What Democrats Want. What The Country Needs.

According to today’s Iowa Rasmussen poll which has Hillary Clinton up dramatically, eighty-nine percent (89%) of Likely Democratic Caucus Participants believe the Democrats will win the White House in 2008. Democrats nationally are fired up and know we will rout the RIPublicans out of our White House and our Congress in 2008. Democrats know we are selecting the next president when we nominate the Democratic Party candidate. Democrats want to win. Democrats want a fighter as our nominee.

In We Can’t Spare This General. She Fights we compared Hillary Clinton to the great fighting civil war Union general Ulysses S. Grant. We wrote:

Grant was a fighter but he also knew how to build his forces and lead them to victory. Grant was a master tactician and master strategist who listened to the best ideas from others. Grant led the Union forces to victory over slavery and the evil that was the Confederacy.

In contrast, General McClellan, the General replaced by Grant, had talked a good game, usually to get himself out of actual battle. McClellan was a showboat who looked good in his uniform and loved parades. McClellan was a media star. But McClellan did not want to fight. Eventually he ran for president against Lincoln on a Copperhead platform vowing to negotiate with the Confederacy to end the Civil War by compromising on slavery.

As in the 1860s, the United States is very polarized today too. We need a fighter not a showboat.

In Texas Tough we wrote:

For the record once again: any Democrat nominated by the Democratic Party will be attacked and attacked viciously, relentlessly, dishonorably, and unfairly. But Hillary will fight and fight effectively. Hillary will not be swiftboated and then wait weeks to respond. Hillary will not be swiftboated.

What will quickly and effectively unify the Ripublicans?

One word: weakness.

The Ripublicans are now discouraged. They know Hillary will unite the Democratic Party and run an intelligent and courageous and effective and successful campaign. Hillary will deflate and demoralize the Ripublicans because they know she will win.

The Ripublicans will unite and be happy and encouraged if they think they can win. If they smell blood in the water, or fear, or inexperience they will unite into one angry pack and gnaw and bite and chew on Democrats everywhere. They will attack the weak, run away from the fearless and strong.

Which brings us to the weak, the timid, the concilliating, the AWOL – the Obama campaign.

In April of this year Ezra Klein, for all intents and purposes an Edwards supporter, discussed the Obama tropism towards bloodless concilliation. Klein wrote about Democrats,

They want someone they can trust to fight for them. Hillary’s prominent flaunting of her years in the Democratic trenches comforts these voters, as does Edwards visceral populism, as did Bill Clinton’s preternatural empathy. And this is what Obama lacks.

Klein adds:

Clinton’s warrior persona is deeply felt; she’s spent decades engaged in a vicious battle against the right, and her enduring presence on the national stage is proof positive of her commitment….But Obama has not fought the same fights. His ascension into public life has been mostly positive, his toughest races against Democrats rather than Republicans, his treatment from the right largely — or at least atypically — positive. He feels the possibility of unity, of bringing people together, because his experience has taught him that that’s possible. His reformism is deeply held. But it may not be what Democratic primary voters want.

Obama has not fought the same fights. Obama hasn’t fought period – against Ripublicans. Against Democrats Obama is willing to sling mud. Democrats want to fight – Ripublicans.

Today’s Washington Post asks the same question which we have answered Does Obama’s Message Match the Moment?
Reconciliation May Be Hard Sell to Angry Party.

As Obama positions himself for the stretch run for the Democratic presidential nomination, his call for a “new kind of politics” faces a broad test in his own party, and not just of whether it makes any criticism of his chief rival, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.), seem hypocritical. As the pointed questions he received here suggest, it may be that his summons to “turn the page” past the country’s red-blue polarization is not what many Democrats want to hear after seven years of mounting anger at Bush and the Republican-dominated government.

Obama’s message is a defense of Bush and the Ripublicans. Obama defends and wants to work with the same Bush and Ripublicans who veto and fight against health programs for children. Americans by 80% support S-CHIP legislation which provides health care to children, something Hillary has fought for. What kind of concilliation does Obama want with these Ripublicans who fight against all reason for child health programs? Why does Obama, with his speeches, defend Ripublicans and protect them from the full responsibility of their hideous actions?

Obama faults a broken system in Washington for failures that many Democratic voters attribute simply to having the other side in power. By contrast, Clinton more directly exploits Democrats’ feelings of resentment. She argues that the troubles of the past seven years — the Iraq war, Hurricane Katrina, the widening income gap — are the result not of broken politics in Washington but of poor Republican governance, and she says that she would offer competent leadership to fix what has gone awry since her husband left the White House.

Obama accentuated the basic differences yesterday in Iowa. Reminded by a shop owner in Vinton that Clinton is proposing a universal health-care plan just as he is, Obama countered that electing Clinton president would not be enough to get health-care reform passed. “It can’t be the same kind of partisan battling we had in the ’90s,” he said, according to the Associated Press. “I think I can do better than Hillary Clinton, and that’s why I’m running.”

Despicable. RIPublicans are to blame for the Iraq war, the failed response to Hurricane Katrina, the widening income gap. Obama absolves RIPublicans of their responsibility and turns the page to blame a great Democratic president – Bill Clinton.

In effect, this seems to lift some of the blame for the war from the Bush administration and place it on the backs of Democrats, an unlikely tack in a Democratic primary. “There are those who offer up easy answers. They will assert that Iraq is George Bush’s war, it’s all his fault. Or that Iraq was botched by the arrogance and incompetence of Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney,” Obama said in Coralville. “The hard truth is that the war in Iraq is not about a catalogue of many mistakes — it is about one big mistake. The war in Iraq should never have been fought.”


Obama’s unifying message was the strategy of choice, Axelrod said, because it has been the main theme of his career. If Obama does not criticize Bush and Republicans more, he said, it is because he has “never been an aficionado of the cheap applause line.” As for the idea that Obama should instead frame his message around the fact that he has none of Clinton’s baggage and would therefore be a better candidate in November, Axelrod said he doubts that approach would work.


Denouncing Bush and the RIPublicans, like Hillary does, is not a “cheap applause line” – IT’S THE TRUTH.


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  1. I am so sick of obama. Jeez. I am nervous about the next debate. Not that Hillary won’t be ready for the attacks, but I wonder how the msm will report on it. They are such dumbf***s on most msm outlets that they will do anything to bring down a frontrunner. obama and Edwards are so desperate that they will throw everything at her, which to me says that they are no better than the republicans that are attacking her now at every debate they have.

  2. admin your last line is ON THE MONEY!!!

    I know I DON’T want someone who wants to forgive and forget and reach out to the republicans!! They are responsible for all this shit!
    Let them pay for once, let them, suffer.
    You know the best indication that Hillary is the best choice for the Dems, is because the Repugs will have a hearth attack if she’s elected President = What better reason is there?

    I don’t want compromise, I want to turn this ship around NOW!!
    No more mister friendly, no more live’n let go, I’m sick of it. The repugs doesn’t work that way, we should stop being the civil ones for once.

  3. I feel like I’m beating dead horse, or something but this just sounds like narcissism to me. Why is he attributing the partisanship of the 90s to Hillary? I just don’t get it. It seems to me that the Clintons have taken a fair amount of heat for the sheer amount of bi-partisan work they did.

    I think Obama is a fucked up guy. I don’t like him. I don’t trust him. I can’t think of another Democratic candidate I’ve ever said that about. But this business of blaming the partisanship of the 90s on the first lady is evidence of some pathological malady to my mind.

    it’s weird. he’s running on George Bush’s platform – blame the Clintons. Vote for me. I’m a uniter.

  4. Gravel in Florida is not doing Obama any favors.

    “Former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel, a leading candidate for Buzz’s Profile in Courage Award for being the only Democratic presidential hopeful not boycotting Florida’s Jan. 29 primary, shared some insight with us while campaigning in Tampa Bay Wednesday.

    At a “Political Connections” taping that will air Sunday on Bay News 9, he informed us that Barack Obama is the least friendly candidate at the debates.

    “He’s just not a warm person. And he’s got a fish handshake,” said Gravel, depicting a flaccid grip. He offered up John Edwards and Joe Biden as the most friendly.”


  5. The Obama campaign maintains is reputation and status as the most incompetent campaign:


    Someone in Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign mistakenly e-mailed a copy of working draft of a campaign document which isn’t earth-shattering but still an interesting read. So onto The Swamp it goes.

    It’s essentially an argument for why women should support Obama. Whoever edited the document wisely crossed out an an abbreviated reference to the website MyBarackObama.com which in the initial version was written as “mybo.com.”

    Also struck out was this line, one of several the campaign of Sen. Hillary Clinton would no doubt see as fighting words: “We are light years ahead of the Clinton campaign in terms of organization — not photo ops and TV cameos…”

  6. BTW, what are these people smoking?

    “We are light years ahead of the Clinton campaign in terms of organization — not photo ops and TV cameos…”

  7. Also, the Obama campaign is reporting they raised $1.2 million from that plea to “close the [fundraising] gap with Hillary.” Whatever. It’s not like the money they’ve raised already is making a difference.

    Hey, Obama is on Leno tonight. Wonder if Hillary will …

  8. Do you guys feel Obama’s noise level has subdued a little bit over the past 2 days. This guy is extremely obsessed with polls, I’m sure he’s seeing anti-Clinton rhetoric is not helping his cause.

  9. Sheesh….Did anyone else watch the Tonight Show? Barack Obama said the following in response to Leno commenting on Hillary’s lead in the polls: “Hillary is not the first politician to declare “Mission Accomplished” a little too soon”. Wow…another attempt to make Hillary George Bush. I can’t believe he actually campaigns as a Democrat with smears like that on a member of his own party. He then went on to compare her to Howard Dean’s losing campaign. He also said something about people still getting to know him better. Gee..the way the current polls are responding to “getting to know him better” you’d think he’d want to lie low for awhile.

    I am starting to truly dislike Obama. He has gone down in my esteem since he first started the campaign. I supported Hillary from the start but I used to think Obama would be a strong candidate sometime in the future. Now I think he’s nothing but a complete phony and his statements actually shock me sometimes. Ambition is one thing but stark arrogance is another. Someone here should make a chart of the actions and statements of his during this campaign that are clearly calculating and obvious smears as compared to Hillary. She’s always the one getting the “calculating” slam in the media but the one who is clearly doing anything simply to get votes is Obama.

  10. Oh, gee, he’s back to calling her Bush. Oh boy. Also, she says constantly she is working for every vote and not taking anything for granted. I know the people who support him are head over heels but I fail to see how someone so negative about the first woman to ever lead a presidential primary could unite the Party much less the country.

  11. I second that mj. I don’t mind a little political mudslinging on issues–all politicians do some of that. It’s the nature of the game. But the attacks that are more personal and so much like Republican attacks in their tone and content…that just makes me wonder what side he really supports. I truly don’t understand Obama’s appeal.

  12. No mention of the Leno appearance on the Obama website, at all. There is a notice of Obama on Tavis Smiley tomorrow night.

    We want that video. If Obama said that all gloves are off.

  13. Admin,

    It’s on Drudge:

    “Hillary is not the first politician in Washington to declare ‘Mission Accomplished’ a little too soon,” Obama said, referring to President Bush’s 2003 speech in which he stood beneath a banner with those words and declared the end of major combat in Iraq.


    the Democratic presidential candidate predicted that his wife, Michelle, could best former President Clinton in a debate.

  14. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michelle Obama would defeat Bill Clinton in a debate?!!??!?!?!?? That is the funniest thing I’ve heard all day! Wow. Arrogant SOB. I am so sick of him. He needs to renounce his status as a democrat and run as an independent or what he seems to resemble more, a republican.

  15. Obama’s constant attacks on Democrats, especially blaming his own party for George Bush’s war, are really starting to make me intensely dislike him. He’s worse than Gravel.

  16. the entire Obama campaign is in la la land. They are so busy telling themselves and each other how wonderful they all are, and how brilliant they are for recognizing first that Obama is the apotheosis of progressive-ism, that they have no idea what is being said or done in the real world or what they’re up against. There are Obamaloons over at Daily kos talking about a third party run if he loses the primary – that is, of course, because hillary is behind the total disruption in the primary schedule. And so if Obama loses the primary, it’s because Hillary got the states to move all their primaries up and cheated him out of his due. It’s all a big narcissistic daisy chain.

    Obama is obsessed with the Clintons. I’m wondering if Michelle shares his unhealthy attraction.

  17. I agree, HWC. It’s like I really don’t like him. And, I’m sick of he and his campaign, and frankly, now Deval Patrick, acting as though there is nothing transformational about the first woman president. I find it off putting to say the least. Also, she’s come out with a number of proposals, but the only Hillary issues the frontpagers on most blogs talk about is her poll numbers. It’s a let down.

  18. Hi y’all, I also find it really disturbing the kinds of things that O’bama and Michelle are doing and saying. The person who was going to bring us together is now being the most divisive candidate that I’ve seen in the Democratic party in a very long time. it makes me all the more proud that Hillary had the wisdom to focus on what is really important: get Bush and Cheney out of office. I am wonderin’ has Obama lost all of his sense of the greater good? Did he ever had that kind of perspective? I am doubtin’ it; I am with those who sense that there is somethin’ really wrong with this picture. there is so much at stake in this country right now. We don’t have time for a candidate or groups of candidates who are doing everything they can to delude people and divide the party. It really, really concerns me. I started out like a lot of y’all, thinkin’ that Obama might be a future candidate; that he was just a little green. But somethin’ much more serious is at work. A third party candidate? Oh please. Like I say, I feel like there is so much at stake, much too much to be dividin’ us. I too am beginnin’ to wonder what is party affiliation is. mollyj

  19. I just watched his appearance on the leno show. It appears that he went on just to attack Hillary. It’s very weird. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an appearance quite like it. The show will usually work out with the guest what is going to be discussed, so it is not an accident that the first half of the interview was about his thoughts on Hillary. Very weird. And yes, in a serious fashion, he says that if Michelle was to debate Bill, he thinks she’d win. He seemingly can’t give Bill credit for anything except being a strategist.

    here’s a link so you don’t need to go through Drudge.
    Of course Bush will disregard Hillary’s resolution demanding he check with Congress before attacking Iran. No president since James Polk has felt the need to check with Congress before “defending” American troops.

  20. You know, it’s possible that his supporters are just continuing to fill his coffers, but there is something that doesn’t quite smell right about this latest fundraising effort. I wonder if they are moving some contributions around or asked some of their bigger funders to give online to make it look more significant.

    Also, Hillary in this quarter will adapt the strategy of allowing people to purchase something as a donation. it’s ok to do that, I think. But, I’m glad Hillary doesn’t go too far in that direction. Obama has an immense store. It’s a bit too commercial for my liking.

  21. We have a quickie post on this latest Obama slime. We’ll update it, hopefully with video embed during the day.

    YouTube had the video but it has already been removed due to copyright violation.

  22. I am with you all on Obama. I started out thinking he was green, but had potential. Now i really don’t like the guy. i have no idea what he stands for other than his own blind ambition. And he’s the most arrogant candidate in the race. I can’t stand listening to him, with this arrogant and annoying speaking style. The guy’s a royal pain in the ass. I used to dislike Edwards the most, now I think Obama wins the prize. He might just be ruining his future chances now too.

  23. Y’all a good friend of mine was on a conference call with our girl today. She was speakin’ with women leaders around the country. She said about her campaign, “this is not about me; this is about us.” She’s talking about ways to move this country forward. All Obama can do is think about untrue and defaming things to say about Senator Clinton. Because, in his mind (and I use that term loosely), it’s ALL about him. On a day when the house voted to override the schip veto, surely there are more important things to be talkin’ about than made up stuff about the clintons. mollyj

  24. Basement angel you are completely correct about Obama.

    It is hard to understand why a Democratic candidate for president would exhonerate Bush for the disasters we face today– for which he is clearly responsible, and then try to blame Hillary for whatever happened or did not happena decade ago–in a time of shared prosperity, budget surplus, and rational foreign policy.

    If I were one of the people who bought into his transcendent message of politics and contributed, I might be looking for a refund.

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