Obama’s Sad Day

Obama had another long, ugly and sad day today. It was not a gay day.

The day started with denials and ended with confession.

Obama’s days will be sadder this coming weekend.

Late today Obama decided to concede that this weekend’s gospel tour in South Carolina is indeed a gay bashing tour. As we noted yesterday it is not one but all the top acts that have a homophobic history. Comparing gay people to murderers and prostitutes is not an act of love. Obama is trying to cover up this gay bashing tour for what it is because he knows it threatens the pro-gay rights youth vote which Obama has spent the entire year courting. Obama as usual is blaming the staff for not “vetting” Donnie McClurkin but ignores the statements by the other performers in his gay bashing tour.

An openly gay minister will open Barack Obama’s gospel concerts this weekend in South Carolina, two of his advisers told gay supporters on a conference call this afternoon.

Obama aide Steve Hildebrand, and a prominent gay adviser, Tobias Wolff, conceded that the campaign had failed to “vet” gospel singer Donnie McClurkin for his view that homosexuality is a “curse”, one person on the call said. But they said he would still perform at Obama’s concerts, which are aimed at tightening his bond to that state’s African-American community.

“They recognized that there was a mistake here,” the source said.

They also stressed Obama’s “unequivocal” commitment to gay rights, and defended McClurkin’s presence at the performance, he said.

“The perspective is that he can bring in different elements of the Democratic Party and American society,” the Obama supporter said.

Wolff and Hildebrand also asked supporters to contact the Human Rights Campaign, a leading gay group, and press them not to publicly criticize Obama.

Young voters will not be deceived by Obama’s low down gay bashing tour. The gay community is not impressed with Obama’s excuses and inclusion of gay bashers in a tour promoting Obama’s candidacy:

Obama’s latest sleight of hand in “cure the gays”-gate is he’s now offering to have a gay preacher open his homophobic gospel tour where he’s going to be showcasing an outspoken homophobic bigot who thinks gays are trying to kill your children, who thinks being gay is a “curse,” and who thinks that gays need to be cured (the anti-gay activist is now denying that he ever used the word “cured” – whatever, the guy thinks we need to be fixed, can be fixed, it’s all the same thing).

Which brings up the question: Would Obama put a Klansman on stage so long as he brought a black minister or a rabbi up there too?

I’m just not getting the equivalence here: One bigot = one gay guy, and then everything is okay. How many gays balances one bigot, Senator? One, two, three, three-fifths? That’s just not the way it works in civil rights, Senator. You don’t get to be a bigot so long as you suck up to the gays too. You NEVER get to be a bigot, period. You never get to embrace bigotry, ever. It doesn’t matter many how many of your best friends are gay. It doesn’t matter how many gays you put on stage. You don’t ever get to showcase a renowned bigot to line your pockets and get you votes, ever.

Would you do this to any other minority, Senator? Would you let a klansman or a white supremacist, or a Holocaust denier, on stage so long as you invited a rabbi and a black minister too? I somehow doubt it. You’d do the right thing and kick the bigot out of your little show. But we’re quickly learning that doing the right thing isn’t part of the Obama vocabulary.

The usually timid mainline gay rights organization, Human Rights Campaign, is not buying Obama’s bull either:

“I spoke with Sen. Barack Obama today and expressed to him our community’s disappointment for his decision to continue to remain associated with Rev. McClurkin, an anti-gay preacher who states the need to ‘break the curse of homosexuality.’ There is no gospel in Donnie McClurkin’s message for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and their allies. That’s a message that certainly doesn’t belong on any Presidential candidate’s stage.”

The Human Rights Campaign also called on all presidential candidates to speak out on the issue of homophobia. Hillary has in South Carolina a good key contact leading her South Carolina campaign:

I asked about the views on same-sex marriage of Darrell Jackson, a key South Carolina Hillary backer, and a pastor.

A reader points out that he won some favor with gay rights types 2005, when he abstained from voting on a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage that passed the State Senate by 42-1.

He said on the Senate floor:

Now we know how we feel on this issue, and I’ve allowed my position to be known more than anybody else. I stand here as someone who is a pastor to a congregation of a whole lot of people, and I’ve said it to them and I’ll say it to anyone else. My personal moral position is what I believe and what I subscribe to. I don’t have to come here and try to legislate it, and I refuse to play politics with my moral positions because there’s no political gain to be gotten out of that.

Two of Clinton’s state co-chairs, John Matthews and Linda Short, voted for the bill, but it’s Jackson — whose “personal moral position” I’m sure not sure of, actually — who’s been her key liaison to the black church. For what it’s worth.

The Obama gay bashing tour is getting increased attention on blogs such as TPM. Instead of doing what is right the Obama campaign tried to pressure the Human Rights Campaign into silence. But the story is not going away and instead is growing into Big Media headlines:

The nation’s biggest gay rights group is trying to force Sen. Barrack Obama (D-Ill.) to cancel presidential campaign event with a controversial preacher who claims he was homosexual but has been cured.

The Human Rights Campaign has expressed its strong reservations to Obama over his campaign-sponsored tour that features gospel singer Donnie McClurkin.

The influential organization, representing a powerful Democratic constituency, let Obama’s campaign know that it would issue a public demand if Obama did not immediately cancel the event, said a person who had been briefed on the exchange.

Obama will not be present on the so-called Embrace the Change Tour, but public denouncement by the Human Rights Campaign could damage him in his quest for the White House.

McClurkin is notorious among gay rights activists for fighting what he calls the “curse of homosexuality,” for saying sexual orientation is a choice, and for claiming that homosexuality can be “cured” by prayer.

Obama has drawn intense fire from gay activists and liberal bloggers in recent days for recruiting McClurkin and other gospel singers for a statewide tour of South Carolina beginning this week.

By threatening to weigh in strongly, Human Rights Campaign has elevated what began as a controversy in the blogosphere into a full-fledged dilemma for Obama’s campaign.

Senior Obama aides had planned to hash the issue out Tuesday evening and discuss it in a conference call with gay supporters advising the campaign at noon Wednesday, said sources in contact with the campaign.

When gossip guy Perez Hilton is disgusted and writes about politics Obama should realize the story is not going away:

A count done late Tuesday morning found at least 17 political blogs that had sounded off on the flap, ranging from americablog.com, to dailykos.com, to perezhilton.com, a popular celebrity gossip site.

On Monday, Obama issued a statement in an effort to quell the growing uproar but stopped short of canceling the campaign-sponsored tour. [snip]

The statement failed to appease Aravosis, the founder of AMERICAblog, and other activists.

“That’s nice, senator,” he wrote. “You strongly disagree with the bigot who thinks I need to be cured, and who has declared ‘war’ on me and my people…”

One active member of the LGBT community who is supporting Obama said that his e-mail inbox has filled with complaints about the controversy.

“I think Barack Obama is between a rock and hard place and I imagine it will get worse not better over the next 48 hours,” said the supporter who declined to speak on the record because he had not made up his mind whether to criticize Obama publicly. “I never heard about [McClurkin] until 36 hours ago. Someone sent me an e-mail of a blog on the Huffington Post. God bless the Internet. Things spread like wildfire.”

On the demograpically challenged DailyKooks, a decent Big Blogger altered Obama’s excuse statement, and put it in the context of race:

“I have clearly stated my belief that African-Americans are our brothers and sisters and should be provided the respect, dignity, and rights of all other citizens. I have consistently spoken directly to Caucasian religious leaders about the need to overcome the racism that persists in some parts of our community so that we can confront African-American issues and broaden the reach of equal rights in this country.

I strongly believe that Caucasians and the African-American community must stand together in the fight for equal rights. And so I strongly disagree with David Duke’s views and will continue to fight for these rights as a progressive blogger to ensure that America is a country that spreads tolerance instead of division.”

Nevertheless, David Duke is still on the schedule to sing at my Li’l Pumpkin Patch Halloween Party this weekend. I know it’s insane. I know it’s offensive to an entire class of Americans. But…have you ever heard him sing??? Angelic.

The “vetting” blame the staff excuse employed by the Obama campaign and supporters fell apart today when the Chicago Tribune noted that Obama met Donnie McClurkin at the Oprah fundraiser:

McClurkin and Obama first connected last month in California at an Oprah Winfrey fundraiser for the Illinois senator.

Where is Oprah?

In the Chicago Tribune article McClurkin denied his own history of gay bashing. AmericaBlog quickly demolished that argument:

Barack Obama’s good buddy, the religious right singer who thinks gays are out to kill your children and therefore need to be cured, now says that he’s never said anything at all about gays needing to be cured. Funny, then, that Donnie McClurkin let himself be profiled on the lead “gays can be cured” Web site, Exodus International.

What’s even more offensive than McClurkin trying to mislead the Chicago Trib about his past (and present) is the fact that Obama’s campaign clearly put him up to this interview with the Trib. Trust me, there is NO WAY this guy opened his mouth to the Chicago Trib about this matter without the Obama people setting the entire interview up, or at least approving of the entire thing. Obama is now trying to feed you misinformation about his top surrogates and their anti-gay campaigns. Nice, Senator. It was bad enough that you embraced an anti-gay bigot and put him on stage as your representative, but now you’re trying to polish his image in the media and lie about who he really is.

So I did a little more digging about just what Mr. Obama’s good buddy has had to say about gays, since Obama is now trying to tell us that McClurkin’s comments were all — ALL — taken out of context, per the Trib story. Here are a few quotes:
“there are many other things to be done to break the curse of homosexuality”Oh ok, so we don’t need to be cured, rather, our “curse” needs to be broken. Nice, Senator. Do you think being black is a curse? And how would if Hillary put someone on stage to raise money for her who thought that your race was a curse? Would you say that his words were being taken out of context?

“there are countless people who are discontent in this lifestyle and want to be freed from it. They were thrust into homosexuality by neglect, abuse and molestation.”

Oh, so we’re gay because we were sexually molested. Nice. You are aware, Senator, that this is one of the biggest slurs from the religious about gay people, and that it’s an absolute lie. How would you feel if one of Hillary’s people claimed that you are the way you are because you and all your people were sexually molested? I.e., you are the way you are because you’re seriously screwed up? Then there’s this:

“We do it with the drug addict! We do it with the alcoholic! So why can we not do it with those who have sexual differences?”

Gays have no character and are like liars:

“There are certain things like, you know, anybody who has a lying problem; they get to the point where they hate being so, having such a lack of character that they make a change.”

And then there’s my favorite “out of context” Donnie McClurkin quote:

“The gloves are off and if there’s going to be a war, there’s going to be a war. But it will be a war with a purpose? I’m not in the mood to play with those who are trying to kill our children.”

Yeah, um, that would be people like you and me who are trying to “kill our children.”

Yes, Senator Obama, McClurkin is the perfect representative for your campaign. He thinks gays are a curse, that we need to be fixed, and that we’re trying to “kill children.” And I’m sure you’d have nothing to say about this if he were saying the same thing about African-Americans and Hillary were promoting him.

Stop the spin, Senator, and do the right thing. You’re only making things worse.

Obama’s “new politics” is the old “wedge” politics – divide people and use hate to win.

Obama needs to turn the page on hate and gay bashing. Obama is making things worse.


62 thoughts on “Obama’s Sad Day

  1. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2007/10/24/watch-obamalinked-gospe_n_69687.html

    Huffington Post has video of McClurkin singing to George Bush:

    After you’ve done all you can, you just stand.
    Don’t give up, don’t give in, you just stand.
    Oh, Mr. President, tonight, you just stand.

    Salon also has this:

    “The decision by the Obama campaign to issue a mealy-mouthed statement condemning the singer’s views — but leaving McClurkin as part of the tour — only revealed how fine a line the presidential candidate is walking between his LGBT supporters and the black religious voters he covets.”

    “My guess is that the political cost of throwing the LGBT community on the bus was considered a fair price to pay to pick up some votes in the Palmetto State — the gamble being it would be far less likely to rise to a significant level of controversy in the mainstream media.”

  2. This is indeed spreading like a firestorm. LGBT community, like other minority groups is a very tight community. They don’t need to hear from cable TV of what’s going on.

    This drama has definitely pushed Obama further away from the ultra-liberal, high-income consitutiency within the democratic party. This constituency was Obama’s initial core support group nationa wide, and they have been drifting towards Clinton over the past few months. I guess this one has probably cemented their votes.

    I read some comments on a non-political forum(full of liberals though). Many members are disgusted by obama’s action, this is definitely the nail in the coffin.

  3. admin,

    what’s your thought on Edwards-linked PAC’s plan to swiftboat Hillary in early primary states? Do you believe Hillary campaign will respond?

    We need to push the ‘Edwards-linked’ angle of this story, uncover the hideous link and coordination between those Hillary haters and Edwards campaign.

  4. Kostner, we will have an article on this tomorrow. We’re making calls to get a better grasp on what is going on.

    The bottom line is that the Edwards campaign and supporters like Stoller are not the brightest bulbs. Hillary has been hit by pros for over 35 years. The Stoller’s will probably help more than hurt.

    Right now Edwards and his supporters have enough problems dealing with the Dodd reference to the price of haircuts in the Dodd ad.

    Just remember, these are not very bright people and they don’t know sh… anything about electoral politics.

  5. http://www.nhinsider.com/chaz-proulx/2007/10/21/beth-lamontagne-interviewsme.html

    Big New Hampshire grassroots guy endorses Hillary.

    also listed on Huffington Post:

    I endorse Hillary Clinton and look forward to working closely with her campaign. A number of factors have gone into my decision, but in the end it boiled down to experience coupled with a sound, achievable plan to put America back on track.

    Hillary’s Clinton’s policies on all the major issues I care about are intricately thought out and her three decades of public service are unequaled. She has been a visionary on health care, which tops my personal list of domestic concerns. Under her leadership America will finally join the rest of the industrialized world and have Universal Healthcare.

  6. Kostner,

    You are correct. The gay community is very tight knit and it IS indeed a HUGE deal. I live in West Hollywood, a densely populated mostly gay village. And EVERYBODY is talking about OBAMA. Its as common of small talk now as talking about the weather. And I am not exxagerating.

  7. Sandy1938, the talk must be about [the] Stormy Weather [hitting the Obama campaign].

    Wait until the gay bashing tour actually takes place. The door will close on Obama.

  8. I wonder if Obama believes he is passing his test to be President? His own self-imposed test of judging his abilities to be president based on his ability to run a campaign? He has made a lot of mistakes, but maybe we should take his word for it and just blame those all on the staff.

  9. Admin,

    Most definately. Gays feel as if OBAMA has thrown them under the BUS, and rightfully so. And east of West Hollywood, in Hollywood proper, I noticed that an office suite that has had an OBAMA poster in the window since March, has now removed it.

    How do gays feel about HILLARY?

    “Nevertheless, it’s Clinton whom gay voters are carrying the torch for this campaign season. she’s the one who captured our hearts long ago, and neither of us will let go”

    —–THE ADVOCATE, the Nation’s Leading gay news magazine.

  10. You can tell Obama knows he’s in trouble when he tries to quell HRC and release small insignificant statements hoping it will go away. This pissed me off, trying to get his supporters to call and ask HRC to hold their anger/criticism!!
    This is called free speech obama, in a democracy this is very common! You effin coward!

    With him showing he has no qualms with throwing the gays under the bus as long as he can get more supporters from the ‘gay bash’ community, I guess anything goes.

    This is one time I wish Hillary would release a statement and go after him. I know, don’t punch down, but it would seem THIS punch could be the KNOCK OUT!!!

    I guess this is a showing of his ‘great’ judgment! *shaking head*

    I liked that bit of rendition from the daylykos blogger, where ‘gay’ was altered with race. Just read that part, and realize how ridiculously insane this whole statement is.

    He is showing his politician side now!! Wanting to have it both ways, I won’t be surprised if his numbers go up amongst republicans who would vote for him, this will make him more ‘electable’. He should have run as a republican!
    There is, as it should be, zero tolerance for racism, and there SHOULD be zero tolerance for homophobia.

  11. GORTO,

    OMG!!!! Thank you for sharing that. My partner and I are members of the HRC and I am going to call them to tell them to “PLEASE DEMAND that OBAMA remove Donnie McClurkin and MARY MARY from the tour, and please plan protests!!!!!!!!!!”

    Self Defense is NO OFFENSE—GAYS BASH BACK!!!!!!!!

  12. This story makes me really sad. I think of Obama as one of the good guys — or did — but no longer.

    My suggestion to the Obama folks: You can find an anti-semitic strain not just in the black community but obviously in the white one too. Is Mel Gibson’s support available? Perhaps we could help by finding a few Christian Jew-bashing singers who could tour with Obama in Mississippi. His supporters will explain to us again how he is reaching out to everybody.

  13. Sandy that would be great, just as Obama wants his supporters to stop HRC, the rest of us should call HRC and commend them, support them and encourage them to keep the pressure on! Backing down is not an option when civil rights is the issue.

    Freckles, you make a good point about how many of his supporters have been using this ‘but but…he’s reaching out to everyone….?!?!!’ … 😮

    As you write, if this would have been an issue of someone using antisemitic slurs, they wouldn’t be saying this, and Obama would most certainly not get away with it! Goes to show that gay people are not seen as humans first and foremost….. sad…just sad.

  14. sandy, i think for the sake of my gay brothers and sisters around the country obama should not and will not be president. the main steam media is finally caught on to this punk. if he goes ahead with this gay bashing thug there should be protests every where against him. so much for his so called “bringing people together” bs. he is tearing people apart with that bigot supporting his run.

  15. Obama isn’t so much of a puzzle. He’s made a deal with the devil and his dilemma is all part of his fulfilling the agreed requirements IF he is to assume the presidency. Obama has always been a bought and paid for Republican shill.

    What is so pitiful, in feeling just a little bit of heat, he’s bawling under the pressure, requesting his supporters quell the drubbing he’s taking by mass callings to the HRC begging them to not criticize him publicly.

    Too bad he didn’t get his feet wet (feel the wrath of public outcry) when he discriminated against Baby Boomers a few months back.

    Obama is devoid of the “humanism” factor. A belief in social responsibility, individualism and the use of sympathy and imagination. But apparently not, when it comes to himself.

    How far have we lowered our expectations for a candidate holding the Highest Office in the Land? Does a media creation really qualify?

    Wasn’t it JFK who said: “With Great Privilege Comes Great Responsibility?”

    In lieu of this human crisis, the Obama defenders gliding through the world are the most despicable even more so than he is. They have insulted, berated and kicked the GLBT community to the curb telling them they also have been disappointed, equating Obama’s lack of social responsibility to their disappointment over the Iraq War vote.

    A high and mighty claim for those with the audacity to think we would encourage processing the humanity in politics like solving a mathematical equation.

    Is this who we are? Much of what makes us who we are is up to chance. There are many forces out there beyond our control, but.. If we are to succeed we can’t stand apart ….we have to embrace.

    Mrs. S.

  16. admin, i cannot for the life of me believe obama is going to allow this guy to caimpaign for him in south carolina. i mean who is running his damn caimpaign? it is devastating and shocking politically.it looks like he is going to go ahead and go through with it. by the way, my heart goes out to the southern califorinia wildfire victims.

  17. Terrondt,

    I love it when you call O BLAH BLAH a punk, because that is EXACTLY what he is. I made up my mind about him and his shifty ways the MOMENT I heard about his voting “PRESENT” on ABORTION RIGHTS (which btw, I learned about in HERE, and then researched it, and it IS 100 percent accurate).

    But now I am starting to agree with MRS S. that he is indeed a GOP shill.

    In any case, I cant wait to join the protests!!!!

  18. sandy, the msm is now reporting what admin and the rest of us have been doing for months, calling on obama’s bs. our job is to keep up the pressure and call obama on more crap he has been dishing out. i also left a comment on the huffington post about never supporting a candidate who has a bigot supporting him or her. they are all riled up on that nutkook blog. even the haters are having a tough time defending him.

  19. Looks like Clinton is very strong in NV according to an article on hillaryhub. Another embarrassment of Obama’s campaign in NV. Trotting out an endorsement from a wife beater??? Geez

    The conventional wisdom still says a lot can happen in the next 80 days to change the outcome of Nevada’s Jan. 19 Democratic presidential caucus.

    For starters, three key labor groups have yet to weigh in and none of the top three candidates has begun to advertise on television, leaving Sen. Hillary Clinton’s lead in the polls just that — a lead in the polls.

    It’s also impossible to tell who exactly will be attending the early caucus. So Sen. Barack Obama’s strength in bringing new voters to the fold could, in fact, shake things up.

    But if you believe, as I do, that Democratic activists and a few inveterate voters are going to really show up in force at the caucus, the race has already been won.

    Clinton showed Sunday why she’s ahead nationally and in Nevada. It certainly helped that she was in town and holding two public events. But perhaps the two biggest stops on her itinerary that have gone unreported are what makes her campaign almost unstoppable.

    After waking between 2,000-thread-count sheets at the Four Seasons, Clinton attended services at Victory Missionary Baptist Church in West Las Vegas. Dr. Robert Fowler, the pastor and a member of her steering committee, welcomed her to the fold.

    The black churches of West Las Vegas are still in many ways the opening to black voters, a majority of whom have come to expect these election cycle visits as a requirement for their support.

    Obama events continue to draw a more diverse and younger crowd than events staged by the other Democratic candidates. But Clinton certainly won’t be ceding the black vote in Nevada. And if Sunday’s reception at Victory Baptist was any indication, she hasn’t much worry on that front.

    After that stop, Clinton met with the local Service Employees International Union, which is poised to make an endorsement from a short list of the top three candidates. She certainly hasn’t lost any ground to former Sen. John Edwards there, and she may put the dagger into his campaign by nabbing the SEIU and its powerful get-out-the-vote activists from neighboring California.

    Clinton’s campaign doesn’t appear to need that muscle. It is everywhere.

    Those attending the Clark County Democratic Party’s Central Committee meeting Sunday could not escape the signature, dark-blue Clinton signs. Volunteers waved them on street corners a full six blocks from the meeting at the Clark County Government Center. From Bonneville Ave., you had to crane to catch the occasional Edwards or Bill Richardson sign at the entrance to the parking lot. And once in that lot, every parking space was under a Clinton sign.

    The Obama campaign had a table but didn’t have much of a presence.

    Similarly, if you head out to Democratic clubs and organizations, you are as likely to hear a pitch for Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich as you are for Obama. Clinton, Edwards, Richardson and even Sen. Joe Biden staff these meetings as if their campaign lives depended on it.

    The Clinton folks, with their swagger and numbers, drown out almost all else during the central committee meeting. She trotted out her local bona fides: Clark County Commissioner Rory Reid and state Senate Minority Leader Dina Titus. And then, for good measure, in response to one of many softball questions, she brought the standing-room-only crowd to its feet.

    “It took a Clinton to clean up the mess after the first Bush, and it’s going to take a Clinton to clean up the mess after this one,” she said.

    For all the talk of change, the biggest change most Democrats want is to win the White House. These voters weren’t, by and large, thinking of Clinton’s support for the Iraq war. They were preparing to jump onto a bandwagon with almost as much momentum as the one backing the Colorado Rockies.

    At this point, it’s hard to see what the big equalizer will be.

    For all the staff and talk, Obama’s organization is decidedly stealth. And while Edwards is still the labor candidate, it’s not a given he’s labor’s candidate this time.

    The Culinary union won’t offer an endorsement before next month’s big CNN debate at UNLV. That Nov. 15 event and the Clark County Jefferson-Jackson Dinner to follow will single-handedly put the Nevada caucus into the national media spotlight. A Culinary endorsement timed to those activities would provide some bounce, particularly if it went to Obama or Edwards.

    Edwards’ Nevada strategy appears to boil down to winning Iowa.

    Wednesday night, the Obama campaign unveiled African-Americans for Obama, highlighted by boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. I’m sure the Obama campaign vetted Mayweather’s tale of the tape beyond his 38-0 record, to include his misdemeanor battery conviction.

    Clinton, on the other hand, goes right into the black community, attending a church with 10,000 members who might respect their pastor’s endorsement.

    The dynamics could still change, but not if Clinton has anything to say about it.

  20. Anti-Clinton PAC hiding its connection to Edwards campaign

    Hurowitz, who is forming a PAC to swiftboat Clinton in early primary states, is obviously a liar. His connection with Edwards is now uncovered.

    This is what he said yesterday per politico.

    Hurowitz and Goldman have both contributed to the campaign of former North Carolina Senator John Edwards, but Hurowitz said their effort is independent of any campaign.
    “We have no plans right now to back any particular candidate,” Hurowitz said.

    The American Prospect has dug out some stuff.

    New anti-Hillary Clinton PAC president Glenn Hurowitz of DemocraticCourage.com has previously endorsed Clinton rival John Edwards for president, according to an October 14 press release from the Edwards campaign.

    On the morning of Oct. 14, the Edwards campaign sent out a press release headlined “EDWARDS WINS ENDORSEMENT FROM FRIENDS OF THE EARTH ACTION.” Following news of that endorsement, the release read:

    Lance Holter, Board Member of HI Sierra Club, Chair of Maui Sierra Club Chapter*
    Glen Hurowitz, Principal of Democratic Courage
    Jared Duval, Writer, Former National Director of Sierra Student Coalition*

    Hurowitz’s name is not listed on a truncated version of the press release currently on the John Edwards for President web site, however a copy of the release posted on Oct. 15 on the Democratic Talk Radio Blog listing Hurowitz among the “National Environmentalists for Edwards Leaders” remains available online. I also have a copy of the original press release with Hurowitz’s (misspelled) name on it in my e-mail inbox.

    Edwards campaign and his guy obviously believe they can hide the connection and coordination since his name was ‘truncated’.

  21. Glenn Hurowitz, who is running the liberal stop-Hillary PAC, volunteered to me yesterday that he’d contributed to John Edwards, but said his group won’t support a candidate. Garance Franke-Ruta also noticed that Hurowitz has actually formally endorsed Edwards, in his role as “influential environmental leader.”

    The group’s argument that Hillary isn’t a true progressive, and won’t build a progressive movement, dovetails nicely with Edwards’ message.

    We won’t be able to see until January who’s funding the group, and the extent to which it engages Edwards’ base of support among trial lawyers.

    ALSO: A more directly pro-Edwards independent message is this radio spot from Friends of the Earth Action.

  22. KOSTNER,

    I honestly am worried about this ad. I shouldn’t be, because we all know that HILLARY is probably ALREADY AWARE of it and has a plan.

    Its really low that someone is going to try to SWIFTBOAT her from our own party.

  23. Stupid move by Howard Dean is destroying democrats’ chance in FL, a new poll shows.

    Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has taken back the lead over New York Sen. Hillary Clinton 46 – 43 percent in Florida, reversing a 46 – 43 percent Clinton lead two weeks ago, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

    Giuliani still dominates a Republican primary, with 30 percent, but Arizona Sen. John McCain has bounced back to 14 percent, tying former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has 12 percent. This compares to an October 10 poll by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University which showed Giuliani with 27 percent, Thompson with 19 percent, Romney with 17 percent and McCain trailing with 8 percent.

    Sen. Clinton leads a Democratic primary with 43 percent, down from 51 percent October 10, while Illinois Sen. Barack Obama’s 18 percent is little changed. Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards gets 12 percent.

    Among Florida’s independent voters, 22 percent say they are less likely to vote for a Democrat for president because of the Democratic National Committee’s decision to strip the state of its national convention delegates because of Florida’s early presidential primary.

  24. Sandy1938, we’ll be writing about this swiftboat of fools later today. You are right about calling Human Rights Campaign and protests. As Terrondt points out this is the issue that has finished off Obama. The pulled Obama sign in the window you describe is a harbringer of things to come.

    As we noted in the article Obama met McClurkin at Oprah’s bash. That bash and fundraiser in retrospect has hurt Obama. It raised expectations that Oprah would raise Obama’s numbers but instead it has hurt Oprah’s numbers. Obama must rue that day because that is when Oprah introduced him to McClurkin. Oprah meanwhile is silent on this issue.

    Today the Union Leader in New Hampshire is discussing the gay bashing tour. The Union Leader will have a new New Hampshire poll with Hillary ahead 42.6 to Obama at 21.5. The numbers for Obama will get worse once the very proud NH gay community and supporters find out about this gay bashing tour.

  25. kostner, I’m guessing by the time the GE rolls that whole DNC flap in Fla. will have been forgotten. At least I hope. Anyway, the Quinnipiaic Fla. polls show Hillary and Rudy flip-flopping leads within the margin of error pretty regularly.

    I also want us to expose that Hurowitz guy to the MSM and progressive blogs as much as possible. His links to Edwards are so obvious. Of course, as admin has said, Edwards isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to his campaign.

    And, kostner, thanks for posting that interview with Hillary. I loved it!

  26. terrondt:

    Is there a gender split on LGBT issues in the black community, i.e. women less anti-gay than men?


    I just breaks my heart that Howard Dean and the 4-state pledge have screwed the Democratic candidates in Florida. Hillary is going to have to do repair work that shouldn’t have been necessary in that key swing state. It just makes me want to scream. And, most of the netroots is laughing about it. I don’t know about you guys, but I didn’t think Florida was a laughing matter in the 2000 election.

  27. hwc,

    you should write a diary on mydd slashing Howard Dean and his incompetence. His fundraising ability is dismal, a recent Washington Post article also painted an unpleasant pic of this egomaniac. You can also cite this poll to demonstrate how much Howard Dean has done to democratic party’s chance in FL.

    22% of independents will be less likely to vote for a democratic party nominee.

  28. hwc,

    btw, in that Washington Post interview, Dean seemed to suggest he’d relinquish power when the nominee was decided. Thanks God.

  29. “Dean seemed to suggest he’d relinquish power when the nominee was decided.”

    Dean is full of crap. It’s more like the nominee will change the locks on the DNC doors on Feb. 5th.

    I’m too angry to write a diary about Florida right now. Not only do have the voters pissed off at the DNC, but the Republicans have had a week-long Hillary bash fest in Florida and Clinton can’t even respond with a campaign appearance or sending Bill to the state convention next week. The DNC has tied the party frontrunner’s hands behind her back. It’s so insane, it just makes my blood boil. It’s a four month freebie for the Republicans.

  30. HWC, did you see that former Clinton admin posting on mydd? I can not believe Deval Patrick is wasting political capital this way. I got so many people to vote for him by saying, “well, he was a Clinton appointee”. What do you make of that? Do you think it will make a difference in NH?

  31. “I am so disappointed to see Hillary down in the polls in Florida.”

    It could well be permanent. She is not allowed to respond until Feb 5th when she can tell the DNC and the 4-state blackmailers to go to hell.

    Four months of unanswered Republican framing in Florida could be the whole ballgame. We’ll just have to see how it all plays out.

  32. mj,

    I see only drawback of Deval Patrick’s endorsement. In many ways, Obama’s ascendancy is very similar to Patrick’s. But Patrick has been a huge disappointment in his governoring of MA. NH has lots of MA transplants, and they read, listent to what’s covered in MA media.

    It is hard not to question whether Obama will be the same as Patrick for those NH voters. I really believe it’s not good for Obama’s campaign.

  33. I don’t think Duval Patrick’s endorsement will help Obama in New Hampshire. It may hurt him. The voters of Massachussetts took a shot on the charismatic, but inexperienced Patrick. The first nine months of his administration have been a disaster, with headlines dominated by rookie mistake after mistake — lavish spending on offices, big limos, etc. His first major initiative is pushing for casino gambling, which has people scratching their heads. So, in a way, he’s kind of the living embodiment of voters concerns about Obama.

    Politically, it’s a huge gaffe for Patrick. He got bad, bad advice from his political strategist (David Axelrod). Keep in mind that Hillary and Bill Clinton not only endorsed Patrick, but did fundraisers for him. He just returned the favor by kicking them in the groin. He should have stayed neutral.

    I’m not connected, but I’m guessing that Obama’s gay-problem will kill him in Massachusetts, where the gay community is very politically active in the big limousine liberal Cambridge/Harvard wing of the party.

  34. BTW, for the non-New Englanders….it’s important to understand that New Hampshire is part of the Boston media market. With the exception of an ABC affiliate in Manchester, New Hampshire watches Boston TV stations. Most of the population in New Hampshire is located in Boston suburbs — an hour or so from downtown Boston. New Hampshire is well aware of Deval Patrick’s rocky start in Massachusetts.

  35. Kostner, I know your opinion on Deval Patrick, but it is not so simple. I was asking HWC because like me he lives here.

  36. mj:

    Here’s the problem Obama faces in New Hampshire (and elsewhere). Democrats all like him a lot; they just don’t think he’s ready to be President.

    That’s a really bad problem because there is nothing he can do to fix it. If they didn’t know him, he could campaign more. If they didn’t like him, he could win them over with his charm. But, those aren’t the issues. The issue is that he has no major league experience and nothing he can say or do will change that. Voters aren’t stupid.

    The only option left for him is to try to destroy Hillary Clinton and hope that voters turn to him while standing in the smoldering rubble of an ugly, destructive primary battle. He and his 4-state pledge co-conspirators have already turned Florida into smoldering rubble for the Democrats. I just hope they don’t do much more damage. The problem is that there is zero leadership in the Democratic party right now, leadership that can quietly go to the candidates and warn them off suicidal actions. Howard Dean is leading the charge against the Democratic Party. Reid is weak. The only national figures staying effectively “on positive message” for the Democratic Party are Hillary and Bill Clinton…and they’ve got all of the Republicans and all of the Democratic opponents attacking them for it.

  37. Looks like the Iran debate is heating up. I really hope Clinton won’t be so defensive on this one. Those other candidates are chosing to side with doves on this issue.

    Clinton should speak loudly and clearly when challenged by wimps such as Edwards/Obama/Dodd that the vote was not permission to war, but doing nothing on Iran is unacceptable.

  38. hwc,

    The gay issue is really killing Obama among his leftover constituency. The liberal wing is not buying him anymore and the concert has not even started!

    National journal has a great artlce analyzing how Clinton has made huge inroad into educated women bloc for the past few months, Obama’s support among this group is collapsing.

  39. Obama is all over the map now. Seems everytime the big blogs say jump, he syas “How high.” The FISA bill is a big one. When he qualified his initial response, they went after him for clarification. It took him until nearly the end of the day to do it. Hmmm. Guess we know who owns his ass. Or part of any way.

    John at Americablog is pissed about the ex-gay minister thing. He is asking for ideas for slogans to chant and put on signs when they follow Bwak to picket him. Send him an e-mail. Mine is “Obama: A Bigot on the Down Low.”

    Kostner, I understand your concerns about Iran. I think she should stand up. There is a mighty big difference between Iraq and Iran- Iran has started a nuclear program. Iraq never had one. If the doves want to play “Peaceniks Rejoice” they are welcome to. Off the national stage. Diplomacy can work here, but not if those wimps keep taking all necessary force off the table. Besides, they miss the cross-over Repubs and the Independents on this issue. You can’t build a coalition of votes for the GE w/o the understanding that national defense is a very serious and still viable topic.

    Maybe that’s why Bwak is now saying he’d take up arms to defend against another 9-11. Hmmm. Does that guy ever have an original idea???

  40. Clinton also appears to be making some inroads with male voters. Of course, she’ll lose the male vote to the Republicans (all Democrats do), but I’m not seeing any signs that she will fare worse than Gore or Kerry among male voters. That’s good news because it means that whatever edge she has with women won’t be offset by losses among men.

    BTW, I think we are in a very dangerous period of time for the Democrats between now and January. The party is really adrift with no unified strong message or leadership voice. Hillary and Bill Clinton are the obvious answer to this glaring weakness. The sooner the party rallies behind them, the better for the Democrats. Fortunately, Congress will be on recess for much of the next two months.

  41. hwc,

    Congress led by the democrats has done nothing. The anti-war faction has led their nose for some fruitless debate on Iraq. The causualties in Iraq are obviously down, and there’s zero chance they could persuade wavering GOP to side with them.

    Can they tackle with some bread-and-butter issues instead of tangoing with those big blogs. Thanks God, they’ll be in recess soon.

  42. hwc, Your points on the Hillary bash-fest in Fla. are sobering. That was something I hadn’t considered. I wish there was a way someone from her campaign could blunt that, but I guess there’s not much that can be done till the nomination is won. At least she’ll have plenty of time to repair the damage. But it shouldn’t have to be this way. 🙁

  43. Paula:

    I saw the problem the day the 4-state pledge surfaced. That’s why I was hoping Hillary wouldn’t sign it.

    Dean is sitting back while the other candidates conspire to cut the Democratic frontrunner off at the knees. In fact, he’s a participant.

    They would rather lose the election to the Repubicans than see Hillary Clinton nominated. Dean should have emphatically denounced any plan to keep the Democrats out of Florida and Michigan. It’s insanity.

    If you watch Clinton’s schedule, she’s hitting key general election states. A rally in Denver. A rally in Washington state. A rally in Arkansas. A rally in Atlanta. These are all geared towards building a general election foundation.

    Being locked out of Florida and Michigan is such a disadvantage. Clinton would be making a Florida swing probably once a month, generating large enthusiastic crowds.

  44. “Dean is sitting back while the other candidates conspire to cut the Democratic frontrunner off at the knees. In fact, he’s a participant. They would rather lose the election to the Republicans than see Hillary Clinton nominated. Dean should have emphatically denounced any plan to keep the Democrats out of Florida and Michigan. It’s insanity.”

    Agreed. Unfortunately, I don’t think Hillary had much of a choice about signing the pledge.

    Anyway, I can’t tell Edwards and Obama from the Repubs right now; they’re all going after her. But I doubt she’s surprised. I’m sure she knew it was coming.

  45. This may be my rose-colored glasses day, since I worry about everything, but I am not all that worried about Florida. Just as the Dems are going from “ABC — anyone but Clinton” — to “she’s the best”, I think the general will go the same way.

    I am wondering how all those people who don’t like Bill because of Monica, will feel about Rudy when they learn how he informed his wife and children about their divorce at a TV press conference. I think Hillary would walk away with the ‘character’ issue if it were Rudy-Hillary.

    Meanwhile, MSM coverage of Hillary, the debates, her surrogates, will probably keep her close till the general.

    Don’t be too hard on Dean — his 50-state strategy will now enable a lot of states usually conceded to the Republicans to be in play. If we can just get Obama and Edwards to stop attacking Hillary and start focusing on the Rep. field and the president,
    they would do better but they would stop giving ammunition to the Republicans.

  46. Dean sucks as DNC Chair…McAuliffe was much better and raised more money. No wonder Dean couldn’t win the nom, he can’t even do this job. I think he’s out of there soon.

  47. I just heard on MSNBC the reason I am hoping that Giuliani is the GOP nominee. One pundit put it this way, “the more voters see of Giuliani, the less they like him.”

    I think he is the most vulnerable of the nominees and now that he has embraced the neocon view of war, I think his chances of winning the presidency are heading toward zero.

    I think that Romney might be the most serious contender because he looks the part.

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