, which is available to campaigns.

    Campaigns routinely test negative messages, both about themselves and rivals, a practice that occasionally rankles with voters as the Internet brings it increasingly into the open.

    If you got the call, or have any more detail, please email me at the address on the right side of this page.

  75. barney frank!!! YAY!!!!!!! they are talking about it on mydd but to my surprize the haters are not attacking him. they would attack a good endoresement if it went to hillary and praise from the rooftops if it was their candidiate.

  76. Edwards is going for a long shot if he thinks he can get voters to believe that Hillary is not going to fight for health care for the American people. But in this crazy world, anything is possible.
    But that is one of her core issues, it IS HER ‘thing’. I think this can backfire on him as he can’t really make that promise considering he wont have the exclusive power to do so. An empty rhetoric.

    That girl seems a bit off to me. Why would the campaign be so obsessed with one person at an event. If they really wanted to plant someone, they would have brought a person with them, wearing a visible red cap or something, easy to spot. Not get into all this trouble. No, I don’t think the campaign really had much to do with this. At least the the ‘professionals’. Probably someone who wanted to ‘try’ a little harder to impress….

  77. I dunno Gorto, it may have to do with the Rezco stuff may come up soon and why throw ammo at Bwak when he is or will be hampered by it??? Or maybe it’s push polling backfires when it’s done this early and he’ll get caught???? His camp does dump a lot of negative stories on his opponents and the press is starting to admit it openly…… They also get the plus of saying he’s a Republican in sheep’s clothing since he’s AWOL or just “present” on liberal cause votes. She’s a fighter, he’s a hider.

    That means Edwards would be next and his support isn’t as deep as Hillary’s especially given the second choice stuff. They won’t go Bwak necessarily. Why not conquer and divide so Edwards doesn’t protect himself on his Obama flank? You double your numbers possibly by only fighting one fight with very little vitriol being produced by your camp??? Or just plainly showing her teeth will gain her more independents and undecideds who want someone to takeout the GOP and they’ll see only she is capable of it.

    Besides, that’s not really an attack listed above. It’s a response so she doesn’t look like Kerry by not fighting back.

  78. Who is throwing ammo at Obama?
    They are throwing some pebbles Edwards way I believe so he can continue to spiral into oblivion with his ‘angry’ attacks. He will self inflate if he keeps attacking Hillary with every breath, as people will respond negatively to it.

    And I also have a feeling that the media is getting a bit tired of Obama. They have given him a pass for now, but as we all know, the way the media works is: They love to build, only to tear down again. They create and destroy. They have never succeeded in bringing Hill down, and they have pretty much given up. So they built Obama up to what he is today, and they will enjoy bringing him down again. As you say Atty, he dumps a lot of stories on the press, and it is time that they begin to highlight this side to him, and let the snowball roll….

  79. “We’ve got more small donors than every other candidate on the Democratic side combined.” BO on MTP

    Is that true? More than all the other candidates combined? I checked opensecrets but I don’t think you can get that number there. Would the FEC have it? Was he just pulling the, “fact”, out of his you-know-where?

  80. I had enough of this “Big Media” outrage at Hillary’s camp planting a question!! I just had enough of it! Just stop this insatity! Just make it stop!! Ehhhhrrrr

  81. In Walpole, NH, Obama talked about his “blueprint” for middle class working families. The Concord Monitor (NH) reported:

    Yesterday (11/12/07), Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women, said Obama’s plan was surprisingly similar to Clinton’s. “Strangely, it’s almost word-for-word, item-for-item identical to one that Hillary Clinton put out on Oct. 16,” Gandy said. “As I was reading through Obama’s platform, I thought, ‘Check, check, check.’ ” The National Organization for Women’s political action committee has endorsed Clinton.

    Both Obama and Clinton advocate guaranteeing seven paid sick days, expanding FMLA to companies with more than 25 employees, promoting flexible work schedules and making the federal government a model employer, as well as fighting caregiver discrimination. Both advocate using federal money to encourage states to provide paid leave, with Obama proposing $1.5 billion and Clinton $1 billion. They both advocate helping families with child-care expenses, although they use slightly different funding methods. Gandy said Clinton talks more about encouraging telecommuting and goes more in depth on ensuring better access to high-quality child care.

  82. What is this Dodd/Iowa pledge? hillary signed it and have not seen others do it?

    Also i think it is important that Hillary just mentions some hard facts about healthcare without taking the
    “bait from Edwards”…..

    If this is the way edwards want to work in congress, it will not be fruitful…

    the first battle congress in 2009 needs to address is iraq, have an agenda and also
    actually pass the necessary laws to find the money to fund healthcare first…

    legislation takes time in congress and the speaker also sets the agenda….so working with congress is important.

  83. Regarding this CBS poll. The NH poll is very fresh, sampled from 9th until last night. So it’s indeed relatively good news…

    The Iowa poll was conducted by telephone November 2-11 with 1,273 caucus voters and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points. The New Hampshire poll was conducted Nov. 9-12 with 719 primary voters and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 4 percentage points. Complete poll results and story will be available this evening at

  84. CBS) Democrats and Republicans are both headed toward heated showdowns in Iowa, where, according to a new CBS News/New York Times poll, Hillary Clinton holds a statistically insignificant lead over John Edwards and Barack Obama, and GOP hopeful Mitt Romney finds his long-held position as the state’s front-runner challenged by a surging Mike Huckabee.

    The situation in Iowa, where nominating caucuses are scheduled for Jan. 3, is in stark contrast to New Hampshire, where Clinton and Romney continue to hold large leads among those likely to vote in the state’s first-in-the-nation primary, which could come only days after Iowa’s


    But in both states, large chunks of voters have yet to make up their minds, meaning the results of the contests that will kick off the 2008 nominating season are still difficult to predict.

    In Iowa, the Democratic contest is knotted up. Among likely caucus-goers, Clinton came out on top with 25 percent support, but she was trailed closely by Edwards at 23 percent, and Obama at 22 percent. With a margin of error of 4 percentage points, there is no clear leader. Trailing behind was Bill Richardson, at 12 percent, with all other candidates in single digits.

    None of the top three has firmed up their support yet – about half of those backing each candidate said they could change their minds before caucus night. Despite that fluidity, there are some clear patterns that show how important it will be for each candidate to turn out certain groups of voters: Women have a strong preference for Clinton, favoring her over Edwards by 10 percent and Obama by 12 percent. Obama leads among those under the age of 45 – 39 percent of that group backed the Illinois senator, compared to 25 percent for Clinton and 18 percent for Edwards. While Obama and Clinton are nearly tied for support among first-time caucus-goers, previous attendees give Edwards a narrow edge over Clinton.

    The findings indicate that if older and established voters dominate turnout, the caucuses could be a two-way contest between Clinton and Edwards. If the Obama campaign succeeds in its bid to bring young voters and first-time caucus-goers out on Jan. 3, however, it could leave Iowa with a win and a crucial momentum boost headed into later contests. Doing so will be a challenge: Only a third of possible first-time attendees say they will “definitely” attend the caucuses, compared with six in 10 of previous attendees.

    One factor in Obama’s favor is that nearly two-thirds of the state’s independent voters who plan on voting on Jan. 3 say they’ll attend the Democratic caucus. Obama attracts the support of 37 percent of those voters, compared to only 17 percent for Edwards and 15 percent for Clinton.

    The priorities of Iowans will also be crucial. Clinton is seen as the most electable in November 2008 by a wide margin. However, Obama is clearly seen as the most likely to bring about change in Washington and Edwards holds a strong edge on the question of who understands the problems of Iowans

    Edwards and Obama may also want to spend time making sure supporters
    of second-tier candidates see them favorably: Among those favoring other candidates besides them and Clinton, Edwards was the second choice of 30 percent, while Obama was close behind at 27 percent. A supporter of any candidate getting less than 15 percent support on the first count at a caucus is allowed to switch to another candidate or enter an “uncommitted” group.

    While the Democratic contest in Iowa has been a three-way battle for some time, most polls have shown Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, with a strong lead in the Hawkeye State, dominating the GOP field. Recent surveys, however, have shown Huckabee, picking up steam, and he is well within striking distance in the CBS News/New York Times poll, where he trails Romney, 27 percent to 21 percent, with a 5 percent margin of error.

  85. The negative headlines about “our girl” are becoming a daily event.

    However, the sheer numbers of them actually may work to our favor, imo.
    In the 90’s when it was one phoney trumped up Clinton scandal, after another (I am not even going to mention what they were—we all remember) there came a point where most people just tuned them out. It was like listening to WHITE NOISE….

    The GOP all thought that THIS LATEST ONE was the one that would bring down the Clintons. And of course, it never worked. The same thing is happening now, but its obvious that its the BM that is hoping for her downfall this time.

    I have not seen a Presidential canidate this badly attacked in a primary before. I am sorry, and I know that HILLARY’S CAMPAIGN would never say this, but IT HAS TO BE BECAUSE THE OVERWHELMING NUMBER OF REPORTERS ARE MALE.

    And I dont share that in non-Hillary circles either, for fear of someone pouncing on it. But I believe its true.

    (Among Likely Democratic Caucus-Goers)
    Clinton Obama Edwards
    Has best chance of winning in 11/2008 47% 17 20
    Will bring about change in Washington 20% 37 17
    Understands problems of Iowans 18% 18 32
    Will make the right decisions
    about Social Security 23% 20 20

  87. Democratic caucus-goers are divided as to whether they prefer a candidate with the right experience or one with fresh ideas; and which quality a caucus participant prefers impacts vote choice.
    This preference matters in their choice of a candidate: Caucus-goers who say experience is more important are backing Clinton, while she runs third with those who value new ideas more.
    (Among Likely Democratic Caucus-Goers)
    Right Fresh
    Experience Ideas
    Clinton 33% 17%
    Obama 9 37
    Edwards 16 27

  88. Good news-bad news dept;

    59% of Democratic caucus-goers say the other Democratic candidates
    have been attacking Hillary Clinton, but more of that group thinks those attacks are fair than say they are not.

  89. On Situation Room round table discussion, Geoff…..(forget last name, lawyer man) said John Edwards “is a petulant jerk,” in reference to his decline to support Hillary should she be the nominee.

  90. Excellent numbers from NH;

    (Among likely Democratic Primary Voters)
    Clinton Obama Edwards
    Best chance of winning in Nov. 2008 68% 14 8
    Handle Social Security 35% 13 11
    Understands problems of New Hampshire 34% 13 13
    Bring about real change in Washington 29% 34 12
    Democratic primary voters have an overall favorable opinion of all of the leading candidates for the nomination.
    Among likely Democratic Primary Voters)
    Clinton Obama Edwards Richardson
    Favorable 62% 61% 46% 30%
    Not favorable 21 12 21 11
    Undecided/don’t know 17 27 32 59
    Clinton also has one other asset that distinguishes her from her rivals for the nomination – Former President Bill Clinton. 41% of likely Democratic primary voters say that his involvement in her campaign makes them more likely to vote for her, while only 7% say it makes them less likely.
    52% say it makes no difference.”

    Nothing like a new poll with Hillary leading by double-digits, to salve the wounds of BM.

  91. Strategic Vision also comes out with a new IA poll, very similar to UoI poll. The poll was done from 9th to 12th. Obama gained quite a bit, but Clinton’s number is stable. Very tight.
    Clinton 29(28)
    Obama 27(23)
    Edwards 20(20)

  92. Edwards better tell his campaign manager to quit hanging out in hotel bars with the Obama campaign and get to work attacking Barry. He’s the one who can’t afford to finish third in Iowa.

    He needs at least a second place finish to Clinton to energize the lily-white racist good ol’ boy base he’s aiming for.

  93. hwc, you are correct. edwards better start taking on obama. to get past hillary, he has to get by barry. what’s up with that? he thinks obama is going to run with his program to win it all?

  94. Iowa numbers don’t look that good. Hillary’s momentum seemed to have stalled while Obama is picking some steam.

  95. That’s fine. You don’t want to peak too early in Iowa. A good debate performance and AFSCME and Emily’s list spending on advertsing and also providing boots on the ground is going to do alot for her.

  96. Kostner,

    Edwards strategic vision poll numbers are in direct contradiction to CBS/NY times polling. Could it be that Obamas small spike is because of the speech at JJ dinner? I am glad Clinton’s core support hasnt moved by much and is consistent with other polls, except the CBS poll where she might have lost small number to Richardson because of post debate negative coverage. press has just one more day to cover that lousy plant story, and after that it will be back to issues and debate post analysis. That should spike her numbers back to 30 if Obama takes on Edwards as some of us are hearing. The next poll time around this weekend, it should all be about her debate performance. and only that can stem the momentum of Obama. Bill richardson and biden need more numbers, and I think they wont hesitate to join clintons team as their second choices.

  97. Telling internal from the SV poll

    7. When making your selection for a presidential candidate, what are you looking for most in the candidate, charisma, experience, or ideology? (Democrats Only)
    Experience 37%
    Ideology 26%
    Charisma 23%
    Undecided 14%

  98. The main thing to look for going forward in these polls is momentum. As long as the numbers are moving up at a decent pace we are okay. Her numbers are a little stagnant in Iowa. It could be because of the terrible newscycle she is under right now with a constant stream of negative news pushed by BM.

  99. Now that waitress is saying she never really got her tip until the next day or whatever and that she has to speak out. WTF kind of bs is this?

  100. kostner, Obama gained 4 points in that poll, and Hillary gained 1. That’s not “quite a bit” of an increase for him. I know Iowa is close, though, and will be till Jan. 3, I’m guessing.

    BTW, a lot of people here are talking about whoever wins Iowa getting a bounce in NH. Nevada’s caucuses come before NH, and Hillary’s comfortably ahead there.

  101. mj, The waitress never got her tip the day the Clinton campaign left it because it wasn’t disbursed properly. Clinton people stopped by the next day and gave her a $20 bill. They also told her that a tip was left originally. Sounds like she still didn’t get part of the original tip like she was supposed to.

    Also, I was intrigued by the grafs from the Clinton media story. I’m not at all surprised by their intense dislike and distrust of the BM. Wouldn’t you be after what happened to them in the ’90s?

  102. terrondt, Since Iowans are known for making their decisions late, we probably don’t know what any candidate’s ceiling is.

  103. Edwards dropping precipitously in Iowa is not good news. Worst case, a three way tie is better than Edwards supporters moving to Obama.

  104. Last time the polls shifted drastically in favor of Edwards/Kerry and away from Dean only in the last couple of days.

  105. Last time in the debate Edwards complained “how about some truth telling mode instead of general election mode”. Now the same applies to him regarding his healthcare ad where he says he will cut off healthcare for congress. It is unconstitutional. How about some truth telling mode from him?

  106. gladiatorstail,

    don’t buy into msm’s JJ dinner talk. This Strategic Vision poll is very similar to an early UoI and Zogby polls.
    Obama has gained a few points, Clinton is stable, and Edwards has slipped a bit.

    However, this can all change in a dime. I think we’d better prepare for a loss in IA. Always prepare for the worst, and expect the best.

  107. btw, the CBS/NYT’s internals are showing Clinton with more than 10 points lead among women voters in IA. She needs to beef up a little bit among male voters, it’s going to be tough.

  108. “it seems hillary’s ceiling is at 30% in iowa”

    The thing you have to remember about Iowa is that it joins Mississippi as one of the most backwards states in the country. The majority of Iowans have proven that they will never vote for a woman.

    They aren’t going to vote for a black person either. Heck, most of them haven’t even seen one…unless they’ve travelled out of state.

    That’s why the polling is all over the place in Iowa. 20th century racism and sexism crashing into a 21st century political scene.

    At the end of the day, Iowa will vote for the Republican in November 2008.

  109. SV Iowa Margin of error, +/-4%

    Clinton 29(28)
    Obama 27(23)
    Edwards 20(20)

    There is no real difference, based on the margin of error, between the October and November polls. Even BO’s big rise is within the MOE. Iowa, because of the unique use of the caucus, and the concept of viability and 2nd choices, is crazy to poll. That the numbers say Hillary is ahead and has about the same amount of support I will happily take at this point.

  110. On the latest polls some things to watch:

    Richardson at 12% in Iowa in the CBS/NYT poll.
    Edwards at single digit support level in NH

    Also Chris Matthews loves the Intrade gambling odds – Hillary at 80% in NH
    Hillary at 68.9% in Iowa

  111. Obama has made a deal with edwards. Edwards the willing suicide bomber for Obama – has decided to blast Hillary and Obama has taken up the role of making subtle criticism at Hillary so, he comes of smelling roses. They have decided that once Obama wins the nomination he picks edwards for VP.

    So, Hillary is up against Obama/Edwards – they both are coordinating their attacks.

    Let there be no doubt about this whatsoever.

    Remember when edwards said he is closer on issues to Obama that Hillary and he said he likes Obama better – for godsakes it is common sense that he needs to attack Obama to get anywhere – if it was rerally about him.

    But it is now all about Obama!!!!

  112. secret,

    There’s no doubt Edwards is a suicide bomber on behalf of Obama, however, they may have played too smart…

  113. Hi folks,

    A very encouraging poll from SC primary by SurveyUSA. Their polls are fairly accurate this cycle…

    Clinton 47
    Obama 33
    Edwards 10

    Very apparent divde along racial and gender line. I think Clinton will win this state based on her support among whites and African American women voters. I doubt African American women will abandon her in droves in the end. If she can hold off overwhelming majority among white voters assuming Edwards drops out at this point of time, a decent share among AA women voters will push her on top even if Obama has some MO.

    In a Democratic Primary for President of the United States held in South Carolina today, 11/13/07, two months to the vote, Hillary Clinton leads with 47%, 14 points atop Barack Obama, at 33%. Clinton leads by 33 points among women. Obama leads by 19 point among men. A 52-point Gender Gap. Among white South Carolina Democratic Primary voters, Obama runs 3rd, behind John Edwards, who gets 17% of white votes and 10% overall. Obama gets 15% of white votes, 40 points behind Clinton, who gets 55% of white votes. Obama leads 5:4 among black voters, but that is not enough of a lead to catapult Obama past Clinton — not today, anyway. In SurveyUSA’s turnout model, 49% of likely Democratic voters are black, 48% are white

  114. I know that theory that Obama will pick Edwards as VP is making the rounds, but that would be idiotic. Edwards did nothing for Kerry in ’04. He would be zero help to the ticket.

  115. Paula,

    I don’t buy the theory that Edwards would be a VP pick. I think Edwards is mad at Hillary for no reason. Lets leave him alone for the moment.

  116. mj: I read the HuffPo ‘story.’ Like almost everything coming out of IA these days, it’s unbelievable to me. First of all, she’s calling her manager a liar — but she still works there? Generous employer, I must say. Second, she whines about getting used by the campaign, but she signed the release. If I were angry, I wouldn’t sign a release under any circumstances.

    Author of that story also pushed a negative Edwards piece a while ago — the whole business about the documentary.

  117. Yeah, this just sounds like someone looking for their 15 minutes. So, who do you think is doing the push polling? I think it’s a Republican, maybe Huckabee.

  118. mj:

    I don’t think it is Huckabee. 🙂

    He does not enough money to run his own primary, forget about push polling on the democrats.

  119. The simple answer will be Obama. The more complicated or thought out answer could be someone affiliated with RNC pretending it to be a democrat push poll.

  120. Clinton campaign needs to get as far as possible from that toxic push poll.

    Even if it’s linked to Obama campaign, i doubt his campaign would be so dumb to use that sort of wording.

  121. dem dem,

    I don’t believe it’s necessary to tango with Edwards supporters on mydd. Let’s ignore them. Edwards is going nowhere, and his attacks won’t sway anybody anymore.

    Our focus should always be on Obama.

  122. “I don’t buy the theory that Edwards would be a VP pick. I think Edwards is mad at Hillary for no reason. Lets leave him alone for the moment.”

    While I agree with you – I think it is vital to link Edwards mad attacks to Obama. I believe it is important to recognize that they both are a team and work as a team. So, my point was to stress that we shouldn’t let Obama go unaccounted when Edwards attack. Obama should be held accountable for Edwards attack – because Obama is Edward lite. He uses the same attack but in a lite way.

  123. I’m not sure yet that it’s a push poll — there’s no evidence yet that the state was blanketed w/ calls rather than a random sample contacted (message testing). The whole point of a push poll is to reach a large nr of voters. Second, according to both stories, they asked for the caller by name. A push-poll is quick-and-dirty; time doesn’t get wasted trying to contact specific people.

  124. mj,

    it’s quite odd that all the reports came from his people. Who knows? I just hope there’s zero connection to Clinton’s campaign.

  125. Well, it was pointed out that if it were just her message testing, there would have also been a positive message tested, otherwise you just leave the caller with a bad impression.

  126. The video of the JJ dinner on Hillary’s website is soooo much better at representing the noise level. I could not hear her at the end of her speech at all. I saw what she was saying on the big screen’s closed captions. And they actually showed the side I was sitting on instead of the other side. We were much more enthusiastic and loud.

  127. What would be the point of leaving a negative message with just a tiny fraction of voters instead of a sweep? Why ask for a caller by name and ask who they are supporting, whether they are certain to support, and who their second choice is?

    I’ve done robocalling (not personally, associated w/ a campaign), and it does take a while to reach a mass of people. You’re not going to waste the time with all of the useless questions if your sole purpose is to push a smear.

  128. Tribune interview transcript on Obama’s records
    by John McCormick

    The status of any government records Sen. Barack Obama might still have from his time as a state lawmaker in Springfield has come up as he has repeatedly criticized Sen. Hillary Clinton for how slowly records from her husband’s administration have been released.

    In a Tribune interview Thursday, the Illinois Democrat said he had no intention of sharing any of the documents he might still have in his possession. Here is the full transcript from that discussion on his campaign bus:

    Q: It is kind of unknown where some of the records from your time in Springfield are located. Where is that stuff, what do you have?

    “We had one district director. I had one staff person, so, you know, we didn’t have some elaborate sort of system. I didn’t at my disposal millions of dollars and potentially multiple staff people to conduct an archive. Now keep in mind, it is apples and oranges. First of all, I’m not the one who has made this an issue. We saw during the debate, Senator Clinton was asked about it and the suggestion was somehow they’ve done all they could. And my simple point was, I don’t think there is some smoking gun in these archives or something, or some damning evidence. The only point that I’ve made is that, you know, Senator Clinton continues to base her claim on experience, in part, in substantial part, on her role as first lady, because if her, you know, experience was just based on her tenure as an elected official, it’s thinner than mine. So, I think it’s fair for people to ask, you know, what exactly was she doing, if that’s a substantial claim that she is making. So, I’m not interested in playing a game of gotcha, where I think there is evidence of something. I’m assuming most of this stuff is pretty mundane, you know, stuff. But what we do know is that she was involved in health care. Based on the questions you just asked me, or [New York Times reporter Jeff] Zeleny just asked me today, there’s this sense of, well, yeah, I was in charge of health care, but the fact that it didn’t work out, wasn’t my fault. That, we’ve at least got a public record that she was involved. From that point forward, we really have no idea what she was involved in. And so, you know, what I think, what I think, is not, doesn’t make sense is to say, to able to take credit for whatever Clinton Administration successes that she wants, and then selectively distance herself from any Clinton Administration failures, and not have some sort of public record that allows people to get a sense of that. Now, my sense is that this is information that, if they wanted to accelerate the process, so that it was available before this election, they could get it out there.”

    Q: What about your stuff, though? What do you have?

    “I have no idea. I mean [muffled on recording]. I really don’t. Again, I did not have at my disposal. I wasn’t preparing for the Obama state senatorial library.”

    Q: You must have kept some stuff. Correspondence, calendars?

    “The problem is whatever remaining documents I have are inevitably incomplete. And then the questions going to be, where’s this or where’s that. Once I start heading down that road, then it puts me in a position that could end up being misleading. I don’t want to mislead people. I don’t know the extent of the records that I have as a state senator.”

  129. Good to see that she’s beefing up in SC. Edwards just released his first ad. While the SUSA result is nice, her lead potentially decreases as Obama draws from the black vote while Edwards draws from the white vote. She doesn’t need to win by 15 pts — just needs a solid win.

  130. HillaryLandRocks,

    SC does not work that way. There will only be two viable candidates coming into SC.

    Clinton vs. Edwards or
    Clinton vs. Obama

  131. You know what is interesting, my sister is a very nice, chruch going mom, and she said to me last spring she thought Edwards should be home taking care of his wife not running for Pres.. It’s not fair, I guess, but I do think it natural to consider.

  132. kostner,

    You are assuming that IA/NH results will be well-defined. I don’t, necessarily. If all three are still viable, there will be a competition.

  133. Though it should not be used in a poll. That’s not fair.

    He used it to promote himself in an ad, so it’s part of the mix now.

  134. Another Poll:

    Angus Reid Global Monitor : Polls & Research
    Democrats 2008: Hillary at 43%, Obama 24%
    November 14, 2007
    (Angus Reid Global Monitor) – Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton is the frontrunner in the national race for her party’s presidential nomination in the United States, according to a poll by YouGov/Polimetrix released by The Economist. 43 per cent of respondents would vote for the New York senator in a 2008 primary.

    Illinois senator Barack Obama is second with 24 per cent, followed by former North Carolina senator John Edwards with 15 per cent. Support is lower for New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, Delaware senator Joe Biden, and Connecticut senator Chris Dodd.

    Polling Data

    If the 2008 Democratic presidential primary or caucus in your state were being held today, for which of the following candidates would you vote?

    Hillary Rodham Clinton 43%

    Barack Obama 24%

    John Edwards 15%

    Bill Richardson 4%

    Joe Biden 2%

    Chris Dodd 1%

    Other 1%

    Would not vote 1%

    Not sure 7%

    Source: YouGov/Polimetrix / The Economist
    Methodology: Online interviews with 321 likely Democratic primary voters, conducted on Nov. 5 and Nov. 6, 2007. No margin of error was provided.

    Today’s Global Monitor Polls & Research
    Correa’s Approval Soars After Vote in Ecuador
    Only 31% of Americans Favour War in Iraq
    Progress Party Faces Negative Trend in Norway
    Unemployment Trumps Independence in Kosovo
    Romney Up, Hillary Down in New Hampshire
    Hillary Even with Giuliani, Leads Others in U.S. Race
    Republicans 2008: Giuliani 28%, Thompson at 21%
    Democrats 2008: Hillary at 43%, Obama 24%
    Socialist Party Barely Ahead in Portugal
    Americans Choose Diplomacy to Deal with Iran
    More Czechs Oppose American Missile Shield
    Three-in-Ten Venezuelans Foresee Communism
    Archive Search
    Over 16,900 Polls
    Search the Angus Reid Global Monitor Polls & Research archive.

    Get RSS News alerts, available for Polls & Research, Politics In Depth and Election Tracker. All Content ©2003 – 2007. Angus Reid Global Monitor. All Rights Reserved. Site by Vision Critical.

  135. My husband is a director and he has projects that he’s been waiting his whole adult life to do. Were he to be in the process of putting one of those together, I would be horrified if he stopped because I was sick. I think the fact that Elizabeth is sick makes it even more important to her that he continue to run. Otherwise, you’re the wife who got sick and ruined your beloved’s last shot at something they really want. I wouldn’t want to die with that on my conscience. And there is nothing my husband could say or do to alleviate that. This is her gift to him. This is how she proves her value and perhaps leaves this world feeling that she gave more than she got – isn’t that what we all want?

    I think it’s a good thing for humans that they kept it up. I know some of you dislike him, but I think they did the right thing – moreso for Elizabeth than anyone else.

  136. basement angel,

    The question subtly goes to a much larger issue — electability. Both Edwards’ questions appear to be about electability. I assume this is because he’s made this a central point against both Hillary/Obama.

    Imagine that she goes through a bad period during the general. It will throw him off his game.

    What you’re describing is decisions that impact primarily only two people — you and your husband. In this case, all Democrats have to be willing to take this risk with the Edwards family.

    The second question is whether he’s too liberal for the GE. Another electability question.

  137. OkieAtty Says:

    “Don’t tell Bwak’s anti-gay contingent. They might defrock him as their savior if they learned about those two “Lawyers in Love.” ”

    Why do you always have to come up with homophobic jokes?

  138. From Rasmussen;

    Tuesday, November 06, 2007

    “Seventy-seven percent (77%) of American adults are opposed to making drivers licenses available to people who are in the country illegally. A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that just 16% take the opposite view and believe that undocumented immigrants should be allowed to get a license.”

    Interesting yes, surprising not so much…

  139. The GOP is doing some “heavy lifting” for the anti-Hillary campaign. They are running a petition drive at :

    On the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton consistently speaks to her level of experience; yet, she will not allow details of that experience to be reviewed by the public.

    The American people deserve to know what information is being guarded in her libraries.

    Tell Hillary Clinton that she can’t hide her record from the American people. Our goal is to have thousands of people sign this petition before December 31, 2007, in hopes that it will inspire Hillary to agree to share the library documents as her New Year’s resolution.

    Sign the Library Lockdown petition today and get your very own Hillary Clinton Library Card.

  140. New campaign theme/meme: “Vote for Obama. He doesn’t make (too many) mistakes”.

    Taylor Marsh is my heroine (she finds the best quotes so we don’t have to). From Steve Soto at ”The Left Coaster” 11/13/07 (“Obama: “I Don’t (Make) A Lot Of Mistakes”):

    It’s normal for a neophyte candidate on the national stage to get puffed up from his own glowing “anyone but Hillary” press clippings and on-air fluffings from the likes of Matthews and Russert. But if Obama is going to campaign between now and Iowa on this “put me on a pedestal” theme, then the Hillary campaign can make some hay over Mr. Obama’s infalliability and righteousness. Of course, when Hillary brings it up, Obama will adopt his own version of the “they’re ganging up on me” defense by saying she’s resorting to the politics of destruction. But the more and more Obama talks about himself as a righteous, never-wrong truth teller with correct instincts, who runs away from Washington, the more and more he resembles another candidate who bamboozled us back in 2000.

  141. Following on the infallibility theme, came across this from October 2006. Very interesting. (Paste back together, please: http:// biglizards . net/blog/archives/2006/10/ the_obama_drama.html)

  142. The Realist, stating the obvious: Interesting yes, surprising not so much…

    Please don’t try to tell me that US public opinion polling is why it got pulled between debates.

  143. Today’s LA Times on Edwards going negative (“Iowans are seeing a different Edwards”) brings up a point. If a plan were afoot to run an Obama/Edwards ticket, Edwards is rendering himself unelectable by going negative now. He’s quickly becoming an Obama liability in that case.

  144. Absolute must-read Michael Scherer article (“On the fake campaign trail”) posted today at that will help HRC supporters to respond to the audience “planted” questioner thing that is still growing online. Scherer writes:

    At most campaign events, it is the same. Allies of rival candidates, the other political party, or even one’s own staff might place questions or protesters in the audience to influence the tone and focus of an event. More likely, the planted questions come from one of the innumerable interest groups who are collectively spending millions of dollars this election cycle to pin their issues on the “town hall” billboard. Political professionals call this “bird dogging,” the practice of spending money to follow candidates and ask them questions under the guise of normal citizenry.

    If you attend enough campaign events, patterns begin to emerge. Representatives of the Priorities Campaign, a group founded by Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s fame, routinely ask about lowering military spending. Representatives of the New Voter’s Project, an offshoot of the Public Interest Research Group, will ask about issues important to young people. The people from NORML, the pot legalization crowd, show up to ask about medical marijuana. Though the practice is not new this cycle, it appears to be more prevalent. “My sense is that more groups are trying to use New Hampshire as a megaphone for their own issues,” says Dante Scala, one of the preeminent political scientists in the state.

    Some candidates have even taken to making the bird doggers a central part of the “town hall” experience. Last month, Republican candidate John McCain all but stopped a meeting in Amherst, N.H., when he noticed a man in the audience with a T-shirt from the One Campaign, a group fronted by U2’s Bono that works to eliminate global poverty. “It is my habit also to mention that there is an organization which shows up at these events,” McCain said about 40 minutes into the meeting. “They are very nice people, and I always allow them to state why One is such a worthwhile organization.” With that, he gave the bird dogger the stage for more than two minutes, a rapt audience at the ready.

    – At HRC’s visit to NH last week there was, indeed, a member of the One campaign who stood at the microphone to ask a question. HRC asked him to explain who he was and what he did. He asked a question and HRC graciously answered it.

    – This planting thing has gotten way more coverage than deserved but glad someone like Scherer is at least providing some insight into what is going on.

  145. B Merryfield — I don’t buy into these alliance rumors for a planned ticket.

    If he doesn’t go negative, he has no prayer in IA. Trends have showed him dropping off, but the latest poll (CBS) has her negatives much lower than his, and he has more 2nd choices. Going negative hasn’t hurt him yet — it’s hurt her. He’s even on a Rasmussen uptick.

    Second, this business about speaking favorably regarding Obama — the bottom line is that each and every Democrat on the stage who hopes to be the nominee or re-elected in their homes states for public office relies on the black vote. It’s like a bulletproof vest for Obama, not evidence of alliances.

    Third — the top candidates will be viable in just about every precinct. The alliances to look for are the ones w/ Dodd, Biden, Richardson, etc. Even so, no candidate has full control of all of his supporters, for crying out loud. The one exception is Dodd’s IAFF supporters — they are more likely to comply w/ a 2nd choice recommendation from union higher-ups. My point is that a ‘2nd choice’ alliance between top candidates has very little value.

    I think he’s still running for president, not VP.

  146. HLR, I agree that JE is NOT looking for a VP slot, particularly with BO … nor do I see an alliance forming between the candidates.

    That said, I NEVER underestimate the machinations of their handlers.

  147. “The Realist, stating the obvious: Interesting yes, surprising not so much…

    Please don’t try to tell me that US public opinion polling is why it got pulled between debates.”

    The debates had nothing to do with it. The point is that when three quarters of the people are against something, many politicians tend to heed the vox populi.

  148. Today’s rasmussen. I have provided yesterday’s also for reference.

    Clinton 42 (41)
    Obama 20 (20)
    Edwards 13 (17)

  149. This archives thing is so patently ridiculous. If the Clintons COULD release documents they would, just to shut everyone up.

  150. TheRealist: The debates had nothing to do with it.

    From Times Union: The move by Spitzer was the subject of wide speculation on Tuesday, with even supporters of the governor saying it made sense for him to give up the fight because of the long odds of winning over the public and the political harm being done to the Democratic Party, including presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Fact is that this has been going on for months and public opinion has never been favorable. That it jumped to the forefront in the last debate was the death blow. The relevant poll to cite is the NY state opinion poll released yesterday, giving a convenient out just 48 hrs before the next debate.

    BTW, Spitzer was warned quite some time ago that his agenda could hurt Hillary Clinton in the primary. He pursued it anyway.

  151. Also, from Rasmussen: for or against candidates

    Candidate Def. FOR Def. AGAINST Net

    Clinton 32% 44% -12

    Giuliani 27% 40% -13

    McCain 18% 33% -15

    Edwards 22% 41% -19

    Huckabee 17% 36% -19

    Romney 19% 39% -20

    Obama 23% 44% -21

    Thompson 17% 40% -23

    Richardson 11% 36% -25

    Biden 12% 41% -29

    Paul 9% 46% -37

    Kucinich 8% 46% -38

  152. Also interesting from the above poll is this:

    Definitely for Definitely against Net

    Clinton 32 44 -12

    Obama 23 44 -21

    Edwards 22 41 -19

  153. Via

    A new Cool Political Report/RT Strategies national survey of 855 registered voters (conducted 11/8 through 11/11) finds:

    Among 376 Democrats and those who lean Democratic, Sen. Hillary Clinton leads Sen. Barack Obama (39% to 22%) in a national primary; former Sen. John Edwards trails at 12%. All other candidates trail at less than five percent each.
    Among 308 Republicans and those who lean Republican, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani (at 29%) leads Sen. John McCain, former Sen. Fred Thompson, and former Gov. Mitt Romney (all three at 12%); former Gov. Mike Huckabee trails at 8%, Rep. Ron Paul at 6%. All other candidates trail at less than five percent each.
    Clinton leads Giuliani (46% to 43%) in a general election match-up.

    Cook typically has Hillary with a somewhat smaller primary lead than other polls. Their last one, in early September, showed her up 13.

  154. but ..but..didnt you know – Hillary is falling, Obama is surging and Edwards is nipping at his heels. That’s what the Big Media told me !

    Next time breck girl demands a yes/no answer from Hillary, someone should tell him to answer yes/no to whether he would support her if she won the nomination. Now that isnt too complicated is it ? actually, maybe it is – to his inflated ego.

  155. I haven’t tuned in to the big media for a couple of days. Are they still in full-scale ‘Hillary is faltering’ frenzy?

    Anybody is monitoring?

  156. I don’t know either. I stopped watching politics on TV for some time now. The only channels I watch are the sports channels.

  157. I don’t monitor the broadcast media either — they don’t discuss things that interest me. Instead, I made a semi-large contribution to the Hillary campaign this morning — felt it more productive 🙂

  158. btw, there’s also an OH poll by Q. Not really important, but we can get an overall picture of what’s going on nation wide. Clinton slips a few points, so does Obama…

    Quinnipiac is out with a new poll in Ohio (November 6 – 11, 447 Republicans and 450 Democrats, MoE +/- 4.6%) showing Clinton and Giuliani leading their respective fields:

    Clinton 42 (-5 vs. last poll Oct 10)
    Obama 17 (-2)
    Edwards 14 (+3)
    Kucinich 4 (+2)
    Undecided 17 (+2)

  159. How about CNN/MSNBC?

    I watched a bit CNN on Sunday or Monday, can’t recall. They did 5, 5,5 anti-Hillary pieces in Wolf’s situation room.

  160. Oh, absolutely they are !! I dont watch it but there’s enough news out there on the internets that describes how Matthews is in love with Obama. and combined with the crap about the “plant” (Cnn did a whole interview with that student ) and the “tip” and her “clap”, they just cant wait to see her fall. Oh and didnt you know, Obama ‘s speech at the JJ dinner makes him ready for president already.

  161. A new ARG poll is out. Very little change in the race to the white house on the D side, big move for Romney on the R side. The poll was taken between 9th and 12th.

    Nov (Oct)
    Clinton 46(45)
    Obama 21(20)
    Edwards 11(13)

    Rudy 25(24)
    Romney 21(15)

  162. Matthews and Sullivan are obssessed with glorifying Obama only because of their obssession with anything anti-hillary. They don’t give a damn about him if he was just running against Edwards or somebody else. Sometimes we do import junk (like Andrew Sullivan) from Britain.

  163. dt,

    Christ Mathew publiclly claimed he wanted to smell the old English gentleman Fred Thompson’s leather jacket. I’m sure he is shifting his interest. Maybe Obama’s morning skinky smell(MO’s word) really starts to appeal to Mathew now?

    Sullivan might have an unhappy marriage. I’m kind of surprised he has a crush on Obama since he claims to be a ‘bear lover’… lol. Obama is definitely not a bear. Well, things can all change.

  164. Los Angeles Democrat Says:

    OkieAtty Says:

    “Don’t tell Bwak’s anti-gay contingent. They might defrock him as their savior if they learned about those two “Lawyers in Love.” ”

    Why do you always have to come up with homophobic jokes?

    What’s your problem? It was not a gay joke but joke about how Bwak has been cultivating anti-gay voters and how “politcis makes for strange bedfellows.”

    You seem to have a problem with me that, frankly, I don’t get. I’ve been quite vocal in my problems with what Bwak did in SC and find his type of politics abhorrent. I will not defend myself again. Next time I’ll attack.

    Take that as a warning. This site isn’t about us, but about this race. Get over yourself.

  165. And dont forget Matthews gushing and getting excited at seeing Chimpy McFlightSuit. And Sully – oh man, lets not even go there !! But these are the pompous, screwed-up jokers who go on and on about Hillary. a**h***s.

  166. So much for the electability crap.

    People who would definitely vote for Clinton : 32
    People who would definitely vote for Obama : 23

    People who would definitely vote against Clinton : 44
    People who would definitely vote against Obama : 44

  167. 1. BO talks to Google today about net neutrality (and announces following)

    2. BO proposes online commentary prior to Congressional votes

    3. BO calls for FCC review of “wireless spectrum for competition”

    4. Google plans to bid in auction for government contract for same

    5. Google supports BO’s proposals

    6. Any questions?

    Well, not a question … but a comment. Google has donated heavily to Democratic candidates, with BO receiving twice as much as HRC as of August.

  168. ra1029,
    Next time Hillary is confronted with that stupid “electability” question at a debate, she should just walk over and shove these numbers in their face. Especially Dodd’s. But I think these numbers havent really changed. At that last debate, she should have just said “Its funny but the polls that I have been seeing make me the most electable of all the people on this stage” .. And mention breck girl’s single digits and Mr 2002 Speech’s numbers for good measure. That would have shut them up.

  169. Here’s what EE said today

    For what it is worth, and you can be the judge of that, I get asked on the campaign trail whether John will be able to continue a campaign all the way to November. “Of course,” I answer, to which the response is invariably that the questioner was told by supporters of another candidate that John would have to drop out. If I had heard it just once, it would not concern me, but it wasn’t once and it wasn’t in just one state. So I am suspicious that this is a concerted (and false) personal attack of the worst sort. First, I am doing well and there is no prognosis that would suggest any need for John or for me to stop campaigning because of my condition. Second, the notion suggested by the comments above that there is no negative campaigning going on by other campaigns on this issue is nonsense. On the rumor-spreading, I have some idea from where the false rumors have started. I am assuming that the push poll described above [about the haircut story] came from the same camp. What strikes me as incongruous is the notion that John’s bold ideas are described by the MSM as desperate (we do desperately need change, so maybe that’s what they mean?) and these reprehensible tactics are not described the same way.

  170. It is clear that she’s again pointing fingers at Clinton campaign. What a phoney. This woman and her husband are the worst kind of human being. I can now understand why breck girl has such an hostility towards Clinton.

    To think Clinton would tango with Edwards is just laughable.

  171. Y’all, What I am concludin’ here is that TV BM is toxic and needs to be taken in small doses or it will make you insane. It probably ought to be federally regulated by the FDA. Don’t let it get to ya. I watched one show that I’ll refuse to mention for a while last night and yes it was the same ole same ole. I’m not gonna go into the particulars, here. There’s lots we can do to support our girl. Spending our time watchin’ certain people doesn’t do us any good, for the most part, except to help us get word to the campaign of any new lies or angles on their smear effort. This is the Super Bowl of all elections ever and the debates are treated as such and we are transitioning in to the pre-game show. I have to work real hard to keep my perspective. But my time is gonna be spent today campaignin’ for Hillary, doin’ somethin’ positive for our girl. Don’t watch tv and let’s don’t beat up on one another.

    I know somebody who would like to post a blog on the hillary bloggers site…Who do they email? mollyj

  172. kostner:

    EE or JE will never get to the white house. What they are attempting to do is spoil Hillary’s chances of getting there. If you can conjure up the image of a used car salesman it is JE.

  173. Sorry. It became clear that I had my head firmly entrenched in the sand prior to 1/03 and it ain’t never gonna happen again. Eyes and ears wide open and wits on alert.

  174. On those survey calls re JE a commenter at The Politico writes:

    I think there’s a lot of significance in the fact that only Edwards supporters seem to be receiving these calls. And the more I think about the questions themselves, the more it feels like it’s coming from the Edwards camp.


    So let’s recap the two major effects of the call: 1) It reinforced questions in the voters’ minds about Hillary Clinton on her electability, her integrity, and her agenda– exactly the themes Edwards has been hammering on for the past few months; and 2) It first took a weak swipe at John Edwards, then evoked feelings of outrage and sympathy FOR him, with a blatantly, almost cartoonishly below-the-belt attack.

    Now ask yourself which Democratic candidate with access to an in-house list of John Edwards supporters in Iowa and perhaps not enough money to do another mass mailing or TV ad buy would benefit most from the effects of a phone call (disguised as a poll) bashing Hillary Clinton and evoking sympathy for John Edwards? A simple way to find out: Ask all your call recipients if they’ve ever submitted any personal information (name, phone number)– maybe at a John Edwards rally, maybe a Democratic fundraiser– expressing some form of interest in the Edwards campaign.

  175. B Merryfield – (Google and BO)

    Pretty much the basis for why you’ll see the ‘netroot leaders’ swarm for BO. Already happening at OpenLeft.

    kostner – EE

    As long as I’ve been alive, the physical health of a candidate has always been a campaign issue for the obvious reasons. The question is — is it fair to extend this kind of scrutiny to a candidate’s wife?

    They have made their personal story on this issue a major campaign plank, via press conferences and television ads. After much thought, I arrived at the conclusion that it is not unreasonable to think of the impact of potential problems along the way to the White House, or even during the initial phase of a potential Edwards administration.

    There’s an “ick” factor to this type of risk assessment, to be sure, but the Edwards family should realize that they are not on a personal journey without the rest of us involved as well. On a personal level, I hate making this kind of a conclusion — but I don’t have a personal relationship with them: I’m evaluating them from a partisan perspective.

    I will also mention that I had a parent w/ cancer, and there were several instances of unpleasant bouts that came on without warning, so perhaps I’m biased in this regard.

  176. Got one of those Edwards campaign calls this morning but asked them to take me off their list. My son had signed us up for info a long time back and we have asked them to remove us before. Guess I should have listened to see what the caller wanted … darn !

  177. Clinton campaign notes veterans’ support
    Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign announced in a conference call Tuesday that more than 500 Granite State military veterans are supporting her bid for the White House.

    Retired Lieutenant General Donald Kerrick, a former three-star general told reporters he has known the New York senator for more than 15 years and is convinced that as commander-in-chief she would “make military decisions based on evidence, not on ideology.”

    “Across the country, veterans are beginning to realize Sen. Clinton’s potential and are willing to speak out on her behalf,” he said, adding that Clinton recognizes that the military “is not the solution to every (foreign policy problem.”

    Kerrick, a one-time deputy national security advisor and assistant to the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, also said Clinton has the most sensible plan for troop withdrawal from Iraq.

    Of the 527 New Hampshire veterans the Clinton campaign says have pledged their support, 82 are from Nashua, Hudson, Lyndeborough, Amherst, Brookline, Milford, Peterborough and New Ipswich.

    “I was registered as an Independent for a long time and always explore every option before making a decision,” said John Cesana, a 27-year Army veteran from Hudson, in a prepared statement. “After getting a chance to meet Hillary, my choice was clear.

    “She will listen to you. She will talk to you. And she will answer you. I know that she will be a leader who stands up for our nation’s troops.”

    I saw this article over at and had to bring it over here. That last sentence is the says so much about the difference between Hillary and Bush and so many of the candidates running for president.

  178. FYI .. my spouse is a retired 23-year Army vet and he says he doesn’t care if it takes every 18-year old kid in the country, he wants Hillary to win …. and he’s active in her campaign here in NH.

  179. Good point B Merry Field. The more I think about it the more it is possible that Edwards camp made these calls to drum up their support and attack Hillary along the way. Interesting that only Edwards supporters seem to getting these calls. I wonder where they got those numbers from? That might be the missing link. I wouldn’t put anything past them. Bob Shrum told us about Edwards telling his kids story to Kerry.

  180. Yall, I have this sick sinkin’ feelin’ that the dirty tricks in this primary and election may surpass the watergate days. Gees I hope I am wrong about that. We don’t need that kind of de-railin’. Part of what is happenin’ of course is that people who didn’t go through Watergate with the older generation don’t know what a real scandal looks like. So they’re always tryin’ to stir up a tempest in a teapot. mollyj

  181. Reading The Politico’s Ben Smith today and he writes about JE:

    The Des Moines Register has a story, much passed around this morning, that quotes an Iowa college professor saying Edwards’ ad is deceptive:

    – University of Iowa communications professor Bruce Gronbeck, who studies political rhetoric, watched the ad and said it does not describe a plan to ask members of Congress to cut off their own health insurance. “Not at all,” Gronbeck said. “The ad is saying he’d just cut them off. It’s pretty clear.” Gronbeck also said he was skeptical that representatives and senators would vote to cancel their own insurance.

    What’s funny about this is that it relies on this odd category of person — the Iowa Expert. Nothing about his location in Iowa, or really his professional stature, gives him any particular authority to observe something that is, as he said, is quite clear.

    But it does seem to be a rule of this campaign that nothing is true until it’s come out of the mouth of an Iowa college professor.

  182. Why is Edwards so angry at Hillary? I mean he should look inside himself and ask why did he run his campaign the way he did?

    Edward invested 4 years of himself in Iowa, but not in his home state?

    Well lets look at his past actions and why Elizabeth Dole won Edward seat. Was it because Edwards was never there for his constituency? Like doing retail politics and being there for North Carolinians doing those terrible storms that cause so much flooding…I mean the same people he talks about in his speeches left him for Dole because she was there for North Carolinians.

    I think that a very important electability question…

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