Obama’s Iran Lie(s)

On October 13, 2007 we wrote the appropriately titled Stinky B.O.. We highlighted, repeatedly, something Senator Biden said about Barack Obama and Obama’s whining and lying about the Kyl/Lieberman non-binding resolution:

I wonder why he wasn’t there to vote,” Biden said. “We all knew that this vote was coming up.”

Let’s repeat that, yet again, so it sinks in:

I wonder why he wasn’t there to vote,” Biden said. “We all knew that this vote was coming up.

[For those needing more information, we described Obama’s Iran hypocrisies and lies earlier in October in The Offended, and Stinky B.O., Part II.]

Senator Biden said “I wonder why he wasn’t there to vote,” Biden said. “We all knew that this vote was coming up.” Senator Biden said that because Obama has blamed scheduling for his, once again, missed vote. Readers of Big Pink know Obama has a long dodgy history of missed votes, of being in the room but not voting, of being in the room and instead of voting “yea” or “nay” voting with a schoolchild’s “present”.

Obama has been lying. Obama has been lying continuously. CNN yesterday, for the first time, called Obama out. Will Tim Russert ask Obama about this on Meet The Press next Sunday?

Obama missed many votes. But Jessica Yellin emphasizes the important and central lie Obama is repeating. “I wonder why he wasn’t there to vote,” Biden said. “We all knew that this vote was coming up.

The CNN transcript (the “unidentified female” is the roll call vote in the Senate):

Let’s move on, though, to another story you’re following, Jessica. And that involves these presidential candidates who are also lawmakers and the no-shows as far as votes are concerned. What’s going on, on that front?

YELLIN: Well, what we have learned is that, if you take a look since recess, since congressional recess in August, we examined the voting records of the Democratic presidential candidates. And it turns out that of, all of them, Barack Obama has missed the most votes here in Congress.


YELLIN (voice-over): It’s become one of the most consistent themes of Barack Obama’s campaign: slamming Senator Clinton for her vote on an Iran amendment. He claims it empowers the president to attack Iran.

SEN. BARACK OBAMA (D-IL), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: This kind of resolution does not send the right signal to the region. It doesn’t send the right signals to our allies or our enemies.

YELLIN: But Barack Obama never voted on that amendment.


YELLIN: While Hillary Clinton was voicing her support for it, Senator Obama was campaigning in New Hampshire. Obama’s campaign says he didn’t get enough notice to make it back to the Senate in time, though Clinton, Biden and Dodd voted.

In fact, since returning from the August recess, Senator Obama has missed the most votes of any of the Democratic presidential candidates, nearly 80 percent since September. The others don’t have great voting records either.

According to the Obama campaign, he has made the most important votes, including on Iraq and key domestic priorities, and he did cancel an appearance on “The View” to cast a crucial vote on the children’s health insurance measure.

STUART ROTHENBERG, EDITOR AND PUBLISHER, “THE ROTHENBERG POLITICAL REPORT”: I think most Americans understand that, if you’re running for president, you are going to have to be in Iowa, New Hampshire, and you’re not going to make all the votes. And they give candidates slack.

YELLIN: But, facing a mounting fight with the White House over key bills, Harry Reid is putting all the contenders on notice.

SEN. HARRY REID (D-NV), MAJORITY LEADER: I’m going to leave here and go call our presidentials, and let them know that they better look at their schedules, because these are not votes you can miss.


YELLIN: Now, Wolf, the Obama campaign points out that, if you consider the entire year of voting, it’s not Obama who has missed the most, but Senator Biden, then Dodd. And Obama comes in third.

And I have an important point to make about that Iran amendment, which Obama has made such as important part of his campaign. Now, again, his campaign contends that Obama did not get enough notice to return to D.C. to make that vote, but two Democratic Senate sources tells CNN that all senators were advised the night before that the vote would come up the next day, and Senator Obama should have known that vote was coming.

Faced with this information, the Obama campaign adamantly stands by their position: The senator simply did not have enough notice — Wolf.

BLITZER: All right, Jessica, thanks very much.

By the way, presidential candidates in Congress usually have a heads-up that a big vote is coming, so they can plan their schedules around it, if they want. On the day of vote, members of both chambers get about a 15-minute warning. When the vote begins, lights flash on clocks inside the Capitol. Bells start to ring. Members can get electronics pages or e-mail to let them know a vote is under way as well.

The Clinton campaign asks “If Senator Obama felt so strongly about this resolution, why didn’t he speak out against it or vote against it?” In Stinky B.O., Part II we chimed in:

Others, not just us, (Here, and Here) noted Obama’s love of being AWOL and call him “Senator No-Show” (actually Obama is Senator Put On Only A Show). The analyses also noted that Obama did not issue a statement on the Revolutionary Guard vote until 10:00 p.m., nine hours after the vote; and also note his curious and imperious absence during the Move-on vote weeks earlier.

The second reason why Obama is foolish to attack Hillary on Iran is his own record on Iran. We noted in The Offended that Obama had sponsored binding legislation declaring Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization.

Will Tim Russert ask Obama, videotape running, waving transcripts in his hand, about Obama’s continuing Iran lie? Will Tim Russert ask Obama, about Obama’s continuing Iran lies?

I wonder why he wasn’t there to vote,” Biden said. “We all knew that this vote was coming up.”


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  1. Media Matters puts Russert on the skewer and roasts him slowly…

    Media figures note Russert’s repeat performance as Clinton’s “opponent” during debate
    After the October 30 Democratic presidential debate, numerous media figures commented that co-moderator Tim Russert had acted as, in the words of The New York Times, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s (NY) “third toughest opponent on the stage.” During the debate, Russert asked a total of 30 distinct questions (not including follow-up questions).* Fourteen were either questions directed to Clinton or questions directed to other candidates about Clinton. Many media outlets took note of Russert’s focus on Clinton. Russert has received media attention for his conduct toward Clinton in previous debates as well, including criticism following a debate he moderated in 2000, when Clinton was running for Senate against then-Rep. Rick Lazio (R-NY).

    Read the whole article here;

  2. f*ck russert. he only asks loaded, rabid fire question at or about hilllary to other candidates. as for barack(stinky, rezko,no show,im in love with myself)obama is concerned, may he enjoy a long career in the senate for the next 8 years while hillary is in the white house). also he may have to fight hillary’s vp for the nomination in 2016 and lose to him or her. this moron will never be the dem nominee less than president.

  3. Russert is obliged to ask the question, and I have no doubt that he will. The issue for me is how he asks the question, and whether he pursues it vigorously and relentlessly. What is good for the goose is good for the gander, Lumpy.

    Bill Clinton had some interesting things to say about Russert when he was out in Seattle this past week. Even my Republican friends have confided that Russert was unfair.

  4. Mornin’ y’all, Yes, Pres. Clinton had some direct words about Russert’s question re the releasing of white house papers. I believe he said, “in all my born days” (or words of like and similar nature) he’d never seen anything like it. Like it bein’ Russert’s attempt by waving the letter (from five years ago) to make it seem like it was a recent attempt to delay the release of white house records WHEN IN FACT it was just the opposite. In the past two days, Hillary has launched a new phase of her campaign with young people while three important developments have bolstered her support: Pres Clinton’s statement, an editorial in the Des Moines paper about the immigration issue and now the truth comes out about Obama’s attendance record. Great news from polls showing that the interrogation of Hillary had no negative impact on her candidacy. In the words of Gomer Pile, Surprise, Surprise! mollyj

  5. I thought I knew the night before that the vote was coming down the next day. Maybe it’s just an impression that I had, but it does seem to me that it was public knowledge. I’ve looked around several sites, and don’t know why that’s my impression, but it is.

    Anyway, if you’re researching Kyl Lieberman, keep yours open for updates from the September 25th – the day before the vote. Maybe we can find proof online.

  6. the night before the k/l vote, and for two days before that, senate was behind the scenes trying to negotiate about this amendment. Late tuesday night before the vote senator reid said that there would be no further votes FOR THAT NIGHT, and any decisions for further votes upcoming amendments (K/L as well as Biden’s iraq partition vote) would be delayed while discussions were ongoing….

    I felt thewy talked throughtout the night….For biden and Reid, i guess it was important that biden’s amendment be allowed on the floor; I suspect (cannnot confirm though) that mcconnell/repubs wannted that k/L as a quid pro amendment…1 for the dems, 1 for the repubs…..

    And I strongly suspect that biden was involved in the all night discussions because his amendment was voted 15 minutes after the k/l amendment


  7. I would think that is part of the job description for a US Senator to know when votes are going to happen. Obama has a capitol hill staff like the others that are campaigning. I’m sure he gets a daily and weekly senate schedule provided by that staff. This was a vote that by it’s nature would be getting some press attention. That would make it an attention getting vote for a senators schedule as well. This missed vote along with the others is a pattern of behavior. It astonishes me that the media haven’t questioned Obama about it. If Hillary were doing this same kind of behavior it would be at the top of the news and debated endlessly by pundits. There is such a double standard going on here that it’s sickening. Will no one ever take a close look at Obama’s behavior, comments and political history? It’s long overdue. I also will be watching Russert on Sunday. If he asks softball questions it will prove what we already suspect about him as a journalist. I am encouraged, however, that it appears some examination of Obama is finally starting to trickle into the media….I hope that continues.

  8. When you think about it.. Obama is operating under a predetermined strategy, no doubt orchestrated by the Rove gang. The best way to pre-empt his next attack is getting in front of it and predicting it.. Like a pin piercing a ballon (of lies and distortions) Otherwise you’re always operationg behind the curve.

    Watch the ticker. When the ticker begins moving up or down…ACT! Get out in front of it with an appropriate answer.

    Mrs. S.

  9. The media has without a doubt (deliberetly) been asleep when it comes to doing their job on Obamas record.

    But what surprises me somewhat is, why hasn’t Hillary or her campaign people attacked/called out Obama on his hypocrisy regarding the Iran amendment?
    Obama went after Hillary for her vote on the kyl-lieberman during the debate, why didn’t she counter with Obama previously trying to pass a BINDING resolution calling the IRG a terrorist group?

    That’s not going on the attack so much as pointing out his flip flop!

  10. If you read as lot of post-debate posts, it seems that a great many women listen to Hillary’s answer on immigration and have no trouble understanding what she said and what it meant.

    It woud be amusing if it turned out that the gender gap that Hillary is accused somehow of playing is actually that many men don’t get it because they don’t listen (as portrayed by how many times that answer was interrupted).

  11. Gorto,

    We don’t need to give the media the benefit of the doubt by saying, they’ve been asleep. Whatever the media does is a deliberate act under Republican direction.

    “But what surprises me somewhat is, why hasn’t Hillary or her campaign people attacked/called out Obama on his hypocrisy regarding the Iran amendment?
    Obama went after Hillary for her vote on the kyl-lieberman during the debate, why didn’t she counter with Obama previously trying to pass a BINDING resolution calling the IRG a terrorist group?”

    That issue cannot give her a clear cut WIN! It’s what is called a nuanced issue as is the Iraq Vote, Abortion, Civil Unions etc. The same ole, same ole they’ve been campaigning with for years.

    The flip-flop is so muddled at this point in time. It’s some thing that would only have an effect if done F2F and why should we go there when there is so much more acreage to plow in other areas?

    We have to revamp and sharpen the tools in our tool box and use them wisely and aggressively..

    Mrs. S.

  12. Hillary’s determined to run a campaign against the republicans, knowing that others will catch on to Obama and other opponents and these things will come to light. At the end of the day we know that we have a candidate who got the nomination on her goals, platform and vision for this country and not on the backs of others. That said, it may be time for a push back. I think the most important considerations are anticipating where the repugs are going to attack and making sure those objections are answered even before we need them. Mitt’s latest barb at Hillary comes to mind. He fights really dirty and makes interesting uses of word choice. mollyj

  13. Obama never had any intention of voting any day that week. He missed votes on Monday. He was on the campaign trail on Tuesday and again on Wednesday when K/L finally came up for vote.

    His story about not getting adequate notice is a bold-faced lie. He was never in Washington that week and never had any plans to be there.

  14. I posted video of what Clinton REALLY said about drivers licenses to the Nashua Telegraph editorial board in a diary here:


    Russert completely misrepresented her statements to the Nashua paper, pulling a quote out of context and leaving out the second half of her sentence that began “….but, …..”

  15. Mrs. Smith, I agree with you to a degree, however, like molly says, there comes a time to push back, and that time may be rapidly approaching.

    You don’t want to stand ‘above the fray’ for too long, making it seem as if you are too afraid to get in the fight. And that is something Hillary takes pride in, that she has been fighting these people for 15 etc years…..

    You can’t rest on your laurels forever, it’s time to show what your made of, as was mentioned the other day, ‘they’ve awoken the sleeping giant’ thingy. Show them your in a league of your own, show what your made of, show them they haven’t seen anything yet…and so on…

    I’m sort of torn between wanting her to rise above, and just wanting her to punch them right on the nose!!!

  16. Most people that i talk to are of the opinion that the attacks from the debate will backfire. And some have already been handled. It’s a fine line for her to walk, too. Because her push backs can backfire. On the other hand, the failure to push back can make one seem as weak in the eyes of others. Hillary has never had a problem in “seeming weak” however. LOL.

  17. Can you believe Obama and his advisers seem to be co-opting the “gender card” meme? Can you imagine the uproar if Hillary charged Obama with playing the “race card”/ I hope voters will no bs when they see it.

  18. Back to Obama accusing Hillary of playing the gender card, which she hasn’t done! These people are just pretending she did, so that they can attack her for it. Such “#/¤&@#£+!!

    Anyway, just read someone make a good point on taylor marsh site, what if Hillary had accused Obama of playing the race card????

    Again, I believe that would have been one of those moments that could have ended her run for the Presidency, and yet here we are, Obama throwing punches….

    I’m just getting a bit tired of it. A big part of my reason for supporting Hillary is that I KNOW she can/will fight back! I just wish she would start showing it.

  19. Gorto, she is fightening back. But she is a front runner. Front runners stay above the fray for the most part, because the public really hates the circular firing squad. Like when you read these attacks from Obama or Edwards, does it make you like them? Probably not(I hope). Well, Hill doesn;t want to alienate any voters if she doesn’t have to.

  20. The fight back strategy has to be carefully planned because it can backfire doubly on a woman, speaking of the gender card. She cannot appear as if she’s on the defensive, either. When women fight back it can often end up costing them. Gender in our society plays itself out whether we play the card or not. All Hill had to do was make one statement about how her alma mater prepared her for the all boyz club of the Presidency and she got accused of playing the gender card. She can’t hide the fact that she’s female. And only a severely impaired person would ever argue against the presidency bein’ anything but a boyz club. mollyj

  21. Candidate A trails candidate B in the polls by 20%. Candidate A has to go negative at some point, knowing that the tactic is a double-edged sword with consequences for both. If candidate A’s tactics close the gap, at some point, candidate B has to decide if they will go negative also.
    If the current, textbook tactics by Obama and Edwards fail to gain traction in the polls, there is no reason for Hillary to do anything but stay on message. The longer a candidate can delay going negative, the better off they are in the long run.
    Remember that the more time the opposition spends on attacking Hillary, the less time they are spending on their own message, while she continues to run a positive campaign. It doesn’t make sense to change tactics unless and until there is some reason to do so. Changing tactics simply because your opponents do is reactionary. The Clinton campaign is PRAGMATIC.

  22. Partisan hacks post letter on Hillary’s FL papers;

    November 3, 2007

    Dear Senator Clinton:

    Yesterday, it was reported that the Clinton presidential library will not release the public schedules from your tenure as First Lady until late January – several weeks after Iowa Democrats have participated in the January 3rd caucuses. Other records documenting your time in Washington won’t be made public until long after millions of Democrats have cast their vote to choose our nominee, because of the request to have documents reviewed by Bruce Lindsey prior to their release.

    Throughout this campaign, you have repeatedly emphasized your experience as First Lady. However, by refusing to authorize an expedited release of the records from your time in Washington, you are preventing the Iowa voters from thoroughly reviewing that experience.

    We ask you to demonstrate your commitment to turning the page on political tactics that routinely block the American public’s right to know what their government is doing and has done.

    We’re backing Barack Obama because he has repeatedly demonstrated a commitment to a transparent government. That’s why he has released his personal income tax returns, made his Senate appropriations earmarks public, and led the effort to establish a “Google for Government” initiative that requires the entire federal budget to be posted online in a publicly available and searchable format.

    As Americans and as Democrats ready for change, we’re asking you to be as open as possible with the American people. You should publicly request that the tens of thousands of pages that have been cleared for release by the National Archives be immediately provided to the public, and ask for the expedited release of all records requested from the Clinton Library in advance of the Iowa Caucuses.

    As Iowans, we understand that what makes our first-in-the-nation caucus unique is the opportunity to carefully examine each of the candidates and their records before making a decision about whom to support. Fully releasing these records is in keeping with the spirit of the process that makes the Iowa Caucus so special.


    Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, Co-Chair of Obama’s Iowa campaign

    Linn County Supervisor Lu Barron


    This could wind up being Barack’s, “expolding cigar”.

  23. Yup, that lil number is gonna backfire. Barack’s experience in comparison to Senator Clinton is so flimsy, I think that might be one letter that the Iowa Attorney General is going to regret.

    Realist, your explanation of the strategy of staying on message is well taken and makes a whole lot of sense. It absolutely, in my opinion, the best way for the Senator’s campaign to proceed at this point. I don’t want Senator Clinton to go negative for all the reasons you outlined. I do not want these unfounded charges of BO and JE to go unanswered either. Yesterday, President Clinton did an excellent job of addressing the first lady papers and the Des Moines paper did a great job of discussing why Hillary gives the sane answer on immigration in New York. This is where surrogates and informed campaign supporters can contribute a great deal, allowing Senator Clinton to stay on message as she well should. mollyj

  24. Pathetic, it’s worst then pathetic, it’s admitting that you have no game, no ideas that haven’t been ripped off by someone else.

    The more Obama talk the more his strings are revealed…That’s right I’m calling him a “puppet” of those who what to be in power. NeoCons on his foreign policy team. Going on the Today show talking about not using the race card….excuse me! I seem to remember Obama being slammed for not being Black enough…in other words not fighting for issues that is important in our communities.

    I know he doesn’t have strong Civil Rights credentials because of his life experience but he does have commonalities and brings something different to the table. But just like I thought from the start his inexperience in national and international arenas shows.

  25. I don’t want Hillary to go on the attack, I don’t!! BUT as molly writes, I just REALLY don’t want the attacks from JE and BO to go unanswered. Silence in some cases is the same as agreeing to what is being said, which is just not the case.

    There is a fine line to walk for her I know, but to just point out the attacks as silly in my view is better then just go quiet and hope no one takes notice of the attacks.

    Just point out the flip flops from Obama and Edwards, rather then not saying anything, in my view, this is not attacking, but standing up for yourself and your candidacy and your platform. She needs to stand up for herself and her integrity, which is what they went after her for, just annoying as hell!

    ok, ranting over…. 🙂

    That letter is a perfect example of the differences in Hillarys and Obamas campaigns. Hill controls her campaign and her staff respects her, Obama has no control over his staff, and that leads to unforeseen events such as this. This pattern can bring about serious mistakes in a GE, another reason on top of all the others of why Obama must not get the nom.

  26. What a stupid letter. Like anyone gives a fig what Hillary’s schedule was as first lady. The writers act as if it’s some earth-shatteringly important document.

    BTW, in that new Newsweek poll, Hillary leads Rudy by 4, which is pretty good considering the “bad” week she had.

  27. I suspect that HILLARY will have a STELLAR debate performance next time, shocking all the media and her opponents. It will be more NEWSWORTHY than if she had just had PERFECT debate performances 100 percent of the time. She will be labelled “The comeback Kid” like her husband was. Thats all the fighting back she needs to do, imo.

  28. Yup Paula, and so far she has not suffered by the pile on either, so far so good! Obama down 1 and Edwards down 2, 😀


  29. sandy that is certainly something to look forward to, it would be great,

    I’ve thought of that as well, I’m glad the next debate isn’t a whole month away, gives her a chance to get back at the others with a nana nana naaaaanaaaaaa!! 😀 “I was just teasing ya'”

  30. Gorto, it has not gone unanswered. Bill Clinton had a press release yesterday about the papers. I think Hillary needs to stay above the fray when the attacks are ridiculous. I think Obama’s letter reeks of desperation.

  31. In a post yesterday, there was comment about Edwards and Hillary dueling it out in the rural areas of
    Iowa. This is very significant. As I understand the Iowa caucus process, it is heavily skewed towards
    the rural areas.

    Since the Iowa polls only reflect the initial vote of likely voters, these polls seem to me to be incomplete.
    If a candidate doesn’t get fifteen percent support in the initial vote then those candidates are eliminated from further consideration. Those supporters are then asked to revote. Ultimately a winner is determined.
    Early polling has indicated that Hillary is by far the favorite second choice of most supporters of other candidates. If this remains true; then Hillary’s overall support may be under reported.

  32. Yeah I saw the clip of Bill, he did the very same thing in 2000 after russert went after her then as well.

    But, staying above the fray, and letting people attack her character……..I don’t like it. I guess I might just be taking my frustration at JE and BO out on Hillary for not doing something, anything…..not even a pip!
    but I give.

  33. I would like to see Bill go on Meet the Press in the next few
    weeks and do a “Chris Wallace” on Tim Russert.

  34. Gorto..

    Hillary doesn’t have to say a thing. She has plenty of people around her to answer the groundless taunts eschewed by the opposition. One thing you have to do is stay cool and not fall into the reactionary trap otherwise you lose the high ground and (gasp), points.

    Hillary is good with timing her on camera responses to be concise, short and direct. Those little nuggets are best volleyed F2F… not wasted on direct quotes from her own statements which can be spun 6 million different ways out of context, as Matthews loves to do.

    She’s fine. As evidenced by the stagnant numbers of Dumb and Dumber, who continue in divisive mode attacking their own in a campaign of self-destruction..

    Mrs. S.

  35. Well, just to put things in perspective, Obama was about 14 when Hillary married Bill, and around the same time she was writing the articles of incorporation for the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families (having previously worked for the Children’s Defense Fund). I think the term used now is grassroots, in terms of her activities with children, families and health, early on. I believe by my calculations, Hillary worked in the ’64 election–Obama was 3 at that time. he would have no recollection of the profound events that shaped American History in the 60’s–the early civil rights movement, the assassination of JFK, etc. If he really wants to go down that road it’s going to be interesting, that’s all I can say. So we don’t need to begin with her eight years of experience acquired as First Lady of our country…we have to start much earlier than that to really see the events that helped shape Hillary’s outlook and provide her with invaluable experience. Now when did Obama first practice law? mollyj

  36. What’s F2F?? 🙂 I know I loose my temper sometimes, and that is also a very good reason for supporting her, as she is used to this and worse from repugs and knows how to deal with them and not let her blood boil, as that is one of their most effective ways of bringing someone down. God I hate that cheesy way those people throw up misconstrued attack after attack while keeping the slickest fake smile on their face in the process! But she knows how to make their blood boil in return so that calms me down. 😀

    We’ve seen Obama touting he can bring out lots of new people who hasn’t voted in the past, and he is deliberately leaving out Hillarys impact on women, he comes across as so childish pretending Hills impact on women don’t exist, as almost hoping women will forget it themselves, and jump on Obama.

    I love the reference to Dumb & Dumber!!!! Cheered me up a bit! 😀 I’m just not sure which is which of JE and BO.

    Good summary of her life experience molly, which of course makes a difference.

  37. great analogy, mollyj..

    your analogy puts into perspective why Obama lacks the spirit and heart for America. What America represents to him is the ‘Land of Opportunity.’

    Obama sure does fill the bill as an opportunist who does not because he cannot, identify with Americans black or white who were born and raised within the contiguous United States. I’m talking about Americans of any racial or ethinic background who have not only read about US History but have lived it and some have made a difference enough to be immortalised by it.

    It is the hollowness Obama emanates that gives me an uncomfortable feeling when I see or hear him speak. His speeches are empty platitudes of hope and nuance that deliver nothing but wishful thinking.

    Politics must be viewed without sentimentality or nostalgia. A direct contradiction of the Politics of Obama.


  38. Gorto,

    F2F= face to face

    Dumb and Dumber= ‘the dumber du jour’

    Take your pick JE OR BO…they’re interchangeable 🙂

    Mrs. S.

  39. To some oBama seems to talk a good line. But it appears to be all talk. When you spend your time saying you are about hope and bringing people together and your actions say differently, what other conclusions can a person reach? I think your analysis is right on, Mrs. S. I am so tired of this bs from Ritt Momey about no experience when it is a bold face lie. And yes, it is fundamentally sexist because it means to de-value all of her work (“grassroots” work) with women, children, families and health because they are “feminist issues.” This has been done for years to other people who have real compassion about these important matters. mollyj

  40. F2F, gotcha 😉 thanks.

    Anyone know when the next Iowa poll is out? Can’t wait for that one, as Hillary has gained in the last two polls there. Will be interesting to see how Iowans reacts to this debate as they don’t like bickering….

  41. Kostner, I was wonderin’ ole where Hillary is. Thanks for the update. I am delighted that she’s there. Mollyj

  42. I wonder if anybody has a sense of if the Barack Obama good time gospel hour and tour had an effect on his campaign that is still discernable. Anybody know? mollyj

  43. Terrible negative media coverage for Hillary since the Presidential debate. I think the media was waiting for a race and is thrilled about the prospects.

    I hope Hillary supporters don’t get demoralized by the attacks and do what they need to do to make her win.

  44. secret, it was tough watching the so called msm and other punks pile up on hillary, but my support for her is even stronger. i do know this much, the next debate this pile on happens again i hope she slaps back in their faces. the above the fray is nice but i want some slap downs too.

  45. I just skimmed some online headlines, Secret, and I shared the same concern. But I think it’s like Sandy said the other night: it’s going to keep us all from going into any kind of complaccency. I am redoubling my efforts this week. By the way, I saw Pakistan is in a state of emergency. Reckon BO’s been tryin’ his hand at foreign policy again? mollyj

  46. Negative headlines for sure, but I do believe that Hillary supporters are amongst the staunched supporters for any candidate.
    I think the other candidates might have more trouble holding onto their supporters when facing a tumble!

    But that’s just a gut feeling, considering Hillary is the most popular of the democrats amongst democrats. And democrats are used to Hillary facing rough weather, they are not illusion-ed to think this was going to be a walk in the park.

  47. I look at it this way. Hillary hadn’t had a bump in the road for a while, so she was probably due, lol. I also wouldn’t underestimate the anger her supporters feel about what happened in that debate, especially the horrible performance by Russert. And that anger will only make us work harder; and Hillary will up her game, too. You can count on it.

  48. Somebody online wrote that Obama said today that Hillary would “barely win”. That’s a veiled way of saying could easily lose.

  49. to tell ya the truth if she wins 51 percent or 49% as long as she wins. hell, as the 2000 election in mind i don’t care if she lose the popular vote as long she wins the 270 electoral votes i’d be happy.lol. don’t get me wrong i rather have her win both votes.

  50. An article in the U.K. Telegraph talks about the “mysterious” Big Pink Hillaryis44 site, says it’s a “back door” to Hillary’s war room.

  51. pilgrim, they are just talking out of their a**. the msm and naysayers are just worried about this site becuase it defends, corrects the record, and expose them of their bs. they don’t know sh*t.

  52. I agree, terrondt, but don’t you agree, we’re “mysterious”. I found the piece a little amusing. Heh, heh, says I to myself, they’re worrying. Good!

  53. if hillays following is mostly middle and lower income people, which i think is true, than, someone needs to recognize, that we down here on the social scale, dont like to be walked on…

    we are all scrapers, and fight everyday for what we need. we’ve had to fight for civil rights, workers rights, and human rights…

    at some point, i would like to see hillary, bitch slap some of these ‘rich’, ‘ivy league’ power junkies, and fight for us…
    maybe not now, but at some point, i want her to lay it all out…


    if hillary wants us, she needs to fight for us…
    it doesnt have to be rude, it can be said with a smile and a sneer, but by not answering their accusations, shes not being the fierce mother and fighter that we admire. its those qualities that alot of the masses are counting on !

  54. translation: she should tell it like her husband does, preferably in an interview with kieth olberman or someone…
    thanks : )

  55. United 12, Hillary is fighting for us by not falling into the trap that the media wants. By staying on message by acting presidential and by letting her team do their job and have her lieutenants fight back smartly and efficiently she is getting to the goal of being the Democratic nominee.

    That’s the goal she has to make sure the Democrats infighting doesn’t lose the war because the Republicans are going to get behind their choice and come out swinging and don’t you think that’s where you put the majority of your focus at beating the Republicans?

  56. yes ofcourse…

    i guess it just hurts more to have our fellow dems, doing the swiftboating…

    after the 2000 election i was so pissed off at the dems, cause they were spineless, gutless, wimps and didnt fight back, when the ripublicans swiftboated us.

    i was so mad, i changed from democrat to independant.
    ofcourse i am not an independant, but i was furious, and so ashamed of my party.

    the male dem candidates ‘have been ASSIMILATED’, and now are those same dems all over again…

    i want to give my party and hillary a chance to fight this time, thats all…

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