Barack Obama Slimes Hillary Clinton on Leno Show

Update: Hillary Clinton is one classy lady:

“The last couple of weeks I’ve been getting a lot of attention from the men in this race.”

“At first I didn’t know what to make of it.”

“And then a good friend of mine said, ‘You know, when you get to be our age, having that much attention from all these men …,'”

“I’m not interested in attacking anyone,” “I’m interested in attacking the problems of our country and solving those problems and working together.”

“I’ve obviously gotten used to being attacked myself, and I don’t mind being attacked, but they should not be attacking children,”


Obama proved last night that he is related to Dick Cheney.

Obama slimed Hillary Clinton last night on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Once again Obama compared Hillary Clinton to George Bush. Obama did not learn from the first time when he called Hillary “Bush-Cheney lite”.

More garbage from Rezko’s friend:

Is Barack Obama worried about polls showing Hillary Rodham Clinton leading the Democratic presidential field?

“We’ve got a long way to go,” the Illinois senator cautioned Wednesday on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

“Hillary is not the first politician in Washington to declare ‘mission accomplished’ a little too soon,” Obama said, referring to President Bush’s 2003 speech in which he stood beneath a “Mission Accomplished” banner and declared the end of major combat in Iraq.

The video of the entire show is HERE.

From our article Carolina In My Mind an earlier “Bush-Cheney lite” moment:

Barack Obama made a soft-skulled statement in last week’s debate. He said he would meet one-on-one with dictators – including Holocaust denier Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and nuclear saber-rattler Kim Jong Il – without preconditions in his first year in office. Hillary Clinton rightly pronounced him naive.

Now we have Exhibit B that something is awry in the Obama camp. Rather than explain under what circumstances he would, in fact, sit down with tyrants, Obama has labeled Clinton’s strategy – to conduct robust diplomacy while remaining wary of being used for propaganda purposes – “Bush-Cheney lite.” What?


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  1. It’s so weird. He can’t talk about the Clintons in any kind of positive way. I just want to point out that it’s agreed upon what guests will be asked when they come out. So, it’s not a coincidence that the first half of the interview focused on sliming Hillary. That’s intentional. He’s gonna have one helluva hangover and a lot of work to do emotionally when this thing is over. Maybe if he loses decisively enough, it’ll be a sufficient shock to his system to knock him out of his hubris. This is a man who thinks he’s been soul searching and hasn’t. It’ll be interesting to find out what he’s made of when it’s all over. I can’t believe he’s on record as saying he thinks Michelle can beat Bill Clinton in a debate. What a bizarro, off-the-charts bit of ego that is. He’s smarter than Hillary and Michelle’s smarter than Bill. Like I said, the guy has a very unhealthy emotional obsession with the Clintons that he needs to get over. He’s reminding of Cliff Jackson in Arkansas. He’ll say anything to attack the Clintons.

    i did like how he handled the Cheney stuff and the story about his daughter introducing Cheney to his peeps. I thought that was a good moment for him.

  2. This is becoming just depressing. He wants voters to hate the only successful Democratic president in my lifetime? WTF? I will never unite behind this guy. It’s incredibly strange to hear him talk about unifying people when he’s really besmirching his own Party at every turn. Someone should remind him that Hillary is running, not her husband.

  3. I guess one should stop it if one knows it is not working. Not to know that it is not working when it is not working in politics, and to continue on the wrong attack route is damaging for any future endeavor.

  4. Not to say I wouldn’t vote for him. Most of us Hillary supporters are committed Dem’s. But, I won’t be happy about. Thankfully, Hillary wil probably win.

  5. good moring guys. when politics is in a heated debate at work i allways like to fill you guys in on it. i was at my work station when i hear one of my fellow black co-workers trashing hillary with another black-jamacian who supports hillary. like a good hillary soldier i come to my comrade’s aid. the obama supporter was saying”when it all boils down, you have to vote for obama becuase he is the best chance of getting a black man in the white house”. that old tired reasoning. the elderly gebtleman said he is too young and inexperienced, let him get more years then we will see. then the obama rooter trashes hillary’s experience in the white house as”just hosting dinners”. wtf, i said she did a whole lot of issues dealing with everyday life since obama was in middle school. then, get this, he compaired obama to martin luther king. i could not let him get away with that”obama can’t hold a candle to mlk, so don’t go there”. he then implied that we are selling out our race for supporting a white woman over a black man.i’m like “don’t put that black guilt trip on me, i don’t play race games like that”. i don’t have no problem with other blacks making the case for obama, but i do object to them trying to play race games in order to get that person to vote for obama. later in the shift, the elderly co-worker just said that young man is just ignorant. the young african-american male is locked up by obama. the woman, and older blacks like myself are more open to hillary. i just had to share that exchange with you all. i will fight for hillary at home,street, and work. FOOT SOLDIER INDEED.

  6. mj, im glad hillary is doing so well now so i don’t have to vote for the punk. if it came to that it will be one of the most miserable votes i have ever have cast for a dem nominee since 1988. i would vote for him but i would throw up in the voting 2008 will be my 6th vote for president.


    “In his third-quarter financial report filed this week with the Federal Election Commission, Senator Barack Obama did not provide a full accounting for where his campaign had spent money on travel, catering or a variety of other expenses.

    The report filed late Monday shows dozens of payments to credit card companies that were not accompanied by a specific explanation of what the money was spent on. As much as $1.2 million in credit card charges in July, August and September did not contain detailed information of hotels, airfare and campaign expenditures.

    Campaigns are required to provide detailed information for any payments exceeding $200 to a business or individual in a year, said Robert Biersack, a spokesman for the F.E.C.

    The Obama report, which was filed minutes before the Monday deadline, did not provide detailed spending in Iowa, New Hampshire and other states.

    In the second quarter of the year, for example, the Obama campaign reported spending $52,000 on hotels in Iowa, but in the last three months, the campaign listed only $398. While the campaign reported spending about $300,000 in commercial air travel in the second quarter, the third-quarter report listed only about $70,000.

  8. Obama is nothing more than a fraudulent, opportunistic POS!

    He deserves not an iota of respect. He should be derided and ridiculed at every turn…He is a disgrace to his race and will be a detriment to those who have gone before him. The greats, like MLK whos struggles made a difference for his people and Medger Evers who stood for something..and had his life taken from him is remembered as a black hero.

    This POS is a disgrace and should be run out of town as a shyster, snake oil salesman and carpetbagger on a rail!

    It’s pretty obvious, those Cheney genes are showing. Obama is just as sociopathic as the rest of his family..the all LIE, CHEAT and Steal!

    Mrs. S.

  9. Obama’s not looking for Lobbyists for manpower. He’s looking for Lobbyists to seek corporate donations! Who’s he kidding?

    Mrs. S.

  10. thanx mj. i have to defend hillary from the haters from the far left and right. it’s a everyday battle. it will be half over in 3 months. then on to guliani in the fall whom i feel will edge out a win fro the repuke nomination.

  11. Notice how Obama seems very pleased to tell Jay how people have been doing genealogical studies of him? The man is not doing too well not that the “obama fad” has worn off – The gushing admiration that he used to receive from a complacent press corps built up his own egomaniacal fanstasies about his personal greatness. Now thats worn off, he is losing large everywhere, and it must be quite a shock to his system, because as he thought, to “know him is to love him,” and people have had quite some time to get to know him, but instead of loving him, things just keep getting worse and his support gets weaker.

    What a weak stumble-bum answer to the question about Bush’s WWIII comment. The problem with Washington is not a failure to get along with the Republicans, but the failure to forcefully stand up to them. Do we really want more Democrats who aren’t going to fight back?

    Did anyone else notice Obama’s ill-hidden loathing of the middle-class? It must have been truly shocking for Obama to find that in a “barn” somewhere a person wearing “overalls and a seed hat” was well-informed enough to ask a question about Burma. Gee, I’m shocked too, I guess the arugula isle of whole foods is not the only place where you can find intelligent people. Maybe these farmer types aren’t all a bunch of rubes after-all.

  12. Obama certainly is short-sighted. I am a yellow dog, and I will remember his campaign in the future. I am not sure what he proposes to do to repair the damage he is doing, but I think he needs to be a grown-up before he runs for any other office. I say this as his elder.

  13. admin,

    Too bad that rollcall article is subscription only…
    Obama is a typical egomaniac and I can’t wait to see him fall from grace.

  14. Sen. Obama is making me very angry. But more importantly he is showing bad judgment by accepting the MSM advice to hit Hillary hard.

    1. The MSM want a story and with Hillary doing so well, they can now write and bloviate about the “fight”. Axelrod may think that any coverage is good, but he’s wrong.

    2. Obama now sounds exactly like the Republicans who, in their debate, mainly said that the reason we’re in a mess is because of Hillary’s candidacy (!?)

    3. Obama’s task is to wean away Dem. voters who now favor Hillary. Does he think that comparing her to President Bush is going to sway them into his direction? He should be telling us that he can do all the things that Hillary can do and more. Or that he is the real heir to Bill.

    4. The line that Hillary brings a down side with her, however he expressed it, makes it sound that he doesn’t have a downside. He’s the country’s first perfect candidate! The one thing about an Obama-Giuliani contest would be the problem with fitting both into the same room with their egos.

  15. kostner,

    That is such an apt description of Obama — EGOMANIAC.


    Egotism is the doctrine that individual self-interest is the appropriate motive and valid end of all conscious action. Egotism manifests itself as excessive rationalization, denial, or narcissism, as well as the inordinate concern for oneself or a tendency to speak or write of oneself boastfully and at great length. Egotism may also be coupled with an inflated sense of one’s own importance, at the denial of others. This conceit is a character trait describing a person who acts to gain values in an amount greater than that of the values he/she gives to others. Egotism is often accomplished by exploiting the altruism, irrationality and ignorance of others, as well as utilizing coercive force and/or fraud.

    That’s O-BOMB-A in a nutshell.

  16. Is this guy on drug. O-bomb sent another fundraising email to bash Clinton…

    Obama compares Clinton to Bush on Leno last night:

    “Hillary is not the first politician in Washington to declare “Mission Accomplished” a little too soon.”

    Also, the campaign is like Iraq? Extend the analogy below…

    Obama sent this out in a fundraising email early this morning, after the jump.


    I’m leaving the Tonight Show studio and I wanted to share something.

    Jay Leno just asked if it bothers me that some of the Washington pundits are declaring Hillary Clinton the winner of this election before a single vote has been cast.

    I’ll tell you what I told him: Hillary is not the first politician in Washington to declare “Mission Accomplished” a little too soon.

    We started this week $2.1 million behind the Clinton campaign — a lead they built in large part with contributions from Washington lobbyists and special interest PACs.

    We don’t accept money from federal lobbyists or PACs. But we’ve already cut that advantage in half with small donations from people like you.

    Let’s close the rest of that gap now. Please make a donation of $25:

    Thank you,


  17. Someone at myDD wrote the following:

    “If I was advising her I’ll say you have done enough , especially when you are the frontrunner . You are putting out proposals like you are down 20.”

    I’m actually glad you brought this up, Lori. It brings up a topic that has been getting on my nerve, that of “inevitability.”

    Obama’s, Edwards’ and Richardson’s campaigns have all accused of ‘acting like she’s already won.’ I keep thinking to myself, wtf are you guys talking about?

    This woman is campaigning like mad. Last week, it was an aim for the middle-class; this week, she’s targeting women’s issues. She’s working for every single vote. She’s criss crossing the country. This is no Fred Thompson we’re talking.

    Seems every other week, she’s coming out with a detailed proposal. If she felt ‘inevitable,’ then why, as you say Lori, is she acting like she’s “down 20?”

    It’s the media that is slapping that “inevitability” label around. Hillary told a group of supporters that that term made her feel ‘uncomfortable’ and that she knows she has to earn every vote.

    And if Obama, Edwards and Richardson were a little more honest, then perhaps I’d actually respect them a bit more.

    by FilbertSF on Thu Oct 18, 2007 at 03:48:34 AM EST

  18. From politico:

    One more interesting claim from Mark Penn this morning: He argued, based on private polling, that Hillary is set to take almost a quarter of Republican women’s votes in a general election.

    “Republicans are not prepared for the loss of a substantial group of Republican women voters…even in the South,” he said. “You’re going to see 24% of Republican women voters defect because of the emotional element of having a woman nominee.”

    The other group he thinks Hillary’s likely to pick off from the Bush coalition: Protestant Hispanics.

  19. When my yellow-dog friends get mad, they send me emails.
    My, my — my mail box is filled this morning. They are very angry with Auuugh-BAMA. One word that I read over and over again is DISHONESTY. How upset they are with his dishonesty.

    Uh-Oh, they are also very upset with their governor Deval Patrick endorsing the FRAUD. They wouldn’t have contributed and voted for Deval in the primary if Bill Clinton hadn’t campaigned for him. They are not going to hold back from criticizing his poor job performance from now on. Deval Patrick is very unpopular in Massahusetts due to his poor job performance. The Clintonites are the last vestige of loyal support that Deval has. It’s not going to be pretty when they abandon him — he’ll be thrown to the wolves. They are not happy Deval is getting mixed-up with the OBOMBA (D-Rezko) Chicago mob crowd and in the process compromising the access and clout we’ll have should Hillary win the Presidency. This is one more major poor judgement that Deval has accumulated upon himself. He really cannot afford another big blunder like this.

    I fear we may get another Republican governor if they are not happy with the incumbent governor in the next gubernatorial election.

  20. If there’s one thing Sen. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign wants people to know, it’s that she’s running a primary campaign, period.

    With national polls showing Clinton at or above 50 percent and beating Sen. Barack Obama by 30 points, some people have begun to suggest that she’s shifting her message to appeal to a general election audience. Her rivals, Obama and Sen. John Edwards, have complained to voters that she’s acting like it’s game over, without a single vote cast.

    Clinton officials insist that the truth is that they are far more nervous than cocky.

    “We are running a primary campaign. We do take every caucus, every primary, ever vote a hundred percent,” said Mark Penn, Clinton’s chief strategist.

    At a breakfast meeting today with reporters sponsored by The Christian Science Monitor, Penn said Clinton’s huge lead in the polls has not made her campaign feel overconfident or that her nomination is inevitable.

    “This race is certainly not over. It’s certainly in the major throes of the race,” he said. “We are running an all out primary campaign that seems to be playing well with the primary electorate.”

    The candidate, too, he said, is hardly taking it easy.

    “She’s out there virtually every day with new policy proposals,” said Penn. “She’s doing the opposite of someone sitting back.”

    Penn said Clinton has steadily improved her position among voters as they have gotten to know her.

    “She is probably the most famous but unknown person,” he said. “She continues to increase because people learn the images they had in the past were false ones.”

    Penn said that people often come up to him and say they think Clinton is great, but she can’t win the general election. That, he said, has been disproved by polls showing her beating each of the Republican candidates by seven or eight points, including in the battleground states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

    “I heard the Republicans want her as an opponent,” he said. “Perhaps someone once thought that, but I doubt they think that anymore given the way she’s progressed in the race.”

    But the first test is in Iowa, he said, where voters are still a long way from making up their minds, even as Edwards appears to be losing ground, Clinton is gaining and Obama seems to be staying the same.

    “There’s no sense in this campaign of taking anything for granted,” said Penn. “We understand full well how quickly these things change. The good news is that people are receiving her well.”

  21. HG, Are your friends upset at Obama for his Hillary comments last night? Or is it an accumulation of things? Even’s Greg Sargent thinks the “Mission Accomplished” crack was unfair.

    It seems to me that the more his campaign tanks, the more boastful and arrogant he becomes. I suspect it’s an attempt to keep his supporters from abandoning him.

    BTW, terrondt, great job defending Hillary! 🙂

  22. thanx paula, patrick’s endoresement is much a do about nuttin. remember ophra’s endoresement? a lot a good that did. i bet she will win the mass primary in a landslide, like my state of connecticuit, and the entire northeast for that matter.

  23. terrondt, I’m not worried about Patrick’s endorsement, either.

    HG, I’m hardly unbiased, of course, lol, but I think it was over the top. I’m assuming your friends were Hillary supporters to begin with?

  24. Paula,

    I haven’t checked their present presidential preference. Some have switched from supporting other candidates to Hillary recently.

    I think similar to CA, a great majority of Dems here, 50-60%, are supporting Hillary now. That’s a lot of Dems that are getting very upset with Obama’s “mission accomplished” comment.

  25. MSNBC has been covering the Oback Barama “campaign ad” on last night’s Leno program all day today and I’ve noticed something interesting. Early this morning, the tone of the reports were fairly even-handed, with the usual “he said/she said” take on the whole thing but with a lead-in of “Obama “blasts” Clinton on Leno”!

    Then later, the title of the lead-in changed to “Hillary fights Back!” or something to that effect, where they started showing her humorous attempt to blow him off from the other day.

    Now, the tone and tenor of the spots have become even more pro-Hillary as the female talking-heads of MSNBC have taken to mildly poking fun at Obama for equating Hillary with Bush (as many on here have highlighted) while sarcastically questioning Senator Barama’s assertion that there’s this growing “outrage” starting to be exhibited by voters towards Mrs. Clinton for her “Mission Accomplished” attitude.

    One anchor closed her segment by asking a question of her guest (who was also mildly derisive of Oback), “Where’s all this “outrage” he’s talking about”… “yeah, really!” was her answer.

  26. There are many reasons to question the merits of the Obama candidacy. They range from his lack of qualifications, his dearth of experience, his ties to the Chicago machine, his attack upon his own party, his lack of intestinal fortitude and his naivetee. Granted, some people are taken in by his rhetorical prowess, his Adli Stevenson style intellectualism, and they tend to ignore the foregoing deficencies.

    However, the people who are looking for results are less likely to be swayed by his dance of the seven veils. For them the main adversary is a Republican Party which has morphed into a three headed monster of: i) neo-cons (hell bent on war with Iran, and a permanent occupation of Iraq), ii) global business interests (who see national borders as sources of inefficiency and friction (as opposed to a source of national,
    civic and family identity) and iii) fundamentalists (who seek to legislate their form of morality. Traditional Republicans no longer have a seat at the table.

    Make no mistake this is a tough group to reason with, and a tougher one to fight with. Just ask Colin Powell, and all the other people who have spoken truth to power and paid for it with their careers. Ask the people who stood up to their nefarious attempts to eviscerate the Bill of Right (while the ACLU stood silent) and to create an imperial presidency, contrary to a time honored American tradition which is embedded in our Constitution and goes back to Washington himself. And listen to what the Republican candidates are saying in the debates, particularly Ron Paul.

    It has been obvious for some time now that the mainstream media has not done its job in terms of vetting the risks inherent in an Obama candidacy. The New York Times and Washington Post, with rare exceptions, been seriously deficient in this respect. What they fail to see is that Obama is a concilliator, whereas the current problems call for a fighter. The reason for this is quite clear: the three groups that control the Republican party favor the status quo (Dobson’s threats to the contrary notwithstanding) because it benefits them. And they are indifferent to the impact on the American People. In that respect they are incredibly short-sighted.

    If you believe as I do that our next President must focus on the interests of the American People, pursue policies consistent with their interests, and have the skill and determination to see them through then Hillary is the one. In my opinion, Obama fails the test, for the same reason that the lion does not lie down with the lamb–lions have a bad habit of eating them.

  27. wbboei, good analysis.

    Reading this whole thread, I am reminded that Bwak acts as if he is a king to-be and he is merely waiting for his coronation and in the meantime, we should all bow and kiss his ring. he acts offended that he even has to show up. Personally, I am offended that he is offended.

    When you break down who supports whom in this race and you do so by education and economic class, Bwak derives much of his support from like-minded, like-resourced people. What’s so wrong with his current “plan of attack” is that he, as a candidate, is, as wbboei states above, deficient. He cannot win over the huge group of potential voters he has shoved aside as being too small or small minded for his campaign. You just can’t do that after 10 months (okay 2 years) of campaigning. His message was never centered and he keeps pushing a “leader” mantel for which he clearly demonstrates no aptitude. Going on Leno at this late date and in attack mode wasn’t a bright idea. First, because that demographic doesn’t like him (and he clearly dislikes them) and second, because that demographic won’t like him attacking a white woman. There. I said it. Race and gender do play a part in this.

    He should have been on the attack months ago about policy issues and attacked with intelligence and real knowledge (unlike again the Pakistan gaffe). Instead, he wasted time relying upon his imaginary charisma (I still don’t see it) and talking up vague philosophical points. Earth to Bwak, most people don’t know what yoga is and don’t care. Most folks, think Deepak Chopra is an idiot. Veiling yourself in that New Age crybaby rhetoric doesn’t win elections nor does it inspire trust and confidence in your abilities to act as Commander in Chief. Then again neither does neglecting to attend every forum and debate out there or skipping your elected duties to raise money with Holywood types or hip-hop folks. Personally, I’m afraid he’d try to do a group hug with the leaders of Iran, Russia and China or worse yet, miss the State of the Union address because he had to stop and pick up a nickle on the sidewalk.

    Terrondt, anyone who would dare compare Bwak (or the punk as you call him) with MLK has obviously lost perspective. There is no conceivable way that Bwak is in any relation like MLK. MLK would have shown up to Jena. MLK would have not skipped a vote on First Amendment issues and he would have never cowtowed to the Upper Crust at the expense of the common man in need of real leadership. Bwak couldn’t shine MLK’s shoes. Not ever.

  28. I agree, it’s highly offensive to compare Bwak to MLK. MLK risked his life fighting for equality and his people.

    What has Bwak done so far? He’s peppered in elitist schools and has never suffered a day in his life. He’s basically a fantasy candidate propped up liberal elitists.

  29. Well, this is certainly not the headline attack dogs want to see… From Washington Post.

    Edwards Takes on Clinton’s Character

    Are the gloves finally coming off?

    Former Sen. John Edwards has stepped up his criticism of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton this week, aiming it about her character and truthfulness as well as her substantive policies. This represents a marked change for Edwards, who, even though he has been the attack dog among the top-tier candidates, has gone after her mainly on the question of electability (as he is doing again this week, on a four-day electability tour).

    Sen. Barack Obama is taking a sharper edge toward Clinton — and her husband — as well.

    Appearing on the Tonight Show on Wednesday night, Obama joined in mocking Clinton for her strategy of presenting herself as the inevitable nominee.

    “Hillary is not the first politician in Washington to declare mission accomplished a little too soon,” Obama said, to applause. “So we’re — we’ve got a long way to go before the first vote is cast, but we do this every year, every election. Four years ago, you know, President Howard Dean was coronated, and that didn’t work out. And so really until those folks start going into the polling place, these races end up being very fluid.”

    Leno chimed in with a dig at the character of Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, and his infamous problems with women. Leno asked Obama who would win a debate, the former president, or his wife, Michelle?

    “If there’s a debate between Michelle and Bill, you know, I’m putting my money on my girl,” Obama said.

    “You would leave your wife alone with Bill Clinton, would you?” Leno retorted.
    “You want to rethink that?”

    Edwards, meanwhile, has been pursuing Clinton on the question of her honesty and sincerity. During a stop earlier this week, Edwards criticized Clinton for her seeming fluidity on the issues in order to win. “Instead of moving from primary mode to general election mode, why don’t we have tell-the-truth mode, all the time, and not say something different one time than we say another time?” Edwards said.

    “We need to be able to trust both a presidential candidate and a president of the United States,” Edwards said. His comments came after Clinton voted to authorize labeling the Iranian guard as terrorists, a vote widely interpreted as her effort to start running a general election campaign rather than appealing to members of her own party.

  30. I frankly don’t see Edwards making it to the nomination at all. Even if Edwards wins Iowa there is no chance in hell that he will win the nomination. He does not have the resources to do it. Period. By attacking hillary, the only thing I can see is his support shifting to Obama. If people are desparate to get rid of hillary, they will coalesce under one candidate and it will be Obama. The only thing Edwards can do is cut a deal with Obama to give him the V.P. slot if he serves as his attack dog.

    Now they are comparing hillary to bush. By the time election rolls around, for all we know they might start comparing her to Bin Laden.

  31. I think Edwards annoys me worse than Obama does. That’s right, dumbass, attack Hillary on her character. As Dick Armey said, Edwards still doesn’t realize Hillary is smarter and tougher than he is, lol.

    BTW, a new Iowa poll has Hillary up 5. But this is very good news, because it’s a Strategic Vision poll, and they had Hillary in third place, well behind Edwards, until recently. Last poll had her up 2.

    Among 600 Democrats, Sen. Hillary Clinton narrowly leads Sen. Barack Obama (28% to 23%) in a statewide caucus; former Sen. John Edwards trails at 20%, Gov. Bill Richardson at 9%, Sen. Joe Biden at 6%.

  32. They already compare her to Hitler. Sometimes I wish we weren’t so ethical and could put out ads about the competition. John’s too metrosexual. We could question his gentic identity. XXY maybe? Or go-go boy? Or go after Bwak’s blackness/whiteness. We could do a whole “Carlton” series on him doing that goofy dance in an argyle sweater, penny loafers and tie.

    I’m just kidding of course, but it would help alleviate the boredom of seeing poll after poll of our girl kickin’ their ragged behinds.

  33. BTW, has there been a Hillary response to all this? “Hillary brushes off attacks” is the top headline on, so that would kind of count. But there’s nothing specificly directed at what Obama said on Leno.

  34. Hi,

    There’s no need for Clinton to respond to such petty attacks. Those attacks only make her look very presidential, above-the-fray. Considering she is the only female candidate in the field, all those attacks against her will only harden her core consititency – women, and will also likely win support from male voters.

    Voters do not like male whimps such as Edwards and Obama. Those two have no spines whatsoever, typical Dukukis-Kerry whimps.

  35. Kostner, I agree. I don’t think she needs to lower herself to respond to those attacks. Did you see a recent poll that showed Hillary strongly leading on the Macho factor? She is definitely seen as much tougher than the pretty boys.

  36. Clintons don’t go on Leno because Leno has been debasing Bill for a long time with comments like the one he made about Bill and Michelle. There is a line in comedy which you do not cross. Leno has crossed that line with Clintons long time ago. So you won’t see Hillary going there. She will go on Letterman and may go on John Stewart, but they remember how cruel he was with his jokes that were crossing the line.

  37. Women should reject Leno. Fine that he made those jokes when Bill was president. Bill created his own mess. But, Hillary is her own person, and she’s the first woman with a shot at the WH. He should show some restraint. His comments were not funny. They were baseless and tacky.

  38. What’s up with the dratted SEIU? Now Missouri and Kansas go Obama? Is NY going to do the right thing and endorse her or what? She’s got an excellent record with them and she’s actually running a more pro-union, pro-labor campaign than Obama so what gives?

  39. I think that OBAMA has finally lost his mind. I would not vote for him if he were the DEMOCRATIC nominee. He has shown us who he is. I have no respect for him AT ALL.

  40. They made their choice to completely snub her. Now they just have to go all out and defeat her because she will remember these snubbings. Her winning will not be good for them.

  41. It makes no sense though. Stern loved her health care plan. She’s leading in all the polls. Her man Ickles has a good relationship with the SEIU. And, she’s got a better pro-union record in the Senate than Edwards. Really, admin, do you understand this one. It just seems motivated to purposely humiliate her.

  42. Not that she will deliberately try to do anything, they just can’t complain if she does not pay much attention to their concerns. They can call on Edwards and Obama for the next 8 years to picket with them. 🙂

  43. Hey y’all. I am just fit to be tied about the way o’boma is acting. Do politicians burn bridges with this sort of thing or does everybody just forgive and forget? I am seriously worried about the man. Not in being a viable contender, but in the effects that this kind of negativity has on the party and the political contest itself. Hillary is so brilliant to keep runnin’ like she’s twenty points behind, rolling out new ideas every week, staying engaged and campaigning. She takes nothin’ for granted. I had a friend yesterday refer to somebody who was impressed with BO. But then, “he missed a few votes.” Well, luckily I’d been educated as to this because of this site as to the fact that it’s a long standing pattern with him. And it’s more than a few. I do think that Hills’ supporters need to be the ones to answer these charges and stand up for her while she stays above the fray. I am bettin the next debate is when she will take prisoners, actually. As long as she can do it without building some kind of sympathy for them. I appreciate the fact that she knows who the real enemy is–the repugs–the bushes and cheney’s. She has been focused on that all along because we are going to need a really united front to push the restart button, as she likes to say. –mollyj

  44. kostner and kiforhill, You’re right, of course, about Hillary not responding.

    ra1029, You make a good point about Leno. Hillary was on his show before but that was a while ago. I thought his remark about Bill and Michelle was tacky and put Obama in a tough spot. Every comedian on TV makes jokes about Bill’s infidelity, but some are clearly worse than others.

  45. When Hillary becomes President I am sure she will listen to the concerns of all working people, including those of the SEIU, but it is hard for me to imagine that their proposals, ideas and suggestions will carry the same weight as those of the unions who supported her in the primary.

    There was a meeting of labor law practioners at Harvard a few weeks ago. During that meeting, the point was made that it has been decades since we had a really distinguised Secretary of Labor, like Schultz, Dunlap, etc. I believe Hillary will look to the ranks of organized labor to find someone of that calibre.

    For these and other reasons, I hope that other unions affiliated with the Coalition to Win and the AFL-CIO see the virtue and the advantage of endorsing Hillary at this stage as many other unions have. It is good for the country.

  46. HILLARY has the AMAZING capacity to not hold grudges…..As much as I would PERSONALLY like to see her PUNISH those UNIONS that don’t endorse her, she wont.

    She worked side by side with the GOP in congress, co-sponsoring legislation, with the SAME PEOPLE who tried to IMPEACH BILL CLINTON.

    She truly is a UNIFIER. She has endured the MOST UNPRECIDENTED attacks in history, and when push came to shove, she got right down in the trenches with her attackers for the good of the USA.

    Can OBAMA say the same?????

  47. The joke is his campaign put out a memo yesterday saying that Obama is light years ahead of Hillary in addressing women’s issues. It would do good for him to learn some humility before insulting fellow democrats.

  48. More evidence that the attack on Hillary during the Leno show was premeditated (as if we needed more evidence). Not only did Obama send the email today quoting his ugly line from Leno but Obama’s pollster also sent out a memorandum today quoting the “Mission Accomplished” line.

    Benenson’s memo was attempting to refute Mark Penn’s research which shows Hillary might get 24% of Republican women’s votes. The Obama pollster attack memo has all the Obama attack lines (polarizing, etc).

    The memo ends with a quote from Obama on Leno last night on “mission accomplished”.

  49. hi everybody,

    Not sure what’s happening to netkooks. They’re now touting Dodd’s hold on FISA bill.

    When netkooks lose their collective mind, Obama & Edwards will suffer…

    Dodd, come on. I hope they will rally around this guy. One vote loss gain from Dodd is one vote lost in Edwards/Obama and one vote for Hillary in theory. LOL.

  50. Well, atleast Dodd offers something to vote for. He would be my second choice. I hope Hillary supports him on FISA.

  51. admin,

    Obama needs to fire his lousy pollster. He’s spent countless money on polls, all he gets is to count on a bunch of high school Obama stars in Iowa.

  52. Sandy, you are right on about Hillary. She knows how to work with the other side. Her record in congress is one of bi-partianship. And above all, she knows when to pursue principle and when to stand firm. That is the mark of a true leader.

    RA 1029, my dad was in the Navy prior to World War II. At that time the Navy had a battle group which was known as the lighter than air squadron. It was comprised of dirigibles like the Hindenberg. What kept them aloft was hot air. Sometimes they went down in flames. When Obama says he is light years ahead of Hillary in addressing womens issues, I think of him as the Hindenberg.

  53. Terrrondt thanks so much for your ‘report’ !!
    I loved reading this as I do reading all peoples stories about Hillary and how she is doing. Thanks for posting, and you are a true FOOT SOLDIER!! Keep up the good work.

    HG, I like the analysis you posted, I thought this line especially rang true: “Egotism may also be coupled with an inflated sense of one’s own importance, at the denial of others.” That’s Obama alright!!!

    I am really annoyed with how this story of Hillary projecting herself as inevitable, and as if she has already won….
    She has never said this, and yet ‘everyone’ seems to report that ‘she’ has said it, or at least heavily implying she has. And this is something we see Hill camp try to hit back at, but that doesn’t seem to get much attention.
    This kind of a story is something which can backfire, people don’t like to be told who to vote for, or that the race has been decided. This can make people want to vote against her for no logical reason, just simply to protest ‘the big guy(girl)’, rooting instead for some underdog.

    I don’t like this development, I hope Hillary can settle this story fast, and make sure to get a lot of press when saying so. She should go on a big show, or maybe Charlie Rose, and speak for a long time with no interruption, it would show she isn’t shy of deep, long conversation on issues rather then 60 sec fast replies which some sore losers can’t admire as one aspect of the ‘whole’ Hillary and not the only aspect of her.

    Ps. Obamas ‘funny attack’ on Hillary, mission accomplished and comparison to Bush. Well, obviously it got a lot of laughs and applause in the audience as we can hear on the tape, but you could also hear some ooh’s and a sense of uncomfortable’ness in the audience. This could backfire, as many see it as one thing to go after another candidate, but to make comparisons to Bush is just ‘evil’ and over the line. (Not much of a uniter, when he is running on splitting the Democrats.)
    That he seemed so cocky when saying it, and generally when confronted by Jay with bad poll numbers, shows he is not in touch with reality, he would win more by being humble. A cocky underdog isn’t doing it for many I believe. A humble underdog saying this is about the people, wins hearts! He just doesn’t do it.

    They made one of the biggest mistakes of this campaign from the get go, deciding to make this campaign about Obama, and not the change he could bring to the PEOPLE.
    People don’t care more about Obama then they do about themselves. He just doesn’t get it. Hence, what HG posted, hes a EGOMANIAC!

  54. When Obama called Hillary ‘Bush-Cheney lite’ voters realized he was lying about “new politics”. At the time Obama supporters were applauding and laughing and happy Obama had launched his ugly attack.

    The same thing is happening now. Obama supporters, frat boys who don’t like ‘the girl’ beating their sorry… selves, are happy with the Obama slime. Problem is American voters are seeing the real Obama.

    Thanks to Obama supporters we now have video (which we have posted) clips of Obama remarks on Leno. The fools don’t even realize the damage they are doing.

  55. Well, usually Leno is better at seeing through a fraud. He needs a tune up from someone he respects, like Billy Crystal or Rob Reiner. Once Leno realizes he’s being had by a better comedien than himself, he will do a 180 and not be so eager to be Obama’s straight man.

    The lines handed to Obama by Leno we well rehersed. And I’ll bet anything it was a set up by Bambi’s point guy from his campy campaign.

    Two things Leno hates. One of them is being “used” and the other is being made a fool of. In Obama’s case, he rang Leno’s bell twice without Leno realizing it….

    If Hillary doesn’t want to go on Leno’s Show…fine. But don’t drop the ball and leave Leno unaware and in the dark. The seed you plant today will reap just rewards tomorrow…So, follow through with getting Leno up to speed on Bambi’s true self… The egotistical, To know Me is to Love Me, Obama, and see what happens..


  56. Gorto, I wouldn’t worry about the inevitability thing. Hillary obviously isn’t sitting on her laurels and voters will see that.

    Also, Obama’s been attacking Hillary for more than a week now, and it’s obvious that’s why her lead has ballooned from 20 to 30 in several recent polls. She’s the only one running a positive campaign now, and that difference stands out.

  57. AP reports: “KARACHI, Pakistan — Two bombs exploded Thursday night near a truck carrying former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto on her triumphant return to Pakistan after eight years in exile, killing at least 51 people and wounding 150, an official said. Party workers and police said Bhutto was unhurt.”

    This is sad, finally the world get to see that Pakistan is TRYING to move forward, and bring women in to power. And they are pushed back in their efforts. I’m glad she is fine tho, we need to see women in leader positions high in government in these kinds of countries.
    Helps the perception that the Muslim world is ready for a woman to stand up, and also to negotiate and cooperate with a woman President of the USA.
    Remember the guy during the youtube debate asking Hillary if the rest of the world would respect a woman President of the USA? And he ‘gracefully’ added that he thought it was a fair question. (idiot).
    As Hillary said on the View, they may not practice what they preach (yet) but there is no reason why they shouldn’t be acceptive of some other countries ‘way of life’.

  58. Also, Gorto: That’s a great point about Obama making the campaign about himself and not the change he would bring. That was an enormous mistake and a fundamental misunderstanding of how winning Democratic campaigns work.

  59. Paula, one of the most disgusting things I ever saw in this election cycle, was when Michelle was introducing her husband at one town hall thingy.

    She kept saying over and over, “Because he’s special!”
    He will change Washington, he won’t be corrupted “Because he’s special”
    The lines before “He’s special” I made up, since I don’t remember exactly what her lead up was, I just remember the “BECAUSE HE’S SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    No he isn’t, he’s just another politician, a CHICAGO politician no other, jeesus…. Oh well…Happy thoughts, *think happy thoughts*
    *Focus on Hillary*

  60. Gorto, your points are well taken. We all hope that current trends continue, but it is normal for some tightening of the race to occur as the election time rolls round. What I try to tell people is that the contest will be a tight one, that Hillary is the strongest leader in the race, her policy positions are sound, and if the voters examine those positions they will see for themselves the wisdom of supporting her.

  61. Yeah I guess it’s common that the race tightens towards election time, I’m just gonna have to brace for that time to come. I know it will be nerve wracking, I don’t like to gamble or play dare. I just want things to be as stable and clear as possible, 😉

  62. Gorto,

    Oh, that’s an amazing tale. One of the things that really set my alarm bells off a couple months ago was a video that Viral Voice (who is not working on obama’s campaign) posted on Daily Kos. It was a whole bunch of people talking about how special Obama made them feel. It was like…what the fuck? I had never seen another campaign video like it and hope I never do again. Last night, a woman named Vera Lofaro posted a dairy on Kos, about the emails she’d received from the Obama campaign and how special it made her feel.

    I’m not used to seeing this level of narcissism on the left. We had to deal with it in the seventies, but it’s been that long. There was an individual here and there, but never an entire campaign that I know of.

    These are profoundly creepy human beings. It’s so amazing to watch smart people like Josh Marshall buy into this crap. Josh assured us the other day that Obama “really” was “marvelous” . I don’t think so.

  63. That’s supposed to be “now working on Obama’s campaign”. Viral Voice officially signed off from Kos to work for him.

  64. Yes, and she said he reminded her of JFK, so they sent her clippings of someone saying he was like JFK. He really should avoid that cult of personality bs.

  65. basement angel,

    You’re absolutely right. I almost wanted to puke reading Johsh’s ‘marvelous’ comment. At least, kos is not buying this sort of crap. On Taylor Marsh’s show he recounted going to an Obama rally. People were scratching their heads afterwards. What’s all this fuss about?

    This guy is way overrated. I did not like from the beginning. His speech alwasy makes me feel I’ve been scolded by that idiot. There’s no difference between that guy and George W.

  66. remember O-bomb threatened Musharruf in public he would go into Pakistan without his permission.

    Ms. Bhutto sided with U.S. in public saying she would allow America to do so. Look at what has just happened. This couregous woman was almost assassinated.

    This stupid O-bomb can only make things worse by showing his ‘macho’ while sitting comfortably here. I’m so sick and tired of this empty suit.

  67. Y’all a good friend of mine was on a conference call with our girl today. She was speakin’ with women leaders around the country. She said about her campaign, “this is not about me; this is about us.” She’s talking about ways to move this country forward. All Obama can do is think about untrue and defaming things to say about Senator Clinton. Because, in his mind (and I use that term loosely), it’s ALL about him. On a day when the house could NOT override the schip veto, surely there are more important things to be talkin’ about than made up stuff about the clintons. I understand she also said that she’s campaignin’ like she’s 10 or 20 points behind. It doesn’t sound like she thinks she is inevitable. It’s like she always says, she has to earn every vote. mollyj

  68. Kostner…

    Believe me,Cousin Bush and Cheney are at the root of everything Obama. He’s already been installed as their puppet. The Grandstaning today blocking the new Sl….y apointment was all theater for the masses.

    Rove is in sync and has the Bomba machine up and running. My advise, Do Not Engage! We’ve got to change the dynamic…and let them do the reacting.


    Mrs. S.

  69. Mrs. S,

    I have been saying the same thing. i thought I was the only one who thought that. I’ve been thinking a lot about how Roger Stone was running Al Sharpton’s campaign and the right was funding him. I’ve been wondering if that’s what was going on with Obama as well. Plus there’s this weird Republican thing with feeling like they have to counter like for like – they way they sent Keyes to run against Obama. Weird. So, i’m wondering if they were feeling like the only way to beat Hillary was with an African American male, thinking guys would be to creeped out to vote for a chick. 😉

    I cannot for the life of me figure out WHY Obama is running this time out. I just don’t get it. And that’s what’s crossed my mind – considering how strong his reception was at the 04 convention, maybe he is being paid off. Whaddaya want to bet he’s a Republican or a lobbyist in five years?

  70. admin: I wonder if you might insert, “Iowa,” into the Strategic Vision poll in the upper right hand just so casual visitors will grasp the situation in a glance.

  71. Thanks for the reminder DCDemocrat. Our standard operating procedure is to identify state polls when we post them. So many great polls from everywhere and now great polls from Iowa specifically that we are getting giddy. 🙂

  72. Bhutto’s survival again proves we need Hillary as nominee. Just imagine a terror attack next year and democrats nominate a wimp such as Edwards & Obama. These folks will be decimated by GOPers.

    Hillary is the only democrat who’s tough enough to deal with such circumstances.

  73. She says she is the Democrat best equipped to fight terrorists.

    “It’s a horrible prospect to ask yourself, ‘What if? What if?’ ” Clinton, a New York Democrat, told a house party in Concord, according to the New York Post and The Associated Press and confirmed by her campaign.

    “But, if certain things happen between now and the election, particularly with respect to terrorism, that will automatically give the Republicans an advantage again, no matter how badly they have mishandled it, no matter how much more dangerous they have made the world.”

    Clinton added that if such a scenario occurred, she is the best Democratic presidential candidate “to deal with that.”

  74. The Head Kook has endorsed Obama.

    We noticed that the Head Kook said he could not support Edwards after Edwards accepted public financing. Subsequently, the Head Kook on TPM video said he could not support Hillary.

    National Journal takes note of all this and yawns:

    “With all due respect to Beltway Blogroll, and DailyKos’ founder Markos Moulitsas, we just don’t agree with Blogroll that, “A presidential endorsement from Markos Moulitsas Zuniga of Daily Kos could change the dynamics of the Democratic race.”

    First of all, as kos points out in this Talking Points Memo interview, he’s already pretty much announced his support for Barack Obama (Hillary Clinton is way too ‘insider’ for kos, John Edwards decision to accept matching funds makes him less competitive in kos’ eyes, and while kos likes Chris Dodd’s rhetoric, kos just doesn’t think Dodd has a chance at the nomination). Also, Daily Kos is nothing like the SEIU. There are no internal blogger rules that forbid some readers members from supporting a candidate after their favorite blogger announces support from someone else. This is a pretty non-comformist bunch.

    But kos is still pretty rough on his chosen candidate. He call’s Obama’s campaign “uninspiring” and says Obama was “no where to be around” on the recent Senate debate on Iran. Kos says Obama could have been the Howard Dean of ’08 but unlike Dean, whose rhetoric was about “you have the power,” Obama’s message has been all about Obama. So for what it is worth, do know that kos supports Obama. But also remember how soft that support really is.”

  75. I think I no longer understand the English language.

    The complaint for months now is that the MSM has “coronated” Hillary and the voters will resist being “told who to vote for”. Not only does that not make sense to me but in fact, the opposite is true. There is no talk show that will say “it’s all over” if they want to keep up the discussion.

    So early on, when Hillary was somewhat ahead they marveled at how well she was doing. Now that she has a very healthy lead, they have two responses (both Obama and Edwards use this too):
    Howard Dean was way ahead at this time. Well, I don’t think it was accurate. At no time was Dean 20-30 points ahead that I recall.

    The second response I heard on two different shows today: If Obama can win Iowa (which they consider very possible) then he has a 50% chance of winning the nomination. Anything can happen in two months, but this sort of odds-making is nuts.

    Evidently the 45-55% of voters in every big state
    that favor Hillary (see NY, PA, FL, CA,) will become disoriented and amnesiac and will say “If Iowa picked Obama, I will too.”

    Nevertheless, after saying all that, we must ALL work as if she’s 20 points behind in order to win.

  76. 20 points behind and ten-thousand miles to go, freckles.

    What has Big Media and Big Blogs worried is that we are not sitting on the lead. The Hillary Team and all supporters nationwide know that the further ahead we are, the harder we will work.

    The Hillary Team is not filing fingernails and getting pedicures and applying pink nail polish until the votes are counted. Work. Work harder.

  77. basement angel says:

    ===”I cannot for the life of me figure out WHY Obama is running this time out. I just don’t get it. And that’s what’s crossed my mind – considering how strong his reception was at the 04 convention, maybe he is being paid off. Whaddaya want to bet he’s a Republican or a lobbyist in five years?”===

    Republicans do things at a minimum… in 5yr increments. Obama was selected for this job when he was running a distant third for state senator in the democratic primary. His unchallanged wins have a backstory that resonates with us today. Obama is a bought and paid for media creation. His only claim to fame is his convention speech in 04′.

    The Republcans stole the last two elections out from under everyones nose. What makes you think this election’s result will be any different?

    Mrs. S.

  78. Admin, hasn’t Obama been completely ignoring the big blog sites? Crazy thinking to endorse someone who hasn’t shown you the time of day …

  79. AmericanGal,

    The Big Blogs have trapped themselves.

    John Edwards was the candidate who courted them and praised them. Edwards did everything the Big Blogs wanted and that led to disaster. At this point even the Big Blogs recognize that Edwards has no chance of either getting the nomination or ever winning the general election due to his low poll numbers, limited organization to basically Iowa, lack of popularity and his forced acceptance of matching funds.

    Obama early on thought he was very popular and that the Big Blogs should kow-tow to him. The Big Blogs thought Obama needed to kow-tow to them. Obama posted on DailyKooks and was blasted. He never returned. Instead he continued to build his online organization. Eventually Obama collapsed too. His negative campaign against Hillary will lower his numbers further and he too is essentially running a campaign based only on victory in Iowa

    The Big Blogs thought they could destroy Hillary. They did not want to accept reality. The reality was that Hillary was very popular with the Democratic base. The Big Blogs came up with excuse after excuse to explain why they were right and that Hillary was not popular. They came up with stupid theories to explain away Hillary’s popularity (they said the polls only reflected name recognition, her numbers would plummet once they “exposed” her, her polls numbers were “inflated”, she was the default candidate, the polls were too early, she would lose the general election, etc. etc.)

    The Big Blogs were living in their world of virtual ‘reality’ forgetting that voters vote in the real world not their make-believe bubble.

    Now the Big Blogs are trapped with only Obama as their option and they look at the poll numbers they earlier ridiculed and realize Hillary will be the nominee.

  80. Paula wrote:

    “… It seems to me that the more his campaign tanks, the more boastful and arrogant he becomes. I suspect it’s an attempt to keep his supporters from abandoning him.”

    The boastful and arrogant part feels a bit like what we call a manic defense against overwhelming anxiety. We saw this occur before, after his huge mistake in the candidate forum, about meeting with dictators in the first year. His campaign was effectively over with that and I believe some part of him knew that. Recall how, in response, he then went on a manic sprint and out of his mouth sprang the “Bush-lite” comparison.

    Little Barry appears to be an un-integrated adult. Abandoned by his Father. Abandoned by his Mother. Identity confusion. Drug use. One way to rise above this was to achieve. But what happens when you fail, and so publicly at that? An inflated sense of self is one thing that occurs, as a defense mechanism against some much, much deeper core wounding.

    This guy should not be in the White House (duh!). We’ve already had one nut case for the past 7 years. We don’t need another.

  81. Los Angeles Democrat, there is a lot of value in what you say. Obama, after he makes a mistake instead of somehow ‘fixing’ the mistake – he compounds the mistake and becomes more argumentative, even as all objective data indicate that the mistake is real and not an opposition attempt to discredit him. This refusal to accept when he has made a blunder occurs over and over which calls into doubt – his judgment.

    When Obama made the colossal “preconditions” blunder, he should simply have said what his advisors tried to do in the spin room immediately after the debate. Obama should have said ‘I heard the question as one of openness to to dialogue with those countries we disagree with. Of course I agree that I would set up a process, with preconditions, before I would risk the prestige of the American presidency in a meeting with rogue leaders.’ Instead Obama disavowed his own spinners in the spin room and tried to turn the discussion into a ‘no dialogue whatsoever’ position (which Hillary never espoused) vs. a ‘let’s talk with our enemies’ position (which he espoused).

    Obama could have put the whole ‘preconditions’ issue to sleep and Hillary supporters would have been deprived of weeks of ‘blunder’ pushback.

    Is the above stubborn positioning by Obama a symptom of what you mean by “deeper core wounding”?

    BTW, it seemed a bit too much for Obama to abandon cigarette smoking at the same time he decided to run for president. Whatever the bad effects on health by smoking, Obama’s anxiety level must have increased after he quit. Politically he had to quit, we understand that, but Obama was a heavy smoker and quitting smoking is tough. It was an added pressure he did not need.

  82. LADEm, glad to see you back. Great analysis on teh mainc phases. How much you wanna bet that Hillaryland has already gotten the psychological scoop on him and is now just running him to ground?

  83. OkieAtty, I think that’s known as giving him enough rope to hang himself.

    Admin, yes. The stubborn inability to admit error springs from the same well. The psycho-emotional stakes are much higher than the surface circumstances (i.e. the need to spin the blunder away). It tracks back to a core sense of utter lack of value or worth. I don’t mean to dramatize, but that’s how it’s framed in the psychiatric nomenclature. I also don’t mean to suggest that I think O-Bomb-A is psychotic (per se), but I do think it is arguable that what we’re seeing is aberrant, unstable behavior of the sort that’s a little scary, to say the least.

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