Is Barack Obama A Closeted Ripublican

Update: Our counterattack begins.


Readers of Big Pink have known for months of the chaos, confusion, and complaints at Barack Obama Chicago Central Headquarters. Barack Obama has denied and denounced all claims of a campaign beset by complaints. However, yesterday, the New York Times confirmed earlier reports on Big Pink about the chaos at B.O. central. According to the New York Times His [Obama] senior aides said they were now spending much of their day fielding calls from concerned donors and other supporters…” and that Morale at his Chicago headquarters, aides said, has been dragged down by the perception that Mrs. Clinton is lapping Mr. Obama.

The Obama interview in the New York Times, staggering in the level of desperate whining and desperate mistruths, is yet another [See, The Boston Globe and Time Magazine ] Obama promise to revive his long dead campaign.

Senator Barack Obama said he would start confronting Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton more directly and forcefully, saying Friday that she had not been candid in describing her views on critical policy issues, as he tries to address mounting alarm among supporters that his lack of assertiveness so far has allowed her to dominate the presidential race.

Mr. Obama’s vow to go on the offensive comes just over two months before the first votes are cast for the Democratic nomination, and after a long period in which his aides, donors and other supporters have battled — and in some cases shared — the perception that he has not exhibited the aggressiveness demanded by presidential politics.

After all the many lies and denials concerning internal struggles with chaos, confusion, and complaints, Obama is not to be believed.

Like a common street hustler ripping off tourists in a streetside shell game, Obama skips from issue to issue trying to make a profit. Obama’s latest ball in his shell game is Social Security.

I don’t think people know what her agenda exactly is,” Mr. Obama continued, citing Social Security, Iraq and Iran as issues on which he said she had not been fully forthcoming. “Now it’s been very deft politically, but one of the things that I firmly believe is that we’ve got to be clear with the American people right now about the important choices that we’re going to need to make in order to get a mandate for change, not to try to obfuscate and avoid being a target in the general election and then find yourself governing without any support for any bold propositions.”

As we wrote in Barack Obama’s Social Insecurity:

The attempt to destroy Social Security was THE big Bush agenda item for his second term. The failure to pass schemes which were Trojan horses meant to destroy Social Security effectively destroyed the Bush government immediately after it had supposedly won re-election. Karl Rove pushed for the privatization schemes and the other ploys such as “personal” accounts (which were politically meant to shift resources from public program Social Security into “personal” accounts, none of which actually did what they were advertised to do – because the real aim was the destruction of the Democratic and successful New Deal and Social Security). Democrats understood the real purpose behind the Bush proposals and opposed them effectively and in unity. TPM on privatization:

This is all another way of saying that the Democrats do have an alternative on the table: preserving Social Security rather than phasing it out. (Once again, let me say that in a later post I’ll discuss why our values are only honored by a system like Social Security.) Democrats already have and will continue to propose adjustments to the system to handle potential shortfalls which are decades in the future. But this debate — for anyone who understands it, indeed even the White House now concedes the point — is not about solvency. And the fact that Kristoff does not grasp that point is not their problem, though his confusing the two issues certainly complicates preserving the program.

In other words, Ripublicans wanted to create a crisis in order to force through changes that would destroy Social Security. Ripublicans wanted to “put everything on the table”. To create a crisis Ripublicans told young voters that the young would not have Social Security when they came of retirement age. Democrats refused to play into the Ripublican crisis creation narrative. Well, most Democrats refused.

Enter Obama with a satchel full of Ripublican propaganda and scare tactics aimed at young voters.

Barack Obama wants everything “on the table” when it comes to negotiating away Social Security. Barack Obama is not to be trusted when it comes to privatization either not, as long as Jeffrey Liebman is a trusted Obama advisor on Social Security and “personal” accounts.

Perhaps Obama thinks scare tactics on Social Security, which have not worked for him before, will work during Halloween season.

[At the end of this post we speculate on on the pundit question as to why Obama is making this crazy gambit on Social Security.]

Desperate Obama and his Chicago thugs have now also abandoned “the politics of hope”. As usual Obama pretends this is all part of some grand strategy. But, it is transparent to all, that ike a drowning man, Obama is flailing about trying to grab on to something, anything. Not content with merely spewing Ripublican propaganda on Social Security, Obama joins Ripublicans on other issues regarding next year’s general election.

Mr. Obama suggested that she was too divisive to win a general election and that if she won, she would be unable to bring together competing factions in Washington to accomplish anything.

“There is a legacy that is both an enormous advantage to her in a Democratic primary, but also a disadvantage to her in a general election,” he said. “I don’t think anybody would claim that Senator Clinton is going to inspire a horde of new voters,” he said. “I don’t think it’s realistic that she is going to get a whole bunch of Republicans to think differently about her.”

Obama supporters who want to join the reality based community should read Obama’s Present to Ripublicans to see what new voters Hillary will bring to the polls and how Obama is again repeating Ripublican propaganda.

Mr. Obama said he was not concerned by a repeated spate of national polls showing lopsided support for Mrs. Clinton. “The national press for the last three months has written glowingly about her and not so much about me, so it’s not surprising,” he said. He described himself as an “underdog” running against a campaign that has “a 20-year head start when it comes to managing the spin of the national politics.”

Here are the facts on Obama receiving the most glowing press coverage:

The new Shorenstein Center report on the “Invisible Primary” has some interesting findings, including the (intuitively true) chart above of Obama’s media coverage.

The report finds that Obama has had the most positive coverage, though it notes — but doesn’t break out from the total — the overwhelmingly negative Clinton talk-radio coverage, which makes Clinton’s coverage worse than it’s been perceived by Democratic primary voters, I’d guess.

The big mystery for Sunday’s talk show pundits, Hillary supporters, and objective analysts is why Obama raised Social Security as his latest anti-Hillary weapon. Big Pink readers know by now that Obama is not very bright, well educated yes, but not very bright – he is merely a flowery talker who charms the gullible.

Here is our guess as to why Obama is gambling on Social Security to salvage the trash that is his sunken campaign: (1) Obama desperately needs a debate victory over Hillary to buoy his donor/supporters; (2) Obama knows that Iraq and his 2002 speech as a lance against Hillary are wet noodles; (3) Iran as an issue against Hillary has blown up in his face because it only serves to remind the voters of Obama and his AWOL record; (4) Obama knows Tim Russert will be co-moderator at tomorrow’s debate; (5) Tim Russert thinks Tim Russert is an expert on Social Security and Tim Russert wants Democrats to adopt the Ripublican “Crisis” narrative to destroy Social Security; (6) Obama wants to suck up to Tim Russert/Ripublican’s on Social Security and thereby finally beat Hillary in a debate. – Mystery solved.

Hillary knows what attacks will come from Obama tomorrow. Obama will repeat Ripublican attacks.