Lots of Hillary Clinton events to attend and Hillary Clinton news to celebrate. Tonight is the big Radio City Music Hall pre-Birthday Celebration. This coming Saturday is a big Harlem Homecoming party for Hillary.

But first let’s discuss the latest news.

Obama supporters are still trying to justify the Obama gay bashing tour in South Carolina. These supporters are (surprise) Blaming The Staff. The other line of defense is that the entire gay bashing tour is a “vetting” problem. The latest defense is that somehow having a bunch of gay bashers at the same event is serendipity, a coincidence, a fluke. That defense is laughable. As we wrote in A Gay Ol’ Time In South Carolina this was a premeditated gay bash ploy by the Obama campaign. REPEAT: The gay bash tour is not an accident, it is a strategy by Obama’s Chicago Circus.

Earl Hutchinson:

Bush masterfully tapped that homophobic sentiment in 2000 in part with McClurkin and even more masterfully in 2004 again with McClurkin and the top gun mega black preachers in Ohio and Florida. He tapped it so masterfully that Bush’s naked pander to gay bashing with the GOP spawned anti-gay marriage initiative in Ohio did much to win over a big chunk of black evangelical leaning voter to Bush. [snip]

This lesson isn’t lost on Obama. Desperate to snatch back some of the political ground with black voters that are slipping away from him and to Hillary; Bush’s black evangelical card seems like the perfect play. Obama wouldn’t dare go down the knock gay path, and risk drawing the inevitable heat for it, if he didn’t think as Bush that anti-gay sentiment is still wide and deep among many blacks.

Obama, his campaign, and Obama supporters are trying to defend the indefensible. The gay bashing tour is Obama’s cynical ploy to gain votes. This cynical gay bashing ploy is costing Obama even more votes with gay Americans, gay supporters and primarily the youth vote.

In other Obama news, the feeble minded David Broder of the Washington Post trys today to buck up Obama supporters. Broder does not succeed.

These are difficult days for supporters of Barack Obama. This city is filled with people who have voted for, worked for, contributed to and, in many cases, prayed for the success of the young senator from Illinois. The struggle he has had in trying to overtake Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination is wearing on their morale.

But the big news of the day is the vote of “No Confidence” in Joe Trippi and the John Edwards campaign by the dumbest of Big Bloggers and some idiot PINO supporters of John Edwards.

The Big Blogger and PINO John Edwards supporter have decided that Trippi and Elizabeth and the rest of the hapless Edwards Campaign cannot beat Hillary. These No Confidence in Edwards’ campaign dolts have taken it upon themselves to launch a ship of fools to try to bring down Hillary using a swiftboat-type ad campaign now that they are sure that Trippi and Edwards don’t have what it takes to win.

A newly formed political action committee is aiming to stop Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary by calling into question her progressive credentials.

“We think there are other Democratic presidential candidates who are both more progressive and have a better chance of beating the Republicans than she does,” said the president of Democratic Courage, Glenn Hurowitz.

He declined to tip his hand on the group’s case against Clinton, but said the PAC plans a paid media campaign in the early primary states to make its position clear.

“We’ll definitely have sufficient resources to make a significant media buy,” he said, adding that their campaign against Clinton would be “edgy” enough to get attention. “We don’t need to raise an immense amount of money to make a big difference.”

Hurowitz, 29, is a Washington-based writer and activist. (He has written freelance Ideas articles for Politico, including this piece criticizing Clinton’s and Obama’s energy plans.) The group’s two other officers are Sam Goldman and David Lipowicz, both of whom have worked for liberal and environmental groups in Washington.

Hurowitz and Goldman have both contributed to the campaign of former North Carolina Senator John Edwards, but Hurowitz said their effort is independent of any campaign.

“We have no plans right now to back any particular candidate,” Hurowitz said.

This particularly laughable story began a few days ago with a media bait post on NothingLeft by Matt Stoller purporting to solicit funds for some sort of “progressive” anti-Hillary effort. Big Media in the form of Politico took the bait. It did not help Politico‘s credibility that the idiot supposedly running this new anti-Hillary attack was a former writer for Politico.

The, swiftboat of fools, armed with a website [we will call them DisCourage] and not much else, other than unsubstantiated claims to some few thousands of dollars, did what they do best: bluster and boast. Their website is clearly a pro-Edwards website, with pretty John Edwards pictures, except they lack the courage or honesty to actually label themselves as Edwards supporters. These self-promoting Hillary Haters (they attack Obama too – “Barack Obama: World’s Worst Negotiator”) were quickly exposed as wannabe Edwards swiftboaters:

New anti-Hillary Clinton PAC president Glenn Hurowitz of DemocraticCourage.com has previously endorsed Clinton rival John Edwards for president, according to an October 14 press release from the Edwards campaign. Hurowitz’s name is not listed on a truncated version of the press release currently on the John Edwards for President web site, however a copy of the release posted on Oct. 15 on the Democratic Talk Radio Blog listing Hurowitz among the “National Environmentalists for Edwards Leaders” remains available online. I also have a copy of the original press release with Hurowitz’s (misspelled) name on it in my e-mail inbox.

The “President” of Discourage has a pro-Edwards history on the other Gabor sister website too:

Nevertheless, this kind of idea reflects something truly exciting about the prospect of Edwards as president: he really sees the presidency as a movement-building opportunity, believing that good government flows not so much from the quality of the people in government but from the competing strengths of the movements that put them there. He’s constantly looking for ways to bring new people into the process and into the progressive movement. This is in such contrast to the more common Hillary Clinton transactional model of leadership: you elect me, a really smart person, and I’ll deliver for you.

This ‘DisCourage’ group is another in a series of losers who think they have the magic formula to destroy Hillary. These little boys don’t understand that Hillary has been attacked by armies of MEN and beaten them. These little boys think they are ready for the big time. These little boys don’t know what they are doing. Hundreds of millions of dollars and smart, dedicated, brutal MEN have taken on Hillary and left yelping and running like burnt rabbits.

As to the bluster and boasting of these little boys to run ads against Hillary, here are some things these little boys should keep in mind:

Obama is planning to spend $10 million, according to the Wall Street Journal, in Iowa alone. A few thousand dollars worthy of stupid ads written by dumb Big Bloggers is nothing and will get lost in the tens of thousands of ads run by all the campaigns in Iowa and which will total tens of millions of dollars.

The plans by these swiftboat blogging fools does not impress. These are not very bright people. Like the Move-on ads, these “edgy” ads will backfire. After their alleged (these boasters probably will only manage a YouTube video and a cable ad in some obscure Iowa local radio or tv station) “edgy” ads run, Hillary’s numbers will rise. These boobs have learned nothing from Obama’s sunken poll numbers – Obama attacked Hillary and his sad poll numbers sank even further down.

Joe Trippi must love these boobs, Not. DisCourage will further discourage the already low Edwards vote in the only state Edwards has a campaign left in. Doesn’t Joe Trippi talk to Stoller anymore? Why doesn’t Trippi listen to the harebrained ideas of these silly boys?

These silly boys do not understand electoral politics, that is why less and less people listen to their ravings. Instead of attacking Hillary these silly boy boobs should defend their candidate from attacks. Maybe these boobs can employ their genius to hit back effectively against the haircut, the hedgefund, and the house, narratives that are destroying the Edwards campaign. Maybe they should rant and rave against Senator Dodd for slyly inserting a $400 haircut reminder in his latest advertisement.

Edwards supporters want to follow the Obama slime model – they will gain the same effect, plunging poll numbers.

Last lesson for the silly boy boobs: Hillary has been attacked for 35 years. Obama and Edwards have not been the subject of any negative ads YET. Look how low Obama and Edwards’ numbers are without negative ads run against them. Don’t tempt fate fellas.

Next stop for these boobs, Nadir08.

Back to Hillary Celebration news:

Sen. Hillary Clinton will hold a big bash for her 60th birthday tonight, and it is one party that’s bound to be more about politics than fun.

“It’s hard to avoid a certain birthday when everyone knows about it,” she said at one recent public appearance.

Thursday night, Billy Crystal will introduce British rocker Elvis Costello and The Wallflowers to a sold-out crowd at New York’s famed Beacon Theater, a real political party.

Call it cashing in on being a baby boomer — tonight, the New York senator will raise more than $1 million for her Democratic presidential campaign.

Movie director Rob Reiner has brought in half a million dollars alone. It’s a donation that came complete with his own rendition of “Happy Birthday Mrs. President.”

When her husband, Bill Clinton, ran for president in 1992 he was just 45. At 60, Hillary is about the average age for presidential wannabes and right there with millions of boomers.

Sixty, she said the other day, is the new 40.

There is also an exciting Hillary event on Saturday:

Sen. Hillary Clinton hopes to expand her New York support Saturday, when her presidential campaign mobilizes for a midday event in Harlem.

The event kicks off a 100-day countdown to Feb. 5, or Super Tuesday when 18 states, including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, will hold their Democratic primaries.

Former President Bill Clinton, Rep. Charlie Rangel and Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith will attend the event, to be emceed by hip hop artist Doug E. Fresh. Tickets are free, and will be available at the event, according to Ms. Clinton’s campaign office, which said it could not speculate on the number of people expected to attend. [snip]

Ms. Clinton already has a strong following in New York. A Quinnipiac University poll conducted earlier this month showed her taking 49% of the Democratic vote, compared with 12% for Mr. Obama. In a hypothetical election between Ms. Clinton and Mr. Giuliani, Ms. Clinton commanded 50% of the vote, while Mr. Giuliani got 36%.

Earlier this month, Ms. Clinton made an appearance in Brooklyn, where she picked up the endorsement of that county�s Democratic organization, including Kings county leader Vito Lopez.

The event is on Saturday, October 27, 2007 at 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM at West 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard, New York, NY 10027, General Area: Seventh Avenue – Adjacent to State Office Building Campus – Harlem, NY.

Celebrate. Have a Champagne toast after midnight tonight.


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  1. Meanwhile, Edwards’ ‘racism & sexism’ problem continues to linger. UnionLeader published the same article penned by Roger Simon from LA Times. The headline is quite devastating for Edwards’ chance in NH.

    Roger Simon: Is John Edwards subtly appealing to racism and sexism?

  2. Clinton backs tough Iran sanction, statement follows, what is wimp Edwards going to do? Cry to Iranian president?

    Clinton statement:

    “We must use all the tools at our disposal to address the serious challenge posed by Iran, including diplomacy, economic pressure, and sanctions.

    “I believe that a policy of diplomacy backed by economic pressure is the best way to check Iran’s efforts to acquire a nuclear weapons program and stop its support of terrorism, and the best way to avert a war. That’s why I took to the Senate floor last February and warned the President not to take military action against Iran without going to Congress first and why I’ve co-sponsored Senator Webb’s legislation to make that the law of the land. I’ve been concerned for a long time over George Bush’s saber rattling and belligerence toward Iran.

    “We must work to check Iran’s nuclear ambitions and its support of terrorism, and the sanctions announced today strengthen America’s diplomatic hand in that regard. The Bush Administration should use this opportunity to finally engage in robust diplomacy to achieve our objective of ending Iran’s nuclear weapons program, while also averting military action. That is the policy I

  3. Obama seems to be attemtping the southern strategy in reverse. he’s just released a statement saying that we need to invite bigots (okay that isn’t the word he used) into the big tent and listen to them. or talk to them. But get their votes however it goes.

    i know he’s got decent progressive credentials vis a vis his voting record, but he is the most cynical politician i think i’ve seen since the sixties when i was but a wee lass switching between the Democratic convention and American Bandstand (not to mention Where The Action Is).

    I am utterly astounded that his campaign has taken this road. One of the things I always say when people ask what I think Clinton’s position is on Bush’s unitary executive is that smart, competent people don’t need to take shortcuts. They’re willing to do the work to get what they want. i’ve talked a lot in here I know about Obama as a narcissistic personality type, and to me, this is the proof positive of that. Were he to be successful at this gambit, he would risk damaging the very ground floor of what Democrats stand for. We wouldn’t be able to claim the moral high ground on anything. I expect he will be enthusiastically rejected on this. But I am stunned that he even tried it.

    In the meantime, narcissistic personality disorder is something that is interesting to read up on. i didn’t know it was a classified mental illness until i began doing background work on a con artist a wealthy friend had married – and oh, what a background he had. Anyway, here is the criteria for NPD:

    Obama scares me.

  4. They are flipping out badly over at Daily Kos over Obama’s letter. I’ve just been informed that it is racist to oppose what obama is doing.

    What Obama is doing is basically the southern strategy but against gays. He’s posted a letter saying that we must invite these people into our tent if we hope to talk to them. Obama is chopping away at the moral underpinning of the Democratic party. Unbelievable. I’d use swear but all the pink around here tells me that would be a bad thing to do. ;0

    Anyway, i know I’ve talked about Obama being a narcissist several times in here, but this really justifies that opinion for me. He’s willing to destroy the moral high ground we do have just for a shot at the presidency. I think the guy’s dangerous. Thankfully, he’s losing.

    here’s the diagnostic criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Check it out. You’ll see what I mean:

  5. American blog is pounding on Obama relentless!

    Keep digging, Senator.

    Obama is now trying to get gays and black religious leaders to sign a letter that’s basically supporting Obama’s position that he should have homophobes and bigots on stage with him. A few problems. Let me quote the letter:
    Pastor McClurkin believes and has stated things about sexual orientation that are deeply hurtful and offensive to many Americans, most especially to gay Americans. This cannot and should not be denied.

    At the same time, a great many African Americans share Pastor McClurkin’s beliefs. This also cannot be ignored.
    Really? I’m aware that some people claim that there’s a lot of homophobia in the black community – frankly, I wouldn’t know – but Obama is now saying that a great many African-Americans agree with McClurkin? Meaning, they agree that gays are trying to kill our children, that America is at war with the gays, and that homosexuality is a “curse”? I’m willing to believe that we may have to do some educating of a lot of Americans of all races and creeds, but I’m having a hard time believing that a “great many” of them believe the kind of wacky stuff that McClurkin does.
    If we are to end homophobia and secure full civil rights for gay Americans, then we need an advocate within the Black community like Barack Obama.
    You can advocate just fine even if you lose the presidency.

    But this line is the most important:
    At the same time, while Obama has said that he “strongly disagrees” with Pastor McClurkin’s comments, he will not exclude from his campaign the many Americans including many in the African American community who believe the same as Pastor McClurkin.
    Great, so we’re to believe Obama would not exclude anti-Semites or racists from his campaign either? Well, would he? Someone needs to ask him that question – Senator, are you saying that you would welcome anti-Semites and racists into your campaign, even though you strongly disagree with them, because you believe in some kind of big tent of bigotry?

    I simply don’t believe that Obama would have the same reaction, be just as welcoming, if we were talking about racists or anti-Semites. He wouldn’t say that we’re all one big tent. He would kick the racist or the anti-Semite to the curb. Not to mention, “the big tent” concept traditionally means people who have differing political views, even differing political loyalties (Republican and Democrat). I’ve never heard a politician invoke the big tent to mean racists and their victims. This is new. And it’s terribly unnerving. I mean, we’re to believe that the fact that Obama, alone among Democratic candidates, is willing to openly welcome bigots into his campaign, and that fact makes him the best candidate for voters concerned about civil rights. And the corollary, the worst candidate for someone who cares about civil rights is the candidate who actually stands up against the bigots. So the best way to promote tolerance is to tolerate and embrace intolerance. And I suppose the best way to tackle the issue of domestic violence is to not exclude wife beaters from your campaign either? That’s just wacked.

    Rather than writing letters, Senator, why don’t you just fire the bigot and be done with it?

  6. Hillary opens up a 28 point lead in new national poll of Dem Primary Voters:

    51% – Clinton

    23% – Obama


  7. Hey y’all, I live in an area where the gay community is well-represented. The other night i went to a small concert at a coffee house where my partner introduced me to some guy as her partner. For the first time in my long life the guy pulled his hand from mine and said, “partner, huh,” and believe me he was as disappointed as he was grossed out if that makes sense. He look his hand out of mine and shook his hand like he was tryin to shake my gayness off. I will sign a letter to BO but he won’t like it very much. –mollyj

  8. CNN had some good poll numbers too, today. They were talkin’ gender gap because Hillary’s favorables among males was at 45% compared to above 50% (maybe above 60) among women. My thought was 45% was damn good for right now. Our girl’s doin’ a damn good job. mollyj

  9. Clinton Memo:

    To: Interested Parties
    From: The Clinton Campaign
    RE: Obama vs. Obama: The Real Differences on Iran

    Who said this?

    “Such a reduced but active presence will also send a clear message to hostile countries like Iran and Syria that we intend to remain a key player in this region.” Later in the same speech, he said: “Make no mistake, if the Iranians and Syrians think they can use Iraq as another Afghanistan or a staging area from which to attack Israel or other countries, they are badly mistaken. It is in our national interest to prevent this from happening.”

    George Bush? Nope.

    The latest from Dick Cheney? Guess again.

    Language from Kyl-Lieberman? Sorry.

    That was Senator Obama in late 2006 making the case for why maintaining a military force in Iraq is necessary to constrain Iran’s ambitions. But that was then.

    This is now: Stagnant in the polls and struggling to revive his once-buoyant campaign, Senator Obama has abandoned the politics of hope and embarked on a journey in search of a campaign issue to use against Senator Clinton. Nevermind that he made the very argument he is now criticizing back in November 2006. Nevermind that he co-sponsored a bill designating the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a global terrorist group back in April. Nevermind that his colleague from Illinois – Dick Durbin – voted the same way as Senator Clinton on Kyl-Lieberman and said “If I thought there was any way it could be used as a pretense to launch an invasion of Iran I would have voted no.”

    Today, in order to justify his opposition to Kyl-Lieberman, Senator Obama says that such language is bellicose and gives the President a blank check to take the country to war.

    But if Senator Obama really believed this measure gave the President a blank check for war, shouldn’t he have been in the Senate on the day of the vote, speaking out, and fighting against it? Instead he did nothing, remained totally silent, skipped the vote and spoke out only after the vote to engage in false attacks against Senator Clinton. A Washington Post editorial summed it up best: “Now, trailing in the polls and sensing a political opportunity, Mr. Obama is trying to portray Ms. Clinton as a reckless saber-rattler. That is irresponsible and — given the ease with which the charge can be rebutted — probably naive, as well.” …


    I love it.

  10. One thing I’ve noticed about Obama is that he never admits a mistake. When he screws up and says he’s willing to host a summit with Castro or Ahmadinejad, he could fix it with a simple clarification statement (which his campaign did in the spin room after that debate). Instead, he embraces the gaffe and turns it into a major policy position where one didn’t exist before.

    He’s doing the same thing with this gay issue. Not only does he fail to just make it go away by ditching the guy, now he’s turning it into some big principled stand.

    This is apparently a big ego-driven character flaw. The guy simply can’t bring himself to cut his losses. That’s really, really scary in a President because all Presidents, of both parties, throughout history, make lots of mistakes. It comes with the territory. It’s part of the job description. A President who doesn’t admit a mistake and cut the losses is frightening to think about because it means the President will elevate every mistake to a hardened wrong-headed policy position out of pure stubbornness and ego.

  11. hwc,

    one of the great attributes of good/great leaders/presidents is the ability to wiggle out of a mistake. Some of the great “victories” in military history are actually “retreats”.

    When a president makes a mistake or inherits a mistake, how that president extricates the nation from the mistake can make or break a nation/presidency.

    Obama, like Bush, tries to bluster and bull his way forward. We are not talking apology here. On issues like the move-on vote Obama tries to pretend his crass actions are principled and planned actions.

    We think this gay bashing tour was preplanned. What was not preplanned was the reaction that would be created. Also not thought out was the effect the gay bashing tour would have on liberal and student groups.

    Obama’s campaign thought they could get away with a little gay bashing in South Carolina and that gays would say nothing or they were too few and concentrated in the big states voting on February 5. Instead now the Obama campaign realizes that lots of young Iowans and New Hampshire citizens are reacting negatively.

  12. This McClurkin story really has had an effect on gay bloggers at daily kos. There were folks who were in Obama’s camp or leaning in that direction, and they are abandoning ship. I’ve read a few bloggers muse about switching to Hillary.

  13. who’s this ‘bookgrl’ on mydd? is it mp or mj here? It’s disgusting for her to chide Clinton supporter. When can these knee-jerked so-called Clinton supporters learn some lessons? When???

  14. New Fox poll only has Hillary up 17. We’ll have to see if that’s an outlier or the start of a trend. The race probably will get closer anyway as we near January.

  15. Happy Birthday to “our girl!” 🙂

    I am so glad this article was written. It helps put the COCKINESS of the NEW SWIFTBOATERS in perspective. LOL, looks like HUROWITZ is just another punk.

    It will be fun to watch the story backfire, and then watch EDWARDS make excuses.

    I’ll be having the LAST CACKLE!!!!!!!

  16. BTW, I called the HRC today and got a voice mail. I told them “PLEASE keep pressuring OBAMA to cancel the tour with the gay bashers. I went on and on about how its Bush-like, and unacceptable. I probably sounded nutty because I wasnt expecting voice mail, but they got the message. They also know that I am a member. I really hope they dont back down on this.

  17. admin,

    I’m fruious about this ‘bookgrl’ on myDD. We are the minority there, but she keeps on calling out Hillary supporters to be banned. We’re vastly outnumbered there, and this ‘supporter’ wants us to surrender?

    With friends like her, who needs enemy?

    This is the same mp(?) I believe on this site, who threatened to jump ship when hearing the rumor of Sandy Berger being Clinton’s advisor.

    This is disgusting.

  18. I have a sense that Team Clinton is ready to deck her opponents, enough is enough. The memo is a beginning. Also tonight, at her birthday bash, Hillary mocked Rudy… Time to take on these scumbags

    Celebrating her 60th birthday last night with a fund-raiser that netted $1.5 million, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton took a rare shot at an old New York rival and current Republican presidential candidate, Rudolph W. Giuliani, for saying he would root for the Red Sox in the World Series.

    Mr. Giuliani, a Yankees fan, has mocked Mrs. Clinton over the years for professing allegiance to the Yankees, even though she grew up a Chicago Cubs fan and recently said she would split her loyalty between those teams if they met in the World Series.

    But Mrs. Clinton smiled widely last night as she got in her dig at Mr. Giuliani, the former New York City mayor. After the Yankees lost in the first round of the playoffs this month, Mr. Giuliani said he would rally behind the archrival Red Sox — an endorsement seen in some quarters as pandering to New Hampshire primary voters in Red Sox Nation.

    Addressing a packed Beacon Theater on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Mrs. Clinton noted that both she and the evening’s M.C., Billy Crystal, were devoted to the Yankees.

    “I have been a fan, and I remain a fan of the New York Yankees — no changes, no looking to curry favor with anyone else,” she said to much laughter and applause from the audience of mostly New York Democrats.

    Less directly, Mrs. Clinton also noted that she was “so proud” to campaign around the country and talk about “New York and New Yorkers and what New York means to me.” At his campaign events, Mr. Giuliani can sound critical of New York, either describing the problems he dealt with as mayor or the liberal bent of many of the voters.

    Mrs. Clinton, a leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, and Mr. Giuliani, a leading Republican candidate, nearly faced each other in the New York Senate race in 2000. Mr. Giuliani dropped out, however, facing a prostate cancer diagnosis and troubles in his personal life, and Mrs. Clinton went on to victory.

    Mrs. Clinton, whose birthday is today, celebrated with a concert featuring Elvis Costello and the Wallflowers. Former President Bill Clinton introduced her to the audience; the couple mostly delivered their typical campaign remarks.

    At one point, Mr. Costello drew applause for defending the notion of questioning authority as an act of patriotism.

    At the end, he led the audience in serenading Mrs. Clinton with “Happy Birthday” — inserting “Mrs. President” in place of her name.

  19. Obama is another Bush only he’s from the left.

    Anyway, I was reading Daily Kos: McCluckin and some of the posters there are saying it’s a Hillary Conspiracy and that Hillary planed this.

    How delusional are Obama supporters…Obama is losing because of his own actions and choices. He just isn’t as good as he think he is and those who support him.

    He just isn’t ready and if he continue to burn bridges he might not get another chance again. His campaign is so naive and juvenile that is not hard for the experience campaigner “to run circles around him.”

  20. OMG!!!!

    I just went to the “DISCOURAGE” site and ADMIN was right….Its nothing but PRETTY PICTURES of JOHN EDWARDS!! LMAOOOOOO!

    Edwards reminds me a a yappy Chihuahua. Hillary could crush him with one sweeping blow, but as the BIG DOG, she just sits there and lets him yap.

    I WISH I were in RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. i think it is mp as bookgrl. remember when she said a few weeks ago she was willing to withhold support just becuase of sandy berger? i called her on it.

  22. guys, i just checked mydudd and this so called hillary supporter bookgrl is attacking areyouready. she is whining about areyouready attacking others there. WTF, hillary supporters on that site are being called hillbots, transplanters from redstate.org, trolls, not real democrats, attacking hillary as a “corporate whore”, banned, and so on. we are greatly outnumbered on that site as well as the other nutroots. so we don’t need some weak hillary supporter lecturing us on how to act on blogs when we are treated like outcasts.

  23. kostner, sorry you allready mentioned the possible mp/mj/bookgrl connection. WE MAY HAVE A DOUBLE AGENT WORKING BOTH SIDES.LOL.

  24. good news on the new cbs poll. the foxnews poll jolted me a bit becuase it is out of line with the other polls showing 27+point leads. admin, i hope you don’t let some so called sometimy hillary supporter lecture us on how to defend hillary or ourselves. this blog is a great sense of community in our support for hillary. i don’t want it to become another mydd or daily kooks and im sure you won’t let it. i don’t expect for all to agree 100 percent but i don’t want a potential double agent scolding us on another blog either and pretend on this blog to love us.

  25. Good morning terrondt. 🙂

    I’ve been posting at myDD since 8/31 — that’s almost two months of posting. I think myDD is a less scary place than DailyKos. Until last night, nobody ever attacked me using foul language. Last night was the worst experience that I had at myDD. It’s very discouraging. I think I’ll take a break from posting there for a while. I’ll continue to help out recommending diaries. I’ll return to posting diaries and comments again over there when I can get my courage back. I’m glad that I have a safe place here to camp out. I hope it will stay safe.

  26. hg, i post comments on mydd, but i stopped on daily kos, they are crazy. i get attacked too on mydd but not as much as the people here that post diaries there. your and everybody else is welcome here but make no mistake this site is for the hardcore hillary supporters. the agenda is clear here, promoting hillary and making sure the record is kept straight grom the haters from the msm, leftwing nuts, and the right. no wishy washer so called hillary supporter need not apply. LOL

  27. The fellow who runs dcourage, Glenn Hurowitz, is a rank amateur. As someone as dkos observed, “If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay up under the porch, pup.” Glennboy, who would ruin Hillary because she is “not a progressive” posts at daily kos under his own hame:


    Go take a look. His first diary is, “John Edwards’s One Million Consultants.” He quickly makes clear that he is not a big fan of Barack Obama, so this Clinton attack isn’t out of the purity of his love of progressivism, I would say, but a partisan hack job. This guy is not ready for prime time.

  28. The double agent thingy… yes, I called it at least a month ago. The Sandy Burger comment was a tipoff. There have been other nuanced statements as well that have gone undetected.


    ****HAPPY 60th. BIRTHDAY HILLARY****

    🙂 :-)..and many, many more!!!! 🙂 🙂

    Mrs. S.

  29. Good news Kostner..

    Obama’s negative campaign is doing exactly as karma dictates..

    under 20… WOW!

    Mrs. S.

  30. btw,

    I’m areyouready on mydd. Can somebody comfirm to me whether that ‘bookgrl'(not sure her alias on this site) brought out that ‘sandy burger’ thing here on hillary44? I think my memory is pretty good. She went back from a long hiatus claiming she could no longer support Hillary based on a connection between Sandy Burger and Clinton.

    I called her out on myDD, but she vehemently denied there.

    I don’t believe she’s a double agent, she’s just a weak-kneed typical leftist, who does not know how to fight back. She hates her friends more than her enemies.

  31. We don’t need friends like that. Sorry. This site is for Hillary supporters. Folks who will fight side by side with our girl.

    That’s why I don’t like Bwak. He’s a chicken. That’s why I don’t like Edwards. He, too, is a chicken. I respect Biden, Richardson, Dodd and Kucinich. They stick by their beliefs and don’t dodge public forums or their wives.

    Hillary always stands front and center and I think it’s hightime that double agents be booted.

    BTW- anyone else see Taylor Marsh this AM? Seems she may be getting antsy about Hillary’s position on Iran since W went crazy yesterday. CBS Up to the Minute (their all night news show) had a great piece this morning on what all the jockeying yesterday might mean. For once, I saw some real journalism on TV. Too bad it was at 3:30 this morning and no one else saw it. They really gave some good background on all the different players and history.

  32. I recommend everyone here read the N.Y. Times story on Hillary’s management style linked on HillaryHub.com.

    Also, Field Poll has Hillary up by 25 in Calif.

  33. kostner that was mp that brought up the sandy berger thing and i called her out on it at the time. she backed off somewhat. then i noticed on mydd as bookgrl she would take up the side of hillary haters then take up weak defense of hillary then go over the otherside again. A FLIP FLOPPER. THE EVIDENCE IS BUILDING. MP AKA BOOKGRL. STAY TUNED.

  34. bookgirl is a hard-core Hillary Clinton supporter who wants Clinton supporters to be as classy as the candidate herself. If ya’ll go attacking people like bookgirl, ya’ll are making a big mistake.

    My advice: just ignore the “meta” posts on MyDD — the ratings posts, the “your mother wears Army boots” posts, the accusations of sock puppet posts. Remember, half the site (as well as DKos) is high school kids.

  35. hello terrondt, kostner, Mrs. smith….

    I am not “bookgrl”….So far I have posted 1 pro-hillary diary onn mydd and made a few hillary supportive comments there….

    If you guys will give me your emails, I will tell you my mydd id…..and perhaps some more 🙂 🙂

    terrondt: I look to you as my former neighbour; I lived in CT for 8yrs; now I live in CA….

    BTW: Right now, Hillary is my #1 with Dodd as 2nd choice…

    AND believe me I am no double agent!!!!!

    I look at both sides of an issue and decide it based on what I think is right…

  36. well, i seen her defend hillary-hating bloggers on that site for some time now. the same people who trash hillary and her supporters including this site. if she is hardcore, then i would love to classify my super-duper support of hillary to the 100th degree.

  37. ok mp, if you are not bookgrl, then i apoligize. but that bookgrl whome claims to be a supporter then wants hillary supporters banned, thats dirty in my book.

  38. mp,

    my apology, maybe you’re ‘lori’? so confused. ‘bookgrl’ really gets on my nerves, but I think i’ll just let it go… As hwc said, she has no idea how brutal the battle can become. To believe your enemies will just be kind to you if you play kind is just humorous.

  39. The Obama campaign calls Senator Clinton’s support for the the non-binding legislation which labels the Iraq Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization a “blank check” for Bush to attack Iran, and equates it to her prior support for the Iraq Resolution. Two reactions.

    First, as many have pointed out: i) Senator Clinton has been on record from the beginning that Bush cannot attack Iraq without Congressional approval, ii) enabling provisions in that bill were removed prior to its passage, iii) she has co-sponsored Senator Webb’s bill which prohibits an attack on Iran without congressional approval. Thus, it is hard to imagine how anyone, particularly someone who was literally MIA when the legislation was passed could come along later and call this a blank check to attack Iran, except in the world of Alice in Wonderland where one can use words to mean anything he wants them to mean.

    Second, the political and military environment is different today than it was in 2002 in several respects: i) we have no current capacity to engage a protracted ground war in Iran, ii) such a war would put us at sabre point with Russia, iii) Gates is not Rumsfeldt, iv) allies, with the exception of Israel, possibly France would not support such an action, iv) the neocon madhatters are seen now for what they are, v) such action would engender an Impeachment Proceeding for sure, vi) the attitude of the country would be fool me once, etc., and vii) the party he leads would spend the next forty years in the political wilderness were Bush to do such a thing.

    When he was Governor Bush he ran into a Republican friend of mine, and whispered in her ear “Don’t worry, I am more like Reagan than I am like my father”. Later he and Rove told us he was like McKinley (a strange choice given what happened to him). Still later, as his approval ratings went in the tank, he told us he was more like Truman, and history would prove he was right. Well . . . I think he sells himself short. There is no prior President like our current one, and by the grace of God there never will be another one like him in the future–unless we elect Guilani.

  40. On the heels of a St. Anselm College poll showing Ron Paul in fourth place with 7 percent in New Hampshire, the candidate is starting to spend some of those millions he’s raised with radio ads and an upcoming TV ad. But Paul is also stepping up efforts in direct mail. The campaign put together a 12-page biographical pamphlet being mailed out in New Hampshire.

    The New Hampshire Presidential Watch blog reports, “The mailing comes at the same time that Ron Paul will spend $1 million on five New Hampshire television commercials.”

    Paul has also spent $430,000 on a new radio ad, which will run in New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada. The 60-second ad, an appeal to New Hampshire independents, mentions Paul’s name 11 times and focuses on conservative principles of spending, foreign policy and taxes and mentions “flip-flopping” Republicans and Bill Clinton.

    The campaign had an online fund-raising push to try and pay for the ad. This from a Paul blog post on Tuesday and its Fundraising Director Jonathan Bydlak: “You raised $403,059.21 during the last three days for broadcasting our new radio ad in New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada. Thank you! This set an impressive pace, and keeps us well on our way to our fourth quarter goal of $12,000,000!”

    $12 million? This quarter? Now that would be something. Bet Huckabee wishes he could tap into some of that?

  41. Ron Paul’s potential appeal in NH is great news for Clinton’s chance there.

    Hillary needs NH as a firewall should she stumble in IA. The indepenents in NH make things quite unpredicable in that pursuit. It looks like Ron Paul will aggressively campaign in NH, and it will likely result in higher-than-expected participation of GOP primary. This is definitely mitigage one risk for Team Clinton.

  42. Not it matters much, but there’s a new poll from NJ nevertheless.

    Clinton 52
    Obama 21
    Edwards 8

    Clinton also beats Rudy by 49:39, which is a significant improvement from Aug. Rudy beats Obama by 44:41.

    Who is more electable??

  43. I am not Lori either on mydd……….

    truce! Apologies accepted; Let us remain classy while fighting for Hillary!!!!!

    Of all the people on various boards who does this the right way is Alegre on dailykos….

    I make comments/recommendatio there…mainly on her diaries..

  44. Good mornin’ y’all. I don’t think I need to clarify this but I am not a double agent. There is only one of me when I post here on mydd and dailykooks, but I haven’t been to other blogs on those sites lately. My doc told me it wasn’t good for my health. I do post under another handle on a proHillary site. That is because when I came over here I wasn’t sure what I was gettin’ myself into…that is to say I wanted to make sure you guys were as proHill as I thought you were. I appreciate all here who are doin’ their best to work for our girl. If there is anybody on the fence, what I say is, that is your right, do your best to join the troops but don’t play two sides against one another. there is enough of that already goin’ on — in the campaigns and on the world stage. Be with integrity. I look foward to comin’ here with the great commentaries and insight on the campaigns. It is very good to have reassurance and very good to anticipate the attacks on our girl. It is also a place where our girl and her folks can be celebrated. Havea good day, all.

    And happy birthday, Hillary, number 44!


  45. maybe ‘bookgrl’ has never been here. Sorry for stirring this up. Truce.

    BTW, there’s a beatiful pic of Hillary and Charlie Rangel on politico. I really like Charlie Rangel not just because he’s a staunch Clinton ally. I can’t believe he’s a Korean war veteran.

    He’s always fierce in his belief but also even-handled.

  46. bill clinton is coming near my town next friday…..Kinda of expensive to go meet him but I am thinking of going!

    So my big dilemma is whether to go a fundraiser where Bill comes or wait until Hillary comes…..

    tough choices to make!!!

  47. Don’t worry ’bout it Kostner. I think you did a good thing by havin’ a roll call vote. -mollyj

  48. I think we should all calm down with the ‘suspicions’, whatever someone writes on another blog should be handled on that blog, my two cents.
    And yeah kostner I kinda figured you were areyouready, hehe you have a very recognizable style of writing.

    mp if you are sure Hillary will come, wait for her, like kostner I have always proffered her over him.

    Does anyone know if there are some video from her birthday party? I would love to see some footage. I read somewhere that she choked up when talking about her mom, 🙂 Did Chelsea speak? Anyways, happy birthday 44! Did you all sign her birthday card on her website yet? I have 🙂

  49. I would just like to throw out there that I personally don’t really appreciate it when someone calls ‘whomever (irrelevant)’ a far leftist etc…
    Even if it is Edwards, go after him for all the other horrible stuff, but saying such a thing is making sure you are also attacking many people/voters, me included. I most certainly don’t like or agree much with Edwards, but I do indeed consider myself to be quite left.

    I am a liberal with a capital L! And I am proud of it!

    For me a liberal equals tolerance, and a conservative = ignorant. And I think we are many who come from all walks of life, with different backgrounds and beliefs, but we can all come together here in our support for Hillary!

  50. Thanks, hwc!

    Gorto, according to what I read, Chelsea didn’t speak but she was onstage with her parents during their remarks.

  51. Yup, I just finished watching what I saw up there, but so far only the last 23 minutes.
    At the beginning of that clip, where Billy Crystal is talking and the audience engage him, I can’t hear what was said, but it seemed like a heckler, anyone see this?
    Billy seemed disappointed, how did someone like that get in.

    And by the way, nice speech from Bill, and very sweet when Hillary hugged Chelsea and told her “I love you so much, I love you so much honey” We need to see more of that, or the people who thinks she id the devil in disguise needs to see these sides to her.

    Not much of a birthday PARTY tho, not really dressed up, and where’s the cake??? hehe, anyway, thanks for the link.

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