Hillary Leads Iowa

Well, we knew we were right yesterday when we wrote

Hillary has built the best team nationally and is building the best team in Iowa. We have full confidence in the decisions Hillary and her team make and it is of no point to second guess them or read pigeon entrails to try to divine all the moves in this complicated three-dimensional chess game with such important consequences. We trust the Hillary Team because they have proven themselves worthy of that trust.

We didn’t realize confirmation of our wel placed trust would come so quickly, via the DesMoines Register. We’ll discuss the new DesMoines Register poll at the end, but first, George McGovern.

George McGovern

Yesterday, in Iowa, George McGovern endorsed Hillary Clinton. Iowans and George McGovern have a shared history.

George McGovern, then a South Dakota senator, successfully used the caucuses to gain attention for his campaign, and in so doing contributed to their growth as a national event. McGovern’s 1972 Iowa campaign received limited national coverage, but the caucuses had an impact on the race for the Democratic nomination by alerting the nation that the presidential candidacy of Maine Sen. Edmund Muskie was vulnerable. Although modest by current standards, significant attention by the news trendsetters — the New York Times and the Washington Post — and the post-caucus success of the McGovern campaign assured more extensive media attention and a larger role for the Iowa caucuses in succeeding years.

Iowans also are very anti Iraq war today as they were anti Vietnam war in 1972. McGovern was the son of a minister, and a war hero turned anti-Vietnam war leader:

He volunteered for the United States Army Air Forces during World War II and served as a B-24 Liberator bomber pilot in the Fifteenth Air Force, flying 35 missions over enemy territory from bases in North Africa and later Italy, often against heavy anti-aircraft artillery. McGovern was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for saving his crew by crash landing his damaged bomber on a small Mediterranean island. [snip]

Although he voted in favor of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, McGovern later became a strong critic of defense spending, and was an early and vocal opponent of U.S. military involvement in Vietnam, often criticizing the policies of President Lyndon Johnson.

McGovern was outspoken in his criticism of the Senate’s “war hawks”. During Senate floor debate in September 1970, he assailed his colleagues for not supporting an amendment that he had co-sponsored with Senator Mark Hatfield (R-Oregon) calling for a complete withdrawal of troops from Vietnam.

At the 1968 Democratic National Convention, McGovern stood as the anti-war flagbearer for some of the supporters of Sen. Robert Kennedy, who had been assassinated two months earlier while running for the nomination. Despite strong anti-war sentiment, McGovern lost the Presidential nomination to establishment candidate Vice President Hubert Humphrey.

Iowa Democrats who remember 1972, a huge chunk of the caucus vote, remember what happened next in the George McGovern story:

In the 1972 election, McGovern ran on a platform that advocated withdrawal from the Vietnam War in exchange for the return of American prisoners of war and amnesty for draft evaders who had left the country. McGovern’s platform also included an across-the-board, 37% reduction in defense spending over three years; and a “demogrant” program giving $1,000 to every citizen in America that was later dropped from the platform. In addition, McGovern supported ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. [snip]

In the general election, the McGovern/Shriver ticket suffered a 60%–38% defeat to Nixon — at the time, the second biggest landslide in American history, with Electoral College totals of 520 to 17. McGovern’s two electoral vote victories came in Massachusetts and DC; McGovern failed to win his home state of South Dakota.

McGovern has subsequently had a respected career as Senator, ambassador to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Agencies, and United Nations Global Ambassador on World Hunger by the World Food Program. In 2004 McGovern endorsed Wesley Clark for president.

It was during McGovern’s presidential campaign that the seeds were sown that led to the destruction of Richard Nixon. Watergate.

Many Iowa voters see McGovern as a hero, an anti-Vietnam war hero, and his endorsement will help Hillary in Iowa in 2008.

McGovern’s endorsement was not the only Hillary event in Iowa. Yesterday, also in Iowa, Hillary attended the Johnson County bar-be-que. Here is commenter Celiff’s account of the BBQ (oops, Obama was AWOL – again):

The Johnson County BBQ in Iowa City, Iowa was amazing. The food was great, the people were excited, and the atmosphere was energetic. As the crowds arrived, they were met with a barrage of campaign volunteers, from all of the campaigns, pushing supporter cards and stickers.

The line for Hillary Clinton’s booth stretched outside the hall, down the large ramp, and into the parking lot. A vast majority of the people there wore Hillary stickers. Hillary placards and a plate of a BBQ pork sandwich with beans filled the arms of so many people.

As the day went on, the candidates arrived and made their way to the main barn to give their speeches. The crowd sizes were interesting. Kucinich had a huge crowd. Edwards had a decently sized crowd as well. Those there to see Obama were presented with Forrest Whitaker, who drew a crowd slightly smaller than Bill Richardson’s. The big winner of the sign wars and the crowd size was Hillary Clinton.

She was introduced by George McGovern, professing his admiration for Hillary, and proudly endorsing her. Also there was Jim McGovern, the Massachusetts congressman. She electrified the crowd with a speech on Bush’s “War on Science” and on her memories of the Space Race and what we had accomplished. She also talked about women’s rights. After her speech, which was the last, she left going into the crowd, shaking hands, taking pictures and giving autographs.

When she left the barn, she took a picture with the Students For Hillary-University of Iowa Chapter, of which I am the President.

She then took a picture with some young boys, probably 9 or 10 years old, where she initiated and led the crowd in singing Happy Birthday to the little boy! That was personable. The boy left, saying “the President sang Happy Birthday to me!” No other candidate would have done that. She then stayed longer with supporters greeting them. Overall, it was clear at this BBQ who is number ONE in Iowa.

Our silly press corps meanwhile wants to misinform their readers as to what is happening in Iowa. They prefer their “insights” and coffee talk with Iowa participants all too willing to give the ‘reporters’ what they want to hear. The national press corps will continue to misinform their readers with amusing anecdotes, instead of explaining what is happening in Iowa as reflected in the latest scientific empirical evidence provided by scientifically conducted polls.

What is going on in Iowa? Reality based people want to know.

Hillary Clinton has climbed into first place in a new Des Moines Register poll of Iowans expected to participate in the state’s Democratic presidential caucuses, with John Edwards and Barack Obama both in striking distance.

The Iowa Poll shows 29 percent of likely caucusgoers preferring Clinton, a New York senator, an improvement from the Register’s most recent poll in May. [snip]

Clinton’s gain comes after a summer of campaigning in Iowa that included two trips with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and major policy speeches about Iraq and health care.

The new poll also shows Clinton picking up support while Edwards and Obama have sharpened their criticism of her. [snip]

The poll’s findings are in line with Iowa polls in the past month which have shown Clinton overtaking Edwards, who finished second in the 2004 caucuses and had led in Iowa polls earlier this year.

Clinton trailed Edwards by 8 percentage points and was neck-and-neck with Obama in the Register’s May poll.

Since then, she has expanded her campaign organization and joined her opponents in advertising on television in Iowa.

The race in Iowa remains fluid, but preferences have become firmer since May, with 53 percent of respondents saying they could be convinced to support someone else, down from 69 percent in May.

Among the roughly one-third of caucusgoers who say their minds are made up, Clinton is favored by 48 percent. [snip]

Clinton was viewed in the new poll as the strongest candidate on more key traits than her opponents, even as they have stepped up their critique of her.

Those traits include leadership, experience, toughness, intelligence and electability.

Clinton also was the preferred Democrat among caucusgoers 55 years and older, the most dependable age group for showing up to past caucuses. [snip]

In July and August, Edwards and Obama began attacking Clinton more while campaigning in Iowa, describing her as too connected to Washington, D.C., and unwilling to challenge foreign policy convention.

Edwards support declined by 6 percentage points since the May poll. Part of the decline was in union households, where Edwards led in May but where Clinton had the lead in the new poll. [snip]

Our bet is still that Hillary will win the Iowa caucuses because she is building the organization and speaking with voters. More and more the evidence is coming in that we are right.


60 thoughts on “Hillary Leads Iowa

  1. admin,

    Hillary had a sharp exchange with a plant at an Iowa event.

    Randall Rolph said he came to New Hampton, Iowa, on Sunday to see Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) with an open mind about whether to support her candidacy. After a tough exchange over Iran, he left saying he had ruled her out.

    Rolph was one of several hundred people who turned out in this small town in northern Iowa for Clinton’s appearance. When she called on him for a question, he pulled out a piece of paper and read a question about Iran.

    Rolph asked Clinton to explain her Senate vote Wednesday for a resolution urging the Bush administration to label the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization. Rolph interpreted that measure as giving Bush authority to use military action against the Iranians.

    “Well, let me thank you for the question, but let me tell you that the premise of the question is wrong and I’ll be happy to explain that to you,” Clinton began.

    She offered a detailed description of the resolution, which she said stressed robust diplomacy that could lead to imposing sanctions against Iran, and then pointedly said to Rolph that her view wasn’t in “what you read to me, that somebody obviously sent to you.”

    “I take exception,” Rolph interjected. “This is my own research.”

    “Well then, let me finish,” Clinton responded.

    Rolph, from nearby Nashua, fired back that no one had sent him the material.

    “Well, then, I apologize. It’s just that I’ve been asked the very same question in three other places,” she said.

    Clinton then explained that she had gone to the Senate floor in February to state that Bush does not have the authority to use military action against Iran and that she is working on legislation to put that into law. Rolph once again challenged her recent vote, suggesting that it amounted to giving Bush a free hand..

    “I’m sorry, sir, it does not,” she said, her voice showing her exasperation. “No, no, let me just say one other thing because I respect your research. There was an earlier version that I opposed. It was dramatically changed … I would never have voted for the first version. The second version ripped out what was considered very bellicose and very threatening language.”

    The campaign said later that the excised language stated that “it should be the policy of the United States to combat, contain, and roll back the violent activities and destabilizing influence inside Iraq of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” and “to support the prudent and calibrated use of all instruments of United States national power in Iraq, including … military instruments, with respect to the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

    The New Hampton audience gave Clinton a round of applause. Some said later that she was right to stand her ground.

    When the event was over, Rolph was surrounded by reporters and said he felt the need to stand his ground when Clinton challenged him: “She tried to … accuse me of using someone else’s words and being stupid. And that offended me. I felt the need to defend myself in view of that kind of comment.”

    Had he come to the meeting supporting any candidate? “I came here with an open mind, that’s why I had to ask this question. By asking this question, that was going to be the defining moment for me. But it has been a defining moment,” Rolph said.

  2. admin,

    I wouldn’t be surprised this Randall Rolph turned out to be another planted Kosnuts…

    Can somebody do a research on whether this guy donated any money to any campaign? He is definitely a plant.

  3. YES!! This guy must be an Obama plant, NYT mentioned him on Oct 5.

    It is not that the 200 or so people who turned out to see Mr. Obama on Friday morning are oblivious to such prognostications. As ardent political enthusiasts, many of them obsessively follow them. But the voters here have not necessarily become believers, particularly before they have a chance to size up the competition when it comes to town.

    “The one thing about Iowa is that we always have the ability to bring a reality check to the country,” said Randall Rolph, 56, who came with his son to see Mr. Obama, of Illinois, and plans to return Sunday when Mrs. Clinton arrives for a campaign stop.

    Talking about ‘reality check’. This guy is apparent a plant.

  4. Kostner, recall the Obama precinct captain and supporter who went to the Terry McAuliffe event and were then quoted attacking Terry to the NYTimes? (Hillary Clinton In IOWA).

    This is the latest tactic by the desperate. These desperate creatures, watching Hillary climb in the polls, and the uselessness of their candidates, have now decided to attack Hillary directly at her meetings and to try to silence her supporters online.

    None of these tactics will work. Hillary turned this obviously coordinated attack to her advantage. Hillary explained, once again, her rational position on her votes. The more voters hear Hillary, the better she does. All we have to do is get the Hillary message out, and no attacks will stop us from doing that.

  5. Wow, when you do a google search, lots of stuff coming out of this guy. He’s a former Deaniac.

    We need to find out his address and telephone #.

  6. Hillary has to be careful. Notice how this jerk claimed she had called him stupid. Ofcourse she did no such thing. But, she needs to be careful even if it obvious that this guy is part of an orchestrated effort to derail her Iowa Q and A stops. I do hope more has been reported on than this guy. Kostner, was there anything else about other questions or just this guy?

  7. Admin:

    Is this Mr. Rolph’s relative?


    BarackObama.com | Leigh Arsenault, Campus NH Obama Staff
    Matt Rolph · Matt Warshaw, Carroll County, NH Obama Staff · Matt Warshaw, Carroll County, NH Obama Staff · Matthew Riemer, Nashua NH Obama Staff …
    my.barackobama.com/page/dashboard/public/gGxFLD – 74k – Cached – Similar pages – Note this
    BarackObama.com | Jarel LaPan, NH Obama Staff
    Matt Rolph · Matthew Riemer, Nashua NH Obama Staff · Matthew Riemer, Nashua NH Obama Staff · Max Lesko – Carroll County, NH Staff …
    my.barackobama.com/page/dashboard/public/gGxFCZ – 84k – Cached – Similar pages – Note this
    [ More results from my.barackobama.com ]

  8. //my.barackobama.com/page/dashboard/public/CGjDP

    Look at his picture and then look at the photo in the times of Randall, they look RELATED to me.

  9. Matt Rolph looks like he is Randall Rolph’s son (from the photos) and an Obama operative, from his Obama ’08 webpage.
    This could turn out to be a dirty-tricks scandal that could destroy Obama’s political career, let alone his candidacy, if it turns out that his campaign had anything to do with this at all.

  10. This is a Kos Article…do note the strategy and where this is going:

    Hearing Edwards on MTP this am…seems he’s teamed up with Obama. Thats the strategy.

    Daily Kos: How Obama wins the nomination

    A wrinkle in Iowa

    This race is now very much engaged in Iowa and if for all purpose a tie, however there is still a wrinkle in this tie, in the person of John Edwards. It should be very clear that at this point John Edwards is training in the neighborhood of 80% of his fire at Hillary and this may be a tip off to something that could change the race.
    This is because those familiar with the Iowa Caucus rules know that a candidate needs 15% support in every caucus to get any votes in the caucus. This rule led in 2004 to the Kucinich and Edwards deal, which was a promise that wherever the other candidate was not viable their supporters would Caucus for the other. The margin if it stays in the same neighborhood as it is now could mean that whoever cuts the best “deal” would end up winning, an Edwards-Obama deal would at this point very likely beat Clinton and who ever their campaign struck a deal with. In short since Edwards is trending, however slightly down, this could mean an Obama victory in Iowa, which clearly sets up the rest of the scenario

    Prediction, Obama 33% Clinton 30% Edwards 22% Richardson 7% Biden 4% Dodd 2% Kucinich 2%

    On to New Hampshire
    Assuming Obama is able to win in Iowa, New Hampshire becomes a very likely target for a next victory. It is here where history should be as great a cue as polling. The current polling is bad, but it is also does mirror the trends of nationally. When the race is not engaged on T.V. and when it is quiet. Senator Clinton does better, when the race is engaged, like Iowa, The Clinton Campaign does worse. All of the current polling in New Hampshire has been conducted, while Clinton was on T.V. and Obama was not on T.V. This important difference makes this Obama’s low point in the state of New Hampshire . Senator Clinton is at roughly 40 and Senator Obama is at roughly 20. However once the race is engaged, it is entirely likely the margin will shrink to ten with Obama gaining support to around 30, while Clinton will remain at roughly 40%. Assuming an Obama-Clinton-Edwards finish in Iowa, the odds are very good that, the rest of the field combined will be held to around 20% or less. History has shown that with the exception of Massachusetts’s candidates, New Hampshire Democrats are likely to give a boast to the Anti-Establishment candidate over the Establishment Candidate. For example Bill Bradley almost won the New Hampshire primary. This despite the fact hew was being far more badly beaten in National Polls and Establishment support than Clinton is beating Obama now. Look for the gap to narrow to around ten points by Iowa and be erased after an Obama victory in Iowa. Obama will win New Hampshire

    Obama 42% Clinton 38% Edwards 10% Richardson 5%, Dodd 2% Biden 2% Kucinich 1%

    South Carolina and Nevada
    At this point it is a two-person since those candidates remaining if any are not likely to reach the 15% of the vote necessary to qualify for delegates.

    South Carolina is already showing the signs of being an engaged state over a non engaged state, while the most recent poll has a nine point Clinton lead this is much smaller than her leads nationally and is therefore is very hopeful sign. After two wins by Obama in New Hampshire and Iowa and based on this most recent polling, it is very likely that Senator Obama would be able to win South Carolina.
    Prediction Obama 55% Clinton 45%

    This state is probably the hardest to get a read on because there is simply no history. On the hand Senator Clinton is completely and totally owning amongst electeds in the State, on the other hand it is a Caucus that in general will benefit Senator Obama. Senator Clinton’s poll leads are also sizable. I would give the edge to Senator Clinton but by a small margin
    Clinton 53% Obama 47%

    More at:


  11. I am going to the Cedar Rapids event tomorrow too, so I will see if any nutjobs like that show up. Jerks.

  12. “She tried to … accuse me of using someone else’s words and being stupid.”

    You’re right ‘mj’, Senator Clinton didn’t accuse him of being stupid.


    I’m sure it was QUITE obvious to all in attendance.

  13. The Realist,

    Do you have the link to ‘Matt Rolph’s page? We need to discover their link to Obama campaign.

  14. SEIU, round three

    The SEIU’s executive board meets again in Chicago tomorrow afternoon, trying to find a way to end the internal battle over its presidential endorsement which — as has now been reported many times — has divided its California organization and some of its national leadership, who would like to back John Edwards, from Chicago and New York locals who are pushing for no endorsement.

    Insiders say there are a number of proposals going into the meeting, but a leading option generating some buzz is freeing locals to make their own endorsements.

    That’s a move that would defuse some of the tension; but it might also diminish SEIU’s national powerhouse status, and signal future candidates that they could pick off important locals rather than addressing the union as a whole.

    Anyway, we’ll know more — or not — tomorrow.

  15. As I started out today to comment on the Iowa poll, I found
    I was unable to post to the site. It broke mid-message.
    I will try again.

    Two obervations, the undecided number, 11%, has not changed
    since May. Also, the relatively low (399) Democrats that
    were polled. This left a hefty

  16. mj, He would’ve accused of her that no matter what she said. He obviously didn’t have an “open mind” because he completely ignored what she said. And, thanks to the alert posters here, we know why.

    I think background info on this guy should be sent whatever media covered that story, and to her campaign.

  17. Y’all I see a lot of the news services picking up this Randolph Rolph story. One of them refers to Hillary getting “snippy” with him. I hope we can demonstrate the ties between him and the opponents’ camp because most certainly that is where he’s comin’ from. –mollyj

  18. The NBC Nightly News was just pushing the meme that Hillary “will unite all of the Republicans against her”.

    SO WHAT ? As if they were going to vote for a Democrat anyway.

    The Independents are swinging heavily Democrat, and the percentage of self-identified Republicans has dropped to 25% of the electorate.

    Who needs ’em ?

  19. from Staff to Mrs. Smith,

    talk about an uneducated, wishful thinking, post by that Obama supporter.

    First of all, the probable order of caucus/primaries is wrong. Nevada is ahead of South Carlolina and will in all liklihood remain so. Also, caucuses rely more on organization so the fact that Hillary leads in elected and organization endorsement also helps her. The poster does not understand elementary organizational principles when writing that the Nevada situation helps Obama. Also latinos, a big group in Nevada support Hillary by big margins because she addresses latino issues (this past week Hillary addressed the Hispanic congressional group and Obama was AWOL).

    Hillary is also leading in Michigan which the poster ignores.

    A bump from Iowa would not help Obama overwhelm Hillary’s huge margins (historically speaking) in NH.

    Most of the post is wishful thinking. How, is the question to be asked. How does Obama win Iowa? With 63% of caucus goers in Iowa being over 50 years old and Obama ignoring the AARP convention and the AARP debate how does this help Obama with this important group? With the schools out of session in Iowa and NH during the probable days of voting, how does this help Obama?

    These Obama and Edwards supporters think they make a case for their candidates winning by moving numbers around. That is not a strategy. That is wishful thinking.

    Hillary is courting the youth vote as well as the senior vote. That is a strategy. That is not wishful thinking.

    Also, note the Des Moines Register poll: Edwards and Obama were attacking Hillary and their numbers went down and Hillary’s numbers went up.

    Hillary is also organized and organizing in all the February 5 states. Hillary has multiple firewall states. In Florida Hillary is ahead and no campaigning there is allowed so Hillary by default gets Florida.

    Hillary has a 50 state strategy, Obama and Edwards have a 5 state wish list.

  20. Kegs, no problem detected with posting on this end. The spam filters are not causing any problems that we can detect either. We’ll keep checking.

    Kostner et al., the Rolph story appears to be part of a pattern of disruption of Hillary meetings by the desperate opposition. So far no contributions to candidates detected by Rolph to candidates but that might change when we get the October 15, FEC reports.

  21. Thanks, admin…for posting a summary which Obama supporters believe is his solution for beating Hillary in Iowa.

    No need to post the Kos post… your analogy is good enough for me!


    Mrs. S.

  22. RE: SEIU

    The unions are as politically brain dead as the Kossacks.

    I hope they endorse Edwards. Then, Hillary can tell them to kiss her ass for eight years.

  23. The SEIU needs to remember which candidate has the support of the most unions so far, someone that can deliver for them. Why should Edwards be the expected victor when it comes to union support. This is a myth. What has he done specifically to help the SEIU? Most unions are beginning to realize who has the best chance for taking back the whitehouse and which person represents them. It’s obvious that this is Hillary, not John Edwards.

    I can’t wait to see when the caucuses here in Iowa will be held because if it gets moved to the 3rd or 7th of January, it increases the likelihood that Hillary will dominate the caucuses over Obama. My school (University of Iowa) doesn’t come back from Christmas break until the 22nd, way after caucus day. The other major schools come back on the 14th or in that timeframe. This is accented by the fact that a substantial number of UI students, and I am sure the same is true on the other big campuses here, are from Illinois (almost half here). This leaves Obama with little support compared to Hillary, who is focusing on all voters, as mentioned by admin, old (very important) and young. She ATTENDS the events here, and she has more in common with Iowa values (arugala, honestly, are you kidding me?)

  24. Rolph looks like a red-necked sob. You are at peril, if you tell this man he is mistaken.

    Hillary’s deportment was exemplary in this situation as was the audience ovation after her interlude with Mr. Rolph..


    Mrs. S.

  25. I’m kind of confused as to this Rolph character. The original, Oct 5th story where he is quoted said he is from “nearby Nashua”. Is that Nashua, NH or Nashua, Iowa? Is there a Nashua Iowa? The Matt Rolph listed for the Obama campaign is also from a Nashua but from Nashua, NH…or am I’m reading all that wrong?

  26. Cotton,

    Rolph is from Iowa. I don’t believe that Obama Rolph guy is related to him. Anyway, some funny stuff…

    was a bit skeptical that many real voters feel this way, but the Politico’s Carrie Budoff Brown ran across one in Maquoketa, Iowa today:

    Iowan: I hope you get elected cause it will make Rush Limbaugh really, really mad.

    (Laughter from crowd.)

    HRC: “Yeah, I am a full employment opportunity agency for some of these folks. If the ratings drop, they just crank it up.”

  27. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friend Nikki, the co-president along with me at the University just called me and said as she was walking home from the gym downtown, a motorcade pulled up and it was Hillary! I ran down and there was her new tour bus themed on helping the middle class. I was shocked. Nikki said she got out about 3 feet from where she was standing, said hi, and left Nikki speechless, until she let out a meke hi. Wow, I did the same thing when I first met HRC. I’ve met her 5 times now, and she remembered me on the 3rd time. She is staying at a great hotel downtown. Wow. I never walked so fast in my life (it’s way to humid to run right now).

  28. We are going to see her tomorrow in Cedar Rapids. Hopefully Nikki will get to meet her properly then, and she has a conversation piece to go on now (:

  29. congrats to you and Nikki, Celiff. Don’t become a Hillary stalker 🙂 Have fun tomorrow and let us know how it goes in Cedar Rapids. Good luck to Nikki and you tomorrow.

  30. politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2007/10/07/obama-gop-doesnt-own-faith-and-values/

    During the nearly two hour service that featured a rock band and hip-hop dancers, Obama shared the floor with the church’s pastor, Ron Carpenter. The senator from Illinois asked the multiracial crowd of nearly 4,000 people to keep him and his family in their prayers, and said he hoped to be “an instrument of God.”

    “Sometimes this is a difficult road being in politics,” Obama said. “Sometimes you can become fearful, sometimes you can become vain, sometimes you can seek power just for power’s sake instead of because you want to do service to God. I just want all of you to pray that I can be an instrument of God in the same way that Pastor Ron and all of you are instruments of God.”

    He finished his brief remarks by saying, “We’re going to keep on praising together. I am confident that we can create a Kingdom right here on Earth.”

    Alrighty, I hope I don’t offend anyone with what I’m about to say — Obama is officially creeping me out.

    He’s not interested in power but in serving as an instrument of God? We will create a Kingdom right here on Earth?

    I am very much a lapsed Christian, so maybe somebody else can explain this to me. What I recall of bible study is that creating a Kingdom on Earth is specific reference to the return of Jesus Christ — am I wrong about this? In fact, given that he was speaking at an evangelical church, is this not the correct interpretation of Kingdom on Earth?

    Is he claiming that he’s ushering in the return of Jesus, or that he is the Messiah?

    Were we not horrified when George Bush campaigned as an instrument of God?

  31. Obama is such a phoney. He didn’t go to church until he moved to Chicago and began organizing black churches to pad his resume for political office. He’s been quoted as saying, “I thought I ought to join a church.”

    Holy roller, my ass.

  32. Was in KC, Missouri from Friday until today. Sadly, I was unawares that Hillary was in town Friday or else I would have skipped the Nelson-Atkins (awesome BTW) to go see her. The Saturday paper indicated she met with African-American clergy. I suspect Hillary is solidifying her position in Missouri which she has a good chance of winning IMHO. There was nothing bad in the article to my recollection. Anyone know if Bwak has ventured into the Show Me state? (Would that make Missouri the “No Show” state for Bwak if he hasn’t been there? 🙂 )

    Missed my PC and was starting to have withdrawals from Big Pink. The new polls had me dancing in the KCI airport to some amused stares.

    DCDem, so glad to see you on the mend and back. With all of the recent medical crises of the Big Pink faithful, I suspect the Netroots are trying to do us in. We must all keep in closer contact with the mothership to prevent attacks on our immune systems. We can’t let them take us out. Iowa (and subsequent world domination) is too close. 😉

  33. admin,

    good polls lead to good stories. LATimes just comes out with an article ‘How Clinton has built her lead’. It’s worth reading.

    LATimes seems friendly to Clinton this cycle.

  34. d.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/p/ap/20071006/capt.66a8af953eaa468a84432fb588df6b7c.obama_2008_town_hall_scbf105.jpg?x=380&y=274&sig=MIm.TAO7yckxQieQb_7aHw–

    (caption) Holy Obama: We Can Create a Kingdom on Earth

  35. hi dcdemocrat, hope you are doing better. hillarylandrocks, obama is just showing his”soul brotha”side to pander. but in front of other audiences he is back to the same ole same ole tired crap. i can’t wait to this guy to go down by feb. 5th. im going on mydd and daily kos the gloat that nite and morning after. i will be banned from there by feb 6th. lol.

  36. I think it’s pentacostol not evangelical. see rwoc.org

    In any case, I think promising the Kingdom of God while trolling for votes is downright offensive.

  37. HLR, the Holy Obama article was snagged on Free Republic before it was taken down. Here’s the link: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/1907990/posts

    I read the article on my phone yesterday at the airport and nearly had a fit. Not only is the whole messiah thing going on, but it is a deliberate and destructive form of pandering. Ronald Reagan pandered to that faction and twenty years later we ended up with Bush. Thankfully, there’s not a chance of Bwak being POTUS.

    I’m getting more feedback here in OK. Seems the Clinton campaign is finally starting to gear up a bit. I cannot wait and have pledged 5 hours a week.

  38. Cedar Rapids, Ia. – Investing in alternative energy will create new jobs in America, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said this morning.

    “We have to change our economic course just as we have to change course when it comes to Iraq and change course when it comes to health care,” Clinton said during a speech in Cedar Rapids.

    Clinton is proposing a $50 billion “strategic energy fund” to pay for an energy research agency to gather experts to devise ways to to make America energy independent.

    Under her plan, oil companies could choose to invest in alternative energy, or pay a portion of their earnings into the government fund.

    If homeowners and businesses make their houses and offices more energy efficient, they would see tax incentives, paid for through the strategic energy fund.

    Gas station owners would get a tax credit for installing E85 pumps using ethanol. The fund would loan money for the commercialization of cellulosic biofuels, and it would provide incentives for developing other new energy technologies.

    Clinton said the middle class should be expanding and “getting ahead,” but the Bush administration “has failed that test,” she said.

    “My administration will not,” she said.

    Clinton received a warm reception from the crowd of more than 500, including about 45 blue T-shirt wearing union members from the National Association of Letter Carriers Local 373 of Cedar Rapids. The labor union has endorsed Clinton.

    Clinton said she would also ensure trade laws “work for all Americans.” She would provide quality, affordable health care to every American. She would make college accessible and affordable. She would confront the growing problems in the housing market. She would bolster retirement security by promoting savings and investment. And she said she would move toward balanced budgets.

    Clinton is doing a two-day bus tour today and Tuesday, from a bus emblazoned with “Middle Class Express: Rebuilding the road to the middle class.”

    At 2:30 p.m., her bus will roll into in Marshalltown for a rally with local activists at the corner of First and Main streets.

    Boone is her next stop, with a 5:30 p.m. appearance at the Gigglin’ Goat Restaurant at 628 Story St.

    An Ames rally is the last of the day. Clinton will be at the corner of Main and Kellogg streets at 7:45 p.m.

    On Tuesday, she makes two more bus tour stops: Webster City, where she’ll talk about retirement security at the Fuller Hall Recreational Center Gymnasium, 625 Bank St.; then Dakota City, for a rally at 1 p.m. at the Humboldt County Historical Museum, 905 First Ave. North.

  39. admin,

    A new Newsweek article ‘The Audicity of Youth’ unintentionally disclosed the latest Newsweek poll was probably just an outlier. It’s been used by MSM to drum up Obama’s chance in Iowa.

    That’s a tall order. In the latest NEWSWEEK Poll, Obama trails Clinton 25-31 percent among all Iowa Democrats, but leads 28-24 percent among likely caucus-goers. The difference, according to previously unpublished results from the poll: 20 percent of those likely voters were under 30, compared to 13 percent of the wider Democratic pool—meaning that when caucus-goers skew young, Obama is leading. “If Obama really has the ability to go out and identify young voters and motivate them wherever they live, he would, in theory, be able to make a big difference,” says pollster Mark Blumenthal. “It’s unlikely, but it’s not impossible.” It’s important to note that the NEWSWEEK stats should be taken with a boulder of salt; caucuses are tricky to poll, and the small sample size makes for a big margin of error. What’s more, Obama’s “tremendous volunteer force” isn’t quite so tremendous yet; the Barack Stars of Waukee High School, for example, have signed up only 15 classmates. Still, caucus night is three long months away—and, as Woody Allen once said, 80 percent of success is showing up. Only the Rob Sands of the world can do that.

  40. From Staff:

    For those that were asking, ABC News reports that in Iowa Obama has 31 field offices, Clinton 22 and Edwards has 15.

    Also the Ripublican Party of Iowa has decided to hold their caucuses on January 3, 2008. If the Democrats go along with this date it also means that New Hampshire will probably vote on January 8, 2008.

    If this calendar holds all the past 9 months Obama has spent in Iowa organizing students will prove to have been a waste because Iowa (and New Hampshire) Universities and colleges will not be in session at the time of the vote.

    The organizational morass of trying to bring students back to school more than a week earlier from their vacations in order to vote, will swamp the hapless Obama campaign. Boasts of Iowa students based in Illinois being transported back to their Iowa schools early will prove equally vaporous.

    We wrote about this a while back in “The Coming Obama Whine”.

  41. Look what our friend and “independent” Democratic voter Randall Rolph also said to the media after Clinton answered his prepared question:


    “It was an insult,” he fumed following the event. “It was basically calling me stupid. That I can’t think on my own. That I don’t have the ability to research or come up with a coherent or concrete thought on my own. How dare she!”

    He continued, “She never did answer the question. She just, what I say is, bitch-slapped me.”


    According to all reports I’ve seen, she gave him a pretty lengthy answer to his prepared question.

    The above quotes are from the right-wingnut American Spectator:


  42. This will be the third time.

    RE: Iowa poll.

    The number of undecideds remains at 11% now as in May.
    That is rare in a pool of 399 Democrats. Very rare. Margin
    of error is

  43. Hi. Not sure if this will post. My name is Matt Rolph. You have a link to my Obama supporter page here in your discussion. I am not in any way related to Randall Rolph, and I do not support his views. It’s true that I support Barack Obama. I am a volunteer in his campaign, like you, and nothing more. No particular status in his campaign. If I were in charge of something, I’d see to it in a friendly, positive way. Please do not associate me with Randall Rolph or misrepresent my own personal views. As far as I’m concerned, we are in the same big tent; if we have disagreements now, I hope they’ll fade after the primary. Go Democrats! Thanks. ~MR

  44. worddoctor, thanks for posting here, nice of you to address this.
    And you give Obama supporters a good name, although I can’t say the same for many, hehe, but good on ya for coming here (to the lions den) to clear things up. 🙂

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