A Gay Ol’ Time In South Carolina

What will Oprah say?

What will Oprah’s friend, Gale, say?

What will David Geffen say?

What will Albus Dumbledore say?

What will the Big Blogs say?

What will ‘uncomfortable’ John Edwards say?

What will liberal big dollar campaign donors say?

What will Big Media say?

What will they all say about “Barack Obama and the Bigot Gospel Tour”?

Barack Obama with his Embrace the Ripublicans policy must have been envious of all the homophobic talk at this weekend’s Ripublican Hate-Hillary Festival called the Values Voters Summit.

Obama has a lot in common with that crowd. Obama even gets them to record ads for him because Obama voted “Present” instead of “NO” on abortion bills when he was in the Illinois state legislature.

So now Obama has gone all the way in his Ripublican embrace. Obama has gone all the way, not in the biblical sense, but in the political sense, by announcing that a pastor/gospel singer who sang at the 2004 Re-Select Bush – Republican National Convention, will tour with Obama in South Carolina. The popular pastor/gospel singer and Obama tour buddy to be, Donnie McClurkin, has declared war on “the curse of homosexuality”.

McClurkin declared war on “the curse” in 2001. Years earlier the popular singer had performed his songs for both Old Bush and Bill Clinton. In 1992 McClurkin even performed at the Democratic National Convention. But those days of Clintonian tolerance and openess in the 1990s have ended.

In 2001, six years ago, filled with various demons and urges, McClurkin turned his personal anguish into a campaign of hate. Barack Obama has embraced this tragic bigotry by joining with McClurkin in a desperate tour through South Carolina to salvage his sunken campaign in South Carolina.

Recall, that George Bush, having lost the New Hampshire primary to John McCain in 2000 was in danger of also losing the subsequent primary in South Carolina. Bush saved his campaign in 2000 by winning South Carolina. George Bush accomplished this turnaround in his fortunes by running a hate campaign in South Carolina.

Obama knows his campaign is dead but still barely breathing in Iowa. Obama wants to show signs of life in a state other than Iowa to appease jittery donors. Therefore Obama will duplicate George Bush’s dirty but winning strategy in South Carolina.

Here is what Earl Ofari Hutchinson, thinks of Obama’s duplicate Bush in South Carolina strategy:

Enter McClurkin. He’s black, he’s popular, and gospel plays big with blacks in South Carolina, especially black evangelicals, and many of them openly and even more of them quietly loathe gays.

Bush masterfully tapped that homophobic sentiment in 2000 in part with McClurkin and even more masterfully in 2004 again with McClurkin and the top gun mega black preachers in Ohio and Florida. He tapped it so masterfully that Bush’s naked pander to gay bashing with the GOP spawned anti-gay marriage initiative in Ohio did much to win over a big chunk of black evangelical leaning voter to Bush. [snip]

This lesson isn’t lost on Obama. Desperate to snatch back some of the political ground with black voters that are slipping away from him and to Hillary; Bush’s black evangelical card seems like the perfect play. Obama wouldn’t dare go down the knock gay path, and risk drawing the inevitable heat for it, if he didn’t think as Bush that anti-gay sentiment is still wide and deep among many blacks.

Who will denounce Obama’s ugly strategy?

The fictional headmaster of Harry Potter lore, the recently ‘outed’ Albus Dumbledore, will speak out with more vigor than the PINOs and Naderites who will say nothing. Their sainted Nader calls abortion and gay rights “gonadal politics“.

Oprah and her close friend Gale, strongly bonded Obama supporters, have not said a word against this ugly strategy.

David Geffen, the gay billionaire and strong supporter of Obama has not said a word against this ugly strategy.

The Big Blogs and Big Media have mostly been silent against this ugly strategy. [Some gay blogs have started to speak out. A good story appeared on Huffington Post. But when is the other Gabor sister, Arriana herself, going to speak out against this ugly strategy?]

Hillary and John Edwards and all the other Democratic candidates will probably be denounced by Obama and his Chicago circus, as opportunists, if they speak out against this ugly strategy. And undoubtedly John Edwards is ‘uncomfortable’ with the entire issue and topic.

Obama, we recall, was given a free pass on some remarks he made during a Democratic debate in late June which some thought were homophobic. If Obama persists with his Bigot Tour of South Carolina that free pass will have to be revoked.

Obama, we also recall, has made an ostentatious display of his alleged “Core Principle”: “We can’t just tell people what they want to hear, we have to tell them what they need to hear.” Obama even aired an advertisment (called “Quiet”) trumpeting his “Core Principle”. Time to put up or shut up Barack.

Will Obama remain “Quiet”?

Will Barack Obama persist with his South Carolina Bigotry Tour? Will Obama denounce anti-gay bigotry? Will Obama denounce, in front of the churches and constituents he desperately needs, anti-gay bigotry?

Will Obama denounce his touring partner’s homophobic views?

Will Obama start representing the Democratic wing of though on this civil rights battle?

What will Obama say?