Stinky B.O.

Stinky B.O. That’s harsh. But it had to be said.

Jut Jaw

Dead campaigns, like corpses left out in the sun too long, emit foul odors.

The solution in both cases is to bury them.

Little did we suspect that the grave digger of the Obama campaign would be Senator Joe Biden assisted by the senior senator from Illinois and big Obama supporter, Senator Dick Durbin .

I wonder why he wasn’t there to vote,” Biden said. “We all knew that this vote was coming up.”

This past Thursday, the ever clumsy Barack Obama appeared on CNN. In an effort to stave off disgruntled donors and supporters demanding signs of life from the campaign – a “tired looking” Obama made a startling confession.

It may be bye-bye Mr. Nice Guy for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, who said Thursday that he is opening the “next phase” of his campaign and plans to more pointedly and aggressively go after frontrunner Sen. Hillary Clinton.

“Now is the time where we’re going to be laying a very clear contrast between myself and Senator Clinton,” the Illinois Democrat told CNN. “Not just on the past, not just on Iraq, but on moving forward.”

Obama – after months of flailing, being called “stinky” by his own wife, helplessly and witlessly watching his poll numbers dive – has chosen the ground on which he will fight.

An area where Obama plans to further challenge Clinton is on a recent Senate “Sense of the Senate” vote that the United States should designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization. She and Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois, a close Obama ally, voted as part of a strong majority to pass the measure, while Obama skipped the vote to campaign in New Hampshire.

Obama skipped the vote…” Here is Obama’s excuse for being AWOL:

“This is one of the problems with running for president,” Obama said. “You can’t always anticipate which votes are which, but I put out a statement at the time stating that this was a bad idea and that I would have voted against it.”

Obama blamed scheduling for the missed vote.

“If you’re in New Hampshire, then it’s hard to get back,” he said.

Again, Senator Joe Biden says differently:

I wonder why he wasn’t there to vote,” Biden said. “We all knew that this vote was coming up.”

Senator Dick Durbin, the biggest Obama supporter other than Michelle Obama, says, as politely as possible without directly calling Obama a liar, that Obama is also wrong about the Non-Binding “Sense of the Senate” resolution on Iran’s Revolutionary Guard:

Durbin, 62, said Obama was wrong to upbraid Clinton for her Sept. 26 vote to label the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization, a nonbinding resolution that Durbin also supported. Obama, who was campaigning in New Hampshire and missed the vote, said the language of the measure could potentially push the U.S. closer to war with Iran.

“It’s rare that Barack and I disagree on an issue of this magnitude,” Durbin, the second-highest ranking Senate Democrat, said in an interview with Bloomberg Television’s “Political Capital with Al Hunt,” scheduled to air today. “I have the same concerns that Barack Obama does about this administration and what they might do with the power that they have. But I don’t think this resolution gives them a green light to do anything.

Is Obama lying about the meaning of the Iran vote? Is Obama lying about why he was AWOL from the vote?

I wonder why he wasn’t there to vote,” Biden said. “We all knew that this vote was coming up.”

We will have more about Stinky B.O. in Part II.


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  1. Great post, as usual. That photo always cracks me up, lol.

    On a more serious note, do you guys think Hillary is spending enough time in Iowa? There are pics today of Obama going door to door there. That’s the only state I’m worried about right now.

  2. Yeah, someone just posted the Iowa SEIU and California SEIU are going with Edwards? Are these guys for real? Look at his record in the Senate. It’s not particularly pro-union and he was against Kerry’s healthplan in 2004 (which is basically Obama’s plan now) because he said it was too expensive. Don’t these people do any due diligence?

  3. It’s on the AP wire, lol.

    BTW, Hillary is up 20 in NH in Marist poll to be released tomorrow.

    Hillary Rodham Clinton, 40 percent.
    Barack Obama, 20 percent.
    John Edwards, 12 percent.
    Bill Richardson, 7 percent.
    Mitt Romney, 25 percent.
    Rudy Giuliani, 21 percent.
    John McCain, 18 percent.
    Fred Thompson, 10 percent.

  4. And, actually, if you combine her numbers with Obama, Edwards and Richardson, she’s still ahead by 1. Pretty good.

  5. She did good in this interview, although there are some who will always look for something. Saying Hillary didn’t ‘cackle’ in this interview, not even once!!
    haha, some people really don’t have a life, although I admit I probably shouldn’t call out others, as the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do in the evening is to check the news online if there has been some ‘development’ with out girl! hihi But I admit it tho! I am a proud (obsessed) supporter! πŸ™‚

  6. Can somebody explain to me why the California SEIU would support Edwards? He’s not even registering in the polls in that state. Plus, come on, he’s a new comer when it comes to unions. He doesn’t have a record supporting them in the Senate. He comes from a low union state. I’ve read he even supported right to work laws. And, in 2004 he chided Kerry for having too expansive a health plan. I don’t get these people at all. A few photo op picket lines and some rhetoric and they endorse? Does anyone understand this?

  7. Well, I shouldn’t say he’s bad on unions, I just don’t see a particularly strong record to warrent this endorsement, and someone on dkos did say he supported right to work in the 90’s.

  8. I’ve been researching how many votes Obama has missed since he’s declared.

    The number is staggering..over 100 no show votes and the number may be as high as 135 missed votes since he’s been on the campaign trail.

    I couldn’t find the old Vote Smart rating either. I read it last week, they had Obama’s voting record as “POOR”… I posted it elsewhere…the rating system currently seems to be removed from the site.

    Mrs. S.

  9. This is a couple of weeks old but still relevant I think…,0,62201.story

    Obama misses more senate votes than Clinton
    September 24, 2007

    WASHINGTON – Barack Obama won’t win any Senate attendance awards during the 2008 presidential campaign – he has racked up three times as many missed votes as challenger Hillary Clinton since January, according to roll call records.

    Obama’s most recent no-show happened Thursday on Capitol Hill when he skipped a vote on the controversial Republican-sponsored amendment to reprimand for attacking Gen. David Petraeus, saying it was a “stunt” to embarrass Democrats.

    But that was hardly the first vote the Illinois freshman sat out: He’s missed 23.7 percent of his votes, according to vote-tracking databases. The issues he did not cast ballots on ranged from the symbolic to the significant, and included measures on abortion, homeland security, bridge safety, foreign aid, the alternative minimum tax and a failed no-confidence vote on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales in June.
    Obama has been absent for 82 of his chamber’s 346 votes during the current two-year session, a measure of how much time he’s been spending in the crucial campaign states of New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina.

    In contrast, Clinton has missed 8.3 percent of her votes – 28 since January, according to the Senate’s voting tracker and the Washington Post’s roll call database. She missed several key votes on abortion this month, in addition to earlier measures on bridge safety, immigration and offshore gas exploration.

    In January, the former first lady skipped a vote that hiked penalties for lobbying violations because she was en route to Iraq.

    If history is any guide, Clinton’s absences will skyrocket. When he was running in 2004, John Kerry missed nearly three-quarters of his Senate votes.

    Despite Obama’s record, he does have a slightly better attendance record than fellow presidential hopefuls Joseph Biden (D-Del.) at 28.6 percent and Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.) at 27.7 percent.

    “Senator Obama continues to work hard on behalf of the people of Illinois,” said spokeswoman Jen Psaki. “He is proud of his recent record of accomplishments in the Senate, including his leadership on the sweeping ethics reform bill recently signed into law, his commitment to increase Pell Grant funding and, most importantly, his efforts to end the war in Iraq.”

    New York-based Democratic consultant Hank Sheinkopf said Obama’s vote-missing is a measure of his desperation to challenge Clinton but will only become an issue if he cuts into her lead. “It’s always a balancing act for these candidates to decide which votes to skip,” he says. ” … It depends on the value of the vote and the constituency it serves.”

    Republican John McCain is the top truant of the 2008 presidential field, with a 50 percent no-show rate.

    By curious coincidence, all four Senate Democratic candidates skipped voting on a Sept. 6 GOP-sponsored bill that called for cutting off aid to groups that work in countries, like China, that have been accused of performing forced abortions.

    The measure, introduced by Kansas Republican Sam Brownback, also a 2008 contender, was intended to put the Democrats in a bind. Pro-choice groups would view a “yes” vote as a blow against abortion rights; A vote against the measure would almost certainly be spun as tacit approval of coerced abortions.

    The Brownback amendment, which has little chance of becoming law, passed by three votes.

    Clinton was in Washington earlier in the day but left for campaign events, her aides said. Obama was in Nevada, according to his campaign.

    Votes they missed

    The U.S. Senate has held 346 votes so far this season. Here’s how often senators who are presidential candidates were absent during these votes.

    Joseph Binden (D-Del.)


    Votes missed: 99

    Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.)


    Votes missed: 96

    Barack Obama (D-Ill.)

    23.7 %

    Votes missed: 82

    Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.)


    Votes missed: 28


    John McCain (R-Ariz.)

    49.4 %

    Votes missed: 171

  10. Realist:

    The link I used to manually count Obama’s missed voting record will be up soon. The link has documented votes until Oct 4th 2007 and up till then Obama had missed 90 votes. Vote totals for this weeks missed votes are not included.

    Thanks for your info-

    Mrs. S.

  11. The California SEIU is just another example of how big labor has lost touch with the electorate and marginalized themselves from political influnce for the last 35 years.

    Polls show that Clinton is actually stronger among union households than she is overall with Democratic voters. So, obviously the union leadership in California is moving against their own rank ‘n file. My guess is that the old white dudes in the union offices haven’t quite gotten to the 21st century when it comes to considering a woman.

    I hope that SEIU doesn’t endorse Clinton. Let them go with Edwards (Howard Dean II). That way, Clinton can ignore them she is negotiating a universal health care deal in 2009.

  12. Well, I support their member. I don’t want them to be ignored, and frankly Hillary’s plans would seem to benefit them, that’s why I am disappointed.

  13. Union members always suffer at the hands of union bosses. That’s certainly the case recently in politics where the bosses routinely throw their leverage down the drain by endorsing losing candidates. I mean, seriously….you have to be brain-dead to endorse John Edwards NOW.

    The crazy think is that the SEIU boss might have been a serious contender for Secretary of Labor in a Clinton administration.

  14. HWC, BINGO!!!!!

    I was in CWA “COMMUNICATIONS WORKERS OF AMERICA” for 15 years and while I always appreciated that they supported DEMOCRATS, going to UNION MEETINGS felt like a “GOOD OLE BOYS CLUB” gathering.

    I sure hope that Hillary remembers which unions supported her and which did not when she is PRESIDENT!!!


    I know what you mean…..This election primary is truly addictive πŸ™‚

  15. Thanks for posting the Newsday article. It shows that Senator Clinton takes her obligations as a Senator seriously, and is fully capable of summoning the energy required to be president which is known to be a 24/7 job. It shows that Senator is less committed and less capable in those respects by a factor of 3 to 1.

  16. It is amazing to see the ‘Al gore Run’ mania on dailykooks. Wow, I like that. The more those people talk up a potential Gore run, the worse for Obama and Edwards. It makes them look like two amateur actors.

  17. admin,

    There’s a great diary on dailykos about Obama’s flip-flopping on Iran. I’d like you to take note. Lots of his past speech verifies this guy can’t be trusted.

    The diary’s title is ‘Obama suddenly ‘forgets’ Iran position – Dissociative Amnesia? ‘

  18. “I sure hope that Hillary remembers which unions supported her and which did not when she is PRESIDENT!!!”


    Oh, she will. That’s one of the things I really like about Hillary Clinton. She plays political hardball. She reminds me of Lyndon Johnson in that way. I enjoy listening to the old tapes of LBJ making phone calls to wavering Congressmen on C-SPAN. I can picture Hillary in the Oval Office making phone calls and “reminding” Congressmen about the fundraising she has done for them over the years.

    Here’s what’s really crazy. Hillary’s de facto voter dabase company (Harold Ickes) helped the SEIU with 72-hour get-out-the-vote to grab an unexpected Democratic win in an Iowa Congressional race in 2006:

    “Catalist was able to match SEIU membership, append census and commercial data and allow us to query on it all through the Q tool. What’s more, they turned it around quickly and provided a higher match rate than other vendors. The data we received from Catalist enabled SEIU to get the best ‘bang-for-our-buck’ in our voter contact campaigns, and allowed us to target members and non-members as never before.” –Bryan Whitaker, Political Analyst, SEIU

    “With just two weeks before Election Day, MoveOn realized that Iowa’s 2nd district had become competitive and decided to add it to our target list. Within hours, Catalist was able to provide us with a voter file appended with enhanced phone numbers, allowing us to direct volunteer calls into the district immediately. Using Catalist data, MoveOn made 32,000 calls in the final week of the election helping the progressive candidate, Democrat Dave Loebsack, win by less than 6,000 votes. MoveOn had never been able to move so quickly in the past using other file vendors.” –Adam Ruben, Political Director, Political Action ”

    This is the high-tech microtargeted voter database that the Clinton folk set up two years ago because they were so unimpressed with the DNC’s ability to compete with the Republicans. Ickes raised something like $11 million for the effort. They take voter lists (from registration roles, union members, etc.) and match them up with commercial lists (like from amazon) to profile potential voters for targeted get-out-the-vote.

    Yet, SEIU Iowa throws down with a guy who will be flat broke in February, unable to even run a TV ad to defend himself, let alone spend money to actually beat the Republicans in a 21st century election. Maybe Iowas unions think they will be better served if they remain a red state?

  19. hey guys, i just came home from the casinos. i lost my money in the slot machines but only $30.00. i had fun anyway. just checking in my hillary news. the labor union endorsements in california and iowa of edwards is minor as long they don’t endorse obama. in iowa it might hurt but not in cali.

  20. Regarding the “why” of the SEIU endorsements, let’s keep in mind a major factor, thus far not considered here: The unions themselves have a lot of political to and fro going on. If we had to bet why some SEIU locals might be making this, at first look, “dumb” Edwards endorsement we would say it has a great deal to do with internal union politics.

    To an independent observer SEIU is acting very dumb. If SEIU could not get to their smart support level of 60% for endorsement (which keeps the locals uniified and not taken over by minoirty supporters of a candidate) they should not have endorsed at all. The system SEIU adopted means that hard earned union member money is being wasted as the locals spend money on opposing candidates.

    SEIU locals will, instead of being united, effectively wage war against themselves. In all likelihood SEIU will be very ineffective in Iowa and members in Iowa will spend most of their time and energy keeping out covert SEIU members from Illinois.

    The main reason for support for Edwards is the internal battles going on within organized labor. The Change to Win coalition is challenging John Sweeney and there are many cross currents in this fight. There are a lot of blood rivalries here which we will not comment on.

  21. “SEIU locals will, instead of being united, effectively wage war against themselves. In all likelihood SEIU will be very ineffective in Iowa and members in Iowa will spend most of their time and energy keeping out covert SEIU members from Illinois. ”


    Instead of focusing on the real prize, which is up for grabs in November 2008. I see Iowa Democrats working themselves up into such knots during the primaries that they hand the state to the Republicans AGAIN in the general election.

  22. As noted in an earlier comment, Hillary’s support is very strong. Although Gore is not getting into the race, Insider Advantage conducted a poll of what would happen if Gore did run.

    Clinton registers 43 percent in the Gore-inclusive poll, which is a similar number to her take in polls without Gore. And her 20-30 point lead holds steady, as Gore takes second place with 15 percent, while Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) and former Sen. John Edwards (N.C.) take 13 percent and 10 percent, respectively.

    β€œThe bottom line is that a Gore candidacy, at this stage, seems unlikely given the fact that the best thing that can happen to Hillary Clinton is another man, even one with a Nobel Prize, getting into the race and dividing up the anti-Clinton vote rather than taking votes away from her,” InsiderAdvantage CEO Matt Towery said in the Southern Political Report.

    Towery noted that Gore largely took from the other male candidates when he was included in much of the early polling on the race as well, and that the Nobel Prize has not changed that.

  23. hwc says:

    “Instead of focusing on the real prize, which is up for grabs in November 2008. I see Iowa Democrats working themselves up into such knots during the primaries that they hand the state to the Republicans AGAIN in the general election.”

    Not after we get through with them. The GE Campaign will be a Report Card of revealing and rating the depths of devestation caused by Republican rule.

    Republicanism is a step toward Authoritarianship of our country. We are a Democracy, by the People and For the People.

    The REAL race is strictly the Primary. The only way we lose is if the Primary is stolen by Rove in favor of their puppet, Obama.

    Mrs. S.

  24. You can sum up BO as the “woulda, coulda, shoulda candidate? What a joke this guy is. And if Gore gets in the race, which i doubt, he would look like a real idiot, as much as I like him. To run against the Clintons who brought him to the BIG fish bowl looks pretty lame to me.

  25. So apparently there is a poll that Hillary would lose a GE in NV. Sounds like an outlier to me. Anyone know about this?

  26. The more important number is her EIGHTEEN point lead in the primary. Even the site doesn’t believe the GE numbers, nor do I.

    Nevada stays red
    Nevada ended up featuring a very close race in 2004, with George Bush coming out with a narrow victory. With Democrats looking at the West for new electoral votes, they see Nevada as one of their most promising states. But a new Mason-Dixon poll suggests that Clinton would have a very difficult time being competitive in the state:

    Clinton would lose all three of her match-ups, never exceeding 44% — even against Mitt Romney! She loses 51-44 against Rudy Giuliani, 50-44 against Fred Thompson, and 49-43 against Mitt Romney.
    Mason-Dixon did not poll other Democrats in general election races.
    In her primary race, Clinton leads with 39%, with Obama at 21%, John Edwards at 9%, and Bill Richardson, who hails from a neighboring state, at 8%.
    Among Republicans, Giuliani has the lead at 28%, followed by Thompson at 23%, and Romney at 17%. An ARG poll taken a few days ago had Romney and Giuliani in a statistical tie, 31% to 30%.
    We are not used to seeing Clinton be not at all competitive in a state, as Republicans are usually in an awful situation in most state poll. So this has to be confirmed by other polls.
    posted by Taniel at 12:57 PM

  27. Our national school marm, Cokie Roberts, on ABC’s ‘THIS WEEK’ this morning:

    “Hillary Clinton, to me what’s interesting, she has had SUCH a spate of positive stories, it’s GOTTA turn. It’s a combination of the fact that the press starts to get nervous that everybody has anointed her already, and said that she’s doing such a good job, and her opponents of both parties, because the Republicans are going after her too, start to say jeepers, we better get in there and do some real damage.”

    Everybody should watch the video of this. Her “such a spate” quote was accompanied by a HUGE eye roll, and she stated the “her opponents of both parties” “better get in there and do some real damage” with such wide-eyed GLEE. The women simply CANNOT STAND IT that Senator Clinton is leading against her opponents of BOTH parties. She just about had a COW.

  28. The next debate JoeFriday will tell the tale. Obama enjoys attacking Hillary when she is not present but folds when she takes him on. Ditto Edwards. Obama and Edwards, goaded by their rabid supporters and donors will have to attack her without respite at the next debate. We worry for her but know she can handle herself in typical fearless fashion. Still, we don’t like the idea of Hillary, alone, being attacked. We did not like it when the attacks were against Bill Clinton either. We know we will be more nervous and worried than Hillary at the next debate.

    We hope Joe Biden and the other senators ask Obama why he did not know or chose to ignore the vote on the Revolutionary Guards, preferring to continue campaigning. BTW, Obama has a private plane and the trip from NH to Washington, D.C. is not that long. Assuming Obama is not lying, which Biden seems to be politely saying, why didn’t he make it back to Washington when the debate on the resolution started? There was plenty of time.

  29. Regarding Nevada and all general election polls we ignore them. Once the nomination is secured and Hillary decides to speak to independents and voters outside the Democratic base we have no doubt she will win them over. All things in their time.

  30. Good point, admin.

    BTW, that Cokie Roberts statement has me scratching me head. Hillary’s been getting lots of negative press. Where has she been? Oh, never mind, I know the answer to that, lol.

  31. Obama claims he doesn’t object to the terrorist designation. He just doesn’t think we should do anything about Iran attacking American troops in Iraq.

    Also, it’s strange that he admits to being ‘out of the loop’ in the Senate. Last man to know about a critical vote? He doesn’t even know how Congress works but he wants to move on to White House.

    Yeah, I watched Stephanopolous this morning. I think those guys just walk in off the street and start talking. Donaldson says “Hill is sitting on her lead.” He means she isn’t making silly negative attacks so he can have something to gossip about on the talk shows.

    Steph did show the actual video though. People saw an ultra-leftist bellowing at Hillary. That can only help.

  32. In regards to the GE, more evidence surfaces almost every day that, should ex-mayor Rudy get the republican nod, the republicans will be toast.

    Just this past week-end, on both the Chris Matthews show and on the Timmy Russert show, the idea of a third party challenge to
    Rudy being nominated gain more credence. One of the panelists mentioned a rumor that had Michael Bloomberg, while not running himself, possibly financing a third party challenge against Rudy (apparently, Bloomberg can’t stand Rudy). In their discussion of this topic, they all agreed that any conservative third party challenge to Rudy’s nomination would, in their words, be “a disaster” for the Republican Party!

    The website talks about either (or both) Ron Paul or Tom Tancredo giving a third party run a try if/when they drop out of the Republican campaign, Paul on the Libertarian Party ticket again and Tancredo on the Constitution Party ticket.

    Now this might be a story worth keeping an eye on!

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