Obama Slimes, Hillary Climbs

[Note: New York area Hillary supporters will rally today at a Hillary Homecoming“. The rally will take place from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Hillary’s Homecoming will be at Abyssinian Baptist Church, 132 Odell Clark Place (138th Street) in New York City.]

Just before approving his gay bashing tour in South Carolina Barack Obama declared a “next phase” to his campaign. In short, Obama’s “next phase” is a slime and mud campaign against Hillary.

Meanwhile Obama, instead of having a pro-Obama gospel tour with musical artists from that genre of music that would appeal to South Carolina’s African-American community, decided to engage only homophobic gospel artists for his tour.

Obama when caught at this gay bashing flipped by saying that his campaign staff once again failed their jobs and did not properly “vet” the homophobic artists. Obama subsequently flopped by saying that actually the homophobic artists were part of his strategy, a good way to bring evangelicals into the Democratic “Big Tent”. Of course, South Carolina African-Americans vote Democratic in general elections. They are already in the Democratic “Big Tent”. The only purpose a gay bashing tour serves is to bring Obama votes by appealing to the low instincts of prejudice.

Again, why did Obama engage only homophobic artists?

The empirical evidence increases that Obama’s “next phase” is as failed and fraudulent as his “new politics” last phase.

Yesterday, the well connected Elzie Higginbottom stunned his Chicago compatriots by announcing a fundraiser for Hillary. Yesterday, Bob Farmer a member of Obama’s national finance committee dumped Obama and endorsed Hillary.

As Hillary climbs, Obama’s desperation will only increase. The attacks on Hillary will only intensify. The ‘pile-on’ will continue. The next debate will be a mugging by the other candidates against Hillary.

There are as of today 5 national polls which show Hillary Clinton over 50% in Democratic support (several others have Hillary at 46%, 47%, 48% and 49%). The trend lines in all the polls are clear and beyond dispute: Hillary is dramatically gaining support; Obama, in medical terms, has flatlined.

Hillary will continue her sunshiny campaign. Hillary is climbing ahead by running a positive campaign and discussing her vision for America.


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  1. Obama’s website doesn’t have any mention of his “gospel” tour this weekend. The next event listed is Monday the 29th in Charlottesville VA. Maybe no one will find out about his gay bashing tour then… shhhhhhh! dont tell!

  2. With protests about to take place no doubt Obama does not want to advertise his bash.

    We’ll keep our shhhhh

  3. After watching the B-day video…which is excellent. Watch the initial shot over the bow by the Obama Campaign in the B/W Obama/Apple video. Then you realize just how far Barak has fallen.

    The Great Hope…has devolved into The Great DOPE.. the greatest embarresment in election history of all the presidential candidates.

    Mrs. S.

  4. Hey guys,
    I am keeping my fingers crossed for the upcoming debate. Everytime I think about it – I get quite anxious.
    I hope that she does well and doesn’t come across as too defensive. But I am sure everyone is going to gang up on her – the best we can hope is that she comes out without causing any damage. Every candidate out there is desperate to attack her and take her down. The MSM is egging them to attack her. This is going to be one nasty debate and Hillary sure would know that!!

  5. Oh that VIDEO was GREAT!!!!! What a nice tribute!! And that was great when the singer said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS PRESIDENT!”

    WAAAAAAAAA!! I wish I was at RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL for that!

  6. You know, Obama’s big foreign policy address after he was mugged, er, endorsed by Zbig, caused rioting in Pakistan. It’ll be pretty entertaining if his campaigning in SC causes rioting there as well.

  7. Secret,

    I actually want Clinton campaign to think out of box, and let her be very aggressive in the next debate. She is an excellent debater. Let her challenge Edwards/Dodd/Obama on their positions on Iran. What will they do? Why don’t they support economic sanctions? If you don’t support carrots and sticks policy against a regime who’s vowed to wipe Israel off the map, what will they do as president? Are they going to sit idle and wait for Iran to get a nuclear bomb?

    There’s nothing to be defensive about confronting Iran diplomatically. Hillary needs to call out these wimps out. No democrat will win election without credibility in national security .

  8. Mornin’ y’all, I watched the clip of Hillary’s birthday bash on CSPAN. It was just great. and then I saw the BO speech (or part of it) in boston. “Where was everybody?” is what I thought when I saw him in Boston. Crowd seemed thin and full of young white men. It looked like a gatherering of young repubs. In BO’s speech, I was struck by how many “I’s” were in just the first few minutes of his actual speech. In his “mind” it really is all about him. A friend who watched it with me and has not been keepin’ up with his rapid descent into darkness concluded that “he’s dangerous.” I agree. And I emphasize that he’s gone in my own opinion of him from just “not being ready” for prime time to never gonna be ready. I do, in fact, think a man who is willin’ to sell out his own beliefs…or perhaps modify his beliefs, or expose his bigoted beliefs…doesn’t need to ever be “ready” to be US President. We’ve already had this kinda weakness in “W” Bush.

    I happen to agree with Kostner that Hillary ought to be out in front with her positions on this debate, putting others on the defensive. I don’t just want to see a whine festival like last time. I think she ought to ask BO why he continually misrepresents her positions…what is it about them he doesn’t understand? On the other hand, she doesn’t want to build sympathy and a woman has to know when she can go on the offensive because it doesn’t have the same impact as a man, a lot of times. But she’s got terrific instincts. I think it will be an excitin’ debate.

    I reiterate how great it is to have a candidate we can always be proud of. Who is always knowledgeable. And who understands, as she said recently, “It’s not about me; it’s about us.”


  9. Perhaps the Gay-Bash tour and Farmer have linkage;

    Farming for dollars
    Chris Bull, senior political correspondent
    If money is the lifeblood of American politics, then Bob Farmer is the Democrats’ arteries, veins and heart.

    The openly gay Farmer is national treasurer for John Kerry’s presidential campaign, which has raised a whopping $204 million. That cash infusion has allowed Kerry to level the playing field, at least financially, against President Bush, a prodigious fund-raiser in his own right.


    Has anyone else seen this angle explored?

  10. Not saying that there IS a connection, but he also hasn’t issued a statement yet. I wonder how he will react to the bashing the Obama camp has done since his announcement. It has been alluded that he, “raised no money”, left over “travel expenses”, and the rumor on the blogs is that he was a, “mole”, for the Clinton campaign. Stay tuned…

  11. hey hillfans, love the new rass poll out of nh. the next dem debate is nov. 15th i understand on cnn. the iowa caucus is on jan. 3rd. will it help or hurt hillary or a wash for her?

  12. terrondt,

    the latest nh poll is actually a bit tighter, he’s finally cracking 20 points. I believe this is due to Obama’s ads blitz. pollster has an analysis, Obama is spending like crazy in nh.

    The most helpful fact: John McCain’s buy for next week is $72,700 for 99 spots. Mitt Romney’s buy over the same period is $158,825 for 140 spots

    Scala also provided similar data on the Democrats two weeks ago showing weekly buys of $203,825 and $117,970 for Obama and Clinton respectively.

    This New Hampshire poll is the second in a row showing Hillary Clinton receiving 43% of the vote, above our trend line but consistent with its increasing upward slope. The new poll, and the addition of nearly two weeks to the trend since the last New Hampshire poll, helps push her score on our estimate up to 40.5%, a 1.2 point increase since the last update.

    The continuing Clinton upward trend aside, however, the results also indicate some potentially good news for Obama. On the last four New Hampshire polls – all conducted since late September – Obama’s share of the vote has been above our trend line: 22%, 21%, 23% and 22%. The five polls before that – all conducted in the prior month – were slightly lower: 17%, 16%, 18%, 17% and 19%.

    So the current Obama trend line (above) reflects the slight decline in Obama’s New Hampshire support from earlier in the year. Still, the addition of the most recent result flattens that downward slope just slightly and, as such, increases our current estimate of his support slightly (from 19.4% to 19.5%) since the last update.

    What makes this intriguing is that Obama started buying New Hampshire television campaign ads in earnest roughly four weeks ago. So this is a trend worth watching very carefully.

    Obama started his first ads buy in NH a few weeks ago. His #s only rose slightly with MoE. Wait for people getting tired of those bland ads…

  13. Far be it for me to suggest what the best general and the best campaign in politics should do in the upcoming debate. They already know. But just between us kids, I think Kostner is right on target.

    As frontrunner, Hillary might be tempted to play it safe, provide logical defenses to her positions, and maintain equanimity. But if that is all she does, then the momentum will be with her attackers, and that will become the media narrative. Matthews, Russert et al will wallow in it.

    The next debate will be different. It will be a pile on. Her opponents are under tremendous pressure from the media and their frustrated supporters to take her on, and time is running out. In circumstances like these, Hillary’s best defense is a strong offense targeting Obama and Edwards. It must start in the beginning and continue throughout the debate.

  14. A little history and a little common sense;

    Gephardt and Dean savaged each other in Iowa, and it was the downfall of both, allowing Kerry to zip through their feud and on to the nomination.
    Hillary has nothing to gain by going on the offensive. If she LOWERS herself to their level of rhetoric, she RAISES their profile, persuading voters that there isn’t that much difference between the candidates.

    The sharper rhetoric against Hillary has only served to INCREASE her support and solidify her advantage in the polls. Attackers always look bad

  15. A little history and a little common sense;

    Gephardt and Dean savaged each other in Iowa, and it was the downfall of both, allowing Kerry to zip through their feud and on to the nomination.
    Hillary has nothing to gain by going on the offensive. If she LOWERS herself to their level of rhetoric, she RAISES their profile, persuading voters that there isn’t that much difference between the candidates.

    The sharper rhetoric against Hillary has only served to INCREASE her support and solidify her advantage in the polls. Attackers always look bad, especially when their attacks are about topics that don’t have traction with the voters.

    By the time of the next debate, Obama will be below 20% consistently in the national polls and far closer to Edwards than to Hillary. Their sharper attacks will seem like little more than desperation and they will LOSE even more of their soft support as they will look to be negative.

    All Hillary has to do is DEFEND herself, deflect some criticism and focus on the REPUBLICANS, to seem above the fray and PRESIDENTIAL. You never get into a fight if you don’t have to and unless you’re SURE of winning. A fight in the next debate makes everyone a loser, and that hurts the front-runner most.

    Played correctly, the next debates can serve as the, “death-knell”, for both Obama and Edwards, and be the KO that makes the primaries themselves academic. Played badly, it could let someone back in the race and make things far more interesting than any Hillary supporter could want.

  16. One clarification to what I said above. I do not think our girl should go into the debate looking for a fight, or starting one, but when it comes, as almost certainly it will she should be prepared to answer and then go on the offensive by finding the hole in the opponent’s argument, attacking it with concise one liners, etc.

  17. i agree, wbboei. let them make the 1st move. they are VERY DESPERATE. they will say and do anything to gain traction. i would not be surprized if they do a mike gravel type attack wich is wicked and outragous most of the time.

  18. At the Beacon Theater, Terry McAuliffe announced that as of that night, the campaign had raised over NINETY-TWO MILLION dollars.
    That would seem to indicate that Hillary raised around 12 MILLION or so in the first month of Q4. If so, that is phenomenal. She beat him by over 30% in Q3, and would seem to be on the way to doing even better this quarter. Just another indication of the unstoppable momentum of the Clinton campaign.

  19. I suspect BO’s ads are not geared to blunt Hillary support
    amongst Democrats. Rather the buys are designed to halt
    democratic leaning independents from going to Hillary. They
    are looking for crossover votes and mischief making.

    As for Farmer, BO’s campaign released the he, Farmer, didn’t
    raise money for the campaign. An interesting denial.

  20. Hillary’s fundraising is going to reach new heights because donors are turning away from Obama. People want to invest in a stable, experieced candidate that can deliver. The only one qualified IS… our girl, HILLARY!


    Mrs. S.

  21. TheRealist,

    do you think it’s okay to release this fundraising # on myDD to shock and awe those nuts? or should we be a bit humble…

  22. kostner-

    Why not? That she’ll raise 30-40 Million this quarter, is the CW anyway, and she’s on target. Terry didn’t say, “Keep this a secret.”.

    Here’s today’s NYT and perhaps a little fall-out from those poll and fundraising numbers.
    Obama Promises a Forceful Stand Against Clinton

    “His senior aides said they were now spending much of their day fielding calls from concerned donors and other supporters asking why Mr. Obama was not challenging Mrs. Clinton more forcefully and warning that he could cede the role of the main anti-Clinton candidate to former Senator John Edwards of North Carolina, who is running an aggressive campaign in Iowa. Typically, one aide said, the supporter asks some version of the same question: “What happened to the Obama we saw at the 2004 Democratic convention?”


    To paraphrase Yogi Berra, “It’s getting late early out there.”

  23. From the same NYT article;

    “I don’t think anybody would claim that Senator Clinton is going to inspire a horde of new voters,” he said. “

    Women, perhaps? Who DOESN’T claim, friend or foe, that Hillary is inspiring more women to vote?

    There are many other very questionable quotes from what I think the Obama camp will view in retrospect as an ill-advised interview

  24. Obama and Edwards are competing for who’s going to be the angriest man. Sad. In a primary race full of women voters, I’m sure they want to turn off even more women…

  25. That interview is just bizarre. I can’t believe he said this:

    “he said that he was not out to “kneecap the front-runner, because I don’t think that’s what the country is looking for,” ”

    Does he mean that he would be looking to “kneecap” her, if it the country were OK with it?

    I was going to suggest that Clinton prepare for the debate by watching clips of Ronald Reagan tilting his head and saying, “there you go again”.

    But, now I think she should work up a good line about feeling like Nancy Carrigan and being relieved to learn in the NYTIMES that her opponents aren’t planning to pull a Tonya Harding.

    BTW, watch Obama’ Boston rally on C-SPAN. He was shouting angrily for the entire speech. If you played a drinking game every time he says “I”, you’d be dead by the time he gets to the “Fired Up, Ready to Go” part — and that would be if you were drinking just water!

  26. Is this a NEW poll?

    (CBS) Sen. Hillary Clinton has widened her lead in the race for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, according to the latest CBS News poll of Democratic primary voters. But more than one third of voters overall say they would definitely not vote for the former first lady.

    In a hypothetical three-way contest, 51 percent of Democratic primary voters choose Clinton as the nominee. That’s the highest percentage since CBS News started asking the question in the spring and an increase of seven points from September. Twenty-three percent back Sen. Barack Obama, while 13 percent support former Sen. John Edwards.
    Sixty-four percent of Clinton’s supporters say they “strongly favor” the former first lady, while 26 percent say they support her with reservations. Obama is strongly favored by 47 percent of his supporters, while 43 percent support the candidate with reservations.

    If Clinton becomes the Democratic nominee, more than 70 percent of Democrats say they will consider voting for her or definitely vote for her for president. Only 6 percent of Democrats say they would not vote for her.

    Clinton is viewed favorably by 43 percent of all voters, while Obama is viewed favorably by 38 percent and Edwards by 30 percent. Significantly more Americans say they are undecided or don’t know enough to have an opinion about Obama (37 percent) and Edwards (39 percent) than say the same about Clinton (16 percent).


  27. TheRealist, That came out this week but I believe it’s a couple weeks old. Several polls, however, are showing Hillary’s support not only growing but firming up, too.

  28. Hello Everyone,
    Have you guys seen the latest attack by Obama the loser? He has attacked Hillary on Social Security – saying she is dodging the question!

    Coming to think of it – I think you are right – it would be a shock for them if Hillary is aggressive in the debate. I just hope her campaign has prepared ahead of time. Again they have been very good – no point second guessing them! Let’s wait and watch.

  29. I have a feeling Clinton campaign will soon start to use ‘electability’ against Obama. Here’s what Pres. Clinton said today:

    “We need somebody who can win and she runs first in most polls,” Bill Clinton told a rally for his wife’s presidential campaign at the historic Abyssianian Baptist Church. “She can win and it doesn’t hurt that she can be the first woman president of the United States.”

    The New York senator was introduced by her husband, who was greeted with even louder cheers from the crowd, which included virtually all the city’s top Democrats, from Rep. Charles Rangel to the speaker of the City Council, Christine Quinn.

    Despite the rainy morning, the enthusiastic crowd greeted the New York senator with a standing ovation

    . Obama is polling the worst in all head-to-head matchups and he has the balls to say he’s more electable?
    Looks like Team Clinton is fully prepared to launch a very aggressive campaign ahead.


  30. I think Hillary should take on the integrity issue. Her opponents keep calling her dishonest. She should push back on that.

  31. Obama and Edwards are walking into a trap on Social Security. By accusing Clinton of ducking the issue and saying that candidates should commit to firm stands, they are backing themselves into a corner. They have no choice but to reach out and grab the third rail of American politics — guaranteed electrocution for a Democratic primary candidate.

    Raise the retirement age?
    Cut Social Security benefits?
    Increase payroll taxes?

    Those are all really, really bad planks on which to campaign. They just aren’t politically saavy enough to see the trap. Why do they think Clinton is saying she won’t even talk about Social Security without a bi-partisan approach where everyone steps into the canoe at the same time.

    I’d love to see them campaign in the Iowa caucus on a plank of cutting Social Security benefits. Sheesh…do these guys have any sense of Democratic Party history?

  32. Kostner,
    I hope they pursue an aggressively positive campaign and don’t have to go on the defensive. As important as a positive campaign is – people rightly or wrongly consider defensiveness as a weakness. As Hillary said – they are all going to ‘pile up’ on her.

    My instinct is that they all will come to the debate to attack her and bully her. Well – it’s time to punch the bully in the nose!!!

  33. hehe, I know this might sound odd with so much that can go badly for our girl in the next debate, attacks etc…

    But I know she can fend for herself, when push comes to shove, she has proven she thinks fast, and I do mean fast, on her feet, and is even better when for instance, time constraints are upon her. Or a guy like Tim Russert is playing gotcha with her.

    I just hope she will finally get a good spot!! 😉 I am sick and tired of seeing the media hoping to influence the viewers by putting him front and center. And I would also love to see a woman moderator again, judy woodruff did great at the aarp, and it really goes to show how male dominated the stage for politics is when only one moderator has so far been female.

  34. This time is moderated by the sleaze ball Tim Russert again with a mob of losers as her opponents desperate to attack and bully her. While I don’t underestimate her ability to fend for herself – cannot help but feel anxious on her behalf!

  35. The moderator Tuesday night is NBC’s Brian Williams joined by Little Timmy Russert (who I expect to use most of his questions exploring the hot topic among beltway pundits: which baseball team the candidates support).

  36. oh god, Brian Williams, what a republican shithead.

    Wouldn’t you like to see a republican debate moderated by Kieth Olberman? :DI will be nervous of course, as I think Hill will be, this is only good, if you would be completely calm, you know something is up. Being nervous keeps you on your feet.

    I have rarely been so calm tho, and confident in a politician as I am in Hillary. She is no doubt prepared for all the possible attacks.

    She and her campaign team had watched many of the youtube videos not knowing which ones would be chosen. They do prepare, and I’m sure she has many different responses ready for any given attack. And they have someone on the campaign who does a great impression of Edwards as they ‘do’ the debates in preparations.

  37. Not to mention that Obama just handed her his battle plan, compliments of the NY Times.

    I think she may make a big stink about his threat to “kneecap” her. For a candidate to even discuss threats of physical violence against a primary opponent is shockingly extreme.

  38. HWC,
    I thought he said in NYtimes he didn’t want to do the traditional thing like to kneecap the frontrunner. As if he could!!

  39. On Chris Matthew’s Sleazeball show – he was attacking Bill saying he will be an embarrassment for Hillary if Dems are “stuck” with Hillary – he goes on to say that when he asks this question to Hillary’s campaign the staff say “well, that is personal” he says that shows there is going to be big problems for Hillary as new affairs of Bill will be leaked!!
    Can you believe this? He cannot beat down Hillary so – he criticized that she “claps” she “claps” how insane is that?? Now reverting back to standard criticism – How many woman has Bill done it after 2000. This is what he asked. I just was jaw dropped!!

    As someone here said – it is great that Hill’s camp are boycotting the Sleazeball!!

  40. You know you’re in trouble when…

    You give a major interview to the NY Times attacking your opponent and she links to your attack as the headline of her webpage!

  41. Team Clinton needs to define Obama as an angry man. I fully expect some opportunities will arise when Obama overreacts and looks angry. He’s already been defined as naive and irresponsible. He still has some residual ‘likability’ among primary voters although it’s really not as solid as Clinton’s.

    If Team Clinton can seize a ‘Dean’ opportunity to paint him into an angry man, he’s toast.

  42. I don’t think Clinton needs to do anything. Obama is doing a very good job of defining himself in a negative light. I mean, he suggests in his NY Times article that he considered physical violence (“kneecapping her”) and rejected it because of potential voter backlash. I don’t even think Rudy Giuliani would go that far — discussing a violent attack on an opponent in the NY Times.

    The man is coming unglued before our eyes.

  43. mj,
    Why? Read the wire, it’s getting ridiculous. I really want to punch these wimps’ noses.

    COULTER, Iowa (AP) – Democrat John Edwards says rival Hillary Rodham Clinton is too much of a Washington insider to truly connect with Iowa voters.

    Edwards, who was speaking at a community center in the northern Iowa town of Coulter, also is chiding Clinton for assuming she’s already the Democratic front-runner.

    Edwards said Clinton claims to represent ordinary Americans, but her close ties to Washington lobbyists and interest groups make that assertion dubious.

    A request from The Associated Press for a comment from a Clinton spokesman was not immediately returned.

    Meeting with reporters, Edwards touted his own campaign strategy, saying the Coulter stop completed his goal of visiting all 99 of Iowa’s counties, as he did in the 2004 election. He said it demonstrates he’s attuned to the concerns of caucus-goers.

  44. Well, Edwards has been running on angry Obama has not. I don’t think that would be appropriate way to frame Obama. I do think Hillary should take on these unfounded accusations that she is untruthful. I also think she needs to remind Obama that alot of women are very excited about voting for Hillary and she certainly can claim she will bring in new voters, I think way more than he would, frankly.

  45. admin, how do you think she’ll deal with this foreign policy issue? I’d like to see her call on the other Senator’s to co-sponsor the Webb bill with her.

  46. Wait? Obama is promoting a homophobe on the campaign trail and Hillary is the one trying to “sound like a Republican”?

    I’m tellin’ ya. The man is coming unglued. Hillary should make the Secret Service search him concealed weapons before taking the stage. Sounds like he might be just about ready to borrow Jeff Gallooly’s lead pipe to stop Clinton from skating to the nomination.

  47. OK, here’s Hillary comeback line for Tuesday.

    “First, let me say that I appreciate Barack telling the New York Times on Sunday that he had decided not to kneecap me. I was starting to feel a little bit like Nancy Kerrigan.”

  48. Edwards, who was speaking at a community center in the northern Iowa town of Coulter, also is chiding Clinton for assuming she’s already the Democratic front-runner.

    Huh? Hillary has never “assumed” any such thing. She’s taking nothing for granted, and is outworking all the Dem candidates, including pretty-boy Edwards.

  49. I don’t agree with the Kerrigan comeback. She came in 2nd in the Olympics. She should say something about he must know the same folks as Rudy,

  50. I don’t think Edwards is a threat for Hillary whatsoever. Even if he wins Iowa – he has no scope or resources to compete anywhere. We need to keep out eye on Obama. He has the resources and has to be watched carefully. My theory is that Edwards want to be VP for Obama!!!

  51. Kostner,
    I get so worked up at the self-righteous way John Edward speaks. His accent just pushes me over the edge. But – Obama the angry man is whom we should watch out for. If anyone has the resources to beat Hillary – it is him!

  52. Hi y’all, Was just readin’ a synopsis of Obama’s interview in the news, including his knee capping comment, and also his comments about our girl who has, in his view, all these hidden agendas of what she’d really do in the White House. I am with those of you who think he’s gone over the edge. Clearly, he is an angry man. He is willing to lie about his opponent, go against what he says he believes, and, who knows what else, he is willing to do in order to become president. I find this very distressing. I know that Hillary can handle all of this with the calm, firm and focused presence that she has. She does so well in these situations. Being presidential is just second nature to her. I do hear some sort of “now there you go again” comment from her and some very well timed remarks. I hear her calling him out some way on his untruthfulness. I don’t know how she’ll do it, but it strikes me that a fundamental lack of integrity (apart from his anger and narcissism) is what we are seeing in him. She needs to continue to stress that it’s not about her–it’s about the people she stands up for–it’s about all of us. I think she’ll do great. What we are seein’ right now is how people behave when they are under pressure and he doesn’t look so good. She’ll continue to shine. mollyj

  53. hwc:

    You are so right about that social security trap!

    Edwards especially sounds more “My way or the High way” …..so far I have not heard a single thing from him that says he will have to work in a bi-partisan way to get things done..

    Sounds like “king to be Edwards” after king george!

  54. Edwards is so despised by Washington that I doubt he could even get his phone calls returned by any Democrat in Congress. He is viewed as a liar snake oil salesman who has “only told the story about his son to one person” to everyone on Capitol Hill.

    If Hell were to freeze over and he got elected to the White House, playing Solitaire on his office computer is about all he would get done.

    Oh, wait…I forgot. He promised to spend his first six months in office personally going to 435 Congressional districts and campaigning to get each Congressman to vote to cut off their own health care benefits. He’ll probably change the banners on the Poverty Tour luxury coach, or something. Prevost One.

  55. Thanks to the rabid anti-Hillarites on this political diary site, I found this place. Those angry, vile Obama and Edwards supporters don’t seem to like this site very much. I wonder why? Admin, you ought to thank them for the free advertisement.

    With that said, the NYT interviews with Obama got me riled up. It should be blatantly clear to Democratic voters about two things: (1) Obama’s failure to live up to his campaign promise (to be above political attacks; and (2) Obama is naive and inexperienced about political reality.

    If he’s nominated and becomes President, will he break his other campaign promises? As President, will he compromise his own integrity and the Democratic party’s principles when he’s met with resistance from the GOP on issues such as universal healthcare?

    If the Donnie McClurkin mess is any indication, I think so.

    Hillary has always said, “… [T]o bring change, you have to know when to stand your ground, and when to find common ground, you need to know when to stick to principles and fight, and know when to make principled compromises.”

    Obama is just not there yet.

  56. Like most of you, it sickens me to see OBAMA attacking HILLARY. But remember who we are dealing with….HIllary always shines when she is in battle. I predict this latest round will be no exception.

  57. my sen dodd is slamming hillary on that iran terrorism bill he supported back in march. the iodiot supported the 2002 vote for the iraq war. goes to show he will do anything to win even though he not only is 1 percent nationwide but 7 percent in ct. a**hole!!!

  58. filbertsf, Welcome! And I agree totally with your analysis.

    BTW, I read the AP article on Obama’s attacks on Hillary RE Social Security. Does he really think hitting her on that issue is really going to make dent?

  59. lol, russert is catching dodd in all kinds of contridictions. dodd is slamming hillary but russert is finding all kinds of video clips of him changing his tune on iraq year to year. HA!!!! CHRIS, I LOVE IN THE SENTATE AND YOU ARE STAYING THERE.

  60. welcome filbertsf, the haters on the nutkooks hate this site becuase it exposes them for what they are, NADERITES, HILLARY HATERS, AND FAR FRINGE LEFT NUTCASES THEY ARE.

  61. Remember DisCourage, that Stoller backed group with delusions of grandeur?

    The “President” of DisCourage was on Tucker Carlson’s show earlier this week. If you want a good laugh take a look at the video we linked below. The “President” of DisCourage does not have a clue.

    This Naderite from DisCourage actually states they would welcome money from Ripublicans who are oil men. This guy might be supporting Edwards, but he is a Naderite – Nader too took Ripublican support and money for his presidential runs.

    This boob also says Hillary won’t fight the right wing, that she cuts and runs. This guy is truly clueless.

    [an ad comes up first; the interview took place on October 26]


  62. look for russert to egg on a fight. the whole gang will tag team hillary. nervous for our girl, but she can handle herself.

  63. Obama launched a new ad attacking Clinton on social security… This is really bizarre. I have no idea why he suddently believes ‘social security’ is becoming Clinton’s vulnerability. Maybe he’s running out of attack lines?

    Paul Krugman, a very liberal economist, was also quite puzzled on ABC News. He basically said Obama’s attack is basically scary tactics on this issue usually adopted by right wingers. Krugman is a dailykos hero, so here you go…

  64. hwc:

    If edwards gets elected he’ll need a clone fo himself for the 6 months…if he hs to go to 435 congressional districts campaigning for healthcare, who will be travelling the world ….he said this at one of the debates.. travel the world….

    also, for dodd, biden, obama:

    If they feel K/L was bad, they had a week to go back and get it reversed since Sec. Rice called irg a terrorists group..

    Did you see ay of these 3 men doing this? especially obama since he missed the vote…

    And did you even edwards urging from his home in iowa asking these 3 men to go and do these from his usual sideline calls he makes…..

    No…..they are just happy as a punch..

    BTW: there is a great diary of dailykos asking for action to call o these 3 to support webb amendment…..

  65. terrondt, I don’t think they need to be egged on to pile on Hillary. I’m sure, like the GOP, they will use any question

    By the way, I just read the MTP transcript with Dodd. I felt sorry for the old guy. He was a bundle of contradiction. He makes a statement, Tim would show a contradictory video clip or a prior statement.

    He allowed Russert to bully him. Is that what some Dodd supporters want as their President?

    Dodd didn’t even discuss his FISA fight and that’s his signature issue right now.

    Not Presidential material in my opinion.

  66. filbertsf,

    we seldom focus our energy on these second- third- tier candidates. As admin said in the past, many of these old guys may just be the potential Clinton supporters’ parking lots…

  67. To all,

    btw, Obama’s aids told NYT he’s spent too much time on reading blogs…

    I strongly suggest Mr. Obama will stop over hillaryis44, we certainly have lots of good advice for him.

  68. kostner, I don’t get the Social Security attack either. The fact is, Hillary has left few openings for him and Edwards to exploit, he has to look elsewhere.

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