A Terrible Resolve

For Barack Obama, John Edwards, Lazio, Russert, Big Media, Matthews, and Dodd – a quote attributed to Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto after the attack on Pearl Harbor:

I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.


This will prevent HILLARY SUPPORTERS like myself, from getting complacent in the final days of the campaign. Its one thing to support HILLARY. But I have to admit that there Hillary supporters like me who think “OH WELL, HILLARY will win no matter what I do, so there is no need in going the extra mile.” These attacks, personal in nature, will most assuredly mobilize people like me.


I think this debate was good to shake us all up – to know what we are up against. We are in the season of character assassination.

EMILY’s List:

A national group that seeks to elect more Democratic women to political office plans a mid-November drive to bring more Iowa women to their neighborhood caucuses.

The group Emily’s List, which supports women who back abortion rights, will try to reach as many as 100,000 women who might support the presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

Maren Helsa, the director of the group’s women’s vote program, said a Web site will be set up that will try to decrease anxiety among women who have not been to caucuses in the past and don’t know what to expect.

There will also be outreach through calls and advertising to Democratic women who have not historically attended caucuses, and a particular targeting of young female voters, those 17 and 18.

More EMILY’s List:

“If someone attacks a person you genuinely admire, you will not like that person,” said pollster Geoffrey Garin. “For the other candidates – the male candidates, frankly – it’s not a free shot, in terms of how this base of voters may react to that. I’m not sure that all of these women will take it as a neutral act, these kinds of attacks.”

To back up that point, another pollster behind the survey, Diane Feldman, pointed out that while women voters in the poll aren’t backing Clinton explicitly because of her gender, 58 percent of them see electing her as a way to change society’s perception of women in general.

I think the attacks from the other candidates are both a risk to them and an opportunity for Sen. Clinton, because the image of her standing up to the attacks and moving forward unfazed when there are a dozen men attacking her or trying to gang up on her may well be enforcing the perception among Democratic women voters that electing a woman president would cause a change in attitude,” Feldman said. [snip]

EMILY’s List, which in years past has been a fundraising and organizing force for Democratic women running for Congress, released the survey as it stands on the verge of getting deeply involved in a presidential race for the first time. On Nov. 19, it will launch a Web site aimed at Democratic women in Iowa who do not normally attend the state’s caucuses, which are scheduled for Jan. 3. The goal is to get those women to participate and cast a vote for Clinton.

The effort may include sending paid staff to Iowa and, according to Maren Hesla, who is directing the program, it will feature extensive advertising. “It will be substantial and you won’t be able to escape it,” she said.

dem dem:

i am disgusted. Admin you are reading this dead right, the main prob here is that all the dimwits in the political media are now on a new script -well, not that new, since its about exactly the same as ten years ago – and in that time theres been not much change in their disgraceful behavior, these people have no sense of shame, responsibility or real brains.

But even better we now have a new crowd of stupid folk from our own “side” just helping them bash our leading candidate and give comfort and hope to the GOP.

Those fakes. Im done forever with Edwards and B arry. lets just be frank about these phonies. Rezko and hedge fund hypocrites. Fakes and poseurs. the level of hypocricy is enough to make one gag and rage. [snip]

Im just soo pissed -evgen though I knew this was coming….. russert, what a ass. NBC is our enemy folks – not Fox – be clear about this!


I’m under no illusions about what we face over the next two-plus months, and neither is her campaign.


All of the help from Emily’s List and AFSCME on the ground will help us here in Iowa. On the phones in the office tonight, a volunteer told me that a woman said her husband and she were for Edwards until they watched the Philly debate, and then they switched to Hillary 🙂 Iowa voters don’t appreciate these sorts of attacks, seriously.


Boy, is it going to frost the asses of the media pundits if the slugfest in Philly they had so hoped would turn the election ends up giving Clinton even more of a boost! These beltway pundits’ heads are going to explode.

You could kind of see it with Mathews tonight. I think, for the very first time, they are starting to get an inkling of something I’ve been saying all along (as has Mark Penn) — that women control this Presidential election. It’s hitting Mathews and his ilk right in the gut.


It was disgusting. The debate was a coordinated attack on Hillary, all the time. If I was Hillary I would have blown my top, but she is a cool customer. MSNBC should be ashamed for this fiasco.


It’s also good news for her in Iowa because in an Democratic family fight, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees endorsement is the single most sought-after nod in the state.

The union has over 16,000 members and represents 40,000 workers in Iowa. Add in the spouses, partners and other relatives and you’ve got thousands of votes who’ll be influenced by this decision.

In what’s expected to be a close caucus fight with John Edwards and Barack Obama, AFSCMEs endorsement could be what tips Iowa’s caucuses for Clinton.


She was cool, collected and smart under fire. What better words for a future president? The guys on the other hand looked like a bad championship wrestling team.


The thing the MSM doesn’t understand (or can’t bring themselves to believe) is that Clinton has a significant base of very strong, very committed support. The MSM doesn’t see it because is it’s not the beltway elites for the usual left-wingnut suspects.

I mean, seriously, what connections do the beltway pundits have to African American women or single mothers?

It’s almost like a “silent majority” kind of deal and the polls have been showing it all year.


…as Hillary supporters the time for complacency is over. We need to be vigil and active and do everything we can in our backyards to make her a success!!


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  1. I posted this in the previous thread:

    Admin, what is this?

    “Clinton’s advisers, speaking on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to discuss internal matters, said there is a clear and long-planned strategy to fend off attacks by accusing her male rivals of gathering against her.

    The idea is to change the subject while making Clinton a sympathetic figure, especially among female voters who often feel outnumbered and bullied on the job.

    As one adviser put it, Clinton is not the first presidential candidate to play the “woe-is-me card” but she’s the first major female presidential candidate to do it. ”

    What kind of adviser would do this to Hillary? It’s from an ap article.

    The victim is a familiar role for Clinton.”

    What is this? What sort of “adviser” would back stab Hillary this way?

  2. MJ,
    I believe it is some unnamed source which most certainly cannot be her “adviser”. They will never do this sort of thing.

  3. “Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will shake the world.” – Napoleon on China two centuries ago.

    Hillary and her supporters were a sleeping giant and as Admin says we were rudely awoken – we will march forward with steely resolve to do everything in our power to make Hillary win!

  4. Check out Taylor Marsh’s blog about Obama’s foreign policy team and all of the neo cons on it. Larry Johnson said he’d be comfortable under a Clinton, Edwards or Biden presidency, but not Obama.

  5. mj, “advisers” is a Big Media weasel word. Notice the quotes are not from “paid advisers” or “campaign strategists” or top Hillary “campaign communications” officials or anyone who is actually with the campaign.

    Some people like to be quoted in the papers and they say whatever the “reporter” wants to get their quote in – it makes them feel important. We can think specifically of the person who probably said this – and she is not very bright but likes to think she is in the game and influential. She is often quoted by Fournier so we suspect that is the person who gave the quote.

    Of course Fournier could simply be creative in plucking this quote from thin air (although he is a respected long-time reporter and we tend to give him the benefit of the doubt generally because he is not as bad as the typical “reporter”).

    We strongly believe in message control and think the Hillary campaign is particularly good at this (something the nutroots and other dolts deride as “robotic” but it’s a big country and repeating the message is the way to get the job done.)

    That said, there is no shortage of stupidity either.

  6. This is some one who endorses hillary after the debate; even more valuable…like the AFCSME…

    State Senator Lou D’Allesandro Endorses Hillary

    for President

    D’Allesandro to Serve as National Co-Chair of Italian

    Americans for Hillary

    MANCHESTER, NH – While introducing Senator Hillary Clinton at the Granite State Independent Living (GSIL) Forum in Manchester this morning, State Senator Lou D’Allesandro announced his endorsement of Hillary for president. Sen. D’Allesandro, a founding member of GSIL who is currently serving his fifth term in the New Hampshire legislature, is the eighth Granite State senator to endorse Hillary.

    “After the Democratic Presidential Primary Debate this week, my decision to support Senator Clinton became clear,” said D’Allesandro, who will serve as National Co-chair of Italian Americans for Hillary. “At this critical time in our country’s history, we must move beyond negative politics. At the debate, Hillary demonstrated that she is the only candidate with a strong, positive message. I believe she can deliver the real change our country needs.”

  7. Please start a campaign….boycotting General Electric company’s products….GE owns NBC. NBC has been losing money for GE but still refuses to sell NBC, effectively keeping russert/matthews in a sexist, whiote male dominated job….

    Russert was a disaster….any only reason dems are boycotting fox is because breck girl set that standard…

    How many people use GE products…in their homes!…..? Come on women….boycott GE, write to immelt, its CEO….

  8. admin,

    Excellent News. Big Edwards NH Supporter Defects To Hillary After Debate…

    Just over an hour ago, Hillary Clinton claimed the endorsement of an influential New Hampshire politician who was one of John Edwards’ top supporters in the state in 2004.

    Lou D’Allesandro, a well-liked state senator from Manchester and a fixture in the city’s political and cultural life, gave Clinton his blessing at a forum for disabled voters in his hometown this morning. In 2004, D’Allesandro was one of the few big-name New Hampshire Democrats to back Edwards, who finished a very distant third in that year’s primary. It was initally expected that he’d back Edwards again in ’08, and Elizabeth Edwards even made a trip to Manchester last October to headline a fundraiser for D’Allesandro’s state Senate campaign.

    The Clinton campaign hopes to sell this endorsement as a sign that the attack-the-frontrunner strategy of Edwards and Barack Obama will backfore. Without mentioning Edwards by name, D’Allesandro said his decision to back Hillary crystalized while watching Tuesday’s Democratic debate, in which Edwards offered sharp criticisms of Clinton.

    “At the debate, Hillary demonstrated that she is the only candidate with a strong, positive message,” D’Allesandro said. “I believe she can deliver the real change our country needs.”

  9. Kostner,
    I think the elevation of Edwards at the cost of Obama is great. Because Edwards has got the chance of an ice in the burning hell to win.

    I have signed up for Obama mail to see what sort of things they send – today I received a mail attacking Hillary for not releasing the First Lady documents. What a moron!! He parrots every Republican attacks.

  10. This gave us a chuckle:

    We’ve heard that at a certain campaign when one campaign worker wants to know if another campaign worker has read Big Pink the question is “Have you been to the Forbidden Zone?”

    Welcome to the Forbidden Zone.

  11. Hey hey!!!! The Forbidden Zone!!! 😀

    I LIKE!!! haha, oh man, these people.

    But I must admit, the thought of a lot of people are sneaking around this site, not daring to say a word, is kinda cool.
    Like we are a secret society, just without the secret part!

    Pessst! Come out, come out wherever you are……

  12. LOL! I can’t get through the day without multiple trips to the Forbidden Zone.

    BTW, admin, who do you think the Hillary “adviser” is? That is, if you feel comfortable saying. Inquiring minds want to know! I’m sure she’s not someone in the inner circle, because revealing strategy is verboten.

    I also loved Hillary’s quote today about being comfortable in the kitchen. In fact, she’s seemed very relaxed since her “pummeling” on Monday night.

  13. BTW: Bill clinton was at Microsoft today in WA and cleared up some of the mystery on the archives and records…how much has been released….and so on..

  14. The Fox Crap – thought interesting though

    Hillary Clinton Can Be Stopped in Iowa
    By Dick Morris and Eileen McGann

    The presidential race is now entering its most dangerous period for the front-runners in each party — Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani. With each boasting consistent and formidable leads in most national polling, the leading candidate in each party must now prove his and her mettle by winning in a small state among a relative handful of voters.

    And Iowa can be a funny place. When a presidential campaign, funded and staffed on a national scale, crams itself into a tiny state, the resulting overkill makes the outcome hard to predict. Even candidates whose resources could not yet begin to cover the entire country — Huckabee for example — can effectively blanket Iowa.

    So far, the trends in Iowa are not good for either front-runner. Hillary holds only the narrowest of leads over Obama — less than two points in the recent Iowa Straw Poll — a survey which also found Rudy running a disastrous fourth on the Republican side of the ledger.

    Hillary’s vulnerability is especially interesting now that the Democrats running against her seem determined to take off their gloves and go after the front runner. The Marquis of Queensbury rules that have restrained them seem to have fallen by the wayside and a tag team of Obama, Edwards, and Dodd appears ready to deconstruct her bit by bit.

    By himself, it is clear that Obama lacks the starch to go after Hillary. In Tuesday night’s debate, Tim Russert set up an opportunity for the Illinois Senator with his first question, probing why he felt she was lacking in candor. Instead of charging into the fray, as Russert’s question invited, he began by denigrating the media hype about his remarks.

    RelatedColumn Archive
    Hillary Clinton Can Be Stopped in IowaBush: Knock Out the Props from Hillary’s Socialized Medicine SchemeConflict of Interest: Burson-Marsteller and Hillary Clinton’s AllianceChance of Increased Taxes if Hillary Clinton is ElectedRudy Giuliani’s Attacks on Hillary Clinton Hit HomeFull-page Dick Morris & Eileen McGann Archive
    If Obama played T-ball, he’d bunt!

    But John Edwards seems to have a bracing effect on the reluctant dragon from Illinois. His trial lawyer style, eviscerating Hillary while smiling all the time, appears to be making headway. Between them, with a bit of Chris Dodd thrown in, Hillary was team-tackled on Tuesday night.

    However, it is Hillary herself who creates her own vulnerability. With linguistic obfuscation reminiscent of Bill’s more famous remarks — “I didn’t inhale” and “It depends on what the definition of is, is” — Senator Clinton is determined not to tell us where she stands on anything.

    Instead, she has come to believe, probably correctly, that if we knew what she really wants to do as president, we would never vote for her. So on Social Security (where she plans to raise taxes), Iran (where she will take military action if need be), Iraq (where she will keep the troops), the Alternative Minimum Tax (which she will only repeal if it can be used to hide massive tax increases) and drivers licenses (which she will give to illegals as soon as she can), Hillary resists telling the truth. And, under the scrutiny of opponents like Edwards and Dodd, and the questioning of Tim Russert, it is becoming obvious even to demented Democrats.

    So can Hillary be beaten in Iowa? It all depends on whether, in this era of daily polling, her opponents can coalesce around whoever is in second place. Hillary won’t win a majority in Iowa, but, if Edwards and Obama continue to split the anti-Hillary vote, she will win a plurality. Such a victory will let her get out of Des Moines alive and will pave the way for truly dominating victories in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Michigan — then Florida and the rest of the nation will fall in line.

    But if Edwards defers to Obama — or, more likely, his voters realize that they must back Barack in order to stop Hillary — a viable alternative to the New York senator could emerge. If Obama beats Hillary, even by the narrowest of margins, her entire sense of inevitability will vaporize and she could be defeated as the primary cycle continues.

    The key is that Edwards, Obama and Dodd must devote their resources to relentless negative advertising and media attacks against Hillary and need to band together in the remaining debates to expose her falsifications of her positions. (Richardson, auditioning for vice president, and Biden, indulging his mid-life crisis, won’t do it.) But if the trio of her vigorous opponents, do their work, maybe, just maybe, she can be stopped.

  15. The Forbidden zone. That’s pretty funny. I hope that these supporters aren’t to discouraged by this campaign so far…..it must suck working for someone you know is going to lose (:

  16. Hi admin,

    I noticed a little loophole or inconsistency in Clinton’s position on a specific foreign policy issue. I expected Clinton would drop a line in her last debate, and she did exactly what I anticipated. I was quite surprised that no other camp has picked this up as another line of attack. This just shows you no matter how many foreign policy advisors Obama is surrounded with, his campaign is still clueless.

    Obviously, I am not going to tell all in this ‘Forbidden Zone’…


  17. LMAO!!!!!!!!! @ The Forbidden Zone.

    IT was nice to see our quotes front and center. We are becoming bigger and bigger every day. Notice how there are usually about 80 comments now after each article on this site? Remember when there was like 10, or none? And for every one of us that posts in here, there have to be many others who read this site.

    I am glad the other campaigns fear us. Hillary supporters are very loyal, and right now, very angry, and motivated to help her.

  18. hi,

    Mike Lux, a so-called Iowa expert from openleft just posted the following:

    This is a short post, because I’ve been on the road all week, and now there’s a conference in town I need to go schmooze at. The thing I wanted to alert the political junkies reading this who are following the Iowa caucuses is that Edwards has started to slide in some recent polls. In an earlier post regarding Iowa, I mentioned that Edwards was at a danger point with caucusgoers, who follow the daily ups and downs of the polls as much as any voters in America. They know that Edwards has to win Iowa to have a chance at the nomination, and my fear for his sake was that if he started consistently running several points down to Obama and Clinton, people who had been with him before might give up on him, and he would start to lose points more quickly. (This is one of the reasons Gephardt slipped so badly in the end in 2004- Iowans knew he had to win IA, but it didn’t look like he would beat Dean, so the anti-Dean folks started moving to Kerry and Edwards.)
    There is plenty of time to reverse this trend. Edwards is a good closer, has a great message, has a lot of support in rural caucuses where delegate weighting is heavier than in other precincts, has some good ads up, and is many voters’ second choice, which as I discussed last week is always a factor in the caucuses. So there are still plenty of reasons for Edwards people to keep hope alive. But keep watching those poll numbers. If he keeps shedding points, and one of the second-tier guys starts to heat up a little, we could have a new candidate in the top three before long.

  19. kostner your a devil!!

    Letting us know that you know something we don’t know!! 🙁

    Hehe, probably good to not let on, if as admin says, the opposition is lurking 😀

  20. Watch Bill Maher’s show on HBO tonight bc that freak from dailykooks (marcos m…) will be on, with allison stewart and martin short. Hillarybashing should be the scene on this show tonight. Although I like Maher a lot, I am sick of him inviting andrew sullivan on all the time. He’s not on tonight, but he was last week and I hate him. To help our side, the Wilsons will be on to discuss Valerie’s new book, and they both like her. We shall see.

  21. I usually catch up on Mahers show around Sunday when it is up on youtube, but please fill me in if something interesting happens. I have no doubt tho that Bill will perhaps continue to slam Hill after the debate, he is one of the most self righteous people I’ve ever seen.

    Sometimes fair, but that is still just sometimes.

  22. Another one of these ancestor things, now it’s Hillarys turn, but at least it’s better than Darth Vader.

    “Madonna, Angelina Jolie and Camilla Parker-Bowles — they’re all her cousins. Not that they’ve hung out at many reunions together. HRC and Madge are 10th cousins, who share the same great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandparents, according to research by Washington genealogist William Addams Reitwiesner. The Democratic front-runner is ninth cousin once removed to Prince Charles’s wife, while Jolie is her ninth cousin twice removed.”


  23. Yeah, maher is hard to follow. He has done pieces pro Hillary and anti Hillary. He has said he has no problem voting for a woman, and he brings on pro Hillary guests, but brings more anti Hillary guests and he seems to like Edwards, as does dailykooks.

  24. http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/thebigblog/archives/124945.asp

    [with video]

    “Breathtakingly” misleading. That’s what former president Bill Clinton called a question Tim Russert asked his wife at this week’s Democratic presidential candidates’ debate. And boy was he mad.

    “The implication was that in the last few weeks since she’d been a candidate, I had endeavored to cover up records involving her. You agree with that? That’s what people thought when they heard that question,” Clinton said. “Here are the facts.”

    He asserts the letter in question is five years old, involves Hillary only incidentally and requests that the National Archives speed up the release of certain documents, not slow it down.

  25. Des Moines Register has an opinion piece which will make Edwards and Obama unhappy.


    Hillary Clinton may get hammered by the American public for her comments during Tuesday’s debate about New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s move to grant driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

    Other Democratic candidates for the White House certainly tore into her.

    Here’s what she said, in part: “Do I think this is the best thing for any governor to do? No. But do I understand the sense of real desperation, trying to get a handle on this? Remember, in New York we want to know who’s in New York. We want people to come out of the shadows. He’s making an honest effort to do it. We should have passed immigration reform.”

    That will lead some voters – as former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina did – to accuse her of speaking out of both sides of her mouth.

    She’s not, though. Instead, Clinton perfectly mirrored the dilemma facing the country: It’s deeply troubling that millions of people have entered the United States illegally. At the same time, that reality has to be dealt with. Refusing to give illegal immigrants driver’s licenses makes it harder for police to handle traffic accidents, among a host of other problems that lack of identification creates. Indeed, that’s why retired Des Moines Police Chief William McCarthy favored the change.

    No license usually means no insurance. If there’s a crash, licensed drivers suffer if the other driver takes off or can’t pay for damages. It’s a matter of being practical about public safety in the day-to-day scheme of things.

    Clinton also is right about the big picture. Congress should have passed immigration reform last summer. It was gutless to duck this national crisis because it’s so emotionally charged.

    Yet emotions tend to get the better of people when the topic is immigration. Clinton’s response simply acknowledged this issue has many facets.

    No one should exploit that.

  26. mj,

    Actually I thought the rival camps would have started the attack along that line probably one or two weeks ago, but surpringly nobody did. It’s not such a big deal, but the attack could be a bit annoying if they knew what’s on Hillary(my)’ mind…


  27. Obama making less than a quarter of Senate votes


    Sen. Barack Obama has missed the most votes of any Democratic presidential hopeful in the Senate over the last two months, including a vote on an Iran resolution he has blasted Sen. Hillary Clinton for supporting.

    The Illinois Democrat has missed nearly 80 percent of all votes since September.

    “This kind of resolution does not send the right signal to the region,” Obama said during a presidential debate earlier this week. “It doesn’t send the right signal to our allies or our enemies.”

    Obama was campaigning in New Hampshire when the vote was taken. His campaign blamed his absence on the short notice given when the vote was scheduled. But two senior Democratic Senate aides said senators were advised the night before that the vote would occur the next day.

    A spokesman for Obama, however, was adamant Obama did not have enough time to return to Washington for the vote.

    Obama has also missed votes on a Democratic priority, the expansion of the federally funded State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) as well as a vote on a resolution that condemned MoveOn.org for running an ad in the New York Times attacking the top general in Iraq, Gen. David Petraeus.

  28. just got home from work, after having four days off work, this is the first day back to work since the debate.

    it was terrible, everyone was talking about how they’re not sure if they will vote after the debate. they were saying that they think she would make a strong president, but they thought she lies, and that she would like again, as she has through out the years. people think she will keep secrets.

    anyway, i am feeling a little depressed, i’ve got my work cut out for me…
    i just love hillary for president, and its a wee bit disheartening…
    anyway hope you all have a good weekend.

  29. united 12, If they thought she would lie again “like she has through the years” they probably weren’t going to vote for her anyway. Sounds like they were buying the right-wing BS beforehand.

    Keep the faith! We do have our work cut out for us, I agree.

  30. “they thought she lies, and that she would like again, as she has through out the years. people think she will keep secrets. ”

    How naive can one be!!!

  31. Bill Maher was awesome to Hillary tonight. He talked about the piling on, and he called out Obama for jumping on Hillary but then checking out her butt, and he showed the sequence of photos. Allison stewart was the one rippin on Hillary. Martin Short was nice too. Dailykooks founder guy was mostly generous to her as well. I was confused yet again.

  32. united 12

    As Paula said they will not vote for Hillary if that was their comment.

    But just for the sake of the arguement – ask them which Presidential candidate hasn’t lied

  33. MJ,

    They think making women attack Hillary will make her look as if she doens’t have women support.

    Let’s just concentrate on getting the nomination. Once we have that in the bag – then we can look at the rest.

  34. Kostner & others,

    Did you hear about the conference call? Apparently some supported of Hillary told in the conference call that – “Time Russert must be short” So NBC picked on that and criticized. But, the reporter said – well that is how angry the supporters are. The reporter emphasized that the supporters are livid.

  35. She sounded like she liked obama. she talked about Hillary’s voice and that it was rough and lecture-like at the Philly debate and also that Hillary “broke a sweat” at the debate.

  36. Secret,

    I watched that MSNBC clip. yeah, those supporters were livid. I think the guy was actually quite shocked…

    I agree with you, her GE # might take a bit hit, since all democratic candidates are piling on each other, everybody will be dragged down..I doubt her primary # will have major shift…

    I suggest you read a frontpage article on mydd penned by an Edwards’ supporter’s field experience in Iowa. Looks like it’s a battle between Edwards and Clinton among rural areas, Obama is far behind… Not sure how objective it is.

  37. Well, if true, which I am not sure of, I don’t think he should be shot, but he should be forced to appologize, or at least forced to ask the other candidates the tough questions Hillary gets from him, instead of questions about air travel, ufo’s, and life elsewhere in the universe. I saw them mention that on Dan Abrams (I don’t like him) the other night. They have every right to be angry with Russert, and with NBC.

  38. Celiff,
    I think the supporter was just so angry he was venting his frustration by saying Russert must be shot. Not that he really meant it!!

  39. “all these other losers.” I just love it. By the way, what is this ‘political class’ Mark Halperin talked about on PBS and Time? Is it some elite minority that looks down on average Americans? Some bloggy elite that thinks they are superior to most Democrats and so their votes should count for more? I never heard that term before, the ‘political class’.

  40. I find that Morris-McGann article refreshing. It’s such an obvious load of baloney, drafted to cash in on the anti-Hillary kult, which is just a niche demographic in the media market. In Web 2.0, we call it the ‘long tail’ — like a podcast for gay flyfishers or something, a small market, but somebody can make some money off of them. All this stuff is just small potatoes media profiteering on Hillary’s star power.

  41. Hey yall, It was fun seein’ our words up top. I am honored to be in the company of such a thoughtful and intelligent group here. I am proud of Hillary doin’ so well in the pile-on. She truly handled herself well. Clearly she was blindsided in the lightening round by questions that were as complex as those to Obama were insulting (what was your halloween costume). Some really important things shaped up this week, I think. One is that Hillary and the campaign can handle itself both in the inquisition, because it wasn’t a “debate” it was an interrogation of Senator Clinton, and post-debate, when the world went into feedin’ frenzy mode. Some points that we need to keep comin’ back to: 1) Senator Clinton was the recepient of this because she’s the strong frontrunner–she and the campaign have been expectin’ this, 2) the lightening round was especially frustratin’ since she was gettin’ questions that are extremely complex or questions that were of the gotcha variety. The two most glaring were the question about immigration and the archives question (about the release of papers). Most important, these were dealt with today in what I believe will be very effective. President Clinton spoke out today in Washington state about the question of the release of their papers and told the backstory, including the fact that he requested that their papers be released early (and did this 5 years ago). And, the Des Moines register wrote a great editorial pointing to the complexity of the immigration issues in New York, which Senator Clinton was portraying. We need to emphasize, I think, to all we talk to, just how bad this gang up on Hillary is for the party. We need to ask our fellow democrats, do we want to get rid of the republicans? Do we want our country to get back on track? This election is too important to risk and Hillary is our best chance of defeating the republicans. She’s not only the best qualified to hit the ground running, but she has got the best campaign and the most coherent set of goals and proposals for our country. I just want to encourage all of us to work as hard as we can. Like Sandy, I am even more determined than ever to do all I can to help the campaign. I just bet there are a lot more out there like us. Thanks everybody. –mollyj

  42. celiff I’m surprised by your recap of Bill Maher. But also, like you say, he is a very confusing man at times. I hope the video comes up on youtube by the end of this day, I can’t wait to see it.

    He always speaks his mind, even if you disagree, he always speaks his mind. And he isn’t fooled by whatever glamor is thrown the candidates way. Last week for instance he told Andrew Sullivan that Obama is no better then the rest of them, give me a break! haha, making the point that he is just as much a politician as the rest of them. AND many in the audience applauded! Which shows a nice shift if peoples awareness. Making progress….

  43. gorto, u are correct about bill maher last week he was trashing hillary. i did not see the show this week but what i hear from here he treated hillay ok. i happen to catch ed shultz on his show a few days ago and he was trashing hillary. he has been bad mouthing hillary all year long. he is a edwards shrill for sure.

  44. guys, what it is the msm, nutkook owners are going to realize despite their best efforts, hillary is still 20 points ahead. they are dumbfounded. they just can’t believe hillary is winning this thing. rumor has it nbc/wsj poll is in the field now and will come out with new national numbers this week coming up. so far with rass and newsweek, it is still good news for hillary. SHOCK AND AWE FOR SURE!!!!

  45. hillfans, more good news. rassmussen released saturday’s tracking poll, hillary 43, obama 21. he released it saturday due to the post debate impact meaning no impact on the race so far. he will also begin dec. 1st updating the results EVERY DAY. YAY!!! i get my daily fix for a year. btw, attack dog edwards at a big fat 11 percent. HA!!!!!!!

  46. That’s great news terrondt!!

    Your point is right on too, the MSM just cannot seem to fathom how in the world Hillary can still be leading in the polls.
    I think everyone underestimated the deep grassroots support that was out there for Hillary.

  47. Ed Schultz always trashes Hillary on his radio show. He’s from North Dakota and that’s the state where I am pretty sure she got the least amount of donations from this year. He’s an obnoxious fool, and he comes on before my favorite radio show (Stephanie Miller), so I have to hear him sometimes. He had like 4 women call in, supporters of Hillary, from states like Tennessee and other southern states, which is where he is most popular, and he was trying so hard to shoot them down on the immigration license thing. He said he likes Lou Dobbs, whom I detest, in the strongest possible way.

  48. I’m not suprised those supporters were livid at Russert. We sure were/are! I saw how steamed Bill Clinton was in that video when has was in Wash. state. I can only imagine what he was saying in prvivate after the debate, lol.

  49. good afternoon hillfans. just checkin the latest on hillary’s run. i just joined hillblazers on hillaryclinton.com. i think you get text messages from her caimpaign. anyway i don’t have a link but a new national poll by the economist did a national poll showing hillary with a 20-point lead. the same as the others post-debate polls. on mydd armstrong alluded to the poll but dismissed it and rather wait for 2 weeks for a full impact. same old usual bs from the nutkook owners.

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