Hillary Clinton Spends Wisely

UPDATE:  Listen to Hillary’s new South Carolina radio advertisement. 

John Edwards raised $7.2 million in the third quarter and spent $8.3 million.  Cash on hand is $12.4 million

 Bill Richardson raised $5.2 million and spent $6 million.  Cash on hand is $6 million.

Joe Biden raised $2 million, Chris Dodd $1.5 million. 

Hillary raised $23.7 million and spent $22 million.  Hillary also raised and additional $15 million for the general election. 

Obama raised $20 million and spent $22 million.  Obama raised $4 million for the general election.

Special celebratory treat (celebrate new Gallup poll, 3rd poll which has Hillary at 50%):  Hillary on The View

Part I (the rest in the comments):


As the day ends, the latest third quarter fundraising reports are finally coming in. Hillary Clinton knows how to spend money wisely. Barack Obama knows how to waste money. On to the final quarter of the year!

Hillary Tops Obama In Cash On Hand


More from Associated Press:

Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton ended September with more money in the bank than rival Barack Obama, holding $35 million cash on hand for the presidential primary contests to his $32 million. [snip]

Clinton, who had trailed Obama in fundraising and in money in the bank at the end of June, edged past him with an aggressive third quarter of fundraising.

Neither Obama nor Clinton had yet filed detailed reports of their third-quarter finances with the Federal Election Commission. The reports were due at 11:59 p.m. EDT Monday.

Clinton, who also has been raising money for the general election, had a total of $50 million in the bank, her campaign said Monday night. But $15 million of that cannot be used for the primaries.

Obama had a similar cash-on-hand amount at the end of June, meaning he likely spent the $20 million he has reported raising from July through September. Clinton appears to have spent less than the $22 million she raised for the primary.[snip]

Obama ramped up his advertising toward the end of third quarter. He has placed more than 4,200 spots on television, practically all of it in Iowa. Clinton has placed nearly 2,200 spots, with more than 1,600 airing in Iowa. According to Nielsen, Clinton has also placed a small number of ads in a number of other states, including New York, Tennessee, Louisiana and Arizona.

The latest on the money front:

Sen. Barack Obama on Monday reported having $32 million in cash available to spend on the Democratic presidential primaries. The Illinois senator raised $20 million for the contest during the year’s third quarter, from July through September, his campaign said.


59 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Spends Wisely

  1. BV, we are sure your diary will be greatly appreciated and enjoyed. 🙂

    Hillary will probably do even better in the 4th and final quarter before the voting begins. A great many Obama donors will begin to see Obama’s Big Adventure is in its last reel. These same donors will now begin to donate to Hillary.

    Also, the Hillary Team of grassroots supporters is now getting fully engaged.

    Soon we will get the full reports from the FEC.

    The advertising reports show Obama with 4200 ads in Iowa to Hillary’s approximate 1600. If Obama was a business selling soap by now they would be washed up.

    Ah, good times.

  2. hi,

    Look for ‘open left” Chris Bower to do a detailed break-down tomorrow. But I do believe Obama had quite an edge in terms of CoH last quarter, so this is definitely good news. I hoped the gap would have been even larger though.

  3. We just had our first students-for meeting, and we have an energized crew of youngins. I told them about the Big Pink, and also told them that Edwards’s national campaign IS Iowa, and Obama is going to bus in kids from Chicago 3 days before the caucuses (which may backfire because the caucuses are going to be moving to the 3rd, which would put the day of departure on New Year’s Eve; kids are partyin’ on New Year’s Eve), so we have to get native Iowans to actually go out and caucus, because the other “candidates” have no chance in the general (I can’t believe, according to a map I saw posted from Hillaryhub, that Edwards loses us New York in the general!). I told them about the fundraising, the latest polls, the latest endorsements, and Joe Wilson will be here in IC on Wednesday on behalf of Hillary (: I think we are going to dominate this caucus.

  4. Celiff, It would be great if you blogged about young voters in Iowa and how Hillary is reaching them sometime. I know her supporters on dailykos would be quite interested. You are a real asset to Team Hillary.(-:

  5. LOL, thats no surprise….

    In LOS ANGELES (As I told ADMIN before), HILLARY is being QUITE FRUGAL in her office….I was very impressed with the whole operation (mind you, OBAMA has yet to open a CALIFORNIA office)….Poor OBAMA….HE is really a joke.

  6. Celiff, maybe we should send Magnum bottles of Champagne to Students for Obama to help them celebrate on New Year’s eve in Chicago. 🙂

  7. LOL 🙂 Absolutely. Sent, with love……ugh, from Iowa, aka, Clinton Country 🙂

    Is it possible that I post comments here and you all repost them? I am cut short for time a lot (campaigning and I have my hardest class ever with a conservative professor that worked for Alberto Gonzales [a shame to my race], Judicial Process). But I would love to post updates on what’s going on here in IC.

  8. Yes, I’ll think of how we can do that. The kos crowd can be pretty roudy anyway. Not sure you’d like them much.

  9. New Gallup is showing Obama’s negative campaign is hurting him and helping Hillary. No surprise for all of us though…

    Oct 12-14 (Oct 4-7)
    Clinton 50 (47)
    Obama 21 (26)
    Edwards 13 (10)

    Hillary’s favorables are also increasing while Obama’s negatives are creeping up.

    Favorable Unfavorable
    Oct 12-14 53 44
    Oct 4-7 51 44
    Sept 14-16 49 49

    Coventional DC and netroots punditry should be alarmed by the so-called ‘enthusiastic gap’, well it’s certainly not what they were expecting… LOL…

    Vote for enthusiastically Vote for, mainly against GOP
    Clint 64 22
    Obama 49 31
    Edwards 41 37

  10. Deadly numbers Kostner. Another poll with Hillary at 50 – 3rd one and Rasmussen has her at 49. Time to start opening up some of the Magnum bottles to celebrate before sending the bad batch to Generation B.O.

    Obama better get ready for slaps from donors. He spent 22 million out of 20 million raised in the 2nd quarter and all he got was a lousy T-shirt. Sounds more and more each day like the Dean campaign spending millions for no votes.

  11. Thanks admin, I watched part 1 and 2, and she did great!
    She was relaxed, funny and charming.
    It actually struck me more now then ever, how quickly she exuded a relaxed and charming presence. 😀

  12. Berkeley Vox: I went over to dkos and recommended your diary. Thanks for writing it. We don’t see nearly as much of you over there as I wish we did.

    Admin: Thanks for “The View.” I watched both parts. I had the distinct impression Hillary was the favored candidate among the members of the panel. She is so relaxed and poised. I thought her revelation about having to serve as First Lady as well as president was amusing. Somehow, I just can’t imagine Bill Clinton ordering the White House Christmas tree. I’ve wondered if Chelsea might serve that role in the White House much as Buchanan’s niece did in the Buchanan administration.

  13. Hi,

    I can’t believe Obama is still obsessed with fundraising. Something must have gone terribly wrong in his campaign. I won’t be surprised if his fundraising is falling off the cliff since Q3 ended. This is bizarre.

    From politico:
    Cash-flush Barack Obama has a new battle cry: “Close the gap!”

    In an early-morning mass e-mail with the brash subject line “Hillary’s money,” the Democratic presidential candidate claims that yesterday’s Federal Election Commission reports shows him at a financial disadvantage to Hillary Clinton.

    In a preview of a new, underdog argument from a campaign that previously sought to project strength, Obama says he’s facing “the most entrenched political machine in Democratic politics.”

    Early in the campaign, Obama stunned his party by out-raising Clinton. The New York senator reported about $35 million in cash on hand for the primary, to Obama’s $32 million. When debt and other factors are considered, they’re arguably in a photo finish.

    The e-mail, which is signed “Barack,” announces a new donation section of his Web site called “Close the Gap.” He says that “Washington lobbyists and special interests rallied to help Hillary Clinton out-raise us for the first time.”

    “The situation here is simple,” the e-mail says. “We are $2.1 million behind. We must close that gap right now. I need you to make a donation … . Hillary Clinton aggressively seeks money from Washington lobbyists and special interest PACs. She’s even said that these lobbyists represent real Americans. She’s wrong.

  14. Well, Barack, we all know that the ranks of lobbyists are chock-a-block with Lithuanians and Estonians bent on the overthrow of the American Way of Life. And as they say in London, “Mind the gap.”

  15. Credibility Gap is what he needs to close. All the polling shows voters think Obama also has an experience gap.

    Even though there is “a sucker born every minute” Obama donors have to wonder, as Terrondt put it “all this money spent all obama got was these really LOUSY poll numbers”. Obama (don’t listen to us Barack) needs to fire all the knuckleheads in charge of his campaign and repeatedly watch Hillary on The View to see how it is done.

    BTW, yesterday the Hotline had as its introductory link paragraph this sentence: “The weekend’s events have us wondering; are Obama/Edwards’ Hillary attacks doing any good?” Looks like we got our answer in those new polls.

  16. Doesn’t anyone think that an e-mail demanding donations should be made public?

    As in- posting it on the blogasphere? Apparently, Obama is basing his (illusionary) strength to his supporters by the amount of money donated to his campaign.

    Theres an Achilles Heel, if I’ve ever seen one, that should be exploited!

    Mrs. S.

  17. Meanwhile, a new CNN/Opinion Research Poll, set for release at 4pm, “will show a major shift in the race for the White House.”

  18. Digging in Little Rock

    Looks like Obama’s research team made it down to Little Rock, where they spent $27 at the Arkansas State Archives and another $9.30 at the Clinton Presidential Library on September 17.

    With a $7 admission fee, that’s a scant 16 pages at the Clinton library. Which, you’ve got to figure, we’ll be seeing at some point soon.

    ALSO: The Edwards campaign spent $144.75 at the Orange County, NC Building Inspector’s and Register of Deeds’ offices on July 17, perhaps getting the details of Edwards’ own house.

  19. Hillary calls Gore

    Some evidence for Roger Simon’s theory that Gore will endorse Clinton:

    I caught Hillary briefly outside her meeting in Brooklyn yesterday and asked her if she’d spoken to Gore, and she said she had finally connected with him that morning.

    “I congratulated him and told him how proud I was. This is the result of three decades of work, and he has raised the global awareness of the importance of this issue,” she said. “And I hope that when I’m president we’ll be able to actually get an agenda in place to seriously address it.”

    I asked her a couple of other questions as well, which she answered largely with the famous laugh.

  20. Clinton closes Illinois fundraising gap with Obama
    by John McCormick, Updated at 12:13 p.m. Eastern

    Sen. Barack Obama maintained his fundraising advantage over Sen. Hillary Clionton in his home state of Illinois, but the gap was smaller than in previous quarters.

    Detailed Federal Election Commission reports filed overnight show Obama raised $1.66 million in Illinois during the period from July through September, while Clinton netted $1.13 million. Clinton held several large fundraisers in Chicago near the end of the reporting period.

    Illinois was Obama’s third biggest fundraising state, behind California and New York. It was Clinton’s sixth largest state, if the District of Columbia is included in the rankings. The nation’s capital was her top location for donations during the quarter.

    At the city level, Clinton raised about $541,000 during the quarter from those listing Chicago addresses, compared to about $809,000 for Obama. In New York City, Clinton raised $2.7 million, compared to $1.1 million for Obama

  21. kostner, I didn’t know Roger Simon speculated on Gore endorsing Hillary. That certainly defies the conventional wisdom that Hillary and Gore have a frosty relationship, lol.

    BTW, I think it’s funny Obama’s people are digging for dirt on Hillary in Arkansas. Bring it on. His attacks already are backfiring. That Gallup poll showed an eight-point increase in her already-hefty lead in just a week. It’s pretty clear his going negative is the reason for that.

  22. guys, i noticed on mydd the crazies are silent on the new polling showing hillary with near 30 point leads. they usually downplay and trash them. now they don’t know what to say. REALITY IS BLISS!!!

  23. Hi y’all. I want to see the poll…I;ve been searchin’ for it and can’t find it. Can somebody steer me toward it? SOund like wonderful news but the latest poll I saw was from USA today. thanks mollyj. PS–did the font on this page get smaller, are my eyes goin’ or is it just my computer?

  24. Looks like that ABC poll that had her up 33 a couple weeks ago wasn’t an outlier at all, but a foreshadowing, lol.

    BTW, why do you think her lead has ballooned? Is it because people like a winner, and are migrating her way even more, or is it a backlash against Obama’s attacks (and to a less extent, Edwards’)? I think it’s both, but I’m betting more on the latter. Wonder what Obama will do now? All those supporters itching for him to take the gloves off and go after her finally have what they want, and look what happened, hahahahaha.

  25. Paula,

    I think both. These polls will definitely give a pause to Obama who’s been spending countless money on polling. He’s definitely obsessed with polls. I fully anticipate him to reevaluate the tactics. Look, he’s now closer than ever to Edwards. Edwards is also attacking Clinton mercilessly, but nobody is paying attention to him, so his support is relatively stable. It’s going to be fun to watch those two whimps readjust their tactics.

  26. I hate to bring unwanted attention to this, but I sort of have to, because I can’t help myself as I right now find it to be funnier to think about than ever before.

    How do think Oprah is feeling right now?
    Do you still think she will campaign for him?

    She would not only stand up for a proven looser, but she would be standing up against one of the most popular and powerful woman in America! 😀

  27. Obama and Edwards seem to be damned if they do and damned if they don’t.
    They play it nice, and they drop in the polls, they go on the attack, and they drop some more…. 🙂

    They should just take a hint, and save themselves the misery and get out now. But of course they won’t, and we all get to enjoy the show a little longer!

  28. That is good news. However, some of the big states like California and New York could be skewing the results. She needs to try to break 50 in 2 or 3 of the first four states. The work is not done yet. I hope she campaigns in Iowa and New Hampshire like she is 20 points behind.

  29. i bet mathews on hardball will not mention these good poll numbers of hillary. i notice he does this when great news of hers come out.

  30. Our candidate is beginning to rack up those over 50s. Consistent. Strong. Compassionate. Smart. Focused. Presidential: Hillary!

  31. Well, Matthews is fuming because he can’t the the Clintons on his show, goes after them and is obsessed with their marriage…..is there any wonder they won’t come on his show?

    This is an everlasting circle, he is jealous of Olberman because he gets them on ever so often, Chris will only throw dirt at them, and he seems blind as to why they snob him of their appearance.

    And someone mentioned they thought the women on the View seem to like her more compared to the other candidates. This I feel seems to represent a general shift in most people as the polls show a new reality.

    Because earlier most of them have seemed to favor Edwards. Or at least state they believe he had the better chance of actually winning, but whoopie and sherry are new, so with them, I have no idea, and that blond chick…….well……

  32. Molly which poll are you looking for?

    The font size seems the same to me, maybe your having one of those days?! They do appear. 😉

    What I don’t get it this, just to go way off topic. Why does the Bush admin keep these rumors of bombing Iran, or targets in Iran alive, instead of diplomatically going after Putin and Russia? Putin said today that Russia will continue to support Iran and their nuclear program, because he believes it is a peaceful program, not for weapons. Get pissed at Putin for christ sake instead, but then again, the US will just get another reason to make war and make profit, the weapon industry is the biggest industry in the world, they need wars. They don’t want peace!

    As Tim Russert in the last debate asked the top three candidates if they would let Israel defend themselves, meaning bomb Iran, before they get nuclear means. And Rudy and the repugs promising to not let Iran get nuclear weapons, Rudy saying he would bomb Iran ten years back in time.(Neanderthal!) Isn’t he setting the US up against Russia with these kinds of talks?

  33. Hi y’all, Gorto, I was looking for the latest CNN poll with Hillary at the 30 point lead. The font thing was my computer. Everything got smaller all of a sudden. I think I hit the wrong key. LOL. Everything is back to normal now, whatever that means. –molly

  34. Ahhhh. I love reading these polls and stories 🙂 Makes me smile when I see Obama pins and stickers here on campus. Some kid in class today gave a presentation on Darfur, and claimed that Obama was the most outspoken advocate for those suffering in Sudan (he has an Obama pin on his bag). I laughed out loud and qucikly covered my mouth, and everyone looked at me. It was funny 🙂

  35. molly: Go to the CNN web site and click on their link to politics. You get the story there. Alternatively, Hillaryhub is linking to the poll.

  36. I watched a little bit of Oprah yesterday. She looks like she’s gained about 50 or 60 lbs. since she’s announced her support for Obama.

    She seems like she’s eating her way through the deep regretfullness of jumping into the fray way too soon. She looks the worst I’ve seen her in years.

    Thanks goodness our Hillary soars while the meanspirited detractors go to wreck and ruin. The 30pt lead has got to be a killer for them to swallow. I notice some are beginning to jump ship…. some are beginning to see Hillary as the best candidate for the job…just as we do!

    All in all…we’re becoming one BIG family, united in the common cause of effecting change for the country through ONE specific individual…er (Bill too:-)Someone we know can get the job DONE and that person is….
    Sen Hillary Clinton! YAY!

    Mrs. S.

  37. ra1029, I agree with you. And I have no doubt she’ll take absolutely nothing for granted. That’s the kind of person she is.

  38. Gorto, I was just wondering about Oprah, too, lol. Haven’t heard a peep lately about her campaigning for Obama.

  39. I saw Oprah on tv last week, and I didn’t recognize her. I am not sure what’s going on with her, but I wonder if she is having one of her periodic things.

  40. DCDemocrat, Oprah must be looking at the polls. Instead of driving down Hillary’s approval numbers, Hillary is driving down Oprah’s numbers. Karma.

  41. Congratulations to Niki Tsongas.

    With 86 percent of precincts reporting, Tsongas won 51 percent of the vote to Ogonowski’s 46 percent.

    She made the campaign a referendum on President Bush’s record, focusing on withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq and supporting legislation to expand federally-funded health care for uninsured children.

    With her victory, Tsongas becomes the only woman in the 10-member Massachusetts delegation – and the first since 1983.


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