The House, The Hedge, And The Hare

Hillary Clinton is not going to appear on any of the Sunday morning talk shows. Hillary Clinton is in Iowa discussing her positive plans for America and our future. Another candidate for the Democratic nomination will be on one of the talk shows but he has no realistic chance of winning anymore. We will not watch him nor comment on his appearance because for all intents and purposes he has made himself irrelevant long ago.

We’ll spend our Sunday morning reading.

On our table, by a cozy fireplace, is a hardcover copy of The Complete Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales. This timeless classic will be our divertimenti Sunday morning.

One particular title caught our eye. For those who wish to get away from politics for a while, here is the short fable:

The House, The Hedge, And The Hare Hair

– A Fable

Once upon a time, in a great big house, lived a man. The man used to be nice and was once popular with his neighbors, but now he was unhappy. His neighbors no longer liked him.

The man was unhappy because he wanted to be in charge of the town. But instead his neighbors all liked a nice and smart blonde lady that lived down the road. The blonde lady was wonderful. For years and years, as far back as anyone could remember, the blonde lady did good things for the village and the villagers.

The blonde lady took care of children and older, more helpless villagers. She was very smart and very nice. The blonde lady also cared for the poor in the village. She was always helping people. She was loved by the villagers and they gave her pink flowers whenever they thought she looked a little down.

Now the blonde lady was loved. But there was one man who did not like her. He would sit in his great big house thinking up mean things to say about the lady. He would make bad drawings making fun of the wonderful blonde lady. The man would then leave the bad drawings all over the village and laugh when people saw how he made fun of the nice blonde lady.

When the people saw the bad pictures they liked the man even less. This made him even angrier.

Every day the man would look out the big windows from his big house and see the blonde lady doing good things and being loved. This made him madder and madder. He would sit with his wife in his big house and complain.

His wife would sit and complain too. The man’s wife once was a nice lady. But seeing her husband so unhappy she became unhappy too. The man’s wife then went around the village saying mean things about the blonde lady. The man’s wife knew no one would say anything mean about her because she was very sick.

As the man and his wife got meaner and meaner the people of the village liked them even less.

One day, the man decided to build a great big hedge around his house. People were afraid. The people knew the hedge could hurt a lot of people.

The hedge was so big and strong it caught many poor animals which the man would then cook and eat. A lot of poor people got caught and hurt by the big hedge too. Some of the poor people were so hurt by the hedge they lost their houses.

Some of the houses lost by the poor people hurt by the man’s hedge were near a river. The river had washed away their houses the year before. The poor people were now even even poorer.

The man loved his big house.

The house was wonderful. It had three different stages with seating for an audience. The man and his wife loved to pretend that they were the leaders of the village. They would dress up in costumes and prance around the stage imagining the villagers bowing to them.

As much as the man loved his big house and his big hedge, with all the benefits the hedge would catch — the man loved his hare even more.

It was a beautiful brown hare. The man took great care of it. As much as the man said he loved his big house, he truly loved his hare even more.

The man took his hare to the best hare care salons in the world. He spent lavish amounts of money on his hare. The man shampooed his hare often. The hare was truly beautiful. Everyone in the village said that the man’s hare was the most beautiful in the world. The villagers even thought the man’s hare was prettier than any other hare in the world.

Suddenly, one day, the man’s brown hare turned white, and ran away.

The End.


120 thoughts on “The House, The Hedge, And The Hare

  1. Interesting fable and so apropos. Also it seems this website is famous in England.

    “Clinton has recruited rapid rebuttal experts to take on what she calls the “Republican attack machine”, but they are proving equally lethal against her Democratic rivals.

    Their philosophy is similar to that of the mysterious unofficial website – a reference to her would-be status as the 44th president – which warns darkly that one of the clearest threats to her election will come from “Democrats who repeat Republican propaganda to undermine Hillary”.

    The pink website, which looks beguilingly amateurish while being deadly professional, solicits confidential tips on her rivals and is believed to be a “back door” into her war room.

  2. hilarious

    you are right. i will not be watching the sunday morning talk shows. i will be out pounding the pavement for the nice, smart blonde lady.

    the sleeping giant stirs.

  3. admin,

    I suggest an excellent video clip ‘I feel pretty’ for your excellent summary… Link in my next entry.

  4. These are two telling posts from people who posted on Hillary’s official website today.

    by clairtx 11/3/2007 1:29:59 PM

    I am 72 years old and well past the age of being considered young, but I agree that this is the most exciting election in my lifetime. So many changes have been made to improve conditions for working women. I can recall being terminated from a job in the late 50s because I got pregnant. It wasn’t that I was not qualified, it was because I was a pregnant woman.

    Hillary is not only qualified but is a resounding success in every aspect of her life. We all know what a great mother and wife she is, and her success as a politician cannot be denied by anyone. But her commitment to bettering the lives of everyone in this country is what drew me to her, plus her intellect and knowledge of world conditions.

    I have no doubt she will do a great deal of good as president. With Bill at her side as confidant, we will have the strongest, most effective team in the White House in my lifetime.


    by Marie Gervase 11/3/2007 2:14:40 PM

    My family is from Appalachia, where we were early settlers (1600s-1700s), but I work in Washington. Recently, I was visiting my roots in the mountains and the fellow who I had hired to trim the limbs from some big trees in my yard, wearing bib overalls and a cap, asked me where I worked. He was also from a family of early settlers, who never left the region. I told him that I worked in Washington, DC, but that my family was from the mountains, like his, and had lived there for about 300 years and that my daddy came to DC for a government job during WWII.

    He told me, “I want you to tell Miss Hillary that most of the folks in these mountains are voting for her”. I was a little surprised as most are blue and pink collar workers who I thought might not vote for a woman (it really is about gender to many men, and some women, although it is not PC to say so). He saw that I was a little surprised and said, “I have asked some folks who are not voting for Miss Hillary why not, and they cannot come up with a good reason, so I figure that it is because she is a female. We here in the mountains are not afraid of strong and smart females ’cause our women have always had to be strong and smart. They have had to run the farms and do all of our work when we are sick or away from the farm. They have had to plow the fields, plant the crops and also do the business figurin’. So a strong female don’t put us off none”.

    I just wanted to relay this conversation. Marie

  5. i am afraid if i watch russert ask skippin vote obama beachball questions and basketball questions for an hour i might kick in the f**ing tv. questions like”what do you and michelle like to do in your spare time?” or this”what are you going to do to change politics once you are in the white house?” i can see this going for a damn hour. this guy gets a HUGE pass avery damn time.


    no sunday morning or monday afternoon women haters for me…

    i think i’ll plant daiseys, and plant ideas on all the blogs…

  7. Let’s prepare some sample questions for Russert.

    1. Why are you such a good human being?
    2. You said “To know you is to love you.” We at MSNBC know you and love you. How do we all fall at your feet and fawn over you at the same time?
    3. Can I have a tattoo of yours on my rear?
    4. I can keep doing hit jobs on Hillary for the next 6 months if you want. How come Hillary did not get the memo that to know BO is to love BO.

  8. He gets a huge pass because he is the media darling and is being supported by many in the media. See Morning Joe on MSNBC and all the so call pundits.

    Also the elites love to talk about how professorial he is and he they could relate to him…Hillary on the other hand, seem so foreign and her experiences seem outside their comfort zone.

    It like her years in Arkansas changed her, she not like them any more…it’s very interesting how patronizing they speak about Hillary.

  9. Hi Everyone,

    I am moving houses in 4 weeks. So, I am trying hard not to focus on that fat pumpkin Russert asking dumb questions to the “uniter”.

    I don’t read any papers either. It is bloody depressing. I think we should just continue to do what we did before with steely resolve to get her elected. Let’s start with bagging the nomination and putting the “Pretty woman” and “uniter” behind us.

  10. admin,

    Times just published an article which mentioned hillaryis44… LOL…

    Clinton has recruited rapid rebuttal experts to take on what she calls the “Republican attack machine”, but they are proving equally lethal against her Democratic rivals.

    Their philosophy is similar to that of the mysterious unofficial website – a reference to her would-be status as the 44th president – which warns darkly that one of the clearest threats to her election will come from “Democrats who repeat Republican propaganda to undermine Hillary”.

    The pink website, which looks beguilingly amateurish while being deadly professional, solicits confidential tips on her rivals and is believed to be a “back door” into her war room.

    One poll taken after last week’s debate showed Clinton extending her lead over Obama, which already averaged 45% to 22%. Her rivals are in a bind: every punch by Clinton proves her toughness, while every jab by them can be portrayed as a sign of their desperation to win. provides some intriguing hints about what may be to come. It includes a list of questions for Tim Russert, the moderator of last week’s debate and host of NBC’s Meet the Press, to ask Obama when he next appears on the show. They include such topics as Obama’s alleged ties to shady financiers and friends of the mob in Chicago and other supposed ethical and political lapses.

    As Clinton herself has said, “When you are attacked, you have to deck your opponent.”

  11. what the heck? I go pray in a real religious organization instead of that man with brown hare prayer meeting…..

    you know……that georgous hare might make a good wig for somebody who i know is really sick!

  12. celiff,

    have you gotten a chance to read ‘Caucus Notes from Rural Iowa’ by Nate Willems on myDD. He’s an Edwards supporter, he seems to suggest it’s a battle between Edwards and Clinton in rural areas. Obama is a distant 3rd… I hope he’s right. As long as we can fend off obama in Iowa, the nominee is almost in the bag.

  13. i just found it kostner thanx for the scoop. we are getting some love from the msm. by next year i hope this site will be the number 1 coverage of election 2008!!! the site they fear most!!!!!

  14. Admin, Your fable was truly enjoyable. I hope to see more creative writing in addition to your excellent analyses in the days to come. Seems we’ve made the big time, folks, with the UK Times. I’m glad to hear our girl is in Iowa today working hard for the nomination. I’m looking forward to the day we all can celebrate. Ra1029, that is a wonderful story that you reprinted from the Hillary site. Those mountain folks can spot a phony at 500 paces and they know how much a strong woman can accomplish. I think once Hillary is president and TeamHillary becomes TeamAmerica lots of folks are gonna be surprised when the world actually does start becomin’ a better place again. Keep on, keeping on everybody. We will prevail; we will prevail. mollyj

  15. Joining in the joy of our site being recognized. I hope Hillary goes off the headlines for a the next week and she works hard and also relaxes and takes good care of herself. Has anyone thought about the stamina she would need to do this? Gosh – what a woman she is!! A Wonder Woman.

  16. Awesome. Just read times article and found out about this website. I really needed a website to discuss stuff with hillary supporters. Cant stand this double talk of obama using his race card in south carolina, and yeah, my home state virginia, is turning out to be a more “blue” one. I hope she campaigns a little bit more here, and grabs some quick supporters.

  17. I just hope that someday, when Hillary really is 44 and the campaign books are written, admin can reveal the story of Hillaryis44.

  18. secret, i think i read that running for president is one of the most stressful, demanding, mindnumbing, and enduring tasks that a person has to go through. it is punishing work. i could not do it. the only time you get rest by body and mind is after the election and even then if u win the transition.

  19. Here’s a little bit more on Clinton’s Iowa stop from DesmoinesRegister:

    Oskaloosa, Ia. — Hillary Clinton told a crowd here today that she’s tough enough to take the heat in the political kitchen.

    Then she went on to give her crowd a few hints about a rural policy plan she will unveil Monday in Cedar Rapids.

    Her kitchen comment brought cheers from a crowd of about 300 people at Nelson Pioneer Farm and Museum. It is symbolic of a tough week in which her main Democratic presidential rivals pounced on her answers and called her an issue dodger after her performance during the debate in Philadelphia.

    “With 60 days left until the caucus, things are going to get a little hotter, because obviously the campaign is going to get heated up and speeded up,” Clinton said.

    “I remember very well what Harry Truman once said . . . `If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.’ Well, I feel real comfortable in the kitchen, so the heat is going to get hotter and hotter.”

    Ottumwa resident Mary Amborn said Clinton redeemed herself Saturday.

    “She was talking like a politician” at Tuesday’s debate “and that was what I was looking for today,” Amborn said. “She sounded much better today. I think she needed a lesson and the guys gave it to here and it just made her stronger. Iowa women are tough and they want to see tough. That’s going to be a hell of a job.”

    Clinton noted several times that she will be discussing specific ways to improve the nations rural economy during several stops next week, including one Monday in Cedar Rapids. She told the crowd that she is focusing on getting more economic activity with such things as expansion of alternative energies and by bringing technology such as high-speed internet to rural areas.

    “We can do this. We can be more creative about how to grow the economy in rural areas,” Clinton said

  20. Terrondt,
    When I think of her running for 2 years non-stop – it makes my head spin. Imagine – she has to run for primary, then for GE, – also does her senate votes – on top of it fundrasing – Gez!! Imagine even a single day she falls ill – it affects her entire schedule. The kind of energy she needs to have to be on the go in incredible!
    On this Sunday let’s hope she has a good rest and restore herself – for a good fight!!

  21. I just love – this site. Cannot stress that enough. When MSM poops on Hillary because they cannot digest her courage – I find refuge in this site and sit out until the dark clouds pass. During times like now – I just give the best I can to her campaign and then come only to our site to get updates about her. That way I am not exposed to the hostile media.

  22. While Obama hams it up in New York tonight and tomorrow, Hillary stays at work where it counts, in Iowa. Go girl.

  23. Awesome. Just read times article and found out about this website. Cant stand this double talk of obama using his race card in south carolina, and yeah, my home state virginia, is turning out to be a more “blue” one. I hope she campaigns a little bit more here, and locks in some early supporters.

  24. secret, i get most of my caimpaign news on here, realclear,,, tpm, and i do check in on mydd to reccomend pro-hillary diaries. less so on daily kooks. realclear politics poll averages is the best.

  25. “One poll taken after last week’s debate showed Clinton extending her lead over Obama, which already averaged 45% to 22%.”

    That’s GOT to be chappin’ the A$$ of every Media Whore who thought they were bringing Hillary down, ESPECIALLY Russert.

  26. SECRET,

    AMEN!! This site has filled the void in what has been missing in the BLOGS and MEDIA for a long long time. I fell in love with it the first time I read it.

    I honestly think this site has emboldened us HILLARY supporters in the real world to speak out and defend her.

    After HILLARY wins the 2008 election, I hope this site remains up, defending her against her inevitable critics of her presidency.

  27. I just love to watch this woman work. She’s got all these guys dancing on a string now. The anti-Hillaryites are egging on O/E/B/D and the pundits. B/O/D/E and the pundits are just proving how tough Hillary is as she laughs them off. The ‘narrative’ is ‘we’re attacking Hillary because we’re a bunch of losers’ and they think that’s good news. Meanwhile, all the talk is about Hillary. Boy, does she know how to play a strong hand.

  28. In rural Iowa, I expect Edwards to do well. He has been working rural Iowa for 4 years. Hillary is doing very well there because women there love her and because they love her husband, and miss that kind of administration. Obama’s only strongholds in Iowa consist of Iowa City when school is in session, and support in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport and Dubuque, but no more support then Hillary, and she probably has more in the urban areas also. I came home from Iowa City from school to Davenport a few weeks ago, and I saw so many yardsigns. I was loving it. I haven’t seen any Obama signs there and I have seen 1 Edwards sign. I have seen over 20 there, and that was only for the 2 days I was back. The areas of town that the signs were in speak volumes about Hillary. I saw signs in the lower income areas, and the I saw some in the middle class areas too. I also saw quite a few in the affluent areas of town. She has support from all types of Americans.

  29. Why is Chris Matthew still on the air? Between him and Russert thinking they’re “King Makers” every time they’re on air blowing stale air when they talk…it’s just nauseating.

    It’s seem Obama have friends in SNL and he keep showing why the democrats haven’t won the White House until the Clintons. This is just disgraceful.

    It was bad enough that my internet went out for 3 days and all I had was the media pundits crap what was going on. Now I see Obama opening SNL during his run for the White House.

  30. I think I’m going to take a contrarian position on Senator “Oback Barama’s” visit to Meet the Press. I actually think little Timmie Russert will go after him pretty good, just as he has done to [i]all[/i] the candidates that have ventured on there. He’s pretty much eviscerated Richardson, Dodd, and Biden when they’ve been on, although I didn’t see the show when Edwards was on.

    What made his mugging of Hillary at the debate so jarring (to me anyway) wasn’t the type or tenor of his questions but the setting!
    His questions were actually pretty standard Russert/Meet the Press “gotcha'” type questions, complete with props and visual aids but he “screwed the pooch” as far as many in the American public’s eyes see it by stepping outside the traditional role of unbiased “moderator” and into the role of biased, political attack-dog to ask the questions.

    But because he’s taken some heat for this, that’s why I think he’ll see the need to “be tough” on Obama in order to restore his credibility.

    While I doubt he’ll ask any of the questions that have been suggested here, he’ll probably grill Obama on why he let Edwards take the lead in attacking Hillary Tuesday nite, especially after some of his bellicose recent statments about how he was to start “really going after her”.

    Russert: Last week in a NYTimes article you said you were going to start ripping her a new one [Que graphic] but Tuesday night… etc. etc.

    We’ll have to see!

  31. Oh who cares about Russert – he is a big potato with arms and legs. I think Obama is experienced and qualified to do SNL. What he is not experienced and qualified is wanting to be the Democratic nominee. He will never be the President. So, the highest he can achieve is to get the Dem nomination.

  32. “While I doubt he’ll ask any of the questions that have been suggested here, he’ll probably grill Obama on why he let Edwards take the lead in attacking Hillary Tuesday night, especially after some of his bellicose recent statements about how he was to start “really going after her”.

    And THIS is going to be a hard hitting interview?…not talking about all the missteps Obama done but to talk about why he let Edward be the attack hound…puhlease.

    Any student of politics can tell you why he let Edward be the attack dog because Edward is so far down he has not hope of being nominated and after the debate he cemented that position. Edward numbers are going south and it pretty much over for him.

    Nobody care about that, we care about his “disappearing act” m.o. and his inexperience and his going around telling people he is going to get 82% of the black vote in the national campaign. All the other lies and alibis

  33. I just have to post JE “I feel pretty” I just have to. I cannot stand that loser anymore. His bloody sanctimonious attitude just ticks me off.

    Guys do you remember,

    When JE said he is not comfortable with gays? What the hell was that all about?? He said they make them uncomfortable. I cannot think of another moron!!

  34. When Obama’s supporters told him that he needed to attack Hillary in order to move the numbers, he had a clear choice to make: He could confine his attack to policy related matters, and leave the rest to his minions. Or, he could engage in an ad hominum attack, destroy his brand, and become an unwitting surrogate of the Republican Party.

    Clearly, he has chosen the latter strategy. It can be seen in his recent statements calling Hillary disingenous, vague calculated, victim, etc. These statements are untrue, unseemly, and they violate the 11th commandment, etc. The best response to those types of attacks is not to dignify them with a response. If supporters and surrogates decide to address them fine.

    The former stategy however dicates a more engaged response. Policy differences are what elections are supposed to be about. Policy based attacks require a vigorous response both defense and offense–counterattacking the hole in the opponent’s argument. It is not practical for a candidate to remain above the fray when confronting a policy based attack.

    Hillary appears to understand this important distinction, whereas Obama has lost sight of it, and the polls confirm this.

  35. This article just sums up the week

    Voices grow louder in the anti-Clinton chorus
    November 4, 2007



    CHERAW, S.C. — The sheen of inevitability that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has cloaked around her presidential candidacy has been suddenly and fiercely challenged.

    As the 2008 presidential campaign comes into focus for many Americans, will attacks on the New York senator’s veracity, consistency and honesty hurt her, or backfire on her opponents? Will Clinton’s less enthusiastic supporters take a second look at her character?

    Or will they dig in further for her, seeing the questions about her character as evidence that her opponents are being overrun by the potential first female president’s rendezvous with history?

    One thing appears increasingly certain: Less than two months before the first real votes are cast, the intensity of attacks on the Democratic senator’s character is de facto proof that both Democrats and Republicans consider her the front-runner going into 2008.

    She has greatly helped create the impression of being the one to beat, not only by virtue of polls, but in the way she has campaigned.

    She is trying to come across as a battle-scarred trailblazer, running a campaign that has all the look and feel of an incumbent president — down to the Secret Service protection and carefully controlled media access.

    Most improbably of all, she’s portraying herself as the true change agent, despite 16 years in the national spotlight.

    Democratic and Republican contenders, led by former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, spent the past week trying to strip all those trappings away.

    Campaigning in Cheraw, S.C., on Friday, Edwards amplified a Clinton-can’t-be-trusted refrain from a contentious debate in Philadelphia on Tuesday. He accused Clinton of using “smoke and mirrors” to duck tough questions and said her haul of tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from lobbyists, defense contractors and corporate interests made a mockery of her change-agent claims.

    “It is my contention that she continues to say she wants change, yet she defends a system that is clearly broken,” Edwards told reporters after speaking to about 250 South Carolinians who had gathered in Cheraw.

    The anti-Clinton chorus was sung all week.

    Republican contender Rudy Giuliani said Clinton has never run anything. Former Hewlett-Packard Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Carly Fiorina swiped at Clinton’s gender appeal when Fiorina introduced Republican Sen. John McCain at an appearance at Coastal Carolina University on Thursday.

    “I am a woman, and I know what it’s like to be in a man’s world,” Fiorina said. McCain of Arizona, she added, has “greater capabilities, greater character, to lead than does Hillary Clinton.”

    Even the reluctant attacker, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, joined in, saying the New York senator had a propensity to parse.

    If all this sounded vaguely familiar, it was because it was a reprisal of a 1990s theme: that an aspirant named Bill Clinton was too slick and too willing to dodge questions to be trusted in perilous times.

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager dubbed the attacks “politics of pile-on,” and her supporters viewed them as further evidence of her formidableness. After several days of back and forth, Clinton, in an ironic twist, employed a domestic metaphor in her defense.

    “I will let my opponents run whatever campaign they choose to run because that’s their right,” she said. “But I anticipate it’s going to get even hotter. And if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. And I’m very much at home in the kitchen.”

  36. What I find sad about Obamward’s newest ploy is that were they able to dislodge Hillary (and they’re not able), Obamwards would not benefit. Dodd or Biden would rise. Obamwards doesn’t seem to understand that Democrats already have made their decision about Obamwards. It’s like the little children’s game rhyme goes, “You . . . are . . . not . . . it.”


    It’s rather amazing how thoroughly, and how early, Hillary Clinton has come to dominate the 2008 presidential campaign.

    She was the main topic of discussion in the last Republican debate, as Republican hopefuls tried to position themselves as her best foil. And she was the main topic, and target, in last week’s Democratic debate.

    The Clinton political machine is famous for its instant-response ethos, usually involving a counterattack.

    In last week’s debate, however, Clinton eschewed that mode. She treated Republican criticism of her derisively and dismissively. She defended herself against broadsides, including those on her honesty and integrity, from her Democratic rivals, but did not counterattack.

    Not sure what the strategy is. But it has to be hard, particularly given the Clinton counterattack gene. And particularly with respect to the smarmy and sanctimonious John Edwards.

    While her debate performance was panned in some quarters, she seems to be doing OK playing defense for the most part. And being everyone’s target this early is a testimony, obviously, to Clinton’s political strength and the success of her campaign so far.

    Still, it’s a precarious perch to defend for as long as she has to defend it.

  38. It is pretty obvious that NBC/MSNBC is pulling all stops for BO. I think it has less to do with BO than them not wanting Hillary there. I read somewhere that they are afraid of her because she might do something about the media consolidation, while Barry can be left safely in their pockets to do nothing.


    In the mean time you need to send christmas cards to Peggy Noonan and Timesonline for bringing all the publicity and new users to this site. 🙂

  39. i hope when jack**s russert interview obama he asks him about rezko he don’t let him get away with saying”it was a dumb mistake”. fastballs full bore. anything less then i hope hillary never again go on his show.

  40. Has anyone posted the new WashPost/ABC Poll?

    Dems: Clinton 49, Obama 26, Edwards 12

    With SUPER internals;

    11/1/07 – Summary Table
    All Any 2 None No
    Clinton Obama Edwards (vol.) (vol.) (vol.) op.
    a. is the strongest leader 59 24 12 1 1 1 3
    b. is the most honest and
    trustworthy 34 29 18 5 2 7 5
    c. has the best chance of
    getting elected president
    in November 2008 62 15 14 1 2 1 5
    d. best reflects the core values
    of the Democratic party 44 25 21 2 1 2 5
    e. is closest to you on the
    issues 46 27 18 * 2 2 5
    f. is best able to handle the
    situation in Iraq 50 23 16 2 1 3 4
    g. is best able to handle the
    situation involving Iran 52 22 14 2 * 4 7

  41. admin,

    this fable is now on mydd. Hope every Clinton supporter to recommend it there. LOL.

    With increased name recognition, I hope this site will serve as a supplmental strategy advisory hub for all Clinton supporters, especially low-level Clinton campaign workers across the country. Many campaign workers won’t get some ‘blunt’ strategy advice from higher-level campaign officials since lots of stuff they can’t really say in public.

  42. YAY!!!, another post debate pile on poll putting hillary 20+points ahead. no outlier yet. all the polls are consistant. thanx realist for the scoop. those guys on the nutkooks and msm are going to jump off the buildings

  43. On the Taylor Marsh website a few days ago was this interesting insight about Obama’s new kind of foreign policy:

    It’s interesting to note what Larry Johnson said on my show yesterday. That he could accept Clinton, Edwards and Biden, but not Obama, because he’s got too many neocons on his foreign policy team, starting with Anthony Lake. Nobody has paid much attention to that either. I wonder if Mr. Sullivan knows? Perhaps next time Russert is in the moderator seat he might want to ask a question or two about it.

  44. obama, stinky, rezko, and no show for votes says”all this pile on in the last debate and all i got was 23 points behind hillary.” btw how’s oprah doing? LOL

  45. We had two local rappers come in to the office yesterday and they picked up a shirt to wear. I am so excited for her visit here Tuesday.

  46. by december if hillary is still 20 points nationally ahead i think she will win iowa, new hampshire, and florida then mop up on feb 5th. now that’s a plan. mydd needs more shock and awe.

  47. Kostner,
    I cannot be more happy about Obama’s unfav rating. I hope it goes further up to mid 40’s. This guy barely came to the national scene. Imagine – Hillary has been there for now 16 years and has weathered attacks and has survived.

  48. Mondale campaigns for Clinton

    Former Vice President Walter Mondale will endorse Hillary Clinton for president at a stop Sunday in Clinton, Iowa, Clinton’s campaign said Friday.

    Mondale was the vice president in Jimmy Carter’s administration from 1977 to 1981. While that was 26 years ago, he’s still likely to be well-remembered in Iowa, where most caucus-goers are older, and he won the state’s caucuses in 1984. Mondale won the Democratic nomination, but went on to lose the presidency to Ronald Reagan that year.

    Mondale also made history that year by selecting a woman, Geraldine Ferraro, to be his running mate.

    More recently, he was the U.S. ambassador to Japan for four years during the Clinton presidency. He’s currently living in Minnesota and last ran for office in 2002, when he lost to Norm Coleman in the race to fill the late Paul Wellstone’s Senate seat.

    Word of Mondale’s endorsement leaked out last month, but it was just confirmed by the campaign Friday.

    Clinton will be at Eagle Point Lodge, 3900 N. 3rd St., Clinton, for an 11:30 a.m. event, where she’ll get the endorsement.

    Later, she will campaign in Davenport by attending a fundraiser for Rep. Bruce Braley, D-Iowa, at 2 p.m. at the Redstone Room in the River Music Experience, 131 W. 2nd St

  49. NEW YORK, NY November 04, 2007 —After a week of hammering from her Democratic rivals over driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants and other issues, New York Senator Hillary Clinton is barnstorming her way through the state of Iowa. WNYC’s Andrea Bernstein has been traveling with the presidential candidate and reports from Des Moines.

    REPORTER: Drawing large and enthusiastic crowds where ever she went, Senator Clinton laughed off her critics. In stops in the farm town of Oscaloosa, the capital city of Des Moines, and the college town Indianola, she quoted former President Harry Truman, who said, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

    CLINTON: Well, I’m really comfortable in the kitchen, so I’m just going to stay there and absorb the heat and keep talking about what I want to do for America the goals I want to set for our country, and how I believe I can get it done.

    REPORTER: Clinton repeatedly reminded Iowans that the caucuses are just two months away. This week she’ll deliver a speech on global warming calling for equal parts government action and individual responsibiltiy.

    For WNYC, I’m Andrea Bernstein in Des Moines, Iowa.

  50. Hillary is doing the right thing by focussing on getting out her message in early primary states like Iowa and New Hampshire. She campaigned in rural Iowa yesterday and it went well. People asked her questions but mostly about economy and healthcare, not the gotcha questions that national press focusses on.

    No matter what she does she will never get a positive coverage on national media because they are enamored by him and only throw him softball questions to go after Hillary. She should stay as far away from national media as possible for the next few weeks and focus in visiting as many counties in Iowa and NH. She should also stay away from attacking Barry or breck girl. The more time she focusses on them, the less time she has to get her message out on the issues care about. Beleive me, people are not dumb. They can spot people who talks about hope and attack someone in the same sentence.

    The ground work on the field becomes extremely important during the next 8-10 weeks.

  51. George Stephenapolos was great in interviewing Edwards. For those of you who missed it, some of the questions were:

    Aren’t you the new Karl Rove of the left, appealing only to your base, at a time when the country wants to get away from that?

    Are you saying Senator Clinton is corrupt?

    What is your position on the 40 states that allow DL’s for illegals. (snip) Isnt that the same as what Senator Clinton has stated?

    You say you are more electable, but the polls show otherwise. (snip) I have two polls here from North Carolina showing Sen Clinton way ahead of you.

    Edwards seemed to get frustrated and sounded angry. I know he is the irrelevant candidate now, but it was still fun to watch that a-hole in the hot seat. 🙂 What a contrast to when HILLARY was on the show!!!

  52. wow, sandy i missed it. this week comes on 9am eastern time i think in connecticuit. it used to come on around 10am.

  53. Edwards (On Hillary’s continued lead in ALL the polls);
    “All that information indicates is that she’s ahead. She looks like the winner. When somebody’s ahead, they look like the strongest candidate. If you’re doing well and you look like you’re winning, people think you’re electable.”

    I agree. And when you’re NOT, they DON’T

  54. Next time if Barry lectures hillary during the debate she should just stay calm until he finishes and then say “Thanks for the lecture Barry. But I did not register for your class.”

  55. i looked on this week’s website and no replay yet. about time someone put these candidates feet to the damn fire besides hillary. im all for hardball questions but ONLY if all the candidates get the same treatment. asking silly questions about ufos and holloween costumes is a joke.

  56. Terry,

    Oh and I forgot the best question of all…

    ” You criticize Sen. Clinton for taking lobbyist money. How is that different than taking money from people who work for lobbyists?” (Edwards Bloviates) (George interrupts “The question is what is different from taking money from lobbyists vs those that work for lobbyists) Edwards quips “I’ll get to that.” and continues to bloviate.

    On question after question, Edwards looked like THE BIGGEST DOUBLE TALKER in US POLITICS….Which is ironic because he is the one that DEMANDS a SIMPLE yes or no answer 🙂

  57. Thanks for posting the link to Bill Clinton’s letter. I have no idea why Newsweek interpreted it that way. The headline stinks.

    And I love those questions directed at Edwards, lol. BTW, I wonder if Hillary would ever open SNL …

  58. Paula:

    You don’t know the history of Newsweek with the Clintons. They have been going after Clintons since Monica Lewinsky scandal broke. Howard Fineman is one of their tools who regulary goes on Chris Matthews show to attack the Clintons. They have been giving glowing reviews to Barry since the beginning of the year in the hope that he will be able to beat her.

  59. Love that THIS WEEK interview. Sounds great. Edwards is a two faced liar. He runs right wing talking points about Hillary’s electability, as does obama, and then when confronted with the facts (she is the MOST electable by far) he changes the subject.

  60. “Next time if Barry lectures hillary during the debate she should just stay calm until he finishes and then say “Thanks for the lecture Barry. But I did not register for your class.”
    Great Line but Hillary is not going to use it in the debates. She want to have a positive campaign and talk about her message. It’s not about “gotcha” moments.

    Bill Clinton did an interview during his early press for his “Giving” book tour and he said he hates negative politics and always focus on positive campaigning and staying on message.”

    A fool Hillary Clinton isn’t and I have no doubt she will run her campaign that way. What I find fascinating is that Hillary has run the most positive campaign among the candidates but she is the one that is called untrustworthy and mean spirited by some of her peers.

  61. i suspect for the rest of the debates here on out will be pile ons. so far the polls show no immediate negative in the polls but i want more comebacks against edwards and obama.

  62. do anybody listen to lynn samuals on sirrius radio? i think she supports hillary this year. i know she was a BIG hillary supporter for the senate in 2000 while she was the lone liberal on wabc 770 radio until she got fired years ago. man, she has a foul mouth on sirrius and the callers that call into her show are rabid dailly kooks like. i was shocked what they are calling nancy polosi.

  63. terrondt:

    Expect more pileons for the rest of the debates. The only good thing is from here on out the moderators will be acting like a moderator, not like Russert who injected himself into the debate to take her down. Also, she and her team will be better prepared for what is to come since they have seen the taste of it. It appears that the national media was waiting for an opening to pile on them and the last debate provided one. So they will be pushing these story lines from here on out as they smell some blood. This is what they did to Gore, to Dean, and now they are trying it with Hillary. Funny how they never focus on repubs. That is the reason why her team needs to be super-disciplined and focussed with an eye on the prize for the next couple of months.

  64. Ok…I love this fable; I am at the chapter where this man had a ritual for combing his hare… needs a soft brush, must be brushed at least 100 times/day, a quick flick of the hand through the hair, multiple looks into the mirror held by one of his village peons.

    And on those special days, when the hare needs even urgent attention for a royal visit/attendance, one of his villagers get asked to come in personally and look after the hare no matter what the costs.

    Gosh I love this fable; will continue this favorite book on mine!

  65. celiff, i love it too but bill press and ed shultz have been trashing her. bill malloy less so. on the left channel.

  66. Samuels is pretty funny. I love Stephanie Miller, and I wish Hillary would go on that show bc she is right now leaning obama, but is easily shifted. All of the progressive stations in Iowa were bought out by christian right wingers, and replaced by no-ratings programming like christian choir music and local highschool sports coverage. It makes me sick.

  67. Yeah, Schultz is a tool. He is a loud Hillary-hater. He shoots down Hillary fans when they call in to defend her. He tried to make 1 lady look stupid.

  68. celiff, the liberal talking heads on the left channel on sirrius trashing hillary on their shows this year. hell, i listen to the rightwing talkers on the patriot channel. at least you know where they stand and expected it. sad.

  69. some more on this fabulous fable:

    I took a break to read a newly written chapter this morning because the man thinks all the village elders and elected people are corrupt, even the blonde lady… but he has no evidence and seemed to deny/hedge that. gosh does he loves HEDGES…all forms of it!

    And the man HEDGED YET again and could not answer why he employs people who work for lobbysts….he think people who work for lobbyst are different than lobbyst entity….like lobbysts are “aliens” but people who work for them are union people. Maybe lobby employees are the heros! the working hedging heros!!!!

  70. yeah he was like horrible last thursday on his show. “does hillary expects to get the nomination on this piling on charge?” crap like that shultz was spewing last thursday. i was yelling at the radio in my car.

  71. sean hannity is famous for making hillary supporters look stupid, shout them down, and cut them off, but THAT’S WHAT I EXPECT HIM TO DO.

  72. celiff, im glad you are from iowa. you have your ear to the ground on whats going on there. around this time i feel a little envious of voters in iowa and nh. they have so much power on the nominations.

  73. Yeah, the only thing exciting here is getting to meet these people. I have met our girl 4 times, 5 on Tuesday. She is so amazing. I got to meet Joe Wilson, Madeleine Albright (I am an International Relations major so I was excited), and Terry McCauliffe. And I got a letter from Hillary thanking me for what we are doing here on campus. Otherwise, Iowa is average. Great food though (:

  74. ra1029-you nailed it. Granted there are some very credible journalists in both organizations But there also appears to be an unholy alliance between key reporters at MSNBC and Newsweek to attack Hillary on an ad hominum basis. And that, I believe, can only come from the top.

  75. Y’all, I thought Sen Obama was on Russert this mornin’ but all I got was a real republican. What happened? mollyj

  76. celiff, i think for the 1st time since he won his senate seat, harkin is going to have a somewhat easy time of it in 2008. on covering politics most of my life he has been getting well financed gop congressmen runing against him every 6 years.

  77. Iowa is so weird. The same people that vote for Grassley vote for Harkin. Harkin is really liberal and Grassley is really conservative. Iowa is a swing state. But yeah, you are right. I think he will do fine. Some guy named Rathje is the only GOP challenger so far, and Harkin has $3 million in the bank. He will do fine. His wife has endorsed Hillary (:


  79. kostner, i tried to check the internals of the abc poll but have you seen any responses from females on the treatment hillary got? that kind of data would be great to know. any backlashes?

  80. George did a good interview w the Edwards ass…he’s pretty soft but this time was better than really showed what a total Hypocrite Edwards is. I can’t stand the Breck Girl, he just starts sneering at George and he’s so GD self-righteous. No – Yes or No answer from Edwards. He basically said the same thing as Clinton. What a surprise! I love the utube vid on his preening…that really just sums him up.

  81. Admin, evidently the local ABC affiliate in my area is not airing the Stepanoplis inteview with Edwards, or else I missed it. I am delighted to see from the above comments that George asked him the kind of questions that expose him for what he is. Let us hope Russert will be up to the task when he holds his little seance with Obama next week. In the meantime, do you intend to post the Edwards interview on this site?

  82. MSNBC ‘First Read’ has a piece called ‘Clinton’s final-stretch Iowa push’. Can somebody cut and past the article here? I’d like to use it to write a roundup diary on a big blog. However, whenever i visit that site, my computer crashes…


  83. another one on MSNBC ‘first read’ is ‘Obama in Edwards’ sights?’, please cut and paste it as well. Thanks.

  84. Here’s Mondale’s Endorsement

    From NBC/NJ’s Athena Jones
    CLINTON, IA, — At a lodge here along the Mississippi River, Clinton received the support of former Vice President and presidential candidate Walter Mondale.

    Mondale, who was the first presidential candidate to choose a woman as his running mate, stressed Iowa’s importance in the nomination process and urged people to come out and help Clinton make history. “Much is expected of you because, time and again, the citizens of Iowa have been showing themselves willing to take the extra step to get the job done. In Iowa, you just don’t vote in the caucuses. You’ve got to go to the caucuses and you’ve to stay at those caucuses until the last vote is taken,” he said.

    The former vice president said Clinton’s experience in public life and as first lady made her uniquely qualified to be president, and that she would be a president who would put people, their families, and the needs of Americans first. After a tough week for Clinton — which included her stumble during the Democratic debate and intense criticism from her rivals in both parties — Mondale applauded what he called her positive campaign.

    “One thing I like about her campaign is that she’s stayed focused on her positive vision for change. She knows this is not the time to tear down our fellow Democrats with personal attacks,” he said.

    Clinton told the audience she was honored to be here with Mondale. “I urge you to participate, and I ask you to consider my candidacy,” Clinton said. She then asked that the podium be moved so that she could address the crowd more informally.

    “If I could have some help, we’re going to get this podium out of the way here and I think that a couple of strong young men could come up, and even some strong young women, and move this out of the way,” she said to chuckles in the audience.

    After her stump speech, the senator answered questions on Social Security, abortion, low birth-weight babies, regulating industries, and how to prevent so many wars.

  85. From NBC/NJ’s Athena Jones
    INDIANOLA, IA, Nov. 3 – With exactly two months to go before the first-in-the-nation caucuses, Clinton returned to Iowa to urge people to come out and support her and talked about her plans to help rural economies, her domestic and foreign policy experience and clean energy.

    Clinton made four stops in central Iowa on Saturday, the first day of a four-day swing through the state. “Two months from tonight. I hope all of you who are eligible will be at precinct caucuses taking part in the great adventure known as the Iowa caucuses, because it is truly the beginning of our presidential process. Now that puts a lot of responsibility on people in Iowa, because the whole country, indeed the whole world is going to be watching,” Clinton told several hundred people gathered in a college gymnasium in Indianola, before asking them to help make history with her.

    At a stop at her Des Moines field office, Clinton joked that she would be coming back to Iowa so much the crowd would get sick of her. She got laughs in Oskaloosa, when she repeated the “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen” line she used after filing for the New Hampshire primary Friday, assuring her audience she would be sticking around.

    The senator told Iowans the country needed a stronger rural policy and a farm bill that would help family farmers and not just corporate farms.

    “Family farms, in the aggregate, are what keep the rural economy going,” she said. “I think we’ve got to get more economic activity in the rural areas. That’s why I’m focusing on energy.”

    Clinton said America should encourage the use of alternative fuels like ethanol and biodiesel and said she planned a series of speeches over the coming days — two in Iowa and two in New Hampshire — on how America could have a clean energy future and reduce its dependence on foreign oil.

    Throughout the day, in question-and-answer sessions, Clinton talked about how she would make college more affordable, what she would do about oil prices and the threat posed by an unstable Pakistan. She said she would support an investigation into oil companies to make sure they were not price gouging and said oil prices might fall if President Bush would not talk about having World War III with Iran.

    She criticized the Bush administration’s foreign policy and said it had missed an opportunity to send a special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan to help the two countries better cooperate in preventing Taliban and Al Qaeda insurgents from crossing their porous border.

    “We have to get back to robust diplomacy,” she said, “and by that I mean using people to be emissaries and presidential envoys around the world. It’s as though our government has a dearth of diplomats, because President Bush seems to use only very few people. I mean, read the paper. Condi Rice goes here and Condi Rice goes there and Condi Rice is there. That is not a foreign policy.”

    When asked by a college student in Indianola what she would do to ensure the financial security of the younger generation, Clinton talked about how her husband balanced the budget and created a budget surplus and how she would get back to fiscal responsibility and repeated a line she used earlier in the day.

    “Unfortunately, the president and the Republican Congress are the biggest spenders in the history of America,” Clinton said. “They spent twice as much as my husband. They’ve spent more than Lyndon Johnson did during the Vietnam War, with Medicare and Medicaid being enacted. So we have to really reverse course here.

    The Republican National Committee took issue with Clinton’s statement that she would represent a return to fiscal responsibility and with her criticism of Bush’s foreign policy.

    “Considering she has already proposed over $760 billion in new spending, someone should tell Hillary Clinton that the definition of fiscal responsibility isn’t bigger government and higher taxes,” said RNC spokesman Brian Walton.

    For her part, Clinton often stresses that she has presented plans to pay for every policy proposal she has offered.

    Walton also said Clinton lacked credibility on national security due to “her inability to find a consistent position on Iraq, her failure to support funding for our troops, and her opposition to the monitoring of terrorist phone calls as they plot to kill Americans.”

    Clinton questioned on gay rights
    DES MOINES, Nov. 3 — At two stops in Iowa on Saturday, Clinton addressed issues of particular importance to the gay community, after being approached in the rope line as she greeted audience members. Nick Brown, 23, asked Clinton what she thought about the military’s “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

    “Oh I think it needs to be repealed,” Clinton said. “I’m on record as saying I think we need to change that.”

    When pressed on what she would do as president to change it, Clinton said she would do everything she could. Brown said he was kicked out of West Point in 2003 after just “six months and 11 days” when his homosexuality was discovered and that this was an important issue for him.

    “I wanted to serve my country, but I couldn’t,” Brown told reporters. When asked if he was satisfied with Clinton’s answer, he said, “It was kind of short, but I understand. I’d like to talk with her more.”

    A Clinton staffer standing nearby said that could be arranged. Brown said he planned to caucus for the senator. At her first campaign stop of the day, in Oskaloosa, Clinton explained her position on gay marriage to a young man who came to greet her in the rope line after her speech, saying she was against gay marriage but for civil unions. –ATHENA JONES

    Clinton to speak on energy
    OSKALOOSA, IA – Nov. 3 — Hillary Clinton said she would by giving a series of speeches, starting Monday (Nov 5) in Cedar Rapids, 2 in Iowa and 2 in New Hampshire, on clean energy. She’ll be in Iowa until Tuesday and in New Hampshire Wednesday and Thursday. (Back in Iowa for Jefferson-Jackson dinner next Saturday.) –ATHENA JONES

  86. ra1029, I do know Newsweek’s history with the Clintons, actually. I should’ve known better, lol.

    I remember what Michael Isikoff did during Bill’s administration.

  87. grudin, thanks for the posting by Molly Ivors. Manashevits that is a writer. The right argument, with the right level of outrage, directed at the right target–Modo. And it works because Ivors is saying what so many of us feel about Modo’s Manhattan elitism and her cynical ad hominum attacks. Bravo.

  88. Admin, cudos for the story, good job once again. I know you are usually secretive when it comes to discussing this site, but can you give a hint as to weather you like to be in this ‘limelight’ that has come your sites way? 😉 I think it’s fun, it certainly shows us all that there are some big readers on this site out there.

    I’m watching the interview with edwards now, thanks for the heads up, looks like George steponopolopolopolos has found a spine…

    Anyone know who the moderator will be at the Nov. 15th debate yet?

  89. i saw the this week interview w/pretty boy edwards. i saw george dod a ok job. not as tough as russert but a ok job on him.

  90. attaque !

    A la suite du grand débat démocrate dans les mainstreams américains, toute la classe politique et journalistique s’est jetée dans des analyses inquiètes ou réjouies des mystères de la politique selon Hillary Rodham Clinton. Par ailleurs, on s’étonne encore que ses adversaires démocrates aient eu la dent plus dure que les Républicains eux-mêmes.

    On se mit trop vite à penser que Hillary s’était trouvée en défaut de réponse. Notamment, sur la question des permis de conduire qui seraient délivrés aux immigrants illicites, et donc sans papiers. Car Hillary est pour une telle mesure. Mais, pour la seule raison, qu’elle saurait compenser les lacunes des fanatiques de la loi et de l’ordre, qui jettent le désordre social et tout par raison de leur rigidité légaliste, qui ne connaît pas les exigences du terrain. Puisque, ces immigrés travaillent, malgré leur interdiction. Et donc, il leur faut des permis pour garantir la sécurité sur les routes, mieux que si on laissait la route à des conducteurs improvisés. C’est ainsi, que les adversaires de Hillary Clinton ont su exploiter cette orientation vers le concret dans la politique du sénateur de New York. Et tout pour la stigmatiser comme une personne opportuniste aux marges de la légalité.

    C’est sur ce type d’arguments un peu de mauvaise foi, que Obama et Edwards ont tenté de disqualifier Hillary Clinton, pour la course à la Maison Blanche. Elle sut se défendre en arguant qu’elle était seule face à six hommes. Et que d’une certaine façon, on en était déjà aux arguments sexistes. Obama entra aussitôt dans la brèche ouverte en ajoutant que lui n’évoquait pas sa différence ethnique, et juste pour séduire la compassion de l’électorat attendri.

    Toutefois, il reste que le coup fut bien monté, si l’on mesure bien que Hillary Clinton a plus encore creusé l’écart dans les sondages, et après le débat. Et qu’il ne reste que deux mois à Obama et Edwards pour escalader la face nord des primaires. En effet, les analystes politiques ont remarqué cette défense de Clinton, qui fut redoutable et pis encore après le débat. A tel degré qu’on la pressent désormais une “tueuse”. Et c’est à cet instant, qu’il faudrait se souvenir de la machine à vaincre électorale, qu’elle avait mise en oeuvre dans les années 1990, pour faire élire Bill Clinton. Un analyste politique éminent, Ron Fournier avoua que des proches de Clinton lui avaient explicitement annoncé leur stratégie, et bien avant le débat. Et que cette ligne d’attaque devait se présenter en une pseudo défense contre des mâles ligués. Et que ceux-ci vinssent des Républicains ou depuis les rangs démocrates est indifférent, puisque Hillary doit gagner contre tous.

    Jusqu’ici, les attaques contre Hillary étaient modérées. Aussi, Obama était-il lié par le pacte intitulé “politique de l’espoir”, qui devait assurer une conduite réciproquement respectueuse dans les débats internes aux Démocrates. On le constate, tout ceci est du passé. Et désormais, Hillary rend les coups mais au centuple. Tant et si bien, que ses adversaires ne tiennent plus que par ce seul argument, qu’elle serait une vulgaire politicienne pure et dure, comme on en voit depuis des lustres accrochés à la Maison Blanche.

    Et sans qu’ils s’en rendent compte le moins du monde, Obama et Edwards viennent d’étaler au grand jour que c’est là qu’elle veut aller. Et mieux encore, dans leurs dernières critiques ils la placent eux-mêmes dans le siège ultime des pires ou meilleurs politiciens à Washington, c’est selon. Ainsi, s’enfoncent-ils plus encore dans leur défaite, aux yeux d’une Amérique qui aime les personnes habiles comme le renard. Car elles réussissent à la fin.

    Il suffit de voir le site “” qui est une porte d’entrée des artistes de la nébuleuse des Clinton. Là, vous entrez dans un portail apparemment bon enfant et décontracté, qui cache pourtant un professionnalisme redoutable de la séduction souverain, qui confine au rapt prédateur de la plus fine politique florentine. Puisque sur ce site, on y demande sans cesser, tous renseignements les plus confidentiels et intimes autour des adversaires de Hillary. Et pour qu’elle puisse nourrir ses plus féroces attaques, qu’elle réserve à ceux qui oseraient même un peu se poster sur la voie qui la mène à la White House des sombres stratégies de la gagne.

    C’est ainsi, qu’on parle déjà des biais par lesquels Hillary va se goinfrer le petit Obama, dans les jours qui viennent. On insinue fortement, qu’il recevrait des soutiens financiers qui afflueraient depuis la sphère d’hommes assez puissants et obscurs de la rue louche à Chicago. Et d’ajouter, qu’il y aurait des manques éthiques et politiques, dont Obama devrait rendre quelques comptes, bientôt… C’est clair ! Pas d’erreur ! Comme son ménage crypté l’indique, “” annonce le chiffre et la leçon donnés par celle qui prétend à devenir le 44e président des Etats-Unis

    Demian West

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