Fall Fashions – Ron Paul, Stephen Colbert, Barack Obama

Fashions change. Style is forever.

Pet rocks, MC Hammer, leg warmers, beanie babies, pokemon, bell bottoms, circle skirts, fedoras, pageboys, narrow pants, baggy pants, shift dresses, jazz suits, hoola hoops, spats – all were the fashion in their day. All these fads and fashions eventually gave way to newer fashions. Movie stars, music stars, politicians, all eventually give way to the new – only a few of the “new” achieve “classic” status.

Americans love the “new”. Young Americans especially love the “new”. The problem with being the “new” however, is that you get “old” very quickly these days.

* * *

Barack Obama was “new” to the American national political scene in 2004. By early 2007 Obama was the “new” presidential candidate. In 2004 John Edwards was the “new” in the national political scene too. By 2007 John Edwards is the old.

There is a growing anger from both Barack Obama and John Edwards as they contemplate the parade passing them by. In late August we took note of these faded roses from days gone by. The Chicago Sun-Times too noticed Obama beginning to ‘get tough’ as the going got rough.

And it worked well, initially. He was considered a fresh voice, a candidate of the young, someone in the mold of John F. Kennedy. And then the crowds started to dissipate. Obama didn’t do as well as his aides had anticipated in the presidential debates and forums. He paused a second or two too long at times. He seemed awkward. He made a few gaffes. A poised Hillary Clinton was often declared the winner.

At the same time, the Washington Post noticed the political calculation that drives Obama’s flowery talk.

As these two faded stars of yesteryear now inventory their failed fortunes together, they are doing what all former stars do: fight to keep the limelight away from the “new” stars. This fight for the spotlight is the latest drama in this political Sunset Boulevard.

Norma Obama

* * *

Recently, Obama supporters raged at the on-line clamor for Vice President Al Gore to run for President. John Edwards supporters were none too pleased either. Every mention of Al Gore’s name was viewed as a rebuke to the candidacies of these two men. Al Gore, derided by Naderites in 2000 as “Al Bore” had transcended fashion and become a “classic”. Many followers of fashion declared they would bolt the losing campaigns of Edwards and Obama to join the latest fad. Al Gore, deservedly so, was back in fashion. But the Gore campaign was not to be.

Enter Stephen Colbert.

Stephen Colbert declared on his funny and very popular show – very popular particularly among young Americans – that he would run for President on the Democratic and Ripublican lines in South Carolina. Colbert, instantly became “the new”. 1.2 million mostly young supporters instantly signed up to support Colbert on the Facebook website. Those 1.2 million Colbert supporters Obama could not help but look at with a lean and hungry look. Obama’s own Facebook efforts aimed at attracting one million supporters had long since choked at one-third that amount.

Colbert instantly became the “new”. Colbert’s popularity surpassed that of Obama’s with the sole demographic Obama was gambling his entire campaign on. What’s more, Colbert threatened Obama in South Carolina – the state that Obama knew he must have.

So Obama did what he has done before – Obama made sure Colbert would not get on the ballot.

Obama, of course, denied he had anything to do with the Colbert Chicago style drive-by shooting. Denial or “blame the staff” is Obama’s typical recourse when caught doing something dirty. In Obama’s Dirty Mud Politics we quoted several examples of Obama’s dirty deeds, as published in Big Media outlets.

The Chicago Tribune traced Obama’s lack of respect for ballot access:

“But in that initial bid for political office, Obama quickly mastered the bare-knuckle arts of Chicago electoral politics. His overwhelming legal onslaught signaled his impatience to gain office, even if that meant elbowing aside an elder stateswoman like Palmer.”

“A close examination of Obama’s first campaign clouds the image he has cultivated throughout his political career: The man now running for president on a message of giving a voice to the voiceless first entered public office not by leveling the playing field, but by clearing it.”

“One of the candidates he eliminated, long-shot contender Gha-is Askia, now says that Obama’s petition challenges belied his image as a champion of the little guy and crusader for voter rights.”

“Why say you’re for a new tomorrow, then do old-style Chicago politics to remove legitimate candidates?” Askia said. “He talks about honor and democracy, but what honor is there in getting rid of every other candidate so you can run scot-free? Why not let the people decide?”

Why indeed?

Two prominent supporters of Illinois Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in South Carolina called state Democratic Party officials and urged them to keep funnyman Stephen Colbert’s name off the primary ballot, according to party officials and Obama supporters.

Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign has denied any connection to the phone calls. [snip]

At least one member of the executive council, who requested anonymity, told CNN he felt “pressured” by former State Superintendent of Education Inez Tenenbaum to oppose placing Colbert on the ballot.

Tenenbaum, who ran for U.S. Senate in 2004, is a high-profile supporter of Obama. Her endorsement of Obama in April was touted by the campaign, and she has appeared at several Obama campaign events, including the opening of a campaign headquarters this summer. “She said it wouldn’t be fair to the other candidates. That he [Colbert] wouldn’t be sincere. That he was only running in one state,” said the executive council official.

Watch CNN’s Peter Hamby’s explain why Obama’s supporters wanted Colbert off the ballot.

The official added: “The Obama people, they just didn’t want him at all.” [snip]

Another Obama endorser who regularly appears at campaign events, state Rep. Bakari Sellers, also made phone calls to members of the party’s executive council about Colbert, according to Sellers. [snip]

But the calls raise questions about the Obama supporters’ motives, given their close ties to the campaign and the fact that Colbert and Obama both draw support from a similar demographic.

“A lot of Obama’s support is among younger, college-educated folks, and a lot of Colbert’s watchers are younger, college-educated folks,” said Scott Huffmon, a political scientist at Winthrop University.

“I understand that Obama might potentially lose some voters,” said Huffmon, who also noted that having Colbert on the ballot would likely bring in new primary voters rather than take them from other candidates. “But in a race where every vote counts it’s a valid concern.”

Young, and not so young, idealistic supporters of Obama were warned by us back in early May of 2007 as to Obama’s lack of respect for those who get in his way. [See, Obama’s Astroturf and When Sizzle Meets Fizzle.]

With the dispatch of Colbert’s candidacy a new threat to Obama arises: Ron Paul.

Ron Paul, a Ripublican who opposes the Iraq war, is the latest “new”. Ron Paul is the latest in political fashion.

Recall, the hapless Obama campaign team has an audacious Reagan inspired hope for staving off defeat. Their operational theory is to survive the Iowa caucuses, hopefully with a win. Then the hope is to appeal to independents in New Hampshire – not Democrats which overwhelmingly support Hillary – in order to survive for a final battle in South Carolina, gay-bashing and all.

According to Politico Obama strategists say for now they are not running a national campaign but are depending on what senior adviser David Axelrod calls “a sequential series” of victories.

Enter Ron Paul.

On Monday, a group of Paul supporters helped raised more than $4.07 million in one day — approaching what the campaign raised in the entire last quarter — through a Web site called ThisNovember5th.com, a reference to the day the British commemorate the thwarted bombing. [snip]

The Paul campaign has raised more than $6.84 million in the first five weeks of this quarter, more than the $5 million it raised from July 1 to Oct. 1. Many of the contributions appeared to come through the independent Fawkes effort, but how much was unclear.
On Monday alone, the campaign signed up more than 21,000 new donors, said Jesse Benton, a campaign spokesman.

The actual total for Ron Paul raised on that one day is $4.34 million dollars.

Ron Paul better watch his back. As Ron Paul increasingly emerges as the fad of the month, Ron Paul threatens Obama. Ron Paul appeals to New Hampshire’s independent voters. These independent voters will flock to vote for Ron Paul, not has-been Obama. Obama no doubt will work across the aisle with his Ripublican buddies to assist in the dispatch of Ron Paul from contention in New Hampshire.

In election year 2000, Bill Bradley was abandoned by New Hampshire’s independent voters who instead supported Ripublican John McCain. Obama, no longer the Lebron James “with game”, will relive old basketball player Bill Bradley’s fate – unless Ron Paul is neutralized.

John Edwards is on a suicide run for Obama. Obama is in a race already lost.

Obama and Edwards will regret the campaigns they have chosen to run. They will have plenty of time, in years to come, as they turn the pages of their autobiographical scrap books.

Hillary will be Living History, again, in the White House. Style, never goes out of fashion.


149 thoughts on “Fall Fashions – Ron Paul, Stephen Colbert, Barack Obama

  1. ADMIN,

    You know how I love the NORMA DESMOND references!!!!!! hehehe. KEep it up- GREAT ARTICLE as usual!

  2. Great article. Infact speaking of Edwards, I think there needs to be an serious digging as to if there is a communication channel between Edwards and Obama campaigns to oust Hillary and get onto President/vice president nominees. Else nothing that Edwards is doing makes sense. Undoubtedly, if he choses to play it right, he can come atleast as a strong second in Iowa and hope the momentum carries him to further his cause and appeal to public at large in NH for a weak second, and carry that momentum to South Carolina. I am assuming Edwards has decent clout in South Carolina, since he won it first time around. Now he is just running a defeatist campaign and wants to drag Hillary down with him and I am glad she is smart enough not to take the bait.
    It is sad that Obama campaign has silenced one of my favorite people, Colbert. Dirty political maneuver indeed, and yet the young supporters who have already been duped into this new “hope” that he has to offer, keep trying to figure out what is going on. But the mainstream media will still concentrate on a week old debate and how hillary played victim card (which I never saw). Today’s Chris Mathews show was despicable, he was continuing his personal attacks on Hillary by mocking her clapping style during a campaign. I fail to understand why that is even an issue, and all the “experts” offer their insight onto why she claps and mocking her. The word pathetic would seem like a euphemism. I am glad she hasnt given an interview to MSNBC after debate, and chose CNN instead, and I hope she repeats it for next 8 years to come.
    I hear rumors that many NH republicans are turning independent and voting for Obama, and then during general elections they would go back to their loyalties. The strategy is the same one they used in Connecticut for Joe Lieberman, asking their base to support him so that democrat loses in the election, thereby weakening senate and giving president more free ride. The strategy seemed to have paid of well, now the thing is, will the strategy work for Obama in NH. It sure seems like a winner for GOP and a temporary win for Obama, but at expense of democratic party and core values of democracy, but this clan of GOP has lost its moral virtues long time back, so that should not surprise us anymore.

  3. Being a fellow Texan, I’ve been keeping an occasional eye on Ron Paul’s campaign, not so much in the real hope that he would win the Republican nomination but because of the increasingly real possibility that he winds up running as a third-party candidate in the general election. I hadn’t considered the possibility of him having any real impact in the primary (in the Republican primary anyway) but your take on his effect on the Democratic primary in New Hampshire really makes a lot of sense and appears to be “spot-on” to me…a very interesting development!

  4. ha!

    no doubt BO and JE will be primping and preening to the max in preparation for next weeks “close-up” in las vegas.

  5. Just wanted to add that I’m not really supporting Ron Paul’s campaign except that his running as a third-party candidate will really kill any Republican’s chances in the general election, especially if it’s Rudy (especially if the Bloomberg rumor turns out to be true).

  6. Secret, yesterday Matthews was in hysterics because — Hillary was clapping. Hillary was giving a speech and people were applauding her and she then applauded them. Matthews went nuts. He was screaming at the top of his lungs, “why is she clapping, someone tell me why is she clapping?”

    gladiatorstail saw the same thing, so we are not hallucinating here.

  7. Admin,
    Thanks for understanding how I feel about Matthews. I think he is sick. He needs to be hospitalized to hate someone so much. I went nuts watching him – I turned off my TV – else I would have smashed it. I should learn not to let him get to me this way. Admin – thanks again. I was almost feeling alone in my agony!

  8. BTW, CottonEyed, it is possible that Obama’s campaign made a mistake in not engaging with Colbert in South Carolina. Colbert might have actually helped Obama if the effort was made to increase the youth vote. Helping Colbert in SC might have also paid dividends in other states and blunted Ron Paul in NH.

  9. I watched Debate Watch Event With President Clinton. I love her home and how warm it is. I enjoyed watching that clip so very much.

  10. Secret, there is a rapidly escalating anger towards Matthews by many. He is increasingly deranged on the topic of Hillary. Avoid him if necessary, he is toxic.

    For therapy, here’s the debate watch party with the Billster.

  11. ron paul support continues to grow here in NH. i am hoping he continues to gain momentum and cause grief amongst GOP’ers as we move toward the GE.

  12. Thanks for posting this video Admin. Love..love this clip!!!

    Yes – I will avoid Chris Matthews at all cost. I need to save my sanity to do everything I can to support Hill in my state!!

  13. Rasmussen published a NH poll. Clinton’s lead is dropped to 10 points. Don’t panic. I expected this.

    Clinton 34
    Obama 24
    Edwards 15

  14. Secret, et al: I echo your frustration at Chris Matthews. He has openly admitted (and then caught himself) “rooting” for O & E (the foolHardy boys) to bash Hillary, congratulated Russert for attacking Hillary then asked what Russert question was improper, and bashed any Hillary defender, and maintained that Bill shouldn’t comment on the debate, even though Russert had used him twice to play gotcha, both times misleadingly.

    I also was screaming answers at the TV, but I now believe that the worst thing you can do for your heart is smoke, eat badly, and watch Chris Matthews — and not neessarily in that order.

  15. New Gallup poll is out. Very little change, very good news for Hillary…

    . Democratic Primary Results

    Clinton 50
    Obama 22
    Edwards 15
    Richardson 4

    Clinton 51
    Rudy 45

  16. The Barack Edwards supporters will be dancing in the street today with the dip in the Rasmussen poll. It’s hard to believe she lost 10 pts over a non starter.. This is no more than a blip…

    You have no idea how much they hated seeing the dailys from the RasPoll. Begging to make it all STOP! 🙂

    Oh, well, tomorrow is another day! Take care, Hill..

    Mrs. S.

  17. Survey USA has a poll in FL as well. Clinton is crushing the field post debate.

    Clinton 56
    Obama 19
    Edwards 14

  18. I am waiting for Iowa poll. She has focussed most of her energy there post debate and has received good coverage. I think she is campaigning in NH next week. hope she does better in next debate. gallop poll looks encouraging. both she and bill need to stop making news!

  19. Chris Matthews has stated on air that Hillary’s clapping
    reminds him of Soviet and Chinese communist politicians.
    These pols often clapped in response to their puppets in
    the audience clapping. I think his inference is Hillary’s
    supporters are puppets that can’t think for themselves or
    they would be supporting BO or perhaps JE.

    Matthews doesn’t appreciate genuine political loyality.
    Especially, loyalty derived from well thought out reasoning.
    Loyality, derived from principle and real understanding
    of the issues. Hillary’s support believe in her as a person,
    a political leader, and the humanity she expresses on our

  20. kostner, Why did you expect the numbers to drop in NH? Because of the debate, or because Obama is advertising heavily there? Or both?

    BTW, I think the Gallup poll could be showing a bounceback by Hillary. All the other ones were done in the immediate aftermath of the debate, and this one, presumably, was started three or four days following the debate. Attacks often work in the short term, but tend to backfire when they go on to long because the attackers go overboard, producing a backlash.

    Also, I find it interesting, and quite encouraging, that the postdebate GE polls all show her with a lead over Rudy. I was concerned if those numbers suffered, even if it was short term, the ridiculous unelectability argument would gain some traction.

  21. Did you all see this? The most-recent CNN poll asked people who they would and wouldn’t consider voting for:

    Likely Unlikely Unsure
    % % %
    Illinois Senator Barack Obama 52 47 2
    New York Senator Hillary Clinton 51 48 1
    Former N.Y. City Mayor Rudy Giuliani 49 49 1
    Former N. Carolina Senator John Edwards 48 50 1
    Arizona Senator John McCain 46 54 1
    Former Tenn. Senator Fred Thompson 37 61 3
    Former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney 34 64 2

    Look who’s the second least polarizing candidate running, lol. And Obama’s plus 5 while she’s plus 3. Yeah, big difference.

  22. Joe Trippi on Obama:

    Tonight’s theory goes something like this: For the better part of a year now, the press has treated Obama to fawning coverage, the kind of attention that would cost you half a billion dollars to buy yourself, and even then it wouldn’t be as effective. And, yet, after a brief moment of upward movement, Obama is back to around 20 percent in many state and national polls. “So, somebody’s got to explain to me–I don’t care if he’s got $400 million,” Trippi says. “You can’t replicate what the media did for him.”
    At a certain point, I feel obliged to ask about the Obama organization in Iowa, which the scuttlebutt says is the most sophisticated of all the major candidates’. That’s when I’m reminded of a second thing reporters love about Trippi: his distaste for the norms of campaign syntax. I see a small grin form on his face, and Trippi, whose voice normally sounds like a combination of Kevin Costner and Kermit the Frog, lapses into his best prisoner-of-war impression: “Their organization is formidable. I don’t know how we’re going to overcome it,” he says.

    The Brit’s jaw drops. “That’s your quote?”

    “I’m saying that ironically, just so you know,” Trippi responds.

  23. Wednesday, November 07, 2007

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows Senator Hillary Clinton’s support slipping below 40% for the first time in more than a month. Overall, she has lost ten percentage points from her year-to-date peak reached on October 22. But still remains on top in the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination.

    Clinton now earns 39% of the vote, her lowest total since September 28. That’s still good enough, however, to hold an eighteen point advantage over Senator Barack Obama whose support is steady at 21%. Former Senator John Edwards has gained some ground in recent days and now earns the vote from 16% of Likely Democratic Primary Voters. New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson is a distant fourth at 4% and no other candidate tops the 3% level among Likely Democratic Primary Voters (see recent daily numbers).”

    Edwards attacks have shown a short-term benefit in his polls, but notice that OB’s numbers have been pretty much static despite Hillary’s drop. It’s all about, “core support”, and Hillary’s is around 40%, Obama’s is around 20% and Edwards’ is 12-15%.

  24. Most of the polling at this stage is background noise. I still like very much where Hillary is positioned with respect to her democratic competitors. She should keep doing what she is doing. Some of her competitors are so deaf politically they would not know when a truck hit them. They will be surprised when the Iowa caucuses are over with and will only realize what happened to them and why it happened.

  25. Mrs. Smith, does that mean that the Obama and Edwards supporters are now saying that the polls really do matter? 🙂 It’s no longer too early according to them?

    We have trouble keeping track of their thinking. Are NH polls now relevant? Are Iowa polls now relevant? Are California polls now relevant? Are Florida polls now relevant? Or is it just polls where Hillary is merely 10 points ahead that are relevant? 🙂

    We gather the national polls, according to them, are still not relevant, until they show a Hillary dip.

    Are Edwards and Obama supporters still touting the betting odds on Hillary now that she is so far ahead? The betting odds used to be their refuge.

  26. LOL, a new survey usa poll has hillary clobbering edwards in the north carolina primary. that is one of several recent polls showing him losing in his home state. remember on this week when he was asked about losing nc?

  27. ra1029,

    I definitely agree with you. I think the so-called ‘dip’ will set the trap further for Obama/Edwards. If they think it’s working, I certainly hope they will continue their daily rhetoric. After another 2-3 weeks onslaught, they will face a rude awakening..

  28. Scumbag Obama wants to probe into Clinton’s Sex Life.

    Per Politico:

    His campaign staffers, too, have become frustrated by the focus of the media’s attention, specifically that the press has not covered Clinton in the way they expected it would. During an interview this summer, Obama’s friend Valerie Jarrett said to me, unbidden, “He is a man who is devoted to his wife. There aren’t going to be any skeletons in his closet in terms of his personal life at all. Period.” And at a campaign event in Iowa, one of Obama’s aides plopped down next to me and spoke even more bluntly. He wanted to know when reporters would begin to look into Bill Clinton’s post-presidential sex life.

  29. Obama, Edward, Mathews just can’t handle what a great campaign Hillary is running. Everytime I hear quotes like the ones I read in hear I am reminded of the struggles of very intelligent women who have worked their way up through the system, I am reminded of the struggles of REAL CHANGE AGENTS — whether MALE OR FEMALE — in this country. The boyz club is tryin’ to nibble our girl to death like a bunch of ducks. Mathews wants to know why she’s “clappin”–he sounded like he needed a nerve pill yesterday. He’s just beside himself. And Obomba wants to know about President Bill’s sex life? Politics at its lowest, this is what the boys are attempting. Hillary, girl, force them to talk about the issues on your terms. You are smarter and stronger than all these immature brats. Keep pointing out how united the Republicans are. I think Obama should just be encouraged to change his party affiliation. I smell a rat named Karl Rove. Could it be? mollyj

  30. We posted the latest batch of polls in the polling section at the right hand column.

    BTW, the NH poll is a wobbly 1 day poll (in the field only on November 5). Let Obama/Edwards rejoice today – thereby admitting that polls finally really really do matter.

  31. Admin..

    ==Mrs. Smith, does that mean that the Obama and Edwards supporters are now saying that the polls really do matter? 🙂 It’s no longer too early according to them?==

    Yes, I read where one Obama Darwinist said, “he and his” can take a breather for a day from Hill supporters heralding her escalating numbers. Of course, his relief was short lived when someone pointed him to the current Gallup Poll. 🙂

    ==And at a campaign event in Iowa, one of Obama’s aides plopped down next to me and spoke even more bluntly. He wanted to know when reporters would begin to look into Bill Clinton’s post-presidential sex life.==

    Those sort of questions should be dealt with strongly, and firmly nipped in the bud. Taking a page from the Republican playbook…” we’re not going there” “and not about to reward that line of questioning with a response.” (just a suggestion)

    I’ve heard Bush use something along those lines as a response when reporters attempted to delve into his priv/personal life.

    Mrs. S.

    Dems need to take a stand on what is appropriate questions.

  32. The president of the UDEMS here at the Univ. of Iowa told me that when he offered the obama student group leader his position on the exec board he blew him off on the phone. They never come to our exec. meetings, and unlike all of the other campaigns, they don’t work with the UDEMS when he came into town. They are arrogant. He said the kid told him we don’t need the udems. It really does make me wonder if he is a closeted repub and it looks like he is attracting all kinds of arrogant, vain people to his campaign, how fitting.

  33. admin, Thanks for pointing out the NH poll was conducted over one day. That can make a big difference.

    “And at a campaign event in Iowa, one of Obama’s aides plopped down next to me and spoke even more bluntly. He wanted to know when reporters would begin to look into Bill Clinton’s post-presidential sex life.” Notice he expects the press to do his dirty work for him. “Politics of hope” my ass.

    Now we know he was expecting Hillary to have been destroyed by now, and is shocked she’s not just still hanging around but leading. I have two words for him: Up yours.

  34. Zogby is showing a very tight race in Iowa…

    She leads with 28% support, down from 30% in an August Zogby telephone poll. Barack Obama of Illinois, having made a serious campaign blitz of Iowa in recent months, is showing some progress at 25%, up from 19% in August. Holding steady in third place is John Edwards of North Carolina at 21%, down a bit from the late summer poll. Undecideds remain steady at 12%.

    However, the race tightens dramatically when second choices are factored into the mix – a critical wrinkle in the Iowa caucuses. In the caucuses, a first round of “balloting” is conducted, and those candidates who do not win at least 15% support are ruled “unviable” and supporters are directed to a second choice among those who remained “viable” before a second round of “balloting” is conducted. Zogby polling shows Edwards makes big strides as a second–choice candidate, jumping six percent .

  35. But Clinton’s support appears stronger than that of Edwards and Obama. Asked about the likelihood they could change their minds before January, just 39% of Clinton backers said it is likely, compared to 50% of Obama supporters and 51% of Edwards supporters.

    Asked whether former President Bill Clinton would have a negative or positive impact on a Hillary Clinton presidency, should one come to pass, Iowa Democrats are mostly optimistic. While 79% said his impact would be positive, nine percent said it would be negative and 12% were unsure.

    The telephone survey was conducted November 6, 2007, and included 502 likely Democratic caucus-goers statewide. It carries a margin of error of +/- 4.5 percentage points.

  36. Are you guys talking about the Zogby IOWA poll? Nov6th-Nov. 6th

    Clinton-28, Obama-25, Edwards-21

    M/E +/- 4.5


    Zogby is not the most reliable org. When is the Des Moines Register poll out?

  37. And it’s another one-day poll. What’s up with that? Those are traditionally less reliable. And, yes, that would still be the case if it showed Hillary up 15, lol.

  38. celiff..

    I think it’s fairly obvious the Obama student leader has been directed by the “O” campaign to discourage the IU admins from poking their nose into their campaign strategy…

    Mrs. S.

  39. It is time for Democrats to contact the offending campaigns and tell them to start obeying the 11th commandment. How many cycles do we need to self-destruct in, before we start criticising Republicans instead of us?

    BTW, I love the designation I thought of early this morning and posted above — unless the Hardy Boys are no longer known. But for O & E, the Fool-Hardy Boys works for me!!!

  40. freckles:

    “breck girl” is doing his last campaign. For him it is a do or die. He does not care that she is a democrat. He will be pulling out all stops to go at her. He knows this is his last act. Also, the thing he and BO will take from the recent rasmussen polls is it is okay to go more negative on her.

    One thing I noticed is that breck girl’s numbers are moving up a little bit and he might end up in a tie with BO. From what I see in the NH poll, hillary’s support has softened a little bit and moved into undecided category. It did not go to BO or breck girl.

  41. Two specific observations I want to make:

    Media campaign to decimate democratic party’s will : Right now, the way I see it, they will keep clobbering front runner and give plenty of ammunition to republicans so that they carry it all the way into the white house. The problem is real, and the way media is playing it out is almost text book character assassination campaign. They did it with Gore, Dean, Kerry and now Hillary (I dont even want to go into late eighties and nineties).
    Media loves portraying that immigration is biggest concern for voters, while it has been proven in Virginia that it is not even a real issue and comes way down the lane (this coming from a southern confederate state is a real big deal), yet media has created this huge hype that it is the biggest problem of our generation. and the sad thing is, we democrats are falling for it and arguing on it, just like media created social security as a democratic party’s core issue. Enough said, time to integrate ourselves.

  42. NBC is going to drop a national poll. Watch out Timmy Russert’s foaming mouth declaring a ‘plunging Clinton campaign’…


  43. kostner:

    I agree with you. In fact ,I can bet it will say she is plunging after the debate (what he really means is: “see, how I can change the race?”).

  44. This is from Joe Trippi’s blog:

    Just because there’s a writers’ strike in Hollywood, doesn’t mean everything you’re seeing is reruns… OPEN UP YOUR EYES! The 2008 presidential race is a whole new season, with an entirely different cast of characters. Don’t just assume the plot lines will follow the same old path. Besides, who doesn’t love a surprise twist at the end?

    REALITY CHECK – THIS IS 2008, NOT 2004.

    The role of John Kerry will not be reprised by Barack Obama. Despite raising the most money in the history of presidential politics and commanding a national audience with the celebrity nature of his campaign, Senator Obama has failed to overtake Senator Clinton in national polls. And after spending the most days campaigning in Iowa and the most money on Iowa TV, Obama has yet to see any measurable increase in support in the nation’s first caucus state. Last week’s debate was the third time this cycle the Obama campaign announced it was recalibrating strategy – and yet most voters are still waiting for “the gloves to come off.” Obama is now drawing the same sharp distinctions with Senator Clinton that Senator Edwards has been making for months – he’s just not as effective at it. Voters have been exposed to the message and the messenger – and they’re just not receptive. Perceived changes in the campaign dynamics are not going to send voters back to Obama after they’ve resoundingly decided to not support him.

    Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory, but Hillary Clinton is not Laura Palmer, Dick Gephardt, Howard Dean – and there’s not a “swift boat” in sight on this set. The frontrunner in 2004 was the anti-establishment candidate. Now, the frontrunner is the face of the broken system in Washington. And here’s a news flash – asking questions about a candidate’s position on the issues is not attack politics, it’s responsible politics. Given the choice between a candidate who defends the broken system in Washington and a candidate who has the strength, experience, and courage to fight for real change, Democratic primary voters and caucus goers will choose change. For the past ten months, this race has been framed as a choice between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. But, as the past few weeks have proved beyond a doubt, the only candidate in this race who presents a formidable foil to Senator Clinton’s establishment candidacy is John Edwards. Voters know the system in Washington is rigged, and they will not support a candidate who defends the corrupt system when a strong alternative candidate is presented.

    Starring John Edwards as… HIMSELF. He’s not playing a part. John Edwards has spent his life fighting on behalf of regular people and beating powerful interests. He grew up in a small rural town, went to public schools and was the first in his family to go to college. And despite his success, he hasn’t forgotten where he came from. That’s something voters who meet him recognize and respect – and its why Edwards has low unfavorables, high favorables, and is widely liked. Raymond is not the only one everybody loves. As the first candidate to lay out detailed plans on everything from providing universal health care to ending the war in Iraq to eliminating domestic and global poverty, Edwards has led the ideas race on the issues that matter most to voters. He has articulated his vision for a bold new direction for this country – and voters know that they can trust him to keep his word.

  45. freckles, I’m with you, except it’s going to be a cold day in you-know-where before that happens. As I said in an earlier post, I’m actually pretty surprised her GE numbers against Rudy haven’t taken a hit with all the crap being thrown at her.

  46. I hope this dumbest ‘strategist’ Joe Trippi has finally reached the conclusion attacking Hillary won’t be able to peel Clinton’s supporters away in Iowa.

    Basically Edwards & Obama’s supporters are shopping between these two. Edwards has to attack Obama to stem the bleeding there.

    The stupidest ‘strategist’ ever!!

  47. kostner, Now you’re making me nervous, lol. No other poll postdebate has her with less than a 19-point national lead. I hope NBC’s numbers are no worse than that. Are they pumping the poll at all? If they aren’t, it makes me wonder if it’s not too bad for us.

  48. Paula:

    It does not matter. The storyline has been set for NBC/MSNBC/Newsweek. They want to show that Russert’s “tough (i say partisan” questioning hurt Clinton. So they will keep pushing that storyline until her numbers go above the October level. If they say that it did not, it might hurt the ego of their “altar” boy Russert.

  49. Paula,

    I think it’s fair to say there’s no real damage to Clinton’s national #s based on a couple of polls. The momentum may somehow slow a bit, but that’s expected. There’s no way you can go straight up. I’d like to see this little ‘stumble’ to happen in Nov instead of Dec.

    Marixist/Gallup/Survey USA have all shown extremely high #s hovering above 50 across the board. Newsweek showed a stagnant #, CNN a bit dip.

  50. Another day, another BIG endorsement.

    November 7, 2007, 3:48 pm
    Rubin to Back Clinton
    By Patrick Healy

    Aside from Al Gore, the biggest presidential endorsement prize that is still up for grabs from the Clinton administration is Robert E. Rubin, the former Treasury Secretary and deficit hawk who remains one of the most admired economic stewards in Democratic politics.

    Mr. Rubin is now ready to go public: Despite some early misgivings about Hillary Rodham Clinton’s candidacy, he is scheduled to headline a major fundraiser for her on Dec. 13 in New York City, according to a memo describing the event. Democrats close to the Clinton campaign said today that he may appear at additional events, with her or former President Bill Clinton, before the primaries begin in January.

    Democrats close to Mr. Rubin said today that last winter, as Mrs. Clinton moved toward announcing her bid for the presidency, he expressed concerns to friends about whether she would be the strongest Democratic nominee — and, among other things, whether her political baggage from the 1990s and her unpopularity with many Republicans and some swing voters would lead to defeat for the Democrats in 2008. A son, James Rubin, has also been a major fundraiser for a Clinton rival, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois.

    But these Democrats say he has been steadily impressed with her performance on the campaign trail and in the debates this year (though his opinion about her delivery in the last, contentious debate is not known by these Democrats). He has also generally favored her economic and domestic policy platforms, which have been partially shaped by two of his colleagues during the Clinton era, Gene Sperling and Roger Altman. And he overcame an initial reticence about picking a side in a multi-candidate primary race.

    Democrats close to Mr. Rubin say that he and Mrs. Clinton have spent time together privately this year discussing economy policy and the race — as he has with his former boss, Mr. Clinton, who encouraged the Rubin endorsement.

    Moreover, these Democrats say, the personal and political relationship between Mr. Rubin and Mrs. Clinton has improved since the 1990s, when the two sometimes clashed in the Clinton White House over health care reform and economic and budget priorities. He has told friends that he supports her candidacy, the Democrats say, but he has not made a formal public endorsement yet.

    Mr. Rubin’s support would be a meaningful boon for Mrs. Clinton. Republicans have been attacking her domestic proposals — from universal health care and pre-kindergarten to energy and science research — as a return to big-government spending, and have also denounced her support for expiration of the Bush tax cuts, which would result in higher taxes for upper-income Americans. Mr. Rubin’s bona fides as a deficit hawk and a proponent of balanced budgets (which Mrs. Clinton also supports) could help her with moderates, business leaders and those worried that she would govern as an economic liberal.

    Mr. Rubin was elevated last weekend to chairman of Citigroup, one of the nation’s leading banks, after the departure of Charles O. Prince III. Democrats close to Mr. Rubin said he had already committed to the Clinton fundraiser before becoming Citigroup’s chairman, and that he was unlikely to pull out because of the demands or political sensitivities of the new job.

    Mr. Rubin did not immediately return a phone message today seeking comment.

    He is is scheduled, with Mr. Altman, to hold the opening dinner for Mrs. Clinton’s “Winter Summit: Grand Finale” forum, her last major fundraiser of 2007, which will take place in New York City on Dec. 13 and Dec. 14. The dinner is for supporters who sell more than $25,000 in tickets for the event.

    The forum also includes a debate-watching party and break-out sessions with campaign advisers on the afternoon of the 13th, when Mrs. Clinton and her rivals will face off at a debate in Iowa; a “Countdown to ‘08” celebration that evening with Mrs. Clinton, who will be flying into New York after the debate; an invitation to the “summit” meeting with Mrs. Clinton and advisers on Dec. 14, as well as to a “board room luncheon” with her that day.

    Mrs. Clinton is relying heavily on big names like Mr. Rubin to help with fund-raising through the end of 2007, as she spends more and more time on the campaign trail in advance of the primaries and caucuses this winter. She will still do a handful of fund-raising events in major cities this month and in December, but at a far more modest pace than earlier in 2007.

    Her husband will continue his bustling fund-raising pace on her behalf, meanwhile: he will headline two major events for her in New York in the next few weeks, as well as one in New Jersey next month. He will also host fundraisers for her in Dublin and London next weekend — receptions that could be especially lucrative given his popularity in both countries, especially Ireland, where he played a major role in the Northern Ireland peace process.


  51. The realist,

    Dow down more than 350 on sinking dollar
    Greenback hits new record low against euro

    I think it’s time for Hillary to seize upon this opportunity to hammer home ‘it’s economy stupid again’…

    Lots of jittery under the radar.

  52. hey guys, awaiting the nbc/wsj poll. btw, what happen to the waiting for al gore crowd” im not seeing the posts as much on the nutkooks anymore. i guess they are finnally getting the message”HE’S NOT RUNNIN”LOL.

  53. Rubin adds a world of GRAVITAS to Hillary’s economic proposals, right when the economy is poised to be the issue of the presidential campaign. I agree kostner, that there’s a lot happening under the radar (The fallout from the sub-prime mortgage debacle has ongoing WORLD wide repercussions.) that will crystallize this issue and make it on par with security in the GE.

  54. Haven’t heard anything about Clinton today. She was scheduled to be in NH, I’m wondering whether she’s sick…

  55. This is from ABC:

    Obama Says Flag Flap a Dirty Trick
    Share November 07, 2007 3:18 PM

    ABC News’ David Wright and Sunlen Miller Report: At a town hall meeting Wednesday an Iowa voter asked Senator Barack Obama, D-Ill., about the numerous emails she has received with photos purporting to show Obama “refusing” to pledge allegiance to the flag.

    “You’re standing with your arms folded and Hillary’s got her hand on her heart,” she said, adding that she received so many of these emails she is sick of them.

    Obama shook his head and smiled.

    “This was not during the pledge of allegiance,” Obama said of the picture taken at Senator Tom Harkin’s, D-Iowa, annual steak fry and first published by Time. “A woman was singing the Star Spangled Banner when that picture was taken.

    See the original photo by clicking here.

    “I was taught by my grandfather that you put your hand over your heart during the pledge, but during the Star Spangled Banner, you sing!” Obama said.

    ABC News has video of the event in question which can be viewed by clicking here.

    Obama called the circulation of such pictures a “dirty trick” and mentioned other emails accusing him of being “a Muslim plant.”

    “I have been pledging allegiance since I was a kid,” Obama said.

    Obama advised his supporters who receive such emails to ignore them.

    “Just tell whoever sent it,” Obama told the crowd, “they’re misinformed.”

  56. The above-mentioned example just shows you how easy Obama can be swiftboated in general election. Democrats will likely face another Dukakis moment. God save us!!

    With fix news quietly spreading his muslism roots, defying flag pledge etc, weak on terror, Iran, Iraq, Obama is toast.

    Look at the latest Gallup #. Right now, almost 40% of voters are pledging not to vote for him under any circumstances, it’s already on par with Clinton’s 42%….

    God save us from this Obama fantasy…

  57. Agree with you Kostner totally on how easy it would be to swiftboat Obama. Last weekend, I was at a bar in Richmond VA and was hearing similar comments from people, and was actually surprised. The main stream media would only be lukeworm supportive to Obama on this, just like it was with Kerry. And in a second, Obama will be in mud defending his Muslim Origins, electing a muslim president at these crucial times, so on and so forth. MSM treats him like a rockstar, but that will soon get old if he is the nominee. Infact, almost 60% positive coverage of Obama Vs. 29% for Clinton and yet his failure to gain traction does explain lack of his appeal, but no one will point it out till GE if he is the nominee. It wont even surprise me if they pull out another “Call me Harrold” ad with Obama.

  58. They definitely will swiftboat him, that’s why Hillary MUST be the nominee. She will not be swiftboated. I was listening to Stephanie Miller’s radio show, which I love, despite the fact that she is leaning obama, and she and her cohosts talked about how they knew for sure that she would NOT BE SWIFTBOATED. She will not have it. She would put it to bed so fast (:

  59. She IS sick, but she’s still in there swingin’;

    rom NBC/NJ’s Athena Jones
    PETERBOROUGH, NH — Hillary Clinton was forced to whisper part of an energy speech here after a cough attack. The senator was in New Hampshire to talk about what Americans can do as individuals to help move the U.S. toward energy independence.

    While talking about offering a tax credit of up to $10,000 for purchasing a hybrid car, Clinton began coughing. She asked the audience to excuse her and said she had been fighting this for a while. She took a few sips from a glass and then began speaking again in a much lower voice.

    “I sound like Tallulah Bankhead,” Clinton said to a laughing audience. One man yelled out, “Hang in there.”

    “That’s one thing about me. I hang in there,” Clinton said to laughter and applause.

    She whispered her speech for a while, before taking a break to allow Bob Vila, a supporter and a home improvement expert to talk for a moment. She then returned with a stronger voice. This was the third speech on energy policy Clinton has given this week. She lost her voice from time to time during a four-day swing in Iowa over the weekend and early this week.

  60. Love the Tallulah Bankhead remark, lol. BTW, I didn’t know Bob Vila supported Hillary. Cool! (Also am excited about the Rubin endorsement.)

  61. ohh, i hope she gets better. she should use and old remedy my mom used, hot tea with lemon and honey. at the very least use halls coughdrops.

  62. Admin., I was impressed with the deconstruction of Sullivan and his ridiculous puff piece on Obama in yesterday’s column. Your article was a masterpiece of high prose, keen political insight, and astute Freudian analysis. Let me turn now from Sullivan to Obama.

    In my opinion, any objective appraisal of Obama must begin with the recognition that he is a charismatic candidate. For some people, that is reason enough to vote for him.

    But a serious voter will look for more. He or she will ask whether Obama has the will and capacity to change the direction of the country on the domestic and international front. He wants you to believe he does, and so do his supporters. But the weight of the evidence suggests otherwise for three (3) reasons:

    First of all, his campaign is based on the “cult of personality”, as opposed to substance. Thus, he presents himself as a transcendent figure who will heal the deep divisions in our society, and transform the interest based nature of politics which has existed since the time of Thucydides. That is a fantastic claim, and a sucker’s bet.

    Ultimately, it leads to an abdication of leadership. On the one hand, it makes him unwilling to hold George W. Bush fully accountable for the disasterous policies he has foisted upon the country, over the objections of the American People. On the other hand, it induces him to attack his own party, and its leading candidate. Originally, that attack was confined to policy matters, but now it has degenerated into mean spirited personal attacks, contrary to his brand.

    Second, Obama has shown a “lack of political courage” when the proverbial chips were down. Shorn of its pretensions, political courage means simply this: answering the bell when there is political risk, and action is required. Thus, when he castigated Clinton for her Iran vote, but failed to show up for that vote himself, he showed his true colors. Unlike the original Iraq vote, this time he was a sitting Member of Congress. By the same token, when Russert opened the last debate by inviting him to expand on his criticism of Senator Clinton in the Washington Post, he fumbled the ball. His game plan was to have Edwards do a kamikazee run on Clinton, have Clinton respond, and then position himself as the great healer with some self serving statement like this is an example of what must change. She foiled his little plan, by deflecting that criticism.

    Third, Obama “lacks the experience” required to be President. The best way to demonstate this is to compare his thin resume to the awesome requirements of the job. Adjunct Professor, community activist, state legislator, single term Senator for Illionois. The experience gap is wider than the Grand Canyon. By what sophistry of reason is he qualified to be President? That is the question any perceptive voter should be asking.

    They should also realize that Obama is in many respects a creation of main stream media, such that they will cast him in a favorable light and protect him at all cost. Thus, when Chicago reporter Lynn Sweet wrote an article critical of Obama, Time Magazine dispatched its newest pundit Mark Halprin to accuse her of being a conduit of the Clinton camp, without evidence. The public has a right to know within reason the
    entire story on every candidate, not just the front runner. Failure to do so is censorship.

    If past is prologue, Tim Russert will interview Obama at the appointed time this weekend. He will ask him soul searching questions like how was your Halloween. For the sake of appearance, he will ask him a few serious questions. But he will pull his punches in a way he would not do with Hillary. On the other hand, perhaps he will do his job as a journalist, and get to the truth. That would be refreshing indeed. In that case, Matthews would need to go on Prozac.

  63. Lots happening today. I noticed Time mag is gonna have an article on Obama’s repug support. When will people get it that he is a wolf in sheeps clothin’? Personally, I am not sure he has a real ideology or a real moral compass. I believe that he blends in with the crowd he’s in, or tries to. It’s time to take an accountin’ of real democrats. It’s also time to expose the hypocrisy of people who say they are uniters and then do everything they can, including lie, to misrepresent their opponents position.

    Hillary is right to stay positive, focused and on message…stay focused…let the other folks hang out in the sewer.

    Hillary, gal, aka Tallulah, you hang in there for sure! We’re workin’ hard for ya! mollyj

  64. I agree, Molly. I’ts becoming increasingly obvious to me the thing for Hill to do is stay positive, focused on the issues. Any reasonable person knows exactly why Republicans are supporting Obama, defeating Hillary.

  65. Great analysis, wbboei, You are right on about the Obama resume. I have feasted my eyes on what passes as a resume and there is no there there. At all. mollyj

  66. LMAO, hillary is still way ahead in the nbc poll and russert did not even metion his bully hit job had no effect on the race.LOL

  67. Timmy Russert is a complete fool. He explicitly downplayed the slight uptick of Clinton’s number. Picked up usual GOP talking points such as ‘evasive’, ‘liberal’ to describe her. He again fawned upon Obama… Geez. This guy’s venom towards Clinton is so apparent.

    I hate him to guts…

    Clinton 47
    Obama 25
    Edwards 11

  68. terrondt,

    He made me want to scream. Did you hear him using the usual talking points to describe Clinton…

  69. By Mark Murray
    Deputy political director
    NBC News
    updated 11 minutes ago

    Mark Murray
    Deputy political director
    WASHINGTON – After a debate performance last week that continues to produce headlines — and that she admitted wasn’t her best showing — Hillary Clinton continues to enjoy a 20-point lead over her nearest rival in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

    What’s more, Democrats still hold a double-digit lead over Republicans in a generic ballot test for the White House, due in large part to the poor political environment for the GOP.

    Yet given those advantages, Clinton — as well as the other top Democrats in the race — finds herself in a dead heat in a general election match-up against Rudy Giuliani, who leads the GOP presidential field in the poll.
    “Her primary numbers are certainly strong, and that is where the game is being played [right now],” says Democratic pollster Peter D. Hart, who conducted this survey with Republican pollster Bill McInturff. But in a general election, Hart adds, Clinton “obviously has a lot of troubles and challenges ahead.”

    “She has a lot to do to win the presidency.”

    In the Democratic race, Clinton, the senator from New York, leads Illinois Sen. Barack Obama nationally, 47-25 percent — with former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards coming in third at 11 percent. No other Democratic candidate receives more than 4 percent in the poll.

    Polls in the all-important early battleground of Iowa, however, show a much tighter Democratic race.

    Clinton’s 22-point advantage over Obama in the survey is virtually unchanged since this summer. In the September NBC/Journal poll, her lead was 21 points (44-23 percent). And in July, it was the same margin (43-22 percent).
    “Hillary is essentially in no different shape than she’s been in this year,” says McInturff, the GOP pollster.

    One of the reasons, it seems, why Clinton commands this lead over Obama is the perception of experience. Seventy-six percent of Democrats surveyed in the poll give Clinton high marks for being knowledgeable and experienced enough to handle the presidency. By comparison, just 41 percent of Democrats say the same about Obama.
    Similarly, 63 percent give Clinton high marks for her ability to be a good commander-in-chief. That’s compared with 43 percent who give Obama high marks on this question.

  70. sure did kostner. not a utter word about no change since the debate. i bet the house if she dropped he would have trumped it up from the rooftops. F*CK HIM.

  71. Without reading the pdf file, I can assure you Obama must have lost to Rudy, otherwise Timmy would have screamed Obama was the savior, Clinton was the polarizer…

  72. yeah, strange he did not read off edwards and obama head to head. goes to show they cannot admit or believe hillary can really win this thing. god knows he tried his best to bring her down. luv ya hillary and keep going!!!

  73. Terrondt,

    I just found the pdf file. All dems took a hit. I can’t believe how they can manufacture such a story that she’s more polarizing than other democratic candidates….

    Clinton 46
    Rudy 45

    Obama 44
    Rudy 42

    Edwards 45
    Rudy 44

    Gore 46
    Rudy 47

    Damn, this is statistic noise. The beloved Gore is even a dead hea…. I am speechless.

  74. Being inspirational and an exciting choice for president
    Democratic primary voters
    November 2007 *


    November 2006 (same question)

    Looks like the bloom is off the rose! She is the EXCITING candidate!

  75. thanks kostner for the internals. wtf, they won’t let this gore thing go.is this guy going to jump in at this late date?

  76. kostner-
    If he could, He’d be kicking himself in the ass…

    What’s the feeling on how he treats OB this Sunday? Does he need to go after OB to blunt some of the blow back from his debate hit-job?

  77. Another story about Obama’s flag pledge… This is spreading fast. I mean, democratic primary voters won’t care about this sort of stuff, but in GE, independents will kill Obama’s chance… I can’t believe how tortured and twisted his explanations are to such charges…

    From Salon…

    BETTENDORF, Iowa—A scurrilous new e-mail is circulating about Barack Obama. Over the last few months there were the ones that suggested he was secretly hiding his Muslim faith. The messages suggest he refused to pledge allegiance this summer at a steak fry hosted by Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin.

    Nutty rumors are always circulating about candidates. The Republicans spread their own in the run-up to the August straw poll. Usually campaigns can ignore them. To engage a made-up claim only gives it unwanted attention. What makes this one a problem is that it appears to have penetrated deeply into the pool of voters Obama is courting. They asked about the pledge at the first two town halls kicking off his five-day tour here. Since building support for the Iowa caucuses relies on word-of-mouth, rumors are all the more dangerous. Here’s how Obama dealt with the issue:

    Tuesday night in Cedar Rapids, a woman stood, describing herself as “a mother of two small children trying to instill how important it is to be politically minded.” As her young son stood behind her she asked about the e-mail charge, which she said had her son “very concerned.”

    Obama, who has already had to deal with a flap over wearing a flag pin, explained that the picture included in the e-mail was taken during the singing of the national anthem, not the Pledge of Allegiance. “I’ve been pledging allegiance to the flag since I was 3,” he said. For that act of patriotism, he puts his hand over his heart, he said, but he doesn’t do so when he’s listening to the national anthem. (The U.S. flag code has a different view.) Regarding the woman’s son, he said, “You let him know I’ll come by his school and we’ll say the pledge together.”

    In Muscatine on Wednesday, another woman asked about the pledge e-mail. This time, Obama, who was understandably exasperated, treated the question as ludicrous—as if someone had suggested that he’s not black (which, come to think of it, they have). “I was taught by my grandfather to put my hand on my heart with the pledge and with the Star Spangled Banner, you sing, so that’s what I did. … I’ve been pledging allegiance since I was 3. I lead the pledge when I open the United States Senate. It’s on C-SPAN.”

  78. A comment from someone on Taylor Marsh’s website

    Most people don’t understand just how callous this business of politics can be. They always talk about the “Clinton machine” but the other campaigns at the moment are pretty down and dirty. A story from NY TImes- Axelrod’s (Obama’s chief political operative) daughter has epilespy and Axelrod’s wife started a national Epilespy Foundation. During the Clinton impeachment months- Hillary Clinton was asked to give the keynote speech to that Foundation. Because of her degree from Yale in early childhood brain development, she spent the day in the hospital talking to doctors and patients then put together an incredible speech-all the while being peppered with the press throwing Monica questions at her. Not only did she give a dynamite speech but she went back to DC and gathered a ton of research grant money for epilepsy- Axelrod’s wife called her one of the most amazing woman she had ever met. I don’t know about the rest of you -but when my son had cancer-anyone who did anything for him is a hero to me-forever- How Axelrod could be trying to derail her campaign when she was so generous to his sick child explains why these operatives are souless- That’s why this convoluted connection between Obama, Edwards and Trippi could be as devious as it appears-would not surprise me. Additionally, Obama hired, for a major campaign position, one of the most unprincipled of all – Robert Gibbs who ran an Osama campaign ad directed at Howard Dean.
    “Tricia Enright, who was the spokeswoman for Howard Dean at the time, summed the ad up best, saying: “Whoever is behind this should crawl out from underneath their rock and have the courage to say who they are.” But Robert Gibbs, who was the spokesman for the group, embraced the slime ad against Dean, and refused to say who had funded the ad. Now sure, you can say that Gibbs was just doing his job. But Gibbs wasn’t just aligned with the group, he was in the leadership. The group took seed money from crooked former Senator Robert Torricelli to get off the ground, and then went out and raised over a million to run the ad. Gibbs was one of three people that made that ad happen.” This is the man who works on the Obama campaign.
    bberger | 11.07.2007 – 7:00 pm | #

  79. Having the strong leadership qualities needed to be president

    Clinton 26(all) 45(dems)
    OB 15 23

    He consistently scores in the teens to low twenties on this type of question, but it’s almost scary how few DEMOCRATS view him as having the right stuff to actually LEAD.
    Of course, Russert was more interested in questions like, “Being easygoing and likable”. lol

  80. Big relief about the NBC/WSJ poll. The comment by Dem pollster Peter Hart about Hillary facing obstacles in the GE made me scratch my head, though. She’s no worse than tied with Rudy in all the GE polls, and has a small lead in most. This in spite of being relentlessly attacked by Dems and Repubs. Why not talk about Rudy’s obstacles in defeating Hillary? His negatives are only going to go up because the public knows so little about him, except for the 9/11 stuff. His peak is now, hers is yet to come.

  81. Also, I suspect all the damage that these attacks are going to do has been done, and it’s minimal. If they continue, I believe her lead will start increasing again due to a backlash.

    Oh, and Russert can go to hell.

  82. o poor team Obama – they couldntt even take advantage of the greatest piece o luck that ever coulda hit – which would have been Colbert taking his show on the road –

    hello, what do you think Bill wouldnt of done in ninety two with that opportunity? He’d of hugged, teased im, grabbed, debated him, kept aa running gag going with him – getting tons and tons of free and truly earned media….all very, very positive stories about the candidate and te boy from home who bade it big on tv and came home to pretend he was a candidate….

    all good, nothing bad…

    and how many reaal voters would waste their votes on Colbert – few drunk frat boys who would only vote to say tey voted for colbert – but now they wONT VOTE AT ALL –

    but can one imagine one of those aannoyingly eaarnest know it all onbamaite actually giving up a chance to vote for terir – celebrity-savior-her?

    puleeze….not a chance!

    But Team obama just follows the script of the pundit crowd these days – and on matthews they dsaid that colbert MIGHT cost them votes….so the brainiacss with Obama said well, lets shut that Colbert down…

    crazy6 man, crazy…

    bill would never have done that, he’d of road colbert to victory. And since Obama and his campaign have no post sC strategy whatsoever – aint it cool that it just be tat the Colbert Report itself saaved us from having to deal with a continuation of obamamania?

    man, now thats funny!

  83. DemDem, earlier today [ http://www.hillaryis44.org/?p=323#comment-11684 ]
    We wrote:

    “BTW, CottonEyed, it is possible that Obama’s campaign made a mistake in not engaging with Colbert in South Carolina. Colbert might have actually helped Obama if the effort was made to increase the youth vote. Helping Colbert in SC might have also paid dividends in other states and blunted Ron Paul in NH.”

    The conclusion can easily be drawn that Obama wants the spotlight all to himself and does not want to share it with a Colbert – even if it kills his campaign.

  84. Hello folks,

    I highly highly recommend you to watch WMUR’s coverage of Clinton’s campaigning in NH. Wow, I love WMUR, they always give fair coverage to Clinton. Iowa is a completely lost cause. I can’t find one single tv clip for her four-day swing there. Geez!!! God save us from O-bomb.
    She is absolutely an amazing fighter…

    Here’s the link.

  85. “Iowa is a completely lost cause. I can’t find one single tv clip for her four-day swing there. Geez!!! ”

    They still don’t allow women to appear on television in Iowa.

    There are only two states left that ban women from the airwaves: Iowa and Mississippi. They wouldn’t let ’em vote except that it’s federal law.

  86. I am thrilled at Rubin’s endorsement!

    What a serendipitous confluence of events. (Not for America, but for HRC’s campaign) The economy is tanking in the most obvious places – gas prices, home heating prices, plunging home prices and foreclosures. As we get to the primaries, “it’s the economy, stupid” will once again be the battle cry. Who is the man with the most credibility to tell us what should be done? The man who is certifying another Clinton to give us what the first one did: a thriving economy and a balanced budget. If that doesn’t trump someone’s clapping or laugh, we should all move to Canada.

    The most persuasive issue is always the economy — except in wartime or a great economy. Since the surge is working (?!?), who doesn’t want a return to the great economy of the 90’s. Yay, Robert Rubin!

  87. Another great bonus from the Rubin support. It reminds us all (which I have harped on all year) of the spectacular competence of the Clinton appointees.
    Rubin vs. ?? (who’s the present Treasury sec?)
    James Lee Witt vs Brownie at FEMA.
    Madeline Albright vs Condi Rice.
    Not to mention Gore vs. Cheney.

  88. All aboard, the train is about to leave the station.


    184 – Clinton

    071 – Obama

    040 – Edwards



    BTW, Robert Rubin is brilliant. Likely the greatest Treasury Secretary since Alexander Hamilton.

  89. sad state of affairs when we look to fox news media and get the truth than from main stream media. what part of swift boat attacks in general elections do Obama and Edwards and other “pundits” not understand!

    CHICAGO — Former President Clinton said Wednesday that all the Democratic presidential candidates could be open to a “swift boat kind of ad” if they try to give quick responses to complicated issues like driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants.

    A day after being criticized for defending his wife, the former president tried to explain his comments linking criticism of Hillary Rodham Clinton to the swift boat campaign against John Kerry’s military record in the 2004 campaign. Bill Clinton made the comparison Monday during a speech in Las Vegas.

    Sen. Chris Dodd said it was “way over the top.” Sen. Barack Obama said he was stunned to hear the former president make such a comparison.

    At the end of a Democratic presidential debate last week, Hillary Clinton hedged when asked whether she supported a plan by her home state governor to issue licenses to illegal immigrants. Dodd, Obama and others have accused her of trying to have it both ways on the issue.

    Bill Clinton said Wednesday he didn’t think it was a good idea to tackle such a complicated issue by asking the candidates to answer with hand-raising. He said candidates should have enough time to give full answers.

    “I thought it made all the Democrats vulnerable to a swift-boat-kind of ad in the general election,” Clinton told reporters after a rally at a South Side ballroom with several hundred of his wife’s supporters. The event was closed to the media.

    “When you have complicated issues, you don’t want to turn them into two-dimensional cartoons,” he said.

    Copyright 2007 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

  90. bill needs to tell it like it is, when bill talks, people listen.
    he should not be afraid of speaking out, look how much people loved him when he took on old whats his name on fox news, when bill leaned forward and touched him… go bill

  91. That Democrats today find Hillary a more exciting and inspirational choice for President than Obama by a factor of 37 to 32% today is good news indeed as the primary approaches. It is a tribute to the fine work she has done on the campaign trail, where she began at 25 to 38% a year ago.

  92. Bill is absolutely right…….Dodd, Edwards and to some extent obama picked on a vulnerable domestic issue tht is very sensitive to ALL democrats…..if they had been wiser they would have not have opened their mouths on this issue without careful, long term thinking……

    I am disappointed with Dodd as I have had my #2…..but now no more…..

  93. Dem pollster Peter Harts comments above to the contrary notwithstanding, as a result of my efforts, or perhaps inspite of them, three of my Republican friends and contributors have switched their allegiances to Hillary. If this is at all symptomantic of a trend among disaffected Republicans, then surely it bodes well for the General Election.

  94. We had a volunteer/internship forum tonight and student turnout was terrible, but the only campaigns that got signups were Edwards and us. We each got one. I think the race here is now between HRC and edwards the whiny idiot. HRC will destroy him.

  95. Celiff, I’m glad you got a signer. Does the campaign give you all anything to pass out? Do you guys every write LTE’s for the school paper?

  96. Obama is an idiot, Edward is his lapdog, Chris Matthews is deranged, NBC/MSMBC is the left Fox News and big ol’ Timmy Russert is a repug in sheep clothing.

    Again another example of the media pushing the agenda, no wonder Bush was able to have the media volunteer do to do his dirty work on the push to war with Iraq. Too many pundits thinking they’re king makers.

    I’m so happy I found this website…keep up the good work. I don’t think we have to wait 2-3 weeks for the backlash because I don’t think Obama is all that smart and he is going to push this harder and harder because of idiots savant like Andrew Sullivan supporting this jackass.

    Edwards…hmmm let see if Trippi going to play it this way very long as he see the mistake he did letting Edwards strikeout at the plate while Obama got credit for looking pretty in the dugout.

    Remember, Obama never appears to get his hands dirty because he never fully commits. It’s very interesting how many repugs Obama has on his team. Obama acts like his “shit don’t stink” but if we can figure it out so can a lot of people. Amateurs!

  97. Yeah, we write all kinds of LTE’s, but our school newspaper is an Obama tool. They never publish good stories about Hillary. If she comes to the area the story is on the last page and if Edwards or obama criticize her, it’s front page news. We go to all sorts of org. meetings like the LGBT meetings, and ALMA meetings (assoc. of latinos moving ahead). We do a lot of visibility.

  98. Oh, by the way, I meant the paper’s treatment of Hill is crazy. The students deserve to have a full accounting of everyone running.

  99. I know, I wrote an email to them and in my Hillary praising letter, I got in some jabs. I opened with, “I know this paper doesn’t publish any favorable stories on Hillary Clinton, but in the chance you decide to become slightly unbiased, here’s one.” They did, and it was in the middle of the paper in a corner. The front page was “Edwards Criticizes Rodham Clinton on Iran, Iraq”, which, can I say, maybe I am just being picky, but this paper also always refers to her as Rodham Clinton, didn’t she drop the Rodham. Every article I see anywhere else says Clinton, or Hillary Clinton.

  100. When I say “they did, and it was in the middle of the paper in a corner”, I mean the energy policy, not my article. They didn’t publish it at all.

  101. Celiff, this is complete lack of journalistic integrity. Have you ever considered complaining to someone or is that nt an option? And, Rodham Clinton? What the hell is that about?

  102. The latest on Drudge is that some are claiming Hillary is vulnerable because she doesn’t appeal to men voters as much as women. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that always that way for Democratic candidates? Doesn’t our party usually have a larger percentage of female supporters than male? Also, despite the numbers they are throwing around (50% men won’t vote for her is what they claim) wouldn’t her huge majority with women overcome that percentage? The media never discuss the impact of that of course..

    Also, shouldn’t Hillary start being more aggressive herself? I would like her to remain above it all but shouldn’t she start showing some of her fighter side? I understand not wanting to give attention to Edwards but the Obama stuff just can’t be left unchallenged anymore. Or perhaps Hillary is just waiting for the right moment?…..

  103. I think since the NBC/WSJ poll release, there seem to be a beginning of a realization that Hillary Clinton has strong solid support and Obama might not be savior of the democratic party.

    It’s interesting how WSJ is spinning this using the internals from their own polls, showing Hillary Clinton consitantly maintaining her lead. So we get this weak story that has been running since she entered the race.

    While Obama again get the fairytale analysis, that keeps promoting this idea that he is the agent of change for the U.S. and only he can beat the republicans.

    BTW, The repugs just saw the beginning of their dominoes fall when they loss Kentucky Governor’s race. I’m still waiting for the Mitch McConnell to pick himself off the floor with his missteps in that race.

  104. It’s called the daily iowan. I don’t know what their site is, but i’m sure they have one. I gave up with that paper.

  105. Does Edwards Campaign Have Ulterior Motives?

    by Jeff Dinelli
    I love a good conspiracy theory, especially when it has to do with national politics. I was just reading Daily Kos and Alegre wrote a piece that really got me thinking. Right now John Edwards is attacking Hillary Clinton harder than any Republican would, with accusations of talking out of both sides of her mouth and flip-flopping (echoes of Bush attacks on Kerry) and being less-than-honest on her plans for the Middle East. Latest polls show Edwards falling in Iowa polls, and Obama rising. Is there a connection?

    Only six months ago advisor Joe Trippi joined the Edwards campaign, and the argument could be made this new pitbull strategy for Edwards has at least a little to do with Trippi’s presence. In 2004 Trippi worked for then-frontrunner Howard Dean, who engaged in a bloody battle with Dick Gephardt while John Kerry slipped past the both of them. According to Alegre’s source close to Dean, Trippi couldn’t stand Edwards in ’04, thought he was a doubletalker who could never win. This source speaks for a lot of campaign observers who are wondering right now why Edwards would dare go so nasty in a state that abhors negative campaigns, reflected in his recent slide.

    Here’s the catch: Trippi is close friends with Obama advisor David Axlerod. The theory goes something like this: Axlerod and Trippi decide Edwards can’t possibly win, so Axlerod sends Trippi to Edwards’ campaign to put on a full-blown attack, and like a suicide bomber, Edwards blows up his own campaign, dragging Hillary down in the process with a rallying cry of “Hillary Must Not Win.”

    Hey, stranger things have happened. I’m jumping on board with Alegre here. What do you think?

  106. Quinnipiac Connecticut numbers
    Clinton 45
    Obama 19
    Edwards 7
    Dodd 5

    Clinton 45
    Guiliani 44

    Obama 43
    Guiliani 43

    Edwards 41
    Guiliani 46

    Clinton 47
    McCain 41

    Clinton 53
    Thompson 31

    Clinton 51
    Romney 34

    39. Do you think Chris Dodd would make a good President or not?

    Tot Rep Dem Ind Men Wom

    Yes 26% 16% 40% 21% 26% 26%
    No 57 75 41 60 64 52
    DK/NA 17 9 19 19 11 22

    TREND: Do you think Chris Dodd would make a good President or not?

    Nov 8 Feb 19
    2007 2007

    Yes 26 30
    No 57 49
    DK/NA 17 22

    40. Chris Dodd has never gotten above one percent in the national presidential
    primary polls. Do you think it is time for him to drop out of the presidential
    Tot Rep Dem Ind Men Wom

    Yes/drop out 70% 75% 68% 70% 72% 69%
    No/Should not 21 19 26 19 21 22
    DK/NA 9 6 6 11 7 10

    41. Do you think Chris Dodd is spending too much time running for President
    and not enough time being Senator from Connecticut?

    Tot Rep Dem Ind Men Wom

    Yes 55% 61% 48% 59% 56% 54%
    No 29 25 33 28 31 27
    DK/NA 16 14 19 13 13 20

  107. Quinnipiac Pennsylvania numbers
    Nov 8 October
    Clinton 48 41
    Obama 15 14
    Edwards 11 11

    Clinton 45
    Guiliani 43

    Clinton 45
    McCain 43

    Clinton 50
    Thompson 36

    Clinton 51
    Romney 36

    Obama 39
    Guiliani 45

    Edwards 42
    Guiliani 43

  108. kostner:

    Very likely. It is very easy to realize Edwards team is doing a kamakazi here trying to take down Hillary with them and in the process hand nomination to Obama. I have been telling that for quite some time here.

  109. Last debate was her weekest. Their numbers did not rise even after that debate. She won’t give them that opening anymore. There are no more debates with Tim “hit job” Russert or Chris “winer” Matthews as a moderator. Their best chance has come and gone.

  110. I, too, think there’s a real possibility the Edwards and Obama campaigns are in cahoots. And I’m sure Hillary’s people know what’s going on better than we do. I wish we could prove the connection, though.

    I also agree with you, ra1029, about their best chance having come and gone. She’ll be much better in the Nov. 15 debate, and the narrative will be, “Hillary bounces back with sharp debate performance.”

  111. I think the primary concern Hillary has now is independents
    playing havoc in New Hampshire. They can vote in either
    primary. This year they seem to looking at the Democratic
    primary to influence. If it breaks less than 50-50 for Hillary
    she will be OK.

  112. I think Alegre and others may have it right, y’all. What’s the background on those two–Trippi and Axelrod–how far back do they go in there association? I wonder how long this little conspiracy has been in the works. It will fail of course and it is an act of pure desperation. But most Americans are really tired of this underhanded divisiveness. I was thinkin’ about it last night and rememberin’ all of comments Obama made about “age” and how he is paying some kind of generational card to try and get young people rallying behind him. I am suggesting more background info on these two. mollyj

  113. Anyone else see this on TPM Election Central?

    “Judge Strikes Down Michigan’s Early Primary
    By Eric Kleefeld – November 8, 2007, 12:49PM

    The primary wrangling in Michigan has taken another turn, with a county judge invalidating the law setting up their rogue January 15 primary, on a technical clause.

    The judge’s ruling is based on the fact that the law only makes available to the state parties information about which voters requested Republican or Democratic ballots, and whether this was allowed under the state constitution.

    The state GOP chairman called the ruling a “hiccup” that would not derail the primary. But with only 10 weeks until the primary, the parties don’t have much time left to appeal the ruling or rewrite the law…”

  114. The early ramp up of Ripublican attacks against Hillary is consistent with Rove’s exit strategy, and proves to a fare the well who their party fears most in the General Election, namely Hillary. If they feared Obama or Edwards, they would be attacking them. Anyone who tries to suggest that the Ripublicans want to run against Hillary is either a fool or a partisan.

  115. AmericanGirl:

    Yes. The male vote always goes to the Republicans. The whole premise of the Republican party is appealing to the white male voter. From the national exit polls:

    2000 Election:

    Male: Bush 53% Gore 42%
    Female: Bush 43% Gore 54%

    2004 Election:

    Male: Bush 55% Kerry 44%
    Female: Bush 48% Kerry 51%

    You can see that the reason Gore won the popular vote and Kerry lost is that Kerry underperformed among women voters that are the core of the Democratic Party base.

    I’ve follow the gender splits pretty closely in these polls. I’m not seeing Clinton perform worse than Gore or Kerry among male voters. She is typically performing even better than Gore did among female voters.

    Keep in mind that women were 54% of the electorate in 2004 and that unmarried women is the fastest growing segment of the electorate — a group that votes overwhelmingly Democratic (Kerry won unmarried women by 25% in 2004).

    This female tilt in the electorate is why the Republicans are in a deep hole. They start out with a big disadvantage…a disadvantage that is compounded by the emotion and symbolism of electing the first female President. This is why I have said for months that gender is THE dynamic driving this election.

    The impact of the women’s vote is even stronger in the Democratic Primaries where women are as much as 60% of the electorate. Because the frat boy chattering class in Washington has failed to comprehend this dynamic, they are missing the story. They don’t understand that Clinton has a large core of very energized support — a core of support this is invisible to the frat boy pundits.

  116. Good analysis on the gender issue.

    The only caveat is that with the housing decline, the decline in the dollar, the probablility of a recession, the sinkhole in Iraq, etc. some of these men have come to realize that whatever they may have believed about the Republican Party of the past, the current iteration offers a bad bargain to the average guy. That realization could reduce the gender gap in Hillary’s favor.

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