Obama’s Macaca Weekend

As predicted on this website, and detailed so well in the comments section of our many articles, the Barack Obama gay bashing tour of South Carolina went nuclear in a bad way for Obama. [See our articles HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.]

From our very first article on this matter it was very clear what this was all about and what it was not about: This was NOT a battle between African-Americans and Gay Americans. This was NOT even a battle between Gay rights and homophobia. This was always about Barack Obama’s willingness to divide and conquer – to divide two key Democratic constituencies for his political benefit.

African-Americans in South Carolina are reliable Democratic voters. Although many African-Americans in South Carolina are rural and poor, many deprived of any higher education, and very very few have ever even visited Harvard University let alone had the opportunity to attend Harvard – these are still sophisticated voters who understand where their interests lie. These are good and smart people who deserve better than to have their prejudices stoked for political advantange. Obama’s gay bashing tour was designed to benefit Obama, not to bring African-Americans who are not gay friendly into the Democratic Big Tent. The African-American voters in South Carolina are already in the Democratic Tent.

Barack Obama attempted to consciously exploit, for his own personal political profit, the lower instincts of this population. It is a disgusting trick employed by white southern politicians for many decades. These white politicians, Jesse Helms in particular comes to mind, race baited in order to get elected – and for decades this ugly trick worked – it still does. Typically the white politicians incited baser instincts on race to harvest white votes. Often white voters voted against their own self interest only because ugly racial prejudice was stoked by white politicians.

Way back in May 16, 2007 we wrote Barack O bomb a. We discussed Obama’s own criteria for judging him as stated to George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America:

Stephanopoulos: But you’ve never served in the military, never been an executive. What’s the most difficult crisis you’ve ever had to manage in your public life?

Obama: Well the truth is, in my public life, as a legislator, most of the difficult tasks have been to build consensus around hard problems. And, what I think the country needs more than anything right now is somebody who has the capacity to identify areas of common interest, common good, build a consensus around it and get things done.

Stephanopoulos: That is part of the job, there is no question about it, but you know a big part of the job for president is what you would do in a crisis, the crisis you didn’t expect. And you never ever really had to deal with something like that, right?

Obama: Well, what I think is absolutely legitimate is that my political career has been on the legislative side and not on the executive branch. Now, that is true for a lot of my colleagues, who aren’t governors, and one of the things that I hope, over the course of this campaign I show, is the capacity to manage this pretty unwieldy process, um, of a political race and one of the great things about the press is they’re going to be watching very carefully…

Stephanopoulos: Every move you make.

Obama: Every move you make and to make sure that people have a sense of how I deal with adversity, how I deal with mistakes. Who do I have around me to make sure we are executing on the things that need to get done.

By his own standards, Obama has failed. We now know how Obama deals with adversity and mistakes. We now know Obama’s lack of skills in identifying areas of common interest, areas of common good, how to build a consensus and how to get things done. We wrote back in May: Obama’s answer then is that as we witness his campaign fall apart, into crisis, we will at long last see his crisis management abilities demonstrated. We have.

Obama is convicted, using his own standards of behavior and leadership, of being unfit to be president.

On Sunday, Obama provided a gay basher unfettered access to an Obama paid for microphone.

The whole controversy might have been forgotten in the swell of gospel sound except Mr. McClurkin turned the final half hour of the three-hour concert into a revival meeting about the lightning rod he has become for the Obama campaign.

He approached the subject gingerly at first. Then, just when the concert had seemed to reach its pitch and about to end, Mr. McClurkin returned to it with a full-blown plea: “Don’t call me a bigot or anti-gay when I have suffered the same feelings,” he cried.

“God delivered me from homosexuality,” he added. He then told the audience to believe the Bible over the blogs: “God is the only way.” The crowd sang and clapped along in full support….

Mr. McClurkin’s support for Mr. Obama could signal to some black evangelical voters that race and religion are more important than Mr. Obama’s support for gay rights.

AmericaBlog summed up Obama’s gay bashing weekend well:

So, in the end, Obama let his “best” and “favorite” artist slam gays to thousands of African-Americans, in his name, and neither he nor his hand-chosen white gay preacher said anything in response. Class act, that Obama campaign. For them, creating a “dialogue” means the gay-basher gets to spread his bigotry to thousands while the candidate and the token gay STFU.

This is typical Obama behavior When Obama does something dirty he tries to disguise the dirt with flowery language.

And by the way, the Big Blogs want to take credit for exposing Obama’s ugly tactics. But the Big Blogs were initially silent. We noted the silence of the Blogs in our very first post on this matter. Only after Obama’s ugly Macaca weekend did the Big Blogs finally speak in a full throated manner. Oprah and Geffen and Arriana Huffington and others are still silent on this entire matter. They have a responsibility to speak out on this issue. They enabled Obama’s ugly behavior.

[For those wishing more information on this sordid weekend, Kostner provides plenty of links to the Obama meltdown on the Big Blogs.]

Obama used to try to compare himself positively with Abraham Lincoln. This weekend Obama learned from Honest Abe that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

Obama has fooled too many, for far too long.


26 thoughts on “Obama’s Macaca Weekend

  1. Have you guys seen the postings on the HillaryHub today? Go, take a look at the line of character attacks adopted by breck girl and obama?

  2. Some good news from the latest ARG polls especially in Iowa. Clinton has opened up a 10 points lead there!

    Clinton 32
    Obama 22
    Edwards 15

    Clinton 40
    Obama 22
    Edwards 10

    Clinton 41
    Obama 19
    Edwards 18

  3. kostner:

    ARG is all over the place. In one poll they show a 20 point lead. The next month they show a tie. Then again they show a 15 point lead next month. I am not sure what to make of ARG polls.

  4. Kostner, where is the link to the ARG Iowa poll? I would like to
    look inside the numbers. This poll on its face matches my
    35% Iowa poll by Thanksgiving. I would like to verify the data.

  5. Details for the ARG poll:

    Sample: 600 (478 democrats, 122 no party affiliation)
    Date(s): Oct 26 -29
    Democrats(80%) Others(20%) Overall

    Clinton 34% 25% 32%
    Obama 21% 28% 22%
    Edwards 15% 14% 15%

    Sample: 600 (371 democrats, 229 independents)
    Date(s): Oct 26-29
    Democrats(62%) Others(38%) Overall

    Clinton 49% 25% 40%
    Obama 10% 9% 10%
    Edwards 10% 41% 22%

    South Carolina:
    Sample: 600 (535 democrats, 65 independents)
    Date(s): Oct 26-29
    Democrats(89%) Others(11%) Overall

    Clinton 41% 41% 41%
    Obama 18% 14% 18%
    Edwards 10% 41% 22%

  6. It was INDEED this website that first SPOKE UP about Obama’s gay bashing tour. This is where I first heard about it, and it started like a whisper, and now its all over the place.

    This website has been GREAT in giving very informative information about all three of the candidates.

    Not to get ahead of myself, but it will be WONDERFUL when the Primary is over, and we can all expose the Republicans for what they truly are.

  7. Great polling news in Iowa… Hillary leads by *10* wonderful, beautiful, points!

    Obama IS the ‘Nader of 2000’.. His Naderesque talking points and tactics are exactly what were used to confuse and dilute the voting tally for Gore.

    “Splitting the Constituency” is Naderesque all day long. If Hillary has the chance to slip that meme in tonight labeling him with it…That will be the albatross hanging around Obama’s neck come Primary day.


    Mrs. S.

  8. This is getting interesting. Somebody needs to run a diary on mydd… Richardson is obviously trying to distinguish himself from anti-Clinton faction…

    Bill Richardson said Tuesday he regrets the “negative tone” that two of his rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination have taken in trying to portray front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton as beholden to special interests.

    Richardson chided Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards for the criticism of Clinton, and predicted that he will win the nomination in part because he is running a positive campaign.

    “I think that Senators Obama and Edwards should concentrate on the issues and not on attacking Senator Clinton,” said Richardson, who officially added his name to the New Hampshire ballot. “It’s OK to get aggressive on the issues, but to make personal attacks on somebody’s attachments to lobbyists, that’s not the kind of positive tone I want to see.”

    Edwards recently increased his criticism of Clinton, calling her part of a corrupt Washington system. The Clinton campaign responded that after decrying personal criticism in his 2004 campaign, Edwards has made them part of his daily routine this time.

    Richardson said there will be plenty of time to get negative in the general election.

    “Now is not the time to start food fights,” he said.

  9. Admin:

    That was a truly superb piece on Obama’s divisive politics of hate in South Carolina. I am so angry that the Democrats are pitting two consitituencies against each other going into the 2008 election.

    I believe another question needs to be asked. Where is the party leadership? Where’s Howard Dean?

  10. on ARG:

    ARG uses the tightest voter screen of any Iowa poll. They stop the interview with anyone who says that they “probably” or “definitely” will caucus. At the end of the interview they ask the question again. The voters included in their sample are those who say they will “definitely” caucus.

  11. Admin, Thanks for exposin’ B.O.’s divide and conquer strategy. You definately took the lead in that. As a member of the GLBT community, I’ve known all along that our girl was my candidate. That is because I’ve followed her work for years, since the Arkansas days, when she really was a grassroots organizer in a state that was not all that friendly at first toward the kinds of changes that she and her husband were advocating. But they led and my homestate went on to change in some very positive directions. I am proud of the wise grown up that Hillary has become. She is workin’ in a league of her own.

    I suggest everybody go over to Hillaryhub today and look at the clips of Obama and Edwards. Edwards from 2004 talkin’ about he’s not tabout he politics of cynicism, he’s about the politics of hope. Then Obama from 2007, repeating the same words (do they have the same speechwriters)? Of course the Clinton 1992 campaign was entirely focused on bringin’ hope to people. I will always remember his phrase “I still believe in a place called Hope.”

    I am sorry that Obama and Edwards have decided to choose this manner to end their political careers. I thought at one time that they both had contributions to make in this country with democratic values front and center. Instead, they are busy promoting themselves and not working for the greater good. It is shameful. A headline today reads something like Edwards wants to talk “integrity.” I wish he understood that integrity was about living the values that you espouse for everybody. So he talks populist but he lives the life of a king, stating that he earned it since his daddy worked in a mill. So that entitles him to a carbon footprint the size of the state of Texas? Integrity won’t be Johns’ strong suit, and it sure won’t be “do I hear an echo in here” Obama, repeating word for word what Edwards said before him, just as he repeats Hillary’s words in the debates.

    Richardson said it, “now is not the time for food fights.” But Hillary has all along stressed that we have to know who the opponent really is—the Republicans. And I am so glad that she took that stance and has stuck with it, because it really is where we have to be as a country. This election is too important and there is too much at stake for this blind ambition of other so-called democrats. –mollyj

  12. Richardson’s smart. He’d like to be Hillary’s VP. I’m glad to see his comments.

    BTW, there’s a story on the front page of yahoo about some stupid anti-Clinton video made by that loser Peter Paul. Anyone seen it? It’s being circulated on the Web. I don’t have the stomach to watch!

  13. Baiting Obama

    In a memo/press release, Clinton advisor Mark Penn claims she’s the bearer of the “politics of hope.”

    After the jump.

    o: Interested Parties

    From: Mark Penn, Chief Strategist

    RE: What Are The Politics of Hope?

    There’s been a lot of chatter lately about the “politics of hope.” But what does the term mean? What are the “politics of hope?”

    Does the “politics of hope” mean launching attacks on one candidate? Or does it mean laying out a vision for the American people? Does it mean questioning a rival’s integrity? Or does it mean talking about the change we need?

    The Clinton campaign believes the “politics of hope” should be about outlining how our candidate will reverse the policies of the Bush Administration and give America a new beginning for the 21st Century. That’s why Senator Clinton has spent the last few months detailing:

    – Her plan for ending the war in Iraq.

    – A health care plan that provides coverage for all Americans and that builds on the present system.

    – A middle class economic plan that rebuilds the road to the middle class by making our economy work for all of us, not just some of us.

    – A plan to make college more affordable by expanding the Hope Tax Credit and Pell grants.

    – The American Retirement Security Accounts to enable people to save for retirement and take those savings from job to job.

    – A plan to expand the Family and Medical Leave Act and provide a better work-family balance.

    – How she would use aggressive diplomacy to avert war and deal with Iran.

    Contrast that with the campaigns of our two leading rivals, both of whom made their names by promising a “politics of hope” and have now abandoned that promise.

    Losing ground in the polls, Senator Obama announced over the weekend that he will abandon the politics of hope and attack Hillary in tonight’s debate. Senator Edwards, who rose to prominence in 2004 by eschewing attacks on other Democrats, formally announced last night that he is going to attack Senator Clinton’s character.

    Considering that both Senators Obama and Edwards made their names by pledging to be positive, the last thing one would have expected was for either of them to go out and announce with pride that they were now going to go negative on a fellow Democrat. It’s unprecedented in my experience.

    Of course, Hillary will not hesitate to set the record straight on the issues that opponents raise about her. But as we move deeper into the Fall we are seeing the clear contours emerge:

    One candidate is defining the “politics of hope” while the others are abandoning them.

    Want to guess which one?

  14. Great memo from Mark Penn; thanks for sharing this, Admin. It is so true. That’s because the focus of Hillary has always been on making change happen to make life better for all Americans. This is a lifetime of defining the politics of hope.

  15. Poor Obama. He was obviously too green to start a presidential campaign that is becoming obvious. I just hope he is smart enough to not go too far and ruin the rest of his presidential career. John Edwards on the other hand, is getting increasingly shrill in his attacks. I guess he knows he is going to lose and lose big and this is his way of going out with a bang. Hillary is moppping the floor with the rest of the field and will do the same to Rudy or whatever idiotic bozo the repubs put up!

  16. A couple typos in my post. – “his presidential career” should have been “his political career” and “moppping” should be “mopping”.

  17. I believe you will find the ARG polling to be a “tracking” poll
    which reflects the larger sampling and tighter questions.
    The UI Hawkeye Polls is truely random and will have significant
    shifts because they don’t have intermediate data. If we see
    similary poll results as the ARG from other tracking polls or
    polls that are repeated monthly then that will be great news
    for Hillary.

  18. Edwards is going too far. I hope Clinton’s influential surrogates, or even Kerry will come out and destroy his characters. Whatever it takes.

    Edwards is a phoney and fraud, he needs to be completely destroyed before further damage is done to the democratic party.

  19. Just a follow up on the above poll info. The mid October Iowa Rass has similar data. If the UI Hawkeye poll is repeated
    in a few day, I think they will find with a larger sampling,
    data similar to ARG and the Rass.

  20. I hope Hillary is in the middle between BO and JE. Her calm
    demeanor will set her off from the others. While BO, JE and
    the gang are furiously going after Hillary they will have to
    look her in the eyeand say the crap they have been spouting.
    It takes more guts do it infront of her and in front of the Party
    that has high regards for Bill. I see them waffling and not
    rising to their potential. Another, point, this is a Philly audience,
    not an Iowa or NH audiance. In the Delaware Valley, we have
    different priorities. Many of those priorities are directly
    related to jobs, health care, protery tax stability especially big in
    south Jersey. Military strength, in particular, in Joe Sestaks,
    district is very important. The last round of base closures was
    designed to demilitariz bases from the northeast. So while
    the moderators spout about Iran, Iraq, Social Security, the audience and the local viewership will be looking at trade, jobs,
    job security, education (nclb) and higher education. In Delaware,
    the housing crush is coming home to roost. An issues that has
    reared up between Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Feds, is
    potatable water and the federal government responsibilty.

    Just before the recent rains Delaware was preparing to joint
    with other states in drought declaration.

    So let BO, JE and the other dwafs rant on, Hillary needs to
    talk to the audience at Drexell and link policy whereever she
    can locally.

  21. Remember that when you go all out on offense, like a boxer who needs a knock out in the last round to win, you also leave yourself open to BE knocked out as you have to throw caution (and defense) to the wind.
    I’m wondering what, “There you go again…”, type lines Hillary has ready to, “bop”, her attackers with as they flail at her tonight. Even though all she has to do is hold her own to win, (As in another boxing analogy, you have to BEAT the champ to win the title.) there will be opportunities to score her own points and to win the, “sound bite”, battle that is all that filters through to the major news outlets.
    I bet that she has several tag lines and will use one that will wind up being the headline everywhere on Wednesday.

  22. Obama is getting ridiculed on MSNBC. They are talking about him with contempt. Mike Barnicle is saying it is already all over for Obama. Mike says he went to an Obama rally recently and that Obama says nothing and has nothing to say. That he should not have run.

    Barnicle usually trashes Hillary so this is rather sad for B.O.

  23. The pundits are turning on him because they fervently hoped he would take Hillary down. He’s disappointed them by not being the knight in shining armor they built him up to be.

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